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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday March 25th 2012 and we are now into the season of sacrifice as I mentioned last week on the radio show and we're going to be talking about that again a little bit this week today on the show we have a very special guest Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show from American freedom radio look really looking forward to bringing Vinny Eastwood on the show he's one of my favorite radio personalities in the alternative information community and Vincent does such a great job with his show the Vinny Eastwood show I encourage everyone to check it out and we're going to be talking about how Vinny got into doing what he does how he changed his world view and what woke him up to the global control system what some of his proposed solutions are for how we might get out of our current global situation so it's gonna be a great show with our special guest today Vinny Eastwood and we'll be opening up the phone lines in the second hour to take some of your calls with our special guests of any Eastwood so I do have one quick event announcement and that is of course for the free documentary screening and discussion evening hosted by truth freedom prosperity here in Philadelphia as always this takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at media bureau studios which is in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia Media Bureau is at 725 North fourth Street here in Philadelphia and we will be meeting on this Wednesday March 28th 2012 at 7 o'clock p.m. please note the time change for this month we're bumping it up by 15 minutes to 7 p.m. so this month's documentary is going to be slavery by consent a great documentary that I think everybody should check out features a lot of great interviews including Jordan Maxwell so the this documentary exposes how we the people are seen as nothing more than chattel by the entrenched rulers of the global control system it also explains how humanity ultimately enslaves itself by giving our consent to be ruled by these Psychopaths and agreeing that we must somehow obey their dictates our true power as a people will only be found when we develop the courage to stand up and emphatically say no once and for all to human slavery but will we do that that is really the question that we must ask so we're coming up to our first break on the other side we'll be talking to our special guest Vincent East one of the Vinnie Eastwood's show don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen you don't want to miss this one you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the auricle Broadcasting Network we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening - you're on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio and my website is what on earth is happening com today on the show our special guest is Vinny Eastwood a radio talk show host from Auckland New Zealand with a background in the telecommunications industry Vinny made a conscious decision to transition out of mainstream media and began to make his own news by interviewing activists about real issues that truly affect New Zealand and the world Vinny's main effort is to encourage activists who live and breathe the issues and are not bound by corporate or political parties to become pundits reporters and watchdogs on the multifaceted agendas of the global elite he hopes to one day be part of an alternative media revolution that will replace the mainstream media with something that is truly relevant Vinnie's radio program the Vinny Eastwood show is broadcast every weekday from 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the American freedom radio network ladies and gentlemen welcome - what on earth is happening our special guest vincent eastwood Vinny welcome to the show she is mark thanks for having me my absolutely it's a pleasure I'm a big fan of your show I listen a lot I think you do a great job putting the issues out there putting this information out there for people to take in and you inject a lot of humor into what you do I appreciate that effort and it's a it's definitely a unique take on what's going on in our world yeah yeah it's something that I pride myself on as being indefinable right to be a complex organism means you can't really be defined you can't really be put in the box okay and there really is nothing like me nor is there anything like you mark and people need to start recognizing that when you're looking at an individual that's when you're looking at what the best there is in the world that day that's right we'll really do have that that huge amount of value just being a single person just doing what they're doing and that's why you get so many comments on social networking sites and what-have-you of people saying that exact thing keep doing what you're doing because they appreciate it they value it they know it needs to be there and and I've been getting donations as well and people subscribing for like five dollars a month and I give them audio what should we say commercial-free edited archives and special exclusive interviews like last night I think it was or well the other day anyway with the Henrik penguin from red ice radio and he gave me an extra hour and a half of his time excellent after already giving me two hours on the Vanier's wood show and we've now got that as an exclusive video for subscribers but the thing is anybody can see it you know it's not unlisted or anything like that you don't technically have to pay to see it and that's the whole point of the business aspect of being a truther is that it's basically you can get what you want you know you can listen and you can view the content you can make a donation if you have to if you think that it's necessary if you really support it if you understand how important to this that's right to have a platform for activists who simply just get sandbagged and soundbite it all the time yeah it's very important for that assistance for us to continue to do what we do and we always appreciate anything that anyone voluntarily contributes it's a it's always a help and we're always going to put that toward the effort to expose what's going on in this world and help to make it better and Vince and I want to commend you you do a phenomenal job on your radio program and it is unique and that uniqueness of the individual is something that is so crucial in to really helping to fundamentally change our overall worldview is going to what's going to lead us to a higher level of consciousness and lead us out of this mess that we're currently in so why don't you tell some of the top listeners a little bit about your background and how you came to currently do what you do as a radio talk-show host well how long is the show you have the floor for as long as you need okay well we've got it until the the segment coming on I've been thinking about this the other day because there's a lot of different aspects to how I woke up how things kind of came together like a separate different Transformers who become the league the arm the the head of the of the big giant transformer beast that is Vanna Eastwood and it comes down to a few parts like I got busted for selling cannabis when I was 19 I got caught with 13 grams of it and it was rolled up you know ready for sale you know I was selling it and the police told me that if I was honest with them and did everything that they said that they'd go easy on me so naturally I told them yes I'm a drug dealer I've been dealing for about eight months I'm selling about an ounce a week you know total belief in the system just writing it open straight up you know and in fact in my defense the fact that I was a very naive young man came up you know that was how strong my belief was in the system and to suddenly realize that even though I had been dead honest with the police they still made stuff up and the guy in front of me in court for sentencing it was there for I think it was resisting arrest sexual assault and growing cannabis plants in his closet he got a hundred and fifty hours community service I was caught with it's 13 grams of cannabis I got 300 hours community service and I'm very lucky that I didn't go to jail for up to eight years for a first offense for something that grows naturally in the earth yeah yeah yeah and if I'd asked you know can you can you show me a victim of my horrendous crime yes imagine that all these fine victims over here in these people who were just blaze you know certain they were big smiles on their faces Jeepers Creepers I beg for forgiveness imagine crime needing a victim you know what a novel concept that is another novel concept that I realized was that I didn't have any friends as soon as I had been busted and everybody knew that I wouldn't have any beat all those different people that were coming around to see me and talk to me and have fun with me and all of that kind of stuff disappeared I didn't see any of them again strange well it kind of in times of trouble and distress as they say you find out who your friends truly are and that kind of form of betrayal both by the application of the police force the application of law and sentencing the application and human