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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course Oracle broadcasting calm today is November 6th 2011 and we have a very special show lined up for you here today live on the show today I'm going to be interviewing Larkin Rose of Larkin Rose comm and this is going to be one that you're not going to want to miss because Larkin is a great individual who has influenced me so much and you're going to learn a lot from him here today on what on earth is happening so that's coming up on the show today I want to make a couple of quick event announcements in this first short segment I want to let everyone know that I was here in Philadelphia with Freeman for this weekend he has come is passing through the area and came to visit and he brought me on the free zone last night his show on Oracle broadcasting so that is posted to the news section of the website with the podcast and you can check that out I was actually brought on to the free zone last night with along with my good friend Jay Parker and we we got into a discussion about dark occultism and mind control and also some solutions that people can employ regarding human consciousness so another quick announcement is that due to some personal issues that came up during the week for me I was unable to appear on the Bob Tuscon show as was originally planned for Wednesday night of this past week so I rescheduled with Bob and I'm going to be on the Bob Tuscon show tomorrow evening here on Oracle broadcasting his show is 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time so that's coming up tomorrow here on Oracle one quick event announcement for an event that's coming up here in Philadelphia again with this great activist group that I work with locally called truth freedom prosperity you could check out their website at truth freedom prosperity dot I host a free monthly documentary screening night and it's followed by a lively discussion so if you're in the area and you want to learn a lot come on out to TFP s documentary screening night followed by a discussion about the documentary this is going to be happening the last Wednesday of every month this month it falls on November 30th so Wednesday November 30th 2011 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau media Bureau Studios is at 725 North 4th Street here in Philadelphia that's the Northern Liberties section of the city and the film we're gonna be showing this month is ungroup' on grip it's a film about personal sovereignty and actually getting off-grid and living directly from the land from the resources given to us by the Creator so it's gonna be a great film it's done by Ben and Dan Stewart the makers of esoteric agenda and climatically two other great films so if you're in the area come on out for the free documentary discussion and a screening night by truth freedom prosperity check out more from that group at truth freedom prosperity org we'll be right back folks on the other side mark and rose [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio today on the show we have a very very special guest mr. Larkin rose of Larkin rose.com gonna read for you his short bio and then we'll jump right into it with Larkin rose Larkin Rose is a self-professed quote enemy of the state end quote and the author of four books two of which he wrote while being held as a political prisoner for a year by the gang that calls itself the United States government he has also written countless articles and done dozens of radio interviews advocating the concepts of self ownership and a voluntary Society for the sake of full disclosure mr. rose confesses that he is a former member of the cult of statism and four years along with everyone else he knew devoutly prayed at the altar of the mythical deity known as government having eventually escaped the clutches of that cult he now devotes much of his time trying to deprogram as many others as he can so that they too may claim may reclaim ownership of themselves ladies and gentlemen please welcome - what on earth is happening mr. Larkin rose Larkin it's a pleasure to have you here today it's a pleasure to be here mark great so I figured we could start off by having you tell the audience a little bit about your background and what basically guided you to some of these concepts and topics that you speak about now well I was raised basically sort of libertarian leaning conservative Republican ish not just my parents but most of the town I grew up in and I I can't really point to one source that that nudge me in the direction I am now my wife Tess and I sort of corrupted each other a long way until we both ended up here but for me it was really a matter of getting rid of inconsistencies in my own position like I'd love to I love to debate and and I like to win because it's no fun debating and losing and when I noticed problems in my own argument I have to back up and say okay something's wrong there that that didn't make sense like I'm arguing for constitutional government or limited government or whatever and I get stuck where my own argument sounds stupid to me and I back up and say all right that didn't that didn't work there's something wrong what do I have to change not not just about the argument but about what I actually think because if what I think is inconsistent with itself it's wrong you can't be inconsistent with yourself and still be right you can be consistently wrong but you can't be inconsistently right so basically I whittled down more and more about the the religion known as government and statism and found you know I started from the position well it should only have a military it should only do the police it should only protect us and yeah it has to do taxes for there's necessary things you know some position that millions of people still believe and still are in but when it came down to thinking about the the underlying principles I would come across wait a minute if I'm if I want this thing to protect us how does that jive with assuming it has the right to extort people and tell them you have to pay for our quote-unquote protection and so I started saying well taxation should be voluntary and I realize well it's voluntary it's not taxation and so just bit by bit the whole illusion of authority and government sort of fell apart and this was in you know this was having debates with people on online and in-person and reading things and a lot of it was just having discussions with my wife Tessa like I said and we sort of we each corrupted the other one into giving up statism not sure who won the race but we both sort of talk about things back and forth until we both ended up realizing there can't be legitimate government there can't be a ruling class that has the right to be there and unlike most anarchists or voluntary or whatever term is less scary for people I didn't come to the conclusion that that we could either have government or we could have no government and no government would be better like on a practical basis I know a lot of people do I got there by realizing there can't be government there can't be legitimate Authority there can't be a right to rule no political ritual or document or any of the rest of that can make one person have the right to rule somebody else and if it's impossible if it can't exist arguing about whether we should have it makes as much sense as arguing about whether we should have Christmas with Santa Claus or without Santa Claus when you realize there isn't one that question is sort of well duh there isn't one the only question after that is do you want to live your life based on a lie imagining something that isn't there or do you want people to people's perceptions and behaviors to be based on reality and really that's all I advocate is that people act you know view the world and act accordingly based on reality not based on the mythology we were all taught having to do with authority and government and law and crime and all the terms that basically imply that we need a ruling class and that there can be a ruling class that's legitimate and that if if we don't all bow to this this super human thing that keeps us civilized it would be chaos and ma'am so basically I got that's one of people's most overarching fears of the the reason that they give for the necessity for government is that if there wasn't any this there would be chaos and the the the under lying emotion that drives that position is fear absolutely absolutely and I like to point out that that that fear which yet oh my and I had it for years and years no no we can't have none we have to have some it actually it shows that the belief in government is a blind faith issue it's not about rational thought and figuring out how to how to make things work because just I mean the logic of it just on its face is really bizarre the logic goes like this now people don't say it this way but this is what they mean human beings are so unpredictable and sometimes immoral sometimes negligent sometimes nasty that we have to take some of those nasty negligent vicious human beings and give them the power to control the rest of us by violence as if that's a rational solution whether we're all nice or all nasty or something in between but deal the only reason anybody would ever suggest