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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark passage Oh [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday February 26th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and we have a good show lined up for you here today we are going to be continuing talking about solutions as we will be for the next many coming weeks on this show focusing on what we can do about the problems that humanity faces we talked about the problems for months over a year in fact and now solution oriented approaches are what we are focusing on we just finished a series on food last week's show was a really good one I gave a lot of recipes out about raw food and juicing I want to point people to the podcast on the podcast section podcast number on 96 was last week's show and with it I posted a whole lot of documents on raw food and juicing I posted all of the recipes that we covered on raw food and juicing on the show last week as well as many other PDF documents on that topic so I posted something called fresh vegetable and fruit juices by Norman Walker he was one of the leading authorities on juicing I posted something called how to get started with raw foods I posted a book called how to halt diabetes in 25 days using nutrition alone type-2 diabetes that is I posted something called the juicing detox diet and another book called rawesome maximizing health energy and colony culinary delight with the raw foods diet so definitely avail yourself of that information and check out PDF documents posted with last week's podcast I do have one quick event announcement before we get into the topics for today which are is going to be present moment awareness and mindfulness so we have a great show coming up today on deeper aspects of consciousness that will help lead us to a solution but one quick event announcement first this Wednesday February 29 2012 at 7:15 p.m. here in Philadelphia at media Bureau studios at fourth and brown that 725 North fourth Street in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity will be hosting their monthly documentary screening and discussion night this month we are screening Michael - sorry yawns architects of control produced by henrik palm graham of red ice creations you won't want to miss that one if you're in the philadelphia area this wednesday february 29th architects of fallen media bureau studio 7:15 p.m. for more information visit truth freedom prosperity dot work we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark SEO my website what on earth is happening calm so we covered what you can do to improve your health and the quality of the physical body this is one of the steps of initiation activating the physical body one of the other steps of initiation that we've talked about in the past is living in the present moment truly understanding what it means to live in the present moment now two weeks ago I had on the show a guest from Canada from the radio show to two guys one girl that I have appeared on twice now Franko Huard and we discussed present moment awareness so I'm not going to reiterate everything that we talked about I'm going to touch on a little bit more and then combine this solution with another solution that deals a lot with brain balancing and quieting the mind which is mindfulness and becoming the observer so we're going to talk about how these two solutions that have to do with introspection and have to do with a deep understanding of consciousness and the qualities of self fit hand-in-hand okay and how they work together to bring about a different level a different quality of consciousness and awareness so that's coming up but let me give the callin number because I want to try to wrap this topic up and then take calls in the second hour okay so hopefully we'll have a lot of callers to take calls in the second hour and you could basically ask any questions up to any of the solutions that we have covered so far you know bring up anything you want about solutions oriented approaches okay specifically topics that we've already covered in the solutions section so the calling number is eight six six eight four one zero six five once again the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five Colin get in the queue be patient I will be taking calls as soon as I wrap up the information I want to cover for today in the second hour okay so let's get into this if you go up to the water on earth is happening website to the radio show page underneath the player as is the case with with most of my podcasts you will see images for today's show listed as numerical links and if you click on any of those numbers it will bring up a little slideshow and you could follow along with the images that I'm going to be discussing today that are associated with the concepts and ideas that I'll be talking about so the first image shows the graphic that I've chosen for this whole entire section of solutions called the way out and we're familiar with this people who have been following along I've seen that graphic so that's slide number one I just put it up there kind of as a header okay image number two shows the grassroots solutions that I have outlined for real and positive and lasting change okay so there's ten overarching solutions combined with a deep understanding of natural law they are the way out okay which is why we covered natural law as the first and foremost solution that needs to underlie it needs to be the foundation for which all of these practical solutions need to be built upon okay because without that understanding you could attempt to apply any of these things and it's only going to make if anything a very limited difference without a deep understanding of natural law principles so you can of course go back to any of the podcasts on in which we covered natural law and listen to those if you're not familiar with that material as always anyone was a first-time listener or who is new to the material that I present here on what on earth is happening my recommendation as always is to begin at the beginning go back to the start of the podcasts at podcast number one and then listen forward because this is information that is built upon prerequisite knowledge it is linearly given I guess you could say it is given in a linear context in a linear fashion the early information is kind of the ABCs it's the building blocks and then as we build later on that foundation you know we cover more and more complex subject matter and things that in order to really comprehend them you need to understand information that was covered at the very beginning so that's my recommendation for any new listeners to this material so we're going to talk about two solutions today development of true present moment awareness and combining that with the process of developing what is termed mindfulness okay or the observer quality of consciousness okay so as I talked about with Franco a couple of weeks back the present moment awareness in its most simple basic element simply means knowing that there really is no such thing as time time as such is an illusion is something created by a consciousness that is kind of in a state of duality okay there is no time as such there is only the present moment the past can never be reclaimed it is gone it has happened so I described it in kind of almost like a scientific way in a way that a quantum physicists might describe it okay in quantum mechanics there are wave functions that govern what actually takes place these are functions of possibility okay and our choices collapse that wavefunction onto what actual occurs in the present moment so the past they had all kinds of possibilities within it at some at some past moment okay but the the current moment which is where all of the possibilities collapse down to an event or a series of events that actually have taken place in other words right now right now in this moment there are practically infinite possibilities for what could be 100 years from now the possibilities of what could exist in 100 years of what we call linear time okay here on earth 100 of the Earth's revolutions around the Sun as we measure it okay there is practically an infinity of possibilities of what could occur but when we get to that so-called future moment okay it will be the present moment at that point in quote time there will only be one possibility and that's the events which are actually occurring in the present moment 100 years