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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal the liberation of your soul and mind that's what this show is all about welcome ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I am your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday April 15 2012 it is tax day how appropriate how absolutely wonderfully synchro mystic is it that I'm going to be talking about the non support of the dominator culture on tax day of 2012 it could not have been planned any better than that and indeed I did not plan that this just happens to be where we're at in the subject matter we have a power-packed show for you here today I mean the information I'm going to be giving in this show is full of true power if you are capable of grasping it if you have the eyes to see in the ears to hear this information is empowerment personified we're going to continue to cover the ultimate in the way of solutions and that is to stop giving ones support and even to stop giving ones respect in the form of some form of admiration or or thought that there must be present in you some kind of obligation to obey some sort of a moral obligation to obey the dominator system that has been erected all around us this completely immoral system of control that wants to make us go against our conscience we're going to be talking a lot about conscience in the show today and justifications for wrong actions so that's coming up when we get more into how to pull our support back from dominators and the Dominator culture and understand what the domination of other people really is by understanding what our natural law rights are and what they are not that's coming up on the show today I do have many event announcements I have five event announcements so I'm going to start them and we'll continue them after the break the official Philadelphia end the Fed rally will be taking place this coming Sunday April 22nd 2012 at 11 o'clock a.m. at the Federal Reserve Bank here in Philadelphia that's it 6th and arch streets 6th and arch in Philadelphia and we'll be gathering outside of the Federal Reserve Building for the end the Fed rally it's called the rally for sound money for America this is hosted by truth freedom prosperity for more information on this event go to true freedom prosperity org I have four other event announcements I want to tell people about that are happening right here in Philadelphia coming up this month actually a two of them are about radio show appearances on making actually so we'll continue that on the other side of the break stay with us folks who are listening to what on earth is happening [Music] okay we're back the list - what number is happening here on Oracle broadcast I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com continuing with the event announcements we talked about the Philly and the Fed rally happening next Sunday April 22nd the same day very close to the same location just across at Independence Mall park across from the Federal Reserve building will be the Philly freedom rally and freedom is spelled pH REE do M as a play on the word Philadelphia this is happening the same day Sunday April 22nd 2012 at 1 o'clock p.m. at Independence Hall Park okay so they have the entire park reserved in front of Independence Mall and in front of the independence Visitor Center this is called the Philadelphia rally for freedom 2012 featuring the speakers dr. Ron Paul who should bring out thousands of supporters michael Scheuer will also be speaking he is a former CIA intelligence officer and James paddle Ione jr. of students for Liberty here in Philadelphia those are the featured speakers I believe Larkin Rose is also speaking I believe he's speaking at the end of fed event so that should be great to hear Lark and Rose speaking as well on Sunday here in Philadelphia performing live musical acts as part of the Philadelphia freedom rally on Independence Mall Park will be Jordan page and Tatiana more rows for more information on this great event the Philadelphia freedom rally 2012 you could visit WWF redeem 2012 calm freedom spelled pH REE do em or visit truth freedom prosperity org the monthly documentary screening and discussion evening for truth freedom prosperity hosted by barb and myself will be on Wednesday April 20 fifth 2012 at 7 o'clock p.m. at media Bureau Studios the corner of 4th and brown at 7:25 North fourth Street in the Northern Liberties section of the city this month we will be screening the documentary film chyme Attica about the esoteric agenda and what we can do to end it and to achieve true and lasting peace and freedom in our world it's a great film people should really be aware of it and take it in because it does propose a lot of great solutions now I have to event announcements regarding radio shows actually three I want to tell you about radio shows that I was on this past week interviews that are posted to the site and I want to tell you about upcoming interviews I have coming up in the next couple of weeks I was interviewed on the Bob Tusken show this past Monday April 9th that's in the news section it's also under the latest news items on the front page of the site what on earth is happening calm I was also interviewed by Doug oh and on blacklisted radio here on Oracle broadcasting on Tuesday April 10th I was brought in on the second hour we talked about food and juicing and on the Bob Hoskins show the topics were natural law objective truth the usage the dark usage of the Hegelian dialectic and false flag terror attacks and more so those interviews are posted to the site in the news section I have two upcoming interviews that I'm really looking forward to and I'm excited about on the Vinny Eastwood's show this coming Tuesday April 17th I will be making an appearance being interviewed by Vinny Eastwood on the American Freedom Radio Network his show is from 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time and he'll be bringing me on as part of a roundtable discussion on the occult with freighter X ok of the middle chamber on American freedom radio and also the illuminated one Curtis Davis this is going to be an awesome roundtable discussion I'm definitely looking forward to it that's coming up April 17th on the Vinny Eastwood show American freedom radio 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday April 23rd from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. East Coast time I will be interviewed on the occult Empire radio show on the antimatter's own Network hosted by Bob from Cincinnati I've been on Bob's show before he's a great host I like his show on the occult occult empire with Bob from Cincinnati I'll be making a return appearance to that show Monday April 23rd 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. and the topic is going to be the Rosicrucian tradition of occultism we're going to be getting into the deep esoteric aspects of Rosicrucianism and the Rosicrucian tradition in general you're not going to want to miss that show it's going to be a great one so those are the upcoming appearances I have scheduled for other radio shows and that concludes the event announcements so let's jump right into the subject matter for today's show which is a continuation of the section the solutions section known as the non support of dominators now if you want to follow along with all of the images as always go up to the what on earth is happening website click on the radio show tab and underneath the player on the radio show page you will see a series of links of numbered links these are the images that I'm going to be referring to you can click them to bring up a slideshow to follow along with the images that go along with the concepts and ideas that I will be discussing discussing throughout the show today image number 1 is simply the freedom rally poster so you can check that out image number 2 is this image that I put up here for this entire section of solution-oriented approaches and I will continue to be using this image because it's extremely powerful and there's subtleties in it that are put there deliberately okay so I call this entire section the way out because it is the way out of the mess that we have created for ourselves