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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday November 27 2011 and we have a slight change in our schedule I regret to inform everyone that a yawn Irvin was not feeling well today he has come down with a flu and he will not be able to be joining us instead of you know interviewing someone who isn't feeling well and might not have the best clarity of their thought process at the time I figured let's let's let yon recuperate Foley and bring him on next week so both yawn and Bob will be rescheduled for next week for those of you who saw the announcement on the radio show page that they would be on today once again due to illness on the part of Yann Irvin we're going to reschedule that show for next week December 4th December 4th both yawn Irvin and Bob Tuscan will be coming on what on earth is happening to discuss the Trivium now last week I had a show planned on the quadrivium but I put the show on replay for last week because I had a previous commitment with the Tesla Foundation that went into a little bit of overtime and I was not able to make it back in time to do the show live so I put the show on replay and the show that I'm going to do today will be what I was planning on doing last week which was covering the quadrivium two weeks ago we looked at the Trivium as a methodology of discovering truth and hand in hand with that goes the fourfold process of the quadrivium which is arithmetic geometry music and astronomy and we're going to be looking at that in depth today I do have one event announcement before we get into that material after the break this Wednesday November 30th 2011 right here in Philadelphia at media Bureau Studios which is at fourth and brown it is the exact address as 725 North fourth Street at 7:15 p.m. truth freedom prosperity will be screening their monthly documentary on truth and this Wednesday we are going to be showing the film on grip which is a new film and it's a really good one and anyone in the Philadelphia area who hasn't seen it come on out to media Bureau this Wednesday night for a documentary screening of unrep followed by a very lively and intellectually enlightening discussion on the film Ben Stuart is the maker of on grip and it this is about sovereignty and this is about getting off grid Ben Stuart as you'll recall with the maker of esoteric agenda and Kai matica so this film is really hard-hitting so I'll come on out tonight come on out this Wednesday and for more information please visit truth freedom prosperity org we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen and we'll be getting into the quadrivium today don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone you are listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're going to be getting into the trivia today on what on earth is happening this is this material goes hand-in-hand with the material that we covered about two weeks ago on the Trivium method so before I jump into the topic for today let's give the call-in number for the show feel free to call in at anytime we're generally discussing the Trivium and quadrivium specifically the quadrivium today but the topic really is open up to all forms of education and learning because that's ultimately what this material is all about this is about how to reclaim and recapture the actual process of learning for oneself learning how to think is what this is ultimately all about how to take in and process information so the calling number for today's show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five feel free to call me at any time I will be taking calls today hopefully throughout the show so last week we looked at the Trivium actually two weeks ago last week's show again was replay and we saw how it was a process of how to go about acquiring truth from an eclectic varied array of information in other words how to weed through information how to remove inconsistencies with that information and then to arrive at an understanding and then ultimately to do something with that understanding to put it into effect put it into practice in the world so we saw that it was a combination of what is known as grammar logic and rhetoric and we looked at the classical esoteric and modern forms of the Trivium a couple of weeks ago now you can go up to my website at what on earth is happening calm and go to the radio show page the radio show tab on the site and you'll see under the player images for today's show always with these broadcasts and podcasts you'll see that I often have images posted that go along with the concepts and today is no different there are I believe eight images up on the website on the radio show page underneath the player so you can follow along with that images to see the the information that we're looking at today and some charts and graphs that go along with it so image number one is a bit of a review from last week when we were talking about the Trivium from the last show so we saw the classical method of looking at the Trivium was grammar logic and rhetoric or in other words information gathering which is grammar this is like the input of information into a computer if you want to look at it like that it's collecting or gathering from a again a varied and eclectic variety of sources you can't just pull from one or two places information you have to be open and not judge the information hastily based on likes or preferences or you know opinions this is taking information in regardless of where it comes from in step two you begin to filter that information okay so this is the step called logic in the classical Trivium method what you're doing here is you're filtering it and then you're beginning a process of correlation seeing how the individual data bits relate to each other then you can undergo analysis and that's where the quadrivium really comes into play because it is ultimately about quantification of that data set we're going to be talking about the quadrivium in depth today the third process of course is putting the understanding that you have acquired from step two or logic into action and that's called rhetoric in the classical style of the Trivium rhetoric is equated with wisdom it's what you do with what you know you've come to a level of understanding and then you're going to put that in practice in the real world you're going to put that in practice in your life so that it has an effect in the realm of manifestation okay so the esoteric form of the Trivium we looked at that in conjunction with the Kabbalistic tradition and we touched on that it is also connected with some of the processes involved in Freemasonry so last week we or two weeks ago the previous show we looked at the esoteric aspects of the Trivium and these were it's the same basic steps it's just the way that they're viewed or looked at or the the the naming conventions of the steps essentially and in the esoteric tradition they were always referred to these three basic steps as knowledge understanding and wisdom and again we saw that in conjunction with the Kabbalistic tree of life that the tree itself grows from the hidden sphere known as dot the AAA th and that is knowledge and it is it was pointed out to me actually in a discussion with Yann in the past that it is perhaps since that is where the tree grows from that perhaps the entire idea of the Tree of Life is that humanity has fallen due to a severance with knowledge okay due to the the the the tree actually being cut down or knocked over because it is no longer actually connected at the trunk okay which is knowledge the sphere of thought which is said to be where the tree grows from in the Kabbalistic tradition so we have to make a reconnection to knowledge there's too much of a de-emphasis on actual knowledge in many different traditions that allegedly claim to be put forward with the intent of advancing the soul and advancing the spirit and without an emphasis on knowledge I'm afraid that really cannot be done it's a pipe dream okay we need to understand what is taking place around us we can't close our eyes to that no matter how negative that may seem otherwise we're going to be led in circles and we're not really going to have an accurate understanding of what is required on our part in order to change the manifestation that we see in the world so knowledge is a gigantic part of this and again it is one of the most important spheres on the Tree of Life it is the