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Welcome. You're listening to what on earth is happening. This show will discuss topics of human consciousness, Mind Control, natural law to cope, and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth. What on earth is happening, will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world, and to offer warning solutions to the problems we face as manatee approaches. It's critical moment choice.

And now here's your host, Marc past.

Welcome one. And all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network. I'm your host, Mark, pass to my website What on earth is happening, calm. the network's website Of course, Oracle broadcasting. com. Today is Sunday, December 18, 2011,

we have an informant information packed show here for you today on what on earth is happening. And this is going to be the last What on earth is happening broadcast for this year for 2011, next Sunday is of course Christmas. And the following Sunday is New Year's Day. So I'm going to put the show on on replay for those two days. Because most most folks will be of course, spending time with their families during that time. And it's a it's actually a good thing because it's a time of that we could use this time for reflection at the end of the year. And really focus our attention inward upon ourselves and ask ourselves if we're truly doing what is necessary and required to build a world of true freedom. So over the next two weeks, I'll play a couple of good replay shows. And then we'll come in strong for the year 2012 supposedly a year of awakening, as they say, as it is prophesied to be. Some people look at it as a prophecy destruction period. But I believe that that is firmly in our hands. And that is up to us. And that is up to whether we come out of cognitive dissonance as a people and stop lying to ourselves, which is really what this show that I'm going to do today is going to be about we're going to continue talking about worldview healing as one of our primary methods of engaging in solutions oriented approaches when it comes to consciousness. And we're going to continue to focus on worldview healing, specifically the aspect of really looking inward and stop lying to yourself about the great slavery religions as I call them money and authority. So that's coming up on the show today. I do have one quick event announcement on Wednesday, December 28, 2011,

right here in Philadelphia, at media bureau studios, 725 North Fourth Street, that's the corner of fourth and brown in the Northern Liberties section of the city as part of a group that I work with truth freedom, prosperity, a great group of activists in the Philadelphia area I will be screening the documentary movie thrive what on earth will it take this is at 7:15pm at media bureau Wednesday, December 28 2011.

So I'll be talking a little bit about the thrive documentary today and what my take on it has been because a lot of people are speculating about this movie and trying to discredit it in many ways. So

as part of your discussion on worldview, I will be getting into what I think of the documentary film thrive today. So that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening. Stay with us folks not want to miss this one. We're going to be continuing to cover the topic of the world be healing

I'm Mark pass yo this is what on earth is happening We'll be right back after these words.

Okay, welcome back everyone. This is what on earth is happening on your host Mark tests to my website What on earth is happening calm for those want to follow along with the associated images that go along with the concepts and ideas I'm going to be discussing here on the show today. Go to what on earth is happening calm,

click on the radio show tab. And underneath the player for the show, you'll see images for today's show. I got these up kind of late today. So if you don't see them, just refresh the page. And there are nine images there that you can click on nine numbered links that you can click on that will bring up a mini slideshow and you could follow along with the image. So

I want to give the call in numbers before we get started on the topic for today. And you can feel free to call in at any time I will attempt to watch the switchboard and take some calls today.

We haven't gotten to a lot of calls recently. So hopefully some people will call in and chime in on the concept of worldview healing and worldview. In general, the calling number for the show is 866-841-1065 once again, 8668 for 11065. We're talking today about worldview healing. And this is the topic that I introduced last week as the primary

practical solution for change in consciousness for positive change in consciousness, which I listed 10 methods which we're going to tackle in order over the next many weeks here on what on earth is happening. So the first we looked into last week is worldview healing. And today isn't going to be so much a whole lot of new information as it is going to be a review of what worldview healing is all about, and how to really go about making that happen in our lives, and it's really the APOE fabric path. I said that at the beginning of last week's show, and touched briefly upon it at the end. But it can't cannot be overemphasized how much worldview healing is not really about taking a whole lot of new things into oneself. As much as it is about letting go of things that do not serve us as a species do not serve us as individuals at all because they are illusory, they are based in fear, they are primarily flawed, fundamental axioms of belief that we need to shed that we need to remove like veil that are obscuring our eyes from the light This is the apathetic method of awakening, okay, we looked into the concept of what apotheosis is that spelled A p o p h, a si es apotheosis, you can go back into the shows where we covered natural law, which is where I introduced this concept of apotheosis to understand what apotheosis actually is and how we can employ it in our lives. It is one of the most powerful methods for awakening ourselves and helping others to awaken because it shows us that again, and I've said this of countless number of times, it is so much more about what we have to stop doing and believing in than it is what we need to actually do, and the put into action and to accept anything new, we are addicted to erroneous belief systems, okay. And we're addicted to the concept that things have always simply been this way. And there's no choice in the matter that it's just an endless program that is running. And it's always going to be this way, when that is simply not true. That axiom itself is on true change is possible, because we are the ones who are holding this system up through our beliefs in its primary tenets, which are money and authority, what I call the great religions of universal slavery, the great slave religions,

that's what these are, these are two completely illusory, erroneous ideas that crept their way into the construct of the human mind and set themselves up as viruses. And people continue to go along with these belief systems with these religions, which is what they are. That's why I'd say religion is the father of all mind control, it is the father of all slavery

a belief system for which one has no actual evidentiary basis, just blindly accept, because it was told to them and and they accept it on just on its face. Okay, prime aphasia, acceptance,

well, that person said that their perceived authority figure and therefore it must be true

an acceptance of a claim, we're going to talk about that a lot today, how these things are claims and then other people simply accept the claim that is made that is erroneous to begin with. Okay, so we looked last week at worldview healing I that's slide number one, if you're following along with the slides. And we talked about how what this basically is, is changing how we perceive ourselves and others in this world, our relationships to each other. And that's a very difficult thing to do. Because these are conquer ties, belief systems, in some cases, and people and no matter how much they suffer, they want to hold on to the way they see the world, because it's all they know.

