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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc past ago [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday July 15 2012 we have a great show planned for you here today we're going to be interviewing a guest that I actually wanted to interview last week from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations mr. Jasper Jones who's going to tell us all about the River City the hydrogen project here in Philadelphia that's coming up for the entire show this week on what on earth is happening so stay tuned for that I have a couple of quick event announcements and I'll be bringing Jasper on to the show in the second segment the Tesla conference was a huge success last weekend thanks for everyone who participated and organized that great event if you didn't catch it last week I did a show where I brought where I interviewed people live from the event as we were wrapping up on day two of the Tesla science conference and I interviewed ten people from the conference and that is on last week's show on the podcast section of what on earth is happening on Friday July 6th I was interviewed by karin quinn tostado of united we win Emmy on the rent radio network that is now archived that show is now archived on the news section of my website what on earth is happening calm so feel free to check that out as well the offer to attempt to make this show go ad-free so that there are no interruptions during the show is still on the table we've collected three hundred and fifty dollars toward the goal you can also check that out at the top of the news section if you want to chip into toward that effort so I have one other event announcement as always the third the last Thursday of every month is truth freedom prosperities monthly free documentary screening and discussion evening here in Philadelphia as always it takes place at a scene market and cafe at 7:19 South fourth Street that's the corner of 4th and Monroe streets here in Philadelphia this Thursday July I'm sorry next Thursday July 26 will be the meeting for this month um it will be taking place at 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. I have not selected a movie yet I will be making the movie publicly known over the next couple of days and sending out an email to the people on the truth freedom prosperity email list so look for that over the next couple of days and I'll announce what film we've chosen next Sunday here on what on earth is happening so that's all the event announcements I have everyone stay tuned we're gonna have a great guest talking about the River City to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia Jasper Jones coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] welcome back everyone we were listening to what on earth is happening here on these were local Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark Patsy oh my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we have a guest that I really wanted to interview last week and did not get a chance to he had some other commitments but he was gracious enough to give us two hours of his time today to interview him for the entire show so here we go I'm going to read Jasper's bio Jasper Jones is the executive director UBC a Community Trust for family life improvement incorporated he's the president of data spectrum incorporated the community rebirth organization plan national program and computer distance learning director he's the chief administrator campus of distance learners the Omni charters Omni Community Charter School and he is the River City to hydrogen dream team senior consultant engineer and project configuration management engineer mr. Jones has over 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of systems for both commercial and nonprofit organizations and audits of electronic data processing systems his experience includes extensive work in software programming for nonprofit as well as commercial organization systems applications mr. Jones's experience include developing operational procedures for alternative education and school programs Jasper Jones is the crop national program director whose successful work in implementing various components of the crop program involving human development support systems in Los Angeles California and on a national level led to u.s. congresswoman Maxine Waters and the OSI Commissioner Arthur Fletcher mentioning in 1992 on nationwide television that the full implementation of the crop program components in South Central Los Angeles could have averted the city's 1992 civil disturbance ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening mr. Jasper Jones Jasper welcome to the show pleasure to be on with you mark great so Jasper you wanted to start off by talking about some things that you mentioned in the crop program these are what you labeled as everyday systems that are meant to sustain us in our daily life that are currently implemented they're really no longer have any we are really working for us they're not really serving humanity as they were intended to did you want to go into that yes I do I want to talk about that so that people can become aware that there are strategies that they could follow and take action on that could turn the situation around if we face basically the number one problem that we're having is the meltdown of money the banking finance system the dollars were about 3% that was when Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 and the Federal Reserve is not making money credit capital credit available to small businesses so we have a situation where there really are no due wage jobs available because small businesses the source of liveable wage jobs in our time the people I discovered going around the country that people didn't understand it if you know had pure air for five minutes that you die and our air is filled with chemicals from the chemtrails playing the geoengineering situation that we have so people should be aware that there they should take action on that issue our water is filled with all manner of chemicals that are making people sick and we're under threat from the hydrofracking situation here where we are in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there are eight counties where the water has been turned to poison because of this process and people are coming to me saying that they've gotten effects similar to what's going on in those counties out invested within Pennsylvania in Philadelphia the food supply has been dramatically compromised but implementation genetically modified organism type foods and we are participating in this what amounts to a food experiment without full disclosure in our consent to this process and that's making people sick and that was the other issue that I found that people didn't know that if you want to have real food for seven days you generally die the thing that we want to talk about the day our energy supply systems are based on fossil fuels and they all reach peak the duction and people can no longer afford fossil fuels people in Philadelphia are having problems paying for the electric gas bills so that's the point you want to cover the day dealing with the river city to hide your ending team how people can take action to get from under that problem in urban areas our public schools Alberta's de-facto school-to-prison systems and cash cows will the local political machines rather than family job like construction centers that function as a school to work network where people can get an education and be attracted to a job and then we end up in prison our prisons which is supposed to be educational correctional facilities function has a prison to prison recidivism vehicle rather than a correction process where people reenter interests aside you can go to work and different wage jobs of the new Obamacare law which somehow got approved in spite of the fact that uh it's a tax and shouldn't have been approved invest a reading of the Constitution and we are in effect going to be required to take healthcare that's really sick care where you on drugs you get some radiation therapy and you get some surgery they're going to have any support system built for us that allows us to own the health care system where the patient's the doctors the nurses and the staff have control so we in a wellness care rapid and sickness care but we want to put that out there so people can think about it so then we get to the callin section if you can understand why we want to move to this hydrogen technology because that will implement a boom which will actually give us access to the resources to pay for the cleanup of our environment and making our schools work the way they're supposed to well