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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday February 5th 2012 we have a great show lined up for you here today and we're going to be having a very special guest on for all 2 hours starting with the next segment mr. Fernando salgueiro who is a water purification expert and a specialist in survival tactics Fernando is the host of the meetup.com group survive and thrive right here in the Philadelphia area which meets on a regular basis here in Philadelphia to teach survival skills it's a survival skill sharing group okay and on the show today we'll be discussing techniques and technologies for water purification and the critical role that water plays in our everyday lives and this is part of our ongoing solution oriented approaches last week we talked about food and we're not finished with that topic we're going to get into it a lot more in coming weeks today its water purification and you're going to see that this gentleman is one of the foremost experts on that topic so that's coming up in the next segment I do have a couple of quick event announcements that I want to read off the first thing is that the red ice interview with Henrik Palmgren that I did a couple of weeks back is still not posted to the site I announced last week that it would be posted to red ice it looks like there's a couple of people in the queue for new guests right before me but if you go to the radio show page on red ice creations you would be able to see that I'm in the queue I think I'm third in the list so look for that in about a week or so probably I would say within a few days to a week but it will be posted there soon tomorrow February 6th I will be interviewed on the radio show - Garret one fee with Franco who art and his other co-hosts this is on the radio h2o Network out of Montreal so check that out I'll post some links tomorrow for the show and next week February 12th I will be interviewing Franco who are from the radio show to guarantee on what on earth is happening and our topic will be present moment awareness also the truth freedom prosperity group will be hosting their free documentary screening and discussion night at the end of this month Wednesday February 29th at 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau Studios media Bureau is at 4th and Brown in the northern Liberty section of Philadelphia this month we will be screening Michael to seryeong's architects of control documentaries so definitely look out for that one come on out if you want to learn all about the techniques of mind control and who these architects of this system of control are and what they're all about that's coming up February 29th at media Bureau studios for more information visit truth freedom prosperity or ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] when he looks addicted sunglasses we speak the same things all the way through the subliminals it will be courtesy of a doughy defendant [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's jump right into it with our special guest for this episode Fernando salgueiro welcome - what on earth is happening thank you so we're going to talk a lot about water purification today we're going to talk about the technologies involved we're going to talk about what kind of technologies you recommend or don't recommend but let's start out with you telling the listeners a little bit about your background you're a big your business we're getting I'm not sure where that's coming from but let's see if we could mitigate that okay you're a big during that feedback hello not sure if we just lost them hold on folks we'll try to sort out these technical difficulties let's see if I can pick up Fernando I'll drop him and pick him back up bear with us Fernando are you there I am yes I can okay great so I was saying that you're an activist in the Philadelphia area and you also host the meetup group called survive and thrive which teaches a set a big huge set of survival skills to people completely for free you meet up very okay very often in the Philadelphia area in the northern Liberty section of the city at Liberty's pub on a bi-monthly basis I believe it is so why don't you tell the listeners a little bit about your background and how you got involved in doing what you do now okay boy I was a junkie of mother I was dragged from from shitty house to shitty house often living in squalid conditions often with no heat in the winter time living in squatters most alot of time no heat in the winter no running water no electricity obviously no telephone so I had to at an early age really deal with a lot of violence both within and without the home inside and outside of the home because I was very much a loner and an independent thinker I was frequently targeting for violence on in some of the worst neighborhoods in the city we lived in so I've been on my own since I was 15 thankfully with the judicious medicine work the usage of LSD as medicine I've been able to rewire my neural network elevate my consciousness and I have been a do-gooder of one sort or another since I was 15 or so and I've somehow always tried to champion the underdog so working with environmental groups little groups I've done a lot of homeless outreach and animal work and just a lot of stuff that I just try to make it a better world and what I was born into and that's ultimately what it's all about is taking action and getting involved not just learning about the things that are wrong with this world but taking tangible measures to correct those wrongdoings and to actually bring balance about through our actions it's all about ultimately taking action I could tell you Fernando definitely does take action so let's get into what got you into your current line of work you you work in water purification what I was explaining was that my might might my Jupiter whatever was savior complex Christ complex however we Christ consciousness whatever it is that I'm striving for brought me into working for clean water action which is an environmental political group working to hold politicians accountable for their actions help fake pollute looters clean up their own messes that's where I got my start in water testing and understanding the dynamics that happen within water right standing broader issues with water chemistry or the chemistry that goes into water these days they're really broadened my understanding fifteen years ago I began to work for water treatment company and my my location is I am a water treatment specialist I I have a laboratory of my own self employed and I what I do is I go out I test people's water or a wide variety of contaminants and then help first off diagnose what the problems are and then tailor solution great why don't you tell the listeners a little bit about what kind of contaminants currently exist in water that we turn on on our taps every day what kind of contaminants are in there in the water that we shower in in the water that we drink in the water that we use to cook etc well what are the kinds of contaminants that exist in water well I think at this point we take a step back from that mark and really take a look at what water is sure because water has as all things do physical and metaphysical properties and they're not clearly understood one way or the other exclusively but they really have to be understood in combination so some of the physical properties of water include essentially all the water ever does he's hairy different forms of energy through space they think about that from different forms of energy through space and calories so it carries matter when we wash our hands brush our teeth flush our toilets water's carrying things away for us right if we're hot on a summer day and we sweat our our DNA has uses water to dissipate heat we cool off we jump into a pool and instantly all that thermal energy is dissipated carried away now the human body has made 70% of water but the brain itself is 90% water now this is not in insignificant the planet itself is covered 70% of water and as current science understands it water itself is extraterrestrial now this is important as science currently understands it be her was a molten iron spinning with with equipment which we could call magma and it was just angry boiling rock Fernando hold it right there we're coming up to a break we'll continue this on the other side our special