And that's really going to bring more and more suffering to them until their ego caves in Finally, if it does, within their current lifetime, and they have deemed that they have suffered enough. And finally, they let go of their preconceived notions and their erroneous beliefs, and say, I'm ready to change, I'm ready to accept the truth, because I want to now go off on it on a seeking of the truth on a search for truth, and the subsequent discovery there of it's not about believing anything, it's about searching for truth, and discovering that which is, and again, this goes back to the idea if you don't believe there's any such thing as truth, if you don't think truth exists, you're doomed from the beginning. Because that means you're a solid obsessed, and you think that it is only perception that governs this reality. And nothing could be farther from the truth. There are laws that govern this reality. And we talked about that in the section on natural law. So if you're new to this, and these ideas sound like you know, they're too difficult for you to grasp. Just, you know, based on what I'm saying here today, you have to understand that this knowledge is based upon prerequisite information that you can get by going back to the earlier podcasts and listening from the beginning, when people tell me where should I start with this information, I say jumping in and podcast number 80, or, or, you know, 85 is probably not going to be the best thing to do for you, you need to go back and listen from number one start at the beginning, that's the best place to start. Because these are building blocks, and the the top portions of these floors rest upon the foundations that are at the bottom level. So this is a tapestry, and it's actually a linear tapestry that's being woven. And, you know, it's not saying you wouldn't get anything valuable from listening, you know, at this point, but you would, it would really, really bring so much more value and make a whole lot more sense if you had the prerequisite knowledge that is in the former podcasts. So I recommend that for listeners that may be new to the show.

Moving on to image number two, I break down the word diagnosis and what diagnosis really is, which is really what worldview healing is all about. It's taking an honest look at ourselves, and then making an accurate diagnosis about the fundamental causal nature of the problems that we are experiencing as a people. So we'll look at diagnosis on the other side of this break. Stay with us, everyone, you're listening to what on earth is happening, we'll be right back.

We're back everyone, this is what on earth is happening on your host, Marc pass yo. Today on the show, we're talking about continuing to talk about world as one of the primary solutions oriented approaches toward healing in consciousness and affecting true positive change in our world.

He talked about this concept as being related to shamanism, being a form of shamanism. One of the

techniques of shamanism, I guess, you could say on the last show. And part of this is making an accurate diagnosis about what the actual causal nature's of the problems that we are experiencing are, and then how to go about changing them how to go about fixing them. So slide number two shows what a diagnosis is. And of course, we look at the language that is derived from which is Greek. But the image there is kind of like a piece of dark humor, a snarky image about a doctor taking a look at a patient and saying that he's done a thorough examination. And it's safe to say that there is absolutely no sign of goodness in the patient. I came across this searching for some images on diagnosis, and thought that it was kind of appropriate in a in a dark, kind of humorous way. But I think there is really good in our species. That's the whole point of this is to show that, you know, if our worldview is that we are not really good, and that we are fundamentally flawed, we talked about this last week, we're not going to really be able to see the solution, we're going to think that it is just eternally hopeless, and the people are just fundamentally flawed from it from the inception. And if we hold that view and really believe in that view, then we we're going to ultimately fall into the next aspect of dark worldview, which is believing that change is not possible. So this is kind of what the dark occultist want, how they want us to think that there's no good and others, okay, that there is that we're fundamentally flawed, and in thinking that way, will abandon hope. And we will not actually try to get to the causal factors, try to get to an understanding of the causal factor so that we can affect

change from the causal level, which is what making the diagnosis is all about more than this, it shows that the, the real way to affect change is not by ignoring the negative, you have to look at the problem most of all in yourself, which ties into the thing that I really want to talk about today, which is lying to yourself. The concept of cognitive dissonance, which is, the first method of getting out of a dark world view, is stop lying to yourself. If you continue to do this, you're not really initiating yourself onto the path of truth, you're not really initiating yourself onto the path of the stellar man, as is called in the mystery traditions, specifically, the hermetic mystery tradition.

And that's really what we're talking about is setting off on a path of spiritual discovery. And diagnosis is something that allows us to look at the problem and not flinch in fear,

because we're using a method of inquiry that is based in knowledge. And again, the apathetic inquiry is extremely powerful in this because what you're really trying to find out is what should not be there, what needs to be removed, what is creating the problem where the innovation and then work on removing that,

okay, if there's a lack of something that does need to be there, then you need to put that thing there. Like in the case of malnutrition, if you're not getting enough nutrient density, you need to put it there. But I don't care how much nutrient density is there. If you're continuing to put poisons in and you're not working on removing those poisons, you're going to get sick.

The same goes with belief systems. If you're continuously putting fundamentally poisonous beliefs into the mind, the mind is going to be sick, no matter how much positive information you're exposed to. And that's what's going on. Today, we're drowning in a sea of poison worldview.

So many people are pumping out poisonous and erroneous notions because they think that they're the arbiter of the truth. And that they can make up what reality is, instead of actually trying to discover what is true, they think that they can start that the universe is a certain way, and that makes it so we're going to talk about that a little bit later. People who think that they're the arbiter of truth, okay, which is another extremely poisoned worldview. And it's it as poisonous to accept their claims. So part of worldview healing is stop believing in erroneous claims that have no basis in fact,

and we can only do that if we understand what is true and what is not true. The getting to the idea to getting to the understanding of the difference between truth and fantasy,

okay. And again, part of this is a diagnosis of what the problems are and dia which is the first part of the word diagnosis di in Greek Delta EOD alpha means through, or by way of,

Okay, and then gnosis gn O is in English, that's gamma, new omega sigma, eo to sigma in Greek means knowledge. So when we put these two Greek words together, Dr. And gnosis we get through knowledge were by way of knowledge, that is how we acquire the solution, because we have acquired understanding of what the fundamental nature of the problem is. And again, on day one, I quoted from Mark Phillips, who had that great quote, in transformation of America, that the way to solve problems is by acquiring as much information about the nature of the problem as possible.

I apologize, folks, my internet connection seems to have dropped out there, I think I'm back online. So I was talking about

rising up the

facts manifestation, getting to the level of causes treating the problem from there because of the mind

is being generated. And then that's going into manifestation through our actions and creating the world in which we live in. We can't ever treat the problem by in the realm of effects, we have to get to the plane of causes. We'll be right back.

Okay? We're back.

This is what on earth is happening on your host, Mark Pascoe, I apologize for the technical problem in the last segment, hopefully, the connection will be rock solid from here on out.

