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freedom man that's what it's all about welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting comm today is Sunday January 29th 2012 we have a good show lined up for you here today we're going to be continuing our ongoing solution oriented approaches to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness and today we're going to be getting into one of our great grassroots solutions for real positive and empowering change namely changing our diet for the better something that is within all of our control still and is within reach for each and every one of us if we only apply a little bit of willpower and it's very synchro mystic that today's show would be show number 93 and we're talking about something that does require willpower to do which is to change one's diet change the quality of the food intake that we put into our own body and as a result change the quality of our mind of our thoughts and therefore change the quality of our behaviors our actions toward others in this world so today on what on earth is happening the kind of food that we should be taking into ourselves and the purity that we should be taking in as a result of what we eat because we already went through all of the problems with food we're not going to be dwelling on all of that okay we talked about how dangerous some of the poisonous food that's out there is we talked about artificial sweeteners we got into additives in food we got into chemical pesticides and and things that are used to make soil turnover faster than nature actually allows and therefore depletes the nutrient density of the food we talked about the problems we're going to get into what we should be doing with our diet now the positive approaches that's coming up on the show I do have a couple of really quick announcements I was interviewed by Henrik Palme gran of red ice creations this past week on I believe it was Wednesday so Henrik is working on editing the interview he's going to be putting this up on the red ice creations website probably by the middle of this week sometime so look for that on red ice creations dot-com I did a two-hour interview with Henrik Palmgren and that should be posted to the red ice creations website and by the middle of this week either Wednesday or Thursday so I'll keep an eye out for that I want to thank everybody who attended the truth freedom prosperity monthly documentary screening and discussion evening this past Wednesday we showed the film ion fishhead and it was very successful thanks everyone to coming out the next one will be coming up on the last third for the last Wednesday night of February the film hasn't been announced yet but I'll be announcing that when we make the decision as to what film will be shown so everyone stick around changing our diet and how that's completely within our power coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show we're going to be talking about the powerful and positive potential of what we put into our body physically and that means food and water we're gonna be starting with food and then we're going to be getting into water later in the show and how important that is to maintain the optimum purity of the drinking water that we take into our body I'm also going to be getting into juicing a little bit and how that's the water that nature itself distills and how we can tap into that potential now next week I hope to have a special guest on the show who is a water purification expert if he cannot do it next week maybe the week after that and we're going to talk about methodologies for water filtration and purification so that should be a very interesting show coming up but let's begin by let me direct everyone to go to the what on earth is happening website to the radio show page ok if you click on the radio show tab underneath the player you'll see some images for today's show you can follow along with the concepts that I'll be talking about with this little mini slide show they're on the water on earth is happening radio show page there are some things that are not up there right now that I may add and tack on to that image set I do have a document that I'm going to be referring to regarding alkaline forming verses acid forming foods and this chart is very very informative and it's critical for people to know what food forms alkalinity in the body verses what foods form acidity in the body because we want to maintain an alkaline pH that's the key to offsetting disease that's the key to staying in an optimum state of health we want our blood pH to be alkalyn we don't want it to fall into the acidity range which is when diseases can are capable of growing and festering within the human body our alkalinity of the human blood should be over 7.3 7.35 to 7.45 is probably a healthful alkalinity that we would want to maintain and it isn't to say you should never eat any acidifying acid forming foods it's you need to maintain a balance that is weighted toward the alkalinity foods the alkaline forming foods we should probably take over 70% of our diet from the alkaline forming foods and the remainder 30% the acidifying foods go easier on those okay for obvious reasons body pH and blood pH has everything to do with health with human health so we're going to talk a lot about a lot of different aspects of food here today food purity is one of them okay alkalinity versus acidity is another one okay how alkalinity not only will ward off disease it will keep inflammation down whereas eating a lot of acidifying foods will create inflammation which is the precursor to disease we're going to look at the effect of food on human behavior and I'm going to suggest some resources for people to check out to get more information about that how this directly affects our neuro chemistry and our bio physiology and so many people have done great work in that field it's almost too huge of a field to even name all of the people it's just you have to go out there start doing your own research on food so many people and the freedom movement ladies and gentlemen are not eating a proper diet they're eating garbage they're still eating GMO foods they're still eating foods that are laden with tons of chemical pesticides additives preservatives artificial sweeteners high-fructose corn syrup they're still drinking water that is from dubious sources and is laden with pharmaceuticals and fluoride and chlorine and chloramine and you name it this is actually the aspect of freedom that came to me the latest and I regret that more than anything else yes I knew all about the control system I knew about Satanism I knew about the dark occult forces and I did not have the consciousness to know about what was going on with our food and the kind of the quality of matter that I was putting into my body that was making me who I was and making me think the way I used to think that the this aspect of the control system was exposed for me after everything else which is almost odd I look back at it and I'm like how could I have eaten the things that I once ate and maintained that type of diet and lifestyle even with all of the other awareness that I had it's unbelievable and this shows how the poison food system is a mind-control technique because it controls the body okay it's actually making the body it go into a denser vibratory energy because that's what the key thing the key aspect of food we have to understand that this is energy that's why we're taking in food because we need energy this is common sense that everyone knows but the vibratory energy that is contained in food okay will either help our consciousness to rise and grow and ascend to higher levels of awareness if it's pure okay and we're going to also talk about density when it comes to food okay that's another critical factor to keep in mind because that has to do with how efficiently our body breaks down the food and takes those nutrients and especially micronutrients into the cells of the body okay so when it when it comes to density it's it's very important that we understand the states of matter and density have to do with the energy flow within the body it has to do with how efficiently we take in our nutrients and that's why juicing plays a vital role and I don't mean drinking bottled the juices that you'll get in the stores I'm talking about fresh organic unpasteurized juice made with a juicer from fresh organic produce fruits and vegetables okay and I it's actually incredibly synchronistic that today Barb and I started a 10-day juice fast we made this decision decision to start it on this day actually Oh probably over a month ago and it happened to fall on the day that I would be covering food on this show synchronistically not planned like that okay and it also happens to fall on show number 