sphere of dot the hidden realm the hidden realm of knowledge that leads to the highest rung on the Kabbalistic tree which is understanding and wisdom again B na the the third Saphira and Hoke MA which is wisdom the second Sapphira and these are just underneath ket air which is the the crown chakra in other words it is the unity consciousness okay it it is the Ancient of Days as they called it in the Kabbalistic tradition so knowledge understanding and wisdom are the three spheres that you arrive at before you reach unity consciousness in this ancient esoteric tradition of Kabbalah which is totally interwoven and interconnected with the Trivium and quadrivium methods finally in the modern sense we looked at the Trivium as being an expression of something akin to a computer system data input then the data being processed in the central processing unit of the computer namely the human brain that's the analog to the human brain and then outputting that data to an output device of some sort like a screen or a printer or the internet well in other words what you do with the data that you have acquired in process will continue this on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on their host mark passio we're doing a short review of the last show that we did on the Trivium and then i'm going to be getting into the quadrivium in a few moments in image number two on the radio show page if you're following along with the slides I've posted for today's show you'll see a chart that lists the Trivium process the Trivium method in the correct order of the steps because order is of utmost importance here you can't take these steps out of order or the process does not work correctly you can't process information before you've gathered it well you could attempt to but you're not really going to come out with an accurate analysis if you do so and certainly attempting to put information into action because before you've come to a proper understanding of it is always going to result in folly and ultimately in chaos so that the product the process the linear order of the steps involved in the Trivium method are of extreme significance and it should not ever be taken out of order so the first step is input otherwise known as grammar or knowledge it's gathering data from an eclectic array of sources without prejudging it and this is critical okay you can't take your own assumptions interpretations opinions likes dislikes into this process this has to be done dispassionately it has to be done in an open-minded way not bring the emotions into play at this step okay this step answers the questions who what when and where the raw data of the situation that needs to be gathered before you can start accurately processing that data okay step two is the processing stage of the Trivium method and this is logic or also known as understanding okay it's comprised of three basic sub steps again we talked about on this in the last segment the tre ssin of the information or the removal of bad data okay the removal of data that is contradictory so you're going through a specific process to weed out contradictions in the data so you can get to the truth of the matter okay so you have to weed out logical inconsistencies then you're going to correlate the data you're going to put it into I guess you could look at it as sub groupings of data this is related to this this is related to this this is related to this all right and you're going to ultimately try to see the entire pattern but that helps by relating like concepts to each other so that's the correlation step sub step of the processing stage then you're going to actually analyze the data and again this is where the quadrivium comes in because the quadrivium is the quantification methodologies for the data that you have acquired in step one the input stage okay or the grammar stage the processing stage overall enables us to learn the answer to the question why it is to help us to understand the reason the meaning or the purpose behind the events that we see playing out in our world so what is the reason for being what is the meaning of this why is this like this you will come to an understanding of those things if you have followed the process through in part two accurately then part three is then what are you going to do with this understanding are you going to sit on it and do nothing are you going to praise yourself for having come to such an accurate understanding of something are you actually going to do something of worthiness and effect with the information that you have accurately arrived at and understood so this is the wisdom stage part three this is the what they call rhetoric in the classical Trivium method the output phase it's what you do with what you know speech and action based upon the knowledge that you've gathered and that you now have an accurate understanding of that's what this third step is all about and I would say without that step what's the point of even going through the process of learning the truth because knowledge and understanding are ultimately meaningless unless they're actually put into action in the real world in a way that is in accordance with natural law and the respect of the rights of others that's what we have to do with this knowledge that we've acquired through the Trivium method so ultimately when this is done this is how knowledge and understanding are propagated so that real and positive change can be created in our world that's the purpose the entire purpose of the Trivium methodology is to arrive at an understanding of how can we be of benefit how can we be of assistance to the raising of consciousness of humanity because we understand that's really the only way that anything's ever going to change here so what are the methods of actually doing that of actually reaching people well it's putting this three fold path to truth into action in our lives and then speaking and acting in accordance with it that's what the Trivium method is all about and connected with this is the quadrivium this is a subset you could look at it or a complimentary path in relation to the Trivium and of course it's based on the word for as we're going to see when we put them together there's actually a Sevenfold methodology to come to the truth and that's what the Kabbalistic tree is all about that is what the chakra system is all about these are just correspondent systems that symbolically ultimately relate to a method for learning the truth that's what it's all about as we said on day one you have to believe that there is such a thing as truth in order to go and set off in a journey to find it because you don't know what the truth is at that point but you don't believe that there's such a thing is truth that makes you a solipsistic that there is no such thing as truth at all and they never set foot on the path of discovery they never set foot on the path to higher consciousness they never set foot on the path to introspection and discovery of the true self that doesn't happen for a solid cyst okay so this Sevenfold journey is all ultimately about the self and the selfs path toward truth and realization self-realization so let's take a look let's begin taking a look at the Trivium at the quadrivium the quadrivium as I've already said is the quantification methodologies for information processing that is plays a huge role in the step number two of the Trivium okay processing or in the classical system what was known as logic and in the esoteric tradition the understanding phase okay so the word quadrivium it basically breaks down into two atom illogical root words okay and these both are from Latin and the first one is the the word the Latin word quatuor which means four okay quatuor means for where the first part of quadrivium comes from Quadra okay so it means for for what well the second part of it is v MV i um and this is derived from the latin word via VI a via and I'm on slide number three for those who are following along on the radio show page of the website via in Latin means way path or Road so just as Trivium meant the three paths because trivia tree t.ri comes from Trez tria in latin so that means three quatuor means four so instead of three roads the word quadrivium simply means four roads okay pretty simple to understand once we understand the atom illogical of the etymology of the word through the root words from the ancient Latin language that it comes from ultimately the quadrivium is a