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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course is Oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday September 16 2012 this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time we have a great show planned for you here today it's going to be an all call-in show and we've been waiting for this for a while because I haven't been taking calls through the non support of dominators solutions section that we've been covering for a few months now so this is the first show that we're reopening the phone lines for the what on earth is happening a radio show and we're going to do this this week and next week all calling and then future shows we'll have Colin as well open back up to it I just suspended the call in for aspect of the show for the non-supportive Dominator section because I really wanted to cover that material clearly without interruption so let me give the call-in number right here at the top of the show so people can start calling in the calling number for the show is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again the calling number for the show 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 we're going to be talking about the non support of dominators that's what the topic is and I'm going to give some ground rules out after the event announcements for for calling into the show today so I want to thank first of all Laura Eisenhower for her great appearance last week on this radio show got a ton of incredibly positive comments people really enjoyed the show if you missed it you missed a phenomenal show go back into the podcast archive at what on earth is happening calm and listen to it because it's a show you definitely do not want to miss out on so thanks to Laura for being generous with her time and coming on the show for the full show last week the free your mind to first fundraiser for the free your mind to conference took place last night at Liberty's pub here in Philadelphia and I gave the presentation on the Matrix trilogy entitled The Matrix trilogy decoded and it went very well we were a little bit disappointed by the turnout we were hoping that there would be a lot more people there but the people who did show up were very responsive and if I may say so myself I think I really knocked it out of the park with the matrix presentation and it went exactly as I had hoped that it would go as far as reaching people with that information so the people that were there were very receptive and I really thank everyone who came out and contributed and raised some money for the free or mind to conference so thank you to those who did show up the free your mind to conference itself is going to be coming up here in April of 2013 April 25th 26th and 27th of next year for your mine returns to Philadelphia with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solution solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first for your mind conference with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the location for the free your mind to conference is the historic Arch Street meeting house 3:20 Arch Street here in Philadelphia the doors will open at 8 a.m. each day we have 19 featured speakers lined up including Allen Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stewart Bob Tuscan Curtis Davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin J Parker Jim Fetzer Joseph Meyer Laura Eisenhower Lenin honor Lauren more a myself mark passio Ross Ben and Sonia Barrett and ladies and gentlemen before I say anything else about the free your mind conference I may have a huge announcement regarding the free your mind conference next week it's going to be probably confirmed during this week and hopefully I will be able to announce it definitively next week but uh you're going to not want to miss that because I have a big announcement coming up regarding the free your mind to conference if not next week almost definitely the week after that but I'm hoping to be able to announce this publicly next week the ticket prices for the free your mind conference for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday evening speaker meet-and-greet $20 the Friday conference 40 the Saturday conference 40 and if you take the package deal and get go for all three days plus the speaker meet-and-greet only 120 dollars now I'm asking people if they can please get your tickets in advance that is the best thing that you can do to help this conference out some people have already begun getting their tickets but I would like to see that pick up if you can get your tickets in advance if your know you're gonna be in Philadelphia I would really appreciate people getting their tickets now it's as good as making a donation we've been asking for donations to help out with all of the travel expenses and the lodging expenses for the speakers but if you can't afford a donation or if you can't make a donation if you know you're gonna be coming don't wait till the last minute to get your tickets order them now if you can get them in advance reserve them in advance because that will be as good as making a donation to the effort because we will have you know resources in advance to pay for all of these travel expenses and that's really gonna help us out a tremendous amount so again I implore people if you can get your tickets in advance do it from now it would be much appreciated by the conference organizers for more information about this huge event coming up in Philadelphia in 2013 please visit free your mind conference calm next announcement is the end the Fed Philly rally as part of the nationwide and the Fed event and the Fed 2012 will be taking place on Saturday September 22nd that that's this Saturday coming up outside of the Federal Reserve branch bank at 6th and arch streets here in Philadelphia this will be starting at noon there will be speakers there will be a march around City Hall and back to the Fed building so that's going to be taking place this Saturday September 22nd at 6th and arch in Philadelphia at noon okay I will be one of the speakers along with the keynote speaker for this rally in Philadelphia Larkin Rose so it's going to be great to be speaking with Larkin again I'm still trying to get him on board for the free your mind conference for 2013 we'll see if I I can announce that in the coming weeks hopefully so I'll be talking to Larkin about that at the end the Fed rally for more information on the end the Fed nationwide event please visit end the Fed 2012 dot-com for the Philly rally you can visit truth freedom prosperity org I will also be speaking at this year's mufon PA East Coast Conference that's the mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania hosting their East Coast Conference this year at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania on September 28th 29th and 30th my show will be a rebroadcast on September 30th thus that Sunday because I will be speaking at the booth on PA East Coast Conference on the Sunday at the end of the month so other speakers for this event John Ventre Frank fascino junior sous y Tech Karen Dolan Stan Gordon Travis Walton Rob's Y Tech Peter Robbins the keynote speaker grant Cameron Richard Dolan Steven Bassett and myself mark passio I will be speaking on the moral issues that are involved in the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena so that's going to be a great conference for more info on the mufon PA east coast conference please visit MUFON PA dot-com that's mu Fon PA dot-com you can also visit mainline MUFON comm and click on their annual conference tab and you can get the full lineup of speakers and their BIOS what on earth is happening related news now up in the water on earth is happening news section I I did an interview a pre-recorded interview in late August with Popeye of down the rabbit hole on the Orion talk radio network and in that interview I discussed heavily and got deep into the occult aspects of the 9/11 event so I did a complete breakdown of the all of the occult aspects both symbolism and numerology of that human sacrifice ritual which is what 9/11 was and you can see that in the news section and Popeye has also put up a page on his radio web website with all of the images related to the show he also made a cool video where the images go along with the interview as I as we conducted it so that's up in the news section of what on earth is happening dot-com also as I announced last week all audio for the what on earth is happening dot-com website is now posted via the html5 embed format and this requires no browser plug-ins such as flash to allow that content to play therefore it will open it up to all mobile devices like iPhones iPads and Android smartphones and tablets in an effort to continue to remove plug-in technology from my page and go to a standards compliant form of for audio and video I am also going to be changing over all the video to the site to make it html5 compliant the video now has been changed over to html5 in the news section but I'm still working on the videos in the actual video section of the website because I need to re-encode them and I'm gonna be uploading them to a new YouTube channel that I just set up so I'll be making that announcement when those go online in the next week or so it's just a time-consuming process to re-encode video and then upload it so when that's done I'll make the announcement and you'll be able to see that on the website also there is a new HTML based chatroom on the radio show page and it seems that that is working out very well I've got no complaints or reports of issues with that so that should also work in mobile devices as well so those are the changes to the website minor changes but I think important to note the ad-free radio the ad-free chip in effort for the to keep the water on earth is happening show radio radio show ad-free has hit its goal for the second three month period and i thank everyone who made contributions will be resetting that chart for the next three month period which is between february march and april which we will have to raise the required amount by the end of january probably next week I'll be posting the new chart and we'll start over again with the the chip in effort for keeping the radio show ad free okay so today we are going to be having a an all Colin show on the topic of the non support of dominators as a solution to the problems that humanity faces I have one basic simple ground rule for the show really two basic ground rules first we're going to stick to the topic of the non-supportive dominators so it's not just a free-for-all we are limiting the topics to the solution as we have talked about it over the past several weeks months actually of the non support of dominators and the practices of domination that's what the topic is and I'll be doing a very brief review of some of the topics that we covered that are fair game for the discussion for this week and next week there is one prerequisite that I'm going to hold people to strictly during the course of the in show for this week and next week and if people are not respectful enough to respect my wishes for this prerequisite I'm not going to I'm not going to treat them nicely when they call in and they try to circumvent this prerequisite and just try to you know burst in with what they have to say they will be treated rudely and abruptly and that's all I have to say and you know I'm just telling people that out in the open because if you're calling into a host show and they have asked that you call in and if you're going to talk about a specific issue that you have taken in certain prerequisite information otherwise they don't want to hear what you have to say on that topic I think that should be respected I mean if you want to say anything that you want to say without any restrictions whatsoever please feel free to host your own radio show and then you can do that and that there's no problem but if someone is calling to my show and I'm asking that there is a prerequisite met which I'm going to get into in a moment then I feel whoever's calling should respect that prerequisite