from now okay so I know that's a heady and abstract way of looking at this quality that we call time we have you have to understand it like that in the moment okay all possibilities from the past have collapsed and formed what actually is occurring so there is no point in worrying about the past there is no point in having regrets over what has already occurred it is what is has Tom that which is it has become truth in the present moment it cannot change the future can be changed but again that's not here yet either we can only work in the present moment to change what is to come we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone [Music] you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network today on the show we're talking about present moment awareness as one of the solutions to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness and as a result the problems that they face regarding human freedom so developing true present moment awareness and true mindfulness these are methods of freeing the mind freeing the mind from ego identification freeing the mind from time bound existence freeing the mind from the prison of the left brain as well barriers to self-realization that we've talked about in the past so now we're presenting some solutions ok understanding time is an illusion true present moment awareness the present moment is all that exists the past is gone it was once filled with limited possibilities I'm certain limited possibilities ok that through choices those wave function possibilities were then collapsed to the eventualities that actually occur right now in the present moment similarly you know this present moment is filled with all kinds of possibilities that we could work toward for a future moment what you could call a future present moment because we only ever exist in the present in the now ok so as we talked about with Franco Huard a few weeks a couple of weeks back we have to learn to live in the now to observe ourselves in the now that's and mindfulness is a huge part of that now in a similar way that the past really doesn't exist because it is gone it is that which has already occurred the future doesn't really exist either because it's not here yet we're moving toward it those wave functions of possibility are collapsing toward that moment becoming more and more limited as we approach a moment that is nearer in the future but essentially until it actually occurs we need to focus our attention on the now that's where the magic happens that's where you can actually make a difference that's where you could actually create change for the better it isn't always always about having your head in the future and thinking about what is to be it's actually thinking about what you need to do right now right here you know we mentioned the concept of the power of now put out by that book put out by Eckhart Tolle a great read people should be aware of that material and the phenomenal book be here now by Rama das who you know is a phenomenal teacher and anyone who was not familiar with his material should definitely become familiar with it also great documentary on Rama das called fierce grace because he had a stroke and was actually unable to continue teaching for a time and it showed how he didn't really deal with that situation as he thought he would as an advanced spiritual being because again no one is perfect we all fall from our understandings even if you know this stuff it's a matter of practicing it constantly trying to engage it over and over you think I constantly and perfectly live always in the now you're crazy because it I fall out of it as well myself no one is perfect when it comes to this it's a matter of practicing it and doing it and trying to make it habitual okay so regrets for the past are pointless their futile its wasted energy anxiety over the future is equally as futile it's wasted energy focus on what you can do here and now that's what true present moment awareness is all about and this is kind of visually demonstrated in slide number four on the images on the web this is a depiction from a gnostic painting of the crucifixion of christ okay but it's a symbolic spiritual allegory through this painting okay the awakened Christ consciousness who is depicted in the center okay is the present moment he is the gift of the creator in the form of quote the Son of God okay and that's where all enlightenment rests in the present moment in the now okay you see he is of course depicted crucified side-by-side with the two thieves in the biblical story of the crucifixion okay on the left the thief on the left-hand side of the image what would be Christ's right hand okay is the thief who has his head toward Jesus in this image this is depicted as the past okay he is looking toward the present moment because the past moves toward the present okay but he's gone so focusing on it is thieving or taking away from the present moment consciousness that's why these are both thieves the two thieves of the present moment that steal from our present moment awareness is the past and the future and the past looks forward to the present moment and the future looks away from or it goes away from the present moment okay which is why the thief on the right side of the image to Christ's left side is depicted looking away from him now in the story yes the thief to his right side kind of embraces his idea okay and that's another interpretation of the painting and the thief to the let his left hand side refuses to embrace the idea that you know they kind of were bad individuals and then were punished for their crimes but Jesus didn't do anything wrong and therefore didn't deserve his fate upon the cross you know the hole that holes biblical story I would call the exoteric understanding of what this allegory really means okay the esoteric understanding is an allegory related to the present moment to present moment awareness in which the thieves of the past and the future robbed from present moment awareness which is enlightened consciousness in the now okay so this is a phenomenal allegorical painting that we can use to understand this conceptual idea and understand how it is something that can help lead us to a much higher state of consciousness what has been traditionally called a cry stood state of awareness whether you believe in the exoteric aspects of Christianity or not we talked many times about how that's all veiled and told through an astro theological underpinning the astro theological story and that's all there really to hide the esoteric elements it's all there really to hide what the allegories of true esoteric Christianity are all really about they don't want people getting down into that material of consciousness because that's what it deals with and it offers a true way out it offers a way out of the control system it offers a way out of low base consciousness and a path to higher consciousness and that's why they want to obfuscate it and confuse it as much as possible with all kinds of exoteric stories and interpretations but if we cut through all of that and we understand what was really being taught we will come out at a much higher level of understanding of ourselves and that's what these traditions were originally meant to do that's what they were meant to provide for the initiate so we'll pick up on present moment awareness on the other [Music] [Applause] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we're talking about true present moment awareness how to step into that power of the present moment how to let go of regrets for the past and anxiety about the future and what the future may bring we looked at a esoteric allegorical interpretation of present moment awareness in the last segment and what I want to talk about in this segment is what present moment awareness most certainly is not and how some people with a limited understanding of this topic will try to twist and distort what present moment awareness actually is and sell people something that is definitely the opposite of what present moment awareness is all about and that is tunnel vision okay present moment awareness is not tunnel vision and as I've depicted here on slide number five if you're following along with the images it's not obsessing over the minutiae or the tiny miniscule details of the physical reality all around you okay or even the tiny obsessive minutiae of you know what may be happening in internal processes now I'm not saying don't try to