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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday September 9th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. central we have a great show lined up for you here today today on what on earth is happening our special guest will be Laura Eisenhower and she will be coming on the show to discuss Sacred Feminine energy how we can come into contact with it to nurture it within ourselves and to influence others to also step within it's empowering and protective embrace to transform and to heal the imbalances of our world so Laura is coming up in just a moment right here on this edition of what on earth is happening I have a couple of brief event announcements I'm going to give in abbreviated form so we can get to Laura as soon as possible everyone will notice some of the changes made to the website this week the audio for the what on earth is happening website is now all in html5 format and it requires it now requires no plugins like flash to allow it to play this will allow it to play on all mobile devices like iPhones iPads Android smartphones Android tablets etc I'll also be switching the video on the site over to this new format within the next week or so also listeners will notice a new HTML based chat room on the radio show page this chat room will now also work on all mobile devices so that's the reasoning that I made a couple of these changes and I think it worked out really well and if anyone has any difficulties or issues with it just send me an email and I'll take a look the free your mind to conference of course coming up here in the city of Philadelphia on April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 you can find more information at WWF remind conference comm we already have 19 confirmed speakers for this great event coming up next year and I'm asking listeners who happen to be in the New York City area on September 11th that's on this Tuesday September 11th the 11th year anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11 to please print the Flyers that I have listed with this show and that the past couple of shows and print them and bring them to New York for distribution I unfortunately will not be able to make it to New York City on this anniversary of September 11 so I'm asking for some help if anyone can go above and beyond the call of duty and just print some flyers for the free remind to conference I would really appreciate them being distributed in New York City on September 11th the first fundraiser for the free your mind to conference will be taking place this Saturday September 15th at 8 o'clock pm at Liberty's pub on the second floor Liberty's is at 705 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia there will be a 15 dollar donation suggested donation at the door and this fundraiser will feature a presentation that I will be making entitled the Matrix trilogy decoded I'm going to be breaking down the allegory of the Matrix trilogy all proceeds will go toward offsetting costs associated with bringing in out-of-town speakers for the freer mind to conference in April conference tickets will also be available at the fundraiser this Saturday for more information of course visit the conference website for your mind conference calm on September 22nd there will be the nation wide and the Fed rally in Philadelphia this will be taking place at 6th and arch streets in front of the Federal Reserve branch Bank building and I will be speaking at this event some Saturday September 22nd 2012 I'll be speaking in front of the Federal Reserve Bank at 6th and arch streets for the end the Fed Philly rally for more information on this nationwide event visit end the Fed 2012 dot-com I will also be speaking at this year's MUFON PA East Coast Conference the mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania September 28th 29th and 30th at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road Langhorne Pennsylvania for more information on this conference go to MUFON PA comm I will be speaking on Sunday September 30th at that event so next for the next two weeks on this show we will be taking all it would be an all call-in show for the next two weeks so next week and the week after that all call-in show on the topic of the non support of dominators which is a solution that we have been covering over the past many weeks so that's coming up on what on earth is happening so let's get to our special guest for today Laura Eisenhower is a cosmic mythologist global Alchemist and clairvoyant healer and is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower she is on a profound mission to complete his legacy and reveal our true origins with extraordinary intuitive gifts gifts which are deeply connected with the Magdalen and Gaius Sophia energies of love and wisdom these two forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness now more than ever as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in 2012 while residing and traveling independently in over 20 cities in the US and abroad Lara developed a broad knowledge base that weaves together the esoteric and alchemical aspects of nature with our ancient roots the present world and our future potential Laura lectures and does workshops on issues critical to global transformation seeks to empower the individual so that harmony can be restored to our world with great passion and courage laura is helping to return sacred union divine wisdom and the many faces of the goddess that have been buried and forgotten for thousands of years ladies and gentlemen welcome - what on earth is happening Laura Eisenhower Laura welcome to the show hi mark thank you so much for having me absolutely are really looking forward to this interview ever since the first for your mind conference at which you spoke and your lecture very much impressed me and I've been looking forward to speaking to you ever since and you're going to be coming back - for your mind - for another round here in Philadelphia and we're really looking forward to that coming up in April of 2013 yeah that's gonna be excellent I'm really excited definitely so Laura why don't you tell the listeners a little bit about yourself the work that you do and the type of information that you communicate well my work really started a young age I was pretty aware of what my work was going to be just you know being in this family and you know really reflecting energetically within myself of you know what's really happening on the planet I could tell there was a massive imbalance I could also feel that this world is running on a program that just felt you know artificial and not really you know based on the depths of who we are and so I was always probing deep into the mystery of you know our origins and really you know what the morning of the military-industrial complex means and it just put a deep focus in to the missing links you know energetically in terms of ourselves you know what's within us that we need to call to our attention to you know awaken and empower so that you know we're not locked in these programs these deceptions these distorted I guess you could say distorted versions of the masculine and feminine and how they relate to one another and you know how it's affecting our planet and why there's so much pollution why there's extinctions why there are these you know technologies that seem to be wincing nature and this and that so of course all that came to me later but my whole life has really been like this mission and adventure sometimes very dark and difficult at other times very illuminating and eye-opening I was also involved in a recruit in 2006 to go to Mars so it really put a lot of dots together about you know the the Divine Feminine and the targeting of you know the goddess energy and just how much that that role or that that that part of us has been you know sort of kicked out of out of the way so my work is is just really to you know bring attention back to that and to really look at you know what we need to understand - you know shift in the most positive way on the ascension timeline definitely now would it be fair to say that you were kind of always personally awake to these dark forces that are at work in our lives or did you gradually become aware of them over time can you tell us a little bit about you know your personal process of awakening what were you were you always aware of these forces or did it happen in a stepwise progression I guess you could say it happened is you know in gradual steps the first thing was knowing that you know the Divine Feminine energies have been buried and I remember saying to my mom I feel like I've been buried alive and I have to dig myself out and I was like you know eight years old and she was like geez that's pretty heavy and and then of course you know understanding who this man was he was such a big focal point in our family you know Eisenhower and you know what the wars were about what you know these deeper layers of his presidency and you know him as a general in the second world war what what was really going on under the surface because I had you know heard so many rumors growing up about extraterrestrials and treaties and so I'm I discovered how much all of this is connected you know how our ancient history you know the suppression of the Divine Feminine and these treaties with the government that have you know pretty much taken place before the Second World War have you know been to lead us on to a completely different timeline you know heading towards new world order where you know mother earth Gaia is absolutely under you know technological control and force within us is you know definitely targeted as we see in the media and in television and just the programming that were all raised in and so this was all gradual just sort of opening my eyes to why intuition was so set on understanding this or being in tune with it and so it's just been a gradual unfolding I wrote a book called the Grail of Venus chronicles from hell and the quest to unite heaven and earth throughout my journey just about you know this deep underworld journey I had gone on to I guess you could say break free of whatever controls were upon me and it really came to a head in 2006 when I was recruited to go to Mars because it's like everything failed in my life and there was almost nothing left but to go to Mars and I was convinced that it was to protect me and to get me off planet and then I later discovered that those that were recruiting we're behind the technologies that are creating these disasters so it really helped me understand that a lot that we see on the world stage is a false flag is in a sense theater in order to absolutely fool us so that we stay very distracted and out of touch with you know the force within us that can create global transformation and help set us free from you know the control agendas of our shadow government which is basically the government and of course religion and you know just all the insults you know that mother earth has gone through and that we're going through you know on a mind-control level and how it's concentrated in certain projects you know that a lot of people have you know exposed whistleblowers and it's it's just so much more monstrous than we can even grasp so you know growing up and his family just allowed me to see just how this all connects and I think people are sometimes shocked like how can you tie in the Divine Feminine and all this mythology and archetypal stuff with extraterrestrials and government stuff but you know what I'm here to reveal is that they absolutely are connected and and so yeah I would say starting from the age of six until now it's been a gradual I wouldn't say so much awakening but mission to recover myself from these forces and to help humanity see where they're being led astray and where they're how we're all targeted really absolutely and let's let's shift focus and start to talk about this transformative potential that you kind of alluded to this is what we are calling the Sacred Feminine energy or the Divine Feminine would it be fair to say that you view this as the energy of the heart as true care yeah it's definitely you know some people get caught up in you know gender viewpoints you know what a woman should be like what a man should be like and a lot of it just really isn't genuine - you know sacred union finding that harmony within ourselves where it's not a power struggle you know where women are you know taking over a men are you know trying to suppress but that we can find within ourselves you know that dance that relationship that you know utilizes our differences but in a very harmonious way you know brings it into oneness and that androgyny that you know puts us in that higher chakra connection to you know our higher self and how that you know can come into our beings to really resolve the imbalance that we see in the larger world so it you know it has to do with the mystical feminine the the nurturing the the love the the tenderness the protection the unconditional love and just how that's the force of the cosmos and of Mother Earth and Gaia and that we're absolutely connected to this it's our blueprint and they've tried real hard to disguise it in these these you know exploited roles where you know the feminine is just sort of an object and the man is just the Dominator and it plays out in our personal lives as it's playing out on the world stage and it's just important that we just you know aren't sharing conspiracies but we look at ourselves to see you know where are we feeding them where are we buying into it and where have we become agents in a sense by adopting these programming's in the way we treat one another exactly absolutely now this sacred feminine expression people should be made aware that we are absolutely talking about something that is is extant within all of us whether it's we're not talking about physical gender of male and female we're talking about the masculine and feminine forces or energies that exist within us all regardless of physical gender it exists within males and within females so can you speak to that distinguishment between the physical gender and what I've kind of termed mental and spiritual gender yes well on a gender level I mean all of us you know have masculine and feminine energies in us and when we suppress one or the other you know we're not really living in balance same goes with our left and right brain if they're not functioning together or just our viewpoints on spirituality and science or you know even you know good and evil it's like these forces need to come together so that they can learn something from each other and you know it's an alchemical process you know the alchemical marriage and so you know men who are in touch with