or not call into the show so with that having been said here's what the prerequisite I'm asking for if people call in to defend or support the practice of carnism of eating dead animal flesh which we talked about over the past few shows which was the one of the last things that we discussed in the section of the non support of dominators and domination if you want to call in to defend carnism I don't have no problem with anyone doing that but the prerequisite is that you yourself have watched the movie Earthlings in its entirety in one sitting not watching it in bits and pieces not watching it looking away from the screen when it showed something unpleasant sitting there in a way that you have been paying attention and watching it and you have watched this movie from beginning to end in its entirety if that is not the case do not call in an attempt to defend the practice of carnism because you will be hung up on if you want to defend the practice of carnism I don't have a problem with you doing that as I've said but if you're going to call in and bring up reasons why you think carnism should be continued to be practiced the prerequisite is that you yourself have watched the movie Earthlings which I posted multiple times with my podcasts on the topic that you have watched that film in its entirety all the way through in one sitting if that is not the case do not call in and try to defend the practice of carnism because I'm not interested in hearing from you if that is the case if that is the case and you have watched that film you're welcome to speak your mind on the topic and then we could have I could ask some questions about why you feel the way that you do but if you haven't watched Earthlings and you're going to try to defend carnism you're not gonna do it on this show I am going to cut you off abruptly okay I can't screen calls because there there's no ad break so it's gonna be basically a you know off-the-cuff thing I'm just gonna take calls as they come in so here's some of the topics that we covered in this section entitled the non-supported dominators let me give the callin number once again as well eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number start calling in now eight six six eight four one one zero six five here's the things that are going to be on the table for the discussion for today and next week as part of this solutions section we went into the subtopic of the non-supportive dominators and how this is really one of the most empowering solutions that we can attempt to employ and to get other people to employ in their lives we first discussed emotional mind control and this is a very important aspect of this topic because this topic brings up a lot of things that are very uncomfortable for people and very controversial we talked about what the concept of controversial really means if we break it down in language controversial means face to face with change that's what the atom illogical meaning of the word controversial is coming from Latin contra meaning against or up against and verse re in Latin which means to change so you are up against change you are face to face with change that's why this topic of the non-supportive dominators and the practices of domination themselves it is a very controversial topic for people to hear in many cases they are uncomfortable it makes them uncomfortable in many cases they don't like the messengers delivery style and this is most certainly the case when it comes to someone like me who is very straightforward and hammers these things in whether people are prepared to handle them or not I feel we have no time for baby spoon feeding and my approach is some would say without any sort of a soft tact and that's fine I'd have no problem with that if someone else does have a problem with my tact they can go and listen to someone else you're free to shut it off and not pay attention to a word that is spoken here but I'm not gonna change my approach I speak the truth unapologetically and forcefully and that's what I think is required I don't think we have the time the baby spoon feed this information to people so that's part of emotional mind control people not liking the messengers delivery so then they choose to ignore the message you know so another part part of it is that people don't want a lot of this information to be true you know they want their belief systems to be the way things are in reality and so when they hear something that conflicts with their deeply-held religion then all of a sudden the emotions well up and they you know they come apart at the seams because somebody is attacking their religious beliefs and that's really is what we're talking about here Authority is a religion domination the the belief that that some can dominate others is a religion let's call it what it really is it's a religion so you know that's another thing that we really covered that this this belief system is definitely a religion the belief in authority and that's why so many people are so attached to so we talked about in this section the absolute nature of truth we talked about the concept of what a solution is you know that it's really to dissolve the ego it's the ego is the solute that needs to be broken down so that it can we can go into solution approaches solution oriented approaches and truth is the solvent truth is that which is going to dissolve the ego and get people to finally admit yes I was wrong so we we talked about those general overarching concepts of what you know the the nature of truth is doing and what a solution really is from a philosophical perspective we talked about the fact that there's no political or legal solution to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness it isn't about voting in new masters it isn't about perpetuating the control system by continuing to give our support to it and keep it going you know through our our tacit consent that'll never create a solution the only solutions that are really available are those that are based in philosophy and a deep understanding of the laws of nature of the laws of behavioral consequence what we have called here on this show repeatedly natural law I call them universal spiritual laws because that is in fact what they are they are the laws that govern our choices and our behaviors and they are immutable they are always in place and we are always bound by them we talked a lot about conscience a conscience is the definitive knowledge of the the objective differences between right and wrong and what the exercise of conscience is it's actually putting that knowledge into effect it's choosing the right action over the wrong action once that knowledge is in hand we talked about how people make endless justifications for their immoral behavior because they don't want personal responsibility to choose right over wrong we talked about apophysis one of the most important and empowering concepts saying no to the Dominator mindset saying no to the dumb the prac of domination and the people who support these practices that's what apophysis is all about it isn't about telling people what to do it's about saying that this is something that is causing harm and suffering and therefore you should withdraw your behavior from those practices you should not take part in certain behaviors that are based in violence and domination that's what apophysis is all about it's saying what the truth is not so that we can come to an understanding of that which the truth is we talked about culpability and and cosmic consequences for our behaviors some would call that Karma and I'm ok with that term but we talked about who is more morally culpable the order Giver or the order follower and we explained why the order follower is always more morally culpable because it is them who is actually taking the the action is them who is actually engaging the behavior and so they are the most responsible for the manifested result that occurs in our world we talked about the trut about trauma and bullying and how that perpetuates the abuse victim cycle which we broke down and explained and how people become identified with either abuser or victim in that vicious cycle from which it is very difficult to escape unless one knows oneself and one psyche at a deep enough level we talked about dominators reasons for some of the behavior that they express including things like repressed sexuality and feelings of inadequacy and feelings of a deep ingrained understanding of how ignorant they really are and therefore they give up hope that they could ever improve their condition we talked about the concept of self less Ness of having lost a connection to the higher self having lost the connection to who one really is and having forgotten who we are and that this concept of the loss of that connection to the true self as being one of the prime motivating factors for people's violent and repressive behavior we talked about groupthink and herd mentality and collectivism we also talked about techniques of cults all the different techniques of the cults employ to keep their members isolated and brainwashed and that's part of the control system these same techniques that are used in any religious cult are the exact techniques that are used on the military and police institutions and the members of those institutions we talked about how these people ultimately want to abandon their personal responsibility to make their own decisions the the abandonment of personal responsibility is one of the main reasons that this control system is perpetuated in our lives it's why we're in a prison we talked about the symbolic occult mockery the symbolic and language based mockery of the police and the military and I did an extensive presentation of these symbols and forms of green language so that's open open up for discussion on today's show as well and then finally we talked we talked about carnism and how carnism is a religion that is based in violence and how we as a species do not see the effects of the law of Correspondence this law that exists in nature but is largely unseen to the eye because it takes a long time to manifest over a quantum scale in a macro scale and how carnism through our engagement of that practice we are basically putting ourselves into a deeper cage through the law of Correspondence and finally we talked about women's role actual the female sex their role that they can play in helping to influence men who are the main practitioners of the religion of domination in our world to how women can step into their empowering role of influence and nurturer influencer and nurturer to help these these male dominators discontinue their support for this prison system that they're building all around us so without having been said those are the topics that are on the table for discussion here today in our first call-in show / this week and next week and we have some callers on the line so let's go to the phones here we go welcome caller you're live on what on earth is happening hello mark Bob from Cincinnati welcome it is indeed hey thank you for taking my call I didn't think I'd be the first one in the queue a pleasure oh thank you mark hey firstly wow your presentation last night in Philly most of us could not physically be there we really missed it there is somebody who kindly put about 45 minutes of your show yes of your presentation on YouTube I hope that they're able to post further if not we're definitely asking that you would do a presentation like you did the occult mockery of police presentation on what on earth is happening Slugger Matrix trilogy revealed so to speak yes I was I was thinking either well up either one or both actually I'm definitely going to be posting the video because we did several people recorded it last night and I'm as I said I'm very happy with how the presentation went we did have one gentleman recording it with a tripod at an HD resolution and while the light and sound may not have been optimum for that room in there we didn't like bring a lighting rig or anything I think it's still gonna come across quite well and he is going to give me that video we are going to post it to the what on earth