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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe freedom for all mankind that is what this show is about welcome everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark Topacio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday January 15 2012 and we have a great show lined up for you here today going to be continuing our ongoing discussion of solutions oriented approaches solution oriented approaches regarding the problems of human consciousness and today on the show we're going to be discussing our second practical grassroots solution that anyone can employ in their own life today we will be talking about changing the quality of our attention the mental food that we take into our mind which is just as important arguably more important even than the physical substances which we take into our body on a daily basis we have to really monitor and know what it is that we are taking into ourselves through information and media so that's coming up on the show in a little bit also be taking calls in the second hour the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five you can call and get in the queue and we'll be taking calls like I just said in the second hour of the show today I do have a couple of really quick event announcements the first is the free documentary screening and discussion evening the truth freedom prosperity and activist group here in Philadelphia holds at them on the last Wednesday of every month is coming up January 25th 2012 at 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau Studios here in Philadelphia that's in the Northern Liberties section of the city on the corner of 4th and Brown 725 North fourth Street this maaan we'll be showing the film about human psychopathy and people taking SSRI drugs to numb out their emotions it's a dual edged film partly about psychopathy partly about the dangers of antidepressant pharmaceuticals it's called IM fish head IM fish head again as I said last week a very strange name but if you check out this great documentary you'll understand why it is named that way the second event announcement is that I will be appearing on the Bob Tuscon show this this coming week it will be Wednesday January 18th at 8 p.m. Bob tusk and another great radio show host here on the Oracle Network his show is live every weeknight from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern Time and I'll be on with Bob this Wednesday January 18th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern you won't want to miss that well we're coming up to the first break so we'll see everyone on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the topic today as part of our our ongoing discussion of solution oriented approaches or what I have called the way out is going to be changing the quality of our attention and really understanding what that means and what it will take to truly do that so if you'll go to my website on the radio show page of the website underneath the player as usual there are some images for the show today these are slides that I prepare that go along with the concepts and ideas that we'll be discussing there's 13 images up there for today's show you can click them and get a small slideshow presented with a small slideshow with those images so image number one again simply is the slide for the section of this radio show presentation that I simply entitled the way out which is all about solutions image number two is a recap of the ten overarching solutions that I have proposed that we actually undertake in order to change consciousness here on the earth so we'll be talking about these one at a time probably one or more shows dedicated to each one of these I've done three shows on worldview healing and today will be the first show on the change of our quality of attention the other solutions listed of course developing true present moment awareness which will be coming up very soon changing our diet because what we take into our body physically goes absolutely hand-in-hand with the mental food that we take in as I've already said these are kind of twin solutions if you will they go hand in hand with each other they complement each other you cannot really decide you're just going to change your diet and not really do anything about the type of information that you take in because these are all simply forms of energy and vibration that we are taking into ourselves so chain wanting to make your physical health better is not going to go as far as it will if you also change the quality of your attention and that's why I'm doing changing the quality of your attention first before we even look at changing your diet because really getting your head right is even more important than getting your body right as critical as getting your body right is and how that goes hand-in-hand with the mind if we don't understand what we should be paying attention to again as we talked about on past shows attention is a form of spiritual currency that's why we say pay attention what will we be spending our time looking into this will largely determine our worldview it will largely determine how we view ourselves and others and it will also largely determine how we act in the world toward ourselves and each other it will largely determine our behavior based that is based upon what we have taken in as mental food so changing diet will be coming up detaching from the monetary system to the extent that it is within our possibility to do so the non support of those who support the dominator culture ok the non support of dominators the people who are with their very actions with their body that they have sold to the state assuring in the dark New World Order and how we can basically combat the actual view of that as something that is in some way necessary or in some way something that we should be respectful of ok so we'll be looking at how to go about showing people that we should not be supporting these dominators people who think that control is something that needs to be in place in the world in any form other than self control ok so also be looking at mindfulness and methodologies of meditation we'll be looking at using entheogens what is traditionally known as psychedelics in a conscious context the power of positive thinking trying to stay positive through dark times and then we'll be looking at the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with knowledge and that's putting that knowledge back out there into the world even though you've taken it in and you may know that's not the end of the journey that's the beginning of it putting it out there into the world for others to help awaken them is part of the responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with having awoken yourself so with that having been said let's jump into the topic for today which is presented here on slide number three changing the quality of our attention and there is sort of a tongue-in-cheek image there about where most people in the world happen to be particularly in Western society you see the typical couch potato lying back in a recliner with the beer in hand and the television remote control this is unfortunately where the quality of our attention as a people as a whole still lies largely and that's a very sad thing but it's something that could be changed it is not something that has to be that way this is a choice this is something that we can change through an act of our personal will willpower and care plays a huge role in this aspect of change it plays a huge role in this aspect of the total solution so changing the quality of our attention is one of the mechanisms it is one of the methodologies that can actively be employed by us and we have almost total control over it now we can talk about sources of information and how that could be in some ways limited if you're only paying attention to mainstream media of course but if you broaden your horizons from that and you go into other forms of media there is so much information out there from such an eclectic variety of sources that it is almost entirely within your control what and who you pay attention to and before we go any further with that let me just tell you that one of the very first things