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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the network of course Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday July 8th 2012 and boy do we have a special treat for our listeners for the listeners of what on earth is happening here today we are broadcasting live from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2012 right here in the city of Philadelphia we're live at rubra Hall the location of the Tesla science conference this is day two of the conference and I have a great show planned we're gonna be talking about freedom and independence specifically energy independence and the works and the legacy of the great inventor Nikola Tesla and we have ten great guests who participated in the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations this year and I'm going to be bringing a new guest on for every segment of the show so it is gonna be a blockbuster and we're gonna bring speakers on we're going to bring on inventors we're gonna bring on scientists we're gonna bring on people who simply attended the conference and they're gonna give you your their take on what is going on here in Philadelphia this weekend still have two more days to come as part of this great four-day event as I said we had two days of the science conference tomorrow we're going to have lectures and films at the Free Library of Philadelphia we're going to have a Tesla birthday celebration right in Independence Mall Park at the independent independence visitor center that's coming up tomorrow night Monday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. that's a free event anyone in the Philadelphia area is welcome to come on out and join us to celebrate Tesla's birthday Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th 1856 he is one of the greatest and who ever lived certainly the greatest inventor of the 20th century he brought us the modern world through the implementation of alternating current electricity and we are going to just continue the celebrations and celebrate Tesla's legacy throughout the weekend so coming up in the next segment I'm going to be speaking with one of the speakers for the Tesla science conference a gentleman by the name of Russell Anderson you're not gonna want to miss that because Russell is involved with electrogravitics that's right anti-gravity and he has actually done deep experiments with anti-gravity and has functional anti-gravity demonstrations which he has demonstrated repeatedly here as part of the Tesla science conference events in the past and this year so stay with us everyone don't go anywhere it's going to be a great show you're listening to what on earth is happening we are live from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2012 in Philadelphia we'll be right back [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Pascoe rely from the Tesla science conference here in Philadelphia and I have my first very special guest mr. Russell Anderson Russell Anderson works with electrogravitics he is the president of the company applied electrogravitics and he works with Searle Technologies Incorporated Russell gave a talk here on day two of the Tesla science conference entitled John Searle gravity control methods Russell Anderson welcome - what on earth is happening oh thank you mark it's great to be here it's great a conference anyway I work with electrogravitics it's always been a big interest of mine huge interest of mine of anti-gravity propulsion and space propulsion in general but I realized way way back in the 1970s that we would never get far in space if we defended dependent on chemical propulsion or even nuclear propulsion it was just too darn slow plus all the problems with chemical propulsion once you run out of reaction mass propellant you're out of luck but with electrogravitics and anti-gravity propulsion you have all the power available in our universe to go anywhere you want to go you'll never run out of fuel it's it's just a better way to get from point A to B plus you're not limited by any speed you can go any speed you want and because of the nature of the repulsion system you can go way way faster than the speed of light and in 1994 Miguel Alcubierre came out with his warp bubble calculations to support that and already had been theorized in the 1950s and 60s and even before that that speeds in excess of light speed or superluminal speeds were possible so it's very exciting and it's the technology is finally finally coming into its own and I'm just so excited and proud to be part of that Russell thanks so much as a scientist and inventor can you tell the audience a little bit about who your heroes were in these fields and can you also I'll share with them a little bit about the talk that you gave at the day two of the science conference and what that was all about yeah sure mark growing up my heroes were probably of course Albert Einstein and a lot of people probably are not aware most of the people in the audience are probably not aware that Einstein was really one of the fathers of muriatic propulsion he came up with the unified field theory but also relativity shows that since energy and mass or equivalence really a source of gravitation is a high localized concentration of mass but since energy and mass are equivalent a source of gravitation is also a high localized concentration of energy and we can use electromagnetic energy for that sore pure electrostatics and it's it's just fascinating and also I'm Stein did complete his unified field theory and published it in annalen der physik it's a Prussian science journal and that was January 10th of 1929 and it was published two days later in New York Times it's called sir eine hat lick and felt theory or the unified field theory for gravitation and electricity and it just confirms a lot of speculations and theories that gravitation and electricity are basically allied and are reciprocal and interchangeable and can be used for propulsion and a passive defense and I guess my heroes growing up were of course Albert Einstein Nikola Tesla of course oh my gosh later on Thomas Townsend Brown the American father of antigravity Wernher von Braun of course American father well German father of ballistic rocketry Robert Goddard American father of liquid-fueled rocket Orion guidance systems oh my gosh Carl Sagan probably a lot of people too numerous to name you tell the listening audience a little bit about what the talk that you gave today was about yeah the talk that I gave today was on the work of Professor John Searle John Roy Roberts Earl of England and he's one of the few people in this world to have built anti-gravity or artificial gravity flying discs of various sizes and they were based on his generator which refused to stay earth pounds back when he was a young boy he had two repeating dreams and by the time is 14 and working at electronics and magnets Factory he decided to interpret those dreams and they turn into a generator of unique geometry that ran on its own past a certain threshold speed and the generator when it got very cold didn't want to stay earthbound in other words the earth repelled it with an irresistible force and that resulted in both the domestic generator called the domestic Searle effect generator domestic scg and the levity disk which now we call the inverse Searle inverse gravity vehicle and about 42 of those were built from 3 feet to 41 feet diameter some of them were not radio-controlled most of them were on very powerful 12 meter banned ham radio fantastic can you tell the listening audience a little bit about what you do as a part of Applied electrogravitics and can you also let them know a little bit about your demonstrations of anti-gravity that you provide in the form of the the demo craft that you operate known as beam chips oh yes well I've been researching electrogravitics and anti-gravity really since college in 1982 and I was determined to do this I just I've been a Star Trek fan all my life and big fan of space and getting us into space and getting us into space cleanly and cheaply which you really cannot do with reaction mass rockets basically I started studying what was called the be filled Brown effect which discovered discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown American scientist when he was 17 back in 1927 we're in high voltages capacitor configuration caused movement and of course when the movement is enough it will easily overcome the Earth's gravitational field because gravity is the weakest force in the universe weak is forced in physics so our official gravitation produced electrically can easily overcome gravity and back in 1990 I built my first t Townsend Brown flying