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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday August 19 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central we have a great show planned for you here today and it is going to be a controversial show indeed today on the show we're talking about the ultimate expression of domination carnism the religion and that's what it is if we're honest with ourself about killing that has the main belief system of killing animals and eating their dead flesh to quote nourish ourselves we're going to be talking about carnism in no uncertain terms here today no punches being pulled on what on earth is happening and let me give the tagline for the show before I even offend anyone get as offended as you like as regarding what's going to be said on the show today because it's gonna be hard hitting and as I said it's gonna be very controversial and what I'm gonna do at the beginning when we get into the subject matter is really define what the word controversial means because it's a word that's actually been hijacked in the English language and we don't really understand its real meaning so carnism a topic that I may be covering for two weeks I don't know it depends on how quickly I can get through this material it's a whole lot of material and it's information dense so that's the topic coming up for today and possibly next week future topics are going to include women's role in the non-supportive dominators remember we're still on the subtopic in the solutions section of the non-supportive dominators and that's why carnism plays such a big role in this again as I said it's the ultimate expression of domination that taking of another's life so we're going to talk continue this topic for as long as it takes to get through it and then I'm going to be talking about women's role in how they can influence men who are dominators in their lives how they can be a strong supporting influence in helping men to get over this need to dominate others and to want to be part of this chain of obedience women can help with that task of changing their minds and they can step into that in a powerful way that's gonna be coming up in a week or two on this show then we'll be doing two entire call-in shows on the topic of the non support of dominators which we've been talking about for many weeks and before we even get to that I want to reiterate this in the weeks before we lead up to the show I am going to have prerequisites if you want to come on this onto the show if you want to call in and speak about carnism only that topic will have a prerequisite or a limitation place if you want to talk about any other area of domination of the non-supportive dominators it's completely open lines but if you want to talk about carnism particularly if you want to speak in defense of carnism I'm setting a ground rule for the show for these two shows I'm allowed to do that this is my radio show and if I want to set a ground rule for a topic of discussion I think that's perfectly fair so the only ground rule when we do these call-in shows in a couple of weeks if you want to speak on carnism or the support of carnism is i will first ask you if you have seen the movie earthlings in its entirety that means from beginning to end not in chunks or sections have you sat down and watched that movie in its entirety then you can talk about carnism but I'm not taking Hall's on carnism from anyone who has not seen the movie earthlings from beginning to end that's the only stipulation that's the only ground rule I'm setting for the discussion on the non support of dominators because I have a feeling that a lot of people are gonna want to call in and talk about the topic I'm going to introduce today because of how controversial it is and we're going to again define what that term really means here today so that's coming up on what on earth is happening I have many event announcements so please bear with me and this is again some people like that I do this some people don't like that I do this I feel this is one of the most important aspects of the communication on this show is explaining to people what events are going on in your area this is Philadelphia is my area that's where I'm from I'm gonna use this as a platform to promote other local activists in what they're doing so and that's also to influence other people to get involved and be active and create a community in their area so I think this is one of the most important aspects of the show and I will be continuing to give local event announcements that are happening here in my area for the people that listen to this show in this area so they know what's going on here other people who have events in their area you should do anything you can to promote them and bring other people out and get them actively involved in spreading the message of true freedom so many events coming up here it's very busy things are picking up I mean it - it is - the year of prophecy change 2012 and I mean things are really accelerating and ramping up and that is shown by the level of activity things that are going on so the free your mind - conference of course coming up next year this is going to be the biggest event in this entire area in 2013 April 25th 26th and 27th 2013 for your mine returns to Philadelphia a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult free your mind who returns to Philadelphia in 2013 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first four your mind conference with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times challenging times an understatement to say the least the dates April 25th 26th and 27th 2013 doors will open at 8 a.m. on each day the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house 3:20 Arch Street here in Philadelphia admission prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday evening speaker meet-and-greet with light vegetarian and vegan fare $20 for the Friday conference $40 for the saturday conference $40 for all three days including the speaker meet-and-greet if you want the full package a 10% $10 discount on the whole price $120 tickets are already available if you want to get your tickets to reserve your tickets in advance go to the conference website and there's information there on how to get your tickets the featured speakers so far Allen Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan kertus davis freighter x freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Joseph Meyer Laura Eisenhower myself Mark passio and Mark P blur more great speakers will be added as the week's go on here leading up to the conference we are already talking to a few other people and will be announcing confirmations probably as early as next week so for more information on this great coming up here next year in April here in Philadelphia visit WWF really need help and assistance in organizing this conference if you are in the Philadelphia area please if you want to be involved in the organization of this conference in any way give me an email send me an email at mark at what on earth is happening calm or mark at free your mind conference calm we still need organizers to help we do not have enough help I'm sending this call out publicly we do not have enough help this year as it stands we have a very small core team of organizers who cannot do this alone we are admitting that we cannot do this with the numbers that we have we need more conference organizers who are serious about this who understand why something like this needs to be done who understands the issues involved and can dedicate some of their time to helping with this conference if you are in the Philadelphia area and you want to dedicate some time to or helping to organize this conference please get in touch with me okay so in regards to help with the conference from a monetary perspective because people don't just fly themselves out and lodge themselves of course to bring people together which is what a conference means con meaning together and fair a meaning to carry or to bring bringing people together has costs associated with it since people in this world still believe in money unfortunately I wish it weren't that way but to bring these people to a live venue to gather them together and have a great event like this we are going to have costs associated with that so to offset those costs we're going to have a series of font raisers and we're going to bring people powerful information and entertainment in these fundraisers the first free ermine to conference fundraiser is coming up here in Philadelphia on Saturday September 15 2012 at eight o'clock pm at Liberty's Pub Liberty's restaurant and bar pay liberties is in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia at 705 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount it's going to be a 15 dollar donation at the door and this fundraiser will feature a special presentation by me called The Matrix trilogy decoded I'm going to break down the entire allegory of the Matrix trilogy movies and explain what it really means decode the entire allegory for people in a unique presentation people have been looking forward to this for quite a while I'm going to do it as a special part of this fundraiser coming up on September 15th at Liberty's pub here in Philadelphia 2nd & Fairmount 8 o'clock p.m. all proceeds will go toward offsetting the costs associated with bringing in out-of-town speakers for the conference in April conference tickets will also be available at the conference fundraiser this is fundraiser number one there will be several more before the conference arrives ok so the next event announcement is the truth freedom prosperity screening and descri nning and discussion night this is always free this is always on the last Thursday of every month at Essene market and cafe 719 South 4th Street the corner of 4th and Monroe in Philadelphia this will be taking place Thursday August 30th from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. this month were screening the film original intent by James Yaeger and James Yaeger the filmmaker and producer will be present to introduce the film and then take questions at the end of the screening of original intent part 1 it's a three hour film we're going to show part 1 an hour and a half of it at the first screening night this August and the second one coming up in September we will complete the film originally part two so this is going to be an epic documentary and it's going to be an epic documentary night at a scene because we're gonna have the filmmaker of the film James Yaeger who also produced Fiat Empire that the film he's probably best known for introducing the film and taking questions at the end so it's gonna be a great night come on out to truth freedom prosperities free monthly documentary screening and discussion night Thursday August 30th at 6:30 p.m. at a scene food market in Philadelphia for more information on this event go to truth freedom prosperity dot