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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting dot-com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central and we have a great show lined up for you here today today on what on earth is happening for all two hours I will be interviewing book author video producer public presenter radio talk show host host personal consultant and musician mr. Lennon honor it's going to be a great show today and we're going to get to hear a lot of wisdom from Lennon honor I do have a couple of event announcements that I want to read before we get into the interview with Lennon of course the free your mind to conference coming up here in Philadelphia in 2013 April 25th 26th and 27th through your mind returns to Philadelphia with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house at 3:20 Arch Street in Philadelphia the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day featured speakers include Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien Curtis Davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Marais myself mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonia Barrett advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet and greet featuring a vegetarian cuisine and I can confirm that we are in talks with the divine hand ensemble to bring them to play a concert a theremin concert after the meet and greet on Thursday night should be a great event I'm going to definitively confirm that probably by this time next week and I'll be able to announce it for sure but it looks like we are going to be able to get the divine hand ensemble to contribute their beautiful music for the free your mind conference on Thursday evening so for that entire event on Thursday evening $20 Friday the Friday conference $40 and the Saturday conference $40 for all three days plus the speaker meet-and-greet and concert on Thursday night $120 for more speaker information and BIOS and for ticketing information please visit the conference website at WWF re your mind conference calm the free your mind to conference if you're anywhere near Philadelphia in late April of 2013 you do not want to miss this one the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evening will be taking place November 29th 2012 at a scene food market as it always does the last Thursday of every month this month at a scene we will be showing the documentary called the turning point which is about the Bilderberg Group its purpose and its goals and attempting to expose them which the alternative media is basically having to do the job of what the mainstream media should be doing exposing I think a globalist think-tank such as the Bilderberg Group that's what this documentary film is all about Essene food market is at 719 South fourth Street and the start time is 6:30 p.m. sharp the nationwide and the fed and end the wars rally so the end the Fed rally is coming together with the pro peace movement the anti-war movement and coming together for a dual rally in March at every Federal Reserve branch in the country on Saturday November 24th at noon the nationwide end the Fed and end the wars rally in Philadelphia this event will be taking place again at noon on November 24th in front of the Federal Reserve branch Bank of Philadelphia which is located at sixth and arch Street they usually do a few speakers out in front of the Fed Bank building and then there's usually a march up to City Hall and back if you're going to be present at the end the Fed and end the wars rally in Philadelphia stick around because afterwards the group that's hosting the rally truth freedom prosperity is going to be having an event called TFP live at underground arts at 1200 Cal o Hill Street and they usually have some comedians they'll have a band play a musical act and then afterward they do an intensive interview with a featured activist and this month for TFP Live the featured activist is Larkin rose so everybody who's going to come out to the end the Fed and end the wars rally on November 24th stick around and come out to truth freedom prosperity at the underground arts venue at 12th and Cal oval in Philadelphia a couple other quick event announcements I was just interviewed by the guests that I'm going to be bringing on in a couple of moments Lennon honor on his radio show on this past Friday November 16th the interview is up online and honors website right now and I want to announce that I will be posting the interview also to the what on earth is happening website later today the ad-free chip in keep the show ad free for what on earth is happening needs to raise $1,000 by January 31st to keep the show ad free through the February March and April period the the ad free fund currently stands at $250 so we're a quarter of the way there good job that everyone has who has donated so far if you can help to contribute to towards that effort please do so you can click keep the what on earth is happening radio show ad free it's the first link in the news section of the website and it has instructions there on how to go about making a donation so let's get ready to bring Lenin honor on with us here we go I'm going to read his bio before bringing him on the show so give me a moment I'm going to pull that up right now okay Lenin honor is a husband father musician video producer talk-show host personal consultant lecturer and writer he has written a self and self published two books the first writings for the fathers of the World of Tomorrow was written to encourage healthy relationships between fathers and sons his second book deep in the garden of consciousness delves into metaphysics spirituality and consciousness Lenin is currently working on his third book entitled the 911 fear-based mind-control program which we'll explore how September 11th 2001 has been used to subjugate the global population into a state of mind control via psychological warfare Lenin has produced six major documentaries dealing with spirituality religion media mind control subliminal manipulation transhumanism the occult politics and the end the entertainment industry subliminal propaganda transhumance our eugenics and much more as a musician Lenin has produced five albums of music and has performed in the United States and abroad his most recent music album titled in the land of the ancient ones was released in June of 2011 launched in January of 2012 Lenin honours new website marked the next phase of his work wherein focus has been placed upon helping others to realize the internal spiritual power that is inherent within the human species Lenin honours websites our Lenin honor comm and Lenin honor films calm be sure to check them out ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening mr. Lennon on or Leonard it's a pleasure to have you here with us today oh thank you so much mark I do appreciate you allowing me to come on to your show of course we had long laughs oh yeah last week and if you just blessed us so so for me to be on your show here I am so very thankful and I'm also thankful to all the listeners rather than me at this time absolutely it was really fun to do the interview on your show this past Friday and as I said I'll be putting that interview up on the what on earth is happening website as as quickly as I can get it up there so Lennon won't we get started by having you tell our listenership a little bit about your personal background and how you got started in doing the very important work that you're currently involved in sure yes it goes back many many years I always when I have really need to guess on I always ask the question you know what is your background because in many cases people have a misconception that where an individual is at when they meet that individual is where the individual has always been yes yes but there are it's a journey and there are challenges there are obstacles there are failures there are successes there's blitz there's pain there's suffering there's goodness all throughout life that gets one to where they are at and my journey from the beginning has been a remarkable one I think everyone on the planet you have all each and every one but we've had a remarkable journey up to where we are at today and I was born and raised in San Diego California here in 9 States of America and I had I have five one brother in four sisters and I was raised as a musician so at a very early age my father was a musician and I had a lot of family members were musicians so my outlook on life really revolved around music sound and vibration later on as musician out in the Borna college at University of California Irvine while study music performance there during that time I was also actively involved in community groups I was the president of the African American Student Union so there was a lot of political movements if you will that I was involved with and even at that time I was asking critical questions about the nature of reality here on planet Earth and I should say the collective reality that we all are connected to to some degree some of us are able to unplug on different levels but the general consensus reality I had a lot of questions even then coming out of college as a musician I continued to perform and toured in the States and also outside the states and that was a wonderful experience as well and by the time I was 25 I really had some critical questions and I was always asking questions about you know spirituality you know questions about my life purpose questions about the significance of bohemian species on the planet and throughout my life I had so many spiritual experiences what we would call the spiritual experience that I had I just could not quite understand but by the time I was twenty five things began to come into place and that was when I was doing the most amount of personal work and refining myself as a human being as a young man and I met my wife in Oakland California when I was 25 and that was really the beginning of the next phase of my life and about two years later after meeting my wife we were pregnant with our first son and I say we because I take a collective approach when it comes to the masculine feminine male and female it was interesting because at that point my wife and I we really had to think critically in terms of our children's future and what we were going to expose them to or allow them to be exposed to so then again all of those questions that I had about this collective consensus reality and all of the various degrees of manipulation that takes place this manipulation designed to stagnate the spiritual progression of the human species on planet Earth so that the spiritual the spiritual quality and nature of the planet would also be devolved my wife and I we had critical questions about that how much were we going to allow our children to be exposed to this type of thing I remember that once my my second son was born we had gone to the library and this is how I got into the world on film work and analysis got into the occult got into the alternative information got into know certain spiritual ideas we went to the library and there were some films that were available in DVD and there was one called angels in the outfield of the film that was produced through Disney and one of my sons he likes to play with balls like many young boys do and I said maybe he can check this out I brought it home in my wife and I even then we scream he's green everything we did not vaccinate our children we had our first two children again this is going against the consensus reality because we wanted our children to come onto and materialize and manifest onto this world in the most pristine blessed uplifting high vibration level possible that we were able to manifest and provide for them this movie I put on because we screen everything I should also mention that our last four to last three children we actually get home birth here at home and I brought them about with my wife and they were born into my own hands unassisted this is what I mean by when we talk about uplifting the human species and getting us back on track to what I call cosmic respectability there are things that we can begin to do ways that we can begin to think actions that we can begin to take and one of the things that we must do is be very careful in terms of the manipulation of the mind of human beings especially our children so I was walking watch this movie we watched probably about the first 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes of it and it was called demons in the outfield and by the first 15 minutes my wife and I realized that there was something wrong by the 20th minute we said there is no way that we are going to allow our children to watch this film what I did after that without took the film I even took it out of the house and put in the coop and only ones inside my home and up the tamam taking it back to the library what we found in men and not already been studying different people you know I'd already been into Jordan Maxwell Bennett today that I got been to various individuals like I mean I can give a whole list of individuals who you know their information had caused you to begin to question this consensus reality Michael tipps Arion being another one there's so many different people what we found in that video was that there was a lot of subliminal programming subconscious programming that was being projected through the film that had a connection to what people call pedophilia and for my wife and I as we watched the film we were just thoroughly disgusted by this and I just said to myself how is this possible how does this Disney film that is very well known I remember even watching it when I was a child how is that this could even be on a DVD in a Dean but it's