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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday June 10th 2012 we have a great show planned for you here today going to be continuing our ongoing discussion of solutions particularly the non support of the dominator culture in general and we're going to be talking today about the concept of self less nests not what is traditionally thought of when you use the term selflessness okay and we're going to talk about the difference between those two terms we're not talking about traditional selflessness but the concept of self less nests the absence of the self the destruction of the self the loss of the connection to the higher self and the condition of slavery which that inevitably leads to and that's largely where we're at as a species ladies and gentlemen so this concept of selflessness we're going to discuss in relation to the master slave hierarchy the system of hierarchical command and obedience that's coming up on then in this edition of what on earth is happening I have several event announcements the first of course is the big event coming up here in Philadelphia this summer next month only about a month away the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebration is actually really less than a month now July 7th 8th 9th and 10th here in Philadelphia the Tesla science conference will be the centerpiece of this event July 7th and 8th 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at rubra Hall 414 Green Street where the free your mind conference was held last year tickets are only $25 per day per person in advance and only $30 at the door tickets available through PayPal at the Tesla Science Foundation website Tesla Science Foundation o RG there'll be also a social gathering at the end of each day of conference event 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. on both days at rubra Hall in the cabaret room there will also be an awards ceremony and concert featuring the divine hand ensemble a theramin centered ensemble featuring mono Davina you cannot miss these guys they're absolutely sensational July 7th 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Ruby Hall also upstairs in the main room tickets for the concert are only twelve dollars also a Tesla Knight birthday party on Independence Mall park at the independent independence Visitors Centre featuring live music and a Tesla coil demonstration July 9th into the 10th from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. fifth and Market Streets here in Philadelphia that is free to attend for more information visit the Tesla Science Foundation website at Tesla Science Foundation org we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting network [Music] see stay asleep Oh bad when he looks at it with his eyes it's what we see when he looks at it the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal symbolic mean courtesy birthday though he defended Oh you have your sunglasses on because you're gonna need them too many of us don't have a pair if you know what I mean so let's continue with some event announcements the truth freedom prosperity documentary night here in Philadelphia is going to be taking place Thursday June 28th the last Thursday of every month and that will be at a scene food market a scene food market is at the corner of 4th and Monroe streets here in Philadelphia just south of south street will be showing PSYWAR this month I actually need to update the meetup page for that event but PSYWAR is a phenomenal film about mind control and that this is the direction that these documentary films have gone since Barb and I have actually taken over you know the responsibility to host the this event as part of truth freedom prosperity every month so you won't want to miss that if you're in the Philadelphia area and especially if you haven't seen the film PSYWAR yet I will be making a radio appearance on occult empire with Bob from Cincinnati good friend to this show June 21st the night of the summer solstice on any matter broadcasting Bob and I will be discussing natural law and I'll be going in-depth on the topic so you won't want to miss that on the antimatter Broadcasting Network that is on June 21st that is also a Thursday evening Thursday evening and I believe it will be from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. I'll be posting more information about that radio appearance on my website this week and I will be announcing it again to remind everyone next week so one other quick announcement I made an appearance on the Bob Tuscon show this past Thursday night and it got very interesting in the second hour I got into a heated exchange with some callers to the show specifically callers who advocated the practice of carnism or eating the flesh of animals and I haven't made a big deal about this on this show yet I've made my views pretty clear how I stand on this topic but the ignorance of some of the callers started to get to me and I started hammering back so you can hear that it's in the new section the top item in the new section of the show and I definitely got angry and I feel it's justifiable anger because if you understand and know that the principles of Correspondence and cause-and-effect are in operation in this realm it's part of the big reason why humanity is farmed this is a farmed species ladies and gentlemen whether you understand that or not is irrelevant we are farmed animals who don't have actual freedom certainly not in the physical domain you can be free spiritually you can also be free mentally you can free your mind but you're still on a farm let's make no mistake about it and let's not mince words about it either Earth is a farm and the farmers who control us will continue to do so for as long as we continue to embody the domination principle that we own the life of another and that's all it really comes down to you could talk about dietary nutritional needs and all the other things that go along the ancillary or secondary topics until the end of time until the end of all time but if you'll notice when you listen to this show the principle meaning the first thing is ignored by the caller's all except the caller Mike from New York who is actually brilliant and really should have his own radio show I would listen I'll tell you that much okay but all the other the other callers who called in and advocated for this practice and again this will set off a big chain reaction and a hot heated debate among people I don't want to spend too much time on this because I'm gonna do probably either an entire show or maybe even two shows I'm tacking that that on to this section on the non-supportive dominators because what better practice to explain the entire mindset of domination than the killing of another animal and eating it there is no better example of domination than that and we don't understand as a species we still can't really truly grasp the nature of the universe as a mirror the law of Correspondence is a law it's a principle and a law that which is above is that like to that which is below it's not up to you it's not a belief that is not my belief ladies and gentlemen the universe is like that and I'm stating that as fact it's not my belief system effect invariably follows cause that's not my belief that's a fact that's the way things actually are that's natural law that's universal law another thing people don't understand is that natural law doesn't mean dog-eat-dog it doesn't mean survival of the most ruthless it's not macro biological Darwinian evolution in the physical domain that's not what natural law is natural law is the laws of the consequences of the behaviors that we choose with our freewill and how that those decisions are always being reflected back to us so if you go to the first item in the news section where it says mark is interviewed on the Bob Tuscan Show June 7th 2012 I posted there my response to the to the show okay and I'm just gonna briefly read that I posted a note there and I said I would like to stand behind every word that I said on this show every word and if it offends any of you feel free to get as offended as you like