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Welcome. You're listening to what on earth is happening. This show will discuss topics of human consciousness, Mind Control, natural to code, and all issues that affect the freedom of the people are what on earth is happening for the devil to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer hiring solutions to the problems we face as matter the approaches it's critical moment choice.

And now here's your host Mark path.

Welcome everyone. You are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network. I'm your host, Mark pass to the show is live every Sunday from five to 7pm East Coast time. That's four to 6pm Central Time. Today is Sunday, January 8, 2012,

we have a great show lined up for you here today, we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion of solutions to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness. And as it as it is in regard to the freedom that we experience or do not experience. And of course, those two things consciousness and freedom are always directly related to each other. That's what we talked about here on this program all the time. How if we ascend in consciousness, we will become more free if we do not ascend in consciousness. And if we continue to be unconscious about what is actually taking place around us, and within us, we're going to go deeper and deeper into bondage and servitude. So today on the show, we're going to be continuing talking about the way out of the mess that we have gotten ourselves into. And we're going to be continuing along the topic of worldview healing for one more week. And I'm going to take calls in the second hour of the show today. And this is because over the holidays, okay, over the Christmas Miss New Year's break, I wasn't on the last two weeks I played replay since the show fell on both of those holidays,

I saw an overarching dynamic when I was around other people during different get togethers and that dynamic is what we're going to discuss here today. And how this is directly related with the way people see themselves and interact with other people in the world. So we're going to be talking a lot about the love of self today and how that is directly connected with worldview healing. And then we're going to get into some other topics and more solutions as the week's go on here in this new year of 2012. So I hope the holidays were good to everyone. And everyone is ready to go for this year of change as it is prophesied this year 2012. So I do have one quick thing then announcement at the end of this month, January 25, the last Wednesday truth freedom prosperity is going to be hosting their monthly documentary screening and discussion night here in Philadelphia. This always takes place the last Wednesday of every month this one's they will be January 25 2012

at 7:15pm at media bureau studios that's at the corner of fourth and brown in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia this month this month film is going to be I am fish head a strange name to be sure but this movie is all about human psychopathy and that's something we really need to understand very deeply if we're going to be aware of what's taking place around us the dynamic of psychopathy critical to understand that a very deep level

We'll be right back after these words folks don't go anywhere

Welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host Mark Casio

my website, what on earth is happening calm.

Let me give the call in number because I will be taking calls in the second hour

call the number for this program is 866-841-1065. Once again, the call in number 866-841-1065.

So call in and get in the queue. And hopefully we'll have lots of calls for our number two.

Okay, so let's get started.

I was going to lay the topic of worldview healing to rest and move on to different grassroots solutions, I was going to be starting to talk about the change in the quality of our attention, developing true present moment awareness and the change in diet, things that are certainly within our control, most certainly still very much within a modicum of control in our own hands, these are things that

we can affect on a day to day basis, just by applying some willpower. So those topics are coming up in future weeks. And we'll touch on a few of them here today. But I wanted to continue a little bit with worldview healing for specific reasons, which I'm going to get into today.

And we're specifically going to be talking about loving oneself. And I don't mean from an egotistical or narcissistic that perspective, I'm talking about truly developing self respect and self love, because this is one of the greatest obstacles and barriers to affecting a solution

and really creating positive change in this world. So many people are caught in a state of self loathing. We're going to talk about that a lot today.

And we have to look at these dark states of consciousness again, so much of the solution is in the APOE fabric sense meaning to simply saying no to the things that aren't contributing to our betterment

to say no to the things that are not helping move us forward in consciousness. And we need to pull back and away from those things.

And once we do that,

a solution will practically organically present itself. It's so much more, as I've said, time and again, about what we need to stop doing than it is about what we need to start doing,

we are trapped in

a completely effective way of thinking about ourselves and our world. And that is leading to completely ineffective actions and behaviors and destructive actions and behaviors that are absolutely holding us back as a species. So in the previous weeks, we've been talking about this concept of a way out of the world that we have created around us and our forebears have created all around us through negative ways of thinking, feeling and acting

through poison consciousness

and we outlined a few grassroots solutions that we're going to cover in upcoming weeks we've already looked at the first one in depth worldview healing and I'm going to briefly review some of the things that we talked about when it came to worldview healing

and there's nine other grassroots effective solutions that we can employ listed on the website. If you go to the What on earth is happening website and click on the radio show page if you're not already there. As always, there are some images listed underneath the player they are numbered links that you can click that will bring up a slideshow of some of the images that go along with the concepts and topics that I'll be discussing here today on the show.

So image number one is simply this concept of the way out or

our ability to affect a solution in consciousness

when it comes to how horribly astray humanity has gone. So

we talked about worldview healing. And again, slide number two is simply the grassroots solutions that I've outlined that we're going to be covering

slide number three simply shows the topic that we've been discussing over the last several few shows worldview healing.

And slide number four is that the chart that outlines the transition in worldview that needs to be made by each one of us, we need to move from a poison worldview to a healed worldview, and worldview is really at the center of the solution. This can't be stressed enough until we heal the world view we're not in within ourselves, we're not really in a position to help anyone else. So we have to understand that human nature in and of itself is not fundamentally flawed. And people aren't just

out of the womb, horrible people like religion wants to teach people now, yes, again, we did talk about this condition of psychopathy that exists within a very tiny fraction of the population as a whole. And there is something to be considered there, which is why I'm showing the film I am fish head at the next truth freedom prosperity documentary night here in Philadelphia. Because if we don't understand the dynamic of this disease, this psychological disease and it's it is a genetic disorder as well psychopathy, we're not really going to understand the mindset of the the ruling class that has a stranglehold over the population at the current time.

