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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday December 2nd 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's for 2 p.m. Central Time we have a good show lined up for you here today we are going to be getting into a discussion on human psychopathy today on the show what is a psychopath what is psychopathy what are the kinds of psychopathy what are the characteristics of a true psychopath what are the defenses against a psychopath and I want to open up the phone's later to talk about a dynamic that many people are loath to begin to talk about at what point do you have to physically deal with a psychopath I want to ask a question and open up the phones today for the listenership to ask were the actions of the people who actually founded this country and had to physically beat back the British had to physically take action against what was oppression against their natural inherent human rights was their actions what they felt they needed to do and then ultimately did an act of hate or was that an act of love that's coming up on what on earth is happening today I want to give the call in lines right at the beginning of the show so people can get in the queue to take calls the call-in number to join us on what on earth is happening is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the toll-free number to join us is eight six six eight four one one zero six five we're going to be talking about human psychopathy and about when it is time to lay down trying to convince somebody and pick up arms against an oppressor so I have a couple of quick event announcements and thanks to give out here at the beginning of the show I want to thank Frater ex for coming over and hanging with me the fermion barb for the weekend and attending the truth freedom prosperity documentary night he led the discussion for that evening that just passed this past Thursday and for attending in person the for your mine organizational meeting for your mind to organizational meaning that we just had this weekend so thanks to fray directs and I want to thank Christopher Gordon who made a great for your mind to promotional video for the free your mind to conference and people can see that on YouTube by simply typing in for your mind to conference and they can watch that promo video oh I will probably be linking it up on the for your mind to conference webpage as well this week I was on the uk-based radio show called outside the box with the host Kate of Gaia and Tony Zee that this is on the freedom reigns radio network out of the United Kingdom and I was on this program on November 28th the mp3 of the audio the podcast can be found in my news section at what on earth is happening calm so I want to thank Kate and Tony for bringing me on to their fine program the free your mind to conference ladies and gentlemen coming up here in Philadelphia April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 it's coming at us very quickly a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house in Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street and the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. de featured speakers we now have the final confirmed the lineup of 24 speakers Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr dream freighter ex Freeman Yann Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Marais just confirmed this week mono Davina of the Divine Han Ensemble will actually be speaking at the freer mine conference he's going to give a talk on noetic sciences myself Marc passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonya Barrett rounding out the lineup of 24 speakers over this impressive three-day event coming up here in Philadelphia in late April of 2013 advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference and concert featuring the divine hand ensemble $30 I'm sorry for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet and greet and concert featuring the divine hand ensemble $20 the concert is actually going to be offered as a separate event for those who don't even have a conference ticket at all for only $10 at the door so that that event will actually be open to the public as well the concert at the end of Thursday evening 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everyone who has made a contribution to that goal okay so that having been said the topic the main topic of discussion for today is going to be psychopathy we want to talk about what it is and we want to talk about the types of psychopathy that exist now the first thing I want to get out of the way here is I'm doing this show because I have brought up the concept the idea that there are many people who are completely resistant and are in psychological denial about the condition known as psychopathy now this condition is now euphemized and has been termed sociopathy by medical professionals and healthcare professionals and mental health professionals I feel that that's a softening of the term they're basically the same condition and sociopathy is simply a euphemism for the term psychopathy some people say it more accurately describes the condition because it is someone who is basically breaking down the fabric of all of society and it's a sociological pathological condition while that is true I think it far too much D emphasizes the psyche aspect this disease because the biggest problem of human psychopathy is not the first type which we will be talking about primary psychopathy the biggest problem is secondary psychopathy and as we make the distinguishment between these two different conditions you will understand why the bitten far larger problem in society is secondary psychopathy now the denialists about this condition people who want to try to put their head in the sand like a good New Age little boy or little girl and stay in their condition of childish naivete they don't want to believe that this condition exists at all they don't want to believe that there is such a thing as primary psychopathy that there is an inherent condition in humanity that is with us called primary psychopathy and that exists from birth this is too horrific for people to comprehend and it's horrific for a number of reasons which we're going to get to on the show namely because of the implications of that fact see the implications that it forces one to look at and to recognize and to struggle with are far too uncomfortable for most people to deal with so they'd rather put their head in the sand and pretend like it doesn't exist and this is arguably more atrocious than the condition itself that the level of psychological denial that people are in that there