org the end the Fed rally for Philadelphia will be coming up on September 22nd Saturday September 22nd at twelve o'clock p.m. this is part of the larger nationwide and the Fed event that's going to be taking place at every single Federal Reserve Bank in the entire country if there's a Federal Reserve Bank in your area there will be an event and end the Fed event taking place at it on September 22nd it's a nationally coordinated event I have been asked by the coordinators of this event to speak at the Philadelphia and the Fed rally that's going to be happening Saturday September 22nd 12 o'clock p.m. in front of the Federal Reserve branch in Philadelphia at 6th and arch streets so I will also actually be speaking with many other great speakers I don't have the full list but I do know that Larkin rose a good friend he has been on this show he was a speaker at the first for your mind conference he will also be appearing as a speaker at the Philadelphia and the Fed rally Saturday September 22nd at 12 o'clock p.m. in front of the Federal Reserve Bank branch Bank act sixth and arch Street here in Philadelphia I'll have more specific details on this event as it approaches for more information you can go to truth freedom prosperity org or you could also go to the nationwide and the Fed site at end the Fed 2012 dot-com that's end the Fed 2012 dot-com I will also be speaking at the Pennsylvania MUFON East Coast Conference coming up at the end of September September 28th 29th and 30 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania there's many other great speakers for this event including john Ventre frank Ficino junior sous y Tech Karen Dolan Stan Gordon Travis Walton Rob's Y Tech Peter Robbins grant Cameron Richard Dolan Steven Bassett and myself and I've just found out that I've been put as the last speaker on Sunday right before the panel discussion I have a great spot I'm really thrilled that they've given me that later spot and I think it's gonna really be a great night lots of great speakers on Sunday including myself grant Cameron Richard Dolan and Steven Bassett my presentation at this conference for the mutual UFO network out of Pennsylvania will be entitled morality and disclosure moral issues involved in the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomenon it's a topic I don't often get into especially here on what on earth is happening I have spoken on it at past conferences but this is a great opportunity with a lot of phenomenal speakers for more information on this conference please visit MUFON PA that's m UF o NP a.com or you can also visit main line MUFON comm a group that I also work with here in the Philadelphia area in the suburban region mainline MUFON comm is their website and you can click on annual conference to read BIOS and topics of the speakers for this conference okay I was all this show called unpinned on the critical mass radio network out of the united kingdom unpinned with paul rip on i did this show this past tuesday and it is now up in the news section of the what on earth is happening website so you can check that out I got into psychopathy heavily on this show and that the topics the characteristics of a psychopath and this is something that I think I'm going to actually talk about a little bit when we talk about carnism because carnism particularly the practice of actually doing the slaughter of these animals that are then consumed actually creates secondary psychopathy that is one of the effects of working in a slaughterhouse is that you actually become a secondary psychopath even if you aren't a primary one genetically it can actually make you into through the desensitization to suffering into a secondary psychopath and that's one of the dangers which we'll be talking about today last event announcement I have is that the ad-free chip in for the show stands at seven hundred dollars we need to raise one thousand by the end of October so I want to thank everyone who has contributed it has gone much better than my wildest expectations please continue to make your generous donations and every little bit helps and it is all heartfelt lis appreciated and we can get powerful information out without the kind of kinds of interruptions that you know we were used to here on the show so let's get into our topic for today and again as I said this topic is quite controversial so what does controversial really mean and by the way all of the slides that I'm going to be referring to can be found on the what on earth is happening dot-com website go to the radio show page and right underneath the player for the radio show you will see images for today's show as always these provide numeric links you can click them and follow a slideshow of images that that deal with what I'm going to be talking about here today the first image was for the free or mine conference the second image was for the fundraiser the third image was for the MUFON PA East Coast Conference the fourth image were on the entire topic the entire section of this radio show slash presentation that I call the way out which is all about solutions oriented approaches to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness image number five simply is the listing of the grassroots solutions that I talked about here on the show ten of them overall we've gone through all of the ones in the left-hand column and are making our way through the right-hand column now with the non-supportive dominators we've already actually looked at the development of mindfulness coming up on the show we will talk about using entheogens or psychedelics in a positive conscious context for transformation of consciousness the power of positive thinking and the responsibility that we have ultimately once we have taken enough information into ourselves to then help others to awaken by putting information out there freely for other people that's coming up we are of course still talking about the non supportive dominators with the topic of carnism being as I've called it the ultimate expression of domination and again this is a controversial topic we're looking at image number seven now on the slide show the word controversial is radically misunderstood in the English language radically misunderstood people think due to repetition and obfuscation and simply accepting the connotative meaning of a word but never looking at the root meaning of the word or the etymological meaning that conveys so much more and deeper information about the true intent and the true meaning the word through this obfuscation and this repetition mind control technique we have come to believe and accept that the actual true definition of controversial simply means debatable or disputable something that is arguable and can be debated that is not let me emphatically state that is not what the word controversial means the word controversial comes from and is derived from the Latin language the Latin prefix contra and you can look this up in any Latin dictionary any physical Latin dictionary you could download digital Latin dictionaries so you could look it up you could use online ones and confirm this the word contra which is the first part of the word controversial means facing face to face or against up against okay and that's when we're talking about opposition oppositional okay contra it means up against face to face with that's what the first part of the word means so what are we face to face with or up against well we need to look at the second part of the word versio this comes from the latin verb ver so ver sorry and this means to change or to alter and a lot of people say well that word means to turn as well yes verse over sorry also does mean to turn but it doesn't mean physical turning like the turning of a doorknob it means changing like the turning of the seasons transformation one thing turning into something else that's the cut the actual meaning of when when we're talking about which concept of turning the word verse over sorry means in Latin it means to change into turning from one thing to another okay metamorphosis transformation and that's what controversial ultimately means it means coming face to face with changing coming face to face with having to change because information has come your way and has explained what really is versus what you previously believed about it and stayed attached to the belief about it and that's why this topic is controversial not because it's really debatable not because that there is holes in the argument I'm going to make I'm not really making an argument I'm going to state the truth about what is in nature what actually exists I'm gonna state the truth about what this religion is about regardless of whether anyone thinks that it's a religion or not that is in fact exactly what it is I'm going to state the truth in moral terms about what we're doing to ourselves as a result of continuing this practice and I honestly am finished caring who it offends like I said at the top of the show get as offended as you like it doesn't make a difference when we're up against truth we either have to change or we are going to experience horrific consequences and that's not the only reason we should choose to engage in the truth and to align our behavior with truth not just for selfish reasons ultimately you have to do it because we understand that it's the truth and for no other reason because serving the truth ultimately is the will of creation for us and if we do that we're not going to create any self-inflicted suffering and will ultimately ultimately be able to create whatever we want out of this construct that we call physical reality we will be able to manifest our real desires and I'm not talking about lesser lower desires based desires I'm talking about creating what is truly beneficial and good and orderly and beneficial to evolutionary progress in consciousness for ourselves the higher self ultimately so controversial means absolutely means face to face with changing having to look at yourself in the mirror and say now that I know this I know that I'm going to have to change and I'm gonna tell an anecdote about that when I realized this I won't do that right now I'll do that later on possibly even next week depending on how I have a lot of information to get through this is again gonna be an information dense program so I've briefly told the anecdote on the show before but I'm gonna reiterate it and explain to people how I went through this process from carnism to abandoning carnism and how long that took for me so it wasn't an overnight process although when I did start it it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be it was actually much easier so let's define what I mean by carnism because carnism is not a term that most people readily recognize or have a working definition of and we're moving to slide number eight now carnism is what people have traditionally referred to as being a carnivore or a meat-eater okay it's sometimes also referred to as being an