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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday March 11th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time and we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be continuing to talk about solutions and what we can actually do to change the dynamic here on our world and today we're going to be bringing on a very special guest Michael Kelley who's going to discuss solutions regarding the monetary system this corrupt and fraudulent monetary system that holds such a stranglehold over our country and over the people of the world in general and we're going to be talking about what we can do to counteract this monstrosity of a system and mike is a person who is definitely very special to me in my life because he is one of the people who really helped to wake me up many years back and started that process going through his great publications and will be talking about some of the the things that Mike has done in the past as far as waking people up and putting out a great publication called secrets from the next dimension a newsletter that was pretty big here in the Philadelphia area that discussed quite frankly the topics that we talked about here on what on earth is happening and this really opened up my mind and helped to change my paradigm change my worldview and it was definitely instrumental in shaping the person who I am today so we'll be talking with Michael Kelly coming up in the next segment I do have one quick event announcement at the end of this month as always the free documentary screening and discussion evening hosted by truth freedom prosperity this happens the last Wednesday of every month here in Philadelphia Wednesday March 28th 2012 at 7:15 p.m. truth freedom prosperity will be meeting at media Bureau Network media bureau Studios is at 725 North 4th Street here in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia and we don't have a film chosen yet for this month's screening I'm still basically looking to try to decide what we should show it's probably down between a few a few films I've had a few suggestions from people but if anybody is willing to make any good suggestions on documentaries that we could screen at this one screening feel free to send them along to me via email so that's coming up once again Wednesday March 28th 2012 7:15 p.m. at medium bureau media Bureau is at 4th and Browne here in Philadelphia for more information about the documentary screening nights hosted by truth freedom prosperity take a look at their website which goes to their meetup.com group at truth freedom prosperity dot o-r-g that's true freedom prosperity org and we will be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen with our special guest Michael Pellington stick around [Music] [Applause] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm today on the show we're going to be speaking with our special guest Mike Kelley Michael Kelley has an extensive background in medicine holding a BS from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in medical technology and a master's in cardio pulmonary perfusion from Ohio State University in 1989 Mike was recruited to the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania as a staff perfusionist and became the clinical education coordinator for their school of perfusion Michael completed hypnosis training from the American International Association and became an NLP that's neuro linguistic programming master practitioner for natural healing Michael was the co-owner writer and managing editor for next dimension publications which featured a monthly print newsletter called secrets from the next dimension michael has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows over the years discussing discussing with discussions ranging from government conspiracies to fraud to extraterrestrial phenomena me and Mike are going to be talking today about the monetary system and solutions for disentangling ourselves from it and obtaining true freedom as a result of that disengagement so Michael Kelley welcome - what on earth is happening hi thanks for being here it's so interesting when I first started secrets from the next dimension one of the first things I did a series of six issues on the banking system and the fraud and corruption involved especially in government and governments management or on management what regulations of the banking system how government is corrupting the system as much as the individuals in the industry absolutely and we can talk about that today how every time the government tries to do something to so-called regulate the the money supply or bring any kind of stability they always end up causing further instability through inflation which is a hidden tax and you know government's not the answer to this problem a change in consciousness of course is the answer to it but what I want to get from you is what do you see is that the major crux of the problem related to our monetary system and how what can we do as a people what can we do as individuals to help to start to turn that tide and and to you know create a solution as far as this system is concerned wow that's a real tough one to start off with what we can do is first we need to follow some the three basic principles first don't be awed by government whereby a banking system if you work as an individual to involve yourself in these things you're more likely to get the results you desire then by getting a large group of people being confrontational with either the government or the banks and it just creates more attention and it's harder to get what you want as you stated in the beginning of the show I used to write secrets from the next dimension and I was involved in a lot of political movements and I found that it's useless at this fun my whole thing was it just I saw no changes positive changes occurring the more you work with the worse it got and there are no change so what I did do though is I found a way to find liberty by being an individual and not getting into the groupthink and group dynamics and I found myself I feel much freer there's still a lot of restrictions that are done by society but overall I don't get into the proselytize you know of my thoughts and the way I believe things should be what I'd like to let people know that you can as an individual take along the government take on the banks and and I don't think we can stop the the problems but you can find freedom and happiness it's like anything else ultimately we have to disengage our mind from the Beast that is feeding on us first we have to stop giving our cooperation over to it it's about having no respect for a system that treats people with complete disregard with a you know just as a resource that it feeds off of and so many people still have this respect you know in their minds for you know money and government and things like that and really it the process starts with realizing that these are parasitic entities that these are parasitic organizations that ultimately don't care about anything but their own continued survival and whatever they have to do to continue to feed on their their hosts as it were as it is and that host is us and we have to stop giving our consent over to it through the the attention that we focus onto it in our minds the disengagement of our minds from that corrupt system is really where it has to start and that's something that we could all do as an individual not as even a group or getting together with other people but as an individual that's where that process starts yeah that's right um the three principles I flying or I first not to be awed the second is not to do with them right there at confrontation and the third is do not organize these three things basic principles will bring you happiness it will not stop inflationary process it will not return to a commodities based market money market but you will find that yo you said that's a parasitic in today and it really is but when it comes right down to it and you go into a government office or a a banking office you are dealing one-on-one with another individual and if you can sort of just clear your mind whole thing that they put in front of to make themselves appear to be on firing or confrontational then you can just blank them out and focus on the single individual that you have to deal with as a human being and you would be amazed at how much you can get done that is to your advantage and once you have that advantage other people can also do the same thing and things seem to work out as long as you're coming from a deep moral principally principled way you're going to be fine you know you go into that government office and you treat them like a human being these common things are smiling you know speaking clearly and concisely not if you do get angry do not shell you know those kind of things you know it's sometimes difficult sometimes a long process but I've found that not working against the government or against the banks or against any organization well it's always dealing directly with the individual especially knowing what