there's the tagline for the show I would also like to point out how not one person who advocated the taking of animal life on the show addressed the fundamental the fundamental primary natural law issue that the taking of another the taking the life of another being does not belong to you it belongs to that being and thus the taking of it is theft and therefore a violation or a transgression against natural law when listening to the podcast please take note of how this primary issue is completely ignored by all but the last caller I think he was last caller Mike from New York the previous callers only offered endless justifications and non sequiturs also note one caller claimed to understand the natural law principles of correspondence and cause and effect yet stated that he doesn't believe in them and he doesn't believe that those principles actually exist and are in operation in our lives I asked my listeners to please try to understand that this level of ignorance is the very reason and here's the magic word ladies and gentlemen why we are an enslaved race of beings and unless and until we evolve in consciousness to truly grasp natural law without making endless justifications for actions which violated our situation is never going to change but indeed it will become progressively worse chew on that contemplating and I'll do a whole show on this topic in this section coming up in a few weeks we'll be right back [Music] [Music] okay we're back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening to you on horrible broadcasting without belaboring this point but for too much longer I just also want to point out that on the news item for the Bob Tuscon show which I appeared on this past Thursday June 7 I also posted underneath the show X excerpts dealing with the concepts of nutrition assimilation the law of assimilation which is something we have not covered here on this radio show as of yet but I have posted a little bit of information on that natural law and natural law itself on these were excerpts from Max Hine Dells book the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception a magnum opus of occult information and these three sectional excerpts actually really give the take on why we really should not be engaged in the eating of animal flesh in general but moreover they explain the deeper reasons that this is particularly when you look at the law of assimilation you'll understand why it's not good for you and too when you look at the natural law issue that dominates above everything else that that is just the that is the end of the discussion as far as I'm concerned and you know before I go further let me just say I didn't become a vegetarian overnight and that's not what I was advocating for either that's not what I'm telling everybody to do what I'm telling you to do is if you recognize the fundamental natural law issue involved in this topic to begin mentally to even transition away the desire has to be born first to want to get away from that cultural practice of eating meat then you could take baby steps in order to do it and begin to wean away and understand you have to make a study of this this isn't something you just do out of the blue willy-nilly you don't just do this you have to make a study you have to make a plan a game plan I didn't just automatically stop eating meat one night and I wouldn't tell anyone to do that and I'll tell you another thing I stri struggled with this at first to the extent that I'm telling you and when I made the mental decision to do this to stop eating meat I never thought I would have the courage or the strength to be able to do it I didn't think I would have the will to do it I sold myself short and while I knew that I was still engaged in a practice that was helping to continue to perpetuate enormous amounts of suffering and pumped that energy into the morphic field of the morphogenetic field of the earth okay and and really was taking consciousness down as a result of Minh tin Ewing to do this practice I was still eating meat having known that in my own mind I was still doing it so I was in contradiction and that's a painful place to be I remember one day barb had left for work she works in the evening and I was going to make myself dinner a late dinner and I went to my freezer and I pulled a hamburger out of the freezer and I literally began to weep I literally wept like a child because I was thinking to myself I'm so weak how am I ever gonna do what I know is the right thing to do this owns me is what I was thinking I sat at the kitchen table and wept like a child literally tears streaming down my face because I said I'm too weak to do this I don't have the willpower to do it I'm never going to be able to change myself and I'm all I'm gonna eternally be in contradiction I'm gonna eternally be a hypocrite is what I was thinking in my own mind I'm going to teach the law of love I'm going to teach natural law and I'm going to continue to put this kind of suffering into the world by by engaging in it by adopting it and I sold myself short and that's just a little Prelude you know to what I'll do on a future show but I did have the willpower to do it and when I began when I actually looked into what I needed to do and then started to do it it was one of the easiest things I ever did I had all the willpower to be able to do it and again I'm not commanding anybody to do this I'm explaining there's a natural law issue that is bringing certain eventualities into all of our lives as a result of our practices as a result of our ways of being in the world it's the law of cause and effect and for as long as we do these practices they will be done unto us that's the law of Correspondence so as long as humanity farms humanity will be farmed and I mean for the farming of animals so check out that very enlightening information on the news page the excerpts dealing with nutrition assimilation and natural law by Max Heindel he was absolutely brilliant and I don't I don't believe in or acknowledge every single thing that this gentleman ever said but he had it right about most things okay and these are some of them so with that being said I want to tell people about the policy on the call-in number today I am provisionally accepting calls okay and here are the provisions if you saw actual combat meaning you actually engaged in combat operations in the European theater of operations during World War two only okay then please call in to the following number during this show eight six six eight four one one zero six five I want to ask you a blind question you have no idea what the question is and if no one called no one called in last week I asked for callers on this topic last week I will screen the call to you you will need to show me in some way that you were in your World War two okay I'm not going to just take the call on the air I'll take it off air if you were in World War two European theater of operations you saw actual combat then call in to this number eight six six eight four one one zero six five I'm not taking calls until the dominator section of solutions is over then we'll do two whole call-in shows about the non-supportive dominators but for this show only if you saw combat in the European theater of operations feel free to call in okay let's begin with the actual topic for this show today and as always you can go up to the what on earth is happening radio show page where there are images for today's show posted under the player on that page and the first slide was the Tesla energy independent celebrations poster feel free to print those give them the friends repost them okay the second slide of course is the way out that's this entire section of solutions the third slide is the grassroots solutions for real and positive change listed there we've covered the majority of them we are now on the non-supportive dominators slide number four shows the section the non-supportive dominators and slide number five is what we're going to be talking about today the concept of selflessness and I've hyphenated it and you will please take note that the s in the word self is capitalized because we are