fourfold path to truth just as the Trivium was a three-fold path to truth so I'm going to take a look at what the steps of the quadrivium are on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening on their host mark passio today on the show we are talking about the quadrivium as an adjunct to the Trivium method and we see that the name quadrivium very similar to Trivium means four fold path or four roads that's basically what it means just as trivia meant three roads or three ways so quadrivium could mean four ways these are four ways of processing information basically and this is an ancient system just as the Trivium is an ancient system you could look at this as a component within the Trivium again mainly for the processing stage because this these are the four quantification methodologies that are employed for information processing so slide number four shows you what these four methods for information processing and quantification are they are arithmetic geometry music and astronomy and just like the steps of the Trivium grammar logic and rhetoric or knowledge understanding and wisdom these four methodologies need to be taken in that order because they increase in their complexity as you start from arithmetic and proceed through geometry then music then astronomy so you can't start building a house at the top floor you have to build a firm foundation first and that foundation is arithmetic which is called the mother of all the sciences really mathematics is in general because without math you really can't engage in any of the other sciences because you can't quantify your observations without a knowledge and understanding of mathematics so we'll be looking at what each one of these Sciences entails and how it fits into the Trivium method over the course of this show so before we do that we do have a caller on the line so let's go to the phones if you're calling in please be patient stay on the line I will get to your call I want to take calls today so once again the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five I look at the switchboard usually during breaks because during the the show I'm doing I'm looking at my notes in my slides so be patient stay on the line don't get discouraged I will get to your call so here we go Richard in Washington State you are live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah mark I really enjoy the show and but I am going to make a challenge to you sure over the information that you're giving us yesterday on on Melody's show she had James Madison who has written a presentation called the Declaration of restoration secondarily he mentioned a article that you can get over the Internet emergent from allusion by choice or by ricardo johansson basically i called in about several weeks ago and challenged you on your on your concept of what the founding fathers gave us sure those two two examples of information tell us that the founding fathers gave us sovereignty and there are two systems their sovereign system that has been totally falsified and presented to us in a poor form our Constitution as we now have it is a fraudulent document it's not what the founding fathers gave us and and secondarily we are now subject if we choose to be and that's our choice as individuals in a total fraudulent system which is our United States of America's rank them so I challenge you to go to Melody's show and everybody also and especially the Oracle hosts to go to that show find out what we're really fighting for so that we can focus on that and then pursue that Avenue of the fact that we want to educate everyone using your methods right to find the truth of our sovereignty and I'm an agreement with you Richard I don't think that though even in the intent of the Constitution there was true human sovereignty put forward just the fact that they thought they could lay and collect taxes is proof of that to me I'm not a constitutionalist I I don't believe in authority whatsoever so uh if that's any consolation it you're mentioning a document that is not a what the founding fathers gave us right that was replaced in the late or the middle 1800s that is not the sovereignty our founding fathers gave of us you need to go back and use the truth and your Trivium and quadrivium seeking of the truth and find out especially by by seeking Melanie show and the archives of exactly what the founding fathers gave us if you go back learn that truth you'll totally change your perspective about what our founding fathers gave us interesting I I will I will look into that absolutely I want to say thanks for the call I appreciate that thank you much for pursuing the truth absolutely you got it okay great call so absolutely we have to understand that history has been basically rewritten by the people who are in charge right now that's what has taken place so Richard has a great point there that we can't take it on face value that what were the documents that we're being handed and our reading and assuming is what was the original intent of this land is what was actually in the minds of the people who came here and set up this country to ostensibly escape the tyranny that was happening from from Europe but again yeah also have to look into consideration taken a consideration I mentioned this over the last couple of weeks that there were people already living here and living on this land and a bunch of settlers came in here under the assumption that they could just settle here and turn this place into their way of life without you know the slightest bit of consideration from the by the people who are already living here and had already been here for probably hundreds if not thousands of years before people came across the Atlantic Ocean so I think we may be dealing with a whole lot of karmic repercussions for the way that we settled this land as well in addition to the history having been rewritten by the victors as you could call it so great points there Richard and I will look into that information I typed down what you were saying and I will go to those sites and check it out so thank you so once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five feel free to call in at any time be patient I will get to your call so let's go back to the quadrivium method and look at the four steps of this method in order to understand these four steps and why they're important we have to understand how this sub set of information processing fits in with the Trivium so on slide number five what I've put forward here is again this three four five right triangle which you will actually see is a big symbol in mystery school traditions and often in the occult as well so this symbol generally represents how the three and four fold processes of the Trivium and the quadrivium come together and work together in a complementary fashion you can't have one without the other essentially okay the the quadrivium would be useless without its place in the quadrivium and the Trivium would fall apart if we did not have the quantification methods of the Trivium for use in the processing stage so the two angles that form the right angle the two lines or sides that form the right angle of the right angle triangle in the 3 4 5 triangle represent the Trivium and the quadrivium once again these form a Sevenfold path okay which seven is a sacred number in just about every ancient or mystical tradition that I can think of okay including Kabbalah including Freemasonry including the the Tarot system including Rosicrucianism you name it if it is of any mystical significance of is it is any tradition that truly and deeply studies the self and attempts to unravel what is really taking place in our world the number seven comes up over and over and over again in Astro theology okay this this is a number that relates to the self because of the seven energy vortices in the body okay the chakra system and bringing these two methods together helps us bridge the five senses and bring them all together in a focused way such that we are truly present and paying attention okay so present moment awareness plays into this hugely because this is how we can truly come into true present moment awareness through this information and information processing system we're going to be talking about in future weeks about activating the body truly on what we should be eating we talked about a lot of the things we shouldn't be eating but we're going to talk about health in a big way how to generate health