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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] freedom for the people that's what this show is all about ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio today is Sunday August 26th 2012 my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time we have an awesome show lined up for you here today and it is going to be information packed and information dense show coming your way we're going to be continuing to talk about the practice of carnism and how this is one of the factors that is ultimately keeping humanity in the prison based modality of consciousness in which it currently resides we're going to be getting into today the occult aspects of carnism the occult reasons why this is a practice that we should not be undertaking in our daily day-to-day lives and I'm going to be talking about the moral justifications for a carnism that reasons people give to continue this practice and then we'll be hearing from a couple of high-level occult researchers occult authors who I find their views valid and enlightening and who I do not follow their views their views are ones which I actually encountered after coming into the knowledge regarding them the immorality of the practice of carnism for myself after that I actually encountered the gentleman's work who I'm going to be reading from today and these come from a couple of different occult traditions we're going to be talking about reasons for for ceasing and desisting the practice of carnism from the masonic and Rosicrucian perspectives and when i say those terms i mean from the original esoteric intent of these traditions not as they have basically degraded down through the centuries and come to us in the modern form but this these are esoteric teachings that come from out of the ancient world and really date back to traditions that go right back into ancient Greece and Egypt and even far older than that right into the dawn of human antiquity so that's coming up on the show today this of course is an ongoing continuation of the solutions oriented approaches that we're talking about about how to get out of this mess in consciousness that we've worked ourselves into so this is all part of the solutions section that I call the way out and it's part of the non support of dominators and the non support of the practice of domination over any species the it's it's part of removing oneself from the concept of having authority over other beings because as we've talked about many times in the past there is no such concept it is an illusion that is the byproduct of a imbalanced psyche so that's coming up on the show today I have many event announcements and please bear with me through these because it's so important there is so much stuff that's going on and it's good stuff this stuff that's happening and these meetings that are taking place and gatherings of people I mean this is a actually an exciting time a lot is going on and that's a good thing because that means more people are waking up and getting involved so many event announcements of course the first one the big event here in Philadelphia coming up next year in April of 2013 the free your mind to conference it is shaping up incredibly so far and people are coming forth to volunteer their efforts we still need more volunteers so if you're in the Philadelphia area please get in touch with me mark at free your mind conference calm as the email address if you can seriously dead Kait time energy and effort to this project we need help so I'll say that first the freer mind to conference coming up April 25th 26th and 27th 2013 here in the city of Philadelphia it is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult free your mind returns to Philadelphia in 2013 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first four year mine conference in 2011 with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subvert subversive occult influences holistic body mind and spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times April 25th 26th 27th doors open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day the location is the beautiful Arch Street Friends Meeting House here in Philadelphia 3:20 Arch Street that's actually between 3rd and 4th right on Arch Street here in Philadelphia advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday evening speaker meet-and-greet with light vegetarian and vegan fare $20 the Friday conference $40 and the Saturday conference $40 for all three days including the speaker meet-and-greet 120 dollars that's a 10 10 dollar discount on the total package and if you want to get that or the tickets for the speaker meet-and-greet I can announce now that there is a cap limit for the speaker meet-and-greet we can only fit 300 people in the room where the speaker meet-and-greet is going to be taking place so we will cap that event at 300 people we have the first free your mind to conference fundraiser coming up Saturday September 15th at 8 o'clock pm at Liberty's Pub Liberty's restaurant bar is at 7:05 North 2nd Street Philadelphia PA in the Northern Liberties section of the city it's a 15 dollar donation at the door it will feature a presentation by me entitled the Matrix trilogy decoded where I'm going to be getting into deeply the allegory of The Matrix movies and what the hidden meanings of those movies really is all about so that's Saturday September 15th 8 o'clock p.m. liberties pub conference tickets will also be available at the fundraiser all proceeds for this fundraiser go toward offsetting the costs large costs I might add associated with bringing in out-of-town speakers for this great conference coming up in April of 2013 the featured speakers for this conference I didn't mention them let me just read the list and we have two new confirmations as well Allan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan kertus davis the illuminated one dr. dream Marc P blur freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin J Parker Joseph Meyer Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor who confirmed last week myself mark passio sonja barrett who also confirmed last week and we just got today I haven't even had time to put them on the website I'm going to be putting up speaker BIOS and photos for two new confirmed speakers just confirmed earlier today dr. Lauren Lauren Marais and Ross been great speakers added to the freer mine conference and we will be adding more as more people confirm so we're probably going to have around 25 speakers when this is all said and done it's going to be an incredible unique event and if you can be in Philadelphia in April of 2013 do not miss this one it is going to blow the roof off of the Arch Street meeting house so the next event announcement I have is the truth freedom prosperity monthly free documentary screening and discussion evening at a scene food market and cafe 719 South fourth Street here in Philadelphia this month it will be taking place as it does every month on the last Thursday of the month this month on Thursday August 30th 2012 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. the film we will be screened this month is part one of the movie's original intent by the filmmaker James Jaeger James Jaeger will also be appearing live at this event he will be introducing the film and taking questions after the film's conclusion so you won't want to miss that great documentary filmmaker he's the maker of Fiat Empire a phenomenal film about the Federal Reserve and this film is about what the original intent of the founders of this country was all about and how we have really veered wildly off course from that intent so that's Thursday August 30th 6:30 p.m. at a scene food market fourth and Monroe streets in Philadelphia for more information visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor com go up there check it out tons of speaker BIOS already posted brand new website for the free or mind conference the next event announcement is the end the Fed rally it's a nationwide rally and the Fed 2012 this is coming up on Saturday September 22nd and the official end the Fed rally for Philadelphia will be taking place that day six at sixth and arched streets in front of the Federal Reserve branch bank here in Philadelphia that starts at noon 12 o'clock p.m. 6th and arch streets September 22nd I will actually be giving a speech outdoors in front of the Fed building along with Larkin rose and other speakers so it's going to be a great day and great will march from the Fed building turning our backs on this immoral institution and marching up Market Street and around City Hall and then you know back down Market Street so it you can make it to this rally in Philadelphia it's all about saying no to the immoral practices of the Federal Reserve System institution for more information on this event visit end the Fed 2012 dot-com you could also visit truth freedom prosperity calm for more information okay the MUFON PA East Coast Conference that's mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania is having their East Coast Conference on September 28th 29th and 30th at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania the speakers for Friday are John venturi and Frank Ficino jr. there will also be a cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres on Friday evening Saturdays speakers will be featuring Seuss Y Tech Karen Dolan Stan Gordon Travis Walton and Rob's Y Tech Saturday dinner will feature Peter Robbins the keynote address speaker for the conference and the Sunday speakers are Grant Cameron Richard Dolan Stephen Bassett and myself mark passio I will be giving a talk called morality and disclosure moral issues involved in the ongoing cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena for more information on the MUFON PA East Coast Conference please visit MUFON P a calm that's M UFO n PA calm you can also check out main line MUFON calm that's main line mu fom calm and click on annual conference for full bios and abstracts of the speakers alright that's the main event announcements um what on earth is happening news I was interviewed this past Friday night August 24th on down the rabbit hole with pop I always enjoy being on Popeyes show on Orion talk radio network the show will be up in the news section in the next couple of days I am going to pull the arc from Popeyes show from down the rabbit hole and I'll be posting it to the what on earth is happening new section in the next couple of days I will be interviewed on wide awake radio with Charlie McGrath on of wide awake news.com this Monday night August 27th at 9 p.m. Eastern Time you can listen in to that show at wide-awake news.com Charlie's show is also carried on the rents radio network on this coming Tuesday I will be guest hosting for Bob Tuscan on the Bob Tuscan show Bob is on vacation this week he's having guest hosts all week and I will be filling in for Bob on this Tuesday August 28th from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern here on Oracle broadcasting the ad-free chip in effort I have to so commend and