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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting dot-com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time today is Sunday February 19 2012 and we have an information packed show for you here today we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion about solutions to the problems that humanity faces and as part of that one of the biggest solutions we've been talking about is getting your body into a proper state of health and homeostasis so we're going to be continuing talking about nutrition today on the show but specifically today I'm going to talk about raw foods and juicing it's going to be a dual show today we're going to have the first hour dedicated to or maybe even a little bit more than the first hour dedicated to raw foods and then the remainder of the show to juicing so the these are two of the things that we can take charge of and actually really get a hold of our health using our own willpower it's something that everybody has within their capability of doing if they apply themselves so that's coming up on the show today I want to thank Franko Huard for being on the program last week on present moment awareness it was a great show people should check it out in the archives I will be returning to that topic and combining it with the other solution of mindfulness which goes hand-in-hand with present moment awareness on a future show I do have a couple of quick event announcements so I'm gonna be on three different radio programs coming up this week I will be on a show called grow it build it live it that will be on that will be on Tuesday evening from I believe 10:00 10 p.m. East Coast time to midnight East Coast time I'll post more information on the show on the website about the show I'm also gonna be on the vinny eastwood show on Thursday night February 23rd from 6 to 8 p.m. Vinny Eastwood broadcasts out of American freedom radio some look looking forward to that one and then on Friday the 24th at 10:00 p.m. East Coast time I will be on down the rabbit hole with Popeye of federal Jack calm so that should be a great show as well also coming up at the end of this month the last day of February on the leap day of this leap year February 29th truth freedom prosperity will be hosting their monthly documentary screening and discussion evening this month at media bureau studios on 4th and brown in philadelphia will be showing architects of control great documentary by Michael Caesarea on and Henrik Tom Graham that's at media Bureau studios Wednesday February 29th at 7:15 p.m. for more information visit truth freedom prosperity org we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] I'll make my stay [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'd like to send everyone up to the website to check out the images for today's show they're as always posted with the show on the radio show page right underneath the player you can see the numerical links listed if you click on any one of them it will bring up a little slideshow and you could follow along with what I am talking about on the show today so image number one what we're we've been talking about is solutions and I just call this entire section the way out it's the way out of the lower modalities of consciousness and it's the way to the higher states of consciousness which will ultimately result in peace prosperity living in harmony with natural law and ultimately human freedom and that's what this show is all about image 2 shows the grassroots solutions for real and positive change which I have outlined over the past few weeks we've already covered the healing of our worldview as the probably the biggest and most important solution and it's one of the most difficult boundaries to actually get past because so many people's worldview is completely poisoned so we talked about the change in our quality of attention how we need to get off of poisonous forms of of media and information and onto a good quality information and then in keeping with that we started change of diet because in addition to changing our mental food we need to change our physical food because there's so much poison in that as well you know it's just an unfortunate an unfortunate truth of the state of human affairs that we have completely polluted food supplies and processed foods foods with all kinds of chemicals additives preservatives pesticides you name it artificial sweeteners hydrogenated oils just things that are terrific for the human health and actually create an extremely deteriorated brain in the sense of the neural connections in the gray matter of the brain and the neocortex of the talents etholon of the brain so you've heard the old adage you are what you eat and it's literally true our brain and our bodies are completely made up of the nutrients that we take into our bodies that actually then become our cells so the quality of the cells of our body are going to be determined upon determined upon the quality of the nutrients that we take into our body through our food okay and as a result the quality of our behavior is ultimately going to be determined by the quality of the physiology of the brain and body it follows logically ladies and gentlemen therefore the quality of our world since it is going to be determined by the quality of the collective behaviors of the individuals in it is ultimately going to be determined by the quality of what we do or do not put into our bodies and what we do and do not put into our minds it's it really is that simple people will insist and claim that that's reductionist thinking no it is not the truth is not overly complexified it is simple it is elegant it is that simple we have to simply change the quality of what we are allowing into ourselves through an act of our own willpower and the result will be positive change self-betterment higher consciousness and ultimately more freedom in our lives and the lives of everyone else on this planet so we started with in the food section understanding what we need to do to change our diet that this is something we've said and reiterated time and again is within each one of our control still to a great extent we have control over what we put into our mouths so slide number three simply shows this solution we need to change our diet for the better I put up a food pyramid for pee but a look at the basic generalities regarding food and the categories that they fall into what foods we should be eating every day what foods we should be eating on a weekly basis or sparingly and what foods we should basically be eliminating from the diet altogether things that really aren't foods to be quite honest so that's an image number for that food pyramid and I put it up there just as another general reference for people to take a look at image number five shows foods relationship to matter and energy which we covered on show number 93 and showed the density the state of matter and the correspondence to the alchemical tradition because ladies and gentlemen make no mistake what this is all about is physical alchemy okay I did a show with Bob from Cincinnati on his great radio show called occult empire on the antimatter's own network a few weeks ago that's posted up in the news section of my website and the show was all about alchemy and this is a topic and a cult tradition that we're going to be looking into on future shows probably maybe as we get a little bit farther through the solutions section I'll take a break and we'll look at another occult tradition I also want to take a look into Rosicrucianism I've said this in the past we're gonna also delve further into other traditions that we've already looked into so that though that will be coming up on future shows but make no mistake what we're really talking about here is a process of alchemy that is performed upon the self its purification its distillation okay and this chart here on image number five just shows that the body has to work harder to break down the more solidified what we're putting into our bodies is you know the more solidified it is we have the body has to work harder to break it down so solid food is going to require the most energy liquids will require much less energy and then air which is what we breathe is processed extremely efficiently and with the least amount of energy and what you also notice that that's what we need the most as we go higher in this chart the rarer things are what we actually need the most we can live only for a minute maybe without air a couple of minutes at the most before them then the brain begins to die ok liquids we need even more than solid foods but less than air you you could sustain yourself probably for about three or four days without liquid