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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday February 12 2012 we have a fantastic show lined up for you here today we are going to have another very special guest come on the show today to talk about solutions mr. Franco Huard from the radio show two guys one girl on the radio h2o network out of Montreal Quebec Canada and today on the show Franco and I are going to be discussing present moment awareness something we haven't really touched too much on on what on earth is happening yet but this is one of the most important solutions that we can employ to actually start to reverse the problems in consciousness that humanity is actually experiencing at this time in our history so that's coming up on what on earth is happening today on the show we're going to be talking about what present moment awareness is and how to actually stay rooted in it so that we are actually truly experiencing the now and that power of being in the moment in all of our actions and really maintaining that full effect of truly being aware of our surroundings okay that's intimately tied in with higher levels of consciousness okay and how to get out of lower levels of consciousness so one of the most powerful and effective solution oriented approaches that we can employ in our own lives once again keeping with the themes that we've been discussing with in the solutions section something that we all have an enormous level of power and control over in our own lives if only we employ a bit of understanding and then willpower to putting this type of solution into effect in our lives so that's coming up I do have a couple of very quick event announcements the radio interview that I did with Henrik Palmgren for red ice radio is finally online it went up in the middle of this week this past week so you can check that out at red ice creation.com it's right there on the front page right now it was a two-hour interview the first hour is free the second hour is in the red ice members section one of the greatest repositories of knowledge on the Internet I want to thank Henrik Palme learn again and you could also check that out on the home page of my website what on earth is happening calm or in the news section also the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion night last Wednesday of every month this Wednesday it's on the the leap day of this leap year 2012 Feb 29th p.m. at media Bureau studios in in Philadelphia media shows at 7:25 North 4th Street 8:00 p.m. Michael - sorry owns architects of control doctors where you don't want to miss that one if you're in the Philadelphia area we're coming up to our break we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] welcome back everyone you are listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show special guests Franco uard he's one of the co-hosts of the radio show two guys one girl which is broadcast from montreal quebec canada on the radio h2o network franco is going to be coming on the program today to discuss with me the topic of present moment awareness as one of the solutions to the consciousness problems in which humanity currently finds itself welcome to the show mr. Franco uart hi Marc Franco thanks so much for being here with us today oh I appreciate that and thank you for you to being on our show also for a thank you you came that last two times yes I was on in I believe it was late November and then we just did a show this past Monday on to two guys one girl and I believe the podcast will be posted shortly and when it is I will get it up on all the water on earth is happening website whose as well yeah actually should be online tonight okay okay since we have an undershirt tomorrow so I am I have to put it online but yeah great show also we actually laugh last week was pretty much the the sequel the prequel of what we can actually talk today about the true moment present because last week we we actually talked about nutrition that's right and how to get your your your body your whole body into into balance that's right we that's what we discussed on our Franco show this past week I will be returning to the topic of nutrition and coming up I believe as early as next week on the show I'm going to do an entire show just on juicing I'm going to take people through the process of juicing I'm going to actually share some recipes that I use i might do a hybrid show on juicing and raw foods okay so that's coming up on a future edition of what on earth is happening but today we're going to get into present moment awareness now I'm gonna introduce this topic and then I'm gonna turn the floor over to you Franco and then you could take it from there because Franco has prepared a tremendous amount of material he really knows this topic well and he's gonna basically take us through an entire presentation on present moment awareness for the show so what we mean by present moment awareness is the understanding and that this may sound like common sense to some individuals and it may even sound very foreign and alien to others who haven't explored this dimensionality of time as we experienced it but when it really comes down to it ladies and gentlemen there is no such thing as the past or the future there is only the ever continuous present moment the eternal now in which we exist and everything unfolds in the past for all intents and purposes has already occurred it is over there is nothing that can be done to change anything that has occurred in the past what we need to release attachment to that understand that that is what has occurred in the collapsed wave function that we have experienced as the present moment the future very similarly is not here yet it has not arrived the wave function that is the present moment has not collapsed to create the condition that is something that lays in the future so there is no point in being anxious and worrying over that because it is not has not actually occurred yet so we spend so much of our time staying in this imbalanced state of consciousness worrying or I should say regretting having regrets over what has already occurred which we cannot go back and change and having anxious anxiety anxious feelings over what is to come when that has not actually occurred or happened yet what we need to learn how to do and it sounds easier than it is to actually do is to stay rooted in the moment of the prize the ever-present moment of the now which is where all of our decisions that we can employ really ultimately take place it's where any action that we put into into practice into manifestation a car so Franco from that building point I'm going to turn it over to you and you have more to say on this topic I think it's amazing the way you actually put it there because it's pretty much the way I wanted to show you everybody I think I hope that we have all the time that we need to actually show you the whole stuff that have prepared it's a short six page of pages of tricks I think I can tell like a good like maybe a good starter point for you guys to actually try to be in a present moment because you know our whole life right now is based pretty much on like thinking about the past thinking about the future not being in the present moment and and and I think that like that the stuff that we can actually done either talk to you today will help you to go back to that to your roots to be like what's happening right now like right now when we actually talking to you right now what you what are you actually thinking are you listening to us or you actually listen thinking about what I should do after should I go to do the grocery or did I did I forgot to do something like I don't know like in your house like when you actually thinking about those things you're not in a moment you're not in a present moment so so I made a quick sheet so in order to achieve like that true the true a moment present a present moment what it will give you at the end and everything I'm talking about is all about my experience so I'm not asking you to actually believe in what I'm saying but do your own experience and I think that's the most important thing because some maybe some of the stuff that I'm gonna tell you within the next minutes maybe it's not gonna be the right fit for you but just find your way find your way to actually make it work so for me to being the prism moment it makes me to be a act have my intuition very active since I'm no longer thinking I when I say thinking is just like thinking about the past of the future I'm just being in the moment present moment so my a my my my brain actually is it's just like I'm just not thinking about anything in my head well because of that I let the left side of my brain my my my intuition comes out and decide like tell me stuff or I'll be careful some some of those things so not thinking about the the future not thinking about the past you're here right now in French we actually say what is the lebanner Alabang are which means happiness so for us the Bona is is to be a Leblon are so to be right now so happiness is right now like the the the the the present moment is right now so being present moment means also working in conscience so when you're working on when you're actually working on something doing your work well try to do it in the moment that in the present moment because it's that way your work will be like done that the the the the the the perfect like the nicest nicest way that you that you can actually do because if you actually like for example a building a ring or building any crafting anything well if you're thinking about something else you're not gonna be able to fully