know yourself as best you can I'm not saying don't know your situation as best you can because that is what present moment awareness is all about but when we lose sight of the forest for the trees that's when we're getting into trouble and we get into muddy waters okay we need to understand that present moment awareness isn't like trying to memorize every detail about what's going on in a room so that you can remember it you know five five weeks from now okay it isn't obsessing on every single detail your physical surroundings you know and try to remember what color shoelaces somebody happened to be wearing like you know three months ago that's not what it's a okay that's tunnel vision that's obsessiveness you know that's compulsion it's not being truly in the present as far as awareness is concerned now what it really means is pulling back and seeing the big picture being able to assemble patterns because you were paying attention you were giving the currency of creation forward paying it forward and receiving an important result in return for the attention that you paid okay and that is true understanding that is wisdom is what you will have received as a result of paying that attention and spending that time see spiritual currencies we're going to talk about currency connected with this concept of present moment awareness that's something Franco and I really didn't touch upon too much and I'm going to open that side of it up and you're gonna see how a lot of green language works its way into this concept because we want to talk about this is actually a prelude of a topic that's coming up on this show in the next couple of weeks the next many weeks probably and that's money and getting out of monetary attachment next week I'm going to have Kevin tells nur of the podcast caution tinfoil hat area a show that I have actually appeared on in the past we're going to talk about this fake monetary system and how to start to get out of it I'm also probably gonna be bringing on Mike Randazzo who is another activist in the Philadelphia area hopefully he'll be able to come on with Kevin next week some people many people will know Kevin as Kevin tinfoil through Facebook or through his a podcast and in the next couple of weeks I hope to be getting in touch with Michael Kelly who called in a few shows back and said that he was interested in coming on on this topic as well a detachment from the monetary system Michael was one of the speakers at the freer mine conference he gave a phenomenal presentation on neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis the differences between them what they can be used to do or not do and Michael is an old friend of mine and he is one of the people that really helped wake me up this gentleman was awake long before I was and put out information in a very open way and uh has very deep knowledge about a lot of the events going on in our world and was directly instrumental in helping me to come out of my trance state and my poisoned worldview so I hope to secure him as a guest it's nothing is confirmed I have to get in touch with him he did contact me I'm gonna contact him this week and try to secure him for you know coming on in the next couple of weeks hopefully so monetary detachment an important topic that's coming up on future editions of what on earth is happening starting next week but to go back to this concept of present moment awareness not being tunnel vision what it really is is instead of obsessively focusing on minutiae it's pulling back and seeing the big picture seeing the larger pattern at work such that we can increase our understanding of that pattern and then have knowledge direct first-hand knowledge on what we really can do about that situation that's what present moment awareness is okay it is understanding how systems work together now people would think oh one has nothing to do with the other they are directly connected if we are truly in the moment if we are truly in the now we're gonna be receptive to understanding wider patterns that are taking place and specifically we're gonna get in tune with understanding patterns of behavior which is what this is all about changing patterns of behavior okay so we need to pull back and see the big picture as I have depicted in image number six this is the global situation the thing that will make is all similar that unites us all hey we're all in the same situation together what ladies and gentlemen we're all on a huge spinning rock floating through space in case you haven't figured that out okay that in itself is so utterly amazing okay that it's so mind-blowing that that is our our actual present moment situation and this is the only planet we know and and call home and you know we're basically warring with each other here violating each other it's natural law rights constantly engaging in transgressions against natural law and other people's inherent natural law rights polluting and degrading the living planet upon which we rely for life and focusing on things like celebrity and football and all kinds of other trivialities and distractions as opposed to really truly being in engaging our consciousness in the present moment to understand what our present situation is globally and how we're all connected and we're all one and as one individual suffers or experienced it experiences injustice so do all individuals because there is no separation at a fundamental level of consciousness okay so that big picture that global picture is what we need to try to take in and as we do that we're going to be able to see the solutions more readily and we're going to be able to apply them more readily in our lives that's what the development of wisdom is all about so as our awareness pulls back even more and becomes greater and greater I would say you know I've put these next two images in here just to give people an idea you know we need to get to global awareness first and the understanding of what situation Humanity is truly in that's the first step but you know once it goes past even that we need to pull back and understand galactic awareness galactic consciousness the local neighborhood in other words of the other star systems are and you know as consciousness expands even beyond that point we'll be able to take in cosmic consciousness depicted in slide number eight and again these are just images of you know the constructs that are in our universe you know planets galaxies and you know planets stars that form galaxies and then galaxies and huge clusters as depicted here in the this is the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope that was pointed in between the stars of our galaxy so could look out past the Milky Way galaxy just to see what was out there and it depicted this is what it what this is the image the Hubble brought back which was called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field depicted him on slide number eight there's probably over 10,000 galaxies just in this little tiny tiny speck of the sky I mean this is like you know less than an arc second of sky or something like that it's amazing how small the area of sky that this was pointed at was and in between the visible stars of our galaxy and this is what's out there it's limitless just like the limitless possibilities that surround us that we need to choose from and we need to chew [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark past day my website is what on earth is happening calm they on the show we're talking about true present moment awareness we've covered basically what that is all about I talked about it fairly extensively with Franco Huard a couple of weeks ago it was a great interview if you haven't heard it check it out in the podcast archive on my site I want to talk about how this concept of linear time is connected with money in our psyches and it's a very nested embedded concept you've heard we've all heard the expression time is money and it is money but not in the sense that people traditionally use that phrase to mean you know they're using it in the sense that the more time I waste you know the the less physical currency in the form of these fake fractional reserve banking notes I could receive because I'm spending my time to basically get those fake Federal Reserve notes okay it's all an erroneous concept of time used to justify spending your time to accumulate an erroneous concept of money we need to understand how real time is connected with real money and I'm