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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm today is Sunday June 17 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time 4 to 6 p.m. Central we're a great show lined up for you here today going to be continuing to talk about solutions today we're going to be discussing groupthink the abandonment of personal responsibility and the techniques of cults to indoctrinate and brainwash their followers as part of our ongoing discussion of the non support of the dominator cult sure we have to stop supporting the entire concept of domination if we're ever going to get out of this mess that we have worked our way into as human beings in consciousness and the subsequent loss of freedom that goes hand in hand with that level of unconsciousness is really what it needs to be called so those topics coming up a little bit later on this edition of what on earth is happening I have a few event announcements that I want to go over the first one is that I will be making an appearance on a cult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati on the summer solstice coming up June 21st this Thursday at 8 p.m. on the antimatter broadcast broadcasting network so I posted a news item on my news page of what on earth is happening as a reminder for people to check that show out Bob and I are going to be discussing natural law and really going into natural law what it is how it operates in our lives and how we really need to bring our will into alignment with it we're gonna be going into that in depth on the show this Thursday night on a cult Empire I did make an appearance on down the rabbit hole a last-minute appearance this Friday that just passed which was June 15th down the rabbit hole with Popeye a great show that discusses problems similar to what I discuss here on what on earth is happening and proposes solutions and Popeye and I also got into natural law a lot on this show I don't have the archive yet but I will have it within the next couple of days and I will post it to the news section truth freedom prosperity as always a group that I work with here a group of activists I work with here in Philadelphia presents their documentary screening and discussion night the last Thursday of every month at a scene food market fourth and Monroe streets here in the city of Philadelphia this month we will be meeting on Thursday June 28th and the film that we will be screening is PSYWAR an excellent film about mind control and propaganda so I have one more big event announcement on the other side of the break and then we'll get get into our subject material you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pacion I have one more event announcement of course this is the big event coming up this summer here in Philadelphia the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations July 7th 8th 9th and 10th here in the city of Philadelphia here's the events the Tesla science conference will be taking place July 7th and 8th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days at rubra Hall Ruba Hall is at 414 Greene Street tickets are only $25 per day in advance $30 if you purchased them at the door tickets will be available via PayPal at the Tesla Science Foundation website Tesla Science Foundation org there will be a social gathering after the conference on both days in the cabaret room at rubra from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. there will be an awards ceremony and concert a concert featuring the divine hand ensemble a tremendous classical ensemble centered around the theremin an electronic instrument and the divine hand ensemble has to be heard to really be seen and appreciate believed and appreciated because they are an incredible classical ensemble and a very very unique this will be taking place July 7th that's Saturday from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. also at rubra Hall tickets are separate for the award ceremony in concert and are only $12 the Tesla Knight birthday party featuring live music and a Tesla coil demonstration on the evening between July 9th and 10th from 10:00 p.m. on July 9th to 2:00 a.m. July 10th at the independence Visitors Centre right outside of Independence Hall 5th and Market Streets and this event is free to attend for more information on the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2012 please visit the Tesla Science Foundation website at Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g okay I have one other quick announcement that the phone lines will be open again today only for military veterans who engaged in combat operations in the European theater during World War two only that's the only people I'll be taking calls from today okay so we will have a - all Colin shows coming up on the topic of non support of dominators shortly probably within less than a month because I only have two more basic topics that I want to cover in this section and that is the after I finish for today that is I want to cover the occult mockery of the police and the military and how they are owned by dark occultists and they are ritualistically mocked through their symbolism that they are made to wear and I want to talk about carnism the practice of eating meat and how that is one of the ultimate forms of domination that is keeping humanity as a farmed species so those two topics will be coming up and after that then we will have to all Colin shows there will be a free-for-all on the topic of the non support of dominators so for today I just want to ask a question to military veterans who served in World War two but actually actually saw combat in World War two that's one of the stipulations so if you actually engaged in combat during World War 2 in the European theater call in to the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again if you saw combat in the military theater of uh in the European theater of operations during World War two call in two eight six six eight four one one zero six five I have a simple question that I want to ask and I want to get your honest answer on the air live realize that that's limiting the number of people because obviously whoever served in that capacity will be quite old at this point in well into their 80s most likely and perhaps into their 90's so if you know anyone that can call with an open mind and just allow me to ask a simple question and get their honest response on the air have them call in okay as always I'd like to direct people up to my website at what on earth is happening comm where if you click on the radio show tab underneath the player you will see images for today's show and a bunch of numeric links you can click on those to follow along with the slide show presentation that goes hand in hand with the topics and ideas that I'll be talking about here today on the show so let's jump into the subject material image number one is simply the poster for the Tesla energy independence celebrations here in Philadelphia if you have anyone you want to share that with download it print it and give it to other people share it on your website or whatever you'd like to do with it is there for you to do with as you will image number two shows this whole overarching section of solutions which I call the way out image number three is the list of the grassroots solutions for positive and lasting change okay and we've covered most of these we're on the non-supportive dominators now in the future after we exhaust this particular topic I will be talking about the use of entheogens in a conscious context the importance of attempting to keep our thinking on the positive end and not get into 100% doom think I know that's pretty difficult believe me well where we're at I understand that but it is something we should strive to do and then helping others to awaken which is part of personal responsibility once you understand enough to at least be able to elucidate it verbally and communicate it to other people then you have a responsibility to help other people out of their trance so those topics will be coming up in the solutions section and then I will be looking for people to come on that talk about solutions and I'll be interviewing many people and having a lot of interviews that I'll be conducting with other guests and we'll have some you know people call in and ask guests questions I want solution oriented approaches that's really what I want to cover people who already obviously know the problem but are really talking about how to make a dent in the