how to stay healthy food is such a huge important part of our lives that it can't be understated we are what we eat that that old aphorism is absolutely absolutely true okay what we put into ourselves becomes the brain and the other building blocks of the body and that ultimately is playing a huge role in our behaviors and our actions so the Trivium and quadrivium ultimately unite to awaken the five senses and that's why that is the hypotenuse of that three four five right triangle five senses when we put these numbers together another mystical number emerges the number twelve we'll talk about why that is on the other side this is what on earth is happening we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] come made up stone [Music] [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening looking at the quadrivium today on the show we saw that it was comprised of a four fold method for the quantification of data that is amassed in step one of the Trivium the grammar process and then part two which is the logic process or the processing stage is using this method the quadrivium for the quantification and analysis of that data so in slide number four we saw that it was comprised of arithmetic geometry music and astronomy which we're going to look into in a in a few moments and in slide number five we were talking about how these two methods or roads okay actually come together to create a bridge between all of our five senses to activate you could say the entire physical presence of our individual monad our unit of consciousness in the all okay in right here in the physical world how to be here now how to be fully present and active that's what this seven fold system is ultimately about so the Trivium locks in with the quadrivium to activate the physical senses the five senses and that's what this three four five right triangle or 90 degree triangle is all about so that's how the quadrivium fits in with the Trivium this four fold path locks together with this three fold path which we've already discussed to awaken the senses and put us on the path to truth now when we add these numbers together three four and then add five okay we get the number 12 again we've seen significance of the number twelve when we looked into occult numerology on past shows when we looked into gematria when we add one and two together okay we get three the all-powerful magic number three about the unification of the Trinity thought emotion and action coming together in a state of unison or non duality we saw that the mystical number seven seven seven this important number when it comes to the occult because it is about the activated man or woman I'm talking about the activated being okay that has ignited their thoughts emotions and actions and brought them together as one this number was represented you know the number seven represented a form of completion or activation of these three modes of consciousness thought emotion and action if you didn't have them any of them activated the number six was often used as the number four in completeness or in action okay a falling short failure etc so if you you know we're in the state of consciousness of not having activated thoughts meaning in ignorance of not having activated emotions meaning apathetic and being lazy or cowardly not acting okay that you were said to be in the state of the beast consciousness which is six six six the three six is applied to each one of those modalities of consciousness thought emotion and action conversely if they were awakened in you and an active and all United for the same basic purpose you were the activated being or the being that was in the world but not of it was embodying the qualities of the divine not claiming to be God but embodying qualities that were godlike that were divinely inspired you could say making it one-to-one connection with that all sore and brink tapping its power to bring that power into oneself okay to get out of fear based consciousness and truly activate the higher self that was the 777 and once again you add those together you get 21 which is three once again okay just like you add 12 together you get three it's the same thing when this process is activated in a living being the Trivium quadrivium and $0.05 is coming together then he is activated in the Trinity within himself or herself okay thought emotion and action come into unison this is a method for doing that okay so again this is all about solutions though all the shows are going to be hearing from here on into the future our solutions oriented approaches we already looked at mind control we already looked at the dominators methodologies now we're looking at how to free ourselves from their methods and these are the methods that are we can employ to actually free ourselves this is why people were forbidden to read they were forbidden to eclectically gather data they were forbidden to hold the same types of books that their masters or owners in a slavery system were allowed to have slaves throughout time were forbidden from reading slaves throughout time were forbidden from using the Trivium method this is a well occulted method and it unfortunately has been removed from the education system and we need to get it back into our education system or we need to get our kids out of the schools that won't teach people this way of learning because this is the method for knowing how to know anything really that's what it is it's learning how to think is what this is ultimately about and that's why they want to take this method and and occult it hide it from people's view so that they can't learn how to think and if you can't you don't know how to think you're gonna be willing to buy whatever lies come down the pike because you're not going to be able to apply these methods for removing contradictions and quantifying your data set to come to an accurate under of what's taking place around you that's what this is all geared toward doing toward putting those skills into the hands of people so that they cannot be duped anymore so that they can do fact checking and data checking to understand is this accurate is this true so that's how the quadrivium fits into this whole big picture and it's important to understand and it's also important to understand how there are occult connotations to all of this and how through symbol they basically encoded this and again this three four five right triangle you will see it in a lot of different traditions but most of all the number one place you'll see it is often it is depicted in free Masonic symbolism so let's actually get into now what the Trivium I'm sorry what the quadrivium method actually is all about so the quadrivium once again is arithmetic geometry music and astronomy in that order again this can't be emphasized enough if you take these out of order and you don't look at the mastery of one of these topics first as a prerequisite okay you're trying to eat your sandwich before you make it you're trying to build the top floor of a house before you build the foundation and there's no strength in that okay there's no empowerment than that all right and as a matter of fact it's quite impossible if you think about those things so it's impossible to take these out of order they have to be looked at in the in the order that they're laid down in this four-step form method stepwise process arithmetic first geometry second music third astronomy fourth now in this little chart that I've put together in slide number six we're going to look at what each one of these Sciences are and we're going to relate them to esoteric concepts as well because again this is not just about the left-brain aspect of things okay the the quadrivium itself does employ the left brain to a very great stent but this is also about the four fold method of uniting our internal elements or the components of ourselves okay and that has to be done for an overarching purpose which is the advancement of spirit which is the all-important fifth element again this three and four come together with the five okay the five is it as a huge symbol the five pointed star we looked at the pent the symbol of the pentagram in its positive aspect as being the spirit ruling over the the four material world elements earth air water and fire we're going to relate these Sciences to the four elements and and help help to understand in an effort to understand how these need to be bridged with and combined with spirit okay these are