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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc past ago [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I am your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course is Oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday May 6th 2012 we have a great show lined up for you here today on Oracle broadcasting we are going to be continuing talking about solutions and one of the biggest solutions being the withdrawal of our support from the dominator culture and those who continue to support coercion control and the abuse of other people's inherent natural law rights we are going to be talking about saying no to domination in general saying no to the entire mindset of being a controller or being controlled we are going to be talking about saying no to evil ladies and gentlemen because that is one of the biggest solutions this system cannot continue to do what it does without us supporting it and giving life to an immoral system of control so that's coming up today on what on earth is happening I do have a couple of quick event announcements before we get into the subject material for today's show I'm going to be appearing on occult science radio with Curtis Davis the illuminated one on Monday May 7th that's tomorrow evening Monday May 7th 2012 at 8:30 p.m. I believe it's a two hour show so 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. East Coast time tomorrow evening occult science radio with the illuminated one Curtis Davis I'll be posting a link to the website tonight in the news section of what on earth is happening calm also it looks like we have found tentatively I will a a venue for the truth freedom prosperity documentary night and I'll be announcing whether that's definite tomorrow on the show here in Philadelphia of course the meetup group truth freedom prosperity a great group of activists in the Philadelphia area usually meet every last Wednesday of the month for a free documentary screening and discussion evening this month I'm planning on showing max Egan's new film transformation which I found to be excellent I just downloaded it and watched it a couple of weeks back when it first came out and that's the one I'm planning on showing this month it looks like we have a new venue here in Philadelphia at a scene food market as seen food market which is on 4th and Monroe streets here in Philadelphia there's something about 4th Street you know the free your mind conference happened just off a fourth Street media bureau where we hosted the documentaries previously was on 4th Street and now a little bit farther south below Center City into South Philadelphia we may be moving the documentary night that's tentative it's not definite if it works out it'll be on May 30th but more about that on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my web site while on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about the moving of the venue of the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evenings here in Philadelphia you know this is a unique meetup group here in in Philly because I don't know of anyone else that's hosting documentary nights like this I wish there were more of them I wish more people were doing things like this but unfortunately I don't really see many of them especially not here in the city I know that Betsy Metz does her 9/11 and other truth films at the Anthony Wayne theatre in Wayne Pennsylvania just outside of the city limits but here in the city the TFP documentary nights one of the only documentary discussion screening and discussion evenings that I know of so very important I think to keep them going because we're definitely reaching a core audience of individuals who want to go further in their understanding and take their consciousness to a higher level so with that having been said like I said I've been in discussions with one of the managers at a scene food market and it looks like it's going to work out I just have to find out the availability if the last Wednesday of the month is available if not we may have to move it to another night during the week but if it is available and I will know that by probably sometime this week I'll announce it and it will be taking place on May 30th tentatively so that's that announcement there is one other quick announcement regarding the announcement that I made last week about ad-free sponsorship for this show so many people complain of the commercial breaks them being too frequent I've explained numerous times about why they're necessary it pays for bandwidth on the network this is a live radio show not a podcast as are the other shows on this network so for the people I said who you know wanted to complain about that there's now an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is literally so I announced last week that there is the opportunity to sponsor this show to have it go radio free I was thinking outside the box about this scenario well the network needs to make make some money to pay for bandwidth costs and people don't like the commercials and the frequency so if someone would be willing to pay for blocks of ad time there they would have to take you know a section of time and I believe that the network is working it out that this actually has to be done in a month a several month basis in other words like for three months so they don't have to change the programming and then change it right back so it's actually the rates are reasonable I've seen the rates I'm not going to announce them over the air if you're serious about doing this sponsorship to make the show go commercial free during the two hours that I'm on the air you can get in touch with me at what on earth is happening calm and I could have you get in touch with the individual who handles this at Oracle broadcasting and they will give you the rates okay so that's how I'm working and instead of just announcing what the cost would be on the air but I have seen the costs now and I'm realizing it is quite reasonable it's not something that would be you know way out of reach for many people so perhaps people could go together and buy a three-month block of time okay and I already have one individual who's very interested in this and it looks like it's going to be going forward so at least for three months in the foreseeable future that this show will probably be commercial free now how long that will continue is up to the listening audience if they want to continue to sponsor the show and help the efforts of myself and Oracle broadcasting they could contribute a little bit team up and you know a pool of individuals and and contribute that way in that sense it wouldn't really take very much in the way of resources from I have seen regarding the cost so if you are interested in perhaps teaming up with someone to do this get in touch with me and I could put you in touch with the individual at Oracle you will need to speak to to get the exact rates but again like I said I have seen them and they are reasonable it is not something that I consider to be beyond feasibility so that's the last announcement that I have and let's jump into the subject material for today's show last week I was going into apophysis in depth and again this word is something that people many people have never heard of it spelled APO phas is apophysis and it basically is a method of reasoning that is employed to arrive at knowledge by way of the exclusion of the negatives the exclusion of things that you definitely know something is not okay so you're removing the negative about something in order to understand that which it actually is okay so they call it apophatic inquiry okay it is affirmation through negation learning more about what something is by describing all of the qualities that actually have nothing to do with the thing that it definitely is not and then by process by way of elimination you are actually left with the essence of the thing okay that's what apophysis traditionally is what it means in its etymological roots if we go back to the Greek root of the word it comes from the greek verb upon i which means not to speak or in a in an actual deeper connotation it actually means to say no okay so apophysis is to say that which something is not okay what we're really getting into here is how apophysis needs to be employed in order to stop giving power to the dominator system that is controlling us as a species stop propping