problem so that we can move toward a solution in consciousness okay so this section of course has been the non-supportive dominators which we have been covering for the last several weeks and we have a couple more weeks at least but to cover on this topic and then we'll finally be reopening the phone lines as I said last week on the show we covered the concept of selflessness and how it differs from selflessness which is the concept of really being unselfish and altruistic motivated by our desire to improve and evolve our higher self that's true selflessness we talked about self less Ness this concept of the abandonment of the true self the condition of having lost the connection to the higher self okay and the in this state the person is only motivated by lower instincts by base consciousness they're only motivated in toward selfishness they're driven by self-preservation only so the preservation of the lower self the body okay the ego in the body but they're not motivated for anything higher not to a truth trust justice toward freedom only what they can get out of the situation this was called selflessness as we described it last week and I'll continue to be talking about that a little bit before we jump into our techniques of cults that are used against willing followers we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host Mark Pascoe I was briefly reviewing the concept of selflessness the loss of the true self becoming self less before the break and image number 5 shows that very clear distinction between the concept that I was talking about last week of self less Ness and what we traditionally think of as selflessness and in fact they are really polar opposites they are antitheses of each other so image number six I kind of wrapped up with a you know explaining last week that we really have to develop a true sense of uniqueness and individuality and treasure that and not want to be part of a group groupthink mentality can you work with other people absolutely but to identify with that group is something altogether different that means you're taking your identity from it and you're not a unique individual anymore you've been dissolved into the group and a group really doesn't truly have a conscience all only people only individuals individual people have a conscience once you're involved in a group the group has its own direction that it wants to go that's all about preservation of the whole preservation of the the group and its directives its agenda now on that isn't to say that there's no such thing as a group of people that can accomplish good aims that that is certainly the case that is possible but it that only happens when the people in the group continue to see themselves as unique individuals working toward a specific goal that they know to be correct they know to be right and they're not identifying with the group and it's preservation and unfortunately this is what all of our institutions in the world today are all about there are all about self preservation which is a low modality of consciousness you know just survival only is base brain modality of consciousness that's the r-complex mode of behavior and it doesn't take into consideration any higher minded ideals or philosophy so the warning I gave at the end of the last show was we have to strive not to be a copy if you your that's your motivation to be like everyone else to fit in to be a copy to be a clone okay you're gonna fall into the scenario where you're ultimately doing the bidding of evil and often without even realizing it and that's why I put these images here in slide number six of police and military being remarkably like the clones called the stormtroopers in the allegory of Star Wars and this is meant to be disturbing or shocking or even insulting because people need to be snapped out of the trance I mean when you look at an image like the lower left there of Marines standing there in formation you should not be getting a warm fuzzy feeling and looking at that with admiration and respect there's nothing to be respected in being a hard conformist there's nothing to be respected respected in giving up your individuality as a unique human being that that actually is to be loathed it's something that we should be trying to avoid at all costs because again it leads us no matter how good our intentions are down the path of following whatever the group wants of us and we can't be group think followers herd mentality is the problem here that's why we're in such a mess as a people because none of us are actually truly listening to our conscience and acting in accordance with it we're going along with the group and following its dictates following its agenda what it wants of us and and we're basing our behavior we're basing our decisions and our actions on what we what we think the group expects of us and it can't be like that if we're ever really going to prosper if we're ever going to move into a way of being where we thrive and we're not creating an unimaginable self-inflicted suffering for ourselves and ultimately by this group think by this herd mentality and behavior that's exactly what we're doing is creating a self-inflicted wound we're doing it to ourselves we're putting ourselves in chains it's not something really that's being done to us is there are there groups you know covert groups and dark occultists working toward an agenda of enslavement you better believe it but the whole point is that they are an expression of our willingness to obey of our herd mentality and wanting to fit in wanting to go along with the group they're bringing us all into that herd into that big farm and getting ready to lead us to the slaughterhouse if we don't turn this around real quick so today we're going to be looking at again just knowing that people are like that isn't good enough we in this section we've been trying to understand why they are like that because without the Y there's no power there's no deep understanding and you're never gonna be able to reverse that situation without knowing why the problem is not enough people know why people are in that state of mind they don't not have enough information about human psychology and certainly they don't have enough information about the techniques that are employed against them by people wielding techniques of cults of heard conformist mentality that's really what a cult is it's a herd conforte conformist group that is acting on behalf only of the group and has abandoned their own personal responsibility their own responsibility to truth their own responsibility to what is right and they'll go along with whatever the group wants of them whether it's right or wrong whether it's in a ordinance with natural law or in flagrant violation of natural law so I subtitled this or gave it an alternative title if you're looking at slide number seven now it's called the techniques of cults this section or alternatively how to brainwash Willing followers who want to give away personal responsibility for their own actions that's what all cult members are that's what all people who join a dominator group are and I'll read that again cult members ok people who join a cult ok are willing followers who want to give away personal responsibility for their own actions that's what a cult member is ok and this is everything I'm warning against everything I'm trying to explain to you for as well as long as you continue to exist in that modality of consciousness that you believe that you can give away personal responsibility to do what is right to someone else you're walking willingly over a cliff into an abyss that's what you're doing whether you know it or not whether it's that it's at a conscious level or not you are literally going over the edge of a cliff so there the part of it is that this whole desire to do this is an illusion it can never be done it's not possible it's someone who thinks that they can do something that isn't possible like live outside of the boundaries of natural law and somehow prosper and not suffer that is impossible you can believe it's possible all you want and it will never make it so the same goes with the abandonment of personal responsibility you can only believe and imagine that you can do this it's one of the really negative uses of the imagination okay we have this powerful imagination and it's there to make us capable of doing great things but it can it be abused yes it can be abused people imagine that they can do things that they cannot really do that are isn't possible they can engage