Jasper you you hit the nail on the head on so many things so many problems that we've talked about extensively here on what on earth is happening and you know we've kind of transitioned into looking at solutions that's what we've been doing over several months now and now that's why you're such a great guest because your approach is completely solution oriented and it's about doing what we can now to transition away from these dead decaying systems that really don't serve us as a species any longer and that's arguably if they ever even did you know these are really um outmoded ways of looking at the world overall and they really need to be replaced by something that's truly sustainable and truly serves who we really are that is correct I'm on board to that one of the things that happens when I talk to people is I've discovered that people don't really know the true history of the United States the United States in 1492 when the European colonists arrived here they were greeted by the indigenous people and the indigenous people gave them a land grant because God their prophets had told them that they were coming in to make a play swamp and the mikerickson system that we have is actually a translation in the penis of the protocols of spherical Confederations by extracting independent province now that having to repair inspection she does it people that brought the people originally over here came from English and other crimes of Europe and a big one weight is flavor economy Jasper hold it right there we'll be right back after these messages stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone you listening to what Paul knows is happening here on Oracle broadcasting today our special guest is mr. Jasper Jones of the river city to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia Jasper we will cut off by the break last time but you were talking about the original intent of this country and Howard's has gone wildly off from that and how that's bound us to this unsustainable energy paradigm that were trapped in right now can you continue from that point please yes basically what I was alluding to is that the country originally was on alcohol as our primary fuel then the forces that created the negativities slavery and other issues here got the country in the world on the fossil fuels because that would allow them to control the money but that has created two problems when that peaked in 2007 the world had discovered decades ago that the use of fossil fuels as Tesla had predicted had unpredictable undesirable results in terms of the ecosphere and other issues and now that we have realized that's the problem and the technology that underlies the transition is the system up to hydrogen as our basic fuel is powered by Tesla technologies that have been refined and what makes the transition off of fossil fuels to the green energy of hydrogen so affordable renewal because of the problems created by the addiction to fossil fuels that emerge an addiction to money by people in the worldwide who created that system green tags as a revision recall binding I think is available and the abundance of this renewable non-polluting system that allows you in two phases to get off of fossil fuels the first phase is a mixture when you take the existing natural called natural gases mething and you mix it 20% this hydrogen gas and 80 percent methane requires no modification of the existing system so that allows you to lower the cost of energy and make it affordable to people who currently is not affordable to and what we want to focus in one is that the industrial community of a place like Philadelphia which still one out of five jobs is manufacturing-related if you dramatically lower the cost of energy like that you open the possibility of them increasing the duction and hiring more people now this technology which is basically Tesla technology would allow us to supplant the fracking madness that's going on which is totally unsustainable because each well with hydro fracking this is a five million gallons of water in western Pennsylvania that is resolved in eight counties having a water table wiped out in what is the science behind this we are dealing with two different technologies for the approach to implementing a industrial level hydrogen supply system in Philadelphia in super electrolysis of river water flows to a alkaloid screen that's molecular structure which is designed to have a resonant frequency that causes water to split in the oxygen and hydrogen and through their filtering process we separate the oxygen and the hydrogen and we can create an unlimited flow of this hydrogen into our system and because the river in Philadelphia have never run dry we have the opportunity that source by itself to create a flow of water flow of hydrogen from the water that will sustain the city in technology I'm proton I'm sorry I wanted to just jump in for a moment so basically this is using the energy that's already present in nature it's hooking into energy that's already present as a result of the flow of the delaware river right by philadelphia exactly we have a company that we are working seeded the idea as to why this was unbelievable to the establishment is that the technology that provides the breakthrough is a technology called eco augur which allows you to tap the water flow and generate an electrical current that pumps the water onto the alkaloid screen without building a dam so you're generating enough electrical energy to operate the proton on-site equipment from a device that has a zero pollution impact does not harm the ocean water life but generates enough electricity to power your equipment so any place that there's are a river that's 4 feet deep and has V naught to flow you can set up the system to generate the initial supply of hydrogen that you need to begin the transformation to hydrogen and because we also have on the hydrogen Dream Team in us all which has the patented technology for putting a smell in hydrogen you can use this hydrogen fuel gas energy fuel in the home assess the legal requirement that you have that safety feature available for any gas that's used in the home unbeknownst to most people methane gas does not have a smell we using the called a natural gas because they put a chemical mark a polite camper into the into the methane give it that smell and that's what allows you to use it in the home and we have the capacity to do the equivalent and we call that domestic hydrogen so this technology will change the game at that level and we wanted to start with that because that's the easiest one to deploy it only takes a few months to deploy that technology because it's all off the shelf in fact the folks are on the other side of the river testing a production model of the other device right now this technology once deployed what allows didn't move to the other technology which is intelligent intelligent akes the other problem that you have with pollution which again was predicted by Nikola Tesla that is the sewage system it's flaring off methane glass into the atmosphere that's burning it off creating air pollution because methane gas is the biggest hothouse gas that we have and it uses the skinny that all the other house gasses and measured by instead of that occurring with an intelligent technology you capture the gas and you convert it from steam super steaming reformatting technology you know that's the second super thing we describe here we first started out with super electrolysis now we're doing super steam reformatting of the bio sewage gas into synthetic hydrogen and that technology has an interesting impact in the sewage that we're dealing with raw sewage in that it converts it either to inert carbon material or organic grade fertilizer that is important so this technology would actually help in the cleanup of the entire environment in the entire area then that's right because remember the only bright product from the burning of hydrogen gas unlike gasoline or so-called natural gas is water vapor in the first we have an eighty twenty percent mixture of the reduction in nitric oxide and other hot elf carefully be so dramatic that we have papers on it that are readily available that discusses and that's why the green tags as it used to be called Malkin certified admission instructions Pacifica's power available to us and me she needs to find this in the field chance for a whole whole dit right there and we'll continue on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Tasha my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show was talking to Jasper Jones he's being directed he the River City holiday I'm sorry home all on one second Jasper I want to give the call in numbers for next hour before we get right