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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday March 4th 2012 we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be we have a special guest coming on to discuss a very important topic we're going to be continuing our ongoing solutions oriented approaches to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness and as part of that solution we have to begin to understand the fact that money is an illusion created to enslave us all and that's something that many people really have a very difficult time with a very hard time even imagining a world without money but these are the topics that we're going to discuss today with our special guests Kevin tells nur Kevin is an activist and talk show host from right here in my hometown right in the Philadelphia area he does a great podcast called a caution tinfoil hat area yes a comic name for a podcast but he discusses some very serious subjects on that podcast I highly recommend checking it out his podcast is linked right now on the radio show page you could participate in the chat room as well on that radio show page for the show today so I have one quick really not an event announcement but I want to thank everyone who turned out for the last truth freedom prosperity documentary night at media bureau studios they braved a very rainy damp cold evening and came out and I'm very glad that they did because we showed one of the most empowering documentaries that we have to date and that was Michael - sorry owns Architects of control and boy was it a hard-hitting and powerful one and I think you know the right people were there to witness that the people who really wanted to see that and use their willpower to come out in a in a bad weather situation came and they were there and they were the people that needed to be there and see that so thank you for showing up everyone that did show up for that last documentary night the next one is going to be on Wednesday night March 28th the 28th of March and we haven't picked a movie for that as of yet but I will be making the determination as to what movie we will be showing coming up in the next couple of days so I'll be announcing it here on the radio show and you can look for that on the truth freedom prosperity website as well which is WWE truth freedom prosperity org for those who want to know more about those meetups you can go and check that out and you can get on the on the meet up list if you're in the Philadelphia area and come on out and join us we have a very enlightening documentaries and discussions are always that media Bureau on the last Wednesday of every month so coming up in the next segment we have Kevin tills nough and again we're going to be discussing the monetary system as a mechanism of enslavement and how to free our minds of that illusory methodology of enslavement cut that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening under host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show our special guest is kevin Pilsner an activist and talk show host from the philadelphia area kevin is the creator and host of caution tinfoil hat area on the talk-show network will be discussing solutions to the corrupt monetary system which currently has a stranglehold over our country and the world as a whole this will include the exploration of topics such as sustainability resource-based living and free energy technologies among others Kevin welcome to what on earth is happening thank you very much for having me on mark I really appreciate it absolutely thanks for being here with us today so Kevin the idea of money as an illusion we talked about this in the mind control section on the site what we want to start doing here today is helping people to understand that fundamental truth and help them to start dis identifying their minds with this concept of money and thinking that we need money to exist to survive as beings you know that that this is something that eternally must be here and must exist in order to us to function and have a society and have civilization at all so um you know let's start exploring that topic and getting into that a little bit and let's hear your your thoughts on that and how we can begin to free our minds from that illusion that's holding us back as a species I guess one of the first places I want to start off at is kind of where you were just taking it is that like someone else had mentioned that saying that humans cannot live without government is like saying animals cannot survive without farms and I feel that those are very easy juxtaposition to be created with the concept of money as well as the concept of government in that in that quote sadly we really are kind of lost in our mentalities in many ways like it's almost disturbing the amount of propaganda that's floated towards us even through things like say children's films like as long as Sleeping Beauty's are attracted to men with resources you know dreaming men will wage wars and to try and gain and maintain that attraction and we need to shift our consciousness clearly out of this mentality of we must like bi and be corporate slaves to our consumeristic greed realistically and and like I wish could be said nicer than that but but sadly too many people are are into that consumeristic mentality as even the third mall from the Sun is building and even more than just the fact that people cling on to a materialistic lifestyle it's more of a fact that they their minds have really been so degraded that they don't have the the capacity anymore in many cases to even imagine a situation without money one of the quotes that I've put out there you know myself is that the ultimate form of mind control is the of the extermination of the human imagination once the imagination is gone once you can't really visualize your way out of a situation it you're really enslaved by it you're really trapped in that box of limitation you know it's it's some it literally is a prison for the consciousness not to be able to imagine that a current condition can ever be changed and this is part of worldview this ties in with something I've been talking about as a huge solution to the problems that we face is changing one's worldview from this powerless worldview that you know things have always been this way and they can't be changed and that there is you know lack in the world and you know we need to be in competition for resources and this simply isn't true this is just simply a worldview it's something that if we simply choose to not believe in anymore again that apophatic pathway of this did you know disconnecting ourselves from it taking a second look at it deciding this isn't what is for the betterment of myself or anyone else and I'm just gonna walk away from it I'm gonna I'm gonna stop thinking this way I'm gonna put this set of ideas and beliefs which is what they are down and I'm going to refuse to engage in them anymore I'm gonna go over here and do something completely different but unfortunately that requires an activated imagination which unfortunately I should say most people don't have that activated imagination what do you think we can do to start really turning people on to the idea that things aren't set in stone we've made things this way because of what we believe and we can we can change that change those things those situations those circumstances anytime we want but we first have to change our minds what can we do to assist that process well that's exactly it you hit the nail right on the head it's psychopaths run our world and we let them by believing in money which they print out of thin air to fund our oppression and then they say it's for our own good and it's it's it's laughable it really is and and the fact that we don't recognize this early on in life and I think a lot of children actually do and they see through that illusion and we just pound it into them by teaching them this this nonsense I mean even the other day I was trying to teach my son about money and I said the first thing you do when it comes to money is you do not steal from other people when you want to fill your box full of money to try and purchase something you want to purchase because these are the rules again I got to teach them to them doesn't mean I like it and I'm the the other ways of getting out of this idea is that we need to kind of encourage people to go beyond the Revolution and start to evolve our new source of power needs to me not money in the hands of a few but information in the hands of the many the whole open source possibilities are really endless the idea of anything being considered a copyrighted and and and oh this is my idea you can't have it that that kind of John Galt mentality of this is my idea how dare you steal it from me even though it's a even though it helps the world I'd rather destroy the world in all of its processes instead of just offering solutions that anyone can use that's right if it's our perfect example such as taking our current resources of trash and turning them into housing that's sustainable exactly and we're gonna get more into earth earth ships later on in the show but to go back to this idea of open sourcing information this is something that I've been hammering on since day one helping people to understand that if we want to be free we have to put things out there freely that's why it's called freedom because and that's why we have so little of it because we're unwilling to do that we're unwilling to just simply free that which we create we want to hold on to it stay attached to it attachment is not freedom but it's the