put like all the attention that you actually need to your to your work that's right and attention as we've talked about many times on this show is actually what we need to focus in order to create something that we want to create so if we take attention away from something the creation that we bring forward is not going to be what we want we'll be right back after these words don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen Oracle podcasting radio [Music] welcome back everyone I'm your host mark passio and this is what on earth is happening today on the show I'm speaking with special guests Franco you were of two guys one girl radio show out of Montreal Quebec Canada and our topic today is present moment awareness now I don't know if anyone was able to tell but Franco was on a line that had a little bit of background noise there because he was in a car there were certain personal circumstances that he had attend to that unfortunately came up just before all the show today so he had to drive someplace and was on his way back to his home where I'm gonna be able to bring him in on his connection on his computer I'm going to reconnect with him because he arrived at his home during the break and I I dropped him from the call and I'm going to attempt to bring him back into the call in about a moment what i just want to say is what Franco was touching on was taking our attention off of whatever work we may happen to be doing at any given time and I don't just mean you know any physical manual labor or what you're doing as a job I mean any task that you set your attention on to accomplish a goal if we our attention and there's there's Franco back on the line grim finally I'm back in my studio so fantastic okay so Franco do you want to pick it up from there you were talking about attention and how the focus of attention has to do with staying in the present moment yeah so I'm gonna give a little tricks for further people so I think I already talked to you about the carp man drama triangle and I know if you're listener are used to that word so it's created by Stefan carp carp man in 1968 so pretty much what is that triangle it's pretty much what's happening in our world right now so to fully understand what is that triangle it's pretty simple so you get the three sides on the triangle which is the persecutor the rescuer and the victim so a persecutor pretty much you're gonna see it in your whole life it's a let's say for example that your your your wife she's actually late for something like for example you've been waiting for 15 minutes and then you told her like you're late and you you pointed you-you-you pointing to her like oh you're late and because of you I'm missing that Dada Dada and that so she's becoming the victim because you're actually like putting the blame on her and then she cut into emotion and then she turned in back to you like she and then she said no I'm not late because of or something or maybe she can turn it back to you saying like for example or no it's your fault for for something and then she's taking the the persecutor aside and then you're becoming the victim there's also in some situation always a like a rescuer like some somebody in your life that you can save everything like I am I'm the Savior I'm coming here I can change the whole situation so he's coming try to like save the situation and usually that's the guy who was always getting a screwed up because he's going back to the victim sighs because when he's trying to save somebody well he's going back to the victim so so that triangle actually show us like the whole world right now so there's always somebody to persecute somebody else there's always a victim and there's always like somebody who wants to save the world but before saving - trying to save the worlds right you serve just save save save yourself No so in that example so for example if like I'm persecuting us or somebody what's happening there's also another triangle that we call emotion the sermon and judgment so if for example I'm telling you mark oh you you've been late for 50 minutes it's it's your fault what's happening you will you're feeling emotions you know you're getting maybe some some people if you're not in the present moment or it might be pissed and and when you get into your motion what's happening you're losing your your discernment and judgment so you're taking actions with emotion when you shouldn't do that kind of I know I know if you're actually you understand what I have what I'm trying to say exactly because when we're simply in a reactive emotional state which often comes by chronically dwelling in the past or in the future we're not making informed decision making were simply reacting you know we're we're engaged in the negative emotions of the midbrain of the limbic system and that's actually rooting us deeper in the base consciousness modality which then further imbalances our outward behavior exactly so with that mind so you actually see that you're losing two important stuff in your and you're actually in that situation so take an example of a from for now on when you go outside and you actually see people like complaining or try to do to victimise some some some some some people then you can actually just imagine the triangle and try to see where those people fit in so the goal in there and in that the exercise it's pretty simple it's pretty much to being aware of that so when you aware of those triangle try to not be in that triangle try to - - for example in the example that I that I gave you that you let say you talked to your wife in telling her you know you're late I've been waiting for 15 minutes and because of you I will be late at work so the good way that you can actually see and now it's just we can say it's changing maybe the way - changing the words changing the way that that you communicate with the people so they don't feel victimized or they don't see if they don't feel persecuted so you can actually say like honey my time is running out you know I'm really feeling bad about this situation but I might get maybe something's gonna happen that my work so you don't pooling like the responsibility to the other person well you put it yeah instead you put it to yourself so this way you you know go into those triangles and you're not putting the other person around you and those giant triangles so you're not keep putting them into a low mind just like you said mark sure because ultimately what this has to do with is maintaining a balance because the present moment and now you could look at as that is the balance point that is the zero point from which we should work from which we should take our actions from which our thoughts and emotions and action should spring from okay if we're again chronically living in a place that is in general not real it is an imaginary place the past and the future this is the power of the human imagination which is an incredibly important valuable and powerful gift that we possess but one of the downsides the consequences of such a powerful imagination is we can actually imagine things that aren't truly real and the past and the future are two of those things that can be imagined to take our attention and focus off of what our task is now and again it should also be understood this is another topic or point to bring up when we talk about present moment awareness is it doesn't mean obsess with every single minutia with every minut detail of you know your surroundings it's talking about maintaining general awareness by not living in the past or in the future by being here now so for example like if you're always thinking about the past well you're not aware of what's happening right now it's it's okay to know the past like like knowing your past makes you who you are right now how can be in the future that's all fine you can it's important you know what's happening Miriam laughs yes but you have to accept that you have to to make sure that doesn't like affect you in the future for example and that's a good point for for example let's say that you're not fixing stuff that from your past what's happening what sadly it will come back and come back and come back until you actually understand that's right happening and when you understand now you can move on and go further we have to confront the things that we did not cleanse purify and deal with in our own tests okay and again as Franco said natural law is going to keep bringing those same negative off the negative experiences to us until we do deal with them and grow from that experience we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show talking with Franco Huard about present moment awareness and Franco I just want to say you you scanned some of your notes for me earlier today and sent them over by email I don't know if you want me to attach any of these with the podcast that's up to you entirely I'm following along with some of these notes with you and they're very powerful you went over the triangle of persecutor victim and rescuer and I'd like to just comment on something that you have written here you gave the example of you know the blaming someone for for being late and uh you know saying because of you I will be late you know now um this situation actually occurred to me today okay I had a radio interview which is why didn't even have the time to even fully go through these notes earlier because I was out this afternoon doing another radio interview for the show called the panic hour with na po and Steve Miller and uh the video of that will be posted to my website probably later this week it was a great show really fun and funny guys and we did a show on