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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday October 21st 2012 this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time we have a good show lined up for you here today I'm going to be talking about solutions continuing our ongoing solutions section to the problems that humanity faces in consciousness today we're going to be talking about the power of true positive thinking and one's responsibility to teach others once they have acquired an accurate understanding of in fact what is taking place in our world so that's coming up today on the show before we get started I have some event announcements and I want to tell people about why I haven't been on the air in the last couple of weeks I'm not gonna spend too much time on that just to say that three weeks ago it was a scheduled rebroadcast the last two weeks were not planned I was planning on being on the air over the last two weeks but technical difficulties made that impossible I've been having some problems with my main computer which I'm not going to get into the details of just to say that it really set me back as far as work that I wanted to be getting done and was not able to do that due to some technical problems and three weeks ago I was of course one of the speakers at the Pennsylvania MUFON East Coast Conference so that was again a scheduled rebroadcast and I want to say thank you to all the people who made that conference possible it was just an awesome event and I was really proud to have been a part of it I want to thank John Ventre Jennifer Stein Michael Melton Bob Gardner Jeff Strauss Michael false Etta and everyone else who was involved with the Pennsylvania MUFON East Coast Conference I really especially want to send a shout out to Travis Walton who to me was probably the most impressive speaker there I'd like to really thank all the speakers everybody who was a speaker at that conference was really really great and it just went over much better than I even anticipated so it was really great to be involved in that I want to send a thank you out to John to Vani who helped me get back up and running due to some of the technical problems that I had by really helping out and making a donation for a part that I needed so John thanks very much and I probably won't have gotten back up as quickly as I did if it were not for his help so with that having been said let's jump into some of the really big event announcements now that people know why I've been away for the last couple of weeks the free your mind to conference of course coming up here in Philadelphia April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 free your mind returns to Philadelphia with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first for your mind conference with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the location the Arch Street meeting house at 3:20 Arch Street here in Philadelphia doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day and ladies and gentlemen the big announcement of course many people have already seen this on the free your mind website but we have confirmed for the free your mind conference for free your mind to Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips the authors of the book the transformation of America yes they will be speaking both of them speaking at for your mind - on April 25th 26 and 27 2013 we're going to be announcing when we finish confirming all of the guests speakers we're going to be announcing a schedule coming up in the near future the future speakers booked so far we have 22 confirmed speakers probably going to be booking an additional two or three when it's all said and done but right now confirmed Allen Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago then Stewart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr dream freighter x freeman fly yan Ervin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honour myself mark passio Lauren Marais Mark Phillips Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett just a tremendous line-up of speakers the the lineup is getting better and better the ticket prices are priced extremely reasonably with a Thursday conference only $30 the Thursday meet and greet with light vegetarian cuisine is going to be $20 the Friday conference $40 Saturday conference $40 and if you get the entire package including the meet-and-greet $120 for advance ticket sales I'm going to again implore people please if you plan on being at the free remind conference get your tickets in advance advanced ticket sales are better than making a donation for the effort because it's going to help us to pay for all of the expenses involved in putting a conference of this size on we have to fly the speakers out to the to the Philadelphia area we have to lodge them in hotels we have to pay for technological cost for printing costs for advertising we're getting thousands and thousands of 5x7 post cards printed up to promote for this event all across the Philadelphia region so please if you can get your tickets in advance first of all you'll be saving money instead of getting them at the door and the further in advance you get them you will be helping us to host the conference by helping us to offset all of those costs for travel arrangements and for promotional needs so again I can employer people enough if you know you're gonna be going to the free your mind conference now is the time to buy your tickets an advanced ticket sale is better than a donation so with that being said the next event announcement actually one more thing on the free your mind conference we are still very very light in the way of organizers for this conference and we really wanted wanted to set up some teams of organizers but we can't even do that where each organizer is really having to focus almost entirely on you know each on the whole effort as far as promotion and booking and fundraising fundraising is something I really wanted to try to hand off to a secondary team but we don't even have enough organizers to do that so really the core group of organizers is you're being overworked we need more dedicated people if they want to become involved to really and people who are self driven you know who can take initiative that's what we're looking for here people with some organizational skills that understand what this conference is about why it needs to be hosted and who can take initiative to help to organize it and host events if you're of that skill set and you live in the Philadelphia area please get in touch with me at Mark at free remind conference comm or mark at what on earth is happening calm and you you know I'll let you know how you can get involved in helping to organize this great conference coming up but we still need help so and hardly anyone has really come forward and stayed you know dedicated to this effort and really I guess worked on their own you know shown initiative on their own to really help make this better the core team cannot do it alone there's only a few of us and we definitely still need more help so again that call is is going out there once again let's move on with another event announcement the truth freedom prosperity documentary night will be taking place at the last Thursday of this month it always is October 25th 2012 at 6:30 p.m. a 6:30 sharp start time at a scene food market and cafe 719 South fourth Street here in Philadelphia this month truth freedom prosperity is going to be screening the film ethos ethos is a documentary hosted by Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson it's a documentary that takes a look at where the United States is heading as a society in the 21st century and explores the mechanism in our systems that work against personal liberty I think Harrelson did a good job in hosting this film the film brings up a lot of interesting points so we're gonna be screening it as part of the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evening as part of truth freedom prosperity for more information on these film screenings and all of the work the truth freedom prosperity does please visit their website at truth freedom prosperity dot org the what on earth is happening ad-free chip in effort has been reset the new chart is online we already received one donation it is it stands at fifty dollars right now for the next three month period we need to raise approximately one thousand dollars by January 31st in order to keep the show ad free through the February March and April time period so that has been reset and if you're in a position to do so any donations no matter what size are welcome and appreciated to keep the show ad free okay so let's move on to our topic for today and this topic I'm introducing two basic solutions today and if we get through them all we'll open up the phone lines and take your thoughts on these and really any solutions that we have talked about so far so as always you can go to the what on earth is happening radio show page if you're not already listening through that page and underneath the player there on the page you can see images for today's show now we've looked at image number one which was the free your mind to poster and by the way let me just say this if anyone wants to do any promotion for the free your mind conference on your own you just download these posters print them out you know that's why they're up on the site just print them out and you can you know promote in your local area especially if you're around the Philadelphia area or Greater Philadelphia area that would help a lot so anyone that wants to do that on their own just feel free to go right ahead put them in coffee shops bookstores libraries etc and anywhere where there's people who are gathering and who may be thinking a little bit feel free to do some promotion for the conference on your own so image number two is the entire solution section which I call the way out and image number three is simply the grassroots solutions for real positive and lasting change which we've been talking about on the show for several weeks I have 10 basic solutions that I list in the solutions such and we've already covered I believe eight of them or a seven of them and we're going to be covering two of the last three today I'm skipping over the use of entheogens in a conscious context because I want to dedicate a little bit more time to that topic and also more likely to not have some guests come on the show to talk about that topic as well so that's going to be coming up in a future what on earth is happening shows dealing with solutions today of course we're going to be talking about the power of true positive thinking which is different than the concept of positive thinking as put forward in the New Age movement so we're going to talk about what that really is and then of course we're going to talk about the responsibility that each one of us has to use the power of our voice to teach others once we have understood what has really taken place around us that is not the end that is the beginning and it is the beginning of us taking full grasp of our responsibility to go out and bring that message of awareness and freedom to other people whether they're ready to hear it or not so these are the two topics I'm going to touch on today but let me give the call-in number before I even jump in so people can get in the queue hopefully we'll be time for calls in the last hour of the the second hour of the show so the call-in number for the show today is 866 841 one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five so let's jump in with positive thinking and what this really means what is this all about you hear that a lot you know stay positive think positive you know don't get down on things and whether people can hear it in my voice or not I I am not always the best at following this