congratulate people and thank them from the bottom of my heart we have already hit our goal for the second three month period this is phenomenal news I can't thank people enough for so generously donating to this cause of keeping the two main hours of this program ad free with only a two minute short intermission in between the two hours now ad free on what on earth is happening so let's keep the chip and effort going the next three month period we'll be starting the donations for which will be for February March and April period and we'll need to raise approximately another thousand for that period which the time period to raise that will end at the end of January so I'll be posting that new chart soon but if you go to the ad free chip-in page in the news section of what on earth is happening calm you'll see that we have hit our goal for the three-month period that we were shooting for so absolutely thank you and great work to people who have really put an effort forward to make this show remain commercial free I will be I want to announce that I will be refraining from doing extra radio interviews during the months of September and October so I will not have interviews on other shows during these two months this is because there are so many duties associated with the organization and promotion of the freer mine conference that I am basically going to take a short break from additional interviews for that two month period to focus fully on the organization and promotion of the freer mind to conference I'll then be ramping up the efforts again starting in November to heavily promote for the show and I'll be doing radio interviews again starting in November but I need this approximate two-month period to really focus on this work for the conference so I just wanted to announce that as well since we are still in the non-supportive dominator section the solution of this radio show there will still be no calls until this entire section is completed which will be in the next couple of weeks the upcoming topics after today's show on carnism will be women's role in discontinuing the support of dominators and the dominator culture and I will be probably doing one show one entire show on that topic starting next week and then I am planning on inviting a guest on the following week to talk on that topic I'm not going to announce that just yet until I have it definitively confirmed but a great guest possibly coming up in two weeks here on what on earth is happening for the full show we'll probably take some calls for that show but the calls for the entire topic of the non-supportive dominators in general will be coming up probably in about three weeks and I'll be doing two entire call-in shows on that topic the one caveat to that is if you want to speak in defense of carnism I'm making it a prerequisite if you want to come on the air and voice your opinion on that that you must have watched the movie earthlings from beginning to end in one sitting without like you know shirking away from it going and doing other things looking away from the screen I want to know that someone has paid attention and watched this documentary film about the whore involved in the practice of carnism and the procurement of meat as a quote unquote food so that's the one prerequisite if you haven't seen that film and you're gonna try to speak in defense of carnism I will abruptly cut you off and hang up because that is my requirement I have a show I bring people on to share their views if you want to share that view I'm not stopping you from doing it I'm just saying if you want to do it on my show then that's the requirement is that you have seen that movie in its entirety because I will have questions that I want to direct for you having seen it and still in the defense of this practice so that's the only caveat or prerequisite to the call-in shows that are going to be coming up okay I'd like to direct everyone to the what on earth is happening calm a website go to the radio show tab and there you will see images for today's show as always that highlight the topics and ideas that I will be talking about here on the show today so let's jump in with the topic I'll just go through the slideshow briefly image number one is of course a poster for the freer mind - conference I finally got around to working one up and there you see an image number one I'll be adding speakers to this flyer as more of them confirm image number two is a conference for the first conference fundraiser the matrix trilogy decode and presentation highlighted in that flyer image number three is the end the fed flyer for the nationwide end the Fed rally image number four is the flyer for the MUFON PA East Coast Conference image number five is the slide that I call the way out which is the title of this entire section so this is all about solutions and the grassroots solutions for real positive and lasting change are listed in slide number six the section that we are on now and have been on for many weeks is the Nancy port of dominators that's slide number seven last week we started this topic and really talked about health concerns connected with the topic of carnism with the religion of carnism and we basically dispelled a lot of these myths regarding why in the practice of eating meat is natural normal natural and necessary this famous three ends argument which we completely blew apart last week and will continue to do so this week so image number eight just showed this simple etymological definition of the word controversial which I said this topic would be the word controversial is derived from the Latin language the prefix contra means facing face to face or up against and the verb versus RA which the second part of the word is derived from verse over sorry means to change or to alter so when we put them together we understand in its root definition the word controversial in fact means coming face to face with change face to face with changing with having to change and that's why things like this are considered controversial what we really are saying is we're face to face with something that is telling us we must change and that creates discomfort in us because ultimately we don't want to change we want to stay where we are we want to stay in our comfort zone so that's what this issue is ultimately all about evolution always must take us out of our comfort zone and into unknown territories so it is always controversial when proposing behavioral changes to people who have simply done these things in an unconscious state of mind their entire lives and been taught that it is okay and there that there are justifications for these practices we defined carnism last week as a dogmatic religion moving on the slide number nine now as a dogmatic ring based entirely upon violence based entirely upon violence the main belief system of which is is that it is morally justifiable and/or necessary to kill animals and eat their dead flesh I called carnism last week in no uncertain terms the ultimate expression of domination the ultimate expression of domination we blew apart as I said the normal natural necessary argument last week this argument I've said is provably false amoral meat industry propaganda it is not normal it is not natural and it is not necessary and we looked at those provably false arguments last week we talked about the numbers of lives extinguished needlessly in the animal population just last year alone 10 billion land animals in 2011 alone slaughtered for their flesh if aquatic animals water-based animals are taken into consideration that number in the United States alone in the last year alone totaled over 65 billion with a be lives extinguished worldwide figures were over double that number and places the total number of animal deaths at the hands of human beings in the year 2011 alone at over well over 150 billion animals that is 21 times the population the human population of this planet this week we're going to start in with looking at justifications for the continuation of this practice and we're going to look at them one by one and really there's there's many more justifications than just the number I'm going to list here but I want to phone on six major justifications for the continuation of the immoral practice of carnism it is a religion as I've said it's not just an ideology in a practice it's a religious belief system it is based on things that are not grounded or rooted in fundamental principles of truth therefore it is a religion a religion is defined by the root word relig RA in Latin which means to tie back to hold back or to thwart from forward progress that is what the word religio relig re means to thwart from forward progress by tying or binding religion is binding we've talked about this before on the show religion can also have an alternative meaning of reuniting or reconnecting to something and that's something being truth being the universal spiritual laws of creation the universal laws of consciousness if you will and that's what we need to retie ourselves to reconnect ourselves to reunite ourselves with that is true religion but in the sense of religion being used in this world organized religion and false ideological belief systems religion is a binding practice that holds us back that thwarts us from forward evolutionary progress in consciousness so that is the sense I'm using the word religion in the connotation I'm using it in and we talked about what justifications are justifications are we could also look at the root word of justification it comes from the Latin us meaning right or law and the Latin verb Fock you Fock RA which means to make or to create so when we put these together justification it means to create a right to make up a right that does not exist to make a right out of a wrong to imagine to oneself and to try to tell oneself that are wrong is a right that's what justification are justifying something is doing it is trying to make a right out of something that is wrong morally wrong and justifications really hold no wait they hold no water they're something that they're their lies that we tell to ourselves that's really what a justification is justifications are lies that we tell to ourselves about what we may be doing what we are allowed to do that actually causes harm to other living beings there's no such thing if it causes harm to other living beings you shouldn't be engaging in that practice so justifications means the creation of rites that do not exist and I put the slide number thirteen with alien beings a seemingly comical slide until you really think about it you understand this is exactly what humanity is for anybody who's truly aware you realize Humanity is food by our own choice by our own ignorance through our own ignorance we are food I mean you want to really know what the purpose of the prison planet is it's to make you food that's what the purpose of it is in no in very simple easy to understand language if you want to really know what the end goal is it's you being eaten and you can look at that in physical terms if you really want to look at it that way I have no