behavior as a result of this it basically clued me up to think that the the legal system and the social structure that we all live as completely and utterly weird it's strange it doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever completely insane would actually be a more accurate term because that's what it is it's insanity but we'll continue with that on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening with our very special guest Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show we'll be right back after these words [Music] stay asleep obey what he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks at it with the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal symbolic me okay no we defended before welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark pasio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking with Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show here today on the show and Vincent you were just getting into your background and how you began to become aware of the insane nature of the control system when you had been arrested for the use of a natural plant that you were basically putting into your own body and engaging in voluntary exchanges voluntary interactions with other people no victim of this crime people who actually wanted to interact with you in this way no compulsion or anything involved and then the control system comes in arrests you and then you started to realize everybody else who had been your friend suddenly backs off and wanted you know basically nothing to do with this situation because you know it was a something that I guess was involved some heat on you and continue with the story and tell people what that led to as far as your awakening well didn't my flatmate started stealing all the stuff from me and it was real blatant as well like we went away for a couple of days on the weekend you know my mum took me away for the weekend to kind of help me calm down a bit because this was an incredibly stressful time probably the most stressful time of my entire life no no doubt you know and when I came back came into my rooms like all my stuff's gone you know most of it you know Mike Mike locks radio my lava lamp my stereo and you know everybody would walk into the room and notice like pretty much all this stuff gone wasn't they Wow and my change jar would been saving these five and 10 cent coins for some time now I've well over a year with my friend Liam and we've been planning to pay off his fines with it in cash of course walk into the police station the camera and paper fides were the with coin giant sack of coins no in an and and the crit and we'll probably do it at Christmas time as well you know that kind of cheeky behaviors what I was sort of thinking about doing but you know things get kind of a bit of a damper on once you realize that everybody who you thought was your friend wasn't isn't and basically you'll never see from them hear from them again ever and it's all because the only interaction they had with you was a financial one right it's it's a false social atmosphere so the difference between your drug dealer and your friend you know there's a very difference for example the the shopkeeper down where you go and buy yourself a coke is he your friend or is it just the shopkeeper you know in most cases you'd just be the shopkeeper and people forget that distinction because when you're doing illegal activities together you have a sense of kind of like false trust and interesting sidenote here when the netherlands amsterdam what have you relaxed their laws against cannabis prohibition the social structure of the country changed quite quite radically to a point in which the general usage of cannabis went down from i think it was between one and seven people one in eight people were using it and then it went down to about one in twenty one people very something of that nature Wow and those people were asked why did you stop smoking it after it was no longer illegal and I said well my my social circles changed predominantly I realized that I didn't actually have anything in common with these people other than the fact that I was a criminal and now I was not a criminal so now I don't have anything in common with them at all Wow now that is how it works that is how the underworld of drugs and alcohol and all the social lubrication works because after I was arrested I took five months of not taking anything whatsoever no cigarettes no alcohol no caffeine no nothing and you know what I found what's that I had no social interactions virtually of any kind because you think about it now how is our entire society lubricated hey bro do you want to meet up to have a coffee do you want to meet up to have a beer do you want to meet up there for joint do you want to meet up that is such an sorry okay no such interaction could occur and it was very strange for me because as soon as I gave up that stop that five months suddenly my social life returned you know it really our society really is structured like that this is just odd that you don't really have much of a choice if you're going to be associating with people you load it in some way it's all thing it's almost as if we collectively somewhere in the subconscious mind of people we realize were under such control that a lot of people want to use substance in some form of escapism and I'm talking about people who aren't using it for any kind of consciousness expansion like in the in the context of of psychedelics or you know entheogenic compounds to set that aside for the time being just general social interaction and as you turned it like social lubrication you know this is because I think we realize were a tightly controlled society and that freedom really isn't present in our lives in any real way and therefore people look to substance as a way of as you said a lubrication a loosening up you know a I call it a form of escape of not actually dealing with the real and sharing something for example you asked I asked an old smoker once you know why do you smoke you know you mean smoke apply 40 50 years or something and he says well when you're at the party where is all the interesting conversations happening outside with the smokers and it's like whoa I thought about it like that that's true because outside you can actually hear other people speak you know it kinda it kind of makes a commentary though about how we tend to alienate people that aren't like doing what we're doing or acting like us or behaving like us in a certain way it's it's a form of closed mindedness on many people's part and people feel like they have to in some way conform in order to fit in and I say that because I'd film dance parties you know for a little bird pocket money here and there and you know I go out and I'm joining I'm part of the party too and you find something very strange is that when you approach people when they're under the influence of substances a B C or D whatever doesn't matter what they're doing they are all much more open to talk about conspiracy theories and and deeper philosophy and alternative information without just blowing you off like they normally do if they were at work or on a lunch break so you can use this some this interesting mind Gizem soup that people are being knowingly subjecting themselves to as a form of escapism to actually inject the truth into their life in a way that while they're in a state that they're far more likely to accept it it's to be fascinated very interesting take on how to slip the truth in there kind of get it in by the back door so to speak I like that a lot so on the other side I want you to tell people how you came to do what you're doing in radio because of that this is probably a very interesting story as well and you know a people a lot of times you really want to know what led you into this field in particular like you know what was your background in the telecommunications industry like and what made you see things differently to leave you up to what you do now so we'll pick that story up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening with our special guest Vinny Eastwood's we'll be right back [Music] we're back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening on there host mark passio today on the show we're talking with our special guest Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show Benny were telling the audience a little bit about your background and I wanted you to get into what led you into internet radio in particular you have a background in the telecommunications industry you could tell us a little bit about that and how you managed to transition that into what you're doing now as far as being an internet radio talk-show host well I've got the saying in the end everything comes back to the beginning and so to talk about my beginning in radio I need to talk about the end of work and I'd been employed by this company and I was a Tele salesman you know residential just calling up people at home and selling them a new phone company basically and there were times when I was getting up to a 50% hit rate every every second person that picked up that phone and said hello I would sell them I was really really really really really good I was