their feminine side you know it's not that they're becoming like a woman but they're in touch with the part of themselves that can connect to their own mother their own nurturing quality their own ability to listen and and be you know available to to really understand you know women and and men sometimes just run this this very dominating control energy it can be very egotistical and then women can adopt that too and sort of you know get out of touch with their Divine Feminine because they're becoming more like a man so you know it's just important that we understand both and that we don't adopt those roles just solitary on their own because the divine masculine understands the feminine the divine feminine understands the masculine and it's not a battle it's it's a it's a relationship and so these roles have been so distorted but when we you know allow that ego part of ourselves or the dominating male part of ourselves to recognize the feminine within it's softer it's it's more compassionate it it's less about control and it's more about you know harmonizing like I said and utilizing you know the magic that can come forth from allowing that union to take place not only that it improves our relationships it draws to us you know that perfect compliment because we're not attracting what we're lacking to sort of fix that emptiness we're actually embodying it and sending that frequency out which brings you know a more balanced reflection in our outer life and our relationships and so you know it's just very important that you know we recognize both and whatever gender that we have you know is is a more genuine expression because you know same thing with right and left brain we need logic but we also need intuition we need to CERN men in these times and so the feminine role is extremely important because it gives us that connection to the intuition and because it's within men it's not just saying this is a feminine thing but everything has a negative and positive charge everything has a feminine and masculine vibration in nature but it's how the two come together - birth life and it's also about understanding the light and dark and not branding one or the other it's the it goes for all things we need to understand that the darkness is like the soil it's the creative fertility it's the darkness that births it's not darkness that we should fear but they've taught us to fear darkness and they've you know sort of stepped into that arena so that we don't journey into that mystery we in a sense give our power away because we're afraid of ourselves and that's what they want when we can own our power and step into it you know there's nobody else that can step in there for us and we're actually standing in our sovereignty and we're you know standing in our power and we can make more informed decisions very very powerful I couldn't agree more now can we talk a little bit about the process of releasing from attachment because that's really what so many people are trapped in they are trapped in their ego identified roles and can't see past that to their true essence so what do you think some techniques could we could employ to help ourselves to release from the attachment to these identified roles that we play in daily life well it's really just you know if we see things in duality right wrong good bad even though we we know that there is good and bad but but when we can start to have less judgment and more neutrality you know we can start to you know see what in ourselves is is creating this outer reflection and even though you know it's not all gonna disappear just because we have found that place in ourselves or that divine center it sends out a frequency that assists in awakening others and assist them and stepping up into who they are and so it has a ripple effect you know it's not going to happen overnight but it will happen if we can all take you know self responsibility so you know ego ego is very much in duality it's very much you know wanting to defend itself wanting to you know fight and battle you know a lot of it's just wanting to be right wanting to have control and we need to understand that you know the things that we sign up for that are uncomfortable and painful are fine for us you know whether it be getting a tattoo getting exercise going to the gym you know doing things that are very uncomfortable we're okay doing as long as our conscious mind is signed up for it what we can't handle are the things that take us by surprise that that causes discomfort we have to be willing to see that these things show up for a reason we can't be in judgment of the challenges and expect everything to be good all the time we have to face it head-on in order to in integrate it and so you know ego you know in a sense is failing higher consciousness just like on the planet the global elite in the patriarchy is you know suppressing the feminine and and higher consciousness of the masculine and feminine together it's targeted the feminine because that such a opening to you know the birthing and the creativity and the power but ultimately it's it's it's the Union and an ego you know likes to suppress it it doesn't want to listen to the higher self it wants it wants for itself its service to self mentality ego is very much me me me III for us to let go of attachment we have to really ask ourselves are we motivated by serving the greater good in ourselves and in this world or is it just about us and where we're gonna get ahead and where we're going to you know make a lot of money or you know have a conquest you know by winning that girl or vice versa winning that male and just really you know diving deeper you know like where we're in our heart where we're in our wisdom and we actually see each other as spirits and souls and we can you know appreciate that essence rather than that superficial sort of shell of identity that you know really robs us from a beautiful experience in connection where you know people are living in integrity so either just you know I would say ego service to self and we're in an egoic world right now and I call that you know our connick rulership which rules the lower chakras and kind of keeps us from being in the heart that is the portal to you know our higher self which which anchors heaven on earth and so when we discover that in our own beings we become that force in the world that emits that information so yeah I mean ego you can't get rid of it but instead of it running the show it could definitely be informed and learn from the higher self and take its guidance because that way the willfulness of ego can become divine well it can start to listen to the higher self and act in service to it rather than suppressing it absolutely and this is something that I've often talked about on my show how you know it isn't about the total annihilation of ego it is about bringing the ego reining it in and bringing it back into service with the higher self and the will of creation so I absolutely love your take on that can can we speak to the role of courage in this because looking within and being honest with oneself truly being honest with oneself taking personal responsibility all of these things require immense courage so courage has been traditionally seen as masculine but really is it not the full expression of the sacred feminine energy of the Divine Feminine itself yeah I mean it takes a lot of courage to dig deep into a place where we're not encouraged to go and it's you know important that people understand that egos not just the arrogance or the mimimi it's also the broken person that doesn't feel good enough or worthy and it's it's that duality of you know it's either arrogance or insecurity rather than confidence and humility which is you know a more honest polarity because they you know work together where you're humble and then you're confident in what you're able to receive and what you're able to surrender to you rather than everything being about the successes and failures so you know courage on a feminine level is is the willingness to let go of you know all these different things that define you know what it means to be a woman in this society you know people are so obsessed with appearances people are so obsessed with you know playing a certain role to appease in a seductive way rather than sharing the essence of the mother of you know the divine nature of this planet you know the elements of earth air fire water and you know that alchemy of bringing in spirit that's able to turn everything around and it takes a lot of courage because you know at first you it might not draw a lot of attention and you know it might mean that a person's a little bit isolated if they're not around people who understand it but it's the willingness to say who cares you know as long as you're true to you as long as you know you're being honest with yourself and you're willing to just resurrect these hidden parts that do not like to be suppressed you know then not only are you you know being courageous in your own self you're stepping up to the world and saying I'm not gonna buy into this programming anymore we have to understand that our energies are being used against us every time we you know slip out of integrity or we're focused on ego and superficiality you know we're we're creating exactly what we don't want you know when we go deeper they can't reach that place you know the dark side that whatever you want to call it you know these agendas can't really reach that essence because they don't understand it they require us to be split and separate and in duality and in superficial like you know wants and desires in order for them to take our money and take our attention and take our time you know to to support our enslavement I mean we almost hand our freewill over and this is the game you know we can't they can't take our freewill but they can certainly manipulate us and deceive us so that we gladly hand it over because we don't question ourselves so I think the courage is in taking a deep look at who we are going into uncomfortable territory purging the programs purging you know you know all the different stuff that distorts us and and facing our wounds and giving them the love and light of our own wisdom body in nature and recognizing that the Great Mother you know will take care of us and provide for us we don't need this money system it's it's it's it's it's courageous because you know it's basically saying I don't need the system I know and trust in something far greater and it'll take care of me and I don't just say this lightly like some kind of philosophy my whole life has been about proving it to myself by living that kind of lifestyle where you know I let go of so many attachments to just sort of be upfront with myself and spirit and say okay now what am i a victim or am I going to be taken care of because I'm in alignment and there were times where I would fall into fear or you know survival and nothing worked out you know the attackers and the energies that were after me you know increase but the more I stepped into my power the more I just face my self and resurrected those parts of me that were missing that what they were preying upon you know and brought it to the surface miracles happened and those forces just started to almost run away like they were more scared of me so it just takes a lot of courage but you know the beauty is it's the most natural thing you know if we could stop worrying about what other people think or thinking that we need to appease you know a certain program in order to fit in or to be accepted by the opposite sex you know then we can you know fall back on ourselves and we can have that self-reliance that makes us less dependent on the system and less dependent on others and and that kind of strength is something that will carry us through and I think all of us needs to get to that place so that it's not about our significant other you know healing us it's not about you know the system you know providing us everything that we need and us being victims to when they don't it's us being able to say we don't even need it at all because there's an incredible magic the cosmos is filled with magic and miracles and abundance and the Yogi's understood this they were able to pull stuff out of the sky so you know my goal is to not only lift the veils between life and death but help us understand that we can return to a place where we can come and go from the physical at will we we can you know return to you know the roots of who we really are without you know living in this bubble of these cycles of reincarnation based on the lessons of duality because it's time to graduate and get it already because this is the time where we need to you know look at ourselves and ask ourselves have we really learnt the lessons that we came here to learn have we really you know taken the time to pay attention to what it's trying to say are we just slipping further and further away into you know amnesia and so you know it's it's radical self responsibility and self awareness and it's a beautiful thing but yeah at first it takes a lot of courage but once you get it going the rewards and the Bliss that fills one's being you know gives one the indication that that's absolutely the right track well that is most absolutely true and that is really what courage is all about is getting that momentum going it starts practicing it in our own lives on a day-to-day basis the the dynamic of refusal to cooperate with something that is coercive with evil itself this is part of this entire section of so lucien oriented approaches that i've been talking about that I call the non-supportive dominators saying no act actually refusal to cooperate with this dark force that is in the world that desire to control that's what I've proposed as the ultimate solution to the problems that beset humanity currently and would you agree that saying no is actually a feminine force that that is that is passive energy you're taking a pass you're not accepting into yourself that which is degrading to the higher self and you are passing on it you are deflecting it away it's a form of unemployment of the feminine energy in our lives yeah that boundaries extremely important because you know the feminine energy is always birthing it absorbs energy a lot and if it's not in alignment to one's own essence if it's you know some sort of programming or you know distortion that energy will start to you know be birthed into our world and it'll reflect back and it'll just continue to feed you know exactly what we don't want and so you know the feminine force you know being able to say no is you know the same thing you have to say to a molester or just somebody who's trying to take advantage or manipulate you know we have to understand that love isn't