is a different if you will species with us on this planet than just what we consider regular human beings because regular human beings have a capacity to experience human emotion unlike a psychopath that is part of a great part of what makes us truly human being able to feel being able to express emotion being able to actually feel in the physiology as we take action the repercussion of that action that we take with or upon someone else a psychopath does not have that capability let me re-emphasize that it's not that a psychopath has num that a true psychopath has num that capability out of themselves and is just suppressed it's not there and never was there we're talking about primary psychopathy primary psychopathy differs from secondary psychopathy in that the conditions the characteristics are there from birth and are not generated by any conditional factors it has nothing to do with environment it has nothing to do with a worldview it has nothing to do with how they were brought up by their parents it has nothing to do with the influences that they were around a primary psychopath is born with an amputated capability namely the ability to feel for others they cannot feel they cannot empathize with others that ability is not present at all and this is because of a degradation in the brain it is actual brain damage and I this is one of the reasons I find it so difficult for people to believe that certain people can be born with brain damage I mean different brain damage conditions happen at birth this happens all the time maybe conditions in the womb contribute to the malformation of certain characteristics of the brain now what one thing I want to emphasize is I'm not a neuroscientist nor am i a medical doctor but the whole point is that I have put a great deal of study into the condition of psychopathy and even more so than that I have really truly sat down and wrestled with the question of why it exists at all why is it here why does this exist and those implications are why most people want to run away from this issue and don't want to talk about it they don't want to truly understand that humanity is not here alone we're here with a different form of animal than us something that is far less than human they see themselves as greater than human because they look at the conscience as any kind of a moral code as being something that holds them back from doing what they really want to do in life no matter who it hurts but the truly discerning and that those who truly have some wisdom will recognize that a primary psychopath is something that has something that is there something that is far less than a true human being they have an amputated capability that a true human possesses and the psychopath lacks it's like being born primary psychopathy is like being born without arms okay the the capability to manipulate objects with hands isn't there because you don't have hands that's it it doesn't matter how much you want to develop it it doesn't matter you know who could show you you know how to have dexterity with the hands you don't have that physiological mechanism to engage that task at all so a secondary psychopath is completely different than a primary psychopath the characteristics which were going to list in a few moments are the same but they were created over time they weren't born like that secondary psychopathy means you weren't born like that you have the physiological mechanism to experience emotion but it has been numbed out through trauma through abuse through conditioning through a poisoned worldview so we have to understand that there are two types of psychopathy primary and secondary and let's just look at the word psychopathy so we even get a clearer definition of what it is so 'kathy okay psych gay in Greek means the mind and one of the things I want to also tell people is I didn't prepare slides for today's show I want to get people really to look at the the ideas here the concepts to really deeply understand without absolutely any distraction perhaps I will add some slides for this show in the future and put them on the podcast to just break down some words and things like that and maybe point out the areas of the brain again to people we've covered that extensively on the show but you know perhaps I'll make a slider or two or three just to as a review to go with the podcast but to go back to what I was talking about secondary psychopathy is a created condition created by the conditioning factors the environmental factors that the person has undergone in their life worldview impression about circumstances that of an events that have taken place to them in their life that are that have colored their conditions but again what we're talking about here is if we look at it from the word an etymological point of view the word psychopathy means sickness of the psyche or sickness of the mind this is a mental condition the the word psyche in Greek means mind and pathos in Greek that's this is the word that we get pathological or pathology from illness sickness okay a depression of the mind something that has suppressed the true self the higher self and this is what a great deal of humanity is actually suffering from the condition of secondary psychopathy the numbers of secondary Psychopaths are far far far greater far in excess of primary Psychopaths primary Psychopaths the number is debated amongst clinical psychologists and clinical psychiatrists you know the number is numbers different numbers are kicked around and some of them will push the number as high as up to four percent of the human population which I've always felt is drastically overinflated drastically I don't feel that the number of primary or in other words born Psychopaths and yes there is such a thing as a born psychopath I don't put that number as anything higher than 1% and that's a guesstimation what I would call well-educated guests but nonetheless I wouldn't say it's definitively that number but I would think it's something less than that I think if it's point five percent that that's a lot and you know different people will argue the number I don't think the number is what is important I think the understanding of the difference between a primary and secondary psychopath is very important and I think the character understanding the characteristics of a psychopath to know what we're dealing with you have to understand what the enemy is and yes there is an enemy the New Age movement when they want to tell you that these people are not the enemy of humanity are are frauds and charlatans quite frankly real simply that's what these people are these New Agers who want to tell you that oh no no that they're just ill