that is talked about in the occult when you are initiated into a specific occult tradition or school one of the very first things that they will get into is where does the information you are going to be paying attention to come from who do you listen to is one of the first things talked about and discussed okay they know this they know that the quality of your attention has everything to do with how you're going to behave what you're actually going to do in life and this is both light and dark schools of occultism it is not limited to just a particular school of the occult or a particular mystery school branch okay this is all forms of occultism even in the dark occult it is one of the things that was talked about and discussed primarily it's where is the information you're going to be paying attention to coming from what are the what is the overall picture that you're going to get as a result of taking that information into yourself as part of your mental diet okay so that's number one who do you pay attention to we'll be talking about some of the poisoned information stream as I like to call it versus getting on to a healthy pure stream of information okay that's coming up we'll be right back after these messages folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio today on the show we're discussing changing the quality of our attention attention as we've already said is a form of spiritual currency when we pay it we get something in return and what we get in return for the attention that we pay depending on what we are paying it to and to whom we are paying it to we will receive a certain form of change okay so this is these are all monetary terms okay we pay attention we get change in return okay what kind of change that will be will be directly related to what or who we paid attention to and incorporate it into ourselves and thus changed as a result so you could understand how imperative it is that we get our mind out of the muck so to speak that we get our mind away from the poisonous information stream that is out there and it is ever-present and ever flowing okay we're going to be talking about how important it is to get off of that poison information stream and on to clean pure quality of information or in other words truth people who are telling us things that we can actually employ in order to change for the better in the ways that we say we want to change for our betterment okay for our prosperity in ways that truly promote harmony and peace and prosperity in our lives and in our world so if you're following along with the slides image number four has all of the mainstream media propaganda companies listed on it and essentially we looked at in the control over mass media section many many weeks ago months back even we saw that these media corporations have basically been completely owned by only a handful of companies for the past 50 or more years and I think the number was about six companies we looked into who those owners were there's even a document on the on the website in that section previously when we looked at mass media mainstream media that shows you who these owner conglomerate corporations are and I'm not even sure if it's even that high now might be five companies owned at all but it's it's an ever decreasing number of companies that get to decide what the vast majority of people see in here on a daily basis and their ever centralizing their control over the information so if you're getting your information from any of these mainstream corporate owned sources you can bet it is completely biased it says nothing negative about the people who own and control them from a financial and monetary perspective okay so you're not going to hear anything bad about the government the military the pharmaceutical companies the oil industries these are the people who actually own mainstream media so they're not going to allow on their networks and in their papers any negative information about that therefore you're getting a skewed perspective you're not getting all of the data that is required to make informed thoughtful decisions that is based on a total picture you're only going to get parts and pieces of the of the picture and even those will be slanted and spun in the ways that the financed ears of these media corporations want you to think about it and they the way that they want you to perceive it so when we look into mainstream media we see that not only are they steering perception is it pure perception management but it is also directly related to worldview poisoning okay we just came off a three-week look into how to heal a damaged or poisoned worldview in the world view healing section of the solutions of the way out okay but if you're looking at slide number five now mainstream media always attempts in acting as the gatekeepers for the the the true wider perspective that we could gain if we go outside of them okay they're always trying to keep us in the box in the box thinking they want us to think of the world as perpetually dangerous stories about death you know the whole idea of if it bleeds it leads are going to be highlighted anything that promotes human nature in a negative way because they are trying to control your worldview they're trying to get you to think negatively and most of all to think fearfully to keep you in a vibratory state of consciousness governed by fear which is the dark force the dark polarity that leads to wanting to control and then ultimately leads to the extermination of freedom and chaos in society which is where we're rapidly headed if we don't change that worldview by getting off of this poison okay they're they'll always highlight anything that emphasizes how much they say you need the state okay anything that you know if people are in some sort of chaotic or disorderly form at any given time okay they'll always talk about the role that authority needs to play to make that right they're always teaching poisoned worldview the worship of authority that control is good and necessary okay and this is all ultimately about one overarching way of seeing the world and that is in a state of separation that's the main thing to keep in mind when it comes to the mainstream media they are trying to focus on keeping your worldview in a state of poisoned poisoned aspects of looking at ourselves and others but most of all they're trying to keep people in a state of separation constantly battling against each other because in that way they act as sort of a steering committee they act as sort of a a sheepdog for the globalist controllers the occult elite okay who are trying to control people they know that unless they constantly spout proper fear-based propaganda at them okay their worldview would change for the better so they have to keep people on this poisonous way of looking at the world okay in a state of separation that's the main thing to keep in mind and if you do that and you stay in that level of fear you're always always going to be easier for a manipulator to manipulate and control because that state of consciousness makes someone conducive to manipulation it makes someone conducive to control through fear all right so image number five shows that that the media is always gonna highlight crime stories if it bleeds it leads journalism okay always talking about that you know the state must control people bow down and worship Authority okay never question authority the authorities are your friends the quote authorities okay and it's always gonna highlight fear fear of the unknown fear of natural disasters you'll see floods fires earthquakes and they'll harp on these stories forever okay to keep people in that panic mode in that fight or flight mode allottee of consciousness so I want to read a brief quote by the artist and philosopher in Williams Goddard who I'm going to read another quote from later in the show he said regarding the media the road to human freedom questions authority the Road to Serfdom obeys authority without question dropping any pretense of independent investigation the major media obey and relay the word of governmental authorities without question the road that the major media would lead us upon is quite clear it is the Road to Serfdom with that we'll be right back after these