knowledge of remaining in a positive mental attitude I find myself slipping out of this mode constantly and a lot of times it does seem hopeless to me so again knowing the path and walking the path are two different things this is one I struggle with the most and still do I said this even before in my presentations on the videos on my website and I have not really fully been able to conquer that in myself and that no one is perfect everyone is still growing and struggling in their own ways and this is one that I struggle with the most I know that my mental attitude should be improved and better I try to be a realist as well and look at things from a realistic perspective but at the same time what the true meaning of positive thinking is about is not this new-age notion that if we only focus on the positive that that's what we'll get and we'll be keeping the negative away from us if we never talk about it please do not interpret what I'm saying as that nothing could be farther from the truth this is a new age deception as far as I'm concerned and is it is put out there by the dark occultists and many well-meaning people have accepted it and grafted onto it and are teaching false information as far as I'm concerned when you ignore the negative as far as I'm concerned you're going to get more because you're not addressing the causal factors that led to that negative manifestation so to ignore something is the worst thing that you could possibly do to address it and be realistic about what caused it is the best thing that you can do to try to learn the causative factor the causative agents that led to that particular manifestation that you do not want is what you do need to be doing so to address the dark aspect and to address the the shadow side of things is one of the most important things if any solution could possibly be worked out that doesn't mean you dwell on it and let it consume you and let it take over your entire mindset and poison you with negative energy because you know the true nature of how negative things really are right now in our world the the aspect of positive thinking I'm trying to explain to people is and again I can't tell you I'm perfect at this because I'm most certainly not again I have have the understanding but perhaps have not developed wisdom in this aspect yet and I'll be the first to admit it because putting it into direct practice in one's life and keeping it there is what wisdom is all about while I understand the power of this solution I may not be the person who applies it in one's life the best or maybe not even that well at all so I'm being directly honest about that okay so and and this has been more true recently than at any other time in the past for me especially with things you know technologically falling apart on me maybe that was you know to really think about what I'm going to be saying here and and being honest about it and talk about it a little bit more because I don't want to get up here and tell people that everything is going to be fine that's the last thing you're going to hear from me things there is a possibility for things to work out and there's also a possibility for things to go to hell what's going to determine that outcome is what kind of willpower we put behind the our desire to see a particular manifestation happen and I think I do do that very effectively I have willpower and I employ it as far as maintaining a positive mental attitude throughout that process that's a different story because you can easily take a look around and see how bad the situation is I think everybody who listens to this show and is even partially aware of what's going on in our world can acknowledge that things are not good things are not where we want them to be the world is in darkness and ignorance but in the respect that I'm talking about true positive thinking it doesn't mean you don't look at that negativity it means that you look at it and you try to make an honest assessment of it and then you try to use your employer willpower to change that situation by using the power of your voice and your knowledge to bring that to other people in as wide of a way as it is within your power to do it and never stopping and giving up doing that and what you're really thinking positive about is your own ability you know it's it's faith in oneself which if you really know what your capabilities are and you know the self it's not even a matter of faith it's a matter of knowing what your capabilities are knowing what your limitations are and then using them to their fullest extent and employing constant effort constant effort constant willpower behind that and never giving up regardless of what the outcome looks like regardless of how dark and dreary the future may look you're gonna do it anyway you're gonna continue to do that make that effort and the employee that will regardless of what the outcome is going to be I'm not gonna stop doing this no matter what the outcome is in some form or fashion you know I constantly think about just completely giving up because oh it's not having an impact it's not having an effort I don't care whether it is or not how about that it doesn't matter I'm gonna do what I know is right regardless of what kind of a now come or in effect it has doesn't make a difference I know what the truth is I'm gonna speak that until the day I die and that's it that's the kind of willpower that it's gonna take to get out of our current mess that we've worked ourselves into so the power of true positive thinking has nothing to do with refusal to look at what makes you uncomfortable as proposed by the New Age movement they say that's gonna draw more of that to you and that's utter nonsense you know looking at a potential destructive energy coming toward you and then making yourself aware of what that is and then taking the necessary measures and precautionary steps to perhaps strengthen yourself and insulate yourself from the damage that that's going to cause is true intelligence it has absolutely nothing to do with drawing that to you that has come from mind controllers that want people not to understand what's really going on in the world because what's going on in the world isn't very negative and they don't want people to look into it because they don't want people to understand the causal factors involved in the problem because if you do not understand the causal factors of the what is creating that negative manifestation you're powerless to ever change it so this injection of this false teaching of positive thinking in into the New Age movement is actually done by people who want the status quo to remain just as it is what I'm talking about here is what I call true positive thinking and again we have to make the distinguish we're using the same term but we're we're separating it from this New Age notion of positive thinking of never looking at the negative we're separating this from that I'm calling it true positive thinking and what this means is honestly assess the situation but you know work with a positive mental attitude in mind if you're constantly thinking that it's hopeless and there's no point in doing it you're not gonna want to get up and make the effort you know you you can't just sit there and say well it's an impossibility it may look like it may not be willed into existence right now from where we're at I'll be the first to admit that but that doesn't mean I think that it's not possible see and this is where we have to make a big a clear distinguishment between can and will and true positive thinking in the sense that I'm talking about engages the can part of it your actions then engage the will part of it the thinking part is about what is possible and then your actions your working with what you have to work with to attempt to will that into existence so let me see if I can put this in a little bit of a clearer way the the possibility of what can be done is involved in worldview healing if someone is of the attitude that it's impossible okay you can never create change it isn't even possible that capability doesn't exist things are the way they are have always been are now and always will be just as they are you hear this from so many people who you try to explain about what's going on and even if they admit to some of the negative they're like well it's just always been like that and you're not going to change it neither am i this is part of the argument that I hear for people saying why do you even bother to do what you're doing why do you even take up one millisecond of your day attempting to explain anything to anybody because it's never gonna change anything they believe it cannot be changed see now this is real negative thinking to actually have gone so far into a dark worldview that your entire mental attitude is that change is completely impossible it is not even possible to change anything in that aspect people who have accepted that dark and poisonous worldview I say to them well what you've just basically accepted is that you're in hell and you deserve to be there and you're there's no possibility for you to ever get out of that torture and they're okay with that usually they usually don't even offer an argument to that because ultimately the same kind of person who is in this negative poisoned worldview that believes that change is impossible is the same kind of person who ultimately hates themself and is in a state of extreme self-loathing and somewhere in their subconscious mind they feel they deserve what they have they feel they deserve the enslavement that they have and should continue to experience it and an even darker part of their worldview is they actually believe and have accepted deep in their sub consciousness is that so should everybody else continue to experience this suffering just because they are in the self loathing worldview may they not only hate themselves they are ultimately deep down inside have no love for anyone because if you don't love yourself you can't display love for anyone else so this extreme negative thinking about change being impossible is what I'm talking about overcoming it isn't to say that change won't be extremely difficult to achieve if I said that I wouldn't be a realist okay from where we're at it's a long shot folks from where we're at in the 100 practically 100% total attachment to illusions and deception and lies which people have wholeheartedly accepted as reality as their reality and believe that that is how it must be don't think that if this is going to be an easy ride to create real change because it's not it's gonna be a war a war and nothing short of warfare in the spiritual and mental domains and possibly the physical domain very possibly so I'm not saying that it's going to be easy please do not confuse anything I'm saying with that either okay what I'm saying is if you start from the Poisson worldview that change is impossible you might as well just sit back and do nothing because if you that's what you believe why would you bother to say a thing why would you bother to try to change anything you know this goes for people that believe that it's impossible for individuals to change to not just as a society but a lot of people think you know a lot of people would look at my background from the Church of Satan and say well this guy is a distant phone he can't possibly be saying anything that's true or real because look at where he came from and this is more this is a deeper part of the poisoned worldview aspect that everything is eternally the way that it is and cannot change we talked about the concept of the we our worldview you know Humanity is this and that's eternal you know it's always been like that is this way now and always will be that way people have to understand as long as that's your mental attitude you're done you're enslaved you are owned owned whole sale in