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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio today is Sunday March 18 2012 my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central we have a great show lined up for you here today today is a special edition of what on earth is happening it is episode number 100 it's a milestone for this radio program and as as part of the 100th radio show for what on earth is happening I wanted to do something a little bit special a little bit out of the ordinary and instead of continuing to cover you know that the outline that I developed for solutions for the topics that we had planned for solutions I want to bring on a very special guest today my friend Jay Parker who is going to talk about solutions oriented approaches for ritual abuse and trauma based mind control Jay you may remember he was one of the speakers at the free your mind conference back in 2011 and he did a phenomenal presentation there that enlightened a lot of people you could check that out on YouTube you could also look it up at free your mind conference com go to the speaker page click on Jays link and you could watch the entire presentation Jay came on this radio program as neo before he came forward under his his actual name to speak at the free or mind conference so many of you will remember him from show number 17 where he discussed satanic ritual abuse and trauma based mind control today we're not going to rehash all of that horror we're going to stay focused on solutions and what people who may have gone through some type of extreme trauma like this can do to basically psychologically heal themselves so that's coming up on the show today and I'm really looking forward to it I do have one quick event announcement and that is regarding truth freedom prosperities monthly documentary screening and discussion night that's coming up as it always does on the last Wednesday of every month Wednesday March 28th 2012 at 7 o'clock p.m. note the the time change 7:00 p.m. instead of 7:15 we're meeting as always at media Bureau Studios here in Philadelphia Media bureaus is in the Northern Liberties section of the city on the corner of 4th and Brown the exact address 725 North 4th Street in Philadelphia this month we're going to be showing the great documentary slavery by consent slavery by consent is a documentary that exposes how we are seen as nothing more than chattel by the entrenched rulers of the global control system it also explains how humanity ultimately enslaves itself by giving our consent to be ruled by these Psychopaths and agreeing that we must somehow obey their dictates our true power will only be found when we develop the courage to stand up and emphatically say no once and for all to human slavery but will we join us for this great documentary slavery by consent Wednesday March 28th we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we have a very special guest as kind of a UH a celebration of our 100th episode and that special guest is Jay Parker here's his bio Jay was born into a multi-generational satanic illuminati family and received monarch trauma-based mind control as a child for the first seven years of his life Jay was subject to satanic ritual abuse in a large cult setting on the show today I'll be discussing with Jay some holistic recovery and healing methods for satanic ritual abuse survive survivors among many other topics Jay welcome back - what on earth is happening well it's great to be here mark your 100th show congratulations thanks man I appreciate it and I appreciate you being here well in the time since I did the what on earth is happening at show number 17 and today I have to say that my healing is gone very well that's really great to hear I'm sure people will be really happy to hear that and uh they're going to be also anxious to hear about how what kind of techniques and methods you've used to accomplish that coming back to balance psychologically and spiritually we're going to be talking about that and getting in-depth on those methods on this show today but before we do that one of the things that I would like to briefly talk about and get your take on is the occult season of sacrifice and this is something that I talked about fairly extensively on what on earth is happening in the past and the reason I mention it is because tomorrow I would say is the unofficial beginning of that season with March 22nd 3 22 being the actual real official beginning of that occult season of sacrifice now I talked about this concept on shows number 51 and 52 so if people are not familiar with what the season of sacrifice is I'm not going to completely go over it again I've I've put the three images that I discussed on shows 51 and 52 on the radio show page for this show so if you don't see that you can refresh the page it's right underneath the player on the radio show page of what on earth is happening or it is posted with podcast 100 if you're listening to the podcast so those three images are showing the occult calendar the the the calendar of the Sabbats the midpoints of each season and then explaining why the spring equinox is seen as an extremely special time kind of like the renewal of the year when the Sun breaks the midpoint or the zero Degree point of it's up the Earth's plane of orbit the Sun of course due to the Earth's plaintive orbit is visually seen to go from 23.5 degrees south latitude of the earth to 23.5 degrees north latitude of the earth depending on the time of the year and the midpoint where zero-point of that is the spring equinox and also the autumn equinox but it is seen to be rising during the spring equinox signaling a time of rebirth and renewal but also in the dark occult sense this is a time of sacrifice when blood is to be given to the earth and to the Sun in order that a bountiful harvest may be received during harvest season so that's the short explanation of what the season of sacrifice is and if you look at these three images it basically explained that this is a 40 day period 40 being a very significant symbolic occult and biblical number from 322 or March 22nd to May 1st which is the midpoint of the spring season which is the Sabbat known as val purchased nacht val purchased not happens on May 1st and it is the highest occult holiday of the year so if you look into history and you look at false flag operations and you look at covert sacrifice rituals done in the name of showing people how horrible these things are and that we have to do something you know to gain control over this situation like school shootings and bombings and terrorist events etc a high percentage of them take place during this 40 day window and just a very brief example I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of them I just compiled this quickly right before the show the BP oil spill happened on April 20th Waco the the siege at Waco occurred at on April 19th the Oklahoma City bombing happened on April 19th the Columbine school shootings happened on April 20th the assassination of Martin Luther King happened on April 4th the Virginia Tech school shootings happened on April 16th the massacre at Port Arthur happened to 8:00 on April 28th all within this 40 day window that is known as the season of sacrifice so one of the things I want to start off talking about is that this season is is getting ready to open up as a matter of fact again I would say that the unofficial season is March 19th okay which hat which starts tomorrow that's three days before the official opening of this season which is March 22nd okay and that's another symbolic reason the three days before the official rising that that the son is dead as of March 19th and then finally really truly breaks the the horizon of the zero degree latitude mark on the 22nd of March 322 again another symbolic occult number and it is highly associated with the dark occult organization known as the the Skull and Bones the order of Skull and Bones or the order of death so this season is something that we have to be vigilant during especially so not to say we don't need to be vigilant during other times of the year but especially during this season so I'm putting out a call for people to be look out for false flag events for fake terror events for bombings and shootings etc okay or justifications to go to war