up evil stop propping up immorality stop propping up coercion and the control of other human beings and the elimination of other people's natural rights and this really can only be done once we know what rights really are and apathetic inquiry of course we saw in the section on natural law and again reiterated recently is so critical to the understanding of what rights are we have to see our rights in the apophatic sense we have to know what they are by knowing what they are not by knowing what things we do not have the natural law right to do because those actions cause harm to other living beings so this section is about all about withdrawing our support as the battery that powers the Dominator system that's what we've been talking about over the last many weeks if you go up to the what on earth is happening website on the radio show page click the radio show tab underneath the player for the show as always there are images for today's show and there are numerical links you can click them to bring up the slideshow of presentation slides of the concepts and ideas that I talked about on the show so as over the last many weeks the first three images are basically the same because we've been in the same section of this this information which is the solutions we're talking about solution oriented approaches and the solution that we're on is a non-supportive dominators so I want to pick up with image number four and five we talked about apophysis that was image number four I want to go into image number five because I want to revisit these allegories which I really didn't have a chance to cover super in-depth and I want to break them down a little bit more in depth this week on the show that's coming up stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] welcome back to Olympus [Music] as stay on the show continue talk about pathes for saying no to domination and I'm going to continue breaking down the four fictional allegories which really contain the concept of apophysis embedded in them at a deep level for those who are paying attention and really understand what these allegories are saying what they're all about one would recognize apophysis saying no as one of the huge central themes of these allegorical films and again people should not get hung up in the fictional aspect of these films they are there like parables there are fictional tales yes but they're told to explain to us something about the real world in which we are living in and to help us to gain a deeper understanding of that of those dynamics that are taking place around us in the in the world of the real not the the fictional okay so we have to understand that yes they're fictions but they're not really fictions they're allegorical fictions which are telling a deep moral teaching a deep moral lesson and wrapping it in the guise of a fiction of a story okay with that having been said last week we focused on four of these allegorical fictions and I really kind of broke it out at the end of the show so I wanted to give a little bit more time to this that it because it does deserve a little bit more time because these these concepts embedded in these films are so powerful when properly understood so we talked about the word know as it has been used throughout time and has as it has been used allegorically in these fictional moral lesson teaching films and I called the word know the most powerful word in the entire universe people will say love is the most powerful word in the universe yes perhaps is the most powerful word you know truth the word no Trump's them all ladies and gentlemen that's where real power may be found once we refuse to stop cooperating with the dark force once we refuse to stop cooperating with domination coercion control and we take control of ourselves our own thoughts our own emotions our own actions and bring them in the unity with each other that's the only way we're going to develop the courage ever to say no to what is wrong in the New Age movement again I know I harp on this a lot but it wants to tell you that this isn't how we should be approaching this and they're incorrect they're wrong they're basically trying to sugarcoat everything for people and tell them that it's never about saying no to anything it's only ever about saying yes to things and that's not the case as a matter of fact it's almost entirely the opposite as opposed to what we do need to be doing in the way of new things there's there's very little of that required okay we don't need to be doing all these different new things we need to stop doing the things that we are doing now that we don't have the right to do that are wrong that's how all of these problems that humanity is beset with would largely clear up practically in cosmic terms overnight if we started saying no to that which is wrong and the New Age movement is a deflection away from that understanding they want you to think it's all good and it's all positive and never want to point a finger and say you know that's wrong and you should not be doing that they want to try to tell you all the things yes you should be doing this should be doing that see it's all about affirmation but it's never about negation never look at the negative is how the New Age movement puts its message out there and again this is one of the most serious deceptions that is out there it is what I've called in many other researchers who understand this trap have called the last cul-de-sac before the goldmine before getting to the real alchemical gold which is apophysis which is the deep understanding of natural law and how it is being Trent transgressed against at every turn by people who think that they have rights that they do not have who try to make justifications or creating rights that don't exist like we talked about a couple weeks back and last week also the this movement you know of overly optimistic individuals perhaps who are misguided and then I would say at the very highest levels ultimately deceivers who are darker cultists who are trying to keep back the understanding of natural law and apophysis at a deep level from people by feeding them this swill that they're feeding them about never looking at anything that's that's wrong or negative and telling him if that's bad and it'll bring it on when in fact you need to understand what's wrong you need to understand that because that's the answer to why you're experiencing what you're experiencing and that's what you need to stop doing if you no longer want to experience that self-inflicted suffering that is a direct result of taking those actions and it isn't just about telling people to start doing the right things it's it's all about I would say all but largely largely about telling them to stop doing the wrong things and then the self corrective measures will organically take over at that juncture and yeah you do need to know what the right good things are to do but but I'm telling you it's largely about stopping the negative stuff largely about that and again the New Age movement wants to tell you it's not that they and they can scream that until they're blue in the face and it will never make it true and again so many people who listen to information in general like this you know don't want to look at those negative things they want to believe it can all be solved or they're some you know by just you know doing positive work and never saying to people look you're still doing this and it's wrong and you need to stop doing that if more chaos isn't going to be created as a result and this is what they don't want people to do because they are cowards who fear any level of confrontation and there I said it that's what the people who will only engage the positive are all about they really don't have any real courage to stand up to a bully because that's what the lesson is here ladies and gentlemen that's ultimately what the lesson is saying no to a bully okay saying I'm not going to take this anymore for and mean it but also say I'm also not going to do your bidding anymore and mean it see apophysis works it's a two-way street it's the people who are being oppressed by other dominators who need to say no I'm not going to continue to allow you to oppress me like this but also it's about the dominators telling their owners their masters you know who many of them don't even think that they have they think they're at the top of the food chain and that's pathetically laughable you