guest for this edition of what on earth is happening water purification expert Fernando salgueiro stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking with water purification expert Fernando salgueiro Fernando you were getting into what water actually is it grew up water and it yes what it does and the possible origins of water on this planet so why don't you continue with that okay so very simply the earth was a spinning ball of iron and magma the collection of if you follow the Big Bang Theory or at least to one degree or another the salt stuff of stars so part of the manufacturing of our Sun of our star there's by products that include h2o comics and in fact the h2 the water comets the ice comets smacked into the earth cooling the surface of the earth to a crust while still keeping it boiling on the inside the steam process combined with the electromagnetic force of the spinning iron in the center of the earth creating what we know to be are the levels of our sky the atmosphere ionosphere stratosphere on out from there the blanket so all forms of life that we know of on earth require water to live and water itself did not come from the earth itself so it is by definition extraterrestrial so again water only has one basic power no matter what it's doing it is moving different forms of energy from one place and space to another place in space whether it's thermal energy by electro chemical and this is where we need to talk about DNA the role of DNA DNA is a living code it takes food a matter and uses water to rearrange those molecules to create new cells so we all know that we shed hair and skin cells we shed billions of skin cells a day but we don't think about so much the fact that we're all for shedding heart cells and liver and kidney cells and bones so our DNA is constantly self-replicating these codes it's a self-replicating code and it uses water to distribute now used water to carry the good stuff through us like oxygen nutrients antibodies but it also it uses water to carry the toxins of waste out of us also uses water through the central nervous system so the brain again is 90% water because of its conductivity to be able to communicate to travel with electrical signals chemical signals we are this big biochemical mechanism so understand that water carries things and instead it starts to do that on a molecular level h2o and that's very difficult level for most folks to imagine how small that really is but water has some very interesting properties and one of those properties is it's a it has no choice but to erode things dissolve things put things into solution and so water always on the earth water always follows a path of least resistance so when it rains rain hits the ground snow melts and it will it will creep along and it will either go rivers lakes streams it'll be all surface water or if it's easier it soaks underground becomes groundwater but anyone who's ever had a leak in the basement or leak in the roof knows that water will find a way so the contaminants that are picked up now we're very different than the contaminants that people have dealt with for millennia we're no longer just drinking out of puddles and streams dealing with natural rock third and even natural biological issues right we're dealing with a lot more complex chemistry more complex and most people can actually wrap their minds around a few things that we should think about the number one cause water pollution in the United States alone is nitrate contamination now they're all rotting organic materials things that once were alive but are no longer there became so that can be leaves dicks but also most of the nitrates in the US water supply are coming from human and animal feces animal feces let's look at factory farming hog farms dairy farms chicken farms in fact mainstream Americans refrigerators all that manure is constantly running off it's considered a great farm runoff so they don't have to clean up the chicken poop and so there's a lot of nitrate contamination from that also we all flush our toilets and so when the water comes our sewage water is clean basically the same way all over the country they run the water through different sized net filters to take out larger chunks from the sewage then they run the water through gravel filters then they run the water through sand filters for a few other chemicals in including chlorine kills off all the people coliform and the gut bacteria and then our treated sewage water cleans minimum federal standards it's released downstream and it goes on downstream to other folks thing is we all live downstream from someone else so their sewage water and everything that goes into it has an impact so human and animal feces number one cause of water pollution second largest cause of water pollution in the United States are household cleaners soaps detergents lotion shampoo cleansers conditioners toilet bowl cleaners so most folks don't think about the tile X content of their water how many scrubbing bubble chemicals from DuPont are in you know getting into their pasta and their rice when they boil it a lot of people think the boiling water makes things disappear but it doesn't it just cook the germs to be dead so household cleaners second biggest cause of water pollution the fastest growing form of water pollution in the United States pharmaceuticals now mark you've heard of folks you've heard of drugs in the water before haven't you of course we've actually talked about this on the shows that we did on food and drugs talking about how the overuse of these different pharmaceuticals are ultimately makes its way into the the water supply and then we end up drinking that and take in those in lower dosages but chronically over a long period of time and what your understanding is to how the pharmaceuticals get into the water and I don't really have too much of an understanding of that why don't you enlighten us myself and the listeners well a lot of folks are doing misconception that it's all pills that get flushed down the toilet when they expire but the reality is that most people ingest their drugs and so again with humans and animals you gotta think about big agriculture right big agriculture uses anti antibiotics - sure pus content in the milk supply or or cut down on the pronounced diseases also steroid use rampant for commercial agriculture but afford people take in a daily basis I mean hormones steroids birth control antibiotics anti-psychotics antidepressants today alone on this day there are tens of millions of children in the United States that are taking some sort of psychotropic for a dd autism something under the autism spectrum so Ritalin or adderall or abilify or clip there's a lot of them and every time those kids go potty they urinate all the drugs out all drugs pass through the humans and animals that ingest them so that's important now when when the drugs come out of our bodies they either come out metabolized which is broken down to smaller parts or they pass through unmetabolized and our extra Tory system just pushes the drug out whole now there are no long-term Studies on chronic low dose exposure but the reality is that there is chronic low dose exposure on the american people for all pharmaceuticals another interesting point is the body within the federal government that is supposed to look out for our best interest epa actually they set the maximum contaminant levels for what's in public water through the a very aggressive lobbying effort of the pharmaceutical companies those those pharmaceuticals are never sought for in the Matteson family Cornette Fernando hold it right there we're coming up to another break ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere we'll be right back with more from Fernando South we're talking about water purification [Music] behind the girl I'll make my fire all day [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's jump right back into it with water purification expert Fernando salgueiro who was discussing contaminants in our water and how they get there so we just touched briefly on the pharmaceutical aspect is actually kept off of the national radar by farm-sauce pharmaceutical Lobby the EPA and you know it's the same with the rail relationship between Monsanto and the FDA the EPA and large polluters have a lot of people in common and a lot of interests in common that don't include necessarily