mind control today between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. I just you know made it back to the house around 4:00 to get ready for this show and the interview with Franco but um before of the show today of the the panic our show barb was getting ready for four you know because she went with me and she was actually on the show with me and did a great job I have to say but she was running very late she woke up a little later you know took a while to get her shower and put her makeup on and get ready and I was kind of rushing her and saying hey these guys are depending on us we're gonna be late we're gonna be late and I was getting angry because we were you know leaving you know what I considered very late we just barely got there on time as the show was beginning but this situation happened to me earlier today and in my own mind and people you know I have to be totally honest and tell you I have dark thoughts I get vindictive thoughts are not immune to any of this you know things can affect me just like they can affect anybody else I could even know it and still be affected by it you know so it's constantly a an internal struggle to walk that that path and you know do what you know is the correct thing to do but while I'm sitting there in the car saying oh she's late and I'm getting I'm kind of stewing and you know getting a little bit angry I'm thinking I what I should do this is my ego in me you know chattering away and saying what you should do is you should make her be late for something that she finds important okay and I'm not going to do that I'm gonna use my will to say what what Franco has listed here on his notes he says you know that's the bad situation that's how we shouldn't react to what we consider a time-bound situation we should the good way to approach it is saying you know I were kind of running late here too you know missing something that uh you know it is I feel is important to me I feel bad about this situation and I think you know you should you know employ some of your willpower to correct that and that's how I'm going to approach it I'm not going to be vindictive about it and try to you know do the same thing that was done that I didn't like because the golden rule is don't do just what somebody else happened to do to you that you didn't like treat them how you would rather be treated and that's a simple way to put into effect something that will have positive repercussions in the world and that's actually if you really think about it all tied up with the present moment see the ego is chattering - you saying here's what you should do in the future you have to bring yourself back into the present Franco I want you to touch on that and then there's a second triangle that you go into further in your notes I'd like you to get into that as well sure sure sure but you got it exactly because the wait if for example here you were doing like you were saying to her like this is your fault and blah blah blah what happening to her like in her head now she now her mental her ego or whatever you want to call it she know she's gonna tell her more stories in her head saying like oh my god is my fault oh my what I gonna do and and then and then that a like everything is falling down from from there so that little part she's no longer in the present moment because of that right it's a chain reaction it's a chain reaction exactly so one quick question I'm always asking myself and it's not a New Age stuff or maybe it's not like the secret book or any of that kind of crap it's I'm always asking that that question and the reason why I'm gonna ask you this question is because your ego and your mental can actually not answer it and prove me wrong it cannot answer it somehow in every situation I'm always asking myself what will love do in that situation and then asking you the same freaking thing about what's happening with your in your car instead of like when you you heard about your your ego will like saying oh you should do that that that and that ask yourself what we love doing that striction and then clear and then what's happening your ego will step apart and then you're gonna be refocused in the right moment and I received the correct answer and that is the process that I had to go through internally today to say I'm gonna let this go I'm not going to react in a reactive mind in the reptilian mind and uh you know in a future situation you know I'll try to handle it better and I'm not going to attempt to do the same thing to somebody else just because you know what I perceive is that they did something that you know caused me a little bit of inconvenience and that's the whole point is to better your yourself better your own thinking about you know what happened to be actually occurring to you and to make the higher minded choice yeah exactly so to go further the other triangle that I dropped by the way all the sheets they were for everybody so yes please if you can put it there on your website I will be more than happy if people can share this information or talk about it it's handwritten but your handwriting is pretty good I can understand everything you wrote here so it's perfect you're in the car my girlfriend was looking at the paper it's like you made a mistake here it's not that word is that were in that I were like honey that's okay if you want to send any written material as well I'd be happy to post a PDF or you know a Word document whatever you want however you want it sure sure sure right so no problem so so the other triangle we talked about emotion discernment and judgment so let's say again in your car you took that decision like well let's say instead of not saying anything you wanted to tell it as something okay so the first like where did you feel exactly like that where where was the emotion on your body hmmm I would say in the torso you know but again I'm just thinking in the mind you know I the the the physical reaction I guess within the the the center part of the body the torso the solar plexus area the gut you know tightening up I guess you know that would have to be my answer that's a perfect answer you got one golden star for that so yeah so all you're like for everybody pretty much everybody your emotion what's happening when you have a like a situation like that you've been victimized or you want to pursue the persecutor somebody well your your your plexus you're like where is your chakra there is actually that you're feeling bad there's something there that like your body is telling you something so if you always staying in your emotion you're losing the dead to order important stuff which is the judgment and discernment and because of that well you're gonna make a call your or you're gonna say something that since you're not center well it might not be good so that's that's why it's important to actually identify like who's the persecutor who's the victim who's a rescuer and then from there like ask yourself what's happening right now in my body like okay uh my emotions are way too hard right now so okay so I cannot discern and judge quickly so just stead back like when you see the situation like just step back like slowly and ask yourself like I said before what would love do in that situation and I can tell you like mostly the eight out of the ten it always working you recent like you coming down you're going back to your to your roots and then you can actually think clearer maybe you me maybe you're gonna make a mistake later that's another story but like at that present moment you will think clear and you'll be able to make me maybe a better decision so it's important to remember that the emotions are there to protects us against any any emotional threat it makes us remember previous similar reaction that your body used to protect the integrity of your being so sometimes you like your emotions a it's it's it's good and certain their situation but it's important that when you see an emotion coming out try to step back to actually see where does it come from did you have something similar in the past if so then well how do you react in the past and they may get a clearer idea of what you can do so your dudd discernment and judgment are still there and then you can actually a cupon and even if you perceive that you failed or you didn't make the highest minded choice in the past there's always the opportunity in the present moment to make a different choice and to make a better choice yes so we're coming up to another break Franco phenomenal material are the notes that you may hear a great we have a lot more that we're going to go into on this topic and then we're going to open up the phone lines in the second hour take your calls with our special guests Franco Yuen we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today on the show we're talking with Franco Huard of the two guys one girl radio show out of Montreal Quebec Canada the topic is present moment awareness Franco you were talking about simply asking to ourself the all-important question what would love do in this situation and if people only took a step back in this time bound culture in which we live in the illusion of time in which we live if to ask that question and then answer it honestly we would be able to step out of the ego we would be able to truly live in the present moment and we would see that the problems that we experienced in consciousness due to this time bound awareness would slowly dissolve over time if we were able to simply put that into practice in our lives you want to pick it up from there sure sure sure so yeah it's it's a simple question and like I said it's not like a New Age stuff it's