problem with you even looking at it that way but you're being spiritually devoured the essence of you is being devoured by the dark forces that currently are in control of this planet and you're being used as a fuel source for them you're being eaten by them by those forces by those entities if you will so this is a ostensibly comical piece of social commentary here in slide number 13 but if you want my opinion it's literally true it's quite literally the case and these aliens have a human being on their dinner table with an apple stuffed in his mouth and all trimmings around them like a Thanksgiving dinner like a turkey on a table during Thanksgiving dinner and they're all making individual justifications the six aliens who are seated around the dinner table around the Hume the dead human being are all making justifications for why they feel that it's okay for them to continue the practice of slaughtering human beings and using them as their food so we'll cover these one by one and I'll talk about what these arguments really are these justifications for carnism which I list on slide number 15 slide number 14 is simply the etymological definition of justification so slide 15 shows these justifications for the practice of carnism and the first is what I call the apathy and ignorance justification the we don't really care about them they're them we're us we don't care about what happens to them we can't care about what happens to them we have too many other concerns don't you know you know after all they have nothing to do with us they're different and separate from us what happens to them is their own lot in life we got to worry about what happens to us the apathy I don't care about their suffering and ignorance if I don't pay attention to it or look at it it doesn't really affect me the ignorance justification I should call it and start using that inflection when using that word ignoring because that's what it really is is a it's ignoring the injustice it's ignoring the suffering the quote that backs this justification up is we have our own problems we don't have time to worry about whether they suffer or not so that's the apathy and ignorance justification and if you want to remain apathetic and ignorant you know what invariably ends up happening enslavement you can't have freedom without care and intelligence and if you want to ignore things you don't want to pay attention you don't want to acknowledge and admit to what's really going on you're gonna end up enslaved if you don't care you're gonna end up in slaves if you want to remain apathetic you're gonna end up enslaved that's how the laws of nature actually do work the second argument oh they kill other animals for food why shouldn't we do the same well we see this happening in quote-unquote nature you know we see animals being carnivores and killing other animals for their food why shouldn't we do the same why shouldn't we just act as other beasts of the field it seems like that's the natural order right well I call this the fundamentally flawed idea of the quote-unquote natural order justification this is this involves an erroneous perception of what nature's laws actually are and it's based on Darwinian evolutionary theory Darwinian of macro biological evolutionary theory which there is no scientific evidence to support and people will horrific aliy react to that statement well go look in the actual fossil record and look at all of the mental gymnastics that is done to support to prop up this theory of macro biological Darwinian evolution Darwin himself didn't believe in this theory that with the religious fervor that people of the modern world accepted he said that there would have to be ample provable scientific evidence within the fossil record over many species of transition transitional species and you want to know how many of those actually have been found in the fossil record exactly a big goose egg zero so for the people that just take a look at a practice that an animal happens to be engaging in right now during its evolutionary development we say that's the way it forever has been is now and forever shall be for all time and actually believe darwin's theory this idea of survival of the fittest and survival of the the most ruthless just because we see certain animals engaging in those carnivorous practices today in the modern world which i've made statements in the past that I do not even necessarily believe that it has always been that way that animals always were carnivorous in the way that they are today just because we see them engaged in certain behaviors and practices today and certainly there is no reason we need to follow an example like that because we are a higher thought capable being then the animals were referring to just because they're doing it doesn't mean you should follow suit and go and behave like an animal you're supposedly something a little bit more in consciousness in evolutionary terms in consciousness then a base animal at least we're supposed to be this idea that man is nothing more than an animal is one of the roots ideologies of Satanism one of the root ideologies of Satanism is man is absolutely indistinct from other animals completely and therefore go ahead and just engage in animal behavior and if you don't believe me go look that up I should know I was a priest in this religion in my past so I should know all about it better than most people right but don't even take my word for it go read about it for yourself those podcasts were all posted in the 70s in what on earth is happening for more podcasts go go back in in the early 70s I believe listen to the shows I did on Satanism and dark luciferianism read those resources understand that their mental of worldview and idea jeez and that's one of them that the natural order is kill or be killed slaughter who you have to slaughter to get your way and do you know ensure your way of life I call this the fundamentally flawed idea of the natural order which has nothing to do with the actual natural order in nature zero to do with it it's based on a completely erroneous assumption based on very brief thin slicing instances of time and you're making a judgment on what the totality of natural order actually is and it has nothing whatever to do with that erroneous perception we're gonna be talking about that a little bit later on the show the third justification God gave us dominion over the animals I love this one I can't you tell how much I love this one folks this is my favorite of them all God gave us dominion over all the animals so that means we can murder them and just use them as we please yeah yeah that's that's God's commandment to us right he said you can go in murder as viciously violently and abundantly as you want as long as you're doing it to animals not other human beings just go and do it to them because they're completely separate from my my creation you're my favorite ones but then I don't really care about what you do to them so just go right ahead and Christians actually believe this bunk they actually interpret the Bible in a way that allows for their immoral justifications and their diseased psyches to say I'm just gonna continue this because I interpret that God claimed that this was okay and they're not even reading their own book they don't even understand their own book they don't even understand they understand the words of the Christ in their own Bible zero less than zero they have what I call negative knowledge of it not only do they have no idea what the actual teachings the the Christ consciousness is all about but they actually have ascribed things to it which have nothing whatsoever to do with it and to get back to a zero point to a clean slate would involve themselves digging themselves out of a hole for a long time I call that the state of negative knowledge not only don't you know anything you've you've put a whole lot of erroneous beliefs on top of the zero point yeah so you have to dig your way back to zero just read the book of Genesis first of all if you want to even acknowledge this whole notion of you know the Bible says you know to engage in this kind of practice or not engage in this kind of practice I think that's a horrible way of judging what's right and wrong first of all is that men wrote it in a book and claimed that it was the inspired Word of God and therefore I'm gonna just follow that blindly you need to know you need to develop true conscience which is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between right and wrong not have a belief system about what you think is right or think is wrong and then back it up with man written words that you're claiming is the divine and inspired Word of God let me tell you something the Bible is written by flawed men for the reason of reasons of their own agenda and yes they're putting some truths in there absolutely because to have a poison pill be taken by anyone you need to wrap it in a whole lot of good stuff otherwise you'll smell the poison you'll taste the poison and you won't want to take it into yourself that's how that technique of obfuscation works that's how that technique of worldview poisoning works to get the poison in you have to wrap it up in something that is very good and I'm not saying that that's always the case but with the biblical writings and the specific choice of the Canon of the Bible and deliberately obfuscating and eliminating and keeping out of the official Canon and other books that could be said to be as equally quote unquote divinely-inspired this done during Constantine's reign the Council of Nicaea do the historical research you know they're leaving out a whole lot of other things that say things that are in direct opposition and contrast to what's being said in other books in the Bible so the Bible's self-contradictory number one and I'm not saying there aren't good truths to be found in it I've talked about them many times on this show but you know let's just give a quote from Genesis that supports the idea that God gave Dannette did no such thing as his claim to give us dominion over the animal kingdom and say we could just use them as our food as we see fit in Genesis chapter 1 verses 29 and 30 and this is before the fall you know in consciousness before this horrific event took place that plunged men in the into the mindset of the animal kingdom really that led to a do munition in his consciousness and awareness the words of God are attributed to this following quote quote I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it let me just read that again I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it they will be yours for food so far no mention of animals being given to people for food and to all to all the beasts of the earth to all the beasts of the earth and birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground in other words everything that has the breath of life in it I give every green plant for food I'll read that again to all the beasts of the earth and birds of the air and creatures that move on the ground everything that has the breath of life in it I give every green plant