omnivore omnivore carnivore meat eater these are terms that explain the practice omnivore carnivore meat eater but they don't explain the underlying religion the belief system that is inside someone's psyche that drives that behavior a behavior that they would not want done to them but yet they want to do to other beings okay and that's ultimately the only thing that really needs to be understood the we could go on forever talking about health concerns and health arguments regarding this topic but all that ultimately needs to be understood is if you don't want something done to you you shoulda not you should not do it to anything anyone else at all you should not do it to other beings period so when we're talking about killing if you don't want to be killed when we're talking about being eaten if you don't want to be eaten you shouldn't be killing and eating other animals and that's all it alternately comes down to this comes down to the principle of ownership the the absence of aggression the absence of domination the principle of self ownership the principle of non-aggression the principle of non-violence to others that's all it comes down to and this is intimately and inextricably connected with human freedom and why we don't have it why we're not free beings this is one of the reasons we are not free beings when you understand the law of Correspondence not the suggestion of Correspondence not the guests at correspondence the law of Correspondence see that's the entire problem folks in a nutshell people do not know that the law of Correspondence is in effect they believe in their erroneous religious belief system that that is somehow a belief it's not called the belief of Correspondence it's not called the suggestion of Correspondence it's a law that's operating in nature just like any other physical law like gravity like electricity you know the laws of electromagnetism the laws of gravity these are laws that exist they are binding binding they are immutable for something to be a law it is binding and is it is immutable that's what an a condition known as a law is it's something that is unchanging cannot be changed by man because man did not create it nature put it into effect and it's binding whether you like it or not whether you understand it or not it is in effect and you are affected by it and this is what man does not want to be man does not want that to be because ultimately the the true disease in the psyche of man is that man wants to be God and make the laws of nature and you're not that you are not that force you are a part of the totality of that all-encompassing force and intelligence but you are not it yourself and therefore you don't get to make that decision by yourself just deciding arbitrarily what will be it's up to you to perceive accurately that which is and then live in accordance with it that doesn't mean not to try to change the willful behaviors chosen by other people chosen willfully by them when they have a choice not to act a certain way so it doesn't mean don't try to change the external conditions that are created by behaviors through people's choices that's what we're here to do to influence change in that regard once we understand the definitive difference between right and wrong we then have a moral responsibility to work to change that dynamic for the better so let's look at what this concept of carnism is that this is a belief system it's a religion in the true sense of the term religion people do not think of it as such though they think it's just a practice but the practice isn't the important thing to look at more so than the practice the most important aspect to look at is the belief system that underlies the practice that's not based on any truth that's fundamentally that's based in fundamentally flawed axioms an axiom is an underlying belief structure and when you build something on a foundation of junk that isn't firmly rooted in truth you're only gonna build disorder and chaos and the entire religion of carnism okay is a religion that is entirely based upon violence which is an inherently fundamentally flawed axiom regarding how we should conduct ourselves in the world it is a fundamentally flawed axiom so I define and others have defined carnism as a dogmatic religion it is a religion in the true sense of the term that which holds us back that which binds us ties us holds us back from forward progress of where we want to go a dogmatic religion based entirely upon violence the main belief system of which is is that it is morally justifiable and/or necessary to kill animals and eat their dead flesh that is what carnism is that's not my belief about what carnism is that's not just my definition of it that is what the belief system of eating animal dead animal flesh is it is a religion based entirely on violence and its main belief system is that it is somehow morally justifiable and/or necessary we're gonna address this term necessary okay to kill animals to slaughter animals at your whim and then consume their dead flesh that's what carnism is and I call it my term for it is the ultimate expression of domination there is no higher expression of one life-form dominating another life-form then completely murdering it and then consuming it eating its flesh if you don't want that done to you you probably should not be doing it to any other animal or Bing because the real expression of the golden rule of the law of Correspondence is a twitch see this is this is the way it wasn't stated in the New Testament the way it was stated is do unto others as you would have them do unto you but that doesn't really get into the why you should act like that why should you behave in such a modality well the reason why and this is even this is just a lower reason why you know this is a selfish reason why you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you the reason is is because the the real law of Correspondence is going to state that as you do on to others that will be done unto you that same modality of behavior and experience you will have to experience for yourself you will have to experience it it being done unto you because this entire universe is a construct that acts as a mirror what we are pumping into its field of intelligence it is dynamically changing itself that's why it's called the universe the one change universe re the one changed the one thing changing it it reforms itself it rearranges itself to bring us the experience that we put forward into it the energy we pump into it through our consciousness and the expression of our consciousness our thoughts our emotions and our actions will ultimately be re-expressed back to us in other words we are reaping what we are sowing we are experiencing that which we are putting out so the reason to live in harmony with the golden rule of do unto others as you would have done unto you is because as you do to others will be done unto you that's just the way the universe works that is the way the law of Correspondence works and that is not a belief system I can't state it enough that is not a religious belief that is a universal scientific law let me state that again the law of Correspondence is not a religious belief it is a universal universal meaning everywhere in extant reality no matter where you go it is true and in effect scientific law it is a universal scientific law it is a reality and it is our job to recognize it as such to understand how it works so that we can bring our decisions our behavioral decisions into alignment with this higher spiritual law and stop creating self-inflicted suffering for ourselves and that is what the main reason that really carnism should not be being practiced by human beings it is morally wrong because it is based on violence which is always immoral and it is an expression of the domination of other beings and if we don't want to be dominated we should not being engaged in domination now we can get into other and Soleri arguments about it but ultimately that trumps any of the physical $0.05 world arguments or concerns of this topic in general the moral issue trumps all of anything anybody wants to bring up about health aspects so now that we have defined carnism I want to start talking about what this practice does and why people continue to make arguments that it really has to be continued why do people argue that this is something that we have to keep doing that we can't stop eating animal flesh we can't stop eating dead animal flesh we have to continue that the three basic things that people bring up the arguments that they will bring up all the time you'll never hear a carnist really deeply delving into the moral issues you'll never hear them talking about this the unimaginable suffering of animals and again I'm going to link on this podcast the film Earthlings weeks in advance of the calling show if anyone's gonna call in and talk on this topic your views are not gonna get on the air on this program unless you've seen the movie Earthlings in its entirety if you want to talk on that that's what I'm asking in payment for coming on my show you will have to watch the movie Earthlings in its entirety all the way through and do it without looking away from the screen how about if we add that as a stipulation because I've done that twice in my life and let me tell you something if that doesn't make you sick if you're not physically sick like I was when I watched the movie Earthlings I was curled up in a fetal position completely sick and you know what that's the beautiful perfect successful intent of that film and I want to thank its filmmakers for making me that ill I want to thank the filmmakers let me say that again for making me feel that sick I understand exactly what you were doing in the making of this film and the amount of courage that it took to make the film is colossal so I'll be linking that film for those who haven't seen it and I would probably suggest that it is the majority of people on the earth who haven't seen that film and I guarantee there's plenty of people who want to argue for carnism who won't watch that film they'll keep making their you know completely inhumane immoral arguments and they won't bother to watch that film but if you're gonna want to talk on this topic on my show you're gonna have to watch I've watched that film otherwise you're gonna be abruptly and rudely cut off and hung up on and I have the right to do that you want to talk on that topic you're absolutely free to do so I'm also absolutely free on the show that I conduct to decide what topics will be discussed at a particular time on the show to give airtime to to give precious airtime to and I usually have a totally open floor but for this topic since it's too call-in shows on the specific topic of the domination that withdrawing our support from the domination of other beings the non-supportive dominators for the one subtopic within that subtopic of carnism if you want to bring up anything regarding it the prerequisite is you will need