it's pretty simple like like like we said before present moment everything is simple like there's no complication like pretty much like all the complication comes from your head you've been talking about it like I think a couple shows ago about the six sixes six six six versus the seven seven seven the the difference because the hell it's pretty much in our head right now so once you actually understand how your body works out how your brain works well from now different from from from there you can actually move on and and really find out who yourself is is really well like who you are really you know that's right so I got two questions for you people the first one so can you walk on the street and always looking behind you of course not yeah you can see the obstacles that that shows in front of you and it could result by hurting yourself so it's pretty much like that what I wanted to explain is don't stay in the past because you don't see what's happening right now you know so be keep keep doing in in the present moment and for the other example well the other question is can you walk on the street and always looking at out in the sky of course now because this same thing applies as the first question you're gonna see up you know you're on a boat see the obstacles so don't look in the don't look too far in the future and don't look at don't keep looking in the past being right now so this way you're gonna be able to see every obstacle one by one and then work on it to make sure that it it doesn't come back after because the life is me is it's so well done that everything that you didn't fix in your past will probably come back even maybe more stronger later because the the life is very done well it is well done you know so my moral for that is looking forward in the present moment to see what's happening right now so I got a book that I will suggest everybody who wants to to to have more information about that the the order is a Eckhart Tolle and the book and the book in English it's called the power of now so it's pretty much I don't know if you heard about that excellent book yes I'm very familiar with Eckhart Tolle ease work and this is a great book he also wrote another one called a new earth which deals with present moment awareness definitely a critical author to check out his works on this topic in particular he also has a lot of videos and he has a lot of audio lecture series that he offers on a on mp3 and an audio CD so aircar told you somebody that I think people should definitely look at I would say you know he doesn't get into some of the other areas of the the control system and and you know taught you know topics like mind control or anything like that but his present moment awareness material is essential to understand and take into yourself if you're really going to activate present moment awareness within yourself and understand what it's really about so on on that topic in particular I would say he definitely knows what he's talking about and I would definitely recommend his books yes so it's a good suggestion for you guys so and now let's talk more about the brain so we have to understand how our actually our brain works so like I said it's it's my it's just my own research that I'm actually talking to you so just do your own thing do you do do you do diligence so making sure that you actually understand fully what I'm saying because even if I say it you really need to live the experience so the mentor so now I'm gonna talk to about the the left side brain so actually in French I call it Lamar tell so which is the mental some people actually sing the ego so in the Hollywood movies you actually something you see you see that like you have a little devil on one side and then get the angel on one on the other side exactly well it's close to the truth so let's talk about the left side brain so the left side brain is like I said like it's a little your little devil on your shoulder so he's always trying to rationalize things he's always making you doubt why are you sure did you think about they know you always make you doubt it doesn't feel anything's is insecure sometimes your fears doubts confusion control that's an important point and V and etc so that's your left side of your brain so we actually need this part because it's actually pre important are in it like we were to be in balance we actually need because that's right it's we're rational and logical thinking are are made possible from in the physiology as well exactly exactly so you actually need that because if you only on one side then for sure you're gonna get screwed by any any situation so the mental is a what the way I said it can only sees in three dimensions so the dip-dip width and hate pressure yeah yeah that's pretty much height depth width and height exacts thank you so so if the mental is come from to a situation that it can explain the first thing you will try to to do is to actually create like a psychological phenomena box to find rational explanation to this situation so for example I don't know something like something's happening like a supernatural and your your your brain connect actually your your mental cannot actually explain it so you he's gonna find - it's gonna find trying to find a way to actually make it explain let's say a spectacular UFO sighting that can't be explained by any human technological means something like that yeah so for any reason the mental can explain it so what what's gonna do why you gonna then you're gonna start to having a fear since because your your body there's a doesn't like something that that it doesn't know and you know I think you you yeah I think you okay with that - fear of the unknown it's one of the most deeply rooted fears and something that absolutely will take us right out of the present moment and get us rationalizing yeah but what what's happening when you actually feeding that fear is the after that you no longer fear so you no longer staying in that side of the brain because you actually know right so so it's normal it's normal that you would your left side brain actually like it's it's it's okay because it's rationalize you can give you like some time he's gonna make you dam we're making sure that you actually that you're actually sure that you're making the good decision but it's not good to actually stay in that and that in that part of the brain so imagine now that your brain your left side brain is a horse and you're the air the knight on it if you if you're not trying trying to guide it and controlling it like controlling the mounting what will happen your your horse will be excited and run everywhere and make it and maybe take roads that you probably never wanted to go there so it's the same thing with your life the left side brain that the actually the goal here is making having a true balance so not giving the whole power on your on your left brain but also to your right brain that's right and unfortunately this is the biggest level of chronic imbalance that we as a society are in a left brained chronic modality which again as Franco said will actually imbalance the entire human being it will imbalance the entire brain and if we don't lend the balance to that dynamic of the logical rational left side of the brain with the intuition and compassionate nature of the right side of the brain we are going to be out of balance as an individual and as a society exactly so to go further with that in your life you can only control four things that's only four things you get that you can actually control your life your action your thoughts your voice and your decision that's the only thing you can actually control in your life and let me give you an example mark you don't even have control to your to your body you know why because for example stop eating for a couple days and tell me how your well your buddy here is gonna react that's the thing so you your body cannot control your body so and if you cannot control your body how you want to control your cellulite your whole life right that's it those are the three things that we basically have control of our thoughts our emotions and our decision-making for our actions those are the only three things so we're coming up to another break Franco stay with us and we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen talking with Franco you were of two guys one girl radio show out of Montreal Quebec Canada we'll be right back [Music] welcome back folks here on the Oracle broadcast radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time today on the show we're talking about present moment awareness as one of the solutions to the problems in consciousness which humanity currently faces my guest is Franco you heard of two guys one girl radio show out of Montreal Quebec Canada Franco we were talking about the left side of the brain and I'm really I'm so glad that you brought up brain function and how this fits into present moment awareness because present moment awareness is one of the things that we can learn as a brain balancing technique so I'll let you pick it up from there for sure well we actually like I said like we've been talking about in the past about how have like a balance into your body but your brain needs also to be balanced like what your mind needs to be to be in imbalance so we've been talking about previously just before the break about the the there's only four things that you that you that you can actually control in your life and like if you try to control somebody else then you're trying to take their powers that that's pretty much what's happening because in your life you're just supposed to control your action your