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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] freedom for the people for humanity and all mankind that is what what on earth is happening is all about that's what you're going to hear about on this show as always welcome everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio thanks for tuning in today today is Sunday December 11th 2011 I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course Oracle broadcasting comm we have an information packed show for you here today we are going to be continuing with our ongoing discussion about solutions when it comes to the deteriorating condition of human consciousness in our world how we can repair and redirect this situation that we are in snared in right now and we're going to be talking about worldview healing as one of the primary and foremost solutions that we can employ to help turn humanity around and set it back in the right direction morally and spiritually so that's coming up on the show today worldview healing I want to thank jaan Ervin and Bob Tuscan for the fantastic show that we did last week with both of those gentlemen we discussed the Trivium we really got into logical fallacies a little bit with young and and Bob there and Richard Grove contacted me during the week to offer some additional information if you go to the podcast section of what on earth is happening you'll see with last week's podcast the show number 87 I posted some related links and documents along with the show that Richard Grove had sent over to me so I want to thank him for doing that and it's it's great information also there you'll find links to yon and bobs websites as so that having been said before we get into the first break here I do have one quick event announcement and that is for the free monthly documentary screening and discussion night that is hosted by truth freedom prosperity here in Philadelphia this past weekend we just actually Friday night we just had our networking social and it was a packed house it was a great turnout a lot of Liberty minded individuals turned out and had we had some great discussions and shared some good food it was a good time Wednesday December 28th right in the middle of the the holidays there at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday December 28 2011 at media Bureau Studios they're hosting the movie thrive what on earth will it take a great documentary that is a brand new that has just been put out there that exposes the entire control system and the suppression of free energy as well so come on out to media Bureau Studios Wednesday December 28 for a free documentary screening of thrive for more information visit truth freedom prosperity org we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere this is what on earth is happening [Music] shotgun in my hands behind the girl Oh welcome back everyone thanks for tuning in today you're listening to what on earth is happening on your host mark passio again my website is what on earth is happening calm and I'd like to direct everyone's attention up to what on earth is happening calm to the radio show tab again the website was very slightly modified as far as the look and feel goes over the last week or so because I upgraded the content management system I had announced that last week it went very smoothly the site was only down for about a minute during the transition and you know there's a very slight changes to the user interface namely in the in the tabs and slight color changes and there is a new audio player on the podcast section people will probably have noticed that the site seems to be working just fine I also mentioned last week if anybody sees any problems with it or noticing anything working as it should not be please uh don't hesitate to send me an email and let me know that having been said on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm underneath the player you will see images for today's show and then a series of links of numerical links that if you click on it will bring up a slide show these are the images that are going to go along with the talk today and you can click on those bring them up and follow along with the images there on the radio show page so what we are going to be talking about today is of course solutions and ongoing on the show this is basically what we will be talking about from here on out because we've really analyzed the problem we've looked at mind control extensively over pretty much a over a year period we went into the methodologies of mind control so we've really fleshed that out in vivid detail for people to understand what the technologies of the mind that are being used against us are the in-depth knowledge of the human psyche that this troller class this occult controlling class has over the human population now we're really we've been talking about how to get out of this mindset how to get out of mind control we looked at natural law as the first and overarching solution the without an understanding of natural law again we are navigating blind we need to understand how moral law functions secondly we started looking into the Trivium and quadrivium and that's what we pretty much wrapped up last week with our interview with yan Ervin and Bob Tuscan and we talked about one of the important aspects of the Trivium method which is identification of logical fallacies and again this is so critical because it's a way of applying apophysis we talked about apophysis and we're gonna talk about it again today a little bit when we get into the subject matter that we're going to explore today for worldview healing but apophysis is removing the negatives so that we get to that which remains as the essence of a thing in order to know it so it's a obtaining knowledge by removing that which something is not identification through the negative through looking at the negative the opposite of what something is the things that and qualities that something is not in order to understand that which it is this is the process called apophatic inquiry and we looked at that pretty extensively when we were analyzing natural law its principles and its manifestations so apophysis is going to be revisited here today on this show as well when we start to talk about the tangible grassroots solutions of which worldview healing is the very first so I call this entire section and in my presentation and talks I generally called this the way out the way out there is a way out of the situation that we're in that the that is called the human condition and we can create a new human condition something that is extremely better than the conditions that we are living in now we simply have to know that that is possible and then take the necessary steps because yes there are requirements for doing that for moving into a more positive future and then we have to actually enact take action based on what we know and based on what we understand is required to make that great change happen so yes there is a way out that's number one and that's the first slide is a picture of a man and woman holding hands and walking through a Stargate of sorts a nice symbolic painting there that I used for the slide in my presentation in the section called the way out so if we look at slide number two image number two on the radio show page we will see there the grassroots solutions for change as I see them and as I have outlined them of course there can be many others these aren't you know the definitive this isn't a definitive list by any stretch of the imagination but it's a good start ten very specific and implementable methods for creating change in our lives these are things that can be done they're not pipe dreams they're not impossibility 'z they are all possible so I'm gonna just read the list we're not going to be getting into all of these today the you know probably one show will be dedicated to each one of these if not more than one show so here they are the grassroots solutions for real and positive change in our world healing