so there's that aspect of it that we should be mindful of and then in addition to that you have every other thing I mean you know each of our cars and trucks all of us who drive fossil fuel run vehicles all that fuel we put in one way all those thousands and thousands of gallons over the years all of it doesn't just disappear it just breaks down to smaller parts and goes up into the atmosphere so in the United States alone from our cars and trucks we put tens of billions of tons of the heavy metal Laden toxin Laden smoke into the air and all that gets rained out because again water only has one power now for as long as it has rain water has purified air that is the natural order on this planet that water purifies air pulls the pollen pull the dust out so now it's pulling out all the pollutants from art for manufacturing you know and you know the commercials running there Fukushima you know and and and a lot of the filters that that sell these that sell on radio shows oftentimes don't actually perform as well as as well as you'd like them to I tested big perky water filters and they've consistently come up lacking I've tested a wide variety of filters to get sold like Brita pitchers refrigerator filters faucet mounted filter and they consistently mislead the American people by improving taste and odor unfortunately that's where most people's consciousness lies they believe that you know if they can see a different smell a different taste a difference then there is a significant difference not the majority of those filters that are the brand filters that I just rattled off do little or nothing to remove many of the contaminants they just improved taste and odor and so the American people are often suffered by their aesthetics so you have insecticides and pesticides and all the trash that any of us has ever thrown away sitting in a landfill somewhere if it didn't go to a trash to steam plant where they burned it then it's sitting in a landfill somewhere and landfills with big holes in the ground and they have liners on the bottom of them and those liners have holes in the independent so that the water itself does not fill up in the landfill and make you know a big big few days of rain you know and your average landfill could turn into a big stew pot of human trash and all that batteries and paint cans and baby diapers and everything so what happens is landfills have holes to allow the water to strain out so leaking landfills elite changes fall is a huge source of water pollution and then you know we just keep throwing our trash away they come along once or twice a week pick it up and we don't have to see it it's out of out of sight out of mind but it's not out of our reality and so I think that more and more people are becoming aware through the good works of people like yourself and and there are others that are out there working to improve the state of consciousness for mind body and soul and in my own small way that's what I also try to work to do is is excellent Fernando can you address things that are deliberately added to the water supply in municipal water systems and after we address those things I want to talk about solutions what technologies would you recommend and how those technologies actually work to effectively filtrate water so I'll talk about things that are deliberately added to municipal water supplies okay well one obviously is going to come to mind especially for listeners if this show would be rate would be fluoride okay so sodium fluoride is is a is a as a molecule that will attach itself to the winter called carries the microscopic cavities on the enamel of the teeth and will actually essentially work like a bit of spackle over a small hole you know you know and the hole in the wall so a small hole can be spackled over and it won't continue to grow bigger and bigger so there is surface contact benefit for fluoride with with the enamel of the teeth unfortunately Alcoa a large aluminum manufacturing refining corporation back in the 50s realized that there were some studies that link fluoride to the benefits benefits to the teeth what they did is they hired Edward Bernays the father of modern modern public relations and they wanted to sell their waste product you see when they aleut when they mine aluminum out of the ground they have to separate the pure aluminum ore from other impurities that include sodium fluoride which is so highly toxic it's actually more toxic than the land and so they hired a PR firm that hired a bunch of dentists and helped to rewrite textbooks to sell sodium fluoride to be put into the water so water supplies for the american people over time we've seen that there's been negligible impact on the the dental benefits in fact the American Medical Association has actually recently come out to to remove fluoride from the water for infants and toddlers because it is not a vitamin or I does not ever help the DNA doesn't put your fluoride to put fluoride to use the DNA does whatever it can to get rid of it but through the excretory system but the the damage that can be done the carcinogenic the impact of fluoride is intense it's related to bone cancer and there are also other studies that show the fluoride calcifies the pineal gland now the pineal gland is e because it is in fact the physical manifestation of our third eye and the pineal gland is loaded with rod and cone cells it's the most one of the most complex chemical manufacturing plants in of the brain it is not fully understood by science at this point in time but it is very important and I personally believe that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul the the connection port in which the in the eternal consciousness divine spark of consciousness that we all are riding a wave of some sort where it actually plugs into the meatsuit I believe that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul of which the mind is operated and then the body is operated I totally agree and that's why this attack is ongoing this deliberate attack is on going against the awakening of consciousness by trying to damage and and hold back the pineal gland within the brain and that is done one of the methods that that is done through is the fluoridation of water supplies right and and the fact you know if you take a look it's not really divergent from our topic if you take a look at the federal schedule of illegal substances on the schedule one the most illegal substances are those that empower the mind LSD DMT which is manufactured dimethyltryptamine is an endogenous brain chemical manufactured most likely by the pineal gland also may be manufactured in the lungs but but dimethyltryptamine is an incredibly important neuro neurochemical that is linked to human consciousness and I personally believe is the master key for unlocking human consciousness but so schedule one drugs include LSD psilocybin MDMA and DMT whereas then the schedule to not quite as illegal are the ones that hurt us the most and often get imported by the CIA FBI other alphabet-soup agencies for covert funding and whatever it is that they're doing but the coke and the heroin that get funneled into inner cities the fact that we're guarding and you know poppy production in Afghanistan jumped up NIMH it's now seven hundred percent from before we invaded Afghanistan and you look around a ball deeper fernanda we're coming up to another break on the other side I'd like you to address chlorine and chlorine derivatives as a contaminant sea water it great stay with us everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening with our special guest Fernando salgueiro we'll be right back after these words [Music] welcome back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today on the show we are talking with water purification expert Fernando salgueiro and Fernanda we were talking about all of the different contaminants in our water when just kind of wrapped up talking about fluoride but I wanted you to touch on chlorine and chlorine derivatives first of all when you're City tap water is treated what they do is they take it from the source whatever river lake stream they run the water through different sized net filters to take out leaves digs trash and animals you'd be surprised how many sergeant wild animals actually a lot of pets when folks don't have the money or inclination to bury their animals or if the vet bills are too