they're not that's you know that has nothing to do with the problem humanity is experiencing they don't want to admit these people are in control of humanity they're running all of the social institutions that humanity believes in and continues to support and prop up and they're at the highest levels of all of them primary Psychopaths are and they have their hoard of secondary Psychopaths doing bidding and people are still in denial of this condition and so totally ignorant of it excuse me they're ignorant of it let's get the pronunciation of that word right I'm going to stop saying using the pronunciation ignorant and and totally conditioned myself to constantly saying they are ignorant because of the emphasis of ignore the population who would say oh we don't want bad conditions here amongst humanity you know we want to prosper we want to thrive you know we want to have true freedom etc these are the very people who are ignorant of the actual condition that exists in their midst they don't want to look at it because it makes them uncomfortable oh we don't want to look at the negative god forbid you might learn something and you might be able to come up with a strategy to protect yourself and you might know when it's time to actually physically rebel against captors that have no right to do what they're doing so let's look at what a psychopath actually is what is this condition what is this sickness of the mind that we're talking about this illness this mental illness that unfortunately while I don't want it to be the case that's irrelevant what I want to be all of our suffering is generated from us refusing to accept that which is and then dealing with it it doesn't matter what I want of course I don't want psychopathy to exist but it does it is real it does exist in the world and being ignorant of that fact isn't going to change the conditions that are being perpetuated by the Psychopaths of this world because they are the enemy of humanity and this evil does exist here it is real and yes it is evil because and that's why people want to ignore it they want to ignore it because they would have to wrestle with the one overarching all-powerful question called why that's the question they don't want to look at that's the question they don't want to deal with they don't want to look at the why because if you start wrestling with that question you open up a huge can of worms and it will extend into the things we're going to start getting into here on what on earth is happening that question of why does this condition exist here with humanity at all and we're going to enter some speculative realms in future shows you know maybe I'll have to temporarily call the show what on earth Maeve Airy well be happening because none of us have definitive proof about some of the speculations we may cover in the future on free on future shows here up to this point I've dealt with facts things that I can confirm definitively do exist and are happening here on earth but when it comes to psychopathy we're talking about something that has wit been with us since time immemorial prehistory the ancient past the dawn of human antiquity and a lot of that knowledge of what happened during that time period is lost to humanity because of different cataclysmic events and deliberate purging --zz of information that have occurred in the ancient past so we need to get out of our ignorant when it comes to this condition everyone should understand this condition and its characteristics and everyone should also have an understanding that you have a right a natural inherent right to defend yourself talking even about the lowercase s self in this instance your physical self from the influence of Psychopaths and how they want to manipulate society you have an inherent right to physically defend yourself against these animals because that's what they are a psychopath is not really a human being a psychopath has all of the characteristics as we're going to list here as an animal in their behavior they are no different than any animal any vicious brutal animal that may attack you in the wild so for all intents and purposes they are not human beings try to rationalize that however you wish you can go and do all the kinds of mental gymnastics that you want to just try to see these people as sick ok now the secondary psychopath is is sick they can be reformed and we have to continuously make this distinction there are those that can be helped and then there are those who are simply come into the world broken there is a tiny fraction of people that are born like that now if you didn't have the in their influence if you didn't have people allowing them to grow up and not isolating them not containing their influence right if there were so many people that would be willing to contain their influence because they knew about this condition and they were on guard on vigilance and defending against it then then these people wouldn't be such a problem they would be negligible because they would be telling people hey do my bidding do this do this do that and people would say you're sick that would be the immediate response I know that you're sick you're broken you know you're something other than what we are you're not really human truly you're just broken computer that somehow did not get infused with the capability that other humans are infused with and no I'm not gonna listen to one thing you have to say because you are just the influence of evil in the world amongst us that's it but too many people are willing to follow them to do their bidding to follow their orders to accept money in return for the evil acts that they tell people to go and commit and so we do it to ourselves for them and that's done through secondary Psychopaths their hoard as I call them the hoard of the primary Psychopaths who are really in control they give orders down to their hoard of other animals that have the capability of becoming human what whereas the primary psychopath does not and they they issue these commands and then these other pseudo animals called secondary Psychopaths that just follow orders carry out their commands and do their evil for them so what are the characteristics of all Psychopaths whether they be primary meaning that they are simply born like that those are their actual broken computers the body computer is broken is damaged they're there they come into the world inflicted with a virus that cannot be purged from the system that's it and again I don't care who's unwilling to believe that that's the way it is and it's the way it has been really it's the way it has been since we've been here that this tiny percentage has always existed among humanity