is happening website also post it to my youtube channel that I'll be announcing however other people did record it with handheld devices handheld cameras and and smartphones and if they're they're totally free to to publish that on whatever video websites they want and you know that's fine so I I'm aware that someone has already posted segments from the presentation last night and if they have any more they're absolutely welcome to do that no problem but I may also do a presentation here on what on earth is happening we give that presentation at some future point but definitely the video will be making an appearance at some future time within the next month or so on the website so that will be a they're for free okay thank you mark I just wanted to comment on two points there's so many and the non-supportive dominators however my skype connection is extremely poor I'll be quick sir the first one you you on your your kindness of sharing with us the Rosicrucian or Rosicrucian philosophy of non carnism and like many mark i I still practice carnism I you know the you know I'm one of those aliens dining at the table in that very ingenious cartoon that there that you shared on your images on the past few shows on communism um however I can agree with your complete understanding of the ether of the morph of genetic field is what you spoke of it as per the the morphic field of resonance we are indeed all vibration when we come down to brass tacks of the science of it and in this world we only have so much to contribute with our will in action and dining upon our lesser brothers as you said so eloquently is so true that that has to be the focus of why one would want to come to a ending of of dining on the carnal now I'm still there but I'll tell you what my friend I think every time I sit down to eat the Beast I'm thinking now and it's it's it's quite a struggle thank you sir for putting that in my life absolutely and I said no one is required to make any sort of a change overnight this is a this is a deep held understanding and I I do also want to comment it isn't it isn't just a Rosicrucian philosophy it's this is obviously something that has existed for as long as man really has existed for those who have come to a evolved way of thinking and I want to also REME ffice eyes that before people think that vegetarianism is in some way or another some sort of a religious belief that it is absolutely not a religious belief it is based on a deep understanding of the laws of nature the laws of Correspondence and I understand when I say that word nature it has such a distorted connotation in the minds of the mind-controlled because they've been brainwashed their entire lives through repetition over and over again that to equate the term natural or nature with the concept of Darwinism and social Darwinism this is ingrained in us from the minute that we're born into this left brained locked world okay that natural means the one who has the most ruthless approach the most vicious with the sharpest teeth and claws is the one who comes out on top and that is the exact opposite of the natural order that is what is called chaos that entire worldview leads to nothing more than chaos so it is exactly the opposite way around it is not that vegetarianism is based in any kind of a religion vegetarianism is actually based in understanding and then the practice of it is based in wisdom which is choosing the truth and choosing the right over the wrong action once we're at that level of consciousness the exact opposite is true when it comes to what a religion is it is the practice of eating animals that is a religion that is a religion for at where we the human species is right now in our place and consciousness for people to continue to engage that practice is a religious is an attachment to a religious belief and I know Bob that you don't take that with offense I understand that you are working of you yourself I know are working upon yourself through having spoken with you and talked to you at length it but some people will hear that with offense and take offense to it and you know what I'm going to say to that get as offended as you like because that's the case that's the truth when it comes to this carnism is the religion it is based in violence violence the right to do violence is a religious belief system in by definition by definition because there is no such thing as the right to conduct violence and if you believe that that's the case that you possess that right then you are believing in an illusion in an illusion and that by definition is what a religion is you are both it is a it is an unfounded belief that has no basis in truth in something that is completely illusory and that's the definition of a religion so that's what carnism is it is not what vegetarianism is vegetarianism the only reason it has an ism at the end is because it's being described as such as a practice as a way of being it is not a base in beliefs and for some people may engage in it because they have beliefs regarding it but that's not what I'm talking about when I use the term vegetarianism so you people can even engage in the truth in a religious sense in a religious methodology but in the way I'm talking about the lifestyle of being vegetarian it has absolutely nothing to do with a belief system and it has everything to do with knowledge of how natural law operates in our world to bring us the experiences that we undergo right on mark and that in the last piece I'm sure there are people lining up to debate carnism with you and your guys I know you will I thought as much I say I'm totally psychologically prepared for both of these shows to be all about nothing but that you know but it won't be the only people will bring up some other things but I I agree with you that probably will get more than our fair share of that yes I have my meat man I've got to have my meat anyway but the second point non-supportive dominators the assault mockery of police your your testament of this dark occultism the architecture of the dark occult ring around us through symbolism subversive symbolism everywhere the square superimposed atop the square the octagon but the deeper meaning is the square set within a square the hypercube or tesseract as you've shared in that that portion I would like to point out that upon viewing the brand-new Memorial in New York oh yeah round zero to to to to uh to ennoble the victims they stamped the hypercube on top of the memorial itself it is the square within the square the hypercubes be dropping down into a dark abyss of pool water flowing fountain water and down to squares the two swans exactly together do you have a shameful mark shameful the memorial of the building was called Freedom Tower they bury fly we quickly changed it to New World Trade Center and that speaks for itself thank you for your voice mark good evening Bob thanks so much always a pleasure to hear caller from the 602 area code you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hello mark kind of went for a second after you I think I think yes I think perhaps my microphone was muted at and inverting Lee and I I just noticed that and took it off what I was saying is for people to check out Bob's a reference there of the hypercube or the dual square symbolism they talked about at the World Trade Center Memorial you can go on to a site like Google Images and search for images related to the World Trade Center were trade center memorial site and you'll see what Bob is referencing there as far as the symbolism of the new Trade Center Memorial it's very interesting and fascinating symbolism and Bob's right on about how that represents the hypercube so call her welcome and what do you have for us today okay Phoenix Ivan long hey yeah the tesseract I was just wondering well I just wanted to mention that Russell mentioned in that Avengers movie please talk about a tesseract and it's that cube that's in there so they you know totally have it all around it here and there people really know that's right and it is the source in the movie Avengers of the Dark Gods power Loki who represents a Lord of the underworld in Norse mythology who is the the the dark god of the underworld he is very very closely associated with with Satan and other dark entities in other traditions in other mythical traditions but and in the movie he wears a long flowing robe and carries a scepter of power and he has huge horns that look like ram's horns and are very reminiscent of how Satan is often depicted and the hypercube or tesseract is his source of power that he uses to control so very interesting symbolism in that movie as well and I would say the makers of that film have an under standing of some of the symbolism related to the tesseract or hypercube absolutely right right a lot of filmmakers out there you see it all over the place well first off I wanted to say thank you to you mark because the relax like five or six years I've listened to all kinds of information my job is pretty easy so I'm able to just listen to stuff for the eight hours and I've gone from like David Icke Michael caesarian Jim Marrs and I got on synoptic media and I heard you on there and then that led me to your work and I listened to all the episodes and got current and out of everyone that I listen to you were the first one that pretty much challenged me and kicked me in the butt into action when you said to know and not to do is not to know turn or not to care yeah so that really were founded with me that okay all these years all this information okay you know I would tell people hear their little baby be a little video okay fine but wasn't doing much so you're the first one that really made me wake up I gotta be something I'm not doing something I created a website they do you know do it yourself thing or I just put a bunch of information links the videos and websites and all kinds of stuff and that's a three year mind ain't be calm if you remember I had emailed us yes excellent website excellent website by the way give it again for the listeners they should definitely check it out and this is an example of someone who is real Ivan is stepping up and he's doing something in his area he's forming a group he's a propagating information and I think it's a great inspiration to people so I'll give your website again definitely okay that's three your mind aids e.com so since I live in Arizona to show the radiation AZ for Arizona and I also started a meetup group out here by the same name which is you know meetup.com slash three-year mind AZ although all that connected to the website business music with lyrics video books blogs all kinds of stuff on there and it's not me saying that I have all the answers that I know everything it's me saying hey people look at what's out there look at this information that's being hidden from you that you're not aware of so that's you know something that I keep you know keeps me busy pretty much that's really great I commend you for that Ivan and again like you said it is true that to know and not to do is not to know that that's actually not my words however that those are the words of the Chinese philosopher Yong Ming but I tacked on that little addition to know and not to do is not to know and not to care so what you're doing is you're taking your knowledge and you're putting it into action and that's the expression of wisdom and again I commend you for doing that and I hope more listeners would follow suit and really you know step up their involvement in this in this cause for and press for truth to touch on the topic that your show is about today I made a few notes here so carnism I agree with everything you'd be saying and I know that there's a caller I don't because we might have been gays in Colorado or something that he took challenging me back and forth a few months back sure but I understand both both Dave's point and your point because as I see it it's kind of like half there someone showed up here on this planet and these roads you would think oh this way so that means we need cars no the other way around it cause we have cars we created worlds right so Dave's argument that all the