back into it because uh we will be taking your calls in the second hour so the calling number for the second hour if you have questions for Jasper about the River City to hydrogen project is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number taking calls for Jasper Jones on the River City to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia eight six six eight four one one zero six five okay Jasper uh let's go back to talking about this technology and you were discussing how we can make this transition to usable hydrogen energy and how this would have a great impact on the cleaning up of the environment yes I was leading off with the that the fact that hydrogen combustion only generates a water vapor as his by-product and that water vapor Pappas didn't have yet because of the electronic of the electricity factor of it these ionized water paper ionized water attracts particulate matter to and causes it to drop to the ground the other commonality about the two streams of technologies that we were talking about getting the river water and the bio sewage gas converted to hydrogen they both feature turbines which are in effect an invention Nikola Tesla which is why we are at the convention the energy alternative energy convention energy independence these are just refinements of that hundred-year-old technology which was an amazing thing to people to realize that the key element of the super electrolysis process using eco augur uses a turbine to tap the flow of the mechanical energy from the water the river water that's flowing versatile electricity and that's a turbine that's generating an electrical flow that powers the proton on-site equipment that actually produces the hydrogen the intelligent technology that takes the the bio sewage gases from superstream reformatting that steam energy runs a turbine to generate electricity so once you flip the switch on these technologies they're self-sustaining so long as you have a flow of water and you have a flow of bile sewage which unless something radical happens we're always going to have a flow of river water and a flow of bile sewage and that's changes to gain because then what you have done is you have created a non polluting inexhaustible supply of energy that you can make available to our community and we can increase the amount that we produce just by incrementing adding on modules that so long as you are compatible with the available flow of river water and the available flow of bio sewage gas and this transition would sort of be a gentle one if I'm not mistaken in that it would not involve a immediate tearing down of the existing infrastructure in order to implement it it's a two phase transition would you like to explain a little bit about that yes the two phase transition is that in the first phase the 80/20 mixture believe it or not doesn't even require an adjustment the nozzle settings on the devices that are using natural gas energy because the synthetic mixture since in gas mixed with the methane 80/20 has an improvement to not do anything but reduce pollution and study after study so because you can do that and you can generate cash flow because everything has to be paid for congrat process that reduces the cost of the gas energy so that that reduced cost generates more demand and generates enough self funding money so that you can then move to the next phase which is sectoring off the distribution network and modifying the distribution network by putting in sleeves that are impermeable to hydrogen that means that the hydrogen won't pass through it the gas pipeline system that we have now is designed so that methane gas can flow through it which has different properties from 100% hydrogen so we sector off the distribution network and we put in these sleeves that allow 100% hydrogen to flow and we make the adjustments incrementally in the nozzles and in the gas chamber of people that would be using 100% hydrogen we still be happy to do that because they already will have experienced the reduction in their gas bill by having the eighty twenty percent mixture and then we can even do lowered even further once we go to a hundred percent hydrogen because we're not buying this gas of anybody we're making it ourselves and our interesting so that's important that the number before we go to the next thing that I'm going to get people in Philadelphia to get is that is five hundred and fifty million dollars a year they were giving Big Oil for natural gas now which we can keep that money and to fill out the economy now how does can you explain the process by which the when you're using the existing sewage gasses that that basically cleans up the environment basically what's going on now there's been some because I started this process in 2007 and they realized oh we can't keep doing this and the EPA passed a ruling that methane gas is a human toxin there the burning of methane which is automatically generated by the process of the sewage what we are doing is we're taking something that's a toxin and we're converting it into something that's a non toxin through a chemical process known as super steam reformatting be taking methane which is ch4 I think it is and we're converting it to synthetic hydrogen removing changing its molecular structure so that it's a agent nautical that we now have which once again when you combust hydrogen what do you get instead of pollution you get water vapor so we'll be taking that exact that existing a poisonous gas it would be converting it into usable energy and the the quote-unquote waste product or by-product the output on the other end that we wouldn't be using as an energy and energy source would be pure oxygen right incredible yes that's what we're talking about and that technology that intelligence technology is important to understand that that technology takes I'm sorry this is called intellij intelligent is how the second part logging this is the this is the part that involves the conversion of the quote natural gas well this is the part that converting the bio sewage gas it's called bio methane which is what they calling it but it's sewage gas based country that they're brain off now and polluting the environment burning it off and instead of doing that we super steam reformat into synthetic hydrogen and then we use it as a fuel and hydrogen because of its different priorities from ethylene has a higher market value and in addition the bio solids associated with the sewage through this technology are converted to inert materials that are non-toxic and one of the products of the intelligent protocol is organic fertilizer and we want to be concerned with that because the reason that I wanted to mention the GMOs causing a problem is that we can then move through urban organic agriculture because we have essentially abundant supply of organic fertilizer sounds like just about every part of this is a self-sustaining system it's something that has sustainability actually built into every aspect of it that's correct that's why we want to get on to this technology as soon as possible because if you watch the news you see there are problems out there with existing systems that have been utilized and that the peaking of fossil fuels spiking the price change the paradigm for how you want to produce your food you want to have your produce your food locally and you want to get control over that process and one of the inkless that you're going to need is organic fertilizer so just improvement in organic food it's clean food that contains the nutrient that keeps me healthy such an important aspect of our lives the food that we take in I've talked about it over and over again on this show this system that helped us to uh improve that situation as well very interesting material Jasper on the other side I want to ask you about the status of the River City the hydrogen project and what the roadblocks are are to its implementation stay with us everyone we're talking to Jasper Jones of the River City the hydrogen project here in Philadelphia we'll be right back after these words [Music] stay asleep Oh bang when he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when you look sitting in the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal Suburbia courtesy of a very dependent [Music] welcome back everyone listening to me what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting today on the show we're talking to Jasper Jones of the River City to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia and the callin number is 866 eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five we'll be taking your calls during the second hour of today's show call in get in the queue if you have any questions for Jasper about the technology about the