in 100 percent totality you are owned if that's your mental position this is what I'm talking about when I'm talking about developing true positive thinking everyone is not an agent people who came even from an institution that is working toward the goal of evil have a potential in their mind in their heart in their soul to change themselves just because someone was once affiliated with someone who's working toward the dark doesn't mean that they could not have turned their life around and worked toward the light you know and you get so much of this in the you know quote unquote freedom movement they my freedom movement that wants to talk about everybody being an agent so many people you know are of this completely poisoned worldview mind controlled state of mind and don't understand individuals can change they can and if you really pay attention to what people are saying that's what you need to do instead of just looking at a particular background or an affiliation you need to pay attention to what the person is really saying and that's how you're going to gain a holistically intelligent view of what the person is really about because you're going to hear it you know and look and filter it through the mental process but in in following their work for a long period of time you're also going to get a feel for their heart from an intuitive aspect and that's what real intelligence is it is not just left brain filtration it is not just logical deductions it is also about intuitive processes and feeling the heart of another being and this is what many people still lack the understanding of so the in the sense the true positive space the true positive thinking that I'm talking about here is one maintaining first and foremost faith I will use the word faith okay but if we're really what it is is is deep introspective knowing of what your own capabilities are and being honest with yourself an honest self assessment let's call it that with your capabilities resources knowledge etc and continuously maintaining an attitude of I can do this work I can go out there and help to affect change in others you know I believe that is possible that's that's what we're talking about when we say when I'm using faith in this connotation if I didn't believe that that was possible that's a positive belief that's it a true belief it isn't believing in something you can't prove I can prove I have the will to go on and forge forward regardless of what you know the current situation may look like that's self belief in oneself and that's what I'm talking about here as part of true positive thinking that's that glass being half full aspect well okay most of the world is in darkness but I not in darkness you know that's where you're looking at the glass being half full that perspective and I am capable of helping to affect change in others with the power of my voice and and putting forward my knowledge and understanding out there freely for other people that's what I'm talking about when I'm talking about true positive thinking its its faith in oneself an honest self-assessment of one's capabilities and then it's willpower and courage to go out and put that out into the world it's believing that change is possible for other people in addition to yourself you have to know that change is possible then you have to embody that change then you have to go out with the attitude I also believe others can make this change it is possible for them because it was possible for me nothing is eternal there is no such thing as eternal programing that it has to be that way whatever I hear well it's always been that way and it has to be that way why why would anything have to be an eternal way except natural law natural law has nothing to do with man's choices okay man has free will to choose how he will be as long as he's not violating natural law so you have free will to choose how you will be but not without consequence this is part of what understanding natural law comes down to you have to understand you can change yourself what you can't choose free through your free will is to attempt to break natural law without consequence there's going to be consequences if that's what you want to turn your freewill toward doing oh sure you can go and do it but again not without consequence okay there's always going to be repercussions for breaking natural law when I'm talking about creating positive change you have to know that it is possible to do that nothing is eternally a certain way that it happens to only be the current condition see this is where the other aspect of worldview poisoning comes into this you could say this is part of worldview healing it's it's part of it's part of the process of worldview healing it's what you're going to use once you have begun to heal the worldview you're going to use this solution of maintaining this positive mental attitude to continue the work that you're doing if I didn't have any part of this if I didn't know any part of it I say I need improvement in this regard but at the same time if I didn't have any part of this working for myself I probably would have given up with encountering all the problems over the last couple weeks that I've had because it's been rough okay and I'm tired okay and it takes effort and willpower to keep wanting to go on the energy level that I'm at working with right now is definitely at a low but that doesn't mean I'm going to just say oh screw and I'm not gonna do it I'm gonna continue to use whatever is there as long as I'm drawing breath and again that's what will is all about that's what care is all about so what I'm saying here as part of this is regardless of what the outcome may look like it's gonna be never give up refuse to disengage the will once the will is this engage you're done so part of this worldview healing is looking at the potential for others to change and realizing that that's possible that there's no such thing as an eternal way that something must be there's only current conditions that's why you know the negative aspect of worldview poisoning is one of the negative aspects of the poisoned worldview is believing that things are eternally the way they are and must be that way for some reason see this is part of somebody being so beaten down that they have accepted that something must eternally be that way and again I call it the acceptance of Hell the yeren hell and you just accept that that that's where you're at you belong there for some reason and so does everyone else well I don't accept that this realm is just simply an eternal prison I believe we're creating the conditions I don't believe we're creating the conditions I know we're creating the conditions we have freewill to create whatever conditions we want as long as we're operating within the parameters of natural law what we want to do is break all the parameters of natural law and still think that we can operate somehow freely in this realm and that's impossible you operate within natural law and then you could make whatever you want here you don't operate within the parameters of natural law you yourself as a society collectively are building a prison for yourself that's what we're doing that doesn't mean that that prison is eternal and it must be that way you change your mind then you change your behavior and then you can create a different manifestation and that's possible possible again we're talking about possibility here as part of this positive true positive thinking solution to understand what's possible now that's not saying that you know what will be chosen I don't think anybody definitively knows what will be chosen we could look at general trends and and extrapolate from the general trend and if you're gonna do that I can understand how your attitude might not be so good because it doesn't look like from the general trend that many people are really waking up and certainly not waking up in any level of fullness but that doesn't mean it is impossible it can happen are people going to stay attached through their free will stay attached to illusion see that's what we have a free will to do we have a free will to engage in reality and therefore learn about natural law and prosper and create any manifestation we so desire or we can continue to stay in illusion to use our free will to stay engaged in things that absolutely aren't true and are based in lies deception misunderstanding and complete falsehood and then we're going to build continue to generate through our thoughts emotions and actions ultimately we're going to generate a prison of our own design and we're going to stay there for as long as we continue to engage in that illusion the difference here is in what I'm talking about true positive thinking is knowing that that's always created by us and is never an eternal quality of the universe or an eternal you know law of creation that must remain that way it is not natural law that this place is a prison it is the current condition that this place is a prison because we made it like that and that's as far as I'm concerned the most positive thing that you could ever know come to a full understanding of because that means that you're not being tortured eternally just for the hell of it just for the sake of it just for the hell of it pun intended okay you're we're all collectively creating this manifested outcome because most of us are in the mental state of wanting to stay in that illusion because it's comfortable there and that's not something that can't be changed it is something that can be changed but you people have to provide a support system for that level of change to help someone to acquire intelligence to help someone to revisit AI their care because their care is largely dead and we have to resurrect care to bring it back out of the tomb than it is in bring somebody's heart back to life so that they start caring about what is going on and ultimately to resurrect right action in the world but that's not going to be done if people continuously believe that they're going to that that change is impossible and that this idea of we are this way eternally and it must be this way eternally I don't you know I almost want to hear that coming out of people's mouths unless it's connected to natural law when it comes to natural law you can say it is this way eternally and you're making an accurate statement blank you can make a blanket statement if you have the fundamentals of natural law understood properly and say it is this way eternally see this is what goes back I've alluded to it on past shows there's a prayer in the Christian faith I believe it's called the prayer of st. Francis that talks about having the courage or the wisdom to know what is possible to change and what is not possible to change I don't have the exact words in front of me but it's like knowing what is possible to change in what's not and the wisdom to know the difference between those two things you know that's very very powerful knowledge what can be changed is the current condition because it's based upon our free will choices what cannot be changed is natural law because that's not made by man that's not put forward by man that is a eternal condition of the universe these are the boundary conditions of the entire universe that we're living in so you know talking about what's possible to change we also have to know what's not possible to change but the human condition is not one of those things that's impossible to change it's just exceedingly difficult to change it because of the level of comfort of attachment to illusion that humanity has worked itself in so to many it can seem impossible but it is not the reason they think it's impossible is they think that not enough people can ever develop that will and again here's where will can and will diverge okay we have to also understand that this is a matter of willpower to