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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday April 22nd 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time and we have a great show planned for you here today we are going to be continuing our ongoing discussion regarding solutions to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness in other words how to get in how to get out of the mess that we've created for ourselves here on this planet and we have been covering the solution known as the non support of dominators for the last couple of weeks and we will continue to look into this incredibly important solution over the next many weeks and we're going to look at things like conscience and justification and apophysis as a solution this is a word that not many people know about or understand a lot about but we've talked about it before here on what on earth is happening and it's basically called saying no if you want to really put it in very easy to understand terms it's what we shouldn't be doing what we have to start refrain from doing ok so we're going to talk a lot about the power of the negative of saying no no as being a word of power indeed the most powerful word in the universe for that matter so that's coming up on the show today I have a couple of event announcements and I want to really recap a little bit about the events that went on earlier today I'm fresh back from the end the Fed rally for Philadelphia and the Philly freedom rally at which Ron Paul just spoke here in Philadelphia and I have some constructive criticisms that I'd like to give for these events I'm not going to just praise them completely because I think that there were some things today that could have been done a lot better than how they were done so you know it's good that people all got together in the name of a good cause but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in making these meetings really effective truly effective so I'll be talking about that in the next segment I do have a couple of quick event announcements I'm going to be on occult Empire I will be interviewed on occult Empire tomorrow evening ok that's Monday April 23rd at 8 p.m. I'll be interviewed by Bob from Cincinnati on the occult Empire show on the antimatter's own network I posted a announcement and a link in the news section of the website also in the news section look for the show that I just did on the Vinny on Vinnie with Vinnie eastwood Benny Eastwood brought myself later X and Curtis Davis onto the show for a roundtable discussion on general occultism and it was a really great show that's posted in the news section as well I have a couple quick but quick event announcements when we come back stick around folks we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio want to get back into some event announcements for events taking place here in the philadelphia area and i want to talk a little bit about the events that took place today here in philadelphia and offer some constructive criticism in this segment so I mentioned that I would be on a cult empire in the last segment on tomorrow night and I neglected to mention the topic the topic will be the Rosicrucian tradition so we're going to be looking at the teachings of true esoteric Rosicrucianism and that should be a very interesting topic to talk about with bob so the truth freedom prosperity documentary night for this month as always happens on the last Wednesday of every month this month that's Wednesday April 25th and we'll be meeting at 7 o'clock p.m. at media Bureau Studios which is at the corner of 4th and brown exact address is 725 North 4th Street in the northern Liberty section of Philadelphia the film for this month is chyme Attica which is an excellent film talks a lot about the change in consciousness that is required to overcome the problems that humanity is currently beset with and I I still think that so many people still do not understand that a tremendous change in consciousness and worldview is required that we are not going to vote our way out of this mess that there is no political solution that there is no economic solution there is only philosophical solutions there is only solutions that are rooted in consciousness and natural law nothing else is going to get us out of where we are at right now so if you want to continue to believe all the opposite junk that's that's sold out there to people as a little cul-de-sacs before you reach the goldmine before you actually reach the real truth regarding the why the actual causal factors regarding why this is actually happening to humanity and how get out of that state go right ahead and believe whatever you want to believe it's your suffering it's it's it's ultimately your funeral you know so I'm again as I've said many times on this show and will continue to repeat I'm not here to make front friends and tell people what they want to hear I'm here to tell people the truth so there's no political solution and too many people still don't understand that and I saw a lot of that today you know but I should have expected as much but you know we still have a long way to go folks is what I'm basically trying to say so let's see I will also be interviewed on occult science radio with Curtis Davis he is also known as the illuminated one and he will be interviewing me on Monday May 7th 2012 at 8:30 p.m. on his show occult science radio that's broadcast I believe on blog blog talk radio so enjoyed appearing with Curtis and Frey directs on Vinnie Vinnie Eastwood show this past Tuesday again check that out in the News Archive so it should be a great interview and I'm sure we'll be getting into all things occult on that radio program so look for that coming up in the near future so I want to get into the end the Fed rally for Philadelphia that happened earlier today and the Philly freedom rally at which Ron Paul spoke earlier today and I have to say that overall I'm a little bit disappointed and I'm sure some people will say well who cares who are you I'm not anyone special but I just want to offer some constructive criticism because there's things that could definitely have been done better and I think a part of the first thing is that the end the Fed rally looked more like the Ron Paul rally and speech than an end the Fed rally you know I mean first of all people who hardly ever show out to an end the Fed rally here in Philadelphia we're all there because Ron Paul was speaking later you know which of course you're going to expect because you know a big political candidate is making a speech in a major city but you know these people need to come out when there's a regular end the Fed rally and Ron Paul isn't speaking but you saw a big increase in numbers today for a rally like this simply because he was speaking and of course many people will just expect that yeah and say that's how it is but it shouldn't be that way you know people should you know be coming out and supporting this effort regardless of who's speaking at it because this is the right thing to do and because you recognize the people at the Fed or one of the at one of the core problems and issues that is basically keeping people in extremely low consciousness by making them have to fight for survival because of their the machination is that they do with the American dollar with the with the the currency unit that is actively being used and believed in by the public so the things that they do are so incredibly immoral and need to be pointed out and understood by people and and here that this brings me to the next part not only did you know a bunch of people come out that aren't ordinarily there you know just because they're political candidate is is making an appearance but we also saw what I noticed is that hardly anyone uses these opportunities as outreach to the general public they come out in this in the sense of well I'm going to take part in an event with all people who are like-minded you know people who think like me and that's all great and wonderful and you know you should basically gather with people who are like mine and it's good to do but the point here is you're trying to call attention to the wrongdoing of the Federal Reserve System so that people can strive to put that immoral system to an end and hardly anybody comes out with any flyers or handouts or information to give to the unaware public myself one one or two other gentlemen and a few a couple of organizers tops at the rally actually brought information I want to say thanks to Kevin who interviewed me on his show tinfoil hat area he brought out a ton of DVDs Kevin tells me a ton of DVDs a whole box full of DVDs documentary films to give to people