River City the hydrogen project you're welcome to call in and ask away so Jasper we were getting into the status of this project here in Philadelphia how is it going toward being implemented here in the city let me take you back in 2007 when I started talking to a certain councilman about this technology and I was starting to discover that the city engineers were unaware of this technology existing in being off-the-shelf and being a reality in flying elements of a being an assignment of tested technologies that are 100 years old one of the things that happened was that the councilman took some of the engineers over to a hydrogen house in Jersey a design-build engineer and built a house that was running on hydrogen and I was told after they'd went to the house because the councilman believed me because he knew me from some other things that yes we could convert Philadelphia to hydrogen after three hours of talking to the design bin engineer that built the hydrogen house they came back to the councilman and said yes we could convert to hydrogen now remember now these are the guys that are in charge of this process and fell off it but telling the councilmen that they didn't believe that we could convert to hydrogen asked at a level of the problem that we've had to overcome and getting to the point where getting people mobilized to call their council people and tell them enough is enough when we convert now because they're tired obtained these ridiculous fossil fuel prices now remember now this is going on in an environment with you that president after president say we need to hidden the addiction to fossil fuels but here in Reichle underground situation thank you guys for in charge of our energy system you haven't even become aware of the existence of this technology and like you said it's over a hundred years old it's just a refinement and extension of technologies that Tesla himself was working on over 100 years ago exactly so aside from the educational aspect of I guess you could say resistance to this or challenges to this project being implemented have there been any other roadblocks thrown up yeah basically there's a guy going around from the oil guy going around offering up resources to the elected officials to privatize the gasps Khloe gasps works which would immediately try Drupal the price of the cost of gas and then set up the situation it really is unconstitutional in that the asset belongs to the people of fall-off here and it's supposed to be used to get maximum benefit which is why I was going through this education process with the people in charge of the infrastructure utility to educate them to the fact that for the people that follow you to get the maximum benefit from their gas works they need to convert to hydrogen has never again the cost of methane fossil fuels be cheap it's got to keep increasing because the duck in the world was reached in 2007 and in America peach production was reached in 1970 if no year since 1970 has been more gas or oil than produced in the United States and this fracking nonsense which is no calling is nonsense it has the unbelievable side effect of destroying the water table and again in three days without water you're dead right so in Pennsylvania under Article 27 the people are do pure water the water is supposed it's a right so the government actually exceeded its authority when they authorized the fracking process to begin intensive and without doing a study to see if the taxpayer money in taxpayer money had to be invested to create the infrastructure to get the gas out if investing in some other energy technology would be more sustainable and not impact the air or the water and that other technology is what we're talking about it is it is absolutely ridiculous for us to continue this dangerous and polluting practice of fracking that's already polluting the existing water table and putting radiation into the water table it's unbelievable the things that are being done through fracking when technology like this has been readily available for decades exactly this is the problem the guys I work with some just gave up because one of the other technologies that we haven't even touched on that the dream team is involved with involves again Tesla turbines generating through molecular deep polymerization a hot gas flow that turns the turbine and these technologies are moving from finance again of Tesla's invention of the turbine and they have zero pollution footprint and it will generate electricity from renewable sources without endangering the environment just as Tesla predicted that's why he made this technology his focus was keeping the earth of the case where you want to live with these devices improving your life in Tesla was just so far ahead of his time in so many ways I mean I think it's great that we kind of transitioned the Tesla conference the Tesla science conference into something that involved all forms of alternative energy resources that could be being implemented it's it was this year's conference was something that was uh in many ways bigger than Tesla it was all about hidden and occulted energy sources and technologies that haven't seen the light of day because of certain vested corporate interests and now you know we had everything there from rife technology to any gravity to something like this that is based in hydrogen and existing Tesla technology that again people just simply aren't aware of they haven't done the the homework they haven't read the literature that's out there they they haven't really gotten into the mindset of someone like a Tesla a genius like him who really understood that energy is really all around us in abundant quantities and it's it's just up to us to tap into that in a safe way in an effective way in a way that doesn't degrade the living planet on which we depend for life which is a living organism which is well the other reason that the subtracting thing is ridiculous human by generates methane gas as a part of this processes as well right you need anybody talking about capping human beings to get the methane gas right right and that's basically the in terms of the finality what we're doing with our planet which is a living organism and the other technology that's people all understand this is nuking an energy thing it's just a Tesla turbine and again that has fission material generating steam to power a turbine now there actually is available hydrogen modules that generate heat that could be poor allow you to pull the nuclear hot box out and replace it with a hydrogen box Manistee other green technology that is not understood is available but the question is can we get enough people being on the elected officials calling them signing petitions to get this transition underway be because what people need to understand is that money is for in the political process it was really holding up this process financing is available because of the worldwide pollution process that fossil fuels has created through verifiable mission ruff reductions certification process so once we get the political people to say go ahead do it and we're interested Philadelphia the citizens are full off of it only their gas works only a Water Works and on the biggest stockholders and pìkô because it used to be a hundred percent owned by the city for a year before they because T soon will be sold off to people like this Jasper hold it right there we'll continue this conversation on the other side of the break we're coming up to the second hour of the program for today taking your calls on the other side ladies and gentlemen if you have any questions for Jasper Jones of the River City the hydrogen project all in and ask we'll be right back everyone stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we're talking to the river city the hydrogen Dream Team senior consultant engineer Jasper Jones River City the hydrogen project here in Philadelphia is attempting to convert our electrical generating system here in Philadelphia to a hydrogen basis and this would be able to stop fracking this will be able to help clean up the environment through the way it intelligently puts our sewage to use as a means of energy and it's basically would require a very little in the way of a redesign of existing infrastructure because it would use the free flow of water and sewage that already exists here in the city of Philadelphia so Jasper um I have a question for you um this saw this really this technology doesn't require any combustion as I understand that is that correct now that's what's interesting about this of the technology which is the intelligent technology is not involve combustion that's been certified to them by the different viewing agencies which was vixx's unique the electrolysis