exact opposite having not no attachments to something is freedom okay we're not binding ourselves to anything we're releasing the power of the imagination we're not keeping it inside a box anymore so um you know one of the best ways I I think I've put that out there is if you look at the copyright on my podcast you go on like you know for example the podcast directory on like Apple or something like that where what on earth is happening is listed and it says what is the copyright for this podcast right next to that little copyright symbol it says this information belongs to everyone that's what we ultimately need to get to that level of consciousness that ideas are not mine alone there are things that belong to everyone in creation we will explore more of this on the other side of the spray you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening today on the show we're talking with activist Kevin Pilsner about the corrupt monetary system and how to free ourselves from it first in the mind and then free ourselves from it in the external reality in which we live Kevin we were talking before the break about the idea of attachment and how people think that things have to be a certain way and part of the first method of starting to free ourselves from this corrupt system of financial tyranny is freeing the mind from its identification with it so let's explore that out a little bit more and also you had a quick event announcement that you wanted to make regarding this topic and I want to give the call in number two so we'll get into that in just a moment let me give the call and number then I let you make your event and now announcement then we'll go from there the calling number for the show ladies and gentlemen we'll be taking calls an hour number two is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number for this show if you want to call in and ask any questions of Kevin tells me where myself is eight six six eight four one one zero six five calling getting the cue we'll be taking calls in our number two so Kevin you had an event announcement and there will continue to flesh out the the mental detachment from this system that we've been of oppression and enslavement that we've been living under well when I first started to notice things start to fall apart was actually just before like 2001 and like in around 2000 so I saw like a lot of the system starts to fall apart I noticed my own financial capabilities were not what I'd hope they would be after high school and in in going back to school I learned a lot about technology and that was really helpful and it helped me get a couple of new jobs but then I started to still think that like this is ridiculous I'm not doing what I really want to do and what I really want to do is just simply be free and I don't even know what I want to do yet so I'd like to just be free to just explore first so I start looking into different sustainable systems that could be created as cheap as possible when I stumbled on the earth ships and a guy named Michael Reynolds created a movie called garbage hoarder and it is very akin to the ungrate film that was played at the at density that I'm sorry Adam at TFP this the other day I know you had a movie night that showed unguessed so that's right I actually chose to show that one we showed that a couple months back so the point to all this is that Earthship Philly having a seminar there was originally $400 it's now I found basically a way to get through through them they've got 100 $200 tickets now that are available for the April 6th 7th and 8th seminar it's essentially on sustainable autonomy for everyone or safe as they call it and you can look that up online at Earthship comm slash Philly - purchased - seminar - discount - ticket that HTML will post the link there is a link when I'm looking forward to learning all the more from it Kevin will post this link with the podcast of the show on the water on earth is happening website I know it's a one-off event but you know I'll keep it up there as long as the event is going you know prior to the event but um yeah if anybody wants and learn more about earthships as well the movie on grip is great at seeing an Earthship actual actually in action that is being inhabited the gentleman in the movie who's the the main person of interest in the movie also not only brings out ideas about sustainable living in this film which is why I encourage it but he really gets into the concept of sovereignty that we really need to step up and basically let it be known that we're not someone else's subjects that were not their slaves that they don't own us you know and that's what ultimately all of this is is about it's about ownership and what people think you know who becomes so attached to the concept of money think that they could ultimately start doing with it with the quote power that it affords them over other people's minds and ultimately their behaviors and that's why so many of these people out there you know in different control based institutions are willing to do much of the you know complete horrors that they take part in on a daily basis the complete and flagrant violations of other people's inherent natural law rights because they're paid to do it they're given a paycheck and to them that represents a value that represents power and ability to do things in the world because of you know how our current financial system is set up and you know they'll do any and all immoral deeds as a result of being paid to do them and we're going to get into that as well so let's go back to the idea of an attachment to a certain way of thinking and how this keeps people in this idea that you know there has to be money first of all well the first thing I want to say on that is Daniel Pinchbeck had a perfect quote he did also the creator of the earth I think one of the founders at least of the Evolver group oh yes he said that capital is ultimately a social relation hence a belief system and a collective agreement that can be changed or revoked that's right and see this is when people start to worry because they're like oh no the foundations of my house of cards is being you know the tables being shook right and like compassion isn't weakness and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism is another quote and another one is when I give food to the poor they call me a saint when I ask why the poor have no food they call me a communist right look let's let's address this dichotomy right here first of all because this is very important the first thing I want people to understand is I am NOT a communist I am not a socialist as a matter of fact I believe in no systems of oppression government and authority at all I think authority is another religion that is actually it stems from this belief and money they play hand-in-hand that they play into each other hand in hand it is a Hegelian dialectic 'el worldview okay that is that is fostered and promulgated by the sorcerers of this world if you will okay to get people to think well if you're not a capitalist you must be a communist okay if you're not a believer in the free more free market economics with the kind of money that we have now then you must be some kind of a socialist and just because a is not true doesn't mean B must be true okay we have to understand that there is third fourth fifth sixth and an infinity of other ways of being in the world that doesn't include either of these two systems of oppression and enslavement because ultimately that's what they both are one is a financial system of tyranny and one is a state of sponsored system of tyranny and unfortunately we have both of them going on right now if you think you don't live in a fascist society you're absolutely out of your mind because the fascism is the merger of corporate power and state power and that is absolutely what is going on and if you don't think we live in a communist and socialist society you're also equally out of your mind because that is a system that continues to give power to the state take away all private property rights and inherent civil rights of the people and give them hand them over to the state which they deem as the efficient managers of all of those things so I'm not a supporter of either one of those systems there is again as I said many other ways of being in the world other than those two and if you think just because you don't support one that you must be a supporter of another that is extremely immature unit dimensional thinking and you have bought into a method of mind control called the Hegelian dialectic and again the dark usage of that dialectic I should say so Kevin let's uh let's talk about that a little bit thank you very much for actually bringing all that up because that's part of what comes up often when dealing with like international and so on who just want to like yell about the zeitgeist movement of The Venus Project being a cult of Marxist robots or coming to free the minds of our labor force or no and like that really would have comes down to is the fact that like people are waking up we're starting to understand that there's more light going on and do we have a few moments I've got a hold on a quick break that I'd really like break them so let's continue to explore that on the other side stay where this ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking today with Philadelphia area activist and talk-show host Kevin Pilsner about the corrupt monetary system that we live in and how to ultimately free ourselves from it Kevin you were going to get into an anecdote about you know how production has changed