much the water treatment the guys who work in the plants that's what seems to freak them out the most is the stream of cats and dogs they see but so they run the water through net filters then they run the water through large gravel filters then find sand filters and then they pour in a disinfectant most the time it's chlorine chlorine is a very powerful toxic chemical that will kill microorganisms and this is a cheap and easy way to sterilize the water and water sterilization is important I mean on an average day on this planet there are thirty four thousand babies that die usually from dysentery or diarrhea they get a case of diarrhea their mothers can't stop from from drinking infected water okay microorganisms that are attacking a small undeveloped immune system and so the babies can't handle it and they often die in their mother's arms that's thirty four thousand times a day so water disinfection is important to maintain your homeostasis how it's disinfected also matters so chlorine is a cheap and dirty way to do it also needs a strong smell bomb so oftentimes those municipalities that are using or water companies many of us don't realize that we're actually paying those to accompany the publicly traded stock so their profit motives they do the least amount they can they charge as much as they can for it so after they pour chlorine in they'll add ammonia that will actually help to gas or off gas the smell so you don't smell it as much but there should be a lot of chlorine in the tap water and they put enough chlorine in the line from the beginning to make sure that even with dissipation there's plenty of chlorine at the end of the line some municipalities and water companies switched over to a hybrid chemical called for a mean and that is basically a bonded chlorine and ammonia molecule also disinfect now there are a lot of other ways to disinfect water sunlight ultraviolet light filters ozonation is a safe and healthy way to do it but in the United States at least we are we are grounded and grandfathered in with old and dirty ways to get things done as I understand that also Fernando chlorine is work that will damage the lining of the arteries and create heart disease by making molecules such as cholesterol stick into the artery walls have you heard this research fernando are you still there did we lose him again alright hold on I'm going to drop Fernando and try to pick them up again I apologize ladies and gentlemen hold on bear with us Fernando I think we lost you are you back yes there you are I'm sorry okay I'll repeat the question I was saying are you familiar with the fact that is shown that chlorine is one of the most dangerous compounds to put into the body because of what it will do to the arteries specifically the arteries around the heart which will become grooved as chlorine molecules pass through the bloodstream and they will create grooving along the inner walls of the arteries and that will allow cholesterol which would ordinarily pass unobstructed through the artery through the arteries to stick in these grooves that are created in the artery walls yeah can you hear me okay yes I can you're back you're fine well you did a pretty good job of summarizing it right there that's exactly what happens the chlorine edges the arterial walls and and enables the arterial plaque to build up and that's what causes a hardening of arteries which leads to heart attacks different kinds of heart disease so that's true now another thing people don't realize is we take more chemicals especially chlorine we take more chemicals into our skin with ten minutes in a hot shower or warm bath then if we were to drink one gallon of hot water within 10 minutes through thermal absorption we soak in we soak in those chemicals a really neat way experiment you can do this for yourself is grab a pool test kit take two glasses of warm water out of your tap and stick fingers down into one of the glasses like three fingers and let them soak for about two minutes and then you pull your fingers out then if you put the equal amount of the OTO the chemical to turns yellow with a chlorine test fit you put equal amounts of the VAT chemical OTO into both glasses you will see that the chlorine is almost completely removed from the glass that had fingers soaking in it for two minutes so dermal absorption is very real ongoing reality that our bodies do and deal with so chlorine absorption you know a lot of folks think about their water and their health related just through their what they directly use for consumption but don't recognize how it relates to their pasta their rights their showers their the detergent residue that doesn't get ripped off properly if it's left on the dishes different contaminants that are on the dishes you know people don't see it clearly and so they don't think about it very clearly as a general rule there are also things to watch out for in the future it's my understanding that there are various lobbying efforts to put lithium in the water supply in different parts and there may in fact already be parts of this country that have lithium in the water there is also there's also as I understand it an effort by the company Eli Lilly who manufactures lipitor the number what that is the number one selling pharmaceutical in the country that there's an effort to put lipitor into the water supply this is regulate the country's cholesterol level let's clarify for listeners this is a statin yes and what this what this does is explain what what a statin does and how this is dangerous because as I understand it statins decrease the Q a coke q10 enzyme and that is what regulates the beating of the human heart exactly so there are a lot of again you did a good job summarizing you know there's a lot of ground for us to cover here sure but but the the statin drugs are excreted through the urine and so statins are in the sewage water supply and so other folks are drinking it in that way and then if this if this uh if this uh move gets through you know through lobbying you know it might sound crazy to some folks so how would that ever happen yeah well we can look a lot of things that happen that seem crazy and yet they're going on the you know there's also one other thing I wanted to touch on with fluoride before we get away from different contaminants sure is right is a is a component in a number of antidepressants including so law and paxil fluoride has been put into the water supply and high doses to control groups of people in the past it's been used by the bye during the Bolshevik Revolution when they would send folks off the Siberian work camps to keep their heads down keep their spirits down keep them off center also in the prisoner of war camps in Nazi Germany the German officers the German soldiers had a different water supply from the Jews and it wasn't just because one you know they didn't want to cross-contaminate with you know whatever their philosophies were about what why they hated Jews but it was specifically so that the fluoride would not impact the German soldier and interrupt his mastery and keep the keep the Jews and the Communists and everyone else we were grounded up as active as possible that's a great place to take a break we're gonna be back for the second hour where we won't be getting into solutions specifically how can we clean up our water that we drink that we take into our body that we shower in when we Bay then on the other side of this break water purification expert Fernando salgueiro is our special guest on this edition of what on earth is happening stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show our special guest is Fernando salgueiro water purification water purification expert and also a specialist in survival tactics Fernando is the host of the meetup.com group survive and thrive I'll be posting the links for that actually we can give the link it's actually meetup.com slash survive and thrive Philadelphia region but you have to put dashes between all of the words okay if you type that into your url a field in your browser you'll get right to the meetup page you could also simply go to meetup calm and do a search for survive and thrive philadelphia and it will be the first search result returned by meetup comm so we got into all the contaminants in water in this hour we're going to be talking about how we can clean up our water pure water purification techniques