know people in the police and military think they're the ones who are actually making the decisions that govern their actions you know and and nobody owns them like a pet on a leash like a little lap dog okay it's pathetic I've talked about it before it's pathetic that these people think that they're real men are real women when they're not even really human beings at all at some level they've allowed what it means to be a human being to be completely taken and removed from them so they're they're takin their chess pieces that have been taken you know in Street lingo they've been took and don't even understand how they've been took and at some level that's absolutely pathetic that someone thinks that there's some kind of a real person and really they've completely given themselves up entirely over to another person another being just because they hate having to think for themselves and exercise true personal responsibility don't go anywhere we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone in West now fictional allegories containing the concept of apophysis today and we're going to be breaking down four of them we don't want to jump right into this right now because we only had a brief time to do this last week and I kind of rushed it so I think it deserves a little bit more time because these are phenomenal moral allegories if they're properly understood as something more than simple fictional movies so if we look at image number six it's a representation of one of the scenes in the movie The Matrix from 1999 the first in the trilogy which I think all of the Matrix movies all three of them are extraordinarily powerful allegorical movies that explain not only the situation that we are in but also explain why we are in it the trilogy of The Matrix actually gives us the answer to why this is happening and it's something many people don't understand they can't see the allegory in the matrix particularly the second and third movies these films resonated with people were huge box office successes but many people still the allegory escapes them and it goes right over their head even people who love the first one think that the second and third are you know weak in comparison when the deepest part of the allegory is contained in those films particularly film number two the Matrix Reloaded with the scene with the Merovingian that I broke down a couple of weeks back but this scene in image number six is at the end of the first film and it is when neo the hero of the movie played by Keanu Reeves he plays the character neo and this is an allegory for the neocortex the part of the brain that has to become one the one in order to unite with the heart which is the generative principle of care so that he can actually affect reality through his own will okay that's what the movie is about so when he finally realizes he is the one or in other words he has come to a place of balance and unity within his thoughts his emotions and his actions are one the aspects of his consciousness the left and right brain hemispheres are have become one they are no longer divided okay they're no longer chronically in a state of imbalance but they now have come into a state of balance okay his neocortex operates at higher level thought in conjunction with the heart the generative principle of care meaning that which creates ultimately creates our experience that which we care about and then put our mind toward making a manifested reality by an act of our will okay so in this final scene in the movie or semi final scene near the very end okay neo is dying he's brought back to life by Trinity again this is another allegory Trinity the three aspects the triune aspects of the self okay thought emotion action she represents the Sacred Feminine in the Trinity of Heroes which is Morpheus representing thought Trinity representing emotion and neo representing action or will okay she brings him to life okay so the generative principle of care are emotional qualities the emotional qualities of self the Sacred Feminine ultimately have to brought back to life to inspire right action in the world when he realizes he is the one the first word out of his mouth when he stands to face the agents in the matrix who represent the control system depicted in the upper right-hand panel on this image number six on the what on earth is happening radio show page or with the podcast for the show which I believe will be podcast 106 the first word that leaves Neos mouth and I tried to catch the the the scene tried to catch the frame in the upper left hand panel there as he is actually mouthing the word because he says it's sort of quietly as his head is coming up from looking down but nonetheless the very first word that he speaks is no and upon saying that the realization of the power that he now holds is fully within him and he puts his hand up and is able to stop the bullets that leave the guns of the agents at will in other words he can now actually effect manifested reality and it doesn't mean that you're going to be able to put your hand up once you say no to the control system and fit and literally physically stop bullets of course this is an allegory it means that when we say no that's when this will be stopped but as long as we continue to give our support and say oh it's wonderful what our military boys are are doing it's wonderful what the cops do for us but they're so necessary these institutions they keep us safe that's what they're here to do don't you know without them we be oh it would be a horrible situation for Humanity you know as if somehow it isn't now a horrible situation and a much worse situation actual then of not having any idea what has led us into this mess rather than see the direct experience or results of K of actual chaos I would rather take my chances with that real chaos that real physical chaos that might happen if you let off controls off of people suddenly okay which sure there's an there's a potential for that am i afraid of that absolutely not I'll take my chances rather than live in a system that attempts at every turn to hold back and dissuade people from an understanding of natural law and therefore they don't understand how they're creating this chaos that they're living and they don't even understand that they are living in a state of chaos right now and what's called punctuated chaos which means it's very difficult ever to get rid of it or to jostle it free because you don't even understand what's causing it or why it's there to begin with no understanding of the causal factors which again is explained to the heroes in the movie in the second part of this allegory they want the solution to stopping all of this control they don't understand what's what really is causing it okay taking action is so important toward that end but you have to know the causal factor as well if you're really going to stop creating that which you do not want that's how the real law of attraction works you have to know how attraction operates you have to know how natural law works to bring us the experiences that we have on a day to day basis through our choices therefore you can make different choices and therefore change the experienced manifested results of those choices but so many people think that they can magically make it happen without actually having to do any real work upon themselves make any real change make any real changes in thoughts and behavior and suddenly the external reality is going to magically change or we can do little things that don't really involve any change like vote for someone give give someone else our support we don't actually have to change and we could somehow vote evil out of office and it never works that way it's not how reality operates people who are holding on to power are not going to want to give it up we have to say no to helping them with their plans ultimately to say well if you want to try to get that done you're gonna have to do it by yourself because I'm not helping you that's where the real power to create change lies so everybody listening within the sound of my voice if you're still involved in an institution that you know is not helping humanity move forward or evolve there is no other solution than non-compliance with that institution it isn't about voting to get other people to tell those institutions hey stop - stop oppressing those people or just oppress them a little bit less you know don't beat them on a daily basis