it's the way out of the cage that humanity has made for itself okay and it shows a man and woman holding hands and walking out into another world into the light seemingly out of a dark tunnel and into a world of light and you can see where their hands are joined you know that is like the bottom of a heart kind of okay symbolically it's also the symbol of the the Grail or the the inverted triangle which represents the Sacred Feminine which is such a huge part of the solution which is true care turning on one's conscience the knowledge between right and wrong and the willful decision to employ that knowledge for the right and to not participate in the wrong and the letter Y joins directly at their hands that's also not just synchronistic or synchronistic that is deliberate okay and in how I designed this image in this slide the the letter Y and the the question why is we're something we're going to be talking about here today on this show okay this also is this image of the Grail or the chalice okay this sacred feminine symbol and it is the ultimate solution it is the ultimate secret to everything in the universe the question why that's the thing that too many people do not ask and that's why they do not have the solution in hand why is what power is all about it is what empowerment is is the ability to ask that question it is the will to ask that question and then to seek an answer to it so we'll be continuing with the non support of dominators [Music] we're going to talk about emotional mind control what solutions really are the absolute nature of truth conscience and its employment and much science believes you deserve the right to have a long and healthy life [Music] behind the girl I'll make my stay [Music] welcome back everyone we're talking about solutions as we will be for many weeks or months and today we'll be continuing the coverage of the section called the non support of dominators as one of the biggest solutions to the problems which humanity faces image number three on the slides that I've prepared for today is just a listing of the grassroots solutions that we have been and will be covering on this part of the water on earth is happening radio show we've already covered many of these we're up at the top of the second column and we've basically gone through the first column of solutions and also mindfulness in the second column we'll be continuing with this list of solutions as the show progresses but we're going to be spending time on the non-supportive dominators for probably several weeks and as I said last week there are several things to keep in mind when I go through this section and the first thing is that the gloves are off that's the first thing I want to let everyone know you're going to hear me say things that are seemingly harsh throughout this entire section take it however you want get as offended as you like as always I'm not here to make friends this isn't a popularity contest I'm here to tell people what the truth is that's it and to explain to them how they're creating their own self inflicted suffering I don't serve this race called humanity I am NOT its servant I am a servant of truth that's it that's my only allegiance I don't have only gence to any race of beings so I'm not doing this because I love humanity I'm doing this because I love and serve truth and it's the right thing to do and that's the only reason I do it you know it's a beautiful wonderful spring day here in Philadelphia with shockingly no chemtrails in the sky for today a May using Lee I should say you know I could be out enjoying the day I could be out you know having a great time on a beautiful spring day but instead I spent all day inside preparing this show and preparing the slides for it so you know I'm not doing this because I want to be doing it for people I'm doing it because there's a moral obligation as someone who knows this information to speak it to other people and maybe you could even hear a hint of bitterness in my voice regarding that because yeah I could be doing what I want to do what my ego self wants to do versus what I know I should be doing and I give of my time freely in that capacity when I could be doing other things and that's really that's the kind of sacrifice that is gonna be required if humanity is going to turn this situation around and I'm not saying I'm any kind of a martyr because of it but I'm telling you I go through the whole gamut of emotions just like anyone else might when they're making a sacrifice and giving up something you know that maybe their ego driven desires want versus what they know they should be doing with their time so you know if everybody contributed a little bit toward that great work it would get done easily but unfortunately most people sit back on the sidelines complain or do nothing or you know just feel sorry about the situation that they're in don't exercise their will don't get involved don't get into the game they sit on the sidelines armchair quarterbacking and pick out little minutiae that they don't like about other people's work and and and the work doesn't ultimately get done the true great work doesn't get done of awakening conscience in humanity because sadly most people you know are going to sit back and watch and wait for other people to take action instead of actually getting involved in the gain them game themselves so going back to you know what I was talking about is the gloves are coming off and I'm not an apologist for people like so many new AG lecturers or or hosts are okay I'm gonna give you the straight deal regardless of how painful it is and that's part of paying attention to that and accepting that is part of not being in emotional mind control which we talked about last week hearing things that make you uncomfortable about what's really going on in the world or even really going on within yourself and then you rejecting it because it makes you feel uncomfortable is what emotional mind control is all about and so many people are under that form of mind control you know if it makes you feel uncomfortable you choose to ignore it or you choose to believe that it can't be true or you know oh I don't like that guys delivery I don't like his style I don't like the sound of his voice I don't like his hair I don't like you know the clothes that he wears this or that well then I'm going to ignore his message that's all emotional mind control that's the ego saying to you well this doesn't resonate with one of my preferences and therefore I'm gonna cast off the message and I'm gonna choose to believe that that message is also bogus because I don't like something about this person personally you know or maybe his voice just doesn't resonate me with me and it grates on me or maybe I think he's boring or maybe I think you know he's not passionate about you know enough about what he's saying or maybe he's overly passionate passionate about what he's saying any of these things but the bottom line is people under this form of emotional mind control aren't listening to the message the actual information they're listening to how it's delivered or they're looking at the person and saying well I don't like his look or I don't like his style all forms of emotional mind control another part of emotional mind control as we covered last week is when people have in their mind and identification with another human being for exams for example perhaps the role that they play in a family situation like a father or a brother or a mother or a sister our daughter or son okay and therefore they graft that role onto another situation so how a father might treat a daughter in the family has nothing to do with the father's actions as a police officer or as a soldier he could go and commit complete and utter transgressions against natural law in certain roles and in other roles that he plays in his lower self his ego self okay he may play a completely different role in a relationship with someone else and that emotional attachment to a role that someone plays can be transferred or grafted on to another role that that person plays in life so a daughter seeing her father as a cop or as a soldier for an example she will graft on her identification or her idea of what that being actually