in illusion through the AB use of imagination there is no such thing as giving away your personal responsibility you're always responsible whether you like it or not whether you know it or not or whether you want to accept it or not we'll be right back folks say tune you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] okay everyone we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening we're talking about the techniques of cults today on the show or in other words how to brainwash willing followers who want to give away their personal responsibility for their own actions something that can never really be done giving away your personal responsibility with something that absolutely can be done is how to brainwash someone who thinks they can give away their personal responsibility see people will ask well you said you're gonna talk about solutions so why are you talking about the techniques of cults you know what in this go hand-in-hand with the problem yes that's true but understanding these techniques and moreover understanding the mindset of the person who allows themself to fall for these techniques shows you why we're doing what we're doing and that's part of the solution is to understand the psychological factors at work in people who join group think institutions in people who continue to obey orders without actually listening to their conscience we need to know why they want to do this if we're ever going to help them to come out of this brainwashed condition it all comes down ultimately to self-respect at some level people like this don't like who they are don't like themselves and in many ways they shouldn't like who they are but they don't have yet that developed willpower to want to make a change they haven't developed enough love for themselves for the high the connection to the higher self that I don't I'm not talking about love for the physical body or the ego self or the little identified role that we happen to play I'm talking about love of self higher case s the true self the real essence of one's being okay which isn't just the sum of your thoughts emotions and actions it's a higher connection to oneness two to the divine if you will that is a spark that exists within all of us and the person who is in this condition doesn't has not made that a connection to that divine essence within them they may may be even bought into the idea that it doesn't exist or it's not there in other words that they don't even have a soul and there's this self-loathing component within them that makes them want to then turn that self-loathing outward and take it out on someone else we need to understand the psychological factors at work within someone's mind if we're ever going to help them come out of that condition if we're going to be assistance to the process of change we need to know why they're already there without that Y in hand you come to the situation powerless so let's look at techniques that are used against people who are in this low state of self esteem why they're so easy to reel in why they're such you know joiners they run when there's herd mentality present to go and join it okay instead of actually really thinking for oneself and really acting in accord with one's own conscience so the four main overarching techniques of cults are there more than this absolutely these are the four big ones okay that form the umbrella under which a lot of the other techniques are a subsection a subset of techniques okay but these are the four overarching techniques that every cult every herd mentality group uses against their joiners were followers and these four techniques are isolation that's number one isolation number two conformity number three indoctrination through repetition and repetition is key here this is a key element we're going to get into all of these SAP and break him down one by one over the course of the show and number four is trauma dramatization of the follower so isolation conformity indoctrination through repetition and trauma are the four overarching or umbrella techniques if you will of cult initiation and no I'm not saying the word occult this is an occult initiation this is cult member initiation okay in other words how to make a robot a human robot a biological Android someone that will follow orders unquestioningly give themselves up give up the true-self give themselves up even bodily hell not even just give up the true-self give up the lower self to give up both selves okay the higher the connection to the higher self is abandoned already and they're giving up the body as well you know and any of the actions and behaviors that can be taken with the body to the the group or the master see that this is what I'm this is what this entire show is all about I'm not looking for followers I don't want you to follow me I don't care whether anybody quote believes what I'm saying because belief has nothing to do with any of this and I'm not asking anybody to believe in and what what I say here I said that on show number one the worst thing that you could do is just absolutely believe what I'm saying without actually discovering these things for yourself through seeking the truth I want people to become seekers of truth themselves not followers of anything okay if you want to follow anything follow where the truth leads you that's what you need to follow except that which is not what you want to believe is there and certainly I'm not looking to be anybody's guru or master it's difficult enough to master oneself without trying to hold other people up okay now that also doesn't mean I'm not saying once you understand what's really going on you have no responsibility to help others to get to that level of understanding you do that is our personal responsibility that's what part of our responsibility is and I'll be talking about that on a future show but you know what I'm talking about is wanting to directly control somebody control their actions that comes from a deep state of the lack of self-respect and self-esteem for oneself even having that desire at all wanting to control somebody else's behavior I'm not interested in controlling your behavior I am I trying to influence people toward looking at the truth and looking at what's really there yes I'm trying to be an inspiration to do that but I have no desire to want to form a group and have that group follow me believe me you wouldn't not be following anybody who is unique or special in any capacity except maybe that I have a drive to seek the truth a little bit more than most other people do that's about it and that I shouldn't be special in that regard and nor do I want to be I think other people should develop that capacity and I should be no one special even in that capacity so this has absolutely nothing to do with me saying you need to believe me I don't want you to believe anything I want you to know that which is that's it the whole reason we're in this mess is because of belief people believing in things they can't really don't really have any empirical evidence to support so the firt let's look at these four techniques and break them down individually the first technique is isolation and this is they're all really equally important this is key because if you don't do this it's very difficult to continue the other techniques without anyone disrupting them or breaking it up or saying hey why are you letting this happen why are you doing this and to the person who's doing it and why are you letting this happen to the person it's being done to most people would would recognize this for what it is if it was really out in the open but because it's done in secrecy and private for the most part it's done in an isolated section of the world it removed from the rest of the community see that that's the key point is that you have to be not allowed to be in constant contact with anyone who's outside of this group that's why all cults isolate their members in some respect or another whether it be you know a religious cult that makes people go and live with them okay in some kind of a commune or something like that or whether it be military boot camp in which you removed from the general population to civilian population or a police academy which I believe is what this image is a depiction of on slide number eight so physical separation from the rest of the community is absolutely essential otherwise people will be questioning what's going on they'll be able to compare notes you know those outside of this little separatist group you have to create