all on a subconscious level most people do not realize this so I remember once I hit the film back I told my wife I said you know one day I want to start to do analysis because I'm really big into taking an intellectual approach to things and doing analysis breaking things down doing the research look at the symbology look at the occult aspects of things which means as you stated so eloquently it just means a secret aspect the things that are hidden that most people do not proceed even though it's in plain sight not the only outfit I come back and do this to a doctor maybe we did to kind of share with it because I think people should be aware that they can protect their children's mind that's so very important and it wasn't until about a year later that I had read a book by dr. Wilson Brian key we titled the age of manipulation where he deals with subliminal messages and it the impact of the secod in fact it so the little messages have on the conscious mind and I got into him because I read it read one a big actually read all the David Ickes book except the last three but in one of David Ickes book he talked about just a little aspect of manipulation and then he gave reference to dr. Wilson Brian key I wasn't got a whole bunch of his books read his book and in one of them he gave reference to Michael Jackson beat it and he did not go into analysis he just made it as a proposal that there was a subliminal message that was embedded within that song in video that has do with homosexual male group masturbation and when I read that I guess this guy's absolutely insane that there is no where I've seen that video so many times I spun your song as a child I knew the dances there's no way this is Michael Jackson it's just music this shatters my reality because one of the things about me even if someone makes a proposal that is absolutely ridiculous to me at the time I do do not do my due diligence to look into it do the research do the analysis and come to my own conclusions on my own conclusion and all of us we should do this yes which do this if Marcus has any information do your due diligence do the work do the analysis do the research trying to find things that confirmed what he said if I propose something you should do the same we have to train ourselves to do this because the consensus reality tells us to accept whatever someone says at face value without any critical thinking this is mind control so the more and more I looked into because often I'm going to look into this I listen to Michael Jackson beat it and everything that dr. Wilson Brian Key has proposed and his book was absolutely true that shattered Maserati get it hurt as a musician it hurt that someone has a child seeing this song over and over again beaded beaded beaded well this is they're talking about male group homosexual masturbation this shattered my reality and at that point I said I have to do what I have I have to do something so my first film was part of what lies in plain sight and I do an analysis of Michael Jackson's needs to show people how the degrees of the methylation see most of us we think that the war is a physical war we think that the war is bombs explosions martial law we think it's someone coming and taking your children from you because you didn't vaccinate no the war is psychological it is about the manipulation of the mind it is about if I can say the manipulation of human consciousness form transfer that was how I got started on this journey and since then I've produced many many documentaries I started my own radio show going back years ago and I've just just so many different topics because the depth of the manipulation as you know mark is quite profound yes it is I mean they know more about the human psyche and how it operates than almost anyone on earth this dark cabal that we're talking about that is doing this mental manipulation this psychological warfare on the human public and the the real key that we what we need to do is we need to understand ourselves more much more to the extent that that knowledge will help us to steal ourselves to protect ourselves against such manipulative efforts without that knowledge we're defenseless but with a deep knowledge of the human psyche we can protect ourselves against these mental and psychological manipulation techniques yes absolutely and that means that we have to study we have to research we have to understand aspects of human psychology we have to understand the manipulative techniques there are so many when you're aware of this there are relieved I mean we can go category by category and look at this we can look at religion and the indoctrination you know procedures that people are indoctrinated into accepting these belief systems that if you really think about it intellectually they make no sense I mean even if you want to look at it spiritually it makes no sense because ultimately it causes this individual to externalize their power they feel weak they feel helpless they feel like something out there in space is going to save them and in the process they don't do their due diligence they don't do that personal work they just externalize their power onto something else which is part of the control network as long as we external eyes power we will continue to be as a species we will continue to be oppressed it's really that simple we can look at educator education system my wife and I we do homeschooling you didn't vaccinate you homeschool this is another area if you always remember y'all for those up was born and raised raised in the public education system that is not a place where individuals are given information that we can use to protect ourselves from the very cheapest innovation and point of fact it is merely an indoctrination procedure that we engage in for the public education so we go down so many different levels you've outlined so many different levels and that's why it's so important that each and every one of us we have to study we have the research we have to look into individual like mark passes on the other individuals I've already mentioned there's a whole host of other folks that we can get into and it's not that we simply accept what mark says or what I say or what anyone else is the idea is that you do your due diligence you research you educate yourself you begin to think critically you ask critical questions and then you come to you you draw your own conclusion and based upon what you have learned you use it to empower yourself once you use it to empower yourself the suffering ends the manipulation in this to say that all the degrees of manipulation because we can we can go over a list I mean it is it is so profound what I call the superstructure in the various degrees of manipulation regardless of the degrees of manipulation it always comes back to the individual in the end we have the power in the end we either consent via ignorance or via understanding to a particular reality it's up to us we are the consent all we don't we choose to create something different my wife and I we are choosing to create something different and that's why I try to I'm trying to inspire folks adjust reclaim your power at first it's about reclaiming your sites you can see the various degree the manipulation but a lot of folks get stuck there that was my whole model reclaiming your site see the manipulation see the various degrees of manipulation whether it's in government whether it's you know the politicians whether it's an education system whatever it's vaccine whatever the case may be see that yes see it for what it is but ultimately come to a place of personal empowerment we're and now you begin to create a reality that transforms the nature of our collective reality on planet Earth that is a creative process but as you say that we have to do the research and we have to have to study and we have to take the time to think to ask critical questions and if we do that we can set ourselves on course to where we can begin to make appropriate decisions and we can make the best decisions for our children as well that's exactly right and again that is all only possible if we do our own due diligence if we do our study and if we do our research into human psychology again if we remain in ignorance we're going to be open to all those manipulation tactics not only for our self but then we're going to be exposing them to our children as well and future generations are going to be growing up with the same problems that lead to all of the self-inflicted suffering that we are currently experiencing yeah absolutely it perpetuates itself see we all have to understand it this system has been here for a long time it's not anything new in ancient it isn't it absolutely it is ancient we have this misconception once we begin to see it again we reclaim our site we have vision we think that it just started no it has been on planet Earth for such a long time so what that means is that unless we begin to transcend space and time meaning that we can transmit information cross generationally that will empower the next generation it will continue to perpetuate itself so as you say that we have to we have to engage in the process of educating ourselves researching but then also passing it on to future generations that's what you're doing up so I'm doing and I'm doing it over the internet but I'm also doing it inside my own home can you imagine mark if we were born your mother and father no knew what you know now oh wow it would be hard to imagine the past that my life would have taken if that were the case oh my and I can only imagine myself I could brother I can only imagine one so so we have to put that in context for those who are with me in that we are all we have an exit opportunity that if we so choose we can take what we have learned continue to learn but technically have learned an idea is to use it to benefit ourselves it's not enough just to know it's not enough if we have to it has to become practical that's one things I appreciate about you is it's not just about a lot of giving people the lens through which they can begin to proceed there is to be the manipulation you also give solutions see that that's it it's about the solutions what can we do with this information to empower ourselves and it must transcend space and time we must reach into millennia into the future we have to reach into the future not to simply holding back to the past see the way forward is never in the pan the way forward is to have vision for the future and one of things what my wife and I look very clear we have made so many sacrifices we have made so many commitments that a lot of folk are simply unwilling to make but we recognize that our objective is to drain whole children who will be beacons of light on planet earth and they can carry the information that we will bestow upon them to the next level and then they can be so that upon their own to invent in the process other people this is what it's all about and imagine what kind of impact people who have been raised in a holistic environment in a truly holistically intelligent environment can have when they grow up themselves to begin to spread information and awareness such as this I mean the the impact would completely snowball it would just build and build upon itself and that's what we need that's the service that we really need to do if we're bringing children into the world I know this has been such a huge important part of your work conscious parenting and you know working with people to help them to understand techniques of how to help to raise children so that they can themselves grow up to be conscious adults would you like to speak a bit about all that work that you've been doing yes absolutely and we've had some wonderful radiantly we get some spoken about this the one that comes to mind off the bat is Denise barceló another one is Mary cocoa he came on in spoke a couple days ago there is a need and we can get into spirituality and metaphysics there is a need for this species to come back to the realm of cosmic respectability there and you talk about this there are spiritual laws absolutely yes there are spiritual laws that govern this particular dimensional reality and when you come to understand these spiritual laws you realize that you have as use eloquently stated we have free will but then there are also laws that govern the direction of our experiences here and you gave quite you gave a couple of examples of the fastening to knowledge my I like to say yes we're in a freewill zone but there's no such thing as free will without consequence we choose we make behavior we are you know act and then there are consequences for those behaviors absolutely that that is the consequences and one thing that have happened is that the human species has become so devolved I'm saying collectively and I'm part of this we are all thought don't say like someone less than or someone greater if I'm talking about the speech easy my whole orientation is how do we get this whole species back on track to cosmic respectability this is when you know as a species we come into a level of understanding as to particular spiritual laws and one of the spiritual laws that governs this particular dimensional reality is that we must be responsible for all that we create and so when I say responsible that is absolutely but you are speaking of that there are consequences and we are responsible for what we do and the consequences of what we do now let me tie this to because two children because the greatest greatest creative acted an individual asset as a human being that we can create do on planet earth is to bring forth in other life so therefore if we bring forth another life there is a search a law that says that we must be responsible for that life we must