why don't you try beating them on a weekly basis instead you know well that's the equivalent of begging dominators for your rights now let's try to vote for less aggressive coercion and violence please daddy don't beat me every single day take a day off here and there yeah that'll work sure we'll continue to break down these four allegories we'll move on to equilibrium next Loomis - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle podcast and radio networks stay with us ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] all right folks were back I'm not passing out my website is what on earth is happening calm let's move on to the next allegorical movie and break down the concept of apophysis we're saying no contained within that film this movie is equilibrium depicted on image number seven on the website this is a Masonic allegory the entire movie is a Masonic allegory and I would say it is a light Masonic allegory it is put out there by someone who understands Freemasonry at a pretty deep level is familiar with its symbolism ok and is telling a moral teaching a moral lesson in this movie and hard moral lessons I might add things that many people will be very uncomfortable with ok they're not mincing any words they're not pulling any punches ok they're not holding back in this allegory it is hard harsh lessons about reality that are taught in this film let me see if I could set this up ok and again people should definitely check these movies out for themselves and watch them a number of times not just once to really understand and let the allegory sink in but it's a totalitarian state ok that has basically taken over the world after I guess you know humanity basically fought a bunch of wars and almost destroyed themselves similar in that regard to the new allegorical film The Hunger Games I just saw that I thought it was excellent and I also read two of the books I'm in the middle of the third one you know nobody sent me any spoilers because I'm anxious to see how it turns out but also powerful allegorical film about you know it's a warning about what could happen if we stay on this course that we're on but to go back to equilibrium there's a totalitarian state that has taken over they basically call themselves that tetragrammaton that's what the name of the government in this dystopian future is and that's a name for God and it's very appropriate they think they're God they think they own everyone they think they can slaughter anyone who goes against their will at whim okay just you know immediately take someone out they instantly incinerate summarily judge and incinerate people put them into incinerators who basically disobey them okay and basically they have outlawed all emotion it is illegal to show any compassion or emotion that's how far this totalitarian state has gone okay now they call people who break these laws quote/unquote sense criminals or sense offenders sense offenders meaning if they have any compassion or emotion they're they're criminals sense offenders they call them okay and this is like an underground group of people or resistance movement that is basically you know deciding that they would like to stay human and not to completely destroy the emotional aspect of themselves so they have this button by by the way this Tetragrammaton government basically keeps people drugged they give them this drug i believe the drug itself i can't remember the name of it I think it's called equilibrium it may not be but I'm not sure if that's where the name comes from but basically they give them a drug that they inject into themselves on a daily basis that keeps their emotions suppressed and this is what television media entertainment indoctrination etc it's that's all it's an allegory for it's a veiled reference to that okay so they have a population of totally emotionally numb people and then there's these sense offenders who basically want to keep their emotions and want to keep art and culture and reading you know if people are found with books they're killed they're shot or immediately taken and incinerated if they're found with art all art is outlawed and all displays of emotion are outlawed so how they enforce this is through their regular police forces and black uniforms of course all looking like stormtroopers and in with a special clerical or priest class of controllers that are called the grommet on clerics grommet on clerics now look at the words here in this allegory okay grommet on based on words in other words okay the wordplay the word magic that is all but what the law is about okay trying to say that they own natural beings and you must obey them and you must follow their orders and dictates regardless of whether they're moral or not and cleric is a priest someone who's involved in a religion they're telling you this by the word choice people look at this and hear the word Tetragrammaton and have no idea what that means unless you've studied the occult or studied at least you know old Hebrew occult philosophies or even religions that word Tetragrammaton is sometimes brought up in Judaism as well but it's definitely known about in Kabbalistic circles and occult teachings as well because it's all about the four elements the four elements that come together and are bound together by spirit earth air water fire and spirit the five elements the quintessence is the fifth again we've talked about that I've talked about this on other shows like a cult Empire we when I got into alchemy and also Rosicrucianism but Tetragrammaton means four-letter name okay that's basically what it means and it's the forces of nature that comprise the physical world earth air water and fire and then there's the fifth element or the quintessence which is the spirit that imbues them all with life okay so this tetragrammaton or total totalitarian state that thinks it's God is basically run by this central figurehead called the Father okay because this is an allegory to God the Father okay so father is depicted here on the upper right the upper left is the hero his name in the film is John Preston he's played by Christian Bale father is played by an actor named Sean Pertwee okay and basically this scene is depicting the end of the film where father has become aware of Christian Bale not only beginning to feel beginning to develop emotions and display emotions and want to help people in their suffering and one even help animals because there's a powerful scene with a dog part of the movie with a dog portrayed in this that finally starts to reach this psychopathic individual or at least secondarily psychopathic individual the tetragram the grammaton cleric known as John Preston when he starts to experience emotions his partner Brant another grammaton cleric basically wants to turn him in and he does everything he can to alert father to hit - John Preston's betrayal of the Tetragrammaton so Bale tries to play it up that you know it's the other agent who's really the the traitor and who has been working with this resistance efforts of of sense offenders there's a very powerful there's two other powerful characters in the movie one is named Mary O'Brien this is the representation of the Sacred Feminine who reminds Preston of his own wife who he lost to the Tetragrammaton for showing emotions they killed her basically this woman Mary O'Brien okay represents the Sacred Feminine Mary the Blessed Mother okay the Sacred Feminine the goddess the Holy Spirit care okay because that's what this movie is about she has a conversation with the Christian Bale character John Preston okay and explains to him the purpose of life is to feel because he says well she tries to ask them why do you do anything that you do you know and he wants to say it's all for the power and the glory of the some what's so far beyond that so deep and that penultimate defines dawn and that's our inner selves the core of our being which is all about our care explained to him by a woman named Mary it's up on the other side don't go anywhere flawless science believes you deserve the [Music] [Applause] what he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks addicted to sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminals economy okay no a defendant [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening let's continue to break down the allegory of the film equilibrium from 2002 featuring christian bale about apophysis saying no and i said that this is a