such a thing and I often make a making comparison that if you're getting attacked by a swarm of killer bees the solution is not to try to create an authoritarian hierarchy among the bees to have some of them tell the other ones not to sting you however nasty we are however nice we are taking some of us and giving them permission to dominate everybody else is a really bad idea and the only reason that is obvious to everybody is people are taught to view government as a superhuman entity one which we voluntarily to abdicate our personal responsibilities to mark and hold it right there this is absolutely great we'll continue right on the other side of this break don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the oracle brought you a constitution like the [Music] we're back folks mark and Rose today on what on earth is happening let's jump right back into it with Larkin Martin was explaining to us that he had arrived at his current position that it's all statism the belief in authority is a cultish belief system because he stripped away all of those veils that stand between our perception and the truth and he was able to do something that few people are able to do seem to be able to do he was able to set his own ego aside and reevaluate his belief structure and to be able to say I was wrong and then change your mind is one of the most powerful internal works that anyone can ever perform upon themselves so Larkin go back to what you had been talking about before about the idea of handing over authority to people who are basically you know fundamentally not perfect and that their own right and don't really have any kind of a perfected morality is a flawed idea to begin with right right the notion that you know mankind is so unpredictable and nasty and and dangerous that we need a government the trouble is what's the government made of well some of those dangerous nasty people in fact not the best of them but the worst of them and most people are very yet politicians are mostly liars and crooks but they still fall for the notion that for us imperfect human beings and we are for us imperfect human beings to get along we have to find some of the most imperfect and give them permission to violently dominate the rest of us as if that's going to improve things and there but there are some of the lowest consciousness in consciousness among us I would say it goes so far as to the fact that they really are psychopathic and they gravitate they are naturally drawn and gravitate to that position because of their psychopathic nature or psychopathic tendencies yeah absolutely I mean if you run a ad in a newspaper saying Help Wanted come dominate your fellow man and tell them what to do and hurt him if he disobeys who do you thinks gonna call for the job it isn't going to be all the nice people it's going to be the people who are narcissistic and love to dominate others which is about as evil as you can get and that's the nature of the job the idea and for ages I fell for the notion that well government can be good we got to watch out for the corruption and bad people getting into power but it can be good and now it can't it can't ever be good because all it does is threaten people with violence that's all the law is and they have all the the flowery rhetoric and and and propaganda that we're taught to try to make it look like something else but everybody knows that when they you know when the control freaks issue a law they're saying you have to do this or you're not allowed to do this and if you disobey we hurt you I mean everybody knows that's the underlying reality of what happens but people don't talk about it like that because if they did it would sound basically if they just needed reality bluntly state is amounts as insane as it is saying we need some people to have the right to initiate violence against innocent people otherwise some bad people made initiate violence against innocent people and this is what has been called the semblance of good which is something that I wanted you to touch upon people who think this is the right idea because they fear the scenario that might might not definitely will but in their mind might come about if this artificial control structure were not in place and thus they think that this is choosing the lesser of Evil's or choosing what they in their perception believe to be good some philosophers have termed this the semblance of good and almost invariably it leads us down a primrose path that leads to nothing but chaos can you touch upon that idea yeah absolutely and see there's I think good news and bad news here to me statism is a superstition that people are programmed into but their own moral code at least basically is usually pretty good they don't run around murdering people on their own they don't run around robbing people on their own but they have been taught to believe that if you do certain pseudo religious political rituals of elections and and constitutions and legislation and all these official things and they're big grandiose buildings that what comes out the other side isn't bound by human morality like they're allowed to steal and because it's called taxation and it's the law and people really and truly not only believe that that's somehow becomes justified even though they know if they did it themselves they'd recognize it as evil immediately not only do they think it somehow becomes good when it's done by way of legislation and all these rituals but then they imagine any victims who resist it as being nasty and bad so it really their indoctrination into authoritarianism turns their perception of right and wrong completely upside down completely inside out so that literally they view good as bad and bad as good and they will just vehement ly cheer as quote-unquote criminals who haven't harmed anybody are crushed and thrown in a cage or shot or some other nasty thing because yeah even though in their day-to-day lives they they pretty much get the basic morality of you know don't start a fight don't be nasty to other people when it comes to politics they have totally been tricked into thinking that evil is good and good as evil because by way of the political process they think human morality there's an exemption you're allowed to steal if you do it this way you're allowed to commit mass murder if you call a national defense and you do it this way you're allowed to boss me around and violently intrude into their lives if you do it by way of legislation and democracy and all the all the fun rituals that go around the the belief in statism but the entire the good news I say is that in their individual lives most people already get all you need to get to coexist peacefully which is don't steal from people and don't attack people and don't murder people it's pretty dang simple you know there are all these little gray areas that we can work out but if we get that much we're doing ok but it all really comes down to understanding the real difference between right and wrong knowing what moral behavior really is knowing what the transgressions against another's natural law rights really are which is what you basically just stated don't kill don't steal from people don't you know take their property don't trespass against their their uh you know lair you know murder rape theft trespass the four basic natural law transgressions and if we only really respected the self ownership and the natural law rights of others we wouldn't have to worry about creating these ridiculous authoritarian structures based on erroneous beliefs because things would organically fall into place if we just respected that basic concept of self ownership right and the reason the the reason I refer to the belief and authority is the most dangerous superstition is not only like people look to government to protect us from the imperfections of humanity what they don't get is the only thing they're adding the only thing that happens as a result of the state is more of those four bad days because that's all the state ever does it doesn't come along and make nice helpful suggestions it makes commands and it hurts those who disobey and so the the idea that you can make civilization by way of doing things that are exactly opposite to civilization is insane but it's what we were all taught what I was taught and I believed it for years there nears that we need government this giant powerful violent control freak mechanism to make it good and can't you can't beyond maybe good moral behavior moral behavior to not be commanded it can only actually really be taught by those who have developed it themselves and then accepted by others who want to learn it we'll pick this up on the other side don't go anywhere folks you're listening to mark and rose right here on what on earth is happening we'll be back after these words [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what long earth is happening here on horrible broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking today with Larkin rows of Larkin rows calm that's lar Kem are OSE calm and lark and I'd like to shift the focus of discussion a bit we can return to some of the philosophy but of course we're that'll be contained in what we talked about I want to shift focus to some of the forms of media that you have put out there for