saucers based on his patents its patent number 294 955 Oh called the electro kinetic apparatus and its most basic form it's just two typical flying saucers with a forward electrode of either wire or copper tubing and started experimenting with those and high voltages and really got the work really well by 1999 with some homemade apparatus that generated high voltages and we have those on YouTube just anybody can go to youtube and type in titi Brown electro kinetic apparatus and you can see me in Nevada flying these discs around the Maypole and about a year or two after that I started flying I guess it was about a year and a half after that I started flying beam ships which were based on T Townsend Browns patents also but I built them with instead of heavy sheet metal and copper tubing and perspex insulators I built them with just balsa wood insulators a balsa frame and foil so that I could fly them at a safe voltage in other words they wouldn't be lethal so oh they're lightweight so I can use a light voltage and not have any problems with injuries and supply of luxury Riddick's we sell those and demo them Russell absolutely fascinating thanks so much for being my guest in this first segment were broadcasting live from the Tesla science conference here in Philadelphia stay with us everyone many more guests to come you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we are taking a break today from our regularly scheduled D programming to bring you some great guests live from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2012 right here in Philadelphia I have two guests for this segment both conference attendees Rebecca Higgins who is a mixed media visionary artist and graduate nurse Kevin Stanley I'm gonna go to Rebecca Higgins first Rebecca I'd like to ask you what got you interested in Tesla and his technologies I'd also like to ask how you heard about the conference and what you think of the festivities so far well we only have a short time so I'll do my best but about 23 years ago I came across the work of Robert Becker and the body electric and promise of electro medicine which i think is very interesting that Kevin and I were just talking about the health benefits of some of this research and and through that and through a long process I've always been interested in in energy work and consciousness as my work and I think that um you know Nick asked me to speak tonight I think as a kind of another voice not a not a science or engineering voice and and coming to an interest in Tesla's work and it was very interested in his his um I I think that you know scientists and engineers and artists are very similar in the sense that we we go to associative thinking in terms of problem solving and invention and I think we have a lot to give each other and and I think you know and finding Tesla's work I was just so fascinated by this guy why don't we know anything I mean this is like you know 17 years ago and I can't remember if I found a book and then found him on the internet or if I found them on the internet and then found the books or but I just remember just researching and researching and why doesn't anybody know about this person and and I was also very interested in mine tech at that point so light and sound systems and things like alpha-stim CES cranial electrical stimulation neuro feedback systems things that help creativity that help heal that expand consciousness and I think like many artists we set out we set out with this ideal to learn everything to know everything it's impossible but that's what we want and and I think that this this kind of a conference just really appeals to me I really really know I am a lay person in terms of the science and the math a lot of its over my head I think that the concepts are very profound and I think that the the way that the way that his work can can change our imagination and how we think about things and free up our our resources so that people can focus on things like art and creativity and invention and improvement so it's been really wonderful experience for me so far to be here that is really great glad to hear that and that is what this is all about it's about bridging science and spirituality it's about a combining that logical left brain linear approach that helps us to interact with the physical world with the creative imaginative and intuitive right brain that is the spiritual aspect of ourselves and bringing those together and bridging that seeming divide that's what really makes us truly whole holistic beings so let's go to Kevin Kevin you work directly in the health field I would like to know how you got involved with researching Tesla and his work and maybe some of your thoughts about how some of Tesla technologies can be used in the field of health well when I was 9 or 10 years old I used to play a computer game called command & Conquer and one of the weapons that the player would build to defend the base was a Tesla coil and another was the death ray to basically defend your army and kill your enemies and also make enemies so this is sort of how it indirectly became introduced to Tesla and over the years I became more interested in free energy technologies because I became more environmentally conscious now as a graduate nurse regarding the health of the public and the environment we are shamefully still dependent on oil and environmentally destructive combustible fuels it was Nikola Tesla's dream to create a world where free energy technologies would be readily available to the masses however our profit-based monetary system has suppressed and still prevents this from happening to this day free energy technology and non polluting technologies have been around for quite some time and are still being developed today but shamefully oil and coal and the major electric companies dominate the system which prevents us from putting ease into action because they're not economically viable so in a health perspective when I look at this possibility of having a future without pollution a future without environmental destruction I see it as the ideal world that not only we as a species would want but as our energetic Messiah Tesla gave us the vision to create and conferences like the one I met now the Nikola Tesla energy independence conference one of the beautiful things that helps put this out public in a long in addition with the Internet which is where I found out about it because when I became extremely interested in things like the Venus Project the zeitgeist movement I definitely found the Nikola Tesla energy independence conference and any other group that was associated with it and wrapped my mind around everything I could and I'd encourage everybody who's interested in you know helping the world and preserving the future not only our species but the rest of the species on this planet I'd encourage everybody to do as much research as they can via the internet and that's what I got [Music] thanks so much Kevin very profound and I mean that just sums it all up as as I've said a million times and probably will say a million more before it's all said and done you have to understand ladies and gentlemen that the control of energy is the control of human beings if we're really going to be free if we're really going to live free we have to generate clean and sustainable energy in a form that nature really provides all around us to tap into that those natural systems not polluting systems that destroy and denigrate the environment that we need to live but to as Tesla said harness the wheelwork of nature and work in harmony with it so Kevin you did a great job in summing that up I had the pleasure of talking to both of you guys a little bit before earlier today and hopefully you guys will stay involved and with the Tesla club and the Tesla Science Foundation as members and continue to be involved in bringing Nikola Tesla's work and legacy to other people through communication and and the arts so I'll turn it back over to you guys in any last words you'd like to say to the audience and bringing this out here and I think that you know just the key and what Kevin said earlier I think it's very important and some of the speakers here that people understand that this technology exists now that it's not it's not future pie in the sky that it's existed for a long time and it exists now and that it's really can be directly applied and we just kind of keep working to make people aware of that inform yourself you know look on the internet for the information it's all out there we have to do it ourselves folks no one's going to hand it to us the answer is saying no to the corrupt system the corrupt energy paradigm that's out there and building a new one stay with