words don't go anywhere more on the change of quality of attention coming up [Music] welcome back everyone I'm mark passio and this is what on earth is happening we're talking today about a change in our quality of attention as one of the solution oriented approaches that we can employ actively to enact of our own will in order to create positive empowering change in our world we were looking at image number 5 on the what on earth is happening radio show page underneath the plier images for today's show we were talking about all of the ways that mainstream media negatively influences the human consciousness it paints an incomplete picture which lacks unity and this is of course done because they are corporate owned it promotes ego identification through constantly highlighting separation this ultimately creates a scattered schizophrenic worldview driven by fear and of course the mainstream media is constantly teaching people to obey Authority the external ization of authority never looking at yourself as a sovereign being in control of yourself your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions okay I read a quote by Ian Goddard that the road to human freedom questions Authority the Road to Serfdom obeys Authority without question dropping any pretense of independent investigation the mainstream media obey and relay the world the word of governmental authorities without question the road the major media would lead us upon is quite clear it is the Road to Serfdom to enslavement so we have to disconnect from this poison stream because if it's not one that is highlighting all of the fear and all of the separation as we see in slide number six they're going to feed you mindless forms of amusement and and entertainment just pure nonsense that is completely unimportant okay if you like sports and you enjoy being an athlete it's wonderful I'm not completely saying that sports are evil in any way okay I'm not I'm also not saying don't enjoy a movie every now and again yes it's a form of art an allegorical movies allegorical fictions can be wonderful ways of looking into the world seeing how art imitates life so my point here is that they are going to highlight all the trivial aspects of amusement entertainment celebrity sports gossip etc and this is done for a reason it is to keep the mind entertained to keep us amused there's a reason for that we need to really look no further than these words that I've just used you know I constantly talk about the power and language and the meanings of words I mean just look at the word amusement the word amusement if we break it down into its constituent elements and then do an etymology on it it's amazing what you'll find a in Latin as a prefix that means away from or the negation of right Muse comes from you say Oh which means to think and then men's men mentis meant the mind from where we get the word mental from so it's to take the mind away from thinking that's exactly what the word amusement means the word entertainment the etymology of the word entertainment people would be fascinated to understand that in terror in Latin means during or while pain is derived from 10 AIO tener a which means to hold or to keep and then men's mentis again meant a mind so it is to hold the mind during or while something is taking place well they're holding your mind that's what entertainment is about they're holding your mind while something else is going on and that's something else is not for your betterment I can assure you we need to get our mind away from wanting to constantly be amused and entertained because these are holding it in states of not thinking not critically thinking for ourselves about the events that are taking place all around us or even more fundamentally than that about what's really going on inside of each one of us paying attention to what's taking place within the psyche within the self so if we're going to really heal the quality of our attention fundamentally shifted and changing we have to get out of the wanting to be a little baby constantly eating candy you know constantly being entertained and amused it's about growing up it's about emotionally becoming a true emotional adult and wanting to look at the truth developing a desire to know not to have ill-formed and opinions but to eclectically take in information from a wide variety of sources filter it analyze it and understand it so then it can be truly employed and used for the betterment of humanity so that's all I'll say about the media focusing on forms of entertainment amusement celebrity worship etc it's all just there at home the mind in thrall because that's ultimately what this all comes down to as we see in images number seven and eight you know it's about holding the mind in a state of fear and depression of hypnosis okay because that's what the media does it's a bombardment of information to keep you underneath the rubble so to speak okay it's a barrage and you just look at the word hypnosis you know I wasn't really even planning on talking about that derivation but it comes to mind I mean you see these images here are all about basically putting somebody in a trance and in a state of thrall in a hypnotic trance so to speak the word hypnosis hip in Latin or hypo means under and gnosis is knowledge or information okay so it's burying somebody under information now that could be positive or negative hypnosis is not just something that's that's negative you could do powerful forms of positive hypnosis as well putting someone under under the information that they need for a time you know basically getting them to go under into the subconscious mind and learn the information that is there that's also what hypnosis is but they're using it to influence the mind for the negative to keep people in a state of trance so that's what image seven and eight highlights keep people in fear they're easier to control tell them to buy all the products that are no good for them get them to identify with wanting those things because they're incomplete without them and ultimately it's all about as we see an image eight I blew up the slide there on the bottom left of image seven showing what they're really trying to do is get people to just bow down worship the authorities act like a good sheep that is easily herded by the sheepdog because that is the role that the mainstream media plays and let me tell you something folks if you think these people aren't doing this knowingly some of them yeah they're just you know go along to get along and they just want to paycheck and they just like the lights and glamour of of it and some of them get off on this little mini god complex of weakened shape reality in the minds of other people but let me tell you something a lot of these people actively know what's going on they want the perpetuation of all of these wars because somehow they're connected to that money they want a perpetuation of control because they worship the state it's their God a thority is their religion and of course money is their ultimate religion and they're doing it in full knowledge of what they're doing licking their masters hand and getting other people to blindly accept what they know to be utter nonsense and bunk but they'll do it anyway because that's their meal ticket that's their gravy train they've gotten used to living a certain lifestyle and some part of them gets off on it they love that they're acting as a form of a controller themselves and as long as they can get that little petty power trip that's the only thing they derive any pleasure or enjoyment from in their lives because ultimately the people who work as part of these major institutions known as the media as we talked about on the show last time have no true self respect and they have no true self love ultimately they hate themselves and that's the hard truth that they don't want to accept they look into the mirror and they see something they don't like ultimately that's the only reason anyone would continue to help the mine controllers of this world and do their bidding we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere the Oracle [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay everyone we're back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'm going