Masonic allegory okay and that really comes to its fruition near the end of the film when Christian Bale is or John Preston the Tetragrammaton cleric is taken to father's resonant he resonance he requests an audience with this psychopath father who is the head of the totalitarian government known as the Tetragrammaton because he basically handed over the resistance to them and this was supposed to be a plot okay so that he could actually kill father father is tipped off to this by the other the partner of John Preston who is Brant and basically is now letting the Christian Bale character John Preston repeat know that he was aware of his deception he was aware he's a sense criminal and he's basically hooking him up to a machine proving that Preston shows emotions so now he's exposed and known about and he also has the resistance movement in his custody so father is telling John Preston you've given not only the resistance over but you've given yourself over to me now you know through this failure of your little insurrection and your plan to kill me and uh just for a moment I'd like to step back and I saw in the chat room during the break that someone did alert me to the name of the drug in equilibrium and thank you for that it is prozium and this is extremely allegorical because it's very similar to prozac because that's what it does it's it's an antidepressant okay it keeps your emotions at bay keeps you from really truly feeling the demon drugs as I refer to them selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs so very similar to prozac and it is based on the word pros meaning words again word magic and this movie is all about the word words tetragrammaton grammaton cleric prozium and of course the name of the movie itself equilibrium which for anyone who understands anything about Freemasonry they will recognize that as the lost word but what I would say is I no longer even feel that equilibrium is the so called lost word of Freemasonry it is the pathway to the lost word it is the only way you get to the lost word because ladies and gentlemen the true lost word is no that is the lost word that is the word that must be spoken in a chorus of humanity in order to free ourselves and it is the only word that can leave our mouths that has the power ultimately to free the species equilibrium is the pathway balance is the pathway to taking the power into ourselves to speak that lost word of know the most powerful word in creation coming up that was the short segment or coming up to another break after this break I'm going to continue to break down this Masonic allegory here on what on earth is happening and then we're going to look at two more allegories Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Box stay where this ladies and gentlemen you won't want to miss this [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting let's jump right back into our breakdown of these allegorical films that put forward the idea of apophysis or saying no we're talking about equilibrium a masonic allegory of course and this is really shown in the last scene particularly with Preston and Brandt dressed in their their light and dark uniforms respectively respectively Preston is dressed in all white representing light and Brant dressed in black which is representative of darkness father of course wearing all black which is representative of darkness and chaos and evil and control okay so before I break down the last scene I want to talk about one other character the leader of the resistance named Jurgen and he explains to the preston character that there are some times when good people in the protection of right need to basically realize a psychopath for what he is and do something about it because they're not going to back down on their own they need to be told no and if you can't convince other people not to say no to them eventually someone has to make a stand against them just like had to happen in this country 236 years ago you know that's the whole point is that ultimately we're not going to ever get this done the right way unless it's done through understanding unless it's done by the people who do understand right from wrong use their word to put this out into the universe in such a force that people ultimately choose the right over the wrong through an act of their will if that doesn't happen we'll continue to have to do this through the same method which always ends ultimately in failure which is through the necessary use of force and it never succeeds ultimately it always comes back around again because it's never gonna ultimately success that's why they call it a revolution a revolution of force always ultimately comes back upon itself that's why we didn't free ourselves after the American Revolution because we could not convince people that people should be allowed simply to live free and stop oppressing people's rights because some psychopathic insane individual called calling himself a king thinking that he's God told you to do this just like some psychopathic insane individual thinking himself that he's God a politician told you to say you don't have any natural law rights and we're shutting down your freedom of speech or we're taking your guns etc etc any other number of means that dominators called police and military oppressed peoples rights every single day of the year and won't say no to their owners to their owners like the good little pets that they are and again they're all too happy to call them that I'm going to be giving coming up on the show I'm going to be giving the information regarding the occultic mockery of police and military in this segment similar to the information I gave at the free your mind conference except I'll probably even elaborate on it a little bit more I'm going to be look we're gonna be looking at culpability who is morally culpable for what when actions are taken that aren't in harmony with natural law we're going to look at why these individuals do what they do and I've said this before on the show we'll be looking at trauma having experienced - trauma identification with the abuser and victim of trauma we'll be looking at the repression of sexuality especially if it doesn't fit in with a religious notion of what sexuality should be or a cultural notion of what sexuality should be and then the repression and subsequent frustration that develops out of that that leads to violent and immoral behavior because these people simply can't accept who they are because culture tells them it should be some other way or religion tells them it should be other way some other way with that being said back to the allegory of equilibrium the jurgen character you know after the Mary character Mary O'Brien explains them the importance of emotion the jurgen character also explains them the importance of sometimes keeping emotion in check because we can't think clearly if we're an emotion we're not if we're in an emotional frenzy we have to basically understand how to control our own emotions as well and sometimes that needs to be pulled back almost entirely to recognize you're not dealing with something someone who's actually like a human being you're dealing with someone who is more like a reptile or an animal whose circumstances or conditions or perhaps even genetics in the case of a primary psychopath okay which we're not going to get into why a primary psychopath exists maybe at a future show we may speculate on on that okay but know that they do exist and I've talked about this condition before on passion shows and you're not going to talk down a primary psychopath they are simply a stimulus-response creature that is never going to listen to reason they're incapable of feeling and ultimately that means they're incapable of truly understanding why they're doing this to themselves at some level they're bringing down upon themselves what always comes down upon them which is an inevitable backlash and again I I told you before it's still a failure it doesn't ultimately get it done so we'll keep going through this this cycle over over and over and over and over again until enough people wake up to a point where we can convey this information through words and not have to get it done through force because revolution means another turning of the wheel of suffering and that means you have to get it done through force this time well you'll be going around again ladies and gentlemen on the big wheel until you get it