top of the boards for six months you know it's because I could talk and I got promoted and I thought that my promotion job was gonna be something that where I could just you know help people out you know with their business accounts and that kind of thing but no it was just another sales job and and I had been I'd gotten tired of sales because I've gotten as good as really good and I didn't really it wasn't really that much of a challenge for me anymore I didn't want to do it so I started looking at other things that needed solving when I wrote a 7 page essay about what was wrong with the company about what was wrong with its training practices and and everything you know because I've been there for quite a long time and I'd done been able to freely associate with people all over the company talk to them and private want heavy and there was a meeting called for about 15 minutes and we got to like maybe halfway through the second page in the who called the meeting you know the head honcho and whatever just goes and nothing gets said about it send him an email go what's what's happening about the the concerns that were raised near because everybody was agreeing with me that these safe things to change and all the staff were and well in agreement that there were some problems around here and it wouldn't be that hard to hire now he says as far as I'm concerned the issue is closed in a couple of days later my boss tells me coming coming in with coffee next door might go to have a coffee next door he sleeps a piece of paper down in front of me and I say what is it you go sign it it's we're basically gonna pay you six weeks pay to leave right now like pack your stuff and and get out of the office in my than X 5-10 minutes and I said to myself you know what I haven't had a summer holiday in quite some time six weeks pay that'll that'll do me for a while and I can always get another job and I'm sick of working here at the moment anyway so I took the money got out of there and after that money ran out it started to beat dawn on me that hey I had to get another job and the same thing happened bunch of people employed me didn't care about me didn't value my ideas in a video I got into debt working for them and then another person employed me who was abusive abrasive calling it like 10 o'clock at night on a Friday telling me to get up off the couch of my pates place put down the beer find a pen and paper and write down the number of a client to call on Monday that kind of intrusive nurse you know the three jobs and the telco sector again and again and again the same thing and then was what had when I recognized that the world of work is is wrong all of it it wasn't just individual employers or anything or anything like this but the entire system is geared to make your employers into douchebags to screw you over if you don't do what they that's what the world of workers and I could no longer work I mean I've come up with a new term called employee Oh phobia I'm phobic about becoming employed no no I can't do it and I started getting into activism because because I was a very good salesman the very last job that I had was a bonus month and a half and I sold 93 business landlines and toll call packages and broadband internet streams to businesses all over the all over the city and I got eleven thousand nine hundred dollars worth of Westfield Shopping that is like this big mall chains you know and so I could spend it at anything that was in one of those malls and there was one just down the road from me so I went down got myself some equipment so I got myself a little Sony Handycam and an Apple Mac and I just said you know what the thing that's been bothering me a lot of I've been listening to a lot of Alex Jones and a lot of and watching a lot of documentaries from the states and that's the interesting thing New World Order's everywhere but all the people that are fighting against it and all the material that comes out against it is coming out of the US seemed like it to me or at the very least there's very little coming out of New Zealand if anything and so I said well I've come up with this idea called guerilla media because the people that are actually capable of being talked to and having a lot of fun worth and knowing the issues that they're talking about and are exposing the truth those are the people that you go and you ask your questions to you don't go and ask some kind of pundit who belongs to a business so certain things that can I can't say you don't go and you talk to a politician from the political party because there's certain things that can I can't say right if you want your information you go to the activist because the activists are the ones who live breathe bleed and sweat the stuff it comes out of every orifice usually their mouth and and they answer questions completely all right you there's none of those dodgy questions they all go over here now if you're asking an activist if they know the answer they will answer it in full won't they and you become far more informed just because that one person has been doing all the work so the best idea if you want to inform the public is to give those voices of those people who do all that work to the people and that's what I sort out to do those people are not constrained by any motivation that is put there by the the desire for money or for advancement in a career or power or anything like that their motivation comes from purely from putting the truth out there into the world so that it can benefit people and help make the world a better place whereas in being yes they aren't filmmakers they are radio show hosts they don't have time to edit to upload to blog and to do all this stuff I do have that time right so I interview them I edit the videos I upload it I designed the DVD covers and put these people in their presentations on a DVD and allow it for sale and if they can sell any of themselves or they can print copies or whatever to get them out there so you're giving these people who are used to repeating themselves to different people the ability to instead give them a DVD or send them a link to a radio interview or direct them to a webpage that's being created for them it's an entire new media platform that that you're helping to create in that capacity using your essence of word that aim and this was even before I had a radio show right I've been working with a guy named Jonathan Eisen who runs a good website and magazine called uncensored uncensored code in Z dot Co n Z and he was actually the person who convinced me to quit you know my my job I called them up and I said you know John I really don't like this job anymore and it's it's just driving me nuts I'm incredibly stressed all the time he says well quit then if you don't like it quit so really he's like well think about it does it feel right to quit I thought about it I was like yes yes it does and he goes then do it and I did I never looked back and the problem is when you never look back you realize how little you've actually got left okay and you kind of struck out on your own unfortunately over very understanding and supportive girlfriend who's been supporting me all these years because it's been a real hard road I got into radio because I was running doing all this YouTube thing and a guy called much sense hell saw my videos really like them and liked my style and because on American freedom radio.com they were having a show with Brent Johnson and Dave von Kleist who've made 9/11 and plain sight they were co-hosting a show together and Dave had to leave the show so there was a call for new co-hosts to come and do the show with Brent and brink was doing this trial thing and and what have you by anyway I wound up co-hosting with him and then they liked me so much that they can the whole show and then gave it all to me and as they say the rest is history yeah that's how the vinny eastwood show came to be ladies and gentlemen were coming up to another break we'll be right back with more from Vinny Eastwood stay with us I was born a shotgun in my hands behind the girl I'll make my mind stay [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network our special guest today Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show then he was just telling us about how his show came to be and we're going to be getting back into that in a moment I want to give the call-in number for the show if you want to call in get in the queue I'll start to take some callers in the second hour of the broadcast the call-in number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's the number to call in and join us with our guest Vinny Eastwood Vincent I want to talk a little bit about your tag lines for your show because there's some of the best out there and like I said you do inject some humor into your show and it's a great thing it's a very unique perspective and you know more hosts out there should be taking some more of a light-hearted attitude about some of these topics they're very serious topics too but we do need to maintain our sense of humor so uh my favorite of all of your tag lines is jamming a finger in the face of scumbags and pointing out their scumbag eree yes scumbag here you have a t-shirt with that phrase on it as well yeah