you know giving yourself away love is saying I love myself enough to have a boundary I love myself enough to stand in my power and in my truth and I love myself enough to not let people get away with this because it becomes tough love where it's not about judging the attacker it's about saying you know you're not going to do this to me and giving them that energy back to them so that they can you know have it bounce into their court and you know when I was up against the Mars recruiters you know saying no is what set me free and I just I said no and I said no and exposing them bringing it to the light is is what had them leave me alone and you know it was it was so frightening in a lot of ways but at the same time I had no fear I had no fear because I didn't see them as dainty I didn't find them scary I saw them as very weak I saw them as very desperate and but what was frightening is that Wow you know people don't even know this exists and you know being up against this and needing to expose it is is is is a little bit daunting but you know if anything that comes out of it it's not that I care that people believe me it's the power of saying no and and having a boundary and choosing what you wish to birth and create in this world and not letting anything in that is in not an agreement with who we are we are creators we are not here to listen to Authority and have them tell us we need to get off planet we need to do this we need to that do that mother earth is not here to eject us and abandon us or kick us off planet there's agendas that are trying to do that and they're blaming Mother Earth and these catastrophes that they're saying she's creating with an actual effect they're creating them they've created this whole theater and when people are really in touch with their feminine energy they can tell the difference between who the mother is and what her intention is compared to what these controllers are trying to say which is oh yeah that was an earthquake or that was a tsunami or you know those chemtrails are nothing and you know it's like everything is so disguised that we would think it's all natural but it mimics the organic creation and gives it back to us in a distorted version that people think is real and so you know saying no is basically saying that doesn't feel right that doesn't feel good and it's the protection it's the same sort of protection a mother has over her child you know it's the way we protect ourselves and that's the highest form of love is it's standing up and you know not having it just be kindness or weakness it's its power love is power and you know I don't have enemies I don't consider the Mars recruiters my enemies I'm just waiting for them to quit it so that I can embrace them but you know I'm not gonna give myself away I'm not going to allow myself to go down a road that I don't want to go down I don't care what that means I don't care if it means I'm dead I'm not here to be controlled that's number one whatever happens to me outside of that I would rather deal with then give my power to anybody and that's saying no and that's honoring the feminine that's saying that one is the temple and only those that you allow in are allowed in everybody else that doesn't belong there doesn't belong there and but they're still universal love and there's still compassion and they're still forgiveness but you know we certainly don't have to open up the door to anybody an attacker a rapist you know it's just it's it's boundaries it's so important fantastic absolutely I call no the most powerful word in the universe you know saying no to the dark forces that are at work in our lives and in this world is really all about saying yes to ourselves ourselves our true selves our higher selves it's about saying yes to the truth and that's again for me that's the highest embodiment and expression of the Sacred Feminine that we could possibly aspire to so let's shift the roles just a little shift gears just a little bit maybe we could talk about what alchemy is what what is your view of alchemy what is it how is it practiced tell the listeners about your take on what alchemy is all about well there's a lot of different forms of alchemy as we know you know there's the the quest for the Philosopher's Stone I guess you can say and you know some might create Ormus or you know different versions of it but you know I like to go to the real organic version of alchemy you know on a soul level you know soul alchemy where we're turning lead into gold we're returning the old paradigm into the new by you know taking responsibility with the light and dark within ourselves you know the shadow self looking at it you know casting a light on it and seeing you know where it needs you know connection to one's higher self it's bringing those forces together on the larger world stage you know there's an example with the pentagram upside down how that's you know the force of matter the force of the physical you know in control and in charge with the higher self suppress the alchemy of of really awakening and taking one's power back is turning that star up right again and allowing the Rays of spirit to come in so that spirit is the dominant force spirit is shaping matter rather than the other way around they want us to be locked underneath you know the physical where we're in survival we're in poverty we're desperate we're you know needing dependency on the system and each other you know locked in that system rather than you know global family and unity consciousness and you know one so empowered in their spirit nature that we're able to shift things like a dream or like a lucid dream or that's just able to raise oneself into a higher existence and higher frequency which reflects you know that dimensional shift and so you know we see it on the world stage you know as the cosmos and these Venus transits draw a pentagram in the sky the cosmos in itself is alchemical in what it's giving us the zodiac for example there's a dark light of the zodiac the dark dark light of the zodiac is the negative polarity of these planets for example Neptune the negative polarity of Neptune would be escapism addiction you know the lost soul but the you know the positive polarity would be that mysticism spirituality multi-dimensional awareness and so you know here we are in the lessons of duality you know on the spinning wheel of necessity during this you know these cycles of incarnations to really learn you know the light and dark the light polarity and the dark polarity our job is to be able to see both and bring them together and understand that no matter how dark and difficult it is there's another side to the coin there's incredible power on the other side and all the gifts that that energy represents if we can just harness it and understand it and so you know the alchemy is you know recognizing that in the depths of darkness in the depths of despair addiction misery you know just being lost and and just really out of it you know that one can actually dig deeper and discover that there's incredible transformation there's incredible you know forces that are waiting on the other side for us to get in touch with it and when we do everything turns around because nothing's linear everything's in cycles you know we go down into the depths but if we don't bring ourselves back up again we're kind of in stuck you know it's cycle but when we you know parry it all the way through we're actually you know like nature does death regeneration birth death rebirth you know just that whole cycle and you know just like when a flower you know dies it composts the soil and the next growth is even stronger and so as a humanity going through the cycles of this wheel of necessity the zodiac we're given the chance to regenerate and come back stronger each time utilizing our lessons utilizing the wisdom that lies in the seed you know rather than identifying with the weeds that want to strangle it because we're not taking care of who we are and we're not standing in the wisdom of our of our unfolding you know so to me we don't need to attain enlightenment we need to maintain it we're already enlightened beings but the thing is we don't tend to the garden if we don't pull the weeds if we don't give it sunlight in water if we don't take care of the plants you know we're going to be trampled we're going to be you know covered by all sorts of things and we're gonna lose sense of who we really are so you know to me you know alchemy is just that focal point of knowing that nothing on a dark level no radiation no chem trail nothing out there that's dark is a fixed destination it we have the ability to turn it all the way back around and and and I've done a lot of probing into this you know for example the nuclear reactors have plutonium uranium and neptunium as their main ingredients now when we think about those three planets those are outer planets those are planets that we all deal with now the stuck version would be that we're all poisoned and we're we're just suppressed by all these technologies and poisons but the next step is to understand the makeup of these things and seeing the other side the other side - you're honest is a breakthrough it's truth but the negative polarity is break down and being you know kind of pushed under the negative polarity of Pluto is death destruction but the positive polarity is transformation and rebirth and like I said with Neptune escapism lost soul and the positive polarity is multi-dimensional awareness and and spirituality so when we can harness the light side of it all and bring it full circle we're actually creating global alchemy but we have to understand soul alchemy first to be able to incorporate it into the larger picture but the two are very much you know going on you know just like the Mars agenda breaking down the Mars agenda is just like breaking down the ego we see it on the world stage a secret Mars agenda just like the secret lives we've been living where we're attached to the ego we break through that we expose it we bust it for what it is and all of a sudden something opens up we take it full circle and we're resonating with our higher self that's all alchemy it's the ability to know that there's no stuck destination everything is cyclical and when we get that motor running we actually are supercharged and our creative energy is powerful and we utilize the light and dark the masculine and feminine and the good the evil the right and left spirituality and science and we actually turn it into something rather than fix ourselves with a belief or something that keeps us stuck in the middle where we can't you know spin our wheels we're just like stuck in the mud I think that's right on point that's just a really great view of what alchemy really is and what it's intended to do it's all it is all transfer transmutation it's it's taking one form of energy that doesn't serve us and changing it working with that energy working with what is given to us and then changing it into something that we can actually use an employee for our higher benefit and maybe you could speak to the role of physical gender when it comes to this dynamic of transmutation you know transmutation is all about changing one's self first and then becoming a powerful influence to help others to change themselves so how important or maybe that might not even be the right way to say it but could you speak to women's role specifically in a physical gender sense in that overall dynamic of transmutation especially when it comes to the things that are going on right now in our world well it's so clear you know but you know a person all they need to do is look in their wallet and pull out a wad of cash look at a bunch of Illuminati symbols and a bunch of men on a dollar bill there's not one woman on any bill or any coin and so it doesn't take a genius to see that we're being dominated by a male force women have stepped up and decided to play the male role for a woman to really stand in her power and to change the game and to create the alchemy that we need to on the planet right now we need to understand that we don't need to become like men and men don't need to stay the dominator we need to resurrect the feminine energy within the feminine within the masculine because this is the most compromise force right now and you know same with the divine masculine energy which has been kicked to the side you know for the controller forces so you know on a gender role you know it's very important that women you know are just embodying you know a deep expression of their soul essence that it's not just about the physicality it's not just about you know the sexual aspects it's about the power of creation you know we have the the cosmic mother we have the womb of creation the galactic core is like the mother womb and the natural stargates are absolutely connected to the mother and you know so for us to really on as a feminine gender you know stand in our power we have to resurrect something that's really in alignment to earth in the cosmos and and and and this shift time that we're in and it goes beyond the ego identity of how we see ourselves you know it goes into just you know the creation I mean we're creating in a sense and birthing a new world but it's already there but what we're birthing is ourselves out of this shell I see the ego almost like a shell that needs to be cracked like an egg so the goodies fall out you know because it's just so limiting and it's so like blocked and you know in a sense it's kind of like the bubble we're in were veiled and so for the feminine energy you know to stand in her power is to lift the veils because it reaches you know into like all kinds of regions and it becomes you know the force of of you know birthing and and and just you know nurturing and and you know it's an energy that one feels it's not about what one sees it's it's it's it's that essence and so you know I just encourage women you know not to try and play the role of men but to just stand in the power of the creator with a boundary you know with with you know that that knowing of you know just just what real beauty is and that's this is the thing with Venus and like the Luciferian agenda it's it's also associated with Venus but it's all about the the downward plunging into the material it's about the false light it's about the false light of material obsession fame fortune and willfulness on a Venus you know pleasure level the higher octave of Venus though which is the Divine Feminine you know which is turning the star up right again is all about you know true beauty love wisdom nurturing the maiden the mother and the Crone you know a woman who's able to be in her elder years and just who loves herself just as much as when she was the maiden and it's it's being able