talking about the higher self in this instance okay part of what I want to get into is that people don't listen to the actual meaning of words as they are being used by an individual they will try to make their own definition up or they will go with what they already think something means in their own mind without actually listen to the person's state what they're talking about so people will see this word and they'll say all that that's all about being good to others that's not what this word means you have to look at the context that I've written it in i've hyphenated the word I've put a capital S at the very beginning there's a reason this doesn't look like the normal English word selflessness because it's not it it's different its self less nests see we need to stop hearing what we want to hear and actually listen to what's there actually see what's there okay so I'm going to break down the difference between these two terms selflessness and self less nests this concept on the other side of the break don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back [Music] behind the girl I'll make my day [Music] no you know folks we really are in bad company I I really do believe that humanity is come almost completely retarded and you know get as offended about that as you like as well because it's it's true I went for literally probably three minutes explaining that I wanted only callers who had seen combat in World War two in the European theater and yet still people call in you're not going to get on the air I'm gonna screen the call in an off air segment and and make sure that you meet the requirements so people are still trying to call in to make whatever point they want to make and I'm not interested in hearing anything anyone has to say right now I have a question for a world war World War two combat veteran if you're not a World War two combat veteran who saw combat in the theater of operations in Europe I don't want to hear a word from you right now I don't know how much clearer I can be about that you know like it's it's children we're dealing with children this is why you're in a cage you're in a cage because you don't even understand your own language let alone the language that your owners are using to dominate everything around you the wordless language of symbolism that they use on you and on the other people who control you every day of your life you can't even understand verbal language it's sad it's really sad so without getting too much without focusing too much attention on that back to the actual topic at hand which is selflessness part of what makes people not able to comprehend simple language I guess okay so self selflessness the normal in the normal sense that people use it a okay means having exhibiting or motivated by no concern for oneself and by oneself we mean the lower self the body the ego okay it means selflessness means unselfish altruistic this is on slide number six now we're focusing on in the traditional sense this word without any hyphens or capitalization okay it means you're not concerned for yourself your concern is toward others it's altruism okay it's it's being unselfish okay it's motivated by the desire to improve and evolve one's higher self which we all really share we're all one at that fundamental level the higher self is what you're aspiring toward when you engage in this modality of consciousness which is selflessness okay what we're going to that's not what we are going to be talking about today on the show this is a wonderful high-minded ideal that we should strive toward this is good this is what is really going to unite us this is what's going to bring us toward a solution to our problems in consciousness selfishness is selflessness is what we should strive toward but what we should try to avoid at all cost is self less Ness the hyphenated form where the S at the top is capital this is a construct this is a an idea it's a concept that means something that we're going to be talking about today the dominators are all trapped in this modality it's the exact opposite of selflessness okay self less Ness I've shown a picture of Orcs in Lord of the Rings these completely degraded beings who used to be like elves which are magical and high-minded creatures yet these beings are completely destroyed they are degraded they have they have gone so low in consciousness that they have devolved into something which they were not originally intended to be like but there low consciousness brought them into this form of degradation okay so self less nests in its hyphenated form is the condition of having lost the connection to the true self you've lost the connection to your real being you're completely identified by the lower nature the the lower animalistic instinctual elements of the being okay you're motivated only by base instincts of the lower self self less Ness okay is complete selfishness it's selfishness you're only concerned about you what it means for you that's all that is of any import to you you are driven only by lower self preservation meaning the body the ego that's all you're concerned about this is a satanic ideology in the purest sense of the term it is that which destroys tears apart create strife creates opposition creates suffering this is the whole entire dynamic that leads to all of the creation of suffering in our world so what we need to do is transcend this condition of selflessness but before we can do that we really need to understand what it is we need to know what its characteristics are I'm going to explain this in allegorical terms and I'm going to use two popular fictional allegories now if you look at the slide that I gave for the concept of selflessness okay you will see there a picture of the character Gollum from Lord of the Rings okay Gollum now who Gollum was was a being that used to be a hobbit type creature if you're familiar at all with the Lord of the Rings series the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that in the book The Hobbit the prequel Gollum was so attached to the desire to possess the ring which is power over others control wealth okay only focusing on the physical world and trying to maintain control and dominance and physical wealth that's what the ring represented in Lord of the Rings which is why it had to be destroyed it had to be destroyed and there were so few that were even worthy of attempting that task because it's so tempting to hold that power in your hands so of course the character Frodo eventually is decided that he will take the ring because he's the purest among them and even he ultimately is isn't truly up to the task the ring weakens him and it has to be given back and forth between people but to go back to Gollum Gollum is a destroyed being he had the ring for so long in other words had this desire for power for so long power over others that it destroyed him and it turned him into something that he wasn't it turned him into Gollum he used to be Smeagol and it turned him into Gollum the ring he is a complete husk a shell of his former self he is nothing like Smeagol was Smeagol may have had some desires and some tendencies toward power but in general he wasn't the kind of essentially wicked and depraved creature that Gollum is so that's why I chose Gollum for this image because it really does depict a true slave it depicts a true destroyed being it's a perfect example of a destroyed being and in all honesty this is the closest thing there are owners or claimed owners the people who think they own other people okay let's make that distinction they're not really our owners they're people who would claim to be our owners they're people who think that they have the right to be our owners and farmers okay this is how they look at people this is how they look at most people out there they look at people as this creature their creature a creature of their making of their design a golem or a golem one who has life breathed into it but it was just clay it was molded it was formed by the hands of the master and then they animated it like a flesh robot a biological robot and you know what it depicts the condition of selflessness perfectly