to see the film Earthlings from beginning to end in one sitting not watching it in tiny little pieces because you couldn't take it all at one time you reserve the time and then actually do it watch it from beginning to end then I'll be willing to hear what you have to say but until then in all honesty I'm not interested in what you have to say on this topic unless you've watched that film I'm not interested in your uninformed opinion on this topic okay because my my entire response to someone who will just wholesale advocate this religion is maybe it should be being done to your children maybe it should be being done to you sometimes that wouldn't even get somebody's emotions up in an uproar you know you want to advocate this being done for other beings maybe it should just be done to you or how about we do it to people you love and care about how about we do it to your children you know you're not putting yourself you're never seeing the suffering of another from your position you're not putting yourself in that position I should say seeing it from their position you know stepping into into the shoes and did the experience of another and I'll say you want to also have a look at what goes on type into Google Images go to google.com hit images and then type into their animal slaughterhouse it's probably a phrase I'd suggest over 99% of people have never typed into the Google Images search engine just do that and take a look at what really goes on in the quote meat industry the murder industry the bloodletting industry the altar of sacrifice industry because that's what it really is occult eclis the poisoning of the entire morphogenetic energy field of the earth industry let's call it what it really is the total pollution of the energy field in which we all live that's what the meet quote meat industry is have a good look at a lot of those images you know which I did before the show and probably put some of the most tame images that I found into the slideshow for today and there's some out there I'm telling you that if they will weaken you to your soul if you have any humanity within you weaken you to the very level of the core level of your being for those of us who aren't already turned into secondary Psychopaths or who weren't born as the freaks called primary Psychopaths which we're not really going to get past that condition until we really understand the genetic manipulation that has been done to this species another topic I haven't really gotten into hard at all on this show and only briefly touched upon it in presentations I've done elsewhere so the advocates of carnism of this religion let's call what they are they are acolytes of this religion all right they are adherence to the religion of carnism they make through the 3 ends argument it's called and this is known as the normal natural necessary argument I believe this was coined by Melanie joy and others and Melanie joy a psychologist who talks about the deep underlying issues within the human psyche the attachments to this belief system that ultimately drive this behavior that underlie this religious practice and she does a phenomenal job helping people to really understand the core belief system that underlies carnism I'm gonna post a video by her as well which I also highly recommend because it really gets you looking in the mirror the video all posed by her Melanie joy dr. Melanie Joly and hey by the way I'll just throw it out on the show now that I've mentioned her name if anybody has a contact for her I'd love to have her come and speak at the free your mind to conference so I've not been able to get in touch with her I've actually made it an effort to do so but it has not been successful so I would like to get in touch with dr. Melanie joy and invite her to come to the free your mind to conference to talk about the religion of carnism and why it's one of the main things that's holding humanity back from its evolutionary progress and its true freedom so I'll throw that out as an official public invite and if anybody has contact information like I said just get in touch with me so the normal natural necessary argument as expressed by Melanie joy and many others let's look at these claims these are the physical $0.05 world $0.05 arguments for carnism and I'm just going to in fatica least eight at the beginning here none of these hold any moral truth at all not only do they not hold any moral truth they don't hold any scientific truth there is no scientific evidence to support these claims there are misunderstandings at the very very best and they are pure fabrications to deliberately deceive and mislead at the worst the three ends argument is normal natural necessary this argument is provably false amoral meat industry propaganda ultimately that's what it is and people who are buying into these arguments have bought into mind control techniques they've bought into mind control methodologies that have been started by the meat industry because they realize that there is a seed that has been actually put forth into the earth a seed of higher consciousness than is an expression of the non-aggression the non-violence principle and they don't want they want to smother that seed they don't want it to express they don't want it to grow because that will mean less profits for them that will mean their gravy train that they've been on since they've got so many people believing that this practice is normal natural and necessary will dry up if people really awoke to a higher level of consciousness regarding the immorality of this religion called carnism so what is the normal natural necessary argument it states that eating meat is normal that because so many people are doing it that it's okay that it's normal you want to be normal don't you you don't want to be that freak who doesn't do things that other people do who is you know alone in the crowd do you see this is a psychologically persuasive argument not born in facts it's born in fear it has nothing to do with science and knowledge and morality it's all based in fear it's all based in erroneous perception and the management of that perception which call it whatever you want I call what it really is mind control that's what perception management is so the normal argument is simply conveying what the dominator culture the local operating system of domination is telling people is normal it's not what's right it has nothing to do with what's right it has nothing to do with what is just it certainly doesn't have anything to do with what is true all it is is playing on perception you want to be like the crowd don't you you don't want to stand out right now because standing out takes courage doing what's right takes courage it takes going against the grain it takes swimming upstream the courage to swim upstream it's it's the courage for the individual to stand up against the group and that's the second part of the term count that's the green language part of the term controversial see it's contra meaning up against or face to face with verse RA meaning to change an eye al in green language it means face to face with changing I versus the all the I the individual versus the group I all face the face with change I all that's not an accident and people can make light of that all they want I know people just totally ditch on the language of the birds and don't understand it because they're so trapped in the left brain I get it I get you don't understand that what a cult language is about I get that you many people don't understand that there is a hidden language that the universe is speaking to us at all times and places trying to wake us up because the universe wakes us up through archetype language numbers shape and form vibratory energy it doesn't wake us up through English words this is coming in through those Ark types through the language that we have constructed so ultimately the deeper part of ourselves is trying to wake us up through the language we've constructed that's what green languages and there's so many people that absolutely do not get it and aren't going to get it they don't want to get it because to get green language is to develop a deep understanding that you're living in a magical reality you're living in a reality that is so far stranger that you then you could even possibly conceive because again it's ultimately you reflecting back to you that which you really need the most that's what this whole thing is to learn and grow so the normal argument is all based on follower mentality you have to want to be a follower to accept this first part of the argument of normal natural necessary it is the entrenched and instilled beliefs of the dominator culture that makes something normal and all you're doing by grafting on to that belief is you're accepting that belief system that's based in domination and violence as your own because you don't want to stand out or be a unique and individual you want to identify with groupthink I'm telling you I didn't become vegetarian for health reasons I didn't become vegetarian as part of any damn trend I could care less what a trend is going on I became help I became vegetarian for moral reasons that are based in truth that are based in nature's laws cosmic universal spiritual laws when I recognize that and I recognize that my actions were in cut were in opposition to that higher spiritual law I could not reconcile those things I could not say well I know this knowledge I have a deep understanding of this knowledge but my behaviors in opposition to it and that's okay with me no it wasn't okay with me I came face to face with changing myself what I is what I had to change and I ultimately made the decision to go through that process of change we will continue to talk about this after this very brief two-minute break we'll be right back here on what on earth is happening to continue to discuss carnism [Music] [Music] all right folks we're back continuing to talk about carnism as the ultimate expression of domination over another being part of our non support of dominators solution section here on what on earth is happening let's jump right back into this topic we were talking about the 3 ends argument of carnist the normal natural necessary with normal being the really representative of simply the normal quote unquote normal belief of dominant culture or the Dominator culture is more accurate to say it is based on follower mentality groupthink and collectivism follower of mentality groupthink and collectivism and has no regard for the actual moral issues involved as does the natural and necessary argument now natural spend a little bit of time on and necessary as well because people believe erroneously through their religious belief systems that it is man's natural state to consume the dead flesh of other animals that he has killed they believe that that is somehow that quote natural order which is the complete antithesis of the true natural order this is based on complete lies and disinformation regarding