they're constantly trying they've been trying to push to go to war in many different areas okay Iran not the least of which Africa now with this uh you know Kony situation you know that they're trying to flan out there when this person hasn't really been a threat in Africa for years and they're trying to trot that out in front of people to justify going into going to war in the Uganda region of Africa so the the situation the actual time of this year is ripe for a false flag event and we really need to be extraordinarily vigilant during this time in particular so Jay I want to turn the floor over to you before we start getting into satanic ritual abuse and healing methods for it I want to get your take on the occult season of sacrifice knowing that you came from an occult family tell us what your take is on that and what you think we should be on the watch for well growing up in my family everything you know in the religion you know basically yeah you know all about it bow purchase not all the different holidays you know different rituals but we're gonna pick this up on the other side of the break I know this break just just got us it snuck up on us but I'll turn the floor over to you when we come back from the break and you can tell us what your position is on the season of sacrifice and you know what you think we should be looking out for some of the things that you think they might try they might try to sneak in past us during this this time that they look at as they must give blood to the earth in order to get there their manifestation to take place we'll pick that up on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone I'm mark SEO and you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network my special guest satanic ritual abuse survivor Jay Parker we're going to be getting into healing methodologies for SRA satanic ritual abuse a little bit later on the show but I opened up the show with a warning to people that were about to enter the time period known as the occult season of sacrifice which I covered rather extensively on podcasts number 51 and 52 I went into a list of events that happened during that season and I turned the floor over to Jay tell us what your take is on the occult season of sacrifice and maybe perhaps what we should be on the lookout for during that time period well when it came to the cult I was in my father claimed to be not generation Illuminati and that his family was in the Illuminati census 1720s basically the entire first seven years of my life every time you turned around there was some sort of ritual or special holiday I mean it's very much like the Catholic Church every time you turn around it's it's some saints feast most of the time they didn't need a reason to kill somebody for let's say Halloween they did what they did based on religious practices that that go back for them probably 3,000 BC so when I when I look at my let's say early spring memories of being in the call for me it's the same it was the same as any other time were whether there were there was always raping and torture but if there was a human sacrifice to be done it meant it always wasn't really that big difference but for them to do it May 1st or to do it during the equinox the summer solstice they they didn't need a an excuse of reason they they just did would kill people all year long they would rape people all year long but when it comes to what you're talking about with the season of sacrifice that's where you get into the Illuminati mind controlled manipulation of society in general and then so this is an event on a mass scale done to to push consciousness in a certain direction on a mass scale well when you talk about mass consciousness manipulation my favorite story and my family was watching the JFK funeral with my mother father and two brothers and my father saying to my mother that he had just finished talking to the head of our town cult and he said to my mother this is a ritual it's called the death of a king and we did this and the driver of the limo was our man and I'm just saying and this is just like the death of Diana this is something the killing of the king or queen is something that I talked about if people go on the news section of my website I got into this with Bob from Cincinnati when he brought me on his show a cult empire a couple of months ago and we briefly discussed the ritual known as the killing of the king I'm not sure if I went into that during the season of sacrifice shows or not I can't quite remember but I do know I touched upon this topic on occult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati and you could check that out that was a show that was actually on the alchemical tradition alchemy that I did with Bob on a cult Empire a couple months ago you can check that out in the news section of the of the what on earth is happening website but jaehwi you had mentioned another one during the break just off the top of your head you threw it out there the Battle of Lexington and Concord actually happened on this date April 19th it seems that for mass killing for mass murder this date is so favored April 19th and April 20th our seemed to be extreme favorite dates in the mindset of these dark occultist you want to touch on that well of course April 20th is Adolf Hitler's birthday so you always have to try to give kudos to the master of eugenics on its birthday now I can see why these you genisys would want to sort of you know tip their hat in other words in a very sick and twisted way so this date these dates in particular April 19th and 20th you know absolutely be keeping your eyes open during that we'll talk more about it as as it approaches but again I consider the unofficial beginning of this season to be tomorrow so that that is what I would consider really the opening of the season of sacrifice is March 19th so I guess you know that's really all I wanted to say about that and just I'll put it out there for people to really really be aware of it don't obsess over it study it understand it understand that this is the mindset of these twisted psychopathic individuals that are the occultists who are really running things in the power structure of our world but this is their belief system you know I'm not telling you that there is any kind of special magic that occurs because they can find a way to manipulate a situation where thousands hundreds or thousands of people are killed during a certain time of the year what I am Telling You is that that's what they believe they believe that and are certainly willing to act upon that belief system so it's important to understand their beliefs and keep an eye out during this time of the year so let's let's move on and start getting into satanic ritual abuse healing methods the first thing I would I guess I want to ask you is what helped you to come out on the condition that you were in as a result of all the trauma and abuse that you suffered during your childhood what did you specifically do or what happened to you to help you start to bridge that gap psychologically mentally emotionally spiritually tell us you know what basically led you from that condition of deep imbalance pain and suffering to the condition that you're in today being an awakened aware individual well the journey of you know thousands of steps and one step builds onto the platform of the previous step and you rise up out of the mind control I have to say that because of the adage birds of a feather flock together many of my friends were abuse victims and so one of the things that helped wake me up was that one of my close personal friends was a satanic ritual abuse victim also and he had woken up to the fact that he had been raped and tortured as a child and he started reading books about it and then he gave them to me because once he got enough understanding of his psychology he took a look at me and said oh that's why we're good friends because subconsciously we both had been through the wringer interesting what would you say that it would also have a great bearing upon whether someone be starts to go in the direction of healing the kind of people that they would choose to associate with perhaps even after the the direct trauma has been done to them one of the amazing things when I look back at when I first started breaking my programming first