no equity with with neuro linguistic programming help to because it makes it easier to deal with these people even if their regulations say this must be you can always walk around the exception for the whole mic we're coming up to our first break here on the other side of the break I want to talk a little bit about the newsletter that you used to publish and you had a lot of information about there about the Federal Reserve System it's something that originally woke me up to what the Federal Reserve System was and I want to get into that and I'll get into some of the things that you wanted to talk about regarding the Fed on the other side of this break stay with us everyone our special guest today on what on earth is happening Michael Kelly we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening under host mark Pasco today on the show we're talking about solutions the monetary stranglehold over our nation and the world with our special guest Michael Kelly Mike you wrote a phenomenal newsletter that I have many issues of here in my home called secrets from the next dimension it was a great newsletter published here in the in the 90s in the Philadelphia region and like I said it helped wake me up to many things and you know I was actually still involved in the dark occult and in Satanism at the time that I would get your newsletters and it's one of the things that helped me see the psychopathy that was involved in the organizations I was involved in and and realized wow these are the people that he's talking about here and I'm directly involved with people like this so you you talked a lot about the Federal Reserve System in those newsletters and this was one of my first exposures to to that system of fractional reserve banking I wanted you to give us your views on the Fed and I'll you know talk about solutions what we might be able to do to release the stranglehold of this monstrosity that it has over you know the the monetary issuance and and value here in the United States first of all for Ron Paul I don't see a quicker way out of that system but the Federal Reserve is a real horrible and is unconstitutional to have central banking in the United States but what happened is we draw a Wilson wanted to inflate the money supply us because you know if you inflate the money supply if you have a debt prior to that inflation at let's say $100 you inflate the currency after you know now you saw $100 at that even though the value of the dollar is now cut in half so you're only paying half the amount that you actually because it's the contract is for $100 an ounce of wind value they're thirsty but that's basically what wizard or else would do is inflate the money supply hidden tax because you know if you let's say if you put a hundred dollars in a savings account at two percent interest and the inflation rate is four percent at the end of your year and you go to get your money yes you get your $100 pleasure two percent but you've actually lost money because the inflation rate is 4% this is a hidden way they steal money from you what the the Federal Reserve itself was set up because the United States was broke on three occasions they called upon JC Morgan to bail them out he successfully did that on three occasions because I sick of it and decided to convert Li set up the Federal Reserve with the help of other high moneyed interests they it was even an article in The New York Times at the time that happened when they went to Jekyll Island to set it up saying that they're aware these high-powered individuals the train station going down south and they wouldn't talk to the press and it was really quite the scandalous thing but they were performing quite in Italy or unconstitutional it was a problem unconstitutional project and they set it up they pass it into law forced by Morgan and and Woodrow Wilson and that was the beginning of the end of Liberty in the United States and just to be clear these were private interests this was not a governmental organization these were private individuals extremely wealthy had come from you know very old written Oh rich families that had taken their their wealth basically over to you know to the United States and worked their influence in the United States from offshore and that they this was a subversion of the United States government systems through banking through the banking institutions they did this all covertly you know in in in secrecy and these were all private individuals not members of government just to clarify that so what do you think we could do to help mitigate or or negate in general this fractional reserve system because if there's never enough money in circulation since they control the amount that's in circulation and the interest rate to pay back all of the interest on the debt that's created the current fractional reserve monetary system represents nothing but debt it isn't a store of value it isn't value at all it's debt it is a debt based system our our monetary system represents nothing but debt so what can we do to try to get out of that entire way of the operation of money you know what can be done as far as transitioning ourselves away from this fractional reserve banking system and getting out of a debt based monetary system in general well first of all fractional reserve banking is that if you put money in the bank the bank is right now unless on my check the bank is only required to hold four percent of the total amount deposited in our bathroom and that's checking and other business accounts with savings accounts there requires zero amount in their bank and the RUS can be lent at interest at interest right now if you go to the bank for a loan and let's say you want $100,000 they don't have to have on $2,000 in their buildings to give you all they happen that money is created when you sign the debt note that's when you sign the contract there is no money there that 14,000 our $100,000 does not exist inside that and it only exists when you pay as you pay it back to them with their with the interest so you're not only working to put the money there but you're also paying them the interest rate so you're really screwed the whole thing that was a matter of fiat money as well as fractional reserve banking and fiat money is just money that the government says each day that you wanted you to wake up and find out what that the head of the Federal Reserve is calling a dollar if you check with the US Treasury Department a dollar is one point one seven one point one four ounces of silver or in gold it's I think it's $35 is one troy ounce of gold but that no longer holds true because we don't have papers certificates anymore that can be redeemed for commodities right it's just a dent note now that's all it is and you know we've ad the Federal Reserve will print a one dollar bill or a hundred dollar bill and their cost is four cents I think at this time however the government and that means our taxes have to pay them than face value back in within that money that you know they send out the government behinds dollars they cost them four cents and we've still pay them a hundred dollars and our labor to return that you know what that's what we owe them so as a result of that ultimately since there's never altom utley enough in circulation to pay back all of that debt that's being continuously created all real assets would eventually flow to the banks by default exactly not only to the banks but when the garment takes loans to you know pay off their debt or sort of program whatever they're borrowing the money for the borrow from foreign entities and the only thing that the government has he uses collateral is private property of the citizens of the United States you know they say the United States never defaulted on its debt and that's not true now at a time when the United States did its default with Japan I think it was in the late 8th 1980s there was a default and the government had to give up their collateral the a company purchased the deck from Japan from the country of Japan and they in exchange God universe I think you'll remember was Columbia and Universal Pictures and as Sony became that Sony was the one that got it in that fashion they got because they paid the United States that and took that collateral so you know these things do happen and that's how the government secures their debt with your if you own a house your house could be put in the collateral so that's the way that works fiat money is just a horrible thing like you don't know well Mike we're coming up to another break hold that thought and we'll pick it up right there on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening with our special guest Michael Kelly stay with us everyone we'll be right back after these words you don't like [Music] [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we're talking with special guest michael kelly about the monetary system and the kinds of solutions that we can employ in order to release ourself from its extreme stranglehold so Mike you were giving your thoughts about the Federal Reserve System and fiat money and fractional reserve banking