and then you'll start to have serious health effects and eventually you will not be able to survive solid food ok you know you could go for a longer time without that if you take in nutrients through liquid foods but we talk we're going to talk about juicing in the second part of the show today and how this could be done on its own or as a complement to the diet now I just did a 10-day juice fast with my partner barb it was the first fast I have ever done it was tremendously successful we felt great we both lost some weight I didn't really need to lose too much weight I dropped about 5 pounds on it but I felt great the entire time lots of energy and it was an exercise in willpower which everyone including myself can always use so you know I wouldn't recommend as I've said again to be on any kind of a liquid diet constantly but you can supplement juicing to your existing diet and you can combine it with raw foods and we're going to talk about raw foods in the first part of the show today and I'm gonna have specific recipes this is gonna be a recipe show ladies and gentlemen I'm going to give specific recipes I'm gonna post these recipes with the podcast they're not posted to the site yet but they will be with the podcast ok and we're gonna take people through the process of how you can do a month-long raw food diet I've done this twice so far a month long raw food only diets I've done a 10-day juice fast and again we should be combining foods and juicing with our existing diets as a supplement to our to our diets we'll be right back with more on raw food and juicing after these words go Broadcasting rating [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today on the show we're continuing our solutions section we're talking about raw food and juicing and how we should add this arsenal of nutrition to all of our diets and it's something that all of us can do there's no excuse not to get started we're going to talk about the equipment that's involved in eating like this it's not that expensive you can find organic foods in supermarkets in your area you can grow your own in gardens if you have the land the space to do it even if you live in a city it's possible to do okay so you can combine foods that you grow for yourself with foods that you might find in a store or a farmers market and get started on the path to physical health which is completely interconnected and inseparable from mental health okay these two things go hand in hand as we've already discussed so image number five we were on on the chart on foods relationship to matter and energy I think I've said what I want to say about that in general and a couple of weeks back we had a water purification expert Fernando salgueiro on on the show to talk about water purification we got into reverse osmosis technology we got into water distillation it was a great show check that out in the archives as well image number six shows a basic reverse osmosis water filtration system that goes under your sink and provides extremely pure drinking water and water that you could use for cooking this is almost identical to the system that I have installed in my home so I highly recommend these you can find them for probably as as $150 if you look online for some deals mine was I believe 190 dollars shipped to my door okay so again these aren't that expensive there are whole house water purification systems that run into the thousands of dollars if you can afford that wonderful if not this is the way to go all right we talked about the quote the importance of the quality of our drinking water to a great extent so image number seven this is an image I put up after one of the podcasts that I did I think it was in podcast number 93 and it was a slide just called what's in our refrigerator so this is barb and and myself refrigerator at home a few weeks ago and this is what it looked like in in it at the time every ingredient just about every single ingredient in that refrigerator at the time was organic okay and I had a batch of green juice in there I had spinach you can see the spinach up in the upper left in and a little top Tupperware table there kale celery romaine cucumbers parsley bok choy cilantro carrots tomatoes radishes turnips beets blueberries grapes apples oranges grapefruits pineapple lemon lime coconut mint squash soup chia seeds flax seeds hemp seeds flax oil hemp oil and and for to drink I also had some raw almond milk that I made and some raw kombucha which I also ferment here which we could talk about that at another time but this is what would happen to be in my refrigerator at the time of taking that image near near the time that that podcast was done a couple of weeks back here's another image in slide number 8 which shows my refrigerator last week okay that's what a refrigerator the inside of a refrigerator should look like and I you know I know many people's refrigerator does not look like that and I'll tell you something for for damn sure is mine did not always look like that okay so this is something I know is you know a change that some people can do sooner than others some people will do it gradually but if you're not your health isn't in the right place again your thinking is not going to be in the right place and your willpower is not going to be in the right place okay so when when if you would have saw what my diet was like even only about six to seven years ago it was horrific okay extreme amounts of processed foods extreme amounts of meat extreme amounts of dairy and just extreme amounts of food period okay now that looks like a whole lot of food and a whole lot of perishables to people which though they'll immediately say but when you're juicing and when you're eating a lot of raw foods that and there's two people doing that basic diet that's you know not really that much you know yeah and that's not that much money some people would think that that will cost a ton of money for the inside of your refrigerator to look like that that's maybe that's probably under 200 dollars worth of food what's in there right now what you're seeing in that image on an entire 10-day juice fast we spent under 300 dollars for two people to do it so about a hundred and fifty dollars per person okay over a 10-day period that comes down to $15 a day which means about each meal was $5 if we broke it down into four meals it was even less than that because I believe we juiced about four times a day okay so today on the show we're gonna get into raw foods and you know I say about 60% to 70% of our diet should probably be raw foods as opposed to processed or cooked foods we want to try to get it at least up to 60% is great you know that would be a good start half and half but if we could do it up to 60% I guarantee you'll see a dramatic change in your health in the quality of the way you feel in your energy level and just in an all around well-being all right so we're gonna talk a little bit about the equipment that you will need to effectively do a raw food diet okay you don't again this is something you can compliment your existing diet with slowly make a transition or if you want to jump right in do a raw food diet for two weeks 14 days nothing but raw uncooked foods okay and we'll talk about how we can make that palatable enjoyable and you could have fun preparing some of these recipes and if you have more than one person to do this with that always helps okay it helps with the willpower aspect you encourage each other you keep each other going with it you know and it just it it builds a synergistic energy to do this with another person so that always helps as well the image on slide number nine shows the juicer that I own okay and we'll be getting into juicing in the second part of the show this is the Breville Juice and blend now I got this recently a couple of weeks back I used to have a Jack LaLanne juice man juicer and it was kind of dated it was aging I wanted to upgrade to something a little bit more professional and easier to take apart and clean so I looked for this Breville juicer it was a little out of the price range that I wanted to spend what if you buy this new you'll have to pay about $450 for it and yet that that is pretty expensive okay I do think it's worth that price tag because of what it can do for your health that's a small investment to make if you're looking at an long term health investment I went on Craigslist and found this for sale on Craigslist barely used just very lightly used for $175 it was kept in great condition with all the original materials and packaging and I picked it up at that price so you can get lucky and you can find deals on things like this we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere [Music] all right folks were back this is