us everyone more great guests to come you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network on your host mark passio coming to you live today from the Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations 2012 right here in the city of Philadelphia we're live at rubra Hall and my special guest for this segment is Harry own Harry is a has a background in electrical engineering and he is was one of the speakers at the Tesla science conference I believe you spoke yesterday is that correct yesterday and today you spoke both days ok great so Harry I'm gonna bring you on to tell the listening audience how you became interested in Nikola Tesla and his work and his technology and a little bit about what your talks were about here at the Tesla science conference thank you Mark enjoy your show and that's an engineer I am trained in in math in science and at my work about say 2008 or so I was looking for something outside of the box I was hoping to looks look for it new information that would help me in my career in my job too I always think about they say if I'm real working on two dimension then I want to go to three dimension so I get a new perspective so I could get something new and make a contribution then I found Nikola Tesla and fakely I can remember all about AC he did something about AC but that's all that I can it's name doesn't really ring a bell but I do you know about a little bit of memory that he has some contribution on AC and that's about it and then I look into his articles his writings and order and I knew about more about his stuff and I from from a background and I can understand his stuff is he presented in some simple way but it's hard to believe in the in the first place because from coming from an electrical background he was describing electricity with floor mechanics so its essence right and but his explanation is simple so I tried a few thing of love his and one thing that I did it's the pancake oil that he he has a lot in his patent and I tried it and something remarkable that I have not seen before it's there's I can light up wirelessly some sunlight POW that I couldn't do with any conventional way with high voltage that I can handle but with his stuff it's marvelous so I know that something is there now so I start taking more and more into his article writing and I can tell you that is he has a lot of articles in writing so to follow his work is not easy even for me so I would recommend other people who who has diligently follow his work and one of the person that I would highly recommend it's a person called Eric Dolan do ll ard he did marvelous work and he follows from from teenage year to I believe he is probably 60 years succeed something years old now so yes he has very good understanding of Tesla's work so this Eric : bol ard and so as I also have a a little bit of a biomedical background so I know about Tesla x-rays and all that and I remember since childhood I know that for my parents I come from Asia and for my parents they always think Oh medical doctor do be a doctor but I know that myself I have a science background math and I'm not that good in in biology and order but I deep down it within myself I have a I felt a connection with people and when people have pain and sickness and I remember my mother died when I was ten years old so I always wanted felt a connection and in compassion so I felt that tesslar also has a come so in a sense that I can feel his feeling that it has compassion on people about Generation next generation about a future and all that so it seems like a lot of stuff come back for me that I have for a while I have been like just getting a like 95 job getting daily work and getting money for the family and supporting the child education in order so dreams essence dreams for me seems to die down a little bit and now with Tessera stuff it all seems to come come back I remember when the internet first arrived in maybe late 90s I was looking at like Egypt's Stonehenge and all these ancient stuff and I was wondering where weather what do you these people get their wisdom and an order and we and I'm wondering where what does Tesla get his wisdom and he he was describing that he has vision in his in this inside mind that he can see his invention and then when he worked it out it's perfect just like he had in this dream and in his vision so I believe that and okay and also say my mother died when I was 10 and then recently my stepmother died from cancer and also my wife mother my mother-in-law died from cancer and my sisters mother-in-law died from cancer so it seems like yeah I wanted to do like biomedical and helping in health in a little bit of that but so I get a little bit the loop the illusion lies and but I am now getting starting to see that we are actually creating a reality from ourselves whatever you believe if you believe that is now the world is bad then you lose hope and and the world will come bad and if you but if so what is important to have dreams and important you have hope to do something and I believe especially with Pastor stuff we need a lot of scientists who can understand his stuff and work on it and show other people that it really makes sense otherwise tesslar would have the impression in people's mind oh this is a mad scientist when he to old age he only have pigeon with his his friend and he was talking about death rate so he must be crazy but I can assure you what that tesslar after I look into his though all the others all the stuff that I can understand is relevant it worked out and everything that I tried it it's just as what he said even so one of the very very thing is wireless power transmission he's been saying that is fruity earth so that's something that I couldn't understand in the beginning the earth how can the earth be conductive but a little bit slowly I can satis understand a little bit like lightning and thunder we are creating some rhythm and and vibration on the earth so if lightning and thunder can do that what about if we impulse the earth just like a so said and the earth can actually resonate and then we can actually transmit energy through the earth as a ground what would that be a similar to the concept of the actually using the earth as a single wire so that energy would be able to be transmitted anywhere on its surface correct I believe that that that's what it is and for as an engineer as as scientists we learned that we need to we need to ground and the best ground we have is water piping and all that they have a good ground but why we don't really know what the best we can say well there's a lot of electrons in the in in ground so there's no and in tester stuff he was in the radio station he was saying putting it around if you don't do even today our radio station have a solid ground strong ground otherwise it doesn't go too far so the ground is very important so the ground there's something about the ground which it the earth is by itself so if we can as Chesser said if we can make the ground as a connector then we can transmit energy through everywhere and I know that if this sounds strange how can there be a conductor but if the thunder and lightning can make it make a standing wave out of the earth maybe we can we can create standing wave of the you have through electric impulse then that is how energy is being transmitted wirelessly fullier very interesting Harry we're so lucky to have you as part of the Tesla Science Foundation and in the Tesla's science conference for this year how can you tell us what you think the future of is going to hold for humanity when it comes to Tesla's wireless technologies in general I believe if we can have more scientists and work and knowledgeable people to lead the way of science leading the culture because in a way science is leading the civilization and culture so it currently is not sustainable its destructive but if scientists can have a sustainable mentality and create energy free energy make use of these free energy concept that we can actually our energy is like air is free then competition becomes minimum then we can work peacefully nation wise and and people wise Harry thanks so much for your valuable insights a pleasure to have you on what on earth is happening Tesla said it himself ladies and gentlemen science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity this man wanted to give us a gift we rejected it back then when he first offered it but we still have the opportunity to bring Tesla's vision for a brighter human future to fruition for us all stay with us everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting radio network we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening Iran Oracle broadcast and