in general what do you see is one of the major solutions to this problem the quickest solution is a return to commodities based money when you have gold silver let's talk about somebody's base money in general it started out like thousands of years ago they would use barley or peppercorns as their money but they found it superior race I mean you can plant and some of this stuff again and grow more but because it's a natural product that are a living product it was deteriorate with age so they got rid of that went to salt salt that's where the word salary comes from and salt used to be used as payment so it was very very difficult to get it was very limited supply some people took salt because it was easy to carry and you can actually use it for your health purpose for your food what salt would also change its weight depending on the humidity so you know you couldn't you could inflate your currency just with water so that way you could lose it all but too much water so salt was eliminated they went to metallic substances gold silver and copper all want were highly desirable for there all sorts of artistic purposes and purifies them but they were very much valued by people and they work because they didn't change the government's would inflate some of the currency simply by scraping off the sides of the money to find ancient coins or see them on TV and you can see it's like a flat edge it's usually because people would scrape it off you know that people were scraping off the money where the government was just to is how you have last but it would be still payment as whole now you know you'd have a whole one whatever one dollar coin and you know if they scratched off 25 percent of it was still a dollar you know but you weren't getting the same value in gold so but really a return to the gold and silver is our quickest solution certainly because the way coins are made now and minted and have been in the United States since the US Mint started you cannot change the size of the coin the government cannot change size of the coin the coin is a specific weight measure and that's our best way because how can they inflate the currency except put more in into circulation a problem occurs using precious metals though because if you I'm sure you a lot of it's a purge recently about many inspections that are desired at Fort Knox and that there's probably no gold there right I personally think there is gold there but I don't think we own it I believe the stories that FDR turned that over to European countries especially in Germany after World War two our during World War II after World War one the Kaiser was being forced to pay reparations to a lot of nations in Europe for his crimes and he didn't have money in in gold and silver so he just ran the printing presses inflated the currency worldwide because he's paying off all these nations they were using it for trade and that's what precipitated abstract math and crack started my stock market crash back in the 20s a lot of the people who here who saw that happen thought it was a wonderful thing for governments and big industry to being able to have that power and that's why they slowly precipitated the the use of just tape currency because they like the idea of being able to inflate currencies and right now today you can see this happening with the United States doing it but to some extent China's doing it to a vast extent they owed so much money and they just simply inflated their currency paid off with the currency they had a much lower rate and didn't have to spend as much money to pay off their debts and now they're doing that against the United States because the monetary policy in the United States is pretty flimsy advanced and they're kind of left holding the bag of debt yeah and you know as you know think you know that was what precipitated the war in Iraq you know if you look at the war what had really happened at the war in Iraq you know the United States made it out to be one that they were holding they supplied the terrorists that had struck the World Trade Centers in the Pentagon and September of 2001 and then they said they were rich in uranium and then buying yellowcake material but the real reason was is Saddam Hussein decided that he was no longer going to accept US currency right for oil exchange he was only going to accept the euro and that's what precipitated the war messing with our money sure but the garment here never once admitted to the fact that was about money of course not and we have to paint a patriotic fervor and a righteous cause before we send our troops off to to kill and die in a war of foreign aggression but it's always over money or oil or resources that's all its ever over you know I like the idea of you know precious metals as at least a stopgap for the kind of out-of-control inflationary system that we have now you know at least it would it would prevent that kind of counterfeiting government and and Federal Reserve counterfeiting but you know only as a stopgap I mean I I do like the idea of resource based money cup as you call commodities based money because that's the only thing that's real all we really need food and energy you know that's what money essentially really is that's the only things that people really exchange that they truly need I mean you could you know take it out further and say well clothes shelter from the elements etc things like that but we need energy you know money is this representational form of energy that isn't the real thing it's a proxy for the real thing you know going go into a commodity space system as you suggest what at least get us on to the real things that we need to exchange among us so that we can have the energy that we require to live for life so I I do see that as you know a good solution and it is very similar to what people have turned the resource-based economy yeah you know I once I know when I used to do this all the time and talk about the money supply I carry around a 1908 $20 gold piece and I always hold it up let people see it it's a full ounce of pure gold well almost sure I think it's 97% gold most man that's got to be worth what about $1,700 today everybody know I show this back to when I was doing this out of gold was about $800 that same coin has the same purchasing power up same tendency as it did in 1908 when I ran into if my I would always say you how much there's a suit of clothing people would say good student clothing is about $600 and I hold up the closet there's a $20 gold piece would a tail or take this coin in exchange for that suit and most people say no way but that's not true because the value of that coin right now you know just the the monetary value of the coin not good to see how historic value of it being from 1909 but the monetary value is the same as it was then my $1.00 silver my $1.00 silver coin will Pat buy the same amount of goods today as it was in 1960 so so you got to ask people then what has changed and the answer is the value of the dollar the purchasing power of the dollar has changed it's been deflated it's been been basically robbed of its purchasing power through this in you know inflationary this hidden inflationary tax if you listen to the politicians yesterday there's practically no inflation we're close to zero percent inflation while and they're lying they're lying I mean they don't go to the grocery store yeah it's like come on buy a box of cereal for $7 come on what is going on here it's it's the paper money they can just inflate it as they see fit you know Ron Paul made the point to Bertie this past week in a session of Congress I know there's someone who's near and dear to your heart Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke what a wonderful man he is such a coward and he was talking about the price of gasoline and and Ron Paul said I think it's the money supply and Bernie's of course sighs no it couldn't be so Ron Paul's business ain't a guy he held up the silver dollar he says tell me how comes this dollar combined the 15 day islands of gasoline today but you're the dollar can ya oh there's no inflation so I it's much harder for the government to manipulate where the Federal Reserve is manipulate gold dissolve it and you know it's a real for him didn't make this point I have to enumerate that point exactly and I got me a view that's right my clothes I've thought right there we're up to another break and we're going to give the call and number on the other side so people could get in the queue to call to ask some questions in the second hour we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] so that'll put your true eyes on so you can realize what's really going on as that great allegorical film they live what that's all about we're talking with Michael Kelly here today on the show about solutions to the monetary problems this the the monetary system of corruption and debt that were entangled in and we're gonna get back with Michael Kelly in a second I want to give the call-in number so that people can get in the queue to call in to ask questions - Mike the callin number for the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five