thoughts your voice and your decisions so why trying to control everything around you when you don't have power over that that's pretty much simple as like that try to control your own thing first and then you're gonna be able to see other stuff but don't try to control the whole world when you you can't so if you cannot control your whole body for like I said like you're stopping eating for a couple of days what's what's gonna happen your body's gonna tell you like dude you don't want to fini up I'm gonna react so like in a way that you're not gonna like same thing if you don't want to go to to the bathroom if you decide to not go to the bathroom don't worry about that your your whole system it's gonna show you how does it work and it's gonna go out no matter what so that's pretty much what I have right now for for the left side brain let's go back let's go now to the right side brain which is the I call the intelligence of the heart or the into intuition so a great way of putting it people think that intelligence only lies in the brain but that's not true that's LOB sighted intelligence a holistic intelligence actually deals with the heart in conjunction with the mind so that's a phenomenal way of putting what the right brain is all about the intelligence of the heart I really like that thank you thank you so so so the way I see it so the way the way of the art usually shows up as a felt feeling intuition and sometimes as like people now if we go back to the Hollywood movies its associated with the with the angel on the on the left shoulder no like you can't just like you should do that and then what you're actually doing it then you receive it you receive a message back saying like I told you that you shouldn't do it why because your left brain oh I mean sorry your right brain was actually like talking to you saying like this is not that good you shouldn't do that like he's trying to like telling you something that you you couldn't you could understand because why because you you were not in the present moment and you were pretty much on your left side of the brain because your left side of the brain which is a mental for me see it was telling you lion-o you should do that and it was actually creating you a like a super-nice movie and that big movie was only in your head when the reality will your left your right side brain was actually trying to tell you I look dude this is weren't that a good solution over here but and and that's because the right side of the brain represents our compassionate nature our emotions our intuition and our conscience ultimately exactly so yeah like you said like love compassion peace joy joy serenity fullness respect gratitude creativity etc so this was the short segment at the top of the hour I'm going to give the call and number on the other side of this break because I want to have some people start to call in to get some questions ready for our guests Franco Huard ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network with my special guest from Montreal Quebec Canada Franco you or we'll be right back after these words [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening today on the show we're talking with Franco uard on the topic of present moment awareness I'm going to give the calling number because I want some people to call in and let's have some questions ready for our special guests Franco uard the calling number for today's show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five the topic present moment awareness call in get in the queue I'll bring you on to fire off some questions for our special guests Franco you were talking about the right side of the brain the qualities of the right brain hemisphere and how that fits into present moment awareness so you could pick it up from there yes so like I said before we talk about love compassion peace joy serenity fullness respect gratitude creativity so that part of the brain is pretty much important if we can even go further than that I'll be for example like all the spiritual sites spirituality stuff can be used from from that side of the brain for example channeling we talked about the voice which which is a sum not predicting something but you know when you see them you can see kind of future but it's not really future but you can see stuff like reading auras from from people out the everything that the their the the left brain cannot explain why you can actually do it with the left brain with the right brain sorry so when I'm for example I was talking to you I in my showing man show that me my girlfriend we actually develop a lot of telepathic communication between me and her because our link is pretty strong and something like for example out of nowhere I'm thinking about something and since she's connected to me well she's bringing bringing me the stuff like right in front of me and it's vice versa light some stuff like like stuff like that for example you actually shaking a hand it to somebody and then certainly you feeling something about this person why because you actually being in the present moment right since you're not using your your left side brain well your your right sides actually giving you probably more stuff that you you shouldn't know you and you're receptive to that signal that comes through wordlessly it's not communication through language it's communication through direct experience a one-to-one channel of communication and that's what balance in the right brain hemisphere opens us us opens us up to mm-hmm exactly and and that's what's happening right now that nobody wants you sadly like like they never want you to actually reach that that level why because they can give you more control like they can have like more control of you and because of that yeah like if you're not in that like present moment well you you might give your power away to somebody else so by by being in the present moment I mean like a tree tree truly yourself being in the present moment like right now and well nobody can steal your prior you're actually your power you will you're you're you're thinking right you're thinking clear and then from there you can take proper action Exxon Franco we do have a caller on the line would you like to go to a call and then what I want to do later in the show is I want to get into actual techniques that you feel could be beneficial for helping us to experience the present moment get into the present moment awareness and get out of that time bound awareness which actually holds us back so would you like to take a phone call right now of course great okay here we go this is Chris from Ottawa a fellow Canadian you're on what on earth is happening with our special guests Franco you or welcome Chris yeah I must say I'm a PhD psychologist and I've studied mystical teachings and modern science for over 40 years especially the issue of consciousness and I disagree with absolutely everything your guest is saying the consciousness of love and creativity and and the heart and conscience is not up in the right brain it has to do with the psychology of the heart and mystics say that self-realization which is waking up in your essence involves the dissolution of the false mind into the lotus of the heart the ego whether left brain or right brain it's still part of cognitive functioning and your true self is within the heart and deeper states of consciousness has to do with the awakening of the heart and not to do with the functioning of the right hemisphere this is complete fallacy I I think what's being said is that the balancing of the brain opens up that pathway to make the connection to the heart it's a it's a communication that is taking place between the brain and the heart no one is saying that the act all of that function and and the essence of that state of consciousness lies in the specifics specifically in the physiology of the brain they're saying that the physiology of the brain makes possible that experience and if we bring that into balance with certain brain balancing techniques we can open up that communication and experience that heart based consciousness that you're speaking of exactly still completely disagree with what you're saying the weight of the consciousness of the heart you are already established in the consciousness of the heart and you don't get there through a mental approach you have to in your present awareness you need to connect with your blood flow because your consciousness in your body has to do with the blood flow in your body and your consciousness isn't all up in your head it's all through your body related to your blood flow well I would have if that technique worked for you and going into that place space directly I think that's wonderful that you did not have to go through that sort of linear process of engagement in the mind in order to do that I can say that I'm a living example of that transformation in consciousness that did happen in the way that you're saying that it's it is not possible to happen because I did do it through cognitive functioning and understanding and taking in knowledge through the mind to transform that level of consciousness to emerge in heart-based consciousness it did actually occur for me personally in that way so I would say maybe for some it may work differently than others so I'm not saying I'm not dismissing your experience and saying it can't happen that way I personally think it happens that the way you're describing it much less frequently than it does through the cognitive awareness approach because most people are already rooted in a left brain modality that's how it happened for me I'm so I'm I'm I'm saying that I