to be getting to the real meat of the matter of changing the quality of our attention now and why this is so critically important we looked at the first eight slides on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm and now really the centerpiece for this radio show here today is slide number nine I'm gonna focus on this slide for a bit because it's so important to really take this in and understand it the slide is titled how our quality of attention affects our world what I'm ultimately going to be showing people through this slide is how through our choices we are creating a quantum effect upon the manifested reality in which we live okay that's what's the this is another expression of the basic law of attraction that how we think and then ultimately what we do is going to manifest the experience that we must collectively share at a macrocosmic level okay this is how the collapse of a wave function works quantum means amount how much of something there is and the very small the map the microcosmic or quantum level the individuated choices that we make regarding our consciousness and the quality of our attention what we pay attention to what we take into ourselves these tiny choices that that we do every single day every moment of every day ultimately build up and then they create a macrocosmic manifestation which is ultimately the experience that we then must live with so this slide shows you two large information pools or streams and you can look at these as infinitely large there's a there's an infinite amount of positive empowering information based upon truth based upon principles based upon natural law morality etc it's out there believe me and it's practically infinite no one person could take it all in within a lifetime you could get bits of that picture you could take in a good amount of it but you're not going to drink it all in it would take thousands of lifetime's millions probably okay the same could be said for the negative it's just as infinite it's just as deep it's just as widespread and believe me we all know that that's out there every day it never rests it's bombarding us constantly to try to hold our worldview back they're trying to keep us in the box to try to keep us in slave think okay to try to keep us identified with ego in a state of separation and ego identification so I call these two streams these two pools of information these information reservoirs the positive is the pure information stream that's where we can go to get truth that's where we can go to assemble bits and pieces of the puzzle that is life that has that the puzzle that life has become on our planet life doesn't have to be a puzzle but it certainly has become that way here okay so we can go to that pure information stream and drink from it and take into ourselves information and principles that can do no harm when we put them back out into the world that's what that stream represents conversely on the opposite side of the image you see the poisoned information stream the one that promotes this dark negative poisonous worldview based on separation and ego and authority and and scarcity and fear you name anything negative ultimately if we continue to drink from that muddied poisonous water we're going to become sick we're going to develop a poisoned worldview ourselves we're taking that information into ourselves and all information is as I've said many many times as energy we're made of energy we're made of information everything is made of information everything is made of energy so ultimately it's not too difficult to realize that we're all open in some form or another we have valves that open us up because we are a the body is a receiver transmitter of information specifically the brain and the heart really our receiver transmitters of information we're always open to both of these streams we don't have to be open to one or the other we can close one or the other down but it's all of that information is ultimately available to us if we want it okay it's like a radio right or a television all of the radio frequencies that are available in a certain area are always around us it's not like you know for example in Philadelphia a radio station here is 93.3 fm okay that radio station the waves that that carry the information of that radio frequency are in this room where I'm at right now okay I would need a receiver called a radio and tuned it to the dial at that frequency in order to be pick up that incoming information but it's always here so you have to be attenuated or attuned to the frequency that certain information is being broadcast to you on in order to receive it to pick it up and to ultimately carry it okay to move that information to other people this is what receptivity is all about in certain occult schools they may call this teach ability index or receptivity index how open are you to certain information and believe me ladies and gentlemen there are a lot of people out there who are hardly at all receptive to the message of truth they're trapped in their head not wanting to admit that they've been duped or lied to by people that they consider authorities by people that they consider experts by people that they consider out for their interests by people who they've traditionally considered that they rely upon them they rely that they're being told the truth by them it's a very very very naive and childish outlook of the world it's the worldview really of someone who hasn't emotionally grown up because they don't want to accept that the information stream that is called the mainstream media has been poisoned that it has been overtaken that it has been bought and sold they don't want to admit that dark truth see another part of people's not wanting people not wanting to be receptive comes from this idea that the people who are trying to tell them things that are currently taking place that may happen to be unpleasant okay they look at that as negative the whole I don't want to hear anything negative or focus on anything that's going on that may be uncomfortable or negative because that's gonna bring more negativity no it's not ladies and gentlemen that's not how it works if you think that's how the law of attraction works you yourself have been duped by charlatans awareness is never negative now if you're going to sit there and dwell on the fact that the world currently does happen to be in this condition in this horrific condition all day long 24 hours a day and never do anything about it then it'll become negative yeah we're not talking about dwelling in it and writhing in the negativity we're talking about admitting it meaning yes taking it in admission okay that's what it's all about admission means you enter you go in okay we have to admit that it's going on and then work to change it because we've become aware of what is actually taking place by looking at the negative I'm going to continue with this metaphor of how our quality of attention affects our worldview on the other side we'll be right back it's Chris geo of truth frequency rate all right everyone we're back on what on earth is happening under host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking today about the change in the quality of our attention and what that can do for the world as a whole we were on slide number 9 I'm gonna set that aside just for now this is a short segment so we have a couple of callers on the line let's try to take a call right now and then I'll get back into that slide and break it down some more in the next segment so here we go caller from the to14 area code you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today hello caller are you there going once going twice okay looks like they got disconnected or decided not to go through with it so let's here's another caller here we go caller hello live on what on earth is happening hello can you hear me yes I can hi it's Alex from Serbia how are you oh I'm good and very good I can say luckily how are you doing well yeah yeah you know I'm this thing you're so very very often and on dark eyes good good stuff some really good information that you're bringing and in all of this show you know you have so many information you just have to see for yourself what you can see or what you can see that's