for food no mention of other animals even to the other animal no mention of humans eating other animals or even animals eating other animals for that matter zero mention of those practices so I would ask the quote unquote religious people they're really nothing of the kind they're the false religious people that's why I call this the false religion justification who don't consider suffering as the main guiding point to bring you to the truth of what actions you should or should not take if it's generating suffering you shouldn't be doing it and I have no problem with the terms you should or you should not that's part of the new-age bunk agenda to tell you you should never point a finger at anyone else and say you're engaging in something that you should not be because why oh that wounds their little precious ego so you don't want to say anything about it ever nonsense that's another false religion called the New Age movement never ever talk about the negative or or you know threaten someone else's belief system Oh cuz the ego reacts right well you know what maybe that's the whole problem maybe people aren't speaking enough about the truth and about what's right and then other people just think oh there's hardly any reaction to this there's hardly any blowback to this so I'm just gonna continue this practice unabated nope no one's really calling me out on it that's the problem folks we don't call each other out on our that's the problem this new-age notion of just just letting people do all the harm that they want never say anything to them never bring up the negative never call somebody on the things they should not be doing is nonsense nonsense and anybody teaching that is a false spiritual teacher so I call this argument the false religion justification because it's coming from these completely erroneous notions of religion and even what their own books have told them and yeah you can find contrary things to the quote I just read you out of Genesis fine you're gonna find contradiction in the Bible want to know why it's a man written book again to justify human agendas and they put a lot of spiritual truths in it so that people would accept it but also in doing so accept the other stuff that they were throwing in the mix and if you don't understand that that's what the Bible is you're very very naive very naive or just trapped in that modality of mind control called religion which we talked about and you don't even understand the Asheboro theological underpinnings of world religions go back into the earlier shows and pull up the podcasts on Astro theology to look that up to understand that so the next argument the next justification in favor of carnism don't worry this one was killed humanely I think now just let's think about that just think about these words killed humanely hmm hmm I can't figure this one out let's try it again killed humanely yeah these are complete antithesis of each other they're diametric opposites treating someone humanely does not involve killing them so these are polar opposite words and yet you're using them back-to-back in the same sentence trying to get them to mean the same thing I call this it is not what I call it it's Orwellian doublespeak so this is the 1984 double speak justification you could put two diametrically of opposing words together and in in your cognitive dissonance attempt to get them to mean the same thing killed humanely right keep believing that folks keep believing that because killing is a humane practice it can be done in a humane whay right you're taking someone else's life without their consent but you could do it in a humane way keep believing that keep lying to yourself in other words the next justification is the I call this the separation worldview justification the idea that we're all separate and opposite you know and opposing in nature and you know there are beings that think like us so oh then we should treat them like we are like we want to be treated but anything that's not like us you know this is alien or foreign to us well we should treat that with this regard or that gives us the permission to treat it with this regard not necessarily that we should but if you happen to start treating it with this regard well that's okay because they're not like us they're not the same as us this is the phrase here is they're not conscious or aware like us so it's okay to kill them for food and then people will bring the opposite of this argument in as actually I've heard this brought up as a justification for continuing to eat meat saying well you eat plants plants are a form of life we're going to directly address this today this notion of well since plants are a form of life it's equally as wrong to consume them and make them a part of your diet and people will actually use that justification and say well hey if you're going to eat plants and it's wrong to eat them why not just go right ahead and eat animals anyway and there's no real difference well there is a difference there is a difference and if you understand the laws of assimilation if you really understand the natural laws the true natural order that does exist here you would understand yes we can at this point in our evolutionary development consume plants for our sustenance I would say at some point when you get when you move to be as it evolved that you would not need plants as part of your diet that the the physical vehicle would be so light or so non-physical that you would not need plants then I would even go and make the statement you shouldn't be eating plants let them be if you can live on breath live on breath if you can live on light live on light and these things are possible not everybody is at that point in evolutionary development I would say the human physiology is at the point of development where we can live without eating animal flesh dead animal flesh and I don't even see really there being any point in time where we could not have where the practice of carnism was necessary I don't really see there being any time when that was the case that it was necessary to do what we're doing to animals that is completely poisoning the field of consciousness and energy in which we're all living look up some of Rupert Sheldrake's work with morphogenetic fields you know Morpho genetic fields it's phenomenal research and it's actually borne out in modern science when you look at Unified Field physics you understand this guy isn't just talking about this from any spiritual just a spiritual point of view this is backed by modern scientific knowledge what we're doing is and we're going to talk about that today in the reading you know part of the reading I'm going to be giving how this is poisoning the energy field in which we're all living the practice of carnism to look at the this animal life as just being not like us so it's okay to treat them how we want is total justification and I call it the the the separation worldview argument seeing everything is separate from everything else instead of suffering is suffering and it should be our our mindset to alleviate suffering regardless of what type of creature is experiencing it the final justification is well I do feel bad this is justification number six on slide number 15 I do feel bad about what we're doing to these animals but I could just I just could never give up my meat my meat it's just too tasty I just like it too much and what I call this is the no justification justification also known as the truth because let's face it ladies and gentlemen that's the only truth regarding why people are really continuing to hold on to this practice they like it they're used to it it's too difficult to change they don't have the will they don't have the care they don't have the knowledge that's all it comes down to they don't want to change that desire to alleviate suffering for all beings is not born within them and therefore true conscience is ultimately not born within them get is offended about that statement as you like that happens to be the truth this is the real justification for continuing the religion of carnism I like it too much I'm comfortable with it too much you know changing would be too uncomfortable and too difficult and require too much effort and willpower on my part that's really what they're saying so what I want to do for the remainder of the show is begin to transition this information from the five sense point of view which we really focused on last week about how people think it's normal natural and necessary to eat dead animal flesh and oh I I couldn't possibly be vegetarian I my body wouldn't get what I need I'd be sick I'd feel weak etc all based in ignorance of not doing the vegetarian lifestyle properly okay and these are all arguments that are still based on the self still based on the person who's doing the consuming of the meat they're all still selfish arguments they're all still $0.05 arguments and they're all based in justifications because none of them are based on actual knowledge or truth what I want to transition the second hour of the show too is let's start looking at the occult arguments not even arguments the occult reasons the occult knowledge that lies behind why this practice is deplorable and when we I'm not asking anyone to believe or accept the two pieces of writing that I'm going to offer here today on the show you need to look into this and do your own due diligence you need to do your own research your own homework most of all you need to look within this is an issue that deals with conscience this is an issue that deals with the internal makeup of the individual it doesn't even Alta material I on anything that is external to the self I said that last week one needs to go in and look at their behavior and ask themselves the reason why do I engage in this type of behavior is this behavior ultimately harmful is it ultimately creating suffering for other beings if it's creating suffering for other beings it's creating suffering for you if you understand the non-separation the non-duality of existence many people do not understand that they do they are not at a place in their psyche where they are even capable of grasping that truth so we're gonna look at the laws of consciousness relating to reasons why we should really desist and stop in the practice of carnism we'll look at the law of Correspondence and cause an effect and we will look at two different occult traditions that have dealt with moral reasons why we should not be eating dead animal flesh as I said last week morality trumps all arguments in favor of Karnas because this is universal spiritual law to do no harm to choose moral rights over wrong to choose moral right over actions which create suffering for other beings so we'll get into these readings right after the short two-minute break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network we'll be right back [Music] okay everyone we're back we're gonna continue to talk about carnism practice of eating dead animal flesh and justifying it as something that is moral or necessary here on the show this is part of our ongoing talk about the non