the linear progression of man's evolutionary progress on the earth and it is based on Darwinian theory this notion that the species with the biggest claws and sharpest teeth come out on top when it is ultimately truly the most conscious being that is the highest aspect or highest expression of nature's order it has nothing to do with the most vicious being as a matter of fact that's the thing that probably holds back the evolutionary progress the most that beastial form of consciousness so the this practice of carnism has nothing to do with nature with us just being natural predators and that being part of our nature part of the art this argument is it well we see other animals that this is their being this is their nature and they eat meat they consume other animals so why shouldn't we do it well the first and foremost answer to that is we're not the same kind of animal as them it doesn't make a difference what somebody else is doing this is the same argument if you see other people jumping off a bridge would you go and do that well you would be the same level of retardation and stupidity to just do that practice just because you see it being done by those who are lower than you animals are a lower form of consciousness than human beings there is a differential in conscious awareness on their part this isn't some kind of myth or belief system there is such a thing as different levels or different places that we are in consciousness and human beings arguably hey I have to qualify that should be at a higher level of consciousness than animals and isn't to say we're not part of this kingdom that we call animali of the animal kingdom the animal world were an expression of animal life and and that just comes from the latin term anima which means soul imbued with the soul an individual expression that's all it means we're different than the plant kingdom in that regard the plant kingdom is connected to the earth soul it is not that we aren't but we are an individual ated expression imbued with movement able to actually be you know not grounded in the earth in its soil and move freely upon it and possibly even beyond it that's what makes an animal different than a plant because people will one of the arguments we'll get into when we get into the occult side of things which will probably be next week there's so much information to cover on this topic I mean I may go three weeks on this topic who knows but part of what we'll talk about is the argument people make well if eating animals is eating plants is the same thing and it's also just as morally wrong and I'm gonna refute that argument and explain to people yes plants have a form of consciousness but what you have to look at when when you understand the deeper occult spiritual aspects of this that means the hidden spiritual aspects of this entire concept of stopping eating animal flesh when you try to apply that to plants the same thing doesn't hold true because they do not have the individuated expression of consciousness and yes that does matter yes that is for real it's not something that is imagined you can come to understand that if you do enough seeking deep internal work and reading to understand the laws of assimilation which we're going to talk about when we talk about the occult aspect of this topic the law of assimilation is what we have to realize when we're talking about what we should be putting into our body in the first place and meat is definitely one of the things that is going to make the body the most imbalanced and unhealthy and I'm very very profoundly sad that I didn't grasp this at a former time than I did earlier it could have made my journey so much easier and I would have come into good health before I had to go through absolutely horrific things with my health and overall feeling and well-being and again that's even it just not even to just want to make yourself healthier and feel better and be more energetic to take on a plant-based diet that's even the ancillary reason as I've said that's the secondary reason for wanting to do it that's still a selfish motivation the non selfish and ethical motivation needs to be the alleviation of suffering for other beings because if you're not concerned with the alleviation of suffering for other beings then you're helping contribute the dynamic to the dynamic of enslavement and you know a lot of people talk about you know they make these other arguments about meat being killed humanely oh these animals are being killed humanely that humanely slaughtered hey the taking of a life by violence is that taking of a life by violence you don't own that life to take it's not yours otherwise it would be called your life a cow's life is not your life and that's another thing if you're gonna speak in defense of carnism I want I want you to be able to make the statement I own other animals lives I want to hear that actual phrase leave your mouth before I want to know people to know that's your belief system that's what you believe before you speak in defense of it on this show anyway you will have to at least make that claim I want you to obscene Earthlings in its entirety and I want you to make the claim that another animal's life is yours it belongs to you to take you can make those claims you could talk on the defense of carnism at least for a time you know I'll give you the floor for a little while to make whatever point you're going to make but unless you're gonna be willing to come on and bare yourself in that way to people I'm honestly not interested in hearing from you on the on this particular topic so the natural argument is based on Darwinian theory and it's based on this erroneous idea of linear progression of civilizations as well if you really get into it it's making the argument man is designed somehow to eat meat and where the we are a part of this quote natural pecking order Oh before I get back into it I just wanted to very briefly continue to address this topic of humanely slaughtered meat there is no such thing that's a complete absolute misnomer and another thing that the meat industry put out there to try to get a lay people's consciences and not to get them to think about what really goes on in slaughterhouses and I'll tell you another thing people think that oh you know different religions have different ways of taking the animal life one of the absolute worst forms of meat butchering and slaughtering is kosher form of it because the animal is fully conscious upon the life being taken they're not you know given a stun shot to the brain so that there's brain death before they're actually killed their throat is slit without anything just a totally conscious and there's a image of this being done in a full video of this being done in earthlings watch it you know you'll see the inside of a kosher butcher II and just see the kind of suffering that goes on there and it's just unbelievable that people can just think that there is any kind of a humane or religiously acceptable means of taking an animal's life it's killing another Bing that's what it is and then you're eating something that's already dead the life has left it it's already dead and you're eating eating it you know we have to understand what's really being done to the Morpho genetic field the energetic field that we're all living in as a result of this suffering being pumped into it on a daily basis and let me tell you something who's behind this industry is the dark occultists dark occultic religious belief systems lie behind this continual and perpetual altar of sacrifice if you still don't understand that's who's behind the poisoning of this energyfield that we're all living in and ultimately creating the entire enslavement system you don't understand anything it's not just political it's not just financial it has its it's bigger than banking it's bigger than money it's the old religion that's what the dark occultists themselves refer to it as and it's the religion of domination it's a religion that some people are going to be God here on earth because they detest and despise nature's law so much that they are going to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven and they're going to become God here that's their ultimate religious belief and that religion spans all cultures all places on the earth all exoteric religious backgrounds regardless of what exoteric religion the person happens to be claiming that they come from it spans all races all religions all walks of life every institution on the face of the earth every age range the sexes you name it because the occult is not limited to any one particular organization institution cultural background or religious background there's people involved in it from every walk of life everywhere on this planet and people need to understand that dynamic because they get hung up and it's this group or that group or this group of that group so let's look at more about this natural quote it's natural argument it's also based in this idea that just because something has been going on for a certain amount of time that somehow lends legitimate legitimacy to it and that's some kind of a complete logical fallacy it doesn't make a difference how long something has been going on the way it's been happening that will never make it right wrongs could be going on for millennia or even millions of years and still be wrong you know to make the argument well man's existed in this condition for you know hundreds of millions of years who's to say that it shouldn't be that way the laws of nature is to say that it shouldn't be that way this behavior is a choice that can be stopped at any time it's not something that we need I'm gonna get to that part of it they'll say it's necessary and just because something's been going on for however many enormous number of years is never going to morally justify it you know that's like saying well human slavery has been going on for tens of thousands of years would it why do you have such a problem with it maybe because it's morally wrong how about that it doesn't make a difference it's it's a complete non sequitur and our logical fallacy entirely you're bringing up something that has no time scales and has nothing to do with morality doesn't matter how long something that's immoral has been going on it's never gonna make it into something that's moral and the other part I call the we are argument the we are is part of this natural that meat-eating is natural people say we are hunter-gatherers you know we were hunter-gatherers for our entire evolutionary progress let me tell you something there is no such thing as we are something that we are we can consciously direct our evolution if we are in conscious control over our thoughts and understanding what's really going on in our motivations in the deep recesses of the human psyche if we're aware of that then we are in a position to be able to consciously evolve ourselves and there's no such thing as we must be this thing forever we can will ourselves to be