what on earth is happening on your host mark pacion talking about raw foods and juicing on the show today as part of our solutions section changing our diet getting on to the higher nutrient density foods and Pure Foods on adulterated foods so that's why organic is the way to go you saw an image right from inside my refrigerator people asked me many times what what's your diet like what do you eat I'm sharing what my diet largely is like to you now why well barb and I still go out and eat something why so order a pizza from time to time sure I'm not 100% total extreme when it comes to this some people are some people like that but at the same time I think I'm way farther into this than where most people are out with their diets okay I am vegetarian I don't eat meat products I will eat dairy still I'll eat some cheese I'll eat you know exile you know sometimes very rarely but sometimes drank dairy milk I generally drink almond milk as a substitute for dairy milk we're going to talk about how to make almond milk today on the show so image number 9 we were looking at the juicer I own now while this is a more expensive juicer because it has a blender component too you can get juicers for much cheaper than this even a Breville juicer which is a pretty good juicer brand you can get out of cheaper price so there's a huge price range that you could find what that which will fit your budget okay I'm going to give you five examples there's a Breville compact juice fountain it's called okay it's only ninety nine ninety five new and you could find it even cheaper than that used if you're not opposed to buying a used juicer from someone as long as they took good care of it okay but ninety nine ninety-five new and I'm in no way endorsing any of these companies I'm just telling you here's the prices you could find some decent juicers at okay I'm telling you what I use I'm telling you what's out there that's all black and decker makes a 400-watt fruit and vegetable juice extractor okay twenty nine dollars an eighty eight cents $30 for a juicer everyone could afford that yes it's not as powerful you know as something like a thousand watt Breville but if you're on a budget it's better than nothing okay you you it will still get the job done all right might not be as efficient as a higher-end one but hey if you you're really well-to-do not many of us are these days but if you you have the money to invest go for go for a Norwalk juicer even just take a look at the Norwalk to see what it can do it's very impressive but also extremely expensive you know over $2,000 for one of those so you know there's a price range that would fit every everyone's budget of course that's probably the rolls-royce of juicers the Norwalk because it's so efficient you know and just the extracts more juice than probably any other juicer out there Hamilton Beach makes a product called the big mouth Pro $70 okay they also make something called the big mouth juice extractor $60 right there's something called the big boss juicer $49 so again I'm just showing you you know on Amazon you can go on Google Shopping wherever you want to go PriceGrabber okay any site eBay type in juicer look at what what is out there what is available you can go on Craigslist like I did that's how I just got a great juicer at a very affordable price you know I'm thankful that the people would be willing to sell it at that price you know I'm not really sure why they wouldn't want to continue use a great juicer like that but I'm gonna take the opportunity you know and put it to great use which I'm doing right now I'm drinking a glass of my mean green juice as we speak I'm gonna give that recipe for what I I made for what I'm drinking right now later on the show okay so tons of juicers out there you also need a blender especially for a raw food diet a blender is indispensable a food processor also okay now I don't use a large food processor I go with this magic bullet item which is kind of popular these days that's listed there an image number 10 and they have a whole line of those a series of those you can check out these bullet type food processors there's tons of them out there too I have a magic bullet it works great I like it I make great peanut butter with it as well we could talk about nut butter recipes later in the show so let's let's get into some of the recipes okay let's talk about what raw food will do for the human body one you're taking in higher quality foods if you buy organic okay I wouldn't even recommend doing a raw food diet unless you're going to do it organic okay if you can't find an item organic okay substitute a conventional item like I got just about everything organic when I went shopping last week they didn't have organic grapes they only had conventional grapes I guess this time of the year usually I can get them organic I bought the conventional ones okay I'm not gonna totally not get something you know if I want to add it to my diet if I want it for juicing just because they didn't have happen to have an organic where I shopped okay some people will say absolutely not I'm only going to get the organic stuff some people will make you know more exceptions I'll make a couple of exceptions when I go shopping but if they have it organic that's how I'm gonna gonna get it all right so what you're doing is you're eliminating as much toxins and free radicals in the food that you're taking in as possible while through not cooking the food on a raw diet you are keeping alive all of the enzymes that the body requires and what that is going to do is it's going to take in the most nutrient density into the body as I said a few weeks ago that the formula for eating right is so simple it's almost silly how simple it is it's maximize the nutrient intake minimize the toxin intake that's it that's the equation ladies and gentlemen and yes it is that simple okay so you want to drink a lot of pure drinking water during a raw diet as well okay because that's what's gonna move and carry the nutrients through the cells of the body through the digestive tract and through all of the cells of the body so one of the first things you're gonna definitely want to do on a raw food diet for any length of time however long you're gonna be doing it some people make this their lifestyle okay I'm not a total raw foodist I will probably do one or two months out of the year all raw foods nothing else but raw food but then I'll incorporate raw food into my diet through the year so I did two months of 100% raw food for two straight two months not straight but two separate months thirty days straight okay two months of 2011 and I will probably return to doing that probably in the spring one month in the spring and one month in the fall of this year okay so we're gonna get into recipes for raw food eating okay one of the things that's going to make one of the the bulk staples of this diet is salads fresh organic salads you could put whatever you like in them as long as it contains raw organic vegan food there's no dairy in a raw food diet okay so there are cheese substitutes there are milk substitutes and they're actually very very good they're very palatable very tasty okay you have to experiment with them I'm going to give you some resources a couple of web resources to look up information on raw foods but if you type raw food recipes right into any search engine guaranteed you're gonna come back with so many recipes you won't know where to begin okay there's tons of information out there on this okay so knowing that salad is going to be one of your main staples of the diet during a raw food recipe and people should be eating salads on a daily basis anyway a good salad dressing is something you're gonna want to research a good raw salad dressing made with all raw ingredients okay so I'm gonna start with this recipe for raw vegan ranch salad dressing and people will say well how could you make ranch dressing that's raw well believe me it can be done and when you hear what's in the recipe it's all extremely good tasting stuff and when you combine this and make this raw dressing it's nice and thick it's creamy it tastes incredible on any salad that you happen to put it on it's not that high in fat okay and it's wrong so we'll start with that one after this next break and then we're going to go through about twelve or thirteen other raw food recipes and then later in the show we'll get into juicing we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen gotta keep my cool make them think I made up stop [Music] okay everyone we're back let's start to get into some of these raw food recipe starting with a compliment to a nice big raw salad and that is raw vegan ranch dressing okay now some people don't like thicker dressings