to embody you know the triple goddess you know all aspects of the feminine Kali the underworld aspects even the rage you know not being afraid of any part of who you are but allowing them all to work together all these different aspects and owning them rather than limiting oneself because of what men want us to be or what society wants us to be but breaking free of all that and just accepting even the aging process you know and I know we're lifting the veils from you know life and death and we're gonna get ourselves back to just to be get the ability to regenerate but until then these cycles that were in our beautiful thing because it's all about you know understanding nature and and the most beautiful way to connect with the feminine is by connecting with nature to understand you know that that purity and innocence again and men need to do this - of course and so it's just shattering the programs the things that we were raised on things that we see and you know just oh I mean everybody women struggle so much with insecurities as they try and break free of these programs or they get stuck in the the role or men get so stuck that you know they only appreciate you know this type or that type and it's really time to just shut all that and look at the energy look at the essence and just celebrate the beautiful qualities that we have without all this other stuff that's me is really stepping into the feminine power absolutely and you know the reason I asked the question regarding physical gender role is because when we really look at the domination the forces of domination at work in our lives we I think we should just be honest with ourselves and say that you know it's men who are really bringing in this dark new world order it's it's people who are involved in the military and the police and this is largely physical gender males okay so I was asking that in order to get your take on kind of how can women gently begin to persuade and influence men that this is not the right path to go down to be a Dominator to be someone who engages in coercion in the the usurpation of our inherent natural rights what do you think women can do to try to bridge that divide because there's a big divide there and in bringing these males who are part of this domination system over and helping them to experience Sacred Feminine and energy true care so that they can realize that what they're a part of the agenda that they're a part of often unwittingly is absolutely wrong and needs to be you know step back from they need to step back from that take another look reevaluate it and recognize it for what it is which is evil which is pure coercion and it's wrongness it's the full expression of everything that's wrong how can how do you think women in in who are connected with these men in their lives you know because that these men will all have mothers they will all have sisters and and wives and girlfriends and you know there's women all around them in their in their family and their relationships their personal relationships can you tell us a little bit about maybe what you think that women in these men's lives can do to help transmute these energies that these men have been working with that are poisonous and destructive and helped to eventually transmute them over to something that is more in line with truth and with the feminine energy I love it and that's not an answer but you know immediately the first thing that came to me was you know reaching that being for who they truly are not talking to their corruption not relating to them based on the evil that they're doing or that they're not aware of doing don't empower that you know reach to their spirit you know talk to their inner child talk to you know the place that you know exists with them and empower that you know when you speak to them rather than you know getting angry or fighting back or you know just I mean what I do and what I've done you know with law enforcement with Mars recruiters with you know very very controlling men that have been in my life oh my god uh you know I just try and locate their spirit nature their their inner child that that little boy who's lost you might not have gotten their needs met maybe not in many lifetimes because you know mothers you know have a hard time knowing what it means to be a mother I mean a lot of that is returning people are really you know restoring all of that but you know men might not have been nurtured by their mother they might fear the feminine power because they don't want to be vulnerable they're taught to be in their ego so you have to make it safe for them you have you know a person just has to make them feel safe to be vulnerable safe to be in touch with that inner child so that they are actually looking for the mother so that they can remember they actually missed the mother they love the mother you know because if we keep relating to them as the bad male you know the controller the oppressor the Dominator then you know we're still at battle we're still at war so my approach is to kind of not look at all that and just kind of let that all just be sort of this false you know shell that they're caring and go right for the heart and just talk to that part of them and I swear to God in my life it has made all the difference in the world because they feel safe they feel like wow you know they actually feel a sense of emotion they feel a sense of compassion and you know and it's not about you know seducing them so you get their way and get off a ticket it's about you know talking to them you know from the essence of even if you don't have kids but but but we all have the mother in us you know and just relating to them like the mother you know not treating them like a child but talking to them like you know there's somebody that just doesn't know that needs guidance that needs to just remember rather than empowering everything that you hate about them because that's not gonna help so it's just radical unconditional love you know like the Mars recruiters I I say I thank them and I just you know I say I want I give them love and they just you know they expect me to be angry and you know I even joke around with them and I and I once said to them I said well you know you can kill me but you know I'll reincarnate even more pissed off but you know you know I'm not pissed off and anything except for the fact that we all need to work together and you know I've actually gotten that far in a few conversations and you know there's a lot of just put down their arm or put down their weapons put down their BS and I've actually looked at me with respect and said you know what even one of them said and I swear to God maybe we should drop everything and just follow you and from a group of men that that have their hands on some heavy-duty stuff or at least are associated with people who do that was quite shocking I think I even saved that email because I'm like oh my gosh but you know the point is it's like we are a family and and when we dig real deep and we we can see through all these different layers of controls and programs and stuff that they've inherited or that they've been encouraged to be growing up and we can just look to the heart and soul of that being you're gonna bring it out you know and we need to do that with each other in relationships just just communicate with a part of that being that you want to see rather than communicate with the parts that you don't like absolutely I think also playing the the influence of an setting an example in one's own life is also a big influence on other people if we really understand what the the solution to the problem is and how that it is heart based it is something that embodies this expression of the Divine Feminine energy within ourselves that one of the best ways to help people to experience that is to live it in your own life is to really be in a vehicle for for true care be a vehicle for this expression of feminine energy and that will ridi all around you people will see that coming forth through you and that will inspire them to want to take on that energy as well absolutely yeah I mean we need to own you know who we are and you know nobody can really penetrate that if you're standing strong in that if you're not playing into the game you know the game can't be played it takes two people and so you know just being the example just standing in your power standing in your truth and you know having love in your heart and just you know staying as neutral as possible and and just you know compassionate you know really just breaks them down they don't really you know because the whole point is just like a demon they want our fear they want our power but the minute you kind of laugh or you just you know aren't you don't allow it you know they they don't know how to be scary anymore because it's not working you know you you can't you can't engage in something that you don't want to engage in you simply have to empower what works and being the example and holding it in yourself is the strongest way to do it because you know I've seen so many you know people wearing you know that Dominator male role energy and and I've seen it breakdown I've seen it just fall away and and you know just even you know living in DC or visiting you know with some of these people that are just full-on patriarchs you know just sitting down with them and just having a normal conversation where you know they can just see you as a soul rather than you know just some silly female or you know or something you know that they should take advantage of or you know or me seeing them is just you know you're controlling DC freak you know just just getting to the real heart of it can do a whole lot but I would you know we can't do that unless we own it within ourselves we have to accept all these different parts of us in order to raise its consciousness I mean I like to say you know allow the master in you to greet the wounded child to greet you know the broken soul allowed the two to meet because they have something to share with each other you know allow your divinity to face the evils of the world you know because they have something to teach each other you know but we can't slip our vibration down to a really low level to confront it we have to confront it from a level that we want them to attain definitely let's shift gears again and talk about what some of these archetypal energies are can you let us in on what the you consider to be the Magdalen energy and what you consider to be the gaia Sofia energy and how these are different expressions of the Sacred Feminine how they differ from each other well I mean I see them as very like I see all aspects of the feminine is one you know and we've all sort of I guess you could say been been a little bit scattered or shattered and we sort of identify with archetypes but you know when one sees like the tarot deck or the zodiac I I like to as a reader and an astrologist and a tarot reader I like to almost help people get to the zero point get to the center of the wheel get get inside the wholeness of it inside the circle so that one is embodying all aspects you know so that they're the wholeness not just because if you're one thing that means you're not the other Li McCloskey put this really well who created a tarot deck you know if you choose just one archetype then then in a way you're saying that you're not all these other things so you know the Magdalene energy to me is is you know that Venus energy the sacred union you know the the embodiment of sacred union within and and and then that outer hero's gamos the sacred union with another you know it's it's that rebalancing it's it's it's getting you know out of the lower creator-god energy you know the the god of the old testament the Demiurge and is raising that consciousness back to the christ consciousness because that you know transverses you know this this this lower world and so the Magdalene energy is very strong in that and she's had you know a lot of different incarnations that represent heroes gamo sacred union and you know the path of Venus which is going into the underworld facing the gatekeepers and the controllers and you know in a sense purifying the mother room as she does it you know we have so many controlling energies and technologies dark rituals and abuses that go you know on underground in these underground bases which is like you know in a way the mother womb has been infiltrated and so that the path of the God is the path of the Magdalene energies the Sophia energy and the Venus energy is to go into that darkness at like an on of the seven gates of Hell or you know Persephone who gets abducted by Hades you know there's a period of going into that darkness but the beauty is you rise again you don't allow yourself to be a press when you come back out and then you know just like Demeter and Persephone that the things flower again it's like the season we're coming up to our brief two-minute break right after the break let's continue with talking about the Magdalene and Sophia energies ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting my special guest this week Laura Eisenhower we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show our special guest is Laura Eisenhower Lara in the last section you're talking about the Magdalene and the Sophia energies we're going to get back to that in just a moment but I just want to give the call in number because we are going to take some calls from listeners in the later part of this second hour of the broadcast today so if you want to call in with a question for Laura Eisenhower on the sacred feminine energy let's give the callin number here it's eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the callin number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five questions for Laura Eisenhower coming up a little bit later this hour so Laura I'll let you get back to your breakdown of some of the different forms of the divine feminine energies namely the Magdalene and Sophia energies energy is like you know the embodiment of the Sophia on earth in a sense you know the higher and lower there's the cosmic Sophia and then there's the earthly Sophia and she very much as like a personification of nature and on the Venus path and so it had that's all about alchemy and and you know people understand the Holy Grail well the Grail is the womb of the mother and so you know it's it's it's about purifying that it's about you know going through you know these these cycles - you know regenerate life into you know continue with the process of you know incarnated with with humanity in order to you know get us to where we are today and and so this forces within all of us is the the divine feminine energy it's the part of us that you know it's so connected with nature