create change alright and knowing that we have to assist in the development of that willpower we have to be like strength trainers you know like people who help people in a gym the who know the truth you could look at it as their personal trainers but their personal trainers for the aspects of consciousness their personal trainers to help people come into true intelligence to help people to develop true care and get out of their apathy their trainers to help people develop courage and willpower to then go out and themselves affect change in the world and become a change agent so that's a difficult job it's the most difficult job that's why so few people really wanted to get engaged in it and stay engaged in it you have a lot of people that want to skirt the periphery of this and say a few things do a few people and then know when they encounter some resistance and I don't want to hear it then they just back off and that's going back to sleep folks that's what that is that's just going right back to sleep all right because if you're not actively continuing to attempt to influence change there's no power in your actions you knowing is practically meaningless it's not meaningless but I say practically meaningless because if you don't do anything with knowledge and understanding what's the point of having it you might as we well be one of the ignorant asleep sheeple as people call them the the point here is using the will to put forward what you haven't come to know and part of the problem is you know there's a lot of people who are putting out stuff that isn't true and think that it's their responsibility to put it out there and they haven't even vetted the material enough you know and a lot of these people are you know putting out things that are very negative destructive and based on complete misinformation as well and some people are well intended and believe that they're putting out the truth again the New Age aspect is one of those things that this notion that oh never look at the negative you know where you'll draw it to you you hear that from so many well-meaning people doesn't mean they're all agents of disinformation but they could have grafted that belief you know taking it into themselves and you know grafted it onto their worldview and now they're just propagating it because they've accepted it it doesn't mean that they're evil you know they've been misguided by something and they believe what they're doing is right you know so we have to again make that that distinguishing between someone who is deliberately and in full knowing putting out bad information and then someone else who you know happen to look at it and say well I could get behind that I could accept that as being true and is just putting it out there because they think they're gonna help somebody else with it which is true for the majority of the New Age movement not saying all of those people who put out that info regarding not looking at the negative are evil people but I guarantee you who originally injected that into the whole movement had a plan in mind and did that by design knowing that it would get picked up by people who with positive intent and propagated and it has been tremendously propagated and I'll tell you what we're gonna do to one of the things the the free your mind organizers are going to do is we're going to the big New Age Expo coming up here in Philadelphia the mind/body/spirit Expo and we're gonna promote the living hell out of the free your mind to conference there and engage all of these New Agers and say do you know what's really going on in the world or you just lost in your meditative trance mind mode you know and not really looking at what's truly taking place around you you know because that's what most of the these New Agers are all about they're all about just feeling good it's a drug to them it's a drug to them they're it's just about feeling good being in a community that's uplifting for them and the suffering of other people is their own problem and that's largely true I'm not saying that as a blanket statement not everybody in the New Age movement feels that that way but to be quite honest about it that is largely the case okay so I'm making a generalization there and that generalization largely holds true the New Age movement is misguided in the in the aspect that they put forward these this false teaching of what positive thinking is all about what one of the aspects that I cover that also differs from classic New Age teachings on positive thinking is not only about how it differs from what can be changed and what will change and being honest about that but also looking at this from a perspective of illness that the people who do not have an understanding of true freedom who do not have an understanding of rights who do not understand and have have an understanding or knowledge of right and wrong or developed conscience in other words and who do not understand anything about how natural law works and our free will decisions works in conjunction with natural law to bring us the manifested reality that we must then experience those without any of this knowledge we can't look at them as just evil we have to look at them as ill this is illness they're they're broken in many ways but not irreparably broken but they are broken see the word broken is an interesting term because we use the word broken when something doesn't work when it doesn't work properly it's broken but we also use the word broken to mean some what some a being that has accepted their bondage so when a horse is broken okay that means they are now accepting that they're a work animal that they're our slave to them to the farmer or the rancher or whoever who broke them so this analogy this word play here holds very accurate the people who were trying to help are technically broken their consciousness is broken there are fragmented individual they are dismembered they are torn apart internally they don't have an integrated consciousness their thought thoughts emotions and actions are all over the place they don't have real and hodgins they don't have care they're drowning in apathy their worldview is completely shattered and drenched drowning an illusion and they have accepted that this is just the way that it is and it can never be changed totally poisoned worldview these people who I'm talking about are ill they're broken they're ill their consciousness is sick and as a holistic being as the total being is very sick so part of true positive thinking is not treating these people as simply bad and evil and that's another thing I often wrestle with believe it or not while I know this fully I hear some of the statements that come out of people's mouths and I just think well you're totally given over to evil you know you are evil maybe you're the essence of evil yourself that's just in a human body I think that all the time about P I think that about members of my own family a lot of time the time to be quite honest I hear things to come out of my own family members mouth and I think wow you are just the essence of evil because they're so brainwashed and their worldview is so sick and poison I have to consciously try to force myself to remember this person is just damaged and broken and that's a very harsh way of putting it but a very accurate way of putting it they're damaged being they're broken they're beaten up and crushed their soul is just crushed in so many different ways it would take a long time to list them all and that's a sad sad sad thing it's a sad state of affairs but what I'm trying to say here is part of true positive thinking you you have to try to disengage the passion and the emotional aspect to this when you're looking at other people and you have to look at it from a perspective that is pulled back a little bit and is dispassionate from the perspective of getting angry at these people and again this is why I started with this Spectre is because I struggle with all of this the most as I've already said I struggle with looking on the positive side and I struggle with looking at these people as simply broken and ill and misguided and undermine control but that is the case I do know that that's the case I understand why that's been done have I converted that total knowledge of that being the case and the understanding of how it's been done and why they are like that to wisdom yet in this regard and I'd have to honestly assess myself and say no I have not because I get so angry with these people that I almost go back to the same eugenics worldview of the darker cultists and think they all just need to go constantly and you know I understand why some of these darker cultists who are a billion times more intellectually advanced notice I did not use the word intelligent a billion times more left brain intellectual in their capacity to understand things than the average human being is I understand why they would want to do away with 95% of the world's population most of the time that doesn't mean I agree with their agenda to actually do it I think people can can change I didn't say they definitely will they can change if the proper information is put before them and the poison stream of information is is dispelled from going into their mind going into their eyes and ears and therefore into the mind and their and also the poison that's going into the body is quelled see the part of the reason people are so slow to accept the truth is because they're not only mentally and spiritually broken most of the time they're physically broken they have damaged brains literal damaged brains their brains are so messed up they can't focus on anything I mean I know members of my own family they cannot have a conversation that is in any way directed or focused for more than two minutes opps tops and they have to go start looking at things in the physical environment playing with you know some type of physical toy or piece of technology or go and doing an actual behavior or activity someplace but to sit and talk which is what we're going to talk about in the second hour we're going to talk about conversation as being a big part of the solution to have them sit and engage in anything that requires the mind or thinking about anything in any kind of a deep level for any amount of time forget it and that that is a sign of brain damage physical literal brain damage I can't stress that enough that means that this person has not used the aspects of the brain for attention on any kind of abstract thinking for so long that that aspect that part of the brain is actually atrophied and if you looked at the brain in an advanced skin like a SPECT scan or something like that it would show that the parts of the brain that deal with that level of thinking are not firing the neurons in that part of the brain are actually have been become deadened and it we require small efforts over long periods of time to constantly go and re-engage that person's brain to get them draw them in the conversation and hold them there make them pay attention for a little bit longer and a little bit longer and a little bit longer you know hard work that is to do and people say oh that's not your responsibility that's what I say back to that it is your responsibility to do that if you know the truth it is C you know I should just I should just drop names here in in saying some people in the actual New Age community quote unquote I'm not going to even do that I've talked to people personally at book signings and and lectures and things like that and asked them about this well once you come to understand the truth shouldn't we be developing methods methodologies of engagement for other people who are still asleep after all they're affecting everybody else is free they're affecting the state of affairs and I've heard back from some of these people sitting there signing books and getting