is like as a father but refused to look at the role he is actually playing as a soldier for example this is another form of emotional mind control it is a form of emotional attachment to a role that we identify someone with in life such that we are justifying their behaviors in other roles okay and it's a powerful form of emotional attachment with extremely difficult bonds to break because they're rooted in the physiology specifically the physiology of the limbic brain which generates emotions and emotional attachments when we feel an emotion a a pattern is set in motion in the brain of neural activity and it gets routed like that because we're constantly exposed to this person in a particular role so when we try to see them in a different light in true respect you know not respecting what they do regardless of what it is that's not what I mean by that by taking on look at which is what the word respect really means from the Latin ream eaning again and SPECT Oh SPECT re which means to look at we need to really respect that individual to take another look at them in this alternative role that they are playing in the world and judge it honestly not with an emotional attachment we'll pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on tilt radio [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening under host mark passio continuing to discuss emotional mind control why this form of mind control which I call heart control and to my knowledge that's a term I've coined myself why it's so difficult to break is because it has physio physiologically rooted a physiologically rooted nature within the brain in the limbic part of the brain where we can form emotional attachments and fall into a pattern of not taking a look honestly or in this case as I've said taking another look honestly the word respect truly respecting someone else's role in a different position in life just because we've formed a certain form of an emotional attachment to another role that there they happen to be playing so another kind of emotional mind control I covered last week is when people deliver a message in a certain way even if they're saying the truth many people will not want to hear them because they want it delivered in sweet and pleasant tones without ever pointing any fingers or without ever raising any alarms you know or anything like that they it's like a baby that can't chew a piece of food that needs it mushed up or put you know through a straw okay these are people who don't have a mature psychological sense any mature psychological sensibilities they don't have the psychological acumen to be able to handle being told truth in an upfront and direct way and again this show is not for those individuals I'm not addressing those individuals I'm addressing the people who are real men and women and who can handle hearing something that is true and I'm trying to reach those individuals I'm not trying to reach the babies among us okay to put it quite simply and harshly those people are going to have to go through enough pain and suffering to get the message unless they decide that they're going to grow up and come out of that emotional psychological and spiritual state of infant hood okay because that's what they are they're infants in those capacities mentally psychologically and spiritually and I don't make excuses for people like that and never have they're making a willful decision to remain in that state of consciousness you could blame it on mind control and fear all day long but ultimately it's because they hate the personal responsibility that comes with knowing that's all it really is about and let's start calling it as it is instead of making excuses or trying to justify it we're going to talk about justification later in the show so an image number six here our image five I put a an image of what emotional mind control looks like the the monkeys with their hands over their eyes ears and mouth the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil image because that's what emotional mind control is about you know not wanting to take a look at the ugly truth that we're basically living in a prison here and it's a prison of our own design brought on by our own spiritual immaturity and refusal to take personal responsibility for our own actions image six is this idea that I'm talking about about people speaking the truth but perhaps we can get in a harsh way or in a way that is loud or abrasive and people refusing to listen to the actual message they're not seeing the two plus two equals four see what are what are their eyes and ears go to right is it going to the message that's in that speech bubble which is true unwaveringly true for all times and places from the begin of creation till the end of time it's true and has no other solution to it okay or are they paying attention to what the guy's hair looks like or what color lipstick the woman's wearing or how her hair is cut or that the one woman speaking through a microphone or the other guys wearing a suit all of this is and things that have no bearing on whether the message is true or not but people under this form of emotional mind control when it comes to hearing truth will accept the message coming from people who dress nicely and have wonderful posture and will put on that lovely mask oh the plastic face the plastic surgery face even that you see in in so many newscasters and Hollywood celebrities etc you know and OU will dress in our fancy three-piece suit and we'll have all the flashy graphics you know and well we'll talk to you like you're in in kindergarten okay well and we'll treat you like the little baby that we know that you are and speak in such sweet and pleasant tones and yet we'll lie right to your face and tell you that two plus two is five that black is white that war is peace and that slavery is freedom is slavery and vice versa and nothing can ever make what's in the the speech bubble in image number seven true ever it will never be true no matter how sweetly it said no matter how much people want to accept it no matter how much people want to believe it's true and this holds true for anything else not just mathematics this holds true for laws of behavioral consequence for natural law for issues of right and wrong and that's why people have such a hard time when you tell them if you're focused on the people at the top of the pyramid and you're not trying to educate the people at the bottom you do not understand what is creating the prison you live in those people are a paltry infinitesimal few and could do nothing to the bulk of humanity on their own the their influence would be completely negated if the bulk of humanity had and exorcised conscience and that's why people who are under emotional mind-control when it comes to the roles that individuals in a dominator culture are playing okay don't want to hear the truth that's written on slide number eight that it's the people at the base of the pyramid who are creating the problem not the people at the top those people at the top are influencers they're not actually taking the the violent actions do you see David Rockefeller taking violent action on other people this this bony old man who's practically infirm who could be blown over and a strong breeze is he the person who's physically injuring and harming other people and take physically taking their freedom away from them for non wrongs for non harm is he the one who's stepping all over other people's rights by acts of violence no he's perhaps what not perhaps definitely influencing those actions but he's not the one taking those actions these are the people who are taking those actions and therefore they are the creators of what we have termed the dark new world order and that's unwaveringly continuously and forever the case it is true that statement is true definitively it's not an opinion and it's definitely absolutely the truth and if you don't understand you don't get it yet you don't get it yet okay so here's here's the thing people go into this shutdown mode when they hear that there is such a thing as absolute the absolute nature of truth because this it doesn't resonate with what they've been told and programmed with through mind control since the day