working for you you know it's so many information people take think that some other people are going to L Pro whatever because they have some information that you don't agree with right I don't agree it'd be a lot of information even what you say but it doesn't matter that we all have to figure it out what's real and what's really enhance me but there is one thing one special thing that I I don't get you know in all of these things everybody's saying how we have to find some some oneness or whatever we have to come with each other and feel this earth and cooperate with are not destroyed but I I'm a vegetarian for like I'm 32 years old but I'm a vegetarian for like 25 years yes in my life and when I think in my life is the one thing we all want we have to mention the the the term we evolve we have to evolve all of us people don't measure that so much but we cannot evolve as long as we eat animals because eating animals is not only thing of eating hormones antibiotics and all other crap that they're putting in these animals but there is a spiritual level where we their souls we their pain we it's their aggression we eat everything what they let loose when we kill them for for for what later shittim out of our asses I'm sorry if I'm not some kind of saying yeah you know and people don't mention that I really you know when I talk to the people they're the animal lovers I call them hypocrites and I tell them I don't like animals then they see look at me in my eyes they say oh you don't love animals I say yeah I hate animals I say when I see a dog or a cat I give him a kicking their asses so no but it's not good say yeah but you love animals you think pink heads and ten dogs and a chicken on your plate right you get me sir I'm in total agreement with you as a matter of fact I know that'll be hard for a lot of people to hear but um but I think what you're saying is actually very accurate it's the truth I feel that what we do to another living being to other any other living species will ultimately be done to us in turn I think it yeah part of the suffering we've inflicted upon the animal kingdom is why we're in the situation we're in I appreciate it all set thanks so much I hear I hear the music I could win today faith yeah bring good a favor I see the music stay with us I'll bring you back okay thanks we'll be right back yep [Music] we're back this is what on earth is happening for this less this last break I was on the line with a good caller from Serbia Alex hi how are you yes can you hear me yes we can you can continue yeah yeah I was just trying to make it make a point you know it's all about the evolution how we evolved with this earth that we are living on how we treat animals even insects around us the ends the Flies whatever it's around us plants and the biggest problem is because it's all about evolution how we treat the earth and nobody's mentioned mentioning one important thing because look how we feel up how we feel how we let our kids grow up we learn our kids to love animals to love the dog to love a cat to love a lion or whatever but at the same time learn them that it's not bad to eat the chicken on the plate or a piece of pork or piece of whatever but then that has animals that that it's pain that's that's real pain but we create some kind of double morality you know we teachers loved animals and we teach and that's not bad kill animals it's not I mean if we have to survive you know and you have to kill the animal that's a different thing like the Indians did and Africans did but what we're doing is simply madness as long we we think about freedom and we think about against new world order or whatever but as long we think for the positive but we don't start changing ourselves stop this is the crucial think of our evolvement we cannot evolve if we eat meat that's there's only truth I feel in myself the rest Illuminati or whatever Pinal glands chakras I don't know about that but this is think I feel real deeply myself if we as a human species want to evolve we have to stop meet and start respecting the animals because there are more spiritual beings that we are we have the mind we can think but they are more connected to the earth as we are and we have to respect that you know what I mean can you understand Alex I'm in total agreement with you I want to thank you for bringing up that point and to tell you the truth that is why I became a vegetarian I didn't become a vegetarian for dietary reasons I became a vegetarian because I wanted to respect all consciousness and alleviate the suffering of all beings not just human beings and there's a phenomenal movie out there if a phenomenal documentary I've talked about it before on this show if people could have the constitution to make their way through this entire movie I think it will change some of their perspectives on what we do to animals it's called Earthlings Earthlings okay and if you watch that movie I guarantee you you're gonna think differently about the entire meat diet I know that's gonna upset a lot of people and that's fine you know just uh you know I what Alex just said resonates with me you know I I looked back let's say about seven years ago before I became a vegetarian I've been a vegetarian since about 2005 2006 okay so I've been a vegetarian for about six years now yeah about late 2006 I think it was or mid 2006 so about six years okay and before uh when I knew what was really going on in the world okay I started to reach this understanding that alex is talking about that if we're going to alleviate suffering here it can't even just be about human suffering it's got to be about suffering period okay suffering for all beings so I was sitting there thinking about what I knew I happen to know at the time and sitting there thinking how am I in any kind of unity consciousness when I'm eating meet knowing that I'm contributing to the suffering of other beings wanting to be free and I said to myself eventually eventually if I want to evolve past this state where I'm at and go to a higher realm of understanding and knowledge and go to a higher realm of being able to really truly alleviate suffering and solve these kinds of problems I knew in my being that I would have had to become a vegetarian I was going to have to at least stop eating meat okay and the thought seemed impossible at the time it was like how am I ever going to do that that is that even possible that was my thought it was so over what the thought was so overwhelming to me that I was like how am I even having this thought because I I can't even imagine that I could ever possibly do that and you know what happened what once the desire once that seed of desire was planted and I knew why I wanted to do that okay and again I wasn't planning on talking about this it just happens that you know we go with the flow the caller called in that's what he wanted to talk about you know no taboo topics and again ice as I've said this will topic will probably make some people offended or upset you know but whatever I'm going to speak the truth as I understand it when I landed that seed of desire in myself to want to do that when I started we I say I'm just gonna I'm just gonna start weaning off of meat we'll start I'll start with red meat then move my way to white me etc and I'll wean off of it well during that weaning process it seemed like it was so easy I just said well I'm gonna just try not eat not you know eating it and just doing it just you know being a vegetarian and just not eating me at all and I just stopped suddenly one day after beginning this slow wean and I never looked back and I've never eaten meat since that day so it was so easy the process was became so easy in the physical body because I had already mentally and psychologically planted that seed of desire that I knew I wanted to do that I knew that there was a deep-seated spiritual reality a deep-seated spiritual underlying reason why that desire was present and that's what made it so easy for me now maybe other people might struggle with it and that would have to apply a greater amount of willpower to do that but to me it was one of the easiest things that I've done stopping eating high volumes of sugar was much more difficult - for me - to conquer then making the