and how therefore more people are actually out of work and can't afford things uh than ever before that's exactly right we've gotten ourselves to such a high level of production that through mechanization that a lot of people are put out of work like you just stated and because of that they can't even afford discounted prices say at Costco so Costco gives a whole bunch of their food that's going to be like expired in the next day or so and they give it to Christian charities who then give it out to the poor so a lot of the ideas behind say The Venus Project which is really like taking all the sustainable systems that are in an Earthship and switching them into a citywide design and in so doing we would then have say large vertical farms where they create large amounts of food and just give it away for free there's a guy who works for NASA named douglas douglas mallette and he has put out a movie you can look it up on youtube very easily it's called our technical reality and it goes over all of the basics of how we today have a lot of the technologies that they suggested in Star Trek and we're kind of on this path of paradise-like path to paradise that's possible but we're also on this trail to oblivion that that's also like really nipping at our feet if we don't pay attention and that comes for all this advanced technology and all this advanced technology and methods of production all around us which I'm not talking out against I think we can live sustainably with technology it's just a matter of how we're going to use it but we have all these means of production and we're using it to pump out so much more than we can use in certain areas and then other people are living in other areas are starving you know and and literally they're making more than than can be used in the shelves in their own stores but then having to actually try to give that away before it spoils I mean this it's it's like madness if you really think about it instead of simply you allowing production to continue to go up like that and then just making it available you know why have to use this medium of exchange we were talking before the show Kevin on the very concept of the medium of exchange how this is a fallacy to begin with people always who are monetary apologists and supporter of supporters of this insanity called the monetary system think that it's just a store of value or a medium of exchange both of those concepts in and of themselves are dangerous both of those concepts ultimately lead to slavery you can't believe that something is something that it is not okay that this worthless piece of paper actually represents the real thing that I can supposedly get as a result of exchanging this with someone else that whole concept is the problem with the monetary system to begin with you know the the concept of creating a medium you think about what that means it means in the middle and money is the farthest thing from balance that we could ever possibly imagine it's not balanced they're trying to present they use that word that word of exchange or medium a medium of exchange as a deliberate obfuscation method as a deliberate mind-controlled technique to get you to identify mentally with this concept of a medium of exchange as a way of balancing one's life which it is absolutely not also a medium is an intermediary like a psychic medium an intermediary between you and the spirit world a priest acts as a medium between you and the God had a medium between you and the divine force of creation and these are also concepts that are obsolete and ultimately there as a mechanism of control just like money so Kevin you want to speak to that a little bit yeah please forgive a little cynical ribbing here but a lot of times this is when people start to say oh it's not the money's fault if guns killed people you know pencils would misspell words it's all people they're using and misusing the money and that well that's true in all its you have to understand that you know as people put this money thing up on such a pedestal you know anytime you put something on a pedestal you kind of deserve to get kicked in the teeth as Michael serenus put it and I really like live and die by that anymore and and that's part of the other issues that like we we don't really focus on and consider that it's who would we trust to make this new money if we have this sound money for America I love the idea don't get me wrong I would love a currency that was actually based in in in some sort of truth that actually worked I don't know maybe even a time bank or something but but like some sort of calculation of how you're putting towards society it would be a wonderful thing but we we need the basics to survive and and and people need to understand that money came from like people say that all this money came and helped create all this technology that gave us all this abundance where it's really kind of the other way around where technology came along and it created abundance and capitalism kind of rode the wave of it and yes it greased a lot of palms and a greased a lot of wheels to make things go but in the end money is much more like lawn darts it's an old and dangerous game then maybe it's time to manatee put it on the shelf of some of the other toys from our childhood that's right all we need really is human ingenuity human creativity creativity is the way out of all of this ultimately that's what that's what we really have to become focused upon you know that's where we need to put our tent in our intent and our intention on becoming creative individuals on developing the capacity of the imagination so that we can imagine our way out of this current condition and you know um we also were talking about before the show Kevin we I did a speech at one of the end the federales I think it was the last one that I gave and I talked about the power of the human imagination and I you know said that this is what ultimately these psychopaths want to keep down in us they they want to eradicate that because if we can't imagine a world any other way than what it is we can't get out of these conditions it worked it's that simple and when I ask the people if they could imagine a world without money at an end the Fed rally please take note ok it was almost as if you could hear crickets chirping in the background ok it was less I felt you could feel the empty bin to silence except for like me and one other person that was like yes yeah and therein lies the entire problem the entire problem is that this religion has a bigger stranglehold over the mind of humanity than any other thought at all than any other belief system this is the biggest one and where that's where it has to be attacked it has to be attacked at the level of the mind first before we can even really ultimately propose any solutions in the physical world we have to understand we're dealing with an illusion that doesn't exist in nature ladies and gentlemen that has to be changed in the mind first and foremost so you could address that and you know if you wanted to get into that that anecdote as well I know you wanted to talk about the anecdote oh well it's pretty much the whole thing on that one I mean the other attic notes that are possible or like we have all these different ideas that can take care of a lot of problems for us I mean we want to end poverty create a bunch of vertical farms it does Malena let I was mentioning works for NASA he's trying to create a little bar like that it's like a building you can just drop it somewhere and it just continuously generates food because of a hydroponic system that works with aquaponics it's basically using tilapia fish and it generates all the nutrients and basically creates a as an ecosystem right and generates the food and it just pumps it out and it's all mechanized and he's got to get some funding for it currently but it's not like these things aren't possible right people talk about the chemtrails in the sky and they're all choked up about it and I like to joke that is really a simple solution ground dog planes take that we won't fly concept as far as you can and we can make mag web technologies are out there pop science has had it out since the 90s they can make a tube like a vacuum tube but that sends your money to your bank and when you're sitting in a car it sends it it basically will send a train a monorail train from New York to London in a few hours and it's not like these things aren't possible it's just that the greedy won't let it happen it costs too much money to make something like that and then what you want to give it away for free and what people ride it for free and well yeah combine that with the attitude that these are elitist take toward any technology or energy system that could ultimately free us from this system of enslavement like free energy you know and that suppression just continues so we're going to talk about that on the other side we're going to talk about free energy technologies and what it means to really transition from a system of limitation and lack okay scarcity to a system of true abundance we'll talk about that on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc Paz here today and over the next few weeks we're going to be talking about freeing ourselves from financial tyranny methods on doing that practical methods on doing that but first and foremost getting out of the idea the belief system the religion of money itself so today on the show we're talking with activist Kevin tills Knar about how to begin this process now Kevin you have a sort of an outline of five things that you have observed about and questioned