they were born they've been told truth is shades of grey it's not absolute it's not black and white and this is bunk this is New Age bunk and it's also mind control bunk because the truth is a particular way it is as things actually are it is what is that which is it's not open to interpretation it's not open to shading it's not open to to color of opinion it is a certain way causal dynamics that play out as physical manifestations in our world happen as a result of things playing out a certain way and that is called the truth that which actually does occur that which goes through the formality of actually occurring in physical manifestation is the truth of our situation and that's not open to an interpretation it's that which is we'll pick this aspect up on the other side of the break stay with us folks gotta keep my cool make him think I made up stop [Music] we're back this is what on earth is happening on mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about the absolute nature of truth the truth is extreme ladies and gentlemen it doesn't care what you think of it it doesn't matter whether you understand it or not its unwavering and unyielding that's how natural law operates grow up get over it the object for the successful navigation of this dimension this realm this universe however you want to look at it is the recognition of those natural laws and the willful decision to live in harmony with them because you are subject to them the end for all time that is what an adult has come to understand the nature of the situation that we're in here all bound together all one under immutable laws that we did not create as separate monads of consciousness as separate individual consciousnesses or you can look at it as individuated drops in an ocean which are formed of the same thing and are basically indistinguishable from each other in that ocean of consciousness all with the same rights but with different individual unique properties truth is absolute that's extreme it's contrary to what we've been told it is it works the same way at all times places and and scenarios the word absolute we covered it comes from Latin AB which is a prefix meaning away from an solute which is the solid matter that needs to be dissolved in order to form a solution the solidity which is the ego which is what we're looking to dissolve in people to come to acceptance of that which is and that doesn't mean accept things the way they are even though they're wrong that's not what we're talking don't get it twisted into some nonsensical new-age bunk of there always has to be evil no evil is a choice made in the moment it's not something that is just forced it upon us that we have no choice but to accept and it is eternal and always must be this is new-age bone is what it is and if you believe that bunk your under mind control and I Got News for you you're not even under mind control by New Agers you're under mind controlled by the Satanists and the dark Luciferians that invent that New Age bunk and put it out there so you'll swallow it down like the bunch of crap that it is with a fork and a spoon to continue evil is a choice made by the rejection of conscience in the moment that is what it is perpetuated by ignorant and the refusal to accept personal responsibility for one's actions the solute is the ego that needs to be gone away from and you get rid of it by dissolving it with truth which is the solvent it has to be dissolved in a solvent it has to be broken down that's what this process of spiritual alchemy is about breaking down the calcification of the ego the solute so that a solution can be formed and enacted the word solvent is probably the most interesting when you break it down using atom ology and green language it comes from the Latin as well I'm on slide number 10 now it comes from the Latin Solvay which means to release to unbind to free to untie to open up think about it the solvent is the truth it is the solution the understanding of natural law saying no to evil saying no to domination saying no to ignorance this is the solution it is the solvent these are truths in which the ego must be dissolved and come to accept if you break down the word solvent soul vent the venting of the soul to vent something is to release it is to free it is the freeing of the soul the freeing of the light within a soul the Sun the one the uniqueness within the individual the unique value of every individual the infinite value of every individual the soul vent green language most people still can't see that and still think it's some kind of a coincidence that that's not some cosmic there's not cosmic significance to the way English language worked out I mean if you still think that I feel sorry for you that your perception is so devoid of wonder and so devoid of that pure simplistic Majesty that that is how language is telling us truth that I don't know what to tell you in many ways I think people that can't grasp that are truly something less than what they not only can be but were intended to be and that they are damaged in many ways they're there their soul sick the the world is devoid of wonder and magic to them and I think that that's pathetic and I feel immensely horribly sorry for an individual in that state of consciousness because the with a wonder of language and words in communicating ideas and knowledge and telling us the truths that we need to hear and understand just in the words alone is absolutely incredible how that works out synchro mystically but if we break it down even in language the word solvent comes from Latin meaning one okay and it's where the word Sun comes from the light of the world the bringer of life to our world and then vent comes from the Latin verb there's really not a V sound in classical Latin it's pronounced with a W so it's ven io is the verb and it's pronounced when e o when e o when e air a went us and that means to come or to be come present to arrive so think about it we break it down like that with the etymology of the second part of the word vent from when EO entus in Latin went us it means for the Sun to arrive the light to arrive that's not amazing right no it's just a coincidence it's nothing to see here move along the light to become present the soul to become present the one to become present unbelievable and that is the solution the acceptance of the truth of the light of true unique individuality and the value of the individual the acceptance of that truth that is the solution that is the fundamental worldview shift that brings the solution into manifestation through the dissolving of the ego and the acceptance of truth now what we're going to talk about throughout this section involves the understanding of causality and natural law which we've already talked about we've talked about it to a point of practical sickness that I've repeated the same things over and over so much but unfortunately that's what's necessary to keep saying the same thing over and over again for people to really get it for it to sink in is that a form of mind control yes it is for the right reason it's a form of mind influence when it's done for the right reason it's not mind control it's the influence of people's psyche to put them on the right path so that they truly understand and grasp it for themselves at some future time but repeating it over and over and over and over again plants that seed in deep ground it plants the seed so can have deep roots and grow to be something strong in the individuals consciousness we need to keep repeating the same things over and over even if we don't like them having to do that so I'm going to pick up with an important aspect of causality on the other side of the break and we're going to meet the Merovingian and you'll understand what I mean by that and the other side going to break down a very key scene in the Matrix trilogy the Matrix Reloaded part 2 on the other side of the break go on right balance believes you deserve the right to happen [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark casio my website what on earth is happening calm go up there to the radio show page to pull up the images that go along with today's show I'm getting ready to explain image number 11 this is a slide that