our worldview which is what we're going to talk about on the show today that's number one - a change in the quality of our attention what do we pay attention to who do we listen to what kind of information do we take into ourselves number three developing true present moment awareness we're going to touch on this today but we'll do an entire show about what true present moment awareness is and how to acquire it number four changing our diet getting on to the right nutrients the right foods and the right mental food that's part of changing the quality of our attention it goes hand-in-hand with the change in diet very much still within our control the dominators are trying to take that modicum of control away from us but right now we still have a lot of control over what we eat okay if we have the necessary information in hand okay number five detachment from the monetary system that's a very difficult one on this list but to a certain extent it is plausible it is doable we are capable of contracting ourselves away from the monetary system and its influence over our lives but most of all the influence that it holds over our minds so we'll be getting into that number six the non support of dominators one of the most important solutions again also having to do with the way that we see things in the way that we see people's playing certain roles in society and whether we accept that is just the way things are if we understand certain roles as fundamentally immoral and we speak up about that will list the remaining solutions and then start to get into world view healing on the other side of this break don't go anywhere folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back fashion it alone gotta keep my cool make them think I made up stop [Music] welcome back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were listing the methods for creating real and positive change in our world we were on I believe number six which was the non support of dominators and we'll be getting into this on a future show on how to approach discussing the issues that we've been talking about in regards to morality with people who are in positions that basically are based on violence and immorality to help them decide to get out of that way of being in the world and to start taking up right livelihood as they refer to in Buddhist tradition so number seven is to develop true mindfulness becoming the watcher of our own actions and this is where meditation comes in and contemplation comes in very very handy in understanding what is true mindfulness and how do we develop it number eight the use of entheogens in a conscious context very critical that caveat in a conscious context entheogens are otherwise known as psychedelics this is a traditional methodology of shamanism which we're going to be talking about today a little bit shamanism and these substances are not toys they're not jokes are not things to be played around with but if they are used in a conscious context for the purpose of consciousness expansion they can act as guides and they can act as teachers - for us to develop a higher state of awareness now number nine is the power of positive thinking and remaining in a positive thought modality and this is one I struggle with the most on this list myself this is something I continually have to attempt to practice and not fall into extreme nagging thinking because of the level of darkness that we are currently ensconced in and it's it's not funny it's not a joke it's quite sad as a matter of fact when you see how devastated the consciousness of the people of this planet really really is you know collectively and in an individual level but this is something I do know that needs to be practiced and I attempt to do this as much as I possibly can and try to resist the temptation to fall into negative modes of thought because really that's pretty much wasted energy now I do understand that that is what needs to be done do I struggle with it I always struggle with it so that's probably my most difficult one on this list personally the tenth and final one is once we have the picture when once we have acquired the big picture of what is taking place around us and we do understand what the solutions are we have a responsibility to speak that information and carry that information forward so that others may also partake of it so we have a responsibility to assist in the awakening of others and people will say well that's not your responsibility nonsense New Agers will sometimes tell you no make that claim it is the responsibility of the awoken to help wake up other people and people will say well sometimes people don't want the information and I've also refuted and disagreed with that they will say that they don't want this information but if you truly understand that this information is the only thing that can alleviate suffering it is that which alleviates suffering in our lives and the the individual you're talking to will say to you will answer the question do you wish to continue to suffer do you wish to continue to live in a world that is going down a path of suffering ever deeper and into more deeper and fuller expressions of suffering that person will inevitably always answer the question ABB's not I do not want to suffer I don't want to experience harm and suffering that very answer implies that they do want this information whether they will consciously tell you that they don't want it or not so in other words they're lying to themselves when they say I don't want to hear that I don't want to understand that I don't want to know about that and we're going to talk about this concept of lying to the self today when we talk about initiation so these are the 10 basic methodologies for creating real lasting and positive change in our lives and in the world at large so the first thing that we're going to talk about today what this show is going to be about is world-view healing and I've depicted this as a tree with rays of light coming through it the tree of life you could call it okay the original Tree of Knowledge okay this represents life and power and the life-giving essence of the Sun which you see the Rays coming through and bathing the tree in its brilliance okay so it's a great image for the healing of worldview because this is what we have to turn ourselves into a tree of knowledge and a tree of life and what the traditional method of worldview healing has generally been called throughout time is shamanism okay shamans are way seers the word shaman actually means one who sees in the dark I would give an even better definition for what a shaman is than even one who can see in a dark I would say it's one who can see through the darkness to the light and as such he is one who sees in dark times when the rest of the consciousness has gone dark the shaman is still alight and he can see through the darkness so that he can help to assist in guiding his people who he recognizes as one with himself out of that place of darkness and to the light so a shaman isn't necessarily tied to a specific set of techniques shamanism is techniques that are used toward worldview healing as a whole that's what the whole branch of healing called shamanism is and those methods could differ depending on time place and circumstance so to say that someone can be a shaman in the modern world and not employ techniques that may have been used in the ancient world by shamans is accurate I mean shamans don't necessarily have to use the techniques that have been used of old what we would call classical shamans okay or maybe a paleo shamans there's a concept called a neo shaman okay which is a shaman of the modern world and I would consider myself a shaman and I don't think that's an egotistical claim to make it's it happens to be that I am able to see through the deceptions and lies of the dominator culture of that is currently ruling this world under the paradigm of beliefs that people hold that that keep it there that keep this domination system in effect I I can see through that