that's great that's what this is supposed to be about a March is supposed to be about outreach calling attention to yourselves so that you can get other people to look at the information you have to present them with it's not just about getting out and yelling in the street and being alongside other like-minded people like a party okay and too many people don't understand this so there might have been three or four people actually giving out information and that's not gonna get it done ladies and gentlemen I'm saying this not just even for the Philadelphia rally I'm saying any kind of action that is being taken you need to come prepared with information as a as a weapon this is a weapon in the information war you know and if you're not coming armed what's the point you know there's a war on for people's minds it's an information war and people are coming unarmed to the battlefield which is the streets of America you're not going to convince anybody or change their mind about anything that's going on if you're not prepared to offer them information and I saw too much yelling and screaming and chanting and way too little information sharing so I don't really care who said it takes umbrage with me for bringing up this point I'm gonna call it as I see it and I also want to talk about the pace of the event March which was way off and that you know really is a detriment to the entire thing people have to be better prepared and understand the psychology that needs to go behind something like this because we're not getting it done ladies and gentlemen so I'm gonna pick this up on the other side and then we'll get into the subject matter we'll be right back folks [Music] welcome back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark SEO my website what on earth is happening calm I'm going to continue with a little bit more constructive criticism of the and the fed and filly freedom rally that took place earlier today here in Philadelphia the good things where people turned out it was a great turnout even on a rainy day I mean it was a terribly dismal day here in Philadelphia today cold damp raining constantly just a miserable day basically and yet there was still great turnout that's good I mean that's a good show of willpower on the part of the people here in Philadelphia and the surrounding area to come out even in really bad weather but as far as information goes I would have really liked to see better information sharing at the end the Fed rally and I would have liked you know the Ron Paul stuff to be toned down at the end the Fed rally because it wasn't about supposed to be about Ron Paul yes he does bring attention to the Federal Reserve and you know how bad they are for this country but you have to make it about what the March is about and too many people came there with Ron Paul signs instead of n the Fed signs you know or information about the Federal Reserve that they want to give to people and then your cross mixing your messages in the minds of other people you know are you here to talk about the Fed are you here to support a political candidate and yeah I understand he supports the ending of the Fed but again people in the vicinity who don't know what your march is about are not going to receive that message they're going to only focus on the Ron Paul stuff I think this is an overarching failing on the part of the end the Fed rallies in general that it brings out you know Ron's Ron Paul supporters because he supports the ending of the Fed but people aren't hammering home the message about the Fed they're drawing too much attention to Ron Paul as a political candidate and then that turns a lot of people off to your actual message which is to be about what the Fed is what they're doing and why they're bad for everybody in this country and really throughout the world so the other aspect of that I really saw as far as some of the organizers of the March dropping the ball is that the pace was way way too fast way too fast and again I'm not trying to create any divisive Nisour division here I'm trying to offer some constructive criticism you're not offering first of all when you're doing an action March like this you want to be seen and you want to be seen for as long a period of time as possible and this the pace of this March was rushed of this end the Fed March was rushed so badly that it felt like it was over in less than 30 minutes it probably took about 35 minutes and I think this should have been dragged out over a period of two hours minimum you know to walk that distance that we walked today it should be slow a slow deliberate leisure almost leisurely pace so that you have time to engage with people on the sides of the March put information into their hands talk with them briefly and then maybe catch up with you know your place in the in the crowd that you were at I mean you stopped hand somebody a flyer they were a block down down the down Market Street and this is it's just that's unacceptable it's it's something that has to be worked out beforehand there so that the people at the head of the line understand you're setting the pace and they walked like they were running a marathon not like they were trying to educate their fellow American citizens in a major city okay so I have a big problem with how that was conducted at the front of the line whoever was out up there dropped the ball as far as I'm concerned so I wasn't happy about that because I mean like I said you try to sit and engage with somebody for a second to hand them a flyer about what the that is they don't know you know you want to just briefly give them a soundbite of information so hopefully they'll look it up and start learning on their own and you know the the March is you know way up and you can barely even catch up to it so that should be discussed and strategy like that should be discussed and be known about and people should be on the same page about it before something like this is even conducted and it seems like that really wasn't done and I've actually mentioned that in the past that the spaces have been too fast for these and this one was the worst out of them all it seemingly got even faster so that's something that definitely needs to be looked at and barring the bad weather which obviously there's no point in complaining about that it is what it is that's the weather the speech at the independence Visitor Center where Ron Paul spoke in front of I wish that I could tell people in the audience what Ron Paul even talked about today but I can't because I could barely hear him the PA system was deplorable people eaten even a little bit far back from the front and I wasn't that far back there were people that were a probably a city block behind where I was standing okay you couldn't hear it all it was completely muffled and the PA was completely inadequate for the job for the task at hand and I'm told that this was not like this and in past speeches that there were significant PA systems brought raised up on you know PA pole systems so that they're up above the stage and this didn't seem like it was done it was seemed like it was a completely inadequate PA to transmit sound to a size of this magnet crowd the size of this magnitude and covering the land area that they covered I'd say it was a great crowd there were several thousand people out there but you didn't have the organizers did not have a PA setup that was adequate to the task at hand that's it and I can't even tell people what Ron Paul speech was about because while I could decently see him from where I was standing I couldn't hear him at all it was completely muffled I mean it sounded you know to not to even make fun about it but it sounded worse than Charlie Brown's teacher that's how muffled it was okay and that's I'm sorry but I have to call it the way I see it and that's unacceptable if proper planning was done and I'm sure there was monies were there to adequately there to provide for whatever or sound specifications need to be needed to be provided for I see all I also see this as a dropping of the ball and and again you know you could say oh who are you to mention this I'm someone who's trying to get the message out that's who I am and the way I see it Ron Paul came here to Philadelphia to deliver to deliver a message and the venue was not even equipped to make him able to do that and that's the bottom line is his message could not really reach people's eyes and ears because the sound equipment was inadequate for that task so that's all I have to say about what took place today overall I have to rate it a tremendous disappointment for myself other people may have seen seen it differently but I'm gonna say it how I say it so