support of dominators and domination so we're going to get into the occult side of things right now and I want to read some excerpts from a phenomenal occult author by the name of Max Hine del hei ndel I've talked about him in the past I've mentioned him extensively when I did the show with Bob from Cincinnati on the Rosicrucian tradition Heindel was a Rosicrucian who very much favored vegetarianism and talked about the moral reasons for ceasing and desisting in the practice of carnism so what I'm going to read here are excerpts from max Heindel --zz magnum opus his great work known as the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception these are excerpts that deal with nutrition assimilation and natural law or spiritual laws the universal laws of consciousness if you will so on the science of nutrition max Heindel said very actually quite a bit there's an entire section on this in the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception and again I asked no one to believe in this I asked you to listen with an open mind research this material on your own come to your own conclusions based on conscience okay so here's a quoting from the rose crucian Cosmo Concepcion on the science of nutrition quote it may be said generally of the solid foods we take into our system that fresh vegetables and ripe fruits contain the greatest proportion of nutritious nutritious matter and the least of earthly harmful substances as we are writing for the aspirant to the higher life for the aspirant to the higher life and what he means by that when he uses the term higher life he means of higher consciousness who are trying to actively evolve their consciousness to a higher level as we are writing for the aspirin to the higher life and not for the general public it may also be said that animal food should be entirely avoided if possible no one who kills can go very far along the path of holiness we do even worse than that if we actually killed we do even worse than if we actually killed for an order to shield ourselves from the personal Commission of the act of killing and still reap its results we force a fellow being through economic necessity to devote his entire time to murder thereby brutalizing him to such an extent that the law will not allow him to act as a juror in cases of capital crime because his business has so familiarized him with the taking of life and of course he's talking here about those who work in animal slaughterhouses which I mentioned last week that practice turns you into a secondary psychopath whether you were a psychopath or not to begin with it will turn you a normal healthy function functioning brain it will turn an individual's brain into the brain of a secondary psychopath and they will be basically indistinguishable in in behavioral characteristics from a psychopath from a type one psychopath continuing the enlightened know the animals to be their younger others and that they will be human in the Jupiter period the Juke the pig Jupiter period he's referring to these cycles of evolutionary growth and development that the Rosicrucian tradition speaks of we shall help them then but we shall then help them as the angels who are human in the moon period are now helping us and for an aspirant of high ideals to kill either in person or by proxy we talked about that killing by proxy last week partaking in the results of the murder and therefore you're justifying that act as something that's okay morally for an aspirant to high ideals to kill either in person or by proxy is out of the question several very important food products from animals such as milk cheese and butter may be used these are the results of the processes of life and require no tragedies to convert them into food and I would amend that and saying yes it requires no tragedy but it often does involve them so you want to also if you're going to consume dairy you want to look at how that was made was that done in a way that isn't tragic to the animals because it often is and those animals often still go to slaughter one of the reasons I've attempted as much as possible to eliminate milk from my diet and I get the eggs that we consume from a non slaughter source where the the the hens who lay them are treated as practical members of the family by the family who who raises those chickens so he says that dairy products can be used because they require no tragedies on the part of the animals on the part of us toward the animals to convert them into food I would agree with that contention fruits are an ideal diet they are in fact evolved by the trees to induce animal and man to eat them again seed bearing plants the fruits of seed bearing plants probably the highest energy the one could take into their diet continuing they are in fact the highest in fact evolved by the trees to induce animal and man to eat them so that the seed may be disseminated as flowers entice bees for a similar purpose fresh fruits contain water of the purest and best kind capable of permeating the system in a marvelous manner and I like we talked about how important that distilled water the distillation process of the plants bringing in that distilled water for the energy of the body is that's what you're really taking out of the plant when you chew it is the distilled water and then the rest of it is fiber which is also good for the digestive system but that's why juicing is so important it has the highest energy substance in your taking out and getting it directly into the human bloodstream continuing fresh fruits contain water of the purest kind capable of permeating the system in a marvelous manner it would be foolish for a man to change an ordinary diet which for years had adequately nourished him and take up a new method without due thought as to which would be the best for serving his purpose so he's saying here you don't need to immediately go vegetarian overnight you can transition weaned from the process and then you may need to do it that way because your body is so used to what you've been putting into it it could be a big shock if you suddenly try to up and quit meat and I agree I didn't do it overnight I wouldn't automatically recommend that someone do it overnight if you want if that's your fervent desire by all means attempt it but you have to be knowledgeable about what you're doing you have to be knowledgeable about the possible repercussions that that's gonna have on your system I would never tell somebody to just do that overnight you know more than I would tell them to just quit antipsychotics or quit antidepressants overnight these are often dangerous substances that need to be weaned off of slowly otherwise you could have all kinds of other side effects and that's one of the arguments people try to start making for why you have to continue to eat me know you're involved in an addiction an addiction has side effects that go along with it especially if you try to go cold turkey from the addiction so what Heindel saying here is absolutely vital to understand regarding the transition from the practice of carnism to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to simply eliminate continuing now can to simply eliminate meats from the ordinary diet of meat eaters will unquestionably undermine the health of most persons the only safe way is to experiment and study the matter out first using do discrimination no fixed rules can be given the matter of diet being as individual as any other characteristic the brain is the coordinating mechanism whereby the movements of the body are controlled and our ideas are expressed it is built of the same substance as are the other parts of the body with the addition of phosphorus eat which is peculiar to the brain alone the logical conclusion is that phosphorus is the particular element by means of which the ego and Heindel uses the term ego with a capital e to represent the higher self or the soul is able to express thought and influence the dense physical body it is also a fact that the proportion and variation of this substance is to be found is found to correspond to the state and state of intelligence of the individual so he's saying how important the mineral phosphorus is and I agree and phosphorus is found in green leafy vegetables especially if you look at beet leaves they have one of the highest concentration of phosphorus when I do juicing I juice whole beets with the leaves and stems and you know you want to cut off the bottoms and the skin of the beat the outside part of the beat but I juice the stem the leave and the beat then strain that really well and drink that beats and particularly beet leaves the amount of phosphorus in them is excellent for the body continuing it is therefore of great importance that the aspirant who is to use his body for mental and spiritual work should supply his brain with the substance necessary for that purpose most vegetables and fruits contain a certain amount of phosphorus but it is a peculiar fact that the greater proportion is contained in the leaves which are usually thrown away it is found in considerable quantities in grapes onions sage beans cloves pineapples and in the leaves and stalks of many vegetables carrot leaves beet leaves etc and the stalks also in sugar cane juice but not in refined sugar now he's transitioning these are more excerpts from the Rosicrucian cosmo conception on the law of assimilation the law of a quote the law of assimilation allows no particle to be built into our bodies that we as spirits have not overcome and made subject to ourselves I'll read that one more time the law of assimilation allows no particle to be built into our bodies that we as spirits have not overcome and made subject to ourselves that is the law of assimilation there is life in every particle of food that we take into our bodies and before we can build that life into our bodies by the process of assimilation we must overcome and make it subject to ourselves the more individualized is the particle to be assimilated the more energy will it require to digest it and therefore the shorter time it will remain before seeking to reassert itself so the more individuated the form of energy that you're putting into your body the harder it is to break it down the more energy is required on the part of the body to break it down ultimately the more wear and tear goes onto the body by taking that individuated expression into the body you want something that is less individuated that's why plants are much less individuated than animals animals are an individual for mancha sness not part of the group mind of the plant kingdom that's why it's an entirely different kingdom it is a different individual higher level expression of consciousness than is the plant kingdom which is here to nourish us at the stage of evolutionary development that we are at mentally physically and spiritually this is the main reason that yes it is okay for us it is at this point moral for us to consume plants but not animals we are at their level of individuation their suffering should be respected plants also have a form of consciousness I'm not denying that