all for the advancement of spirit ultimately okay so the first method will look at is arithmetic and I hear the great music coming in so we'll leave the analysis of these four of Sciences and the quadrivium we'll be getting into them right on the other side of this break more on the quadrivium your calls coming up in the second hour of what on earth is happening you won't want to miss it ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere we'll be back after these words [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is the second hour on this week's edition of what on earth is happening today is Sunday November 27 2011 I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the calling number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five I hope to be taking some calls this hour so call in and get in the queue and after we break down the quadrivium method we will be taking your calls and let's jump right back into this so here we go the four steps of the quadrivium the first science is arithmetic also known as basic mathematics okay this is referred to as the mother of all sciences because without math you really can't engage in other scientific methods because this is the basic means for quantification of data so what arithmetic simply is is the study of quantity involving the combination of numbers through the operations of addition subtraction multiplication and division this is this also known as basic math everyone knows what arithmetic is what I've put underneath here is that arithmetic or basic mathematics is pure construct okay it is abstraction in itself so it is we're not actually talking about physical things numbers are abstractions basically yes we can say we have an amount of something but that number in and of itself is an abstraction it exists in the mind the construct of the mind so this is about as non-physical as it gets okay we're engaging in abstract concepts we're engaging in constructs that take place really only in the mind that's what number actually is and number theory so it's important to keep in mind that this is probably the most ethereal of all of the methods of the quadrivium and as such I have ascribed the four elements to the four methods of the Trivium okay the of the quadrivium I should say the Trivium again three fold path grammar logic and rhetoric is about input processing and output of data this quantification method known as the quadrivium we can relate each one of these to one of the four basic elements and as ere is related to the intellect okay the pure realm of abstraction and dealing with constructs err is the most appropriate to ascribe to the step of the quadrivium that is arithmetic that is the basic foundational step okay now you once again you can't go to geometry unless you have an understanding of arithmetic because to deal with geometric concepts you're going to need to be able to do basic math okay if you need to add angles together okay if you need to add line lengths or something the lengths of a polygon together you need math in order to find out any of the correct answers to that those questions so if you're going to do mathematical operation if you're going to do geometry operations that involve finding area or finding volume math is a prerequisite you can't do any of that without mathematics or arithmetic so again this is the foundation upon which all the others are built and as we'll see as we move forward really ultimately the other three methods of the quadrivium are built upon arithmetic and are a form of arithmetic themselves we'll take deeper look at this on the other side this was a short segment we'll be back right after these words don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broad [Music] [Music] [Applause] welcome back you're listening - what on earth is happening today on the show we're talking about the quadrivium methods of quantification in the processing stage of the Trivium method so we're looking at arithmetic science of numbers basically okay it's basic mathematics dealing with the combinations of numbers in order to quantify things and this is the root of science basically if we don't have this we can't really engage in other scientific methodologies because we won't know how to quantify our data set and that's extremely important the question of how much is more important than we realize we need to be able to put a overall measurement of value upon anything and this not only includes the physical things this includes things that are of esoteric significance what is of value how much value can we ascribe to this to spend our time on it to pay our attention to it and so forth so numbers really when it comes down to it are the basis of everything hand in hand with that form is also the basis of everything which brings us to our next method in the quadrivium which is geometry so this is step number two meaning that the prerequisite for it is arithmetic once you have an understanding of how arithmetic works and functions and you could do it and you have mastered it then you can understand geometry this is why we don't get geometry lessons until high school or maybe late grade school okay in any real sort of way of course it's touched on you know but late in grade school you'll start with geometry classes you won't do that until you have an understanding of mathematics and that's addition subtraction multiplication and division because you need all of those operations in order to do geometry this is basic common sense and everybody pretty much knows this so what is geometry again the word is important because it means the measure of Earth okay so again this is related to Earth in an esoteric sense which will we'll get to let's talk about what geometry itself is it's a branch of mathematics that is concerned with shape size relative position and the properties of space okay so we're talking about the quantification of form now which again we can't do without arithmetic so this is understanding forms and form underlies everything as well so we can look at this as the study of the physical because we're moving out a way from the area of pure abstraction or just constructional ways of thinking which is basic numbers and we're getting into form which actually forms actually do exist in the physical reality the 3d reality in which we live so this is less of an abstraction geometry now we're actually dealing with measurements of things in the physical world okay you know we can do it purely in an abstraction on paper or in a computer but we could also engage in geometrical contracts methods in the physical reality in which we live they apply to the physical world so again you'll see that it's defined as a branch of mathematics okay which means it is arithmetic in and of itself but it is applied to something what it is applied to is the measurement of space so it is arithmetic applied to space there were the arithmetic of space as I put there in parentheses on slide number 6 the chart on slide number 6 with podcast or the radio show earth is what this deals with because that's what geometry actually means the month the the measure of Earth okay again measure is related with the concept of Mott in the Egyptian tradition the Earth Mother okay she is the spirit of justice and truth okay the G in the middle of the compasses and square in Freemasonry is often said to refer to geometry and it is one of the things as we talked about that that she corresponds to and relates to because it is about how we can reshape ourselves in order to come into harmony with that great mother okay the one who brings justice the one who is connected to the source of everything truth itself is what we're trying to align ourselves with that's what the whole esoteric tradition of Freemasonry is about as we saw in past podcasts so geometry means the measure of the earth and in in looking at it in that sense this is most certainly it most certainly corresponds with the element of Earth in the system of earth air water and fire the four material elements that we have to combine under the Spirit or ether the fifth element the quintessence so again the numbers three four and five again playing a huge vital role in the entire trivia method ok the Trivium being the three the quadrivium being the four and then the unification of these coming together in our five senses to activate and awaken them this is what the awakening process is all ultimately about we say people are asleep they need