So yes, that is a tiny fraction of the population. But this by no means means that the entire nature of humanity is in some way, fundamentally flawed. Our nature is fundamentally good, but it is also largely determined as we live, it is very much dependent on the conditions that we surround ourselves with. And that does,

we do have a modicum of control over what conditions are created. It isn't like just things are just simply happening to us, we are creating a lot of the conditions that are all around us and through our thoughts. We don't want to change we want to hang on to certain ways of thinking, Okay, through these habits, these horrible habits in thought, we're just letting these conditions continue. And therefore nothing is changing. And most people think, Oh, it's just because people are horrible. No, it's because people are attached to ways of thinking that have absolutely nothing to do with their betterment and can't possibly better than in any way, but because it's all they've ever known, it's all they've ever been taught. And most people don't truly want to think for themselves. They want to be lazy, and try to give away personal responsibility. They think that they can continue on these poisoned ways of thinking about the world and other people around them. And some and things will just magically change for the better.

Well, it doesn't work that way. Folks, we have to change our thinking. First, we have to change our world first, and then the external surroundings, the conditions in which we live will change and we'll be able to thrive once that world

will be continuing

talking about this on the other side, you're listening to what on earth is happening

Welcome back everyone. This is happening on your host Mark Casio. Before the last break we were discussing,

we were looking at the chart on image number four on the What on earth is happening Radio Show page that shows what a poison worldview looks like, versus what a healed worldview would look like the three worldview aspects that need to be ultimately be changed within ourselves, is our view of human nature

to get out of this idea that people come into the world born of sin, born of original sin, and we need to feel guilty about that we're all deserving of death and horrible things to happen to us, you know,

versus the idea that people are born basically good, it's a matter of what conditions they live in, that determines whether they develop into somebody who becomes a caring individual,

or becomes a psychopathic or secondarily psychopathic individual.

And that brings us to our next aspect of worldview healing which we need to change is our view of the value of the individual. Because if we constantly think of

people only in the sense of what can they do for me, or how much are they worth, how much am I worth, as far as physical things, a bank account, a house, a car, etc.

This is all largely again, determine people have these views, largely because of the conditions that they live or don't live in,

people don't come into the world having a certain view of what the value of a person is, they acquire that view over time, through the conditions in which they live. If the conditions are improved, the mental condition and outlook and worldview will also be improved. They go hand in hand, the physical and mental go hand in hand. That's why it's a body mind spirit connection,

they are tied together, inextricably a healed worldview, which is what we're going to be talking about today, when it comes to the value of the individual is one where have true self respect, true self love, and the understanding that we are all of infinite value

that each one of us has a unique creation within this dynamic creation,

and no monetary value or numerical value can be placed upon an individual. And that ties together

with the concept of the love of self,

we have to get out of a self loathing worldview, what we're going to talk about today is changing this aspect of worldview, the value of the individual, but what we're going to really look at is the value of the self

in the world view. And I don't, I'm not talking about the lower case s self, not the bodily, ego, self, the flesh, I'm talking about the higher self, do we love the essence of who we are?

Or do we have low thing because the lower case as self can't come into the fullness of the higher case as self, the true self?

Do we hate ourselves because of our laziness? Do we hate ourselves because of our lack of will? Do we hate ourselves because of our cowards? This do we not have enough self love the one to motivate us to change

and what can we do about that?

So the third worldview aspect that needs healing, is our view for the possibility of that change to happen in a positive way? How possible is it?

Why would say it's absolutely possible, but it depends on how much we want it, how much do we care about that change happening? So care

we're going to talk about a lot today

versus it's murderer, it's antithesis, which is apathy, which if we fall into that, and given to that we're essentially lost because again, care and I'm talking about care with a capital C,

okay? True care

to want to align ourselves with the will of creation to want to align ourselves with the capital W will not ego with desires I'm not talking about that I'm talking about to want to get into the slipstream of the creative dynamic force that is behind all existence. We're real power lies

and step into that slipstream and be a part of it.

And that's what this year supposedly is all about. And all the ancient prophecies of all the different civilizations that talked about this time of change in this great convergence? Are we going to step up to that challenge, change our worldview, develop true self love and make that change come into fruition? Or are we going to fail and go into deeper bondage that the human race has ever seen. Because both of those things are distinct possibilities. Anything can happen, it's not set in stone,

it's up to us, we want to change it for the better for the positive, that's possible. If we want to sit back do nothing, not care give up the power of the generative force, which is care ultimately, that's what love actually is, okay, the power to ascend in consciousness and create that positive change. If we want to step up to the plate and enact that then the transformative event that has been prophesied about 2012 will happen if we don't care if we given the apathy the

and tropic nature of

the decay force, that is basically the default settings for the universe. The way time moves forward is also the way entropy works. And as time moves forward, things naturally tend to break down and move toward entropy and chaos. We have to employ will, through care through self respect, through love of self, if we're going to avoid that entropy. And that chaos

and it it all comes down to how much we care about ourselves.

So you know, religion is to want to talk about Oh, the love of self is is a sin it's you know, that's not what you should be focused on, I say, bowl and bunked all of that. The problem is, there isn't enough love of self in this world. And I'm not talking about again, getting into the ego and being a narcissist. That's not what I mean by love of self. I'm talking about developing true self respect. And if you don't develop true self respect, you can't ever have any respect to give to others to see them as also a dynamic and creative and caring individual that is unique and as unique creation

so you won't have any respect for anyone else. If you don't truly respect the self, how could you possibly give any love to someone else, if you don't truly have it for yourself,

it has to start with the self before it can ever flow out to anyone else. So in looking at worldview, we also talked about the challenge of initiation beginning see this is where the most effort is required to take the first step on the path to begin this journey in consciousness and in spirit because

again, another just natural law universe is


objects of rest tend to want to stay at rest just like people who haven't begun tend to want to stay in that on the gun state.