93 which I don't believe is a coincidence whatsoever because this has everything what we're gonna be talking about here today has everything to do with willpower willpower okay self respect for the form for the vessel that our consciousness and habits true self love which is what we talked about a couple of shows ago which is such an important dynamic okay and care how much we care about how healthy we are and how our health will affect our behavior and how our health not only will affect our behavior but will help our ability to help others to enlighten themselves and to take care of their body and ultimately take care of each other it's all about care and then ultimately about the will power the knowledge must be present as well which is what we're going to talk about what we should be doing as far as food is concerned but then the willpower to enact this in our lives we'll be right back folks all right folks were back you listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio so let's take a look at some of the slides of course the entire section about food and changing our diet and how this could be powerfully transformative in our lives and how can relate to a higher form of consciousness and awareness is all part of the section in my presentation and on this radio show that I refer to as the way out because it's the way out of the horrid mess that we've worked ourselves into as a species and the old adage that you are what you eat could not be any truer what we put into our body physically becomes who we are ok it's literally true just like what we put into our mind we talked we just came off of the section talking about the quality of our attention and last week we rounded up that section with our great guest Bob tusk and I want to thank him for being on the show we talked about mental food and how the purity of that mental food that we take in is so it's so affects the quality of our world of our entire collective situation and food is no different which is why I'm following up the section on quality of attention with the quality of our food intake I'm going to be getting into more abstract and mental and brain balancing techniques about how to change consciousness coming up in on future shows but we'll spend a couple of weeks at least on food and water and hopefully maybe I can have a couple of guests on on this topic but after this I'll be getting into present moment awareness I'll be getting into brain balancing techniques meditation concentration contemplation we'll be looking at what I call mindfulness what many people have referred to as my mindfulness and how to quiet the mind and the chatter of the left brain ok well we'll be looking at all all kinds of grassroots solutions coming up on what on earth is happening here from here on out because we're trying to mitigate those mind control techniques we're trying to Olay them and we don't want to stay dwelling on the negative okay it's about empowerment and positive change it's you have to be aware of all those techniques and what's really going on in the world which is what we talked about for over a year and a half we looked at that side okay and now this is how to say no to it and how to say yes to something better and empowering so changing diet is something that is completely within all of our will power potential to do in our own lives it only requires a shift in our habits and you could start with small shifts in your habits in your daily day-to-day habits and then you can build up to larger ones and the thing is this is about momentum the the more you do it okay and the more you build up incremental e the easier it becomes like anything it's difficult to get the process rolling when you're trying to move a large weight maybe it's on wheels and you have to push it and at the very beginning it seems like it's almost impossible but then when you finally get it going momentum takes over and that's that is because you are habituating the energy flow through the body and as you do it more and more it becomes easier and easier okay for some people they may have to work on their willpower they may have addictions to certain kinds of foods or chemicals that there have been putting in their themselves for a long time certain people's taste buds will need to change slowly over time because they're so used to the taste profiles that they're taking in people are constantly eating salt and sweet and they vary between sweet and salt tastes you know we don't really delve into in the Western world and especially in America the astringent tastes or the spicy tastes you know these are so important to developing our taste buds which has to do with what we like to eat you know it's so different what we will like to eat versus what is actually good for us but you know if you can change your taste buds by engaging in different taste profiles as well it becomes easier to take in foods that are healthy and good for you okay I'll tell you what my breakfast was today it was a glass of green juice okay and what was in it was nothing short of the energy of the Sun litter in liquid form okay and I drank that and I literally got I I I'm not making this up I literally got chills up and down my spine from drinking this glass of green juice okay the I could feel the energy flow literally tangibly in the body upon drinking that glass of juice and that will hold me for a few hours and then I'm gonna have another one okay I made a huge batch earlier I went out to a local grocery store picked up a whole bunch of organic produce okay and I did juicing before coming on the show today and that was my food for the day and will be my food for the next ten days because I'm I'm on a detox 10-day juice feast along with Barb we're doing this to improve our health to improve the clarity of our mind to even further sharpen focus and willpower and that's what drinking in that high-density energy will do and I feel great today okay so I just made a batch of juice consisting of the following spinach kale broccoli romaine lettuce celery cucumbers green grapes parsley cilantro fennel turnips radishes lemons limes beets apples mint and the water of a whole young coconut that's what I put in the juice that I made today and it came out deep deep green the color of balance the color of the energy of the earth the color of the heart chakra the color of love okay and taking that in like it's almost impossible to describe until you've done it okay put that through a juicer because we're gonna talk about juicing we're gonna talk about unleashing the waters that are in high water foods and how that energy density is so much higher than even solid food intake juicing should be part of everyone's diet I'm not saying it should be here only food I'm doing we're doing a 10-day juice fast which in which that's the only nutrient taken in I'm not saying go on a liquid diet okay don't confuse it and think that's what I'm saying I'm saying you should be supplementing your diet with juicing green juicing okay and we'll talk about methods of doing that and I I'm going to get into purification of water we'll get into juicing I did at the end of the slideshow you'll see a reverse osmosis system similar to the one I have in my home but I didn't I neglected to put a juicer up there I'll probably tack that on in the post-production of the show when I put the podcast up because having a juicer it could it's so important last week I posted some links for ro systems and juice juicers I think shower filters as well I don't think I posted juicers I'll do that today certainly with the podcast but for those who are following along with the slideshows if we we you know slide number one just shows that slide the way out that's what this whole section is about a slide to shows the grassroots solutions that we have been and will be discussion discussing over the many future weeks on what on earth is happening slide number three is this section change our diet showing some good organic produce which should be the bulk of people's diet these organic fruits and vegetables moving to slide number four we're going to start to take a look at just how a model we looked at the quality of our attention this is a basic model of how the quality of our food and water intake will eventually have a trickle-down effect and affect our entire world so when people say why is this so important because it does affect everyone we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere this is what on earth is happening welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark Hasse I'm talking about food today and the vital importance of taking in the proper nutrition and the proper nutrient density into the body to nourish ourselves to create our body and especially our brain such that we can think with greater clarity and ascend