personally I do there are many other raw salad dressing recipes out there okay this is one that I found that I liked and you know you don't want to go nuts with this on the salad you want to put it on lightly to you know give the set to complement the taste of the salad that you're eating okay so here's the recipe and how to make it you start with some soaked cashews okay so you do one and a half cups of cashews and soak them in water now I have found that if you have a powerful blender you don't even really need to soak the ingredients that are that are you know by default they tell you to soak my blender the horsepower is phenomenal on it okay it's got a great turbine so I don't I don't usually have to soak nuts when they're called for in a recipe I could just add the water and it will blend them just fine okay if your blender isn't that powerful if you're you know using a food processor or something then yeah you need to soak them okay so one and a half cups of soaked cashews okay a cup of water filtered water okay three tablespoons of lemon juice 1/3 of a cup of apple cider vinegar raw apple cider vinegar 1/3 of a cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and this is small amounts as you can see it's not over the top with the oil and vinegar okay three tablespoons of raw agave nectar agave is a low glycemic sweetener that puts a bit of sweetness into the salad dressing if you don't want it's sweet at all don't add the agave okay and when I say a little bit of sweetness that's what I mean this isn't gonna make it super sweet okay two cloves whole cloves of garlic 1 teaspoon of garlic powder 3 teaspoons of onion powder 1 teaspoon of dill or some freshly chopped organic dill 1 teaspoon of sea salt and you don't want to use refined white salt if you're going to use any salt at all in any of these recipes use sea salt Himalayan sea salt okay it's like pink has some other hues in it but that has decent mineral content and isn't refined like the refined white table salt so you want to use salt sparingly anyway but um in any of these recipes especially when it comes to a raw diet if you're gonna use salt at all definitely go with the Himalayan sea salt okay so that was one tablespoon of sea salt 1/2 of a teaspoon of basil and you could also add fresh basil if you want substitute fresh basil now you're gonna put all of those ingredients into a blender and you're gonna blend it very well turn it up to your high setting liquefy setting okay you may need to add some more water if the consistency is too thick okay so you could add water to take it to your desired consistency after blending in addition you could add in some very finely minced parsley about a quarter cup or less of finely minced parsley or and you could also add another half of a teaspoon of of very finely minced dill okay that will add a nice flavor to the already blended dressing and when you taste this on top of a good fresh organic raw salad I guarantee you will go nuts okay this recipe as will all of these other ones be up on the site okay with this podcast now soup and salad go together but on a raw diet you can't heat anything okay it's no cooked foods on a raw diet now again if you're not doing a raw diet you just want to make a soup like this you could do it and then heat it up okay but we're talking about going onto a raw diet for a time we're incorporating more raw foods into the lifestyle because all the enzymes are intact and the highest nutrient density is there when the food is raw okay that's why juicing is so good it's uncooked its unprocessed it's not pasteurized okay so with with a soup a raw soup will of course be served cold okay and this next recipe is a great complement to a salad that you may be eating okay so that makes a great meal a raw salad and a raw soup okay so this is raw tomato basil soup all right you start with four large chopped tomatoes okay this is all gonna go into a blender as well the blender is gonna be your main friend on a raw food diet because so much processing in in the way of chopping food needs to be done on a raw food diet to create different taste profiles and to create different combinations of foods you know you could do a raw food diet where you just eat the food the way it is you know chop it up into a salad or just eat it plain grab an apple and eat it grab an orange and eat it grab a banana and eat it okay so these are basically recipes which require some blending of the foods we're chopping and mixing of the foods to create you know some kind of variation so that you don't get bored with just you know raw completely the way they are out of nature foods which I'm not saying is a bad thing if that's if you can do that and not want any other combinations wonderful do it go for it this is - I'm giving some recipes like this to help transition people onto this diet and keep it interesting that's the main key to keep in mind here okay so raw tomato basil soup four large tomatoes chopped a quarter of an onion chopped 1/4 a cup 1/4 of a cup of cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon of dried oregano 1 tablespoon of dried basil you could also substitute fresh basil in there or fresh oregano ok a pinch of salt a pinch of pepper sea salt again organic crushed pepper you could also add fresh pepper in there if you want ok excuse me 2 cups of filtered water and now here's the secret ingredient to add a little bit of thickness to this is 1/2 of a cup of Brazil nut milk or raw almond milk ok and I'm gonna give the recipe for raw almond milk coming up you put all of those ingredients into a blender you blend it up make it nice and smooth pour that into a bowl and that's a great cold raw tomato basil soup to go with your raw salad you do just those two things you're gonna keep it interesting eating a raw food diet ok one thing I want to say about a raw food diet is you will need to spend some time with food preparation if you want to keep it interesting so you'll need to chop up your salads you need to prepare all of this stuff ok you need to take some time blend some things up in your blender with some of these recipes but if you take the time to do it you're going to understand that that's a spiritual currency as I've been saying over and over we say we spend our time well if you spend your time doing things like this you're gonna get so much in return for that payment of time that you're gonna wonder how you lived your life without doing these things because the way you're gonna feel and the clarity of your thoughts the clarity of your intuition everything is gonna all come together okay so that's a soup and salad combination okay you can make your salad however you want make a raw dressing this is just one example of a raw dressing add the soup with it and you have a great raw meal right there okay now for people who generally eat meat or used to even used to eat me and like it or used to like it some people on a raw diet may miss the consistency of me now I'll sometimes be a meat substitute like a Boca burger or something like that I don't try to overdo anything like that because eating a lot of soy I try it is probably not good for you either so I try to make sure it's non-gmo okay so there this is a raw recipe substitute which sounds like a contradiction in terms but it's not we'll get into it on the other side stay with us folks [Music] welcome everyone this is a prayer that's happening talking today about fall food recipes and you sing as a pathway to health improving the body and ultimately improving the consciousness so let's get right back into the restrooms because we have a lot more of them to go through let me give the calling number right now because I want people to call in with any questions or comments I'll be taking calls in the second hour actually we're at the top of the second hour I'll be taking calls later in this hour okay the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five boy that first hour certainly flew so let's get right back into the recipes I was getting ready to give people a meat substitute recipe okay that resembles the texture and flavor of turkey salad okay but it's all raw vegan and organic all right this is called raw vegan quote turkey salad okay one cup of walnuts and if your blender isn't powerful soak them first okay a couple of ribs of celery one teaspoon of fresh thyme one tablespoon of fresh sage finely chopped one spring onion finely chopped 2 tablespoons of parsley chopped ok 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice depending on your taste two teaspoons of tamari ground add salt and pepper to taste blend in a blender now again if your blender isn't really powerful or doesn't have a good moe in it all right you want to take it slow with