This is inertia

when you want to try to get momentum built up

hardest part is getting it started

once it started


will continue to talk about this concept of initiation getting the journey on the other side we'll be right back folks

welcome back

this is what on earth is happening on your host Mark Casio

continuing to talk about world

specifically as it relates to the dynamic of love of self and how important the love of self actually is, if we're going to affect a solution in the

problems with humanity's consciousness. In the modern world. This is largely these are largely problems we have inherited from past generations who have made the world the way that it is through


because they have been attached attached to certain modalities of thought and feeling.

And in those erroneous ways of thinking about themselves and others and the world around them.

They've essentially erected a prison society.

That's the conditions that we currently exist in whether you want to accept that or not, whether your eyes are open to that or not. You want to live in denial about that and pretend that nothing's wrong. Pretend that you have freedom that you don't have go right on ahead pretending because it all comes down to the very first step of initiation of beginning down the path to truth to love and to freedom that's what the initiate Tory journey actually is all about. And that's why the dark or cultists of this world The Satanists and the dark Lucifer Arians of this world called the majority of people out there the on begun that's one of their names for you. I don't mean the average listener to the show maybe perhaps somebody who's just happening to pick up this podcast happens to wander into the site for the show for the first time,

they call people out there, the young begun they actually call you the dead,

their rationale being if you don't really have haven't activated your thoughts, emotions and actions, then essentially you're unconscious, therefore you're dead and they they wash their hands of anything they might do to you. That's harmful because they say we're not really doing it to a living person. They're the dead they're the and begun they haven't even begun living because they are uninitiated they haven't begun down the path of the spiritual journey in consciousness. And mainly the first reason that people have not begun that journey is because they continue to lie to themselves,

they continue to lie to themselves. And one of the first things they lie to themselves about is that they're okay that there isn't a problem.


part of what I attempt to do with people is to explain to them yes, you do need to love yourself, okay. But you can't be thinking that you're perfect. You can't. No one is perfect, okay, wanting to improve upon yourself. Because you do care about yourself deeply doesn't mean that you think doesn't mean that you hate yourself. But it also doesn't mean that you love yourself so much, or like yourself so much, I should say that you don't think there's any room for improvement, or that you have any were further to go, there's always room for improvement, there's always things that you can perfect upon it

because no one is perfect.

So when I'm talking about self love, I'm talking about developing the desire to want to improve yourself,

you know, you're not perfect, you know, there's always room for improvement. So you want to move toward that state perfection even if you never get there.

That's what love of self actually is.

Now, the New Age movement differs with this greatly because they want to try to teach people and a lot of their teachings. And a lot of the teachers, what they espouse is that everybody is okay, just the way they are. This is the opposite end of the imbalance. That's not self loathing. That's thinking that nothing is ever could ever be your fault that you're perfect just the way you are, and you don't need any improvement. And that's also bunk. That's the opposite of the original sin garbage, that you're just totally flawed. And you deserve to suffer

until you accept a certain Savior,

which is all about the sun. Anyway, we've talked about that in Astro theology in the Astro theology section. But again, we've also talked about how that Astro theological metaphor covers up a deeper inner core tradition related to truth related to the soul related to the light related to the love of self and others

related to worldview, healing, and resurrection. initiation,

making the journey in consciousness and truth. So the first step is to stop lying to yourself, admit what your flaws are, don't hate yourself over them, don't beat yourself up over them. But admit them

don't live in denial. That's where most people are at most people, not all, but most, it's true. Most people live in denial all the time. They don't think there's any problem with themselves or the world. And there is it isn't all okay, people aren't good the way they are.

It doesn't mean that they weren't born essentially good, it doesn't mean that they can become good again.

But most people are pretty screwed up psychologically, bodily, spiritually.

And it's largely because they haven't developed true self care, true self respect, true self love. And I'm going to talk about that dynamic and give specific examples.

I'm going to give an example that happened over this holiday break in within my own family.

Just to briefly recap the steps of initiation. And these are in no particular order, you need to enact them simultaneously, you need to work on all of these all at the same time. It's not a linear process,

these work in parallel, it's a parallel process, Okay, stop lying, especially to yourself, stop dreaming, meaning don't engage cognitive dissonance, thinking the things are really one way when they're exactly the opposite, holding contradictory notions in your mind simultaneously. Well, in truth, there is no contradiction and natural law, there is no contradiction.

So get out of that state, in your own mind, the dream state, believing that things are a certain way, when they're not

learn how to think the process of critical thinking.

We talked about the trivial and quadrillion and how these could be employed to truly learn how to think and to remove logical in consistencies from sets of data

live in the present moment, something we haven't gotten in too much depth on, but of critical importance. And it's one of the actual

grassroots solutions that I've outlined that we're going to be discussing in depth later on, activate the physical body. This has everything to do with of self

self love us really start with the physical aspects of the self. If you don't take care of the vessel which your spirit inhabits and travels in. How could you possibly say you have any love for self,

you can't completely ignore the physical ego itself. It has to be cared for as well. It's your vehicle

to what the consciousness is within,


So what you put into your body and mind has everything to do with how much you care about yourself.

We talked about the things that are ultimately holding us back in slide number six, I called them the unholy trinity,

they're all religions. I use the term religion here, not about the

world religions like Islam, or Judaism, or Christianity, or Hinduism, or Taoism, or Buddhism, etc. And that's not the concept I am using religion in here. I'm talking about religion as a concept of mind control of holding one back from where they really need to go from the Latin meaning to tie back to hold back to thwart

to hold back from forward progress by binding by tying. That's what relic era means. And that is where the word religion comes from. In the positive sense. Yes, true. Religion could mean to reconnect to tie back to

in the negative sense, which is how I'm using it in this connotation. I'm talking about religion as a whole of holding us back in consciousness.