started breaking down one of the main reasons with this is I stayed away purposely from my father who was my primary hand without him able to reboot my programming it started losing power so physically removing yourself if it is within your capability from from doing that if you know that this kind of abuses is being done to you physically leaving the scenario if you can muster the courage to do that and if you know the cult that is doing this to you does not you know want to physically keep you held hostage in a physical way physically removing yourself from that scenario is step one absolutely we'll pick this up on the other side of the break our special guest today jay Park [Music] [Applause] [Music] we're back everyone our special guest today Jay Parker survivor of satanic ritual abuse and we're talking about healing methods for SRA satanic ritual abuse Jay was saying that the first thing to do is to physically remove yourself from the circumstances of the cult from the actual physical surroundings of the cult that you may be surrounded by and this is obviously doable to a certain extent depending on the the nature of the the type of cult that you're dealing with this was possible to an extent for you many people are under such strong mind-control that they can't mentally bring themselves to do that but many people I guess some of their role in the cult setting is valuable enough to the cult members that they will not physically be allowed to do that so if it is possible that is the very first thing is as Jay was talking about this concept of people of like-minded consciousness will continue to breed that same consciousness so it's very important to physically remove yourself from those surroundings so Jay do you want to touch anything more on that do you want to move on to the next technique well well one thing I remember from that time of becoming aware of reality as opposed to my programmed mindset was the emotional horror of finally pulling the curtain back and starting to break through the amnesic barriers of the trauma and having body feelings and memories coming into my mind from what I had experienced as a child and emotionally it was really painful but I was fortunate that in my own consciousness that when I realized how I had been duped and used as a tool you know a bit of the cold I was angry enough that I actually decided that I was gonna get better from it I wasn't going to wallow in the negativity I was going to find positive things and heal myself and because I understood enough about human life in general that we are to a basic extent computers and it's garbage in garbage out and whatever you're focusing your attention on that's where your energy is gonna be and by reading healing books psychologically and as for its spring Myers book on how to make a monarch mountain control slave was really helpful to me because I was able to see the clinic way of looking at these rituals since and understand the why and how of what I had experienced so quality of attention plays into this in a big way and this is one of the things that we've already talked about on the show as one of the overarching solutions for how humanity can change its consciousness and heal its imbalances so that plays a huge role in recovery from ritual abuse as well what you pay attention to is ultimately what's going to manifest in your life of course with mind control and mind control triggers the kind that are embedded in trauma-based mind control that could be an even taller order for people who are just let's say hooked on certain forms of media or you know hooked on certain forms of frivolous entertainment so that that will obviously be a tall order for people who have been through this ringer of trauma-based mind control but why don't we stay focused on on that aspect of it for the time being and talk about who are some of the influences some of the people that you really kind of paid attention to to help you to to uh change your worldview and mindset well all I have to say is thank God for the internet and III have to say the the process of break one of the things that will happen when you're a monarch or you go through any cold abuse and and this this ghost were and any quote endquote just off-the-beaten-path religion people are susceptible to emotional abuse and emotional manipulation in group settings and all I have to say is when I woke up I had already because of the web had started to read books by by authors that expanded my awareness of reality let's say I was a big fan and still AM of nasty hair mine I I liked the work of dr. Bruce Lipton when he talks about the epigenetic nature and the reprogrammable nature of human consciousness both physically and mentally and when I was waking fighting the let's just call it the suicide programming of Monarch because once you really put your foot down and say okay I see what this happened to me I know who my abusers are you'll go through a period of several months where this and it's nothing more than suicide programming where emotionally and mentally you'll be up against the wall and your your mind and body will be screaming at you kill yourself there's you know don't don't try to heal from this just give up look at your whole life was a fraud bla bla bla and I just fought through that because of my understanding that I didn't know everything and that there was a lot to learn and and understand I hadn't given up on life because of what happened to me I realized that I had been given an opportunity to literally reprogram myself okay so we talked about removal from the physical surroundings if that is within your capability to do so the change in the quality of attention who you pay attention to what you focus your attention on will redirect the manifestation that's taking place in your life let's move on to another technique what would you say is the next most important thing to start to do to reverse the the tide and heal of the world view and heal the psychological and and the physical damage that has been done you know as a result of the direct mind control techniques particularly the trauma based techniques well it in in the books I was reading I was reading a lot of psychology books based on trauma both call an on call sexual trauma I was reading a lot of information based on the sciences and history and just generally speaking ie got myself into a a conscious state where learning and understanding became an important thing to me when I realized what that my family was totally called and you know basically my brother even my older brother tried to reboot my programming at one point as I was pulling away okay and when he did that and I realized that not even my most beloved brother was my friend anymore now most people when that realization we hit them they would be crushed totally but for me I realized from that it's it's it's it's something that I guess I just read enough psychology to the point where I had develop some critical thinking skills of my own instead of being really I was angry at my brother for being cult and trying to reboot my programming but I also had read enough of Fritz spring Mars work and some of the other trauma based psychologists to understand that until people take a step back from their personal programming whether it's trauma based or whether it's religion or whatever it is and look at it through critical thinking they're nothing but prisoners of their programming so what you needed to realize in the instance with your brother is that he was simply a prisoner of his own programming and doing what his programming dictated so part of your own healing was letting go of that resentment that he's still under the the mind control and your coming out of it and to basically let that anger go regarding the state of consciousness that he still trapped in oh absolutely I when when that particular incident happened although I was mad at him I also had read enough that I had an understanding about basically the robotic nature of people or programmed would it be fair to sum up that basic aspect of Oh as a technique for healing from this type of trauma would it be fair to group that under the category generally of forgiveness in general oh absolutely I think one of the biggest things you have to do is lighten up on yourself absolutely that's very important to you know