yeah you know the I Love New York t-shirts of the I heart in Y you know I've got the one that says I heart to expose scum beggar oh that's great or another one is just I heart scum bakery with the Vanier's would show com you know it's son we do live in a world that is currently in my opinion infected with a virulent strain of scum beggary which infects virtually every branch of government every political party every media apparatus it affects everything if you have a broad base awareness and this takes a couple of years of deep research in order to have just an awareness of only what's around you specifically not what's going on overseas not what's happening in the universe and on astral planes and what-have-you but just physically is happening to you with all of the different products and all of the different things that you do in each and every day takes years of intense study in order to work out okay that's how much bad stuff was being done to you on a daily basis that's how much you need to learn about it and when you think about it you gotta wonder how does anybody stay sane in such an insane world yes and it's through humor okay you think about the the funniest comedians ever that have taught you the most things they are the George Carlin's the billhooks the Lewis blacks etc you know the people who are incidentally angry but funny yes how exactly can you try and replicate that in a radio show well I've tried to do it and people like it and I think it's because that they're mature enough to understand that there is a lighter side to genocide and we do need to expose scam beggar in any way possible and if we can do it by laughing at it then why wouldn't we okay everybody's got their own style and I encourage everybody to do their own show you know it's not that hard these days if you have a headset and a computer you can do a radio show that's pretty straight forward you can do a podcast and do anything right YouTube videos you can write blogs anybody can do anything it isn't that hard and it really frustrates me when people come up with all these excuses about why I can't use Skype or I can't do this or I can't do that you're restricting yourself boy you're restricting what you're capable of doing by denying yourself access to technology okay Dee reckon the Amish community would grow exponentially no because they're using inferior technology everybody else needs to recognize that technology can be both a bed and a good thing absolutely and if it's being created for bad you can take it and use it against the people who created it they created Facebook they created Twitter they created YouTube ergo the answer is to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube to expose them that's pretty straight and it's our own special talents our own unique talents as an individual to step up take action and do what we can do it isn't about making excuses it isn't about sitting back and watching the world go by like a movie on a screen it's about stepping up getting involved making our voices heard giving other people a platform to do the same and that's what of this alternative media revolution is actually all about and as you said anybody can get involved in that it's all about understanding what you're capable of doing and then stepping up to actually take that action and do it and be vigilant while you're doing it as well because this is a very harsh mistress getting into conspiracy theory going up and ambushing prime ministers and heads of state as I have with the camera this can be something which will jar you jolt you and you best be prepared for the consequences of your actions before you go and do it right these people do not play games but for the most part you don't actually have to worry at all you know why because you're invisible you're everywhere you're just like everybody else you know I snuck into Helen Clark the current third top lady at the UN and got like a allegedly some kind of nine million dollar salary and a nine billion dollar budget for sterilization programs in Africa or something like that and the UN Development Program scary lady very very scary so we dressed up for her award ceremony we just turned up there claimed to be with local media you know made a phone call to the guy or whatever and we're dressed like wankers you know nice dress shirts and suits the whole the whole kit and caboodle so we've writer and then we got to ambush her and talk to her about the United Nations being at all four world government we wouldn't have been able to do that if we didn't take the initiative and you know what kind of consequences we had from doing that nothing nothing whatsoever no people following us no nothing you know why cuz we were decent respectful covert operations and we had a camera there so you don't need to amplify it because it can be repeated later on online concert we managed to talk to the the former Minister of Finance for about seven to nine minutes as well about the fractional reserve banking system and how it works in New Zealand don't go up to people and instantly have a chip on your shoulder about it and say you you're a part of the New World Order you're trying to kill me in my family bowl you're not going to get any information out of them you're not going to be able to expose them with their own words if you're instantly hostile you need to talk about them and talk about the things as if they're abstract as if you're talking to a human being and eventually you'll start to solicit these in the quantities of information as long as you show knowledge about what you're talking about just as in any conversation with any normal person you just have to act cool don't be a douchebag you know if somebody on the other hand is a clear clear and absolutely horrific scumbag to the point in which they are surrounded by security and they are hustled and backdoors and out with stuff like that hell why not why not yeah why not use a megaphone what else can you do can't really do it can't really do a whole lot you can't go in for an interview you know it's about picking your battles and it all comes down to staying within the natural law staying within our right if you we stand in right the universe is not going to it's going to grant a level of protection for us to continue to do what we are doing because we are in the right you know right is what might actually is right is real power being living and operating within the boundaries of natural law of right is what grants us power and is what grants us protection in this realm yeah yeah and if that doesn't work wear a disguise okay well you know for example I've come up to the the Prime Minister John Key and I'm wearing a cheese cutter here and these big kind of John Lennon sunglasses for upstairs yeah for the big fluffy beard it's great comes to mind just even thinking about that many hold it right there and we'll pick it up pick up the conversation on the other side at the top of the second hour ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today on the show we're talking with our special guest Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere [Music] we're back everyone this is the second hour of what on earth is happening for this Sunday March 25th 2012 edition my special guest for this episode is Vinnie Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show on American freedom radio and then some before we get back into continuing to talk about you know the work that you do and you know the the general idea of helping to bring this alternative media community up to another level and continue to expose the truth through these uh these uh methods and through the this medium I want to just very briefly touch on a topic that I brought up last week and if you'd like you could contribute your take to this if you have anything to say on it but this is the short segment so I just wanted to briefly interject this I told everybody last week I actually talked about this a lot last year and we did a show an entire show on it at one point it's a thing called the season of sacrifice and I mentioned that at the top of this show and this is a window of opportunity by which the Old Religion the occultists who are really controlling the things behind the scenes and believe me ladies and gentlemen they do have a religion we've talked about it pretty much ad infinitum on this show about what the dark occult is actually all about and there's this 40 day time period from the beginning of spring to the midpoint of the spring season in which these occultists believe in their twisted sick psychopathic way that they must spill blood that they must give blood to the earth in some significant quantity or amount in some sort of a mass murder ritual or a human sacrifice ritual and they they have done this innumerable amount of times I gave a whole list of incidents that quite possibly could be examples of this sacrifice event that takes place usually in April okay they they favor April 19th and 20th is a hugely favored time but the very beginning of this season known as the season of sacrifices March 19th the beginning of spring and you know the spring equinox into March 20th which we just passed and I told people last week on March 18th last Sunday that they should look out for