And that's what the world is being held back by

false belief systems that do not serve us based on things that are not real like money and authority.

There is no such thing as a car does not exist

in a three dimensional space time continuum. There's no such thing as money. It is a contract that only exists in the human mind. It does not exist in nature, it is an aberration of the mind

these things completely holding us back

they need to be abandoned Oracle brought

welcome back folks,

I'm Mark Pascoe, and this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. My website is what on earth is happening calm, we're talking about the things that hold us back as a species and how developing true self love

will help us to heal our worldview and stop believing in these fantasies. There phantasms there things that are not real, that do not exist in nature, that are only that put there to hold us back their ideas, their belief systems, they're not truth,

truth and natural law are the only authorities and they are not worldly thing. authority in man does not exist. Truth is the authority. That's it, natural law is the authority

your best by those things, whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you want understand it or not, doesn't matter irrelevant.

When it comes to truth, and natural law, the universe does not care what you think

get over it.

I don't know how many times I can continue to say that. But that's how it is.

Most people don't want to accept that they want to think that they're the arbiter of truth, that it's all relative, that there's no objective truth.

You know, they want to think that authority exists in the physical domain, and that they can impose their will on others and get away with it forever. And the joke's on them. They're kidding themselves. They always have been kidding themselves, many of them just don't know it in the Incarnation they're living in right now.

But the idea of authority and government as being one of the message members of the Trinity, this unholy trinity that holds us back, it's, it's the newest incarnation

of these mechanisms to hold us back to a low state of consciousness and evolutionary progress.

Ultimately, there's a father and mother of this Trinity. Again, these are the, the basis, the basis for this old world order, this direct bloodline rulership of Kings that had authority given to them by God, granted by God, or the gods to rule over man.

And that's where ultimately kingship and

priesthood came out of in the ancient world, that I'll be the interface between you and God,

you can't go direct speak directly to God,

you have to go through me

and I have the authority that was given to me by God,

the divine right of kings, wonderful concept, basically people convincing other people that they have the right to rule them

that they were given that right by some supernatural entity, and therefore government is divinely appointed.

It just sounds a lot better than I came over from the next neighboring territory across those mountains. And, you know, set up shop here, and I'm going to rule you now.

And people buy it, they always have bought it,

just like they've always bought money, this other illusion, this other thing that doesn't exist in nature that people believe in as a religion, it's their one and only God, it's the ultimate religion. This is the god of this world, set up by the old world order to bring in the new as the birth giver of the New World Order, the divine, the unholy mother, I should say,

of this trinity of on holiness.

So these occultist created this system so that they can get everybody worshiping it, everybody believing in it as as their religion

and I don't care whether it's fiat money, or any other kind of money, gold, silver doesn't make a difference. It's all a representative construct that is not is not actually the things that do carry energy.

Gold is not food, gold is not water, you're not going to eat it and get energy from it. It is not sunlight,

okay? That's what energy actually is.

That's what real money is. Real Money is actually something that's within us a power that's within us. That's why it's called the one I it's the power of the soul. That's the real money. But energy money representing energy is an illusion. The only for real forms of energy we need is sunlight, water, food, air, etc. Real resources that enable us to live because they nourish the physical vehicle that we live in, while we are in incarnation here on this world.

And I don't care how much you want those things to represent those other things that you do actually need for sustenance, try and eat some gold and you'll find out just how much it actually is the food or water that you need to subsist,

it only represents it and then only ever has representative once you get into that form of thinking that this is that because it represents it all, I'm going to use it as a medium of exchange, and that that will suddenly that will suddenly make it okay, and it'll never turn into a form of bondage. Just as long as we all agree that that's the medium of exchange

doesn't make a difference how voluntary an illusion is, it's still an illusion,

money does not, never, has never will exist in nature.

And by believing in that construct, and accepting it as representations for those real life, physical, natural things, you're always going to go down a path of enslavement, always, every time and I'm not a communist or socialist, I stand totally against those other those forms of tyranny and enslavement and control by the state. Because ultimately, we need to get to a point where we recognize there's no authority in man, and there is no money, those two religions need to be abandoned. That's the ultimate solution, if you really want to get down to it.

Now, how can we do that

only by raising our consciousness to the point where we understand that we are all one, and that as one suffers all suffer. That's why people can't stop abandoning, start abandoning and believing, stop believing in those things. Because they're not at that level of consciousness. That's the very reason they're unable to give up these religions. Because their consciousness has not evolved to a point where they understand that they are one with everything around them.

That's why they still stay attached to these constructs, that some people have authority over other people that we need money to live here that one all the time. You can't live without money. No, of course not. If you think that's your God, if you have no Imagine if, if the belief in this religion has destroyed your imagination, to a point where it is impossible for you to even imagine that it's possible to live without this construct of the mind,

then, of course, yet, it's going to be impossible to live without money. And you're going to create chaos by not having it around,

when in fact, it's really the thing that's creating chaos in everybody's life, and blocking everybody from self fulfillment. And yet people still want it around and still think it's absolutely necessary.

And as long as they do, they're never going to evolve to the point in consciousness that they need to be at,

to truly, truly

affect a solution. So let's talk about the word solution. Because we're going to really talk about what one of the ultimate solutions to all of these problems are, again, it's happening, it means you have to get rid of something, it means you have to abandon self loathing, you have to abandon the things that you don't like about yourself by developing the willpower to improve upon those things. That's what development of self love is.

And that's one of the ultimate solutions as we see on image number seven on the slides. The love of self is about the the rise in consciousness is about working upon yourself

is about raising the energy and the vibration within yourself.

And that all starts at the heart. That's why this it all centers around the heart chakra there in this image. It's about care, the dynamic of care

when you do that within yourself, when

you develop that dynamic energy hair within yourself.