calling to join us be patient wait in the queue and we will be taking your calls starting in the second hour of the show today so um before I get back to Mike I just want to say thanks to Kevin Pilsner for being on the show last week did a great interview with me here on what on earth is happening that's in the podcast section I believe that was podcast number 97 if I'm not mistaken I'm sorry that was podcast number 98 I also posted a bunch of documents and video links up on the podcast with that so be sure to check out that information and let's get back to Michael and talk about you were getting into the fact that the Federal Reserve re-emphasizing the fact that the Federal Reserve is not a government entity it's a privately held corporation it's a privately held cartel and you're gonna talk about who is really behind that system who they answer to yeah well you know it's really funny when you look you know anybody said this I said oh you're crazy when you say the Federal Reserve's not a government agency and a simple way to prove it is to tell them to find a telephone book I know that's hard to do these days but if you look under government the US government and find the Federal Reserve's phone number in there I'll give you a million bucks because they're not there they are a private corporation as you said they are a private part and it's really funny cuz the Federal Reserve started as the banking system for the United States and central banking seemed at first to work very well here and everybody else adopted at that system in Europe and a lot of countries in Asia adopted it now it's pretty much Universal on our planet to have central banking for each nation but an asset fee arose and I don't really I could never find out exactly when they started but it's the central bank to the central bank's all the central bank's answer to a company in Zurich Switzerland for the Bank of International Settlements so in the Federal Reserve wants to inflate our money supply they have to get it from these unknown entities in Zurich it's really strange it's really tough to find out good information about them they're so secretive when there are the Bilderberg meetings a lot of people are assuming certain members that are there that are hard to find out their identity as they walk in are the people from Zurich and Davos in Switzerland who are controlling worldwide worldwide money supply so it's it's really strange that our central bank we answer our government answers to the Fed and the Fed controls the politics of our country but who's controlling the politicians they not been very key it's whoever these are he's a good little puppet he's a good little lap dog who does exactly what he's told he's told by his owners exactly right and his owners are in Davos and in in Zurich and I can guarantee you if you really found those individuals I can guarantee you you're going to be finding dark occultists dark Luciferians Satanists of all orders of magnitude you're going to be finding what I call sorcerers you know these are people who have deep connections to the occult and some of the groups that you helped me to become aware of through your newsletter publication back in the 90s some of those individuals are I'm telling you the people that I worked with as a member of the Church of Satan in my past they were connected with some of these other groups they were connected with the Bohemian Club they were connected with the Club of Rome and other international think tanks and I'm sure some of them went up into institutions like what has become the Bank for International Settlements in the modern world be is this is an institution people really need to look into and understand and understand that this is connected with other secret orders secret society networks and dark occult organizations as well those those people are definitely evolved and are involved more than just in politics and in banking they are involved in the Catholic Church not as much today as in the past during the reign of Pope Paul the sixth but yes you know there is a battle in this world right now between who is going to control the world banking system there is a in the works of a single world currency going on the World Bank the IMF the Federal Reserve some other groups smaller groups like NATO wants to be involved but the biggest challenge is coming from the Vatican Bank I do not want to see the Vatican Bank at all involved in anybody's monetary policy except their own the problems associated with the Vatican are first that they are a sovereign nation and no matter what happens there you cannot investigate only they can investigate and if you try if an investigation does begin because of their religious vows if something goes wrong if they're giving an order a ballot there they take a vow to be obedient and if they are given the order to be silent they will be silent so that is the probably of all of them that is worst group and it's probably the one organization that is best in a best position to become the bankers of the world I don't want to see a world currency I don't certainly don't want the United Nations involved in it but even worse than that is the Vatican you know you talk about the cultists that you're involved with and they have in vain they were in a big part of the Vatican during the reign of Paul the sixth you know I don't know if you were familiar with the stories and you know the whole Vatican Bank scandal it occurred back in the 70s and 80s sure and how it was connected with some of the darker and clandestine lodges of Freemasonry like propoganda do a or P to write the peak to lodge the bank ambrosia no Roberto Calvi and Bishop north Sanctus Calvi what wasn't he the one that they referred to as God's banker he was God's banker and you know it's funny because when Pope John Paul the first was a weapon he only lives for thirty days and they said he died of natural causes I don't believe it he was the head of another Bank which was taken over by the Vatican Bank by efficient more Sanctus and he was kicked to the curb my thangkas was furious at what happened with all this and when I can't remember John Paul the first name but out when he became the Pope there are a lot of speculations that because he spoke of the Lord our God and both male and female that that upsets so many people that somebody would kill him for that that seems really far-fetched to me but what doesn't make sense is that he knew what was going on with that Bishop Palmer scientists he knew the scandals and he knew the covert operations of running drugs from Turkey to New York City laundering the money through the bank in Abruzzi on oh and the Vatican Bank in order to run guns to Poland that's the whole scandal in a nutshell and my scientist did not like the idea that the new pope was from a bank that he overtook and kicked it a curb and John Paul the first knew about it he also knew about the Masonic and the cultists goings-on within the Vatican that was headed by Paul the Six and he was going to do away with it all and more safest is a person who has never known to be out of bed before noon but somehow at six o'clock in the morning or 7 a.m. in the morning he was walking through the the courtyard under the the papal apartments when John Paul the first was found dead I think he was poisoned I can't prove it but it seems to be that way all about money all about corruption and all about who's going to control everybody else and that's bottom line with a lot of this is about it's absolutely what it's about and that is a leading theory that he was poisoned he he was a albino Luciani the Pope Pope John Paul the 1st so um yet people should definitely look into these connections they should definitely look into these occult connections to the banking system and I'm really glad that the discussion went in this direction and there's nobody better to talk about with regarding those connections than Michael Kelley so Mike stay with us we're gonna get into our taking calls on the other side when we pick up in the second hour ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we'll be right back after these words [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show our special guest michael kelly we're talking with them about the financial system the corrupt financial system and how we can begin to free ourselves from it and you know one of the first parts of that process is really understanding who we're dealing with the knowledge of who these individuals are what their organizations are all about the kinds of connections that they have to much darker organizations and institutions has to be understood you know this is essential knowledge and Mike wanted to wrap up discussing some of the occult connections to the banking system in a moment we'll do that just want to give the callin number again real fast because we already have a couple of callers waiting in the queue we're gonna get two calls right after this short segment the number to call in to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five give us a call and join the discussion with