darkness and to the light to the truth and I am acting in the capacity to be a way show or for others so that they can make that shift in consciousness and that shift in paradigm so that they can usher a new and positive world into being so that's all shamanism really is it is methods for world view healing techniques and a shaman is someone who knows how to employ those techniques he knows what they are and he knows how to use them so you know some people make shamanism is something so much more mystical than it actually really is but the key thing that makes somebody a shaman is they're taking action based on their knowledge just knowing it does not make one a shaman doing it does and assisting others to bring that knowledge into themselves and to start to become a shaman shaman always has stewards who is training and helping to become as knowledgeable as he is we'll pick this up on the other side of this break we'll be right back folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking about world view healing on the show today as the first grassroots solution for creating real and lasting and positive change in our world and this is very much an internal process something that really needs to be done on a one-to-one basis we have to do this with ourselves it's an inward journey that is made to create world view healing yes there can be guides like shamans along the way but ultimately this is work that we each one of us does for our ourselves so slide number four showed a generalized image of a shaman as depicted perhaps in the Native American culture and I described it as being one who can see through the darkness so that he can lead his people in dark times to the light image number five in the slides on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm brings up the concept of initiation and this is what worldview healing really is it is the very beginning of the journey in consciousness this is the classical methods of initiation as given by some of the most ancient mystery school traditions okay initiation means beginning and as I've said the occultists the dark ocultist that I happen to fall in league with and work with in the past had a name for the people that they considered completely unconscious and it was not the lower-level occultists the lower-level dark occultists that used this term they generally referred to people who were unconscious and not doing anything as the dead and I've said that many times on this show before a horrible phrase to call living beings but that is what lower-level dark occult is generally referred to the normal population has the dead the higher level of cultists do not refer do not usually use that term at least in circles I was in they used a more cryptic term that I didn't understand what it meant for many years after I heard it spoken and was left in a confused state when I heard it they call people the unbe gun I've heard this many times in dark occult circles used to represent people who have not even started looking at any information that can get them out of the level of mind control that they are under and that means one who has not started the unbe gun one who has not gone through the process of beginning they have not been initiated into a higher level of awareness or consciousness so I understand the term now in hindsight when it was said to me at first I was like unbegotten what does he what is this person talking about but now I understand it they're saying they're completely uninitiated they have no idea the esoteric knowledge that we possess and that we're really ruling them through because we're using it as a tactical power differential advantage over people without that knowledge so what is the process of initiation traditionally it involves five basic steps and of course yes this corresponds to the elements and spirit put together the four physical elements and then the spirit the traditional five points of the star so to speak okay here they are in no particular order now some people will label these and give them an order you have to work on all of these simultaneously okay there is no specific order say do this first then do this then do this these are things that you do all at the same time while you're doing others you are on the one specific one okay stop lying stop lying and this is a hard one for most people for me this one hasn't been that difficult because when I encountered information to the contrary of what I previously thought yes it would take me a little bit of time to integrate it and to let go of the old but I was generally able to do that quite smoothly did I have to say over and over again I was wrong I was wrong about that I was wrong about that constantly and I still find things that I'm wrong about and have to admit it when new information comes to light to show me that I'm wrong about something then you have to say you have to be willing to say I no longer think that that is accurate or true I've come into some new information that has disproven this old information and I'm going to go where the truth leads if you continue to hold on to the old information and tell yourself that it's true even in light of that new information you're lying to yourself and that's the key thing here when we say stop lying what it implies most of all is stop lying to yourself especially to yourself and most people can't get past that one they keep telling themselves that things are a way that they are not even when they can see that they're not the way that they claim that they are they don't want to believe the truth they don't want to accept the truth really that's what it really comes down to has nothing to do with belief because truth doesn't need to be believed that needs to be discovered and known the second step of initiation is to stop dreaming and all of these have to do with worldview healing ok these are this is a process an overarching process for the healing of worldview is becoming initiated into knowledge stop dreaming and this doesn't mean stop thinking about positive of positive future that could be if we do certain things it doesn't mean stop believing in yourself it doesn't mean stop using the imagination do not think it means that and that this is not what this is referring to it means stop believing that things are a certain way when there is evidence to support the fact that they are not that way okay cognitive dissonance is what I call this this is what has to be cut out cognitive dissonance is what we really need to stop get out of the psychological condition of cognitive dissonance holding two contradictory thoughts in your mind simultaneously when clearly you can see evidence to the contrary of the original belief system that you're holding that's what why you're in a trance or in a dream state as most people are the third step of initiation is learning how to think not what to think but how to arrive at truth how to think critically and we looked at this over the last several weeks about the Trivium and quadrivium methods okay this is the process of how to think grammar logic and rhetoric or knowledge understanding and wisdom information input processing and output it's a methodology for how to think how to accurately arrive at information processing and coming to accurate conclusions regarding that information or in other words how to arrive at the truth of any given subject for is live in the present moment and again one of the solutions I proposed in my list of 10 grassroots solutions was developing true present moment awareness this is something we're going to get into in future weeks here on this show and then five activate the physical body the body is the temple of the Spirit it is the vehicle for the spirits in habitation of the material realm so it is not to be neglected it is not to be hated it is not to be shunned or not paid attention to or not cared for the body is just as important as the mind they go hand in hand there is a mind body spirit connection and the body plays a critical role in that Trinity as we're going