I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm we have another great guests from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2012 in this segment welcome to the show Michael are Manning Michael is a research physicist from Temple University School of Biomedical physics Michael has given a talk here at this year's Tesla science conference and I believe your talk was on cancer researchers that correct Michael in relation to Tesla's technologies yes specifically I became involved in a project that I initiated at Temple University we were in school biomedical physics and school medicine and what we did specifically was we placed a malignant melanoma tumor in the surface of a mouse while injecting into the mouse a series of cells of the mesothelioma type the type that actually anchor in the lungs and cause lung cancer and we found specifically that we could generate an autoimmune response in the mouse that would kill the lung cancer cells remotely by slowly irradiating with millimeter wave radiation the malignant melanoma on the surface of the mouse and doing it in a fashion at which we were able to decompose the tumor cells in melanoma very slowly through a process called apoptosis which took about 48 hours per cell and if done just right we found that the contents of the cell and components of the membrane would be allowed to go into the circulatory system in the mouse they'd be picked up by what are called teacher or progenitor lymphocytes which are cells that carry these tumor fragments to other immune system cells which are called the warrior cells the warrior cells in turn then had a chem and electric chemical or I should say a biochemical message implanted in them by the teacher cells which allowed them to recognize tumor material as being foreign they then circulate through the lymphatic and blood systems to the lungs and attack the mesothelioma cells in the lungs and kill them so they mice could survive and we must have run about fifty two hundred mice this way and then we presented this information to the National Institute of Health in a form of a a project proposal but they didn't believe that what we had worked auto immune amuse ation against cancer tumors wasn't popular at the time and not well-known by the reviewers in NIH so we never received funding so the project more or less withered on the vine before we could perform human tests Michael I recall as I sat in your presentation yesterday that you had some information regarding royal Raymond rife the great optics engineer and doctor I believe who lived in the early part of the 20th century and who really came up with a cure for cancer which was subsequently suppressed can you tell us how a royal Rife's work may overlap with some of the type of research that you're involved with what royal Raymond rife did was develop a technology for exactly defining and measuring the correct frequencies that caused resonances and cell membranes so for a specific cell type like for instance a cancer tumor cell type you would expect since the cell is bloated that is larger than the cells around it and since the membrane has already stretched out very thin that its natural resin frequency would be different from that of normal cells he using his very fancy microscope was able to identify these specific frequencies at which cell membranes of the cancer tumor cells could resonate and once they resonated they burst and destroyed the cells and this technology was never accepted people didn't believe that it worked and so we're not using it today unfortunately and this technology correct me if I'm wrong but it left a surrounding tissue completely unharmed completely different than the types of destructive so-called treatments like radiation keep okay to reiterate essentially the world rife technology was very selective since the cancer tumor cells had distended membranes which were a lot thinner and a lot bigger in diameter than normal cells it could they could be literally pinned down with the correct way for arms enclosed to self-destruct while normal cells around them would not now this is a technology that existed in the 20s but which hasn't been followed up and I've certainly believe it should be in the current scientific environment excellent I wholeheartedly concur royal Raymond Dreyfuss someone that is arguably even more marginalized than Nikola Tesla and his work and research really needs to be studied and brought into the light of day can you talk a little bit about how you think that some of Tesla's most advanced wireless or resonant technologies may have been perverted and weaponized and are being used today in the world I know that that is one of your interests well certainly I've been involved in the environment of weapons development for SETI which was a subsidiary of aircraft Arman's international down cockeysville Maryland and while we didn't specifically look at the Tesla devices I believe that Tesla had something that was very interesting he specifically noted that with tubes like the crooks tube that particles would come out of the end of the tube accelerated by the high EMF that he placed across the anode and cathode these tubes and he could actually feel them hit his arm or his hand and costing sensations so he believed that if the particles were accelerated to higher velocities and the bulges were amplified that he could create a very strong death ray using this collated particle generator and indeed under the right Ronald Reagan administration this was one of the four avenues of research for advanced Star Wars type defensive technology absolutely fascinating Michael again we're very privileged to have you as part of the Tesla Science Foundation and the Tesla science conference for 2012 any final words to the audience about the experience that you've had here as part of this year's conference well it's been very interesting I've learned a lot about technologies that I have been directly exposed to and I highly advise that anybody that's interested in the things that are going on in science that are at the forefront of scientific research and development join us in the tests of society and indeed come to our meetings come to our conferences in July Michael thanks so much again for being a great guest here in this segment of what on earth is happening and ladies and gentlemen stay with us I'm gonna take the first second on the other side of the break but after that we're gonna be bringing on the president of the Tesla Science Foundation mr. Nikola launched our you won't want to miss that stay with us everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening you're on Oracle broadcasting I apologize a little technical glitch that we had in the last segment it looks like we're back up and broadcasting fine we have a lot of great guests coming up in the second hour we're going to be talking to the president of the Tesla Science Foundation Nikola launched our we're going to be talking to the master of ceremonies from the Tesla science conference Michael River song we have Joe Sikorsky who was involved in a film about Tesla and I'm going to be speaking to local Tesla enthusiast activist and member of the Tesla Nikola Tesla Club here in Philadelphia Dave him door for to round out the show that's coming up in the second hour of what on earth is happening before I bring Nick up in the next segment I just want to go over a few things and just tell people there's more events to come as part of the Tesla energy independence celebrations for this year we have events through tomorrow and through Tuesday so I'm just going to bring up the program and tell people a little bit about the events still to come for this weekend's energy independence celebrations for this week's energy independence celebrations on Monday July 9th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. we're going to have films and presentations on Nikola Tesla and his technologies at the Free Library of Philadelphia main branch in the auditorium room that's the downstairs auditorium at the main branch of the Philadelphia library that's at 1901 Vine Street and come on out to that it's free to attend then when we wrap up there at 9:00 we'll be heading over to independence visitors center well you know the the birthplace of this country which was all about freedom and independence at least it was supposed to be about that but our energy paradigm is is nothing in like free or independent it's completely dependent and controlled and we need to break this immoral unsustainable energy paradigm and we need to build a new one that is free and independent so come on out and join us to celebrate that spirit of Independence as part of the Tesla night birthday party Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th