something beyond that the we are argument there's no such thing as what we are we are what we choose to be that's another thing that really we have to really deeply understand ponder think about contemplate you know there's no set way things have to be we can consciously choose to make something different and be something better than what we are that's what evolution is all about the willful conscious choice to be something better than you were in the moment before that's what evolution in consciousness is about so we are what we choose to be we're capable of consciously evolving past where we quote-unquote are by an act of our will capital W will another way I would say this is we will be what we choose to be that's our choice no one else's the only thing that's not within our will to choose is what the laws of morality are what right and wrong is that's something that's set in immutable it's its extant it is inherent to creation it's like saying I don't like that stars or stars I wanted them to be something else I want this the Sun to be something other than what it is it's a component of nature you're not gonna change that oh maybe you could develop some kind of technology that destabilizes it at some point of uh you know technological growth but ultimately you're not changing that which is you're not gonna make a star into an apple okay nature created it you're not going to make what you want out of it and this doesn't just apply physically of course this applies to the moral laws that are inherent to creation which I have called natural law and what I'm now increasingly simply terming Universal spiritual law to avoid the entire confusion and the hijacking of this word natural because in connotative lee in people's diseased mindset they believe that this word means something completely erroneous and completely actually antithetical to what it really does mean diametric opposite to what the word natural really does mean and again natural comes from the term net tear in Egyptian it is the net tear all the spirit all the all spirit everything is spirit this is a spiritual construct for experience and it is all based on the laws of spirit cosmic or universal spiritual law which I have been calling natural law but again I'm actually moving away from that term because it's so hijacked the term natural people think it means this quote Darwinian natural order that isn't even what Darwin said it people think it means now he was saying there had to be a lot of evidence in the fossil record to support his theory that's never been found and yet it's been turned into a religion which is what Darwinism is it's another religion a completely dogmatic belief system not based in truth that holds humanity back from forward progression evolutionary progress in consciousness it's what Darwinism is just like carnism so the we are argument needs to be completely and wholesale rejected it is a logical fallacy in and of itself and it you know it shows the worldview poisoning because that's the dynamic that this entire natural argument is based upon what do you think human nature is what do you think the possibility for change is if these aspects of the psyche about how we view these dynamics of the world that we're living in and our expression of consciousness is poisoned I've called this world view poisoning these are the type of thoughts we're going to have these are the type of views we're going to hold on to and they're completely imbalanced they're completely poisoned and ultimately they keep us in a state of powerlessness and the only way to get beyond that point is the heal worldview by understanding what true human nature is about and understanding the value of individual life we talked about this in the section as a matter of fact that was like the first real solution I got into was worldview poisoning I believe that's the first solution on the the grassroots solutions for positive and lasting change that we listed and talked about if you don't heal the worldview nothing is going to be orderly or healed from that point forward you're not going to create any kind of positive expression or manifestation if your worldview continues to be poisoned and this is part of the natural argument for carnism that we have to get past the third is necessary and the main expression for this people actually have made by a logical arguments I'm sorry not biological ecological arguments for why we have to keep eating meat which is so ridiculous I'm not even going to talk about it because the meat industry is one of the biggest ecological polluters of the entire world and if you look at how much if you just look at the stats regarding how much environmental degradation it takes to raise a pound of meat versus plant food that the stats are absolutely staggering you know I mean we're doing so much destruction to the environment by the practice of animal rearing animal husbandry and and carnism that it's almost incalculable the impact that this is having on the living system of the earth the main aspect of the necessary argument isn't even just this ecological one this ridiculous ecological one it's the fact that we need to consume meat to be healthy and this is complete logical fallacy as well as I'm going to explain and this is all born in meat industry propaganda part of the argument that was made for this was done in the work called the book called the vegetarian myth by Lee air Keith and I do encourage people to read this book ok I'm not gonna tell you don't read the propaganda for the other side absolutely check it out I try to suggest borrowing it so you're not giving money to a diseased world view like that but or trying to find it online but when if you read this book with open eyes and ears if you read this book understanding the world view poisoning aspects if you read this book understanding the attachment the ego attachment that is born that is has reached full expression in many people and you understand the lack of willpower on people's part and ignorance on people's part regarding what real how real health is generated through nutrition this woman seems to make convincing arguments to people who are not really in the know because she argues these things normal natural necessary that's the main crux of her argument very much ignores and takes the emphasis off of the actual suffering of these beings the actual suffering of the animals she knows hardly anything about real nutrition she doesn't understand nutrient density in plant-based foods how to unlock that how to take that into the human body she was doing veganism all wrong completely wrong and I'm not even going to completely advocate just a vegan diet I don't have a problem with the vegetarian diet or what some people have called the non strict vegetarian diet one that incorporates dairy products which are animal by-products if you want to go vegan wonderful make sure you understand the health concerns associated with that to do it and do it the right way this person was not doing it the right way and then blaming the dietary choice itself our lifestyle itself because she didn't have the full information regarding how to do it right you know she's put pushing this Paleolithic diet which again is another form of meat industry propaganda and poisoned worldview based on this Darwinistic notion of linear evolution linear civilization linear progress of civilizations so she makes erroneous statements in the book as well saying that you know we have a dietary need for actuated fat and cholesterol which we don't the liver makes the amount of cholesterol that we need and we can get all of the essential fatty acids from plant-based foods the essential fatty acids can be taken in from the plant-based foods the things that the brain actually needs to build the neocortex of the brain the whole brain but specifically the neocortex which is responsible for higher order thought function and truly human characteristics and especially conscience and more moral concerns all of that can be gotten through plant foods I'm going to talk about what is necessary by the body and talk about what plant-based foods we can derive those nutrients from and believe me they're in these plant-based foods in in in dense quantities there's no reason that the human being now or ever needed to actually consume that animal flesh this is a myth this is something that has been propagated by people who want this practice to continue unabated and unchallenged in the mind and it's provably false the idea that it is necessary to eat meat is provably false first of all I don't need I honestly you know people who love the entire backing up every single solitary claim that is ever made by the human voice you know they want me to provide actual claims for this and I'm going to I'm gonna actually provide the claims what is necessary by the body that the knowledge of what is necessary to be taken into the body and what plant-based foods we can get that from today on the show and the the problem here is that people actually don't think that simple experience is proof of the invalid nature of the belief that you need meat I'm a healthy energetic intelligent vital being and I do not consume dead animal flesh and haven't for five years five years ago when I went through a deeper aspect of the awakening before I started speaking I finally reconcile this immoral behavior that I was participating in with the knowledge that I had taken into myself and I willed myself to stop doing that immoral practice so what we have to understand is there are people who are simply living proof experiential proof that that argument is a logical fallacy and have been for hundreds of years we're going to talk about that more when we get into the occult side of things I'm going to be bringing up work by high-level Rosicrucians and Freemasons on the topic of the immorality of the consumption of animal flesh I'm going to be looking into the works of Max Heindel probably next week on this this topic from the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception and I'll post links to all this information as well with this podcast we'll be getting into the law of assimilation will be I'll be reading excerpts from the document known as vegetarianism and occultism by the freemason C W Leadbeater and it's a phenomenal short essay I guess you could call it it's not really a book that really gets deeply into the moral reasons and the occult reasons for ceasing the practice of carnism so the necessary argument let's take a look at some of its claims there's this thing known as the protein myth that you can only get the proteins needed for the human body by taking in animal flesh and this is incorrect this is a logical fallacy that is repeated it's a myth that is believed in by people let's take a look at what the body actually really does need the body does need protein this is true the fallacy comes in that the proteins that we need can only be found in an animal matter in animals dead animal flesh