I posted on Facebook this week and wrote a bit bit of an explanation of because I think it is the greatest scene in almost any movie ever made and it tells the ultimate secret to the universe basically it's from the Matrix Reloaded the second part of the Matrix trilogy movies which very few people understand from an allegorical perspective and they really need to understand what these movies are telling us because there's some incredible truths revealed through these allegories I just want to say if anyone is holding on the line who is called in I will not be taking calls today on the show and probably not for the next few weeks because this material is so important I'm going to just hammer on it okay and it's just gonna be me talking over the next few weeks so phone calls coming in several weeks let's just say that now okay so don't bother to call in for the next few weeks I'll let you know when I'm taking calls again I'm going to put this material out into the world in the way I want it put out there over the next few weeks because this is the things the people need to understand these are them these are the things people need to get regarding the dominator culture and I'm gonna put it out there in a completely unapologetic an unwavering fashion with no distraction so that having been said let's continue the Merovingian character is probably one of the greatest characters that has ever been invented in any movie and he hits the nail right down dead center drives it right home if you can understand what he is saying I'm going to explain the scene I'm gonna read the scene to you and then I will explain what the scene is about the scene is in the Matrix Reloaded the second part of the the trilogy which again many people think is somehow so much less than the original movie and it's not it actually holds much greater spiritual truths then even does the original one the original one is actually set up for the truths that are to come in parts two and three so the heroes are going into the stronghold of this character known as the Merovingian who is holding another character hostage the character is holding hostage is called the key-maker okay and the heroes want to get the key-maker out of this guy's custody they've been told to do this by another character called the Oracle in the movie and we'll all get to what all of these characters represent okay but let's listen let's listen in on the scene okay the characters the heroes are Morpheus Trinity and neo in the trilogy okay and they represent the three aspects of consciousness thought emotion and action Morpheus thought or the mind Trinity emotions okay the Sacred Feminine and neo who represents right action The Awakening - right action through the neocortex okay so the higher thought functions of the human brain are in the neocortex that's why is he's named neo and he is the new human the emerging human with a conscience with a truly developed conscience the next evolutionary version of what a human being actually is who has a truly developed conscience so we'll get into the reading of this scene on the other side of the brain and then I'm gonna break it down for everything you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcast and we'll be right back alright folks were back let's jump right back into the subject matter we were talking about the scene with the Merovingian in the Matrix Reloaded so I'm gonna read the scene for you now on this slide number 11 called meet the Merovingian the heroes enter the room and sit down with the Merovingian and Morpheus says to the Merovingian you know why we are here and the Merovingian replies I am a trafficker of information I know everything I can the question is do you know why you are here Morpheus responds we are looking for the key-maker the Merovingian responds oh yes it is true the key-maker of course but this is not a reason this is not a why the key-maker himself his very nature is a means not an end and so to look for him is to be looking for a means to do what neo responds you know the answer to that question and the Merovingian responds but do you you think you do but you do not you are here because you were sent here you were old to come here and then you obeyed it is of course the way of all things you see there is only one constant one universal it is the only real truth causality action reaction cause effect the Morpheus character responds to this by saying everything begins with choice and the Merovingian replies no wrong choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without and this is the nature of the universe we struggle against it we fight to deny it but it is of course pretend it is a lie causality there is no escaping it we are forever slaves to it our only hope our only peace is to understand it to understand the why why is the only real source of power without it you are powerless and this is how you come to me without why without power another link in the chain neo responds to this by saying this isn't over and the Merovingian gets up from the table and says oh yes it is the key-maker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up no reason at all that's basically the conclusion of that scene it goes on to where the characters basically fight to get the key-maker out of that building and they eventually do get him the heroes of the movie but um this is the absolute crux of the entire matrix films and I'm probably going to do an entire presentation soon on the Matrix trilogy live here in Philadelphia all booked at some place but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while and it's probably one of the next presentations I'm going to make I am in the process of talking to some people at a scene food market may be doing another lecture series there perhaps on natural law or maybe even perhaps something on the The Matrix trilogy would be pretty fun to do there so look for that in a few draw of course make announcements on the show when I have something booked definitively so I wrote a small essay describing what this scene represents so I'm gonna read that right now so I put exactly what I wanted to say into specific words okay here we go this is what this scene actually means in this scene from the Matrix Reloaded the heroes of the film Morpheus Trinity and neo representing thought emotion and action respectively have come to the stronghold of the villain known as the Merovingian now the Merovingian represents the dark o cultists those dark keepers of esoteric knowledge who are currently ruling over the people of Earth right now okay that's who he represents he is one of the ultra elite that is set up that is a made man so to speak he is in the club okay he is in the dark occult and he's in a position of power over other people because he has knowledge he is a trafficker of information he has knowledge that they lack he understands things about the causal dynamics of the universe that they do not understand and as such in that differential of power through that differential of knowledge he can basically rule them and until they acquire that knowledge and then use it for the right reasons they're done done they're going to be slaves eternally as a result of their own ignorance and stupidity so going back to what I've written here the Merovingian is holding the character known as the key-maker hostage the key-maker character is the means for unlocking people's minds to the true nature of the control system in which they are embedded but more than that he is the means to impart the understanding of why the world became that way that's who the key-maker represents that's what the key-maker represents the key-maker is the means to understanding the natural law nature's law of cause and effect the causal relationships between choices that are made behaviors that are enacted and the manifested results that happen as a result of those behaviors the key-maker is the means to understanding the natural law of cause and effect and therefore he is the means to acquire the understanding of how not to create self-inflicted suffering that's what the key-maker character represents the Merovingian in this scene is mocking the heroes because they don't even understand what the key-maker is and yet they