and again then we get to the implication of that fact why why has there always been this influence here among us this condition this other species if you will that looks and sounds like a human being but is not a human being why we're going to talk about that maybe on future shows we'll address that question that may maybe several shows but let's look at what psychopathy actually is its characteristics the personality traits and characteristics of a psychopath whether they be primary or secondary a genetic psychopathy or in other words one that isn't a psychopath from birth created that way made that way from birth or one that has been influenced to become a psychopath which is called secondary psychopathy through conditions worldview poisoning external factors in life you know buying into certain fundamental axioms and belief systems etc so here are the characteristics aggressiveness okay that's number one they they are willing to engage the aggression principle which is basically attack even if they have not been attacked initiation of violence in other words is something that they're willing to do to have their way callousness total disregard for the feelings of others doesn't matter what what amount of suffering they cause for others they don't care they don't care how it makes you feel they don't care that it does harm to you the complete absence of conscience no conscience perhaps that should be better stated as the complete absence of the exercise of conscience a psychopath may even in their own intellect know whether an action is right or wrong but they don't care they'll do the wrong they'll willfully choose the wrong over the right if it means more for them and then getting a tactical advantage and power over someone else a complete absence of empathy no regard for the feelings of other human beings if they're being harmed if they're being hurt doesn't matter I'll do it anyway we're already seeing that this is a big bulk of human behavior this can account for a whole lot of the way people act a whole huge portion of humanity the way they act this is also the characteristics of just about every institution on the face of the earth that you could possibly imagine or think of banking education corporations medical industry in many respects they claim to be people of care when in fact it's all about the pharmaceuticals you know it's all about making as much money as we can reel in on sickness government so more characteristics of the psychopath cunning thinking a very sharp cunning intellect not holistic intelligence but left-brain intellect these are intellectual people but they're not truly intelligent they don't have holistic intelligence because they lack the right brain aspects of consciousness and we're going to talk about the physiological mechanisms that actually are responsible for you know bringing forth these characteristics in an individual what part of the brain is malfunctioning what what part of this body computer that we call the brain and the central nervous system in the physical body what part of it is broken and what conditions does that create in the the personality in the psyche of the individual another characteristic of psychopathy is a willingness to engage in strongly immoral conduct even criminal conduct to get one's way see these are willful individuals willingness to engage in strongly immoral and criminal conduct if necessary so they have intellect plus we'll but what's missing is the spirit the Sacred Feminine is gone it's missing the emotions aren't there there the emotional system the developed emotional system of the human being oh I shouldn't even say human being in the secondary psychopath yes it's there's still a human being the primary psychopath is again a different animal you want to speculate about what that animal may be why it may be among us go right ahead but the conditions are the same there they have a strong intellect very sharp keen cunning intellect and a very strong will but the emotional development is stunted from birth they don't have the normal range of human emotional capacity and therefore that makes them for all intents and purposes not human it's it's a different species than human beings what when whatever genetic factors and conditions come together to create the material for this being in the womb and and you could even speculate perhaps womb trauma may have something to do with this the conditions of the development of the fetus in the womb I'm willing to open up the floor to tons of speculation when it comes to this condition scientists don't really know truly where psychopathy came from but again that problem that speculative problem is why so many people don't want to look at it because they don't want to wrestle with the implications more characteristics to be listed the willingness to take what they want and do as they please at any time regardless of who is hurt or who is wronged willingness to take what they want theft isn't a problem for them they'll take your right to remain safe they'll take your right to remain unharmed they'll take you right not to be stolen from you're property they'll take your rights they'll take your freedom they'll take your life if necessary they're takers a psychopath is a taker they don't care what they have to hurt to take more more is their only goal because they operate in the reptilian brain with the left brain the left hemisphere of the neocortex totally overactive completely chronically over engaged those are the only two parts of the brain that are really truly working properly in the psychopaths the are complex and the left brain the right brain almost nothing happening you put a true psychopath into a high-tech brain scan like a SPECT scan or a PET scan or something like that you looked at the right brain hemisphere the neural activity in the right brain and in the prefrontal cortex as a whole is going to be almost non-existent or significantly diminished and you can do this online go look at the brain scans of a psychopath maybe I'll post a couple of them with the podcast as well you'll be amazed at how different it is from a normally functioning human being because it's not a human beings brain it's some other thing it's some other animal an automaton robot animal that looks breathes talks walks like a human being but is not a human being and I know people say oh those are strong words Marc you're saying that there are people here among us that aren't really human yes I am absolutely saying that because it's true these people are broken irrevocably the primary psychopath they aren't human and they're never going to be human ever ever ever they can be reformed there's a reason for