to a higher level of consciousness and ultimately this will affect our behavior if you want to look into a great neuroscientist that talks about the connection of food and behavior I would highly recommend the work of dr. Russell Blaylock because he gets into hell if we eat a crappy diet and take in all kinds of chemical poisoning in the foods that we eat our behavior is going to reflect that greatly and we're going to have all kinds of different mental problems clarity and thinking will decrease will have disorders psychological disorders come about and it will ultimately create behavior that is completely the antithesis of natural law behavior of respect for other individuals and their natural ball rights conversely if we eat a high nutrient density diet and you know we could get into the arguments forever about what is organic you know that but the purity of food is what we're talking about you want to move away from the less pure you want to move away from the more highly poisoned okay and if people are completely paranoid and they want to say well nothing's really organic anymore and everything is tainted in some form or another okay you could make the argument they're spraying chemtrails so eventually that's falling down to the ground and getting into the food and water table okay absolutely you could say oh well there's cross-pollination and you know GMO stuff eventually makes its way on the winds and gets into organic fields but let me tell you something you'd make the change between eating conventional produce and eating organic produce and if you tell me you don't feel that change I call you a complete liar to your face because I'm telling you you can tangibly tell the difference and it is not just in the mind it is not a placebo effect okay it is tangibly felt in the body just in the taste alone it can be felt and sensed and in the energy effect that it has on the body how much energy you have you feel when you eat higher purity foods is there any such thing as perfection no you you want perfection you're gonna have to be living off ether itself you're gonna have to be living off of spirit itself and and forget taking in any solid matter okay but until you're that grand angelic being get off the notion that there's any such thing as perfection but I would say also don't go into the realm of total paranoia that there's absolutely no such thing as foods that are better for you than conventionally grown produce with all those additives chemicals fertilizers and pesticides in them that's just not the case okay and it's it's a it's a not only a paranoid way of thinking about food but it's also incorrect because I'm testimony to that I've done this change in my life I know the difference between the conventional and and organically grown food and produce and fruits and vegetables you can taste it it's immeasurable its knowable until you've actually done that okay and made that change for yourself you're not gonna actually know it from a perspective of gnosis of direct experience of having done it so I can speak from that perspective and I'm telling you there is a definitive definitive difference okay that having been said what does any of this have to do with human freedom what does this have to do with what's going on in our world well as we said it affects behavior okay how we eat affects how we act and any parent can tell you that you give a child good healthy organic food see how they behave then start get feeding them chips sugary juices you know the McDonald's meat diet and all other artificial foods that are you know treated with chemicals to maintain shelf-life and add you know taste enhancers and MSG and all the things we talked about when we talked about poison food and medicine section in the poison food and medicine section and you'll see the radical differences in that child's behavior and this is true for adults as well because these foods are becoming the actual physical substances that go into building the body in the brain it's only it's only common sense as we've said what you put into your body becomes what makes up the brain and a quality brain is only going to be nourished nourished and created by quality nutrients that are physically put into the body this is not rocket science ladies and gentlemen the problem is just like we're addicted to negative ways of perceiving the world to poisonous worldviews that we feed our mind with and tell ourselves are true when they're not and stay attached to those ways of thinking okay we are addicted to poisonous foods and the energies that they contain that negative and harmful energies that they contain and our willpower becomes more and more shocked the more we stay on that poison stream and therefore it affects all of our other actions and behaviors in the world so people who are on just absolutely destructive food aren't gonna want to take the willpower to improve the world and to improve their minds and to help improve other people okay if our bodies are healthy our minds will be healthy they're connected the bind mind/body/spirit system is one whole dynamic living system that you can't separate any of those parts each one affects the other okay so slide number four on the radio show page of what on earth is happening shows how our quality of our food intake okay our quality of food intake affects our world at large and this is very similar or even identical to the flowchart that I made regarding how our quality of attention affects our world one is simply mental food and the other is physical food there's a poisoned stream or a poison reservoir and then there's a pure stream or a pure reservoir both of these could be it could have connections to our individuated cells represented by the buckets there okay we're largely containers or vessels of water okay and what we take into ourselves we have to have exercise willpower over and we have to purify as much as it is within our capability to do so if you want to get hung up on nothings organic there's no such thing or it's this isn't different than conventional produce go right ahead and think that way okay but ultimately you can increase the purity of what you're putting in in an overall sense into your body by making these dietary changes that is possible it is real okay it you've got to look at it like the two intakes on the top of these two buckets representing individuals have little valves okay like little faucets and you could you can open it open it or close it to a certain extent okay you could open the positive pure food and water intake and open it all the way and you can also open the poisonous food and water intake you could open that all the way okay and you're going to be putting different qualities of energy into the vessel now if you want to purify that vessel if you want to make it better if you want to make it higher energy there's only one thing to do you have to open up the pure food and water intake valve on that bucket okay to the greatest extent that you can and you have to shut off the valve that's letting in the poisonous food and water intake into the vessel this is simple common sense understanding it can't I can't even make it any easier than that a first grader could understand that if you want to clarify water that happens to be in a vessel you take in the most pure thing that you could take into it and you shut off the things that are sludgy and dirty and cloudy and poisoning there's there's not much to this the thing that it requires is the willpower to do it and as you do it more and more you'll develop more and more willpower the more and more you're addicted to the poison the more and more it will be more difficult to develop that willpower even to make that change so people who have been eating a poisonous diet for a long long time it's going to be very difficult to shift them that momentum to build that momentum is going to be difficult at the beginning but as it is done in small increments it will become easier and easier and then finally the output that then goes out into the world is how we behave because our nutrition and the quality of our brain and the neuro chemistry of the brain that is built by the nutrient intake will affect our behavioral patterns the more people that get off of the poison stream the more it will improve behavior and ultimately that creates a quantum ripple effect throughout the world as more people purify and detoxify the body so we're going to talk about just how to do that on the other side what are some practical methodologies that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen and be right back after these words welcome back we're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio talking about in detail how it is so critically important to changing our behavior and increasing our willpower