an us-versus-them mentality this is also the key this is also essential to create the imagination or the perception of a separation between self and others brakes coming up wilt it will stop it right there and we'll pick this up the breakdown of Kult technique number one isolation on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcast and don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the techniques of cult member initiation on the show today we're looking at the first out of four overarching techniques the technique of isolation from the rest of the community this also involves the creation of an us-versus-them mentality you have to demonize people who are Outsiders you have to demonize those who don't belong you always need an enemy a cult needs an enemy to point their finger out and say see there the entire problem see it sounds so similar to saying that followers are the problem but there's a difference when a cult does it they're pointing at people who really aren't the problem of humanity's woes the entire problem is the entire dynamic of wanting to be a follower unfortunately that does exist and so to say yes that is the problem is not like trying to indoctrinate somebody into a technique of a cult it happens to be true with their doing is saying this person's the entire problem and that isn't the case they just want somebody to believe that to get them to follow their will and get them to do what they want them to do you know Hitler had the Communists you know we have the Arab Arab fundamentalists everybody always has somebody that they're gonna try to demonize and it's almost always even a contrived situation because the Communists didn't burn the Reichstag down Hitler's own secret police did Arab fundamentalists did not do 9/11 rogue elements within the United States government and occult forces did so it's always an invented enemy as well but they need an enemy there to create that dichotomy that opposition the oppositional consciousness of us versus them this always gets people to look outward never inward see I'm always asking people you need to look turn your gaze inward are you part of the dynamic that's creating the problem and if you see any part of your your self that is part of that dynamic you need to withdraw from it saying no that's what the process of apophysis is all about look taking a good hard look at the self stop pulling the finger outward we need we need to point the finger inward upon ourselves as individuals and then help other people to do that same process that's what development of respect is about taking another look at oneself and there's too little of that and there's too much external finger pointing I coined a term on the down the rabbit-hole Show on Friday night with Popeye I coined the term the my freedom movement so we don't have a real freedom movement of people who really want to affect a true lasting positive change a true solution we don't really have that yet in mass numbers we have what I call the my freedom movement because it's people who are interested in them selves being free but when it comes to the freedom of all and it comes through being told that hey you're a part of this dynamic that's destroying human freedom in certain things you're doing they don't want to hear that then I'm the bad guy for bringing that message then I get demonized for pointing something out that's in contradiction with natural law see everybody will listen to somebody up to a point where then you start telling them hey there's something you're doing here that is problematic that is contributing to the problem and then I don't want to hear anything I don't want to hear a word forward from that because you touched a nerve you know so from now on I don't call it the freedom movement whatever we call this thing this alternative research community that we have I call it the my freedom movement because it's largely a group of people who have recognized that their freedom their personal freedoms being accosted but when it comes to the freedom of all it's you know a very little consequence or significance to them you know my wallets being affected you know my personal liberties are being affected but hey if it's being done in that country or this place or over here and I don't see and it doesn't really affect me then I'm what so what the my freedom movement but to go back to these techniques isolation is probably one of the most important because without that again these all of these techniques would be would come into question they would be called on these techniques in doing them again on both sides both you know halves of this group think dynamic the the master and the person who's being conditioned into the their form of slavery would be questioned by outsiders you know the master you know would be you know it would be put to him why are you doing this you know do you think you have a right to do this to another human being and the follower would be questioned something would be said to him like why are you allowing this to be done can't you see what this person is trying to do but in an isolated setting you know no objections ever get raised and it just can continue on unabated the indoctrination techniques you know so let's move on to cult technique number two cult technique number two is found on slide number nine and it is the dynamic of conformity bringing people into a semblance of sameness which can be very difficult to do because people are all individuals and they're all unique in one form or another you're never gonna find two people that are exactly like doesn't exist we're all unique beings we are all unique creations and we should treasure that uniqueness and not try to squander it and give it away see and here's another I just want to you know interject with this whenever the words I talked about this on another show the dynamic of you should this is something that people insist insist should never be said to another person because it's the immediate engagement of the ego and I say that that's utter bunk because this is the problem ladies and gentlemen no one is ever saying you should not do this you should not be acting like this they don't want to step on somebody else's sensibility and wound their ego because then they just say oh that that's turning them off the problem is that you're a to accepting of their bad behavior and nobody's calling anybody else on their to be quite frank that's the problem nobody's willing to step up and say you should not do this this is wrong this is against natural law you don't have a right why do you even imagine that you have the right that's the problem there's no no one stepping up and calling people on that by saying you shouldn't do this okay I and it's more about saying what you shouldn't do again it's it's apophatic in nature the negative the wrong things that people are doing they should be called on them so this whole thing of you know you should never say to anybody you should or shouldn't do this or that is his New Age garbage okay it's walking on eggshells around evil and nobody should walk on eggshells around evil they should look evil in the face and call it what it is so this technique of conformity works in a number of different ways the first is you set all the ground rules in the environment so that people you know if they act outside of those ground rules they are they are completely ostracized and isolated and punished given either physical punishments or you know again ridiculed in in the group dynamic so no individuality can be tolerated in groupthink in herd mentality all right the old identity is to be broken down completely this is why they're there this is why they're in that state of isolated separation from the rest of the community it's to break down the uniqueness of the individual to get get rid of this the true self any connection to it whatsoever so one's old identity has to be completely shed so that this programming can be accepted the cult programming can be accepted this is how all cults operate and you're looking in that example of two of the biggest cults in the world and that's what they need to be seen as what they are the military and the police are : make no mistake about it we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the techniques of cults today on the show they're used to indoctrinate their followers their cult members who want to give away their personal responsibility bring them into a conformist or herd mentality mind-state so that they will will abandon their conscience and