this and we'll get into that we need to focus our attention on attempting to reform secondary Psychopaths and see here la in lies the problem you have to know you know you'd have to have a case history you'd have to have examples from their youth that their parents or maybe perhaps willing to bring forward you'd have to talk to a Psychopaths parents where they always liked this or did they become like this over time what kind of behavioral characteristics did they display as a child you know you know what a great television series that is an allegory about all of this it's called Dexter I highly encourage people to watch this television show if you don't watch any other television download this series on off of BitTorrent or Usenet or something like that and watch it because this is what it's all about psychopathy and this particular born psyche or maybe possibly not born psychopath but one who became a secondary psychopath very young in life decides to deal with the other Psychopaths of the world that's all I'll say I don't want to ruin the premise for people it's basically a serial killer who only kills other killers that's what the show is about based on books that were written I believe by the author's name is Jeff Lindsey but to go back to the characteristics of the psychopath we have to understand that it doesn't matter to them who they hurt or wronged they're going to continue with their actions because they have a very developed intellect and a very developed will they're not going to back down Psychopaths don't back down they become like robots that are programmed to do a particular action so do secondary psych op Psychopaths they operate the same way it's like a robot you're not really when they're still in that condition you're not dealing with a real human being you're dealing with an animal robot that is programmed with code just like a computer is programmed getting you know angry about the actual condition or ignoring it it would be the same it would be the equivalent of getting angry at the way a a computer program actually then executes its code forget about getting angry with it you got to deal with it either you go into the code and you change the code or you still get the same result and for a secondary psychopath it is possible to change that code with enough work on the individual now with a primary psychopath at some point yes if we develop advanced enough technology and we could talk about that in a little while would it be possible to develop a mechanism for dealing with primary psychopathy we could speculate on how what that technological solution or genetic solution might look like okay but I'll put that off to the side for a moment let's get back to the characteristics psychopaths all have a deceptive ability to appear to others as being benevolent as being the good guys as being caring and this is what they don't want you to realize the psychopath is only effective as long as they are concealed they have to remain hidden once their work and their their personality traits are brought out into the light of day game over for them because then people are going to be aware of what they're truly dealing with and unfortunately right now they're not they're not aware of it so beware of people that are you know excessively charming appearing outwardly benevolent but really that they have a hidden agenda and they'll never tell you about this possibility that we'll never talk about psychopathy you know they would want they're the people who would want to ignore this most of all forget about bringing that forward and putting that on the table as a topic of discussion they don't want anybody looking into this they want this condition well concealed and hidden and they want people to think of it only as a medical condition that is just dealt with at a you know psychological or psychiatric level when in fact these people are not only all around us they are in the highest levels of all worldly institutions running things running things in positions of quote-unquote responsibilities but it's not responsibility it's control they're in positions of control the psychopath has a deceptive ability to behave in superficially charming ways that's what that's what you have to keep in mind superficially charming ways but that's only to get people's guards to go down so that they can continue to advance their hidden motives they have ulterior hidden motives and agendas that they will do anything to get forward and it put make the public off guard to take their guard down they have to charm you they have to make you think they're out for their self-interests this is what all politicians do they need to make you think you need them most of all they have a willingness a total willingness to use intimidation and violence to control others that's no problem for them we have to kill how many people in order to get our agenda through 3,000 no problem do it that's it just like that just like that snap of a finger and people don't think that people like that exist in the world because they make a fundamental mistake they tried to graft on or attribute their moral sensibilities onto someone else and you can't do that you cannot make the the erroneous and dangerous assumption that in a given situation other people will make the moral decision that you would make people will sell they wouldn't do that when real in reality what they're really thinking in their own mind is I wouldn't do that and then they're transferring that that's psychological transference onto another and they're making the erroneous assumption that they wouldn't do that and that again as I said at the beginning of the show that is the naivete of a child the naivete of an innocent child and that's a bad form of innocence in this case because we need to get street smart when it comes to dealing with a psychopath and again the psychopaths are in control of all the institutions on the earth government military police they this is who we're talking about they are the Psychopaths bankers people in education even people in the New Age movement alternative religions and religious institutions themselves covering up sex crimes for pedophiles pederasts they're psychopaths and religion they're willing to violate anybody's inherent human rights rights forget right your life doesn't mean anything to them you think your rights mean anything to them what right and wrong is means nil zilch nothing because if you just go back and take note of everything I've been saying aggressiveness apus absence of conscience absence of empathy cunning thinking okay strong will willingness to violate others with you know by initiating force and violence every one of