of water the super electrolysis of water uses a ceramic screen haploid screen and it doesn't require in hazardous material in the process unlike some of the other technologies as well the Eco augur technology as an improvement to not cause any harm to the water habitat of marine life so we have here pollution free combustion - as we effective say you can locate this in an urban environment because it's low heat and low pressure would say that's one of the hallmarks of new energy systems in general is that they're not really based on explosive technologies like nuclear energy or like combustion technologies as we use them in in engines today for our cars etc these are technologies that basically work through I guess you could call it a symbiosis an existing energy that is already there that you're gently tapping into as a float as opposed to exploding things exploding matter to basically tap into that of that explosive form of energy that really is wasteful and you doesn't nearly have the amount of efficiency as something like this what's important to understand is that you're not destroying the environment these technologies we're actually enhancing the environment with these technologies and one that we didn't short Rafi was the thermal hydrogen technology which replaced the nuclear facility that's important because unbeknownst to most people uranium is reaching peak production it's going to be problems with supply that starting next year it's been predicted so not only could this system move us away from the existing polluting basis of our electrical generation not only would it move us away from fracking but it can also reduce our dependency on on nuclear energy as well it's not correct yes because remember now when you're talking about with nuclear energy is steam heated by fission material generating heat to converts water to steam so you can replace that we need to be looking at that and the amount of energy Jasper hold it right there worked up this with a short segment we'll be coming right back after this break I want to ask you about how people in this area can get involved in this project and can support it so we'll talk about that on the other side of the break stay with us everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening our special guest today Jasper Jones of the River City the hydrogen project we'll be right back ambu [Music] behind the girl [Music] I'll make my fire day [Music] that's why they told me welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show I'm interviewing Jasper Jones of the River City to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia Jasper I have another question for you tell masseurs how they can get involved in in support of this great project here in Philadelphia if they're in the Philadelphia area what can they do to get involved with making River City to hydrogen a reality well we can sign the petition our petitions coms last petition /r c th which is a petition for electronic petition is online which they can sign they can contact us by sending us an e-mail to the philadelphia new majority Council which is part of a crop Action Team which is involved with educating people on their rights because that was the other thing that I discovered that I had to get involved with to get people to understand that they own the government they own all the natural resources let me quote this from the Pennsylvania Constitution all power is inherent in the people and all free governments are founded on their authority and esteem for their peace safety and happiness for the Advancement of these and other they have a at all times an embeddable individual right to alter reform abolish their government in such manner as they may think proper that is from the Pennsylvania Constitution is actually the duty of people to monitor what's going on with the government because under Article 27 which I discovered no nobody knew about in Philadelphia the people have a right to clean air pure water into the preservation the natural scenic historical and aesthetic guidance of the environment Pennsylvania's public natural resources or a common property of all the people including generations yet to come as trustees of these resources the Commonwealth's your conserve and maintain them for the of all the people what that means is that the government doesn't have the authority to use the assets of the people in any way that does not give them a benefit and we see the opposite of that happen the different use of government money our money to put in place the infrastructure to do fracking can write the net the net result is a net negative because you only can track once in when the fracking process is finished you've disturbed the water table for 10,000 years to take 10,000 years while the table to come back and that's from a multi-million dollar study that was done looking into this problem after the fact and not because this article requires right and these articles are actually in the Pennsylvania Constitution requiring such clean technologies to be implemented and they're breaking their own law they're they're completely ignoring the constitution of this state that's correct right that conversation so never been had in mainstream media and technically that's that's criminal you know they're they're taking an oath of office to that Constitution and then they're completely ignoring it and that's basically acting in a criminal capacity that is correct and that turn for this offense is treason right or says I have a statute of limitations so um to go back to a citizen involvement how could people actually get involved you have something that you call the community rebirth organization plan or crop for short would you like to explain that to the listening audience yes the community we were organization clean action team looked at all of the things the seven right now those seven things that we mentioned at the beginning of the show and said how do we educate people so that they realize that they don't have to take this stuff didn't land in China and not in Europe by the way in Europe only owned the crown bank money they locked you up people need to understand and be educated so we created that infrastructure and people can get involved with that infrastructure by sending us an email to Philly n MC at yahoo.com does asking for Jasper Jones and send you information on the new majority council process and I'll be happy to send it to you and it talks about educating people on the Constitution because one of the things I did not see a single time occur is someone to read the Constitution over the inner the listening audience in mainstream media and that's critical for people to understand that they have a right and duty to take action on these issues because it's hurting them even more importantly it really the the elected officials that are acting in completely illegal capacities really need to understand that that document is supposed to have placed restraints upon what they may and may not do and actually it's also basically dictating to these efficiencies elected officials quote unquote what they must do for their constituency in if they're to fulfill that the oath of that office and they're not doing that clearly they're completely ignoring that they're completely uh you know flaunting that oath that they took and just saying well we can basically step in here and take over and do whatever we want and you know as long as people don't hold them to account that that dynamic is going to get worse not better that is correct and that's why we created the community rebirth organization plan the crop action team to provide access to websites and information and to educate people on the technologies that could change the quality of our life and then can you go back to the future that's what okay I actually remember before stuff really got bad here in Philadelphia and they essentially the government worked for the benefit of the people and they had a green program and what they didn't have the word then but in Philadelphia the garbage that you produced in your home you put it in a separate bucket and people came over from Jersey they picked it up and they said it to hogs in Jersey then they sent the Hogs back to slaughterhouses in Philadelphia and that's how we got a meatpacking industry mmm the glass and the cans put in a separate thing and that was fed to our glass and steel industries to be recycled paper was packaged up separate and I was sent to recycling for the manufacturer packaging material because we had a big food packing industry in full offer and that's their duty that was the that happened because they passed zoning to make that happen that's when the people in the government were doing a job and he