do whatever the cult leader or the group demands of them whether it is right or wrong whether it is in harmony with natural law or in complete opposition to natural law so we're looking at cult technique number two conformity how no individuality may be tolerated by the group and the old identity that the person you know brought in when they first joined the group has to be completely shed it has to be broken down so that a new molded personality can be built up that can only act in accordance with the group's agenda that's why there has to be total conformity and the stamping out of any uniqueness among the members and some of the methods that are used to accomplish this are uniforms the shaving of heads as we see in the military uniforms make everyone look the same externally even though they have unique features can have unique body shapes it gives the impression upon immediately looking at the individual that they're all completely the same symbolism put in the same places on the body is another technique used to do this it creates sameness and appearance that's really all this is about that that's the reason for uniforms one form bringing the group into one form not separate forms not separate individuals but getting them to act as one mind one controlled mind so that's what uniforms and the shaving of heads and the the symbolism put on the body etc that's all there to create that illusion really of the sameness in appearance there is also techniques used to employ sameness in speech and behavior this is the idea of you have to answer a question in a particular way you have to answer it you know with a certain level of volume you have to stand a certain way when you say it you have to start and end with sir sir yes sir sir no sir you know all of these are techniques to induce conformity in the herd and again get them to completely look at whoever the instructor sergeant or you know the drill instructor perhaps or you know whoever their master happens to be at any given time that's the authority and you follow you get in line the chain of obedience is what this is about forget the chain of command it's the chain of obedience that we're talking about here so sameness in speech and behavior has to be emphasized as a value this is what you have to aspire to you know and again this is all done to get the person to eventually abandon their conscience that's why this is all being done you got to abandon they've already abandoned personal responsibility by even coming to the group you know and asking the group to handle their problems for them to give them you know you know the conditions of security and the conditions of predictability etc that's another reason people join groups and cults like this you know they don't want any surprises in their life they what they want that sameness it's all based on fear ladies and gentlemen all based on fear of a person who really doesn't want to take a look at themselves and deal with the world as it we'll be right back after these words stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone Willis beats me what on earth is happening today on the show we're talking about the techniques of cult indoctrination how would be God's turn their followers brains into mush because they're the follower is so intent on giving up their personal responsibility something that's not even possible trying to do the impossible thinking that they're going to get away with it thinking they're going to be successful in doing it and so that they can claim wasn't my fault I was only following the orders of the master it doesn't work that way ladies and gentlemen it never has and it never will so we were looking at technique number two which is conformity no individuality tolerated the old identity must be completely stamped out use uniforms and other techniques to create complete sameness and appearance and then re-emphasize sameness in speech and behavior get people thinking inside the box acting inside the box hell even looking like they're inside a box because they are let's move on to cult technique number three indoctrination through repetition repetition is one of the most critical techniques of all cult brainwashing you have to do things and say things over and over and over and over and over again and people will say hey you do a lot of repeating that's right I do because one of the methods of deprogramming the brainwashed mind is also repetition people need to hear things many times over for it to sink in and they need to hear things for it many times over to get something out of their mind that doesn't belong there that is doing damage that is insulting to the soul that is destroying the individual's unique individuality their uniqueness okay and who that is really destroying their conscience their connection to the higher self and their ability to act in accordance with conscience with right and wrong principles so how do people indoctrinate others we talked about this a lot when we talked about the section on indoctrination and you will take note if you're listening to this presentation whether live or in the podcast this is podcast 112 by the way that all of these techniques are also used in schools and corporate institutions the techniques are the same no matter what kind of hierarchical structure we're talking about no matter what kind of hierarchically structured institution no matter what kind of compartmentalized institution we're talking about these techniques universally apply so by all means these are the techniques that are used in schooling and I notice I'm not saying real education there the techniques techniques used in modern schooling or indoctrination so we talked a lot about what indoctrination was but we want to talk about how does this work through repetition because that's the main methodology that indoctrination is used in in the military and the police here you see images of military cadets and training on the left there is sitting in a class at rapt attention and there on the right you see an image of a drill instructor at a police academy marching his his unit in step and chanting so let's look at the word indoctrination first to get a better understanding of what this really is about indoctrination means speaking in two through three ways that's what indoctrination is or simply just simply speaking into three ways that's what the word and doctrine ation actually breaks down to in its etymology three methods of speaking into so indoctrination isn't real education if you look up the etymology of the word education it comes from a Duke Oh in Latin which means to lead out Educare a and Latin means to lead out of and what education is doing is to lead someone out of ignorance out of darkness that's what real education does that's not what indoctrination does that's speaking something into someone that's putting a program there that ultimately doesn't belong there if they're going to be led out of Darkness the real education could also mean to draw out that which is within then this goes to you know back to a great concept that was spoken by words in the Gnostic gospel attributed to Christ that if we bring forth that which is within us that which we bring forth will save us will be our salvation in other words if we bring forth the inner self what we will save ourselves but if we do not bring forth that which is within us that which we do not bring forth will destroy us this is all about self-respect this is all about making the connection to the higher self if we do that we're going to be ok if we don't do that we're going to be doomed we don't deal with our inner self with our psychic garbage we don't look at the shadow self at the demon sides of the self that's gonna come back and bite us we have to deal with our own darkness and negativity it can't just be brushed off repeatedly and not dealt with not looked at which is what a lot of the New Age movement wants never look at the negative oh that battle you'll draw more of it too you know the whole problem is is most people aren't dealing with the negative that exists within them and trying to transmute it into something more positive to work with the shadow material and eventually integrate it so that it's not ruling you could even have it be there and continuously making a freewill decision to conquer it to better it to be better than that shadow self to be better than that lowercase s self I mean if you think I don't have a lower self or lower instincts you're crazy you're out of your mind I make a continual renewal