don't believe that it is impossible to do it that way I know it's possible to do it that way but if it works into the direct approach that you're talking about I wouldn't be dismissive of that and I would say if that worked for a certain individual wonderful well maybe I can add something - sure - to the topic and by the way thank you very much for having that question because it's okay a mic like I said I might not hold the whole the truth you know do your own diligence like do you own work and that's perfect like the way you actually brought it it's good and maybe the way I can actually answer that when I heard two voice I'm always wearing two voice and my voice in my head which is that called it the mental and then when I go back to my heart the other voices actually somewhere around death but when I'm talking about both brains like like I said like the right right brain for me pretty much is connected to the ours so maybe you're hearing from your you're like from down there and which is good because I'm actually hearing also from that part of the body but Ranko hold that thought right there and callers hold on the line he stopped a couple more callers will get your calls after this next break we'll be right back world's first and only swisco [Music] all right folks we're back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pacion my website what on earth is happening calm we're discussing present moment awareness with our special guests from Canada Franco Euler Franco I'm gonna let you all respond to Chris from Ottawa skal I'll continue with your thoughts on that and then we have a few other callers still holding on the line to ask you some questions excellent so Chris you're still there Oh Chris is no longer there oh yes I am Mike okay okay okay so if I understand correctly what you've been saying because I want to learn to see so what you're saying is that like the the the brain the mental is one part and then the art is like one we're talking about being in your heart it's downstairs right the self is within the heart the ego is within the mind in the head okay oh that's that concept is in the Vedic yogic teachings Kabbalah and necessary Judaism Christianity sacred doctrine of Blavatsky and elsewhere that the Jews say that the truth is under your nose all the time meaning it's within the heart well oh yeah the truth isn't within your heart that's right but well emailed you Franco I I have a book published called of the heart doctrine mystical views of the origins and nature of human consciousness I think yeah thanks for being open to my critique and I'll email you and be a connection to my ancient Egyptians are in the mystery school traditions out of ancient Egypt also view the heart as the center of the soul as well the seat of the soul yeah like and weighed the heart upon death right well right now the only part we actually talk is about the brain I didn't talk yet about the heart because what you've been saying right now is absolutely true because I've been using the same thing too but it's important also to know exactly what's happening in the end to the brain so yeah very interesting to read about your book so you can just actually send it to like send me an email at info at Radio h2o that's CA and we'll be more than happy to actually talk to talk more about that because for sure like what I know right now what I am right now will be different in two days in in ten minutes because my I might know something in my opinion might might change like an hour after hour so for sure exactly Franco I'm gonna bring on another caller we still have several other callers waiting on the line to ask you some questions so here we go call her from the 3:04 area code you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guests Franco Huard hello this is Billy who's looking for aa 304 area code yes you're on the line you have a question for our guest okay well actually I want to verify I verify what your guest is saying and I'll back up what you said and Chris I believe he's probably like like your caller said earlier speaker said that he's probably directed as in my present-day awareness I hope that he learns today that his present-day awareness is able to change too I fractured my skull in 1986 the fracture was on the right side I've been left-handed all my life the fact you started at the base of the ear and went to the top of my head and I was in a coma for ten days Wow actually ten days in one hour when I woke up out of a coma I looked around in a room was full of family and I thought when the world's going on here I knowed I was in the hospital because I've been there before and what it was is my left brain clicked in gear who had been my buddy all my life because I always thought I was kind of like a bike bipolar closet case no harm in it except that I had this guy I talked to you all the time and I think it come from being basically left hand at the beginning in the right-handed world where my father and everybody tried to teach me to be left-handed well they created this left brain entity I call him Phil and Phillip that's fine now my name is Phil Billy I will go by this Pamela an hour after I was due to be unplugged and since then it's been 25 years I had been working all this out and I am to the point where I used to say my heart I'm speaking the truth now I say from my present day experience I'm speaking my truth so I am I am only speaking from today's present-day experiences and I'm able to grow tomorrow surely because what what the past is is nothing more than the steps of what we take to get here today and Mark I want to say that you're Britt you're brilliant and what you say and and you'll hear from me again now that broke out of my closet well I appreciate that still I always had this guy that I always had this guy kept in the closet and he was my other ego like that by polar opposites twins right because I was born to Gemini sign and I've always accredited to extra voice to the other guy and we'll talk again but I'm gonna tie up too much more time but I just want to verify what you're here hostess or what the house said and what your speaker is saying fantastic Phil thanks so much for a great call frankly you want to comment on that and then we'll go to some other callers well it's actually amazing in a honestly yeah I can actually sense it that this guy is a wonderful guy with a big heart and he works hard see it takes takes a lot of courage to woke up from a coma and then move on from from from from from what happened in the past and although amazing and this guy I sent him I sent him all my my heart my love to this guy he deserved it and I know that he he will he will live well for the rest of his life for sure right here we go caller from the six one zero area code a fellow Pennsylvanian you're on what on earth is happening with our special guest Franco you are welcome hey Marcus well Walt fantastic this is uh Walter Rhodes he's been a guest on what on earth is happening before he's a personal friend of mine Walt do you have a question for Frank oh no I just have I just have something to to comment on sure so there's the left there's the left side of the brain that's logic and then there's the right side of the brain which emotion compassion then there is something that you need to develop which is the observer the watcher the one that isn't old either way the one that completes the Trinity right that completes human being that completes maturity and that's time doesn't matter where I'm less awareness right doesn't matter if they're on the left side or right side you know where the heart is you know under that really makes a difference but you have to complete this rate right in order to progress it's it's it's about the unity between all of those things and that observer consciousness that that thing that steps back and can see the entirety of the experience is what time-bound awareness is at I'm sorry non time-bound awareness timeless awareness is actually all about and that's what pure consciousness actually is it's also what the right moment prison present moment it is there's no time it's right oh that's it Walt great points do you have anything else yeah basically after you've developed this this observer you have to use this this point of view let's say to go over all the incidences of your life and put them in perspective from a higher perspective absolutely it's that's what true self reflection is all about and when we become contemplative and reflective of ourselves that's when we're really growing and that's when we're evolving and that's when we're entering higher states of consciousness sadly you know oftentimes in our culture too few people want to do that work upon themselves because they're afraid of what they might discover but that that process of discovery is the most rewarding thing we can undertake absolutely well thanks thanks so much for a great call men are always a pleasure to hear from you we'll hang out again soon all right brother all right talk to you later man take care man Franco your thoughts yeah one thing it can actually add about that is in French we covet the mahogany at 6 so it's like everything pretty much in your life could be a like a mirror so let's say you have a situation somebody is against you or telling you some stuff well try to contact the truth on there what's happening what's we're clicking to you what what do you have to do to work on that and that value will find stuff that you could never imagine that your buddy real left I sure we want to tell you exactly so we'll take another couple of calls on the other side of the break then we'll get back into some techniques