people to take in that express these ideas and let's start with some of your videos that you've put out there one of my favorites was the video called I'm allowed to rob you which anyone can watch up on YouTube and I'll also link these with the podcast for today's show when it goes up up on the website as a podcast there's also something out there called you're not the boss of me which I highly recommend for people to check out and one of your more recent ones was called the tiny dot so if you want to pick one of those and explain what your intentions were for those or what some of these are videos contain go right ahead yeah the the the first little YouTube thing I did was I'm allowed to Rob you and I thought I'll just make this short little silly thing and basically I did the equivalent of what the Constitution did which is pretend to give someone the right to rob other people it calls it taxation it says Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes level up so I basically just did a silly little video of me doing the same thing but giving myself the right to rob you the viewer and it gets hard out with just a scribbled version and then it gets more and more complicated more official looking and and just to sort of demonstrate how silly it is to think that any amount of scribbles on paper and rituals and and declarations can actually make it okay for some of these robs somebody else and I found it was funny because I found that just a simple little video like that got a lot more attention than you know when I write some big in-depth philosophical explanation of something you know how many people are gonna read that but just that short little video got sixty of seventy thousand views by now which is still sort of a drop in the bucket for the population but that's pretty many people just sending it around because it just makes people go yeah that is sort of weird like if I can just take little pieces of the belief and statism and just give a little taste of why it doesn't make sense you know it doesn't explain everything the explains almost nothing in fact but it just shows one little tidbit of why statism what which we were all raised in is literally insane it doesn't make any sense it doesn't match reality the tiny dot was like that too it's just very simple animation showing the statistical difference between the number of people that claim the right to quote-unquote tax everyone in the country on what they earn and the number of people who are handing over their money because this tiny little speck says you have to give us your money and just showing the difference in size you know it immediately jumps out at you why the heck are these people going along with it and why do they pathetically Bank that stupid little dot you can hardly see to let them keep more of their money and just to show things in these you know just again little pieces of the puzzle that just make people scratch their heads and go on that's we're like the tiny dot is over a hundred thousand years now I love the idea in I'm allowed to rob you that that is it is actually the truth it's not just an idea that a wrong cannot be transferred to another person and magically comma right you can't give someone a non-existent right you know that you don't have a right to do this to any other living being as an individual so no amount of people coming together and claiming this right can ever make it moral it's it's not a right it's a wrong you can't claim that you're allowed to commit a wrong get a bunch of people to agree with you sign it into something called legislation and then magically automatically have inherently this ability to do something wrong that you wouldn't be able to do as an individual I think this video makes that so clear in such a very concise way that that's what I found so powerful in watching it and what I think more people should watch it to try to understand that particular point yeah and because it really comes down to just you know the things that people instinctively know about right and wrong when it comes to their own life they just they don't get that they're their whole belief and government turns it all upside down like they they would never consider going to their neighbor's house and robbing them at gunpoint to help pay for their school their kids education but they would wouldn't bat an eye before voting for somebody who's going to do the exact same thing and yeah the the the video demonstrates because because one of the one of the versions of me trying to give myself the right to rob the viewer is well I got some of my friends to sign this one and they all said I have the right to rob you as if and anybody watching it immediately sees well that's silly your friends can't give you the right to rob me but it's so obvious it's so simple that it's almost stupid but then you then you realize well wait then how did the Constitution do it how does democracy do it how does government none of it makes any sense it just shows you how much of the stranglehold this cult and that's exactly what it is has on the minds of people and the things that they have gotten them to believe in that have absolutely no fundamental basis in reality or morality right and the day so many of these instances the truth is so painfully simple and the lie is this huge complex convoluted you know mental gymnastics trying to make the insane sound real like well we they represent us and like the end of the tiny dot the tiny doctor gives his explanation of why this is ok this is tiny little dot robbing all these people and why they're obligated to do it and the mythology were taught which I memorized and I spelled it back and I got good grades it's utterly insane ok there's this group of people they robbed us but they're representing us when they robbed us and acting on our behalf and so they somehow have our consent when they rob us and all these things are blatantly obviously untrue but we were all taught to repeat to memorize and repeat them because if you're memorize and repeat something buoyantly untrue enough times you start to imagine that it makes sense and yeah the challenge here is just just to get people to look at some really obvious simple truths like you can't delegate a right you don't have you know it's just another way to say what you were just saying and two people can't delegate a right but neither of them have and just everybody instinctively knows that in their day-to-day lives but then you say okay well then how did Congress get any right to do anything that I can't do myself and then they go into their their their sort of mental retreat where they start to spout the the bizarre nonsensical excuses that they were taught growing up why it's okay for that group to rob somebody else and why it's not really robbery and why it's really with our consent like yeah why do they have all the guns in prisons if it's with our consent but they spout back the the the completely nonsensical garbage because but then you can see it you can see that it hits them in the head and they know yeah this doesn't make sense and they they freak out and go into literally psychological denial they they don't want to see something that simple that contradicts you know a fundamental premise of the way they look at the world and so they people are willing to go along with this system to sit on a jury in judgment of other people who have actually committed no actual violent wrongdoing against another living being and say that they are willing to agree to have them be put in a cage taken away from their family I mean as a personal little anecdote here a situation just came up with in my family where my cousin's husband was just sent away to prison for an interaction between adults that involved substances and jorah you know he took a plea bargain so as to avoid a jury trial which he thought would have gotten him more time because people you know would probably find him guilty based on man's law when no other living being was hurt by this voluntary exchange that took place you know yeah and their their perception the perception of the jurors and most and most observers it's completely twisted inside out because if you said hey here's my gun guy over there he's smoking pot go kick his door down drag him away and lock him in your basement for ten years they would say what are you crazy I would never do that okay well then why would you vote for somebody else to do the exact same thing why would you sit on a jury and say yep I have proof of putting that guy in a cage for having a substance or something exact did Larkin we're going to pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening my special guest today mr. Larkin rose we'll be back when we'll talk about some of Larkins books that he has written and I will tell you how world's first and only Swift gold [Music] we're back folks you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio and today my special guest is Larkin Rose of Larkin rose calm before this last break we were talking about the difference between man's law and moral law how widely different the laws that people put into effect in society through legislation are than actual morality because for there to really be a crime committed for there to really be a natural law transgression committed committed