perhaps if you were up in the first couple of rows and you had a great great seat and you you were able to hear it wonderful I'm happy for you but the majority of that crowd and a lot of them came from places outside of this area did not even get to hear what was said they did not even get to hear the message and if they did at least they didn't get to hear it very well because again it was extremely muffled and very low and you had the strained here and if there was any even slight rustling or noise around you which there always is and except in a size of that crowd it was extremely difficult to pay attention and hear because there was not enough volume generated by that PA system or clarity for that matter so that's my word on the two rallies I hope people you know try to start getting it together a little better and make them more professional effort when it comes to drilling this because we have very little time to get this word out to people folks so I know that we can do better let's put it that way I know we can getting into the segments [Music] [Music] at [Music] everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening dot-com website the radio show page underneath the flyer as with most of the shows that I do there will be links for images for today's show you can click on any of those numbered links and it will bring up images with slides basically that are related to what I'm going to be talking about here today on the show those will also be posted with the podcast and this will be podcast number 104 so the first image is of course an image I've been displaying here every week that I've been talking about solutions because I call this entire solutions section the way out it is indeed the way out of the the quagmire the absolute prison of consciousness that we have created for ourselves here on earth these are real solutions that can be enacted with enough willpower to change consciousness and to change our current conditions so that we can stop creating self-inflicted suffering and actually thrive here on this planet slide number two is the list of grassroots solutions that we've been talking about and will continue to discuss and continue to have guests on the show to discuss these solutions with we've covered most of the ones and all of the ones actually in the left-hand column and we've covered developing mindfulness in the right-hand column we've been looking at over the past few weeks the non support of dominators and the topics that I've been talking about are directly related to understanding why we need to stop supporting these individuals namely police and military but also everyone else who is involved in government jobs in the entire institution of government and authority this is what we are trying to pull support back from this is a religion ladies and gentlemen if you didn't catch the shows that I did on what really what religion really is okay and what the actual religions of the world that people truly believe in are go back and listen to that in the podcast section because religion is the entire problem with this planet and I'm not talking about organized world religions like Christianity Judaism Islam etc there's problems with them yes we talked about how they're all astro theologically based and they're basically telling a cover story to obscure the real mystery tradition that does lie at the heart of those traditions if one digs deep enough and gets past the astro theological garbage to recognize the real allegory that lies beneath that's all about the human soul and all about the human conscience but so few people do dig deeply enough to do that I when I when I say religion in this context I mean the things that are actually holding back the evolutionary progress of humanity that's what religion is it's that which holds back from the Latin verb relig are a meaning to hold back to thwart to bind to bind by tying okay to hold back by tying and that's what this is this is tying up the human consciousness tying up the mind mind control binding of the mind and the human psyche and the human conscience so when I say religion I'm talking about government and money the religion of authority the religion of money these are religions that people believe in unquestioningly this is dogma is what it is and that's what the non-supportive dominators is ultimately about what I'm really actually attempting to ask people to do is to abandon a religion to give up their religion of authority that this is no small task and only a person with an extreme amount of willpower is even going to try to take on the task to get people to abandon their religion because they know how powerful religion is over the mind that's why it's used as a form of mind control so this solution is going to take many weeks to explain to get all the concepts out that I want to get out I'm going to take my time what we don't cover we'll do in future shows and as I've said before it will take as long as it takes I'm gonna spend a lot of time on this topic because without understanding that there is no right to forcibly dominate and impose your will on other people just because it a law has been scribbled down by any man or group of men okay men and women for that matter or a group of people okay rights don't automatically become invented you know rights do not become created and then you're allowed to do those things to forcibly impose your will on other people who aren't harming anyone and people need to understand this and this is the apophatic understanding of rights you understand what your rights are by understanding what they are not what you do not have the right to do to another person too many people believe that there are rights that don't exist and that they have these rights magically just because someone wrote down something in a book or on a piece of paper so and this is a religion you know believing in that level of authority is a religion which I am attempting to help people to give up to quit to quit a religion this is an addiction of the mind it's actually an addiction of the soul because people are addicted to something that to a belief system that is untrue that is not based in reality that is not based in truth that is not based in natural law and is completely erroneous and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the laws of nature or of reality itself it is a contract that exists only in a diseased mind so we began talking about the concept of not the concept the reality of what conscience actually is last week what caught is conscience and how is that different from the exercise of conscience actually using conscience because the two are not the same one can have a conscience and not really exercise it not use it I'd say that's a very very bad position to be in to have a conscience and not actually exercise it or use it and because then you're really bearing a lot of moral culpability you know when you really do know the difference between right and wrong and you're wilfully choosing the wrong over the right that's some bad news you know I wouldn't want to be in that situation but most people don't even have a conscience most people don't have common sense anymore it's not present in humanity in any large quantities because most people do not have the definitive knowledge of right and wrong which is what conscience is so we talked about last week conscience comes from the Latin words con which is a prefix meaning together or with together were with and ass Chios quiere which means to know or to understand so when you put them together a conscience okay science means to know it comes from CEOs quiere knowledge okay and this is what this is all about an actual science this is about a science of the soul okay a knowing of natural law a discovery of these laws of creation which are already in place which man did not create that nature created regardless of what you want to think of as that force you want to call it the Creator you want to call it God no problem go right ahead okay whether people are comfortable or uncomfortable with that term I could personally care less but call it whatever you like I like to determine the dynamic intelligent underlying principles of creation itself that basically determine reality okay that that make this construct that we call the actual physical universe alive dynamic extant at all in existence period that's what gives rise to natural law and do I know why it does no it is that way we need to understand that it is that way that there are laws in operation that govern conduct that govern behavior and the experience that must be lived as a result of certain behaviors or not taking other behaviors you know we have to understand