to see today so it's not to be neglected it is to be cared for it is to be respected it is a temple a living temple inhabited by the spirit so what we put into the body is of critical importance we talked a lot about all the poisons in food that the pharmaceuticals that people put into their body the artificial ingredients in food the pesticides chemical pesticides food additives we talked about you know the depletion and the nutrients of soil the way factory farming depletes our food of nutrient density in on the shows that we did about food the dangers of what's going on with our food system we're going to get into the positive aspects of this and how we should nourish the body and hand in hand with that goes the nourishment of the mind in which we're going to talk about the change in the quality of attention and cause activating the physical body most definitively deals with the care for the before the brain and will be put in the back so those are the steps of initiation traditionally in mystery schools we're going to look specifically now at worldview healing on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is [Music] okay everyone in the back this is what on earth is happening the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were talking about initiation in the last segment as a technique for worldview healing now we're going to talk about worldview healing itself and what this really means what needs to be done to accomplish worldview healing what is a sick worldview what is a healthy worldview we're on slide number 6 now for those who are following along in the images with the podcast or perhaps if you're following along live on the images for today's show underneath the player at the radio page of what on earth is happening calm image number 6 shows a chart of what world view healing is all about the middle of this chart is labeled world view aspect so what a worldview is is just what it says it's the way we view the world it's the way we view ourselves and our relationship to others in the world and it's the way we I guess you could say it's the axiomatic view that we have of the world an axiom is a fundamental underlying way of seeing something that we build everything else upon is it's a foundational view a foundational vantage point ok that's what you could call an axiom so axiomatically if we hold a very poisoned view of our world and our relationship to the people in it our experience is going to become poisoned because that which is above is like to that which is below the correspondence principle is in effect so if our thoughts are dark if our emotions are dark and poisoned and slanted toward the negative that's going to color our own behaviors and if that is done repeatedly on a quantum level that effect builds up and builds up and builds up and eventually the world is going to be a dark harmful nasty uncomfortable place to live which it is rapidly becoming freedom is going to be taken away there's going to be very little love or joy people are going to just loathe being here at all which already many do because of the world view that is held by so many which is completely dark and poisoned and this is what the dark occultists want because they feed on this negative energy and their masters feed on this negative energy they want people in a sick poisoned worldview that's what is creating the chaos that they manage so that they can come out on top and that we give our energy to them for being the Saviour and solving these chaotic problems as we talked about with chaos sorcery problem reaction solution dynamics what is a poisoned worldview what is a healthy one well there's three basic aspects of worldview and the three aspects of worldview are our view of human nature our view of our own value the value of the individual and this isn't just the self it's the value of each individual in the world every living being that dwells here and finally the third aspect of worldview is what is our view for what is our view of the possibility for change do we think things can change or do we think it's eternal it eternally must be this way because it has been this way for so long the views that we hold in our mind about these three aspects largely determined determine what happens both in our lives and in the world at large depending on how many people hold a specific belief about these worldview aspects so the first is human nature we've talked about this on past shows a lot of people see human nature has fundamentally damaged or flawed this concept of original sin in religion which is something we're going to be talking a lot about religion later on in the show do we see human nature as fundamentally flawed that people are just inherently evil and that's why what's going on in the world is the way that it is well I would suggest that's an extremely poisoned poisoned way of looking at the world and looking at the people in this world they don't call it the human condition for nothing it has nothing that the world being the way that it is does not have to do with human nature it has to do with the conditions that we have allowed to be built up around us through erroneous beliefs or in other words through religion thoughts that ultimately hold us back beliefs that hold us back because they are just that they are beliefs they are not it's not knowledge that came to us as a result for seeking of seeking truth the desire to seek truth so if our world view of human nature our view of human nature this one first aspect of worldview claims that human nature is just completely flawed and dark and people are just born bad they're bad seeds and they're always going to be like this our behaviors are going to reflect that belief and we're not going to really work to try to make anything better because we're convinced that it is a certain way by nature itself nature did not make man the way that man is right now a newborn baby doesn't come into the world inherently flawed or evil and yes you could talk about genetic psychopathy and we do on this show and that is a a caveat to the discussion of human nature that is a genetic condition it is a problem within it's a genetic condition within the genome of our species such that a very small amount of people are born with a disconnect between the neocortex and the limbic brain which makes a normal range of human emotions impossible for about 1% maybe slightly more than that of the human population but that is not what is creating our entire human condition that small tiny 1% yes psychopaths grow up and they try to basically influence the world such that they get what they want and they don't care about the result of what they do to other people but the problem is that they get people to believe in an erroneous worldview they get them to believe in religions they get them to believe in things that do not exist never have existed and never will exist which we're going to talk about on this show today total illusions that do not exist that people believe in as a religion with their entire being and don't want to let go of they don't want to admit that they were wrong about those things they don't want to stop lying to themselves one of the things we need to stop lying to us our selves about is that all of human nature is just fundamentally flawed and people are just bad and that they need to be controlled in order to be in order to ever act good what we need to do is share erroneous ways of thinking shed falsities see through logical fallacies and understand what the truth actually is and the truth is that generally human nature is essentially fundamentally good we have to understand that conditions in place influence people much more so than anything they inherently possess and come into the world with somebody who may come in with a you know a small amount of talent who is born into an extremely poor area and and know no money is available for ever even funding any kind of artistic talent or musical talent might not ever really develop those innate qualities because of the conditions