so that's when we'll be celebrating his birthday and commemorating his memory and legacy this is a at Independence Visitor Center on the lawn outside the Visitor Center at fifth and Market Streets 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and this is also free to attend so anyone in the Philly area please come on out and join celebrations we'll be firing off Tesla coils at midnight to celebrate his birthday there'll be some live music and we'll have some guests from the Tesla Science Foundation say a few words as well on Tuesday July 10th we will be having some more films and presentations on Tesla at the free library main branch but we will be in the skyline room on the 4th floor on Tuesday this will be six hours of information from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday July 10th to round out the Tesla energy independence celebrations for this year so come on out and join us so if you're in the Philadelphia area we'd be we'd love to have you and all the events I just mentioned are free to attend ok so the last thing I want to say in this segment is whether we already know about Tesla or not whether you're new to this information or whether you've been a Tesla enthusiast for years the object of all of this is getting involved it's taking action that's what this is about it isn't you know - as I've said an innumerable number of times throughout my shows to know is one thing and that's the beginning of the journey but it doesn't stop there that's that's only the very beginning of the process you have to once you know you have to then activate that knowledge and apply it and put it into the world for a good purpose taking action is what it's ultimately all about so you know conferences like this they don't just put themselves on there they're a product of teamwork hard work and dedication and it's a product of willpower of actually getting it done and so come on and get involved with the free energy movement if you know that this is the right thing to do step up and get involved and do it we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen with the president of the Tesla Science Foundation Nikola launched our stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website walk on earth is happening calm we're broadcasting live from the Tesla science conference as part of the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2012 here in the city of Philadelphia it's our pleasure to have as my guest for this hour for for this segment in the in the second hour the president of the Tesla Science Foundation mr. Nicholl launched our Nick welcome - what on earth is happening and why don't you tell the listening audience a little bit about how the Tesla energy independence celebrations are going so far this year and a little bit about you know what has already taken place here this year as part of the celebrations thank you for having me mark so far second day it's pretty good and we have local speakers mostly our funding this year was little tighter than previous years but still we have a really good group of the people where they give really good lectures also you mentioned earlier we have tomorrow and after tomorrow three lectures in Philadelphia the library and celebration of Tesla birthday in tomorrow night in the park as every year we have so everybody happy so far a great Nick why don't you tell our listening audience a little bit about your background and how you became interested in Nikola Tesla I'm sure they'd be very glad to hear that I'm served from Croatia and named Nikola that's that's how maybe that's how they start but as long as they remember probably when I was five years six years old I hear a lot of different stories about Tesla and actually my parents are from area from Rica mostly populations is serves and then they will stories about all these people but especially about Tesla and as a young boy I remember people have Mick Jagger or Rolling Stones or Little Sis on wall posters and I always have Tesla Tesla was my hero and later I started studying licit E and let's see there bring me a little bit closer to all these things with Tesla that's that's how I started Nick I met you about four years at a great place called germ books we no longer have a resource like that here in the city of Philadelphia but there was a meet up there I found that the Tesla club through meetup calm and it was a very basic information on Tesla and his work I believe they filmed the screen a film screening there and that's where we met Barb and I came into germ that day four years ago and saw the enthusiasm that you and a couple of other initial members had for Tesla can you tell us how you got the idea of forming a club dedicated to Nikola Tesla and how that went in the early years of the the formation of the Tesla Club and then tell us a little bit how that grew into the Tesla Science Foundation first markets I think is God did is they bring you in our group because you really bring a lot in our group and it's just a valuable way how we met somewhere in neighborhood and I was not either driving there before and Julian called me to show me what they have about Tesla and you guys come there and that's how things started really without any plans with you originally we started Nikola Tesla inventors Club in 2004 in Serbian charging Adelphia but there was not many inventors mostly people were they come inside in our meetings they don't want to discuss inventions they were names discuss life of Nikola Tesla and they actually you guys build whole move the Tesla and it also would happen is mostly our members or young Americans they are not Serbs so we just decide to move in around and give different lectures and you give a lot of these lectures which showed Tesla coils and everything so actually we have organization called Tesla Science Foundation what is registered nonprofit organization government and but we really I really feel there more Tesla club than Science Foundation the really majority of the people are for spirit and art neither people would get best recognitions for this year for Tesla work there and last year also they are mostly artists so really science and art merge there and it's a really beautiful way how these people did this so the Justice Science Foundation do some experiments and we do have a little laboratory in Serbia we do work with some scientists locally here with some projects but our funds are very limited so I don't know what we're gonna how far we're gonna go with that but we're gonna try to get the facilities here in Philadelphia actually trying this for the last few years it doesn't go easy when hopefully you're gonna get also hear something can you tell the audience a little bit about how they could become a member of the Nikola Tesla Club and Tesla Science Foundation and about some of the activities that take place throughout the year here in the city of Philadelphia I think you can tell them this because they're gonna understand you very easiest if they go on meetup.com slash and Tesla thirty-eight and they signed their membership is free and our meetings are all open for public as all free we have once per month we have meetings in Philadelphia library in September we're gonna participate in the Sylvania Green Festival in April viewers in Philadelphia Science Festival so working sometimes with the Franklin Institute and other things so if you are remember you're gonna see a lot of good cool things doesn't question I think try okay not only will you see a lot of really cool things but you'll meet a lot of really cool people who are working to make the world a better place the Nikola Tesla inventors Club the Nikola Tesla club and the Tesla Science Foundation form the biggest Tesla enthusiast group in the world ladies and gentlemen you could be a part of that it's free all you have to do is have the desire and want to invest a little bit of your time to come and get involved a lot of great people here working to make this event great a lot of people working to make the world a better place as I've said so come on out and get involved that's the main thing to keep in mind you know it this organization is full of people who actually care who actually want to do something who want to contribute their time who want to contribute their talent and their knowledge again to improving our collective situation and making the world a better place for for us and for our future generations so Nick thanks so much for being a great guest this segment your final thoughts thank you for having me and what they would really love to see from our organization I don't think they're gonna happen in my lifetime but people gonna extend this and fight for free energy and