to wake up well this is the method for truly awakening oneself understanding these disciplines and learning how to think we're going to talk about later on the show in the show the science of hermeticism we looked at the Hermetic tradition when we looked into natural law and we're going to look at the five basic steps of that tradition and how this relates to the Trivium and quadrivium to awaken the five senses because that's ultimately what we're trying to do is wake people up take them from being unconscious which is asleep to being conscious which is awake so the third branch of the quadrivium the third quantification methodology is music okay music people will not generally think of as a science but it absolutely is okay and it was of critical importance to teach music especially to children who were still in formative and developmental years and we're still learning and and learning ultimately how to think without music as a balance to a lot of these other more hard and left-brain methods of science the balance becomes lost okay music is so important it's played such a huge role in my life I have often attempted to try to find before we get into you know the definition of music and relating it to the esoterica one of the material elements I have often tried to find out what are the commonalities are the common factors that contributed to any given person's awakening and I have always found music to be a common thread very interesting we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passable we're looking at the quadrivium on today's show you're following along on the what on earth is happening radio show page of my website we were looking at slide number six which contains the four steps of the quadrivium and relates them to the esoteric elements of the material realm we already took a look at the first two I'm going to take a look at the second two hopefully in this segment and then we're going to start getting to some of your calls we looked at arithmetic as being the mother of these Sciences without which you couldn't do any of the other methods of the quadrivium because it is the ultimate method for the quantification of any data set is basic math so that is a prerequisite for all of these we looked at geometry as being the study of form and shape and size relative position we called it the arithmetic of space and as we gave arithmetic the characteristics of the quality of air we assigned earth to geometry it can be looked at as the mother of these Sciences and were the Prima Materia in a way you know it is a starting point in understanding form and function so we assigned earth to the science of geometry now we were looking at music and before the break I said that one of the key factors that seems to play a huge role in whether someone is conscious and this isn't to say that everyone who enjoys music is necessarily conscious and highly awake but I did notice in those who were music plays a huge role in their lives and often they have participated in making music in creating music and I find that very very interesting and inspiring because again music has played such a gigantic role in my life and I don't think that I necessarily would have come to the level of consciousness and awareness that I did hadn't it been for the creative outlet that music offered me in my life because ultimately we're here to be co-creators with the divine and music is a big big part of taking part in that process as is art as is creating artwork so these are two huge methods of awakening of helping to spur the process of awakening I should say that I haven't really touched too much on in the show but I think that at least should be said and I would suggest to people to do a social experiment to just find some of the more conscious people that you know and find out what role music played in their lives and I guarantee you will see a significant correlation with the people who are awake and whether they engaged in and actually took a creative role in making music and in general whether music played a significant role in their lives or not so what is music it is an art form which employs vibration rhythm dynamics and the interplay between sound and silence as its mediums for expression so most people don't consider this a science but ultimately if we looked at it every one of these ways that music expresses is a form of time or the the breakdown of time into smaller units into quantities okay because without time there can't be vibration okay without time there can't be rhythm okay you can't have an interplay between sound and silence without interspersing them in time throughout time this what we consider a linear progression of events so that all events don't happen at one it's okay it is separation in the sense of what we consider past present and future ultimately we understand from a higher consciousness point of view that there is only the present moment that there is only the now okay but music is created in the now okay when you're playing a single note that's happening now and then you move past that individual present moment things progress and then you play another note and then that note that was that vibration that was passes into what we call the past okay and then you keep going along with that flow of creating this dynamic inter interplay between sound and silence and we ultimately call that music that's what tempo is okay the changes in time that we experience through create the creation of music all right dynamics is whether things get loud or soft okay and that changes throughout time every one of these concepts is related to time so as we saw all the concepts in geometry are related to space and form while music could be considered the science of time but specifically it's the quantification of the science of time so that's arithmetic arithmetic is the science of quantification okay so what I've called music here is simply the arithmetic of time okay it is number applied to time whereas number applied to smae to space describes geometry so that could be a heady way of looking at music but indeed that is how the ancients saw the system of music in general and why they placed so much importance on it because they understood the present moment awareness and how music plays a huge part in that if you want to be truly present in the present moment and aware of what's going on around you play in a band and understand how much you go into the zone as they say when you are fully present and you become one with the vibration you've become one with the song and that's what we're all Tamiya do to become one with the one song the universe okay the one change were a vibratory energy that is taking place all around us that we are part of it's to recognize our oneness with that so music helps to come into the present moment okay and understanding music is not really truly possible without first understanding number and form because that's ultimately what we're dealing with that's what music is all about music is all about form through vibration just look at some cymatics videos and you'll understand what I mean that sound is the underlying force behind all form so maybe I'll post a couple of cymatics videos with this podcast cym 80 ICS cymatics a very very interesting study if you haven't looked into it you'll really come to an appreciation of how important vibratory energy is when it comes to what we see through shape and form and color for that matter it's all about frequency and vibration and music and it's understanding and it's study can play a huge role in unlocking those higher minded concepts and helping us to bring them down to the realm of usability in the material realm and one of the as I said one of the biggest components of that is helping us to stay rooted in the present moment because it's all about time it is the arithmetic of time as a matter of fact now let's look at the fourth and final method of the Trivium and then we'll go to some calls and then I'm going to maybe wrap things up today again talking about how this relates in with the Hermetic tradition as we have been talking about in the in the stage when we discussed natural law the fourth and final method is astronomy there's the intro music so we'll pick this up on the other side of the break we'll look into the science of astronomy and how that relates to the quadrivium don't go anywhere folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening today we're discussing the triplet