So we're talking about diagnosis, how to make an accurate diagnosis. And really, this starts with being honest with oneself, which

is why the very, very first method of initiation, which I'm going to cover some of those methods, recover them again, in when we get to slide number three is stop lying to yourself. Because if you continue to lie to yourself, and exist in a state of cognitive dissonance, okay, existing in a perpetual Dream Land within your own mind, believing yourself to be the arbiter of truth versus a seeker of Truth, then

you're never going to get to the causal factors that are creating the problems in your life or, or in the world. Okay, so when we look at the doctor patient relationship here, on slide number two,

in reference to the word diagnosis, we have to understand that we are both of those characters, we are the patient and the doctor, okay, we have to make the diagnosis about what the imbalances within ourselves, ultimately our and do them in an honest way, which is very difficult to do to see the lower case as self objectively,

we have to make a fundamental shift from seeing ourselves the way we usually see ourselves to sing our songs from a higher level perspective, the perspective of the higher self. And that's a fundamental shift in world view in perspective, and how we see through the lenses that we see through and ultimately, we need to remove the lenses that we see through so that we have a clear line of sight direct, with no obscuration in between our eyes and what we are viewing

then we will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. And that will be done through knowledge once we have accepted truth.

And we have the building blocks for knowledge.

That's what the grammar and logic part of the trivia is all about.

arrival at understanding will only happen through knowledge and the accurate processing of that knowledge, taking the blinders off and seeing things as they actually are, versus how we want to perceive them, or how we wish they should.

Okay, we dropped out again, for a few seconds saw I got back in right away that time. But I'm not quite sure why this is occurring. And hopefully,

if it's a problem at Oracle's and they're taking a look at it. But it may simply be my connection here. So that is very unusual. Usually my connections rock solid, so I apologize for that. Once again,

going back to initiation. These five steps have generally been observed in every ancient mystery tradition regarding list of what they are, and they're in no particular order, okay, they all have to really be done simultaneously, and they are stopped lying, especially to yourself, stop dreaming or existing in the state of cognitive dissonance, learn how to think meaning employee, the methods of the trivial and Quadro VM and other methods of the discovery of truth, look at yourself as a truth seeker and learn how to think according to a logical and intuitive processes combined, okay, and then live in the present moment, true present moment awareness, something we haven't really gotten to talking much about, but we will in future weeks and activating the physical body, meaning get the poisons out and get the good stuff in. And we're going to be talking about food coming up on the show, and hopefully bring on some guests to talk about nutrition and to talk about what we should be putting into our minds, you know, who do you pay attention to? Who do you listen to? What kind of information do you take into yourself on a daily basis, that's just as important as the food that we eat

version of this, we talked about what a poisoned version of this looks like. And we also talked about what a healed view a healed worldview looks like. So I won't be recovering these three things, except to basically say that until we address each one of these within ourself, and this is all something that is an internal work, it's done within ourselves. It's not something we really so much do outside in the world. As far as our actions go, this has to do with getting our mind right and take reclaiming ownership of our own mind, as opposed to giving over our thoughts to all of the negative and poison influences around us. So this is part of work that we must do upon ourselves, to change how we see things in the world. And if that work isn't done, all of our actions are going to be colored by the worldview that we hold, and therefore they're always going to be geared toward chaos. They're never going to be geared to to any

what any positive method for creating change that we say we want to experience in our life, we're going to continue to experience self inflicted suffering. For as long as we hold those poisoned worldviews. When we can abandon those poison worldviews and take on a more positive view of our relationship to others in our world and to the world as a whole, then through that healing process, we're going to be able to create a more positive manifestation in the world and we looked at the two concepts that I call the holy and unholy, Trinity's This is also all about work view. Because if if we understand that the real sacred Trinity exists within us, and is all about consciousness, and it's all about the aspects of consciousness, that are at work within ourselves and we stop externalising these things which is what religion, world religions, and also religion as far as what the two great religions that I talk about, of the two religions of slavery are, they always want to get us to externalize these things, okay. And ultimately, that is attempting to externalize your personal responsibility for what you create in this world. That is ultimately what all religion is attempting to do get people to believe that they can somehow hand over personal responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and actions. And this cannot be done that is an illusion, you cannot hand away those responsibilities for what you think how you feel, and how you act, you own them, whether you like it or not, whether you want to or not, whether you want to give them away or not, you were stalled, currently responsible for those three aspects of consciousness and you can never be separated from them. They can exist in turmoil, and confusion and opposition within yourself, but they are always yours. Get over it. That's how it is.

And most people see that as the biggest problem in life. They want to abandon these things, they do not want to claim personal responsibility or ownership over these three things. And that is the the most dangerous problem when it comes to world view.

This is what worldview healing is all about, is understanding that this is what the Trinity is, these three things are what you are actually made of, and how you express yourself in the three dimensional reality in which you live, which is why this court these two aspects correspond to our three dimensional realm.

And ultimately, you need to know definitively that you can never abandon these things in yourself. No matter how much you attempt to it's all folly and illusion to even attempt to do that you own these things

they are yours while you were in your your body while you were in this manifestation in this incarnation,

you need to claim ownership of them

and you need to take personal responsibility for these things then you need to bring them into alignment and remove contradictions between these things as they exist within me that is getting to the state of non duality

no opposition within the self we're going to talk about this a little bit more on the other side you're listening to

what on earth is horrible don't go

after radio network is

welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening on your host Mark pasa we're talking today about world.

In the last segment, I started to talk about

the concepts contained on slide number five, and what on earth is happening website, on the radio show page underneath the player

Holy Trinity

is that which we carry within ourselves, that is not something that is externalised to ourself,

it is the mind body spirit connection. It is our thoughts our emotions and our actions. And on this slide you see the correspondences, our thoughts associated with the mind arising in the mind, and not specifically the brain, the mind which is outside of the brain, okay,

it the brain is the physiological antenna or mechanism through which the mind functions. But it is not the mind itself. This is the creative principle, or the father of this Trinity, the essence of it, everything exists as thought before it manifests. This is the first hermetic principle the principle of mentalism which we talked about in the Natural Law Section,

our emotions, the spirit in which we do our actions in which we take action in the world,

an internal aspect of consciousness that is experienced within this is the feminine principle as such, and it is the sacred mother of the Trinity that is within us our actions is the byproduct or the byproduct of our thoughts, and our emotions taken with the body, done with the body is an externalised principle

or a masculine one. And as such, it is the child of our

mind, our thoughts combined, or the father combined with the emotions or the mother aspect to give birth to this child, which is male is a son, okay, the male child is action.