it depicts people's modern servitude perfectly this is a perfect example a perfect allegorical symbol of what a person in this state of consciousness actually is like they're like Gollum or a Gollum it's a very accurate depiction so let's look at a little bit of the allegory of Lord of the Rings and how all of the the beings in it are kind of degraded the ones who are working for the Dark Lord in this movie stay with us folks we'll be right back we are beginning to the Star Wars allegory which are not going to want to miss later on [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com getting ready to explain the characteristics of selflessness the loss of the connection to the true self through a couple of popular science fiction allegories and these are beautiful allegories really that most people do not understand the allegorical nature of the information contained in these works of seeming works of fiction they're not fictional at all when you really look at it they're fables they are parables to tell a story about what's really going on in the world but to just put it in fictional terms so it seems more exciting and people will be willing to pay attention to it for longer periods of time you know most people don't want to hear about what's really going on in this world but maybe if you make up a story and you throw in the lesson you throw the moral lesson in there maybe people will pay attention you know it's the example of art imitating life and how you could slip something into someone's subconscious mind and that could be done for good or ill that's true but in these cases I'm telling you that these are done for light purposes these are done to enlighten the reader or the watcher if it's in movie form people often have the wrong ideas of allegorical fiction often it's these stories are told by people who really do know what's going on in the world and are trying to explain it to people but they know they you know that people have such a shutdown mind and are so unwilling to listen and have such a short attention span they can't just tell it to them straight out they can't do what I've been in essence attempting to do for the past two years just treat someone like an adult expect they can understand that they actually have the the acumen to even grasp a conceptual idea and just tell it straight out that's my approach I treat the listeners to my program like rational thinking adults with the capacity to understand and change because I have respect for them I think many still need to have more respect for themselves in general in the world most need to have more self respect I mean I did a whole show on the concept of self respect that's what this is altom utley going to boil down to folks in the end is to look in the mirror and decide to make that change toward the higher self to bend the lower self to your true will to the will of creation and help it to evolve so if you have the will to do that because we've lost that connection to the higher self the people who listen to this show though I believe their intent is to go up in consciousness to make that climb to make that ascension and you know so the you know I don't want to be too hard on people who are trying to get it you know that they're doing the work and and doing the work even slowly is better than not doing it at all most people aren't making any progress they're not moving they they love where they're at they want to stay exactly where they're at they love it they don't even see the problem and that's why the dark occultists call them the unbe gun they have such a destroyed connection to the true self they haven't even started attempting to make any change there's not even any desire born in them to make any changes in their life or in society in a wider sense and that's why all of us are enslaved and it's our job not to say well well whatever who cares about those people we need to help them to to give birth to in themselves that desire to want to change themselves and to want to change society for the better we can be influences for that it isn't all about just working on ourselves and saying well who cares what anyone else does yeah you do need to work on yourself first okay but what if you're in a position where you're you've built the strength up and you have a deep enough understanding you then have a responsibility to help assist others up in that climb who may not be as strong as you and that's a hard hard level of consciousness to get to I understand that believe me I struggle with it all the time all the time and I have to make a continual renewal of that effort a continual renewal of that will it's horrible sometimes I'm not gonna lie but I'm gonna keep doing it because the people who think they own this world and who own me are never gonna break me you don't understand the will you're up against it's a transhuman will it is it is epic human is beyond human the willpower that imbues me it's not of this world it is of the higher self that's where we need to get to so let's look at this allegory of Lord of the Rings by JRR tolkien a Dark Lord wants to take possession and control of every body in the realm that they call middle-earth he wants to enslave everyone okay Sauron his name is and you don't really see him you see him in a physical body at the beginning of the movie but he's a dis incarnate entity meaning he doesn't really have a body throughout this series it says he was slain but not fully conquered or beaten because the ring that he held was still kept and held onto by man he's supposed to be like Satan he's supposed to be the the concept of the true adversary of all freedom and all life the destroyer okay you could call it Apophis were set in the in the Egyptian tradition Satan okay he's been called many many different things Kali is a destroyer in the Hindu tradition you have apollyon another destroyer I believe that's Greek and you can go on and on I like the name Apophis personally because it's all about the opposite side of that god apophysis Isis and Apophis okay and that's that process that truth is a destructive process the concept that truth is a destructive process truth breaks down everything it doesn't create anything new it just shows you what's already there by chipping away and all the nonsense that you covered the truth up with and the ability to see it all that the grime that's covering the ability of us to perceive the truth has to be destroyed us to be wiped away all we're talking about here in Lord of the Rings is the actual destructive process the thing that actually creates disharmony and strife and chaos and discord and destruction in our lives uh furring it's the force that tears us apart from within and then gets us to go to war with each other and try to have control over other people because we're so destroyed from within the self is in such a state of disarray and chaos and an internal confusion then all week then do all the lower mind the base mind the reptilian mind does is say well I'm gonna go and turn out all my aggression on someone else and I'm gonna try to control them since I have no inner self control that's what all the desire to control stems from internal anarchy anarchy within there's no ruler in the self because there's no connection to the self so you're not actually governing yourself you've lost that ability to govern yourself and therefore forces are going to be rearranged through the laws of correspondence and cause and effect to bring you this the scenario that you need to learn those measures of self control and that's gonna be since you're out of control within and you're looking for control without your going to be controlled without that's what the universe is going to bring you and let me tell you folks this is not a belief system this will people have to get out of their heads this is how nature works this is how the living universe that you are part of operates whether you like it or not it's not about believing anything it's about the discovery of natural principles that are inherent to creation we'll pick up on the Lord of the Rings allegory and then get into the Star Wars stuff coming up stay with