care for that light we must raise that light we must educate that life you must nurture that life we must love that life you must give it we must give to it all that it needs so that it can flourish and become its maximum potential you see the manipulation that we find is what takes away that sense of we're reaching towards our maximum potential it is the maximum potential that we call true ascension on planet Earth we this is going to get back into the realm of cosmic respectability so part of what I'm saying is that when we really look at it that way when we clearly conceived children it is serious business as a matter of fact whenever you create anything it is serious because not only is what you're going to create be something that you must be responsible for but what you create is also going to impact future generations here on planet earth it's going to impact the quality of life on planet or so trucks will sue your your lecture series when you do your radio show this is your creation your creation is manifesting in the physical people are listening to it is impacting human consciousness it is transforming that vibrational field here on planet Earth you are responsible for that's right so see so whatever it is that we create we must be responsible for it and when we talk about conscious parenting which above all else when we have these beautiful beautiful children who are symbolic representations our selves we must be constantly aware of all that we are doing from conception to birth and beyond and guess what ladies in order to come on to that level of understanding this is what we have to do the internal work the person responded am I the best man that I can be am I the best father that I can be can I become greater see these are the critical questions that we have to add the power structure that we find ourselves under it stagnates our progressions in life to such a degree that we don't recognize our true power it's all about externalizing Pouncy that's what this whole system is about it is about externalizing your power so instead of you raising your creation you externalise your power to raise them and educate them and then you hand your child over to the state to be raised within the schools to some instead of feeding your children nutritional foods the system is designed to have you externalize your power so now it's about McDonald's in Burger King see this is the externalization instead of coming into your own spiritual understanding you externalize your spiritual abilities and your spiritual potential to offend you externalize that into a religious institution that tells you what spirituality is it's all about the external instead of you transforming the nature of your reality you external I to a politician expecting them to change Barack Obama to change your reality that's all about externalizing times so when we come whether it's conscious parenting whether it's coming into a level of human consciousness where and you begin to make the choices to empower yourself in the first place you must we all must not externalize our problem see this species is far more profound and powerful than we have been told eternity so we begin to understand this all things I have the saying this this whole power structure when we understand our true power as human beings as spiritual beings when we embrace the spiritual component of ourselves the control network in the power structure it becomes nothing more than a faint mist surrounding a Blazing Sun you are the raising fun all you have to do is shine when you shine that faint mist begins to dissipate and then you shine your light onto the cosmos but we have to get to the point we stop externalizing all power stops seeing ourselves as these being do or lowly who were birthed in sin no we were burnt in love see the transformation of our whole orientation as it relates to the cosmos must take place if we're going to get this species a contract a cosmic respectability very very powerful what what a term cosmic respectability I mean that's ultimately what it all comes down to it has to begin with respect which is taking another look at oneself if we are unwilling to do that we can never truly reclaim our power and reclaim our personal responsibility for that which we create absolutely and you talked about spiritual law this is one of the primary ones so I'm saying this to everyone out there you must be responsible for all that you create and if you're going to be responsible you also have to have a level of understanding prior to creating a thing as to what is the intent of that that you are creating we have to be very clear about this because sometimes we may create things and we may think that it's going to benefit someone else but in actuality it there are consequences it brings a backlash we have to be more consciously aware of what we are bringing onto the planet this includes children doctor many work music etc coming to a level of consciousness to whatever it is that we create it is a conscious choice the system the manipulation has people making decisions not consciously but based upon programs all the subliminal manipulation all of the subconscious program see there is this this biological you to be called human being this is why when you talk about the power structures there are individuals who are very very clear you can call them saint tanks who are very clear as it relates to the psychology of this species yes and they under and the species itself just like all things that materialize in this particular dimensional reality is comprised of two parts that are married together there is a biological component let's learn an honor that you are here who's working here here okay that's mark castle here right that you listening that is your biological component and then there is the spiritual component this spiritual component is where your true power lies and that is where consciousness lies in the first place it is not a material thing it is a several thing the biological component is a physical thing it is married they're not separate they are not in opposition they are part of the whole and strength just like me this particular creation screen design decided to extend itself out into existence it separated itself into masculine and feminine and in separating itself though they were still whole now it could perceive the masculine perception of reality and the feminine perception of reality she goes who manipulate human consciousness they understand these basic principles so part of what has happened to the human species is to deny our awareness when I talk about ruling consciousness we're dealing with the mind of the human being to deny to our mind the awareness of our spiritual component we call that the soul this soul is transcendental it is it is beyond time in space if it's wisdom transcends the normal human experience it goes deep into time where time was no longer was not even present its understanding of the nature of reality is more profound and as simply a biological if we can even begin to conceptualize so let's deny the human species this aspect of their being let's make them go on jury to find out their true power let's make them believe that they are simply biological and that they must become somehow spiritual not realizing that their spiritual in the first place you'll see the manipulation you know if I can people say I want to become more spiritual no you just simply want to know thyself a train when we say I want to become more searcher what we're saying is that we are suffering from spiritual amnesia we do not know the full breadth of ourselves what am I getting at here to make a short story long thank you and speaking just as there is a master in Finland there is the visible and the invisible there is also the biological and the spiritual and it is about bringing into balance both parts of ourselves not just a biological part but also the spiritual component now this directly relates to the consciousness of the human beings the consciousness of the human being is comprised of two parts we're all comprised of at least two parts ladies and gentlemen we are all comprised at these two points we are multi-dimensional this mind of human being there is a higher level of this mind or human consciousness and we can call that conscious awareness and then there is a lower quality here and it's not that it's less than because it's all part of the whole that is the subconscious mind and there's that line in the middle that is the subliminal it is liminal below that limit of liminal is below the normal auditory or visual perception of the human being what has happened is that the vast majority of the human species has been programmed to operate based upon their subconscious programming not based upon their conscious mind the conscious mind is closely associated with spiritual consciousness the subconscious mind is largely associated with our based carnal reality here on planet Earth that's why all the various degrees of manipulation if you already take a look at it it's directed toward causing us to have particular emotional responses that are tied to our lower nature exacting exactly fear it's all about death destruction carnage sex some of the most graphic pain and sexual projections that you can even imagine pornography comes into the picture this is appealing to that basic level in speak of human being see ladies and gentlemen the biological agent we call human being its biological nature is that of an animal the spiritual nature is illumination it is elevation it is transformative the idea is that when you begin to operate based upon your conscious awareness you begin to ascend the workings of the biological entity that we call Huey beam you see this is true spiritual illumination this is what folks had called her in octet or the Sphinx in ancient Egypt or ancient Kimon you have the head of a line in the head of a human being in the body of the line the body the line was the lower nature right of the ecliptic quality of the human being exactly right yes and I know you know this because you probably bit the head means it is it is conscious now it is a human being that is reaching to its higher nature you can even look at the chocolate system going up the same rule apply so what has happened is that most of us we've been manipulated to deal within the scope of our lower nature and when we talk about getting the species back on track of cosmic respective it can't come that way see the espiritual agreement that was made between that which created the human species which was a physical entity in and of itself oh no we want to believe that somehow with this God being out in space that's a whole nother topic for another time it's to his externalization of power in creating this human species on planet Earth there was an understanding that it operated initially as nothing more than an animal that's why most of us we operate just like animals we have these autonomic functions we don't even have to think about we don't have to tell ourselves up heartbeat we don't have to tell ourselves open and close your eyes we don't have to tell ourselves ok greenie well because this is all part of the autonomic nature this is part of our autonomic functioning it's time to our biological or biology our physiologically all of this is encoded within our DNA this dynamic in terms of the human species in terms of it progressing beyond its current it's a condition when it was first created it would not provide for its elevation spiritually so there was and I'm using the symbolically speaking ladies in a spiritual contract which was made if you will we're in now there were spiritual beings that went into contract with the biologically that we called me being that spiritual being is the other half of you ladies and gentlemen this is consciousness itself which does not exist in the earthly domain it is projected from the Asaro through what we call spirit into the material which animates this biological entity so that it can begin to reach beyond its autonomic functioning what has happened is we have been locked into a prison of autonomic functioning how so because we have been programmed to operate based upon our subconscious programming and see that is why all the degrees of manipulation it is designed to impact not your consciousness because your consciousness reaches beyond this domain it is not to manipulate your soul being if you will it does not have the power to do that it is in it is issued so as to manipulate your subconscious mind which is told it which is tied to your animalistic nature so this is to say that in many cases we believe we are making choices conscious choices but it's nothing more that any programming that was was embedded into our subconscious mind until we come into a level of consciousness as it relates to our perception of reality as a human being when we begin to operate based upon our higher mind if you will nothing is going to change see so long as we operate based upon our subconscious programming we will continue to operate as animals see when we talk about cosmic respectability we cannot operate like animals because you're up like animals we're just going to basically be perpetuating what we find here in nature but the great earth mother herself wishes to continue to grow see this is in part why we are here on the planet we're not here to suffer we're not here to create and then abandon our children we're not here to have horrible male-female relations we're not here to be put in fear about the Illuminati and the Freemasons and all this but that's not why we are here we are here to help that with a witch which gave us life in the first place we are here to help to ascend that beam which bestowed upon us life in the first place but