This is the real Trinity. And that's where a fundamental worldview shift must begin. If we don't start the world view shift with the understanding that these three aspects of consciousness are the Trinity, and it exists within us, it is not something that is external to ourselves. And we need to take ownership and responsibility for these three aspects of our consciousness. Because if we don't, then our consciousness is actually being controlled, and therefore we are being controlled through it like a puppet from someone else, that we have attempted to hand over that responsibility, the responsibility for these three aspects of consciousness to and I say attempted, because they can never really be handed over to anyone else. We could only say that we want to hand them over and tell someone else that yes, you have the the right. And, and I am giving you the responsibility for these things. But that will never make it so.

And it's, it's a cop out ultimately. And it's all about people wanting to stay at a level of spiritual, mental, and emotional immaturity. So the unholy trinity, the exact opposite of these three sacred aspects of consciousness within ourself is what we're all to gladly be willing to act as the receiver of that attempt to give away responsibility and to take take that you know those aspects and use them for their own gain and benefit.

And of course, it really is an illusion, it's not something that

can take those things from us, it will claim that it can, we will, in our rush to give those things away, to give the responsibility for our thoughts, our emotions and our actions away as a people will claim that, yes, I can give that I can give these aspects of myself over to these externalize the authorities, and people will will believe that continue to believe it, but that doesn't make it actually real, or how it actually works. Okay, it's still an illusion, it's still folly, it's still something that you're attempting to do the can't really be done, in actuality, it can't be done in the realm of actual truth in the fantasy worlds that we've created for ourselves. Yes, we can give away responsibility all day long. But in actual reality,

we always possess responsibility for our own our own thoughts, emotions, and actions. And that responsibility can never be given to any other being because we own it, whether we like it, admit it, want it to be that way, or not irrelevant.

So we looked at on if you're looking at the slides, this is image number six. Last week, we talked about this Trinity also being related or corresponding to this family of father, mother and child, and ultimately what controls at all as the dominating father figure, which is religion, and I don't mean the world religions, yes, that exists as part of this control structure that is in place, but I'm not talking about religions with an S, okay, as far as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. That's not what this word religion, capital, all capitals, is referring to hear. This is the concept of religion,

keeping people back, tying them back, binding them from truth, the concept of getting them to believe in illusions and lies and deceptions in general is religion. Now, will world religions fall into that as a subcategory? Sure, we talked about how they're all actually Astro theology in disguise. And the Astro theology is only there to keep people from the real core or seed of truth that is contained within them, but has been completely covered over by all of these cover stories, wrapped in Astro theological metaphors that you need to break past even that esoteric tradition to get down to the very seed of truth that lies deep, deep, deep down within them. And that's what dominates have to do is, is veil of that truth with all of these stories and, and deceptions, to get people to focus on things that are external to the self so that they never do any real corrective work, never make a diagnosis, and then never change the world view and therefore change the manifestation. That's how dark occult ism works. That's how it accomplishes its work. As such, they have essentially created all of the world religions, this is the father This is the old world order, how they used to control things direct,

right to rule it, given to the kings and rulers, by God Himself, herself itself, whatever

the divine right of kings, this was known as religion as a concept is the ultimate thought control, it perpetuates ignorance because it is based upon belief, not the search for truth, as we've looked at it is ultimately controlled as is this world by a dark occult priest class. And I proved this in an image I'm going to put up again, which is from Bohemian Grove and show you where their mindset is these dark occultist religions, the essence of all mind control, and it was the old world order direct rulership over subjects simply by a claim of authority. And then those subjects subsequently believing in that claim. Money is the mother of this Trinity. It's what the system one of control wants to get us to care about, and focus all of our attention and energy upon as such, it is the new God it is the God that is given to the subjects to be ruled by the father, Dominator occult priest class,

that is the religion that they have made to institute their form of control, it ultimately supplants and is higher than all of the world's religions with an S the little religions This is one of the slave religion, one of the two major slave religions, capital, our

overarching belief systems, and fundamental illusions and false flawed fundamental axioms that have nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

I call money, the ultimate religion because more people believe in it than any other religion on Earth, even authority. More people believe in money than believe in authority.

less people can see through the illusion of money, then can see through the religion of government or authority.

Government is the child and this is the pecking order

Okay, it's in order for a reason. Religion is the highest level of control money is the intermediate level and government is at the bottom it's ruled by money and then by the occultist, the religious who rule the entire package order

government is based on bodily control perpetuates cowardice, and is based on the erroneous belief in authority which is what I'm going to talk about on the other side of this break we'll be right back Don't go anywhere

Welcome back everyone.

This is what on earth is happening on your host Mark Casio

talking about worldview,

okay, we're back I dropped off again, not again, not sure why that is occurring. It seems to be happening intermittently. But we're talking about the government, the

two great world religions, money and government and these are

exists underneath the ultimate control mechanism, which is religion, which is getting people to subscribe to a belief which has no basis in truth.

And we were looking at government as the child of the father and mother, religion and money.

And it is based upon this erroneous belief that there is authority in man, that there's authority in human beings, that human beings can set themselves up as the makers of law and as such that they can set themselves up as the arbiters of truth

because natural law is not based on what we think are our perceptions based on

truth. It's based in creation. We didn't put it there.

The terms of morality are not dictated by man. They can be discovered by man, the laws of morality, but they cannot be made by man. So a lawmaker sees himself as the arbiter of truth

because he thinks he can make something moral, by decreeing it or make something immoral by decreasing

we talked in the natural law section about how ridiculous the concept of the laws of men even is,

because if a law of man is in harmony with natural law, it's completely redundant.

Because it's like stating that something is true. Yes, stating the two plus two is four

is true. But you wouldn't make a law saying that two plus two is four. That's just simply true.

You can make a law saying two plus two is three all you want, it's never going to make it three.

And people can believe in that law. But if it's not in harmony with natural law, no one is duty bound, or has any moral obligation to believe in it or obey it.

Therefore, whether man's law is in harmony with natural law or not, it is irrelevant, because ultimately, man didn't put natural law into position and he is not the arbiter of truth to decide what is right or what is wrong. He's only in a position to make a discovery regarding what is right and what is wrong. And those things are not changeable. They're not subjective, regardless of how many people want to think or claim that they are. This is the whole problem with life on earth is that people think that morality is somehow subjective and not objective is not based on objectivity. reality.