that we can employ and maybe even go through a sip [Music] [Applause] [Music] birthday we defended old okay welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm the host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking today with special guests Franco uard from Montreal Canada on the topic of present moment awareness Franco would you like to go back to the phones we still have a couple of callers on the line and then later in the show we're gonna get into a simple exercise that people can take themselves through to help bug get in rooted into the present moment of course let's go to the phones Brian from Washington you are on live on what on earth is happening with our special guests Franco you word welcome yes I I decided to take you take a cue from your you're referencing the Karpin drama triangle and I looked this up on I looked up the Wikipedia entry for more details on that and what it is appears to be you're talking about first being a victim a persecutor and a rescuer seems to be situations where I and I've been in in them and get in them at times where where it isn't clear who I mean it the roles in this drama are entangled in such a way not to where is unclear as to actually who who is the person doing the action in any given situation and you also have people who have covert motives who don't really admit or you can't approach someone and say well you know what are you doing here you know what's your what's your role in being here and they won't tell you the truth you know and it's like and it's like in that that situation situations I've been in where it's like where it's like being kind of in the dark about about when when I know personally there's things I that I've changed in the past that got me into problems you know that I don't want to repeat you know certain behaviors and certain attitudes and stuff you know but then when you're in ignorant when you're relating to someone and having a discussion or a relationship and and you and you're with someone who's got another card to play that they're not showing then then I've often one you know is it really that simple when people aren't being honest or try trying to shield even their emotions from you when they're you know when you're asking them or what are you doing here you know why do you need to be here you know for whatever purpose you know and it's like in a society that has a lot of societies currently that has a lot of things hidden from the average citizen as to as to what is going to what people may do what people will do and what to do to protect yourself I'm fan I mean I think that's really a question but it's just idea to put out there's maybe you can comment on that I know your thoughts yeah happened to me also a lot sometimes there's a situation you you you it will be cloudy but at the end like if you if you're getting like if you have let the minding of of that triangle that's already a very good first step because you will be able to assign and try to look and in the present moment you're gonna feel like you're actually gonna see like oh my god this person's acting like that and maybe it's just the experience like further that you you're gonna see the things you get you're gonna be able easily to identify who's a persecutor who's the Savior who's the and then you you'll be able to to to act on it in it's gonna be important for you after that and the choosing probably the word making sure that you're not joining that triangle so but and I'm not telling you're telling that is actually easy to do at the very beginning it took me probably with my girlfriend probably a good year and year and a half to fully understand and fully act upon but it's practicing pretty much making sure that you you you take a look at this all the situation here if you go to a court for example for you going to a court the judge is actually the persecutor like that they get the guy behind with with the with the lawyers is the victim you can actually see the triangle pretty pretty simply so just sometimes just go outside go outside take a look at the people and look at them how they react each other and then you're gonna be able to easily like identify who's who's and where they are playing which role right Ecklie and from there you're gonna be able when you're gonna go back in that situation then you're gonna say oh my god I'm and that kind of person right now then you realize and when you realize then you can actually step back and then try to defuse the situation call her thanks for your thoughts and let's go to another call six one seven area code I love that there's so many callers and that this is a popular topic because this is critical to understand and it's one of the things that we all have within our power to work on upon ourselves to become truly in the now in the the present moment and that's one of the things that can help balance ourselves Center ourselves and really get us out of the time bound awareness that leads to so much imbalanced behavior in our world so this is one of the most critical solutions to understand at a fundamental level so a great that we're getting so many calls on this topic here we go caller from the six one seven area code you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guests Franco you word welcome hey guys how's it going great good I just wanted just wanted to share something this might be old hat for Franco but just wanted to say there's a whole fascinating research literature out there on exactly what you're talking about this present moment awareness under the name of mindfulness in the psychological literature and it's been essentially what you're saying it's sort of relaxed moments a moment non-judgmental awareness of what's going on and you know it's when coupled with relaxation techniques has been found to be very effective at things for example like decreasing chronic pain symptoms with decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety which really again it's it's fascinating that these topics especially on this show that keeps coming up have their parallels and you know sort of the harder research areas that are coming more and more this is coming to light that these are tools can be used to enhance positive adaptive coping and positive well-being so I was just wondering to what degree Franco you had seen you seen this literature people like Marsha Linehan Steven Hayes Jon kabat-zinn sort of overlaps some of the food istic meditation literature but yeah I mean a lot of what you're saying is very much it's very much legitimate from my own research so I was curious to what degree Dean that that's a great question caller Franco you want to comment on who some of the researchers are that you've taken some cues from on this topic to be fully honest I don't know at all those person I've actually not been familiar with the ones that the caller just mentioned but I you know I have heard of Eckhart Tolle who speaks on this topic Rama das his phenomenal book his you know great work be here now is something everyone should be familiar with I've personally looked into some of the research of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer and people like Stewart Wilde and other researchers who talk about this aspect of consciousness and staying rooted in the present moment their work has been very critical they're very invaluable to me on my personal journey do you have any other names Franco like you'd like to add to that list for our listeners to research on their own and take a look into for sure well pretty much like all the the research I've been studying it's pretty much in French so obviously like maybe that those people were actually like that the book I read probably they also have based on what you what the college was said before but for French people there's my one of my friend let's invite back yet who said we had the website kids amore at sea so I'm gonna write write it down into the chatroom is having a book talked a lot about the spirituality and mind techniques and buddhist techniques there's also a dtc which is a conference person who's talking about the buddhist and meditation meditation stuff and true present awareness but to be fully honest if you have the document I would be more than happy to actually read it especially if it's worth actually what I'm saying like most of the stuff that I've been talking about it's I've been like like I said like that the truth it's in your in you it's not like mostly outside trying to have to Troodon inside you and pretty much like what I've been doing for the past three years lots of stuff is based on meditation connecting myself to my Higher Self and trying to getting answer from from from from my Higher Self so maybe what most of the stuff that I've been talking reflecting maybe some research but I would be more than happy and if I can have like access to do those documents for sure well Franco any resources that you want to make available with the podcast of this episode which will be episode number 95 you're more than welcome to send my way and I'll link them were post them directly to the what on earth is happening website for viewers to take a look at with this podcast for when the color you stood there oh no he is not okay when he was talking about the effects on your body like treating some disease and stuff like that when you are in a in a true prison moment you can actually ask yourself some of what's happening in your body and your body is one but actually it's you - that's right the body will always tell you everything that you need we talked about that a couple of weeks ago on the show and it's very true Frank though someone said