quadrivium and we were on the fourth step of the quadrivium before the fourth and final science that the quadrivium entails for the quantification of the data that we have acquired through the first step in the Trivium method grammar and that we wish to process accurately to come to an understanding of so that we can then do something with that knowledge that we have acquired so science number four is astronomy and actually before we look into this I want to just relate one more thing about music and that is that this is the emotional quality this is the what you could call the Sacred Feminine of these four Sciences of the quadrivium and again that's the one that truly brings balance to the equation music would be water ok the higher feminine element and again music is all related with flow just like water ok the flow of time the flow of energy that's what music is all ultimately about it's one of the reasons they want to create so much discord discordance with the kind of energy they're pumping out there through radionics cell phone towers HAARP chemtrails etc these are all things to disrupt the flow of music within us to set our vibration off okay so this chord continues both within us and in our interactions with others so moving toward the fourth science of astronomy we understand that what astronomy is is the science that deals with celestial objects okay the science of the gods so to speak the objects out there beyond the earth wanting to understand how the movement of these objects works okay their geometries their music so to speak okay the natural science that deals with the study of celestial objects such as stars planets comets nebulae and galaxies so this has been called the music of the spheres this has been called the science of the gods on this chart here I refer to it as the arithmetic of time and space we're quantifying the movements through time of celestial objects that have positions in space an understanding that they have a rhythm that they have a cycle that they have a music it is a symphony so you need to understand music geometry and arithmetic before you can understand astronomy that's why truly the study of astronomy will be balanced with an understanding of music because music is the feminine to the masculine of astronomy the macrocosmic world the higher realm okay this is alchemical fire that we're talking about the fire that ignites the universe of the Stars okay so I called it the arithmetic of time and space it could be simply referred to as the music of the spheres as it has often been called so this is the fourth and final method of the Trivium and you know I look back on this chart and I realize when I was growing up these were the things that I considered valuable important and interesting to learn when I was in school and unfortunately one of the biggest parts that plays a huge does not play I should say does not play a huge role in clay in modern education as it did in classic education is music schools totally cut back their music programs to emphasize more on reading writing arithmetic okay now arithmetic of course is important as it's one of the foundational steps of the Trivium but when we place too much emphasis on the left brain methodologies and take away the one of the all important forms which is music from the educational system we're keeping our children in a left brain prison which is what I'm going to talk about in the last segment is how this entire system works to help balance the brain if it is used correctly and wisely okay the Trivium and quadrivium together is a technique for balancing the brain and I'll explain how that is and I'm also going to relate it a little bit again as I said to the Hermetic tradition of initiation but before that let's take a couple of calls here we go caller from Ohio you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hi how are you yes this is a great call I stumbled across this because I originally don't dove into the free meat Freeman radio with Dean Clifford about the trust law and stuff and then I kind of stumbled across truth frequency excellent so this is great information that's totally right in my line because I'm totally familiar but that's why when I was a kid growing up they forced me from being ambidextrous to being just writing with my right hand to force me to be a logical thinker right and the math and the geometry and stuff like that was wasn't taught to me in school yet I received a diploma that says I'm graduated so I totally resonate with all this information sure yeah the the right the reason that they make children right with the right hand or at least used to force that on them is because they want you in the left brain in the education system because um the left brain controls the right side of the body so if you are left-handed you have a more open and receptive right brain modality which puts you into a truly intuitive and creative State that's exactly right sir and I'm naturally left-handed and was always left-handed from you know the time I was extremely young and fortunately for me no one ever forced the right handedness on to me so it's something I've often looked into as well to see who has a more open and receptive right brain which is so critically important and it often makes me wonder why so few people are left handed or born left-handed and even though the few that are they look at that as a bad thing and try to condition that out of a child yeah well I'm totally in tune with while getting in tune with the universal consciousness of what's going on I am waking up fast so you know I stumbled across Vedic math which is heart math which is Lee works the feminine and masculine yes out of their brain and it opens you up so if I go on these calls every Sunday well this probably helped me out and steer me in the direction I need because because I'm just trying to UM to get truth and freedom when it comes to the system that's trying to run my life that's right and get free from like I said you know I recently came down to this because I they're playing a right brain game on us or whatever kind of logical brain game on ice in the court system and all that so do you speak about a lot of that stuff also yes as a matter of fact I did yeah not specifically trust law but how Admiralty law which is what we have in the United States varies widely from natural law so um you can I know about it in my new section I've done a few interviews on some other shows we haven't gotten into that on my program too much as of yet I've touched upon it but if you listen to some of the interviews I've done recently in the news section of my website you will find a couple of shows where I talk getting depth on Admiralty law oh yeah I'm familiar with it because the atmosphere at law runs the world that's right I mean it's UCC so I'm in tune with that but it's just I think I'm gonna be coming to this call every Sunday this is totally in line with what I need to do because because with Vedic math I need to retain myself with the math geometry and then the music sacred geometry cuz that has everything to do with the fight pi codes inside the bus you know sure with opening up the as above so below you know because I am part of the universe we are all want and who knows what that could do for transforming our creative potentials we have the ability to actually rewrite ourselves and make ourselves over again we're not locked into any form or any specific function we can choose to create a different destiny for ourselves and that's one of the methods for doing it oh yeah man you know what I mean I've been well part of my journey you know I I thought I was in the truth when I was in church and stuff but that's been perverted too there is some there but sir thanks um great thanks so much for the call I appreciate it and I'm glad you're finding it useful information keep listening and I'll keep [Music] that's right thank you take care sir thanks for the great call one more segment coming up folks don't go anywhere we'll be right back what do you looks at it with these eyes is what we see when you look sitting in the sunglasses we see the same things they do we defend [Music] we have to be able to see through their illusions folks and the Trivium and quadrivium are methods for doing that I'm gonna wrap up a few concepts and then we're going to finish up with some phone calls and let me direct everybody's attention to the slides again on the website we looked at slide number