and technologies before we do that i want to give the call-in number because we're also going to open up the phone lines later in this hour for Fernando so the callin number to the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five give us a call get in the queue we'll get to the calls a little bit later after we've had some time to talk about water purification techniques and technologies Fernando why don't you tell us a little bit about some of the technologies that you recommend that we can employ in order to get these contaminants out of the water that we drink bathe and shower in okay so let's just start by getting a few things out of the way and those would be Brita pitchers refrigerator filters faucet mounted filter is like the pure also the big burpees most of those things will consistently fail also water softeners most folks if you've ever heard of a water softener what they do is they pour salt into the water essentially there's a heavy sodium residue it actually generates a level of chlorine so they're actually not good for people to drink because the elevated sodium overtime is related to heart disease hypertension these sorts of things so focusing in on what actually works or two things need pay attention to one is a very high quality of multistage filtration with a backwash this is important any filter that doesn't have a level of backwashing of separation of clean water and dirty water in two different directions is going to end up failing you or whether you realize it or not it will end up failing you so for example the only reliable technology for a management what's called a physical cleansing of the water as opposed to the chemical when you do or when you actually break down the water molecules you can either distill water or treat it through reverse osmosis now reverse osmosis is a set of filters that include very fine paper usually it's a multi-stage like three or five different stages for versus osmosis and the three at the beginning stages are usually very tight very very tightly wound paper very tightly spun paper and carbon filters to remove chemicals so yeah particulates and tentacles coming out and then it pushes the water through membrane and essentially it's like a skin that is tightly wrapped and only essentially at the end of the day so only the water molecules that will get you Fernando hold it right there this is the short segment at the beginning of the hour we'll pick this up on the other side of this next break out a problem talking with water purification expert Fernando South wherea will be right at it batting online exactly get into the chat on the wall on earth is happening now radio show page folks we'll be right back after these words [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today on the show we're talking with water purification expert Fernando south where Oh Fernando you were just getting into what reverse osmosis is all about and how it works would you like to continue that sure now there are different grades of functionality for reverse osmosis and different grades of efficiency for reverse osmosis so an inefficient reverse osmosis system will produce one gallon of water for every five or six gallons of wastewater that it's a very inefficient system most reverse osmosis systems that you can pick up at big-box retailers like Home Depot or Lowe's for a few hundred dollars generally speaking they will produce one gallon of water and then about three or four gallons of waste water the high-efficiency reverse osmosis systems are at a one to one-and-a-half ratio now reverse osmosis basically it squeezes the water molecules through these filters that are so small that essentially only the h2o is what actually makes it through there are incredibly mines later the reverse osmosis system will remove 99.999% of of impurities pharmaceutical grade water which is maybe triple distilled that's going to be very difficult for your body to deal with and it will leach out minerals but basic distilled water and basic reverse osmosis water will not have that negative impact on people's health that's one of the topics coming up on the chat box here and we're talking about that right the the RO system that I have installed in my house has a filter that goes down to the point zero zero zero five micron level would you consider that that's something that people really want to look at how how fine of a gradation the filtration filter actually goes down to yes those those zeros and decimal points really do matter because most microorganisms aren't going to make it past something that is point zero zero four and I'm sorry point zero four microns a micron is one ten thousand of an inch so you know micron itself is relatively small and then when you're getting down to the point zeros as long as you have something that cleans better than point zero four microns for reverse osmosis system that's where you want to be great good stuff now another another technology just because we're probably gonna run short on time here I was moving a technology of distillation is very important to understand now there are distillers that you could purchase that will essentially what you're doing when you're using distillation engine is you're using the natural physical properties of water so when water is in its liquid or frozen state with Terry's thing when it's in its gaseous state it doesn't it will actually release all the matter that it was holding so you'll see a lot of folks can see if they rinse a glass off and they're in their tap water and just shake it off and let it sit still the water itself will evaporate that goes up to the clouds but the impurities from the water they're left behind on the glass we've hold up the light you have spots on your glass so when water goes to a gaseous state that releases the impurity this is important so distilled water that you can buy that's a great way to go a lot of folks with a lot of health problems including kidney disease they're recommended it's recommended by their doctors to drink distilled water so distilled water is a very good thing now in a grid down situation or grid teetering situation for whatever reason if there is no way for you to get your hands on potable water and you have to refine urine stream water just any sort of waste water can be reclaimed using distillation so there are different kinds of Spillers that individuals can learn how to make and I would highly recommend that everyone familiarized themselves with the different different ways of distilling their own water now one is called a solar spill the solar still uses the radiation of the Sun to heat up a closed-in space essentially a very simple solar still is when you were to if you were to dig a hole in the earth that is half as deep as it is wide so for example if I were to dig a three-foot hole I dig it down to be like a bowl and at its base should be about a foot and a half feet what I would do is then place maybe some some black cloth maybe some t-shirts around in the set and then in the center of that bowl that I've dug out of the ground that hole I would place a collecting vessel maybe a cup and then I would pour whatever waste water or urinate on the black cloth or you can also you can also pull weeds and grasses and put them in there anything that has any kind of water to it and what you do is then seal it up we seal it up with clear plastic a piece of clear plastic and you put stones around the outside make sure it's covered up with dirt so there's there's really no air flow and then you've got this nice and caught and then just above the collecting vessel that little cup on the inside just above that you place a stone in the center so that as the heat the radiation from the Sun heats up that it may create the greenhouse effect and as it heats up the water in the water evaporate from whatever kind of dirty water was it will evaporate and they get caught on the plastic and the weight of the stone pulls the plastic points the water flow down into the so after a whole day you you know you can make several of these and you can actually have a significant amount of drinking water from the distillation process another simple way to do that if you were to take and this is a great experiment just you can anybody can do this at home right now take a teapot place a glass perfectly a taller glass over top of the spout bring the water to a boil