got away from that and maybe came the government began essentially doing the kinds of things that they're doing now they don't really benefit the people because the people stop me and talk about their constitution and what bid duties were as citizens to make this to make the government work for them it's so true and only we can really turn this around you know we have to actually step up and take action and get involved that's why things like the Tesla energy independence celebrations are so important here in Philadelphia because they bring great projects like this to the attention of the public so we'll continue to talk about this solution on the other side of the break my guest today is Jasper Jones of the river city the hydrogen project here in Philadelphia stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we're back to call in number to talk to Jasper Jones eight six six eight four one one zero six five eight six six eight four one one zero six five you call in you'll go right to the top of the line we don't have any callers as of yet if you have any questions you could also type them into the chat room at what on earth is happening comm / radio the radio show page and I'll do my best to field questions from that area as well Jasper are continuing to talk about a movement on the part of the people to get involved in implementing technology such as this that are sustainable and clean well you do have a petition online too for people to sign to get this to push this forward here in Philadelphia you want to tell listeners a little bit about that yes hi petitions comm slash petition /r c th today you'll find river c2 hydrogen competition the electronic petition for people to sign in support of moving away from fossil fuels using the river city to hydrogen technology super electrolysis super seeing reformatting which will give us energy sovereignty for Philadelphia absolutely not our energy sovereignty and put that money into the stream not our community so people can afford it let me repeat that only what's in that URL real quick for folks it's I petitions dot-com / petition /r c th i'll post a link with the podcast as well but once again it's i petitions dot-com / petition /r c th river city to hydrogen you can go there if you want to support this effort to have the River City the hydrogen project implemented here in Philadelphia okay Jasper you can continue okay you send me an email to PLO I in MC at yahoo.com that's our outreach email for people to want to receive information on our mobilization strategies for people to begin exercising a constitutional right to freedom people have forgotten that they're in the United States with these great constitutions that make you the citizens the collected coins and coins kings and kings of society unlike other societies in the world they have Kings and El Presidente's in America under a great constitutions the people are the kings and queens collectively we are sovereign and we need to start acting like it exactly and this also is a great segue into the other issue that we were talking about bananas the indigenous culture versus the Imperial culture in a digital society all citizens were sovereign right and the environment is sovereign and that everything that we do in indigenous society is in harmony with the earth and in indigenous society that existed here there was no pollution prisons of poverty prior to the advent of the Imperial culture that's right now just for just to give folks a brief background we were discussing this off the air you sent me some documentation on the River City to hydrogen project and the crop initiative the crop New Deal now in one of these documents I believe it was a crop New Deal show introduction that you had outlined some of the guidelines for behavior that are shared amongst indigenous cultures and there were ten of these guidelines and I they just struck me as very profound when I read them with your permission maybe I'll post some of these documents to the podcast with this podcast on my website uh if you want these distributed in any kind of a wider sense I'm willing to do that and post them up to my website it's up to you I'll talk about that with you off the air afterward but um if you wanted to do that I mean these concepts we've now entered what our people call up with your fourth pearl yes in the fourth crow period is we seek to restore the environment and restore Liberty and that's our ex parity and health too a planet which is a living me into all the living beings on the planet through a process of introducing people to the hidden indigenous culture which is an interesting experience for me being born on the third crow where we were required to hide because people didn't understand our society and so so the other tenants have been kept sort of been hiding they've been suppressed and kept underneath the surface but now that you know we're trying to bring these uh these ideals back up above the surface and help them to thrive exactly because this technology which is what in leading the effort to get people off of fossil fuels which is an environmentally destructive technology so these are right these are guidelines that can help us in our daily life to basically exercise our sovereignty and then help to put our knowledge into action in the world such that we can develop solutions such as these technologies exactly it basically begins the process of teaching people the concept underlying overarching concept with this is that you can't eat money right that's right in western Pennsylvania found that out and they to their horror look and saw that the streams have been poisoned and all the fish had died right they realized it and we've been tricked so we've sort of saved the the deepest effort for the end here I guess you could say this is really the underlying fundamental philosophy that underlies your drive to implement such projects with a very fair assessment every a fair assessment and that I was raised up under this indigenous culture where which is basically operates under the great law of peace and love which is a better translation into English where you respect everything in the environment and your sense of the show love which is in Christianity that's basically God is a God of unconditional love in terms of physic dr. Samuel West who pioneered an explanation how the cell functions discovered that the cellular pump which is basically a hydrogen energy process receives an energy contribution that can only be come from God to actually make it work in this concept of expecting the environment loving one another creates at love potential in the environment and you should be living and working with technologies that are compatible with love of the environment and that's what we're talking about here hydrogen technology the Age of Aquarius because if you want to think about it we're talking about here it's getting our power from water right we get our power from water you have no pollution and the intelligent echnology creates organic fertilizer so we have an abundance of food and Jasper think about it water symbolically has always represented care it has represented the spiritual aspect of our existence exactly we want to get people to understand it what we're talking about here I mean transforming the energy infrastructure but transforming the way people think in that this transformation to this to these technologies open up the possibility of unlimited abundance as we get people to understand that we're living allowing ourselves to be ruled over by people that don't respect Constitution that's really the problem here we are not respecting the existing Constitution they are applying concepts from an alien culture ill Anthony United States to this situation you cannot eat money if you you've let go on fossil fuels switch over to these technologies in Philadelphia which is the first free city state to break away from the Imperial Europe system when you will have prosperity good Jasper hold it right there we're going to be taking another short break when we come back I'd like you to present to the listeners a little bit about the guidelines for behavior that are taught in these indigenous cultures if you listed ten of them in the document maybe perhaps we can go over those and I do have some questions from the chat room that I'd like to get to as well so that'll be coming up and we come back ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening with my special guest Jasper Jones we'll be right back [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host Mark patio my guest today Jasper Jones of the River City the hydrogen project here in Philadelphia we were talking before the break about some of the philosophy that underlays of the