thousands of dollars to make appearances multiple thousands of dollars and make appearances oh that's not our responsibility we only need to concern ourselves with ourselves and once again I call on that okay because that is not what it is all about it is not about just you knowing and changing yourself and then saying I'm okay so screw everybody else and anybody out there in a New Age movement that's putting that out there is a deceiver it is about using that knowledge in full responsibility to take it to others to help them to affect the change of themselves as well note [Music] okay folks we're back after the station break at the top of the hour this is the second hour of today's what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about solutions in the form of the power of true positive thinking and how that differs from the new-age notion of positive thinking and talking about the responsibility to teach others which I was just bridging into as part of that that segue at the end of the last hour so many people within certain new-age circles also have accepted that it's only about changing yourself well the dynamic of the total change that could possibly happen on a societal scale is about changing oneself but how do you think that that's going to be possible if you're not putting information out there into the world to influence that change and it is about making people pay attention to it by putting it out there in such a way that it cannot be ignored see that's the problem we're still so fringe and our numbers are so small that people can just ignore it and say well oh this is the other thing that the people who don't want to accept the reality always talk about and I get crazy when I hear them say this oh how many people think like that as if that makes a difference as if it matters the number of people that are saying something is if that has anything whatsoever to do with whether something is true or not I ask people all the time if 7 billion people are repeating a lie does that suddenly make it a truth no it just means 7 million people have accepted a lie and don't know what the truth is regarding that thing but the live remains a lie and if only one person speaks a truth and 7 billion other people think he's crazy does that suddenly make it not true no of course not well if one person speaks it's a truth and it is true it remains true regardless how many people reject it the truth remains the truth even if no one accepts it and a lie will remain a lie even if everyone accepts it and people have to understand that and you know this is what you hear a lot of times with these close down people they because they have no confidence or faith in themselves to be able to recognize truth from deception and they just want to graft on the numbers of people well if this is the status quo and more people think this then than other people then that must be the truth when in fact nothing could be farther from being true it's a matter of fact then more generally accepted something is you can almost guarantee there's some aspect of falsehood and deception within it but true common sense is what we're trying to develop here people being aligned with what actually is and once you have acquired that in yourself and you know that that's the case you don't just believe it you know and you know through direct experience you can test this in your life the quality of your life will change for the better or the worse as you test the parameters of natural law many people have done experiments regarding this I tell people check out the works of Richard Wetherill who shows enormous examples in the way of how the laws of nature regarding consciousness though and right and wrong the the consequences of our actions can be tested repeatedly over and over again with the same results you know it's a science and Sciences works through a method of discovery the scientific method that involves repeatability and understanding through observation direct observation gnosis natural law is no different once we have acquired this understanding of how we are creating our own experience then we inherent by taking in that knowledge we have also taken with with it a responsibility this is part of the reason so many people do not want that knowledge they want to remain eternal children and they want to sit back and they want to not be involved but that's impossible if you're here you're involved and part of our taking into take knowledge into ourselves is the understanding that with it comes responsibility to teach others and this is the second part of the conversation here today which is what do we need to do to really affect change in other people okay what do we need to do to fully step into our role as a teacher again I'm not doing this radio show just to help make other people aware and in that sense I am NOT doing what is called horizontal integration it has been called by many people heart horizontal integration I've explained this briefly before and I want to clarify because so many people constantly think that my goal for this radio show is something different than what it is they think I'm trying to reach the asleep masses and I am NOT and never have been trying to do that okay I am trying to reach the people who are capable of going out into society and teaching those asleep masses in other words what I'm trying to do and you know maybe some of my work will do that and if somebody who's completely asleep will encounter and wake up from it it's possible but that's not my intent okay my intent is something somewhat different than that and if that happens as a result wonderful okay if that happens as an ancillary effect then great I began this show and all of the stuff that's on my website to try to identify and pull forward people with the willpower to become a teacher of this information so all of this that I've done so far all the work I've put out there is not to reach the end result people it's not to reach the people on the fringe who are totally in the matrix quote-unquote so to speak they're totally engulfed in the illusion I'm trying to put build a form a platform here that can help to influence people to become a teacher for this information and therefore instead of there being one person who's putting out some info we have a thousand or ten thousand or a million and then the messages everywhere so what I'm attempting to do here is to influence someone else to step into the role of a teacher and you know I in no way have ever accepted thee and will never accept the appellation or tagline of leader in any form or fashion I've said from day one on no one's leader not I'm not going to be your leader you have to be your own leader okay but I have accepted the tagline or whatever you want to call it the appellation of teacher because that's what I'm doing I'm teaching spiritual truths about how our reality the experience of our reality is created and how were the ones who are creating it there's no one else here creating the experience of our reality except us you know aside from setting aside nature okay natural laws you know weather phenomenon things like that okay that creates a part of our reality that's the randomness aspect of our reality but as far as the deterministic aspect of the reality there is natural law and then we have a free will weather to come into accordance with it or to completely to flagrantly violate it and therefore that setting another aspect of our experience that's determining another aspect of our experience natural law is not negotiable but our actions are changeable okay so what I'm trying to develop here is other people who know natural law well enough that that they can then go out and teach it to other people so we stop choosing poorly unwisely and creating effects creating manifestations that only lead to more self-inflicted suffering that's the goal of this show which I don't know if I ever really clearly stated you know from day one people think oh a mark you're trying to reach all of these people I'm not not trying to build horizontally and reach the court unquote dead one person cannot do that maybe a million teachers with this level of knowledge could it through it dispersed throughout the world then we'd have a real game on our hands instead of the slaughter fest that's taking place right now with people who don't have any knowledge of the entire workings of the game that's going on quote/unquote game you know if we had a million teachers with deep understanding of natural law maybe we'd be having an impact maybe we'd be putting a dent in the dominators agenda but you know so many people are still largely asleep to that aspect of things even though they know that there's a problem you know they know that freedom is on the on the decline but again they're all about their freedom they're not interested in understanding natural law so many of them want to deny themselves that that exists and put labels on it as a religion or something when I've said from day one this has nothing to do with belief nothing to do with religion this is a science of how nature operates but it is an unseen that this these laws are largely unseen and you only acquire knowledge about them through experience and the testing of that working of that natural law by testing it through behaviors and finding out what you'll get in other words an expression just like genetic a lot of times the science of genetics is a hit-or-miss strategy you have to do your splicing and then see what expresses in a particular culture and then you find out what the manifestation or the expression is now the testing of natural law works the same way as a science of like genetic manipulation you know you you have to test it see what expresses and now you have knowledge of you know if you do this then that results like an if-then statement because ultimately folks this is all a computer this whole reality is a computer you know and natural law is the if-then statement of the programmer if you choose to do this with freewill then you will get this manifestation or result in that respect this entire reality is so much like a computer program that's running and I probably would go so far to say that it is a computer program that's running but that's for another show let's talk about one's responsibilities once you have this kind of knowledge to then communicate it to others and I will use the term forcefully communicate it to others okay not violently communicated to others there's a big difference force means you're standing within the force of truth and you're not going to just baby spoon feed it or back off when the person and can show you that they're gonna be resistant to it you're going to say this is your belief right now but you're still incorrect there is a reality to this that doesn't involve how you believe currently and you're still wrong and you're still causing harm to yourself and others that's when I talk to people who are asleep and are giving me a lot of resistance to what I'm saying that's what I tell them I don't sugarcoat it a bit you are doing disservice to others by sugarcoating the way things are you're keeping them babies you're keeping them babies don't worry about what their sensibilities in ego are hammer them with the truth hammer them with the truth the more you baby spoon feed them the the more they're going to stay attached and think that what they're doing is okay staying in the level of ignorance that they're staying in believing in the level of illusion that they believe in they're gonna continue to think oh this isn't causing any harm that's just one person who had a quirky weird idea and you know I told him I absolutely completely believe otherwise and now he's not saying anything to me anymore so he just must have been a fringe not that you know and I'll go back to believing what I was originally thinking we