purefoods raise our vibratory rate we are all energy we are made of energy everything is made of energy and while our body requires energy what we want to feed it with is higher vibratory energy and that can be done by attempting as much as as it is within our willpower capability to affect to take in the highest nutrient density food and the lowest the lowest poison density food the highest purity with the lowest chemical consistency because that's what a lot of foods have been turned into nothing but chemicals they're not even natural anymore at all they're something that the earth never actually gave us all this processing and adding to what nature has already provided as if to say that's not good enough nature didn't do a good enough job and hasn't provided us what we actually need when in fact Nature has provided us with everything that we need we only need to accept that gift and stop trying to change it so let's look at what we should be doing to change the the quality of the vibratory energy that we take into ourselves through food because these these high energy foods will help bring on a whole new state of consciousness for us they will help us to feel calm they will help us to think clearer okay they will create less attachment in our lives to things that don't serve who we actually are and as I've already emphasized though over and over again they will help us to increase our willpower to go and make even more empowering changes in our lives and to be an influence and an inspiration for others also attempting to change their lives for the better so if we look at image number five on the slideshow this is this section people should be spending the bulk of their time in when they visit a supermarket or a grocery store fresh organic fruits and vegetables is what we should be filling our carts with in the greatest abundance okay some other foods we could take in and use them more sparingly but this is what we should be this should be the bulk of our diet I I would say this should be upwards of 70% or more 80% of our diet and do I always do that I'm pretty good but I'm not perfect not always and hey sometimes we'll go out and we'll eat out we'll eat the food that is prepared in restaurants I'm not a total extremist when it comes to this I'm not a total raw foodist okay I am a vegetarian a strict vegetarian I don't eat meats I don't eat fish or seafood bard will still engage in seafood from time to time cheese they even limited that but fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of my diet okay fresh organic fruits and vegetables and you know all eat grains and breads eggs cheese you know I will eat some some dairy products like that beans lentils nuts berries seeds this is what comprises my diet on a daily basis okay now what I'm doing right now again with the juicing is I'm doing a detox and cleanse and this is to step up the absorption of the nutrients in the body okay and also to clarify the mind and to clarify the immune system to dislodge poisons and dislodge things that have been trapped in the intestinal tract and in other parts of the body the kidneys the the blood the entire body the mucous membranes etc so that's what a detox people have called this a reboot in certain circles it's like rebooting the computer the body computer ok just like sometimes a computer starts to slow down we reboot it and it's like regenerated for a time so that's what this juice fast is about that I'm doing over the next a week and a half so slide 5 here shows you excuse me what should make up the bulk of our diets because these are the foods that are grown from the earth and you could see how much green not only other colors yes there's Reds there's oranges but how much green comprises this image it's the bulk of the image just like the color green represents that the color that the earth produces in the greatest abundance once again this is the the light frequency that is the dead center or middle of the visible spectrum of light because that's what is being presented and is being gifted to us as a present by the earth it is love energy it is the energy of the Sun converted into a usable form by us that we can use that nature has provided freely for us to use as such it is a presence or a gift it is of that which can help keep us rooted in the present moment keep us in a state of balance and in feeling love energy embodying love energy that again the color of the the heart chakra is green and has been depicted as green in many different mystical traditions throughout time green is the color of love that's why the earth produces it that's why what we should be taking in to us in the greatest abundance on a day-to-day basis is foods or foods that are collard green you opened my refrigerator right now green hits you in the face okay my refrigerator looks similar to those shelves and that's what people's refrigerators should be looking like because you're gonna get the greatest micronutrient density into the cells and you're gonna feel the highest amount of energy when you eat the most green foods and and believe me I know there's alternative theories out there of what we should be eating trust me on this this is how you are going to feel the best as a matter of fact don't trust me actually I shouldn't even say that that's in just a figure of speech I I do know that that's how you're gonna feel the best because I've done it for myself but don't trust me on it you should do it yourself and find out okay find out if you are regenerated find out if you have more energy find out if you feel healthier and younger and rejuvenated and restored and if your skin is much better and more youthful looking and if you lose weight all it takes is to do it there's nothing to it but to do it and just try it and see what it does and if you don't like it you could always go back to eatin whatever you're eating now but if you tried eating like that I guarantee you you would feel the change in the body the physical tangible change in the body it would start happening weight would drop energy level goes up and the higher the pure purity of those foods that you take in okay if you can grow it yourself even better if you could find them in the wild even better people talk about wild foods a lot and how they're even more powerful than organic foods okay but for most people they're gonna visit their grocery or supermarket choose organic it's it's about biodiversity it's about not over running soils with the same crop and depleting nutrient density okay yeah there's still problems with or even organic farming techniques it's not perfect it's better than the other stuff that's out there it's about making a choice to go from something that is not good to something that is much better if you're looking for perfection in this world you're not gonna find it here folks there's no such thing in the 3d realm there's no such thing as perfection we have to do things that are better than what we have done it's a stepwise progression okay and so don't get hung up and you know I don't recommend being an extremist about this either moderation and balance is the key you feel hungry eat that's what your body's telling you don't starve yourself either okay if you feel like you can take more on if you wanted to try a detox cleanse or a juice fast go for it okay you have to listen to your body it is speaking the wisdom that you need to hear at all times your body is always telling you what it requires if your ego is if you can exercise enough willpower to get your ego out of the way then you'll hear the wisdom that your body's speaking to you about what it requires and what if you put into it it will then give you in return more clarity more ways the more willpower so let's talk about what a proper diet should consist of on the other side of the break let's talk about my kind of variant of a food pyramid and I found this on another website but I thought that was highly accurate and it's similar to the way that I eat nutrient density I take in is encapsulated in there so we'll look at that on the other side guys it's crystal geo of truth frequency ready I'm a see that's what on earth has happened I'm talking about food today here on show how it affects human behavior how it affects our energy levels our vibratory rate and ultimately our consciousness and if we want to improve ourselves we have to improve our diets because so many people are not eating right there's so much poison in the food supply we have to strive toward higher quality higher nutrient density and higher purity foods we also want to take in fresh organic fruits and vegetables in the greatest abundance that should be the staple of our diet particularly green vegetables again that color and the energy level associated with that color cannot be overstated it is the transformed