this and add a little bit of ingredients at a time my blender you could put anything into and it will go through it I mean it will just slice and dice its way through just about anything you know you can't kill it so if you have a really good one just load all of those things right in the blender blend it on high and add water as you're blending to reach the desired consistency some people will like this really thick okay and it gives you the it's like a ground-up turkey salad okay and you've got to try it because you won't even believe it it's just it's great I didn't believe it when I tasted it that it approximates of course it's not going to be exactly the same as real turkey salad okay I'd be lying to you if I told you it was but it approximates that and eating it fills you up nicely and it gives you that texture that maybe you're mentally or psychologically looking for you know when it comes to oh I've been eating a raw food diet and I want something that resembles something more substantial or solid okay this is a way to get that in that idea into your system into your mind while you're eating so that you have the the strength the willpower to stay on the diet more okay and I guarantee you do this raw diet you'll you'll knock out type-2 diabetes that's one of the ways to just knock it out through diet and this is something that you know your medical doctor will often not even tell you type 2 diabetes is beatable this way okay so I'm gonna post a lot of resources links with this podcast I'm gonna post some whole books on health and nutrition and juicing and raw food diets lots of resources are going to go up with this podcast so you'll have to excuse me if it doesn't go up like immediately after the show because I'm going to be preparing resources to post on the site and posting links and whatnot so now a little bit of heat right on that this podcast on the other side we're going to get into raw guacamole Dec raw almond your fault food smoothies all breeds me all bet on nut butters trailmen's dessert and more stay with us [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm during the break is not a photo on my webcam of me drinking one of my juice concoctions and I'll post that with the podcast people should get a kick out of that I'm gonna be giving the recipe of the juice on drinking right now in a little bit let's get back into the recipes for raw foods so then we can transition over to juicing for the second part of the show okay so we just finished with the raw vegan turkey salad raw guacamole dip here we go I don't know who doesn't like guacamole I think it's great it's a great compliment to a vegetable snack like some celery or some carrots you could dip them right in there and now this is great taste in guacamole dip three ripe avocados 1 large tomato 1/4 of a white onion 3/4 of a cup of fresh cilantro cut the leaves off okay you know you want to cut the stems off use use the cilantro leaves okay chop and finally mix together you could use a magic bullet to do the processing you don't you want to make sure you don't over process it with the bullet because it will liquefy it okay so you want to use the press and release technique that they demonstrate in the manual and in some of their videos okay and afterward you could add about a teaspoon and a half of lemon juice and some sea salt to taste and that will make an incredible raw guacamole dip now raw almond milk this is a great substitute for dairy milk I drink almond milk all the time it's high in antioxidants and it tastes great if I eat any cereal any organic cereals I use almond milk okay if I add a little bit of milk to oatmeal I'll use almond milk okay so you start with one of raw organic almonds now sometimes it can be difficult to find raw almonds they they are available you can find them depending on on what store you look Whole Foods in my area will often sell raw almonds okay so you just want to make sure they're not roasted almonds okay you want to get organic unroasted almonds okay soaked if necessary again we talked about when to soak add 4 to 5 cups of water in a blender okay one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract you could add 1/8 of a cup of raw agave nectar for a little bit of sweetness okay which will also combine well in something that is cold as opposed to having to go in something that's hot to dissolve like sugar okay and then blend it on high okay after that blends let it settle for a little bit take the lid of the blender off strain it through a mesh strainer a match mesh kitchen strainer okay into another container I strain into a glass milk bottle that raw milk comes in and that's it that's all that's your raw almond milk and it is delicious okay now you could do things with the raw almond milk one of them is you can make raw fruit smoothies just like you might make a smoothie with some regular dairy milk well you can make a raw smoothie with almond milk okay here's a recipe for a general recipe for raw fruit smoothies start with two bananas add some berries you could add strawberries blueberries blackberries raspberries whatever you like okay add some raw nuts so almonds pecans cashews peanuts etc okay as much as you want add some raw almond milk some ice blend it up in your blender use the ice crush mode to crush up that ice if you have a good blender with an ice crush mode and that is an awesome fruit smoothie that will give you high energy okay yes there's natural sugars in it but again these are sugars that are found in nature and the the waters that are distilled by nature in these high quality fruits nothing could be better for you so that's a great way to get you know nice treat it's pretty sweet tasting it's totally healthy for you and I don't know anybody that doesn't like a good fruit smoothie so that's that recipe now for a more nutritious smoothie you would want to make a raw green smoothie okay so once again you're going to start with some water and ice okay add a banana or two depending on your taste add a ton of spinach in in the blender add some kale put an apple chopped up okay up hair a pear chopped up right and you might need to blend this you know and then add a little bit of ingredients blended add some more okay use common sense when it comes to working with the blender of course you could add some berries in there blueberries strawberries blackberries raspberries goji berries okay are excellent for a smoothie like this okay then add some hemp seeds some superfoods hemp seed chia seeds flax seeds blend it all up together and just drink it down just like that put the remainder in the fridge okay that'll that'll keep for a couple of days you don't want to keep it too long after that okay but that's an incredible high nutrient density and high antioxidant and high alkalinity raw green smoothie I make these all the time you cannot go wrong with these okay now people will say well what do you do after you make the almond milk when you have if you're straining all of that out into another you know into another glass container and you have all of this almond meal as they call it left over this is the very finely blended the finely ground almonds chopped up real fine that you know most of the nutrient density went into the the almond milk and the antioxidants okay through the infusion of the almonds into them into the water during the blending process what do you do with that leftover bulk material that is called almond meal well you can actually make a raw almond bread from it okay this is a recipe for raw almond banana bread and it's absolutely delicious you could you can make sandwiches on this kind of bread you can make I made raw peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on this kind of bread and they're incredible okay so Forks start with four bananas a half a cup of flax seeds a half of cup of almond meal a half of cup of raw agave nectar a half a cup of almond milk you can cut back on the raw ghave nectar if you don't like it too sweet it also kind of acts as a binder for all the other ingredients okay a half a cup of raw almond milk two tablespoons of sesame seeds 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 of a teaspoon of nutmeg blend all of these together very well in a mixing bowl if you have a you know a bit baking mixer that that will work really well to blend this up in a mixing bowl ok pour it out into a pan or you could also even pour it into a bread pan you don't want to pour too high with that into one of those though but if you have a kind of a flat baking pan pour it out into that dehydrate it at 95 degrees in a dehydrator if you have one or you could do it in an oven if your oven can go down to a very low setting under a hundred degrees no more than 100 degrees