Natural Law is based on objective reality and truth. It has nothing whatsoever to do with opinions, likes, dislikes,

anything of the sort,

this is what we're moral relativism, relativism,

the idea that we can make up what's right or wrong depending on what we like what we're comfortable or uncomfortable with nonsense

so we're going to look at how this is all illusion and how to get out of it on the other side we'll be right back

welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host Martin has to my website What on earth is happening calm want to put it all together numbers again,

anybody wants to call in talk about worldview and worldview healing call the number is 866-841-1065 once again, 866-841-1065

talking about the illusions of religion. And I mean, the great religions, not the lesser religions, I'm talking about the real belief systems that are holding humanity back from evolving and consciousness and ultimately they are money and government or the belief in authority

which is ruled ultimately by the belief in money because as we know financial institutions control governments, but what are the financial institutions ultimately controlled by and that is a priest class and I proved that last week according to their own world view, not mine their own worldview, proving their pecking order and their hierarchy as they have set it up

with the image I showed up Bohemian Grove which I'm going to analyze again today a little bit more in depth

we have to understand the illusion of these belief systems and get out of that illusion realizing that they're simply fake there's nothing else really to be said here they're false they're based on fit complete lies deceptions they're based on claims that have no basis have no fundamental routing in any facts whatsoever.

And as such, they need to be abandoned we need to say no to them apotheosis means saying, No,

remove all of that which is harming us, which is acting as a poison, getting it out, getting rid of it. That's it. These aren't systems which need reform their systems which need to be abandoned, because they are poison,

they are based on poisoned worldviews that cannot help us not that they just don't help us, they are not capable of doing any good in the world.

And that's why they're called illusion, which is why I want to pause here on slide number seven for a moment to get into the green language of the word illusion.

And this is a concept many people dismiss completely think that there's no basis for it, don't understand the power of words, the power of language, the living dynamic of language, and words, and will dismiss the power of the actual ways that we speak a word and the actual vibratory energy that comes out of our mouth, when we speak it, what we're actually saying, and how this works out in English, above all other languages. That's why English is the ultimate green language,

or what has been traditionally called an occult schools of thought, the language of the birds or the bards,

because it's an angelic language. It's a language that is telling us truth, through the vibratory energy of the words that we are speaking, if we only quiet our left brain, analytical mind enough to see the pattern illusion is the word ill us an ion

put together, Ill is being sick,

having a sickness us means all of us, the collective group of humanity, and I on an ion is a charged particle,

meaning the energy that is within us is sick because of illusion, because we are in illusion. And I also if we then extrapolate IO, N, and take the I ok, to mean either I, myself, the higher self, and on, which is a word that in the ancient world meant light, okay, the light within myself, within all of us, the collective I have, all of us is ill due to illusion. And,

again, people I understand not everybody thinks that green languages real again, that will never make it not real, okay? Because words have intrinsic vibratory energy, and they're telling us something all the time, it's just are we receptive enough to hear it.

So that which is us at the place of the eye eye on as we saw was a word a green language word used to in reference to the all seeing eye

consciousness, the internal aspects of consciousness within us, when someone was awakened, when someone had the light within themselves turned on, they would call that the opening of the third eye,

the Asha chakra, if you will,

the balancing of the brain hemispheres coming together to activate the pineal gland, and to activate the entire brain holistically.

And then activated at the prefrontal cortex, which is the center of conscience and creativity,

turning the eye on.

So illusion is that which is making us sick in the third eye.

And that's exactly what illusion is. And if you could see it in the word right in the word, or you have to do is write it down on a piece of paper and break it down, and then look at the components and we'll see what you have

that's called Green language. This is a cult language

and scoff at it all you want, scoff at it all you want. For those who think that words don't work like this.

We're constantly being told I'm going to talk about the concept of being told what is going on and continuing to ignore it

a powerful experience with that late in this week.

But let's look at image number eight quickly to show you that these illusions are at the very front forefront of humanity, taking people to a place that they have no idea where they're being taken to. And it is the dark New World Order

the brave new world as the occultist like to call it and look at it, okay, and how they see themselves in this pecking order. This image number eight on the website, here is an image from Bohemian Grove in 1904,

posted online by believe a family member whose elder father was an attendee at the grove at the Bohemian club attended in the late 1800s and 1900s, and then subsequently died. These images were found and posted online. And they did a service to humanity by doing that, because it gives you an insight into the dark occult worldview, which very few people ever have the experience of having, even at this level, let alone at the level I experienced that dark world view at

by being a part of it at a very low level.

But this is how the psychopaths mind works. It is shown in the image behind them taken in this picture at a artists encampment at the grove in 1904. And the image behind them on that big long banner shows you how they see each other and how they see their control system in place.

And I hear the intro music. So we'll analyze this image on the other side

in the next segment, to show

you to give you a glimpse inside the mock.

That's what we were looking at. Before the break. I apologize Ladies and gentlemen, other drop out there. But we were looking at the image of the Bohemian Grove, okay, the this is all about getting out of erroneous belief systems. This is all about getting out of religious thinking, which is based on belief, not facts, not truth, belief, okay, we need to abandoned abandoned the ideas of money and government. These are the world slavery religions, as I call them, not based, in fact, whatsoever based on erroneous beliefs

and the dark occultist are all too happy to tell you that they are in total control over these religions. They invented them as a matter of fact.