energy of the Sun in physical form that the earth provides and it is the colour traditionally associated with love energy and the heart chakra so if we look at image number six on the slide on the slides that go with this show if you're listening by podcast it's of course podcast number 93 as we already talked about the synchronicity involved with that number and its relationship to willpower take a look at the food pyramid here which I loved when I saw it because at its very base was not even food and that's extremely significant the base was water this is something that's left out of almost all food pyramids water really should be something that we take in in great abundance now I drank juice and going along with the juice fast water is also something that you should drink because water is a carrier of energy and information that's what water is that is the role that water plays ladies and gentlemen it carries information from place to place over a distance and water carries the nutrients that we take into our our selves through eating food through our body and then takes it into the cells therefore if we're dehydrated and we don't have a proper adequate amount of water in us the nutrient density is not going to make its way properly it's not going to propagate effectively through the body and get into the cell membranes and ultimately into the nuclei of the cells where it needs to be needs to be going okay so one of the most critical things which we're going to be getting into is how important the purity of our water is and that's why I hope next week to have a local water purification expert on the show because he can tell you much much better than I can how to go about obtaining pure water and the methods that are out there how effective they are or may happen not to be it's important to know you know you don't want to be hosed by different technologies out there that are claiming that they're doing something good for your water and they really aren't so either the next week or the week after I'm gonna be bringing this gentleman on and he's going to wow you with his knowledge of water purification systems okay so take a look at this food pyramid water is at the bottom it's required to bring any nutrients through the body and into the cell the cells okay then fruits and vegetables make up the next great bulk and this is stuff that should be done daily eaten daily a lesser than fruits and vegetables grains legumes seasonings and healthy fats and then more sparingly eggs and dairy and that's at the end of things that you might want to take into yourself on a daily basis I personally well whose eggs and dairy even everything every single day maybe every other day something like that and co-op Oh welcome back everyone that's what we want we want to get close enough to kiss the sky that's when no one would be able to stop us as said in those lyrics there and taking in high nutrient density foods high energy living and raw foods will help us to get to that goal in consciousness and ultimately to better ourselves as a species increase personal willpower increase personal energy level help us to be an influencer for others to help them to motivate themselves toward real change and ultimately to start caring about and doing something about true freedom in this world so with that having been said let's get back into a further breakdown of this food pyramid on image number 6 on the water on earth is happening radio show page or in the images that accompany the podcast the base of the pyramid as we said was water than fruits and vegetables or at organic or as high quality fruits and vegetables as you can find ok grains are above that some people will limit grains as well because some people might have problems with certain forms of gluten with gluten in general certain forms of grains contain gluten some people will limit it because these are basically carbohydrates and they might want to limit their intake of carbs for various reasons and you know nothing is a hard rule here it's a general outline a general guide moderation is the key as well if you build a diet based with fruits and vegetables at the bottom of that pyramid you're not gonna go wrong okay if that's the the bulk of what you're taking in you won't go go wrong legumes are above that then you have herbs and seasonings and healthy forms of fat you know you see avocados there I think that's a jar of not not butter of some kind then eggs and dairy about that I do take these into my diet I try not to go crazy with them I love cheese hey no one can put down a pizza better than me trust me folks you know there if something will tempt me that's it you know so I'll take in greens and and cheese as well but I tried not to go overboard with them okay and I feel better when I don't go overboard with things like that I feel better when fruits and vegetables is the staple of the diet and I'm taking them in in as effective of a form as possible which is why I'm going to talk about juicing in a later segment so above that you have fish and seafood and lean meats we lean meats which I list in the weekly section of this pyramid and I would say that's if you eat them at all I personally don't eat anything from that section of that pyramid and I've already explained ad infinitum and ad nauseam why I've chosen to do that people will disagree with that and that's fine they have the right to disagree with that there is also some scientific research that can be brought forward to say okay even in the Paleolithic diet meat is included some people will try to take the fat content of their diet in through through meats and raw meats even okay I feel that this aspect is a choice because I don't feel that we have been given dominion over the other living beings of this planet I think we have been given dominion over our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions and nothing else I think these beings have a right to life just as we do I don't want to contribute to the suffering of the world by ending animal life and then consuming it and consuming that suffering therefore I've made a decision over five years ago now to not consume animal flesh okay yes I'll still use eggs and dairy on a more limited basis and cheese and things like that but again it's not the staple of my diet and who knows maybe I will eventually go we know of those as well but to directly kill the animal to eat it and I'm not saying that isn't even done with the animals that are used in the other forms of dairy okay because of course we know that it is so I would rather have these animals be present used and in conjunction with the the atmosphere that is used to grow to grow food because animals I believe are needed for the proper production of foods and the proper upkeep of soils if we're going to be doing agriculture animals are necessary okay of course animal fertilizers definitely have been used throughout time in farming methods so I'm not I'm saying I don't think we should kill these animals well you know if we're going to use their presence on a farm to increase the nutrient densities of our soils I just don't feel they should be killed and eaten that's a personal choice on my part it's not even a dietary choice as much as it is a choice regarding life and consciousness and the right of those beings to have their expression of consciousness just as we have a right to have ours that's why I'm a vegetarian and I've explained it before I don't really want to get into that aspect of discussion I want to talk about nutrient density and food I want to talk about the the density of the food itself in the forms of matter that we take it in and I'm gonna get into that in the next slide okay solid forms of food liquid forms of food and then going into forms of food that we don't really take in much because we're really not as a whole even at the level of consciousness overall to even recognize that there's another form of food besides solid and liquid foods we can get into talking about you know living off of the breath or the prana or the life energy itself as many mystics have called it so people will often think that's impossible or doesn't even exist you know someone like Wilhelm Reich talked about Oregon energy and how we can collect that and take that in and in different ways into ourself so or use it in different ways so we could get into talking about things that are actually more abstract and etheric when it comes to tip intake of energy and we will get to that a little bit but I want to just continue to go on with this food pyramid on slide number six the weekly section again that's something that I've removed altogether from my diet but I'm not telling anybody definitively to do that I'm telling you why I did that and if you wanted to make that choice you would need to experiment