in the chatroom the present moment is a gift and that's why it's called the present absolutely so we'll take one more call on the other side of the break and then we'll let Franco wrap up and do an experiment [Music] welcome back everyone this is the final segment for this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm talking today with Franco you word of the website of the radio show two guys one girl on the radio h2o network out of Montreal Quebec Canada our topic is present moment awareness Franco what do you say we take one more call and then we can get into the little exercise that you wanted to take listeners through to help guide them into getting into the present moment a little exercise that they can all perform whenever they feel that they need to do that to to get centered and rooted in the present moment excellent okay here we go caller from the two six seven area code I believe that's right out of here in Philadelphia you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi is that mean markets are a nice all right how you doing hi how are you good good um let's see since we were talking about how to be like in the present moment wouldn't it behoove us also to look at the past as well so we don't repeat the same mistakes in this moment and in the future since humans normally tend to forget stuff and like generation to generation and repeat the same mistakes I would think it would also I would think that you know like I said before the hubris to remember the past so that we don't repeat those same mistakes again like right as well I know your thoughts Matt I'll comment on that first and then I'll turn that question over to you Franco I think the past is absolutely essential to have a working knowledge of because if we don't as you've said that old axiom is absolutely true those who do not understand the past will be doomed to repeat it because they will not see the failures of our ancestors and what things that they did incorrectly in consciousness the actions that they took that they should have made better decisions upon why those failures happened and take measures in order to correct those failures in now in the present moment now that doesn't mean do well on the past that doesn't mean obsess on it that means learn it understand what occurred understand where the failures were made and then take the corrective measures in the present moment to actually take action and reverse those failures to bring about a better tomorrow so Franco your thoughts on that well I think you're absolutely right you need you need to be aware of what's happening in the past like I said before also like like like I said like if if you don't understand we'll come back and maybe can we'll come back stronger and stronger and stronger until that you're you reaching a breaking point that you don't have the choice to actually understand and make it pass through or you're gonna leave the the plan you're gonna leave here that's right plain and simple so yeah natural law functions it brings us what we need to learn and grow and if we ignore those things they're going to keep repeating and keep repeating and we're going to go through actually higher levels of suffering if we keep ignoring the lessons that those that wave function of time was bring to us in the present moment as a gift as a as a an opportunity to learn and grow we can't keep slapping that away out of the hand of the universe and saying no we don't want that no we don't want that eventually we're going to be made to face ourselves we're going to be made to confront the darkness that lies within ourselves and have to go through that painful lesson so ignoring it is not the answer working through it in the present moment is the answer in even I will push it further for me I actually firmly believe that about about the reincarnation and so in my thinking like the way I see it is when you come on hurt you actually have a plan some somebody call it I don't know how to sit in English but you kind of have like a plan you actually wrote it down before you come here so if you're not executing the plan that it is actually made that you had that you your soul actually made it for you to actually leave it here well if you not complete it what's gonna happen is you're probably gonna repeat it in your next life so maybe it answer some of the question of the of the caller but yeah you have to like if you're not fixing it now you and you're gonna have it you're gonna have to fix it their way or not absolutely so sorry thank you for the great question and I hope that answers your question Franco um we have about five minutes left on the show so why don't you take listeners through the exercise that you have planned to show them to help ground them in the present moment and we'll let you wrap up with your thoughts after that your final thoughts actually I have two or two really quick sure the first one I took it from from a class that I have with the Buddhist priest so pretty simple the which you realign your left side and your right side brain into a one one big brain taking you to end like you're like let's say for example you you want to pray but you're taking your two hands and put it right up to your plexus keep it there for almost like let's say 10 to 12 seconds don't think about anything just like relax and just put your both hands there and you will see well actually I'm when I'm doing that I'm going back running back to my present moment sometimes we do doing it with the with the kid actually take care for the kid actually taking in a 7 seconds when he's way too excited the kid my kid there's actually like doing a lot of meditation with me but when she's doing that oh my gosh she's going back to a true present moment within her and it works very well so just try it at home and tell me later if it's working or not second thing we've been talking about a little bit about meditation but for me the meditation is something like it's actually like helping me to bring me peace in me clear my mind able to use both side of my brain at the same time give me access to a higher conscience so if I want to contact something else like maybe maybe higher my higher soul well I was proud to do it with meditation so simple exercise like I said my crews gonna bring it put it on on the website so I just sit down relax to a quiet place put the relaxing song for example brings up putting some Bach music like a air orchestra suite so when I start to play the play that song I close my eyes real simple I imagine a stare so just like I started going down and I slowly I walk down the stairs and every time I'm reaching a stare I'm just like removing like something that bothers me so I'm just like removing all my metals inside me each tape each step that I'm doing else oh yeah I'm removing a problem a problem at the end of the stairs I see a door so it's a it's a big pinky crystal door and from when I see that door well I can talk more the crystal later but I go through that door and when I go through that door I find out my inner temple from there I imagine that I sat down again and I'm just making my mind free so I don't think about anything and just make peace I send if I want to send love to somebody like sending care about somebody and just sending love right there I just imagine the peer the person giving it them a big hug and after I've done that in silence you can do it for X number of minutes I just step back I imagine I step stepping I'm back going back to the door and slowly walking the stairs up to my conscience and then when I'm back to my conscience I slowly opening my eyes and then I can really feel like more more calm and more in the present moment so that's it Franco that's fantastic and that's a very simple visualization exercise that anyone can do when they feel that they are being pulled out of the present moment and taken into that time-bound fight-or-flight awareness that is all too common in our present culture so you do a simple exercise like that a visualization exercise that will route you in the present moment that will ground you that will Center you and again as Franco eloquently put it it will take you into your temple and that's where the work ultimately needs to be done so Franco I'll let you a wrap up there's a about a minute left on the show you can take us out with whatever words you have for the listening audience please give them your website let them know when your show is on and now the floor is yours to end the show for sure so my name is Franco yard I have a show called two guys one girl in French sadly for him for most of the people but still it's on the h2o radio network so it's a radio h2o dot ca might show it's on the every Mondays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. but I also have a daily show called the h2o show Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time so please join if you want to join us - you're more than welcome it has for my final word pretty simple being your heart we've been talking a lot about the the mental the ego the left side of the brain the right side of the brain but be in your heart and ask yourself what the love will do in that situation and this is and with that in mind you can't go wrong you know that's that'll never leave you wrong if you ask that question and follow where it leads Frankie Franco thank you so much for being a phenomenal guest here on what on earth is happening we'd be glad to have you back any time ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition we'll see here next Sunday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time stick 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