right the right way you not only have to get it right meaning free yourself you have to do it the right way which means through the understanding of natural law not just destroying the dominators when they won't back down and have backed you into a corner because you aren't teaching people natural law and this is the failure we're up against now we went through through it the hard way in the American Revolution whether you believe however you want to believe that war was fomented there's so many theories about that the bottom line is lots of people here did one true independence and true freedom and didn't want the creation of a government either they wanted to stop at the Declaration of Independence they wanted to really institute natural law rights in a real way watch the movie 1776 the abolition of slavery was being discussed in this country back then but because there were certain people who went this far and no further you know I'm gonna have a quote about this at the end of the show about the half-way people the people who go so far and only want things to be good for them okay they want to be free but when it comes to giving everybody their unequivocal freedom then they pull back and say well let's not go that far we'll continue with these allegorical breakdowns on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcast we'll be right back [Music] behind the girl I'll make my all day [Music] that's why they call me how appropriate is that this because it would play during this exact time when I'm talking about the failure that is inherent in forceful revolution I'm not saying that that may not sometimes be necessary but it's always a failure if it's not followed up by massive true education in the realm of natural law and unfortunately this country massively massively fell short and dropped the ball when it came to doing anything close to that and let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen everything I do on this show and in my personal life is to attempt to avert the necessity of another forceful revolution in this country and I don't use the word violence I use the word forceful because I know the difference between force and violence violence is what is being done to us people who know understand and value their natural law inherent rights under natural law force is what people who are in a defensive mode may need to use to stop a violent aggressor which they have every right to do and I'm telling you right now everything I am doing and have been doing is to attempt to avert that necessity if it becomes necessary it will be chosen but I'm trying to avert that scenario by making it not required not necessary if enough people decide to say no to this control system peacefully willingly and back down from following orders that other people are telling you to do that you have no right to do that aren't right because that's what the whole problem is is order followers who don't question their orders and shut their emotions off don't use their emotions as a guide a moral compass okay and just follow orders because they don't want to think for themselves they don't want to truly have take on the personal responsibility for making their own decisions and their own actions and that's what largely police and military are people who hate personal responsibility and hate thinking for themselves they want to be told what to do and think that following orders is some kind of a virtue when in fact it is the antithesis of what virtue is all about because virtue comes from the willful choosing of right over the wrong after having taken in the definitive knowledge of natural law because virtue is about following your conscience obeying your conscience and you can't be going with your conscience if you are obeying the orders of any man no matter how smart you think they are or even how virtuous you think they are virtue is not about listening to me even if you think I'm right virtue is about finding out whether what I was saying the information regarding natural law and right versus wrong was right and then doing the right things things that don't inflict on other people's natural law rights things that don't cause suffering for others so that's what John Preston in this movie equilibrium is finally at that level he's finally ready to say no and he's in father's stronghold you know and he's realizing that they have him and they also have the resistance movement because they've basically played him particularly Brant his partner the father figure through a screen says to him while he's hooked up to this a galvanic skin response machine that's displaying his emotions there you see it on the lower left in image number seven the needle is going crazy showing that he's in a fit he's in a rage and internally and when father says well you've given us you've given yourself to us calmly and coolly you've given us the resistance and all of this you know you've you've turned over the resistance to us through the failure of your plan and you've also turned yourself over to us totally calmly without any incident whatsoever well at that moment the needle goes completely still meaning that he has now turned off his emotions he is no longer in this emotional frenzy he is now seeing things exactly as they are not on their emotional mind-control anymore the emotions are shut off and he can see perfectly clearly as to his situation and what is required and upon that all of the power flows into him and what is the first word that he says you got it no just like neo upon all of that power flowing into him when he knows he's the one when he knows he has come into balance in a state of equilibrium the name of this particular movie John Preston just like neo the first word he says is no and he follows that with not without incident meaning maybe you've taken me in the resistance but it's not going to be without incident there will be a price so he goes into finally father's chambers where he's confronted with his guards he takes them out and then he fights with Brant finally and takes Brant out in a very striking fashion watch the movie to see what I mean by that and you'll see in the lower left right hand corner of this image here on image number 7 Preston the light has conquered the darkness and he is standing in the middle of the stronghold which is what the Octagon represents the Octagon and the towel crosses which I went over last week as far as symbolism goes but again that's the hypercube or tesseract which is the dark occults main symbol which was in the middle of fathers offices and his stronghold at the Tetragrammaton headquarters the Octagon right on the floor so there they're explaining to you this symbolism and they're explaining to you the allegory that he is the light pillar the power of the Sun the light the jackeen pillar who conquers the darkness okay he comes to equilibrium with the unification of the left and right brain hemispheres with the unification of emotion and action it's a beautiful allegory if it's properly understood he then goes on to turn off the signal turn off the media eventually I you know get people off of their prozium and hopefully to re-educate the world about natural law such that this doesn't have to occur again and that's always the failure people want to do the revolutionary act but then they don't want to do they don't want to become a teacher and often it's because they don't still know natural law themselves they waited till it was too late to do it any other way they did it with force and then they still are in a place where they don't understand how it got to be that bad how they how it they got backed into a corner like an animal like that and that's often why they don't start teaching people natural law to see that that same disaster is again averted in the future that's why we're back to the same situation we were in in 1774 and 1775 we're back to the same situation ladies and gentlemen and like I said all I'm trying to do is avert the same outcome because ultimately that forceful revolution is a failure unless it is backed by an enormous re-education effort a mass true education effort to educate people in the realities of how natural law operated to bring them that experience to your own decisions their own chaotic choices when they went against natural law principles and chose the wrong over right they created that situation I'm going to pick up with the next two allegories on the other side of the