with that dietary choice yourself okay so but in any event I wouldn't say these should be taken in as frequently as the foods listed in the everyday section that's why I drew this line and applied you know weekly to that section because we've made a shift here into another color in the pyramid as you see the everyday foods are our blue collared and then you shift into that yellow Aryan these are things we should use more sparingly the very sparingly the things that should be used very sparingly sparingly or not at all we're talking about you know super saturated fats hydrogenated oils alcohols sweets high sugar refined sugar these are things that we should either be using extremely sparingly or eliminating altogether in the diet that's why it's at the very top of the pyramid representing things you should use the least in the least quantities and the least abundance so when we come back let's take a look at foods relationship to matter and energy as a whole and the states of matter and how this relates to the types of food that we take into our body I also want to look at alkalinity versus acidity and I'm going to post a great document on that aspect to go with this podcast we'll be right back folks here listen to what on earth is happening welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm I'm gonna give the calling numbers in this segment I apologize to a couple of callers who seem to have dropped off the line they have been holding on I'll give the calling number now for people who want to call in I'll try to take some calls in the last couple of segments so the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the callin number eight six six eight four one one zero six five be patient if you call in I apologize for not getting to those other callers who had held on and looks like they dropped off the line so call in be patient I'll get to your calls probably in the the last segment here we go we're talking about now in this section foods relationship to matter and energy okay and this chart will help people to understand how the body deals with different energy densities when it comes to food and there's three sections of the chart there's density the state of matter and the correspondence to that state of matter and these correspondences are used in many different mystery traditions of consciousness throughout time specifically they are generally attributed to the alchemical tradition and I want to say regarding that that is something I neglected to mention in the announcements section that I was also interviewed by Bob from Cincinnati a frequent caller into the show on his show on the antimatter antimatter zone network his show is called or a cult Empire occult Empire and Bob brought me on during this past week on Thursday night to do a show on alchemy so it was it was a entire two-hour show on the alchemical tradition and that's listed on the front page of what on earth has happened in the recent news you could also check it out in the news section highly recommend people to check out that podcast we covered a lot of ground got into a lot of great information regarding alchemy and it's a very enlightening subject matter and by a bob also does a great show with his show people should check out a cult empire on the antimatter's own network so what is foods relationship to matter and energy okay so this chart shows us the density of food the states of matter and then the alchemical correspondences or the correspondences that have to do with consciousness and who we actually are so this is sort of the mystical or you could even say the esoteric way of looking at food in general as a form of energy but this chart generally holds true at the bottom we have the denser forms of matter which are the solids okay we generally consider the states of matter is solid liquid and gas this is taught in elementary school science people usually leave out plasma which is a form of gas it's ionized gas it's gas that has been somewhat ionized which is electrically charged okay so gas / plasma I put up there as the most rare form and what I mean rare I mean you know it's not as dense it's not it doesn't have as many particles per unit of volume all right so solids are packed tight with matter okay as they are less densely packed we have a more rarefied form of matter which gets us upward in the in the and the density versus rareness scale toward a liquid okay and all liquids are less dense than solids but they're more dense than gases or plasmas now we get into a rarefied form of matter okay so solids what we are eating as far as solid food goes I attribute to the earth correspondence and of course it's colored green okay so green foods is what we should be eating if we're eating a lot of solid food matter that's what we should take into ourselves I feel you could take in the nutrient density of the foods what the the nutrition that the food is carrying within it even more effectively if we take that nutrient those nutrients into us in a liquid form and the reason for that is you're getting the solidity the most dense vibratory pattern of energy out of the way and the thing that the nutrients are carried in is the water okay that's the role of water is to carry information and to carry energy from one place to another so if we're we want to get even more nourished by the flow of energy we want to take in the nutrients that we need in the most rare form that is possible so liquid is better than solid okay this is why they tell you chew your food really really really well we should be chewing our food and most people don't do that and I'm bad with that believe me especially when I'm hungry and everybody knows what I'm talking about when I say that you know you're hungry you want to dive into something you know you a couple of bites a couple of chews on it and then it swallow it down you know that's not how we should be chewing our food actually we should be taking our time chewing it until it becomes literally like a liquid in our mouth practically you know as or as liquefied as we can tolerate that process this way the cell walls are being smashed by our teeth that's what the role of our teeth are for to smash the cell walls of some food in the solid form so that the energy is more readily absorbed into the lining of the digestive system and then into the bloodstream where it is then used okay so liquid is a more efficient form of taking a nutrient density and that's why it's in the middle of this chart okay it's a higher form of nutrient density flow than even solid matter at the bottom of this chart where we have solid matter the body has to expend the most energy from the system okay in order to break down the food because it's in solid form and ultimately it's going to be used in liquid form in the body okay if we take in the liquids by themselves already in liquid form which is what this juice fast I'm on right now is about the efficiency goes up that goes through the roof okay and you're taking the mighta the the micronutrients and the phytonutrients in that plant matter food and getting them into the cells and into the blood much more efficiently and effectively than if you're eating solid matter that's not to say I guess I've already said just try to make your whole diet liquid I personally won't recommend that I would say that you should eat a certain amount of solid food but I would highly supplement the diet of whatever forms of solid foods you're eating with juicing because juicing again is liberating the energies in foods in plant foods that are that are created that are distilled by nature itself that living dynamic process that nature knows how to do okay that is just part of the creative energies of the universe itself and that living dynamic intelligence of the field of energy itself is present in nature and it is actively using that energy to distill the waters in the plant foods that grow abundantly on the earth when we take that water from its housing okay from its carrier okay from its containers the you see it is one of the one of the most efficient ways of taking nutrients in the body and this technology that has been available to us for many years is one of the reasons technology is here for us to use at this time it's one of the powerful and positive uses of technology to better ourselves as a people and as individuals we'll be right back after these words you're listening - what on earth this happen don't go anywhere welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc Pascoe let's jump right back into the chart on image number seven on the radio show page or with podcast number 93 titled foods relationship to matter and energy he looked at the solid form of food and the liquid form and as I was saying before the break juicing is so important in this process again I