human bodies made to their just food and we have you know what supposed to eat food no it's if you go back you know through the research that I found like micro caesareans work and even include books obviously that documentary by Jerry here telling us shows primitive man just eating grubs and stuff and then something external influences him and he starting need and doing that and cesarean she's on that about man being you know changed somehow yeah so if you go back ten twenty thirty thousand years we've been conditioned to me meat so obviously our physical structure will be you know mate digest food that's like having roads so if you hold you think you need cars no let's gather around since the cars with it then the roads are made so since we start eating meat then our you know each generation started you know being born like okay we're ready to eat meat I think you have a really valid point that people attribute our current conditions to the way that it always has been and I think that's a very dangerous and flawed stands to take because people have very little understanding of some of the things that really occurred in our very ancient ancestral past and you know I ask them sometimes the question how do you even know that the earth was even always like this you know and that this has been the condition of even the planetary conditions first of all if you look at what cataclysms really occurred physical pole shifts occurred in the past and there was probably temperate zones almost covering the whole earth at one point not like it is today you know what if what if the earth was at one point in a zero degree orientation with respect to its plane of orbit around the Sun you would have perpetual spring and food and crops would grow everywhere pretty much in the north end southern hemisphere all year long and there would be no time of death and time that the Sun was a not giving its light and warmth directly to either hemisphere so people have to take things into consideration on massive scales of time and when they when they don't do that they are apt to begin to think well man has simply always been like this and always must be like this I again called that in the first show that I did on this topic the we are argument and the we are argument that we are one thing and have always been that and must always continue to be that is a fundamentally flawed and it's a poisoned worldview it's not only a flawed worldview it's one that is it's in affected world view this is what the dominators want us to think like they want you to think that change is not really possible and that we cannot desist in certain practices that we may have been doing for very long periods of time but that doesn't make them right you know and you could do wrong for an eternity and and you're never going to be suddenly converting that into doing a right it's still gonna be wrong no matter how long you practice for this concept of or this argument that is often made well that's been going on for millions of years or that's been going on for hundreds of years this is all completely it's total logical fallacy because it doesn't matter how long a wrong has been going on for that's an irrelevant argument all that matters is it's wrong is it causing harm to other living things is it causing suffering to other living things then it's wrong and the practice should not be engaged in and it's actually that simple right and your comments there lead me to one of the notes I put here about yeah eating meat it's like a no study humming noise the negativity you know it's not noticeable consciously or on a subconscious level there's no that negative death and suffering constant it's like a low hum that people don't notice and they're like well why is there so much you know hate and refinement negativity in the world you know well because we're at war or whatever no it's because everybody's constantly doing this you know suffering suffering suffering because that constantly death every day 24/7 occurring behind the current that we have no idea is going on but yeah we open up first and take out the the chicken and the steak and all this stuff without thinking about where that's actually coming from and what effect of doing that you put on the energetic frequency of the planet that's exactly right I think you have really great points and that's what I'm trying to explain that there are actions don't affect just our immediate surroundings they extend out into the field of consciousness and they are affecting the whole and that's where why we're living in a poisoned environment not only ecologically poison but poisoned insofar as the energy that is all around us and we're constantly taking into ourselves the energy that we're all bathing in you know what I have a lot more notes let's go see to take out the cause and if I'm going to stay on the line and if you have some more time in the next hour I've been great great material fantastic and I will come back to you so great you hang on the line okay all right thank you thank you great call okay let me give the call and number once again we only have a couple other people hanging on the line right now hopefully we can get some more people in the queue I never saw calls like last week's show Wow Laura Eisenhower was very popular the most callers I've ever seen in the queue on any for any of my shows so hopefully we can get some some numbers built up like that so the calls are relatively sparse if you want to call in you'll probably have a short wait eight six six eight four one one zero six five is the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five call in there are many slots open and let's take another call here all right area code five one seven area code five one seven you are live on the what on earth is happening radio show welcome hello sure your name's Adrian welcome yes Gabby okay I'm sorry okay what was your question carnism people who practice carnism yes Oh like argue your point when people like pointed out you even if you don't point it out wouldn't you let it go and write good question I wouldn't even look at it as being argumentative or argue with them if you know what the truth is speak it unapologetically regardless of who you think it's going to offend and I know that's that's a tall order that's a difficult thing to do because that requires a lot of courage and stepping out of the mindset of what other people may think of you so I think that's probably the the best and most courageous approach to take that is directly related to truth because if you know what the truth is regarding this practice then you can't possibly do any harm by speaking that truth and I'm not saying you know run roughshod all over them and make them feel like trash I'm saying state it emphatically in no uncertain terms as the truth because if you know that it is then speak it as such and don't apologize for holding that understanding I won't even say holding that belief don't apologize for having acquired an understanding that this practice is not only wrong but is also keeping us enslaved as well people have a difficult time understanding that they're concerned with their freedom that's why don't call I say we still don't have a freedom movement we do not have a freedom movement on planet earth we have a my freedom movement a my freedom movement people are concerned about their freedom maybe the freedom of their family and friends but they're not maybe even the freedom of all humanity but they're not concerned with the suffering and freedom of all beings see they they think that you know they can be free and somehow others can still remain in states of total injustice suffering and and a you know continuous death and bondage while we enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty and somehow that eventualities ever occur and that this is the cosmic joke this is the joke that's played on all of humanity it's an impossibility to be to have the state where suffering is ongoing and continuous and driven by us we're driving that suffering into the world okay and we can be free people who believe in that believe in a delusion they are delusional they believe in a religion and what you should look at it as in explaining this to people be unapologetic but understand you're talking to people and trying to bring them the truth to help them out of the suffering that they're creating for themselves so don't even worry about if they don't get it at first most people aren't going to get this at first I die I'm under no delusions no delusions whatsoever that I'm gonna come out here do a show against carnism explain to people why it's wrong why it's poisoning the morphic field of energy that we all live in and ultimately poisoning ourself and that people are just magically going to get it I would expect the vast majority of ears who that my words have fallen upon regarding that concept will reject it out of hand just because their belief system is so strong and they'll come up with rationalizations and you know so-called evidence to support their religion but of course you know all this is is attachment to an illusion it's an attachment to the illusion that violence can be continued to be conducted by us indiscriminately and yet magically we're gonna suddenly find freedom somehow it's never ever in eternity going to happen that way ever people need to get that out of their minds as soon as possible that's that's one of the religious beliefs among many others that are holding us back and keeping us in this cage and until we abandon those outmoded outdated dogmatic belief systems about who we are and what we're allowed to do here we're never going to be truly free and it doesn't matter see I'm gonna say that unapologetically to anyone who's whose ears are within range of my mouth and I'm not going to apologize for saying it because it's the truth it isn't my belief system that is not my belief I have no religion I am NOT somebody who is out here propagating my belief system I am somebody who has come to an accurate understanding of how certain laws within the natural creation operate that through our choices in in the boundary conditions of these laws we are actually creating our reality the experiences that we are creating that we are bringing to ourselves whether we consciously are aware of how those laws operate or not and I'm going to speak that unapologetically because it is true it is not a belief it is the way it actually does work which is why this program is called what on earth is happening no question mark it is not a question it's about what is actually going on what we are doing you know that's why I said on the first show this is about causal factors and I'm trying to explain how a factor of causality operates in our realm to bring us our experiences and it works that way immutably unchangeably in varyingly 100% of the time flawlessly that is those are the parameters of nature and we would do well to heed someone who is trying to explain how those workings operate because we would save ourselves a whole lot of time and suffering but most people won't listen to words of wisdom because they have a religion and it's a deeply embedded one if that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep speaking the truth again forcefully unapologetically if you're in the right speak it and don't worry about how its received thanks so much for the call we'll be right back folks [Music] all right everyone welcome back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we're doing an all call-in show this weekend next week on the topic of the non support of dominators a solution in our solutions section that I've been covering over the past many weeks here on what on earth is happening we have a wrapped that topic up now and we are taking calls on it so the calling number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number to talk about the non support of dominators as a solution to the problems that humanity faces is eight six six eight four one one zero six five we currently don't have anybody in the queue I will also entertain possibly some questions in the chat room if they are phrased intelligently and