we can't do that if we operate like animals because nature works in this way nature functions to maintain nature and is and this is fine however once the that which created something wants to reach beyond that and lets you become something greater we can no longer simply operate within the scope of our natural tendencies as a biological entity this is the say ladies and gentlemen that if you are a human being and you are not consciously aware of what you are doing then you are simply operating like any other animal on planet Earth and this is what the species was doing from the beginning right once coming to a level of conscious awareness now you begin to transform the nature of your engagement on planet Earth now you can begin to make conscious choices now you can begin to do those things that will get this reaching back on track to cosmic respectability and she that um subconscious manipulation programming that uh the Cabal is constantly projecting at us it's all designed for ultimately one purpose and that's to get us to identify with that lower nature which you were speaking of if we are identified with that and we believe it is our perception that that is who we are that is our overarching fundamental worldview then we're going to continue to elicit all of the responses of that lower nature and the conditions that we're going to generate or create in the world are all going to be geared toward an animal existence as opposed to a higher existence and one where we're creating consciously and not experiencing enormous amounts of self-inflicted suffering yeah absolutely and if he and this is one things that I really appreciate you appreciate about you mark is you put it in the terms were in ultimately we materialize the suffering right that is so very true it's not it's not that there's someone else out there who is making anyone else suffer you know if that's not it it's whether or not we accept that base level perception of reality that is being indebted of and to our subconscious money we can either make a choice to accept it or to reject it it really comes down to that it's not that someone else is causing us to suffer right it is based upon our choices that's right and if we make conscious choices well then we would have conscious results if we make unconscious choices and we will suffer we will basically buy into whatever the program is and then we will materialize without even thinking about see that's what the animals do see they run a particular program every single day they've run the same program every one day if we're going to assume the species back into the realm of cosmic respectability we have to sterilize spiritual eyes the biological component y'all son founders dynamic see we think that somehow we got to go find spirituality no you are spiritual eyes the other half of you the objective is to change your orientation to the cosmos you are not just a human being that is subject to all this manipulation you are a conscious being that is far more profound and we have ever been told that is bestowing spirituality unto yourself you bestow that upon yourself is when you come to level of consciousness this means that you make conscious choices now that reaches beyond the autonomic marking of the human being this is a say that there are people who are walking around that are basically operating even if you took away consciousness from the biological entity spiritual consciousness because if you take spiritual consciousness away from the biological entity it will still function Matthew it will reproduce it will still eat it will still do everything they were still breathe was to do all the things that any other animal would do see our responsibility meaning what it means is that we have to connect make the connection it is a spiritual connection between one half of our existence that we have been led to identify with which is being so manipulated over time right make the connection between that half of ourselves in our spiritual self when we do that we can also take it to the next step and say what am i who am i is letting honor this biological if you talk on the talking but what am I I am a cosmic being that is bestowing upon this biological entities spiritual consciousness so this is biologically can begin to reach down on its autonomic function and as it reaches beyond its autonomic functioning it becomes more spiritual eyes it begins to do those things that are in line with that which needs to be done for cosmic respectively that's the true challenge here so powerful I mean I just can feel the energy of what you're see because that's really what this is all about that's the entire way out is to reach down deep into ourselves ask ourselves that ultimate question of who are we and make the connection that you're talking about between the physical aspects of ourselves which are of course important we don't want to abandon that because that's what helps us to have an experience here in this domain but to ultimately go even far deeper and pass that and to make that connection to the spiritual reality of ourselves as cosmic beings and when we do that the entire worldview that we previously held completely changes and as a result we are empowered we step outside of that identification with that lower self and we make that connection that bridge to the higher aspects of the self from there all possibilities become possible and the the program that we were running this lower nature program don't no longer maintains control over the totality of the being now absolutely empty it's been because as you stated this understanding this is what the occult is yes yes is that all it is you know and I mean you you Birkett broken it down you know it just means that it's hidden its secret yes if there are those who would call us a cultists Lenin and while that may be the case we have studied the principles of the occult and occultism in general I like to refer to people like us as do cultists we are taking that which has been hidden from humanity for all too long and revealing it to the light of day so that people can put it into practical applications in their lives and therefore heal themselves and create a better experience in their world and that's what it's all about you know and as you say there's this uh there is this misnomer if you will you've talked about you know etymology and the manipulation of words and how people they might hear one word but it means something totally different yes people have this reaction whenever they hear that River just means secret what is the secret knowledge that has been denied to the human species that will allow the species once understood to begin to move beyond its autonomic functioning in a various degrees of programming much of which is subconscious you know this mr. psychology that's all it comes down to what is the it's psychological warfare what is the secret literally to know and and we can go through I mean there's so many different levels to this if we can get into it when we talk about you know what people were considered to be the occult but fundamental to this is the realization that we are much more powerful than what we have been told you as long as the externalized power we and this is part of what the indoctrination okay you must external eyes your power you go to school and while you're at school you're told what you're what you need to learn you're told when to go to class you're told when to go eat winter go to recess it's externalization the power of whatever the person says that's teaching you you cannot question it you cannot ask any critical questions and then if you get to the school if you like to go into you know a higher education then you got to find the same dynamic play itself you get to get mind controller to the next level and to the next degree as they say so the more degrees you have that just means that you've been indoctrinated further along into the system it's all about externalizing power we go to the church and there's some dude sitting up there on top of the pastor and telling people what spirituality because how is that possible how is it possible if we are infinite beings how's it possible that one person can tell you what spirituality is to you their feet are the secrets it's your work that's your work to do how to discover within yourself absolutely and see it's more empowering see but then what happens is it as soon as someone hears the word of code which something means secret or hidden people start to dig this without know what you're doing is you're reacting it is based upon these subconscious programming it is based upon the manipulation causing the individual to react this way it not realizing that that which is was hidden from them was what they need in order to progress analyzes from full blinding human beings they have a spiritual connection to competence itself that's the secret latent and that is exactly right exactly and that's all the occult is its ancient psychology psychological knowledge that has been hidden from humanity which is really its birthright this knowledge is humanity's birthright and we are simply trying to unveil it to unmask it get out of hiding so the people can grow and prosper as a result of holding that knowledge within themselves yes absolutely absolutely and as you know mark and those in any of anyone out there who've done this kind of work you know that that we get so much resistance from people we can we can try to help people in certain see it's so sincere it's not like we have ulterior what we just want to help the species to continue to spiritually evolve right you see that's that's the whole calling see I have this understanding that this species is here to assist that which created it so that was created it can continue to progress spiritually so in this sense we have to be very careful when we have children our children are there to assist us and growing spiritually did you all know that see we've been told the opposite we've been told children are a burden you know there'd be cost too much you know you know children's are going to take up all your time you're not going to be able to do your life is over other people see things like this about creation itself you know your life is over once you have children what a testimony as to the level of ignorant see this is the this is the antithesis of the secret this is the programming that we have been given this is the total different Parliament of the human being because when you are able to materialize a new version of ourselves we are extending ourselves beyond our space in time as a single human being now we're reaching into future generations and that's what my children all they are me much my daughters they are the feminine representation of me my sons they are the math and representation of me I am moving forward through them in time when I leave this body I will still be here in their form this is the secret but we've been told the opposite we've been told the children you know they're they're just going to take away from your life all these different types of things and it becomes apparent at a certain point whilst their parent not a parent but it becomes a parent at a certain point but the various degrees of manipulation would initialize so that we will deny ourselves of this capacity to reach into the future and impact the future in profound ways I have this understanding that if we can get this species back home on track of cosmic respectability we can begin to serve that which created us and assist that which created us and if spiritual progresses let me say this that which created this biological entity was not some masculine projection of power and domination out there in space somewhere who has a beard that's not what created this human this human species if I ask you people who are listening here to this to get I'm talking about we talk about empower network lenin profound words hold on we're going to take a quick station break for two minutes I'll give you a chance to compose that thought and finish it and we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen with our special guest today on what on earth is happening mr. Lennon honor stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcast and I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening com today my special guest on the show is husband father musician video producer talk-show host personal consultant lecturer and writer mr. Lennon honor and we're going to get right back to Lennon in just a moment I want to give the call-in number for the show because if time permits I'd like to take a few calls for Lennon from the listening audience the call-in number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the guest is Lennon honor if you want to call in with a question for Lennon the call-in number to join us is toll-free eight six six eight four one one zero six five I see we already have a few people on hold in the calling queue so please be patient we'll get to your calls are later on in this second hour of the show Lennon you were talking about that ultimately we're really here on earth and we're serving our Creator through the very expression of our lives and what we create here on earth so would you like to continue with that line of thought yes see thank you so much Margaret thanks again for having me as a traitor absolutely a pleasure to have a guest of your honor and your wisdom here with us today oh thank you so much when we talk about the occult one of the things that has happened in terms of the subjugation of the species is to have the species externalized its power into space somewhere and this is a Pitta mies with what we call - god concept now I have an understanding also that all things exist somewhere I mean even non-existent