going to explain what I mean by that another concept that we need to get out of thinking of time as being is endless repetitive cycles that lead to nowhere as in the movement of an object around another object okay in a single plane this defining our year for example as the image I put here even look at the arms on a clock on analog clock they just keep going endlessly cyclically now on the same plane okay in reality the true movement of a wavefunction is like a spiral okay yes it's an up-and-down progression and a backwards and forwards progression but it's also - also a forward motion a true progression progress okay that's what the shape of the spiral represents we take that spiraling energy into a three dimensional form we get like a torus shape which is a very important shape that underlies a lot of what we call physical reality it's the basic function of the field in which we exist is the basic form of the field in which we exist at all levels the torus so if we look at this endlessly repeating cyclical physical notion of time it's going to do a couple of things it's going to portray the idea of helplessness of unchanged ability okay of pointlessness and this is what this linear concept of time is meant to do this cyclical notion of time actually is what it is that just one year follows and that's just like one week follows the next just like one day follows the next and it's endlessly repeating it ultimately leads nowhere different nowhere that changes this is a poisoned worldview when it comes to how we look at time and ultimately we need to internally change that it's a it's a concept of world view change this change in our notion of time and how we see it okay so the notion of time being fake money needs to get thrown out and the notion of time being an endless repeating cycle that ultimately leads nowhere needs to be thrown out because neither is true we need to see time as it really is it's an illusion created by our physical experience of reality ultimately there is only the now ultimately there is only one moment the present moment okay now let's take a look at how real time is connected with real money you know this whole we've talked endlessly about how the fake monetary system it calls itself the 1i Mon I ma know the prefix for one and ey tacked on to it Mon I and people will again dismiss this and say oh that's not really where the word money came from in English this is the reason that they set the word money up to be like this it is supposed to be the incarnation of the one I which is the rep we went over again practically ad infinitum what the symbolism of the one I meant and that's on past podcast you can go back and listen to that I won't be reiterating all of that but I'll just essentially say it represents the true divine essence the spark of the divine the spirit oneness unity consciousness etc the unified field of infinite energy if you want to call it God go right ahead many people are uncomfortable with that term I have no problem with it as I've said many times that's what the real one eye represents it's getting in touch with that infinite dynamic intelligence that underlies all of creation call it what you will okay so what we call money is currency okay and ultimately everything that exists is an infinite ocean of consciousness so it is all the sea this is why they use again this concept of maritime law to usurp people's individual natural law rights their inherent natural law rights because they know that we're all living in a huge sea of infinite energy of living dynamic intelligence the Unified Field it's a sea of consciousness it's an ocean okay and now this word sea as we follow this green language progression from money being related with time okay because time is a spiritual currency it's a form of money in the true sense of the word money we use time in a certain way we will have an activated one I we will have an activated consciousness spark of the divine living dynamic intelligence that dwells within all of us it will become active the one I will be opened okay so this concept of the sea the ocean of awareness of pure consciousness is what weird welling in okay that's why they use this concept of the law of water to usurp rights these sorcerers these dark occult ik magicians if you will the occult controllers whatever name you want to use for them they're psychopathic so-called elitist that consider themselves elite that are simply using mind control techniques to fool people into the belief in two religions Authority and money neither of which actually exists at least the fake money doesn't in the sense of a medium of exchange even for the people who think Oh money is only a medium exchange of energy that's fake - ladies and gentlemen we need to go past that in consciousness or we're never going to be free we don't need exchanges of things that represent something else if we want to have an exchange exchanged the real thing as soon as you get into a proxy of the real thing you're in trouble so do I think even you know all of this symbolism is really what the real thing is all about no it's a symbol that represents something a story can be told as a result and information can be conveyed as a result of the understanding of that symbol that's all could they actually do have effects upon our subconscious and psyche absolutely we are inherently affected like that that's a function of our basic nature forms and art types do affect our subconscious hey that doesn't mean that a symbol actually represents the real thing the real spark of the divine is different than the all-seeing eye it's just a symbol for that thing okay so understand the distinguishment understand that dichotomy they've just said to go back to money and how time is connected with it in present moment awareness we're all in this current sea of infinite energy in the present moment it's an ocean of awareness existing in the now that's what currency really is we'll be right back to continue with this green language wordplay stay with us ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone [Music] this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Mark Hasse oh my website is what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show we're talking about present moment awareness and mindfulness and we're going to be getting to your calls in a few moments I'm gonna wrap up this green language allegory hopefully in this segment and then we're gonna get to mindfulness in the next segment after that and then I'm gonna try to get to your calls we have a couple of callers on the line already I'll give the callin number again it's eight six six eight four one one zero six five call in get in the queue and we'll be taking calls coming up this hour so the true nature of time as a spiritual currency which we spend on what we pay attention upon we're spending our lives the energy of our lives in the form of time and attention and we get something in return for that that's the true exchange that takes place the true money am on I terry exchange okay and that's currency and we breaking down the word currency in green language it is the current see the flow of the water the flow of the ocean of consciousness current means flow and the CSEA the ocean of awareness current see that's what you're really saying phonetically when you say the word currency it's the same yes there's a tea in there in the word current but when you say it quickly together it's basically phonetically pronouncing that same series of sounds okay that's what green language is now current also means the present moment and see also means to see as in to look at to be aware of by looking at which is where attention comes into it so in the present moment what we pay attention to is what we get in a form of currency what we are currently aware of through looking through paying attention you see how this language works it's all right there in front of us these aren't coincidences and this is something I know the left brain among us have the most enormous problem with this thing because what you know what they're really railing against you don't know what they're really upset about they want to convince themselves because they're in such a state of imbalance in the mind in the psyche in the actual brain that the universe is not a magical place ultimately that there is no such thing as a higher form of consciousness that doesn't operate according to their limited perceptual awareness coming from their left