Michael Kelly Mike I'll let you take this rest of this short segment to finish up talking about the some of the connections with banking in the dark occult yeah market it's absolutely crazy you know when when you look at the people in high places they do have their own clubs you mentioned the Bohemian Club they're just stories put out by father Malachy Martin before he died he wrote a book about Paul of six and when after his inauguration into the or whatever it's called money who became Pope he had a black mass and it was it was broadcast in Rome and so place in South Carolina with a bunch of speakers big banking figures big corporate figures involved and each church they had in Rome they had a little girl there but was given some valium and she had her puppy dog they took the dog on to the altar at st. Peter's Basilica and killed the dog and then they raped the little girl multiple times multiple men and they erase them among them was for the sex according to father Malachy Martin some say it was just fiction but you know if you think about Paul the sixth the Pope you know you can can you tell me that you remember his funeral I'm sure you can remember the funeral of the Blessed Pope but and maybe some people can remember the funeral of john xxiii but nobody remembers the funeral of Pope Paul the sixth you know I would take Martin's testimony almost at face value because while you know I'm no big fan of organized religion as people who listen to my show well know if you listen to Malachi Martin and some of the interviews that he's done over the years you can hear the genuineness and his voice and you can hear what a good human being he actually was so I wouldn't have any problem believing if that came out of Malachi Martin's mouth that it was actually the case yeah actually put it in writing so it's in one of his books I can't recall the title offhand but as much as he tried try to get somebody to remember the funerals of the Pope's you can remember a lot of them but nobody remembers the funeral of Paul the six he was such an anti Pope that they stuffed his carcass and a wooden box and stuffed it in an unmarked grave well somewhere that's the horror of this man you know you know you know we were talking in the break a little bit about some of the symbolism involved in some of these ritual murders that go on connected with these dark institutions and you know when they when they you know possibly killed Pope Paul John Paul the first you know we were talking about his name it means white light his name actually means white light in Italian and they killed or put out the white light you know and imagine that the symbolic overtones to that is are just incredible it really you know and another thing you want to think about the only corporate heads and military military and public leaders nobody did it better than the movie eyes white guy and shows that even if you are wealthy condition you're not a member of the illusion that's right yeah not that older right there Michael pick it up on the other side and we're gonna get to your calls in the next segment you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] behind the girl I'll make my fire day [Music] that's why they call me [Music] well definitely a lot of these international bankers are certainly bad company as the song says very appropriate bumper music come in to this segment with I know I just want to touch on before we go to the phone's Mike in the last segment you talked about the film Eyes Wide Shut that's a phenomenal allegorical movie not even allegorical it's really non fictional this is what really goes on in the world and you know just touch on that a little bit to help people to understand this is who the banking system really is that the super elite who's really running society and you know who's calling the shots behind all of our institutions these are dark occultus and they're keeping people silent through brutally violent methods as they're depicted in Eyes Wide Shut exactly same people who killed Roberto Calvi from the Vatican Bank scandal you know just you know a point of interest where with me is Roberto Calvi was found dead hung under the Blackfriars Bridge in London he was a black friar in his Masonic Order and they hung him under the bridge with his feet dangling in the waves of the banks of the river and in his pockets were cash and some bricks now that could have been a hit by somebody else and the makeup look like the Masonic kid but it was too well executed to me it did not have been a Masonic hit and it was performed by people in his lives which were other people his same classes same stature in in his banking world it's not just the banking world it's also the military industrial complex part of that complex is the pharmaceutical industry so you know they do these things you know we've all heard stories of the antics at the Bohemian Grove you know the people that lived in that village out there always have complaints of the prostitution the drug use the craziness that goes on at the time and this is the world elites you know get together to get drunk and and just do crazy things in you know some of which might actually include human sacrifice there are two reports that a human sacrifice one of a child of run by of one of the people who work there whether the server's there but because of who they are and the protection is guaranteed them under the National Security Agency even the State Police were not permitted to investigate amazing um you know even if they're only doing some mock rituals out there you can see the intent behind them and I've covered this before on shows you can go back and check out the show that I did with neo on on trauma-based mind control I also did another show on Satanism and what they're what they're ultimately all about what their whole ideology is about dark occultists and i did a show that included some images from Bohemian Grove to show you what the elites actually think of people I think that was on the show that I did about how money is it like a form of a religion and it's these people who are ultimately directing it so you have to look into the occult connections behind money and not having that knowledge as part of your arsenal is one of the solutions to be knowledgeable is to be armed against these individuals because we're dealing with evil evil entities that really are at the highest ends of the at the highest positions in these institutions so Mike a great segment on the occult related with with money and banking institutions would you like to go to the phones sure I love all right great we have a couple of people on the line let's go to Steve in Wisconsin you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Michael Kelly welcome oh hi mark thanks for taking my call sure um would you allow me to read a couple paragraphs from the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke oh absolutely I think this is an essential book that people should check out I think Locke proposes a lot of solutions and uh that this is philosophical work that Pete that is required reading as far as I'm concerned so go right ahead I love this book market I thank you from the bottom of my heart for mentioning it I've read it and reread I don't know how many times but I had I do have a question that's really been burning in my mind for about a month that I wanted to ask you sure here we go chapter 2 earth there's a dark conspiracy which has clouded the minds of humanity throughout all ages this conspiracy is evil incarnate and controls vast mountains of human emotions work thought and speech it has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds upon hundreds of millions and the slavery of nearly every being who has ever lived if you accept a single principle that you have infinite worth then this book will give you the vision necessary to see the world as a genius you know once and for all that the dark conspiracy is not strong but weak that evil is not going but dying and my question is this to the both of you is it dying I think it is I agree with mr. Locke I think I think they are weak in certain respects you know they're very cunning conniving and whatnot but are we seeing this whole thing about the collapse and I know we have to take personal responsibility for own help spirituality we have to take action I do agree with that it's not like we can just sit back and do nothing right but I think he's right some sense what do you think guys Steve what a great question Mike I'll let you respond to that first do you think evil is in its death throes and therefore is struggling to tighten its grip on the reins of power no I do not think evil is it's dying out I think they are strong as they've ever been and it's just all you have to do is look around at what's going on and things are not getting better things are still bad now you know there's I guess it depends on what you mean by why they get embarrassing there's this but to me I look at it as even though our standard of today is higher the evil is allowing that to happen and precipitate arriving but they're poisoning the minds of everyone which