basically look at things in a positive way the power of positive thinking that's something we're going to talk a lot more about on in the future on this show we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen our special guest Jay Parker you know welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show our special guest Jay Parker survivor of satanic ritual abuse we're talking about healing methodologies for people who have been put through this horrific form of trauma-based mind control so Jay you were talking about the you know the the necessity for forgiveness for people that are still trapped in this kind of abusive setting and you know are operating on you know their automaton programming and realize that that really isn't the individual that really isn't that the the true person that's not the true individual that's not their real soul they're operating on under programmed conditions and circumstances that have been instilled there that programming has been instilled there by trauma that they themselves went through so I said is that fair to call it as a general technique practicing forgiveness and your response to that well let's just talk about my oldest brother that when he tried to reboot my programming under direction of my father you know I just looked at him and that's the last time I actually saw him physically and that was over 10 years ago and basically when that incident happened and I realized he was in on it I always extremely angry at him but but we had had as my programming was breaking down I reached out to my brother to try to discuss some of the things I was remembering from our childhood and my brother looked at me and with tears in his eyes he said to me I don't want to go back there I don't want to think about that time at all I can't deal with it and I said I want to know what happened you know I have these memories flooding back to me I'm going to understand this and so you you go on line and and some of the first memories that that came back to me were sexual abuse and also some of the training time that I actually spent alone with my parents being told the true nature of reality in the world that the Illuminati controlled the world that we were an Illuminati family and the things we did were because we were part of the power structure and so then you you start to search out Illuminati secret societies what what are these things what are these memories and you start to read people like David Icke and you start to go down the rabbit hole and you start through study and and research and try to find answers to the memories that you have which that's what I did so what would you say that wanting to look at what actually occurred is like a prerequisite for healing psychologically and mentally and and emotionally can people do you think that they can fully heal from this type of trauma if they refuse to admit what occurred and and not look at it and not want to know all about what really happened and why you know is it possible for them to heal without doing that homework you know or is that a prerequisite is that something that people really need to you know basically buck up and do that work look into it no matter how dark it is to really fully recover I went through an interesting time mark in the first several years of my recovery process and that by reading a lot of books by mainstream psychologists and let's say abuse therapists and psychologists I found that they had what I all I can say is a mentality of rowling and of victimization of constantly constantly rehashing the trauma rather than reprogramming and I I don't know why maybe it's something in me but I wanted an understanding and then I wanted to release it and then reach out and bring something empowering intimate into me so that I would truly be rise above what had happened to me so it's the idea once again of knowing but not focusing on the negative knowing about it knowing how it works but not obsessing on the negative there's so much negativity and there's so many mind-control techniques and you know dark things that are taking place in the world if we obsessed on it we would you know basically shut ourselves down and we would never come into any kind of personal power or personal empowerment we need to be aware of the darkness as which is why I spent a year and a half on mind control techniques to make people aware of all the multi-faceted techniques of control that are going mass control that are going on all around us at all times and places but at the same time we moved on from that because I don't want to just dwell on those things we're talking about how we can set things right ultimately you know empowerment is what we want to focus on we want to be aware of the dark but then turn our attention to well what can we actually do to heal from those dark things that are going on around us so it's absolutely important to keep in mind be aware of the darkness but don't dwell upon it and let it take over your everyday waking consciousness there's a big difference between those things and sometimes it could be a line to walk you have so many people that constantly talk about all the negative that's going on but never really bring up solutions well what we do here as part of what on earth is happening is discussed solutions and what we can actually do practically and pragmatically to bring about a change in the current situation so that's a very key thing there J and I'm glad you brought it up so let's talk about some of the physical things like I know you wanted to get into food and how the change of diet can really help with the change of mental attitude worldview and psychology as well so what do you want to say in regards to what you did practically to change your physiology and what you were take you know taking into your body nourishing your your your body computer with so to speak well one of the things I used to love to do in my life before I woke up was I love to work really hard and party really hard so I would drink after work practically every day and one of the things I had to face as I woke up was that was a program in me to keep my subconscious memories and to keep what was stewing deep down inside me mentally from surfacing was just have a drink relax forget about it and so I stopped drinking to excess and I started learning about nutrition and I started realizing more and more from the scientists and philosophers I was reading that you're basically the sum total of your own personal knowledge so if you're ignorant of something you're not you're not going to do yourself any favors and and this especially when we talk about diet and this is a big issue with you and you look at what's being fed to the human race today one of the first things you can do to make yourself feel better and heal yourself is the stop eating GMO poison just get away from aspartame alcohol and drug abuse you literally stop feeding the deme and start feeding the healing and it takes a little more effort and at times I have to say I look at my organic diet now and I'm not a chef so it's it's somewhat bland but that's the way I keep it the price down is I don't go crazy and keep it simple but I noticed absolute changes in my physiology in the last three years especially since I went totally vegan and organic and I just I stay away from the garbage it really is a form of vibratory energy that we're taking in through our food so I how you put it is so appropriate when people feed low vibrational food to their body they're literally feeding demons that are controlling them that are keeping them on that program because that demon acts like a parasite at once that that that entity wants to feed on the low vibratory form of energy and at once you constantly down in your energy system so that it can stay latched on to you because if you get healthy and you get on to high vibratory energy foods living natural foods living organic foods those energy vampires that are all around us are not going to feed there they can't they can't stay and attached and feed off of that different vibrational energy through through high quality food so we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio into the second hour of show our special guest today Jay Parker were talking about satanic ritual abuse and then methodologies for psychologically and mentally