regarding this concept of the free market so I'm gonna let you start breaking those down and through that we'll get into the the understanding of the dichotomy between scarcity based thinking and abundance based thinking so I'll let you pick it up from there thank you I guess the first one I'll just lay right into it Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project specifically has stated in today's society you are only as free as your purchasing power and even in a true or enlightened capitalist free-market acknowledged we're not in one now and that's obvious we're much more like a fascist corporatism its but nonetheless it it still creates a wage slave because you have to work for money or you starve in that system too so the question comes down to why must humans pay to survive on this planet as the saying goes were the only species who does right yeah I know other species uses money you know we it seems we are degraded from the other species on the planet in this regard with all the capabilities we have that allegedly makes us a higher category of being than them we're using this illusory concept of something that doesn't exist in nature and chaining ourselves with it actually enslaving ourselves through a capacity of the mind it's it's absolutely amazing so I definitely I totally agree with that the second one was kind of like this I don't know maybe two of them I'm gonna have to say are kind of a little iffy because they look at government as well and this one is specifically the free market directly led to crony capitalism and government based monopolies through this monetary system well so what happens baby that could happen through this and gives you the fingers George Carlin ad right Kevin let me stop you for a second that could happen through the very concept of differential status in and of itself like saying this person has more of value and has more ability to do things in society just based on how many of these monetary units he happened to acquire not because he's an actual better human being or because he's capable of actually producing something that is truly worthwhile toward the many you know he could have gotten rich on uh selling plush dolls dolls that really don't serve any actual utilitarian purpose other than some you know aesthetics for you know people who appreciate such things but the whole point is you know what did did the maker of let's say Cabbage Patch dolls get incredibly rich while our Cabbage Patch dolls solving the problems of humanity okay yeah babies might like to play with them but you know is that actually doing anything ultimately for improving the quality of life for the people on the earth you know but that person could get incredibly rich in a system even in an open true open free market system okay but did that person actually contribute to the betterment of his species I would argue no so that this is the point you're trying to make here but that's definitely a huge part of it even and we mentioned number three earlier where even in the free market someone has to create money and capital so who could we trust to create it I mean are we considering the idea of making like a million more Ben Bernanke's here right I the fourth one is a we live on just one finite planet and I know you want to get into this here with it with scarcity and such and that's really what it come down to is that like before I even get into number four here I want to throw out a minor anecdote about Australia where realistically we could actually move everyone one the planet to Australia and basically build a sustainable environment on that same we should I'm just saying that we could and since that's the second smallest continent it pretty much proves that we don't have an issue with overpopulation and that's pretty much a myth well we're here like I'm glad you brought that up allergies I'm glad you brought that up I saw I'm very glad you brought that up because I wholeheartedly agree pop overpopulation is not the problem the way that we're interacting with this planet is the problem not the population of the people that that is as you said that's that's a myth and that's something to promote a eugenics actually exactly like we live on just one finite planet with many finite resources the true free market is based on infinite than a tires and infinite growth how can this be sustained it can't I mean the idea of that there will always be more resources to exploit turn into things and then sell is folly you know so I totally agree with that abundance based living doesn't mean you could perpetually take things from the earth and convert them into things and you know never have consequences to deal with as a result of doing that before we continue to talk about that now I want to go back a little bit to number three and talk about this idea of who would we trust to create this you know type of money that we're using right now even in this so-called honest monetary economy you know the sound money principle that is often discussed oh we need to return the monetary creation power to the Congress where it rightfully belongs quote unquote you know return it to the people who are on the take from the international bankers now and there are going to be extremely moral people and do the right things with that kind of power and capability so I you know I totally see where you're going with that that you know the whole point of whoever is the quote maker of money okay this fake form of money is ultimately going in a going to be in a position of exploitation over other human beings the system is a system of exploitation of other human beings period that's what the Cole monetary system is always has been and always will be that is what it is that is its nature that is the nature of an illusory exploitative system called money the real money is what we have to become makers of and that is the the balance of the mind the opening of the heart and the connection to higher consciousness that is what real money maaan I won I as we talked about with green language you know called a symbol language is all about that's where we need to take that power into ourselves not give it over to anybody to create this fake form of it so I just wanted to say that about observation number three before we get back in the talking about you know abundance versus the scarcity based mentality which we have now yeah thank you for bringing that up I'm sorry I skipped past it so quickly but that's exactly what it comes down to we have the technological capabilities to literally create a paradise and if we read people want to yell at me oh no I'm a utopian now a utopian yeah oh no no sorry again that's creating this dialectic and like there's they're all social planners and and what do you call them central planners they're all evil this had the other thing well you know okay fine if you want to say that and then fine it's not like you couldn't Kurt we can't create these things to that people can then be taught easily how to maintain them and doing in a decentralized way that doesn't involve authoritarianism precisely and in the end maybe it would come down to some trade and harder like hey I produced like an extra bushel of oranges this week dude does anyone in our neighborhood have extra strawberries we could have we'd like to have them for something and that sort of trader I don't have a problem with barter at all I think it could be an effective stopgap an interim solution toward going to a truly free open economy like a gift society you know that that's ultimately what we're really talking about moving toward understanding we're all one family and that we all basically have the same needs and the same requirements to live on this planet in a body you know so ultimately that would pretty market right how about a true free market where we just give away food for great yeah that's why it's called a free market that would be the definition of a free market I'm going market why would I need money if I'm going to a free market that's part of the problem with the free market it really the free in free market is doesn't can't that's right if you were clearly free you wouldn't need to be told that you were free exactly we be so uh what's flush out point number four a little bit more that uh you know while we live on a finite planet we could still embrace this concept of true abundance for all and there's the break music for this next break we're gonna be coming up to the top of the second hour I'm gonna give it a call in number again let's have some people start calling in and we'll take some calls throughout the second hour for Kevin tells mer talking about the system of monetary enslavement that we're living under and how to get out of it we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth this how you guys it's crystal [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio today on the show we're talking with activist Kevin tells nur about the monetary system the depth of corruption of the system that we live under right now and how to ultimately free ourselves from that system first through this identification with it at a mental level and then through some of the practical methodologies that we can employ and creative means that we can employ to promote sustainable living in a system without money Kevin welcome back to the show and let's continue with your observations on the quote free-market system we were on part number four where we were discussing the dichotomy between scarcity based thinking and true abundance yeah well as always suggesting with the whole like an Australian context not to