is the stuff they put in our water supply some you know there's more fluoride in fresh fruits and vegetables than in a glass of water now I thought you know poisoning us with these things evil no ramp it so it is it a function of it's always been this bad but now that just there's just enough information that has made its way into the populace is hands that they can see then the depth of this evil all around us and I think that is the case that knowledge has come to of state of open free flow to a point where we can see the nature of our situation but that doesn't necessarily mean that were it doesn't necessarily mean that we're on the way out of that situation raishin it can mean that but ultimately what is going to determine whether evil is going to increase its stranglehold or whether it is slowly losing its its domination it's losing its grip it's losing its control is what kind of action will we see by the people in the know now what matters will they take into their hands to actually correct these situations and to do something about what they now know about what they can now see as a result of that light being shined on the state of affairs of the world and that's ultimately what it's all about so great question Steve in Wisconsin thanks for posing it to us and that you have our basic take on that so we'll be back on the other side of this next break with more of your calls and we'll continue to talk with our guest Mike Kelly stick around everyone [Music] go back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today we're talking with special guest Mike Michael Kelly on the monetary system its connections with the occult solutions what we can do about this corrupt monetary system that has a stranglehold over our world and we were taking calls from our listeners the call-in number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five and let's continue to take some calls let's go to Richard in Washington state you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Michael Kelly welcome welcome to you great show mark as always first just a quick response to Steve and on all the other Oracle hosts I've made a challenge and I challenge you because you responded to my last one so read the vegetarian myth by Lear Keith ke I th it deals on more than vegetarianism it actually deals with the cause of where we are now but in response to Michael I can only quite quote our founding fathers and Thomas Jefferson said our best paper is poverty it is only the ghosts of money and not money itself experience has proven to us that a dollar of silver disappears for every dollar of paper emitted well the international bankers and I'm sure your guest is aware of this has turned us from a money system to a fractional reserve system which is really a lien debt system right and as long as they control that debt lien system and there is no more money or really money is not being brought to bear in the system we are in and pretty much deep trouble absolutely Richard great points Michael your response to that I agree saying another thing problem besides just inflation but direct taxation of our earnings just said wise and just government never takes from the mouths of Labor the bread is earned and it actually is unconstitutional to tax wages so they got around that illegalities by calling and income tax they have a right to tax your wages but the federal government does not you know it's it's really all about like rewarding people who aren't even creative they're not really creating any true value for civilization for people in general they're making money off of money you know they're making wealth I guess you could say off of something that really isn't isn't even valuable in its own right they're just it's a manipulation game it's a mind trick it's it's what it's ultimately about it's waving a magic wand and making things you know appear in people's mind you know and these people don't have any real creative capability they don't make or invent any technology they don't create any new innovations that enhance our life or make it easier to deal with the natural world all around us they ultimately do nothing you know this is the real solution is stop believing in their in their magic because that's what it ultimately is it's it's dark magic it can't really be said any simpler and you know I thank Richard for his points so let's move on to another caller and let's go to Kevin from Minnesota you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Michael Kelley welcome hello gentlemen thank you very much mark and Mike as and as they Anishinabe descendant of the indigenous people of North America it's definitely well worth the powers that be to continue the systematic genocide of the indigenous people because the native peoples of North America did not have a concept of ownership in a a purpose of buying things when the Anishinabe people were I know more of since it's my ancestry that they got their status or they receive their status within the tribe by what they gave not what they accumulated and when to hold on to and theirs no way that the powers that be in North America to have the indigenous people survive to spread that concept that's right of non ownership because it totally defeats the system that has been established that's a phenomenal point Kevin and now this is the reason behind the extermination of the true indigenous cultures that were here before we came in and conquered this land you know that we looked at it as this was our birthright or manifest destiny to take this entire continent but we conquered it ultimately we took it from people that were already really living here and they were living in harmony but for the most part with the land and their their systems of their their paradigm their way of seeing reality their worldview was in a much healthier state than the the people who came over here from the from the eastern hemisphere so Michael your response to that regarding the reason that the this banking culture this entire monetary culture needs to keep down the influence of the Native American cultures and there are there are philosophies in general if they want to continue to do what they're doing that's why they keep them impoverished it was horrible what the government does to these people but it's not as just a unique concept to the Native American population its concept of the count's the Franks started out that way until they the Romans monetize them so you know in history you can find other cultures around the world that were very similar but bred it's that when they the power elites get into power you know and grant get the stronghold and that's what's happening we could look into the the suppression of the Moorish legacy we could look into the suppression of the indigenous Maya legacy by the Aztec empire and those who came after them you know if this is this is has been going on throughout the world because ultimately the indigenous people the indigenous tribal cultures have a deep-rooted connection to the earth and the ways the earth itself the ways of creation itself you know and how that energy system flows and exists naturally and his abundant is endlessly abundant and is always giving and I love the idea that Kevin brought up that the the real Chiefs in this in indigenous system of which he was speaking were given their status as a result of their giving qualities not of the the taking qualities or even quote leadership qualities but they were they were given their status as a result of how giving they were to the people around them and that's ultimately what we all have to learn that's the lesson we ultimately have to learn is that we need to get back to a consciousness of giving and sharing if we're really going to solve these problems that's where the ultimate solution lies and that's why they want to suppress any cultures that dealt with those notions on a very deep basis they can't have that getting out into the the mass cultural mindset of people because then people will stop again believing in their illusion believing in their paradigm that they want to entrench and things would rapidly change and it would change in their in the controllers eyes for the worse because they would certainly lose their influence and power so Michael your response to that you know some of what you said I agree with um but there's already a system in place that is corrupting this whole thing and if you listen to the mantra give back to the community what did you give back to the community and it's so offensive to me and is if I took something that I did not belong to me and I owe the community who is the community the community is a group of individuals right and everybody has their own thoughts I didn't take anything I don't owe the community anything so you know you can you can have these things but it only goes so far my purpose is individual liberty and self-governance absolutely and so you know they have corrupted this by forcing students in high school cannot graduate until they do so many hours of community service oh don't they don't get me wrong I'm for only um for voluntary sharing