there are consequences for the behaviors that we choose yes we have freewill choice to determine how we're going to act but ultimately we don't have free will when it comes to the experience of that choice that must come into manifestation and be experienced that's it in other words you could ignore reality but you can't ignore the consequences of reality you make a choice okay which you have free will to choose how you will behave but ultimately you don't have the choice as to whether to experience the consequences of that behavior you are going to experience the consequences of that choice okay and whether you make that choice or not whether you're actively making the choice or even you're if you're sitting back on the sidelines trying not to act because you don't want the responsibility that comes with action it doesn't matter you're still going [Music] operates [Music] before we talk I can't justification an open system [Music] oh yes is happening dot-com they'll be over talk about conscience and I was basically breaking down the word conscience and defining it in slide number four is what we're looking at if you're following along on the slide show on the what on earth is happening radio show page so conscience means to know together to come to a state of knowing of knowledge together it is common sense knowledge common sense understanding okay and what kind of knowledge it is is it is the possession to have conscience means that you are in possession of the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong under natural law natural law the laws of creation you could call it the laws of behavioral consequence or the laws of cause and effect many people have termed it as well these were not made by man the universe created these laws and they're not suggestions or opinions it's not natural suggestions it's natural law meaning you can attempt to go against it but there are repercussions and consequences for that it's always in operation just like gravity well you could attempt to defy gravity you know jump off of a tall building and try to defy gravity guaranteed you're not going to get away with defying a natural law like that you can think you are all you want but it's in effect you're bound by it while you're in a physical body you know when you're not in a physical body then let's worry about that you could jump off that building and you know somehow flow through the air or when superhuman capabilities have evolved in humanity then perhaps that might be possible but you're right here right now in 2012 and a physical human skin suit and good luck with that you want to believe you can wonderful enjoy enjoy what you're gonna get and that's like I feel like every day that's what I'm really trying to explain to people with all of this information people who are determined to leap off that building or that cliff and they're they want to tell me all the way down that they don't believe in gravity well enjoy good luck enjoy what you have you know don't expect it to improve either because natural law is always operating it's always in effect and you're always bound by it period the end for infinity that's it the problem is people hate that and they think that that's some kind of a prison and not guidelines that are there to help us to progress in evolution and in consciousness so that we could basically become co-creators with that force that dynamic living intelligence that underlies all of creation itself and then basically be able to make whatever we want to make because we're aligning ourselves with the power and majesty of all creation of the universe itself of the all but people can't wrap their mind around the concept that that's why natural law is in place to help us to evolve to a point of becoming conscious co-creators with the divine no they want to rebell against that understanding they want to rebel against that they want to they want it to be pavatt both ways they want to say I can do whatever I want and there's no consequences for anything I do so I could be as ignorant as I want and somehow I can still magically be free and I told you ladies and gentlemen the gloves were coming off that like I'm not going to be apologetic for human stupidity anymore because this needs to just be explained in as overt and as upfront and if necessary in as harsh terms as is needed to get people to sit up and pay attention because there's no more time for baby to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock of the universe anymore the cosmic alarm clock the snooze button is broken and now baby is gone who needs to become an adult is gonna get dragged up by the hair thrown on the floor and kicked around til he decides to wake up alright there's not enough time to baby spoon feed this stuff to people anymore they need to become psychologically and emotionally mature before they destroy themselves so the possession of the definitive knowledge of right and wrong under natural law is what conscience actually is it is knowledge conscience is knowledge that's what something people don't understand it isn't the behavior itself okay the exercise of conscience is the taking of certain action that is either in keeping with natural law or not in keeping with natural law so the exercise of conscience I explained on slide number five this is the willful choosing once you do know you're making a willful choice to act in a certain way it's the willful choosing of right action over wrong action you're recognizing one is better than the other that one brings you that which you do wish for in desire and one does not get you the correct results that you're looking for this is how simple natural law is there is right and wrong you need to discover what a right is so that you can take action that is in keeping with right you need to know what right is by understanding what wrongs are here's the things you may not do under natural law because it brings harm to another being and then just say no to that stop doing that which is why I love the images that I've chosen to use behind this and whoever made this it's I think they may even have a very deep understanding I don't know the person the person who actually you know portrayed an image of an angel the way that they did in the background of these slides but I love that the angel is holding their hand up as if to say stop as if to say don't do that this is the concept of the negative the affirmation through negation coming to a place of conscience by stopping oneself it's about self-control it's about saying no I will not do that saying no which is what apophysis is okay and that's what the this you know archetypal image of an angel is putting their hand up as if to say no don't do that don't go there because you know that road only leads to death and destruction and chaos when we choose the wrong over the right the con the exercise of conscience is the willful choosing of right action or wrong action once the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong under natural law has been acquired by an individual so you know first you take the knowledge into yourself first then you don't have doubt about it you know what right is you know what wrong is the knowledge is not shades of grey it is not relative is absolute it is objective it is definitive so you have definitive knowledge of what right is and what wrong is what rights are not and then you willfully deliberately actively choose the right over the wrong because you know that that is the decision that will lead to the greatest amount of prosperity success happiness peace freedom you name it and the the willful choice of the wrong over the right is always going to bring the opposite of those things destruction chaos suffering enslavement and I would say many people do not understand that this is how the universe works not only don't they understand they hate the people who try to explain to them this is how the universe works because they want to believe you can defy gravity and prosper they want to believe you can walk off that cliff and just magically float and that even if you're in a 1g field like you are here on earth you're not going to hit the ground and and break bones or die that's not gonna happen to me I could defy the laws of nature and be completely and utterly insulated from the repercussions and the reason they hate that these laws are in effect and they hate when people try to explain it as simply clearly and concisely as I have been explaining it is because they don't want the personal responsibility that goes along with that knowledge they want to remain eternal cosmic children thinking that they can bear no responsibility for their own actions and somehow prosper well