there has to be a harmed individual there has to be a harmed being and so many offenses that people go away to prison for and people are all too ready to put them there for doing just because they believe in the claim of the state they have actually harmed no one in doing that they have not actually committed a transgression against someone else's natural law rights so these are some of the things that Larkin puts forward in some of his videos so Larkin you want to pick it up from there sure that not only do people you know they don't sit on the jury and say hey the law says you're not allowed to have that substance they they don't even know what they're said they literally don't know what they're saying when they say the law if you ask him Oh what are you talking about them where it come from well government okay what's Anika's government like where does what's the origin of this scribble that you think makes it okay to put someone in a cage for having a substance or doing any other committing any other victimless quote-unquote crime and eventually they realize well it's stuff politicians make up but they don't talk like that they talk as if it's you know some holy thing descending from on high the law like who are you and and you can see in terminology they use on a daily basis you know they brag about being a law-abiding taxpayer and they say you think you're above the law and I think absolutely I'm above the law everybody's above the law it's almost impossible to be below the law if by law you mean the politician scribbles because the politician scribbles legitimize way more violence and theft than the vast majority of things that they declare to be crimes and so the sad part is when there's a jury that says yeah we'll say guilty because he got caught with pot or he got caught you know driving without a piece of paper that says he's allowed to her whatever whatever victimless quote/unquote crime what they don't understand is they're the ones helping the crime the real crime you know when you're talking about natural law you just put a guy in a cage that's violence exactly but they have there their view is so backwards that and I got a front-row seat to this I got 12 complete state worshiping buffoons to say I should be in a cage for telling them that they were being defrauded Schneider what it really comes down to Larkin is they're not even saying you're above the laws if you're as if they're trying to say to you you think you can do immoral things they're saying I as a slave and and talking to the other slaves saying how dare you think that you're not a slave that's what they're really saying they're saying you think you're above slavery which that the arbitrary dictates of a psychopath telling other people how they should or should not behave if they're not hurting anybody else so that's what that person is really saying they're not they're not openly saying it like you say they dance around it but what they're really saying to you is I'm a happy little slave on the plantation and I'm saying to another slave who doesn't want to be a slave how dare you not want to be a slave absolutely that's absolutely exactly what it is one of the things I read inside was the autobiography of Frederick Douglass who was a the open obvious kind of slave that we all call slavery and he described how a lot of the fellow slaves had that mentality they believed they were supposed to be slaves and they viewed a runaway slave as a thief for trying to steal himself from his master and they would really view them with contempt Wow and that's that's not America today that's about as deep into the mindset of slavery as anybody could possibly get that's amazing and it was really creepy to read but it then it dawned on me well of course like you know we would like to think of them as you know the slaves is all thinking this is horrible and bad and wrong first answer I getting in a runaway but if they thought that they would have because you know they an even with all the the quote unquote law enforcers making slavery continue they still outnumbered then they could still outrun them the problem was they were enslaved inside their own heads just as much or more so than enslaved and body and if you actually believe that you're supposed to be a slave and you do if you take pride in being a law-abiding taxpayer because what that means is I do what the politicians tell me and I give them my money if you take pride in that you are taking pride in being the property of politicians and as long as you have that mentality you're a slave forever and you you won't be able to understand why anybody else wouldn't be that and you can see I saw it my own jury they couldn't fathom how another human being you know never mind the legal reasons would ever not want to pay homage to the master and say yes master here's a bunch of what I earned and you know here's the fruits of my labor here's a piece of my life and they literally couldn't imagine how any human being who is good wouldn't bow the way they do so they said guilty and I got to be in a cage for a year like you said it's a complete twisting on on to its head of true morality true morality is actually standing up for your own rights and respecting the boundaries of other people's rights and what they're saying is you're immoral if you don't want to have your rights transgressed upon by others right and in my case what was really frustrating and I admit I had a hard time not being bitter and angry about it is what I did I didn't get like caught doing something I set out to have the trial I was there to tell those 12 people you are being defrauded by your own government and so I was there telling them you're being victimized by an actual crime like with a victim you and their response because they've been so indoctrinated into thorat Arianism was well you're bad it's like you're bad for pointing out to us that somebody's robbing us and for not and for trying to not get robbed yourself I mean it's it's just like again if in in their daily lives people aren't this insane it's only when it comes to politics and government because like if I if I came out and said Oh somebody there you know if somebody stole my car last week nobody would think it would be rational for me for me to then go around to other people and say I hate you they didn't steal your car like exactly not a rash first response it's it's adequate American think of he's not being beaten on as badly as I'm being beaten on so I need to hate the person who's not being beaten on not a person who's actually doing the oppression exactly what are you complain about the guy who stole your car and come instead of complaining about the guy who didn't get his car stolen but with status mentality that's what it does they literally you look at what people think of like tax evaders I'll take a real case of tax evasion which mine wasn't where somebody they just think you know it's my money I earned that they didn't I'm gonna hide this over here and sort of lie about that which is the exact same thing is how do I you know I'm driving through a neighborhood I know there are car jackers here how do I outsmart them like there's nothing wrong with that it's perfectly moral and virtuous but most of the country does the equivalent of how dare you do things to try to make the carjacker not steal your car and they really think that that is the sin tax evasion is the sin of trying to not get robbed that's so bad that if you try to not get robbed you should be put in a cage and then robbed it's the idea that you're not actually allowed to stand up for rights that you know that you inherently have if you're not willing to abdicate your rights that somehow makes you a bad or immoral person not the fact that standing up for and refusing to abdicate things that you know our inherent rights actually makes you a more virtuous human being right right but you can see you know because the belief in government is a religious belief you can easily see that in most people's minds right and wrong is outranked by the will of the politician because what they wouldn't do in their in the personal lives they will do in political being on the political realm that's right hold it right there mark and what we're really talking about here at the deepest level is mind control getting people to accept these erroneous notions and believe in them within extreme stubbornness so we'll pick this up on the other side and I'm gonna tell people about a real special treat that we have coming up in the second hour we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time today on the show we're speaking with Larkin Rose of Larkin rose calm a freedom activist a author and we're going to get into his books later in the show because Larkin is a phenomenal writer and particularly a phenomenal writer of allegorical fiction which I recently learned after reading his book the iron web we'll get into that later this is a short segment Larkin so I figured I'd ask you about some of your recent travels and the recent speaking engagements that you've done you were recently at Liberto Pia out in San Diego on the west coast and you took a kind of a tour all the way out to the west coast and back you want to tell the listeners a little bit about that yeah there's a it was the