aren't posed in a juvenile way I will I will take questions from the chat room as well but for now while we're waiting for other callers to join us let's go back to Ivan who said that he had some additional points that he wanted to interject into the conversation and the other points that he had brought up so far were very enlightening so Ivan are you still with us yes all right here great would you have something further that you would like to bring up okay continuing on your non-supportive dominators I have a little section here I rolled out dominators all those protectors slash guides or suggestions what I mean by that is the intention I guess of people who want to be kind of shamanic or you know trying to teach people what's good for you that turn into command being or ordering people what's good for you so the ones in the position of hey you know what the speed limit at 40 miles an hour because this is for your safety you know if you get into a collision going 50 60 80 you're gonna get you know it's more dangerous than going 40 so this is for your own good it went from that so know the speed limit is 40 and we're telling you that's how fast you got a goal and you got to listen to us because you know that's that's the law so it went from you know a protective kind of suggestive for your own good thing to know do you basically just do as we tell you kind of thing better that's what I think the dominators are that now yes and I'd like to say something related to that see it always starts off control always starts off under the guise of good intention of that I'm I'm suggesting this as something that will help you and then it eventually decays and degenerates into do this or else and that's where we're at as a species now now when it comes to like what I'm talking about in helping to help people to get to a place of understanding about the laws of nature you could say well that is also a suggestion I cannot make anyone understand this I can encourage them to study it on their own to look deeply enough into causal dynamics and to look deeply enough into governing dynamics in nature and understand how those laws operate which takes a long time it's not like something that someone with very little understanding can just suddenly switch on in their brain and come to an accurate and deep understanding of it's actually years of study are required and this is something that people think that you can do somehow magically you know that suddenly somebody's just going to immediately get how this works it isn't something that happens magically it look and even if you could say yet that happens for a small percentage of people in an organic way that doesn't require a lot of effort maybe that's the case but so what that number of people who can do it like that are so small that for the rest of us that's a negligible number we we have to do it through sustained effort and continuous work and so if you're one of the people who just gets it wonderful and great and you didn't have to go through that painful process of breaking down your old belief system your old religion and abandoning those ways of looking at the world that didn't serve who you are and uh you know your the beliefs that just totally led into deeper and deeper suffering and you were able to do it suddenly and all at once you know that's great if that's how it happens but for the vast for a small minority but for the vast overwhelming majority of human beings what is required is often years of the breakdown of this old calcified belief system or religion and then a slow building up of the the real sight of the actual real spiritual vision that leads them to the understanding of these higher laws and that's a stepwise time-consuming process that does really need to be done in quite a linear fashion not only because of how left brain most people are but because you can't build the top floor of a house when there's no foundation that is built you have to build in steps you have to build in a stepwise progression you have to lay a solid foundation and then slowly build on top of that which is how this radio show program has been conducted since its beginning it's a later shows all recrop require prerequisite information that is built up in the first shows and then it builds up to deeper levels of knowledge from there which the earlier information is obviously prerequisite for understanding it's a stepwise linear progression that builds first on a foundation then we build the top floors after the foundation is solid so um one of the things I want to get back to in talking about with your comment here Ivan is that this whole idea of well if people don't accept the truth meaning let's take speed limits for an example that this road will be safe to navigate at probably no greater than 60 miles per hour and they want to break that suggestion they want to go against that suggestion and test the laws of order and chaos the what what is it in a human being that insists that no they may not do that and I'm going to absolutely step in and say I'm gonna do something to you to prevent you from doing that what is it in the person who wants to become that Dominator then well you and I know the answer to that yes either you know that what did you call it a second level or second degree psychopath before it even gets to that level what's the force that's at work inside of that person that's operating to make them you know get to that level of behavior get to that mode of behavior it's fear they're in a fear of chaos happening okay they're in fear of chaotic results in the physical world okay that's the main thing that drives it right so in other words they're in fear well if people drive this fast they're gonna get hurt so we have to physically stop them from driving that fast and therein lies the fundamental flaw therein lies the axiom of belief that is fatally flawed from the get-go if you believe that you're going to physically control people's behavior instead of actually educating them as to the reasons why that certain things are in place that they're that the reason you should not engage in this type of behavior because it will create a chaotic result then you're not really doing the thing that will give the best results you're doing something that is in many ways or just about in every way a half-assed effort because you're saying instead of teaching why I'm just gonna say you have to do it because I said so and that's how it is otherwise I'm going to hurt you in some way what what do you think is gonna be more received better received I have an understanding that maybe perhaps you currently lack and you need to know what the consequences of that action are going to be unwavering unwaveringly in many cases because the laws of nature work in an unwavering way now maybe you might get lucky and you might get lucky for a certain amount of time in not having a extremely nasty consequence brought upon you by ignoring certain physical laws and higher laws but you'll never be able to get away with it indefinitely and eventually you will be caught up to and you will experience the extreme negative consequences of poor choice poor behavior so the the Dominator has is making a choice and saying and he's making the wrong choice he's saying instead of doing the work which is much harder to change someone's mind about something because you have helped to take the time and help to ingrain in them an accurate understanding of causal and governing dynamics that exist inherently in nature they don't want to do that that's the hardest work there is to do in life that is the great work they don't have the time or patience for that they just want to say I'm gonna physically stop you from doing it and threaten violence if you do it in some form or fashion and that's all based on one thing the fear of chaos as we talked about we talked about in the primal fears section the ultimate fear that is preyed upon on us every day is the fear of chaos chaos is the greatest teacher I have often said there are two teachers there both who I embody or represent as goddesses there's Isis and there's eros okay these are like sister goddesses their twin aspects of the same force which is truth okay they're both teaching truth Isis teaches it with love and compassion in ghent in a gentle way and you have to come to Isis the gentle teacher with acceptance with open-mindedness open-heartedness and acceptance and then you don't need to suffer because you can take the truth in an open minded open-hearted way and then not create suffering as a result but if you refuse the teachings of Isis then she turns over the lesson to the disciplinarian who is Eris the goddess of chaos and Eris teaches you in a very harsh punitive way and says you ignored the teachings of my better half Isis I'm the harsh disciplinarian who is going to bring chaos into your experience because you ignored the higher laws and because you wanted to ignore the laws of nature and I'm going to explain to you why that's a completely illogical poor choice that is based in ego that you don't want to understand how things actually operate here and that you're under boundary conditions called the laws of nature and I'm going to bring chaotic results and chaotic experiences into your life so that you can learn that what you did was the incorrect way of going about things it was the it was the incorrect choice and then adjust your behavior accordingly the problem is yes go ahead I'm sorry you you continue in and all that onto it answer or correlation to that is the same story that everybody already knows you can tell someone you know what don't put your hand in the fire you'll get birth that's right did you get burned some open-mindedness we'll be ok why do you say that well because it's happened to me ok I'll take your place ok fine but you're gonna have that other percentage that's gonna say yeah I don't believe you and will still stick their hand in the power and get burn and and their adolescent that's correct so in a lot of ways we need to almost release attachment from this idea that people should not be getting hurt the world is a dangerous physical place there are there are potential dangers everywhere whether you accept that understand that or not that's the case what we need to shed in the way of shedding fear is the fear of chaotic results chaotic results when we make choices are not har horrific outcomes they are teaching experiences that we need to learn from this most sinister aspect of this control system is due to the fear of the experience the control system is trying to sanitize the world from chaotic consequences this is the most dangerous horrific thing that could possibly come about because then the teaching experience that is made possible through chaotic outcome is also sanitized from the world and people are not apt to then learn what they did wrong and make a different decision what they're going to keep doing is doing the same thing indefinitely over and over and over again continuously creating suffering and that is what this control system once that's what it wants a prison of suffering from which there is no escape because there is no opportunity to learn from your mistakes to learn from chaos all they want to do is physically control but never get you to the understanding of the underlying causal principles and as long as we remain in that level of ignorance we will never understand why we have made the wrong decision and we will never understand why it is that we are actually enslaving ourselves yeah and the hints are all around us in and entertain the media I have a dream theater song here that one of the lyrics is I will not go to the light unto our path through the darkness caverns of my heart so it's like saying you know I'm not gonna adult you know live my life where everything's you know perfect and pretty and everything you know without learning what the suffering is all about what the darkness is because you need that fat and you know because if everything is all you know that nice what is that that cookie cutter commuted community with the white picket fence and the little dog and everything is all pretty but you never