people write to me and say Oh mark plants have a consciousness - I get it I understand plants have a form of consciousness read the seek the book the secret life of plants is actually an excellent book on that topic what I'm saying is we at this point still require that symbiosis with the plant kingdom through taking their nutrient elements into our physical body we do not require that when it comes to animals therefore it is unnecessary it is a needless act of killing there's a needless act of consumption that's suffering that's going into the world is needless so continuing with this law of assimilation which is very critical for people to understand Heindel says if it were possible for man to use just minerals as food they would be ideal for that purpose because of their stability and the little energy required to overcome and subject them to the life of the body we should be compelled to eat very much less in quantity and also less than we often do now the plant kingdom is next above the mineral it has an organization capable of assimilating the mineral compounds of the earth the plants take in the minerals they assimilate it because of their capabilities we don't assimilate those minerals directly from the earth we do that through the plants animals do that through the plants man and animal continuing now man and animal can assimilate the plants and thus obtain the chemical compounds necessary to sustain their bodies and as the consciousness of the plant kingdom is that of dreamless sleep it offers no resistance it requires but little energy to assimilate the particles thus derived and having small individuality of their own the life in soling the particle does not seek to escape from our body as soon as the food derived from more highly as soon as food derived from the more highly from more highly developed forms meaning animals therefore the strength derived from a diet of fruits and vegetables is more enduring than that derive from a meat diet and the food supply does not require as frequent replenishing besides giving more strength in proportion because less energy is required for assimilation and I am living proof of this law ladies and gentlemen because if you spoke to me and talked with me and met with me and hung out with me when I was eating me the level of energy that I was at mentally and physically is nowhere close nowhere even closely powerbal - how much energy I feel on a daily basis eating the right way and I mean that word in the term of correct and moral I'm now eating right as opposed to what I was doing in the past and I told people last week how I was the biggest meat-eater around that I knew in my friends families and acquaintances no one could put away more dead animal flesh than me so if I could do that I'm living proof that this is doable by anyone continuing now food composed of the bodies of animals consists of particles which have been worked upon and interpenetrated by an individual desire body one of the types of expressions of form that exists within us and on you know going off on a tangent here momentarily there are different forms within the the being there's the dense body the vital body the astral body okay these are all talked about in the system the the spiritual tradition of Rosicrucianism and he's making reference to one of these components of the self here which he calls the desire body so continuing food composed of the bodies of animals consists of particles which have been worked upon and interpenetrated by an individual desire body and thus having been individualized to a much greater extent than the plant particles there is an individual cell soul which is permeated by the passions and desires of the animal it requires considerable energy to overcome it in the first place so that it may be assimilated yet it never becomes so fully incorporated into the polity of the body as do the plant constituents which have no such strong individual tendencies and that's because as I said before they're not an as individuated form of expression of consciousness as our animals continuing quote the result is that it is necessary for flesh eaters to consume a greater weight of food than is required by the fruitarian also he must eat oftener moreover this inward strife of the particles of flesh cause greater wear and tear on the body in general as I just finished saying because it requires more energy they'll under the law of assimilation the body is actually going to wear out at a quicker pace by a heavy meat eater than one who engages in a plant-based diet and science is finally starting to be beginning to show this and admit this and communicate it to people continuing quote therefore when flesh food derived from the herbivores uh therefore when flesh food derived from the herbivore is such an unstable diet it is evident that if we should try to use the flesh of carnivorous animals in which the cells are still further individuated because they're taking in individuated forms okay which we would be forced to consume enormous quantities of food eating would occupy the greater part of our time but not withstanding that we would always be lean and hungry that such is its effect can be seen in the wolf and the vulture there leanness and hunger our proverbial cannibals eat human flesh but only at long intervals and as a luxury as man does not confine himself exclusively to a meat diet his flesh is not that of an entirely carnivorous beasts nevertheless the hunger of the cannibal has also become the burden of a proverb if the flesh of the herbivore were the essence of what is good in plants then logically the flesh of the carnivores should be the quintesson quintessence the meat of wolves and vultures would thus be the creme de la creme and much to be desired this we know is not the case but quite the reverse the nearer we get to the plant kingdom the more strength we derive from our food if the reverse were the case the flesh of carnivorous animals would be sought by other beasts of prey but examples of quote dog-eat-dog unquote are very few throughout nature this next section are excerpts from the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception on the principles of live and let live so this what is what I would consider natural law underpinnings the real natural order Universal spiritual law underpinnings for a vegetarian diet quote the first law of science is thou shalt not kill of occult science a pardon me I'll repeat this the first law of occult science is thou shalt not kill to do no harm that's the first law of occult science knowledge of the knowledge of conscience natural law the universal spiritual mostly unseen or occulted laws of nature thou shalt not kill is law number one do no harm continuing and that should have the greatest weight with the aspirant to the higher life the first law of occult science thou shalt not kill that should have the greatest weight with the aspirant to the higher life as I said the moral truth about carnism trumps all of the justifications in the five senses that are used to justify this practice the real question is is it right do you own the life of another to take and use as you will and the answer is No another that's another part of the argument people use while you're killing plants no a lot of plants you don't need to kill the plant to use its fruit or its leaves some vegetables yes you killed the entire thing by by taking it from the ground but if that is also not necessary you can survive on the fruit and leaves of vegetables and nuts and seeds and berries things like that it does not have to be the entire plant destroyed so that's another part of the fallacious argument that your doing as much harm and wrong when you you know eat vegetables and plant matter that as when you're eating animals continuing we cannot create so much as one particle of dust therefore what right have we to destroy the very least form all form is an expression of the one life the life of God we have no right to destroy the form through which the life is seeking experience and force it to rebuild a new vehicle sometimes the objection is made that life is also taken when vegetables and fruits are eating eaten but that statement is based upon a complete misunderstanding of the facts when the fruit is ripe it has accomplished its purpose which is to act as a womb for the ripening of the seed if not eaten it decays and goes to waste moreover it is designed to serve as food for the animal and human kingdoms thus affording the seed opportunities for growth by scattering it in fertile soil besides just as the ovum and seem semen of human beings are ineffectual without the seed Adam of the reincarnating ego and the matrix of its vital body so any seed any egg or seed of itself is the void of life it is if it is given the proper conditions of incubator or soil the life of the group spirit is then poured into it thus grasping the opportunity so a for of producing a dense body if the egg or seed is cooked crushed or not given the conditions necessary for the life the opportunity is lost but that is all at the present stage of the evolutionary journey everyone knows inherently that it is wrong to kill and man will love and protect the animals in all cases where his greed and selfish interest where his greed and selfish interest has not does not blind him to their rights man will love and protect the animals in all cases where his greed and selfish interest does not blind him to their rights the law protects even a cat or dog against wanton cruelty accepting quote sports that most wanton of all our cruelties against the animal creation he's talking about hunting for you know the sake of killing it is always for the sake of money that animals are murdered and and bred to be murdered he's saying in except in sport by the devotees of sport the helpless creatures are shot down to no purpose saved to bolster up a false idea of prowess on the part of the Huntsman it is hard to understand how people who appear otherwise sane and kindly for the time can track can for the time trample upon all their gentler instincts and revert to bloodthirsty savagery killing for the sheer lust of blood and joy in destruction it is certainly a reversion to the lowest savage animal instincts and can never be dignified into the remotest semblance of anything manly how much more beautiful it would be for man to play the role of friend and protector of the weak absolutely magnificent as far as I am concerned and people should take a reading like that to heart and should contemplate it on their own so again that was three sections three excerpts from sections of the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception by max Heindel which is posted with last week's podcast and will be posted again with this week's last week's podcast was 121 this week's is number 122 now that was from the Rosicrucian tradition and once again I mean I caught when I say Rosicrucian tradition I'm talking about the esoteric original intent that is ancient that is not born in any particular modern large system of Rosicrucian teaching I considered that that is true to the