a potential false flag event a potential murder event or a mass killing event the very next day on march 19th which as I said I consider the unofficial beginning of the season of sacrifice March 22nd is what I would consider the actual opening to this window of time called the season of sacrifice May first being the endpoint of it the the occult holiday known as vol purchase nacht and an event took place in Toulouse France a school shooting where several people were killed on march 19th this was huge news it was blown up all over the mat the mass media the mainstream media it was really obviously talked about you know a whole lot in France and officials were on high alert even people here in the government agencies went to high alert there were police officers position that Jewish synagogues etc because this shooter allegedly targeted Jewish individuals and this happened on March 19th the shooting this mass shooting and then on March 22nd the alleged lone nut' gunman was killed himself so these are one significant occult days Benny if you want to chime in on this go right ahead what do you think about all that's it I think they're gonna make a movie about us and it's gonna be like the sequel to that Van Damme moveme movie nowhere to run and it's gonna be starring jean-claude Van Damme again as the shooter and that's called nothing to lose and there is that green language once again ladies and gentlemen and Veni picked it right up on it the city that this was done in was to lose to lose see how they intersect the language in there with everything it's always there ladies and gentlemen it's there they're having some fun with us it's a game to them and they're laughing about it I just wanted to get that in there if you want to comment more on them on the other side of the break that's fine we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we're back with us what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the call a number to join us in this second hour which will be taking calls in is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's the number to call in and join us if you have any questions for vinny eastwood feel free to call in and we were just briefly talking about the this season of sacrifice in which false flags seem to happen in abundance during this short window of opportunity and i believe that the the shootings in toulouse france were an example of this they were done at the very beginning of this season and the the the then supposed lone gunman was killed himself on march 22nd the official opening to this season and i think what it really emphasizes is when we see a false flag event happened we have to maintain our calm pointed out for what it is realize that this is an event that is staged and done simply to to get a reaction out of us to get a fearful chaotic reaction out of us in a state of confusion okay so that then we're willing to give up our freedom to somebody who is promising us protection against these hard events when in fact they're the ones who really staged them and planned them and made them take place the way that they did from the very onset from the very beginning so uh vinny you want to say anything about false flags in in general and you know what your take on that is and you know what you think people should be on the lookout for or you know their general advice on how to respond when something like this does happen mm-hmm that's a good question you know false flags are a very important thing whenever you have a look at a news article or disasters shoot-'em-ups anything involving terrorism environmental degradation economic catastrophe etc they're pretty much all inside jobs you know just as a general roll you know most things that happen on there you know some people say buddy not everything's a conspiracy and I well I agree with you as long as you agree with me that most things are let's let's not be childish about it or anything but let's face facts here powerful people have seized control of the world and they reckon that the best way to manipulate people is to behave here huge hairy terrible action arey well broadcast repetitive events where there is lots of death and destruction and scary business going down so that they can demonize somebody so that they can advance some other agenda either by distracting you with this particular one or using this particular one as a justification for advancing their agenda which they had planned the whole time anyway that's exactly right this is basic dialectics it's an example an example of the dark usage of what's known as haggles dialectic the Hegelian dialectic we've seen it we've looked into it on this show many times and there they continue to use it and and they continue to use it for a very specific reason it continues to work people have not in general overall on a societal level come up in consciousness enough to recognize this technique see it when it is being employed and changed their reaction about it and not react in fear and terror and and K you know in a chaotic and confused way but recognize it as hey there's more to know here there's more to see about what really caused this event and it isn't always a lone nut that then obviously either kills himself or the police kill them so no more information can be garnered about what really created this situation you know it's the same pattern it follows the same pattern over and over again and people seem to continue to fall for it we need to be a little bit more mature about this when we see this happening don't react don't immediately say oh give up my my guns and my rights and take my freedom away just to protect me and say you know there's a pattern here there's more to know I've seen this before where have I seen this where have I seen the same type of event go down and you know that followed this pattern and that that's how we have to change our thinking in regard to this and therefore this technique won't work anymore in the future if we do that if we change that basic way that we view it so I liken it to the snake oil salesman that was on a Simpsons episode once and he was selling a monorail to Springfield except it was made with all these cheap materials and it was and it broke down that kind of thing and was destroyed it turns out that he'd done this to a lot of other places and when he was on a plane to escape it he is there just making an emergency stop and some little town and he was like wait a second I recognize that name oh no and then all of a sudden there's all these people there with torches and peda forts that he screwed over long ago and they will run on board the plane and beat the hell out of them you know that kind of thing it's just that simple once a whole bunch of people have been scammed and they know who you are if you ever show your face again people will take you the frak out right however the biggest and best and baddest airs scammers in the world are invisible you never see them you know when was the last time you saw David Rockefeller on the news that's right no you was last let's let's backtrack a bit then when was the last time you saw George Clooney on the news oh yeah that's right now he's a big-time advocate at the UN as need is a public face is not the private puppet behind the curtain you know the puppet masters work and their hands are very very busy and they're always denying with their mouths what they're doing with their hands that's right yeah they're dealing with people who are part you're not dealing with people who are Chicka players here you're dealing with chess players who think more than a few moves ahead that's where exactly right and they're invisibly entrenched within the deepest levels of the institutions that we all take for granted as being things that are always going to be here that they need to exist these institutional bodies you know and that's why they hide in them they've convinced people so thoroughly that these institutions always must exist or there would be chaos in society that they can then take their entrench position within that institution and it almost guarantees that they're going to remain enthroned in power for the foreseeable future because in people's minds they feel that that institution is absolutely necessary when the reality is it's absolutely irrelevant most of our institutions nowadays are no longer relevant at all you know and my personal quest is to create a new form of media because the existing form of media is absolutely irrelevant it doesn't matter all the stuff that they're talking about now doesn't matter you know you ever look last night what was oh yeah somebody got hit by a car somebody got stabbed with a knife somebody got ripped off somebody got rescued from a from a top of a car and a flood somebody had a damage to the to their car by a four-year-old who was driving another car or something like that okay now at what point does any of these particular stories which a flash one after the other like they're really important actually have any relevance in any way to me what do you what eventually anybody else all a form of distraction and it's a Poisson stream I've likened it to a Poisson stream no different than putting poison food into your body putting tainted media into your mind does the