good love folks that's why we're in this mess that quite are being inflamed the belling's at that book Walt [Music] [Music] it's a natural law the next three slides are a brief review of natural law I briefly did this last week I'm going to repeat that information again not take up a whole lot of time but I want to just hammer this home because I want to get to talking about why I'm gonna make a very controversial blanket statement okay there has never been in the history of humanity any police officer or soldier who has truly exercised his conscience it is an impossibility and I'm going to explain why I'm going to make a blanket statement like that okay that person does not have a fully developed sense of conscience and is not willfully choosing to exercise it yes they can have moments where they are exercising conscience but that's not what I'm saying I'm saying they cannot be a being that is willfully choosing to exercise their conscience and to allow their conscience to direct their actions and there has never ever in history been a being who is still doing that job and in that in an institution like that that has ever been a follower a true follower of conscience blanket statement people hate blanket statements because blanket statements reveal in many situations where they are true the absolute nature of truth people hate the absolute nature of truth they love relativism relativism gives them excuses gives them reasons for to make excuses it gives them opportunities for justification which we're going to talk a lot about them okay and there are blanket statements that are not true and there are other blanket statements that are true people have to understand we've been sold this absolute bump new age and political lie and this comes from these outcome-based education schools - you know pushing this propaganda crap down children's throats that any statement that ever begins with all or always where every can never be true and this is utter bunk this is utter complete nonsense there are blanket statements and I've talked about this in the past on the show that are absolutely true all every in every circumstance in every situation unequivocally every time and you can follow that up with certain qualifying statements and that would be true so I'm telling you every cop and soldier in the history of the human species has not been truly following conscience and I'm not even using the term their conscience you'll notice and that's deliberate because conscience isn't different for me than it is for you that's why it's called common knowledge common meaning shared meaning together meaning it's all the same for everyone rights aren't different for some people than for others right and wrong isn't different for some people than it is for others it is the same for everyone at all places at all times everywhere in creation and that's why there isn't my conscience or your conscience there is only conscience and whether you are following it or not whether you are exercising it or not it's a powerful yet absolutely true concept to get into your head [Music] without a doubt that's the case [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] the conscience and natural law and slide number six has a chart that I posted during the podcasts the radio shows on natural law and I'm going to briefly revisit three of these slides because they're directly related with conscience they're directly related with the definitive knowledge of natural law the difference between right and wrong truly and which so few people have it's so sad they have two four I even look at it as bizarre that I am going on the air waves and attempting to explain the difference between right and wrong to an entire population and I know that the listening audience the general listening audience the Oracle gets a lot of what I'm saying maybe some perhaps don't but I'd like to think that the majority understand this material to some extent or another but to know that the mass is at large have no idea about any of this you know and have been brainwashed into believing that everything is relative it's it's bad I mean we're we're in a worse situation that we would imagine when just like I saw today we can't imagine that just because we know this other people don't I mean we walk past some people on Market Street that you could just tell weren't even present you know their mind was somewhere else they're not in the present moment they're in reptile brain mode and behavior and are all focused on survival the next buck the next thing I need to buy you know they're not thinking about anything conceptual they're not thinking about real ideas they're not worried about what right and wrong is I mean they're so degraded down to a level of consciousness that barely resembles a human being and I'm telling you I'm not the person to just we help these people like that people who do understand this knowledge need other people to get it so that they can help in this battle you know it's it's you know it's like a tag team effort and it's like the people who have been in this battle for a long time and have really understood this deeply for a long time are tired and need somebody to tag out to for a little while you know that's why I say I'm doing this for to create a more vertical approach for this information I don't really care if people who are resistant to this knowledge now don't get it now as I'm explaining it I'm trying to create other teachers that's who this show is for you know people make the absolutely erroneous have the absolutely erroneous impression that I'm doing this to try to educate every last one of the masses who absolutely don't get it at all that's not what I'm trying to do I'm trying to bring people who want to get this up to a higher level of understanding so that they can become lights in their communities that's what my role here is to act as an intermediary for those people you know someone that could you know transmit a little bit of this information out so that other people can get it and come way up to a higher level than they once were and then they can go out and start working on those lower those individuals who are in lower states of consciousness because quite frankly ladies and gentlemen I don't have the patience to do it you know I mean I I see where people are at and man dude it is bad I mean one gentleman on Market Street today as we were marching tried to accuse me of being racist what he knew zero about me and Who I am and what I know and how I think I mean imagine that because and that was because of the Ron Paul signs because he buys into this corporate mainstream BS that Ron Paul is somehow racist you know because he doesn't want the government telling people that they have to choose right over wrong you know forcing them he wants people to make that decision and come to that on standing on their own and perhaps even decide I'm not gonna frequent an establishment that is bigoted and does treat people differently based on race maybe that is what should happen maybe instead of the government telling everybody how they need to behave or not behave people should have common sense know the difference between right and wrong and then decide I'm gonna make repercussions necessary to be experienced by someone that decides to open a business sense of business and say I'm not going to serve people of certain racial groups of course they should suffer consequences for that but not because government wants to say that they're not allowed to do it I think nobody should frequent an establishment like that you should use your will to say no imagine that there's that concept again I'm gonna say no to what's wrong and that's how I'm gonna do right by saying no to evil you know in the New Age movement is another propagandizing tool to try to get people to think that this is not about anything negative never look at the bed only focus on the good the world is all happiness and flowers and peace and roses and we're going to look through our rose-colored glasses at the world that has absolutely nothing to do with reality and yet believe that it's some magical wonderful place that we want to light like to think it is and we don't really have to be confrontational at all with other people we don't have to call them on their BS you know we don't have to get up in their face ever and say look you're doing the wrong thing and I'm not gonna take it anymore that's it no no the New Age movement is about sitting in a lotus position meditating and suddenly manifesting a better reality and not one iota of action is required what what absolute it's not even a word for it okay if you buy into this I feel sorry for you okay and too many