and it's it's in our soul and so we have fire earth air water in our soul energy and so you know the Magdalene energy is you know working with those forces on an alchemical level and so as a personification of Venus the morning and evening star it in a sense States or redeems the Lucifer energy we have to understand that all these forces are in us we can't separate them outside of ourselves so if there's the first plunging into matter of the Venus energy on a Lucifer level then the the Magdalene Sophia energy is the Venus energy that rises back again it completes the cycle so that you know there's the transformation process to take the lower octave energy of Venus and raise it to the higher level of the christ afiyah consciousness and this is very much Gaia I mean Gaia is you know what it is going through this and so you know the feminine energy is absolutely linked you know to Gaia Sophia in a sense is morphed into the planetary body and considered also you know the cosmic mother and and in that oneness it's a unified field so it's not about hierarchy it's it's that we're all one in this unified field that it's it's the one is that when we are in the womb of the mother you know all her children and at the same time it's the embodiment of everything before that even happened and that's what we're returning to so she represents you know the feminine aspect of God I guess you could say but you know once it's an earth embodiment it's a little bit different it means you know tapping into the universal energy that we're all capable of and it's being so devoted to that that in a sense the physical body becomes a vessel for spirit the Sophia and you know does this in the physical you know on a deeper level then the roles that we see you know men and women play it's it's it's it's it's living in in connection with nature and in the process that nature is in and she needs us to be in this process with her this is the co-creation it's not for Mother Earth to do on her own it's not for us to do on our own we're doing this together because we're absolutely linked our DNA you know so when we think we've been dumbed down to three strand DNA we're in a third dimensional reality this dumbing down has to do with the loss of the goddess the minute we awaken to her within we start to upgrade our DNA we start to open ourselves up and we you know become in alignment with the galactic core and also to the underworld which we restore as the mother womb not just some scary hell place but the womb you know where we birth and so there's a Sun in the core of our planet there's a Sun above us the solar logos but then there's the mother energy and so it's the mask and and feminine working together and you know this is the essence of the goddess and you know people can you know turn it into a figure if they want but they have to understand it's not about that it's the feminine energy within all of us in the most genuine way is absolutely working with nature to bring about this shift and they know that that's why she's been targeted that's why the Templars have been infiltrated the Masons they have all this knowledge they know all the symbols they know her to such a high degree that you know in a sense I would say the Nazis and the real you know energies and these technologies are using this this power in this creative force to fuel their technologies to use against us and the minute we detach we call our power back we're owning that goddess energy and we're in alignment and we're on the ascension timeline we're on the positive timeline and and they want to do everything they can to steer us into the artificial one where they are playing the role of God in a very destructive non godly way absolutely fascinating I totally agree with you that that sacred feminine energy is ultimately a force that is like the force of creation and birth but it's it's a womb force as you described it because that's really what it's attempting to do is give birth to something that is new to transform us into something new and give birth to it a new form of being and that's what the process of evolutionary progression and consciousness is all about is it not we say that last part again that's what the whole process of the evolution of consciousness is all about it's a birthing process yes definitely and you know that's why people you know in a sense can say you know I feel like I've lived you know five lifetimes in this one lifetime because we go through death cycles you know the Pluto energy the Scorpio energy is the big one for that and we all have that somewhere in our chart but it's you know that dark night of the soul that is such a necessary experience because it helps us get back in touch with our power that they want us to fear they want to take that away from us and use it so that we're dependent on them and you know the mystery and the power and and and and the womb is you know what we want to return to and what we want to understand and men are just as capable of birthing because it's ethereal as energetic it's it's frequency it's it's it's part of you know just our expression I mean when we talk we birth energy when we you know do something for somebody else we birth new energy when we you know are in union with somebody we birth energy when we're in good relationship with ourself we birth a new energy everything is is constantly omitting something from our beings and so to do the real birth thing to really get in touch with the Divine Feminine is to birth a more enlightened world by planting the seeds of higher consciousness into the darkness and fertile creativity of the womb and when we do that within our own beings you know from our higher self into the depths of our own power and our own creative you know energies you know then we are birthing a new expression into our world and we're bypassing you know these different programming's that you know want us to just kind of go along with what it's saying and so many people don't question it and the thing is the beauty of the goddess and her powers you don't need any of that you know you don't need to question you just need to embody you need to own the nowness you need to embrace the mystery because you know in the now we can take all our energy back and we can navigate forward you know with the freedom of our thoughts and our intentions you know being the guidepost not you know insurance and having a plan and you know knowing who we're gonna vote for next and waiting for the president to change you know something in our world we are the agents of change and we need to look at each other as the leaders we are you know our unified field and our unity consciousness is where our attention needs to be not on who the next president is and I'm not saying you know don't vote but don't do it and put all your coins on this person or you know don't expect something from them expect something from yourself vote for you because it's time you know that we stand in our power because it has it ever worked when we haven't and you know I know for some people they're like well what does that mean because they're so foreign to it but it's you know understanding that the potent work is in facing the challenges when they come up not being in denial not reaching for the next drug not running away from it but looking at head in the face straight on and and and and transmuting it and working with it and not looking at it as a distraction not looking at it as some burden that you know you're off for the day or having a tough time look at it as a real chance an opportunity to change the game because there's so much infiltration there's so much intrusion with these low frequencies they want to throw us off they want us to be in lower emotions that's why the moon is not even real it's just to emit you know frequencies that just throw us into a lower consciousness and we need to face it and we need to say no to it and you know and it's just like you know like to anybody don't want in your life we have the ability to protect ourselves with our bio filled with with just you know our own boundary of light to emit the frequency we want rather than absorb the crap we don't very powerful not another question do you think it is absolutely necessary for people to go into the depths of fear and suffering in order to change or can they and they take an easier path and and release that attachment to fear and to the ego before it come it comes to something like complete breakdown or even global cataclysmic experiences that at a larger scale at the macro scale absolutely I mean that would be more for people that are finding themselves in suffering you know to take it full circle to you know awaken the inner master you know that the part of you that can lift oneself out of that victimhood or fear or suffering but you know if a person is doing pretty good and and a lot of stuff isn't coming up for them you know neutrality is is where it's at I mean we don't really have to go into the trenches if we just allow ourselves to be a new trial they allow ourselves to get out of the ego allow ourselves to really understand that a lot of that work has already been done you know the thing is you know once something happens it becomes a resource for all whatever Einstein has done whatever Tesla's done whatever you know we've done in past lives it becomes a universal energy that we can all tap into you know we leave behind you know like a trail in a sensor or just information and resources and and and it's available to us so you know it's better to just recognize that our higher self has a connection to all these higher races you know that there's nothing separate from us that we're connected to all of it and we're not victims you know it's not about what the Anunnaki did it's not about Lucifer it's not about the devil is understanding that all those forces are within us and we need to understand how to work with them in our own beings you know because if we fear one or we neglect one we're not really working with it and you know it doesn't take a lot of suffering to just decide who's in charge when you allow your higher self to be the driving force of your being everything else falls into place when we empower our immune system any disease or attack that comes is easily solved by the immune system but you know if a person doesn't take good care of themselves or or buys into what the doctor is telling them and allows themselves to be controlled by it then they're caught in that disease and they're theirs stuck in it you know we can be stuck in suffering or we can decide that we're gonna hold the frequency that can actually deal with it so I look at you know the planet and and just in our own bodies as the same thing you know the immune system of ourselves is able to to deflect anything but when we're broken down and we're having a hard time and we don't know who we are you know disease comes at us because it's a messengers telling us this is where you need to be stronger it's not telling us go to a doctor and take a drug and ignore this something's coming for a reason we need to like understand that whatever shows up in our life is coming for a reason we can allow it to break us down and cause a suffering or we can empower ourselves knowing that we are healers we are wise we have the solutions we have the remedy we are the antidote and you know but for some it takes a little bit of suffering and and and going into the trenches and going into the darkness to recognize that again because we've been pulling out of you know some heavy heavy heavy duty stuff you know my dark night of the soul felt like it was you know much larger than just me it had to do with you know military-industrial complex stuff and some of the stuff I took on being a part of this family that I agree to but on a personal level for people you know it's it's it's it's remembering laughter it's remembering the fool you know just just you know like it's a simple shift of perspective because the the the thing that fear and suffering does it's about helplessness not feeling like you can do anything that that that you can't change anything and and if we can own the fact that we have the power to do that then we don't have to sit in that stuff very long so I think neutrality you know just you know just having trust in oneself and choosing what you devote yourself to and what your intentions are and making them very very clear you know because if you don't make it clear your creative energy ends up matching whatever mood you're in because it doesn't know what to do because you're not telling it you know what your intentions are you're just kind of spinning all over the place but if you say my intention is to be devoted and on the ascension timeline to be devoted to my higher self to serve the greater good that I don't think people are gonna have that many problems they'll find the stuff that comes at them it doesn't really have a place to stick but if nobody really knows what they're doing and they're just kind of lost in it all it's very easy to absorb the attacks it's very easy to absorb the toxins or germs or parasites or to be controlled by a male or be controlled by this global elite you know it's it's recognizing the part of us that doesn't need to submit to it and owning it but you know for some it takes you know falling down to get back up but at this point you know I don't think it requires a lot of heavy heavy-duty lifting but for some you know having maybe a difficult childhood or coming out of you know abuse or neglect or abandonment I mean you know yes it can take that to resurrect oneself but we have to remember you know plug into the primordial parents you know we're not just the story of this incarnation with our biological parents and the dramas and situations we've had with our relationships we have to plug into the fact that we're so much more and to carry that confidence that it'll see us through we don't have to get all stuck in just our own stuff we're so much more than just that and that's what the program's want that's why we have dramas in crisis because we're still buying into the reaction part of us it's still ego whether it feels good about itself or lousy about itself it's still ego and it needs to just hand itself over to something much higher which is just a much a part of us I mean God is a part of us we don't need to seek anything outside of ourselves we need to recognize it within ourselves to fully connect and then you know suffering ceases I mean I've had many years of suffering and I could justify well this is why and this is that but you know I don't need to go there anymore I mean I recognize yeah I signed up for this part of it but you know now it's like a piece of cake you know I just needed it to just remind myself of Who I am to stand in my