within myself to be better than those lower instincts every day of my life so that I'm not I recognize that they're there I'm not ignoring them I know those instincts are present but I don't let them rule me that's what what we have to do that's what why we have to work with that shadow material and anybody telling you that's not important work to do and you shouldn't be doing it or is lying to you and trying to deceive you and that's a big part of why the New Age movement is out there now I mentioned that because that's another I keep mentioning the New Age movement because this is another cult that is out there that is trying to keep people back from a lot of the real solutions to get us out of this because a lot of these New Age movement techniques are put out there by the dark occult and we have to understand that repetition gets us into the reptile brain you're speaking into somebody through in three ways to control their thoughts their emotions and their actions that's where the three comes from and the best way of accomplishing that is to put them in the r-complex of the brain the base mind we'll look at how that's done this is done on the other side don't go anywhere folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back reared i radio with lee rogers the most dangerous talk show in america weekdays at 9:00 p.m. central on oracle broadcast [Music] welcome back everyone I'm your host mark Cassio you're listening to what on earth is happening through on Oracle broadcaster we're talking about the techniques of cults today on the show we're at overarching cult technique number three out of four the indoctrination through repetition this works through again indoctrination is speaking into through three ways or speaking into to change three things that's the best way that you could put the definition of indoctrination if you look at it from its etymological perspective and the things you're trying to change or the things you're trying to control is thought emotion and action and you do this by speaking into not trying to leave someone out of not trying to draw someone out something out that is within the being okay the draw out the essence of the true self okay and and allow the person to work with that higher essence you want to completely stamp that out and just program them through words okay so this is programming through words in three ways all right through thoughts emotions and actions telling people things that aren't true so that they believe them in their mind okay and then working through the technique we're going to talk about which is a physical exhaustion in many cases traumatization through physical exhaustion also because keeping some somebody in a same place seated in a certain position or walking and telling them something while they're walking you're working with the mind and the body and these people become emotionally traumatized as a result of all of this as well and emotional abuse goes along with this technique as well and again this can be found in school settings today in the way that we continuously try to put our children through a form of education that really isn't beneficial the human brain so some of the ways that repetition is used in military boot camp and in police academy training is through rigorous schedules and instruction you have to have people going through the same thing over and over again on a daily basis again regimented behavior is stressed things being the same all right conformity always doing it the same way never diverging no uniqueness so rigorous schedules are part of it repetitive behaviors obstacle courses that you know a very demanding physically demanding things obstacle courses drills formation marching in step all while being told things speaking into okay words being used while these repetitive behaviors are going on push-ups I should have put push-ups on there talk about repetitive behaviors you know that's another thing calisthenics you know all different exercises I guess that goes hand in hand with obstacle courses and drills as well getting people to form specific formations with their body so that you are you are looking at yourself as just a member of this group you know and that's part of the reason that reinforces this person's abandonment of personal responsibility that's what they want they want to just get lost in the herd lost in the group so they're no one unique see it's all about giving up your uniqueness because they're trying to give away their responsibility and they think oh if I'm just looked at as a member of this one unit this group that acts as as one then it's not me who's doing it you know I can't be blamed I was just one in that whole bit look at that big huge formation of people are just this one tiny tiny little insignificant being in there I can't be held responsible this is where people's mindset is at ladies and gentlemen they actually believe their own BS that they can somehow give away the their own responsibility for their actions and it can't be done you're always responsible for your own actions doesn't matter what group you belong to doesn't matter who told you to do it doesn't matter why you did it does not matter why you did it if you did it you're responsible for it the end that's the truth and the truth is extreme and no one wants to hear that because that forces you to point the finger at yourself not at anyone outside yourself and that's why we don't have a freedom movement that's why we have a my freedom movement and that's why that my freedom movement is unlikely to make any damage in the huge agenda for global human slavery it's unlikely to do it I'm not saying that to discourage people or to make you feel bad I'm saying until it stops being the my freedom movement and still people start pointing the finger within and say how am i part of this entire enslavement vehicle how am i giving my energy to it don't look for any change don't look for any lasting positive beneficial change that leads to more an increase in freedom and a decrease in slavery because you're not going to see it as long as the finger is pointed outward so another method of this repetition techniques is literal the repeating of phrases chants or songs and you see this in the military and in police academies when we march and step we're going to you know keep chanting left right left right left right you know or we're going to sing some ridiculous song over and over and over again during the march non-stop repetition it puts you into the r-complex of the brain doing the same thing over and over not only are you doing the same thing over and over again with your with your body with your extremities you know you're doing it with your mouth with your voice and this is all going into the ears and going into the subconscious and it works their nest there it's all about getting you in the box and believe me people are there they're in that box there in the cage it's about getting you into the cage so you can't even ever think of getting outside that cage now hand in hand with these repetitive methods I broke cult technique number four down into part a and B because trauma has really two components to it physical trauma and psychological trauma or what I called mental / emotional trauma okay mental and emotional trauma and then physical trauma alright so let's look at 4a which is physical trauma and this is one of the clearest examples of bootcamp mentality is you got to put the people through the paces you got to put them through that hard physical training high levels of physical activity to such an extent that it takes the recruits the followers to a point of exhaustion of physical collapse sometimes and you do that on a daily basis over and over again so there on the left you see a drill instructor you know mocking a person who's reached the point of complete exhaustion and the other troops joining in on it join in on the mockery of this person who's physically collapsed low sleep time and distraught disrupted sleep because it this is key if you don't get enough sleep your mind become so deteriorated you can become really insane without the proper sleep you're not entering rapid eye movement sleep REM mode of sleep people make horrible decisions without getting enough sleep people will will listen to and follow people that they shouldn't be following that don't have their best interests in mind when sleep is disrupted or chaotic or you're just not getting enough so this is another technique that is used against these followers and one of the biggest