and as the steam comes out it will touch the glass and will begin to condense again and then have another cup or something to collect that water that comes out from the inverted glass so that's got three parts to it it's got the at the end result the clean water glass it's got the glass that is collecting the steam and then it's got the teapot so in the teapot you can put all sorts of dirty water but in the at the end of the day all that you're going to get through the distillation process is h2o so that will also remove radioactive contaminants whether it's the radioactive iodine-131 from radium from Ostrow Miam from fukushima or if you live near a nuclear power plant if there's ever any sort of meltdown also chemotherapy patients they're always really regular water distillation of a very critical skill to understand and practice for yourself we'll be right back with more from Fernando salgueiro and we will open up the phone lines in this alley stay where there's folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let me give the call in numbers once again for anyone that wants to call in and ask any questions of Fernando the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five Fernando you were wrapping up with water distillation was there anything further you wanted to say on that well there are strengths and weaknesses of both reverse osmosis and distillation the simple distillation process that the solar still is what I just described for digging the hole and then there's the then there's the stovetop now both of those require significant amount of time and energy to super pure clean water at the end of the day which may be necessary depending on whether or not you're in if any one with the state of your quote-unquote survival situation may be the downside of reverse osmosis is that has to be pressurized so if for any reason the taps stopped flowing if the water companies for whatever reason do not provide water to flow out of your faucet then you know there are different modifications you can do to pressurize a reverse osmosis system but they do need pressure in order to function if you were to take an RO membrane that end filter that they do so if you were to unfurl it and and maybe stretch it between your arms to make a little bit of a pool if you poured water on top of that the water would just sit water would not see through but if you were to fold it over and over and then squeeze it then the water would be squeezed through the membrane so it definitely needs pressure in order to function and really people are just kidding selves with anything else big berkey or Britta or fridge filters or you know a lot of folks will say oh it's good enough and the other thing too is also the immune system in the excretory system that we have developed our DNA does an excellent job dealing with a wide variety of contaminants so I know right now you're going through is a great super juice diet and I know you've been vegetarian for a few years now yes but you've had more than your fair share of Wendy's hamburgers in the past oh you know it I do know it I'm going through my own issues and and and figuring out my own way in this world and in that respect but sit but the fact is that we are resilient creatures that's right though you know for all the what seems may be like little dunes - you know all the pharmaceuticals in the water everybody's peeing out the uranium and whatever it is these are real issues that we should be mindful of and we should be mindful carcinogenic and mutagenic substances but not not to a point where we live in a bubble and we're frozen by fear into inaction but that's that's the worst thing to not do any so we ought to have a healthy balance of understanding what the risks and the benefits are for for doing nothing and as well as for going ahead setting up a reverse osmosis system ideal exactly now Fernando you mentioned the juice fast that Barb and I are on this is day eight of it and it is going extremely well we have great energy we've stuck to it and it's definitely opened up a lot of different areas for exploration and it's definitely shown us psychologically how much we are addicted to certain kinds of food and even the ritual and the process of eating in general but it shows us that the nutrient density in juicing that we get from the water that is actually distilled buying nature itself within the plant kingdom really has all of the nutrient density that the body needs to survive on a day to day basis so it's been an incredible learning experience it is the first fast I have ever been on in my life so this is the first time and you know most people will do a one or two day fast I just jumped right in and did a 10-day juice fast this is day eight we have two days left it's going very well I thanks I want to thank you for reminding everyone of that and you know for the support in regards to that but we do have yes gave you your last your last solid meal that's right actually there's actually a question that's come up on the online chat I'd like to respond through that sure I was actually just gonna pose that a chatter is asking what is the best way to store water so would you address that sure okay now when can you hear me okay yes I can when storing water there are a couple things you want to bear in mind one is if you're storing water it's for a rainy day for whatever reason the taps are not flowing and so you need to sustain yourself just to remember that it took the federal government five whole days to get water to the 50,000 people that were stranded after Hurricane Katrina and the Superdome five days to get water so FEMA recommends for whatever that's worth for the listeners of the show FEMA recommends that all households in the US have at least two weeks of water food medicine and sanitation supplies for storing water there's no magic to it okay water does not decompose water itself does not go bad so if it's stored properly you can keep the microorganisms from growing in it all right now storing water let's just say most folks are going to be starting with tap water that is chlorinated you can filter out that water you can store reverse osmosis water or distilled water but it's not necessary okay I'm going to say that right now and that's what I do for a living and I talk to folks about it all the time about their benefits of cleaning their water but the reality is that you will die much faster for from dehydration in three days or so for most people in most situations you'll die much faster of dehydration than you will of carcinogenic or mutagenic contamination which may manifest years decades down the road so it's important to keep a certain balance in this but for storing water to answer a ban from Florida's question the best thing you can do is gather food-grade bottles whether it's from juice or tea bottles don't use the do not use the cloudy plastic one gallon bottles they will degrade and they will start to leak after a year or so don't even buy them in bottled water from from the from the store don't if you plan to stash them for a rainy day don't use cloudy plastic use clear food grade plastic there are different kinds of fillers that are put in there that make the cloudy plastics degrade much faster so the point is this when filling just bear in mind fill up to what's called the meniscus level you fill the water up one of the unusual properties of water one of the many unusual properties is that you can fill a cup or bottle in this case just to overflowing and you'll actually see that there's a bubble of water the water itself will actually bubble over top of the rim of the of the cup or the bottle that you're filling so what you want to do is fill it to the meniscus level so it bubbled up you want to get as much air out of the water possible that's really where the danger comes in because with hair as long as you have chlorinated water or very clean very clean and reverse osmosis and clean bottles that background yeah that's the music for this next break coming up hold your thought right there and we'll pick up more on water storage after this break great ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening with our special guests for today Fernando salgueiro we'll be right back after these messages [Music] okay folks were back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking with water purification expert Fernando salgueiro on