second-ever Liberty yeah it happens down in San Diego and I live just outside Philadelphia so it seemed pretty unlikely to me that it was going to work but I said I would do it and and with the help of very generous people on my email list donating to make it happen I used it as an excuse to drive my family my my wife has done our daughter Alyssa across the country seeing lots of cool places on the way to San Diego and actually if the trip ended up being over 10,000 miles so it was very indirect but down in yeah that was Liberty OPI was the main thing I spoke at although there were some littler meetings and talks along the way and it was interesting to be at a thing which was almost exclusively anarchist slash voluntary us whatever you want to call it rather than you know often you get freedom events that are a mixture of people saying we have to get back to the constitution and some people saying we need a bigger military but a smaller welfare state and some people saying no we need none at all and Liberto Pia was very consistently self-ownership voluntary society the state is illegitimate pull that fun stuff I was there stefan molyneux mark stevens bill Beaufort whoever I list I'm going to forget somebody and feel bad about it later but Butler she for a bunch of people doing different presentations and talks and just trying to get people to grasp the idea that you know as much as we were taught that government is necessary and noble and righteous and all that and without other be chaos and mayhem it's it's a lie humanity the only moral choice is nonviolent coexistence peaceful coexistence and that rules out the state entirely he totally rules out government and it was fun to be in a place with two or three hundred people I didn't I don't know what the exact count was it's pretty good since it's only the second time it happened that this nice resort down in San Diego and talking about these ideas where it's just it's weird and fun to be the north to have the people who don't want a parasitic ruling class for that to be what everyone there believes that's very encouraging where more people are coming online to a lot of those ideas and opening up their mind to them and kind of propagating that idea and whole conferences are being based around that philosophy right right and it's you know I remember when I thought I was the only one or like one of ten or something that that I knew and now it's in the thousands of people ever saying yet morality we've got to do away with the state because it's been compatible fantastic mark and stay with us everyone don't go anywhere we're not going to want to miss the next couple segments we're going to have a very special treat with another special guest that's going to come on and interact with mark and right after these words [Music] [Music] all right folks we're back and as I promised we have a very special surprise guest for the next two segments that's going to be joining me and Larkin and really what I'm gonna do is kind of just step back you know into the background and let these two gentlemen uh kind of interplay some ideas and and bounce some philosophy off of each other but welcome to what on earth is happening mr. Freeman fly who's been in Philadelphia this weekend and we've been hanging out we went to Occupy Philly and we've been having some great discussions and Freeman brought me on his show last night he actually did the show right from the what on earth is happening studios so welcome Freeman fly great to have you on and you can bring up what you've been listening in on the show and you could bring up what your your thoughts are about what Larkins been saying and you guys can have at it alright thank you Mark and hello Larkin howdy you know you make it obvious you show the these simple questions that throw everybody off on their answers and this is something that I've often liked to do you know I ask people well you know what Masonic Lodge was it that the Sons of Liberty came out of to throw the tea in the water at the Boston Tea Party do you know what the murder where the name America even comes from or how about who designed your Stars and Stripes and when you start to go down that road and you find yourself looking at people like the professor in the inner lodges of Freemasonry all of a sudden you're like what cult am i a part of right right but you want to know who gets people to pay their income taxes it's Donald Duck right yep yeah it's Disney on the front lines that came out with their wartime propaganda got Donald Duck out there offering to give up his money on March 15 to make sure you have enough in your account because the robbers are coming right and they make it glorious they put out films like how to create a Nazi education of death and these things were put into the mental programming and they admitted that Donald Duck caused more people to pay their income taxes than any propaganda technique they had tried and in the the film the Disney on the war front they literally state boldly and proudly that the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels adopted Walt Disney's techniques and started making cartoons of his own yeah yeah I'm pretty sure that that you can still find Donald Duck on YouTube and I it was only a few years ago when I first saw that and it was just you just amazed me how blatant the propaganda was well it's the same thing if you look at old you know war propaganda posters it's sort of like they they weren't all that good at it yet but then people didn't think very much so they seemed to have a pretty easy job and now it seems a little more polished but just the the blatant obvious intentional mind control involved is so you know now basically when you get deprogrammed it looks so transparent you sort of think how would anybody ever fall for that but before you get out of the programming it seems to make perfect sense and it's so persuasive and it's so yeah of course I'm proud to pay my share for the troops were over there yah do the other end and Donald Duck says so so it must be right to interject just a moment one of the films that you can check out that I know is definitely out there on YouTube or Google Video is called spirit of 43 if people want to check that out you can see the entire propaganda of the income-tax coming on strong and how they put it out there and that in that little animated movie a featuring Donald Duck it's a it's a good one to check out spirit of 43 maybe I'll post a link with the podcast as well yeah yeah and there's there was actually a few years ago some some high-level IRS bureaucrat released a letter and a memo that said you know BAE I forget the exact wording but it was basically just scaring people doesn't nearly get as much compliance as convincing people that they are obligated to hand over their money and that's just that's it in a nutshell that if tomorrow I said I'm gonna go try to rob 100 million people by threatening them it would never work down 2 million years but if you can come out and convince the people that they have a moral obligation basically to surrender their freedom to you and they can feel good about it when they do then you know they're you got a nice collection of slaves for the rest of their lives what do you think it was Beyonce's artistic expression that drove her to bring riot squads up on the stage with her that could barely dance to her music and all of that gear thankfully I didn't see that I did a full blood ritual from Lady Gaga while pink was raised up into the air and full iniciative garb from the free Masonic Lodge and this is our Video Music Awards right right that's that's quote-unquote entertainment yeah and that it's so it's so creepy and sometimes it's so creepy and weird how obvious it gets like how obviously weird and you know as deep as you want to get is demonic or anything else and people just sort of oh well like how obvious does it have to be before people start going wait this is a little bit weird well let me throw in an anecdote then I was at a John Harris talk in London and I've been brought there to meet John and you know I'm Freeman right so prior to the Freeman on the land movement by the way I'm not a sponsor of that I think that's a false paradigm that you're trying to engage with so why engage with it so you know Freeman I've been that long before the Freeman on the land existed just right that clear but I was at this John Harris talk and this is just an anecdote to show the mentality that keeps this thing in operation I had taken numerous trains and buses and whatnot to get downtown to get to where I was at by that time I was starving so I had my friends bring me some Asian food from down the street and along with it came some oyster crisps right sitting in the back of John Harris all the way against the wall just trying to quietly munch on these crisps well lo and behold at the sovereignty talk where John Harris is up there telling you about the sovereignty of your own being a man stands up in the audience and demands of the authority which at this point was John Harris being on stage to tell me to please sit down with my crisps and quit disturbing the show yeah yeah that mindset that there's there's somebody in charge and have them it's just it's everywhere and people don't you know it's one of those things