pass slums and the ghettos to see what the other sites like and you know if you're not going to have a full picture and then that's also in movies that that line in Batman and I begin where Bruce Wayne is told you know why do we fall so to learn you know the Picasso's well you're always facing always protected and then it's you know everything's all pretty you're never really going to know exactly picture you so let's let's go back to the example of you know speed limits on the highway right if people want to just flagrantly ignore that I say wonderful they should be free to flagrantly ignore it now what will happen as a result probably a lot of chaos right I'm not even in denial of that I'm not doubting that I'm not saying no it would be great and everybody would drive 120 miles an hour and there would be no accidents I'm not saying that there would probably be a lot of chaos and it would be a dangerous place to even put yourself into but guess what I would rather have that than what we have now because I'm not afraid of that kind of chaos because if that kind of chaos erupts it erupts onto the world because people just flagrantly try to ignore the laws of physics and totally drive as fast as they want as chaotically and irresponsibly as they want there's going to be a lot of death and that would not be a bad thing because first of all you would have to ask yourself why would there be so many people trying to drive like that to begin with that's first of all a cause one of the causal factors of that chaos and you would want to try to get to the root of what's going on in your head in your in your emotions in your thoughts that you would even express that kind of behavior see that's even brought on people's you know desire to drive like a maniac has brought on because of how repressed they are and right we would start looking at these things if some chaos like that were interjected into our life and we weren't tried we weren't being sanitized from it all the time you know people who are attempting to sanitize the world from chaos are doing one of the most absolutely disruptive and they're doing something that is service to humanity we need to embrace not only Isis but eros as well we need to embrace truth but embrace the possibility for chaos that's how we shed our fear that we say we are willing to allow people to make mistakes even if they're horrific and result in death because we know at some level there is no death you know this fear that oh my god the world has to be made safe for nothing but infant children you know and anything that can't be brought down to that base level we need to purge and do away with it this is an asinine child's view of reality that is all based in total fear a 100% fear and that's ultimately going to do nothing to put you into a prison you're gonna build a prison of your own design but and put yourself into it and throw away the key if that's the level of fear you live in all day you know 24 hours a day so chaos yes yeah listening to you now that brings up something a little bit off but it's still parallel George Carlin's that little sketchy does about infections or bacteria everybody scrubbing there's hygienic and all being clean and out of it he talks about how when he was younger they used to jump in the East River and swim in liquid crap and he never got sick because their body was always exposed to this bacteria and Jordan I built a new system I practiced and knew how to deal with it right there you go absolutely poignant so Ivan we do have some other calls in the queue but thanks so much for coming back on and sharing those great points with us listen if we hit another law I'll bring you back up if you want to stay on the line fantastic great stuff okay let's go to a caller from Philadelphia to15 area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome great to talk to you hey Who am I speaking with dr. Lebon you can pull it up here great what do you have for us today I think what you're talking about you know looking at some of the laws like the other speed limits for instance that's a great example I live in Northeast Philadelphia all right I live in Center City and I work in Northeast Philadelphia and every morning when I Drive up i-95 the main highway going up there everybody is on their way to work and they're all traveling well over the speed limit everybody's doing 70 75 miles an hour and yet nothing bad is happening so if the police they really want to rev up a revenue generating machine they could certainly do there but nothing bad was happening from that so all these laws that are being created to try to all these codes trying to control us really doesn't amount to anything other than that juicing the revenue machine and the control mechanisms of the state yeah absolutely I mean that's what they are they're their revenue men for the new king that's called government exactly and they don't they don't see that that's the role that they're playing they actually you know believe in their religion called authority and they accept that you know in their own minds at least they believe that they're doing something that is required and that is good at some level and they don't understand that what they're doing is one again one of the biggest disservice is that you could possibly do to humanity because it's all based in fear it's all based on the idea that you have to control people's actions and you can't let them make their own mistakes and you know again it's it's this idea that human beings have to be perpetually safe if we can't get over that fear of the potential for chaos and suffering to happen in our lives we can't be free it's an impossibility right and you have some common sense you know so you understand that that's going to burn you so you try to avoid that outcome and you do that because you have some self-respect people who drive like a maniac obviously don't care about whether they hurt themselves or anybody else see it's all about care it's all ultimately about respect if you love yourself you're not going to go out on highway and drive like a lunatic because you care about what would happen to you first and foremost actually you know even if you didn't care about other people you know a person who's even totally self-centered you know from a selfish perspective what drive like an animal because you know he cares enough about himself that he wants to stay alive but when the ego is so run amok that you don't even care about yourself then it's all me me me III but not even from a perspective of self-respect or self-care true self care it's like you don't care about anything you don't care about what could possibly happen to other people and most of all you don't even care about what could have possibly happen to yourself you know so that's all based on the lack of self-love an attitude like that and I would also say that the lack of knowledge and self-respect is displayed in police and and other control based institutions because they're in this fear-based consciousness that you know they have to control the outcome and they have to sanitize the world from the possibility of chaos happening and again both of those things are only going to lead us into a deeper and deeper prison society until we understand these dynamics from a philosophical point of view and from a deep perspective of the of working with these this shadow material if you will within the human psyche within each one of us doing that work that's the only way we're going to get out of this mindset that's leading us deeper and deeper into enslavement and in a prison society yeah I mean especially the way this country was originally founded when you look at how Pennsylvania for instance was created policing is really a function of the people it was never a funky of state that's why we elect we elect sheriffs and constables and governors but in the 20th century all that was changed around like for instance the Pennsylvania State Police was an organization that was created in 1905 by an act of the Pennsylvania legislature but there was no there was no lawful basis in that there was nothing within the Pennsylvania Constitution to grant us that authority but if you want to have a state that can actually enforce its control as you need to have your own enforcers and so this is one of the things that happened in Pennsylvania and I happen all across the country obviously yes and that further further subverted the individual sovereignty of the American people yes but the truth of the matter is that the power still remains with each individual citizen within each of the states and within the United States and as long as they are willing to actually stand up and take responsibility for that for the power that they actually have and part of that is partially it's being able to use the word no that's right thing that's right but also being a being able like you were saying earlier to speak out against these and justices that are happening and edgy can we bring in educating exactly we really do have we have the ultimate authority this government that is currently being utilized by these dark forces is ultimately still under our control if we simply wake up and take it back and say no to the practices that they're engaging in right absolutely one of the things that I've done is I am I started to try to figure out a way that I can interface with the system as it exists in order to try to get truth to some of these dominators I try to wake them up brand today i within the last three months or so i became a constable in the state of pennsylvania so I carry a badge now I'm not a police officer right I am a piece on the peace officer right I'm a peace officer in the traditional sense of how the founders thought about the way that we govern ourselves within this country and it's based on the natural law so the whole idea of some state trooper sitting behind the billboard with a radar gun is so antithesis pivot for the whole idea of what it is to be free isn't individual yes absolutely though I I think that you know as more and more people wake up on I'm really getting very positive feeling about that we can we can take this thing back it's going to work we're going to continue to have to work at it the education process is just daunting if I had seen if I had zero if I thought there was a zero probability that it could be reversed I probably wouldn't say a word I wouldn't come out and say a word but uh you know even if it doesn't work out that way we still have to continue on and speak the truth and do what we know to be right and that's why I do what I do you know I'm kind of detached from the outcome whatever outcome is granted I'm prepared to handle I'm psychologically prepared to handle whatever does come down the pike but I do still think that we can turn this around otherwise I like I said I probably wouldn't be saying a word so I thought definitely think that's a healthy attitude to take and you brought up really good points I thank you for for calling in and I want to a comment on one of the things that you talked about which is um you know that we have to reach out to people and educate them and so I commend you on what you're doing in trying to help to reach the dominators mindset to reach there yeah you know entire a way of seeing the world their worldview and try to change that from the it from the inside by working with them in that respect and I think you know we could go back to this speed limit analogy that Ivan brought up you know even if chaos happens as a result of people ignoring these laws whose responsibility ultimately is it's all of the people because they didn't work with each other to bring an understanding of you know the causal dynamics that could lead to these negative consequences to each other they didn't work to educate each other the it's it was ultimately ignorance that led to that chaotic condition and the willingness to allow that ignorant to grow and spread unchecked so that's why we all have to make the realization we all have to come to the realization that the real great work is the work of Education it's the work of working with people in a one-to-one basis you