the show today Fernando in the last segment you were getting into water storage and how to effectively store water so the contaminants don't get in it and so that it doesn't leak and the types of plastics use or not use and right pick it up from there okay also there are a number of questions that are coming up from the online chat that I've both folks I'm going to go ahead and try and answer them they've asked me to answer the morning absolutely you go right ahead that's a great way of taking all questions absolutely so - just to wrap up there's no magic to storing water water doesn't go away as long as there's an airtight watertight seal it's not going to go away so as long as you get as much of the air out as possible that's ideal if you want to go the extra step and put a little bit of chlorine bleach just a miniscule amount of bleach for ya for one gallon of water it should need more than eight drops of chlorine and that will be enough to effectively oxidize it will kill all of the organisms if there are any but if you already have chlorinated tap water just store that that itself is shall his self that that itself is shell stable now another question that's come up what about food grade 55-gallon drums is that a good way to store water absolutely yes it is that's what I that's what I do me personally I have a year of water without having to look externally I can take care of my family for at least one year and all of their hydration needs without having to look through rainwater gathering or any sort of purification um that's what I use for the bulk of my stash the another question that's come up is what about BPA by fist fist phenol a which is a chemical additive in the plastic that mimics estrogen it's related to cervical cancer and breast cancer and women it's related to lower testosterone levels from early childhood exposure in men so men usually come up with lower testosterone about 70% or so of their with their natural testosterone levels could and should be so that my response to that what about the BPA of plastics it's an acceptable risk again you have to eat things in perspective and if you're preparing for any level of an emergency whether it's a hurricane an earthquake terrorist attack Chinese hackers that shut down the grid system on the East Coast or wherever it doesn't matter for whatever reason if the taps stopped flowing you need to hydrate even if it's relatively dirty water it's still going to keep you alive and you have your immune system and your extra force system working for you so that's one question and now another person brought up a question about benzine and other chemicals that are used in fracking for those of you who don't know an issue that's going on across the country right now is hydraulic fracking that is when natural gas companies buy the rights to drill down deep into a mountain and force pressurized water and over 300 different chemicals and what they do is they actually collect the natural gas from little pockets on the surface they collected on the surface but they've permanently destroyed the water table they permanently put these chemicals in unfortunately there are some of those chemicals used in the fracking process they cannot be removed by any means of filtration known to humankind other than distillation which is not truly filtration reverse osmosis filters the membranes are actually a fine polymer plastic and they will melt when they come in contact with some of the fracking materials with some of the fracking chemicals so anyone who lives in a fracking area is probably aware of a lot of these things that I'm talking about but fracking maybe something that sickens us on the genocide a level over a long term we shall see that's a big issue in in Pennsylvania right now and I know many parts of many far country absolutely I was going to say Pennsylvania is one of the place where fracking is going on the most particularly in northern Pennsylvania so yes sure it's been asked someones talk about silver silver the metal silver has a number of very interesting properties including the fact that it's a natural disinfectant it's what's called bacterial status so many carbon filters have there they are silver impregnated there they're soaked in silver nitrate and what that will do is that will allow the carbon filters to absorb things like chlorine and chloramine but will not enable bacteria to live and grow in the filter itself back in the old days back during the Depression when people had milk deliveries they would put a silver dollar into the bottom of the milk jar to keep the microorganisms from growing so silver is a very powerful way to disinfect water you can use poloidal silver you can also manufacture your own colloidal silver and it's a excellent way to purge microorganisms unwanted microorganisms from your from your body sort of bacteria colloidal silver has personally impacted me in a very positive way not directly related to the water but silver is a very powerful tool that we have at this point in time for now yeah we do have another question but before that I just wanted to reiterate to clarify for some of the listeners when you were talking about you know adding possible into the storage water when you're storing water a little bit of clear bleech we're talking about for survival situations ideally we want that removed in our everyday drinking water but what you're talking about is for survival situations where you want to basically take care of and kill the the the microorganisms that may happen to be living in water that could possibly make you sick that is a viable alternative to use that in small amounts so that you basically make that potable and safe to drink so that you're not going to get sick from the stored water that you're drinking that's correct and again if it's tap water that's already chlorinated you're probably best off for storing it that way and while that may seem counterintuitive all things being equal if you take things into account all the different situations you're gonna be better off with that than nothing at all right okay so we do have a question from our mutual friend Walt Walter Rhodes was once a guest on what on earth is happening and he has a question for you go ahead Walt hey Fernando brother if you're in a survival situation where the only kind of water you can access is dirty mucky stagnant water how much how much bleach would you have to add to a gallons worth of water and how long would you have to wait before being able to drink it great question first off there are things that you can do the more of the more particulates that you can remove little bits of grass and dirt and wood because you won't see them but although every little bit of particulate that you can take out is refuge that microorganisms will not have so the Morpher definers you can filter that out the better whether using a t-shirt or some cheesecloth refine that water as best as you can and then from there for one gallon of one gallon of water it should be one teaspoon of bleach and should be allowed to set for at least 30 minutes that's very important that you make sure you give and I'm glad you brought that up well because I've made that mistake before and a lot of people have not giving chlorine enough time to kill the organisms and it doesn't have to be just chlorine you can also use iodine there are different kinds of iodine iodine for campers and hikers you can buy little tablets that will it will also kill the organisms but still you should give it 30 minutes otherwise you know you can be dealing with those gastrointestinal shoot someone in the chat brought up something called gse for killing parasites in water do you know anything about that GSP does not ring a bell if I had it maybe I heard it through a different name I might understand but I've never heard of G s okay so to reiterate it's it's critically important to wait a certain amount of time if you're going to add some kind of a bleach or chlorine derivative to the water in order to kill the parasites and the microorganisms that exist in in dirty or stagnant water I'll share my story very quickly cuz this really illustrates the whole picture I my fool in my backyard my family and I was a couple years ago in August we've gone away I forgot to put the cover on the plans we had a storm come back everything's green and got like little bugs and lots of stuff in there