because all that other than that you'll start to kill the enzymes in the living food you want to dehydrate it at about 95 degrees and you will have an incredible yacht to do that first [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening new on 4 o clock today on the show we're talking about raw foods and juicing we'll get right back into the raw food recipes because I have a few more of them and I want to get into the juicing section so here we go raw peanut butter okay now you can find raw peanuts again it can be difficult they can't be roasted okay so you want to look for raw unroasted peanuts okay you want to chop up a bunch of these in a blender okay and then pour that peanut powder I guess you could call it peanut meal whatever you want to call it pour it into a bowl so you could scoop it with a spoon okay and you're gonna take five tablespoons of raw peanuts very finely chopped peanuts I put I throw them in a blender and just chop them up until it's like you know as small as they get and it works really well again it does in my blender anyway okay I don't want to contribute to destroying anyone's blender so know your equipment before you start doing this okay make sure you have something they can handle something like that alright five tablespoons of raw peanuts into the small Magic Bullet container the small Magic Bullet Cup okay I make raw peanut butter in the Magic Bullet food processor okay if you don't have one of those I recommend one or something similar to it because they're only $40 I mean that's what I paid for mine you could probably find them cheaper than that it's a nice quality product I have made incredible peanut butter I mean peanut butter I make in that will knock your socks off I'm proud to say it okay I like peanut butter it's a great source of protein as is green leafy vegetables are great sources of protein as well so you're gonna get a lot of protein on this diet but peanut butter is a good source of protein on a raw diet too okay so I'm not saying go nuts with it you know but complement the diet with it okay you could do a peanut butter spoon even if you don't want to spread it on anything else I made raw peanut butter and jelly sandwich as I said with that raw almond banana bread and I'm gonna give a recipe for raw strawberry jam in a few moments so five tablespoons of raw peanuts very finely chopped into the Magic Bullet the small Magic Bullet Cup okay one teaspoon of peanut oil want a half a teaspoon of raw sugar okay raw organic cane sugar okay you can also use a little bit of agave nectar if you want to substitute that for raw sugar or you can not put sugar in at all okay it's up to you that part's up to you that's optional also the salt the salt is optional a core I use a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt a little bit okay process all that and the Magic Bullet with the flat blade attachment okay not the chopping blade the flat spinning blade okay and process that until it is of peanut butter consistency then scoop it out put it in a ball mason jar or something like that that's what I use to store it and just keep repeating that process of those amounts in the small magic bowl container until you have enough peanut butter that that you're happy with and I'm telling you I make this for myself I make it for family members and it is incredible is probably one of the best recipes that I personally have gotten into making on raw foods okay now if you're not on the raw food you use you use a regular roasted peanuts and now we're really talking incredible peanut butter okay so you could do it with the raw peanuts and it tastes great you could do it with the regular organic roasted peanuts and it's better than any conventional peanut butter that you'll buy in a store to do this to fill up a standard peanut butter sized jar will take you about an hour maybe a little bit more but it is well worth it and you'll have peanut butter for a couple of weeks okay so that's the raw peanut butter raw almond butter and pecan butter can be made the same way and you don't even need any additional ingredients just add about five or six tablespoons of raw finely chopped almonds into the magic bullet blend until it's a nut butter consistency put it out into a ball just keep doing that until you have the desired amount that's raw almond butter okay and you got to use raw almonds for that some people will blanch the almonds I don't even bother to do that I just leave them whole and right into the blender blend them up and then right out into the magic bullet okay same thing with pecans blend them up so that they're finely chopped processed them in the magic bolt with the flat blade and you have incredible pecan butter if you want to add a little bit of raw sugar to the pecan butter you could do that to taste and these nut butters come out absolutely incredible they're great snacks on their own or you know spread on some of the raw bread okay there's also some raw crackers that you could find in stores that are dehydrated crackers and you know the enzymes are still intact within the living foods so that's those are available at some health food stores are whole Whole Foods Markets etc all right so raw strawberry jam start with a pound of fresh organic strawberries three pitted dates for a little bit of thickness okay 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk okay that or or you could do soaked chia seeds in lieu of the psyllium husk that will act as a binder and add a little bit of thickness to the gym blend that in a blender until they're smooth and that's incredible raw strawberry jam okay to complement the nut butters that you just made all right now you can make a great raw trail mix just with whole organic raw nuts and berries add in a bowl together almonds cashews peanuts walnuts macadamia nuts pecans raisins dried cranberries dried blueberries dried cherries dried goji berries and if you want a little bit of flavor of chocolate of course processed chocolate isn't available on the raw food diet isn't allowable on the raw food diet but you could add some raw cacao nibs which is raw organic chocolate unprocessed and that gives a little bit of a hint of chocolate to the trail mix and this is an incredible trail mix people have come over my house and just like devoured this trail mix it's just a great-tasting combination and anybody can make that very easily and relatively inexpensively raw now here's a desert okay for a little bit of sweetness everybody has a little bit of a sweet tooth I don't know of anybody that doesn't like chocolate okay you can make raw cacao coconut desert treats okay so what this is is like a a it's basically a ball of chocolate and coconut okay to put it simply some people don't like coconut there's probably some things you could substitute like peanuts in lieu of the coconut or you could add peanuts and raisins to it to give it a little bit more of a solid consistency I've done that in the past and it's come out great okay so one and a half cups of shredded coconut raw coconut unprocessed okay you could also just get that from an actual coconut to drain the water out scoop the the flesh out let it dehydrate a little bit and you have great shredded coconut okay three three quarters of a cup of agave nectar three quarters of a cup of raw cacao powder that's raw chocolate okay and it comes in in powdered bag bags of powdered cacao it's excellent if you're not on the raw diet you can make a great raw hot chocolate with it with its non processed it's not cocoa which is processed this is raw chocolate okay so you're going to add 3/4 of cup of raw cacao powder a teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil raw coconut oil okay and then 1/4 of a cup of chia seeds as a binder and a thickener and that's optional if you don't want the chia seeds chia seeds are awesome they're a superfood you blend that together in a mixer a mixing bowl with a baker mixer a baking mixer and then freeze it okay put it in the freezer all right let it set up a little bit let it freeze a little bit take it out and then you could form it into small balls okay and put it right back in the freezer and you'll have a great go-to treat when you have a sweet tooth attack you know going to the freezer and get a raw chocolate coconut tree you could also add raisins were some nuts in there to taste so I have two other quick raw food recipes and then the last half an hour will be dedicating to juicing we might even pick this up in on the next show we'll see what happens after this break we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] alright folks two more quick raw food recipes actually I'm not even going to go through the entire recipe I'll post them on the site because these