these things is animal behavior every one of these things is descriptive of how an animal behaves and people still want to believe in their childish naivete that these people are actually human you don't want to believe that there's another species here with us amongst us again it's pure wishful thinking it's psychological denial it's cognitive dissonance and most of all it's unhealthy childish naivete more characteristics the psychopath has willingness to intentionally violate the inherent human rights of others they have the complete absence of any sense of guilt or remorse I mean if they have the willingness to go and violate people's rights and even take their lives if necessary you think they have any remorse or feel any guilt for what they do they feel nothing they feel nothing except the motivation to acquire more and more and more regardless of at whose expense it may happen to be because that's what a reptile does that's what an animal does that's an animal's behavior not a human behavior an animal behavior and before we even get any further into speculation on the part of people thinking that they understand what this is this is not what human nature is ladies and gentlemen I want to emphasize that right now but I'm going to go over that again a little bit later this is not the the the nature of the human being this may be the nature of a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny fraction of humanity but it is not human nature quote-unquote human nature to think of this in that sense is such distortion and worldview poisoning and sickness of the mind itself that that's what's keeping us under the control of the psychopath is the thing that's how human nature is and that's just the way it's always going to be and that's the thing that line of thinking that line of distorted reasoning is actually what allows them to keep controlling the bulk of humanity because people have that poisoned worldview well that's just the way it is that's just human nature no it is not at all what human nature is this is a condition that exists within the human genome for reasons which we can speculate on later that happens to be present and ultimately simply needs to be dealt with whether we try to figure out a way to get rid of it from the genome whether we try to figure a way to mimic human emotion through technology and use technology for the purpose of you know essentially building some kind of apparatus to make these people be able to feel and that would be a positive use of implantation of technology into the body or using technology in such a way to again through algorithms and software mimic the complexity of human emotion and then integrate that with the bio physiology of this small tiny class of people but again that's you know an speculation and an argument that we could talk about another time I want to continue to focus on the characteristics so we talked about that they have no sense of guilt or remorse at all zero they don't care they just don't care they have no care for other people they want other people not to care so that they can actually create this pecking order of them ruling the roost and then all of the secondary Psychopaths that they created to be like them doing their bidding for them rationalization is another one of their things justification in other words they're willing to justify and rationalize away their own immoral behavior to create rights for them that don't exist in nature justification deference psychological deference is another one of the characteristics of this condition that's making constant attempts to lay blame upon someone else for your own conduct passing the buck so to speak oh it's better you know I did this because this person did that I behaved like this transference deference psychological denial is another part of the condition of psychopathy itself you're denying your own outright wrongdoing not claiming any responsibility for your own actions that's not my fault you know oh it caused tons and tons of harm to other people and it was a direct result of what I did but I bear no moral responsibility for it I'm not responsible uh turd denial utter contemptuous nassif eeling z' of other beings contempt they look at people with a conscience in contempt you're lower than me you're less than me and you could say hey you're doing the same thing yeah I am I'm saying these people really are the ones without completeness they are the ones who do truly lack something that other people have the ability to feel again they look at that as a detriment that they're pleased not to be burdened with oh I'm so pleased not to be burdened with the ability to feel anything in the physiology as a result of my behavior therefore I'm unrestrained I can do whatever I want no matter who it harms why wouldn't I want to be like that that makes me better than somebody else wrong it makes you infinitely less actually incapable of even perceiving the entire purpose of human existence which is to develop the essence of the spirit and that's only possible through the gift of human emotion that's only possible through the heart and again I'm saying things that are going to be harsh and unapologetic and things that people do not want to deal with they don't want to bring up they don't want to acknowledge them they don't want to talk about them because they're in denial themselves the people who don't want to look at this condition are in cognitive dissonance high-level psychological denial and that's a mental illness in and of itself back to the characteristics pathological lying or does that sound familiar that goes hand in hand with psychopathy pathological lying again every one of the leaders of every institutional in the face of the earth comes to mind politicians people in government people in banking high finance ears every corporation on the face of the earth they lie pathologically to get what they want or to manipulate other people into doing what they want them to do they don't care if they have no allegiance to truth no care for the truth a bit they'll say or do anything without concern for accuracy without concern for truth in order to advance their agenda they have a totally distorted sense of the consequences of their actions they think they can continue to do things and get away with them endlessly a consequence for my behavior that's rubbish that's some religious rubbish that's what a true psychopath thinks when somebody is on the verge of psychopathy secondary psychopathy okay primary Psychopaths just think there's no consequence for anything they do they can continue to do things and get away with them forever that's part of their distorted logic process but you