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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe welcome ladies and gentlemen you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time today is Sunday November 13 2011 and we have a great show lined up for you here today we are going to be continuing with our solutions based approaches toward reversing the direction and the tide that humanity has been going along with for such a long time and attempting to come into the flow of creation to acquire knowledge about who we truly are and to ultimately get back to a place where we understand true freedom and live it in our day to day lives so that's what this show is ultimately all about as the song at the very beginning says freedom is what this is all about and we need to understand the causal factors that got us here so that we can understand how to get out of this condition that we're currently in today as part of our solutions based approach we are going to begin an introduction to the Trivium the classical methodology for how to learn that's what we're going to be discussing here on the show today the Trivium and we'll be getting into what the Trivium is how it works and how we can employ it in our lives before I do that I have a few event announcements I want to read for events coming up in the Philadelphia area I have three of them to present today and the first is the end the Fed rally for Philadelphia will be taking place Saturday November 19 2011 at 11 a.m. at the Federal Reserve Bank at sixth and arch streets here in Philadelphia the theme is sound money for America it is the seventh and the Fed rally here in Philadelphia Saturday November 19 2011 11 o'clock a.m. and the Fed right here in Philadelphia they'll be starting at the Federal Reserve Bank and then marching down toward City Hall and there'll be a lot of public outreach and and a leafleting going on to the public so if you're in the Philly area come on out to one of the biggest and the federales in the nation for more information on that you want to check out truth freedom prosperity org second announcement Tesla and the type-1 Roadshow this is going to be a short presentation that I'll be giving with the Tesla Science Foundation on Sunday November 20th at 1:00 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia main branch 1901 Vine Street on the fourth floor the skyline room I will be giving a short presentation about an event coming up at the end of 2012 called the type 1 Roadshow which the Tesla Science Foundation has agreed to take an active role in and I'll tell you a little bit more about this great project on the other side of this break you're not going to want to miss the info coming up about the type 1 Roadshow so we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere and you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone you are listening - what on earth is happening on your host mark passio of my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was reading a couple of event announcements I'll continue with that I was telling people about the type 1 Roadshow that's coming up toward the end of 2012 and that is an event that is organized by Freeman fly freighter X and many others it's called the type 1 Roadshow and it's going to take the form of a traveling conference and interactive festival based on the concept of helping to move humanity toward a type one civilization if you're not familiar with that concept you can type into a search engine civilization types or type one civilization and read about what a type one civilization is actually all about what the hallmarks of such a civilization are and that's what Friends of Freeman and other groups are who have come together are basically going out on a traveling Roadshow to promote these ideas and Tesla technology is a huge part of this because as we all know what the controller's of this world ultimately seek to control is energy and if we don't actually take the reigns of the ability to use the abundant energy that nature provides then we're basically living in a state of slavery anyway so Tesla technology is a huge part of reclaiming our individual sovereignty it's a huge part of getting out of the control based slavery system in which humanity is living right now and as such the Tesla Science Foundation here in Philadelphia is going to be taking an active role in the type 1 Roadshow so we're having a meeting on Sunday November 20th 2011 at 1:00 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia main branch which is at 19th and vine here in Philly and again I'll be giving a short presentation about the type 1 Roadshow and then what we're going to be doing is having an interactive discussion about these ideas and finding out who in the Tesla Science Foundation resonates with this opportunity who resonates with this event coming up at the end of 2012 and wants to take an active role in participating in that event the key thing here is that you do not have to be a member of the Tesla Science Foundation to come out to this Meetup or to even want to take a role in this event so it is open to the public and people are welcome to come out and check out the presentation and get involved in the discussion that's again Sunday November 20th at 1:00 p.m. at the free library main branch 19th and vine in the fourth floor on the 4th floor which is the skyline room the last event announcement I have for you today is the free monthly documentary screening and discussion night that truth freedom prosperity hosts every month will be happening this will be happening the last Wednesday of the month as it always does November 30th 2011 at 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau Studios media Bureau is at the corner of 4th and Browne 725 North 4th Street the exact address here in Philadelphia and this month we will be screening the film on grip on grip is a movie about individual sovereignty and actually getting off the grid and becoming truly self sustainable so it should be a really great night with lots of active and healthy discussion going on with the concepts that the great documentary on grip brings to the forefront so that is once again November 30th Wednesday November 30th at 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau Studios for more information of course check out truth freedom prosperity org ok so let's get into our main topic for tonight before we do that I want to give the call-in number for the show people are should feel free to call in at any time I'll probably be taking some calls in the second hour of the show so the calling number is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five I want to direct everyone's attention up to my website which is what on earth is happening calm there as is usually the case you will find a series of images that go along with the concepts that will be presented on the show here today you want to go to the radio show tab of the site and listed under the player today there are 12 images if you're following along with the podcast this will be podcast number 85 and you can go to the podcast page for the images so 12 images there and the first image shows what we're really trying to change okay this is an image of a movie theater with a movie playing on the screen okay and the movie that's on the screen shows the condition of the world it shows sorcerer a sorcerer behind an immense pyramidal structure and the per sorcerer is looking through the eye at the capstone of this pyramid similar to the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill and he's behind it hidden well veiled and he's pulling the strings of all of the people below in this structure okay and all of the energy that this world has is flowing to the sorcerer and he is actually breathing in that energy he is consuming it by breathing it into himself this is essentially a real quick allegory or meta allegory or meta metaphor for what this world actually is it has become a farm of sorts you could say it has become humanity has become