power and to you know to hold that strong and to keep it and I've never felt so safe you know ever since and it doesn't mean that everything's improved it's just I'm not in my reaction nature I'm not in fear of what I'm seeing in the outer world because I know that it's somewhat an illusion it's still very real but my reaction in my perception is an illusion you know and it's it's wanting me to buy into the dark illusion but I'm buying into you know the fact that the illusion is a dream and I can be empowered dreamer and actually shift this and I had a lot of dreams that prepared me for the Mars recruitment and for even this sort of transhumanism agenda you know and one of the dreams you know these robots were attacking me and I got away from them and somebody handed me a whistle and said just play this whistle and I played a song and all sudden they all started to blow up this is before I even really knew a lot about these agendas but it just reminded me that when we play our own tune and we're just true to ourselves when we just sing our song and sing our tune or become a whistleblower or whatever it meant you know we're sending something out that says I'm not going to take this on you know and we have to understand that we are built with the wisdom to protect us and to tell us what we need at any given time we have to allow ourselves to trust that and not just listen to everything outside of ourselves or what this person has to say you know you know let it inspire you to to look at your own stuff and find your own answers amazing and very powerful regarding the dream that's really powerful art type of imagery that you know blowing the whistle dispel the evil it's a shedding light upon the darkness is really part of what we really need to be doing in order to create positive transformation in the world that's all part of an overall worldview shift of looking at our personal value in a different light and taking a positive view regarding the possibility for change can you call it that yeah I called the dark teacher you know let it teach you don't let it depress you let it remind you of where you're giving yourself away you know don't be a victim to it let it guide you into your power let it guide you into your truth because if something's lacking if it's causing you suffering and pain it means that there's something in you that needs to come to the surface you know but we're all we're so busy reacting and feeling attacked or feeling rundown or feeling like we're gonna be enslaved and that's the belief they want us to have because they want us to annihilate ourselves because as long as we're believing in and owning it we're gonna do it you know and and they're just providing the the stuff but you know when we allow it to help remind us of who we're not we can utilize it and have absolutely wake us up instead of put us in more of a trance and more amnesia definitely now let me shift the focus of the conversation just a little bit if I may I'd like to ask what you could consider a semi personal question you're you're a family woman you have two young sons could you tell us a little bit about how you personally work with your sons in your daily lives to kind of instill values and principles and bring forth a healthy thirst for truth and an understanding of true principles such as not Gresh and self ownership and others how I passed that on to my children yes oh gosh I mean my children are just thriving I mean we've had a lot of difficult years they went through the Mars thing with me they've gone through so many broken relationships and it's you know and they've they know so much about what's going on in the world they know the darker stuff and the deeper stuff and it's just about being very honest and and just you know really allowing them to get in touch with their inner feminine and really seeing me for who I am and and not you know treating them like they're smaller or lesser or I'm their controller you know guiding them into being who they truly are you know that's the role of parenting because if we try and control them if we treat them the way the global elite are treating us then you know they're gonna shut down you know their abilities their gifts and their their powerful just purpose and so you know I I just I just I let them blossom I let them be who they are it's just you know III make them feel safe to share anything with me and and I just love them I just give them a ton of love and and I just help them understand you know what I go through and what my path is all about I help them see the larger picture I don't hide it from them I tell them what chemtrails are I tell them what we're up against you know but but I allow them to see things like school is just a way to you know get in the groove of just being disciplined with you know completing a task but you don't have to buy the information you don't have to absorb it to be truth you know own your own truth you know maybe you have to play the game a little bit but you know it's just radical honesty deep deep love just appreciation and respect and recognizing that children are the guides they are our teachers but I'm you know we're it's a mutual guiding you know they're raising me and I'm raising them I'm guiding them to stay safe but they're in a sense guiding me because they're the voice of the new generation and we need to empower our children we don't need you know to step all over them and tell them how it is but we certainly need to be honest about what we're confronting and what the world is for real so they can remember why they came here or else they're gonna shut down their purposes you know our kids should not be sheltered because they're not going to be able to activate the reason they chose to come to this reality right exactly very very good okay how about if we go to a caller what do you think sure okay all right caller you're live on what on earth is happening welcome and do you have a question for Laura Eisenhower hello caller caller frost yes jay-j you're on the air or Eisenhower I didn't recognize you normally yeah okay sure I just wanted to thank Laura for our work ladies and gentlemen this is Jay Parker who spoke at the last for your mind conference and will also be returning for for your mind to so continue Jay hi Jay I just wanted to do a thank Laura for everything she's doing and keep up the good work oh thank you so much Jay Jay thanks skin care you don't care J cool I oh I just I'm it's so great to hear him oh here we go another caller caller from the eight one eight area code you're live on what on earth is happening our special guest Laura Eisenhower welcome a war on mark thank you so much for bringing this information Laura you're just fantastic it will be ditto on the last caller but you know I'll tell you being a truther I've been a 9/11 truther for 11 years but almost 11 years and it's very very difficult and it's just like to me that's like the explosion and it's just like there's so many areas comes to you and I see the rabbit hole that I've been down to and it's like I'm having difficulties relating to a lot of my family and friends I'm losing because of consistent and it's hard I was just wondering if you can give me any kind of advice sometimes my blood boils you know good for me I hear you I I had a lot of issues with just how to handle rage anger you know trying to get people to see something I'm the only person in my family that talks about ETS UFOs and treaties that relate to Ike so I know you how lonely it can be when people aren't understanding and so I decided one day you know it doesn't matter if I convince them it doesn't matter if my friends get it I'm just gonna focus on the love because the best thing that we can share because everything is about frequency we're in a frequency battle you know it's about pushing this into a lower frame of mind it's about separation I mean this is why the wars have happened this is why the war the false flags happen is is to cause us division to cause this fear to cause us panic and and and then to look at them as being the ones who solve it so when we can see the game and we know that it's actually you know our government that's doing it to us that's a whole nother form of anger it moves away from terrorism into just recognizing that that's those are our leaders you know that are playing this theater game on us and that you know obviously brings up a whole another level of anger and the need to inform people so what I've learned to do is just inform people in neutrality I know I'm planting seeds it doesn't matter if they get it right away but I'm putting it out there and I'm putting it out there and I just do it because I know I have to and regardless of the reaction whether I'm hated whether I'm insulted you know which I am a lot the chat rooms aren't very nice sometimes by YouTube comments or you know cruel oh don't your plants don't you keep your like I mean this NDA and all that big billion dollars worries in a new table to spy on all of us I mean that stuff is real that's before the 1.4 billion bullets the real epic the chemtrails I twine up and people all it's airplane yeah yeah and then you saw someone and you show the crop circle it's the same thing so and people just don't care they're in such a deep sleep I know it's it's it's it's hard to not you know react because the thing is we have compassion we all want to go together we want our loved ones to be with us on this we want as many as possible because you know we're battling for souls they're battling for souls they want as many people as they can to believe in what they're doing we want as many people as we can to just join in with us and unite but we have to just you know have neutrality and to understand that you know we're not really winning if we let it get the better of us you know we need to hold a high frequency we need to have compassion you know people just don't know how to accept this it's too much for them but the thing is eventually there gonna get it eventually it's gonna be so damn obvious which it already is to us I mean it's right in our face but when it really hits home then they're gonna turn around and say I remember what he said to me that's the guy who told me and I ignored him I shut him down now I'm ready to talk to him you know it's like people I went to high school I was voted most sided yeah I was voted most out of touch with reality for my senior class I was ostracized a lot in my communities because of the way alone er I was like really like the Freak that the freak of the freaks and I was really alone and I didn't really tell people then so they just didn't know what I was up against but um people didn't know the man well I I just it's a part of my last name but I used my stepdad last name because I kind of kept it undercover until I got a grip on my path you know until I was really ready yeah I just I was kind of incognito a little bit with it was like I was working behind the scenes I was living a double life you know doing all this stuff most of my life teenage years and people didn't get it and I was you know facing forces that were so heavy and it ripped me to shreds people didn't understand what's wrong with her you know and I mean then when I got a grip on it all and Here I am sharing the truth it's the same thing like what is wrong with her and you know now I'm like I just I don't even care it's like I came here to do something specific nothing's gonna get in my way I'm planting seeds or I'm you know inspiring people to at least be open-minded enough and I can't be responsible for what they choose to ignore but I can just wish them the best and just hope to god that they'll come around but I can't let them get to me anymore because I can't carry any more anger I can't carry any more grief it's like my body's like hit that point where I can't go anywhere but up it's like I've experienced too much of these other things and I'm grateful for the process that has put me in you know because it helped me understand how how much I care and how important this is but it's not important enough anymore to tear me to shreds and and to bring me down I just I'm really focusing on keeping my energy up keeping my frequency high and just holding a loving vibration of compassion you know for those that are no wonder what I do okay I mentioned Donna I was I got that rocks and Valium door and looking for it but I no but I know I have it and I touched it and I it looked like it was like sugar the grains were going to come off and I couldn't get any of those grains off it was like so weird but they're always one last question and I really appreciate all your comments relied on and it's touched myself but as far as like you know the jump looms and all the vortexes wormholes and whatever how many of those on earth attached like elevate to Mars oh I don't know how many on earth I mean Andrew basiago would be the expert in that but you know the thing is with these technologies they're gray alien technologies and they're you know they're not healthy at all for the planet um we have those abilities and you know I'm all about opening the natural stargates from the time I was a child I knew that my job was to keep the natural star gates open whatever that means it was just what I was doing and I went to a clairvoyant Institute that validated that I was clearing wormholes in organic entities from wormholes so it's kind of similar to our chakras or energetic bodies in just our own connection to source we need to clear anything that's standing in the way and when we do that for ourselves we assist in doing it for the planet you know my rap might have been a little bit off you know into territory that is that took a lot longer or a compass you know things that related to the family line that I was in just the agreements that I came in with but I mean ultimately that's what it's about is clearing all this stuff and recognizing that we're we're here to get in touch with our light body to transform into the crystalline light body the markaba and you know these technologies in a sense you know rob us from that they it's like you know here they are screwing up the plan and and poisoning everything and then they're gonna introduce this transhumanism agenda and all these gray alien technologies is being the solution but it's all these things that have screwed everything up and I'm not going to buy into just you know here's the solution when it's coming from the same people that created the mess I'm about leaving that part behind and getting in touch with you know our own abilities and doing it from the organic nature of just our own awakening the Ascension process coming from within you know III there's backup plan after back-up plan and artificial timelines catastrophic timelines if this doesn't work out