talk to a person who's even developing beginning to develop secondary psychopathy and you'll encounter that same total denial oh there's no consequences for what I do no none whatsoever ladies and gentlemen we're at the 2-minute station break at the top of the hour we'll be right back we'll be continuing to talk about psychopathy on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about human psychopathy what is a psychopath what are their identifying personality characteristics what is the difference between primary and secondary psychopathy and at a future point we'll look at speculation on why psychopathy even exists at all that'll be for another time I want to get back into the identifying characteristics of psychopathy we talked about pathological lying we talked about a severe least or distorted sense of the consequences of their own behavior of their own actions now here's a another one is the total failure to accept any personal responsibility okay that goes hand in hand with the distorted sense of the consequences of their own behavior they have a strong belief that they'll never be brought to justice okay contempt for other people that for their will to do anything about it they think they'll continue to abuse others endlessly and no one will ever do anything about it and let me just emphatically state this here on the air under no uncertain terms they are wrong very wrong just so that is stated for the record you're incorrect about that they will be brought to justice and I would like to see them brought to justice here in the physical domain regardless they're going to be brought to justice one way or another but I think we should bring them to justice the people who do truly have the ability and the capacity to feel and to know right from wrong and to know truth I feel that's our responsibility we have an ability to respond to this condition and it would be right for us to respond to it it would be right for us to do what is necessary to purge this condition from humanity once and for all and I think we need to do that by working with people who are either in or on the borderline of secondary psychopathy constantly you know a one-to-one basis if necessary or in a group setting if necessary to bring them in some form out of this cult that they're a member of that keeps them psychopathic regardless of what institution it is military police government banking etc education medicine these are all cults for all intents and purposes they are operational cults that only care about their own continuation the continuation of their own existence their own survival and all they're doing is continuing to condition people to get them to comply behaviorally with the factors that are necessary for the institution's survival regardless of who is being harmed in the process and that's more characteristics of a psychopath the survival of their themselves and their agenda is paramount to everything else that's the number-one tenet of all dark ocultism Satanism dark luciferianism the number-one agenda Satanism dark luciferianism dark Coble ISM dark masonry every one of these things the number one thing is self-preservation above all else survival no matter who needs to be harmed in the process I go forward whether on doing what's right or wrong or not if I'm doing what's wrong it doesn't make a difference regardless of what has to be done I go forward and self-preservation is my highest instinct which again is an animal instinct that's not people think oh that's human instinct that's human nature no that's animal instinct that's animal nature and people will say well human beings are just another animal there's where you're wrong again human beings are not just another animal human beings are an animal with the capacity to grow to so much more than that base animalistic nature because we have more than one type of nature there is an animal nature that dwells within us but that doesn't have to rule we have to develop a true human nature and people confuse that with our conditioned nature and condition are not the same thing we needed to develop true human nature the current human condition has nothing to do with human nature it has to do with animal nature that is ruling the human condition I hope people can grasp that and grasp what I just said to you really sit and think about it so one characteristic I haven't gotten to is perhaps the most important okay psychopaths have the ability to feign to fake the normal human emotions even though they're not really feeling them this is because they grew up with this condition a primary psychopath grew up with this condition when they were young they interacted with people and recognized very early in life that they were different drastically different than other people and they knew that if they were exposed as being completely different they would be recognized for being something that is less than human or in other words being a full animal having no true human nature looking as a human having the guise of a human being able to walk breathe talk you know like a human being but really not being human they recognized they were something other than a normal human being another species if you will and in order to go through life unrecognized to hide in plain sight if you will they became very very good actors they watched human normal human emotion at displays of normal emotion in context in society and then practice that literally practice it to try to fake it and you know I would go so far as to say well if you're thinking well what do they do standing in front of a mirror and actually practice different emotional responses yes yes they actually did that and may still actually do that they practice literally to try to make their responses as genuine seeming as possible when in fact in the heart they feel nothing in the body there is no physiological response going on and there's a reason for that the part of the brain that actually generates the ability for the physiology to feel emotional responses in in the body when certain conditions are present when certain situations are taking place that part of the brain that puts those neuro peptides and neurotransmitters into the bloodstream okay is not functioning properly in the psychopath and from in the case of the primary psychopath that part of the brain is action broken from birth it is not functioning this is the limbic brain the midbrain the middle chamber as it is called an in the esoteric sense is not functioning now we could speculate about why that's the case but in the case of the primary psychopathy it's important simply to understand that that condition exists from birth in a secondary psychopath the