is food the poison that is in food feeding these recruits a high carbohydrate and low nutrient density diet there you see it with it you know the noodles all with white bleached flour now one of the biggest staples in a military diet pasta you'll see this over and over again in any cult high carb low nutrient density critical you'll be right back at these words folks stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] they know we defendant welcome back everyone we're listening to you what on earth is happening we're talking about the techniques of cult indoctrination here today on the show we were talking about technique for a which is on slide number 11 if you're following along on the radio show page of what on earth is happening with these slides that are listed there or with the podcast which is podcast number 112 physical trauma is the first traumatic induction technique here the traumatization of the followers through high levels of physic physical activity to the point of exhaustion or even collapse low sleep times and disrupted sleep sometimes you know cadets will be woken up unceremoniously from sleep in the middle of the night and put through you know some kind of you know crazy exercise or you know ask to react as if they're under attack or something or just made to do some repetitive behavior that involves movement and chanting or for inspection you know this is a well-known technique and it's done to disrupt REM sleep because you know that you're creating suggestibility in the mind when the proper amount of REM sleep has not been attained has not been obtained that will lower someone's defenses that will open them up to suggestion it will make them not make accurate decisions and so they will rely on the suggestions of others more readily and then of course the diet high carbohydrate low nutrient density again the brain is not getting what it needs and in many cases it is being disrupted because of an overabundance of carbs potatoes are another huge huge aspect of military food and Camp food and we talked about pasta you see that example in the image high carb high flour breads pastas potatoes etc will be the bulk of the diet and then they'll have some meat and maybe some beans and proteins and things like that but that's it plant diet is highly D emphasized in this regimented and controlled form of traumatizing the body that's what this is all about it's about throwing the body into a state where okay it'll have enough energy to do what it needs to do in the short term but ultimately high-level thinking isn't really going to be possible in any of these states you're not going to be thinking at high level when you're completely exhausted when your sleep is disrupted or when you've been eating a crap diet that's really poisonous to the body in mind so this all forms these all form parts of the technique for a which is physical traumatization mental and emotional traumatization is technique number 4b which is in slide number 12 this comprises comprised of verbal and psychological abuse yelling at the follower cadet abusing them with words just completely degrading them verbally telling them they're a piece of trash telling them that they're worthless okay and this is all to break down the old sense of self get them to completely and totally look at their instructors their masters is the only person who they receive any kind of direction from they tell me what's good they tell me what's bad because Who am I I'm nothing I'm no one I can't I can't understand those things on my own I'm a piece of trash okay and that's continuously reinforced I'm worthless I mean I'm not unique I'm a piece of trash this is what's being told to these people constantly eventually you somebody tells you something enough constantly if you're already at a low sense of self-esteem and wanted to give away your responsibility to begin with you believe it quite readily all of those things see the problem is it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because then you're willing to go in listen to these people who don't care about you who don't only have their agenda to serve and the group's agenda to serve and you will go and do things that only a piece of trash would do that's the problem once you've come this far it's really easy to just let yourself go all the way and then do things that are completely immoral that the the beck and call of the beck and call of the master okay so the the problem here when you're already in this low state of self esteem and someone's coming in and telling you that you're worthless you're very highly susceptible to believe that and then to act like that because you didn't go in with self-respect and the respect that they talk about in the military is all illusory respect it isn't real true self respect it's all based on violence it's all based on power in the physical sense not real power power with a lowercase P I'm not talking about real true power that comes from alignment with truth and natural law that's power with high with a higher a capital P all of their techniques are all based on illusory power the desire to control somebody else low self-esteem no real respect no real true self respect and this is all fear-based every part of it is based on ultimately if you go low enough down into the motivating factor it's because someone who is afraid and therefore they want to control the actions of someone else because they're afraid and that my friends is the psychology of a child that's not a true adult that's not a true human being that is an infant who knows zero about anything when that when you're in that mode of consciousness there's no real power there there's no real self-esteem there's no real self-respect and the problem is people think that that's what this is all about the military and the police power respect it should command none of those things to a person who's really thinking clearly and understands the real dynamic that's going on it's the exact opposite of all of those things it's low self-esteem it's fear it's infantile it's not something that is adult you know that's by a person who's truly mentally psychologically spiritually and emotionally aware and has reached a level of maturity in those capacities it has nothing to do with that it's all based in fear and the desire to control in a in a completely illusory sense so those are the basic techniques of cults let's just wrap up with the mental emotional trauma again verbal and psychological abuse the unexpected and unexpected sudden and shocking scenarios being presented okay again we look at the example of troops are woken up in the middle of the night you're under attack you know fall in formation you know you know and meanwhile sleep has been disrupted they're in a suggestible state just coming right out of sleep that's why it's done upon coming out of sleep that's when people will follow orders the best because they're conscious mind isn't even activated fully yet they're still in that in that some some knob you elastic state okay between waking and sleep it's like a sleepwalking state at that point and that's when the biggest suggestions for control come in at that point these are bullet make no mistake the people who practice these techniques well know how they work they may have known for thousands of years how these techniques work the problem is is that the Willing idiot who joined who is joyner and the follower has no clue how these techniques are being used against them there are no nothing idiots and if you look at the etymology of idiot it means one who knows not the self that's what the word idiot means and that's exactly what an idiot is someone who doesn't know themselves that's why they would go and even join something like this you're being used used hard-core used up and when they're done using you up they're gonna throw you out like a piece of trash that they think you are because that's exactly what they think of you as and I'm not I'm not asking you to believe me I'm telling you I know that's what they think of us as I've been around the people who practice these techniques and whose ancestors developed these techniques whose bloodline ancestors developed these very techniques and what they think of people who fall into this trap is lower than dirt lower than slime the bottom line to keep in mind is if you're gonna control someone's mind and ultimately through controlling their mind you're going to control their behavior you need to keep them in a perpetual atmosphere of fear in a perpetual state