That is what is ultimately going to change the condition that's what's going to help to change your surrounding.

We have to do that on an individual level. And as that fans out there will express on a world level

We'll be right back guys, it's

the same thing.

Welcome back everyone. This is what on earth is happening. I'm your host Mark pass to my website, what on earth is happening calm, we're talking about one of the most effective and powerful solutions when it comes to effecting change in consciousness as truly developing self respect and self love. And in the apathetic sense, this would be abandoning self loathing

as we abandon self loathing, beating up on ourselves, hating ourselves, not wanting to improve upon ourselves, because we think it's too hard or we're too lazy, or it's not worth it.

As we stop doing those things. Because we're developing care, we want to become better, we want to move forward,

we're going to be affecting the solution more and more and more and more. And as each one of us contributes to that dynamic,

we're going to see the world change at an external level. But as long as we stay in that condition of self loathing, we don't really ultimately care about ourselves enough to change ourselves to win ploy the will

to go against the natural flow of entropy,

then we're going to stay exactly where we are, and things are going to get worse and worse and worse, if we don't employ that effort. And that will because that is what love is love and will are essentially the same thing I'm talking about again, will with a capital W, not your will to impose anything on anyone else I'm talking about will capital W will

developing the desire to effect change in accordance with the flow of creation

the dynamic evolutionary creative, intelligent and caring energy

that flows through everything

so I'm going to give some specific examples later on. And we're going to talk about the word solution itself

what that actually means through in a cult terms in green language terms let's look at the word solution itself also be taking calls starting with the next segment we have a caller waiting on the line I'll be getting to him in the next segment let me give the call in number once again so people can call in I'll be taking calls throughout this hour call the number is 866-841-1065 once again 8668 for 11065 we're talking about the dynamic of the love of self and how this is so important if we're ever going to get out of the situation that we're in in human consciousness so let's look at the word solution briefly we break down the word solution which is what the this is all a part of

soul so well when we say that we're saying the word soul so ul there they're phonetically identical by sound okay and the soul is the sun

the light

okay the Savior

it also means one so well soul solitary so all of these concepts tied together in that route so well okay the light the sun the soul oneness

and then the second part

you to win phonetic that's saying at Iowa,

third, are turning it off

humming into the light awakening the soul

developing the higher aspect of itself, the one I the all seeing

the light or the spark of the Divine within each one of us.

That's what enacting the solution is all about. We'll be right back.

Ladies and gentlemen, have you figured out yet right in the word solution, it's telling

the light at the third eye, the light at the one I to turn the eye on

with the light of the soul. It's right in the word. The word solution means that

at least in green language,

which again, people will just completely dismiss and go right ahead. It's fine. It's almost a mockery of the people who are sold dead who are asleep at the switch. Because the word is right before their eyes. Even though they can't see it with the eye. If you take my meaning. Let's go to the phones. Caller from New York. You are live on what on earth is happening. Welcome.

I'm on thanks for taking my call.

Mike, how are you? Excellent, thank you so much for you. Happy New Year to you, too.

And I want to talk about a great show. And let me tell you all these past shows from one to now been absolutely amazing. And the way you broken a broken now come in and better,

I love to talk about something that has really hit me this past year. And something as a solution within my own life. So that, you know, that didn't didn't hit me until these past couple hours or weeks, even. And I've been reflecting on a lot. And it comes down to what you're talking about you your your emotions, your your education and things you take in, it all has to do with the word relationship. It's your relationship with your higher self, your true self, your relationship with your Creator relationship with the people in your life, everything comes down to the actions words

that that you put out, and also that taken that you taken that are reflected back at you. And I think improving them in every way possible. and strengthening them whether it's whether you want to or not. Sometimes whether it's it's it's difficult to do. And sometimes there's some things you have one to say you're sorry for some things, you have to forgive. And you have to let go. And, you know, it may take a long time to do that within your own life. But I think it starts releasing yourself from this matrix matrix. The solution is the relationships that you build upon in your own life and within yourself as well.

Exactly. And part of what you said, there really resonate with me in that forgiveness really has to be enacted from within as well. See, we think of forgiveness all too much in the sense of forgiving someone else, people need to forgive themselves before they can give forgiveness to anyone else. Just like they need to have self respect before they can give respect to anyone else. Just like they have to have self love before they can give love to anyone else. So many people can't forgive themselves for whatever reasons, you know, they, they feel like they're just irreparable, that they cannot make themselves hold that they cannot fix themselves with the the problems that they are encountering. Or what they may have done to themselves. They feel like it's too far gone. But it's never too far gone. You could always pick up in the moment, activate yourself in the present moment, through present moment awareness and say, Yes, that was all what was going on in the past. That's how I was before. But I can create myself a new in the moment through an act of my will. And that's what forgiveness self forgiveness is all about. And it's something that I think people really need to take to heart. And keep in mind that you can forgive yourself, no matter what you have done in the past, you can say, you know, as long as you're willing to make the corrective action to stop doing those things, and it start doing the right things. You can say, I forgive myself and let go of all that negative baggage from the past that was holding you back from moving forward in your life. Self forgiveness is a huge part of it.

That's right. And you cannot you said he cannot give it away unless you have it. That's where it all starts. It all starts with there's some relationships that I've even had in my own life where, you know, I can no longer say I'm sorry, to the person, whether they're not here on this planet anymore. Or, you know, due to the fact that, you know, there's no contact or anything like that. But, you know, the best thing you can do is you can take the negative from that and say, Listen, I'm going to, I'm going to live a better life and live more responsibly and correct that the actions that that I've done in the past, and it all comes down to to yourself, are you will, are you so willing to, to, to forego your conscience and continue on and live in a materialistic and negative self serving way. And that's, that's you'll never get out of it. You forgive yourself and correct your actions and try to repair the relationships in your life and create better ones.