original intent of ancient esoteric Rosicrucianism as what I'm going to read momentarily is true to the original esoteric intentions of the original ancient free Masonic tradition so this is written by the freemason C W Leadbeater and that is of course a pseudonym because he's you know the beater of the lead the metals the base metals attempting to turn them into gold it's now chemical pseudonym this is from his essay known as called vegetarianism and ocultism vegetarianism and ocultism which was published in 1913 by the Theosophical publishing house I'm going to read an excerpt from the earlier part of the essay and I'm going to skip over the the first entire section of the essay which is all about the $0.05 aspect of vegetarianism the bodily aspects of it okay which I covered last week and you can read this it's going to be posted with the podcast as well I'm going to begin I'm gonna pick this up in the section where he talks about the occult reasons for being a vegetarian but first he defines what a cultism is and one of the best definitions of occultism that I've read he says Leadbeater says quote how shall we define ocultism the word is derived from the Latin occult asst meaning hidden so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature ocultism is the study of the hidden laws of nature since the great laws of nature are in fact working in the invisible world far more than in the visible ocultism involves the acceptance of a much wider view of nature than that which is ordinarily taken the ocultist then is a man who studies all the laws of nature that he can reach or of which he can hear and as a result of his study he identifies himself with these laws and devotes his life to the service of evolution and he doesn't mean macro biological Darwinian evolutionary theory he's talking about evolution in consciousness evolution toward the higher life toward the higher self now going but farther in the document to hit the section called occult reasons for vegetarianism he says quote under this heading also we shall have two sets of reasons those which refer to ourselves and our own development and those which refer to the great scheme of evolution and our duty toward it so that once more we may classify them as selfish and unselfish although at a much higher level than before I have I hope clearly shown in the earlier part of this lecture that there is simply no room for discussion in regard to in regard to the question of vegetarianism the whole of the evidence and of the considerations are entirely on one side and there is absolutely nothing to be said in opposition to them this is even more striking leave a case when we come to consider the occult part of our argument there are some students hovering around the fringes of occultism who are not yet prepared to follow its dictates to the utmost and when he says dictates he's not talking about any particular system of occult teachings he means the dictates of the laws of nature which are dictates meaning they're spoken into re into inherent reality by the creator himself and they're not suggestions they're laws that are dictated by the word the energetic underlying intelligence of all creation that's why there are natural laws their inherent non man-made immutable binding conditions which we define when we talked about natural law so there are some students hovering around the fringes of occultism who are not yet prepared to follow its dictates to the utmost and therefore do not accept its teaching when it interferes with their personal habits and desires I'll say that again people hovering on the fringes of these great teachings these laws of nature who are not yet prepared to follow the dictates of the laws of nature therefore do not accept its teaching when it interferes with their personal habits and desires continuing quote some such have tried to maintain that the question of food can make little difference from the occult standpoint but the unanimous verdict of all the great schools of occultism both ancient and modern has been definite on this point and has asserted that for all true progress purity is necessary even on the physical plane and in matters of diet as well as in higher far higher matters in many books and lectures I have already explained the existence of the different planes of nature and of the vast unseen world all about us I have also had occasion to refer often to the fact that man has within himself matter belonging to all these higher planes so that he is furnished with a vehicle corresponding to each of them through which he can receive impressions and by means of which he can act can these higher bodies of men be in any way affected by the food which enters into the physical body with which they are all they are so closely connected assuredly they can and for this reason the physical matter in man is in close touch with the astral and mental matter so much so that each is to a great extent a counterpart of the other so he's saying there's really no separation they're all affected each part of the self each part of the dense vital astral bodies they're all connected they're all feeding off of each other's energy what you do to one you do to all this is part of the non separation the unity aspect of consciousness we have to stop looking at the physical and spiritual in separate terms in terms of separateness they are one continuing there are many types and degrees of density among astral matter for example so that it is possible for one man to have an astral body built of coarse and gross particles while another may have one which is much more delicate and refined as the astral body is the vehicle of the emotions passions and sensations it follows that the man whose astral body is of the grosser type will be chiefly amenable to the grosser varieties of passion and emotion whereas the man who has a finer astral body will find its particles more readily that that that it's particle is more readily vibrate in response to higher and more refined emotions and aspirations the man therefore who builds gross and undesirable matter into his physical body is thereby drawing into his astral body matter of a course and unpleasant type as its counterpart and then what do you interact what do you think will be the result of the behavior of that individual in most cases continuing quote we all know that on the physical plane the effect of overindulgence in dead flesh is to produce a coarse gross appearance in man that does not mean that it is the it is only the physical body which is in an unlovely condition it means also that those parts of the man which are invisible to our ordinary sight in other words occulted the astral and the mental bodies are not in good condition either thus a man who is building himself a gross and impure physical body is building for himself at the same time coarse and unclean astral and mental bodies as well that is visible at once to the eye of the developed clairvoyant the man who learns to see these higher vehicles sees at once the effects on the higher bodies produced by impurity in the lower he sees at once the difference between the man who feeds his physical vehicle with pure food and the man who puts into it this loathsome decaying flesh let us see how this difference will affect the man's evolution impure vehicles is the next section quote if it is clear that a man's duty with regard to himself is to develop all his different vehicles as far as possible in order to make him finished instruments for the use of this make them finish instruments for the use of the soul there is all there is still there is a still higher stage in which that soul itself is is being trained to be a fit instruments in the hands of the deity a perfect channel for divine grace but the first step towards this high aim is that the soul itself shall learn thoroughly to control the lower bodies so that there shall be in them no thought or feeling except those which the soul allows all these vehicles therefore should be in the highest possible condition of efficiency all should be pure and clean and free from taint and it is obvious that this can never be so long as the man absorbs into the physical encasement such undesirable constituents so he's saying garbage in garbage out it's very simple you put that which is of a lower vibratory energy in you're going to have a lower vibratory energy be built as a result these are the building materials not only for the physical vehicle but for the spiritual vehicles as well continuing quote even the physical body and its sense perceptions can never be at their best unless the few food is pure anyone who adopts vegetarian diet will speedily begin to notice that his sense of taste or smell is far keener than it was when he fed upon flesh and that he is now able to discern a delicate difference of flavours in foods which before he had thought of as tasteless such as rice or wheat the same thing is true to a still greater extent with regard to the higher bodies their senses cannot be clear if impure or coarse matter is drawn into them anything of this nature clogs and dulls them so that it becomes more difficult for the soul to use them this is a fact which has always been recognized by the student of occultism you will find that all those who in ancient days entered upon the mysteries were men of utmost purity and of court of course invariably vegetarian carnivorous diet is fatal to anything like real development and those who adopt it are throwing serious and unnecessary difficulties in their own way Leadbeater here is making the contention he's actually claiming that those who studied and partook of the ancient mysteries were in fact almost invariably vegetarian continuing quote I am well aware that there are other and still higher considerations which are of greater weight than anything upon than anything upon the physical plane and that the purity of the heart and soul is more important than that of the body yet there is surely no reason why we should not have both indeed the one suggests the other and the higher should include the lower there are quite enough difficulties in the way of self control and self development it is surely worse than foolish to go out of our way and add another and very considerable one to the list although it is true that a pure heart will do more for us than a pure body yet the latter can certainly do a great deal and we are none of us so far advanced along the road towards spirituality that we can afford to neglect the great advantage that it gives us anything that makes our path harder than it need be is emphatically something to be avoided in all cases this flesh food undoubtedly makes the physical body a worse instrument and puts difficulties in the way of the soul by intensifying all the undesirable elements and passions belonging to these lower planes nor is it the serious nor is this serious effect during physical life the only one which we have to think of which we have to think if through inducing loathsome impurities into the physical body the man builds himself a coarse and unclean astral body we have to remember