actually move everyone there but what clearly we had enough space to then let what natural resources we already have go back to nature and maybe even the happy hunting grounds of old will come back that the Indians used to the Native Americans used to speak of and I I would love to see something like that where we're like I am I understand your feelings on on being a vegetarian and so on but I I also kind of understand the thrill of the hunt I guess it comes almost from like my father teaching me how to fish and so on and as a child and I still eat fish and so on myself but idea that we have these resources available we could very easily make a world of Plenty back during the like beginning of the last century oil was coming into this big paradigm shift and we got away from using different plant-based oils that we could have gotten into such as Ford apparently made a car completely on hemp out of hemp oil plastics and then it ran on like a hype style ethanol so the sort of sorts of things are are possible and we're holding these ideas back for greed are we really going to let a bunch of like greedy people just ruin our planet I guess it's so there's something funny some people can maintain their power and their profit at the expense of other people at the expense of actually the evolutionary progress of an entire species which is what the holding back the deliberate suppression and the violent suppression of free energy technologies is actually doing I mean just look at what they did to Nikola Tesla at the turn of the 20th century you know basically broke all of his dreams for a future that would have had unlimited and free abundant energy through wireless electrical systems that he championed and pioneered and actually proved that would be able to work and be sustainable that we could actually as he said hook up our machinery to the very wheel work of nature you know technology is something that could very well serve humanity if we use it in the right ways and with the right mental intentions the right consciousness employed to the technology and we could then create something that is extremely powerful and sustainable and serves the needs of all and that's what Tesla won they're doing as a result they pulled this funding and basically shut him down and you know turned him into you know a broken individual as a result of not being able to give what he wanted to freely give to humanity out and get it out there and just like today there are even further biological answers that we can use to help fix things the guy out there named Paul Stennis and he has a video that you can look up called six waves mushrooms can save the world and not a single one of them even has to do with a food production which is the funny part of that right they all have to do with clean up our environment one of them has to do with it's literally like heat up oil it's better like land-based retouch and another one is we didn't even the radiation out of Chernobyl amazed that as we feed Kevin hold it right there we're coming up to another break we could also talk about the uses of hemp and how that's suppressed as well on the other side you're listening to what on earth was happening we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to walk on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com today we're talking with local activist Kevin tells me about the monetary system and what we can do to free ourselves from identification with it and ultimately change reality as a result of sustainable methods of living in our world so Kevin you are fleshing out a little bit more of your observation number four regarding abundance true abundant living versus the scarcity a system which is ultimately fear-based that we have now before you get back into that I want to give the call-in number one more time eight six six eight four one one zero six five to call in and join us we have a couple of callers on the line so I'll let you finish fleshing out that point we're also talking about the suppression of technologies that could lead to true abundance and then we'll take a couple of calls in this segment hopefully that was one of my favorite things is that out there is these things called rep wraps or maker box came across them and they just made me happy because you can actually download programs off the internet and have them print out various items like summer tools whatever you can create with a 3d printer now some people don't even know what 3d printing is just to give you an idea it's basically like a type of engineering where they it's additive engineering they call where they basically add a layer and then add another layer and add another layer and eventually of a three-dimensional object you can create all sorts of really amazing designs with it because it's you can create whatever you can whatever your imagination can come up with I want to and design it into a computer and then it all will just print it out so imagine like Toys R Us and 20 years is actually not it could theoretically not even be capitalistic it's just like hey I'm going to a toy site this is where it's listed you don't need to go to a store anymore you just print it out and in your garage or whatever this you have your own little personal it works with like a basic polymer MIDI a lot cheaper it works with a basic polymer material type thing yeah you basically it's it's made out of it you use a plastic and eventually you could use if the laws were and restrictions were removed from hemp you could very easily make a hemp plastic out of it that might even be stronger than the stuff that people are I'm sure would be filled yeah a lot of people don't know hemp can be used for building and it it creates such an enormous lis stronger building material than most of the substances we're using now you know and it's it's just ludicrous that this industrial form of hemp is uh you know has been made illegal when it was one of the foundations of this country the growing of hemp you can also scale out the the console crafting stuff as well like you can scale that so that you're not just like making little tiny stuff like like hooks and and like wrenches and stuff like that you can make buildings right now cement right and and these things can just like work tirelessly overnight and print out building after building after building conserving not only on home construction resources but also saving the lives of construction workers and oh no these people are all going to be put out of work well you know if we design a system that's sustainable and globally abundant where people have access easy unfettered access to say instead of a Wawa you would go down to your local vertical farm and just pick up what you need absolutely and you know that's the thing that we need we need to grow the food where we're going to eat it instead of growing it off-site and then using more energy resources to truck it into the areas where we actually live growing food where you live is one of the keys to abundance based living so phenomenal points keV what do you say we go to the phone and take a call in this segment yeah I'm all about it angry okay here we go caller from the Philadelphia area you're live on what owner is happening with our special guests Kevin tells nor welcome hi mark it's Mike Mike Kelly just the man I wanted to talk to hey Mike listen while I have you on the line before we even continue do you want to come on next week to do a show with me I'd love to fantastic then Michael Kelly is the guest next week it's that simple ladies and gentlemen we'll be continuing to talk about this topic with Michael Kelly next week so Michael what do you have for us today well mark and Kevin you know this is an interesting show but I have to disagree with some of the things I've heard and I think what you guys are not you have not come up to is the point of human nature you know the psychology people have we're not much different than other animals you said no other animal uses money and that's true but that it's money is one of the greatest inventions and if you want to know what human nature why the problems occur with money it's mostly because of government is a problem and not a people you know if if you look at other animals like I watched some squirrels in my backyard and one squirrel was going into the nest where they the nuts were from another squirrel there was a bloody war between the two over those nuts people are the same way and you have something you want to keep it you want to maintain what you have that you've worked for you know if I had a farm Kevin was just talking about getting hemp you just walk down to your farm and to the local farm and grab it well wait a minute if I put in the labor to grow that why what gives anybody else a right to come in and take the fruits of my labor I don't can't we're not saying we're not saying take it against that other person's will we're saying the people who would grow it would willingly put it out there for free if everyone did something like that if everyone was at that level of consciousness see Mike I'm not disagreeing with you that that is our current condition what I disagree with is that that's our nature it's the current condition of our mind which you could you can make the argument that is what our nature has become the like I don't believe it's the default condition of our nature nor do I think it has to be that way I think once consciousness changes enough we can willfully choose not to be like that anymore in the world so I am NOT bound to those restrictions in other words that is not my nature at the level of consciousness