free communications until that time our planet will not really be what Tesla was dreaming for thank you everybody that's right Nick thanks so much for being a great guest in this segment stay with us everyone we're going to be talking to the master of ceremonies for the celebrations this year mr. Michael River song in the next segment you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network stay with us we'll be right back [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in this segment we're bringing on the master of ceremonies for the Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations 2012 mr. Michael River Song and as we've been talking to you about this science this science conference is really about more than Sciences but it's about the merger of science and spirituality it's about the merger of the logical left brain with the creative and intuitive right brain and the arts and music plays a big role in that merger in that coming together so Michael is an accomplished musician and we're going to attempt to share some of his music with you Michael play is an accomplished harp player and he's going to perform a piece for us live on the air let's see how this goes and then we'll talk to Michael a little bit more after his performance so here we go Michael River song [Music] [Music] phenomenal Michael and I know you've been itching to do that all weekend haven't you it's nice to let it out one of the things have been doing with this conference and with the other conferences that I work with has been and this goes all the way back to 1984 it's how it's how I got into all this is provide some incidental background music background music is highly underrated in our culture right now but the idea of having someone live who's responding to the moment and putting together music according to ancient scientific principles is something that really helps advance science there was a time way back in ancient Greece when the philosophers and scientists they took it for granted music was always there there's always some bard sitting around off in the corner playing a harp or maybe singing a soft melody or something like that this is something that we can bring back into our culture now and I believe helps and I really hope that by the time I'm through with all this stuff I'm doing on this planet that it will become customary to include such music in science conferences part of that involves people knowing how the music works and we are going to face in the future of course we're looking at maybe the whole biosphere of the earth will collapse maybe we'll go into a dark ages for a while I live for the possibility that we will have a future and we will have a society that begins to really come together and begins to be the kind of paradise all of us longed for and when that happens being optimistic when that happens it will be said that the same principles behind the way we generate our energy the way we get our free energy are exactly music theory very interesting and very powerful I mean after all it's really all about resonance and frequency is it not absolutely Tesla understood that for those of you who are musically inclined you look at Tesla's power generation system the AC system that we all know and love right now it's called three-phase well if you take that three-phase and you look at it musically you have something very basic the triad the three-phase AC system is a musical chord and it's running through all of our civilization right now also number theory plays into there as well because three is a sacred number that is found in every ancient tradition of consciousness throughout the world absolutely you find this happening all over the place musicians tend to do it instinctively most musicians when they really get a chance when they find a decent teacher they tend to be pretty good at math Pythagoras recognized that he was the guy who put together our entire musical system that we use worldwide now but was the hallmark of Western culture for a long time and made it different from other cultures it's a simple system it has seven components seven modes and in that system you find an infinity of ways to help people and of course that's what it's really got to be about if the music gets people better in some way or another either spiritually or physically or both then it's legitimate otherwise some of the music we hear these days actually is deliberately designed to weaken people and that kind of music of course we could say we're fighting well we fight it just by playing our music and having events like this where music like what I'm doing is welcome and one of the things I loved about this particular conference was we had mano de vino' involved what an incredible musician and I believe he helped me physically because I slept better last night and that was a very very difficult night here in Philadelphia we had a certain type of electromagnet field passing through the town there was lightning to the west of town and yet no rain that really creates serious tension in people but I believe everybody who heard that music last night that tension was blunted it was modified and they were not as bad off as I think somebody who didn't have a chance to hear such music at that time I absolutely agree Michael you're a great organizer you were very instrumental in helping to organize this conference we couldn't have done it without you you're good at collecting amassing and organizing information as am i we share that in common and you're involved with a lot of organization efforts at in other conferences as well related to Tesla and oak halted scientific technologies that have not yet seen the light of day to help humanity and to bring us into a a better condition as a species can you speak to the dynamic of helping to organize something like this on what would be considered a shoestring budget and how it really doesn't necessarily have to involve a tremendous amounts of monetary wealth to put something together that's really worthwhile so vit it's really all about connections with people because people are ultimately the important thing so to speak but it also has to do with just getting out there and saying well you got to do something if you sit back and turn on the TV and blank out your mind well that doesn't really help but if you just get out and I'm in a unique position in life I was able to take the time and I could have sat there watching TV like everybody else and they said in there it's more fun to do this and that's a lot of it and you also have to make it fun and you have to learn how to enjoy the ride I've been working on a series of conferences that started in 1984 with the old International Tesla Society it's now morphed into Tesla tech and the extraordinary technology conference that's coming up in Albuquerque of July 26 through to 29th so it's right around the corner and that conference is huge and the Philadelphia conference could be that huge at some point too and it's not just me because there's so many people worked on part of it is okay I had an intention that linked with a lot of other intentions and so many people did so many things and sometimes people thought they did something oh man that was nothing well your nothing might have been the one key that made it happen we can't even tell a lot of times and so that's a lot of what it's about two individuals doing things just because they're in the spirit to do that and they're motivated to make things spiritually better somehow and that's what makes a conference to come together I'm thankful I was able to have the role I did it was really a lot of fun and for most of it a few tense moments but then you're gonna have that in anything and I'm thankful for the role I played down in Albuquerque as well that's an excellent conference and get a chance to do some serious documentation of new technologies and that's something that helps a lot - Michael thanks so much very inspiring words ladies and gentlemen remember the word conference itself you look up the etymology of it it means coming together that's what the word actually means to bring people together and that's what it's ultimately all about Michael River Song master of ceremonies for this year's Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2012 here in Philadelphia thanks so much for being a part of the show stay with us everyone we'll be right back on what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the aural oracle broadcasting radio network today we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled be programming to bring you a whole lot of great guests live from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for this year so I have two special guests for