us [Music] okay we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we're looking at image number 7 on the slide show which is the allegory of Lord of the Rings and how it embodies this concept of selflessness the loss of the connection to the higher self the abandonment of self the giving of oneself over to another entity that is commanding you keeping you on a leash keeping you chained keeping you in Chains as a slave to their will and let's look at some of the beings in this allegory we took a look at Gollum this creature who was one Smeagol lost his connection to that self to his higher nature in any way and became Gollum because of his desire to possess the ring and he held it for hundreds of years it gave him this unnatural long life and you see the result he's this totally crippled hideous deformed degraded shell or husk of his former self okay he's in the upper left corner there that's Gollum and then the orcs I touched on them already a little bit these are like the police of the order of Sauron okay they do his bidding unquestioningly many of them look alike they have all the same qualities they wear similar uniforms they wield weapons and they attack on command like dogs and they were once higher beings they once had an elf like nature magical it is explained in the books and in the movie series and yet they lost that connection they became degraded because of their desire for control and because of sour ons influence so we have to understand this is all this entire work that's going on is all about influence nobody can truly make anyone change but there's influences at work where are we gonna be on the side of the negative influence letting the negative influence us and then negatively influencing others by propagating their poison or we gonna be positive influencers I'm not trying to tell you you can make anybody change you can't assist that process however that is possible you can be an influencer you can be an inspiration meaning help to help someone to imbue themselves with the spirit to put the spirit into themselves to open themselves up and receive the spirit which is what the path to truth and higher consciousness is all about it is about opening up and that can only happen if you have the courage to open up that courage is inspired often by others by others influence that's what alchemy is it's not making forcing something to happen it's influencing it to happen and then it becomes an organic process that's self running once somebody starts setting foot on the path forget about it you know that it's going to snowball it's going to gain momentum it's going to start picking up steam accelerate and the exact opposite is true for the dark process that process can also steam roll and accelerate as it starts picking up that's what I think that's where we're at now people say oh there's a rapid acceleration in consciousness taking place well there's certainly a rapid acceleration and the degradation of this species taking place I'll tell you that I see it ending in small pockets for those who are on the path to higher knowledge certainly not to the extent to the acceleration that it's that people are going down into the abyss right now and we have a lot of work to do to reverse that process ladies and gentlemen don't kid yourself we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc passio let's jump right back into the subject matter we're talking about the concept of the destruction of the true-self the loss of the connection to the higher self the higher mind the soul if you will and we're using Lord of the Rings as an allegory to express these concepts and I'm going to be getting into Star Wars as a perhaps an even better allegory to explain this loss of self and what it leads to which is slavery so continuing with Lord of the Rings the orcs they are completely given over to this dark force they are like the police minions of Sauron just turned loose whenever the Dark Lord wishes them to be used and that's exactly what they are used used and abused doesn't care what happens to them you know treats them as his pets just like the dark occultist treat the police as theirs and you know they they may have someone lower than them you know in the chain of hierarchical obedience you know that they get to give orders to and and clobber and cut up and you know etc these works that's the general people who live in the population who lives in middle-earth but they have owners they have masters Sauron is their owner and master they do his bidding they're even commanded by his general the I don't have him pictured here he was a Saruman the white wizard who became the dark wizard okay and we look at some of Sauron generals in his army like the ring wraiths now look if you notice you're going farther and farther away from the self as you go higher and higher up this chain of obedience or command because you start with Gollum Smeagol you know he's some but looks like his former self but he's held on to the ring for so long he's become Gollum the orcs look even more hideously deformed than even Gollum does if you compare them certainly to elves they're a world apart and now we get into the ring rates that don't even have a body they're like just this husk of a former self they're just cloaked beings that seem to have form like a body but there's no face they're like all the same there's now no actual face and it says they were once men so you compare them to men and you get down to a wraith that's just a shot a hooded shadowed figure it looks like the semblance of a man but it's nothing that's why they call it a race it's a husk a shell there's nothing left nothing there okay and they do Sal Ron's bidding they are slaves and then of course Sauron is depicted throughout this series this trilogy has simply an eye a disincarnate eye at Mordor the mountain of doom okay he doesn't have a body at all he's just this concept this eye and again it's all to represent the ego eye that's the thing that keeps people in this slavery mindset you think he's not enslave you think Sauron is Lord of anything really he's bowing down to the force of the desire to want to control which is fear which is chaos which is confusion ultimately it's the loss of the connection to the real either real self so Lord of the Rings is a great example and it goes a lot even further than this I mean this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the allegory well what I really want to get into is a favorite allegory of mine because it even better explains the chain of obedience see we got to stop looking at the chain of command and start looking at the chain of obedience okay so the chain of obedience is what's really driving this slavery system I posted a video to it previously and I'm gonna post it with this podcast again I think because it's so important to keep that concept in mind the chain of command isn't what's controlling things it's people's willingness to have respect for the chain of command to think that they should obey that they have any moral obligation to obey people who think that they are authorities to give any respect to these institutional authorities that's the entire problem that's the nature of the problem is that there is a chain of command that there's a chain of obedience I should say I'm sorry we have to get out of the willingness to obey that's what's keeping this dominator culture so entrenched in our world so Star Wars I put a classical depiction a drawing of the characters and star wars here a great montage great collage there of some of the characters in the first movie that's image number 8 in the slides if you're following along or if you're following in the podcast which will be podcast number 111 so we're gonna look at two aspects of this great allegory we're going to look at the master/slave hierarchical relationship that's contained in the allegory and I really wanted to make a pyramidal structure with this but maybe I'll tack it on to the end and show you know this in pyramid form but what I just did is explain some of the characters and who they have control over or at least seeming control over okay and who they are slaves to