same thing we'll pick it up with that idea on the other side of this break and then we'll go to some of your calls ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network with our special guest Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we're talking with Vinnie Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show on American Broadcasting on American Freedom radio I'm sorry and we were talking about alternative media in general and I was going to pose the question to Vinny how important do you think it is Vinny for people to truly change the quality of their attention in regards to the type of media that they're taking in how is that connected to overall societal change how important of a of a solution is that when it comes to changing fundamentally society at a large level well I think if you want to change society you have to fundamentally you have to fundamentally change yourself and how you act in that society because thoughts don't bring around a new society only actions do and they were the only thing that ever has the masses don't bring around at big changes through society as it's only ever being the small determined group of individuals who are working day after day for a better world that actually eventually wind up constructing one the masses don't matter conformity doesn't matter all the matters is you the individual figuring out what is wrong and figuring out what part you can play in how you make it right okay and some people you can abdicate your responsibility I think that thoughts bear responsibility in and of themself and you've got to take it to the next level you can't just think oh man that cops over there he's arresting somebody for no good reason you know he's beating the crap out of them and the guys clearly submitting I'm just gonna keep walking oh well why don't you just go up to that copy you say hey what's it what's your badge number okay you've been assaulting this person here not and I'm gonna and I'm gonna act as a witness you know think about it think about standing up for other people think about standing up for yourself at the end of the day yourself is really all you've got and you protect it and part of that I think is doing good things for other people and and not doing it because you want some kind of reward but because you can and you choose to all right that that volunteer type aspect you know most of the videos that I've made most of the activists that I've covered most of the interviews that I've already done I haven't received a dime for doing them but the the experiences that I had through doing that have enriched me in other ways there are many many important things that you need to be listening to looking at and hearing about virtually at all times the reason why you need to always be looking out for things is because you never know what you're going to be missing okay the person who thinks that they know it all obviously knows bugger-all the person who thinks that they don't know much at all probably knows enough because of that fact you don't know how much you don't know the more you learn the more you figure out how much you don't know and if you want to do something great if you want to do something big if you want to do something meaningful don't just put your head to it put your heart into it and it'll flow and it'll make itself work it always does every single time when I wanted to do a video or I've wanted to go and ambush somebody or if I've wanted to have somebody on my show I just really think about it for a very short period of time before I start acting and making it happen you know just kind of consciously thinking I'm gonna have that person on my radio show and send him an email now you know thought action thought action thought action people get stuck in the thought process they don't put it into action and they can they sit around wondering why they are and accomplishing anything why the New World Order's only getting stronger why I'm only becoming more alienated from my friends and family exactly problems lie within that's what wisdom is is converting what you know into what you do that's the hallmark of wisdom we have way too many armchair quarterbacks as they call them here in the united states - uh you know you know going on i mean too many people are just pointing out what they think is wrong or what other people are doing wrong instead of actually getting in and taking action based on what they've come to understand you know and what they know in their hearts is the right thing you have to actually do something ladies and gentlemen that's what it's ultimately all about so the change in quality of attention goes hand in hand with that so it is very important to get off of that poisonous stream of media that that there indoctrinating and brainwashing people with 24/7 and get on to a form of media that is telling people the relevant issues that they really need to go and look into for themselves not telling them what they should think about it but giving them the information and then saying you need to look into this for yourself and determine you know what what how that is relevant to you and your life and then what you're going to do in regards to that so that's what it's all about it's it's all about that fundamental worldview change and and then subsequent change in behavior that goes along with stopping looking at these distractions and starting to look at relevant information and that's what this alternative media community is is all there to provide that platform for people so uh Vinnie would you like to take some calls we have a caller holding on the line what do you say we take a phone call great all right here we go caller from the four to three area code you are live on what on earth is happening with our special guests Vinnie Eastwood welcome hey guys what's going on man good how are you hey there yes it's really good to catch our session this conversation man am i a little buzzed though I want to make a point that you guys are trying to stress sure it seems like that everybody wants to point a finger at everybody I listened to but they don't want to listen to success I mean you know unless you guys on I come up from coming to listen to Alex Jones for a long time and I come up with listen to mccanna David Icke you know I mean any fun once you get so far you wanna I mean nobody's gonna ride in on this horse in point to you who is because I mean we learn every day I mean 10 years ago what we knew then is not no it's not what we know now right you know what I mean I do you know we don't have to part our finger said warehouse tones of this or David I go to reptilian or whatever it has to be that this is what we know together you know what I'm saying exactly that's exactly right Vinny your take on that well the thing is the info has stayed the same the whole way through ok the the people that were doing this kind of thing that we're doing today back in the 60s knew a lot of the same things that we knew they knew what the agenda was but but of course there was not enough public action and outcry and people getting out here and doing it and spreading it and mate in making the change happen but the information stays the Sun it's how much if it may we get deeper than want to find out you know he goes this direction I don't agree with that and then we want to block that out well you know it's like David outreaches a lot of people and Terence Mckenna had the best thing to say and ours Jones is reaching a lot of people we need to realize so what it means don't talk about if I think because everybody needs to hear all this we can change because that's what this is this is well this is now at the moment we live in and we can't we can't take any information that says they don't agree with our agenda that's worn out and block people from learning more information every day that's right yeah yeah great great points caller because that's exactly right we need to take information in from an eclectic variety of sources even if there are small parts of it that we don't 100% totally agree on that someone's unique take on the totality of the situation and we need to take the pieces that do concur with us and integrate them and that's part of what learning true learning is all about you know and that will encourage us to go further in our quest for knowledge and in our quest for truth and that's what's going to help again vertically integrate us but build us up to a stronger tight-knit community of people who are seekers of truth when we stop as you've said pointing fingers and just say oh well he doesn't agree with me on this particularly thing so I'm going to throw out all of his of you know huge amounts of information that do have accurate you know aspects of the global situation so great point caller thanks for calling in and bringing that up Vincent let's take some more calls on the other side of the break we have a few more callers holding on the line so we'll continue to take your calls with our special guest Vinny Eastwood on this edition of what on earth is happening we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we're back you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my special guest for today Vinnie Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show