That's exactly right, Mike, a great way to put it. And that all really does start with the self. It's something that we have the power to make that choice in the present moment. No one bought ourselves is holding us back from making that choice and that decision. So it's a matter of enacting the will. And again, letting go of the the attachment that was holding us back in the past and saying, I'm going to just make this change, I'm going to be this change, I'm not going to stay attached. Because I think, well, I did this for so long. It's pointless to try to change now. It's never pointless to try to change no matter how late in the game it is. So Mike, as always, brilliant points. I want to thank you for calling in. And is there anything else you want to wrap up with?

Oh, thank you, Mark. And I encourage more people to start calling in and start voicing their opinion. If they keep inside their head. They're only doing one part of the action. You have to you have to speak into existence, the reality for what you want to create. And I urge everybody to start doing that. That's right. You.

Thank you, Mike. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

Okay, great call. So let me give the calling number once again.

866-841-1065. Once again, calling number is 866-841-1065. I want to briefly talk about something that I mentioned on a show before and this came up over the holiday break as well. Because three days after Christmas on the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year's. We showed the film thrive at the truth freedom prosperity documentary night in December, and people keep attacking the gentleman who made this movie because it has a high production budget, and it's very slickly made.

With money, but they're like, I guess you could say the nouveau riche. They're not really, you know, bloodline rich, they're not old money rich. But then there's a disconnect. And in front of them, you have the three religions,

okay, you have the two great religions out in front, and then the leader of the mall religion itself, or the occultist, the dark occultist himself, we'll get to that in a moment out in front of that ballerina character. There you have the strong man,

which shows you the pecking order government is just above the masses of people, controlling them as a religion that they believe in and think should be in place. But they're telling you this, for this institution, represented by the strong man who represents the police and military or government in general, is only there to institute a to insulate the two leaders of this, of this train, so to speak, okay, from the rest of the the members on board, that train that is being led by the two leaders, which is money, and the occultist himself out in front of government or the strong man is the man carrying the cash he's the banker he's the financial arm of this control system that represents money in general as the second great world religion.

So you have these two overarching world religions clearly controlled by the occultist Who is the man in the black

coat entails and the black top hat, okay, at the front, who is being shielded by his slave with the umbrella and then he is being heralded by the Herald out in front who is announcing his coming, announcing the birth of his great new world, his new world order

the dark occult, New World Order

right there in that very image, they're telling you the control structure of the world out in the open, blatantly hidden in plain sight in an image in a painting

telling you through symbol

there before becoming increasingly more aggressive, that they're almost wanting to come right out and tell you through word, they rarely do that. But this is one of their primary methods of communication. And yet I could show this image to 50 people, and hardly anyone will be able to even analyze that image and tell me what it means, with very few exceptions. There are some who can see it upon looking at it, but very few.


what I was getting at a beginning to get into before the last break was that these religions are just claims

of being true. And then it requires people who were willing to give away their ability to think

for themselves to accept and believe in this claim. So authority is the best example because it is clearly a false claim. Nobody is the authority or master of another person, unless you believe in slavery. You know, if you believe in slavery, I would just suggest suggest that you're just simply a

completely wrong and bad human being,

because you're saying that someone else is allowed to own another living person as property as their property.

You know, that's about as a moral as it gets. And that's what all claims of authority are, you must obey me, otherwise, I'm allowed to commit violence, which is saying, You're my slave, I can do violence against you, if you disobey, let's face it, that's the ultimate. that's ultimately what authority is. That's what it's about. It's saying, I'm in charge, you're going to do what I say, if you don't, I'm going to do violence against you, if you attempt to disobey. That's all authority is.

So this is a claim that is made, it's false. No one is a ruler of another person, no one does have authority over anybody else.

And it's a claim made by individuals who are psychopathic, and who actually believe themselves to be arbiters of truth, they believe themselves to be lawmakers, that they can state something, and then it can become true, not stating something that's already true, and saying, Yes, I've discovered this truth and is in effect in the natural realm. But say, saying, well, regardless of whether things are a certain way or not, I can speak this and then it becomes true.

In other words, they're saying, I'm gone,

whether directly or indirectly, in one form or another. That's what they're saying. And this,

this belief in them as themselves as the arbiters of truth, this claim needs a believer on the other side, act as a subject.

We'll talk about that in a moment. We'll be right back, folks,

okay, we're back everyone

looking into world healing. And specifically, the concept of


the first method of initiations, stop lying to yourself, we need to get out of the belief that the great slavery religions of money and authority are true, that is an illusion there based on complete fantasy, they don't exist in the natural realm,

and we need to abandon them. And we need to understand how these psychopathic

the psychopathic ruling class thinks of themselves as arbiters of truth, that they can make up reality the reality isn't something there to be discovered. Truth is not for discovery, but it's for them to speak it as the gods of this world. But that claim of authority requires a belief in it. And that's where worldview healing comes in. Because for as long as you're willing to stay in the world view of believing in authority,

you're always going to be enslaved

for as long as you're willing to stay in the world view of believing in the system of money itself it doesn't matter what form of exchange it is,

as long as you're willing to believe in the system of

a proxy for energy instead of something that is energy itself you're always going to be enslaved by that system because that is the invention of the dark Oh cultists mind

they put that system in place they made it they invented it to set themselves up as the gods of this place. So as long as you're in that system of belief you're one of the bricks in the wall you have to smash that worldview it has to be abandoned there's no easy way of saying it apotheosis is not easy. Saying no, is not easy. Admitting you're wrong is never easy. That's why most people continue to stay in the system of enslavement, they can admit that they were duped and that they were wrong,