slaves and feed for this subclass of people if you even want to call them that that have basically manipulated us into giving away our energy to them and there are now at this time in history in which we live many people who are beginning to recognize that this is the case the really humanity you could say falls into three basic groups and again this is a generalization for the purposes of explaining a concept humanity falls into three groups okay the people who are willing to sit in the chairs and let this continue unabated let this continue unchallenged okay who don't have the will or the courage to do anything about it or who don't believe in themselves enough to think that they can do anything about it so they're sitting there passively accepting the situation in passive acceptance okay and again this is all about solutions that's why I'm starting with this debate we've already looked at the basic problem we're looking at how to how do we enact a solution that will actually work and the Trivium is a big part of this three groups of people one remain sitting in the chairs okay doesn't think they have the power to do anything and so they don't try the second group is the group of people that is represented by the image in this figure who recognizes the problem and they are screaming and they are pounding they're pounding their fists up against the movie screen itself okay they think that they're going to affect change by rearranging the physical things and events keeping the actual overall structure the way it is not addressing anything at the causal level okay but trying to rearrange things putting bandages on things staying within the same structure that got you there to begin with and thinking it'll magically change I'll tell you what the third group of people is all about on the other side of this break we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio going to be getting into the Trivium today on what on earth is happening as a prelude to that we were looking at some images posted to the what on earth is happening comm radio show page underneath the player on the page image number one showing an angry man standing up in the middle of a movie theater shouting and cursing and you know angry at the movie that is being projected onto the screen and as I said we have three kinds of people the people who may recognize the problem and sit passively by and allow it to continue unchallenged they don't think that they have the ability to do anything about it and this is for the people who are even in in the theater seeing what's going on you know so there's a you could say that there's a fourth group that doesn't even recognize any part of it and are completely unconscious but further people who do recognize it you have people who are willing to sit there remain passive and ultimately do nothing the second group wants to shout and complain and try to rearrange things at the level of the movie okay they think that they're going to affect change just by physically restructuring things within the present existing system and that's magically going to change the movie that they're witnessing take pop take place the actual manifestation of events they think they can solve the problem at the level of effects at the level of manifestation which is it's too late it has already manifested the third group of people recognize the law of cause and effect and understand that if you're ever going to change the manifested result you have to rise in consciousness to gain access to the plane of causality the causal nature of the problem needs to be recognized and accepted then you can apply that knowledge of the causes of that effect to the solution only then can you act actually create a solution that will have any true effect in the plane of manifestation the people who don't understand the causal factors are the people who are banging on the movie screen the people who want to get to the causal factors address those problems from that level of awareness and then truly change the things that created the problem not the manifesting of the problem but the things that actually caused the imbalances to begin with are the people who are smart enough to realize that the only way you're ever going to change that movie is to get up walk to a deeper level which is where the projection room is okay climb up to a deeper level of awareness which is the projection room and then actually change what is being projected from the source onto the screen which is the manifested result I have brought a quote back from Joe one show number one of what on earth is happening I put this quote up there for people's consideration it was from the book of it was from the book known as transformation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips the book is essentially about trauma-based mind control and the occult rulership of this country and in fact the world but some of the most interesting information in the book doesn't even come from Cathy O'Brien the main writer comes from her co-author Mark Phillips and this is a great quote from Phillips who wrote the first section of the book he said for every problem there exists a solution the formula for problem solving rests firmly on the quality of the supporting research information concerning the nature of the problem so he's recognizing that you can't treat the symptoms you have to go to the causal factors you have to understand enough about the nature of the problem the causal factors and you come to that understanding by gathering information by coming into knowledge of the nature of the problem then you can understand how things got that way and in that understanding you are actually obtaining a very very powerful force that is the answer to the question why if you don't have the why behind anything you have no power to affect change so I would invite people in an image number three now I am putting an image up from the movie The Matrix the allegorical trilogy The Matrix and this is my favorite character in this allegorical trilogy not because he's the villain one of the villains I should say okay and he's set against are the hero of the heroes of the movie okay you know I'm not in the habit of rooting for the villains that's not why I like this guy I like this guy because he tells people the truth he is telling people in the second Matrix movie okay which I posted this scene back in podcast number 82 okay with the podcast you can go on the podcast archive and watch the scene where neo meets this character in the matrix - Matrix Reloaded and that scene is so telling okay because this guy represents the controlling bloodlines he represents the controlling occultists of the world and he has one of the P who the heroes need but they don't understand why they need him they've just been told this is who you need go get him and this guy hasn't the Merovingian again allegorical Merovingian has to do with the ancient Merovingian bloodline however when they meet with him he tells them because they don't really understand why they have come to this situation they don't understand why they need this character called the key-maker they don't understand what the causal factors of their current situation are that they have come to him with no power and therefore he sees no reason why he should cooperate with him he does tell them one small lie however he tells them that we are forever victims to causality that's his poison pill in the enormous truth that he gives them and that is not necessarily the case we do not have to be victims of causality in the understanding of how the law of cause and effect works we can come to a level of mastery of ourselves and in our free will decisions which is what I wholeheartedly agree with Morpheus in this scene he says everything begins with choice the Merovingian tries to convince him that that's not the case but that is the case Morpheus is correct in that ladies and gentlemen see that's what the ocultist wants people to think is that your choices that they're you don't have freewill