have to cut through the signal with force they're constantly under a bombardment of poison food and poison information we need to cut through the signal with force force is going to cut through the signal not laying down to their ego the ego has to be fought in this regard it's a war you're not going to baby spoon feed the ego out of existence it's not gonna happen that way the ego has to be broken here's that word again the person through the process of the breaking of the ego is going to become unbroken they're not going to be dismembered anymore they will be remembering their true self putting it back together building something that's strong okay the ego is what has to be directly encountered directly encountered because look you look at it this way if the ego isn't directly encountered at some point there's going to be a collapse which directly encounters the ego which is using force to break it down one way or another I've said it before nature's going to solve this problem if we do not and it can solve it in a billion different ways of its choosing of its design and in its time and it's going to solve it for us if we don't do it for ourselves because the ego in its current rulership is going to be smashed if it has to be done through the forces of nature then nature will eventually do that because this level of rebellion is not going to be tolerated for eternity it just will not I suggest we encounter we engage that force and smash the ego by a power by the power of our will and that means when somebody's in a level of resistance you have to stand forcefully in the truth and not back down and and and not and you be willing to use the words you are simply wrong you are incorrect and think you are correct okay you are in correct incorrect thought leads to incorrect action which leads to incorrect results or manifestations under natural law and there is no baby spoon feeding way to get somebody out of that you have to say this is what you say you want yet what you're doing is in complete contradiction to that and therefore you're going to get the opposite that's it and the universe doesn't care the universe does not care that you don't understand that it doesn't care the universe isn't a person who cares like you care about something to attribute emotion to all creation in the same sense that you look at human emotion is a totally 100% flawed viewpoint to look at creation from you have to look at creation from a perspective of a computer program it does not care whether you as the programmer have zero knowledge of what you're doing it's still gonna spit back onto the screen which is what your experience is okay what you programmed into it whether you're a master programmer or you're a complete drooling idiot who has no clue what you're doing banging on the keyboard you're gonna get a result that you put into it the end it's gonna say here's the the input I process it and manifest the output and that's it and this is what people have to do when they're teaching be as dispassionate and we're actually called about it you could say it's very passionate because yeah you're getting fired up over trying to explain to somebody how something works but I'm talking about in engaging the ego you're talking to the ego to try to break it down it has the person see people say well everybody has an ego wrong everybody does not have an ego the ego has everybody it's exactly the other way around or I should say the ego has almost everybody the point here is to destroy the hold that the ego has over the being because that's what's keeping them in that broken state in that enslaved State so in beginning to teach the first thing you have to recognize is you have to be dispassionate about what someone thinks now and simply engage it as forcefully in truth as you can you are doing no service to somebody by giving them tiny little baby spoon and in other words what I'm saying is don't be gentle on their ego you could be gentle with the amount that you feed them in any one given time but if you're talking and that that's an important thing to distinguish okay whether you're being forceful with whether the information is true or not doesn't mean that you need to be forceful with the amount that you're giving them that I would say okay you can't cram so much down somebody's throat at one time that they are overloaded I certainly didn't take in all of this information at one time I did it over a period of years but I might case of the ego wasn't so deep even being a priest in the Church of Satan my ego wasn't so deep that I could not recognize the truth when I was hearing it and ultimately admit that I was wrong the problem is I was a mild case of how much the ego had me compared to where most people are at most people the ego has them so fully totally that you can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel a pinprick of light coming through from the the box that the ego has them in so you can't try to give it all to somebody at one time but what I'm telling you somebody to do is stay forceful in speaking the truth and don't back down when their ego when the ego responds you have to recognize that's not the being responding the ego still has the being it's the ego responding you're talking to a program that is running that has the being and has broken it to its will so that that being can never see outside of its parameters its programming so let's look at the power of words in this regard because that's what teaching is all about that what we're talking about here is all about the power of words words hey the universe is spoken into existence the universe is spoken into existence that's how creation is done through word the logos the power of the word someone who I consider a teacher Terence Mckenna once said that the unive the world is made of words and if we know the words the world is made of that we can make of it whatever we wish extremely powerful and poignant if you know what it means if you know what it means what is the power of the word the word reached me through other teachers I put their information together a map completely amalgamated it all you know accrued it assembled it put it together and saw the big picture if it wasn't for all of those people putting forward the word their words I could not have helped I could not have changed myself they were alchemists in my alchemical awakening in that process just like you have to be have to strive to be that Alchemist or that assistant in the awakening process for another person and I say to people every day if I had more help this process would go faster all of the alchemists in the world they need more help this is the clarion call the trumpet blaring to come forward and be a teacher you knowing is not enough you knowing is not enough you have to teach others that is your responsibility once you have come to a place of knowing and you're going to encounter extreme resistance it's the hardest work there is to do to speak the universe into existence to change the current conditions is the hardest work there is to do that's why so few want to do it that's why so few are doing it that's why the ones who are doing it are feeling drained and with low energy because there's no one to tag out to there's no one to tag out to if this were common sense knowledge you know you ever hear the phrase many hands make light work that's what we're talking about here there's so few people who know and are speaking the truth in their responsibilities that it's a burden at this time and place to do even do it I look at it as probably souls who are coming in here with a lot of spiritual knowledge or thinking why would I want to go in there hardly anybody is helping that means all the way it's gonna be on my back and that's the case on earth the worlds is plunged in darkness and most people don't want to help to enlighten it you know like Carl Jung said enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but it is making the darkness conscious making it conscious through constant effort that's what real alchemy is constant effort constant effort not just saying oh well he doesn't want to hear it and that's it I'm done with him No continue to speak if no one is is willing to hear it it doesn't matter we are charged with speaking the truth into creation that is our charge as teachers for those who are listening and thinking about you know the attempt at this work to begin to try that's who I'm trying to reach its who build horizontal integration we need more people who are fully awake not a whole bunch of people who are half-ass awake that's not going to help anybody we need fully awake people even if you're not perfect no one is perfect you're you're engaging in a pipe dream thinking you're gonna have to reach some kind of spiritual perfection that doesn't exist before you start saying a word to anybody one of my biggest laments is I waited as long as I did to start doing what I do because I knew it for years before I started speaking it but I wanted to get better I want to improve myself even more and more and more and not begin you know actually putting information out there I wanted to vet the information enough that I knew I wasn't gonna be doing harm by putting it out there and I almost look at it as it was a bad decision in some ways because I feel I waited too long to even begin we need more teachers that are fully conscious to come out there and start working with others that's what our work is our work is not just to work on ourself that's the beginning anybody that's telling you that's the be-all and end-all is either a liar a deceiver or a useful idiot that's the beginning of the process working with others is where it needs to go so what is required in that process well I call this I have a simple catch phrase the three r's will lead to the three c's okay the three r's that lead to the three c's okay and if you want to then take it further ultimately the big a okay that's what we're gonna talk about here we're gonna talk about seven words in a seven step process which is what becoming a teacher is all about and this is respect remembrance responsibility conscience conversion conviction and atonement and the power of these words when we break them down people have obviously heard all of those words but many people don't even know what they mean even from an etymological perspective from the perspective of the roots of these words and their origins in language where they caught where these english-language words come from well we've talked about respect a lot on the show and this is the first thing one ultimately needs again if you don't have self-respect you can't begin to teach others because that means you can't possibly have any respect for them for the student while I'm not advocating being non harsh on the student or in other words baby spoon feeding them the truth that doesn't mean you don't have respect for them and what I mean by respect is true respect it comes from the latin language ree is a prefix in Latin that means again and now we're on image number seven in the slideshow on the website or with the podcast the word REE the prefix re in Latin means again and the second part of respect SPECT comes from the Latin verbs SPECT re SPECT Oh SPECT re which means to look at so you put them together and respect simp simply means to look at again to take another look at to reexamine well what are you reading that means the true development of respect your reexamining the self you're taking another look at yourself that's what true respect is to look again at yourself it comes right in the word the meaning is right in the word you just have to know where the word came from in ancient languages so real respect means you have taken a look at the truth you've taken another look at your cell whether you're in alignment with that truth or not and now you're working with