shift from being a an omnivore to a vegetarian ever was so great call I appreciate what you've said there so we'll take some other calls in the next segment I want to go back to the chart and talk about this in the remainder of this segment in the beginning of the next of how our quality of attention affects the world at large that we live in so we saw these two information streams one that was pure that had truth within it that had powerful empowering information and the other one that was poison that was based on separation and it was based on the inversion of truths falsehoods coming through the mainstream media etc what we have to understand first and foremost is that no information is inherently positive or negative it's just information okay we can't label it and say that's that's negative - look at that okay we have to be aware as I've already said awareness involves admitting information even if it's unpleasant even if we're not comfortable with it we have to employ our will to take it into ourselves and know that it's there that's different than being obsessed with it that's different than revenue welling on it okay writhing in okay but awareness is what is needed and it's not negative you know if there's a storm coming getting prepared for that storm that you know is coming is not negative it's admitting that which is and then doing something about it you pick this up on the other side we'll be right down the Constitution welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the change in the quality of our attention what do we pay attention to what do we become like as a result of what we pay attention to how does that then affect our behavior and then subsequently affect the world at large well we're looking at image number nine slide number nine on the what on earth is happening radio show page or with the podcast if you're listening via the podcast this would be show number 91 image number nine shows how our quality of attention affects the world okay these two reservoirs of information the pure untainted information stream and then the poisoned information stream that we get from the mainstream media and other negative sources and I when I say negative I don't mean what we've already talked about as negative information as something that's unpleasant I'm talking about people who are deliberately promoting a worldview of separation deliberately teaching falsehoods to people as truths okay so we're all like in this image these buckets of water okay these containers these vessels for information the flow of information is coming in to us as receivers for that information vessels containers that we become full with that information and then we outlet that information to the world based on what we have taken in so I've labeled input at the top of the bucket and output at the bottom of the bucket just imagine that there's like a little valve two little valves or faucets on the bucket just like you would see on a sink okay if you turned it on and let information from one of the reservoirs into that bucket would fill the bucket with pure information or truth if you turn the other valve on it would bring sludge and sewage and pure slime and muck into the bucket from the poisoned information stream now most of us are are a combination of these two forms of information some people have some truth some people buy into some of the nonsense and lies some people have fed themselves a continuous diet of poison mentally from pretty much the day that they were born it's been fed to them and they then they've continued continued to feed it to themselves even after they had a choice to turn that poison tap off well we are all these individuated units of consciousness at work in the world okay the quantum okay the packet the amount the monad of consciousness some traditions call this okay what we then contribute to the world as a result is a direct result of what we have taken into ourselves so the output line shows that this flow of information then goes into the pool that we all share we're all swimming in that one pool that's the world representatively okay and therefore we're all contributing that to that pool of information that is the world that is the manifested reality in which we live that has become that way as a direct result of what we paid attention to and therefore what we output it's just like a computer if you put good programs into it it can do amazing things and you output something the output will be amazing okay the output will be absolutely breathtaking and stunning okay if you input garbage into it then your output is also going to be garbage so there's no way you can make that swimming pool nice and crystal clear and pure full with pure water if you are maintaining a connection to that poisoned worldview stream of information and that's what the mainstream media is it isn't to say they can never tell you anything that's accurate okay it's like the poison pill phenomenon okay if you want a hand in an animal or some kind of a animal that's perceived as a pest a piece of poison okay I I don't think you should do it but I think you know many people have done this they disguise the poison by wrapping it in something that the animal likes and it's largely the thing that the animal likes because it only requires a very tiny bit of the poison to kill them so you it may have ninety perceive in ninety percent truth but they're wrapping the poison around the thing that the animal will take okay and that's what a lot of the disinformation specialists that are out there will do and there are disinformation people out there it isn't like they don't exist I think people are overly paranoid about how many people are in for me are disinformation but it does exist so we have to be discerning about what we take in just like we're discerning as to our diet our physical diet as to what foods we take into our body which our body then processes we need to be discerning apply the methods of the Trivium rigorously and filter information and basically take in that which is pure and leave the rest behind that's why I tell people don't just automatically agree with and accept every single thing that is said even on this show or in any source of information for that matter like Alex said in the previous call you have to do your own research you have to do your own homework and find out according to the best of your capabilities what is accurate what is true and what is not but that involves taking in information from all avenues it means to keep an open mind to be eclectic about the sources of information that you take in when it comes to the mainstream media understanding how they're financially connected to these larger corporations and business interests is going to show you that almost universally in any form of mainstream media these people are not going to be giving you the big picture they're going to be steering you in a certain direction for a certain purpose and that's why the mainstream media is so dangerous especially in the modern world because it's it's not about real journalism or telling the truth anymore it's about money it's about their God their universal religion money so let's all let's take a call real quick here we go caller from the 702 area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome welcome yeah this is Richard state of Washington but I'm on the road and so I'm a little what absent of information I'd like to give you but I'm kind of challenging as I challenge Bob Tuscans approach to the vegetarianism the books to read would probably the secret life of plants but more important that and and Bob got Nora on the show would be primal body primal mind and what these are telling you though they don't specifically enlarge on this is the fact if you studied that I just subtract of the human being it is 80% designed to be a carnivore it has exactly the digestive tract of a wolf a dog or whatever it does not have the digestive tract of a sheep all vegetarian animals have multiple stomachs or most do if they do any efficient digestion and we only have one and it's based on hydrochloric acid which is for the breakdown of proteins so if you actually go with the biochemistry and you keep what I call the Trivium versus the Trivium i think