about how you will conduct yourself and how things will actually then play out as a result of how you conduct yourself what you don't have free will to do is completely act in total violation of natural law and expect no consequences that free will does not exist but we do have free will to the extent that if we understand the law of cause and effect and how we have a choice whether to operate within the parameters of moral law or to whether or whether to completely ignore those laws which creation itself has put into effect and which we are bound by we will severely hinder the quality of our experience here if we flaunt those laws okay and therefore we will create self-inflicted suffering but ultimately ultimately that is a decision that is based in choice in free will so what does the Trivium have to do with this we'll talk about that on the other side this is what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening dot-com so to understand how the Trivium fits in with the law of cause and effect and getting to the underlying causality the causal factors the nature of the problem so that we can reverse it from there what we have to understand is essentially what the Trivium is the Trivium is a pathway to truth it is the methodology for knowing how to learn or know anything how to determine the veracity of information how to weed through falsehoods and eliminate those impurities so we don't take them in as mental food that's essentially what the Trivium is then based on that accurate information we can come to understand meaning in things we can answer the question why and then in answering that question why we become empowered to act to actually create true positive and lasting change in our lives this is the way that we can improve ourselves and ultimately it has to do with the improvement of the mind the Trivium is intricately and inextricably interwoven with the human psyche and our ability to improve the quality of our mental psychological and spiritual well-being so let's first of course look at the word okay because everything starts with that vibratory energy of the word why this the word for this methodology and there's a very deep reason it's named what it is called Trivium Trivium comes from the latin language and before before we do this let's just talk about the origin of the Trivium okay people will trace its origin back to medieval times they'll trace it back further to ancient Rome even further to ancient Greece some people will go so far as to trace it back to ancient Egypt the Trivium comes out of some of the most ancient mystery school traditions in human antiquity I would say it goes it predates ancient Egypt in small pockets humanity has known and used this technique this methodology for discovering truth about anything since time immemorial so I would say its origin is actually lost to antiquity we don't know how old the Trivium method actually is although some people will claim it's from different periods in human history and that's fine I would be of the opinion that it is actually much older than anything that anyone has stated on record and it goes right back to the dawn of civilization on this planet so the word Trivium we're looking at slide number four on the what on earth is happening radio show page now the word Trivium comes from the latin language okay it's english equivalency is derived from latin the latin word Trez or tria okay means three the number three and you can see that root in so many different things trinary the word three itself is derived from Trez tria okay and then the second part of Trivium is via okay via VI in Latin via in Latin means away a pair or a road okay so we also use the term way to describe a method that's the way to do something it also means you start at one location and then you travel to a destination that's what a path is for it connects two places so what we want to connect is where we're at now in the human condition and we want to actually travel to the truth we want to get to the underlying causes the true underlying causes of our current condition so that we can become empowered to change it so what Trivium really means is the three paths the three roads or the three ways you could look at it as the three methods okay I've named it here the threefold path to the truth on this image the threefold path to truth as we've seen three is a sacred number in just about every ancient mystical tradition thought emotion and action as we saw is the real Trinity within us in many ancient religions up into the modern day we see this thread throughout time of a Trinity representing something deeper you know whether it's called the Father the Son and the spirit whether it's the Sun the moon and the stars and planets or whether it's thought emotion and action this concept of three fold we have three brains the reptile the mammal and the human the triune brain which we've talked about so much the concept of the three-in-one okay the one overarching methodology that is capable of helping us to learn how to know anything to weed through falsehoods to come to truth it's ultimately three methods which all bring us to the same place at the center which represents the truth okay so the Trivium itself is actually part of a larger three fold method or a three fold path and I put that on image number five slide number five the Trivium works in conjunction with something known as the quadrivium the quadrivium which means four methods or four paths for roads okay these ultimately form the sacred number seven as you could see readily three plus four is seven another sacred number seven gods of the ancient world seven chakras okay the seven steps on the ladder to God The Tree of Life levels on that path on that symbol so the quadrivium or the fourfold path is the quantification methods that are used in conjunction with the Trivium these are the the sciences of a measurement numbers play a huge role in the quadrivium and we'll be talking more about the quadrivium next week that'll be the topic for discussion next week we'll look into the quadrivium okay we're also going to have some guests coming up that are going to talk about the Trivium and quadrivium and i'll be mentioning that probably next week on the show awaiting confirmation so the Trivium and the quadrivium work in conjunction they were both work in conjunction with our five senses okay the five senses are the bridge between these two Sciences these two methodologies ancient methodologies these are the two methods that help our five senses come into harmony with truth that's what needs to be understood well you're using these as methodologies to bring our awareness through our senses to bring our awareness into harmony with truth so perception is not reality it can waver widely off from what reality actually is from what the truth is the truth is just that which is and again this brings us to the point where I have to talk about the idea concept of what I mean by the word truth and people argue constantly about this you have this solipsistic thread that people are still hooked on solid sysm and I said from day one this show would not be for everyone and many people will reject it out of hand from just show one it would not even go any further than that and there are people to this day who still email me and talk about the concepts I brought up or in early shows about solve season and are in complete disagreement oh there is no actual such thing as truth we can't actually know what the truth is well that's where you you set foot off the journey from the very beginning you were never all in the pan because if you don't believe that there is any such thing as truth you will never discover it you have to believe that you can learn the truth first and foremost you have to have that hunger that desire within be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio jumping right back into the trivia how it connects with our five senses and how it is a three-fold pathway to truth and the idea that people don't believe that there is