yourself to bring yourself into alignment and accord with that truth that's real respect so unless you're embodying the truth you don't really have true self respect if you're not living the truth in your own life I would suggest don't try to become a teacher because that means ultimately you're hypocritical and somebody else is going to look at your actions and say well you're not doing this how do you expect me to do it you know the old phrase of the Buddha you know a child being brought to him after a long trek and the parents saying my child keeps eating candy that's no good for him can you please explain to them why that's bad and to tell them to stop doing it and the Buddha says well I can't do that you'll have to come back in a month and goes I just made a huge journey across hundreds of miles that to have an audience with you and you're telling me to come back in a month yes you'll have to come back in a month the man comes back with the child in a month and says the Buddha says immediately child stop eating that candy that's no good for you and is doing harm to your body and the guy says why couldn't you just do that before and he says because I was still eating that and I couldn't tell him to do it when I was still doing it because I'd be hypocrite so this is what I'm talking about if you have true self respect your actions are not going to be in contradiction with your thoughts and emotions and therefore you're going to be really effective you'd be ineffective as a teacher if you don't have that level of true self respect you'll be the most effective as a teacher if you truly have taken another look at yourself and then corrected those actions within yourself the next R is remembrance okay and one more thing about respect people think respect is something that you give to someone else it is not it is something that you develop within the self that's what real respect is so then you can see the aspect of the divine in someone else and treat them accordingly as you would treat yourself that's what offering self respect is it doesn't it doesn't isn't something you can't give something to someone else that you don't first have not acquired yourself you can give someone a cake unless you have it first you have to have it in order to give it so you have to have respect in order to give respect this is where people confuse the the actual meaning of the term so the second term is remembrance we talked about being broken most people are broken they're disassembled they are dismembered their consciousness is fragmented it's all over the place we're largely as humanity fragmented beings our thoughts emotions and actions are not aligned they're not you they are not unified excuse me they are not unified okay they are completely separated they are broken down they are in contradiction with each other and they are dismembered dismembered means torn apart ripped up broken up okay the process of remembering means to bring back together you are putting the pieces together not only of the truth but of your own consciousness you're bringing together all of the aspects of the self and you're putting it all back together okay like pieces of a puzzle that have been scattered all over the place that's what we need to do with ourselves once we have developed briefs respect there is a process in this it is a it is a stepwise linear process respect has to come first in aspirations for one being a teacher for this information to others I'm not saying these are hard and fast rules these are I would consider these general guidelines I'm not the authority on this okay I would say that I'm putting forward some general guidelines that will help people this is the understanding of this helped me when I was getting ready to come forward and start speaking okay so I feel if it helped me it can help other people and it has held true to this day so remembrance means you've truly remembered who you are you're not engaged in the world you're in the world but not of it you're not engaged from a $0.05 perspective only or a left-brain perspective only if that's the case you haven't really remembered you haven't truly be been reminded of who you are that's what remembering is it's a reminder like an alarm going off okay we have to be reminded which is also think about it re minded to reacquire the mind okay to put the mind back together getting a new mind people say well what can I do the first thing you need to do is change your thoughts you need a new mind a new perspective on everything in life a whole new worldview if you don't have that that new healed worldview if you have not been reminded then you're not truly remembered you're not put back together yet there's parts of you that are still broken and then going and spreading that to other people is going to have a poisonous or deleterious effect upon them and you're not really assisting in the alchemical process so we have to make sure that we have true self respect develop within ourselves and that we have truly remembered that which we are as a being that is within all consciousness that is an aspect of all eternal consciousness and is not just a five sense being we're having the expression or the experience of being a five sense being but we are ultimately a spiritual being and being reminded the process of remembering is about happy is about developing a new mind from the old poisoned worldview mind to a new healed worldview mind and if that's not the case like I said we're going to be doing a disservice to others when we start bringing this information to them it doesn't again mean that you can't have any harsh words for others or tell them that they just have their head up their ass when they need to just hear that because that's the case with many people with many people they're just completely wrong brainwashed and totally have their head up their ass to be quite frank harsh and honest about it that's the case you know I'm not trying to tell people everybody is in a great place and this is gonna be easy work you're going to practically be trying to practically be trying to do what is has been considered throughout the ages to be practically impossible it's it's not impossible see that's part of healing the worldview recognizing it's possible to do but we just need more help in doing it we need to awaken more teachers only until more teachers are awakened are we gonna ever reach the masses the amount of teachers in the world is not sufficient to awaken the masses of sleeping cattle let me just say that again the amount of teachers currently present in the world who are fully awake is not sufficient to awaken the hordes of sleeping cattle that exists on the earth it's impossible from where we're at now what we need to do is awaken more teachers to the hut to the extreme level of awakening the totality of it then it will become possible and we will start making a dent and an impact on the masses quote unquote that's what that's what the goal of this show again has been to try to remind that that the potential teachers who are here that this is their responsibility which brings us to the next thing true responsibility and what it is this is slide number nine true responsibility means fully owning everything that we do fully owning our thoughts our emotions and our actions and what we're putting out into the world that's going to lead to a manifestation and that means that we are taking 100% full ownership of our inherent ability to respond to a given situation within the parameters of natural law and I'll say that again we're taking full ownership of our inherent ability as a human being to respond in the world to any given situation within the parameters of natural law that's what responsibility is it's response ability you know just because the end phrase is response ability okay it's just a way of make a verb into a noun response responsible responsibility you know an adjective and then a noun response responsible responsibility well being responsible having responsibility we're really saying the response ability with an A it's our ability to respond within the parameters of natural law and this is what the control system wants to usurp from us and say oh you're not responsible were the responsible ones and you'll do what we say to do and not do what we say that you may not do you know they want to take that away from people and that's why we have such an irresponsible society people have believed in their claim that were the responsible ones as the quote government you know and the quote authorities and will be responsible and everybody else is just children and we're the parents taking care of the children and we wonder what when billions of people have accepted that lie we wonder why there's so few truly responsibility responsible people in the world true responsibility is about owning your actions it's about not having not engaging in cop-outs ok and saying oh well I'm doing harm but it was only my job to do it I was told it was okay no cop-outs take full ownership of your behavior if you're causing harm with your behavior take the apophatic approach and stop doing it say no and that's what most people refuse to do they're so afraid of the consequences for stopping doing an action that they're already doing that is causing harm well we have to get out of that level of fear and say I'm not going to be made to engage in a behavior that is causing harm to another person and I'm going to stop doing it I don't care if I starve to death in the street I'm gonna stop doing it I'm not going to give a dime a penny and iota of energy to someone to go and wage war I'm not going to do it you know I'm not going to give one iota of energy to a system that is enslaving me and everybody else and is willing to usurp somebody else's natural rights you're not you're gonna have to kill me but then you'll have a body to clean up but I'm not going to cooperate with your agenda in any form or fashion and people want to turn that around and say well because you eat you're somehow involved in that because oh you know there you know there may be taxes on this food item or that food I look I'm talking about how it is within your ability to pull back from the system and still be in the world in the world not of the world that doesn't mean that because I want to teach people what's really going on I can't interact in any form in society I'd have to go live in the forest or something this is what some lunatics actually believe not cooperating with the system is and here's another big crock of if I may say so myself that people actually believe well if you want to if you want to live free and you want to you know maintain the ability and not be a hypocrite then you need to go live in the forest away from society well you know what you could take that whole nonsense and cram it where the Sun doesn't shine okay because I have the right to be in society and eat okay there are my natural rights that and that's where I'm going to engage the people with information I'm not going to engage them in the forest someplace so nobody's gonna tell me because I have views that are in accordance with truth and natural law and just because they differ from the brainwashed cattle that I'm not going to stay in society be able to eat be able to protect myself from the elements and be able to speak the truth to other people so again you could take that and cram it where you nowhere okay the attitude of if you don't agree with the people who run the society now and you know and or quote-unquote you're a hypocrite because you live in a house or that you eat food because you can't 100% pull back I'm going to pull back from cooperating with the system with whatever is within my ability to do maybe even if it means I end up on the street and then I'll speak the truth from the street if I had to I currently live in a place that