break Rise of the Planet of the Apes and ox we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] welcome back this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio let's move to the next allegorical breakdown of apophysis in a major Hollywood film namely Rise of the Planet of the Apes this came out last year in 2011 and of course it's the beginning of the story about how a basically a race of super Apes came to be with highly advanced intelligence and this was done through some sort of genetic modification in a laboratory the main ape in the film is Caesar okay who basically was modified to have human-like intelligence okay and in some ways even beyond human intelligence so upon reaching this state of awareness he doesn't appreciate continuing to be treated as an animal kept in a cage and you know just commanded and told everything what to do similar to what is going on on our world right now people being treated like animals in a cage and herded back into the cage whenever they attempt to do anything outside of the dictates of the their Dominator owners and then you know they have someone sick people on them with a pain stick just like the character dodge is doing in the scene with Caesar they're depicted in the upper right hand panel on image number 8 in the slide presentation so dodge is kind of like one of the villains who you know wants to keep the Apes under wraps he basically hates himself they show you this that he's not you know a popular human person and not a very popular man and you know he has a lot of issues psychologically he really doesn't you know he's kind of like borderline psychopathic and he just wants to hurt someone who he considers beneath him that's all that you know he's you generally it's easy for him to do because the Apes don't have you know human level intelligence but upon attempting to do this to Caesar Caesar is a different breed of animal you know he's far in the way of intelligence above these other Apes that he is gathered together and jailed with basically and upon getting hit with this pain stick a number of times Caesar finally does something that no one has ever heard him do even though he's displayed above average intelligence he speaks for the first time and yes ladies and gentlemen you guessed it the word the word that he says that he screams at the top of his lungs at the top of his voice repeatedly over and over again is no he tells dodge the controller the cop if you will no I'm not going to continue to take this and he basically puts dodge in his place and ultimately gets his other eight friends out of their jailed quarters and leads them into freedom in the forests but you know I was saying last week we ultimately know you know if we've seen the other Planet of the Apes series I don't know what direction they'll take this if they go further with it this is supposed to be like a prelude to all of them what happens is the educational effort really isn't present in the real smart Apes okay who understand the truth about what should be said to control which is know which Caesar at least understands in this movie anyway but you know in the future they become the same types of controllers and then they take humans on as their pets and keep them in the dark about their history that they took over the world from them as humanity basically exterminated its and the few remaining survivors are kept as slaves by the Apes again it's the same cycle repeating because people can't ultimately let go of domination of the desire to control other people they can't let go that because there's something deep inside of them that is still unaddressed imbalances within the individual that is still unaddressed things that they haven't worked on upon themselves things that they haven't dealt with by looking in the mirror and facing it honestly and directly you know it's all things that they don't like about themselves that they're trying to avoid psychologically ignore and somehow think that they can prosper as a result of that ignorance you know and that's what this is all calling people to do is take a look at yourself how much are you involved in what's actually going on have you really withdrawn your support even by what you say are you still saying that this control is necessary these levels of control are you not speaking out about how wrong it is for basic rights to be attempted to be taken away from people like they're doing with saying you're not allowed to protest at national conventions you can't go and speak your mind or even assemble supposedly they're trying to say it the Republican National Convention coming up they don't even want to sembly let alone protesting they're gonna set up free speech zones that are miles away from the actual convention people don't have a right to do this you're allowed to assemble and speak period no one's allowed to tell you that you're not ever that's why that's written in the First Amendment to the Constitution that we allegedly have well you know human the United States doesn't have a constitution let alone the world we have no Constitution we're made of nothing because we won't say no and stand up for rights so ultimately the paper is meaningless the words printed on and are meaningless and the word constitution is meaningless if you don't have an internal Constitution it doesn't matter what's written down on a piece of paper ladies and gentlemen that's why the name is called a Constitution it's supposed to be about what you're made of well if you will tolerate that kind of treatment to be corralled and herded like an animal and told where you're allowed to go and what you're allowed to say you deserve that treatment because you don't have any Constitution you certainly don't have any courage and ultimately that's the kind of treatment you deserve how about that so until we develop the courage to say no like Caesar does in this allegory and say you're not going to continue to treat me like a pen dannimal and I'll do something about it when I'm confronted with that kind of immoral behavior that you do not have a right to regardless of what some psychopath politician told you you are allowed to do ultimately you have no rights unless you're willing to step up and take courage into your own hands and do something about it you'll continue to get pushed around you don't want to tell anybody that's wrong I think the wives and children of those cops who show up for work should tell their own fathers husbands brothers you're disgraceful scum of the earth who think you have rights that you don't have and I'm not gonna support you I'm not gonna stay with you I don't want to talk to you I don't want it I don't want to be around you until you decide to be a moral human being but no that's not gonna happen because hey that it's all about the money you put food on the table you you you buy me this and that and that and and and you know we go out to eat and go shopping and I have my nice house and television and you know 100 cable channels you know because that's ultimately what their constitution is isn't it isn't that right ladies and gentlemen that's why people won't even tell these people they don't have a right to do what they're doing because they don't have any courage and constitution ultimately there is big of a piece of slime trash the people who are willing to step on someone else's rights are in their silence they're totally complicit by not saying anything to them and that's what someone like that is a piece of human trash they're not really a true human being there's something far less than a human far less than an animal and far less than an ape is what I would say they are I would say most Apes have more constitution than that and we think there's somehow lower than us I'll tell you what a lot of animals are made of so much more than most people are you could tell by just looking in their eyes at least they don't worship money as their God at least they're still involved in the natural world and the natural processes and they haven't let the true essence of what they are been ripped away from them and sold for a bag of silver coins as it goes in another allegorical tale so that's the truth folks that's what most people are made of and that's why most people won't say no to these scum thugs I'll break down the box and then perhaps we'll get to the enigmatic image that I left over from last week in the last second what on earth is happening here they just