are pretty complex and have lots of steps to them and this is for people who want to go deeper into the very you know the variations of the types of food and the mixing that you could do and the kind of style an art form it can become I'm not so good at it I've actually made one of these recipes that I'm gonna give you I don't think it probably came out as good as the guy who designed this recipe you know can make it but and I'm gonna give his website as well I'm going to give a few people's website out in the next half hour so raw lasagna and raw pizza okay this is something that you know I grew up with I'm Italian I'm an Italian from South Philadelphia okay so you know I ate my share of lasagna and pizza in my life and on a raw food diet you might want to revisit those things it'll be a little bit in a little bit different form but you can make these things so that they come out tasting so good that it's it is comparable to a lasagna it is comparable to a slice of pizza it's not the same thing as obviously as a slice of pizza but it's has some of the nutrient a better nutrient quality than any pizza dough white flour pizza dough that you you'll ever eat and it's very satisfying and filling so both of these recipes are by a gentleman who calls himself the raw chef his name is Russell James you could check out his website at the raw chef the raw chef dot-com the raw chef com Russell James and I'm gonna post the recipes of the raw lasagna and the raw pizza topped with pesto and caramelized onion on the website I'll give the the links on the website and I'll actually post the recipes all of these recipes that I've given today will be posted with the podcast so when the podcast goes up again it's gonna take me a little bit to put it up this time maybe I'll have it up by tomorrow I'll try to do it by the end of the night I'm gonna have to amass this information I have it just listed as kind of like raw notes here that I'm reading from so I'll have to organize it a little bit better and then I'll post them all up as PDF documents okay so maybe all in one PDF document on different pages I'll have each recipe on a different page something like that so look for that with the podcast let's get into juicing but before we do that I'm gonna tell you who my main juicing information came from of course Jack LaLanne championed juicing I had a Jack LaLanne juicer for years and i-i've until very recently I just got a Breville as I said I got a Breville Juice and blend combo but a LaLanne is one of the guys I really listen to about juicing back in you know in in my youth I saw a lot of the commercials he did you know a lot of the videos he put together and his information is rock-solid when it comes to juicing his juicers are also great he has since passed but good juicers of the lane series of juice man juicers another person I like his information is Matt monarch some of the stuff that he has on his websites a little expensive for my tastes but he's got some good information on the raw food lifestyle okay somebody who probably helped my health more than any other individual is Kevin Trudeau and a lot of people will not like him because they'll say oh he's about money Kevin Trudeau knows what he's talking about his information has come from the areas of the occult he has worked in similar capacities with a cultist probably at higher levels than I have I know that Kevin Trudeau knows what he's talking about his information is coming from firsthand sources and his book natural cures everyone should read and understand the information that's in that book okay it's a close to a 600 pager so about 506 575 pages something like that read it power your way through it understand what's being said in that book you'll do yourself a favor okay that book helped change my life about the way I thought about food and so I'm indebted to Kevin Trudeau for putting that information out into the world he's got a great radio show too at Katie radio.com I highly recommend checking out his work if you're not familiar with it okay so I'm unapologetic about that I know some people don't like him they say oh he was into some you know shady things I think the government wants him done in because he's putting information about food out to people and helping them to get off the pharmaceutical dependency that they've been living under the pharmaceutical tyranny that they've been living under that's doing nothing but destroying human health not bettering it so that's what I have to say on Kevin Trudeau and Dan McDonald I cannot recommend highly enough if you want good information on juicing this guy is great he's high energy I love his his passion I love his energy his website is regenerate your life org regenerate your life dot or check out his work check out his videos on YouTube I'm gonna give you some of his recipes right now for juicing okay now all I'm gonna say about juicing is don't be timid get in there do it don't take little tiny amounts get the vegetables get the fruits shove them into the juicer that's all that's required ladies and gentlemen it's a it's a power straight ahead approach that you don't need to be dainty or timid about just get in there put the stuff through the juicer drink the juice that's it real simple okay don't be timid about it just get in there and do it as I've said before there's nothing to it but to do it that's the mantra that you just need to put in your mind get in there and do it okay so when I'm giving these recipes it's like take a bunch of these things shove them into the juicer let it process them get the juice what I do is I process them into the container that comes with the juicer if you don't have one you could use a nice glass pyrex a a mixing pouring container okay and then what I'll do is when that fills up I'll pour into like a large pot okay and then I'll blend all the juice that I'm gonna make up if I'm gonna make a large batch okay and I'll blend it up in that pot then I'll strain it okay I'll pour it back into the into the Pyrex container okay and the measuring cup and I will glass okay and then I will strain it through a a mesh strainer again into a glass containers like no you know very good washed out cleaned raw milk jars bottles or some raw some like quart milk bottles too I if you also have like juice containers like old like tang used to come in you know something like that like with a plastic lid on top that has a poorer mouth okay you could use one of those you could use lemonade pitchers cover it with some saran wrap that's what I'll store my juice it or you could store in mason jars are excellent for storing juice because you could actually fill them up to the top so you can get a little air you know again there's no air above it and then screw the mason lid on and it will keep any air out and that they'll store for a few days like that if you need to go beyond a few days with juice with unpasteurized juice you need to freeze it okay and freezing is something you could also do to enhance your juicing because you could actually make pops you can get little popsicle containers pour juice into their pour fruit juices into there and make fruit pops fresh organic raw juice pops and have a go-to snack that's made of all pure organic juice in your freezer whenever you you want to treat like that okay so that's something that we do here Barb has been a fan of that and I have lots of juice pops in my freezer right now okay so kids will love that too all right so Dan McDonald regenerate your life he has a great DVD video called green juice recipes for detox and regeneration I highly recommend it okay you could check it out on his site and here's the recipes he gave these are inexpensive recipes that you could start out with to experiment with green juicing I'm gonna give some fruit juice recipes not necessarily recipes just you know explain what you could do with fruit juicing and then I'm gonna top this section off of what I call mark's 21-gun mean green juice which I've been drinking throughout the show today and I'm going to show you a picture of what it looks like on the webcam I'll post that with as image number 11 after the show okay so let's start with Dan McDonald's juice recipes the first is carrots and celery okay that's it real simple carrots and celery this starts getting a use to the green mixed in with the carrot because carrot is kind of a sweet taste most people won't like carrot juice you add celery into it and that will give you a nice combination grapefruit parsley and ginger this would be a little bit of a tart one okay but the flavor combination is great and it's a total detox juice grapefruit parsley and ginger the parsley will make it a nice deep green okay the next wheatgrass which will you will need