I exist that if there was a pool of resources in other words in a local situation in a local environment and you know even if there wasn't enough to completely go around I would not have to choose I would not be constrained to choosing the behavior of fighting and killing over those limited limited that limited a situation of resources I can employ my consciousness to not engage in behavior like that I agree with you though that not everyone is at that level of consciousness that other people's nature has been I guess you could say degraded down to a point through the conditions that they're living in and through the mechanisms of mind control that they've been living under - that their natures have become like that but I don't believe that that is their default condition so like it's like that the word nature itself doesn't even describe it very well it's the condition that they currently exist under the their state of being I think would be a better term to describe that's exactly it BF Skinner did all sorts of studies on conditioning and on turn it on basically pigeons and how you can make them turn around by just the place the word turn and it's all based on conditioning they put them in a scarcity environment giving them all less food so that they would automatically jump to perform immediately imagine kevin cleanse it right there we could talk iron and haven't hold it right there we'll talk more about behaviorism and Skinner's up methods on the other side Mike you're gonna come on next week to talk about some solutions to this right I sure I would love to mark right hand you got my number right G is a symbol for silver on the periodic table of elements [Music] welcome back one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting today on the show we're talking about sustainability we're talking about abundance based thinking solutions to the monetary enslavement that we are living under in this corrupt financial system our special guest today is Kevin tells nur and Kevin I want to get I want to thank Mike Kelly for the call and you know well we can disagree about certain things and that's fine and Mike's gonna come on next week and he's going to give some of what he sees as practical solutions to getting out of this form of financial tyranny so another individual I would really like to bring on the show I'm think I'm gonna try to get a hold of them over the next week or so is James Yaeger James was on the show before talking about the Federal Reserve System and the the system of financial enslavement on on the the show that we did about the problems related to this current system and I'm gonna ask him back to propose some of his solutions because he wrote a phenomenal article up on his website at Jagger research Yeager Research Institute dot-org called non-monetary civilization and I may even quote something from it later on in the show because I thought it was so powerful and I'd like to get his take on this as well one of the points Mike did bring up that I think is absolutely on point is how government plays hand-in-hand with this financial system to create enormous violence in the world and that's what the whole monetary system actually contributes to more than anything else so Kevin this was actually your observation number five so I'm gonna turn the floor back over to you and let you get into this one thank you very much yeah he's right that our nature is exactly like that I mean if we're in a scarcity environment we're gonna add just like those squirrels there's only so many nuts to go around so we're gonna hoard them and we're gonna fight over them and it's just like money that's the reason why people stab each other in the street first sneakers and four gold chains which is hysterical as far as I'm concerned that we kill each other for chains but that's beside the point it goes down along though with that violence and that we think that we can buy this sort of violence as well and buy this authority through money I mean all state violence is is bought through money and it would it's purely based for these like people who are psychopathic enough to commit the violence for nothing is just not something that's really going to happen on a regular basis I think most people have to be driven to it or like that that carrot is put in front of them for for it and money is often a very large carrot because it buy a lot more carrots and yeah you take money out of the equation and who would commit violence you think about how many people are doing the jobs that they're doing that ultimately their own internal natures don't really want them doing and they know it's extremely harmful to the soul what they're doing I actually did a special podcast I haven't actually posted this on the site yet I have to get the link from Popeye of federal jack calm but I did a special podcast with Popeye last week on the very topic of violence in the police forces and how it's on you know actually escalating now more than ever and why these individuals do the things that they're do that that they do I'm actually going to do a series of shows on this when we get to the solution called the non-supportive dominators and I'm going to do probably an entire show maybe maybe multiple shows just on the psychological factors that contribute to the types of behaviors that the beings will do for money an entire show on just that topic alone may maybe multiple shows on that topic alone so um we have to understand that money you know as this illusory force as this power that people have made real by their belief in it it what may not exist in nature but because they have believed in it's so strongly they have made it real to themselves ok and they believe in it so much that they're willing to actually harm take actions that do harm to other living beings just to stay employed so that they can keep receiving that money and so much of that is people's motivations just a paycheck without that paycheck how many people would still do that there would be a few true Psychopaths that just want to hurt people but I guarantee you without that paycheck coming in most of those people would walk away from that system they wouldn't even flock to it and to begin with they would just not do it at all they would say well if I can't receive money to do that those actions I'm not going to do them there would be a number that would continue to do it anyway they would they just get off on the sheer violence of it because they like to hurt people that is their nature because they're actual Psychopaths but that's some definitely a limited number compared to the people who stay in that system because they feel like they're trapped and they need to do something to make money and this is in their minds and their limited perceptions all they're qualified to do so definitely money plays a huge role in that and like as you said it buys all state violence essentially a level of violence that goes on in the state could not be accomplished unless the state had the money to give these people to continue to do those actions and the Federal Reserve prints it out of thin air and funds at all so therefore it's an unlimited then they tax you on it and and subject you to further state violence if you don't pay the taxes on basically the interest on on the said debt of creating the money for you in the first place and since they have an unlimited supply since they are the creators of that fiat money and they control the issuance of it they control how much of it is in circulation and when and it is printed they can just continue to buy however much violence they feel that they need as you know to accomplish their their goals their objectives as long as there are people out there who are willing to do certain behaviors for monetary compensation see the whole idea is we have to get to a point in consciousness where we can't be bought I cannot be bought ladies and gentlemen if I if I know that something is wrong I don't care how much money somebody's going to offer for me to do it I'm not gonna do it you say hurt that person over there put that person I don't like what they're doing even if they have a right to do it and I want you to put them in a cage for me I want you to put them you know in some you know limited box okay where they're gonna be kept because I don't didn't like their behavior I didn't like their action whether whether you think they have a right to do it or not take this money and go and put that person in a cage for me and I would laugh at you it's it's it would be hilarious to me that you would even think you could get me to engage in a behavior like that because I can't be controlled at that level because one I don't identify with your garbage money as real at all it holds no value for me I don't really care about it okay if someone wants to help contribute to the work I do by saying oh here take this and do something valuable and you truly valuable and useful with it can't help to put your information into the world I'll take a donation or a contribution I don't demand anything like that from people but if they would want to freely give it wonderful I don't have a problem with using a resource at someone's disposal that they want to voluntarily there's the key contribute to someone else but you know I'm not gonna take any amount of money to go and go against my principles and and that's the level of consciousness we need to get at so Kevin your thoughts on that I I couldn't agree more I mean that's realistically the problem I mean I kind of exist because of this whole system in a lot of ways I was put up for adoption because my mother