Fernando hold it right there we're coming up to the last break continue with this anecdote on the other side of the break in the last segment and then I want to talk to you a little bit about survival which is your main forte and we'll probably I want to bring you on the show again in the in the future to talk about survival skills so we're talking with water purification expert Fernando salgueiro we'll be right back for the last segment after these words [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone final segment for this petition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking today with water purification expert Fernando salgueiro and Fernando you were just going into a personal anecdote about pool water that you have helped with role of silver and the role of chlorine and organism yes so I had allowed my pool because I'd gone away over the summer I'd allow my pool to go all spunky and green so it got time to clean it out so I poured the bag of pool shock in which is complex chlorine and after about five minutes I mixed it around and then I got in with the with the net and I began to swim around and it was actually a hot night it felt good and so I walked around with the net and I'm scooping out little bits of leaves and such bad a couple days later I noticed these little tiny white spots popping up mostly on my lower half where I had more contact with the water after about two weeks I was covered especially in my lower half by what's called hot tub folliculitis that's an in a particular bacteria that infects hair follicles and so all over my feet legs stomach chest that the my hands and risks and they're all God on my scrotum I was loaded with these very painful Plus packs coming out of my these infections coming out of my hair follicle I went to several different mainstream doctors they gave me prescriptions for antibiotics that never did anything to cure the sickness and after years of going for these doctors I went and forget into my own hands and I found colloidal silver and colloidal silverknot it out like no antibiotics ever quit and so I have not had any of those issues with folliculitis for a few years now but that was that was an important lesson I'm glad Walt brought up about you know the amount of time allowed I should have allowed 30 minutes and I would have saved myself with tremendous body ain't exactly so are there any other questions in the chat that you might want to take if not I wanted to basically talk about survive and thrive a little bit yeah okay so um this is you were your skills share that you have put together here in Philadelphia and why don't you tell people a little bit about what it is what you do there and how they might want to get involved if they're in this region okay well I I will mention that you are an assistant organizer for survive and thrive and I'm also going to tell the public that you are one of the inspirations for survive and thrive as I watch you put together your world on earth is happening presentation and you actually gave one of your first presentations in my living room that's right as I watched your drive to get information into the hearts and minds of people while still had time to make change I that was that was uh that planted a seed and later that seed really germinated when I was doing some important medicine work with dimethyltryptamine myself I follow a more shamanic path of understanding the physical and metaphysical worlds and their relations and I was given a very powerful powerful vision of creating a I've been a closet closet prepper all of my life I've always been ready for Flip's and whatever disruptions but I'd always been very quiet about it never shared that information with with anyone around me except my immediate family so this medicine work I was even a vision of empowering the feminine aspect of our culture I saw visions of single mothers being able to provide water for their thirsting children pictures of women being able to care for elders elderly parents in in grid down in grid teetering situations so I started survive and thrive with the help of you and Barb and a number of others we are now pushing about 600 members it's a skill sharing collective made up of a wide variety of folks and we all come in and we all learn and we all teach well not all of us teach but so we teach everything from understanding basics of natural law and sovereignty in relation to your own survival own your DNA own yourself resistant slave maneuvers means that include the the GMO or what else gets put into your body there there are a lot of things like that we touch on we also talk about the basics of how to purify water how to gather it how to find it fire how to heat your home without the grid how to start fires with no matches how to use alcohol as an alternative fuel which creates no carbon monoxide if you burn alcohol in a closed in space we teach wildland survival skills how to make traps and snares how to how to do fishing in different ways so really just a wide gamut of survival skills grid down skills we do sheltering inflates we do understanding hazmat I am also a Montgomery County Pennsylvania firefighter I've been a firefighter since 2002 I'm a well trained firefighter so I try to pass a lot of my hazmat training along for folks a lot of my basic fire training that includes ropes and knots and how to deal with a wide variety of situations so we deal survive and thrive is always free there's no profit ever and we really do help a lot of people we have meetings that are once or twice a month the next one is a wild roots and medicinal tour for our plant and tree identification so we do a lot of a wild foods identification growing food in small spaces how to store food by canning or jerking or different methods of drying how to grow sprouts growing sprouts right there so simple and can make the difference between life and death I mean sprouting just for using a juicer that's right as a matter of fact I just did sprouts and the juices that we made on this fast and sprouts are high protein they're high nutrient density foods people should definitely look into sprouts it's something I haven't mentioned much but we're going to talk about them and it's an excellent survival strategy if one has the the functional instinct for self-preservation which not everyone does and that's okay it's okay to check out but for those who are not willing to check out without a fight it's an excellent survival strategy you know you talk a lot about a lot of different things and one of the things I respect about you and your work mark is the esoteric bigger-picture when I talk to other people about you and your website I tell them how you and I met at a 9/11 truth meeting on Easter Sunday and I tell them that when I met mark passio I already had a lot of the dots and I had them connected in some way but you pointed to me some outlying dots in the big picture and then connected them all with a sacred geometric pattern it made perfect sense so that's really that's I think that that right there the freedom of consciousness is probably the most important thing we have going for us but there are those that are about to enslave us and I personally believe that there is a there are hard and saw Hill operations soft kill operations in the form of small steady ways that sicken us weaken our wills and deteriorate our health hard kill operations are more direct blood sacrifice more direct war that that are enacted by powers that be in groups entities that are bent on manipulation 4minute malevolent means so anything that I can do to help raise people's consciousness help you do your work help others do their work as long as you know it's it's moving in the same direction I'm I'm I'm dedicated to living the rest of my life that way Fernando that is phenomenal and unfortunately that's all the time we have for this edition thanks so much for being a great guest on what on earth is happening we'll be sure to be back talk about survival skills on a future show ladies and gentlemen don't forget to check out survive and thrive meetup.com slash survive and thrive philadelphia region put dashes and between those words okay we're just search for surviving thrive on Meetup calm that's all we have time for this week folks we'll see you next week right here on what on earth is happening stick around Chris ever our days up next across the sands of time