that people believe it but they don't recognize it as a belief because it's just everywhere it's sort of like air you don't believe in air it's just there and that the viewing the world inside the you know there for Terry and colored glasses is just everywhere you know school it's obviously there you know most parenting it's obviously their government's obviously it's it's what people expect it's what you know that the quote-unquote education system trains them to expect and so they you know when they get out of school they think well now I'm just in a bigger school who do I cry to to get to what I want you know who's who's the big guy I asked to hit the kid I don't like and it just it goes on and they never even recognize that there is that paradigm in their head they just think that's about things are it's the idea that the sins of the father are visited upon the children are visited on the sons the idea that we propagate our erroneous belief systems to our children and that's how it keeps going on down the line we'll be right back after these messages folks will have more interaction between Freeman fly and Larkin rose don't go anywhere [Music] we're back at perform this one owner tap hope spark past today on the show we talk with mark invades have a special in-studio guest Freeman get back to them I want to give the callin number because in the last half-hour of the show we will be taking calls there are a couple of callers already in queue to speak with Larkin rose but be patient we will get to your call the calling number for the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five you give a call in and please be patient again there's a couple of callers in queue we'll try to get to all your calls in the last half-hour of the show so let's go back to Larkin and Freeman and I want to kind of steer you guys in a particular direction here let's get your both of your take on the Occupy movement that should be very interesting so who wants to start even though first yeah sure I'll jump in on that one well first of all you know we see victim mentality we see the programming that you are the lessor and they are the greater I call this the Hannah Montana effect where you are the secret star or you have a split personality or there is one that's above you and one that's lesser there's you know the Hannah Montana and then the lowly Miley Cyrus so once again Disney programming always getting in these divisions into the mindset so here are these people out there suffering in the cold in their tents without a single bit of media attention really to what they're doing and most of them you know have different explanations as to what they're doing me personally you know I see that they are scheduling a program to chaos and that this is exactly the reaction that they wanted out of people that they engineered the society through the Hollywood productions of dark heroes bringing about this violent justice and so now they've given them an oppressor and they've given them an opposer and now they're ready to stand up against it with your sword and shield just as it was in the movies and so I believe that this Asian is exactly what is desired of the programmers of civilization so that they can of course further their draconian tactics I I would totally agree that that's that's the intention of some people I sort of think that the people involved a lot of them they sort of see something wrong I think they're totally misguided in thinking that going and petitioning the powers that be is ever the solution to anything because they're yeah they're they're they're giving them power by pretending that that you know we're gonna demand this and demand that and what you mean is you're gonna pitifully beg for something from the master and you can decide whether to do it or not but to try to be a little bit optimistic I do think there are our traces of of actual coherent thoughts in various pieces of the Occupy movement mixed in with sort of just a general anger that something's wrong and we don't know what so we're just sort of complaining about it and complaining about it to the ruling class which you know just confirms that it's up to the ruling class that's you know what's going to happen so I think it's you know sort of a like the Tea Party it's a big mixture of a bunch of different people who sort of get lumped together under a term and they don't even Muslim don't even know what they think they don't know which let each other think but I do think there may be ingredients in there however orchestrated that some of the events might be that does spell some serious trouble for the control freaks although I think usually that isn't so much it doesn't so much come out and the the official demonstration things but the fact that they say you know we we have no leader and we intentionally have no leader it's sort of a good sign even though it does look orchestrated at times I'm trying to imagine something positive in there how do you feel about the non compliance movement or the idea that people just you know unplug from the entire system altogether I think I think that's good I think the main thing is that is people's perception if they stop imagining the control freaks to be legitimate like I I have a tiny little complaint with sort of the Gandhi method if we're gonna come up to you and authority and we're going to disobey and you're gonna beat us up or whatever because even that sort of acknowledges the the rulers and the control freaks I prefer people non-compliant Lee and out of the way when possible because if tomorrow people just didn't play the IRS this game or didn't play the feds game didn't use their bogus currency it falls apart you don't have to like go out and make a statement I'm all for disobeying the control freaks when you can get away with it like when it's when the benefits outweigh the costs but I think so much of it has to do with mentality that even a lot of people who protest and do sit-ins and do non-compliance still their goal is to get permission of their masters to be free and as long as that some of these goal they're kind of doomed because they're they're not even free inside their own head yet I totally agree I think it's all really about taking responsibility first and foremost and taking responsibility to learn what the causal factors of any given problem are so you can treat the problem from the level of causality as opposed to keep attempting to put bandages on the they already created effects which never really works and never solves anything and only creates more of the the same dynamic right and it's sort of like a bunch of you know kindergartners whining to the teacher that we don't like this you have to make something change right well let's feel like it keeps the structure the same it keeps the authoritarian paradigm the same when I was out at Occupy yesterday to engage some people in some philosophical discussions a gentleman a very nice gentleman came up to me with a petition to try to stop fracking if anybody isn't familiar this is basically drilling down into the earth and cracking the substrate of the the crust of the earth to release natural gases so that could it could be hard for energy usage but what it does is it uses different types of chemicals and that gets into the water supply and it really creates a very toxic situation you could look at the movie Gasland the documentary Gasland to learn more about this it's it's absolutely horrible and I think it's completely immoral because it damages the living earth on which we depend for life and it poisons people's environments and water supplies so of course this is an immoral thing but well I sign a petition to ask government to make this illegal I'm not interested in government making anything legal or illegal I'm interested in reaching people at a moral level in their own mind like what Larkin is saying we have to get down to people's fundamental belief systems and have them change what they think in their own mind in their own heart and from there that's where change is going to happen so what I told this gentleman who is well intentioned is what we really need to be doing is having much much much more in the way of discussions regarding the morality of this type of behavior just just for the extraction of resources and money even if it is to meet energy needs it's not moral and that's the problem as the people aren't truly raised in a sense of moral sensibilities to know that this isn't an activity they should be engaged in or have any part of because it's ultimately immoral and I told them that's where I want to fight this war at at that level not at the level of begging Big Daddy to pass legislation to make something illegal that's just more of the same problem it's a further abdication of one's own personal responsibility to create change within oneself and to influence that change in others yeah and to you know to play that to play the game is basically people acting as if reality is their responsibility like it's crying to somebody else to fix this life and yeah I couldn't agree more I think that's exactly what it and that that goes down to a problem an imbalance that needs to be addressed in these individual psyche somewhere well that's a good place to break it Freeman thanks so much for joining us