an auger juicer for is another kind of juicer cucumber and coconut we grasp you come [Music] welcome back everyone this is the last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening before I get back into the green juice recipes and then a couple of my own one of my own green juice recipes I want to also throw a shout out to another individual who really helped me change the way I think about food diet nutrition in general and that's Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra before he became a purveyor of spiritual information I believe was a gastroenterologist if I'm not mistaken involved in Western medicine until he realized the shortcomings of it and he really got deep into Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic health techniques and some of his books on nutrition that contained information on nutrition really helped me to turn my diet and my own nutritional practices around so Deepak Chopra is and other individual people should definitely consider the advice of when it comes to food okay so I also want to say thanks to Bob from Cincinnati because in regard to Ayurvedic medicine okay and alchemy he sent me a nice quote that I had I did not know this information so that was really a nice to learn something new regarding alchemy and the eastern Indian practice of Ayurveda okay he sent a quote and here it is quote East Indian medicine known as Ayurvedic means the science of life okay that's what it actually means it is Ayurveda is a life science the science of long life okay unique to Ayurveda is the process of bodily purification known as panchakarma okay panchakarma and the process of physical and mental rejuvenation known as rasa yama rasa Jana in Ayurvedic medicine is known as it is the process of physical and mental rejuvenation rasa Jana is a Sanskrit word with the literal meaning juice path the path of juice okay in in Sanskrit Ayana rasa is the word for juice and Ayana is the word for path so it is the juice path they call rasa jana the elixir of life okay and it is used to describe chemistry and alchemy alright so very interesting quote the process of physical and mental rejuvenation called rasa Jana in Ayurvedic medicine and it is literally translates to the juice path or the juice way and that is what this is ladies and gentlemen this is alchemy that is what you are performing when you transform your diet and Ratchet it up to a higher level of purity you are performing alchemy upon the self so with that in mind let's get back to the juice recipes and hopefully we'll have enough time to take a couple of callers all right the last recipe from Dan McDonald that I had spoke about was wheatgrass which requires an auger juicer ok we don't have time to get into that but it's a different form of juicer if you want to juice wheatgrass you'll need an auger juicer cucumber and coconut ok great combination another combination watercress and lemon this is purely for detox you'll have a sour and astringent taste in this one so this will be one of the more difficult as far as drink ability but incredible as far as detox is concerned okay more drinkable versions of these green juices celery cucumber spinach cilantro and Jerusalem artichoke a great combination I've used these recipes myself and they're incredible another combination celery cucumber bok choy cilantro lemon garlic tomato and jalapeno for a little bit of spice to it another great combination what he calls the lemon ginger blessed an apple lemon ginger celery parsley cilantro fennel and a habanero pepper to add a little bit of spice okay a little bit hotter than even a jalapeno a lot hotter actually okay and finally apple pear celery lettuce and lemon and I believe he used that as like a tonic or a relaxing recipe alright so there are eight great green juice recipes I'll be posting them with the podcast as well and I highly recommend checking out Dan McDonald's videos for single fruit juice recipes for single fruit juices Apple I just made a great batch of apple juice that's in my fridge right now orange I also have raw organic orange juice in my refrigerator pineapple juice coconut water just break apart a young coconut strain the water out of it drink it down okay grape watermelon okay you could make berry juices you can mix berry and watermelon a great combination I've come across where I make freeze pops with it watermelon strawberry blueberry raspberry blackberry juice those pour into a fruit pop container put it in the freezer it's a great snack okay now finally the last recipe I call this this is what I've been drinking on the show I'll post an image of me drinking it I call this my 21-gun mean green juice made with 21 components okay here it is celery and these are all the green components and I'll tell you what the non green vegetables included are and then the fruits and then there is a root okay so celery cucumber kale romaine hearts spinach bok choy green chard broccoli parsley cilantro watercress and fennel okay so that's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve components that are green and that's the life force energy that's the energy of Earth itself all right now the non green components to add more water content a little bit of sweetness and drinkability carrots which are high in beta-carotene and other essential nutrients tomato and parsnips okay high water all right carrot tomato parsnips then the fruits that I'll add in for a little bit of sweetness and drinkability apples pears grapes coconut water and a little bit of lemon juice just a little and then a little bit of ginger just a touch of ginger I'll mix this up into a pot pour it out into glass containers store it in the reformed mason jars store it in the refrigerator for a couple of days I'll have juice over a three day period any more than that you don't want to keep it in the fridge I would say okay you want to finish what you're making within that amount of time preferably the closer to making it that you drink it the better all right but you can store it in the refrigerator for a couple of days after that if you're not going to use it within that time frame freeze it freezing it will keep the nutrient density and you could thaw it in the refrigerator and then drink it down but don't keep unpasteurized juice in the fridge for any more than a couple of days okay and again just get in there don't be timid do it grab the by the vegetables grab them put them through the juicer drink the juice that's all there is to juicing anybody that tells you that there's anything else to juicing is lying to you or trying to over complicate things so that you get discouraged that's all there is the juicing ladies and gentlemen and it is the path of alchemy okay and it's a path to longer life and it's the path to health and it's the path to physical and mental rejuvenation and purification so with that having been said let's go to the phones hopefully we have a couple of callers yes we do on the line here we go caller from the five for one area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah mark this we've talked before I just want to give a caveat to what you've been saying so I challenge you to use common sense and the Trivium and that would be to search out radioactive update studies that would indicate if you'd use it should not be done more than a couple of times every couple of months and to not be done more than a say three days at a length because you're actually taking away from the body if you study the human situation you'll find that were made entirely of fats and proteins and the radioactive uptake studies will show you that you get almost no fats and proteins when you're doing a juicing chitin kinder or a raw food diet I do believe in the raw food but the raw foods as any hunter-gatherer society will tell you should be fats and proteins those are the sources of our integrity as a ideal human and if you're like upset about eating raw meat raw fish raw dairy products or whatever you can prepare them with acidity just like your stomach does to safeguard yourself that's how you are safeguarded and you could use as in with your nuts peanuts raw peanuts may have a mold you can use hydrogen peroxide food grades to actually protect yourself in that perspective but the bottom line is we're hunter-gatherers we need raw proteins and fats which you cannot get from any kind of carbohydrate agricultural product I think is Austin get some of those fats and proteins and in higher quantities also from some of the raw fruits on the earth particularly some of the vegetable and legume content so we could talk about that later on a further show we're out of time for today folks we'll see you next week on what on earth is happening stick around Chris Everard is up next