couldn't didn't think she could afford me I was then adopted by the people who thought they could afford me because they were so engraved into the system that they were doing exactly what you were talking about like my uncle it was a it was there as a retired cop my my father he's now passed away was tired prison guard and like the whole family is in that institutionalized mentality and and if they met I don't think we're never able to get out of there they were always yelling me why don't you act as a normal person why don't you go get a real job why don't you work for the face and this side the other thing I'm like I don't want a job I could pick people with occupy no offense meant well rather foolish putting up sign pain I demand the right to a job and because I don't want the right to a job that's like being is the right to work at McDonald it right there [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio talking with kevin tills Knar today about solutions to the system of financial enslavement that we currently live under we were talking about how not everyone has a price you know that whole of that poll saying everyone has it has his price well not everyone does people at a high enough level of consciousness have no price and can't be bought so I guess we could leave the whole violence concept there about how the monetary system is the ultimate contributor to violent behavior and funds that behavior and tries to keep that behavior in existence ultimately to justify its own existence and justify its own means and keep the status quo the way that it is through its enforcement system which is all based on violence so our Kevin we have a couple of callers hanging on the line you want to take another couple of calls in this segment yeah it's fine right all right here we go caller from the three-30 area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome all right on how you doing pretty good and I'm actually a farmer in a while here and we do you know all grass based stuff and you know just getting the land back to you or it need to be getting back to you with that I just wanted to throw this out that um there's a lot of you know older farmers that don't have you know people to take over their land and maybe restore it in the way it needs to be restored and just want to throw that out as an option to anybody who wants to get into you know organic farming biodynamic that there are farms available for you know leasing and it's just another option to throw out there with I mean things are just still abundant you know it's just that people don't really realize it so that's just one of the things I want to throw up you guys in your audience and yeah it's a great show I mean I just started to actually I'm about like 30 well maybe like 30 it's show but I just started getting into marks show after hearing them on the red-eye so uh yeah great job guys fantastic yeah but yeah and I was just wondering like for resources like you know because one of our main things you know on a farm obviously is like you know fuel and energy and you know coarser solar you know and there's you know wind technology and so forth but I'm really trying to get deeper into some better you know real free technologies that would really be useful on you know on a farm and so forth so I'm really it would be open to whatever sources you have for those I mean every author I think I'll try to do an entire show on energy because energy is the real form of money and money as we understand it today is only a proxy for energy and ultimately once they do away with that proxy we understand it really is only once we do away with that proxy we understand that there really only is energy and it's it's all about the means of distributing that energy efficiently and um you know this is why we need to really understand and learn more about free energy technology radiant energy you know harnessing the power of the natural energy that exists all around us ultimately I think the biggest resource that goes completely untapped that provides everything we ever really need is the Sun you know ultimately we need to understand how to harness the energy that is constantly bombarding this planet from that huge light in the sky called the Sun that ultimately makes possible all the life here down on the earth and this is something that people will say oh it can't be done and you know it's not it we you can't harness it efficiently enough nonsense we just haven't put the energy the time the attention into figuring out how to actually do that and I think that there are scientists out there who have done this and realized that you can tap into this at all places at all times and then effectively distribute that energy from where you're at on the earth and this is another thing that's being actively suppressed the power of solar energy ultimately so I think I'll have a whole show in this monetary segment you know in the the thing the ways of actually freeing ourselves from the monetary system maybe I can get somebody from the Tesla Science Foundation to come on and do a show with me an entire show just on free energy and just on the whole type of abundance based thinking that would result if we were able to have freely available energy and what that would do to change where we put our resources in the world what we have to think about how much money you have to acquire in order and then spend in order just to keep your energy needs met you know we have free energy all of that goes away and a huge part necessity of the monetary system goes away with it so Kevin your response to that I all I can think is to add that there are also other ideas that it's better out there - it's not like I'm just trying to promote The Venus Project is a way of global sustainability we may need to start small and local on one like using permaculture ideas and like in in in a small town in Germany I read that they put a bunch of little like propeller type things underneath their bridges and that creates a bunch of free abundant electricity and it's out of the way and it's not harming the environment and they just attach them underneath the these bridges that Matt Dover that go through the town and it now generates all the electricity they need for the municipality they like their mu their municipal electrical needs are fully sustainable by this little grid system under bridges yeah I think another resource people should check out is thrive because uh they painted some nice visualizations in that movie about what some of this free energy technology could do and how it would completely put you know an end to these uh strangleholds that these huge international corporations have over our our energy requirements our energy needs and how dependent we are on them it would actually just a small piece of technology that could harness energy and distribute it sustainably and effectively would take away all of the dependency that we now have on these huge oil companies and these you know electric companies that charge outrageous rates for bringing power into our homes that that's the biggest bill that most people have in their homes aside from maybe the mortgage that they're paying is the electrical bill is always the biggest bill in the house I mean unless they're really huge on using you know minutes on their phone but you know electricity and communications are the two biggest bills that we basically pay if we look at it every month and this is the kind of stuff that Tesla was championing and you know trying to bring the world for free free energy and free communications once you have those things what else really you know do you need as far as energy goes not much that that that would basically meet those needs for everyone on the planet and it can be done it's a matter of engaging our imaginations and then engaging our ingenuity along with it let's go to another caller Alex and Serbia you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us hi mark man I spoke to you a few weeks ago yes it was also about the food I thought you that I am a vegetarian for about 20 years longer and you have great topic today and a great guest today so I want to join the conversation that's possible you go right ahead yeah you know I started following this stuff like two years ago at the New World Order and everything and it was just like too much information at one it's a short time so I I was really paranoid and afraid I was like Oh depopulation nibiru Helena chemtrails food poisoning every everything so I was like yeah what should i do I should prepare I should do this I should address that I don't want to have children I had the son at that time but I was like yeah I'm afraid what is the future bringing so then at one point as I was listening more and reading more and researching more I was like how do you fight population you make more children you don't vaccinate them you educate them to be something different that we are now I took garden I invested like 200 euros for a garden 40 meters by 40 meters high pods have seeds 400 euros organic by a biological seeds I make my plastic houses I make my glass houses I protect myself as much as I can from chemtrails I have my own food without any chemicals and I was talking to people about all this kind of stuff about science about it me not the Freemasons just snaily but if people don't see that you change they will not follow you anyway they would say look at these guys he's talking some crazy stuff but ignore him but when they see you stop smoking the three players you have your own Gandhi you have your own normal life people who start following