know and if you can in a wider scale in a bigger scale if you have access to certain kinds of media to help them to gain an accurate understanding of these laws that we're talking about so that they can make good choices that are in harmony with nature's laws and therefore they don't create all kinds of suffering for themselves and others and put the world into a deeper condition of darkness and despair that's what it's ultimately all about so I think the last caller makes a great point about you know reaching out to people and being an educator yourself so excellent let's let's take another call let's go to area code five one seven area code five one seven you are live on the what on earth is happening radio show welcomed by Who am I speaking with pam pam welcome my daughter okay thank you that's a great job I appreciate that very much and for us we kind of feel like an orphan I read to you Diane and then we can cross you and they're just saying something we were thinking about at the same time and totally agreed with Pam Pamela I'm sorry your your phone line seems to be breaking up a little bit I don't know if there is a way that you could possibly clear that up but I don't know if are you on a cell phone okay I'm not sure where the interference is coming from but continue I can hear and pretty much make it out and maybe try to speak a bit louder if you can yes for me it all started when Gabby said to me that I when I was cooking dinner that's well see the best part about this the best ingredient is that it's made with love that's right absolutely sweet and that's true and then I got okay well what if there is something to this what if there is some kind of field and that love does affect that what would be the opposite if it's you know it's not made with love and then I went on further and thought about the animals and stuff and like when we eat animals are we eating their pain and their suffering and all ultimately above all else what would be the force that would be being taken into the individual by doing that practice and therefore that explains why there is so much of an infinitude of this force in the world but tell me what that tell me what that force is Pam hit hit hit it right on the head you said that there's death and suffering and you know despair in there and yes there is but what is ultimately the force that we are the force the energetic force that we would really be consuming which explains why it's permeating the entire field of consciousness here on earth what do the animals ultimately experience before they die that's right that's exactly right and that explains so much doesn't it we're taking that into ourselves why do you think we're such a fearful people look at what we're doing and then we're consuming that energy but people are so cut off from the the oneness aspect of things they still think of things in such a left-brain form of separation that they think that they're immune to that or somehow separate from it and they're not they're mistaken so you have a great understanding of how it all really fits together and works and how we're taking in that energy that we have ultimately helped to create it's a sad commentary that's what we're doing as species but at least you have an understanding of how it works and you know I think that's a good way to start because now you can you know begin to speak and educate people as to what they're really doing what they're creating and for us because we're a little bit more like right brained kind of people sure butter and I and then to educate the males in our family and if I do say well you're you know eating that animals pain and fear and they're like okay you're strange well let me can I give you a suggestion with how to possibly approach people like that who you know are very left brained attempt to appeal to themselves attempt to always put it in in the sense of well if you were in this position if you were in reverse the roles in other words have them try to have them at least for a moment if they're willing to engage you for long enough to put themselves in that position and say what would you be experiencing if that were you that's the only way I think that you could begin to reach people like that it's one of the techniques that I would use but I feel your pain regarding how difficult it is to bring this subject matter up even to people and to get them to listen to it for any length of time because they're so indoctrinated that it is normal natural necessary this three ends argument and that it's just the way things are and that's the way it should always be there that there's that so ingrained in them that they can't even imagine that it could possibly be any different ever but you know I that's a little bit of advice I hope that you know you could maybe practice that or try it and see what kind of results that you get but you know I definitely hear what you're saying and like I said I feel your pain when it comes to that because I know there's a lot of shutdown people out there so Pam do you have anything else for us absolutely thank you so much okay let's go to another caller we have about 25 minutes left in the show I'll give the caller number one more time we only have another couple callers hanging on the line so 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 is the number to join us once again 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 talking about the the topic for the show today and next week for the call-in shows is the non support of dominators and anything that I've covered within that whole solution section over the past months is fair game here we go Wes from Ontario you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hello Mike thank you it's great to get to talk to you I really appreciate your message and I would like to thank you for your show sure thank you know you're the vessel of the information that's but it's great that you're doing it just a messenger that's all and well you do a great job at sending the message thank you I just I guess to be comical I could say my name is Watson has been 30 days since I've consumed meet mediators Anonymous I been thinking about it a long time and when you started mentioning it in your solution section I really started in that's getting a deeper it was I guess grappling with this for and against playing I got sort of caught up with that vegetarian this book my idea to and it creates a lot of confusion but you've clarified it for me I appreciate that and I made Jenna and when you put a caveat Seawatch firstlings made it a gold and my wife was sort of on the fence of it I encouraged her to and what was the result if I may ask and can you clarify for the listeners what was the basis of that decision the when face to face with the actual suffering and there it is you know in the process of deriving this see I tell people this is the only consideration in this entire issue there is no other consideration the consideration is the suffering of life that life experiences and if you understand that you understand that you're a part of that and that you're actually perpetuating it not to pull back from it is a willful choice to stay within a system of control because that is being reflected back to you to you according to the laws of the universe and that is not a religious belief system it doesn't matter who calls it that it doesn't matter how much how firmly people believe that that's a religious belief it is an accurate understanding of the the causal dynamics and governing dynamics in nature that are bound to the law of Correspondence if someone understands those laws deeply enough they understand you cannot continue and gate to engage in something that continues to perpetuate such forms of suffering and ever be free it's an impossibility so that is the only issue it's the suffering that's involved and now you make a great point there Wes and I I also really had a WoW moment when you were reading the vegetarian and occultism by CWA when you were talking a different topic the be terrible yes sir maybe it was the other guy like the highest ideal is to try oh yes that's a Rosicrucian ideal a tenet of the Rosicrucian philosophy and mystery tradition is that we engage our will regardless of what is taking place you never stop trying to achieve a higher ideal I always have friends that quote from Star Wars you know the Yoda character saying there is no prize we're not do right and though I always argue with them saying no if you don't try you never know if you can do it what to try is to do something you know that is to take action it means that you you know that you may fail or you you have that you engage the possibility that you could end up not succeeding but you're going to again get up and do it again anyway and continue it's not it's about not giving up it's about a sustained effort of will and that is what care is all about never stopping caring never becoming apathetic just continuously engaging the will even if you're not immediately seeing the effects even if you're not immediately seeing big changes it doesn't matter you're in the world you're a part of the dynamic contribute your energy to the right and withdraw it from the wrong and never stop trying to do that in a better and better fashion that's what it's all about I really appreciated so when you started your solution section you were talking about the notion of being a shaman mm-hmm one who sees in the dark in the one who can see in dark times yes when you spoke about that I had huge internal just a yes that's me spending a long time in confusion and trying to sort things out and had a sense of things being wrong and things could be better but under bite people that were so submerged and everything they didn't see the point of even talking about it right right they want to turn away willfully anyway well what's gonna book what's there yeah well Wes you brought up some phenomenal points and you know I thank you for you know you're bringing these issues to light and for calling in and speaking with us so great call very much right all right you have a good one thank you all right so the toll-free number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five the topic for today and for next week continuing is the non-supportive dominators anything that we've covered on the non-supportive dominators solutions section is fair game to bring up and talk about and we don't have any new callers in the queue so I'll go back to Ivan and see if he had any other points that he wanted to bring up he had a small list and let's see if he has something else so Ivan from Arizona welcome back to what on earth is happening you have something else for us oh yeah mark the snakes of the previous callers they pushed on a few of the notes that I had here that I didn't touch on regarding the Constitution and founding fathers again everything seems to be taking a front to back or or backwards so my notes here have it as people completing Constitution and founding fathers as giving us or the difference of freedoms rather than the Constitution our founding fathers being like militaries or recorders or writers on paper okay what is in a banana bleed for self-evident we have already ours so people take that o our founding fathers gay but the Constitution gave us one oh that's just a group of people that little down to share with everybody else turn while we already have yes that Vatican goes to that Dominator is going you know from protective you know not now do as we say so everybody started you know taking the Constitution and founding fathers as oh that's not the source of our freedom and we have traced until updated a right now what we already have exactly it's a technique it's a it's a mind control technique called obfuscation is yes trying to trying to reverse the roles or reverse the the ideas and get people to believe something that was in no way the original intent and you know I don't think the any of the callers or listeners or maybe some of the listeners might be under that misapprehension but I think most people have a who listen to this show anyway I would hope have a kind of a firm grasp that rights don't come