on American freedom radio so we are we were talking about talking about kind of like truth ISM and sort of different different people you can and should listen to or whatever and subject of Alex Jones always comes up and there's so many people who really really hate Alex some people who really really love them and I'm sort of in-between you know this thing there's things that I like and things that I don't and you know to make a point make not make too fine a point on it I would not be here if not for Alex Jones most of the truth movement would not exist without Alex Jones it's just that simple he's woken up there many people that you cannot in any way say that he hasn't had a good effect right even if he has done some bad things or whatever and I've been I've been told and shown some some pre some pretty rough things I don't I don't mention them on on open-air radio I don't talk about it with people in general because we're all in this together and like it or lump it we really do have to join hands and sing Kumbaya once and a bloody well while just because the truth always offends both sides of any argument because both sides of motor most arguments are always wrong some people say Alex Jones is evil somebody would say he's good and I and I'd say that he's just like every other human being right somewhere in the middle so up to a large extent you know don't criticize truth is because you don't agree with them or you don't like something that they've done just become a better truth yourself that's read by example you don't get to the top of the junk pile by obtaining down everybody else you get to it by climbing that entire junk pile and it's like you know we were talking about this a little bit off air someone like Alex Jones he's a good in for people who are new to this information what I recommend the people continuously just listen to that and not go forward and to other vistas of information absolutely not you'd be missing a huge part of the picture alex is an introductory aspect for people who are new to understanding the entire control system and he does a great job in that capacity and that's the role that he is playing and he stays generally within those parameters he stays within that role he knows generally that that is his forte that he's he's there to help bring the people into the truth community to bring people into a state of just paying attention and looking at all of these issues you know you grow from there and you move on to even deeper topics and vistas of awareness and to stay at that point wouldn't probably be healthy okay but don't then say oh because he may not be talking about this aspect or this thing or this thing that you throw out everything that he all the work that he has done and I've mentioned this before on my show and try to you know clearly explain to people my take on that individual because it's asked to me a lot and that that's what it is and you know I think we're on the same page as far as that's concerned and it goes the same for anyone again as we were saying you need to be eclectic about the information you take in you can't just listen to one person or even a small group of people you have to take in information from a wide variety of sources and then start to filter it and integrate it into your own worldview and help that to change you and to encourage you to then take action based on all the information that you've come to understand as a result of that information gathering so uh then II we do have a couple more callers on the line you want to take another call yeah yeah take them now so it's the only time we go fantastic here we go all right caller you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Vinny Eastwood welcome hello yes you're live hi hi mark hi Vinny how you guys doing really good well I'm 54 and when I was 19 I did extensive studying into aleister crowley's works and the golden dawn and I've studied everything from witchcraft to esoteric Zen Buddhism and as far as Alex Jones goes let's just get that out of the road right off the way yes he's a gate but he's not the end result he's the weed he's the Wade of the truth movement you know he's the gateway drug I mean exactly yes and he's controlled in a way but he's giving you enough data to get you on the research path that's right that's exactly right because we're all ultimately we're all self reliant we're all here to educate ourselves and so he does serve a function but he doesn't take you all the way down the path I totally that's why I totally agree with that absolutely no one person can take you all the way down the path of you noticed it really does take a huge wide spectrum of research yes no one person can know it all yeah and that's where this energy comes in to working together that's right yeah absolutely all right I have to yes go ahead I'm gonna bring you back to one little point before I go sure the ultimate aspect of our whole experience in this existence is that we are the observer we are not the experience and so no matter what we encounter or what we get locked into we're still the observer that's exactly right I talked about that point when we went into the concept of mindfulness as one of the solutions in consciousness and that's something that we really do have to understand and keep in mind when we're dealing with any of the situations that we encounter in life so call our phenomenal points thanks so much for calling and venting your take on that mm-hmm well I think everybody's got their own line and that's why they call it your life and you gotta live it you know you can't expect anybody else to solve your problems for you if you're sick for example then start taking care of your health if you feel depressed then start exercising start talking with people who who inspire you start listening to things that actually make you feel happy and better don't sit around just trying to waste your time you know get angry if anger gives you enough motivation to get off the couch and start doing something if you're deathly afraid of the New World Order and they're puppets and they're scum beggary then by all means grab a cheap air as a video camera and go down and find an agent of scum beggary wherever you find them chase them down ask them questions be a pain in the neck and you'll be surprised at how much in in bullies learn this at an early age how much fun it is to pick on people all right now the difference being here is I encourage people to bully bullies all right it's like the double whammy its it feels like justice you know smells like victory sort of like napalm in the morning because when you're going after these people you recognize that they don't really have a leg to stand on they have no moral authority right over you or anybody else and ego you can use that to justify just invading this space just a little you don't need to a salt them you don't need to insult them just make them aware that there are people who know who they really are and what they're really up to and that we're watching them and that at any point we could come up on you and this is another part of my operation as well it's about psych warfare okay if you can make your enemy afraid your enemy begins to start making mistakes once they start making mistakes because they're angry or because they're frustrated or because they're hot under the collar or something like that that's when they'll do something stupid that's when they'll expose themselves and there's an old saying how do you expose a fascist you get them to act like it's okay if anything we're trying to I'm trying to taunt these people into coming after me into making something of it you know so I'm armed with the truth I don't care what weapons you have you don't have the arsenal capable of taking me on an idea can never be killed an ID a person can be but an idea can never be slain yeah I'm a man I can be shot I can be stomped okay but ideas of bulletproof and nothing can stop an idea whose time has come and what these scum beggary individuals need to recognize and be very very cognizant of of all times of the day is that their time is almost up people have started to awaken and once people have all really gotten the idea that they're all being screwed into the ground like 10 pigs holding up this giant marquee for a circus full of clowns and jugglers and fat disgusting trotting patrons who have nothing better to do with their lives once you realize that you're part of that structure any one of us can bring that whole big top down on itself justify and built upon us and have been built by us and we can take it down just as where you put it up just by refusing to hold it up for a moment longer phenomenal point many we have another caller holding on we'll get to them on the other side of the break and then we'll have your final words in the last segment we'll be right back folks [Music] welcome back everyone this is the final section of this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm our special guests for this edition Vinny Eastwood of the Vinny Eastwood show on American freedom radio many we do have one more caller holding on the line would you like to take the final call um you know for you month my rate here we go Richard in Washington