they come into the world embroiled in conditions play a much bigger role than any inherent qualities that we are born with I've said before in the debate between nature and nurture it is largely nurture largely nurture which means our goal needs to be on working on changing the conditions that are around us so people can have the opportunity not to be bombarded mentally with all of this poison that surrounds us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening today on the show we're talking about worldview feeling as the first grassroots solution for positive change in our world we were looking at image number six on the what on earth is happening dot-com website on the radio show page and we have here a chart of world view healing show showing the world view aspect and then what a poisoned world view or a healed world view looks like we were talking about our view of human nature as the first worldview aspect and I was taking the position that it is largely conditions that determine how people react and behave if we have conditions of manufactured lack and artificial scarcity people are going to be living in an arc complex mode behavior because they're going to be on survival mode and that prevents a higher level of awareness and consciousness if however we create an environment of abundance where there isn't this suppression of advanced technologies that could take care of our energy needs there isn't this manufactured lack paradigm based on money and differential of haves and have-nots and we realize there is enough we are already living in abundance but these resources are just completely controlled due to the belief in money more than anything else and authority two things two religions we're going to talk about later if we pull down that entire paradigm of scarcity and manufactured lack and fear and we put in conditions that reflect nature itself which is inherently abundant the human mind and behavior would change in rapid order so that's what we have to understand is much more prevalent and determine deterministic of the the actual manifestations that play out in our world than is any thought about human nature people generally want to get along not bother anybody else and live their lives that's what human nature really is it's not something that's inherently nasty or evil or completely flawed from the the onset like this notion of original sin contends so that's how we have to shift this worldview aspect our view of human nature has to go from God created us inherently flawed to human beings are generally good but conditions are something we really need to understand and have a look at to understand how they affect human behavior the second worldview aspect is our view of the value of the individual and this is extremely important because what everybody seems to think they're worth determines how they behave especially toward others the kind of respect that is shown to maybe a psychopathic billionaire versus somebody on the street who may be out of a job not you know able to even have a house and might be an extremely wise person but they might be living you know on the street in tattered clothing and they'll be spit upon by people when that same person will show incredible respect to someone who is stepping on other people's lives but has tons and macht tons of money in a nice three-piece suit and chauffeured around on a limb and limousine we'll talk a little bit more about the view of the value of the individual and world view healing in general when we come back don't go anywhere folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio you're talking about our view of what the value of the individual is as a part of worldview healing how does this need to be fundamentally shifted and transformed do we really respect individual rights and sovereignty how do we look at people's worth is it based on how much money he has he or she may have is it based on the size of their bank account the size of their house the quality of their clothes the kind of car they drive the kind of social circles they hang out in all of these are illusory all of these are ephemeral and transitory it has nothing to do with who a person really is inside whether they are a moral being whether they have respect for other people whether they treat people with basic dignity and respect their natural law rights their inherent natural law rights that are god-given rights our view of the value of the individual needs to shift away from seeing them as a number and seeing them as being worth however much money they may have to understand toward the view that understands that the value of the individual is infinite and can have no number placed upon it because that being is here as a result of the dynamic living intelligence of the Creator itself and as such no limit can be placed upon that individual's value that is how we heal the worldview aspect of what we consider the value of the individual to be and that's very difficult for most people to do because they've been so conditioned and trained so conditioned and trained to think that money is the only measure of value in this world because it's their religion as we will see money is their religion most of the people of this world worship money that's their God their God isn't the God of creation their God is money and that's what determines their entire belief and value system so the third worldview aspect is to heal our view of the possibility for positive change most people will say yeah I understand that what you're saying is true and I just don't think anything can be done about it there's nothing I can do about it that's just how the world is I hear this all the time that's how the world is powerlessness is in that kind of speech there's no power there that's somebody who's saying it's always been like this it is this way now it's always going to be like this and that's not the case because we already looked at the determining factors of manifestation called natural law the natural law principles and the natural law expressions determine what happens in our lives based upon ultimately our choices but yes there is the law of the laws of cause and effect determined based upon what we choose certain things will manifest and they it works like that flawlessly all the time we choose fear will have a manifestation that is governed by fear we choose love will have a manifestation that is governed by love natural law is always in effect always working flawlessly but that does not mean that we cannot begin to choose different and therefore create a difference in the manifestation it doesn't mean we can't create powerful positive change for the better by changing the quality of our thoughts and our decision making process therefore we're changing our actions our behaviors and if enough people do that the external manifestation will change for more information on how that works go back and listen to the natural law section of this podcast which we covered for probably a good 10 weeks on this show so that's how we see our world our world view by fundamentally shifting the way we think about these three concepts human nature the value of the individual and the possibility for positive change and yes it is that simple there's not really that much more to it I'd recommend a couple of good movies about this if you're into allegorical fiction okay the our view of the value of human nature I can't recommend any movie more highly and I've said it in the past on this show than the movie Trading Places that was directed by or produced I should say by Aaron Russo who sadly died a few years back is no longer with us but he's certainly here in spirit and he lives on through the great documentaries that he made as well as the movie Trading Places which is one of my favorite movies of all time because it demonstrates exactly what I've been saying people should watch it if they haven't seen it or if you have seen it watch it again with new eyes and understand that this is these these old men and the stock exchange