know they will say at one point no you guys not that crazy that's exactly right therefore we all have to do that's exactly right we have to lead by example that is the best way of teaching people so we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us ladies and gentlemen hey guys it's crew [Music] [Music] you can't stop an activating imagination someone who is activated that gift within themselves can truly change their reality you're listening to what on earth is happening this is the last segment for this edition with our special guest Kevin tells nur we were on the line with Alex from Serbia who was talking about his awakening to what's really going on in our world and how that created an initial response of fear but he went through that process and emerged out into the light on the other side of that dark tunnel Alex are you still with us and I'll let you continue your story and then if you want to propose a question for Kevin and we'll get his response yeah yeah I'm still here great show great so yeah the feel is the only things we have to feel you know I had the Sun I told you like four years ago and now I'm waiting for another Sun in April and you know I'm I believe in all these conspiracy theories and there is a plan to depopulate earth and there is a plan to make us afraid and to control us but when you see what I set up with less than 500 euros I will have a loot for a whole year it's incredible what men can do but the next thing I want to say is I now with the internet we have all these names we have all these conspiracy theories and people are waking up I think that the elite is not that crazy that they will push the agenda that fast I think rather they will go let it go for next 50 years slowly and slowly they make paranoia more than its real reality of course they are taking away freedom of people but not on the local levels because I see it on the internet I read it in the news but in my area I don't see it that much there are regulations of course that forbid us being free as we want to be but it's not that bad yet and they want to create some kind of mass hysteria and we have to we have to remain calm we do not have to be afraid to make children we have to make children we have to make and smarter we have to make them think out of the box we really need to be be smart with all this information and not get into some kind of mass hysteria where we will just snap and make even worse than it is that's right we just have to wake up and do it on a local level start changing ourselves so our friends will see that these guys doing very well I want to be like him and as more people do that then we can win otherwise if we get weapons if we get aggressive that's what they want we will lose the world just like we lost all the wars till now that's right I'm sorry Alex what we need to do is set that example and start with the youth because the youth has a chance to change before they even get sucked into all that indoctrination they have a chance not even change but just express their unique creativity and imagination that that is instilled within them from the very beginning of their lives and we start with the youth and you know try to instill these positive and empowering ideas into the youth of our world it will organically spring from there that's like planting a seed when you know it is at the most fertile and that's what the youth represents so Kevin let's get your yes that's got response to that yes teaching our children how to learn is truly the most important thing like III I can't like tell you how much I've been trying to throw in little tidbits for my son as we play about even fallacies I've been trying to teach him lately such as like did all the different ones that are out there I mean I can't go through every single one of them all in one shot because he's a little kid he's going to take in so much at one time but I as you teach them how to learn and and how to I mean it's as George Carlin put it it takes it's less on teaching the kids how to read as to teaching them how to see through all the BS in the world and that's that's really when I got a friend of mine on the line Carl Roberts he an artist from the UK and he is another one of the types of examples who gets it he he takes these ideas that are actually very almost illuminati style and he puts them into his he takes them back and kind of creates them for himself and i guess that's kind of what we have to do like a lot of people are really scared when they first look into the zeitgeist movement because a lot of the suggestions if they're really studying they're going to learn about things like agenda21 and how it's almost like a depopulation plan that's based on sustainability well it has nothing to do with the Venus Project and like I'm even gonna like mention a couple words from like Jacque fresco himself here he says the Venus Project is neither utopian nor Orwellian nor does it reflect the dreams of impractical idealist instead it presents attainable goals requiring only the intelligent application of what we already know the only limitations are those which we impose upon ourself exactly and another quote that I find even just as enriching and kind of needs to like go hand in hand with the last one is it's um our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond our imagination it is our light more than our darkness which scares us we ask ourselves who are we to be brilliant beautiful talented and fabulous but honestly who are you not to be alright while we allow our light to shine we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same we will liberate ourselves from our own fears simply that we can then liberate other ourselves and others from our own fears simply by our own presence that's right that's right and that's what setting that example is all about be the change be the light in the world you know release yourself from fear so that you can inspire others to do the same that's what it why it's called encouragement you know putting courage out there into the world it's infectious and as Alex was saying you know it's all about not buying in that fear not reacting yeah they they are I think on a try to keep it going in their incremental ISM people have a less of a tendency to see it that way what David Icke has often called the totalitarian tiptoe you know its incremental ISM a little bit here a little bit there and then you wake up one day and realize you're and you're in a prison so we have to be watchful with it a little bit and a little bit here a little bit there is also how we get out of it we can use our own imaginations that's right do the same thing you've got as silly as it sounds people think about like the whole Venus Project and they're like oh they just want to use this giant robot to control us all and it's like no no no thanks dr. Theophilus from Buck Rogers you know the whole disk thing there was a computer that they asked that Twiggy carried around they just asked it questions like okay what's the easiest route from here to there and it would use algorithms to to create that data and then people would act upon that Dena it was met and they there was a whole group of them that were called the like ruling council but the they were really just guides that we would ask questions of and they would give us the best most scientifically devised answers based on these again scientifically devised algorithms that could help us design future concepts an alt all about evolving ideas ultimate ultimately as you said in that quote as fresco was saying in that quote are the only limiter is our own imagination of what we can actually do of how productive we actually could become and how free we actually could be you know if we like being kept if we like being held back that's how we're gonna end up but if we want to be free the only limiter in that equation is the human imagination that's why we have to develop true critical free thinking skills and start to really understand the ways that we can go about living sustainable sustainably and in harmony with natural law Kevin I want to bring up one other quote and get your take on it to take us out this is by James Yaeger he says if you are a creator of money the last thing you want happening is a situation where by the demand for more of your product is static or decreasing this is why the that this is why the money creators constantly increase the money supply and this is why the memes of quote money creates demand and quote money is a store of value are promoted even more viciously than the memes of government is indispensable and government is there to protect Liberty the meme of money is necessary is the most promoted viciously promoted meme your take on that and then your comments that take us out again it's it's everything that we've been talking about throughout the whole show and it's all about like you're just saying I I can't even wrap my head around it sometimes as to how people will deal with money the way they do I am maybe I'm maybe I really am some sort of insane person or do I have it actually in such a mentality that it's possible just I understand that it's oh that's right I understand it's gonna take a lot of work it's gonna be a lot of hard work a lot of momentum a lot of resources being given to people so that you can just create these types of new paradigm Kevin that's what it's ultimately all about is creating a new way of seeing the world that's all the time we have for thanks to our special guest Kevin tells nur we'll see you next week on water on earth is happening stick around Christopher our world's first and only