you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest of any Eastwood welcome yeah great last segments and great callers the only thing that I have found has been consistent is the fact that fear is used to divide and conquer so the the powers that be whatever you want to call them consistently use this and they create different and I liked how Anthony's terms since homosapiens have got to every corner of the world I like his fact that we're the Oprah open-air prison and there's just various tribes in this open-air prison and what I think we need to refer to these powers-that-be as unethical though influential merchant banker tribe that takes all the evil or the you know goodness or the religion or all these these divisive aspects of things out of the picture and you can address the issue like you said as an individual and one thing the individual has to do is educate himself and then become involved he has to take a stand every second he has an opportunity to make that commitment to taking a stand great point Richard thinning your take on that well I do see it as a kind of tribal warfare you know there's the the slave tribe versus the ruling tribe and and this kind of thing happens all throughout history you know it there's an old saying that there's nothing new Under the Sun and it's very true and the interesting thing about today's society on the other hand is that one person can have their voices amplified through the internet or videos can go viral and that sort of thing so when you're ambushing somebody or you're trying to make a difference or you're asking questions or whatever just remember think about who your target is okay what kind of concept are you targeting here are you targeting climate change are you targeting vaccines are you targeting unjustified Wars or anything like that and then think who your target audience is what kind of people are gonna actually want to watch this video what kind of people will see me asking this particular person a question as something inspiring or something informative you know think about that for a moment before you go out and doing things and somebody asked me in the chat room here what if it's done in a group you know like if one person is asking the questions one person's filming one's holding a boom mic or whatever you know does that work and you know when it comes to finding out your own way of fighting against the New World Order my same old answer as anything in everything okay do anything you can and do everything you can to fight these people okay you don't need to break laws you don't need to damage things or anything like that just figure out what you as a person can do it doesn't matter whether you're a musician a butcher a baker a candlestick maker if you can't be in front of that camera or whatever you'll probably see on the YouTube or something like that somebody who can and if you have a few spare buck or two to help that person continue doing what they're doing send it through to them okay figure out what part you're playing are you part of the the enemy team are you gonna sit there and just find truthers to attack because you disagree with one thing out of the hundred thousand or so things that they've said and use that as an excuse to block them on your Facebook or your YouTube and never listen to them ever again because they said one thing you didn't like this is the this is the insanity that we have to deal with as truth is on it on a daily basis and we and we all know if you are a true that you should know okay very early on in the face that the reason why a lot of conspiracy theorists have been called crazy and whatever is not because we're crazy is because there are actually a few crazy people that do share a lot of the views that we do and they go nuts they know they're very rude they use all caps they throw wild accusations out of absolutely nowhere they're completely out of control and they're really annoying but conveniently they're also a very small shrieking shrill minority who very few people actually actively listen to but on the other hand when it's your content that they're commenting on and calling rubbish and calling you a sure I've had people call me an agent of Israel I'm in bloody New Zealand for crying out loud you know just just this mindless twaddle and the thing is it's outnumbered usually about fifty to one with people saying yeah that's awesome freakin cool you know so it's just like hey sometimes you can think back and wonder to yourself was I too concerned and getting offended and staying up for three hours arguing with these people who were angry idiots who don't know what the hell they're talking about who I can't convince of anything anyway when I could have instead been talking to listening to or or being with somebody who inspires me cares about me and believes in me that's right and that's how COINTELPRO works that's how they're just trying to take you off of your game because they don't want you reaching more people and so they're trying to redirect that energy into a into a you know a frivolous enterprise on your part you can't let that happen you have to stay focused you have to stay on point and continue to do what you're doing so uh Richard great call do you have anything else for many yeah the question there would be the summation of this whole thing is there an ultimate cause and effect of this whole thing and my bottom line is where the Cimmerian of the aspect of my and the Egyptian the Roman Empire's that civilization is there something causing the rise and decline of these civilizations and I think I've kind of challenged you before Marc read the book the vegetarian myth by lera Keith Kei th once you read that book you find out what the real cause of the rise and fall of every civilization is for us Homo sapiens I have actually taken you up on your challenge I'm not going to comment on on this today but I will on a future show and I'll leave it at that so if any of you want to well respond to that um well yeah I would find it very interesting to find out if there's one particular cause of rise and falls of civilizations but as far as I've seen it's always because a small predatory class has risen to an extensive amounts of power they go nuts start to think that their gods start to believe that there's no consequences to their actions stop caring about other people actively try and manipulate them using all of their power and this is the definition for conspiracy theorists in my mind and I used the term conspiracy theorist in a different way to others I see it as a positive thing and I think because the conspiracy theorist has been used as a negative word a negative connotation to people for so long we need to change that meaning back to mean a positive thing the way it should be because conspiracy theorists back in the day were called investigative journalists and researchers you know the people who actually found out what was really going on and today I take the meaning of conspiracy theorists to be a person who believes that powerful people who have a lot of influence use their power to gain more influence it's pretty straightforward when you think about it like that isn't it because if you am have a look at the opposite side of the spectrum what's an opposite to a conspiracy theorist a coincidence theorist right somebody who think that everything happens but it's just random now if you take those two people and you put them side-by-side coincidence theorists versus conspiracy theorists what's one of them sounds more insane right and naive okay that's the person who thinks that everything happens by accident that everybody in general when you ask this question to will think is completely and utterly naive and just completely crazy which is the opposite to how they're currently thinking about it that it's conspiracy theorists who are really crazy and the people who don't question everything that walk around as if nothing's going wrong as if everything's sweet as a nut they're actually the real crazy ones exactly because they believe the notion that powerful influential individuals with tons and tons of money never come together to make plans for the same agenda you know and that happened that is happening 24 hours a day seven days a week all around us we just need to be conscious enough to say it Vinnie your final words to take us out great show thanks so much for being on well if you'd like to listen to me and Aslan's pastor lindsay williams says you need to listen to the vinny eastwood show every day because things are moving so fast and i want to show you something positive with everybody when it comes to making decisions in your life you've only got one moment to make it that's this moment okay it's a continuous one that moment has stretched all the way out through history and it will continue to stretch all the way on through eternity so in a way we get to share a moment with everybody who has ever lived or whoever well and that is an encouraging thought and that's why they call it the present because it is a gift then you've been a great guest thanks so much for being on you're welcome back anytime check out the vinny eastwood show calm ladies and gentlemen that's all we have time for stick around Cris ever art is up next [Music]