arguing about human nature and they make this that they can take what one of them bets that he could take one person and turn him in who's good and has a great life you know and there's a stockbroker and turn him into a criminal and simultaneously take a bomb off the street and turn him into a you know a successful businessman and he proves his point you know that conditions largely determine how a person will behave not every person some people are higher more highly polarized toward a true north in the sense of morality they have an active moral compass and even the conditions that surround them won't make them degenerate into behaving like an animal that's what a stellar man is so that's a movie I think highly illuminates this talk of human nature versus nurture and Aaron Russo knew more than he even let on you could tell this man was initiated by what he understands and puts forward in his movies and in his documentaries regarding the possibility for change I'd recommend the movie A Beautiful Mind and the value of the individual this is about John Nash and his equilibrium theory in mathematics having to do with game theory that there doesn't have to be a winner losers to be a winner that everyone can win out that everyone can get what they want and be happy without there having to be this power differential and winners and losers in the equation a beautiful mind is a great movie that illustrates that principle very well we'll be right back folks this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we pretty much just wrapped up the section talking about the methods of worldview healing and what I'm going to get into now deals with worldview healing but if people can really understand what I'm about to lay out it's going to be so powerful to understand how the manipulations of the dark occult priests class have been carried out over thousands of years in this world and the deception is threefold it's always threefold there's a there's a Holy Trinity and an unholy trinity as we're going to be seeing okay and ultimately the deception that they are carrying out is based upon religion but it's not what people consider religions with an S the world religions okay we talked about world religions in the past as all being having a fundamental Asheboro theological basis while simultaneously containing seeds of truth that most people miss because they're so concerned with the exoteric cover story told about these religions so they have to get past that and understand the esoteric meaning of some of these cover stories so that they can get at the seed of truth that lies within we'll get to that in a moment but what I want to re-emphasize is a slide that I showed back at the very early stages of this radio show and podcast about the body-mind-spirit connection this is image number seven on the if you're following along in these slides where I put a basic chart of spirit mind and body in that order as you could see spirit is at the top you can look at this as the highest fundamental aspect of life in general and then body is on the bottom because it's dense it's it's three-dimensional it exists in the physical plane so I labeled body the yang or the masculine aspect of this which reaches up toward the spirit and I labeled spirit the Sacred Feminine or Yin aspect of this which which comes down to meet the body on the plane in the plane of mind which is in the middle it's this middle ground or this middle space every single problem that exists in this world okay now you could you could leave naturally-occurring issues out of this earthquakes hurricanes tidal waves some people would argue that's even connected with this because the earth is a consciousness itself and it may be responding to the type of consciousness the people upon it have and are put injecting into the Earth's morphic Morpho genetic field okay which can problem may be arguably create certain conditions in the natural world but let's leave natural disasters out of this for a moment okay and talk about man-made problems things that are created by man that cause suffering in the world all start at the level of mind therefore all solutions that are ultimately effective toward eliminating and alleviating suffering must have to do with the change in mind and a change in mind is not really possible unless you know how the mind functions unless you have knowledge of the human psyche and how it works which is essentially knowledge of psychology the psyche the knowledge of the psyche and as I've said many times that's what the occult world is and always has been it is ancient knowledge about how the human psyche functions and if you can amass that and hoard it and keep it sequestered from a number of people you will always have a power differential advantage over them because you know more about how the mind functions and therefore you can easily create deceptions and manipulate people at the level of mind if you just try to rule them out right at the level of body they're going to know that they are slaves and that they are under direct control and eventually and in short order Rebelle against that physical control spirit you're not going to rule anybody at the level of spirit because spirit is is undifferentiated oneness that cannot be controlled and ultimately that's what we are but we have so many blinders on in so many levels of veils and and deceptions and things that we believe in that are completely erroneous and illusory that that spirit that spiritual essence of ourselves is not showing through we have spiritual blind spots everywhere as a species the dominators the dark occultists of this world always have to control the mind of the people and that's why we spent over a year talking about mind control techniques on this show to expose what their techniques are now we're going to talk about how do you shift your worldview to understand that you are under mind control and therefore develop a desire to get out of that fundamental mind control most people don't think that they're under mind control most people don't think that they have a religion even if they claim oh I don't have a religion okay I'm not a religious person they have a religion because there are two Universal world religions and they are both owned and controlled by the dark occult priests class because what all of the ways that hold this world back and keep it in a vibratory prison low consciousness and lies and deception is religion and I don't mean the world religions yes there are small function in that and a waning function in the realm of the world of mind control it still plays a role it's not as powerful as it once was world religion was the direct method of mind control of the old world order now this is not a function that is as favored to control the minds of people because one it's very fractured and there's many world religions and I have a picture in slide number eight of the three big world religions Christianity Judaism and Islam and on the right hand side in image number eight I show that religion comes from the Latin word relig ra and yes it does come from this word I am so sick of the arguments against this this is where the word religion comes from ladies and gentlemen okay it does not come from leg get leg RA which means to read it's not relig on religion okay that's not what the word religion is it's with an I it comes from leg a Oleg RA lagari I should say which means to tie so read lagari putting re the prefix re in front of lagari means to tie back because re is back or again relig re means to hold back to bind and that is where the word religion comes from the Latin word for binding because it is occult magical binding or if you prefer to not use the term magical in place of you know dark magic it's sorcery binding you could call it dark magical binding that is where the word religion comes from it means to thwart or to hold back to tie back to bind so that forward progress is not possible what forward progress the forward progress toward truth toward higher consciousness we'll look at