people do they get into that whole mode too because they don't want to hear anything harsh oh I don't want to hear any harsh words I want everything told to me in the most sweet and pleasant tones imaginable a child let's face it that's what a child is like and that's how society has made these individuals well let's get back to the slides on natural law the first slide shows the difference between right and wrong very simply and succinctly there's a reason the word right is used for both correct as in factually correct and in and moral meaning doing the right thing because if your information is correct is factual is based in truth you're going to take actions that are based in natural law that are moral that are based in morality okay your actions that are based in right what you have a right to do actions based in right do not result in harm to other beings period I put sentient beings this is all beings individuated beings okay that includes animals people everybody you know we want to think it's only about people and that's a species estoy de that includes animal as animals as well I would say if your actions are resulting in harm to animals you're doing wrong you don't have a right to do that and there are people who will argue this because they believe this biblical bunk that we've been given dominion over animals by God know if anything and this could be even be pushing it we're stewards to help guide them in their evolutionary effort if you should felt better in the ways of right and paws in fat so plus do understand [Music] stay asleep obey when he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks at it from the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminals it won't be courtesy of a very dependent it's matter we're talking about entrence and natural law and we're looking to slide number six on the water on earth is happening calm radio show page or in the podcast archive the difference between right and wrong and a very simple concise and clear chart and just let me just briefly say I'm not gonna be taking phone calls now or until the end of the section on the non-supportive dominators I mentioned this last week so for as many weeks as it takes me to go through this material that's you're only going to be hearing me on this show that's how I'm doing it for this section I'll probably do a call-in show and let a bunch of people call in voice their opinions but for the non-supportive dominators section I'm giving this presentation and I'm gonna say what I want when I want because I want to put this information out there the way I want it to go out there if you don't agree with any of it or you want to elaborate on any of it more even if you do agree you could get your own show and do that but for the weeks that are required to go through the information on the non-supportive dominators you will only be hearing mark passio speak on the show I'm gonna go back to taking calls on the show after this section is done you could talk about what I presented after that but I want this material uninterrupted okay so the slide continues with the definition of wrong and the reason we use the term wrong in the context of being both incorrect and immoral is because it is the same thing incorrect is immoral actions that are not based in truth meaning they are incorrect will also not be based in natural law so if we are wrong meaning we have wrong information our actions will be geared toward non harmony with natural law and therefore will be creating chaos the simple definition of wrong is that actions based in it result in harm to other living beings other sentient beings as I was saying before the break that includes living beings period you know we want to be speciesist and think it's only about people but it's about animals as well and you know part of the reason I've said this before I'll repeat it again I am always repeating and again that's deliberate because just like repetition is a form of mind control it's a way to take someone out of mind control they keep hearing the same things over and over enough they'll start thinking about them a seed will be planted and eventually it will grow you know so you know what we do to animals is a big part of why we're experiencing what we're experiencing and I'll tell you a very simple truth what we do to others not only will it be done to us it must be done to us now you put that in the context of what we do to animals as human beings what we do to animals as a species and you honor you will understand what is coming and you know in a lot of ways I don't have a problem with what's coming you know I'm trying to prevent it because I don't like to see beings suffering but is the suffering that's going to be experienced richly deserved you better believe it is you better believe that it is because we're allowing so much violence and wrongdoing to take place on our watch that it's deplorable it's reprehensible and people just don't want to hear it spoken like that you know they want you to tell them they're wonderful beings and they're always doing the right thing and it's not true that isn't the truth so I'm not going to get up here and lie to people on the microphone and tell them that everybody is just a wonderful being that really is following their conscience because they're not and that's why they're in this mess and sometimes following your conscience means you might have to variants personal pain you might have to pull back from a situation that's going to result in some form of pain in the immediate present tense scenario but in the long term you're doing work upon the soul which is about your evolutionary progress as a being as a consciousness and therefore the reward comes in the long-term that's what people can't understand doing the right thing may involve personal pain in the immediate sense and that's all people want to avoid they want to avoid pain in the immediate sense because they're never looking at things really down the road they're looking at what am i doing that's actually they are in the future moment - but what I mean when it comes to pain is all they care about is this going to create pain for me right now in the short term you know they're not worried about the pain that might come as a result of them continuing to do what they're doing that is wrong so I'll leave the slide for right and wrong there there's much more I expanded on this a lot in the natural law section which I highly encourage people to go back and listen to again even if you already heard it the next slide is about knowing what natural law is all about natural law is basically putting forward that you can do what you want so long as you're not harming or defrauding another person it's that simple harm none do what you will that's it that's how easy natural law can be explained but the first thing is harm none that's it that's the first and foremost that means that's the principle harm none do what you will harm none is first principle first thing the first violation that natural law means of the violation of natural law means that a living being must be harmed or defrauded that's how you know a violation of natural law rights has taken place and so many people are enacting violence and destroying people's natural law rights for no violation of natural law for something that people do have a right to do these cops or soldiers are coming in and saying well you can't do that because our owners told us you would that they don't like it and that's it and now I'm gonna stop you from doing it like the Pittsburgh thugs did at the g20 a couple of years back taking people's natural law right to speak their mind away because their owners their dog masters that they have these little puppies on their leashes and they think they're real men okay told them commanded them you're gonna go out and stop these people from speaking because we don't like what they're gonna say yes master right away and I'm a real man part of the problem is they know so much that they're not real men they hate themselves and that's why they want to go and be psycho fans to these to these complete lunatics to these total Psychopaths and we're going to talk about that self-loathing topics coming up that are going to explain why police do think the way they do why they have the psychology that they do we're going to talk about self loathing we're going to talk about repressed sexuality and a lot of repressed homosexuality when it comes to the police we're going to talk about trauma and bullying how they've lived through trauma and can't get over it can't get out of the past to live in the present moment and then they identify with the perpetrator or the victim of the trauma