brain prison hood that's what the people who the totally dismissed green language that's what why they think that way okay it all comes from a shortcoming within the self to not want to look at a possibility and I'm telling you this isn't just the possibility this is let the language of creation that's always speaking to us we just have to be open-minded enough and have our heart and our mind open enough to hear what is being told to us at all times and places and sadly many people are cut off from that flow from that current and as a result they do not see so what are some other financial terms connected with money we have the word account and our our currency goes into an account right but our current see what we're paying attention in the present moment right goes into our account balance okay our accounts what we're going to be held accountable for under natural law our responsibility as an individual based on what we paid attention to and the knowledge that we received as a result we're going to be held to account because ultimately what the universe is trying to do in this huge monetary system that is all of nature is to create a balance Mui say org has moved and expanding [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio today on the show we're talking about true present moment awareness and the development of mindfulness and I was going through a green language exercise helping people to understand that time and attention is the real spiritual currency that we use to really advance and gain and progress within ourselves that's what evolutionary progress is all about see we are activating in the present moment our attention so that's what current see is look at it now pay attention now be here now be aware now and as a result we're going to gain through balance true money one eye because that's how the one eye awakens that's how it comes online through the balance of the brain hemispheres through the balance of the energy of the heart through the balance of love the energy of consciousness which brings balance and this is a financial term a balance is how much you really have how much of the true one eye the true maaan I do you really have forget the fake stuff the paper stuff isn't worth the paper it's printed on I'm talking about the internal money the spark of the divine how much of that do we have within us well that's directly related with our income what we take into ourselves what comes in and that's all we've been talking about over the last few weeks what we put into ourselves through our worldview how we view ourselves and others through our attention the quality of our attention what do we pay attention to what kind of media do we take in what kind of information do we take in from where what kind of sources the food that we take in to our bodies the water that we take in that's all income all of that is income it goes into our account and ultimately creates balance so that we can have true money and that's what time and attention are spent to create it's all about money just not the kind of money most people think about sadly they think about the fake money all the time and give very little time and attention to the real currency the real money so hopefully you've enjoyed that little green language exercise and hopefully you understand it hopefully you know where I was going with that if you can perceive green language you're probably part of the way toward balance already if you can't or if you snicker about that or if you dismiss it completely you're probably in the prison of the left brain and likely to remain there unless you engage in the topic I'm going to talk about now which is mindfulness for those who are really super trapped in that left brain modality and are so obsessed with of this world is all there is worldview you know can't really grasp any higher spiritual understandings and are only concerned with the physical the financial the you know the political aspects of this world in this life well that's definitely signs those are definitely signs of left-brained prison hood okay and those who dismiss the occult in general dismiss that there are correspondences that these individuals are using there relate to this type of language in these types of symbols and it doesn't as I've said many times it doesn't matter whether any individual in particular believes in any of it things that you don't believe in can affect you believe it or not your belief is not required for something to affect you in your life you're not the arbiter of truth meaning you're not the arbiter of what has any effect in this reality that's not really up to you you can determine how you handle it you can determine how aware you are of it but you're not really did you're not really the determiner or the arbiter of what has effect here okay you're not the creator of natural law you're not the creator of the universe in case you haven't figured that out but many people think oh if I don't believe in something it doesn't affect me we've gone over this many times you know somebody acting on a belief system can affect you whether you believe in their beliefs or not so it's a matter of knowing how many individuals who have we do wield power and influence in this world because of what they've gotten people to believe and accept as true as real oftentimes which have absolutely nothing to do with reality or truth and therefore what they are the actions that they're putting forward based on what they believe you know of a fundamentalist in any given religion is acting on their beliefs so their belief systems since it's driving their behavior is creating an effect in the world because their behavior has an effect on other people in the world it's a very simple and logical thing to perceive why anybody would even put forward the notion that well I don't believe in that stuff so it doesn't affect me is is utter it's utter insanity it's nonsense for anybody to think like that in all honesty they're a very immature child in a psychological development because it's a very clear and logical thing to see that you don't your belief is not required for someone else's belief system to affect you in life as long as they're willing to act on their beliefs okay so with that having been said let's look at mindfulness because this is becoming the observer watching your actions stepping back from the role that is being played by you in the physical domain not identifying with the physical five-sense reality stepping back from that and being able to watch your actions being able to watch your reactions and believe me once again I'll caveat this with the statement I'm not always in this state 24 hours a day as a matter of fact before the show I was getting very upset with something that was going on a piece of technology not working right and I was falling out of that state entirely because again I'm not perfect and you know I have flaws but I try to work on it I try to catch myself as much as possible I try to look back in hindsight and then say I'm not gonna I'm gonna endeavor and strive not to fall out of that state of higher consciousness in the future and mindfulness the main practice the main way to become adept at being that observer of your actions is through the brain balancing technique of meditation and we'll talk a little bit about medicated techniques on the other side of the break and then we'll go to your calls you're listening to what on earth is Anthony is a symbol for silver on the periodic table of [Music] we're back everyone I'm going to try to wrap up the concept of mindfulness in this segment and get to your calls so let's jump right back into it mindfulness really can seem like a paradoxical term as well and I've - this mind ful Ness the state of being full with the mind okay that's what this really means it means becoming filled with the true mind capital M okay we could look at that as the sole the development of the qualities of the soul and this is done through again paradoxically it would seem emptying the mind but we're not emptying the higher case M mind the true mind we're emptying the lower case and mind the ego mind okay we're trying to purify the lower case M mind the small me we're trying to get that into a state of connectedness with the all mind that's the difference between these two forms of the word mind mind with a capital M mind with a lowercase M we can say the same word and it could represent an entirely different concept based on the context we're