technology that we've been talking about and Jasper follows some indigenous guidelines for behavior and these are really what drives his intent these are what drives his actions to do something like what he's attempting to implement here in Philadelphia so I'd like to just briefly read for you these ten guidelines for behavior that are practiced in these indigenous cultures and I want you to take a really good listen to how these completely overlap and have such significant parallels to all of the things that we've been talking about on what on earth is happening for the past two two years okay so here they are these are these indigenous guidelines for behavior number one remain close to the Great Spirit Almighty God the Great Spirit ladies and gentleman spirit because of the decline of spirit the connection to spirit that's why we're in the circumstance the precarious circumstance that we are in as a species so that's number one is remain close to that Great Spirit to treat the earth and all that dwell therein with respect treat the earth and all that dwell therein with respect three show great respect for your fellow beings for work together for the benefit of all mankind five give assistance and kindness were ever needed six do what you know to be right do what you know to be right seven look after the well-being of mind and body mind and body eight dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good nine be truthful and honest at all times and ten take full responsibility for your actions take full responsibility for your actions I mean I I couldn't put any better I wholeheartedly agree with that philosophy on life and that those indigenous guidelines for behavior if we practice them and if we put them into practice in our daily lives we wouldn't be beset with the problems that this species is beset with in our current time we wouldn't have the convergence of all the possibilities for disaster that we have right now taking place on this planet we would be living a existence that is in harmony with the laws of nature and ultimately we would not be creating the self-inflicted suffering that we see all around us right now in our day and age so Jasper I'd like to get your comments on those guidelines for behavior that you sent over to me earlier in the week and they just struck me as so profound I had to bring them up on the air well let me tell you about what I was raised up I actually was taken out into the hot park and into the area down south by my grandparents and I was actually instructed that all of this stuff was created by God and that it all has a mission and my job was to find what the mission of everything was and live harmony with it those actual instructions given to me as a child and one of the other things that I was taught by my deaf father who was a MacArthur Marine was how to defend myself and not to take to do the right thing and people don't do the right thing with you that you should deal with them accordingly so that you would be a man basically that was it training to live life in harmony with the environment and due to the right thing and to show love for one another and our family and clan that's basically what these rules are about the lay out a pattern of life with you except that all existence can you from a creator and that he wants you to live in harmony and love in your life and then you may encounter people that disagree with this but you should be hold steadfast this way of life because in the end the Great Spirit is over you and I find people have problems with that I've been in vigeous imperial religious institutions and the people have a tendency to believe that they're on a power of God in that they have right that from light rain doesn't exist that's right and that's part of the biggest reason why we're facing the challenges that we're facing as a species because very unfortunately people really think that uh you know they can step on other people's rights with impunity that they can act as a God on earth and not you know control other people and attempt to maintain that control and not just a completely treadle and everybody everyone else's natural rights all around them so um these 10 guidelines I just think are really from the heart and really on how to display a deep understanding of what I have called natural law which I'm increasingly beginning to simply call spiritual law you know that this higher power that exists above us that operates at all times in places and it's really up to us to understand what those laws are so that we can align our behaviors to them align our actions to them so that we're not creating suffering for ourselves these laws aren't any kind of confines or imprisonment these laws are there for our greater benefit and if we simply open our minds of them will will come into harmony with them yes one of those laws did run into all the time because I do as you noted naturopathic work which is one of the things that Tesla was into right this is energy therapy yes people don't know that if you fail to take care of the body if you put garbage in you become garbage because you'd be you become everyday but you think eat drink inhale and don't eliminate that's right so you have to follow and become conscious of the mind and body so that you don't pollute the body to the point where your it becomes an unfit home for human spirit and something else will move in that's exactly right see that we see that going on all around us and yeah it took me a while to get that one and I started to get it when I was out in South Central LA trying to stop the 92 rebellion and after going through an only ridiculous experience over an 18-month period we'd help thousands of people and got a coalition together where people said oh we walk this stuff we get to the last guy because the protocols with the federal government is that you have to have the last highest level official can send a letter saying they want the waiver program to come in the highest level official asked the community leader who was the no bride man for bride and my presence that of course was like a stunning experience considering what I was working on and that's when I began to look at really closely the difference between indigenous and Imperial society because if the man was from indigenous society he would have known that you know you can't eat money it'd be much better that we improve the conditions in our community so we can all live in peace and harmony and prosperity and him just getting a bribe Jasper related to the guidelines for behavior I have a question from the chat room and it's about care do you see care on the part of the general population on the rise of in relation to the implementation of such technologies do you see people getting involved more do you see them caring about the this technology more I see some people but most people are ignorant technology it was six illiteracy that I discovered going around the country working and coming up with a national model for which is based on me energy technology for rehabilitating the disaster areas like Philadelphia and people didn't have spiritual literacy they have technological literacy and he didn't have basic literacy the most definitely one was spiritual literacy because he has spiritual literacy then you've understanding the need for these cleaning technologies and the answer is with people that know spirituality and understand technology those people are getting involved with the general public this engineer these things you know they're not getting involved that's why we have to have people who are conscious to begin to try and educate their fellow citizens because we don't have much time to put this stuff in place that's running with a downward trend get so past so much momentum a little bit of turning around Jasper someone also asked for links to information about the technological processes can we give the websites I believe one was for proton on site yeah if you google proton one site or intelligent now those web sites pretty well come up Brian I can give them I can give them over the air right now and I'll link them with the podcast proton on site calm and intelligence calm I end te ll er gy in each allergy calm those will be linked with the podcast as well for people to check out the technologies on their own we have one more segment coming up with our special guest Jasper Jones stay with us everyone you listen to what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting radio network we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to you what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening dot-com this is the last segment for this edition of the show we're talking to Jasper Jones of the River City the hydrogen project here in