write back the last second [Music] [Music] okay folks last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening let's take a look at the allegory called Apophis a great film from 2009 starring Cameron Diaz I highly encourage everyone to check this out it's probably the least known of these four films that I'm talking about the contain apophysis and this film is about the failure to engage in apophysis the failure to say no basically what it's about is a choice a simple choice that is made to a 70s suburban couple okay a strange gentleman his name is Arlington steward played by Frank Langella depicted in the upper left with a huge disfigured scar to that bunch of scar tissue on his face it's actually like a hole in his face really arrives at the doorstep of this couple they are the Lewises normal Lewis Lewis normal Lewis is played by Cameron Diaz and her husband is Arthur Lewis well this strange character Arlington steward shows up at their front door and presents a choice to Norma Louis played by Cameron Diaz he says I'm gonna give you this box and it's got a glass dome on it with a button underneath the glass dome the dome is unlocked with a key he gives her the key and he says if you open it and press the button someone who you do not know will die you don't know why you don't know where you definitely don't know them but you don't know what the circumstances are but they will die so you don't know how they will die or why they will die but you will be directly responsible for terminating the life of another human being at your will but if you do it you will receive 1 million dollars cash free I'm sorry 1 million dollars tax-free in cash delivered the day after you press the box the button on the box while they debate it and debate it her and the husband and finally she presses the button seen there in the lower right hand image and then the rest of the movie is about the consequences that the couple have to face for doing it for not saying no to clearly an immoral decision that is returned in payment for in payment with money with the fake money Federal Reserve notes and it turns out that this character played by Frank Langella art Arlington Stuart is not really human he's a dis corporate entity a disembodied entity that actually inhabits human beings and can actually kind of possess them in large numbers even and basically he has travelled to the earth from somewhere else in the galaxy you don't know where or what he really is in order to present these tests in the form of these boxes to human beings all over the planet to get a cross sampling of the moral fiber of humanity and if enough people press the button which they seemingly always do they will not stop pressing the button they always take the money and think that they can escape with the consequences of an immoral choice ok he basically tells people that what he's doing well he tells people who were involved in his organization at Langley which is a CIA ok he tells for NSA he tells people there when pressed as to why he's doing this that he's working for someone else and presenting the data to them and ultimately humanity is doing this to themselves and that he's just the data collector that's all he's charged to do and he's going to present the data to his employers and then humanity's fate is going to be in the hands of his employers probably meaning some cosmic entity or some cosmic principality that will ultimately be charged with dealing humanity its fate because of what it is doing you know forces of nature in other words that's what the allegory represents you can continue to do immoral things but don't expect good things to happen as a result the universe is always bringing you what you've earned what you deserve it's always working flawlessly that's why we're in the situation we're in because of the moral fiber we have displayed thus far up to this point in our lives we won't say no to evil we won't say no to aggression we won't say no to domination we have that desire to do things that are only good for us regardless of how much suffering or even death it causes for other people and also the other people around us won't even stop us from doing it how much how complicit is the husband who's sitting there with the Box in the room and just allows her to press it even though she's the one who's making the decision he doesn't really really truly try to talk her out of it or make it impossible for her to press it he basically lets her do it he softly tries to talk her out of it asking her a few questions about her you know you sure we should do this you know don't you think it's wrong but it's not anything that's even really truly impassioned he certainly doesn't slam down the lid of the box and say are you crazy are you sick is there something demanded ly wrong with you for even thinking about doing that you don't hear the husband say that in the film he basically sits back and lets her push it for the most part so that's what the film is about the failure of apophysis not saying no and what it will lead to the kind of suffering it's going to lead to because the sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons and that's ultimately what you see in the movie allegorically because their most beloved person in the world their child ultimately is the one who gets this the repercussions of this choice taken out upon him and he suffers the most tremendously so watch the movie the box it's phenomenal in the last couple minutes I just want to say what this image of the clown is all about that I put up here last week it was the last image I never got to it but I'll tell you what this is and it's a story I don't know if I've told I may have mentioned it in an interview or - I don't really haven't gotten into it much here on what on earth is happening but I emailed a dark occultist that I worked with in the past back in I believe it was early Oh eight after I had kind of begun my lecture series and you know the whole truth movement and 9/11 truth movement was picking up a little bit of steam and people seem to be seemed to me to be waking up I put seemed in I'm doing a double air quotes right now but things seem to be progressing back then at least to me anyway that was my perception of it and I asked him and it's meaningless for me to even drop this person's name because you won't know who it is it's a dark occultist who lives on the East Coast that's really all anyone needs to know I sent him an email and asked him I forget exactly how I worded it what I really wanted to say is what do your owners think about what's going on with the truth movement or with the freedom movement but I didn't use the word owners like because you know in all honesty he's never done anything to truly insult me or to or to you know be vicious toward me I know he still works in the dark occult hierarchy okay and still has that mindset and heart set if you will still feels the same way still things the same way still lives the same way he has not had an awakening in conscience in any way shape or form may be a genetic psychopathy for all I know but um basically had decent conversations with him and was treated respectfully when I was involved in the Church of Satan and attended certain functions where he was present so I just said what are the higher-ups I think was the word that I used what do they think about the truth and freedom movement of what's going on and in the dark occult when they don't really want to be bothered with you they'll often just answer you with a symbol or an image well he didn't send back any words he hit reply on the email and sent back this image a JPEG that he probably just found on the web someplace of a clown as a response to my question of what do the dark occult think of the truth and freedom movement a clown dressed in a polkadot suit with a frilly you know a neck neck piece and frilly arm pieces and you know a multicolored afro wig and you know a hat and you know a party horn and the big floppy clown shoes that was the answer and to this day four years later I wish I could say that he's wrong but in a lot of ways I can't because people still do not understand the why of what they are doing and therefore they have shown up without power like Merovingian has said because they not understand the wide on the nature of truth Buddha once said that there are only two mistakes one can make on the path truth not starting and not going all the way think about folks