And the image that we were beginning to look at was from bohemian and growth, and it was slide number eight on the What on earth is happening, what website and the radio show section. And

if you look at the banner behind the individuals at the grove, these are cultists that from as early as 1904, you'll see on the right hand side of the image. These are sort of primitive hunter gatherers or nomadic peoples, they're living in harmony with the land, they're using only what they are able to gather on any particular day. The idea of Give us this day, our daily bread, not hoarding for more using what they can on the land, but in a state of balance, which is really the way that we're pretty much meant to

exist in the world,

in a state of equilibrium with nature, not in a state of domination over it, and they put them as the most backwards people on the earth. They're the people at the very back, they need to lead out of their delusional ways, when in fact, it's the exact opposite way,

but I'm in front of them. You have the farmer, you know who's practicing

animal husbandry and, you know,

agriculture. Okay,

then in front of them, you have the masses. Okay, so you have the

slovenly lazy

people at the very back who don't want to be do anything basically, you don't want to be brought forward. That's the image of the fat man there. Okay. Then you have the extremely poor and destitute going forward. You have the middle class and then the aristocracy. Okay. The cultured people

eight and oh where did the money come from who's funding him well obviously the guy has some money himself foster gamble he and his wife put a lot of money into this project obviously I thought it was a great film clearly this guy knows a whole lot about what's going on behind the scenes I don't think that you know his solutions were a hundred percent perfect I think he could have talked a little bit more about natural law and certainly could have put more about via cult or needs something about the occult in he left it to the you know as the top of the hierarchical food chain of control so to speak as the international bankers of course we all know anybody who's paid attention to this show that dark occultists lie behind the monetary system we have proven this time and time again but I think that Gamble knows these things but he did not want to put that in for fear of turning people off to his message for fear of uh that many people would think that's too far out there you know that they're not ready for that you know even though he put some things on extraterrestrial intelligence in there so it was an interesting dynamic but I want to mention talk a little bit about people attacking it on the other side we'll be right back I was born a shotgun behind the girl I'll make my welcome back everyone I'm mark passio this is what on earth is happening before the break we were taking some calls we were continuing to talk about getting out of the destructive habit of self-loathing and developing true self-love and I was starting to talk about thrive the movie thrive a little bit and how many people are attacking it saying oh because this person came from the gamble family of Procter & Gamble that it has to be a deception or some you know disinformation campaign and that this is nonsense I mean just look at the movie watch it for yourself with an open mind he's talking about just about everything that's really going on in the world if you don't agree with every one of his solutions okay not everybody's going to agree on everything you know and many people aren't a hundred percent awake to every aspect of this global takeover of humanity you know he's doing his best he and his wife doing their best to put out what they have discovered and what they do know and they're putting it out there in a format that I think is very exceedingly well done and most people would not be able to do as good of a job is all I have to say and you know that that's what we're dealing with armchair quarterbacks people who haven't lifted a finger who haven't opened their mouth who think that they're know-it-alls but then you know when it comes to actually putting that information back out there as Mike said you know and like I always say the universe has spoken into existence we have to knowing isn't good enough we have to then put it out there for other people you know I asked these people who were complaining about different things when it comes to what other people put out where's your website with hundreds of hours of audio on it where's your documentary that has Hollywood like production values and a phenomenal message you know and you you find out what these people have is a big goose egg that's what they have not you know and they they want to complain about what other people are doing it's it's almost like people who complain about the commercials on this show I don't like commercials any more than anybody else does but I would never for instance let's just give an example here let's say Henrik Palme gran of red ice creations a phenomenal website if people don't know about it you should okay an incredible repository of knowledge with just about every guest you could possibly imagine and Henrik does a great job let's just say he wanted to start putting ads in his podcasts like do you think that I would email him and say it's horrible that you put commercials in your podcast Henrik they're his podcasts he can do what he wants if I'm downloading it I should be grateful that I'm getting the information that this gentleman is taking the time to do this and line up all these guests and the other thing I want to say about commercials is I do not sanction or you know that these commercials have nothing to do with me it's the net on the network and they're not my sponsors they don't necessarily agree with what I'm saying here and I don't necessarily agree with what their products are what they're attempting to sell you I think most of the things that Oracle puts on their site are on their you know radio are pretty decent products but whatever that is neither here nor there I don't have any control over what ads are being placed on Oracle okay so that's the network to pay for bandwidth this is a live radio network ladies and gentlemen try finding out how expensive that is to run okay and let me tell you something I've said before you want to have a live radio show okay and you don't want to have ads to pay for the bandwidth find out how much money that's gonna run out of your own pocket and see if you would be able to do it and if you can wonderful put the network together out of your own on your own dime and get all the great radio hosts lined up and I'll come and do a show on your network that's ad free that you pay for out of your own pocket I haven't seen anybody do it yet so when they put their money where their mouth is they'll be an ad-free commercial free radio network that's live until then okay if you don't want something that's live do it do a podcast and then you don't need commercials in it this show is a live radio show on a live radio network that's why there's ads in it it helps pay for the bandwidth I understand that business model okay whether you agree with it or don't like the ads who cares tough deal with it I'm tired of hearing I'm tired of getting an email I don't want one more email about this it's a waste of my time to even open it it's a live radio network bandwidth costs money right now in the world we live in the end deal with it people in the ancient past had to die die to get this information sometimes to get this information to other people they gave their lives to protect some of the mystery tradition teachings you can't deal with a few commercials that's the kind of problem that we're really facing in the world there's people with that kind of low willpower okay I personally would be able to deal with wade through mountains of junk just to get to the one nugget of gold that I need to hear or see it doesn't matter who's delivering the message how convoluted their way of delivering it may be if I want information I'm gonna go and listen I'm gonna enact my willpower to extract what I need to extract from the person that's giving the message out and I don't let what they look like dissuade me I don't let what the ads on their site or on their podcast dissuade me because that's not what I'm worried about I'll tune that right out if I don't want to deal with it or or hear it you know and it's just it's nonsense it just shows you how little willpower people have out there to really go after information and change themselves they would rather fight fight among themselves that's what all this infighting is all about two people who don't really love themselves who don't really care about really effecting change they just want to point fingers at other people and I'm personally tired of that and don't want to see it continue but you know people you know we're gonna do what they're gonna do so that's my two cents on people who want to attack other people who have made put great information out into the world and they've you know the person attacking him has done nothing or people who want to talk about commercials and why they won't listen to a particular network or show if it has commercials in it it's it's all nonsense and it's all ultimately a big distraction and it ultimately does nothing to advance the cause of human freedom which is what this is