that this that it is in this degraded vehicle that will he will have to spend the first part of his life after death because of the gross matter which he has built into it all sorts of undesirable entities will be drawn into association with him and will make his vehicles their home and find it and find a ready response within him to their lower passions it is not only that his animal are more easily stirred here on earth but in addition to this he will suffer acutely from the working out of these desires after death here again looked at even from the selfish point of view we see that occult considerations confirm the straightforward common sense of the arguments on the physical plane the higher sight when brought to bear upon this problem shows us still more vividly how undesirable the devouring of flesh since it intensifies within us that from which we most need to be free and therefore from the point of view of progress that habit is a thing that can be cast out once and forever man's duty toward nature then there is the far more important unselfish side of the question that of man's duty toward nature every religion has thought that man should put himself always on the side of the will of God in the world on the side of good against evil of evolution as against retrogression the man who ranges himself on the site of evolution realizes the wickedness of destroying life for he knows that just as he is here in this physical body in order that he may learn the lessons of this plane so is the animal occupying his body for the same reason that through it he may gain experience at his lower stage he knows that the life beyond behind the animal is the divine life and that all life in the world is divine the animals therefore are truly our brothers even though they may be younger brothers and we can have no sort of right to take their lives for the gratification of our perverted tastes no right to cause them untold agony and suffering merely to satisfy our degraded and detestable lusts we have brought things to such pass with our miscalled sport and our wholesale slaughtering all that that all wild creatures fly from the sight of us does that seem like the universal brotherhood of God's creatures is that your idea of the Golden Age of world wide kind leanness that is to come a condition when every living thing flees from the face of man because of his murderous instincts there is an influence flowing back upon us from all this an effect which you can hardly realize unless you are able to see how it looks when regarded with the sight of the higher plane every one of these creatures which which you so ruthlessly murder in this way has its own thoughts and feelings in regard to all of this it has horror pain and indignation and an intense but unexpressed feeling of the hideous injustice of it all the whole atmosphere about us is full of it twice lately I have heard from psychic people that they felt the awful aura were surroundings of Chicago even many miles away from it miss Besant herself told me are the same things years ago in England that long before she came in sight of Chicago she felt the horror of it and the deadly pall of depression descending upon her and asked where are we and what is the reason that there should be this terrible feeling in the air to sense the effect as clearly as this beyond the reach is beyond the reach of the person who is not developed but though all the inhabitants may not be directly conscious of it and recognize it as mist Besant mrs. Besant ed they may be sure that they are suffering from it unconsciously and that that terrible vibration of horror and fear and injustice is acting upon every one of them though they know it not the feelings of nervousness and profound depression which are so common there are largely due to that awful influence which spreads over the city like a plague cloud I do not know how many thousands of creatures are killed every day but the number is very large remember that the that every one of these creatures is a definite entity not a permanent reincarnating entity like yours or mine but still an entity which has a life upon the astral plane and persist there for a considerable time remember that every one of these remains to pour out his feeling of indignation and horror at all the injustice and torment which has been inflicted upon him remember for yourself that that the terrible atmosphere which exists about those slope which exists about those slaughterhouses we remember that a clairvoyant can see the vast host of animal souls that he knows how strong are their feelings of horror and resentment and how those recoil at all the points upon the human race at all points upon the human race they react most of all upon those who are at least able to resist them upon the children who are more delicate and sensitive than the hardened adult that city is a terrible place in which to bring up children a place where the whole atmosphere both physical and psychic is charged with fumes of blood and with all that that means so Leadbeater is saying here the morphogenetic field is poisoned the field of consciousness and energy that we all live in is poisoned as a result of this practice of carnism and I made reference to that last week and will again in image number 12 on the slideshow look at the images and ask yourself the question what is this practice doing energetically to the field of consciousness in which we are all living I'm going to pause the reading here to go to a slide number 16 and just have people take a look at what's being said so far in these in this occult dynamic the the higher hidden dynamic which is really what we need to understand to understand what we're doing not only to these beings but to everyone to ourselves to the entire species to other species most of all okay but we need to understand the self-inflicted effects through the laws of Correspondence the higher laws of nature the laws that ultimately govern the consequences of our behavior I showed this slide last week but with no explanation it was too small fish being eaten or pursued to be eaten by a larger fish and then that fish ultimately being pursued to be consumed by an even larger fish people will look at this thing but at this scenario and they will say well that's the natural order everything eats everything else this form of life eats that life and then that life eats then the the life below it and a life above it eats it and this is a completely erroneous worldview when it comes to what the natural order actually is this has nothing to do with the quote natural order so I put on this slide this scene does not depict the quote natural order the natural order is that everything does not eat everything else that is not what the natural order is what this scene depicts is chaos not order chaos is depicted in the scene where everything eats everything else and then is eaten by things above it that have the its same level of consciousness of low consciousness this is not what the creation has intended for its creations the creator has not intended this for all of its creations to suffer in an eternal prison of eating and being eaten this is a choice that is created by a belief system that's what this picture is depicting it depicts that chaos that we have chosen and created for ourselves through our false belief systems or in other words religions of which carnism is one of the biggest on earth along with the other false organized religions along with the religion of authority and ultimately the religion of money which drives everything all of our other negative belief systems largely driven by that belief by that religion that's the religion of the new world order as I called it is the god of money the middle fish in this depiction is humanity that is the middle the middle fish the one that's eating the smaller fish below it but being eaten by the big fish above it that's us folks whether you realize it recognize it want it to be true or not that's us not because that's the natural order that's where we've put ourselves that's the condition we created for ourselves by ignoring the laws of creation and in that ignorant we're creating this condition this is not the universal natural order the way it must be the way it always has been in forever shall be that's an erroneous worldview that is not based in truth at all the fact of the matter is this is what the human condition has become because of our attachments to religion to false religious beliefs to false belief systems in general so this is what humanity has become like and this is what humanity will be like for as long as we continue to engage in such fundamentally flawed ideologies like carnism and many others that attachment is what is going to keep us in that position and that is what the law of correspondence dictates that as we do so shall be done unto us so if you want to be free you have to allow other beings to be free as long as you enslave and consume other beings you will be enslaved and consumed that is the law of creation you just don't want to acknowledge it you just don't want to admit that's how it is you don't want to admit that that's the reason why you're in the prison that you're in the my freedom movement doesn't want to acknowledge that it wants to say I can have things both ways I can still be a Dominator I can still be involved in the process of murder and and domination over other beings and somehow magically I can still have my freedom bestowed upon me and it doesn't work that way ladies and gentlemen it doesn't work that way understand the laws of correspondence and causality we're creating this prison for ourselves by our attachments to false beliefs we break those false belief systems we can step out of that chain again this never-ending chain is all about the chain of obedience and attachment to falsity to lies we step outside of that attachment we would be that fish stepping outside of that chain no longer being a part of it saying no saying no and that's what it's going to take that level of will that level of care that level of intelligence bringing all three of those aspects into harmony into unison with each other and engaging them now next week I'll wrap up the reading the end of the reading of Leadbeater but it will also be posted to the website I think it bears finishing the last two sections where I paused just to finish it but I want to basically wrap up with a phenomenal quote this is in image number 17 by Gandhi image number 17 in the slideshow Gandhi said that a nation's moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals a nation's moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals I would ask everyone to watch the movie Earthlings which will be posted again with this podcast and asked me and ask yourself the question how is our moral progress going remember ladies and gentlemen there are only two mistakes that one can ever make along the path to truth not starting and not going all the way that's all the time we have for this edition of one on earth is happening thanks everyone so much for listening we'll see you next week [Music] you