and that's not the case okay the amino acids that we really need by taking in protein and having the body break it down that's what the body really means through protein so there are tons of plant protein sources and if your being a vegan and you're not getting enough protein in your diet is because you're doing it wrong if you're a vegetarian you're not getting enough protein in your diet because you're not eating right you don't have enough information about what the body needs and the particular foods that contain those nutrients in high enough densities and you're not put adding those into your diet on a frequent enough basis and that's it that's why people fail at veganism and vegetarianism they don't have the complete knowledge of what needs to be taken into the diet on a daily basis protein sources in plant foods come from the following things that you need to add into your diet if you're a vegetarian or a vegan legumes which is lentils beans and peas and chickpeas that's what you need to take in that's a big source of protein in the vegetarian and vegan diet all forms of legumes soy beans which are not technically categorized as legumes but if you add soy tofu tempeh tempeh probably better because it's a fermented form of it a lot of people say that it doesn't have some of the possible bad health benefits of some soy products when it's taken in high amounts I think so should be used sparingly and legumes should be one of your main sources of protein grains also have proteins you can get good amount of protein from millet from quinoa quinoa is an excellent source of protein that's a grain a lot of cereals box cereals if you're gonna eat that you know people who you know I guess don't engage in mostly raw food diet diet when it comes to veganism aren't going to touch processed foods like that but cereals have protein in it as well through the grains rice has protein oats house protein we again it has gluten in it which is shown to be somewhat detrimental to certain aspects of health as well but it has protein in it dairy products have protein milk cheese yogurt eggs of course have protein nuts and nut butters so peanuts almonds walnuts cashews pecans that there's basically protein in all nuts and nut butters seeds have proteins at protein sesame seeds chia i'm sorry not chia pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds so tons and tons of plant derived protein sources for people to say you need to kill animals and eat their flesh to get the protein you need in the human diet is erroneous it does not hold any scientific weight at all it's an invalid claim we need calcium in the human diet for bones you can get that from soy tofu you can get that from cereal grains as well okay you can get that from kale kale has protein in it broccoli has I'm sorry calcium we're talking about calcium now kale has calcium in it broccoli has calcium bok choy is another excellent source of calcium legumes also have calcium in them again lentils beans chickpeas nuts and nut butters also have calcium in them and seeds also have calcium in them as well so more more plant vegetable derived sources seeds legumes plants that have tons of calcium in them if you're not eating these foods on a daily basis you're doing vegetarianism and veganism wrong the human body needs iron iron is in many different plant derived as well strawberry Tomatoes broccolis peppers etc zinc zinc is needed in the diet it's found in grains wheat tofu nuts seeds beans peas lentils and cereals alright vitamin b12 this is one of the big arguments against that people bring up against vegetarianism or and/or veganism well vegetarians don't really have any problem getting enough b12 in their diet because if you're gonna eat any eggs or take in milk there's b12 within those those things vegans will often have to supplement their diet somewhat with things that are in that the things that have b12 within them soy beverages nutritional yeast and cereals are important when it comes to getting enough b12 vitamin b12 in the diet and it is an important vitamin it can be done with a vegetarian diet and it can even be done in a vegan diet in a vegan lifestyle it is not impossible it requires some will in order to do it and do it properly and people who aren't doing this properly want to blame the entire lifestyle and the choice the moral choice and say somehow it's necessary that we need to take in dead animal flesh and again I would say what this really is if you really read the vegetarian myth and try to psychoanalyze what's really going on in this person she doesn't have enough knowledge she harmed her body through the ignorance that she did this type of diet with she didn't go in with full knowledge she harmed her body developed chronic disease as a result then tries and turn it around and blame it on something other than her own ignorance and that is what's going on psychologically with Lear Keith it's transference of blame to someone who to the the actual practice of vegetarianism and egon ism not her ignorant which actually caused her conditions and she's not only in a physical condition I would emphatically stays in a psyche a condition of psychological imbalance and this this is evidenced evidenced greatly by some of the statements that she makes when she talks about when she broke her vegan quote vegan I want to say that also emphatically she didn't really live a vegan lifestyle she binge don meat because of urges that she had that's not being vegan being vegan is not eating any meat products any animal products at all okay even animal derived vegetarian your you don't eat meat you don't eat any animal flesh you will use eggs cheese milk etc so dairy products and plant-based foods but she did not engage in Creole veganism number one so that's a misnomer when she claims she was vegan for decades isn't accurate and secondly she also betrayed the psychological underpinnings that were really going on in her mind when she basically talked about when she broke her you know vegan streak and started eating fish again because she loved the tuna fish and she made the statement that when she ate her first tuna fish sandwich after you know being vegan for so long that she couldn't even believe the the absolute incredible euphoric feeling that she got you know every cell in her body was tingling you know she put it like and she said wow this is what it really feels like to be fed and to be alive no incorrect that's what it feels like to be an addict and to be getting a fix because you're still not willfully strong enough to overcome an addiction to an immoral practice and you're still so hung up on how it makes you feel meaning not the real you the higher case as self you but the lower case s the sense self the five-cent self she's so attached to how that felt let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen no one in my entire circle of friends and family and you can ask anyone anyone who knows me anyone who knows people who know me I challenge you call them write to them ask people if there is anyone they know in their circle of friends that includes me okay if they know me personally when I was a meat-eater when I was a carnist who could put away more meat than me I want you to go and ask them and fun seriously I know personally no one else I'm not saying there's there's tons of people or like you know professional eaters and you know there what do you call a competitive eaters I'm not saying I could put away more meat than anybody I'm saying in my circle of friends and family members I was able to put them put away more meat than any other person that I know personally in my life that's what I am saying and that can be corroborated by asking anyone who knows me the amount of meat that I would eat when I was younger you would have a hard time even conceiving of it I optin anecdote right now we went to a place here in Philadelphia I won't mention the name to plug it but it's a restaurant that brings you continuously brings you meet that is grilled in a South American barbecue style way and basically they give you it's like a total decadent thing they give you a chip on your table that has a green side and a red side literally this is true and you you keep it on green if you want them upon seeing that your plate is empty of meat to come over and bring you more our different cuts of meat and when you're finally full or sated you flip it to the red side and they know even if there's anything on your plate or even if your plates empty don't bring any more because you've had enough and we went there Barb and I went there years ago when we were both still carnist s-- we were it was some some occasion of someone's birthday or something we went there with a large group of people there might have been like 12 or 13 or 14 people we sat around a big table at this South American barbecue style restaurant and we you know all started with our chips on on green and started going and they started bringing us food and at the end of the night everyone was so completely overstuffed and just you know gorged literally gorged and me and a one other friend were sitting there with our chip stone green I'll say his name his name was John we were sitting there he was a former boyfriend of one of Barb's friends and he was you know kind of a big guy and me and him were sitting and just going toe-to-toe talking about different cuts of meat and just gorging ourselves and everyone else was long done and we were still eating like for 45 minutes after everybody had stopped and they're just watching us like laughing that we could possibly put away that much meat on our own and I think I even slightly outlasted him when he finally flipped over his chip mine was stolen for like one more bit barely you know but that's what kind of immediate or I used to be so again in many of these cases when it comes to mindset when it comes to morality when it comes to excess I was one of the worst offenders you know I think that actually places people in a deeper position of being able to turn themselves around it actually or murus gives them the benefit or the edge you know this is the concept of the lukewarm were in the worst position those who are the hottest in other words they're in the deepest cash of consciousness they have an opportunity to see it's you know that maybe you don't really see the reflection until you're almost at the very bottom of the chasm of that floor then you finally see your reflection in that and then you have an opportunity to really to spring up to the highest you know Heights that's kind of the way I look at it because if someone like me can do it after the level of attachment that I had to me than anyone can and I'll just tell you another brief anecdote that I said I was gonna get into when I first made the decision to stop eating me it was after seeing the movie Earthlings and basically I had cognitive dissonance going on within my mind and many other people will be experiencing this if you're honest with yourself