absolutely no compelled or compulsory taxation I'm completely against all forms of it you know my whole my whole deal is contribute what you will contribute what you freely have to give of yourself and want to give not because you're compelled to do so that's the level of consciousness on trying to help us steer people toward well that's the Kate that the great thing again great Michael we'll pick this up on the other side with more about our listeners calls we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so we were taking people's calls with our special guest Mike Pelle talking about the monetary system and Mike we do have yet another caller on the line here we go caller from the two one four area code you're live on what on earth is happening with our guest Michael Kelly welcome I am I believe it allow these things or I rather don't believe in a lot of these things I don't believe in money as far as how other people are deifying it there's the profit is the new religion of the world yes and I don't believe in that anymore but I have to have money noise survive this world is built upon this predication that you have to have money in order to make it in order to have a roof over your head and some kind of decent level of living right so how do I get around this issue of the w2 and all the other well your your we're all bound we're all bound by other people's belief systems see while belief you know isn't going to make something that doesn't exist in nature suddenly come into existence it is going to affect behavior of other individuals so if other people believe that you have to live a certain way and you have to do a certain thing to receive something else okay you know in other words I need these paper bills in order to receive food okay and that's their operating principles their behavior is based on those general principles it's going to bind other people's ways of being in the world it's going to actually contribute to how we experience reality even if we don't believe in the same thing they believe in the problem is of course that almost the majority entire majority almost the entire whole of humanity believes in this system of money the percentage of people that don't believe in it is negligible as compared to the people who support it uphold it and continue to enforce its its behaviors so ultimately what we are the very tip of the spear in putting forward the idea that this is all this is all other li illusion this is all something that doesn't serve who we are as a people and we need to continue to help assist that change in mind so that people will stop taking those behaviors that chained us that's really the ultimate solution I'm in no way suggesting that you could just immediately abandon any interactions with their monetary system right now today and probably have any kind of an effective existence because other people believe in this so strongly they'll let you starve in the street that is their mentality of course so you know the the the answer really is is to continue to put out the truth about what this system represents so that people stop believing in it and upholding it and holding it up and therefore they will stop binding our physical ability to live in a world on a planet without this ridiculous illusory system Mike your thought your response to the caller's thoughts I'm just had a hard time with the concept I don't believe in money it's like saying I don't believe in bread line or cheese money is there you have to use it there right now the way things are as you said yeah it's a necessity what we're talking about in the sense that it really isn't the thing that you're exchanging for it there it's it's not a part of nature it's a construct that is invented by the mind of man to represent something else it would be like saying well marbles now represent batteries okay marbles aren't batteries you try to power a device with a marble it isn't going to happen a battery is a store energy a model is not money is a construction and construction concept that exists in the mind that is used in place or by proxy or by way of a real thing so that's what the user is basically talking about and where we understand fully that there is such a thing as actual a monetary system and you know these forms of currency that people use as a mechanism of exchange we're just saying that ultimately human beings don't really need that to actually live on the planet if people would simply stop believing in that construct all concept yeah you know I still see money as probably the greatest invention and it is an abstract concept but it's still to me the greatest invention which is allowed for a high standard of living we enjoy today you know is because it did allow for a diversity of the workforce so you could be in the arts and not have to exchange your artwork for your food you know you could be an engineer you could be a scientist you could be a tail or whatever and it was money that allowed for that money it's now that we've attained all of these things that some people say hey oh I think we're going against human nature as we are now that there is so greed and if everything is there for the taking simply because it's there how are you going to stop the violent and greedy from reneging aw that's the main concept I thought I was talking about today I could only be done as a result of removing that impulse toward greed and the violence that it would spur on by improving the conditions of the environmental conditions in which we live such that that level of consciousness would not be prevalent because the conditions it isn't like just the people are violent and greedy conditions lead people to violent and greedy behaviors and yes then you could say well then if that persists long enough that becomes like their nature I argued last when you call them that this was is not the actual human nature that it is the current human condition and condition means environmental conditions that has created this way of being in the world that is greedy and violent and I'm in no way disagreeing with you human beings have become greedy and violent animals and you know if you just simply tried to remove this system overnight yeah they would become greedy and violent regarding the things that they require to live on a daily basis it's the consciousness change that has to happen first and when when that consciousness change occurs then we won't have any need for this kind of system of exchange because we will contribute freely and share freely among ourselves because we'll understand that that's the only way we're alternately serving who we truly are now how the crux of the situation chicken and egg scenario is it's like you know now how do we go and enlighten the ruling elite who because Saddam who thinks that he wasn't going to take US dollars will send military troops in to kill millions of people oh but that's the key yeah they're just telling people to do those things those people have to be willing to follow them and again the thing that's that so their impetus for doing that is often money is getting that paycheck because they feel that that's the only thing that they can do to earn money in many cases I think that it's not money it's a false sense of nationalism and an honor that doing these things it's a whole mind-control thing we're doing a mind-control a question how many people do you think if you pulled the paycheck from military and police would remain in those capacities as a paycheck you know the military paycheck is so low that there's a WIC office on that were US military base in the world right their paychecks are horrible do they have to afford money they're just let's just let's say you said you if you want to continue to do this you have to do a pro bono completely for free how many people would stay in that capacity well who could do their normal job that they are earning their living with by pulling their paycheck nobody could write doesn't matter if you're doing that over here you're talking to a nurse in a hospital nurse and honestly you don't get paid you have to go in there and take care of sick people all the day how is she gonna put food on her table what I aren't what I would argue is if if someone is truly passionate about what they're doing they would do it regardless of whether they're paid for it or not ladies and gentlemen I'm not paid for what I do I do this and I'm not paid for it yes I receive Federal Reserve notes to you no debt notes to pay for food that I have to eat on a daily basis by doing other tasks but this is my real passion and I would do this and and do do this and will continue to do this absolutely for receive with receiving absolutely nothing for it I don't need anything back in exchange or in return for speaking the truth because that's what I'm passionate about but to bring up another concept Mike I want to recommend this article that I had been telling you about I told you a little bit about before we went on their air tonight that I posted on the website it was an article by James Yeager called non-monetary civilization and the subtitle of this is called how we can