for these two segments always a pleasure to hear from you and when we come back on the other side of this break your calls coming up with Larkin Rhodes don't go anywhere folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] well Patrick Angela Kristi November 6 2011 special guest today is mark and Rose Clarke what do you think you want to go to the phones right now and take some calls sure great ok here we go Kevin from Philadelphia you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Kevin from Philadelphia area code two six seven you're live on what on earth is happening hey guys can you hear me okay you go Kevin how are you DEP um I just wanted to say how much I am honored to actually be on a cop to actually even be able to speak with you Larkin thank you very much for having me on mark sure it's um you guys are like have been very inspiring to me and my wife and I had a really great conversation about like a lot of really deep stuff laughter just listening to be like the time and and the the one about the Constitution as well so the I'm allowed to rob you I I thought that was they were just brilliant so thank you very much for putting those out there in the same vein that you guys are speaking about all of this supposed morality of government and and I agree with you completely I also would like to challenge you both like marks actually done this with me in a lot of ways as well because he mentioned this at the and the Fed rally last year but when it comes to money being this same sort of belief system and the same sort of kind of forced social contract that we're all forced to engage in I'm kind of curious as to what your thoughts are on that and when it comes to the ideas say abolishing money all together because we no longer need it because we actually the technical know-how as species to be able to create everything that we need to be able to survive such as a hydroponic farms and such and like vertical farming inside of cities so that people can you just simply fed and this way we don't have to concern ourselves the ideas of needing money anymore at all okay lark the name type of belief lark and why don't you talk about your take on the idea that money is simply a construct that exists in the mind and that also can be done away with just like government well here's here's the one problem I have with that it sounds like you might be talking about the The Venus Project which I think actually misses a fundamental aspect of human nature first of all fiat currency the made up government money that just goes poof out of thin air I think is bogus the concept of money I don't think is and if you think it down to the the simplest level if I you know if we're bartering and I grow something and somebody else grow something and we want to trade and we might say well we both we both recognize that silver for example has value everybody seems to think it has value so we're going to trade in that there's nothing immoral about that I actually think as we get richer like we have a free society and we get to a point where we're so dang rich that we almost don't care like we each of us has so much to spare I think it can get to a point where it basically we almost don't bother with money but I think the only way to get to that point is with an unflinching loyalty to the concept of private property which seems like a little bit of a contradiction but basically the like the Utopia that I think you know Marx and socialists describe the best way to get the closest of that as you possibly can is have a completely strict concept of private property and then get to the point we're also rich where we don't really care you say yeah you can have this meeting of this and we can you know it ceases to matter nearly as much as it does now but I think whenever you know if there ever isn't a measure of of sort of production and trade it just sort of it turns into confusing socialism where people just sort of and if you get so dang rich that there's more stuff than everybody in the world wants combined then that might actually happen until then I think we can get to a point where we care hardly anything about money but while we still you know we still understand that self ownership the extension of self ownership is ownership of what you produce and that you know that still requires the concept of property and trade and and mediums of trade so yeah I don't I don't I don't see money as the root of all evil I'm sure a good vehicle but it but without having like if you it kind of like everyone is forced into using money if everyone else is also doing it it's the same sort of thing like government well am I wrong here you don't right it doesn't money in general doesn't have to be that way it can just be we use this as a medium of exchange because bartering doesn't always work Yeah right now you're forced into it you can't not you have to accept it and it's Fiat garbage which sort of you know it gets called money and then it's sort of it there's a guilt by association thing between things that are perfectly moral and not forced and voluntary of if we decide to trade with silver whatever else we decide to so I just think there's a distinction there that distinction that you're making is whether the actual exchange is voluntary or is whether it is forced by some entity that is saying this is the only actual legal mechanism for exchange right cuz that yeah that's always bogus there's somebody say you have to try there's no we don't we trading anything we want or nothing at all so I think that's fallen I think that gives you Larkins take there I mean you people who have listened to my show know that I do think money can be done away with but only by reaching a higher form of consciousness than we currently are taking ownership of at this stage of our evolutionary development here on the earth so Kevin I'd like to thank you for the call let's take another call Larkin okay you're going to go area code 6:09 I believe that's in New Jersey you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us hey what's going on I myself 34 years old I feel like I've grown up as a anarchist and not by my parents not by their impression their mind control just like everyone else but I seem to have always been the type of person who realized what was going on and only in my adult life really realized you know what I how I grew up and everything but I guess what I'm calling for is to get Larkins perspective knowing that he's a father of a daughter myself being the father of a four-year-old his perspective on the approach we should have with our children and you know should we be easy on them should we let them know how evil the world really is from the door I mean I have my own plan in my own system that I've been going through trying to keep my children safe I'd like to hear his perspective on what what he thinks the approach we should have with our children great question yeah I think my main answer would actually be a negative which is don't view your children as your property which I doubt you do anyway but the entire sort of the thing of you know how long do you shelter them and and how how soon do you let them see the nasty things in the world and how soon do you sort of let them out on the long enough leash that they're capable of doing things that harm themselves and so many of those things they're sort of there's an authoritarian version and a non authoritarian version and I use the example you know if I had if I if I had a relative or something who is so severely retarded that they they didn't know what was going on they'd walk out into the street I would stop them I wouldn't feel obliged to reason with them if that didn't work I would physically stop them from walking into the street and when you have kids that's my view is there are things you have to do because they don't have the information they don't have the understanding to run their own lives but it's not because I'm the parent Lama thority and and you're the kid and you're property it's just because they're not quite ready you know if you gave them the reins they'd crash because they don't know enough yet so I think the biggest thing is just that perception if the person if the parent thinks he's in charge and has the right to rule he's already in trouble and he's going to pass on that mythology to his children if he doesn't and I won't pretend you know for a second that I know all what to do or that I've done everything right or any of that but if he treats the children like little people instead of like property instead of like tasks instead of like subjects they're just little people they don't know very much they can't do very much until they get older but if you just use a relationship that way I think most of the problems of society would go away because the notion of blind obedience wouldn't get passed out and I I joked that we have one rule in our house institution [Music] welcome back folks this is the last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening with my special guest Larkin rose Larkin let's take one more quick call and then after that I want you to tell people about your books and how they can get a hold of them and then the third will be yours to take us out so here we go area code five one nine you're live on what on earth is happening