supposed to be about let's go back to the calls here we go we'll continue taking calls and let's see here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us here today hello mark it's Bob from Cincinnati a long time great to hear from you how you doing oh it's so good I'm getting my Paseos fix here like everybody else I'm feeling good awesome hey uh in the old days of entertainment people would would say don't read what your critics write about you it will affect your performance please pay no more heed to the emails bloggers and other fools it is a waste of time and you've hit the nail on the head and I've said on that you brought up the name of Neale Donald Walsch about a year or so ago forgiveness of self oh yes what a transformative he wrote something that was transformative in my life because a lot of people can't forgive themselves mark because they reached that that point where I knew better I knew better I knew I knew better butBut Neale Donald Walsch pointed out what instead of focusing on that one should ask what was it that drove me that was the driver at the time that I made that poor or horrid mistake or decision in my life and I can tell you in my world my mistake was fear I was living in a world of fear and that as you pointed out over the last year and a half fear is is not what it's about it's to put with a false polarity perceive polarity of love but you need to be in that's exactly like Bob O'Donnell fault should you stay with us through the break Bob sure great all right folks we'll be right back we'll continue with a call from Bob from Cincinnati and then we'll be getting into a few more other few other things before the end of this edition of what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back after this commercial break [Music] welcome back everyone this is one on earth is happening and I'm your host Mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the last break we were on the line with Bob from Cincinnati who is also talking about the dynamic of forgiveness of self Bobby are you still with us yes sir okay you continue okay yeah but that that Neil Neil Donald Walsh you pointed out is an excellent resource for people if you are seeking forgiveness of self Neale Donald Walsch I believe you said his book was conversations with God yes I believe it's a series of books that are all about these conversations with God this automatic writing that he has experienced the sort of like a channeling of higher consciousness information coming through him and I read these books a while back the first in the trilogy it was a conversations with God books 1 2 & 3 and their very life transformative now again Neale Donald Walsch I don't agree with every single thing that comes through him with his books I don't I think he's somewhat new agey but I have respect for him I don't need to agree with every single thing he says I can take the things that he has put forward in his material and take the things that I resonate with and that I want to put into practice in my own life and and leave whatever I say oh well I think he might need to go a little bit further in his understanding of that aspect or that aspect and not condemn the guy because I don't agree with everything he says he's not an agent I think he's a guy who's trying to help the world he's putting out what he knows he's putting out what's coming through to him from the universe and I think he's doing a great job you know not every single person will have every single picture of the puzzle not even me that's what our task is to learn what we can and bring all the pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle to the table so we can get it all assembled collectively help to chip and change our worldview so that we can really do this self healing and self forgiveness and and develop self-love together and enact a solution for justice so that we can all benefit from that that's what the whole name of the game is and I think Walsh is an excellent resource for people who want to look into higher states of consciousness self healing forgiveness as you said yes he is a great resource and I'm with you mark in the last point I just want to throw three names out there that you mentioned before but I want to put it put him out there and I thank you sir royal Raymond Rice he was the doctor who was hounded and destroyed in the 30s that's Raheem up with fighting cancer and other diseases through frequency and sound waves which they're just picking up on now and so if if he was able to do that they are able to create disease through sounds labor as well so we need to be on guard for that Wilhelm Reich in his organ energy he was hounded and finally murdered I believe in prison Wilhelm Reich orgone energy and then the last one our old favorite nikola tesla ether physics and free energy these three men used the sacred secret of masonry which mark has pointed out and that is care the generative principle the G and the compass and the square the unison of thought emotion and action or knowledge understanding and putting it into action which is wisdom you have to act on it and I've learned that kind of the hard way here at the 11th hour marker I'm sorry five past midnight now that this new criminal legislation trees in this legislation NDAA Oh outrageous mark ladies and gentlemen there's no time left you have to become aware and conscious continue to wake up your friends mark thank you for your voice you are care in action good night sir Bob always a pleasure to hear from you thanks so much for the call absolutely on these three Wizards you could call them these three alchemists using technology for healing purposes using technology for the betterment of humanity all had their very prime understanding of nature-based in resonance resonance okay vibration coming into unison as you said Bob unison in thought emotion and action but these sound waves these vibratory energies that each one of them worked with or it all had to do with resonant frequencies okay and that's what the the dark oak cultists that the dark controllers the one who's one who want to put out all of this poisonous energy and infest the world view of humanity okay they're putting out things to disrupt resonance and to disrupt unity to disrupt unison in our vibratory energy in thought forms because that's what creates disease that's what will continue to keep us in a low state of vibratory consciousness and help to keep us in a state of self-loathing where we won't want to forgive ourselves admit that we were wrong and then simply take the the willful steps to change those actions and behaviors if we really think about it it isn't that difficult it's a shift in perception followed by a shift in action it can be done in any aspect of our lives whether it comes to eating different taking in different forms of media paying attention to different things and people behaving differently you know thinking differently etc holding a different way of seeing ourselves so let me give a few more examples I really want to give some examples okay people who are attached to the way things are to believing that it has to be this way it has to be the way that it always has been if we let up on this level of control over B chaos it's all fear-based thinking as Bob said that's the thing that ultimately all we holds us back his fear that's why we can't forgive ourselves there's something were afraid of that we don't want to admit to ourselves you know look at in the past I gave the example of a cop who was an african-american cop who said that he would enforce segregation if it was enacted into law tomorrow he would oppress other african-american individuals and step on their rights and make them be segregated from the rest of the population if the law writers if the legislators said this is law now because this isn't a person who ultimately cares about himself he can't possibly how could you possibly make a statement that you care about yourself or even anyone else for that matter when you're willing to take totally immoral action just because someone in a position of perceived Authority told you that it was okay it doesn't make a difference what's law what's written down his law by man only makes a difference what's right or wrong this whole belief in authority all ultimately stems from someone who thinks who actually believes in his the base essence of himself that he can ever hand away personal responsibility to another person oh the response I'm just doing my job is the is the tagline that's the mantra of these individuals these self-loathing individuals oh if alcohol segregation came back today and people who had every right to drink a beer today if they told me that was outlawed tomorrow I'd go and bust their head is what that guy would say well if they told you you were allowed to just going indiscriminately kill and rape you'd probably do that too wouldn't you if you're being honest and not lying to yourself the answer is probably yes because somebody like that hates themselves so much that they just want to give away their responsibility to think that's the truth ladies and gentlemen no matter how hard you want to rail against it no matter how hard how much you don't want to accept that reality that is the truth that's the condition that a person like that exists in that they hate personal responsibility they hate thinking for themselves because ultimately they hate themselves that's it