exist someplace there are things that exist simply in a person's mind but that is real to them and reality is relative in the end in distance it is relative one person can have a particular reality stream going in their life and someone else may have another reality going on and there like one person may be experiencing bliss the other person may be suffering and not know what this is and then there is a collective consensus reality that we abide to so the complexity of it all goes on on and on the part of what I'm saying is that when we externalize our power to some God being out in space and I are saying that it does not exist what we are doing in essence is we are denying our true creator now when I say creator I'm talking about the biological component of ourselves the spiritual component that's a whole nother topic or a whole nother show if I ask anyone who's listening here if I ask you now if I could think about being critically and just use adequate discernment if I actually what created you most people and some people always say most but some people say there was a god being out in space but God being out in States has nothing to do but raiding you and when you do that you deny that creative force that actually created you so it is a form of disrespect unto that which created you see all things that you create are materialized and manifested to help you in your own spiritual progression if they deny you if they say you did not create me then they are no longer serving their purpose they are no longer assisting you in your spiritual progression so we thought about cosmic respectability we have a whole species on planet Earth that was created not by a God being and many of these many of the individuals in this species are externalizing their power to this masculine projection of power and domination just prove out there in space and waiting to judge you at some point you understand this and I'm talking about the base level interpretation that we have especially in religion centric arena when we get into the quote aspect in terms of what's really taking place in the Bible that's a whole nother topic for a whole other time right are they so I'm talking about is I want to make that clear here ask your theology if you will I think I'm talking about the manipulation here so for though y'all want in the know when we talk about the afterlife Theological aspects I understand where you're coming from so please bear with me Hugh and I'm talking about to the vast majority we talk about the manipulation to have people externalize to this mask and being out in space and this mask and being is saying things like you were born in sin and therefore at a certain point I'm going to judge you to see if you get into heaven she would what religio centric of entire view of the creator is all about is that it is in itself a projection of the current conditions of humanity incarnated in that worldview you know we're living in this totally male-dominated society this you know society based on domination and control and that is actually that that vision of God is actually a projection of the current conditions here on earth in people's minds as God absolutely and this is to say that some of you all you are creating your God based upon your mentality you give power to it this is in some of my earlier work to talk about this see you know being has any more power than you do in existence no being does only to the degree that you externalize your power unto it using even a subversive use of symbolism seem like you understand it once you understand the symbolism it no longer impacts you right because you're bringing that out of the subconscious level you know that animalistic level of programming and you're bringing it up into the conscious mind which directly connects with the higher self absolutely profoundly faded you see so when we will be externalize our pound we say that some godly math is being out there created you this is an abomination why I want to I want to ask the question what if ever as a masking being materialized in the physical domain anything of an organic nature it has never the mask and project it cannot and this is okay because it has a complement called the feminine that it works with in order to create in the material when I'm talking about of an organic nature sure we can make a skyscraper sure we can you know make a house we can build so I'm definitely I'm talking about of an organic nature the biological Anthony it is a the violence is a recording and being it is an organic nature whenever in this dimensional reality have a mask and being created anything of an organic nature anything so below as above so below why didn't we expect some mask and being out in space to be able to create something of an organic nature here it cannot be done it is impossible if you as a man can't do it then this God being masculine projecting out of faith can't do it either because the same law applies that nothing in this material realm that is masking can create anything of an organic nature we can go on to the we can go into the laboratory trying to create things but everything that we use as men to create it comes from something else that created it that was of an organic nick that in that which we use is of an organic nature and that was sourced from something else and I asked a critical question what it was its source from this is where it gets deep here nothing of an organic nature exists here on planet Earth irrespective of that which created these things and it was not a massive being out there in space that created that many but we externalize our power to love your soul we are held in such low regards in the cosmos right now just because we have denied that the Creator if I actually what created you you people looking here let me out they got no it was your mother who did it it was your mother who created you who held you and formulated you literally in her womb for nine months gone through the process of creating you putting you together giving you the head giving you the arms giving you the legs in your birth circulatory system giving you the heart she bestowed this upon you not some God it's such a disrespect to that which created you I'm talking about you you human beings it was your mother again will it ever have something that is of a masking quality created anything of a organic nature in this dimension remember but we can say in point of fact that that which is feminine in nature has and continues to create things of an organic nature here on planet Earth if this was not true then you would not exist here right now everyone who's listening here it was your mother your mother creates you open we have to understand this ladies because we're going to get the species back on into cosmic respectability we have to transform our orientation there's no wonder it's not by coincidence that all the various degrees of disrespecting brutality exhibit towards women is symptom this basic principle that we do not realize that that's what Ignis was not announcing being it with a film is being in essence that went into connection with a mass in being an amount of being being the initializer not the creator but the initializer there's a difference between the two so if we can say now that it was your mother that created you and this is logical and you can look at the spirit to the metaphysical muses take a scientific approach with your mother that held you in your room in her being a physical being now we take it to the next level what is it then therefore they created the human species itself and I'm going to tell you all that that would create it the human species is that which gives you air to breathe which gives you water to drink just like your mother did when she brought you up to her breasts to suckle that gives you all of the materials that you need in order to live and then to create things so if you can have a house in a roof over your head understand this ladies and gentlemen when you create when we talk about that basic principle spiritual law that you must be responsible for all that you create your mother is responsible for you every single day by providing with the edges to be the watching the food that you eat the the water that you drink the food shelter all that she provided I'm saying she she does it and what is she she is the great Earth Mother just like the fruit on the tree this species was spawned by the earth when we understand this ladies and gentlemen we began to restructure our whole orientation on planet Earth and instead of projecting the appreciation on to the God being out in space that is waiting to judge you someday and be a brute and it's all about war death and destruction I'm talking about the base level interpretation of things when we talk about the religious centric programming when we come to this understanding and stop externalizing power now we get back on track towards cosmic respectability we are here as a species to grow learn and become more spiritual why because as we spiritual eyes our biological experience here on planet earth we spiritual eyes the nature of the great Earth Mother experience that's why we were created responsible in other words to make a short story long ladies and gentlemen we were not here we didn't come here in sin so that some day we can be judged so therefore we go to heaven to go to hell that's not it I mean come on look at that Santa call come on that's not that is that it's okay that's not why we're here we're simply here to help our mother to spiritually of all that's in coffee and all of the manipulation is designed to get a side track from this all of the manipulations that we've talked about and we go into even more all of it is designed to get us off center so that we are not dealing with our higher nature and higher consciousness this higher nature and higher consciousness allows us to move beyond their autonomic function and therefore we can become more spiritual eyes and as each one of us becomes more spiritual eyes what takes place on planet Earth is the energy field of the earth itself continues to grow in spirituality this is the marriage this is the physical earth and the spiritual domain coming together this is what it's all about the union of the mask infants that you will have a hidden in the scene the union of the biological nature and the spiritual nature the union of the lower nature and the higher nature and yet the union of the earth and her spiritual component when they are brought together she calms it's a wholeness and completion and on that day we will be able to say that we have karma to a level of cosmic respectability absolutely profound you know and ultimately that that cycle at a lower scale of us helping the earth to spiritually evolve and progress has a fractal dynamic on the even wider scale because the earth will help the solar system to progress in the solar system that the galaxies in the galaxy the universe yes yes yes mark you are so well said thank you so much thank you so much you I mean you are so on it's you I've been on shows I've talked about in their people they sit back like okay they've got crazy but you know now I totally understand what you're saying and it's it's profound I'm sitting here like in all and I really I just appreciate that bro you know and see I didn't even have to say that but you know it spins out into the universe it seems it extends out into the omniverse and it mean it just extends out into all the existence and that's why we can't take this life experience a lot more seriously better than if we don't enjoy cuz that's part of it I'm talking about the value of ourselves as human being sake this is we are so powerful we are creating ripples in space and time you're creating ripples into the solar system we're creating ripples into the universe into the Omni birth we are creating ripples that go all the way back to existence with it and miss respond itself out in Kumasi and informat i'll come up we are I mean we you talk about cosmic responsibility there's there's no better way of explaining it than what you just laid out there we are more powerful than we think and we ultimately responsible for more than we even think that we are absolutely after the well fed line Lennon before we go to some callers um would you like to talk about the the books that you have already written and the book that you have are basically in the works and I also want to talk about some of your videos as well and your website but can we start with you giving the listeners a little bit of information about the books that you've already written and the one that you have in writing currently yes absolutely John one of the books in what I'm sorting a lot of information I'm talking about here at this time dealing with spirituality consciousness metaphysics and cosmic respectability all this is outlined with charts and graphs as well in my book deep in the garden of consciousness and this is a book that I was so hesitant to write because there are certain levels of information that we were seeing some information we kind of find along the way and we study the research there's also information that we actually receive from cosmos if you will end when I say cosmos I'm talking about your soul self projecting onto your mind and this is done to what I call bio spiritual interfaces these levels of understanding that is projected through spirit and this spirit is actually the feed by the bowels which interfaces within the biological music all human being and then this is missus a code within our thoughts field we decoded as thought now so a lot of what I talk about and what I've been talking about this is information that stem from this orientation however you can also find validation about all this if you look