you know and you're still engaged in this practice and you want to see real freedom and you you know want there to be actual peace and non-violence on the earth and you're honest with yourself you're probably in this condition of cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile oppositional behavior with knowledge of right and wrong and I was in this state for a while after seeing that movie and I made like sort of a subconscious promise to myself it wasn't even a promise it was a deep realization and a recognition that now that I know this now that I know what really goes on now that I know what I'm a part of indirectly I'm an indirect part of it you know and not saying it nicely that's even a euphemism what I'm really talking about is I'm a participatory member of violence by proxy and murder by proxy so I knew that I was contributing to that dynamic and don't get me wrong don't think that I'm saying one person stopping eating meat changes the whole dynamic no it's all about amount for a quantum effect to build and then express a certain amount of people have to make a choice with in harmony with natural law so I'm under no delusions that just me doing this stops it somehow oh it's going on on a beta and we could talk about numbers and I will get into numbers but you know I decided that again it's me versus the all it doesn't matter what the all is doing I need to worry about what I'm doing what are my actions contributing to am I be part of the dynamic of the creation of that suffering am i part of the dynamic of the negative injection of energy into the field of consciousness that we're all living in and the answer was yes I had to ask myself the question that I tell people to ask in slide number 11 you know after I'll talk about numbers a little bit and I'll ask that question but it's essentially we're what am i contributing in the way of energy pumping energy into this dynamic on earth am i on the right side of that equation is what my behavior is doing contributing to the negative energetic dynamic on earth and the answer was yes and therefore I had to approach it apophatic aliy meaning from the negative perspective meaning I need to stop doing something that is harmful am i engaged in harm or indirect harm that's the question then stop doing that action it's the apophatic pathway to truth is this behavior engaging in harm does it include engagement with harm and engagement in the violence ideology the ideology of violence and domination and if the answer is yes to that question then you have to apply apophysis to your behavior and apophysis is the method of saying no the practice of saying no pulling back from that which is doing harm again I've said repeatedly over and over again it isn't so much about what we need to start doing it's almost entirely about what we need to stop doing to create freedom we're holding freedom back by what we're doing we stop doing those things freedom is the actual expression it is the actual base underlying form of everything we just need to learn how to be in that state of consciousness and stop doing what we're already doing unfortunately you know we've come to such a horrible fall in consciousness that our the our condition the default condition that we have created is that you know tyranny and enslavement and oppression and violence is like the default condition here on earth well the only way to really change that is to stop engaging it stop supporting it stop obeying it stop complying with it saying no apophysis pulling back from engagement in actions that are immoral because they cause harm then the manifested result will be peace order harmony freedom and justice on earth until we pull back from those behaviors don't expect any of those things don't expect them to magically manifest while we're still engaged in harmful immoral behaviors the the laws of nature do not allow for that it's an impossibility it just doesn't work that way folks so I mean let's briefly talk about numbers how many animals are murdered in the in the United States alone last year in 2011 in the United States alone over over ready for this figure 10 billion with a B yes 10 billion that's a 10 with 9 zeros after it 10 billion animals land animals only were slaughtered in the United States alone in the year 2011 in one year over 10 billion that's a low estimate it was something like ten point three billion was the actual figure ten over ten billion with a B animals and if you factor in aquatic animals animals that live in water the sea or fresh water the total number of animals killed for human consumption in the United States alone just last year in one year was you ready for this 65 billion animals with a be 65 billion animals only in the United States that's not the entire world that is 9 times more than the population more than 9 times greater than the population of the entire world as far as human beings go worldwide figures were astronomically higher if you take the total amount of animals both aquatic and land raised amount of animals slaughtered killed at the hands of human beings for consumption of their dead flesh in the year 2011 alone in the world the number is horrific it's 150 billion animals 150 billion animal lives were violently taken in the year 2011 alone by a human population of 7 billion people that is over a 21 to 1 ratio for every person alive on the planet and I ask people to ask only one question when it comes to looking at those figures what is this practice doing energetically to the field of energy and consciousness in which we are all living what do you think it's doing and I asked you to say try not to try to find out what it really is doing versus what you think or believe try to get actual empirical data about what that's actually doing and it's possible to do that work if you really want to know that answer lies within all of us the true answer to that question about what that is doing lies within each and every one of us if we're honest with ourselves if we're willing to do the work to go within ourselves to acquire that answer you may not find that answer in a school book or an encyclopedia or even on the internet but it exists and there is a truth regarding it and I'll tell you what it's doing and don't believe me try to know for yourself that is turning the energetic vibratory energy the vibratory dynamic of this planet into a hell world these animals suffer inhumane and cruel treatment often not even being able to stand treated like a thing you watch the movie Earthlings and put yourself in the position of one of those animals and and if you can't identify with that level of suffering you're you are a species list as they call it in Earthlings at the very very best but really what I would say that someone who can't really foot I would say if someone does not really have a deep visceral emotional gut reaction in a negative way to what they see in the movie Earthlings you should be seriously concerned that you are already at least a secondary psychopath and I know that's even that's like you know a catch-22 because how can a psychopath really be concerned about anything well maybe it's not because psychopaths are generally concerned about themselves but they just don't care that they don't care you know that's how psychopathy works so I'll suggest it in a different way if you watch this movie with someone else and they don't have a visceral emotional gut reaction to what they're seeing in a negative way then you will be really empowered to know that you're probably most likely dealing with a psychopath and I would say if you're gonna watch it with somebody else try to be wary about whether they're faking feigning that concern that emotional reaction you could tell if you're good enough at reading people whether they're faking it or not because if it's not gonna produce that you know empathetic painful reaction in the human heart I I feel tragically sorry for anyone because they've been turned into something that is quite less than a human being and they've been robbed of a birthright which is to truly feel so that's my challenge and I'll be posting the link to the movie and I've told people in the past I didn't recommend them watching it because of that reason I'm gonna reverse my position on that and say you really want to get involved in the real dynamic of why human freedom isn't a present condition here on the earth and probably is not going to be for a long long long time as long as we stay attached to these erroneous belief systems and these false axioms that we have built our behavior upon I would suggest that earthlings is actually a good movie to view to understand why that dynamic is in place and on next week I'm going to really talk about the occult aspects of this dynamic and really get into the principle of Correspondence you know I put a somewhat comical image if you could even call it that that I found out there floating around as an internet meme a human being laying on a table with aliens around them saying all the different justifications for the continuance of carnism oh we have our own problems we don't have time to worry about whether they suffer or not you know and this guy's laying out on their feast table with an apple in his mouth surrounded by you know vegetables and trimmings this is an image number 12 they kill other animals for our food so why shouldn't we do oh there's that erroneous logical fallacy quote-unquote natural argument don't worry this one was killed humanely quote unquote you know the logical fallacy that you can murder some something humanely I do feel bad but I could never give up my meat it's just too tasty let's be honest that's what the real justification is in every in everyone's mind they don't want to employ the will they don't want to exercise the will to change a be an existing behavior that is ultimately destructive and is ultimately creating part of the done it is part of the creating dynamic of why we are enslaved and if you don't understand that you still don't really get the why you can only see the wat you can see the symptom and you might disagree with the symptom and you mayn't I want the symptom present but you still don't have the master key of Y in hand that it's happening because you do not grasp the principle of correspondence the law of Correspondence that as we do to others will be done unto us the end for all eternity in all times and places so if you don't want to create self-inflicted suffering and you want to be free then do unto others as you would have done unto yourself and that's the true Christian teaching and the truth at esoteric Christian perspective when it comes to this issue I'll also talk about this fallacy of God giving us dominions over the animals that's taught in fake Christian next movement that's all the time we have for this week folks I know it was hard hitting I'm not giving you a lot to quote-unquote chew on we'll see here next week on what on earth is happening thanks for listening [Music] [Music]