with mark and Rose what do you have for us greetings greetings and I commence your okay yes you are yep awesome awesome yeah I just actually just had a quick question I won't take up much time just wondering like could it be that the you know the real sort of lowest common denominator is that we're all claiming ownership of the name that we've been told is us like from the day we were born like the legal fiction is what I guess I'm getting at and like maybe ownership itself is the problem like maybe we should all just learn to use things and sort of like a use of phratry capacity and stop I mean really where none of us are taking things with us anywhere when we go so could it be that ownership is sort of a bit of the problem well to me that I mean the term ownership just means basically who gets to decide what's done with that thing right now you know it's sort of a shorthand for that and like the the problem with for example communism the notion that everybody owns everything is if two people both want to use the same care eat the same sandwich or whatever instantly there's a conflict and if there is if there is no way to resolve it other than well let's duke it out or whatever it doesn't work well and so ownership to me is just sort of a way of you know first and saying you own yourself I admit is a little bit schizophrenic it's it's it's really more a matter of I'm I'm a sentient being I can't be you know I make my choices basically I make my choices rules out authority but what I do practicality yes sorry go ahead what was that I just like the practicality of all this because like say I you know we get into trouble interfacing with you know all these supposed authority figures and we get dragged into their you know the facto courts by men with guns they're gonna ask for a name the first thing they call is a name and the first thing we're trying to do is say yeah that's me well I mean factually speaking I don't have any evidence that is possible for me to be a name so I guess okay I was getting ad as a low okay yeah I I think that there's some validity to that I don't I don't think I've ever met a law enforcer who would have the foggiest idea what you were talking about if you said that so I think sort of on a practical level although sometimes it there they control-freak student sort of seem to have some trouble being as big a pain in the neck to people who won't even tell them the names but on other occasions they seem to lock them up until they you know say what your name is like put a label to yourself so I'm not sure on a practical level that does much of anything and mostly I think you know the people who view themselves as agents of the beast of authority they have no idea about these things I think they just have no way to even process the concepts all they know is when they tell you to do something if you don't bow there's something wrong with you it almost seems as if not only have they abdicated their responsibility to think but in many cases they may have never had that capability that's how ignorant these people seem at times yes as harsh as that may be to say yeah yep well yeah and they I mean they talk that way they say you know they say things like well I don't make the law I just enforce it which means I'm not responsible for what I'm doing well right it's like the biggest lie in the world of course they're responsible for what you're doing that's all they don't want that responsibility that's right and that's all this is ultimately about responsibility that's what we need to have in order to have any modicum of freedom at all if there is such a thing as a price for freedom that's it personal responsibility yeah and the abdication of responsibility is what's going to ultimately lead us into deeper chains and deeper forms of tyranny so Larkin we have about five minutes left on the show I'd like to get into your writing because you're a phenomenal author and what I am so impressed about is your your allegorical fiction writing you've written a brilliant allegory I want you to tell people about all your books but particularly the one I have been very impressed by was the iron web which was an allegorical fiction about the concepts of self-ownership and true freedom and when I read it I just experienced it as such a fast page-turner and I'm not you know contrary to what people may think the fastest of readers I power through books through an act of will but I would like to even crease my speed at which I read but I devoured this thing in like two days and I just thought it was one of the easiest reads that I've ever read because your writing style is so clear and concise and coherent and it actually almost took me aback that you were that great of a an allegorical fiction writer well thanks what I wanted to do I mean there's a zillion examples of how philosophical ideas can be delivered by way of quote-unquote entertainment usually those ideas are bow and do as you're told but my goal was basically to write a story which in and of itself people found interesting and apparently lots of people do because it got a bunch of good reviews while at the same time speaking in substance there to make people think I basically did the trick of it it follows three characters that almost you know normal people can relate to because these characters don't believe they don't start out believing what like you and I believe spark which is obviously outside of the mainstream and it basically follows them through a story where they're sort of stuck having to reconsider the way they view the world and and yeah I've been I've been happy with how many people said they they liked the story and I think there have actually been a number of people who they wouldn't read other stuff I wrote they don't care about the philosophy thing and they sort of think they already know it or they they're not interested but we'll read a story because it's you know it's entertainment but then they accidentally start thinking about things along the way and then they say well what about this and so I think it's it seems to be working as a way to speak ideas into people right to stir them into having discussions about the philosophical aspects of it absolutely right right so tell them about your other books the non-fiction ones yeah the first one I wrote was actually it's it's called how to be a successful tyrant which is just what it sounds like it's it's telling the wannabe tyrant how to do it successfully of course it's not because I want more of them it's because I want their victims to get how they do what they do so that their potential victims stop falling for all the tricks they've been using for 10,000 years for whatever it's been you can kind of look at it as like a Field Manual for the Psychopaths in training right right it's actually that the subtitle is the megalomaniac manifesto so it's exactly that and it's sort of flippant and there's some you know it's it's meant to be sort of like easy funny reading if I'm not mistaken there's also a video of you doing a talk that it's called the same thing how to become a successful tyrant out there maybe I'll link to that as well I know I came across that at one point on the web yeah yeah I I forgot somebody had videotaped that and posted it but yeah that's sort of a very short version of of the same general idea okay and then the most the most recent book the most important thing I've ever written is my book the most dangerous superstition which I actually started putting together in 1996 but I intentionally dragged my feet to make sure I thought I could do as good a job as I could instead of jumping the gun but that's not very long so only like 200 pages it's a little book but it really digs to the heart of what I think is the Vegas threat to humanity by a huge margin and it's nothing but just a stupid idea we've been taught to memorize and believe that doesn't make any sense and so many people look at the world and think well we're too greedy and we're to power happy and we're to sort of pack mentality and we're to this and to that and while there are definite shortcomings I think this one superstition you fix this if people just got that this little thing is a lie 97% of injustice and suffering in the world would just be gone lauric and how can people get a hold of your books let them know your website and then you can take us out with whatever final closing comments you have sure you can get all these at Larkin Rose com bunch of free articles and the books and all that lar ke and ROSC com what I would tell people especially people in the freedom and and into wanting society to be which it should be it's easy to look for an outside enemy and point at Washington their point of this better the other group or party or whatever and say one of the bad guys they're the problem if only something changes about them the world will get better and I would challenge people to consider the possibility that your own belief may be a contributing factor to what you'd be wrong in the world Larkin a brilliant way to take this out thanks so much for being here is a pleasure and you're welcome back anytime ladies and gentlemen Larkin rose that's all the time we have this edition we'll see you next Sunday on what on earth is happening good night everyone rod casting radio