this segment mr. Joe Sikorsky and Victor elefante they're from Long Island New York they are filmmakers they put together a film called fragments from Olympus a true life mystery thriller about Nikola Tesla welcome to the show Joe and Victor and I'm gonna turn the floor over to you guys to tell us all about your great film thanks Marc how you doing today [Music] well thank you the pleasure's ours we're gonna tell you a little bit about fragments from Olympus fragments from Olympus is a true life mystery thriller we're not a biopic which makes it very very appealing to the masses what we're trying to do with our movie is kind of bring Tesla to the forefront through the vehicle of movies we are from Long Island we are through with the movie fragments from Olympus we are trying to help save Tesla's last laboratory Wardenclyffe Wardenclyffe is in danger of being sold at this point and without unique budget strategy we're trying to help the organization get the funding to save Wardenclyffe to make it a science museum and and a place where scientists can come and learn about tesla and possibly replicate his work so that's what we are doing here today and we were on to come and and we were happy to be here and we had a fun time today it was really good we learned a lot today it was nice Joe thanks for having us mark yeah we actually have a unique budget proposal we're actually including the price of saving Wardenclyffe in the actual film budget so we're pitching that here today and with telling people about our project like Vic said it is a true-life mystery-thriller we're gonna try to bring Tesla into the popular culture because even with all the great documentaries the great books all the great works on Nikola Tesla he's still relatively unknown in this country and we want to really help correct history and most importantly continue his research I think saving Wardenclyffe is one of the most noble efforts out there this should be a National Historic Site as far as I'm concerned it's unbelievable that it's not who's behind the effort of really trying to you know bulldoze that place or to turn it into something completely different instead of saving Tesla's work and legacy that he conducted there even though it remained unfinished again some of the most advanced research and science that has ever been done possibly was conducted at that location so tell us a little bit about who's behind trying to shut that down well the trouble is you know it was owned by a it's still owned by AG the corporation and there was a cleanup that had to be done on the property because there was some chemical contamination ironically this saved the property for many many years but cleanup has been changed has been finished and now the zoning has been changed and that's the big difference in the equation and now businesses people I want to put up condos they're starting to pop up now that the new zoning is available and because most people in our area never heard of Nikola Tesla they don't know the value of Wardenclyffe so you know there's a really a sense of urgency in in finding the the funding and getting this saved or just if you can go to Tesla Science Center org and donate directly to the Wardenclyffe organization the Tesla Science Museum run by jnow coin so how can a gene Elkhorn that's the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe at Shoreham Long Island yes okay that's how people can get involved by contacting Jane Alcorn in the effort to save Wardenclyffe I think it's definitely a noble effort and more people need to get involved in it if we're gonna make that happen so would you like to tell people about more about the filmin like you know what goes on in or what the basic plot is sure what we're doing now at this point in time is we're gathering our team we have a lot of great people that are coming on board we have Leo Rossi who was an analyzed this he started out teaser we just and he's also from Philadelphia originally which is a wonderful thing we also Sean Young has joined our staff all she's joined on with us and yeah she's a great actress and she's passionate about Tesla and when we first met her and we sat down and talked with her the first thing she said his boys that Tesla really got her he got a raw deal we have to do something about that and then conscious woman yeah she you know it was something that she very she has an unbelievable knowledge about Tesla is very impressed by her knowledge about Tesla awesome yeah when she puts it up and then she's gonna do it you know and she's wonderful that she's even with us we were very honored to have her and then we have Howard Smith Howard Smith is DP he is going to be behind the cameras for us and he's a Steadicam operator and you might not know his name but you know the films he's done he's done the matrix and Harry Potter and he's worked with all the luminaries from whoo - Clint Eastwood stuart stanley kubrick i mean the lot you know and so that's just the one he did a Rocky Balboa the last movie with him and what's that yeah another another Philly connection also he is an inventor and how was it an incredible inventor and he's from England and he knew all about Tesla and we were we were thrilled when he you know we made contact with him and he showed interest and and he we went to visit him up in Hartford where his uh his his laboratory is if you will where he works and when he opened up the doors he said keys to the kingdom kids whatever we need to use we could use to make this film and make it happen and we are also I mean I said it maybe 10,000 times we're thrilled to have him on board also these two people have like-mindedness is you I've heard some of your people that you had on just before us we're all of like mine we all have a single gold in mine and they put money aside and we're doing what we're doing is we're trying to save a piece of history we're trying to get Wardenclyffe back on the map we're trying to rectify the history books give Tesla Badou credit that he so rightly deserves and we're doing and continuous research absolutely Joe as joe said we want to continue his research you know there might be a kid today that if we're capable of getting and helping jane save Wardenclyffe with all of us we're all about help you know everybody out there that's listening to us if you want to help us the greatest way to catch us is you can catch us on Facebook fragments from Olympus WWF fragments from Olympus comm and you can learn all about our project and see what's going on from day-to-day operations and who we bring onto the project but word of mouth if we all work together and we all row the boat in the same direction there's a very good possibility that we could save this and there could be a child out there somewhere that's into science somewhere down the road we'll go to that Museum and actually put it together and bring us to a whole new place that the seeds that Tesla so will come to fruition right it'll be the harvest time as we like to call it that's great that's that's also extremely inspiring and I wholeheartedly concur I'd like to get your guys take on just the the general dynamic of telling a story through film through this medium you know this is one of the most important ways that we can actually reach out to people to change minds and to help them to understand really what has gone on behind the scenes when it comes to alternative energy as film makers you are doing your part to do just that you know history breaks down to his story and that's not our story if we're going to tell our story we need to become storytellers we need to become creative individuals who activate the imagination and put that into an art form and do that to basically help to elevate people to a new level of understanding can you speak to a film's role in that and your take on that as filmmakers firstly I just want to say well said very well said well that's why we want to make we want to try to bring Tesla into the popular culture and that's what cinema we believe is uh is very good for doing and that's why we're taking more of an approach instead of doing it the strict biopic we're doing a mystery true life mystery thriller so what it's going to be is there is a thread of the story with the FBI investigation looking into Tesla's death ray research which was written from obtaining over 200 pages of FBI documents recently Declassified from the Freedom of Information Act and that's the thread of telling the story and test the story unfolds through that so we kind of think it's like a backdoor way to kind of inspire an interest in science for people more sci-fi oriented they'll watch the death ray story that narrative and they learn about Tesla's life and hopefully that'll