who they have completely given themselves over to so if we start looking at this master/slave relationship that is throughout the Star Wars saga one of the first beings that you'll recognize is the stormtroopers okay they are again supposed to be the police or and military they're the the so-called dominators the ones who are ostensibly the control forces okay and they're called stormtroopers which is very very German in its implications or I should not use even the term German it's not C in its implications in the Third Reich the SS okay was the the police of the Nazis okay and they came from they were actually derived out of the SA which is the former contingency of German police and that's storm optin that's what sa stands for SS was the Schutzstaffel the secret police but the the SA stood for the storm opted along which is the storm forces the storm contingencies in other words storm troopers that's what they were called so they're the master of the citizens and they bark out and give the orders call the people who they think are under them but look at how many people they're enslaved by and who they answer to and who they bow down to they bow down to their generals they bow down to Darth Vader they bound down to the Emperor and ultimately they bow down as do all in this chain of obedience to the dark side of the force itself we'll pick this up on the other side don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone if you're sitting out there listening and you have a grandfather or a great-uncle or someone who was in World War 2 ask them to call in or call in for them and put them on the line I have a question I want to ask it may be somewhat uncomfortable to hear but I want to get their take on it and I'll keep the lines open until maybe someone calls in I know it's probably rare to find someone that is uh you know still alive and kind of you know with it and together to want to call into a radio show they would have to be probably up near close to their 90's at this point at least but if anyone is out there listening call in eight six six eight four one one zero six five only four combat veterans I don't want to talk to someone who worked a desk job someone who actually fought in World War two in the European theater of operations that's only who the lines are open for that means if that's not you don't call you will not make it onto the show because I'll take the call off the air in an off air segment to verify and then I'll ask you the question on air okay so let's get back to the material we're looking at the allegory of Star Wars and how most of the beings that are fighting for the Empire the Galactic Empire or I shouldn't even say most of us should say all of those beings have given up their former selves and are slaves so the stormtroopers very clear illusions in Star Wars allegorically to the Third Reich throughout you'll see this on the next slide as well a uniform that looks quite like a Gestapo uniform as well but in image number nine we see the stormtroopers they're all alike and as we learn later they're all clones of each other we learn that later in the series okay they're all the same actually underneath their inner essence is the same even even as well as them looking the same on the outside okay the the stripping away of all individuality again the destruction of the self self less Ness no connection to the true self this is all about conformity herd conformity giving away individuality giving away thinking for oneself giving away one's own conscience giving away one's own personal responsibility to some other force that you're going to take commands from whether they're in harmony with natural law or not whether they cause harm or not the stormtroopers are quote master of their the commanders quote unquote of the citizens of the Empire which was once the Republic they are slave to all of these individuals the generals who command them the emperor a Vader I'm sorry Darth Vader who is the Lord of the Sith the commander of all the forces of the Emperor the Emperor himself and the dark side of the force itself which all of them are as a slave to we look at image number 10 we see the next level up of this master slave hierarchy the generals okay so there's the infamous grand moff tarkin there on the left in his gestapo uniform alright he's the master of the stormtroopers and the citizens or if it's not closer to a Gestapo uniform it may be closer to a Wehrmacht generals a uniform possibly but you look at who he is the quote master of he commands the stormtroopers and then of course the citizens below them and again this is only if people believe in this claim a lot of the citizens of their this quote Empire do not acknowledge the claims of these individuals and are fighting them okay so who is who is a general like Tarkin a slave - well he certainly has slaved the Vader and so were all the other generals because if they do the least thing that Vader doesn't like he kills them as seen there on the right you know that that general didn't do a good job bowing low enough to his holiness Darth Vader or unholiness as the case may be he didn't do a good enough job as pet as dog for his owner so his owner dispatched him he did away with him I don't like the job you're doing goodbye and we bring in another selfless fool to fill in the the position that I just nullified that I just emptied with your shell I got rid of your shell your husk is now gone goodbye husk I in comes another husk now ready to just give himself over and all of these people actually think they're tough they think they're men that's the funniest part they think this is all manly when they're little girls little girls cowards a no bayar is a little look I don't want to insult the female persuasion by this that's actually wrong of me to say they're not little girls that is so insulting to girls and women everywhere and just to even say that they're animals is insulting to the animal kingdom you know how much lower do we want to go bacterial slime molds well that's insulting to bacterial life as far as I'm concerned there's nothing as low as somebody who obeys someone else nothing if you're not making the decision on your own and you're obeying because I'm given orders and that's what I do I obey your lower than every form of life as far as I'm concerned so this the the generals are slaves to Vader first and foremost who commands them directly and they're also slave to the Emperor and they're also slaves to the dark side of the force as again are all of these individuals or I should say the opposite of individuals are all of these collectivists okay now we move to Vader himself one of the key characters and the whole both trilogies the the first trilogy of episodes four five and six and then the second one of the prequels one two and three Vader plays a great role so you look at who he is the quote master of or the commander of well he commands the generals below him the stormtroopers below them and the citizens below them so he's up there in the hierarchy now whoa we're getting up there right getting up to the real tough guys they don't have that many people over them but he's still a slave and you see him bowing down genuflecting on his knees praying to his god his Lord the Emperor so he's a slave Vader's not a real tough guy he's a slave who gets on his knees when commanded he does the bidding of someone else he's not really making his own decisions he's a slave to the Emperor and of course the dark side of the force let's not forget that force of fear in confusion internal anarchy and ultimately the severing of the connection to the higher self that's what the dark side of the force is selflessness every one of these people are self less the self is the true self is gone in them otherwise they would not do what they are doing they would not even put themselves in this position of being a collectivist agent for an agenda that they are a part of and have given up their conscience to so we'll look at the emperor on the other side of this break well certainly there's no one above him he's the top of the food chain right wrong we'll look at the Emperor and then we'll