want him see they subconsciously know they need him because the Oracle told him to go get them they want the solution they need subconsciously know there's a problem they've been become cognizant of the control system that's been built up all around them but they have no idea why that it is that way what made it that way the heroes don't even understand what the key-maker is they do not get that he is the ultimate solution to all problems he can unlock all the locks on all the doors on all the cells in which we have caged ourselves the heroes were told to find the key maker by the Oracle character she represents our subconscious and intuitive capacities simple knowing but not at a conscious level we'll pick this up on the other side I'll continue to break down after these words we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] we're back this is what on earth is happening on your host mark Pascal I'm jumping right back into the subject matter because it's so important talking about the scene of the Merovingian in the Matrix Reloaded probably the greatest allegorical scene in any movie ever made I was breaking it down that the heroes were told to find the key-maker by the Oracle character who represents our subconscious or intuitive capacities now many people fall into the error of thinking oh this is about us being sent to the earth or making a decision to come to the earth that's not what this allegorically represents the the Oracle is our intuition and she is sending us to the elite see intuitively we know there's a problem and we're looking to the people at the highest level of the pyramidal hierarchical structure as the solution that's what we have to go to get the solution to get the key-maker this has nothing to do the truth is we don't go to the elite to get the solution we have to understand the causal link between behavior and manifestation that is the solution to the problem and that's why the Merovingian is practically laughing at the heroes he knows they're a joke at this point because they don't understand the lie and he tells them as much and this is where the truth and freedom movement is ladies and gentlemen to have to break it to you in a really you know seemingly negative way and in a way that seems like it's you know has abandoned all hope the truth and freedom movement very few people within it really understand natural law and what rights are there are some there are some I'm not going to say that Arnon there are some people that do fully get it and it's encouraging to see those people to meet up with people like that as a matter of fact just last night at the truth freedom prosperity social I was talking with people who really did have a firm grasp and understanding of natural law and its principles and that was extremely refreshing to know that there are people like that out there but again don't make the mistake the people who do understand that please don't make the mistake of thinking that you're in the majority because nothing could be further from the truth this is a world full of dark souls that have not even the beginning of an inkling of the understanding of natural law or what rights are and are not so let's go back to the analysis of the scene this part of the allegory is explaining that even most of the people who have intuitively become aware that they that they are living in an artificially created consisting of control they have very little or no idea why that is the case or what type of change in their thinking and behavior is required to bring about a betterment of their current conditions the Merovingian then goes on to explain what could easily be termed the ultimate secret of the universe in elegant and devastating simplicity our behavior is the root causal factor which inevitably and unwaveringly leads to effects in our reality two manifestations two manifested effects in our reality upon taking certain actions certain effects are created and we must experience the consequences that arise as a result of that causal link between behavior and manifested reality right action guided by conscience and in harmony with natural law will lead to desirable consequences such as order peace and freedom while wrong action perpetuated by ignorance the refusal of personal responsibility and cop-outs such as quote I'm just following orders unquote will bring undesirable consequences such as chaos and ultimately enslavement these laws of causality are always operating and we are always bound by them whether or not we understand them like them or are even aware of their existence and sadly most people are not even aware of their existence only by discovering and understanding these natural laws of behavioral consequence can we ever ever hope to improve our condition as a species and gain true freedom without that knowledge and understanding we are forever forever enslaved by our own ignorance and as the Merovingian says just another link in the chain of slavery that is what that scene means and he's telling people even choice at some level is an illusion because you either have the free will choice decision to align yourself with with natural law which you are already bound by or you have the freewill decision to ignore it and suffer as a result and that doesn't mean natural law is here as a prison condition because the universe is a prison this is more nonsensical dark occult mixed with dark new-agey nonsense it's a construct for the experience of the spirit and these laws are here as guidance that can create effects that we can scarcely imagine as far as their wonders and possibilities and potential if we side to live in harmony with those natural laws of creation we can have and be and do whatever we want so long as we are not violating other people's rights to do those things so this scene is incredibly empowering if possibly under if properly understood but most people have about a nursery school child's capability of understanding allegory they want to take everything at face value and just see it as a science fiction film when it's a powerful spiritual allegory wrapped as a story you have to peel back the exoteric and get to the whole the the incredible esoteric truths to underlie the story stop seeing it just as a story the story is there for entertainment value to make the truth easier to accept so that people don't fall into the emotional mind control of just rejecting the message at face value because they're uncomfortable with it they're entertained they're in right-brain mode they're there you know in a calm state waiting to be entertained and then BOOM some powerful spiritual truths are hit them in the jaw like a right hook that's what an allegory should do if it's properly made so what we're getting at here is without the proper understanding of conscience and then the proper application of conscience humanity is doomed this is what we're here to learn ladies and gentlemen we're here to acquire the knowledge of conscience and then to put it to the right use to put it into use not just know it but to use it so I've put together a slide like this before but this is a new one on what conscience really is and it comes from the combining of the prefix con with the word science this is not a belief system I don't know how many times I have to say that this is a science of nullable and repeatable results is what the knowing of the natural laws of behavioral consequence are all about it is not a belief system or a religion it is science is it look what is conscience and how to employ it on the other side we'll be right back [Music] [Music] we're back this is what on earth is happening on your host mark pass yeah well I want to thank my partner barb during that last break she brought me a an ice pop made with fresh organic mango and man was it good I feel totally recharged and rejuvenated after eating that during the break so thanks for that let's get back into conscience this is what we were talking about and we really need to have a good working understanding of what conscience really is if we're going to turn this around if we're going to harmonize ourselves with natural law conscience of course is we break the word down con science now what is the word con it comes from Latin it's a prefix that