into what a lot of folks would say here's our code information it's just hidden and it's hidden for a reason and it's out there in the ether just not like anyone no one it's not like you can't access it yourself as a human being it's just a matter of connection to spirit if you will so in this book are outlined on this relationship between the human species and the earth also outline the spiritual significance of our existence here I talk about consciousness also talking about 2012 and ascension all these different concepts that I authorized you know that I've talked about over the years I have it inside of this book it's called deep in the garden of consciousness and I've also written a book for fathers it's kind of writings for the fathers of the world of tomorrow and for the women who love them because as I faded one of the primary spiritual laws that govern this particular dimensional reality is that we must be responsible for all you create and I must say that men we are so very important as it relates to getting a species on track to college of respectability because we are to be the front line of defense of all of the manipulation that is taking place that is our responsibility as a masculine being weak and that's a whole new topic alone at a time I mean I've done I've done so many radio shows on that particular topic and I'm going to be starting back my radio show business of manhood in 2013 to address more of that you can find both of those two books on my website linen or calm just look under products and then there's a link there if it's a books so that's the short wrap-up of those and then I'm now working on a book and I actually had hoped to have it done by September 11th this past year but there are so there's so many things that I've been working on but I plan on having it done before April because that's what I'm going to be coming through your mind at the conference that you're putting together now I skin yes so I will be there in the little gaps in Pennsylvania right Philadelphia yes so I'm going to have it available for that event and this book is dealing with a 9/11 one fear based mind control program and this is a fascinating dynamic it's really getting deep into human psychology in the manipulation of human consciousness in use the use of senior because that's one of the major mechanisms of domination and control I propose that the one to be the most and you talked about this one that's the most powerful means of controlling someone is simply put them upon state of fear and then they externalize their power they look for someone else I mean everyone who goes the vote is because it's out of fear they have a problem that I can't solve their fear they expect someone else to solve it sure there's not some fear based mind control programming it is initialized every single year about four months prior to September 11th and we get particular stories that are issued on the news again this is psychological warfare that are dealing with playing problems bombs explosions Al Queda Osama bin Laden the same type of rhetoric that was presented on September 11 2001 and then you get the images of September 11 you get all of the stuff you know dealing with terrorism and it's done every single year I've been tracking this over time and what has happened and I talk about this is inside the book is that on September 11 2001 as an act of psychological warfare people were traumatized on a subconscious level because most people could not process the event of September 11 2001 in real-time and what happens in terms of human psychology is when we are really experienced a traumatic experience what happens is our subconscious mind kicks in in order to protect our conscious mind from living and experiencing the trauma and that trauma is submerged therefore and let me go through a process of hitting it continues to be submerged and if your psychic self inside of a subconscious monitor you understand all this stuff okay but for those you are listening in so what has happened is that the human speech itself on September 11 2001 it was it was it was given programming that initialized a level of mind control control via fear by putting the global population into an extreme level of fear that initialize the subconscious mind and the whole experience has been submerged within the global populations of conscious mind now what a vision is this is the same technique by which trauma-based mind control and operates except this was done on a mass scale now even perhaps for one of the first times I mean not the first time but in the biggest way in modern times we witnessed a mass trauma-based mind control event absolutely or so on it mark absolutely it's trauma-based mind control it's psychological warfare what happened is that in that most people didn't heal and see until you have clarity after the event you're not going to get to a point of killing the actual trauma itself and see most people we just don't have clarity enough we don't we have and your whole orientation has been so emotional there's a reason why bring up September 11 people are still getting emotional all these years later it's because there is trauma associated with it it is that goes to the submitters embedded within the subconscious mind now what has happened is the manipulators different I mean when we first start off the show they are they have their understanding of this biological entity in the psychology the volatility they got it down to a science what has happened is that in order to reenact the love same levels of fear in and around September 11th every single here is the same type of programming is issued to media and what happens is it functions here we go again the trauma based marketer it functions as a trigger people are triggered on a subconscious level to relive the death and destruction they do it every single year and what does it do it causes people to again relive the fear and then they externalize power all over again this is done every single year since September 11th it is simply the triggering I call it a 9/11 fear based mind control reinstallation program and on my book I outline how this is being done by outline the psychological mechanism and attack various techniques that we use to do this so this was saying that if anyone if you're out there and whenever September 11th comes around you start to feel as if it's September 11 2001 understand that this is because you are in the state of mind control and you have to be you have to have courageous enough to admit that because once you are able to admit it and you realize it now you can go over the process of killing yourself so that you won't be put back into a state of fear that mind control on September 11th that fear-based mind controls it was so profound it was a global phenomena and what better way to subjugate the human species going to give this mass death ritual as a fear-based mind control program submergent within to the goal population subconscious minds where they're not even aware of it and then in order to continue to dominate them because they externalize their power at the event simply trevor in them the trauma it's called triggering the trauma over and over again what happens now therefore as people every single year trip are triggered the trauma is triggered to the externalized power and are maintained its observing position this I've been done September 11 2001 and it shows you that they have to continue to reinforce that manipulation through that triggering technique that you're speaking of in order to keep people in their grip in order to keep them in the throws of manipulation where they want them yes absolutely one of the fascinating dynamics of human psychology that even the mind-control victim if you allow them time in space to where they are operating without being without their mind-control being reinforced right they will normally and naturally begin to break their mind control programming and that is why the programming is initialized over and over again that's right mm-hmm fascinating absolutely spot-on point and not just so great to hear somebody with a profound understanding of what this ritual which is indeed what the events of 9/11 2001 was ultimately all about so uh Lenin would you like to take some calls from our listeners afternoon I love you thanks unlike mark alright great here we go color from the 6:02 area code your vibe what on earth is happening a special guest London on oh hi mark this is Ivan from Phoenix when Ivan waffled thanks and lemon nice to hear you on the show I'll be seeing you in April I'll be going to Philadelphia for the conference oh great I mean you know think we're in this city always seems to pop up now that I'm aware of it because a week ago I came across this book by Ken named the most dangerous book in the world 9/11 as a mass ritual and here you are just as I call in talking about 9/11 being a mass ritual yes so all this information that's out there I it's starting to take some get some traction because like I said you're talking about it there's another book that came out about it mark patios talking about it and now learning this language I kind of can see the numerology and the geometry about it and it's pretty scary things that are about us all the time trying to talk to us you know but nobody's really listening and the ones who are listening nobody's listening to them so I really appreciate a the work that you're doing and Mark is doing and a few others outfits try and wake people up as to the world that we're actually living in so thank you so much and having said that that puts me kind of like in our interesting situation because having this information now the Met book that I mentioned predicts upcoming events for Christmas in Phoenix Arizona which is where I'm at and now that animalistic instinct tri stic again telling me get out of Phoenix for Christmas but then the awakened part or the spiritual part tells me no you be responsible and start speaking this spreaded not like a madman but point people to the information and maybe prevent it instead of you know like I said just running and hiding and then oh it did happen the information was right kind of thing yes and I know that I'm sorry I go here knowing and not yeah I know that something Marcus talked about many times about knowing and not doing is not to not know or not to care so this is kind of like I guess my test now and whoever else is you know let this book and just you know like okay this guy's crazy you know but if the informations there investigated and you know bring it to other's attention you like me to comment on that sure you go right right ahead I'm gonna I'm gonna meet you up for a minute and get on Lennon's response to that yeah yeah and first I want to say thank you for a synchronicity that is some serious stuff there because it happens it's a once we when we work on a particular area of our lives if we're working on our mental condition you will find that individuals will come into your life who resonate on that level whatever level you are on and as you progress and I have the thing that is that there are forces in the universe that will help you as long as you're in the process of working on you they will work with you as you are working on yourself so this happens all the time it is good that we are all completely aware because it shows that there's more going on on planet earth and justice human experience but I want to say this that there is a lot of information out there and I've talked a lot about this I call it fear based mind control program thus trauma-based mind control bristling it in love with mind control but there's fear one is something that's probably and I've quite a bit and one of the things that I coined and I stick to it at that time always tells the truth if you have heard me say it's a long time the time will always tell the truth and one of the things that happens is war instead of fear the anxiety and we're running and we don't necessarily think okay let me be patient and then you see what happens and this to say that if someone proposes something to you and says that on this date something is going to happen we can do it now for 2012 December 21st etc whatever you want you know you can use so many different examples we're going to get the double witnesses in 1913 I believe others 1915 and projections and all these these they were being fake are coated with saying all the stuff it's on this date Sutton's been women it puts people now in a state of fear and for some of us we hold on to that and we're not patient enough and you don't allow time to tell the truth and when time tells us we ignore the truth and then we fall back into the next fear based upon control program for instance those are programming in dealing with the Olympics were in people were expecting some terrorist attack and bombs explosions and al-qaeda attacks and etc a lot of people inside of us they fear well this is no difference in that 9/11 Turbots mind control programming with the exception that it's not a globalized ritual it is more individualistic but it's still impacting human consciousness and the reason I'm saying is is that at some point this species you have to stop living in fear now we have to stop living in fear and we have to be willing to take a step back and relax up another one of my sayings but if someone says it's something horrible is going to happen in hurricane irene is going to kill billions of people as if billions of people live on the east coast or if Hurricane Ike the same program was issued a couple of years ago it's repetitive you need to put things out and books are written to put people in the state of fear or they don't you know there's going to be this new age of Ascension coming up here short think so