healing from this type of trauma-based mind control and I want to give the calming number because um we're going to be taking calls this hour a little bit later in the program so the callin number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the caller number eight six six eight four one one zero six five is the number to call in and join us live be patient get in the caller queue and I will take your calls after we cover a couple more topics so Jay you want to wrap up on food and how important that really is to to set the body right the the the vibratory energy of the body ultimately needs to be in right harmonic vibration oscillation in order for the subsequent healing to take place mentally emotionally psychologically and you want to talk about some of the people that helped you to really recognize that so that you could put that into practice in your life well when when I first woke up I I had some fortunate things happen to me because of my situation in my life for many years being being a zombie in the system most of the people I worked with in business and personal friends were either former abuse victims or in the Illuminati themselves so I just want to tell this one little story because it deals with how I got to where I am today there was a bar owner in the neighborhood here in Philadelphia and I would go over to his bar and drink and it'd become known to most those people that were in my circle of friends that I had realized that I was a traumatic abusive victim because I was talking to people who were who were close to me about what was going on with me so it kind of got around the grapevine of the call in Philadelphia that I had woken up and so I went to this one guy's bar and I'm sitting down and having a beer and he looks at me and I could tell that he was in he was in the call I don't want to get into details with it but let's just say he looks at me and he says do you have a TV and I said yes I do and he said it's really not good for you and you know being an aluminous he could have literally you know hurt me if he wanted to but because he personally liked me and he heard that I was waking up he decided instead of putting me down and stepping on me with his heel he decided ah the guy's got some consciousness in him after all well I'll give him a little pointer a you know a way out of the of the Me's and he just and I'll never forget him looking at me and saying that TV it's really not good for you and the way said it to me was as a handler would give a point of direction to a slave almost as if he was just outright admitting in very few words that they are the controller's of that device they are the people who put the vibratory energy that they do out into the world through that device and what the results of that kind of of consciousness intake of the intake that that type of information would be upon the consciousness all right this is the short segment so we'll pick it off on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen here on the oracle broadcasting network we'll be back with our guest Jay Parker [Music] [Music] we're back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio our special guest today on the show satanic ritual abuse survivor Jay Parker we're talking about healing methods for sra and we covered several and we were talking about food and how important it is to get on healthy organic foods because that's vibratory energy that's also affecting consciousness that's affecting our emotional makeup and our psychological makeup and it's something I talked about extensively on the show we did many programs on all the dangers and poisons that are in food and we did many shows on what the right thing to do regarding food is Jay was talking about television and how poisonous that form of intake of media is and this is something we talked about in the change of quality of attention section as part of solutions to overall mass mind control what it seems sound like to me more and more is that a lot of the healing techniques for extreme traumatic mind control such as Jay went through and many others have they dove tail and go hand in hand with the solutions for mass mind control they're basically doing the same thing to the person's consciousness putting it under a form of control of behavioral control okay they're they're using different methods to do that the methods are more subtle and long-term and chronic when it comes to mass mind control but under trauma-based mind control they're more extreme and they're more highly focused and they're done in shorter orders of time it sounds like though the general solutions are basically very similar to each other Jay your comment on that and then if you want to continue on food and and quality of attention through cutting out television go right ahead well I absolutely believe that no one should watch TV except for maybe one or two good entertain programs a week if you're watching TV more than three hours a week you've got a problem it's I mean physiologically and what it does and bringing down your brainwave pattern put you in a state of hypnosis so that the subliminals can be put into your subconscious if you want to do that to yourself good luck with that one of the things that my healing process was fortunate to have was I was taught to be a reader and so when I started waking up I didn't do anything but try to get information and web has been a great tool but also uh you know hanging out with people like you mark people who are actively using their entire life force to get to the truth about what the human race is here for you know what are the big questions I mean what happens in our society is we're told to think small minded and they think selfishly and not to really get a big overview about history philosophy spirituality what you're really here for and fortunately as I woke up David Ickes books were really good in getting me to open up because the Illuminati control system is a system of scarcity and it's a system of I wouldn't say just disempowerment but it really is a small box that you live in and you're not allowed to look outside that box absolutely and that's the thing that they continuously reinforced through their media which is going to be enforced through the television and that's what part of what holds people in such a small limited perception of the reality in which they live in on a day to day basis I want to comment on what you said about David Icke because he was a research that really really helped my awakening process as well and for people that you know have a lob cited or slanted interpretation of this man's work I would say stop going on what you have heard from other people or that even that you've just watched in a five minute YouTube video you need to sit down and read his books from the beginning from the early ones start at his very first book which I thought was I think truth vibrations he wrote another one there wasn't really about consciousness that was about the green party movement I think it was called it doesn't have to be like this which is also an excellent book his first book and what you can consider alternative information and higher consciousness was truth vibrations and I would highly recommend people start reading his work from their from his earlier books and proceed to some of his later books that are much larger and jam-packed with even more information but then you'll really get a sense of what a kind of researcher that man is you know and and how proliferates his work is prolific his work is I mean the amount of research that he's put into even one of his books you could research on those topics for a lifetime because they're so well documented and they're you know there's so many references provided particularly in some of his larger books like and the truth shall set you free or the biggest secret I mean they could take you when mm zuv topics on their own just from the endnotes from each chapter so people who have a colored viewpoint of his work really should stop paying attention to hearsay again or what they've seen in a brief clip somewhere and actually sit down and read what he has written over 20 years of his life through I think now 8 17 or 18 books something like that so that's what I have to say on that Jay we want to get into a couple other topics too you wanted to