how religion serves that function on the other side of this break we'll be right back don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone going to continue to power through this information because we only have a couple of segments left I probably won't be able to get to any calls today so let's hopefully on next week I'll be able to take some calls on air religion is what we're talking about we're I'm getting ready to lay out what we really need to pull back from which is all of the world universal religions and I'm not talking about Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism etc I'm talking about the real universal religions that regardless of what anyone claims is their religion meaning in the exoteric sense what religion do you subscribe to as it traditionally used overarching belief systems that is based on falsity and things that do not exist never have existed and never will exist that everyone largely in the world believes in and will rather die then stop believing in them easily given the choice they will choose death rather than to abandon the religion of the two things I'm going to explain to you today as the two universal world religions so religion is there to hold us back and what what is it there to hold us back from well slide number nine shows this it's there to hold us back from the truth religion is this outer layer placed around the esoteric traditions and the truth to hold us back from getting into that inner circle where we can then have access toward the methods of understanding for the truth which lies at the very center of the mandala and this is done through exoteric stories intended for exoteric means intended for or likely to be understood by the general public current were popular among the general public relating to the outside world from the greek ex so Tara coasts meaning outer or outside it is the outside shell that is erected around the truth as a barrier also around the esoteric traditions because they have access in the inner circle to the truth esoteric means intended for were likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest from the Greek esoteric owes meaning within or into in the New Testament said according to the words of Jesus that the kingdom of God is within we must go within to ourselves change our worldview so that we can develop the mindset of the kingdom that is where it lives and breathes and we're not going to get to that by simply accepting exoteric cover stories based on astro theological basis okay we have to get go through the mystical traditions and even past that to get to the the hard core the bullseye of truth as I have called it and ultimately what that's all about is the self and religionists will go wild with that statement and say oh it's not about learning about the self that's how you get out of mind control by studying the psyche by understanding how the psyche works and functions and what the all the manifestations of our thoughts are what all of our desires are about what underlies our fundamental behaviors and our motivations etc and that's what the dark occultists know like the back of their hand and most people have never looked into for a fleeting moment in their entire lives and that's why they are under mind control and that's why they're controlled by people who are chess masters in this game and are always going to be the master for as long as people refuse to that the components and methods that by which the human psyche works they're always gonna have that tactical advantage over us until we go within and learn about the self and that's what the Holy Trinity is actually all about see the exoteric cover story says that it's about these external deities or entities that aren't part of us in the christian exoteric tradition it's the Trinity of the Father Son and spirit okay naturally the Sacred Feminine or mother is left out of that equation for a very good reason because it's all about what we care about okay people don't relate this to us because they've been put onto the notion that this is outside of the self the Trinity image ten shows what the real Trinity is about we looked at this in practically on day 1 of this show the mind body spirit connection our thoughts our emotions and our actions the three aspects of consciousness thoughts originating in the mind the creator of our experience hence the creative principle or the father of what we create our emotions and inward quality that work within us the spirit in which we do things hence the spiritual aspect of ourselves this is the feminine or inward principle it is the mother the Sacred Feminine the nurturer which we have to develop care and the emotional intelligence and the emotional qualities to have give birth to desire to get out of this mess that we're in in consciousness and finally our actions which is the byproduct of our thoughts and emotions or in other words the child of our thoughts and emotions the father and mother and it's a male child because because actions do what we do external to the self we take actions in the world in which we live it's not an inward process it's an outward process so this is the masculine principle or the sacred child who is male or the son now the dark occultists know this and they've done a great job hiding this from people this Trinity and hand-in-hand with hiding this true Trinity from us with the exoteric cover story provided by world religions which always have a trinity figure in it holding people back from the real knowledge of what the real Trinity is okay we have their methodologies for control which is the unholy trinity as I call it and this is image number 11 and if you really understand this chart something so powerful will be opened in your mind if you really understand the depth of mind control and how much wool has been pulled over our eyes so to speak how much we are hoodwinked that every aspect of our lives is a deception and a lie just about what we are living in this matrix of control there is a father a mother and a child in the unholy trinity as well one is the basis of the Old World Order one is the mother that is going to give birth to the New World Order the basis for the New World Order and one is the New World Order itself and I don't mean the positive New World Order that we're trying to create change toward toward making happen in our lives meaning a world of truth love peace freedom prosperity etc I'm talking about this dark New World Order that these dark occultists want to see come into fruition which is a world of tyranny and enslavement all of these things that I'm getting ready to talk about our all mind control and they are all religions all of them are religions meaning things that hold us back from the truth now the first of course is the Father the architect of the entire matrix the controller of all of it the puppet master it's the priest class through which the dark occult this work and that is religion they are religious individuals they are they have a religion and as I've told you I've explained what their religion is in the section on Satanism I believe that was podcast number 71 if I'm not mistaken if you go back and listen to that that's what their religion is I expose what this religion is what its tenants are what it is all about I gave you books on it I told you articles on it I gave you um applications that they make people fill out with psychological profiling I was a part of that religion and I'm telling you they call it the old religion that is their name for it they don't call it what you do or what I explain it to people as they don't call it luciferianism or satan is and when you get into the people in the higher up aspects of this they call it the old religion that is their name for their ideological system of beliefs okay because they are the priests class of this religion and this is the old world order direct mind control through religion I'm going to continue this on the other side don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back [Music] alright folks let's