any such thing as actual truth that we cannot come to know what truth is and nobody is talking about here knowing the totality of the mind of God that's not what I'm talking about when I use the word truth I'm talking about events which have actually occurred learning about what is taking place which is why I called the show called the show what on earth is happening to know about what is happening what is taking place in our reality in the realm in which we exist and operate you want to get into other dimensions of existence and you know New Age ideas like that fine I'm not talking about any of that stuff I'm not talking about knowing the totality of every dimension and every timeline and every planet that exists in the universe I'm talking about the here and now being here and being in the present moment and knowing what's going on around you that truth that truth and it's knowable it is knowable through the study of the past it is knowable through taking in information and properly gathering and processing and using it that is possible so if you're a solid cyst the show was not for you on day one and certainly at this point will not be for you that is something that I call the biggest lie and if people buy into that one they'll buy into any lie that's what the dark force wants people thinking at all times I talked about it as two Satanists it is the biggest sin because they want to propagate salep season to everybody but them so therefore they can get everyone else to believe that there is no truth but they know what the truth is see to them saw for them solecism is a sin that's something that a dark occultist should not engage in should frown upon but it is something that he should attempt to sell to the dead as they call people who believe in this concept of salep says and this ideology once again we're talking about perception as not being reality but it could come into harmony with reality they we're not perceiving at all times what the actual reality is we have filters on okay that veil us from an accurate perception of reality the idea of the Trivium is to attempt to it's a methodology for removing those filters to be able to see the truth as it actually is readily accept it and then do something about it do something with it get involved step into the slipstream of active co-creation so when we look at what the Trivium is and we take a look at how it has I guess you could say evolved or how it has been interpreted through time there are three general interpretations or overall ways of looking at what the Trivium is okay and I've called these in slide number six the classical interpretation the esoteric interpretation and the modern interpretation of the Trivium methodology okay because again this information on how to acquire knowledge understand it and then do something with it has been with us again since time immemorial so there have been different ways of looking at this system the classical method is probably the one that most people are from most familiar with in the words that are used to describe this threefold process or method and again the order of the steps are all important they matter that's why put numbers here on this chart you can't take them out of order you take them out of order you destroy the entire methodology and it will not work for you or anyone else and that's why some dark occultists have attempted to reverse this process to take some of them out of order and they exchange interchange them and that you can't do that okay that's like you know trying to eat your sandwich before you make it you have to make the sandwich first then you could eat it okay so the first step in the classical interpretation of the Trivium is known as grammar and we'll get to what these represent in a moment the second step is logic and the third is rhetoric so in the classical interpretation you will hear the Trivium referred to as grammar logic and rhetoric in that order okay in the esoteric interpretation which is the one I generally I only want to use the word use I mean that you're using the same method regardless of how you look at it I look at the Trivium as this form as knowledge understanding and wisdom knowledge corresponding to the first step or grammar in the classical tradition understanding corresponding to logic or the second step the intermediary step and then wisdom corresponding to rhetoric the third and final step there is also a modern interpretation of the Trivium method and this is the one I'm probably going to spend the most time explaining because you can use a very accurate metaphor for it in real world terms that people will readily understand we're going to look a little bit into the esoteric modality I guess you could call it but I'm going to focus on explaining the Trivium today through the modern interpretation and this is input processing and output input corresponding to grammar or knowledge processing corresponding to step two or logic and understanding okay and output is the third and final step corresponding to rhetoric or what has been called wisdom in the esoteric sense and this as you will see all has to do with information the input of information the processing of information and then the subsequent output of information in that order so these are the three ways that the Trivium could be looked at can be interpreted you know can be seen as modalities or methodologies ok I want to show people how this knowledge is quite ancient because we looked at the esoteric tradition of the Kabbalah in the past on this show we did several shows on Kabbalah and we saw that its main symbol which I've already alluded to today was the Tree of Life with its seven levels its 22 paths it's ten Sephirot or emanations and we've broken these down in the past to help people understand the correspondences what we have to understand is that at just about the highest level of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as this symbol is known we have the three methods of the Trivium corresponding to the Trivium see when you when you climb this tree or this ladder to God as it is known in the Kabbalistic tradition as we've already looked in on past shows you follow this path that I've outlined here in red on image number seven we're looking at image number seven now and this path K follows up from the bottom from Mal couth which is which is Sapphira number ten okay up through yes ode to hold to net saw so if you look at the numbers we're going backwards from ten to nine - eight - seven okay then through TIF eret in the middle to 6 and then Gibara at five and then we're back to the right side at four okay the sphere of has said okay now from that point we are going to pass through three other spheres okay one of them is not considered an actual Saphira or an emanation it is considered I guess you could call it the source you could call it the thing from which the Tree of Life Springs from which it grows it is known as da okay doc is knowledge the hidden emanation okay and this is the first step of the Trivium method we then ascend to be nam which is understanding second step esoterically and finally to Hoke MA wisdom we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the second hour already on this edition of what on earth is happening I'm going to give the callin number again because I'm gonna try to wrap up in this segment the esoteric aspect of the Trivium as part as it corresponds to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and then I'll be looking in this hour at the modern interpretation of the Trivium and explaining the method of information input processing and output which is essentially what the Trivium is so the calling number after that we'll take calls for the remainder of the show so the calling number is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five have a couple of callers lined up in the queue so feel free to call in and get in the queue yourself if you have any questions comments or anything else that you want to bring up on the show here today and we we are