using it in just as we did with self and self the true self for lack of a better term versus the ego identified physical world identified lowercase s self okay as we showed on previous shows that the differences between those two concepts the same applies here with the higher mind the all mind which we want to become imbued with which we want to become full with our vessel to fill our physical vessel with that state of consciousness that quality of consciousness and we do that through quieting and ultimately a laying the chatter of the left brained ego mind the lowercase M mind okay this is like the turning down of the volume because that left brain is constantly chattering away at high volume but this all mind this higher case M awareness is always speaking but it doesn't raise its voice it always speaks in a calm clear tone it's a voice of holistic creative intelligence and it's speaking to us everywhere at all times and places it's the voice of balance it's the voice of true reason it's the voice of truth and the way to quiet the left brain chatter is through the brain balancing technique of meditation we're going to do an entire show on brain balancing techniques if you're too left brained as in this instance I'm talking about you would employ some meditation to bring about some balance the development of the true money balance connected with the heart okay connected with true care that's what this is all about conscience being awoken all right and again this voice of truth this voice of reason and this voice of balance never really speaks above a whisper it doesn't yell in your ear but it's always there that the our job is to turn our volume knob down as I depict here on the last image on the slide show so that we can connect with that voice of balance and that voice of truth and what form of meditation should we use to do this well there's infinite amounts infinite forms of meditation it's what works for you there is no right way of meditating there's no one way of meditating you could look into TM you could look into you know brain wave meditation yeah that is done through guided audio you could look at musical meditation you can get into meditation through dance you can get into meditation through rhythmic drumming you I can go on and on and on and name a million different ways it's what works for you there's walking meditations where you don't even need to be still to do it just look it up there's tons of techniques I might post some documents on different techniques of meditation with this podcast but ultimately at least do it for a small amount of time now again balance is called for you don't want to get into right brained imbalance by meditating obsessively as we've talked about in the past on this show yes you can do that you can create more right brain imbalance which is a different type of problem by meditating too much about a form of balance has to be struck and you'll know that you're in that state of balance when your your behaviors start to show improvement in the quality of your life your life will improve you won't have the kinds of same self-inflicted problems that you had in a state of left brain and balance or right brain imbalance whatever the case may be at a future show we're going to talk about right brain imbalance as well and how we can correct that with concentration techniques and we'll talk about techniques to balance the brain toward the left side if you're extremely right brained you know in a state of right brain imbalance and then we'll talk about contemplation on a future show which is a technique used to maintain balance once it is already there contemplation the lost modality of human thought so mindfulness ultimately is there to help us to turn down the chatter of the left brain so we can hear the voice of balance that voice of holistic creative intelligence that is always speaking to us and that's done through a meditative technique that works for you that's the key thing to keep in mind when you can when you can engage this and start to quiet that chatter within you you will start to go into what's generally referred to as pure consciousness and you will then become the observer of your experience the observer of your action and you will be able to step back from identification with the physical domain not to say it's not important to engage in action in the physical domain but you will in other words help yourself to be in the state of consciousness such that you are in the world but not of it and that's the goal of mindfulness or the observer in other words so I'm gonna leave that there and let's go to the phones okay because we have a lot of callers on the line and I want to take your calls in up till the end of the show so here we go caller from the 267 area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark it's Kevin can you be okay hey Kevin how are you great to hear from you here on the show next week we're going to get into methods of detachment from the monetary system and to promote sustainable living so Kevin welcome thank you yeah I'm very much looking forward to that show actually I it was nice that you came on my podcast and and left a really great set of information there and I'm looking for doing the same for you next week grow up what I specifically wanted to mention it is um about a decade ago or so when I was first like hanging out with my wife and we had first met she had introduced me to a couple friends of hers and this is that one of the friends had told me about a dream of hers that was very I don't know it was just something that really stuck close to my heart and it really meant something to me not only that she shared it with me but like the content of it and essentially the dream is that she said that she'd never really had very many dreams in her life that were like full on color and this was very much in like full lucid color and the people in the dream the normal people in the dream and so on and so forth they they became they all were people who were who used to be wealthy in a monetary form in that they did not like actual physical and she affirmed of money and then there was a whole group of other people who are learning something new where they were sharing this energy between each Chuck between themselves and that energy became the true wealth Wow and all the other ones really wound up becoming rest that is accel wealthy and the people who could gain whatever we're coming up he came to truly well heaven we're coming up to break hold it right there that's extremely interesting I want to pick that fought off on the other side stay with us looking for a talk radio [Music] I'll make my day [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting we have two more segments and I'm going to take your calls in those two segments until the end of the show the call-in number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five let's go back to Kevin and Philadelphia Kevin you were telling us a story about a dream and there was a form a different form of energy exchange taking place from people who had once been I guess you could say a well-to-do or quite wealthy but now they were learning how to engage in a different form of energy exchange and take a couple minutes to wrap that up and then we're gonna take some more callers actually the the really it was almost kind of sad for the currently wealthy people of like cash monetary wealthy because those people all essentially became the poor interesting in this future dream of hers and all the people that are currently poor learned this way of exchange energy and information with each other and passionate like literally like the way she described it like there was just as energy exchange it went in between the two people and it's very like like bright and colorful and so on and so forth but this is again the minds allegory right now when if someone are dreaming like they're they're pulling these ideas together of the things that they already know Kevin have Emerson and I've ever seen the movie The Celestine Prophecy or read the book a kind of a sounds similar to what was going on in that in that a book and movie as a matter of fact yes I have when I when I'd come across those those those books specifically I definitely felt a very kinship huge kinship to them because of well Andrew ISM is well dreamed that she had mentioned and it was just very synchronistic that that like these ideas are all coming together as well because I think other