start to look at what led to the creation of beings like this they all have their story of what led to their creation how their original self was destroyed stay with us ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark pass yep we're talking about the master slave hierarchy as it is embodied in the allegorical science fiction series star wars one of my favorite allegorical works of fiction and we are looking at the character of the Emperor who seems to be at the top of the food chain and he may be at least in human form right at least in human form something we haven't gotten really too much into in what on earth is happening but we will in the future if we have a future the Emperor is the seeming master of all quote-unquote master okay he's the seeming master of all because he's the master of Vader the generals the stormtroopers and the citizen he commands the entire Galactic Empire who's higher than him but you know what this old broken-down puppet of a man is a slave himself he is still a slave see this is what a lot of people would aspire to I want to get to the top of the food chain where there's nobody over me well you know what as long as your mindset is I'm gonna own other people I'm gonna give them commands and they have to obey me I control them I'm their authority you're never gonna get out from being on your knees you're never gonna be free you're never gonna be a slave you're never not gonna be a slave I should say you'll always be a slave you will always be enslaved by that dark force itself which is fear and here's the one with the most fear that it's all trickling through him down to the other people he is a slave to the dark side of the force the force of fear itself which is why he has the greatest desire to control and he has to subjugate everybody under him because he's so fearful just like when Yoda is first introduced to Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader he says I sense a lot of fear in you and that's the path to the dark side he also says that to Luke but Luke is able to overcome that fear eventually see there's another phenomenal allegory in Star Wars the main hero who ultimately brings real freedom to the people is Luke light in other words knowledge he has to wield the green lightsaber not the red one not the blue one are we getting it yet you know when we talked about colors and frequencies in the past red is the left brain that's why Vader wields the left one blue is the right brain which is why obi-wan wields that one an event why Luke starts wielding that but then ultimately wields the green saber which is the middle of the frequencies of light and the heart chakra it means you've really forged the connection between the the mind and the heart and he's fighting for the right reasons I'm not that obi-wan was not but he allows himself just to be taken out at some point thinking that I'll do more work in the in the higher realms you know then right here down here on the ground it's it's it's the allegory is that the spiritual pole is stronger than the the middle way for him for obi-wan but Luke is grounded he has the connection to the higher self but he's doing his work here on the ground on the earth so he's the real magician and his name means light that's not an accident nor is it an axe that the person George Lucas lucious light created this entire world of beings and allegory that's not an accident either because he knows what's going on he's in the know so let's look at who these people were before they became what they are now and just by the way if anyone is gonna call in on the call-in number if you've seen combat in World War two European theater of operations that's all the lines are open for do it now and get it get on the line because I'll have to screen it after this segment and then bring you on in the last segment so let's look at who the Emperor was the Emperor used to be Senator Palpatine who worked in the Senate of the Galactic Republic and he became the Emperor this husk this shell of his former self self you can see the comparisons between Palpatine what he used to look like in the Emperor now I'm not saying Palpatine is any uh you know anything to really look at you know he's an old man typical of like you know what a politician might look like but he certainly doesn't look like what the Emperor turned into you know this is showing you he's degraded and he's all wrinkled and he's a husk a shell of his former self because of this desire that's within him to control everything it has destroyed him it has destroyed a significant part of him at least all of these characters share similar characteristics and again the main character who star wars is really all about is Anakin Skywalker the father of Luke okay he you know this whole thing is who the darkside is now was your ancestry and he and Luke doesn't want to look at that when when Vader finally tells him I'm your father I'm where you came from he has want to look at that he doesn't want to acknowledge that at first he finally accepts it but we have to look at our past to really understand what's going on now and there's a lot of horrors to be found there you know we want to think it's all glory of even how this country was founded on supposed principles of freedom and yes principles of true freedom were contained in the founding of this country but look at what we did in practice we took this land took something that wasn't ours that other people were using that other people were living on we conquered this land from the indigenous peoples who were living here and we don't think we're going to reap any consequences as a result of that karma is not going to come back to bite us natural law is not going to have an effect in that situation we're living proof that natural law is in existence and that the sins of the father will be visited upon future generations this concept is contained in the story of Star Wars as well Luke's father brought about the whole scenario of the Galactic Empire that he's living in so showing you the father is enslaving the child and this is a great allegory for people in the military and the police you're putting your children into a cage you're putting your children in Chains by what you're doing in your state of unconsciousness in your left brain prison hood so Vader used to be Anakin Skywalker and he was a decent looking young man a strapping young lad okay and he was on the right path at first and then his desire okay to want to make things better and put things the exact way he wanted them not to allow for freedom and the ability to people to make mistakes which is what the military and police is all about especially the police force actually believe that nonsense that you're going to help people through controlling them you're going to physically put them in Chains or behind bars and somehow you're gonna change their mind about things or somehow you're gonna make the world better and that isn't going to come back to bite the entire world that you're not trying to address the nature of the problem you're not trying to address the causal factors that led to the conditions of these people's imbalances that led them to take negative behaviors you just want to control them you just want to put them in a cage not actually do any real digging any real work upon the self nothing of that nature let's just segregate them from the rest of society and think we don't have to deal with that problem you're a fool little boy a fool how's that is that simple and straightforward enough you have no idea how the laws of nature work if that's what you think that's how you think you're gonna make things better zero zero and you better start learning because the level of ignorance that we are at and that these people are at in this hierarchy is so great that nature will is not going to tolerate this scenario for that much longer and yeah you can say oh there here comes the doomsday prophecy and you're blowing this up into something bigger than it is and fear-mongering but let me tell you something at some point nature finally says no no that accept it because it's the truth at some point it says you've had enough