it's a try perspective if you keep that intact to then you have to go with what the biochemistry of the body tells you and the only way you can do well for your body is to give it the right nutrients and you get those by using the parasympathetic digestive tract to get cooking to the baths to rebuild the body in the appropriate way very interesting and alternative perspective there and I respect I respect your perspective so I I guess we would say that we would agree to disagree I I will look into vegetarianism on the show on food that's coming up [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pacion my website what on earth is happening calm an interesting caller in the last segment I don't dismiss everything that he is saying however I from Washington state but I am going to get deeper into the choice of vegetarianism on a future show specifically when we talk about solutions regarding food and what we can eat and how we can change our diet all that I will say is yes there are some truths to what the last caller just brought up however I still think that it is a choice to move away from the former animal ways in which the body had been built okay toward something that is a higher level in consciousness that will help to evolve the body and mind possibly to make it not require dense food such as meat for any kind of nutrient density I think there are alternatives to this now and I think we can even refine that to a point where we would amaze ourselves we would actually completely surprise and even shock ourselves as to what is possible regarding food intake but I'm going to leave that for another show and I'm gonna give my perspective in my take on where we need to go with food in those upcoming shows when we talk about changing diet I want to get back to changing attention in this show and we still have a couple more callers on the line I'm going to get to them but I want to talk about that quantum effect once again that we have to keep in mind that we are all individual units of consciousness taking in information processing it making decisions based upon it as we see in image 9 these individual buckets that are then going to be outlet or poured into this pool okay actually create the reality that we must share that we must collectively experience now imagine there are seven billion of these buckets all connected to these two infinite reservoirs of information what we are choosing to take into ourselves we are then outputting into the waters of the world so to speak into the giant pool in which we all live and dwell and that is determining how healthy that environment is that's why it's so important to make sure we are on a clean information in take a clean mental diet on information we need to be taking in information that is promoting worldview healing and breaking down this idea of separation moving toward unity consciousness moving toward true self-respect moving toward personal responsibility moving toward an understanding of natural law and sovereignty and the alleviation of suffering for all beings based upon the knowledge that as one suffers all suffer it's not an easy task to get the mind to that place in consciousness based on where we're at now and what were constantly being exposed to through mainstream sources of media one of the ways we can do this is in image number 10 which shows a library shelf of quite old books I was going to take a shot of my library maybe I'll add it in in the aftermath of this show I didn't really get a chance to take a good shot of it but I think I'll take a shot of my wall of books here in my home and show to people and it's not the only bookshelf in the house it's it's overflowing you'll see in the picture that there's a stack of books in front of it because I have so many books in this house that it's become extremely unwieldy to even manage them I have to start weaning my collection a little bit but my point here is about books in general and people thinking that they only need to take in oh I could just take in information through the internet or through the TV or through you know my mp3 player etc ladies and gentleman books change the nature of the human brain for the better reading is something that we all need to do more of including myself I read an unbelievable amount but I wish I was a faster reader I've said this before on the show I want to improve the speed at which I can read books so I can power through even more of them I'm not happy with my reading speed so there's always even room for improvement but the point is developing the desire and willpower to read books at all most people in our society want instant gratification and that's why books have have such a downplayed role in our society hopefully that's coming back up with the advent of digital books and digital book readers I don't have a problem with reading books digitally it's the same printed information as long as you're gonna take it into yourself through reading it go for it the Kindle the iPad the Android tablets whatever you want to use just read read books not just pamphlets or articles or essays I'm talking about books that elaborate that go into detailed breakdowns and explanations it improves the mind okay and then you got to choose the right books to I mean you got to choose books that do promote the idea of unity and sovereignty etc but you also need to read books about the problems you also need to read books about the alternative viewpoints out there I mean read books about the enemy's mindset review books written by some of these twisted psychopathic individuals your look you'll get an into their head a little bit you'll learn about how they think about the world that's also important you can't just read things that you agree with the word book as we've said on the show before many times in Latin was Li bear Li BER and that is the same word as the word free in Latin Li bear where we get the word Liberty from that's how important books were to the ancient Romans that the they had no different word for free and book they were the same word that's how completely unable to be separated the concepts of reading and freedom were in the ancient world so understanding even the etymology of the word Liberty helps us to understand how important knowledge and information and reading are to any society that wants to be free the next thing I'll say on this and then we'll take calls in the last segment is the the Internet this is one of the most valuable important resources that we should cherish and understand how empowering and important it is and what kind of a world of information it opens up to the minds of human beings and we need to protect it as a resource and make sure garbage like SOPA and other bills that are trying to murder the freedom that the internet represents the intellectual and mental freedom that it represents you know from from going through and and taking that away from us so people should cherish the Internet as a resource as a library living library of information that is constantly being added to and expanded upon yes there's a lot of junk out there on the internet of course there's lots of things that can distract you on the internet and get you paying attention to trivial nonsense too and just things that are disinformation or just things that aren't true at all but again that's where applying the tools of information input process an output can come in to play to determine what is true to weed out the negative to weed out the trivial to weed out the inconsistencies and the incoherence the the the non togetherness okay the things that that don't fit can be separated out and weeded out okay the things that don't make sense the things that aren't based upon true principles things aren't based upon morals and natural law we can identify all of that those poisonous elements and filter them out just like we would filter water okay that's what the Trivium is therefore that's what any critical thinking system is therefore it's a filtration system so that poison doesn't get into our mental intake and that our water so to speak is as clean as possible for when we are then going to output it to other people I have a couple of quotes to end to wrap this up on and then we'll take calls in the last segment Thomas