of fear-based consciousness otherwise that level of control over the mind is not possible think about that while we take another break we'll be back for the last segment you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone is a last segment with this edition of what on earth is happening I just wrapped up with the techniques of cults that are used to indoctrinate and ultimately to control the minds and behaviors of followers who actually believe that they can give up their personal responsibility something that ivory emphasized over and over and over again is impossible you are always responsible for your own actions regardless of what you claim that happens to be an immutable truth and I wanted to talk about when I say that people who do this are idiots they're morons they're not really smart they're not intelligent at all at all people will say well you're just trying to insult someone know that isn't what I'm doing what I'm doing is stating the fact of the matter someone who falls for this and even does it if we won't even talk about it's all of them it's not even just the people who fall for them it's the people who are doing this to these people who are taking them into this scam this scheme to control their mind none of them are intelligent because they're all ultimately either left brained and balanced or right brained imbalanced see a right brain imbalanced person is a person who doesn't really care about themselves who allow someone else to dominate and control them and in that state they could be molded into an even you know into a left brain individual or further into the right brain as a victim identifier once you're in the state of being controlled you can be controlled and the the output will be determined by the person controlling you once somebody takes control over that which is being input into someone's mind they have control over what the outcome is going to be they have control over what that person is going to be like when they output them from that program okay this is literally like a computer program garbage goes in garbage goes out bad input leads to bad output it's that simple it really is that simple of an equation so when I say that these people are stupid that they're not intelligent I mean it literally they are not intelligent people and this leads to the question what is true intelligence so when we use the word intelligence in the modern world it's often a complete misnomer and we do not really understand what this word means we think intelligence in the modern world is equated with intellect with left brain only intelligent intellect not intelligence okay these are this is not intellect is not intelligence intellect is a component of intelligence this is what needs to be understood so when people say oh you say that soldiers are dumb or cops are dumb that they're not intelligent okay I know a lot of intelligent police I know a lot of intelligent military personnel no you don't you may know police or military that are intellectual that have developed some capacity of intellect but they're not intelligent these are not the same and cannot be equated intellect there's only one component of intelligence okay and it's the left brain half it's the masculine component the part that is analytical logical precise repetitive and organized but it has absolutely nothing to do with true intelligence I'm shouldn't say has nothing to do it is a part of that but it is not the totality of true intelligence true intelligence is the intellect combined with the right brained aspects of the individual which is intuition the feminine component of intelligence which governs our creative self our creative aspects the imagination looking at things in general terms holistic terms intuitive capacities conceptual thinking that seeing the big picture which most certainly people in that left-brain mindset put run through the wringer of military and police training which is what you do to Anna trained them through repetition that's they're not there they don't have true intelligence they don't have all of these creative compact capacities and big-picture thinking at high level conceptual thinking because largely that's made possible by a connection to the right brain which they have abandoned so they're not really truly intelligent they may have intellect but that doesn't equate with true intelligence true intelligence is when you combine the masculine and feminine components or the left and right brain and the third eye is opened depicted by this symbol the blazing star not the Star of David of Israel but the blazing star of awakened intelligence the truly awakened higher self this used to be called the Seal of Solomon but an even older name for it is simply the blazing star because it is the combination of the male blade which represents the intellect and the feminine chalice was which represents the intuitive capacities and creative capacities and nurturing capacities both of them need to be combined and we shouldn't be imbalanced toward one side or the other and both of these need to be united ultimately with care care is the real third principle the heart has to come into play to develop true intelligence that happens when the left and right brain are operating in balance in true balance in with true intelligence and look at the word Intel it the first part of intelligence intellect Intelli intellect it's the left part of the brain and it's the left-hand side of the word when you read it in English the right side is gents Gen comes from genera in Latin meaning to create so intellect plus creativity is intelligence it's right in the word ladies and gentlemen right in the word and hardly anyone ever sees it so we need to stop associating an identifying just intellect which is just left brain modality with true intelligence because the two are not the same and the real solutions to all of this is personal responsibility and self-respect we cannot give away personal responsibility in slide number 14 I'm showing you where the entire human species the whole human race is going not some of us all of us because we're all tied together we're all in the same situation together whether we like it or not and if we stop if we do not stop trying to give away quote-unquote give away because it can't really be done our personal responsibility this is what we're doing we are lemmings walking over a cliff to our doom that's simply the case personal responsibility is yours whether you like it or not it's an inherent immutable law of nature by the fact that you are in the cosmos you are responsible for your actions and by the fact that you are in the cosmos in the form that you are currently in in a human form means by definition that you are responsible for your actions and you cannot give that responsibility to another slide number 15 saying no is the solution and this is an image of a single individual refusing to give the Nazi salute as Adolf Hitler is passing during the Third Reich in Germany a single individual standing out amongst the crowd who are all going along who says no I won't be part of that I know that is not the right way and therefore he stands out as a unique individual who has reclaimed the part of his personal responsibility in that moment at least that doesn't always follow that that will be that way for the rest of the beings life but the whole point is it's the beginning of making a decision that has to be reaffirmed to keep that responsibility and not try to give it away that can only be done through self-respect as I said last week which comes from the Latin Ari meaning again and SPECT are a meaning to look at we need to take another look at ourselves if we're going to create any real change outside of ourselves look in the mirror because that's where the answer lies I closed last week with the quote from Vernon Howard and I'll do it again this week the philosopher Vernon Howard said that human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it but those who do will become well this is all about the willingness to take a look at ourselves which is the development of true respect for ourselves which we cannot give to anyone else until we have it first for ourselves respect and responsibility is the answer with that said that's all the time we have for here on this edition of what on earth is happening remember ladies and gentlemen there are only two mistakes that one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week on what on earth is happening thanks for listening [Music] [Applause] [Music]