limiting this to the Trivium we want to talk about the Trivium today again we have a specific topic for today we're talking about the Trivium so callers in the queue let's keep it on on topic and on focus so here we go we were looking at before this last break the esoteric interpretation of the Trivium as knowledge understanding and wisdom okay so knowledge we've seen is the sphere of dot that lies behind the tree of life from which the tree of life grows okay the idea that this word is connected in the it's actual sound with the english word dot is not insignificant okay a dot is a point a singularity it's one thing okay from which everything Springs okay it is a period and this word is pear Yoda period-- okay through the Yoda Yoda character in Hebrew as we've already seen represents means hand and it represents fire the fire of creation the hand of God the hand of the Creator which fashions everything from which everything Springs so this isn't an insignificant wordplay coincidence I would suggest that it's not even a coincidence okay but as we're going to the highest rung we're ascending to the highest rung on the Tree of Life okay the one that lies just underneath katare the crown unity consciousness we are passing through okay from the sphere of Mercy has said through dot knowledge okay to understanding which is sphere number three Sapphira 3 which is Benna which means understanding then to the one that is closest to the crown to katare which is wisdom Hoke MA again these three paths themselves you'll notice that there is one sphere on each of the paths paths of the Kabbalistic tree we start out at the middle one then go to which is the path of mildness or we'll then we go to the path of the left-hand path which is the path of severity and then over to the right-hand path the path of Mercy which then gets us up to that very top Saphira which represents unity consciousness or non duality and this is the path that can get us there from knowledge to understanding to wisdom in that order and I can't stress that enough order plays a role in this it is what leads ultimately to order is following this order or this path this threefold path known as the trivia which is represented so beautifully here in the Kabbalistic tree and I would suggest that this tradition probably predates the Trivium and that's where the Trivium has grown out of it so we'll continue with this on the other side stay with us folks are listening to what on earth is happening [Music] you'll never be able to stop a group of people who actually possess the answer to the question why that is what the Trivium can actually help us gain because without Y there is no power and things will remain just as they are and probably even spiral into a worse condition until we identify the real causal factors that's where the problem-solving ability lies so we were looking at the esoteric aspects of the Trivium and where this tradition may have derived from again this is ancient Kabbalistic knowledge this is the ancient knowledge of all esoteric mystery school traditions you can see that in Freemasonry the Trivium and quadrivium are made reference to quite extensively in any good Masonic works and if they're true esoteric works of Freemasonry they will not be taken out of order as well which you will often see this horrendous mistake being made in certain free Masonic schools if it is not a deliberate deception to do so the the other thing is you have to understand that the Trivium also represents just like the Kabbalistic tree here we're showing the three steps of it represented in the three spheres that you arrive at on the path upward up the tree before you arrive at unity consciousness represented by katare non-duality the total unification of one's thoughts emotions and actions this this corresponds directly to the free masonic pillars that are depicted in the first degree tracing board as well okay so coming up out of the dark of the dark pillar is coming into knowledge okay then understanding okay bridge knowledge and action before you're taking actual action using the male principle you have to fill yourself up the desire has to be there of the lunar pillar and you're filling yourself with information then you're processing it you're coming to awareness represented by the middle pillar the all-seeing eye then you're putting it into action you're actually ascending upward and that's the the stepwise process of the ladder starts at the right pillar moves to the left in that tracing board and you can go back onto the Freemasonry shows and take a look at that and see how that correspondence fits in perfectly with the Trivium method as well knowledge understanding and wisdom the first three degrees of Freemasonry are all about this ladies and gentlemen the entered apprentice degree of Freemasonry is about taking off your blinders and the fact that you have to be led to knowledge with an open mind heyyou you have to be practically dragged to it because you've been resistant to it and you've been hoodwinked but now they're the blinders are coming off and you're letting some light in the degree the rituals of the first degree entered apprentice so this is coming into knowledge the second degree is about the spiral staircase going into the temple of knowledge itself processing information actual learning taking place and it's a spiral staircase that you have to follow you don't know what the actual outcome is yet you have to get to the top for that Vista to open up in the whole picture be revealed on the way up you don't actually see you're still doing that upward ascension that is often looks like it's a circle or a spiral spiraling process but you're actually spiraling upward and then you've arrived at the top of that spiral staircase which means you have understanding in hand you understand causal factors you have the answer to the question why now you're empowered and the third degree or Master Mason is mastery over oneself coming into unison between your thoughts and emotions and your actions such that your actions don't betray what you know and how you feel and then it's symbol is the trowel this degree and you're using it to actually spread what you have come into possession of which is actual wisdom that's what the act of wisdom is all about putting it out there so that others may partake of the same thing you have knowledge and understanding are not yours exclusively they don't belong to you these are states you may have reached but then you have a responsibility to put that into action which is the rhetoric stage we want to get to this in detail I want to go through again that's all I really want to say about how the correspondences with esoteric traditions fit in with the Trivium you can clearly see it if you've been able to follow what I just went through as far as Kabbalah and Freemasonry is concerned but what I really want to do in this hour is talk about the modern method of the Trivium the modern interpretation which is information input processing and output and this one again the modern student can readily understand these terms because we use them all the time every day and most people out there listening are probably using some form of a computer a device which does just this and regardless of how much people want to ignore this or make pretend that it isn't true essentially that's what everything is here folks it's a big computer we're in a word a holodeck we're in a holographic simulate of sorts so that consciousness can have experience this is all a huge computer program at the highest level at the most unified fundamental level that's what consciousness is it's something that creates scenarios that we can feel as and perceive as real enough such that we can acquire experience because again in the absence of something which the pure consciousness is not it can never know itself that can never come to know anything so this illusory realm has to be created in order to acquire experience and knowledge of itself of the the all itself and that's why we're in