Philadelphia Jasper we have a couple other comments from the chat room and we do have a caller on the line so one of the comments in the chat room was have you ever thought of trying to pitch this idea in your in the European Union because they seem to be a little bit more eco tech friendly or eco tech oriented have you ever thought of possibly attempting that to take this idea overseas and reviewing access to finance one of the things that's available is finance from European foreign banks for this project they actually have an allocation of green project money allocated to United States projects if we can get the city authority government to just say they are interested in this class include Europeans sources believe it or not it's available Wow curious about the situation so they're willing to throw money behind this but the city of Philadelphia just needs to show the interest that's right Wow it's an off-the-shelf patented technology let me see that again off-the-shelf patented technology there's no them configured in this way that we have put forward before this is what makes this a unique project and so now there's no time in intelligent and configured their technology focusing around their primary technologies what I did as a configuration management engineer is brought in additional technologies didn't you bring these technologies together you implement them in a systematic fashion you get a synergetic effect and because all of these technologies are patented and produced meet all the requirements of glean the Clean Development Mechanism will be United Nations the green tag markets they call them emission reduction credits certificates whatever name you want to use a lot of that financing is to European financial markets and European banks is readily available very interesting another comment from the chat do you think that this technology can come about without a massive insurgence of disapproval of big oil on the part of the general population all the general population and the general population that we're talking about at the city of Philadelphia right residents and citizens is to call City Council and say they've had enough right now there's a full of energy Authority that's been created and what currently they were created for from what I could see was to cover provide cover for them privatizing the gas works in spite of knowing about this technology because the impediment offered resources from the big oil lobby of course essentially the only thing that the citizens have to do is stand up now and act like citizens if the people stand up now because this technology is off the shelf that financing is available we can lower the gas bills keep the money in throughout the county create a boom it's important that people understand that in Philadelphia County there were one out of five jobs caused from the manufacturing sector and then being held back by having to pay for expensive energy and we can fix that and in the coming third Industrial Revolution which involves 3d printing technology the technologies that we're talking about implementing here will provide an abundant supply of composite carbon powder type materials that are needed to provide the raw materials for that industry to have a boom so rip people be providing that to our industry and create a boom so that citizens have a self interest at this point they're standing up and acting like sovereign citizens and stepping to the City Council be honest it's like we've said here on what on earth is happening in numerable times it's all about really saying no to what you know to be wrong it's about saying no to what you know to be destructive to what you know to be counterproductive to human evolutionary progress and if we don't say no we're tacitly sitting by and really saying yes to this continued environmental degradation and continuing corruption that's going on keeping these are these are existing systems that really can be implemented immediately of from coming to fruition so unless we say no to those old outmoded systems and we put pressure on everyone around us to wake up understand what is possible look into it for yourself understand the science behind it and know that it's just a matter of willpower to make this occur you know nothing's going to change magically on its own people have to get involved in some capacity if they just send me an eating on the pill again I'm seeing at yahoo.com requesting information on River City the hygiene program action plan I'll send it to them if they just go to the petition and sign it if they talk to their friends you can even leave me a message at 2:06 2 or 3 26 61 206 2 or 326 61 I'm happy to get back to you on this issue because we are at critical mass people don't understand how bad the situation is yes the rural financial markets are still in turmoil but this particular market because people in Europe which is what the guy was alluding to understand how bad the situation more people have died from heat waves in Europe and here in the United States and so people in those markets those markets are becoming stronger every year for the type of instrument verified emission reduction instruments that this project creates and so we have the opportunity now that we need to start this process because this would be a national model for every rid of River City in the United States and think about it folks every major city in the United States is a river city so we need to do this entire problem but I'll also make those resources available on the site so people can click those links and check out the technology and sign the petition etc this is this for our people this is called a fourth crow and this will heal the Earth making these green technologies that are green and clean that spread the wealth around because one of the projects elements for long term capital finance is to take intake gasworks and water department combined them into the Philadelphia energy and water works and turn it into a direct customer home people only now but you can restructure it into a modern structure irrelevant but it is analogous to terrorists atoll socialist corporation in photography they're turning into an actual modern-day capitalist cooperative structure cooperative structures that utilize modern administrative protocols is what we must move to if we're going to get the full benefit from what we own in our utilities Jasper let's press squeeze in a quick call here we go Richard from Washington you're live on what on earth is happening you have a question for mr. Jasper Jones yeah I'm fully supporter supporting of what Jess was doing and I totally support the indigenous guidelines and now that you've restated at the spiritual laws and what I'm saying is in the hope that we can accomplish what he's trying to accomplish what he has to understand is some zoo says you have to know your enemy your enemy is now the corporations and the Constitution's the constitutions were not what our founding fathers gave us they were created to enslave us a constitution by definition uses the people the corporation is defined as the people it's not the human beings you're talking about the people are the board of directors which enslave us and unless you understand suu you can't withdraw from the Constitution's which are both the state of Philadelphia or state of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia you have to start afresh and get out of that system to be successful you're saying they've tried to draw us into that corporate system by defining us as employees of that corporation your response to that Jasper well if you look at the Pennsylvania Constitution which is a more true translation of the protocols of the Confederation but then Franklin it actually has in there an article 27 that the people the people own all the natural resources and the resources are to be used in maximum benefit and the government is just a trucks T of those resources what has happened which is correct and that they have tricked people and the day is to crown congregations in to become an employee of a crown corporation and the original government process which is the government is only trustee and the people are inside has been subverted Jasper fascinating and an incredible show that's all unfortunately the time we have for today I want to thank you so much for coming on and being a great and informative guest here on what on earth this happened thank you so much Jasper thank you it would be a pleasure absolutely ladies and gentlemen Jasper Jones of the River City to hydrogen project here in Philadelphia I'll post a bunch of resources with the podcast to go along with this show check it out and see you here next week ladies and gentlemen thanks for listening [Music] you