people are really starting to see that that that concept coming is that like money is an illusion so it's really even when like our currencies get devalued and so on and so forth and them and the economic forecast and so on I laugh and I it makes me happy because I'm like we we all know that monies are an illusion in the first place so like why why our wire our illusions becoming devalued and not just we're taking up our time spending our present our gift in the present moment to obsess on this thing that is an illusion that's the real crazy thing about it though at the expense of the true present moment you know we're engaged in this pursuit of an illusion and that's ultimately wet and that's the other quick thing I want to toss out sure that's the other quick thing I want to toss out is the calendar of consumption that's one of the things really actually opened my eyes up I saw the movie idiocracy saw the beverage ambulances and specifically I was working retail at the time at a place called Party City and essentially they continuously bring in resources from our products and stuff from China like like American flags napkins you know that's really patriotic of white you're right right if your seasonal allergies during a barbecue are under that as you can imagine but you know that people don't really think about this they just buy this stuff and it just goes into the garbage ambulance and they do it in this calendar consumption fashion New Year's Eve there's a whole product line that came out specifically to be sold as as party favors right and then each progressive new season comes along most of them religious and/or government nationalisms so on and so forth and between religion and government they pretty much control I guess about 90% of the quote unquote holy days and they're all based off of this calendar of consumption to keep people feeding the Economist wire go finance why get they don't need that's why they're called holy days or holidays because it's all dedicated toward their God money you know that's what they're trying to set up as our God and that's what they have people focusing all their time and attention on their spiritual money their spiritual currency giving away the real thing for the fake thing Kevin thanks so much for those great points and all I'll be talking to you next week on the show thanks so much man thanks for having me on see you next week you got it all right let's go to the next caller John from Canada you're live on what on earth is happening welcome what do you have for us can you hear me yes yes I can your own life okay thank you yeah I was I agree with you what you're saying about currency being worthless and money being an illusion I tried testing it out that the idea one night what I went to the grocery store got her till the car was brought is when I came to the cash here you know she gave me the total it was like eighty seven dollars and something and I said the currencies that I have in my pocket I could give you but I am sharing with you something which is much more real and that is my attention and my consciousness right and she said well you're gonna have to come up you know with 87 dollars and I know Reserve notes it's worth yep the money is an illusion worthless right because the manager in the sky isn't any because there were a few people in line you know behind and she's gone sir you get the paper to grow you're sure there are no systems though their belief systems will be so bound to it that that you know that situation could escalate to violence rather quickly in in our current world sure you know so no but the beauty of it what yeah but the beauty of it was they couldn't arrest me or anything because I hadn't walked out the store with the Roasterie sure sure yeah in in a note in no way am i attempting to suggest that everyone is there yet and in no way am I suggest that the people who do know about this illusion are not unfortunately bound by the mind control of the vast majority who do continue to buy into this illusion but maybe if we can get people up to that level of consciousness we can all you know just desist in this madness and we can create something that we you know are barely even scarcely able to imagine of what this planet could become like the possibility for a future incarnation of this planet most of us can barely even scarcely imagine what that might look like were we to do away with this complete nonsensical illusion that we call money and really start to do something that is more geared to our higher evolutionary progression so absolutely yes do you have a like I just you advocate like not doing business with having a checking account and that sort of thing well if you're gonna do put money in any bank it should be a small one or a credit union you know the big banks definitely don't don't fuel those but my whole detachment from the monetary system comes in the form of I I will not work where any any type of three way of middleman is employed in what I do I give my labor for you know the exchange of what I agree that the person is going to give me in return for that labor but that's a mutual exchange and I only work as a sovereign being I'm not a corporation I don't get I don't use any kind of identification numbers I don't have a Social Security number to give to anyone so I I you know what work are you able to do what kind of work are you able to do on that day period I do essentially to secure these fake reserve notes so that you know I can have you know the limited amount of money that I do to do the things I need to do on a daily basis I do some computer repair work and computer tutoring work and that's it and it's a one on one exchange with people who directly ask for those services and I provide them and that's it there's no middleman but you but you don't you you do accept money for the services or no in some instances yes and I could also maybe barter for them if the person has something that I'm interested in borrowing for so sometimes it's an exchange of something that's not quote monetary and sometimes it is but are you read I own home yeah and I mean do you make mortgage payments or you own it outright or unfortunately yes you know so it's it's you know in my situation is in snow in many ways as far as the financial situation is concerned in the world isn't different than most other people except I've taken a rather extreme approach that you know I'm not going to help fund murder you know I'm not going to give of what I happen to earn on a daily basis to fund murder and pillaging throughout the world I just won't do it and I because I know who those individuals are who are doing it because I worked with them in my past and I know that they're also pedophiles and child killers so nothing but they have to have that these they have the bank account you need to do social security you have to give them your social security number right no I I don't engage in any anything like that I work for cash only if somebody gives me mob but I mean but I mean to make your mortgage payments you're using a checking account right now I'm not using mine no so but I mean that's you know all I'm gonna give out a personal you know financial information but it's not done through my name so that that's how I handle that so we'll talk about ways of getting out of that system starting next week so let's go to the ratio of truth frequency radio if you missed our six [Music] welcome back everyone this is the last segment of this edition of what on earth is happening I'm gonna wrap up my response to John from Canada's question regarding how I personally detach from the monetary system then I'm going to take some other calls and the caller's who are on the line please of be as brief as possible get your comment or question out there so I can get a response out to it because we have limited time and there's many people hanging on the line still so I detached from the monetary system to the extent that is within my capability to do so by not participating in the taxation system and by working as a sovereign individual only that's how I do it I don't put my money in banks but when I do go to the grocery store yeah I have to bring those worthless Federal Reserve notes and pay for the groceries with those worthless meaningless FRNs also just like everybody else does because I'm bound by other people's belief systems just as much as anybody else as long as people continue to believe in that and that's one of the main ways