identification with perpetrator identification with victim these are all upcoming topics in the non-supportive dominators section and then ultimately the big one is the hatred for personal responsibility they want to remain eternal infants when it comes to making responsible choices for their own actions so they want other people constantly direct their actions for them so that they feel that they're never personal were you responsible for that which they do all of these things are coming off future shows I might have a whole show that it came each one of them the like I've said this sections gonna be a while because people forget why you're not filled they act that way they're gonna understand the why and that's the real source of power right back oops [Music] [Music] forgot [Music] our natural law we're going to be talking about justification and hopefully we can get to apophysis in the last segment continue with slide number seven rights that do not exist for an individual cannot be granted we talked about that a little bit earlier man's law cannot grant special rights to people and that's the entire problem with creating a government to begin with this is the abdication of personal responsibility and thinking that you can grant to an entity that is comprised of certain groups of individuals rights that individuals themselves do not have and this is folly and that's why there is no such thing as government that can ever work min orkest s' don't get it they're not really on the path of higher consciousness because they still believe in authority and the grant of rights there is no such thing as the grant of rights ladies and gentlemen rights are inherent the creator gave us the rights regardless of what you want to think of that force as I again I'm not religious that's not a religious statement okay I told you I think of it as the underlying universal intelligent force that binds everything in creation that makes life possible at all that makes existence possible at all it is consciousness itself okay it is truth itself it is natural law itself that force granted me rights and you rights because it created the laws of right and wrong it created the laws of behavioral consequence or natural law therefore that's why I have certain rights and don't have other rights and everyone else has the same rights there are no special rights for me man cannot just decide this person has a right no you either have the right or you don't have the right it's not because man decided it you need to discover whether you have the right or not know it you can't grant rights to anyone else for any reason creating a government is folly because you are in the business then of granting rights to other people that don't exist for individuals and I again all I can say is I feel sorry for people that don't understand that you're creating suffering for yourself and others and you don't know it you don't know that that's what you're doing is that you are creating chaos in the world by even thinking that way this is the problem people continuing to think that authority is real and legitimate is the problem the next slide to understand what rights are we have to look at them in the apophatic sense and that's why understanding apophysis is so important we have to look at the negative and say what are what are my rights not what don't I have a right to do because it creates harm and another beings life okay then refrain from those actions say no to them and that's how you're doing right by not doing wrong people have a tough time with that concept of affirmation through negation it is all about I'm not even trying to tell Pete I'm not in any way trying to tell people what to do what I'm trying to tell people is what they should not do because there are things that you do if you engage in them you are creating suffering that is self-inflicted and you're creating chaos not only in the world for other people but for yourself in your own life chaos is getting created because you're not going to be insulated from the repercussions and the consequences of those decisions you're going to experience negative effects from them I highly recommend the works of Richard W Wetherill a listener to the show recommended them and I was not familiar with them and I have since become very familiar with his work and checked it all out and read some of his material that I was able to find online and I'm telling you this guy understood it beautifully beautifully and he was from the area that I'm from he was from the suburban region of Philadelphia I'm right in the city but he was from the outskirts of the city of Philadelphia and I believe died back in the 1960s or 70s but this gentleman was so on point and people should become familiar with his work but to continue with the slide about natural law and rights we need to understand them in the apophatic sense we need to understand what wrongs are before we could really understand what our rights are and so few people think that what they're doing is wrong that is wrong you know they think that they have the right to do this and that and that and that and they don't because they're creating harm and they're trying to suppress the rights of other people and they don't have those rights natural law holds true regardless of population it doesn't matter how many people there are in the world there could be two people or two hundred quadrillion people and their natural law still operates the same way so to say oh well you can do that if there's only a couple of people but hey we're living in a population with tons and tons of people you know no it doesn't make a difference how many people there are either you have a right or you don't have a right numbers are irrelevant when it comes to rights and the people who think that somehow population makes a difference as to what rights people have are under mind control it has nothing to do with population but a good way of thinking about rights is if there were only two people what I have a right to do it so let's say you're on an island there's only two people there okay nobody else around for hundreds of miles or leaving to envision there's only you and one other person on the earth you climb up a tree every day because you know how to climb to get some berries at the top or whatever okay fruit whatever and somebody else who isn't maybe capable of doing that maybe there's tons of other food available okay it doesn't mean that's the only food I'm not saying that and you're preventing them from eating when you're in a position to help there's tons of food but they want that fruit that's up in that tree and they're telling you every time you come down no matter how much you have I'm taking half you have to give me half you have a moral obligation to give me half well that's the fruit of your labor literally pun intended okay and you're under no moral obligation unless you want to voluntarily give or trade with him but he can't coerce you and force you he's not being kept alive by that he just wants it because you have it he can't say if you don't give me that half of that fruit I'm going to take a club and beat your head in okay now you know maybe a person could look at it like well you're not being very nice by not sharing but the whole point is sharing needs to be something that is voluntarily driven by a state of consciousness maybe you would climb up and decide wilfully to give him some of that fruit but he isn't automatically entitled to it just because you were able to climb the tree and he wasn't you did the labor okay he can't say to you I'm taking it and if you don't give it to me I'm gonna take violent action against you and that's all taxation is we have to understand that's not a right we can give voluntarily willfully if we want to give something to you be used for certain purposes but nobody can tell you you must give a certain amount of your the product of your labor or they're gonna do violence against you that's not a right that's not a right if there's two people it's not a right if there's two billion people it's not a right if there's 200 trillion people you can never make that into a right by writing it down and saying now it's right and now our enforcers are coming to get you in or take your property or take your money or take your freedom as they do with people who try to keep the products of their earnings because they don't want to be coerced and told how they need to spend it and even if the spending is immoral and it's it's it's going to wage war and kill people nobody's gonna tell me how my resources are going to be spent for immoral things no it isn't happening you're not gonna tell me yeah we're gonna go and kill these