evolve an obsolescence of money and James is another individual I've had as a guest on what on earth is happening in the past I may be bringing him on in the future to talk about solutions to the monetary system but Mike I want to read you a little bit of this and get your take on some of James's thoughts on the other side of the break or how is that sound great great all right we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back please and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show we're talking with special guest michael kelly about the monetary system and solutions to the stranglehold that it has over ourselves our situation and our consciousness so Mike I wanted to bring up the article from last week's show which was a phenomenal article that I found on James Yeager's website the Yeager Institute Yeager Research Institute James Yeager's a filmmaker he's from the Philadelphia area he made the great documentary film on the federal reserve system called Fiat Empire which is absolutely required viewing material for anybody wanting to know about the nature of the Federal Reserve System so he shared your solutions approach when it came to commodity based money he said as a stopgap in this article to going to a system where we wouldn't need money at all that a commodity money system would need to be established the commodity could be anything accepted by human participants and as production of these commodities went up the purchasing power of the money the monetary units put into circulation to to purchase these commodities would also increase increase so in other words you would create a month a money supply nut'n unchanging money supply would not be able to be inflated or deflated you would have a set amount of money in circulation and then you would have you would ramp up production on your commodities and then eventually you would need less and less and less money to purchase more and more and more goods so the the value of the money would tend toward would would tend toward a zero you know the money itself would would buy more and more I should say and that the Sesa t4 it would tend towards zero because you would eat so little of it in order to buy so much of the commodity that that it would be almost meaningless at some future point it's really a great concept and I think you can equate it to if you just look at life in the United States just after World War two one man could hold a job make about fifteen thousand dollars a year and have a family of five or six and not only have his home in the city but could also have a vacation home how is that possible with one more person working in a household of six or seven people it's because it works now this article it's on podcast number 98 I'll repost it again with this article for people to check out definitely want to get your thoughts on in private mic after you check it out and read it but I thought it was a very enlightening and I think James has put a good solution forward as a stopgap to slowly transition away from the kind of monetary system we have now to one where money would be obsoleted and we could interact without it and I think that absolutely could work if people really read this article it's called non monetary civilization and the subtitle is how we can evolve the obsolescence of money I've posted it on the site in in the podcast section right at the top under podcast 98 and I'll post it again with this podcast which is 99 in a PDF format and the PDF has only three pages long it's just a short essay on this topic and of James again I have to bring him on the show in the future to talk about this very concept and get his take on this on this essay that he wrote so we have one more caller on the line you want to take that and I'll let you give us your final thoughts how's that sound like that's great alright great here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening from the four one six area code you're on live with our special guest Michael Cali welcome hi guys McCall I just had a question about the recent putting out the posture of moammar qaddafi I wonder what you think of the notion that one of the major reasons why they did that was that he was trying to create an gold-based currency to the continent of Africa and secondarily what does it say about where we are in the world if we have to rely on people like Gaddafi or I'm a demon Ahmadinejad for some kind of backup against these forces good question Mike results on that weight you know it makes perfect sense that NATO would go after Muammar Qaddafi because of the gold he was going to put in a I can't argue with that I agree but how to fix this problem is is we have to we have to stop these the rule in elite how do we stop the ruling elite this is difficult I don't know that it's going to happen without a bloody revolution I don't think they can be enlightened because they are so entrenched into into the dark side and you know there's a lot of speculation that the reason we went into Libya was because he didn't want to put his people on to our type of fractional reserve fiat currency system controlled by the central banks yeah that's true um you know it's one thing about him now but there was a lot more bad stuff but no matter how bad he was it was none of our business to go there and the president United States committed US troops to there without consent of the Congress which is an unconstitutional act it is a high crime you know it is not a misdemeanor and he should be impeached he should also be impeached for the murder of US citizens abroad who he considered terrorist and they're saying they can kill us towers without due process these are the problems in it you know what the bottom line with all this stuff is to keep everyone under control we prop up these dictators when it suits our purpose and then once go against the the the real owners of this country then they send their their lap dogs called the military and to clean up their problem Michael one quick question from a Skype chatter is what do you think of the Liberty dollars and I'll let you take that question and then you could give us your closing thoughts it was another that was another crime for the government to go in and take the Liberty companies money they call the talents of money but I how can you have a sexual reserve note and say that the silver is counterfeit it's just it's not a crime by the federal government it's simple today and it's there just to eliminate competition to their standard which they want everybody hooked on and having no no recourse to if the Franklin Mint decides to put out in circulation currency of a going to close down and the Franklin Mint possibly but like that's who Prince there to Mister there are nickels and dollars they're thinking that all the old coins that we use today Mike we have two minutes left I'm going to give you the floor give us your closing thoughts give us what you think people should look into the the solutions that they should look toward and you know the floor is yours till the end of the show well alright first of all if you want to learn about the estate of money it's a book by NA Ferguson it's a great book it describes money the bubbles why they happen doesn't give any solutions just gives the the facts on how money works in the real world but I'd like to end with one of my favorite quotes by Spooner and he said whoever desires Liberty should understand these vital facts that every man who puts money in the hands of a government puts into a tan ass word which will be used against him to extort more money from him and to keep him in subjection to its arbitrary will Wow while that is extraordinarily powerful because that is really what this is all about you're you're putting the power behind the sword that's being ultimately used to take you down by feeding into this monetary system and ultimately I would still argue the main solution is to pull our mental energy back from this they want us focused on this more than anything else the main thing to put is the pull our mental energy back from the monetary system and stop focusing on what we can do to make money start focusing on making the real money which is the awakening of the mind and treating each other as the true value in this world rather than something that is made at the waving of the wand of a black magician mark you know this has been a really fun experience I haven't done this in a long time I want to thank you very much for having me and I think you just brought me back to the fight absolutely Mike again you were one of the individuals who helped pull me out of my sleep out of my deep trance so I want to thank you eternally for that and you've been a great guest that's all we have time for on this edition of one on earth is happening thanks so much for listening everyone I hope you enjoyed the show with Michael Kelly I'll see you here next Sunday at 5 p.m. East Coast time you've been listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network stick around Chris Everhard show is up next [Music] silent fashion it alone gotta keep my cool make them think I'm made up stop