from the Constitution or from you know any the the the the pen of any man you know that their inherent and their inherent to creation and they're our birthright were born with rights and all that these documents were intended to do was to enshrine the natural basis of these rights and explained that they could never be separated from any man or woman by any other man or woman or group of men or women so hopefully that is very clearly distinguished and it's very very synchronistic that you would bring this topic up as a matter of fact yeah of course this fits in with the whole idea of domination of the idea of man's law you know and this being the the the highest law the highest law is nature's law it's not man's law but um it's it's extremely synchronistic that you should bring this up actually right now during this time because during this week between last week's show and this week's show I actually downloaded a large collection of videos from a BitTorrent web site that was called let me see if I remember the title exactly it was called civil liberties and the Bill of Rights and it was a 37 video series about the intent of the Constitution what our civil liberties are and how the Bill of Rights you know attempted to protect them and I began watching the series and I was quite disappointed that in the series the actual lecturer the professor who is giving the lectures these college-level series of lectures on civil liberties in the Bill of Rights actually makes the statement that our the Constitution granted rights or gives us our rights and that was a very big obfuscation or possibly a deliberate misleading who knows you know I don't know the person you know personally who was actually putting these videos out or giving these these series of lectures but it was such an oversight that I was just I thought this was going to be a great series and you know you know go in and it was going to really make the the points that needed to be made regarding such topics but one of the first things the first fundamentally flawed axiom that he approached in the video was us making the statement that the Constitution granted rights in some way and I just you know I did a facepalm at that point and I'll probably still give it a chance and go through them because I don't just immediately dismiss something when I hear one thing that I don't agree with so you know hopefully I could report that it got better as it goes but it's funny that you would mention that point want to you know emphasize it when this just occurred earlier this week in a video series that I had downloaded and begun to watch the Goldie mentioned he definitely Leadbeater I read his Arianism and occultism yes and then about a week later at work one of my co-workers who also want to know ominous years old and we have like-minded conversations so I went to this garage sale and this guy has a bunch of old books that look kind of interesting and I you know it was pretty interesting the time so if you might like one of them was by some guy called like Leadbeater or something and of like what so she let me to serve after the astral plane I'm like wow interest in it for you yeah his work is very good um you know it's I have to make this statement to qualify it however you know just because someone puts out you know good or accurate work doesn't even necessarily mean that they entirely lived up to it in their lives Leadbeater you could look up had a lot of controversy that went on with him in the in the Masonic institutions and in the of the esophagus so you know we have to separate the man from the teachings you know I can do things that are wrong in my life and that wouldn't invalidate things that I have said or attempted to convey we have to understand that human beings are not perfect you know and the the best we can aspire to is to continue to try to make ourselves better and live up to the ideals that we have we have set for ourselves and and come to understand regarding the laws that we've come to understand regarding natural law so this is another aspect of a lot of people's Riz distance to certain topics or ideas is they say oh well this come came from this person and he may have said that at this point or that I didn't agree with her said this other or done this thing that I found objectionable or questionable well that doesn't mean that it invalidates everything that the person ever did or said there are some things that we do that are in harmony with truth and then there are other things that we can do that we fall short of those ideals of those that higher aspect of consciousness it doesn't mean that one thing somebody ever did or said that you agreed with I'm disagreed with I'm sorry totally invalidates everything that they ever put out there neither should we fall on the other side that if you agree with something on some issue that that means he didn't write something else or do something else that was completely wrong and that you shouldn't go along with so we have to be discerning and the way to be discerning about it is to come to an understanding of not natural law ourselves then we can see is this person really in harmony with that do they have an understanding of it and are they projecting that not only in their works but in their actions in their lives as well take time if you want to continue if you want to continue to go on we can go till the end of the show unless someone else calls in we still have no one else on the line so I'll give the number one more time eight six six eight four one one zero six five but Ivan don't worry about if you have you know a list of things that you brought up I'm liking what you're throwing at us so just continue okay picture I have you know like on Facebook everybody goes on TV the pictures with quotes insane and there's something here that you mentioned a little bit of it before and as you were speaking to kind of resonate with this and I can't make out where the quote comes from but I can read actually quote sure says your work your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness your job is to simply do your work sacredly secretly and silently and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will respond so that kind of qualities unfortunate talking about earlier with you know not putting everything that everybody says don't say this you know even so if you were talking about earlier in the show I kept looking at this like this is what I'm talking about you can't force people you know to believe everything I know that determines the right way and I find another people that would get it like the one of the previous caller said you know that's listening to your show it was like aha moment it you know different things for different people at different times whether there's something a fee or something they hear it'll come around when it's meant to come on for them right plant plant the seed you're planning a seed it's an impossibility for someone to unhear something so to not say it and to just remain silent even if you think that it's going to be a an uncomfortable result or you know a a tense situation possibly might develop I don't think is the way to approach it I think the way to approach it is to speak what you know to be true you don't have to do it in a totally offensive way or in a way that is gonna really make like I said make the person feel like total crap or anything like that well you can say in a way that is backed by the force of truth I'm not talking about violence I'm talking about force the force of truth truth is a force at work in our lives we're very resistant to it as a people but we can speak the truth with force with the force that is behind it and emphatically and unapologetically and put it out there and our words cannot be unheard it still went into the subconscious even if it didn't reach the conscious mind and it can sit there dormant as a seed until it's ready to sprout so definitely you know put it out there is of the most of the utmost importance to not put it out there means you sowed nothing and therefore there can't be any you know harvest there can't be a reaping of the the the fruits of that labor the labor is to put it out there that is the work so a great point so we do have yes I'll tell you what we do have one other caller why don't I just take that one and I'll come back to you to wrap up the show how does that sound all right great okay hold on the line okay Keith in Arizona you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey fantastic as always thank you I really enjoyed doctor Laura Eisenhower interview she was great absolutely yeah lutely and I appreciate your tackling subjects but a lot of other hosts don't you know buffet oh yeah 9/11 was an inside job but then they won't go any further and look at some other issues that you do and one of the keys I found that's helping me it's you know we're talking about self-empowerment right you know eating better and deprogramming armaan and the one of the biggest ones i found instead of working with subconscious programming and it's a chart that i had not heard a lot of people talking about and I'm talking about childhood it's and past lives as well as you know present programming that will constantly get in and I wanted wanted to hear your thoughts on that oh boy is that is that a big influence I mean you know that's something that largely is remains unseen in our lives it's what people have called the unknown unknowns it's things that are so ingrained as as fundamental axioms of our perceptions and our belief systems that we don't even consciously recognize their presence absolutely and this is done through you know the blind leading the blind it's done through ingrained indoctrination and repetition things that we pick up from our parents and our teachers etc people who we consider authority figures in our lives and we take their we take on their flawed fundamental axioms of belief into ourselves and then make it part of our programming so that's IIIi have discussed this a little bit in the past on the show but it's something that we probably should cover a little bit more and try to go deeper into that and how we can bring some of that hidden programming up to the surface so we can become consciously aware of it the more I do it the more present I am in other words more on acting based on what I'm actually confronting right as opposed to fears and traumas and it's like an onion I need to keep going deeper and deeper in it you're spending time you're spending time working with the self when you're working with that material that shadow material is what needs to be worked with it's not our enemy it's actually our friend when you go into those deeper recesses of the psyche where no one wants to go you know it's that deep dank cellar you know of ourselves and you start working with that to transmute that material that's what self work self respect self-love is all about most people don't want to take the responsibility to do that work but we must if we're going to really change the world for the better and that's you know something that everybody has to do on a one-to-one basis it's about going within and it's really about working with ourselves so I think that's a great point that you brought up and more people need to step into that observer mode of awareness to watch their own actions watch themselves become more aware of their subconscious their deep deeply rooted some conscious programming and bring that up to the conscious level so good point I'm at the point now where I'm reading what other people underlying motivations are that often they're not conscious though you kind of read where they're at and it's a great communicating you kind of smooth what interior well sure anyway thank you very much we got bit by the out at the end of the show so thanks so much keep your calling in Ivan calling next week and continue with some other points if you wish sire didn't get a chance to get back to you that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening folks join us next week again for another call-in show on the non-supportive dominators thanks for listening everyone and good night [Music] you