and I think two great allegorical movies for people to choose out about this entire process of being wrong and having to atone in some form for all of the erroneous ways of your thinking and acting is one the Star Wars trilogy okay specifically if you look at the very last aspect of it Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi gets into the whole concept that the father of this matrix you know is the one who's the Dark Lord who's following the system of fear and control you know the represented by the Emperor Vader is the father figure okay on a cultist I Lord of the Sith following this spirit of fear the Emperor himself and he doesn't, he's, he's like, he's become psychopathic. He wasn't born as a psychopath, but he he's a secondary psychopath. And he never backs off until he realizes that he is murdering his own child, that this system itself is murdering its own child, his own child

and my internet connection dropped again folks on apologize again, I'm gonna have to look into this, it may be on my end, and I'm gonna have to look into my setup here to figure out what's going on. But, uh, moving along, was talking about the Star Wars trilogy and Vader being a representation of the father figure of control, and, you know, putting his son into the system of enslavement, and finally he, you know, won't back off until finally he realized it's going to kill that which you know, is flesh and blood to him. And that's the moment he develops a conscious and that's, you know, what I think we're going to have to go into as a people with this, the people who back this control system and believe in authority are going to have to realize that until they understand that they're putting their children into permanent bondage and enslavement, they're probably not going to back off. And as I was saying, even then, they may not because they, you know, their ego has them to the extent that they can't admit that they were wrong, which is what this is ultimately going to require. That's what a shift in worldview requires, is admitting that you were wrong about your formerly held worldview and being willing to change it. Another great movie about making the shift is the movie equilibrium with Christian Bale. And if you watch equilibrium, it shows you a world in a world where emotions have been outlawed the sacred feminine is it legal and punishable by death, you know, one of their

one of their enforcers in this enslavement system, when he realizes it affected his wife and children finally wakes up in this matrix of control and then has to do what he deems is right and necessary in order to bring the system down. And he has to go through the process internally of changing his own worldview and admitting he was wrong. So I highly recommend the movie equilibrium. In general, regarding the myth of authority, I would highly recommend the book by Larkin rose, the most dangerous superstition that goes through extensively and covers how the entire belief in authority is all illusory. So that's a that's what I wanted to say, on

authority in general, and regarding cognitive dissonance, and how difficult it is to get out of it, no better image comes to mind. Then the book 1984 another great piece of allegorical fiction, okay, in which the people all convinced themselves that the exact opposite of what they really want, which is peace, freedom, and strength, or prosperity are the exact opposites. So their slogan was, war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. And they actually convince themselves to hold those contradictory ideas in their mind. Simultaneously, the people of that in soak society in the book 1984 by George Orwell. So listeners of this radio show, you're probably familiar with it, but anyone who isn't should definitely read that book, maybe I'll post the PDF to to the website, along with maybe some other

parts of allegorical fit works of allegorical fiction that display these concepts. But 1984 is something everybody should read to understand how cognitive dissonance works in a population and if we're ever going to come out of that level of cognitive dissonance, we ultimately must stop lying to ourselves we must stop telling ourselves that government is not violence in force that the point of a gun

telling us that the believers in government and the believer people who believe themselves to be lawmakers do not consider themselves as arbiters of truth, or in other words, as God on earth,

we can only seek truth and discover it, we can never create Truth Truth is pre existing, it is that which is

it is that which has happened,

we can discover it and we can state it but we cannot make truth be something different. be something that we say it is other than something that it already is understand that that is part of worldview healing.

Okay, so one other thing I want to talk about before we get to calls in the next segment is

another aspect of worldview healing, which is getting out of this paranoia Based Thinking that everything, every single thing is bad, every single person who is trying to reveal truth in any way as an agent of the system. It's himself or herself. This is delusional, paranoid thinking that is based on unhealthy doubt, and unhealthy skepticism, doubt, and skepticism can be healthy. I've always said question everything, don't believe anything, do your own research, discover truth for yourself, so you can understand it, somebody can tell you what they've discovered. But they can't make you understand that when you do your own research, then you could really understand it and integrated into yourself. But thinking that everybody is an agent is paranoid thinking. And where this comes into play. A reason I bring this up is because so many people are talking about this movie thrive as if it was something bad, or some kind of a


putting people off the path. And I don't think anything could be further from the truth. I think foster gamble did a great job. I think there's more he could have went into and told but for what he told he did a great job. People talk about the one I symbolism on the thrive movie poster and the V in the in the thrive word itself, you know, forming a chevron shape. We've already talked about these symbols and what they really mean the one I is a symbol for enlightenment and coming online and awakening the V is a symbol of the sacred feminine. These are ideas that gamble is trying to express and put their deliberately in symbolism,

so that people pay attention to this movie and take in its ideas and then act upon them. He did leave out the dark occult don't think you want to scare people off,

but I think he knows about

We'll be right back for the last segment your calls on the other side.

Welcome back.

Everyone. This is the last segment of what on earth is happening for the year 2011, this year flew by 2012 coming up, will it be an age of awakening or destruction that is ultimately up to us. And whether we can come out of the illusions that we are under as a species, beginning of the year, the end of the year, I should say, you know, move into the beginning of the year is a time a traditionally for reflection, and to make resolutions. And here's where the word the power of words come in. Again, you know, we need to get back to a solution, which is what a resolution is about, will we be resolved to create creating a true change within ourself that will then be reflected in externalize change in the manifested realm in which we live.