talk about the Trivium a little bit you have emotional freedom technique was another healing modality that you all want to direct people toward if they're not familiar with it or know about it EFT and I want you to tell the listeners about your work with orgonite as well so let's start with the Trivium what kind of work have you done regarding that and how could people employ that well one of the things they happens to you as you as you start to read David Icke and Josh I I think when it comes to understanding the mental faculties of being a human being people like Kevin Trudeau and Bruce dr. Bruce Lipton their lectures have been indispensable healing tools for me and I'm not saying that Kevin Trudeau and Bruce Lipton have a hundred percent lock on truth or accuracy but some of the concepts these men do you deal with on a daily basis and try to teach people uh like epigenetic biology with bruce lipton is that you are source programmable and you can program yourself with positive things and make yourself happy or you can program yourself and keep feeding yourself garbage and the garbage you'll manifest it's your choice it's individual responsibility but I really think that you know Andrew Grove and John Irvin with the Trivium have been real inspirational to me as far as guys that are teaching about the ancient philosophy of critical thinking absolutely and that is one of the most important methods for truth discoveries so if you're going to get out of this parasitic worldview and the worldview that's basically been leeching off of you you have to have a method methodology for discovering and understanding the truth and the Trivium is as you've said indispensable in that regard ladies and gentlemen stay with us our special guests on this episode of what on earth is happening Jay Parker we'll be right back after these words the Oracle brought [Music] you can't stop people to find Victor come alcohol a situation see so tire as satanic ritual abuse and I'm glad to be joined by one of them right here today on this broadcast J Parker so J we're going to continue talking about SRA healing techniques you brought up the Trivium where we want to talk about emotional freedom technique or what is commonly known as EFT and I want to I want you to tell people about your research and work with orgonite and some of the some of the theories and technologies of Wilhelm Reich so we'll get into that coming up but we do have a caller on the line do you want to go to the phones and take a phone call sure great okay here we go Richard in Washington you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Jay Park and welcome yeah thank you for having me on my background is a probation officer I was trained educated in physiological psychology brain behavior and through my career as a probation correction officer and counselor what I found was there's a close connection between habitual behavior which is makes us as a human being very successful and addictive behavior and I've kind of challenged you before as far as you know looking into what we consider to be food as possible addiction especially to carbohydrates and grains the vegetarian myth is a exposition by vagin vegetarian who when her health started to deteriorate she really checked into it and found out the whole background of of what was happening not only in her condition but in the world in general I highly recommend that the Eric Keith is her name last name Kei th and what you find and just what I found in AAA is people go from an alcohol addiction to say an addiction to coffee cigarettes and donuts and they're just trading addictions and I don't want to sound insensitive here but but this seems to be somewhat about what you're talking about now the personality we can take this on a spiritual level the personality seems to want to just predictions Without Really acknowledging the fact that they've gone from the habitual positive aspect of things to the addictive losing sight of reality perspective I'll give that as my my opinion and if you want to answer that and then ask me again for a little more input I'd be happy to let you respond I actually like to talk to you a little bit more about the aspects of diet but one thing I have to say is a well-rounded mental outlook has been one of the things that has really healed me when the Trivium gets you to really critically think about the information that you're being given you start to look for the strings on the puppets in all aspects of your life and you start to say well this person is telling me this but is it because they're a organic vegetable seller I mean what's the motivation behind the people who are giving me information and I'm incorporating it into my worldview and into my life and when you start to cut the strings of the puppets in front of you and make up your own mind and do your own research then it becomes your life and your decision and your responsibility and your manifestation and and this is something that it literally took me eight years to even get baby steps onto a platform of self responsibility and Richard I'm not really quite sure what I mean this is what you were saying regarding that have to do with ritual abuse per se in particular I mean you know shit yeah yes there's been great points made and now last one was was it an exceptionally great point that's what I'm saying is possibly what you're mistaking for addiction and programming and we all get programmed from youth that's the nature of turning to Franco and I don't want to sound insensitive because you're sure you know I can't put myself in another shoes and nobody knows you know their experience you mean for like other individuals I was referring to like people who may still be in that mind in that mindset right right but I do ask and as part of the last good point was due diligence partakes of taking opinions and and in research from other sides of the perspective and that's why I've challenged you and I the guests to read the vegetarian myth this will give you a true perspective and I call it the Trivium my background is in Latin rather than a Trivium like it's not trivial it's it's a triangular a perspective three sides and and I just asked you to look at that and investigate the fact that carbohydrates and like I said grains maybe something can contributing to an addictive pattern and not really to a vibratory enlightenment sure you know I think definitely we have to limit the intake of carbohydrates in general I don't think you know I think that's it's dangerous that they did that the conventional food and health system seems to want to put those as the very bottom or basis of the pyramid of the food pyramid and I and I've talked about before how I think that is definitely not the case because it's not something that we need to make the staple of our diet I've said that you know the actual living energy that's contained in foods that grow from the earth that are that are actually living like fresh fruits whole fruits and vegetables as well we should make the very staple the the basis of the of the diet because that's taking in the living energy of the Sun so a great call there Richard and we don't have any other callers on the line but the number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number to join what on earth is happening with our special guest Jay Parker is eight six six eight four one one zero six five the lines are so call in and I'll put you right through J let's get back to another healing technique that you wanted to cover which was EFT or emotional freedom technique you want to tell the listeners a little bit about this because this is not something I've talked about on what on earth is happening as of yet and I want you to break it down and tell people what it is what it's about and how you've employed it well well as I've stated previously to lecturers that I really like one being Kevin Trudeau who has his own radio show quite a few books out there he's anti New World Order and anti Big Pharma so he's got my vote but Trudeau talks about he has a series called your wish is your command and it's basically an understanding of human subconscious and your own personal programming now it's very much like the secret but the secret is something where they'll tell you the first two methods out of a five method belief system and you're