children now with the money you handed us not from not from me maybe from you but not me good luck because you can kill me a billion times and you still won't get a penny so when in doubt as to whether an action is in harmony with natural law a good visual visualization exercise to do is imagine a world with only two people and then if it's a right it's right if it's not you have no right to take that action it doesn't matter how many people are who told you you are allowed to do it so the people on slide number 9 the creators of the dark new world order as they definitely are people want don't want to hear that they think it's harsh you know they think that that's overstating things or you know not putting the emphasis or the blame where it really belongs and that's who it really belongs with the people on this slide they are the people leading the human race into bondage and enslavement I don't really care who gets upset over that pound your head against the wall if you like bang your fists on the desk go break some glass go break some plates get is angry about it as you want and get as offended about it as you want those are the creators of the dark new world order who listen to their owners listen to their masters who obey like the non men that they are these aren't real men real men stand for truth and and real freedom they don't operate their lives on a leash [Music] I was born a shotgun in my hands behind the girl I'll make my fine all day [Music] that's why they call me [Music] so today you're following along in the image today's images on the what on earth is happening calm radio show page we were talking about the police and military images depicted on slide number nine and these are the people who are really leading us into enslavement not the dark occultist the darker cultists are the people whispering in these people's a year telling them what they should and should not do and because of the inherent self-loathing because of the weakness spiritual intellectual psychological weakness of these individuals and because they loathe personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action they want to be led like a little puppy dog on a leash and they want to be told what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do they want to be told what time to get up when the when to go to the bathroom when to eat when to sleep and they think they're real men and women they think they're real beings when in fact almost everything that makes up a genuine individual has been completely removed from them and they're being told at every turn that they're no longer a real individual they dress alike they walk alike they act alike they talk alike you're being told that you're a clone it's mockery by them even putting you all in the same uniform you're being told you're a clone like the stormtroopers or a clone in Star Wars and I might do an entire two programs on the occult mockery of the military and police like I did at the free your mind conference and if anyone hasn't seen that presentation you should watch it and I should go over that again on the show because it's something I didn't touch on extensively but the dark occult is who owned this planet right now because we've let them own it through our ignorance as a people they'll owe these individuals so much more than the general population that it's impossible for me to even really describe it I could not communicate to you the hatred and loathing that they have for these people it would practically be impossible for you to grasp it unless you were in a room with them because you can palpably feel the seething hatred that is coming off of them because they know howdy graded as a being these people are and have allowed themselves to become and that's ultimately what they hate more than anything else that's why they want to eradicate people who have allowed themselves through their weakness to become like that and let me tell you something there are not times when I don't feel like that there are times when I feel like that what the difference between me and the dark occultist is is I stopped just thinking that what needs to be done is these people need to be done away with because I think that if you give people accurate information instead of holding back knowledge from them not all of them but most of them will make a willful decision to decide to choose the right over the wrong conditions have a lot to do with that as well which is why the improvement of conditions has to play into that choice you know watch Trading Places you change conditions externally and you watch someone's behavior change the movie trading place is a beautiful elegant Masonic allegory by Aaron Russo that displays that human nature is not some predetermined thing that is set a certain way that you change the conditions you will change what the nature of the person will become like and that's a higher order of understanding that was taught by all the mystery school traditions so I'm going to talk a little bit about justification and the show I'm going to leave the section on apophysis and I'm going to leave those four slides as a teaser for next week I'll just briefly tell you that I'm gonna break down four allegories about apophysis and about the word know okay and I'm we're gonna look at the matrix equilibrium Rise of the Planet of the Apes which is the first episode in the new Planet of the Apes saga I believe it's gonna be a new SOG okay and a movie called the box and these are all allegorical fictions allegorical works of fiction all about the situation that Humanity is in right now and suggesting a very very very powerful solution on how we might extract ourselves from the dangerous and perilous and extraordinarily suffering Laden state that we the condition that we are in as a species how we might help to free ourselves from that a way out and that's what apophysis is it is the speaking of the word know in other words it is saying what I'm going to do by saying no to what I will not do to what you will not make me do - what why I will not willfully choose to do apophysis coming from the greek noun by the same name apophysis which comes from the greek word a pervert a puffin AI which means not to speak to remain silent or it could be construed as to say no not to say to say no so that allegorical breakdown I'll save for next week rather than rush through it this week but what I want to talk about is how these non selves how these beings who are anything but a true self and a true individual these collectivists these group think mentality people in the police and military come up with all kinds of justifications for why they do the immoral things that they do and worse than that people who are even oppressed by their immoral actions come up with justifications for why they need to continue to do what they do well if it wasn't for our society would exist in total chaos no no no ignoramus it is because of you that society is in the chaotic state that it is you do not insulate anyone from chaos or suffering harmony with natural law does that one aligning their actions with natural law is what insulates someone from chaos and self-inflicted suffering not violent action taken under the authoritarian dictates of your psychopathic owners you can never be exercising your conscience you can only be making justifications for your actions in a capacity such as this and what justification means as seen on slide number 10 it comes from the Latin words yes which means right or law and fat GRA which means to make or to create okay we get the word fascist from that too to force on someone to use force to create or to make fascism comes from the word thought thought geo thought GRE which means to make to make someone do something well this in the sense I'm using it justification is to create a right and I put create in because you can never create right right is self-existing it is inherent it always exists it is always one way you can't make new rights no more than you could eliminate or strike rights out of creation and that's what justification is it's man saying to himself I'm going to make that right in my own mind I'm going to create a right that doesn't exist slap a label on it saying well that's a right now that's okay that's alright that's right yeah you didn't know you know everything that was done in the Third Reich was totally legal under man's law everything that was done in Soviet Russia was totally legal under man's law laws were passed to justify all of that immoral behavior and this is what justification always leads to ladies and gentlemen a field full of bodies nope turned it into your memories know that that's how [Music] [Music] [Music] you