that we can get the foods that we need to sustain ourselves unless we can ramp up production to get all of the food that we need by growing in our own land I happen to live in a city like most of the other population of this country and I don't live on farmland where I can grow all of my own organic food so when I go to the grocery store yeah I pay with the fake form of money as well and you know the real form of money is still seen as largely valueless to most people and most people would kill or die over the fake money it's just the way it happens to be right now in the present moment and we're working to change that in the present moment by bringing awareness let you know through information like this to the world and ultimately it has to change if it doesn't humanity's not really going to be here to be debating you know what methods we use to get out of this system because ultimately it's going to devour us all and I'll leave that there and let's go to the next caller caller from the 607 area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how's it going hey welcome to the show hey uh first-time caller I wanted to ask your opinion on the Higgs boson and whether or not we're living in a universe that's in a black hole yeah I think the idea of the Higgs boson being the god particle is kind of ridiculous the idea that there is no further possibility of division is as insane as there is an end boundary to the universe itself the universe is infinite in both directions it's infinite in the very large there is no edge or boundary to it and it's infinite in the very small you can keep dividing it to infinity and people have science has a hard time with that because it's pure left brain you know it's not it can't incorporate that idea of infinity that comes from the holistic intelligence of the the balance between the brain hemispheres so the Higgs boson is not the quote god particle there is no such thing as the god particle because there is no such thing ultimately as a particle it's all just vibrating energy in this sea of awareness that's called consciousness ultimately and that could be that's infinite in its boundaries it's infinite there is no boundary it's infinite in its expansiveness I should say and it's infinite in its ability to be divided into smaller and smaller parts so yeah they're trying to build larger and larger super colliders to find smaller and smaller particles it's madness absolutely I wanted to hear your opinion on UFOs maybe next week I know you wanted to that's the more I'm gone that after we complete our solution section and within the many weeks to come out there are accelerations and then I'm gonna get into some other esoteric topics that I've held my tongue on for a long time okay so we will get we will get into those topics but it will be many many weeks from now probably several months from now okay but we will get into them in future shows so thanks so much for the call let's go to the next caller caller from the 303 area code you're live on what on earth is happening well hey better Casio Kevin's in Colorado how are you hey welcome to the show I'm doing well good I just wanted to chime in and the present moment awareness and meditation and some one of the things live in June is uh Vikram's hot yoga have you heard of that I have not check it out it's hour and a half and a hundred and five to three rooms 50 degree humidity and one of the best deal cause I've ever done interesting I would guess the doctor that gets the body's Yura fide by sweating those toxins out through the skin absolutely and the people who do it they say I mean I they sleep on the class or six years old they look like they're thirty interesting that's pretty cool yeah so check that out see if there's a brick herb yoga where you live and go check out the class if you like it great and thanks for advice on juicing I recently bought a juicer and I've been juicing up and I can totally totally feel the difference of energy and that organic juice absolutely I'm making a nice big glass of it during the entire show today as I do many times so that's fantastic and it's great that you are you know took that advice and you're putting it into practice that's what it's all about yeah thank you for the warehouse of knowledge that you're a podcast is giving me am a guy who's gone through just about every episode from the beginning and what a life-changer very good very good stuff well I appreciate that very much so you have anything you have a good day and keep up the great work thanks so much my friend you take care well thank you bye bye alright here we go caller from the 4-1 to area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show [Music] what Pittsburgh high on my desk you are you talking about your straw man you're saying that you got rid of all your identity specifically I haven't spoken a about the the concept of the straw man this all fits in with maritime Admiralty law but I've made my position on the straw man pretty clear that there is no political or legal solution to eliminating that what we need to do is reject it absolutely on its face as a concept and refuse to be bound by it absolutely say I'm not participating in this nonsensical system of illusion and you know being bound by these things that completely usurp natural law it's not a matter of trying to beg their system to provide us the solutions or try to do something and jump through all these hoops in their legal system which is all about authority and control and it acts an illusion in and of itself to free ourselves it's a matter of absolute refusal to cooperate with their nonsense you know and say you're not you're not my owner you're not my master I you cannot ascribe to me certain characteristics and qualities is that I do not you know agree to under these legal fictions you know so I I don't it doesn't matter to me what they say I have that that's somebody's claim and that needs to be recognized by an individual who accepts the claim as being real or true and I I do neither I don't accept it as being real and I don't accept it as being true and nobody can bind me to those things if I don't believe in them myself the object is freeing the mind of even believing that any of those things are real because they're not it's all a fantasy it's all a fiction to get you to identify with it such that you're running around in circles trying to find some kind of solution when the solution is not to believe in it at all and to refuse to be bound by it the problem is here's the problem with this so few people have that level of mental freedom that they're still willing to go along with this system and they're not willing to get behind other people who are also refusing to be bound by this system and stand up physically if need be to these dominators and controllers there's just not enough numbers there to do that so we're basically still teaching this from an underground perspective and trying to free people from that identification of accepting these claims and accepting these legal fictions as being true or real so I hope that answers your question do you have anything else based on that Oh so when it comes to maritime law your feelings on that oh it's all a fantasy created by people who want to dominate and usurp our other people's inherent natural law rights it is made up it is made up it has nothing to do with reality there is only natural law that governs the experience that we create through the behaviors and choices that we make through our thoughts our emotions and our actions and I've done many shows on natural law I would highly recommend going back to help really get a deep understanding of how natural law works and functions to deliver the reality that we live in and experience and that's the only reality that's the only actual truth what I call the real law of attraction how the universe functions this maritime Admiralty system is all fantasy and illusion and again it is a claim via dominate that requires someone else's belief and the acceptance of that claim that's a great way to end the show here today we're going to be talking about the monetary system next week and how that's tied in with these systems of control but for now that's all the time we have on this edition of what on earth is happening we'll see here next Sunday 5 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time you've been listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting world's first and only Swift gold