not going to go anywhere with it but there are some truths in the secret and in your wishes your command that are paramount in understanding human psychology but Bruce Lipton's work he goes into a an eight-hour lecture called the wisdom of yourselves once a person understands that the first six years of their life they're on complete download programming they do not differentiate any information coming in whatsoever they're just making these the sub-conscious processor of their biological computer that means the first six years of your life you're being completely programmed your conscious mind only represents one percent of what's going on in your life you need to understand that if you got problems in your life you might want to reprogram EFT emotional freedom technique is a reprogramming of the subconscious I personally cannot recommend Kevin Trudeau and Bruce lift and highly enough these are two individuals people really need to understand that series that you talked about your wishes your command is invaluable people really need to check it out listen to what Kevin Trudeau is saying understand some of the sources that that material came from as well and who's using those techniques and check out Bruce Lipton's work on you know junior grade [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc Castillo my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking with special guest Jay Parker on this 100th episode edition of what on earth is happening about healing techniques for satanic ritual abuse psychological mental physical emotional Jay we're talking about an emotional healing technique known as EFT emotional freedom technique you were talking you were setting that up telling people that they need to really discover some of the work on a law of attraction that that Kevin Trudeau has done and also some of the work that the former cell biologist Bruce Lipton has done regarding behavior environment and genes and his work like the wisdom of your cells and biology of belief now transition that into talking about emotional freedom technique and what that actually is why that research of Trudeau and Lipton is important regarding that and let us know what he can actually do in a person's life and I know that you've used it to great benefit well my favorite there's an entire new psychology that's known as energy healing and basically most of them and there are quite a few different varieties there's a touch and breathe there psyche a there's a emotional freedom technique which I find to be the easiest and simplest that though but basically you would form a thought in your mind as to a negative belief or a feeling you have or it could be anything but you put something in your mind and then you tap on acupressure points in your body while saying a phraseology that will help you to heal or deal with the trauma or the fear that you have and one of the reasons I really like EFT is for you just go to Amazon put in EFT and there's a bunch of books on how to do it properly Gary Craig is a person I really respect when it comes to EFT there there have been EFT counselors that have dramatically healed post-traumatic stress disorder War veterans in VA s in the space of two or three days taking people who are literally basket cases emotionally and getting them to a point of emotional healing over the trauma that they went through in war and EFT has a post-traumatic stress disorder book out there tell us about what EFT actually is like what is the technique that is used in it well when it happened was there was a psychologist in Los Angeles by the name of Caliban and Calormen was treating a woman who had a severe phobia of water and he was also at the time studying some Asian medicine and acupressure and acupuncture and he decided one day when this woman came over for her session with him and he had been working with her for years over her phobia on water and he decided just as I'm beginning to talk to her I'll just tap on an acupressure point on her collarbone and say to her the don't worry about the water the water's fine you know and what had happened by accident it's subconsciously reprogrammed her and she immediately ran into his backyard and stuck her feet in his pool and this is a woman that would literally have a heart attack if she got near a pool and so Calormen understood that he he had discovered something and so he kept doing investigation and research and from his investigation he came up with the energy psychology healing technique which Gary Craig went to Kalinin and developed the FT so to be clear it's tapping on different pressure points in the body while sort of repeating I guess either aloud or to yourself some sort of a mantra that you're going to change a behavior or a belief that you don't particularly like about yourself we're a write a an aspect of the server is a a setup that one does and let's say your fear is rats and you would say to yourself while tapping on a particular acupressure point you would say I have no more fear of rats rats don't scare me and then as you go through the entire gamut of pressure points you would say but say the word rats and you would do this several times and basically you can go online and see Gary Craig's YouTube videos where he demonstrates emotional freedom technique in action and all I can say is I've spent a lot of time with different psychologists in my life and I can say for myself that EFT it's been a really wonderful technique for me because not only do I start clearing away the baggage of my personal trauma but it also brings out of my subconscious other issues that my mind wants to get rid of so I'll do an EFT session with myself based on some things I went through in the SRA and other issues will come to my mind and I'll tap on those issues because EFT has the ability to really bring out of your subconscious deep hidden issues and you know I think it's more than just a belief in the mind that doing that is going to make a difference like the actual tapping I think it's actually redirecting energy from these pressure points I mean you know about the system of acupuncture and and other healing traditions that use pressure points in order to release certain energies in the body or door redirect the flow of energy in the body so I think there's something physically tangibly to this technique that actually makes it a viable solution and makes it actually work would you agree with that oh absolutely one of the things that I've been doing and you know this about me is I'll listen to interviews on red eyes radio and if I if I like something I'll get the book and I read it red eyes radio camelot productions i'm constantly on the web feeding my mind a varied diet i'll even listen to people i don't particularly agree with because i want to sharpen my mental ability to sift truth from fiction okay and i realize from listening to your work mark that we're here as conscious beings to learn and to grow and we're not here this in front of a television and eat aspartame poisons exactly and what you're saying makes a really valid point something that I try to continuously reinforced is that we really do need to be eclectic about our information gathering we can't limit our scope we have to take in information from an extraordinarily wide variety of sources and then boil it all down you know to to well as you've said hone our ability our mental ability to try to separate truth from fiction and that is part of why we're here because that this is what helps us to grow as human beings in consciousness so extremely valid point J I know something that's really near and dear to your heart that we could do an entire show on if you're through basically saying what you wanted to regarding EFT and I love all the names that you've dropped during the show these are people that I also highly respect and think everybody should really look into their work and get some of their books and other materials because they've put out such an extraordinary amount of information that is uh for the betterment of humanity but let's talk a little bit about orgonite and the work of Wilhelm Reich and the work of people who have come forward with how to make orgonite with everyday materials I know this is something that you do and this is a form of radionics is it not yes yes well hem Reich was murdered by