Ultimately, getting out of illusion is the ultimate solution. It is about abandoning pre conceived deeply held beliefs that do not serve us. That's ultimately what worldview healing is all about. Hey, so the last thing I want to say is regarding this on healthy skepticism, this everyone is an agent thinking,

you know, which was applied to the movie, thrive and foster gamble himself, who I think that an overall excellent job, you know, I would like to see him get into talking about the world of the dark occult, and this hidden priest class of being at the top as opposed to just finance ears, because they're not at the very top, there is an occult class that rules them and guides their actions as well. So that is something I'd like to see him get into. But barring that the movie was excellent. And that's why I'm going to show it at the next truth, freedom prosperity documentary night, and I think it's a film everybody should see. And it's something that is excellent for beginners. Because of the very high production values and clear methods of explanation that are employed specifically, I love the way his wife made her case of how she came to understand this information reluctantly in the film. And that can be very powerful to her, you know, family members, and especially toward women who sometimes will struggle with these concepts, especially if they're in a family and they don't want to expose their family to how deeply the rabbit hole goes, and how dark the nature of this information is. I see it in met with members of my family all the time. So her role in the movie was particularly exceptional, I thought, and I definitely recommend the film. So that having been said, another aspect of worldview healing that people cling on to is like perpetual infighting. It goes hand in hand, with this overly doubtful, and skeptical and paranoid thinking, and no better example, then Alex Jones, people constantly try to accuse this man of being an agent, while he may not be 100%, totally enlightened to, you know, the entire control mechanism, he sees it largely for the most part, okay, he may still believe money is really may still believe government is real, we need limited government. I personally may disagree with that. But that doesn't mean I can't respect what he has done all the work he has done. And he's woken a lot of people up to the psychopathic nature of this country whole system specifically this past Friday, I'd like to comment on something he said on his show, he said that if you really know what the the dark New World Order is, you really know who controls it, and what what is ultimately about and it is about death, and he's dead on about that, what do they really want, they want death. And I can't overemphasize that it's not just about control. They are antithetical to life antithetical to life itself. And ultimately, their agents of death. That's what these dark psychopaths who are currently in control one, they are an abomination against life itself, okay. And he got that, that on. And he said, to not to not tell people the truth about this system or fight against it would actually require the most insane form of courage that exists. And I couldn't agree with that more what what people who are truly exposing this because they've seen the depths of evil inherent in this system. There almost not the most brave people in the world, the people with the most crazy form of bravery, are the people that may see this system and do nothing to expose it or talk about it and get people to understand what it is because they're actually standing up against the force of creation itself. And I wouldn't want to be in that position. Ladies and gentlemen,

Woe unto those who are in that position. And that's something everybody needs to think about, and reflect upon

what are we individually doing

to help reverse the system of enslavement? And to get people out of these erroneous ways of thinking,

what are each one of us doing? How are we taking personal responsibility. And Alex also said, That's why he does what he does, just to warn people that this is what is out there, you were told, you were warned. And that resonated very strongly with me, this was all I think, in the last segment of our number one of the show on Friday, the 16th December 16. And when I was listening to it live, I went immediately after the show was done back into the archive and downloaded this show, because what he said in that segment resonated with my heart.

So you know, somebody doesn't have to have every single aspect of the picture to really get it in general, they can be wrong about certain things, and still get the big picture about what's going on. Okay, so just attacking somebody because they say one thing you don't like to hear, and then calling them an agent or you may not agree with that, you know, is paranoid delusional thinking, and it's one dimensional thinking, and we need to be more mature about that and get out of it. And realize everybody's bringing to the table the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that they happen to have, not every single person is going to have every piece of the picture, some will have more than others. But just because someone doesn't have certain pieces of the picture you may have doesn't mean that they're an agent for the system of control. Okay, so finally, let's let's go to the phones. So here we go. That's really all I wanted to say. When we come back in next year, we're going to be really getting more into solutions based approaches. And we're going to start talking about what we really need to do with the physical body as well because that's just as important as the mental and emotional aspects of this about understanding how to get out of illusion sometimes you know the the physio physiological and normal part of this can be as challenging to break and that's what's holding back our development in our thoughts and our emotions as well. So what we put into our body is vitally important. And that's going to be a big part of what we talked about in the early part of next year. So let's go to the phones to wrap things up for this year. Here we go. Mike in New York, couldn't think of a better color to help take us out in the year 2011. As we look forward to 2012 Mike, how are you? And what do you have for us,

I'm doing great, thank you, Mark, for taking my call. And I'd like to thank you for another year of great dedication and truth.

The biggest problem that these two main religions that you talk about their end goal is the destruction of oneself through to the physical by, by destroying oneself internally, externally into the system. The main reason why people get caught up, and that is because they usually they have trouble discerning the mind from the soul. And I think because of that, it usually leads to mass confusion within oneself. And it usually leads to serving just the body. So I'd like everybody to try and bounce and find a way and between all three and to master that aspect of oneself. Because if you know oneself, if you know thyself, you can you then are enlightened with the power to do the things externally that you never thought possible before.

That's absolutely correct, Mike. And part of that, that you mentioned is the identification with the lowercase often the physical body is always going to hold people in fear of what they have to lose, or you know, how they may be hurt, or you know, what, what position or status they may not no longer have in in this three dimensional reality, which they think is so real. And as the ultimate reality it's all about making that fundamental shift in worldview and recognizing what is not ultimately the true basis for self. The true basis for self is not matter is not the physical aspect of us, that is a part of us. But it is not the essence of who we are, that worldview, the fundamental worldview shift that I'm talking about, ultimately comes from getting out of that identification with the lower self and toward the understanding of the higher self, which is that we are not the matter we are the spirit that is the animation of this matter that is actually in control of those three aspects of consciousness that we need to take responsibility and ownership of our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. So, Mike, that is just a great point. Do you have Do you have any other points that you want to make here?

Well, yes, I like everybody mentioned reflection, that's a big thing that really helped my life and a lot of ways you know, without spending a couple months even just reflecting even been 10 minutes but you know, I urge everybody to do the

brilliant know the self and you will know the universe in the gods. Ladies and gentlemen, it is all about the internal work that we need to do upon ourselves to change our worldview and as a result, change our world. That's all we have time for folks, we'll see you next year. Stick around for several artists up next on Oracle broadcasting.