means together and the verb to know in Latin is ski Okyere so we put it together conscience means simply to know together it is common sense and also during a break I was taking a look in the chat room at the water on earth is happening radio show page it's always there for anyone who wants to join in on the chat room it's underneath the player somebody said in the chat room that this stuff is all pretty simple but it's not very common and I saw that comment and I was like he understands yes exactly it's all simple none of this is extraordinarily complex and impossible to grasp or understand you can understand language you can get this you can understand it there's no superhuman capability involved a shift in the quality of attention is involved and a shift in worldview is involved and that's it and everyone is capable of that ladies and gentlemen the people who think that there are just some people who can never get this you're wrong everyone can understand this information it is nothing that is difficult to understand people are under conditioning and mind control but more so than that they really don't want to get the information they don't want to know the truth because they know subconsciously that that implies personal responsibility to act based on knowledge so they would rather willfully remain ignorant so they could somehow attempt to justify their inaction by saying I don't know I didn't know that and you know what that's called utter nonsense it doesn't matter whether you think you can just put your hand out and say no please don't want to hear it I don't want to know how bad things are and that somehow absolves you of your personal responsibility it doesn't work that way you are still responsible because you are not Nash and the word nations we talked about as being a form of not knowing but it's something you could not possibly have known the knowledge was sanitized and was not present at all that's completely different from ignorance which as I said a couple of weeks back on the vinny eastwood show i think we should stop calling it ignorant and start calling you ignoring and emphasizing it like that because then people will really sit up and take notice of what ignorin s-- really is it's ignoring something that is present the truth is present in our world it's not absent from the world it's here it's all around us it's at your fingertips in a way that it never was before and most people are just continuing to ignore its presence and continuing to remain in a state of ignorance see how a little shift in just the pronunciation of a word can make it take on in someone's mind a whole new meaning that's what ignorin siz about ignoring that which is present if someone's in a room and you're aware of their presence and you won't interact with them you refuse to interact with them that means you're ignoring them you're not nation' unaware of their of their existence in the room you can clearly see them and hear them you're deliberately ignoring them and that's what the situation is like with the truth and this is totally related to conscience because most people know they do have a conscience and they're deliberately ignoring it they're betraying their conscience willfully by refusing to step up speak and take any action based on truth they think that they could ignore reality and that there are no consequences for doing so well you know what you can't ignore reality you could ignore it all you want but what is impossible what is not possible is escaping the consequences of the decision to ignore reality that's not possible ladies and gentlemen yes you can't ignore reality but you cannot escape the consequences for doing so and there are consequences that come with that decision that choice that freewill choice so conscience when we understand it in its proper etymological breakdown is to know together or it is common sense and as the gentleman in the chatroom or perhaps lady in the chat room not sure said this is all simple but it's not very common common sense is not present in the world ladies and gentlemen we don't have common knowledge of the definitive difference between right and wrong sadly and largely that's due to ignorance not nation' snot because it's not possible to know it's because most people don't want to take that knowledge into themselves because they think that they can shun personal response by continuing to claim ignorance and again it doesn't work that way so my working description or definition for what conscience actually is is conscience is knowing it is the possession of the definitive knowledge not opinion not belief but the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong under natural law definitive knowledge it means that there aren't shades of gray when it comes to the understanding of right and wrong you know what right is you know what wrong is because it harms others and that which harms others is not one of our rights what is the what does it mean to actually use conscience or to exercise it to employ it in the world the next slide number 13 explains what this is the exercise of conscience and again in these two slides I've put an image of an angel in the background whether you agree with such an idea or construct or being it really doesn't make a difference this is a symbol that has been generally used throughout time immemorial to represent a concept of the higher self the the soul a higher form of consciousness which is constantly speaking to us and telling us the right thing the exercise of conscience is the willful choosing of right action over wrong action once the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong under natural law has been acquired so you have the knowledge then you act upon the knowledge and the betrayal of conscience is having that knowledge knowing the definitive difference between right and wrong and choosing the wrong action over the right action that's what's been termed the sin against the Holy Spirit or the unforgivable sin in Christian tradition in Christian parlance okay that's betrayal of the Sacred Feminine aspect of the self the emotions the intuition care you're betraying your conscience when you choose the wrong action over the right action even though you do know what the difference between right and wrong is now people want to claim that most people don't know the true difference between right and wrong many people claim that they do and have no idea what the real difference between right and wrong is that's really sad when somebody who doesn't know tries to claim that they do know and you ask them to explain it to you and you hear just absolute verbal diarrhea pour out of their mouths like just an endless liquid brown sludge sorry to be so graphic but it's true you know they'll say I know the difference between right and wrong and cannot enunciate it or elucidate on it one iota not even a little tiny bit they can't even put into words how they could practically spell it so it isn't that people don't real most people don't really know the difference between right and wrong it's third willfully choosing ignorance they're willfully choosing to go against their conscience they don't want the responsibility that comes with right action with knowing and right action they want to remain perpetual infants in consciousness and really the only thing that can turn that around is the development of willpower and courage stop being afraid of what the consequences are and do the right thing in the moment we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] we're back folks last segment of what on earth happened to this edition on tax day of 2012 talk about wrong action and violence [Music] we're talking about conscience and the definitive knowledge between the difference between right and wrong we really covered this extensively on the section where we covered natural law as what needs to be the ultimate foundation for enacting any solution in the world you know until we understand that knowledge we really shouldn't be doing many actions at all we should really be reserving our action until we really understand that that's why natural law really needs to be taught to young people you know from as early as they can start comprehending language so