the FDA in 1956 and basically he was a psychologist and a medical doctor an amazing amazing honest scientist but Wilhelm Reich used to make these large boxes let's say four foot by five foot where our person could sit inside the box and it was basically panels of inorganic and organic material put together and people would sit inside these boxes of fiberglass and steel wool and be healed [Music] amazing and that's simply from again the the redirection or transmutation of energy was made possible by this form of technology we're going to talk a little bit more about orgonite on the other side or though an energy in general and orgonite specifically on the other side of this break we're coming up to another break and I will come back with the last segment of what on earth is happening for this 100th episode [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is the final segment for this edition this 100th edition of what on earth is happening now before we get back into it with our special guest Jake Parker I just want to tell everyone I am going to begin a new podcast page I'm gonna keep 100 podcasts in the archive on on this page that I have now going and then when we go to podcast 101 next week I am going to start a new page so be aware that none of the podcasts will be taken down next week I'm just beginning a new page and then you'll need to click next page to see the rest of the archive this is just so that the page doesn't get you know really really huge and big and cause loading problems for some people on slower connections so just be aware of that and I'll remind everyone of that next week as well so with that being said let's go back to Jay Parker who was talking about Oregon energy some of the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and orgonite in general Jay tell us what the fundamental difference between Oregon energy and orgonite is and who basically is the the main inventor of orgonite itself well will him right he died in 1956 in Lewisburg penitentiary on that trumped-up charges from the FDA but he was a protege of Sigmund Freud when it comes to the great scientists in Europe of the 30s well hem right was one of these men you can also also look at we'd like to talk about this era the 20s and the 30s where some of the greatest geniuses that ever walk the face of the earth got shafted by the New World Order system Wilhelm Reich is one of those great minds royal raymond rife is another great mind that got shafted by the new world order system and the there was one more person i think his name was tesla yeah that guy and so when you when you look at what these three men will hem Reich Nikola Tesla and royal Raymond rife what attempting to do for society in the 20s and 30s and the answer that this evil society gave those men we would live in a totally different world have these men been honored but as far as orgonite I'm a member of a group here in Philadelphia called the free or my conference and one of my partners in free your mind conference the executive producer Michael Fattah and I we have a little organized partnership here in Philadelphia so we make a lot of pendants we make pyramids basically the technique of organ accumulation that will hem right discovered with his layers of fiberglass and steel wall panels right discovered that throughout the entire universe there is life force energy in the current term this orgone energy and if he found that if he simply took organic and inorganic materials and place them next to each other it would accumulate this naturally flowing you know in alternating layers okay now what what I do it would direct this life force energy in like a certain direction or accumulated actually actually a mass in a certain location yeah the orgonite devices I make as far as the science that I know they not only accumulate and broadcast positive organ energy but they also transmute negative organ energy there's actually an Union yang energy system that were a party to hear very interesting now who developed a technique of modern orgonite now will home right - Scott you know Beit is basically the discoverer of this of lifeforce energy referred to as organ but who started with orgonite itself well Wilhelm Reich had in Maine a Institute of research and study in his psychology and physiological work a lot of people were protégées of his and so it just was a naturally occurring thing that if you had organic and inorganic panels and you made boxes out of them what would happen if you took metal and which is inorganic and organic fiberglass resin and made a 50/50 mix would it have the same or don't accumulate effect and they found that it did and then people started energy sensitive started to realize that if you added quartz crystal and other gemstones you could even enhance the property of the energy coming through and who are some of the people that are pioneers in that well or if you uh you know just do a google search on orgonite and or on youtube and you'll find many people but my favorite the man who introduced modern orgonite portable devices to me of course is dawn Croft and Don Croft is the web his website is etheric warriors dot-com and if they're warriors calm is probably the worldwide headquarters of modern orgonite gifting throughout the world some people will remember back before the free remind conference when we had a little contest that I did on the question of the mystery traditions and the prize was an organized pyramid Jay was actually the maker of that pyramid and his his techniques have actually even been refined since then I'm sitting here in the room with three pieces of orgonite right here now as we speak jiae's modern techniques that he's using to create orgonite are absolutely fantastic and he does a great job with them and it's all done with very positive intentions and positive high level of consciousness put into the work so Jay I'm going to turn the floor over you for the last few minutes and you could say anything you want about you know what people can do to help heal for from the type of traumatic ritual abuse that may that they may have gone through and what we need to heal as a society in general the floor is yours ought to take the show out well mark I just want to congratulate you on your hundredth show and I can't stress enough how much your friendship has meant to me over the years in actually healing some of your work on natural law it's been greatly beneficial to my heart and mind because one of the things abusers do is they take away your rights and they tell you that you don't deserve anything and natural law and good philosophy tells you that you're part of nature and that you belong here and it's a good thing I've been a gifting orgonite with a Michael falsetto for quite a while now I guess we're over a year now and we're hitting energy vortexes and different lay line configurations in the Philadelphia region trying to do our part to fight back the cell tower radiation which is turning people into zombies as far as healing from SRA you really you need to do EFT because I've sat with and paid a high price and I've sat with satanic ritual abuse counselors and it's a good thing when you find a good sra counselor but they're few and far between in the traditional psychiatric world and if you want to alleviate the pain and suffering of waking up from severe abuse eft is is your ticket out fantastic j always a pleasure to have you on the show and i just can't thank you enough for your convictions and for putting this information out there for people that's what it's ultimately all about ladies and gentlemen we can go through the our experiences but how we ultimately face them and then share that experience with other people is what's going to define us as a human being and that's ultimately what's going to determine whether we get out of this current situation that we're in in human consciousness or not okay so it's all about putting that information out there for other people and j once again i want to congratulate and applaud you for doing that for our listeners of this program that's all the time we have for this edition of what America's happening ladies and gentlemen I want to thank you all for listening and I'll see you here at the same time next week right here on Oracle broadcasting stick around Chris Everard is up next [Music]