this holodeck to have an experience in the physical domain so this is like a computer it operates like a computer we operate like a computer essentially and I'm qualifying this with the term essentially it doesn't mean we are a computer doesn't mean that there's no part of us other than the computing aspect of us I'm saying essentially we operate like a computer ok we take in information based on our perceptions based in things other people have told us based on direct experiences we then process that information to develop it into a worldview or an understanding of how things actually work and then we act our behaviors are based upon that input of information and that processing of information so we're going to look at this closely on the other side and we'll talk about examples on what if the input is bad we're gathering processes been but if the processing itself is bad what happens to the outcome pick this up on the other side this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio let's jump right back into our study of a trivia and how it can actually help us to uncover the hidden truths of our world so that we can actually start taking action once we understand the causal factors that got us to this dark place that we are collectively at so in image number eight on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm or with this podcast you'll see that I put the modern interpretation you could call it of the Trivium process or method and listed it as input processing and output which we're going to continue to talk about and underneath that I put what this is all all equates to when it's all actually about the Trivium is ultimately about the input processing and output of information which is ultimately what everything is everything is a form of information and energy what if we look at the word information okay it's the word form is the root of this word form okay and in order to form a different reality a different way that things actually manifest themselves this is the method that we have to employ proper information input proper information processing and proper information output and ultimately where that is all done is within ourselves that's why it's in formation if we break it down further we can say in form at I on or in other words to turn and this is again green language people will doubt and dismiss this even there's hundreds of examples throughout the English language where words just by breaking them apart into their phonetic not their actual necessary meaning but into their phonetic peak components we can understand what a word is actually saying to us the actual vibratory energy of the word is a language unto itself that often encodes deeper meaning we've looked at the term money in this respect being the one I okay which they want to sell to people as an illusion of the the real thing as a proxy for the real one i inside of us and information is saying in form at i on meaning to turn the one i on okay to actually turn on the all-seeing eye within us we have to inwardly form our self through this process we are creating our selves we are creating the essence of who we are by what kind of information we take in by how we process it accurately or inaccurately and then by what we actually do based upon those two previous parts of this triune method the output is ultimately what is really defining who we are because the input and processing is determining our worldview and then the output is determining our behavior and how we treat other people and how we act toward others the way that we are in this world how we exist our being in the world is ultimately a function of the output so and that is a function of how accurately we gathered and processed the information that is all around us some people do it very effectively and therefore their output can be toward higher levels of order and greater success and prosperity and a lack of suffering in their lives and some people when they fail at this entire process they go into deeper and deeper and deeper chains and more and more suffering and that's what the place that we've come to as a society through our inability to follow this methodology because this methodology has been occulted the occultists of this world do not want people to understand the Trivium it's one of the last things they ever want you looking into they want to keep this information deeply hidden or occult 'add because if you truly learn how to think excuse me and come to accurate analysis of the information that is around us you are then empowered to change it and that's the last thing they want happening because they want to stay in the position of power that they have gained through this differential in knowledge by keeping the method for learning from their slaves that's why the Trivium is a completely it's a topic that has been essentially removed from human consumption for the most part most people have never heard the word they don't understand what the Trivium is at all they have never heard it and they know nothing about it just try to find out just do an experiment and ask people around you if they know what the Trivium is and can explain it to you hardly anyone can and there's a reason for that so let's look at the Trivium the modern interpretation of it as information input processing and output and we will recognize this as the three steps that any computer performs okay because essentially the brain acts like a human computer a biological computer image 9 shows an image of a computer system okay and we can see that it has input devices a processing device and an output device and output devices okay so the input device or devices I should say shown here by the light blue arrows okay is the keyboard and mouse these are known as input devices go on any computer store and you'll find mice and keyboards under input devices okay another type of input device might be a scanner an externally connected hard drive used for storage the Internet itself is a form of an input device in the modern world because that's someplace we can take information into the computer through our internet connection okay so these are ways of inputting information into a computer the hard drive stores it okay that's like the memory capacity of the brain all right then it is processed and that's what determines how good a computer basically is this all important step to you know to put information into a computer is one thing but the all important step is the third part the second part and the third part but the second part is critical critically important because if your computer doesn't have processing power you can't do anything with any information it doesn't matter how much you gather and if it can't accurately process the information it'll just spit garbage in the output phase your computer is only as good as its processor and the processors ability to accurately handle the information you are throwing at it so this is the problem with the people of this planet they basically have damaged internal processing units central processing units the CPU of the computer is often called the brain of the computer so this is what we are using our brain to do input information process it in the brain and then output it which actually determines our behavior and as you know with any computer if junk goes in through the input okay only junk can come through the output junk in junk out good stuff in good stuff it's a simple equation too bad more people haven't simply thought about it on these terms they try to over complicate things we'll keep looking at the moderate method on a trivia input processing and output and we come back don't go anywhere folks [Music] look back everyone looking at the Trivium and from the modern interpretation from the modern viewpoint on this edition of what on earth is happening image 9 showed an image of a generic computer system this is not my particular computer system it's just an image I found of a computer system online and it shows the input devices the processing unit and then the