there's another one that they've got going you know just too and we got a transverse that we and ourselves you know where where do we feed it where do we walk on it where we you know what part of us is still a part of that timeline and then pull ourselves off you know because nothing can destroy the positive timeline but we can certainly be swayed away from it and I'm so I'm very wary about you know these gray alien technologies and and you know it's important to disclose them and bring it to the light but my my thing is about you know getting in touch with how we're going to be able to harness our abilities and recall all of it because these are all imitator technologies this is our conduct they imitate us and they turn it into something and then act like we need it and I'm bypassing all of that Laura I'd like to interject a little bit regarding the timeline that you're speaking about the 2012 prophecy the you know the time of prophecy the prophecy opening up of our internal Stargate as a species so to speak and the positive timeline the transformation in consciousness you feel that that transformation that that transmutation and that positive timeline is a certainty or do you think it can go in another way and if if so you know what will it take to achieve this positive timeline from where we're at right now well you know I mean I don't read a lot I mean usually I just mostly it's just coming from my intuition but if I feel something strong and it felt like Google and C's does anybody else agree because I was getting the feeling that you know somehow there's not enough coming in or you know I still don't see the changes so that I would have liked to see you know people I mean they still celebrate the Queen's Jubilee there's still these elections you know even conscious people are still buying into this and I'm not seeing you know the change that I would like to see in the collective but I'm seeing it in individuals and I and I really do think this is an individual thing I don't think that we are at the mercy of the collective like if they don't wake up we're all stuck with them I think that you know they're going to be you know maybe dealing with this 3d reality and they're gonna stay in this time loop and go through these lessons again or whatever they need but it really is all about service to self service to others those are really orientated towards higher self unity consciousness you know thinking in terms of the global family and the greater good of all are on that ascension time line and those that are you know service to self ego based or falling beneath the cracks of it all into despair and addiction and just getting lost or those that um you know just just are kind of in the middle and don't know you know it's it's it's questionable but you know these alignments you know are gonna come back around again I think 2035 is the next time they come back rat on but you know this cycle of this 2012 window period isn't as open as I as I would have liked and you know it's a little discouraging at times because you know it's like a labor of love since I was a child and my whole focus has been on it and sometimes I'm like god I just haven't done enough or if I just did this and I'm like no no don't think like that I know on an individual laced basis you know it's it's it's it's it's what frequency we hold what vibration we hold and there's rays of high-energy coming in constantly and coming from within us and as they come in there's something called an accretion where we take a step up we boost ourselves we upgrade we get to a higher place and very often just as humanity is about to take a big step is when there's a false flag or something in the news and what it does it creates sort of this virus you know and because you know chemtrails have nanoparticles and it's all about kind of plugging us into the artificial intelligence as long as we buy into the program we become susceptible to being plugged into the system in the artificial intelligence matrix and so as long as we refuse to react and as long as we you know stay centered in our service to others orientation and connection to our higher self and aligning with the goddess energy and divine masculine and feminine and sacred Union we are on that positive timeline but I can't say that I really feel on a collective level that we're all heading there together as was hopes but I do know and oceania Deanne Lisa Renee have even validated this that there is like a power chord that's still connecting that there are those who are ready to go and nothing's gonna like stop them but you know on a collective level it's it's it's not you know it has been hijacked the 5d ascension timeline and in a lot of ways has been hijacked it's not going to be something that everybody just wakes up to there are too many controls that people have immersed themselves and unfortunately but I'm not going to give up I mean I'm all about the positive timeline I'm not having any fixed beliefs about it I'm still gonna do all that I can but I just don't see the collective being where I was hoping it would be I have to admit okay thank thank you for your take on that let's go to another call area code six zero two you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Laura Eisenhower welcome hello mark yes yes hi this is Ivan from Phoenix hi Ivan how are you welcome to the show oh thank you thank you hello Solara awesome hi there hi I've been listening to you guys here the last hour and a half I'm at work so here's some background noise that's part of the noise in here I just had a couple of quick comments real quick sure you were talking earlier Laura about the feminine influencing the masculine that brought to mind John Perkins book Confessions of an economic hitman where he refers to the schwa the Amazon where women tell the men when to stop when to stop hunting when to stop turning down trees and all that stuff and how here in America it's like you know non-existent as women emphasize for the men to keep going to get more to keep bringing more money and you know all the stuff and that's part of the disconnection from nature is that you know the feminine has been put aside I wanted to bring that up if you guys have you know touched on that before with John Perkins Laurie comments yeah I mean I'm shocked it you know how the feminine role in the mainstream is is playing out it's just shocking to see the distortions and the programs on both levels you know the beauty of the feminine is the intuition is is the knowing you know the excesses and deficiencies because women are nurturers you know we have the instincts to raise children it's like we know how to meet the needs of the people and you know the masculine world needs to support that needs to provide what it can it helps you know impregnate her with new life I mean it's it's it's a dance it's a union that needs to work and it's shocking that you know women you know want you know they want a man with a lot of money they want this from them and they're they're absolutely supporting the continuation of this patriarchal agenda and you know it's different in every country in every culture you know how it's playing out but you know the most successful societies were matriarchal but I'm going as far as to say you know I'm in unity consciousness Society you know that that it's it's Union it's it's cooperation it's diversity in harmony that's oneness it's not about us all being the same or buying into just the oneness of it all we're we're just the same the same it's about being different and being diverse but having harmony recognizing the web of life the mandala that we all are and allowing women to have their role just like our shamans you know our you know those that are born to be priestesses shamans I mean they're considered crazy or schizophrenic you know our elders are in nursing homes they don't even they don't remember anything because they have Alzheimer's I mean you compare that to Native American culture it's absolutely different the elders are the Wise Ones they're the ones that you know teach and you know I mean look what's happened to our culture it's it's when we compare it to those that live close to the earth and that honored the role of women it's night and day and it's it's it's insane yes yeah I agree I was listening to Joe Rogan a while back and he did mention something about that how our societies today here in uh what's the nexus idea how we're lacking any kind of shaman basically you know anyone that would tell people what you're doing is wrong hey you should consider this and you know think about your actions and all this so yeah that's that that's kind of getting around very little but there are some people who are aware of that one other thing I wanted to bring up real quick mark in the previous show you brought up a lot of things about green language yes and that's one one phrase that I've never heard you define which is freedom and wisdom and everything that that I heard on your show even today was Laura I keep going back to breaking down these two words to the green language Freesat million and wives Dominion because people just feel those words around I go wisdom is wisdom but not without realizing you know breaking it down you know in the language of the work of the bird you know basically why Dominion of yourself with them you know think about your actions how it affects you and others around you and the environment but people don't do that they just think oh I'm wise because I'm saving money and the good and I'm healthy I workout and stuff like that but that's not retrieved with them you know it's lacking a connection to the environment and you know the causality of all the problems and everything so you know I just wanted to put all that out there I absolutely I think that's a really powerful point and that term Dominion people think that it has a connotation regarding control but what it really is referring to is the control that we have to exercise control over ourselves in other words to bring our thoughts emotions and alignment into harmony into unison which that's what unity consciousness is all about we think feel and act and no aspect of those three modalities of consciousness are in opposition with each other so that as we think so we feel so we act and that's what that unity the law has been speaking about is all about and that is true Dominion because those are the three things that all that all of us each one of us ultimately has the power to control in our own lives our thoughts our emotions and our actions that's what we are here to learn how to master so Laura your take on that I absolutely agree and you know wisdom is just recognizing how our words our actions and our thoughts affect everything and and making you know that part of ourselves more responsible for you know what we put out there and what comes at us and and and and knows how to work with it in a way that can actually raise it to a higher level rather than you know let it get us all caught up and you know this distraction it's like you know we're here to remember that we're masters and that you know our wisdom body has a lot to do with you know deep deep self awareness and you know not just you know knowing how to play the game well but knowing how to treat each other well in treating ourselves well and being you know a force of creation you know knowing that you know setting our intentions and having something that is an alignment to our higher self is the wisdom that we need and and that's everything right now I mean we're being taught our whole lives to abandon our own wisdom true wisdom is gaining it back letting go of attachments and recognizing who are you when you let go of all those attachments who is the person that remains get in touch with you that person it's and then you know once you get a strong foundation of who that person is you know empower it to the highest good and then be out there in the world and you won't find that your mood is made or broken by people and things and objects that you're in in a level of wisdom it's like you know a homeless person what a homeless person can be a victim and beg for money or a homeless person can sit there embodied and and have one's needs met have miracles happen and and it can be provided for that being can be provided for if it's holding wisdom and holding its light if we don't hold that perspective we sink into that victimhood and we have to remember that we are not what we are attaching ourselves to we are not the successes on the material level you know the true abundance and success that we have is our ability to know who we are without all of that and be able to still be creative and have our needs met yes it's all about getting down to the real core of our being absolutely brilliantly said let's move on to another caller Eric you are live this is the six one nine area code I believe Eric is the name you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Laura eisenhower welcome thank you hi Laura the depth of your knowledge on various subject subjects is truly amazing I've been doing a lot of research and reading myself I was wondering if you had any recommendations as far as groups or organizations ancient mystery school type things that you would recommend as being a positive source of information I haven't really delved into any of that myself positive source of information I think gosh you know C to me nature has been my teacher my backgrounds in wilderness expedition leadership and so everything I really know I just learned from you know connecting you know to tagaya and and just you know learning how my energy affects the things around me you know the kind of animals that come to me the sort of experiences that I have and I found that you know those that were self service orientated in the groups that we travel with ended up getting injuries and taken out much quicker you know it's like they couldn't last because they weren't thinking of the group they weren't thinking of the whole and so I'm not saying you know go out on a big wilderness expedition but see that was my school was with the wilderness but I would recommend you know just because so much has been infiltrated out there I've stayed clear of everything and I and I'm a little that just just have a lot of discernment about you know what I would recommend somebody signing up for but you know I guess yeah I mean if you want to email me sometime you know I can I can you know look a little bit further into it I can't even think of anything that my friends have been a part of that they feel good about and most people have had to leave things and say oh that wasn't for me the thing is to me institutions and and other things you know their training wheels they help get a person thinking and going but