no one would ever ever act like that if they didn't hate themselves ever okay the people the the people like soldiers who follow orders and going off to foreign lands to wage imperialistic wars of aggression over natural resources they can't possibly really truly love themselves or anyone else they can make a statement that they do they can claim that they love themselves or someone else but that also will never make it true your actions are ultimately betraying how you really feel you can't have any true self-respect and still do those actions because you're attempting to give away something that you can't ever give away that's a part of yourself that your own personal responsibility to think for yourself and to make your own decisions and you can't ever give that away to another person I'm going to give a couple of other examples on the other side I'm gonna give a personal example on the other side to happen during this holiday break in a couple of weeks that I was on ok and then after that I want to talk about the allegorical television series Seinfeld yes you may have never thought about it that way before but I want to talk about how that's all about not truly forgiving oneself and where that and a capacity Chris geo of truth free [Music] welcome back everyone this is the last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening calm I want to get into two dynamics before I wrap up the show here today I'm going to give an example of self love and self forgiveness really it's the opposite of that unfortunately it's the dynamic of self-loathing and the refusal to forgive oneself and attempt to set things right and do the right thing when you are at a higher level of consciousness and then you're around other members of the family who fail to see what's really taking place fail to really have developed that dynamic of care so that they can truly open their eyes and then change their actions and behaviors it can be difficult but I'll give a personal example without mentioning any names I was at a family member's home who was with a meal that was otherwise fairly decent was drinking aspartame Laden diet a diet drink and I said well look at that ingredient it was diet iced tea you know the powdered diet iced tea mix made with unfiltered water from the tap as well so we're talking about a sludge of chemical cocktail let's let's be honest okay and I said hey you know what that is you know what that's doing and that I've made that this these individuals aware at many other times these are excitotoxin --zz that you shouldn't be putting them into your body in any quantity because they affect the central nervous system in the brain in extremely horrid ways and I said I'll go and make a fresh pitcher of iced rooibos tea bring it over here right now I'll sweeten it whatever you want natural sweetener that I have raw sugar raw agave nectar or some organic stevia extract whatever you want me to put in it I'll put in it to sweeten it if you like it sweet if you like it unsweetened I'll make it that way and I'll go do that right now and bring it over here all you have to do is toss those glasses that you have poured and toss that pitcher and I'll bring over you know a picture of good organic rooibos iced tea and they wouldn't do it now you know I don't live far from these individuals and I was like well what's holding you back from doing that well what that the $3 that you paid for the the tea mix you know I said I'll go give you the bag of tea that I got of organic tea that I have a crop you know at my home and you can have the remainder of it to make your own iced tea all I want you to do is toss that because you're hurting yourself wouldn't do it couldn't admit that they were wrong couldn't admit that they're doing something that's harmful that's poisonous and just even if there's an alternative that even tastes better just didn't want to admit it to themselves and I said you know I just want to know what that is why can't you admit that what you're doing is harmful and you know what it all comes down to is it's not even just ego that they don't want to admit that they're wrong it's that they don't care enough about themselves they don't really have care of self to want to develop the desire to want not to do that they don't care about what they're putting into their body because they truly don't love themselves and this was so much as admitted when I was pressing the individual to say you know why won't you develop the desire to want to do something that you know is better for yourself and they basically said I just don't care enough I don't care about myself that much they basically said that that was their answer and it was honest at least I I actually left not feeling bad because at least there was that honesty at least they had gotten out of that very first step of stopping lying to themselves they weren't continuing the light of themselves about why they were doing it which is what you know I was actually looking at the positive aspect of that even though it's a horrible thing to say I don't even care about myself enough to stop drinking something that I pretty much know to be poison you know I'd rather I'd rather have the convenience and the and and the good taste in the moment and the the the habit that I know rather than you know make that little bit of effort to confront the unknown and try something new and changed my habit you know exercise that little bit of will to change the existing habit at least they were honest to say the reason I don't want to do that they they weren't biessing me hey they weren't just blowing smoke up the rear end of the person who was calling them on it okay they were saying the truth they were saying I really don't care about myself enough to make that change and I thought that was refreshing honesty dark as it may be see that's maybe where it starts maybe it just starts with stop lying to yourself say the truth even if it's dark say the truth even if it means that in the moment in the current conditions you have a long long way to go start from where you're at okay so that's that I'll leave that dynamic of self-loathing and versus self forgiveness there for now because I just want to briefly talk about Seinfeld and why I have an image of the four major characters of the former US TV series very popular TV series Seinfeld on the image number eight on the on the website and this is because this is actually a Kabbalistic allegory about what happens when people stop caring about themselves or anyone else see they say that this was the show about enough but it wasn't really it was actually a very involved allegory about callousness and apathy okay and the individuals who write this show study and practice Kabbalah okay the gentleman who plays Kramer I believe it's Michael Richards is a high-level freemason Jerry Seinfeld studies Kabbalah okay these individuals are attempting to make an allegory that they are putting out there to the American public to show them what path we as a people in this country are on the last episode is the tell-tale sign after all of the episodes the many seasons were these four individuals notice there are only four not five okay earth air water and fire the material elements the four material world elements but lacking the fifth lacking the spirit or the quintessence or the essence the soul these people are highly worldly obsessed trapped in in ego they are apathetic to the needs and sufferings of their fellow human beings and in the last episode they witness direct suffering they witness somebody being accosted and hijacked and beaten and they just callously disregard it laugh at it when they could have done something to stop it or they could have done something to get the person help they just go about their business they ignore it because they don't care they don't care about themselves or anyone else they don't have any self-respect they don't have any self-love true self love so what ends up happening is they go to jail under a Good Samaritan Law now I'm not picking up for like the idea of the court puts them away okay what it's showing you allegorically is that this is humanity these four individuals are representative of humanity and in abandoning their care in abandoning their conscience in giving in to the murderer of conscience and care which is apathy okay not caring they have effectively landed themselves in a prison cell and that's how the television series ended this is an allegory it's a allegory about the mystery traditions of consciousness it's an allegory about natural law and Freemasonry and Kabbalah and all of the other ancient mystery traditions showing you that if you abandon the generative principle of care you always end up in a prison so the last slide on the page and image number nine is just reflecting that very dynamic that the true opposite of goodness is not really evil it's what leads to evil which is apathy if we do not forgive ourselves and start caring about ourselves and other people the only place we can possibly end up is in a state of enslavement but that is our choice in the moment and that's what we have to reflect upon and make this great prophecy year of 2012 be about that very choice about whether we're going to start truly caring for ourselves and others that's all we have time for folks we'll see you next week on what on earth is happening stick around Rudra sever are the world's first and only Swift gold