time always tells the truth these types of things that say over and over again and I'm not saying that we should not be aware of what people are proposing what I am saying is that we have to the intellectual fortitude to be patient enough and then also to have a level discernment so that when time tells the truth on this individual or on the media or whoever or on this book or on this author that we can say you know what this individual was wrong and in some cases this individual lied to me with malice intensity if you put a person in fear this is a form of what is the best term I can use without being too strong if you put someone in fear if this is a form of psychological assault emotional assault so I'm very clear about this that I you know there is nothing out there that puts me in fear you know and this doesn't mean that I have not been because I was always fearful apart but in in shape-shifted I was fearful of you know fema death camps occur but when you get to a certain point you have to act depression time always does work time till the truthfulness and time and time again time has told the truth and when you get to that level of awareness when the next program calms you can have a level of the sermon just because someone says if something horrible is going to happen does it mean that it's going to happen sometimes horrible things happen because people believe them into existence if we change our mentality we say you know what okay there may be change something horrible is going to happen but I'm going to use my conscious awareness coming to a level of spiritual spiritual responsibility comes with of cosmic respectability and I'm going to materialize the opposite see there are a lot of things that are transpiring on the earth that are transpiring because we are thinking on particular levels and this fear gets us thinking on those levels and if we didn't think on those of these things would not materialize so I'm saying this just to be clear I'm not saying that nothing is going to happen in Arizona but I want you to be clear time will tell the truth and if nothing happens you got to be clear about that and then when someone else proposes that there's going to be the doomsday experience taking place you can say wait I've heard this before see one of the dynamics that takes place not all saying about anything that the caller is in the state of mind control on just I am using this as an example individuals who are in a state of mind control lose track of time if you want look at trauma-based mind control programs one do with 911 fear-based mind control that's why it was September 11 people think that it's September 11 2001 they still have the same reactions that they had on September 11 2001 even though we're 11 years later they've lost track of time what better way to keep continuous subjective species then they have massive amounts of people lost in time you can't progress when you're stuck in the past you can't progress as a species you can't come into a level of common respectability so to make a short story long I'm going to say dear brother just be patient and the time tell the truth and if when time tells the truth when that day passes because some people right now they're very antsy about you know this 2012 and age of Ascension coming up here shortly once it passes act yourself that I believe in something that was not true and then act the net take the next step insane was this that would propose what it proposed with malice intent and if oath and malice intent and you have an active vertical question about the individual promoted it and then if need be you have to stop looking into that in the person's information why because if you are put inside of fate of fear if any information put you inside of the state of fear then understand that your spirituality has been compromised if we have to have courage and part of what we have to do is to purify our information stream anyone that is put you in front of a state of fear whether it's this alternative information or that may see it's no difference if you go on to eternal FoxNews it's all fear-based mind control programming in the alternative news to a great degree it's all fear-based mind control program I'm not saying do not look into it what I am saying is make sure that you allow time to tell the truth and once you learn the lesson that time tells you use that to empower yourself and move beyond that paradigm excellent response Lennon so let's go to another call area code two six seven you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi Mark and that lament great show ladies and gentlemen Jay Parker one of the speakers are coming up how for for your mind to hear in Philadelphia in 2013 Jay welcome to the show great to hear you Trina discussing these very important concepts and we're going to be hearing more and more about individual responsibility and how we broadcast into the field and a fattie travel and we will learn of drinking where we shelf in power and they realize that the art world dog system it's just simply a non control disempowerment and I'm looking forward to the conference with bated breath definitely learning your response yeah and that is so important what you said about taking things to the next level when it becomes about personal responsibility and mark I'm sure you're aware of this you probably have this experiencing when we get into the alternative information and there is a there is a progression you know it starts from birth really it's not like you know all of a sudden you start to realize something's wrong with the world's really it's the progression that we take throughout our lives I never at the time when I was under so much fear I mean I was and while I was in that fear I was externalizing power Moreno loominatee did it it was the reptilian changsha's thats why I can't succeed you know it was you know it was harm someone turned on harp and that's why it's not raining today I mean I was so I was externalizing power to such a great degree and I was not productive during that time I was so fearful but I just want people understand that even if you're at that point and it's just part of the process and it's okay it's okay and don't get just don't get stuck there because a lot of people wherever we always see for instance 10 years from now mark will be on a level that is that it you mean he's already profound but in 10 years now you know oh wow can you believe this Frankie let me ten years now I'm going to addressing too because the idea that it's all about reaching to a greater height you know every program and all of this deals with coming to a level of personal responsibility I think that now on planet Earth this is the most important thing for us as a species to come in to a level of personal responsibility that's exactly right I was actually going to ask you what you think is the number one solution the most important thing and I guess you just answered it before I even asked the question it's all about individual personal responsibility and the choices that we make and in the behaviors that we choose absolutely and you said the same thing thought yes yes I just wanted to add one thing you guys touch upon this that when I realized that I came from Illuminati family 12 yoga the first things I did was i forbade my father to have any contact with me whatsoever because I realized that he was rebooting the mind control program mm-hmm all I have to say is if you have any kind of situation in your life where your and this could be a personal relationship a business relationship or a religious relationship there you in your core are unhappy you need to get away from the nipple action you need to take a step back and be your own person make your own decisions find out who you are know thyself and one of the things I went through the worst torture and trauma that you can go through as a child and it's all yea murderous fear-based agony but now that I know truth I feel welcome mmm that's right that's it and that knowledge will also grant us a layer of protection to continue to do our work and to get the truth out there for other people that fearlessness is such an important aspect of doing this kind of work you can't be worried about what might happen what you know somebody might do to you that getting the truth out there is has become the purpose for what we're doing and in accepting that role and accepting that purpose and that work I personally believe that there is a layer of protection that is granted to us by the cosmos itself absolutely absolutely well fair I'd like to also add one other aspect since we were talking about personal responsibility and you know connection with fear that maybe being injected by people who want us to uh you know go into a shot-down mode of consciousness based on what might be coming or what might not be coming hand-in-hand with that we also have to look at certain individuals and certain you know lines of information that deal with the the polar opposite of like bad things and cataclysms and catastrophes happening we need to look at people who are talking about um you know cosmic help coming to us in the form of you know other beings you know that are going to just basically come down and rescue us you know from the situation that we have created ourselves and you know take us into their protection you know and basically we get off the hook without really having to do any deep work or introspection upon ourselves I think that's almost equally as dangerous to buy into as some of the really you know destructive or or cataclysmic prophecies that we hear so much about yes absolutely and it is no different in essence in terms of the program because it also causes people to external eyes power no one's coming to save any of us ladies and gentlemen and if you think that there's some offworld being that's going to save you that's not you in the first place then you have been dismissed mislaid in other words you have suffered from a level of spiritual amnesia because you are in essence it's the other component of you you are that spiritual dynamic that has the power to influence consciousness here on planet earth there's nothing being out there that means materialize them you know being out on another planet or the group of you know solar beings there's no that's not it at all and one of the things that has happened especially as we get closer to this horrible mm of the agent web you know what suspension etc and spiritual lumination is that this program has caused people to really shut down their efforts to do the personal work they're simply waiting on the day I call it date based ascension right and it's give a paradox in essence and the reason lies the paradox is because consciousness itself does not exist as a physical thing it can materialize through the work that we do physically but consciousness itself is not a physical thing it isn't a zero thing this in the ethereal realm there is no time so today we get to the point and it's just take a lot extreme I think its before we take that somehow at a particular day or a particular date that content is going to be illuminated all of a sudden it's a paradox because constant itself transcend space and time the people understand this I mean it's I mean it's basic logic you not associated with time we have to do the work we can't simply write on a date based ascension no we have to do the work so one thing that has happened with a lot of this portal called spiritual information now series and it's called people to get complacent and simply wait and if they expect someone else to save them or a rainy day they wait for the date and all of a sudden all the problems are solved they're gonna send into the 4th 5th 6th 7th minute for some sort of a biological purgatory everyone else who does not assess and and read and I'm just thinking to myself what if you have children if you have children and you were sending your children don't listen then what does that mean I mean there's so many different ways of looking at this so in other words it can be it can be problematic when we begin to externalize our power that is based on what I call and I hope it's not a too strong of a term sooo those spiritual concepts because spirituality is not about externalizing your power and expecting someone to come saying gee that's not good spirituality is recognizing it you are spirit in the first place and that if there is anyone that is going to say - it is you you can look at it at the biological component of you or that still biological component is married to your spiritual component so in other words stop projecting your own spiritual consciousness out into someone else out there in space and waiting for them to come to save you save yourself how do you save yourself you save yourself like the caller said know thyself know that you are just not biological that you are spiritual - and it has nothing to do with time 2012 has nothing to do with the Ascension Ascension and comic respectability have to do with what are you willing to do here on planet earth to uplift this spiritual spherical species so that it can be spiritual life and it can come back to the realm of cosmic respectability and once it does that it can contribute to that which created the great Earth Mother that's what spirituality is it's not from being out there in space that coming - thank you that's exactly right London that is just so profound I could not agree more that is that is perfect Jay did you have anything else for us today well that's one guys and uh that's a walk in that all your endeavors oh absolutely like love to you okay great calls so far let's take another call Richard from Washington you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Lenin honor welcome yeah great