is made possible by someone someone else helping me and being able to and and supporting my work otherwise I probably would already be in the street but the point here is don't tell me I need to go live in the street or I need to go live in the woods someplace to speak the truth all right that is not what I'm talking about here as far as pulling back from the system ok pulling back from the system I'm talking about stop complying with all of the ways that are clearly in opposition to someone else's natural law rights stop working for the government stop working for the police stop working for the military if you're involved in that in any capacity you can't be truly reminded or remembered you are still torn apart in some form or fashion and you're still ultimately complying with the system so true responsibility is owning that action and saying I'm not going to do it anymore I know that this is my action and you're not going to use it for this purpose I know what the real purpose is and I'm gonna stop doing it even if it means in the short term I may suffer that's what real taking full ownership of your responsibility is all about now let's look at the three C's which is what these 3 R's if we put together these three R's the respect remembrance and responsibility into effect in our lives what it's going to lead to is the three things that are ultimately necessary for the manifestation of true awakening in the population and true healing in other words the true solution the real solution that is really going to create lasting positive change for the betterment of everyone in our world and the reestablishing of our natural rights and true freedom is conscience conversion and conviction it all starts with conscience if you have developed self-respect truly remembered who you are and owned your own personal responsibility you are going to come into the full expression of conscience the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between right and wrong knowledge is what conscience is okay it comes from the Latin language con a prefix meaning together and ski o ski air a meaning to know or to understand to know or to understand putting those together we're on slide number 10 now we get to know together or to understand together that's what conscience is conscience is common sense it's common sense knowledge of the difference between right and wrong many people don't understand conscience as knowledge or as understanding they think of it as action the exercise of your conscience is action that is in accordance with your conscience that is in accordance with natural law in accordance with the laws of right and wrong so conscience is the understanding the application of conscience is wisdom all right conscience is the knowledge and understanding and then putting that into practice in one's life which make turns it into wisdom is the exercise of one cot one's conscience so that's what conscience is about and that has to be the first thing that is like fully developed this is what if that's fully developed in our self then we're going to be able to take that development to other people and make them and help them to make themselves into a being that is awake in that respect and has developed conscience or common sense knowledge and is then practicing that in their life through applying it through exercising right action the second C is creating a conversion and the reason it's number two is because nothing the true change cannot be made without conscience first being in place okay the conversion is the change that we're Altima looking for the change that we want to create comes from the Latin language also it comes from Khan which means together as we saw in conscience and the verb verso verse RA which means to change verse re means to change in Latin so what we're looking to create is the great change the conversion the worldview shift the paradigm shift as they call it in certain circles okay the complete change in one's in the collective worldview of humanity and ultimately then the behaviors of humanity to bring those behaviors into accordance with natural law parameters conversion comes from Latin it means to change together con vers re to change together okay so creating a conversion a mass change see people look at this as a religious word while he had a conversion this is only a one connotation of the word we're trying to create a conversion together a conversion not to any religion but a conversion to the truth that is beyond all religion religion is what's holding us back from the truth from the Latin relic relig re meaning to hold back to tie back to thwart from forward progress the the real conversion is going to take us out of the religion the things that hold us back you know and in the the sense of the the true meaning of religion that the positive connotation of the term relig re can mean to reunite with to retie to the truth and to the light to reunite with the truth that's what a real conversion is going to bring about reuniting us with the truth with God if you will so conversion is what we're trying to create a mass chain Chane all changing together for the better and that is made possible through conversation the power of the word this is why these words are almost identical conversion conversation look break them down green language terms in alchemical green language conversion con means together verse over sorry means to change conversion con verse i on converse i on when the eye goes on there's a great change together there's a change that's happening together the ion ok or you can look at it as changing the ion together changing the all-seeing eye that exists within all of us the spark of the divine turning that on you know the idea of the awakened all-seeing eye being the full expression of consciousness awake within the individual look at the word conversation con verse re at eye on converse at eye on it's right in the word folks right in the word all you got to do is break it down to change together at the eye on at the third eye at the place of spiritual understanding spiritual awakening that's what a conversation makes possible unless you're willing to talk to other people and forcefully stand in your truth and help to get them to an accurate understanding of what's really taking place and in the spiritual laws of creation that we're operating within whether we understand that or not we need to converse in order to do that to have a conversation with others the universe is spoken into existence the reason that the bad guys are winning folks is because they're engaging in the word their signal is always bombarding people 24 hours a day I go into anybody's house and my family who is asleep guarantee that television is on and blaring and more often times than not it's on a channel that's on the propagate and news almost guaranteed every time their signal is always on and until we can cut into that signal and stop it from reaching the brains of other people we're not getting out of this cage and that's our task to override that signal with a trumpet blare of truth that is so loud that it drowns out that poison signal that's how many people we need speak in the truth that they can't get away from it that's what I mean when I say force that everywhere they go they're gonna see the truth hurt they're gonna hear it they're gonna see it it's gonna be being spoken in their presence and people say to me this is all you do mark you don't do anything else they look at it as can't you see that that's not balanced yes I can see that what do you think I'm trying to do with this show I want to be able to tag out I want more people at the level of knowledge as me and with the willpower that I have to teach this I don't have that opportunity I don't have that comfort there isn't that well there's a million other people that got this thing that's not present so I can't afford to just stop doing it and you know what I have a problem with that you know if I told you I didn't have a problem with that I'd be lying I don't like it the way it is it's it's a burden I've said this a million times many hands make light or work do we have enough people No so there is an incredible weight upon the people who do truly understand this all of this information and the call is going out that if you understand it you got to stand in your truth and deal with the people who don't that's what our work is that's the great work in case you haven't figured it out yet it isn't about just knowing and saying I'm okay or I'm gonna try to escape or I'm gonna try to make my nice little comfortable hovel someplace and go bury myself in it if that's your attitude you don't understand anything it's about engaging the darkness and making it into the light and that's the hardest work there is to do ladies and gentlemen and that's why so few people are doing it but if we do it and we're successful in that great change we would come to slide number 12 which is conviction and again just break down the word you know this is part of why they want to say they part of why that the controllers use the word convict meaning for meaning someone in a prison this is the inversion of green language they know what convict really means so they want they use that term deliberately to represent a prisoner someone who stands convicted but when in fact that's what we need to have conviction we need to stand convicted why do I say that because I know what the word convict conviction actually means it comes from the Latin con together and vinco van carry or vin Chavan cherry which means to win to win for it you know people have heard the phrase vanie vidi vici or as it's really pronounced Wayne E we D we Chi in Latin I came I saw I conquered I came I saw I won the last part of it then she comes from victory to win it's the verb to win in Latin VIN cherry so put them together con then cherry to win together to have arrived at a place of control conviction is to have won together you know they want to tell you that a convict or a conviction is a bad thing well in the sense of it being a prisoner that's why they're using it in that term to take you to make it have a negative connotation in your mind when in fact becoming convinced and fully knowing the truth without any doubt is where we have to get to when we do that then we will have won together we will have one together we will have arrived at a place of true conviction which is what what we're really saying is the the willpower to live an honest life the conviction that we need to develop to truly live in the parameters of truth and natural law when we do that when we develop the three RS which lead to the three C's as we've talked about on this show ultimately we will arrive at a place of atonement and we just need to look at this from both an etymological and green language perspective atonement comes from Latin a the prefix means to depart from or to go away from tone are a means to make noise to make a din or a great amount of noise and men's means mind atonement to depart from making noise with the mind to create harmony with the mind in other words not disharmony not discord but accordance to create accord with the mind in other words to become at oneness in the mind Act one mind right in the word at tone meant at one mind and what we really are talking about is we are at one with the mind of creation because we understand fully natural law and we are using our willpower to stand in that truth and engage it that's all the time we have on this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoyed it I did not take a chance to get to the phone's we'll do that next week how about this we'll have an all call-in show on the power of positive thinking and the responsibility to teach others next week tune in then same time next week I'm your host mark Cassio thanks everyone for listening good night