Jefferson once said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects what never was and never will be ignorant ignoring what is and freedom do not exist simultaneously they never have and they never will it's a pipe dream if you expect to remain ignorant and suddenly magically be free doesn't work that way folks we'll be right back I'll read the last quote to wrap off the presentation and then we'll get to your calls since G of truth frequency rate [Music] welcome back one and all this is what on earth is happening this is the final segment for this edition today talking about the change in the quality of our attention cover a lot of ground here today I read a quote by Thomas Jefferson right before the last break I want to wrap things up with a quote from someone I've already quoted earlier today here's a second quote from and this is ian williams goddard artist and philosopher of the modern day and he said that a society whose citizens refused to see and investigate the facts who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship it is going to get and there are many who would feel that those words are harsh and that you know there is a certain amount of vitriol contained in them and while I would agree with that I would also wholeheartedly concur with Ian dotted on this point moving into a state of slavery as a whole is ultimately our choice because there's not enough people who want this slavery to come in to physically control us they are manipulating and controlling us based on the quality of the attention that we pay or do not pay to the truth about what's really going on and that ladies and gentlemen is a choice we have a choice whether to pay attention to them to these manipulators to these mind controllers okay to these Psychopaths who worship greed and money and power illusory worldly power or we have a choice whether we're going to change the quality of our attention and as I said at the very outset of the show this is still largely within our own control and can be affected by an act of our own will to disconnect from the poison stream and get on to the stream of purity and truth so with that having been said let's go to a few calls to take us out Mike in Salt Lake City you're live on what on earth is happening welcome thanks mark I really like your idea of taking different information streams and winnowing them on your food special that's coming up I would like you to read a little bit I I bought some of these books a man named Joel Salatin he owns a farm called Polyface farms now his could you spell his short essay al atin okay now what he points out is that for two hundred thousand years humans have used animal products and in fact have managed the great herds that bison in the elk and the deer and the ibex everywhere and so um the type O blood type which is the ancient blood type really needs high quality protein in order to work the type a can handle some heavier grains the type B does really well on vegetarians and the type a B has some particular requirements and these are evolutionary requirements became about because various populations lived in areas where there was various food sources so your serbian friend is correct and that we need to evolve but it takes a long time and and I would also like to just interject I'm type O+ and I'm a vegetarian who doesn't struggle or wrestle with that at all and I consider myself a slack lectin do use eggs or any of that I do milk that's good that's good that's high quality Dairy Milk I don't use Dairy Milk I will occasionally though occasionally use it I'll drink almond milk okay I make my own almonds and almonds these things well there's no such thing as a raw almond anymore did you know that the FDA is required that almonds be processed either through heat or a chemical and they can sell them is raw but there's no such thing as a raw almond anymore I should get out of the tree there sorry pastor Riley that's with heat yeah yeah they also pasteurizer a little chemical in their tea right so there's terrible but I would say this lastly his gist is this um chickens eat pests and pooping the grass and create topsoil vegetables require tillage tillage burns topsoil we need a mix I mean this everything it's not all vegetarian all meat all the time there's a balance on this planet that we have created and humans have not an absent - in this equation we have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years if we came to North America before Columbus and all the diseases this all the understory was burnt nut trees everywhere the understanding of America is the pristine wilderness is is vastly overrated it was not like that and we have always used animals we have to have them they build topsoil we can't we can't live without them and if we if we just gave up on chickens and cows and pigs and everything else I'm afraid we just then you have to create chemical fertilizers well perhaps we could keep them on the the growing areas but simply not slaughter them and then consume them ourselves I mean it's doing its part yeah that's absolutely impossible so mica great points that religion great points that you've brought up I'm gonna move on to a couple other callers and try to get them in by thanks so much calling in great here we go caller from the two-five one area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey look hey yeah mark I love you show up and listen to the podcast during work great thanks written really awesome information I really like the you know you're the you're probably one of the only ones out there giving out this kind of occulted and information well I appreciate that yeah yeah I wanted a please yes sure fun yeah have you ever seen the documentary Ring of Power oh absolutely I think that's a pretty good one yeah yeah yeah for family connections I think there's a lot of I don't even know I've only seen the second one I've been looking up just fun the first one I didn't know there's four parts I'm not sure I think so but I have seen it I definitely enjoyed it and thought there was a lot of good information in it yeah there's a lot of questions I had with it but it was a really alternative perspective that I liked another interesting thing I found out when you're talking about the dollar bills and things like that our silver dollars they were coined at 0.77 ounces interest Tory ounces yeah yeah that up thought you'd like the information if you hadn't heard it could be coming to us no but you'd be surprised how much numerology is in things that are all around us that's there deliberately but interesting oh yeah yeah there's just so many coincidences it's just it's beyond question is well wings I want to thank you for calling and I have one more caller I'm gonna try to take before you wrap that thanks so much all right okay thank God thank you alright last caller for the from Philadelphia you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey hey Marcus Mike hey Mark you know um I'd love to follow ladies and gentlemen Michael Kelly a speaker from the freaking mind conference Mike welcome hey thanks mark you take this right away yeah you know I have one question I'd love to talk about the nutrition but that would take hours but one of the things I found really great about in your grassroots solutions all this stuff is really positive the problem here though is one small one and to detach from the monetary system oh yeah the deck is stacked against us so badly how can we possibly do that when you know you have the taxman breathing down your neck for his cart you know and you have to use Federal Reserve notes where you have to use the the digital exchange how can we possibly break loose one of them without having difficult one of the most difficult Mike we're going to talk about it on the future selling hey Mike we got to get together because we could talk about that a little bit and then maybe bring up some solutions on a show together what do you say that sounds like a plan I'd love to awesome ladies and gentlemen Michael Kelly from the free your mind conference this guy really this is one of the guys who woke me off the boats that's how long he's been in this he's been awake way longer than I've been awake so listen to people like why science believes you deserve