six - slide 7 I go back to the Trivium and just reiterate that it is about ultimately information and the accurate input processing and output about information just like a computer that is working properly would deal with information if any one of these things is off the computer is basically not doing its job properly and the human brain acts as the central processing unit of the human body computer if you will and if it's not operating in efficiency or in balance we're going to have junk being output which means behaviors that are not conducive to what we really want to see for a peaceful and prosperous existence here on earth so the Trivium can act as a fulcrum point or a method of balance for the human brain and I want to help people to understand how this entire process works in the brain see the the first step of the Trivium process is the input and in order for that to work properly we can't have a non functioning right brain hemisphere so the right brain has to be somewhat receptive this is part of the problem with why people won't take in any of this new information at all once the brain has become so engrossed in certain electrochemical activity it almost hardwires that way that's how mind control works it's trying to hardwire a set of pathways into the brain you know to get the pathways functioning a certain way and calcify it almost turned it into stone symbolically you know not really but in other words when certain oral activity takes place chronically we get used to that and almost addicted to the way that is and therefore if the right if that process isn't engaging the right brain because we've always been in this left brain prison okay the right brains not going to be receptive to new information it's going to reject it without non-judgmental collection of that information which is what part one of the Trivium is all about the grammar stage okay the input stage the right brain has to be somewhat receptive and it has to basically allow the ego to step aside with its likes dislikes preferences opinions etc and just take the information in without filtering it that's part one part two is the filtration process that is the the the logic step okay the processing step this is the part that we're really engaging the left brain and as you saw yes the quadrivium is largely a left brain methodology set of methodologies and I would say with the exception of music music is definitely a right brain method because it involves so much creative energy okay that helps us to come to an accurate understanding of things the problem is in the educational system the way it's set up today the right brain is almost excluded from this process entirely and at a very young age they're giving us a data set that is incomplete that has completely walled off certain entire chunks of reality it has firewalled off and what that does is that puts us into a fire walled walled off brain state that only engages the left brain with the information that has been deemed acceptable in by this control system and therefore we're trapped in this endless processing mode without any connection to the right brain modalities see what the goal is of the of part one the input stage is to feed the totality of the information we've taken into the left brain so then the processing of that information can begin if we don't understand the steps for processing which is what the quadrivium is ultimately about okay it plays a big role in that we're not going to come out with an accurate analysis which is understanding okay that's why I put quadrivium on this left side it is the processing stage to arrive at understanding is what the purpose of it is only then can we then feed it back to the right brain which answers the question why and what for what purpose and for what reason ultimately is this is this information has it have I come to these conclusions regarding it and then how am I going to allow those conclusions to guide my actions okay this is all right brain material after the processing stage is finished you have to make a reconnection with the right mind again which is where the process began the right brain hemisphere and it doesn't just go totally to the right brain and then leave out all the logic that you understood it combines them at that point it bridges them so that's why the output is holistic in its function the output the rhetoric or the wisdom is what we do with what we know once we have arrived at an accurate understanding and that is a holistic process it is neither left nor right brain if one has truly used this methodology correctly it is holistic functioning reasoning which is what wisdom actually is because that's what is guiding our actions we are now acting on accurate understanding and that is whole brained intelligence not just left brain intellect so with that being said I just want to touch on the five steps of hermetic initiation and how this relates to the Trivium and quadrivium in Hermeticism one of the most ancient mystical traditions okay for awakening a human being through the process of initiation the five steps were stop lying especially to yourself okay that's what understanding what's really going on in the world is about get out of your state of denial okay stop dreaming and this doesn't mean don't think of ways of making the future better it means stop existing in cognitive dissonance of seeing one way that the world actually is right now in thinking that it's some other way or trying to lie to yourself and saying it's some other way that it isn't stop dreaming about what you think the world is or ought to be and accept it for what it is and then do something about it okay the third step is learn how to think which is what the Trivium is all ultimately about right there in the middle of the five-step initiatory method in the ancient wisdom traditions in the ancient mystical traditions was learn how to think that's the the middle of this process if you don't learn how to think you're never going to come to accurate understanding about anything and the Trivium was employed at this step in the process of initiation you have to stop lying you got to want to know the truth you got to stop dreaming get out of your cognitive dissonance about what you think is going on and then really learn what really is going on so then that's how to think okay using the Trivium and quadrivium methods and ultimately the fourth and fifth steps were truly live in the present moment which we already referred to today talked about that that's what part of the quadrivium helps us to do and to activate the physical body the importance of food which we're going to be bringing up very soon on this show and have some guests come on to talk about that and how to really generate health and maintain the health of the body and the brain I'll leave it there for today we took in a lot of information let's go to the calls I see we have our good friend Bob Tuscan on the line who's gonna be a guest on next week's show Bob you can take us out what do you have for us today my friend Bob are you there Bob Tuscon okay looks like he hung up let's go to Mike in New York you're live on what on earth is high I MUC Sykes take my call sure I just like to take a while and say that if you do not do the steps for the Trivium properly you'll never ever reach the steps of the quadrivium you must take in the processing you must do the information and you must do the output doing those steps helps the balance or helps go back and balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and then the quadrivium once if you actually took it back and studied them all it took a lifetime to do it all ancient cultures all great ancient cultures were all old masters of arithmetic geometry music and astronomy because they realize that those are truly the tools that God used to build anything and everything around us that's our and through the balance and use of all those things we can help correct our own lives and the lives of everyone else around us that's exactly right Mike thanks so much Mike when are you gonna get your own radio show that's what I want to know you could be doing this probably better than being - thank you Mark I'll take that in British I have a big show he's nothing L continuing great stuff you always have an eloquent way with words and I thanks so much for you taking us out today that's all we have time for today folks hope you enjoyed the show stick around Chris Iver art is up next you