would say definitely you don't want to try to just make your diet liquid that's not the point here it's supplementing your diet of the the solid food that you are eating with juicing and juicing takes those phytonutrients those micronutrients that are in plant foods and takes them into the cell walls takes them into the the the blood so much more efficiently than even eating the actual raw plant material and when you see what goes into making a juice a good green healthy juice that is not pasteurized and is made from good organic produce then you understand you would not be able to eat that amount of matter if you see what's remains the the fibrous material that remains after making you know a big batch of juice and understanding how much even goes into a glass of that juice you would realize nobody's gonna eat that much and so you're you're ramping up the ability of taking in that nutrient density by packing it into a form that is more easily able to be taken in by the body and more readily absorbed by the body so when we go up into a rarer state of matter the gas and plasma states again gas the most rare form of matter and plasma and ionized form of gas I've corresponded these with air and fire of course another word for gas air you know we generally look at them as interchangeable our air that we breathe containing many different types of gases but the ionized form plasma i've related fire okay now these forms we won't will not immediately recognize in some correspondence to food because we generally look at food and water or solid food and liquid food okay there is such a thing as gaseous food ladies and gentlemen and if you don't believe that you want to look into many different cases of individuals who have lived four times on nothing but pranic energy look into prana look into lifeforce energy also look into organ energy as I've already talked about wilhelm reich a little bit on the show this is a study that needs to be made by the individual to even break down the barrier that there is such a thing as this and that it can be done by the human body that a human being is capable of not living on solid or liquid food at all okay now again very few people are at that level of consciousness but if you want to take a look at one that was actually looked at in a scientific way and they trained cameras upon him and had people observe what he was doing was a boy in I believe it was India named ROM Baum John and he fasted without food or water yes he did not drink water for ten months he did not eat or drink for ten months he used a pranic meditation and breathing technique in conjunction with each other to literally take in the lifeforce energy that is all around us in the air okay that is put here by the radiant energy of the Sun it was almost a form of living off of free energy and he did not actually have to masticate solid food nor did he have to drink anything at all including water and yes it was done okay I do not believe it was a hoax people will say oh that's impossible it was it was all a hoax I personally think this person just came online you know he just he the light if you will and I do accept the literal face of the explanation that this person just desired to meditate and he sat in a tree by his village in India for ten months without moving practically without moving he moved a bit but if you watch him up close it's a very end maybe I'll post the video there's a documentary about this called the boy with divine powers now do I think these are divine powers no but I think these techniques are knowable I think this is legitimate and can be done he he went to an extreme method and people saw this as some kind of a miraculous thing and then they started trying to profit from it they wouldn't leave him alone they wouldn't leave him to his meditation they had a big circus atmosphere around the village where he was from and all he wanted to be be allowed to do was to be left alone and meditate and they couldn't even leave this young boy alone to do that I believe he was fifteen years old when this all went down but it's an interesting story look it up maybe I'll post a link to the video the documentary you could check out but this is about pranic energy okay which is a gaseous form of energy with the ancients called the breath of life and yes it is possible to eventually get to the level of body mind spirit consciousness where we would be able to take in simply a gaseous form of energy and ultimately we will get to the highest level to live off of light energy alone do I feel that people are there at that level of consciousness now no this is why we still require things like solid food and liquid food so I don't recommend anybody just trying to live on pranic material just off of a whim because you'll probably go into nutrient starvation and die so this individual was aware of where he was at in consciousness and was aware of certain techniques to use in order to do this so an interesting story but I'll leave the the state of matter and correspondents there I just thought I should put this chart up to help people to understand the different forms the densities of food and how the liquid form is ax more readily absorbable and efficient way of taking in nutrient density into the body and of course gas and plasma would be even higher efficiency okay so that's just something to look at take in and understand how those states of matter work together and how they they correspond related to energy levels and efficiency levels of taking in nutrients image number eight goes into the importance of water okay and I put in image number nine a water purification system known as a reverse osmosis filtration system okay I'm gonna post some links to reverse osmosis systems we're going to talk a lot about them next week when we or the week after when I have a water filtration and purification expert on the show but it can't be overstated how altom utley water is the thing we're really talking about here because this is the carrier of information and energy and it's what we ultimately have to make sure we take into ourselves in the purest form so purify your water in his best way as you are capable of doing it in whatever way your budget or monetary means at the current time allow you to do it again it's all about making small steps and making the the steps that we are capable of doing in our life and that we are capable of applying in the moment so if you can only do certain forms of filtration that you know a ro system is out of your monetary scale to buy for yourself then do what you can okay it's about getting from a place where we're at to someplace a little bit better than a little bit better than a little bit better that's how this stepwise process of purification and working on perfecting ourself goes it's not it doesn't have to be in all at once type thing it's making small moves and small changes that ultimately add up to big ones okay so with that having been said I want to talk about alkalinity versus acidity and then in the last segment I'll wrap that up and take some calls but if we are acidic our body becomes wracked with inflammation we have joint pain we feel tired we're lackadaisical we don't have energy and ultimately then disease grows in the body this is ultimately caused by too acidic of a pH of a body pH we need to raise our alkalinity I want to read from a document I'm going to post along with this show an intro to a chart about alkalizing versus acidifying foods and as I've said it isn't about just eating all the things on the alkaline side it's about a mixture and we should probably have about a 70/30 mix from you know 70 toward the alkaline side 30 toward the acidic side so let me read this paragraph human blood pH should be slightly alkaline between seven point three five and seven point four five below or above this range means symptoms and disease a pH of seven point zero is neutral a pH below seven point zero is acidic a pH above seven point zero is alkaline so we should be slightly toward the alkaline side an acidic ph can occur from an acid forming diet emotional stress toxic overload and/or immune reactions or any process that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients the body will try to compensate for an acidic ph by using alkaline minerals if the diet does not contain enough minerals alkaline minerals to compensate a buildup of acids in the cells will occur leading to disease I'm going to continue reading this short introduction to this document that I'm going to post with this podcast on the other side of the break and we'll take your calls to take us out for this edition of one on earth is happening we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen welcome back everyone for this final segment of today's edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'm