jump right back into this this is the last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening we're talking about this concept that I referred to as the unholy trinity trinity it is the basis for all forms of control over consciousness thought control emotional control and bodily control the control of our thoughts emotions and actions we're talking about religion as the father of this Trinity it is the basis for Thought control and I'm not talking about just world religions I am talking about the concept of religion meaning to hold back to thwart from forward progress to tie back or to bind that is what I'm referring to when I talk about religion here in all capital letters okay it is the basis for mind control for Thought control because it is the perpetuation of ignorance keeping people in a state of not knowing the truth that's what it is that's what it's holding us back from in the meaning of the word it holds back from truth okay it is based upon belief or dogmatic belief systems unquestioned beliefs not for the SIRT on the search for truth that's not what religion is based upon ultimately this father aspect of this Trinity is controlled by a dark occult priests class that are satanic that are Luciferian okay they are the ultimate deceivers the puppet masters of this world religion which is their invention is the essence of all mind control and it is the basis for their old world order which over thousands of years broke down and that's why they invented a new system probably starting around 10,000 years ago okay because that old world order was based on direct rulership under the Divine Right of Kings of these kings that you know these beings that claim to be given power directly from God to rule over other people and that notion is no longer really accepted by people yet it has been replaced by two universal world religions which are the bride of this father this priest class and then finally the child which is ultimately going to bring in their New World Order the Antichrist if you will is this child okay money is the mother of this dark priest clast father the religion okay money is the mother it is the feminine aspect it is all about flow and energy as we've already talked about okay it is largely an internal process is largely an internal form of control because it's based again on belief so this is their getting us to emotionally identify with the accumulation of money and being in fear if we are without it because we believe nothing can be done without this substance because so many other people believe that nothing can be done without it which is all a lie all a deception all untrue money never has been real isn't real now never will be real it's a stand-in for energy a proxy for energy but it is not energy itself you cannot eat money to get energy okay yeah you can burn the bills with some fire and use it for fuel but the actual construct of money is not energy it is a a deception for energy again it is something put in place of energy a proxy food is energy water helps us to stay alive clothing keeps us warm fuels keep us warm and cook our food etc these are forms of energy money is a construct that exists only in the mind and they get us focused on it emotionally so it perpetuates apathy about anything that is real anything that is true were focused on this illusory thing that doesn't exist and I said I have a mistake here I'll correct it I'll correct the slide after the show it should say the new god I accidentally typed an S there but the new God to which human beings now entirely devote their care attention and energy human beings worship money this is their new God this is the new god of the new world order it is the ultimate religion because even people who don't believe in the authority of man believe in money this is a complete belief and it is the ultimate religion to which people will eventually have to say through apophysis this is not true this is not what the truth is I once believed that this was the case and now I am saying no to it that's what apophysis means to say no as I said apophysis ultimately is the system of pulling back from all of these three things this unholy trinity through which the dark force works in this world through religion money and government all of which are illusions all of which money being the ultimate religion as the new invention of the Father the priest class the religionists who are really controlling the game as the puppet masters money is the basis for their new world order government is the child it is the byproduct of these occult priests these occult controller class it's a cult controller class and they're bribed which is the financial system that they have everybody emotionally focused upon and putting their attention and care and devotion toward making money the fake money the one I in proxy of the real one I which is in the enlightened mind government the child is the enforcer for they're a cult priest class and their bankers they're brides okay it is about bodily control whereas money whereas religion is about fought control and money is about emotional control government controls actions of people it perpetuates cowardice because people don't want to stand up to the entity that has been granted this monopoly on violence which doesn't exist you can't grant somebody the right to do it wrong because it's not a right it's wrong government is based entirely upon the erroneous belief in this concept of authority the authority of man which as we've already seen derives from this original Divine Right of Kings of this occult dark priests class this Satanist and Luciferian dark priest class that claims that they are our rightful rulers because the gods gave them the right to rule over us and this belief in authority is perpetuated by everybody that believes in the concept of government which as we've already said simply means mind control government is the violent enforcer for the Father the dark occultists and the mother the banksters the financial assess and it is the implementation of their new world order this is how this system of control works and this is what needs to stop being believed in this is how it fits into worldview these things are part of our worldview we believe in them as real we identify with them and take part in them as a people and that needs to stop we need to say no we need to employ apophysis and say no to these things why because they are all illusions as you'll see in slide number 13 they're all illusions none of them are real and they never have been and they never will be now in slide 12 I put a slide in there to show you that the dark priest class of this world here we see a group of the at Bohemian Grove in 1904 as far back showing this very principle in the painting behind them they're artists in more ways than one they're artists okay but look at this train of people this this line of people who represents the people of Earth being controlled all the way at the rear end you have barbed hunter-gatherers and then agrarians and then you have the the the the poor and then you have the aristocracy above them and then at the very beginning at the beginning on the left-hand side moving toward the left at the very front you have the herald of the dark magician in his dark magician's hat and his coat his robe with tails okay being shielded by his servant with the umbrella and that is the religionist that is religion that is the dark occult priests class behind him is the banker carrying the briefcase full of cash that's the money system which is his bride and then behind them the strongman which insulates and protects them from the rest of the unwashed masses that is the government or the child of that unholy trinity it's right there laid out right before you for all to see by these dark a cultists who attend volcanion Grove yearly our worldview challenged is to stop believing in their illusion which is the ill us ion it's what ills turning the third eye on for all of us that's all we have broadcasting radio network it's on a mission