ultimately I think the best place that we can go is within ourselves and then find that independence and find that self-reliance and then attract like-minded people to share that feeling of unity and community but to isolate oneself too much or to be underneath somebody else's authority or leadership when it comes to spiritual matters I'm just very wary abut I know there's probably some really good stuff out there I've just relied on myself and nature to guide me so I'm not the best person to ask but I'm sure there is good stuff so in other words I believe what Laura's saying here is she learned this from a perspective of gnosis direct first-hand experience through getting into actual contact with that energy firsthand so great call so here we go another caller ah I believe this is Tim Smith or one of the organizers of the free your mind conference he helped us organize the first conference and is on board with the organizational team for free or mine - Tim welcome - what on earth is happening with our special guest Laura Eisenhower is talking about the Divine Feminine and the destruction of the Divine Feminine I just wanted to mention business and not just business but television in general but specifically Disney there are involved in the destruction of the Divine Feminine because they just some betrayed women as a sexual symbol and now they don't involve now it takes a woman specifically a sexual object and you know they're involved in destroying that feminine energy at a very young age so I just want to throw that out there and you know just so people are aware of this and if they have any kids in their life that they could just be aware of this and to let just know what what Disney is involved in and that's all I want imagine Laura your take on the influence of Hollywood and things like tim is talking about in influencing the mind toward certain ways of thinking about women in general yeah I mean I think that's like the cheese for the mouse you know it's drawing people in it's looking up to celebrity it's it's thinking that this is what you know one needs to be in order to be liked to be popular to be liked by the male and then once you you know eat that cheese you're in the trap and then once you're in the trap then you're susceptible to where those agendas go which is you know not through organic Ascension timeline it's not the positive timeline it's it's under their control and you know and it's so dangerous it's so dangerous and it's so devastating I fortunately you know as a kid never bought into it I don't know how you know I I think just lots of past lives it's just staying strong on this path but I I didn't I I didn't like it at all I mean I I just I never I was I can't even say I just got rid of all the Barbies and like never bought into just you know that whole thing so you know I'm not like somebody who broke out of it but I can certainly say you know parents and and just you know young children like you know look to yourself I mean in your own beauty your own abilities your own uniqueness you know rather than emulating somebody on the screen or wanting to be like this it's like look at all the plastic surgery look at all the I mean even you know kids get it at a young age you know before they're even fully developed its its horrifying it's all surfaced and that's what's promoted I mean our whole culture is promoting something that is so against who we truly are on the deepest of levels and in relationship and just amongst each other it's still promoted because people think that's the way it is that's the true reality and it's totally dangerous because you know that's you that's the way a kid grows up and if they don't measure up to what those pop stars are they get bulimic anorexic they get surgery and they just because it's all about the surface and the thing is you know except the things you don't like about yourself because once you get in touch with your inner beauty you're gonna find that it radiates out to every bit of yourself that you don't like and it's so worth just doing that inner work and finding that that depth of love within yourself because somebody's gonna love you for that and it's gonna last a hell of a lot longer than somebody using you just for you know whatever facade you are able to play in your teenager younger adult years it's not the real essence of our genders it's not the real essence of a male to think like that either it's just all been programmed into us this is what the infiltration is done it's not you know who we naturally are if we were to rip all that stuff away and we were just to raise our kids without television we would totally be emerging into our divine masculine feminine without a problem that's who we naturally are when we cut our skin when we get injured the immune system responses to do something you know nature is wisdom and and love and and we're naturally enlightened beings this infiltration is absolutely throwing us off course and we got to pull ourselves away from it and get back on because it's not taking us anywhere we want to go I'll tell you that and as you know so Laura thanks so much for that response and I'll tell you I've never seen the phone lines light up like this you're certainly someone who people want to talk to we have a lot more callers online I'm not going to be able to get to them all probably within the show but I have another question for you if I may you consider yourself a clairvoyant healer through the application of intuitive gifts and if I'm not mistaken you personally practice the given Ettore tradition and astrology can you give us your view of divination as an intuitive aspect of the goddess tradition of the Sacred Feminine tradition and how you personally employ that gift yeah you know I don't like to actually use the word healer I should probably change it because I'm just helping I'm just assisting somebody in healing themselves I mean they they are absolutely healing themselves and what I do is I show them their wisdom I help them see something that they are blocked seeing in themselves I'm not here to counsel I'm not here to say this is what it is I have all the answers I'm the wise one here I don't do that at all I'm absolutely and I look at the energy and I showed them what they're showing me to help them get in touch with who they are so that they you know don't need me or need anybody to to remember that yeah I just get the ball rolling I guess you could say and just facilitate their own personal healing and so the cards for me you know we're all made up of these excuse me we're all made up of these archetypes we're made up of you know our zodiac prints are our natal charts and just the the different forces that come in our life based on our agreements based on our past lives and you know what we still need to understand our strengths and weaknesses you know how we fall on our face and get back up again and I help people see that but my goal like I said is to get them back into the zero-point energy to break free of the zodiac break free of the wheel break free of the time loop break free of identifying with just different archetypes and to embody the wholeness of the masculine feminine and then to let you know the power of your expression be your uniqueness and the part of your you know the flavour you came to express to be a part of the whole it's kind of like you know each part of our body you know holds the DNA of the rest of us but everything has a different function our lungs do something our liver does something they're absolutely different but they still function in the one body and the one being just like us we each have our roles but ultimately we're one and ultimately you know that one organ is attached to the rest of it and requires the rest of it to do its job and so you know when I work with people I just help them to see their own wholeness their own wisdom their own higher self so that they can get themselves out of the foreign energies and the programming's and the traps that they might have might have slipped into so that they don't have to continue on this wheel anymore excellent excellent okay so let's take another call here we go area code 8:04 you are live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Laura eisenhower welcome yes it is hi how are you hi Laura this is Cindy hi Cindy I really like it you know I just it's just about the Sacred Feminine yeah there's a Disney and you have to like I can't even look at you have to without vomiting you know just totally hijacked the Sacred Feminine and because you know everybody sees that the feminine is beautiful and and nurturing and everything but what I wanted to say is something that's equally repulsive to me as you have to if seeing the political you know the political stuff going on and it's it's like a demonic satanic thing where like a vampire has to be invited in by you they're doing some sort of occult ritual where you know they have us vote all the elections are fixed anyway and I remember going to an election place in 2006 and I saw this guy who looked visually normal but I could see him energetically he was not human and he looked at me like Oh what are you doing here they are afraid of us because this group whether there are conic reptilian Draco demonic whatever you want to call them service to self however you want to you know grope them they're done for you know and I just you know I don't know if it's just the splitting of the way between people who are awake and who aren't I hope we're just not flattering ourselves but I mean I just can't even look at the political stuff going on you know I think there's a lot of you know although religions probably were set up by Draco you know they there might be some truth and that's why we respond to them but you know they say that you know they'll go into the mountains and wish that the stones will fall down on them because I think they get destroy it here on earth they're being quarantined and you know Alfred Weber talks about how you know the quarantine I was reading in a Barbara hand closed book which she wrote and I think in 2006 about how 2011 the quarantine comes down but I don't know if we're being invited back into the galactic community yet because we're still too violent do you have any idea what's going on with that well you know the systems angelic realms have fallen you know there's more than one controller group that's vying for control it but there is you know some collaboration too you know they they they have chosen not to a son not to redeem themselves not to right their wrongs but to use technologies and means to be immortal to stay in on this earth realm to use earth as their stopping point and and to trap as many souls as possible to serve them you know III firmly believe that those that are ready to leave that are ready to ascend that have you know done what they came here to do and learn whatever lessons they came to learn will move on but you know this this control system the blackhole technologies the dark occult technologies they're very heavy-duty and III know that you know in a sense you know we're up against that but you know it's the programming's we buy into that makes us susceptible and you know it's it's a difference between understanding that our life cycle is is that we're ascended as immortal beings to lift ourselves out of you know this this bubble that we're veiled under and that they might still you know run a time line that's that's here but yes it'll eventually come crashing down on them but see they use time travel and teleportation to run their life cycle like the the greys you know they have the 42,000 the p45 and the p50 twos which means 42,000 years in the future 52,000 years in the future right as their race is about to die out they time travel they come back they abduct they take our genetic information they're trying to keep their race alive because they can't ascend they cannot reach their their natural immortality or ascension process they refuse to be anything but service to self even though some are trying to help us or some want to you know turn themselves around it's still trying to function in this time loop as immortal beings so they don't have to go through death so they don't have to face their karma but at the same time you know some have chosen to play the dark role to then work out that karma and you know maybe a lower density fourth a fourth density planet and that's what people you know from the Illuminati have said you know who's to know but the point is they have their agreements we have ours we got to stay firm with what ours are and not get them mixed up with theirs but yeah I mean I just see technology as their means to create artificial immortality and ours you they envy and that's why they want to keep his trap because they can't reach that and they want to harvest our souls in order to keep their agenda going and the more of us that can pull away from it the better but just one individual pulling away is enough for that one individual to get out of this I believe it's all about ultimately transforming the self and it doesn't even matter what other people are doing you have to stand in your truth because you know it's the right thing so Laura we're coming up to the end of the show we have about a minute and a half left I want you to tell the listen and you've been a phenomenal guest I thank you so much for coming on I want you to tell the listeners uh how they can view your work online give them your website and then you have the floor till the end of the show thanks so much my websites cosmic Gaia Oh cosmic Gaia Sophia dot-com and I'm on Facebook I've got a few pages up there a return of the Divine Feminine and you know ones under Laura Magdalene Eisenhower I post constantly because I just I know that's the quickest way to get information out there there's a lot of events coming up twelve twelve twelve in Phoenix Arizona star knowledge conference I'm going to UFO Con this weekend to speak in Santa Clarita California or is it Santa Clara sorry Santa Clara California and then Nashville North Carolina the 23rd to 26 I believe for another star knowledge so if anybody is able to make it to those things that would be excellent and you know you can find my contact information about doing readings on my website under the readings link and you know I try and keep it updated as much as possible and you can find everything there at cosmic Gaia Sophia calm Laura thank you so much for being a part of this show ladies and gentleman Laura Magdalene eisenhower phenomenal guests with very empowering information that's all the time we have for on this edition of one on earth is happening thank you for listening everyone and tune in next week for an all calling show on the non-supportive dominators thanks and until next week