opportunities and the light was present and the knowledge was present and you decided to spit in its face you decided to slap that gift out of the hand of the universe put it on the floor kick it to the floor trample it spit on it and ignore everything that could have gotten you out of your situation finally nature's gonna say enough is enough at some point [Music] so we see what Anakin became the husk of his former self that he became the destruction of his inner being we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is the last segment for this edition of walk on earth is happening we're talking about the destruction of the true self how people hand themselves over to institutional bodies hand themselves over in the chain of obedience abandon their conscience and become a husk of their former selves so we were looking at the characters from Star Wars and we saw that Darth Vader was once Anakin Skywalker who had all positive intentions wanted to do good things but thought that he was going to do them through control and he became Vader this husk of his former self the shell as you see there depicted on the right in image number 14 we finally see what Vader looks like when he is unmasked at the end of episode six Return of the Jedi the stormtroopers are perhaps the most interesting and we did we did not get any callers from World War two I'm that's unfortunate I'll keep that open next week and you know since I'm still gonna be talking about the dominator culture and how to stop supporting it and I'm not I won't be taking calls from the average listener I will continue to keep the line open only for World War two veterans next week and I promise not to put you on the spot too badly it won't be insulting okay all I want to ask a simple question regarding how you feel about something and get your honest on-air opinion about it okay so if anybody is hesitant to call them because they think I'm gonna come down on them real hard or anything like that that's not the case okay so if anybody's out there who did serve in that capacity call in I have a simple question for you that's all okay so the stormtroopers are perhaps the most interesting part of this allegory one because there are many of them and there they're all the same you know you could even look at okay there's only one Darth Vader there's only one Emperor there are many generals yes but they generally look different from each other the most non individuated the most conformist character in this entire series is the stormtrooper because we learn in I believe it is episode 5 attack of the clones we learn that all of the stormtroopers are in fact the same being they are cloned from the same man Jango Fett so if you took the stormtroopers helmets off you would see the same being underneath they all look exactly like Jango Fett there's none of them who are any different at all so this isn't a hinting that or an allusion to the fact that people in this capacity are the most controlled they're way down on the check the hierarchy and they've given up all aspects of individuality they're just part of a herd they're just slaves who just because they are given this tiny little bit of power here you have you could have this group of people under you will tell you you're allowed to command them ok and therefore okay that that fulfills your little beastial animalistic requirement to have some physical control over someone else so you'll give yourself over as a slave to us and you'll give away all of the uniqueness of your being all of your individuality and that's what the stormtrooper represents and that's exactly what the police are clones and I would I would go so far as to say so are the military clones of each other and you could just see this just in their uniforms that's why they make them wear these same uniforms bring them into group identity train them the same Britt to bring him to break down their former self and and build this new husk that they're going to have them inhabit which is a biological robot or a golem it's all cult techniques one of the things I want to look at perhaps I'll look at it next week is that the training techniques of military and police are identical to every cult in existence the techniques that are used to indoctrinate someone into a cult are identical to the training techniques of the police and military whether in police training or boot camp military boot camp same thing and it's provable so they're all clones they're copies from this character Jango Fett who is Boba Fett's father in the storyline okay if we look at image 16 I'm trying to show the example here of how exactly identical this this is not just an allegory this isn't seemingly far-fetched it's exactly what is happening in the world to these individuals they all look alike they all look the same there is no individuality tolerated you don't step out of line your little wind-up toy soldier wear your uniform one form don't break out a form formation don't be free-flowing don't be a true self don't be a true individual that's the message here oh yeah we'll give you we'll throw someone to you so you could beat on them sure why not we'll put you in combat you can get all your aggression out there because you know you're a slave subconsciously you know you're a little lap dog pet and you're not nothing like a real man zero people think that this is somehow manly there's nothing like a real man in this belonging to an institution a real man a real woman a real being a real human is a unique sovereign individual that takes pride in their uniqueness and standing out from other people not going and being a herd member of a group that's gonna dress you the same cut all your hair off so you don't look you don't maintain any individual look to yourself so you all look the same in basic form dress you up the same like a little doll and then go send you to die the same way kill and die the same way on the altar we made this altar of sacrifice for you so we don't even have to do it for you we don't have to march you up pyramids anymore and carve your heart out with an obsidian blade oh remember those days that was tough on us we'll just send you out into the battlefield to do it yourselves and you do like well-trained little lap dogs that you are and for people who think that's harsh like I said get his offended as you want that's exactly how it is and I'll continue to tell it exactly how it is the bottom line to all of this ladies and gentlemen regardless of what you want to think or believe is that it comes down to respect it comes down to self-respect okay you need to take another look at your own self and your own actions and that the answer lies in the mirror the mirror is where that's going to be found image number 17 is what its altom utley all about okay Latin it comes from the Latin language again the word respect it means to take another look at and that's ultimately what we have to do to take another look at our own actions so my final words here in all of this is stop trying to be something that you're not stop trying to fit in stop trying to belong don't be a copy be a unique individual not a clone okay because trying to continuously fit in and be like everybody else and not express your own uniqueness not express your own individuality is the problem here not allowing for that is the problem we need to step outside of these confines of these hierarchical institutionalized structures and express our own unique individuality and stop identifying with collectivist think and with groupthink and to do that one has to have true self respect respect for themselves is where that ultimately comes from the philosopher Vernon Howard perhaps put it best that human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it but those who do look at it will become well the answer lies in looking within looking in that mirror and being honest about what you see and remember as we head out because that's all the time we have for this episode there are only two paths that one can make only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you next week on what on earth is happening thanks for listening everyone [Music] you