gonna do a whole show coming up soon on nothing but juicing and we're gonna look at ways that we can add this very very important aspect of using food and nutrients into our lifestyle and maybe even bring some recipes to the table to encourage people to incorporate juicing into their life and if you do I guarantee you will recognize how important it is how beneficial it is and wonder how you ever lived without doing it okay so that's coming up again a whole show on water purification and the importance of pure water coming up so we're going to stay on this topic of solutions through food and water for a few weeks before we move on to other topics let me finish this document that I was reading about alkalinity versus acidity alkaline versus acidic forming foods and I will be posting this with the podcast with an extensive list of foods that are alkaline forming versus acidifying if the diet does not contain enough minerals to compensate a buildup of acids in the cells will occur an acid an acidic balance will decrease the body's ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients decrease the energy production in the cells decrease its ability the body's ability to repair damaged cells decrease the body's ability to detoxify heavy metals making tumors tumor cells cells thrive cancer cells thrive and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness a blood pH of 6.9 which is only slightly acidic can induce coma and death the reason acidosis is more common in our society is mostly due to the typical American diet which is far too high in acid producing animal products like meat eggs and dairy and far too low an alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables additionally we eat acidic producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid producing beverages like coffee and soft drinks we use too many drugs which are acid forming and we use artificial chemical sweeteners like NutraSweet spoonful sweet and low equal or aspartame which are poisonous and extremely acid forming why do you think they want them out there ladies and gentlemen one of the best things we can do to correct an overly acid body is to clean up the diet and lifestyle to maintain health the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acidic forming foods and I said a 70/30 split this document has a slightly different take you do what feels right and what gives you the most increased energy I feel 70/30 is closer to the mark he says 6040 okay to restore health the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods that's for a detox or a cleanse okay to restore health meaning if you're already in a really bad state of health 80/20 is what you should go toward okay generally alkaline forming foods include most fruits green vegetables green vegetables peas beans lentils spices herbs and seasonings and seeds and nuts generally acid forming foods include meat fish poultry eggs grains and legumes so I'll leave it there and I will post this document with the podcast and it will have a chart of just about every food that's out there and which side it's on whether it's on the alkalizing side or the acidifying side and you have to strike a balance as you see fit like I said I consider a 70/30 split he says a 60/40 maybe even somewhere in between there but if you're detoxing if you're storing if you're trying to regenerate after living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle you have to even kick it up to there and go to an 80/20 mix mixture at least between acidifying between alkaline and acidifying foods alkalinizing and acidifying so I'll leave the discussion I'll leave my presentation there I should say and let's start a discussion let's take some calls on this very vital and important topic namely the kind of foods we should be putting into our body hopefully I could take the couple of callers that are on the line before the end of the show here we go caller front be 862 area code you are live on what on earth is happening welcome Oh welcome Bob I heard your presentation I thought it was timely I am just about I was gonna be on a fast I invited someone else to come on the fast with me it will be a little bit more extensive and it you you brought it right up and so that's one of the reasons that prompt me to call because I mean you brought it right home she's doing it for one reason right but I have another reason in mind and that's health consciousness also you talked about a few things see my premise is that if what we're doing it's totally right then we should reap the benefits from what it is that we're doing and it's a die there's not giving us those benefits then we have to look at you know the diet because it's not giving us longer life it's not giving us you know superior health is not getting better memory better eyesight no that's happening so we need to check out one of these that we're doing the other thing that you brought up and I hope that you you know do post that video on to your website because I would like to see that I read about it years ago where you have breatharians matter of fact I showed the article at my job where this guy was 82 he had 8 no food and drank anything for about 70 was about about 70 or 57 years Wow and he was from India yeah and he's and people could not fathom that that that was not something you know and but that is not the first time I I'm a vegetarian I've been a vegetarian since 1978 I was in college and someone talked about nutrition and from that point on I just changed my diet I've never went back so I've been on it when people say well can you make it well you have whole countries that were actually vegetarians it's not something that just popped up and all of a sudden but I think we're gonna need that and I think your your presentation is timely as the one thing about these particular global is they took over the food supply that's right Santos is saying right Monsanto's had taken over the see and so when you get this genetically engineered material into your body and they have claimed all seeds and no seeds end up into your body do they actually have possession of your body of course actually have ownership right that's right over your body because they're seeds going in that makes you no longer you it makes you them because they have genetically engineered to see they have the patent on it and so I'm just asking you that's what the harness is the whole purpose is to take over the body and to take over the mental functions that ultimately determine human behavior so people can be more readily and easily controlled and it's one of the greatest techniques of doing that is poisoning the food genetically modifying the food ultimately that end that equates with poisoning and genetically modifying human beings that's what's being poisoned that genetically modified us and that's happening not only on a physical basis but on a an epigenetic basis as well through the energy the types of energy fields that result of of this this poisonous nature to the food and and the the degradation of the food supply that normally would be a living dynamic part of nature itself coming into us we're taking in a completely degraded form of energy density and vibration and therefore it's changing us not only at a physical level but at an epigenetic level as well so call our phenomenal points that you brought up one of the great points that that caller really brought up was if you're gonna do any kind of a change in diet or a juice fast or anything like that do it with someone that you care about when you do it together it makes it even more powerful and the the willpower can even be strengthened because it's to two or more people who are setting an example for each other and they're helping to support each other during that that lifestyle change so great calls caller thanks so much for the call let's go to our final caller on this edition of what on earth is happening a restricted caller you're live on what on earth is happening welcome what do you have for us hello yes your own life hey Mike it's Franco from Montreal hey how are you pretty good oh you know you're very hard to actually reach her I was trying with your the regular phone number but in Canada it looks like they're the seller that the phone number dude that you gave us doesn't work so I have to pass through Skype she actually died I'll do a trick take a quick picture actually you reach you yes Franco has a radio show up in Montreal called tu gair one fee I was interviewed on that before and I'm going to be coming up on that in February actually Frankie take this out oh sorry no you go right ahead you take this out you can make the final comic okay all right so guys be healthy in your mind it's a it's good to be in your mind be spiritual but what a constitution like them