open up you know new possibilities and new you know new enjoyment and appreciation for science we have a term that we use on on the fragments team and the term is instead of calling it science fiction we call it science fact because this is true the stuff that we're telling is a hundred percent true we have the documents to substantiate what we're telling so this is better than any fiction story you could possibly sit there and imagine or make up we're telling a story of an incredible life that's gone virtually unrecognized by people in our country we have people from all over Europe that constantly can contact us via the internet and email and they're the you know cheering us on please make this movie this is such an important cause you know and we're just our little piece of the puzzle we're just a little bit there and we are just lovely coming here today and talking all these great lines and being able to be there not us though people the Oracle Broadcasting radio [Music] you can't stop an idea whose time has come ladies and gentlemen welcome back you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting this is the final segment for this edition boy did the time fly because we had some great guests here coming to you live from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2012 thanks to Joseph Sikorsky and Victor elefante from the last segment this segment I am bringing on a special guest Dave Emond or fir Dave is involved with the River City to hydrogen project he is going to talk about that project here in Philadelphia with us and how it is going and welcome to the show Dave him endure forever hey Mark it's a pleasure to be here and it's it's an amazing day today at the yeah that's house of science independence celebrations yes I name is Jasper Joan Jasper Jones today who's one of the speakers and basically we went over the River City the Hajin project this is a project that he's been working on since 2007 he's delivered this to City Council and other city politicians here in Philadelphia and he recently became a board member of the Tesla Science Foundation and basically since me and him have met the first son he did a presentation in our foundation I got intimately involved in this project with him and we've now Teta Gees as to implementing it like basically I configured a new campaign and outline for disclosing this information to the public I've configured it with him and Lisa Hastings she also spoke tonight - she's environmental scientists from Arizona - some and she's been in the environmental industry like environmental science for over a decade and she's been she's seen the effects of fracking and that's the great thing about the River City of the Hajin basically to go over it it's a solution to all our fossil fuel problems which includes petroleum natural gas coal and even nuclear and basically we simply needs to just configure our existing natural gas utility system here in Philadelphia and I'm our water system PGW merging together and use Tesla's resonance technology on water and and then use our natural gas pipelines over here that's been in existence since the 70s and there we go we have a whole system a way of distributing hydrogen energy in a very cheap costly effective there's a this quite a process to this and there's a lot of reasons why it's very cheap and manageable and yeah I'll be going over it as we go through the interview but yeah it's been it's been amazing and yeah that's exciting like I really I'm blown away of the fact that now Tesla's energy is you know coming to life now like on a massive regional scale like we can actually do this i sat in on Jasper's lecture earlier and it was incredibly informative and you're saying this will basically reduce the environmental impact by being able to do away with the destructive influence of fracking and the impact that that takes upon the earth and all of those completely polluting technologies will not really be required to bring energy to this entire regional area if this simple system is is fully implemented is that correct absolutely like our our needs for natural gas all fossil fuels in general will be nullified the way that Pennsylvania the way that we here in Philadelphia have been getting or natural gas has been through fracking which is the dying last attempts of the fossil fuel industry to get fossil fuels and what it is is it's a process of drilling through deep layers like miles down deep geological layers and fermentation where we're actually we're cutting past natural Ottowa water aquifers and that's how we get our water in Pennsylvania that's how we get our water here in Philadelphia and over eight communities in PA around these fracking sites all the water is poisoned fracking is completely polluting to the existing water table that we're all using yeah our water and also the atmosphere there's carbon emissions there's radiation that comes out and Lisa Hastings she's had a lot of inside information about the effects of fracking like a lot of people don't know like even the the fracking activists that have been doing their work here in the city for years there's not really that much information going about the fact that they're destroying if this story like a third of the forests they've been stirring all all the forests around on the fracking sites but a third of Pennsylvania's forests have been bought by these oil companies and you know they're destroying them and that's a huge part like and actually Arizona they used to have like a lot of forestry when US colonialism spread towards an area and it stopped because of the cutting down of the forests like it was eliminated so like a you know cutting out all these trees it creates deserts and we know this we know this from South America you know from the rain forests like these reinforce where they're all cut down they're becoming deserts and can you guys imagine a desert here in PA because like that is a reality if we don't stop fracking but basically you know going a little bit more into the the technology it uses this this metal called chem alloy which was discovered in 1950s and it has a unique molecular structure that naturally emanates the resonant frequency of water and divides it into oxygen and hydrogen and by sending a low frequency current Aloha I'm sorry low watt current through this this alloy we can easily configure this and bring it to a much larger scale to the scale of our water system and then transfer link the Hajin that's produced over into our natural gas line because one of the biggest controversial issues concerning national hydrogen energy is how to transport it and we can use natural gas pipelines to do that as I understand that according to way jasper explained that earlier this system also produces very little to zero waste product that's correct actually it produces no waste product because the waste product of hydrogen energy is oxygen and water vapor it's at yes yeah the yet the outputs and it's that actually repairs or our environment it adds oxidization to it and water vapor it continues the whole water cycle and actually like the system can use the water vapor output and bring it back into the system so that that means that water will be continuously use within it and we won't be disrupting the ecology phenomenal Dave can you tell people how they can get involved with the River City to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia yeah they can they can contact contact us at the attesa Science Foundation on our web site at Tesla Science Nets and yeah like as I said like the campaign is being configured like we have her strategy set up and basically like there's certain things that we need to need right now resources but it will be going public soon and I've been working with different people like and I'm gonna be working with Penn environment very soon to deliver this to them so they'll be a partner fantastic Dave thanks so much for being a guest for this closing segment of this edition of what on earth is happening there's a pleasure to have you on to wrap up the show I just want to say thank you to rubra Club studios for hosting the Tesla science conference you can check them out on their Facebook page at rubra club studios and you can also I believe they have a website if you google rubra club studios you can find their website so that's really all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening live from the Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2012 here in the city of Philadelphia thank you to all of our wonderful guests and remember ladies and gentlemen there are only two mistakes that you can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week on what on earth is happening [Music] Oh [Music]