output devices being the screen and the printer these are ways of sharing information looking at the data on screen you could share it with someone else you could print it out on your printer ok the internet is also an output device because you could take information that you have processed and then send it back up to the Internet so the internet acts as both an input and an output device in the modern world and that's why it is so useful for really coming to this knowledge and understanding so let's look at what ultimately the Trivium is step by step an image number 10 we see the three steps of the Trivium again in the modern format input processing and output in that order listed as steps one two and three I put the other names in the classical and esoteric systems underneath them so input is also grammar or knowledge okay it's the building blocks of data that we're working with okay so we are gathering these building blocks gathering the raw data from an eclectic array of sources eclectic means widely varied okay you have to take it all in as much as you can anyway and do this without prejudging the information so this could be considered the right brained modality within the Trivium it's having that open mindedness that receptiveness that is so powerful in the right brain ok because we need to have an open mind and take in data without judging it with the analytical mind first and foremost that's the first step toward acquiring knowledge and understanding the input once we have acquired it will help us to answer the questions who what when and where this is our raw data set ok so this is fairly easy to follow this is what we do with the computer and this is ultimately what we do with our brain ok the input gathering data from an eclectic array of sources without prejudging it in order to answer the questions who what when and where the raw data we're taking in the raw data without judging it ok step number two is the processing and this is all important now before we get to step 2 let me say why people never usually make it to step 2 most people on the earth don't make it to step 2 in any form of in any way that resembles any accurate information process processing at all it's because there is so much of the building blocks the grammar the words the raw data set the knowledge itself we are drowning in a sea of knowledge in a sea of grammar in a sea of these building blocks of information there is so much in the world because there are so many people and so much has been created and written and and put out there in different forms of media most people are so daunted by the task of even doing the input at all because it takes work and time and they're even more daunted by the first sub step of part 2 which we're going to get to in a moment the filtration system of the weeding out process of information which isn't viable or isn't necessary or is just patently false and you know is put out there as distraction or disinformation or actually has nothing to do with the solving of the problem that we really want to solve by even taking data in it's irrelevant data there's so much trash data in the system okay useless files so to speak on the computer that people don't want to weed through it to go to like a needle in a haystack to get down to what they really need so most people don't even go through step one because they say oh the truth is such a needle in a haystack we'll never find it some people believe there is no such thing as truth which we've already talked about this dangerous and false ideology of Solace ISM so part two processing which is also logic ok in the classical interpretation and understanding in the esoteric sense processing is comprised of three sub steps and I've identified these as filtration correlation and analysis of data so first the data has to be filtered so now now this is what the processor of the computer is doing once the information has been gathered which is step one data gathering then we can filter it and say this is irrelevant data this does not have to do with what we are trying to get to its it may be a distraction a form of disinformation we could apply different techniques to do that okay fallacy understanding techniques to understand logical fallacies okay so this filtration system you could look at as the antivirus or the malware protector that is installed in a computer to make sure in the gathering process in the product in the part where it comes into the computer through input that viruses don't get in to the mix okay so that would be filtration and that's a huge task in the modern world because there is so much false information out there so we have to have our virus guards installed properly within ourselves so that information which will make us sick doesn't get taken in as mental food ok the second part of the processing is correlation this is how to group information and see the connections between seemingly disparate sources of information or chunks of information it is data assembly ok that's what this part of the processing aspect of the Trivium is all about finally there is analysis that is actually going through the data to understand how it is of relevance and how it does connect with the thing that we are trying to get to or understand that's what the whole process of understanding is about data analysis accurate data analysis the processor has to be able to compute properly and again this ties in with with health because if the central computer of ourselves is our brain ok it's the thing that helps us to process information we have to be in good health the five senses have to be sharp sight hearing smell taste and touch to be able to accurately bring in data from the external world around us the seemingly external world around us ok so food fits into this in a huge way in being able to do this process ok the form of getting out of the forms of mind control that we're under through this process of filtration is a huge part of the process the date the data filter were the virus protection ok so this is where the quadrivium comes in in a big way in the in the processing stage ok because this is the methods that help us to properly quantify our datasets alright these are these four methodologies are arithmetic geometry music and astronomy in that order once again the order is critical to know and to keep in mind and to observe so these are for quantification methods which go hand in hand with the Trivium method and the five senses we're going to talk about the quadrivium next week we're gonna have guests on that are going to give their understanding of the Trivium and how it works to expand on what I've laid out here and we'll be laying out next week so we'll be looking at this topic for several weeks probably four or five weeks okay and we're just coming off natural law which we covered for like ten weeks or so so the these are two of the biggest parts of the solution the understanding of natural law and the application of the Trivium method all right so what does the SEP to the trivia help us to be able to do simply put it helps us to learn the why behind anything what that character and the matrix talk about as the source of power we have to know why things are the way that they are get down to the causal factors the causal realm is where problems are addressed our identified addressed and ultimately solved from never from the realm of manifestation that is putting bandages on self-inflicted wounds and never addressing the underlying psychological reasons that those wounds are being inflicted in the first place so the question why answers what is the reason the meaning or the purpose of something I can't encourage people enough to go back and check out that video from podcast number 82 neo meets the Merovingian the why is what we have to get to that is understanding and that is what our lives we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere we'll be right back after these words [Music] okay we are back last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening here today where the time flies I'm really prized when you're trying to explain some of the most deeply occult it information that has been held back from the people of a planet in order to turn them into slaves I'll tell you that so let's wrap up these last three slides and then go to the phones and I apologize for taking so long to get to the phones I will make it up to you guys I'm gonna get to some calls before this segment is out but I'll make it up to you we'll do a whole call-in show about the trivia maybe that's how we'll handle it in the solutions section for every solution we'll do a call a whole call-in show about that particular solution I think that'd be a nice practice to start okay so cuz I don't want to totally you know ignore callers and you know just keep putting putting that off so let's see how this segment goes and we'll hopefully get to some calls before the end of the show so we looked at input and processing steps one and two step three here on slide number ten is output which is also rhetoric or wisdom and I explained this by calling it speech and action that is based upon the knowledge that one has gathered and understands okay speech and action based upon knowledge that one has gathered and also understands so you have the raw data okay and you have an accurate understanding of that data set you have weeded out the impurities and you have come to an understanding of what it means or its purpose therefore you can now speak and act based upon that knowledge and understanding so this all has to do with affecting the world around us through our speech and action okay that's why it's the third step it is related to spreading or helping to propagate knowledge and understanding which is the this is probably as important if not more important than the other two steps because if you don't put it back out there how is anybody else going to come to that awareness and understanding we we have to create sort of a feedback loop of this system where we keep putting information back into the system until it becomes common sense and second nature and readily understandable by people and that's where we've gone wrong the world is largely silent when it comes to matters of truth people are too afraid of what people will think of them or how old inconvenience how it will inconvenience their lives from a selfish point of view so ultimately the output phase is the how behind it all the and how simply means the method by which something is accomplished because that's what we're looking for the method to do something the method to free the mind and that's what the Trivium is the Trivium is how knowledge and understanding are propagated so that real and positive change can be created this is the third step the output wisdom the the acquisition of wisdom is coming to know how knowledge and understanding can be applied and propagated so that real true positive change can come about or in other words how to create the solution to any given problem that may be presenting itself that is what we can do with the Trivium and why it is one of the most important solutions based approaches that we can take to the current human condition now one thing I want to say before we get to the phones is in slide number 11 I'm talking about direction and how this relates to the Trivium because the Trivium is three ways three methods or three roads that they can verge they converge on the truth and I want to in almost a harsh and caustic way attempt to obliviate a new-age concept a new-age idea an ideology in the New Age movement that and people who consider themselves teachers have said this and I wholeheartedly resoundingly rejected they've said that you should never ever use the words you should to anyone and you know what this is this is utter new-age bunk is what it is this is pure right brained imbalance see we talked about the first step right of right brained input being open and receptive the left brain aspect is the processing aspect and then the output method is a holistic brain process in which you can't be too forgiving and you can't be too left brained and violent with it okay you have to walk a balance to say you should never use the words you should is to deny that you yourself have come to any kind of knowledge or understanding about anything and I think that's lying to yourself if indeed you have come to knowledge and understanding about something see if you know how a person should get from one place to another if they're coming and saying this is where I want to go and I know I'm not there and people you could say oh they don't ask everybody is asking how to really get to the place where they don't suffer because there is not one person that will go up to you and say I want to suffer no one if somebody actually came up and convincingly and I they could get me to a point where I could believe that they genuinely want to suffer then I would say that's on you that's your free will decision and you don't need to know any of this go right on ahead with what you're doing but no one makes that clean everybody makes the claim I want to be free I want to have the things that I desire I want not to suffer I don't want to be in suffering therefore they're asking how do I get to a place whether they consciously or physically ask it or not that's what the people of this word world are asking even if it's a silent form of a question they're saying do you know how to get there and if the answer is yes I do know how to get there then you should have no qualms about using the words you should know more than if someone came up to you and said how do I get to the intersection of this road in this road and you have been there many times and you know exactly how to get there from where there's standing or from where their car is at and you say yes if it is true that you want to get there you should travel in this direction maybe turn at this intersection travel in this direction some more and then you will arrive at your destination that you stated you want to be at and you're not there right now so this I knew age idea of that you should never use this phrase you should because you're dancing around other people's ego I wholeheartedly and resoundingly reject it and so should you so I'll end that point on that note and I'll end this whole point section on the Trivium with saying with a quote from the great teacher Terence Mckenna who talked about grammar who talked about information that surrounds us and that we inwardly form ourselves with McKenna was a wordsmith like no other and one of his statements was that the world is made of words and if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish think about that in relation to the Trivium the knowledge the amer the words taking it in processing it accurately then outputting it in a way that can help us to affect true lasting change and put the solution into practice through wisdom Terence Mckenna never fails to amaze me let's take it out with a call here we go Mike in New York you're live on what on earth is happening hi mark thanks taking my call great show and I like to state that with Terence Mckenna I was saying that the world the world is made of words in the Bible states that God spoke everything into existence when you when you're saying the people don't get past that - it's usually because they they come to a realization that maybe they have to face the fact that everything that they've learned or everything that they've thought is now obsolete and they would have I think that scares them more than anything in terms of the way by doing that you're denying yourself into existence what you're desiring for than chaos within one's life absolutely correct my are always a pleasure to bring you on as a caller because you always bring up such phenomenal points in a clear and concise way so a great way to end the show that's all we have time for if you will be back next week on what on earth is happening when we'll cover the quadrivium stick around folks Chris Everard is up next Oracle broadcast