that when they do start taking actions regarding other people in the world in relationship to other people in the world their actions will be in harmony with natural law and that's the problem we're not teaching natural law to anyone because we don't know it ourselves as a society it hasn't been taught to us and therefore the the propagation of ignorance goes down generation to generation so uh there's many slides there's four three slides here from the natural law section as a brief review I won't spend a lot of time on this but the word right is synonymous with correct because they are based in truth right means both moral and correct because it's based in truth and natural law if something is correct it's based in truth if something is moral it's based in natural law and it's based in truth and it's correct it's right actions that are based in right do not result in harm to other sentient beings wrong contrasted with right is incorrect it is immoral that's why we use it for both meaning both incorrect you're wrong about that you're you gave the wrong answer and immoral we follow what is not true it leads us to immoral behavior incorrect not based in truth immoral not based in natural law that's what wrong is and the reason that it's wrong is because actions that are based in it result in harm to other sentient beings and that's common sense you know when suffering is being caused to another person and if there's no soft suffering being caused to another living being that has provable cause provable result of harm that has been done to them then there's no wrong action that has been done and someone has a right to take that action you know someone brought up the other day that okay the the Islamic law that prevents women from showing their face could that be in harmony with natural law absolutely not it's an it's an impossibility for that to be in harmony with natural law is it a right or not for a woman to show her face to someone else in public of course it is a right why is that a universal right doesn't matter what a religion says about it it doesn't matter what a government says about it doesn't matter what any individual says about it at all times all places in the universe you are allowed to bare your face in public why is it a right because you're not harming someone else as a result of that behavior so let's look at smoking marijuana for an example is that a right or is it not a right it is universally 100 percent unequivocally at all times and places in the entire universe a right why well one because you're doing it to you shoving a joint in someone else's mouth lighting it and forcing them you know holding your your fingers over their nose and your hand over their mouth until they're forced to take a breath is not alright because you're doing it to someone else that may not want that so you're coercing their will their free will whenever there's coercion of free will involved it's not a right because harm is being done the person is saying no and you're refusing to accept their refusal which this is what the show next week is going to be about entirely the whole show on apophysis and the power of the word no and I'm going to go into some allegories again through popular fiction of the usage of the word no I'm going to look at three particular modern movies that the most powerful word in the universe is explained in allegorical fashion the word know which we need to start falling in love with and understand apophysis which I'm going to touch on at the end here today but this is the difference between right and wrong you're allowed to smoke marijuana under natural law because you're doing it to you you are taking something into your body that's your property you own this vehicle while your consciousness inhabits it in this realm someone else doesn't own your body therefore they're not allowed to tell you what you're allowed to do with your body via putting something into it it doesn't matter what justifications or reasons they come up with now that means you're responsible for what you do with your body after you ingest something you're not absolved of personal responsibility do you want to take some substance and then do something that is then subsequently subsequently do something that is immoral you need to be held accountable for the action it doesn't matter that that you took something you made the decision to take something that affected your judgment and then you did the action so you're accountable for it under natural law so understand what natural law is this is slide number 15 a living being must be harmed or defrauded in order for a violation of natural law rights to have taken place and rights that do not exist for an individual can never be granted by man's law to any other individual or any group of individuals you can't make up a right that other people don't have and saying well now this group of people has that right and this is what we think we can do with government and police and militaries etc and all kinds of bureaucratic institutions rights that other people do not have and they'll claim this nonsense so non-existent social contract bunk as a result you know to justify their immoral behaviors and there is no such thing doesn't exist there is no such thing as a social contract there's individuals either choosing to live in harmony with natural law with each other or refusing to live in harmony with natural law and they're therefore creating chaos instead of order so we need to know what right is versus what wrong action is and the best way to know what right is is through the negative and I've keep emphasizing this over and over again stop accepting this new age bunk of never look at the negative or don't try to define things in the negative sense that's the best way to define what a right is is to take a look a good hardcore look and an honest appraisal of what is wrong what is a wrong is what you need to truly understand to understand what a right is because a right is anything which remains if there is no wrongdoing which is a harm to another person through your action so if I sit here and drink a beer that would have been illegal in nineteen twenty even though I was harming no one and now suddenly magically today that's legal they can make something from immoral to moral or from moral to immoral at the stroke of a pen yeah you didn't know how that's how it works morality and immorality have nothing to do with nature's laws it has to do with the whims of a dictator who writes something down in a little book and now says well that's now immoral anybody that I catch doing it is it can be punished by whatever dictates I happen to also pen down that they will be punished according to it was moral to drink a beer in Maine in 1920 after prohibition was passed just like it is moral to do it now why because I'm putting it into my body do I have a right to hold someone down who says that they don't want to drink any alcohol and pour a beer down their throat no I do not and never will because that's someone vehicle for expression not mine it's all about ownership and the understanding of self ownership and look we've covered this extensively in the section on natural law which I encourage everybody to go back in the podcast and listen to it again even if you heard it once for those who haven't heard it you need to go and listen to that material this is just a quick review I believe it was in the 70s up through the 80s is where I covered not word the the 60s up through the into the 70s something like that in the podcast section natural law holds true regardless of population you know people think oh that works when there's only a few people in the world but oh when we have a big population no we can't respect these rights or these rights we have to curtail those rights natural law holds true regardless of how many people and when in doubt whether an axe is in harmony natural law visualize scenario with only two people and if it's right then it's right it's wrong it's wrong 12 of 720 we're going to talk about pop it static equally apathetic nature of truth next when it comes to saying no to this control system that's all we have time for stick around Chris everyone know that murky water purification system