show great show my problem is I'm a generation earlier I was late seventies early 80s I also delivered for my four kids in the middle of nowhere Oregon by myself and you know you go through cycles that's what what I wanted to interject the the path for spiritual development is not linear its cyclical and we have to learn from that and as a generation ahead I've already gone the same path you were and explored it just like you're exploring it now you have to understand that you then go on the downward side of the cycle have you read genesis of the cosmos no no no I have let you know him I would recommend that book highly and there's another book called the parable of the tribes by Andrew schmuck ler that would be another excellent read but what you find when you get to my grand old age that I have a lot of what we think is truth is really brainwashing how they keep you in fear one of the primary ways and I know Mark doesn't want to acknowledge this is by feeding its vegetation that makes us dependent on fermentation and sugar and that gets us addicted to the fear scenario the sympathetic nervous system if you study the body chemistry and you don't have to kill animals to use their their benefits you can ferment you can you drink tea through you can partake up the eggs or the chicken you can do a lot of things to get the carnivores perspective I'm actually I'm actually vegetarian not a vegan so I do partake in dairy products and you have to understand everything cyclical so you want to eat the vegetation during the day when you're in sympathetic automatically and then at night you only want proteins and fats and support that digestive capability that you as a carnivore have to experience to regenerate in the parasympathetic system you guys are right on top of it but like I said it's a cyclical thing and you guys are going to get old just like I did and you'll find some of the things you were talking about when you were younger have to be really down cycle the catabolic state of our life but keep up the good work enjoy the show as always and and you know great presentation Rick thank you Lennon your response oh no I have no good fun okay let's go to Nathan in Arizona Nathan you are live on what on earth is happening with our special guest today Lennon on or welcome oh gosh hi guys there today well not here not here in Phoenix at Nathan and I've had some weird dreams happen in my life and you know when I hear about things playing towards you know Phoenix Arizona and growing up that's definitely you know next new you know scared initially but I think everything's looking like we're going to stay here and continue what our plan and you know what we made it well what we decided to do and we're going to worry you're going to do this I just you know we're definitely going run through it though because there has been some weird weird things that have happened and that's just you know the things that I'm battling with and I got so many videos that was in the Valley of Phoenix that's a lot of curveball so if anything I would just say if you have family at Lawrence or something like that you know maybe spend Christmas with more perfect because you know I mean why not be safe in a certain situation like that you mentioned the Olympics and the ceremony it getting you know Phoenix went up in flames and I think I was one of the things that this can't going the points out and then but the it's all good I think think we'll just pick it out and and continue on right you've got a lot of plans the next two months with ground up here so you know we'll have to take that risk education and be replace definitely yeah I think it's a time of action no matter what and and that's that's what I'm going to finally do in my life is see and follow through with what I'm trying to get people to talk about and yeah it just initiates things to like you guys you're talking about it's so hard only actually doing something when you when you know you've got the planet definitely and not going to tuck tail and run all right I don't know I feel I just wanted to put that out there that you know you have to relax you do have to you know make sure you see the whole picture first before you you just react you have to respond and that my actual responsibility so I'll leave it at that and taking for those wonderful conversation kids and putting out into the air absolutely thank you letting your response same thing I said earlier of time always tells the truth and we have to keep that in mind I'll use a quick example I remember here in United States of America and California when the Fukushima power plant it was a disruption there and there were people here who were in such a level of fear that it was staggering and they believed that there was going to be a nuclear fallout here somehow the radiation was going to come over to see and that means that people are going to die and on the news of course there were a different I guess you can say solutions and one was to make sure that you lost your car because you get all of the radiation off in the car and then you can drive to work and there were people out here in California who were washing their cars trying to wash off radiation expecting some doomsday catastrophe none of it was logical and in the end time told the truth so we got to just be clear about that once you learn that lesson then the next time the fear-based mind-control program comes along you can simply make the conscious choice not to engage it's not to succumb to fear right it's just like the the paranoia about a possible radiologic attack and people going out and buying plastic rolls of plastic and duct tape to try to insulate their house from you know fallout and things like that hey or hiding under the table that was the plan the nuclear bomb just hide under your it's a nuclear bomb yeah tuck and roll you'll be fine Syme always felt icky let alone I wanted to one of the things I really didn't ask you much about and that I wanted to get your take on and find out how you got involved in what you do was your music now you said you grew up in a family that um really expose you to music and you kind of grew up in a musical environment but can you tell me a little bit about the specific kind of music that you yourself have composed and written and put out there into the world how what kind of style is it maybe some of the influences yes yes in there's different kinds because I've done a vocal music that was more in line with I guess you can say someone like Stevie Wonder ah those type of that type of the found so more recently it's feeling more you know like the title in Orlando the ancient one soul vision it's doing more with a more meditative spiritual quality and tapping into consciousness if you will so there's been progressing over time and I play so many different styles of music and one of the ones that I study for price sometimes was what we would call traditional jazz people like Miles Davis John Coltrane Charles Parker I go on and on but these days when I do engage the music it is more dealing with consciousness and that's probably where you know once I began to pick me back up and deal with it even more and I having over the last four years it was the music will probably still be in line with that because ultimately I have a sense that in order to help people we're going to help people musically than the vibrations the vibrational quality of what we produce has to be in cosmic alignment and therefore there are particular styles of music that can tap into that cosmic Lamarck alignment and then as you know there are also particular styles and downloads of music that are the antithesis of that cosmic line exactly not what instruments do you play my main instrument is flute that's what I studied as a child and in college and I also play other instruments like piano saxophone and I know the fundamentals of a lot of other instruments not cause you know at school that private private music schools etc but my main instrument is the foot fantastic yeah I actually played in two bands in my you know earlier years and I was always a vocalist the frontman in the band uh so I think of in many ways you know the performance art doing music kind of prepared me in a lot of ways to be out and you know speaking in front of people you know getting over fear of being in front of large groups etc and always using the voice has been the central focus and theme throughout my life yeah yeah and it does and I just go to show you that everything is in perfect alignment there is a cosmic order and we make choices like you said in the beginning and there are consequences and every choice we make even though they some of them may not be the best choice they always fall back in line so you know for me as a musician a lot of what I learned as a position especially after the lake the sound and vibration I have tooken spiritual experiences by law performing and spirituals by while practicing and you look back later on in life and you look at your experiences as a musician or to whatever capacity whatever image whatever an individual has gone through you realize if everything was there for a purpose and it all leads up to where you're at now and the idea is can you take where you're at now and move it to the next level thats right and I'm going to say this that regardless of what one may believe that each and every one of us we never have to come down we never have to descend and we never have to simply give up and say I'm going to succumb to the mind control programming I'm going to companies to come to the fears okay no you don't have to do that this is the say that we can always be on a continuous progression toward our highest high it is a choice in a matter of mentality and if there was one thing that I can just throw up on everyone just recognize that wherever you are at right now you can become something greater and it is a matter of your mentality it is a matter of your focus it is a matter of your motivation if you wish to move this up beyond zircon Paragon you never have to go back you never have to come down you never have to give up you can move and continue to move to higher and higher heights this is what this planet means right now no stagnation right stagnation there are cycles that tap into new cycles and those cycles tap into new cycles and into new cycle the Napalm cycles running to different in Italy because it's not a circle it's a spiral yeah up and up and up and if you look at it from the perspective of overhead you might be looking at it as if it's you're going around and round and around but really you're going around and up simultaneously in a spiral direction it is all creation extends itself nothing in a cycle but in a spiral either England or outward the inward being the feminine the outward being the mass and bringing the two together you got completion and you can ascend and definitely it is about the balance ladies and gentlemen be it be clear about that thank you so much for saying that too long she left us all into perspective we have to be clear about these spiritual walls and understand that as a species we can continue to progress and there is no need to backtrack it is a progression as you said so eloquently and in the word progression there's progress yeah thank you so Lenin arm we're coming down to the end of the show we have about two and a half minutes left I want to give you the floor for the end of the show please give the listeners any information about radio shows that you do give them your website what they can expect to find on that site and now the floor is yours until the end of the show okay they can get them you can go to my website Renan on comm and on there that's all of my more recent work we have radio shows lined up there I have radio leave you get everything on Friday 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Saturdays we also have rate of you get on a case and there's a calendar on intercom but I just started yesterday initial titled metamorphosis transforming our perception or our vision of male-female relationships on Sundays my wife and I we do a live video stream at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on linen I'm calm you talk about male-female relationships raising chosen family love etc come join us today we're going to be having a very special show today because it happens to be my birthday and I want to say this mark I cannot think of any other experience right now in my life at 37 years old then to spend two hours on my birthday with you I am so I'm saying laughs I did not even know that I've ever surprise happy birthday in my friendship thank you and last year I was on my birthday and he did not know overall in a cult science radio but the curtain I was on his show you think are the status yes is beautiful so I just want to say this I don't want to say anything else and promote anything else thank you so much more it has been an absolute honor to spend this time with you I appreciate you and I have so much respect to you and what you're doing and I'm going to continue to support you and I will see you in Philadelphia next year at the free your mind to conference ladies and gentlemen you've been listening to a phenomenal interview with a profound individual with lots of wisdom to share mr. Lennon honor Lennon thank you so much for being on the radio show and sharing your profound insights with us today oh my pleasure better much luck to you take care absolutely ladies and gentlemen there he goes Lenin honor and that brings us to the end of this edition of what on earth is happening cosmic respectability keep that term in mind that's what it's all about you've been listening to what on earth is happening we'll see you right here next week folks take care [Music]