same basic thing is taking place but it is because the being through their conditioning and through their bad choices okay and not working with the brain not working with the psyche not doing psychic cleansing to clean and maintain sanity sanitized conditions within the psyche okay had that part of the brain has atrophied the midbrain has actually atrophied and the r-complex of the brain is actually ruling the individual and this is also happens because the left brain is chronically over engaged and the right brain creative thinking heuristic thinking in other words big-picture thinking has not been engaged peep somebody has only focused on individual physical tasks everyday physical tests they need to do for whoa here's the word here survival that's all they've been focused on they haven't been focused on any abstract thinking they haven't been focused on anything creative music hasn't been a part of their life art hasn't been a part of their life they're only about money I need money to survive so I got to do this physical task to survive and that's all my entire existence is about that's the path to becoming a psychopath a secondary psychopath I want constant lyrium ffice eyes the difference between the two you have to get clear about the difference that a secondary psychopath has created through conditions and factors in life in other words the culture creates the secondary psychopath the culture that they're in the cult that they're in that they're identified with that they believe in unquestioningly you can break them outside of the cult cure then you can change the thought patterning and conditioning that created this like secondary psychopathic condition I don't care what you do with a primary psychopath you are not going to change their condition because they are let's for all intents and purposes call them a midbrain amputee the midbrain is there it's just broken it's like look it's like if you put it's like if you put a component in a computer that doesn't really function in the computer there's no driver for it okay you put a video card in a computer and you don't have any driver for that card it doesn't make a difference you could plug a screen in you're not gonna have the manifestation on the screen because you while the driver may be present which is what we're talking about in the mid I'm sorry while the physical card may be present in the computer which is what we're talking about talking about the midbrain if you don't have a driver I don't care what's gonna happen when you turn on the computer I don't care if there's a card in there I don't care if you have the nicest monitor you're not going to display an image because the driver isn't there so for all intents and purposes the functioning between the software and the hardware is broken that's what a primary psychopath is so therefore again you can speculate about what might we do to solve this condition that's even if you don't want to wrestle with what put it that way they begin with you know like I said you might find what created that problem in the genome and correct it at an atomic level if we ever get to that advanced level of genetic understanding maybe that would work maybe you again build some kind of a biofeedback device in the for the physiology that mimics through software and algorithms the normal range of emotions and I'm totally against putting any technology in the body I'm not a try I have no transhumanist leanings I don't want to see anything you know like that done to normal human beings but again technology exists for a reason and this what I would look at as a possible positive use of technology that operates with the physiology look bionic limbs for people who may be an amputee I don't have a problem with that that's not wrong that's the positive use of an advanced technology hey if you're gonna give someone a functionality that is there that they're lacking and suffering as a result of not having there then fine do it and I'm saying this would only be necessary for a tiny tiny tiny tiny fraction of the the bulk of humanity I'm not saying that all the people who are currently psychopathic would need you know any kind of a technology put into them to correct that condition that's not what I'm saying so don't get it twisted okay I'm saying for the the person who is the amputee from birth the primary psychopath you're not going to solve this by working with the individual you're not going to even solve it by changing the conditions they live in you can go and take a primary psychopath and put them in a Tibetan Buddhist you know a ashram and have them chant with the Buddhist monks until they the day they die they're still going to be a primary psychopath they're not going to feel anything as a result of that it's irrevocably broken the midbrain of a primary psychopath barring any kind of physical intervention or interaction through technology is irrevocably broken and never going to generate human emotion in their physiology get over it get old that's the case that's true that exists among us the end if you're in denial of that you yourself have a psychological condition called cognitive dissonance you don't want to look at what reality actually is you're ignorant ignorant ignoring reality thinking you're going to somehow prosper in that condition which is a psychological pathology itself so understand the difference the primary psychopath has the actual midbrain there's no driver driving it therefore there is no ability for them to feel so if human human 'ti got technologically advanced enough maybe to write a driver quote-unquote maybe we could help those people but right now we're not at that level of technological expertise and know-how because to be able to write an algorithmic program that would be able to mimic the full range of human emotions would probably take more super computing power than all the computers on the earth multiplied by a thousand times that's how complex interaction with you know the interaction of human emotion actually is and maybe that's not the point of trying to solve it that way maybe the point is that these people just need to be identified and mitigated they need to be dealt with they need to be isolated I would prefer them just being here and being a mild annoyance and every once in a while when they raise one of their ridiculous immoral notions people just brush them off because there's at such a level of higher consciousness and they say you are mad and sick I feel bad for you that you were born like that but go away now and there they would be no problem if people as a whole came out of their mock or secondarily psychopathic conditions started actually caring he their own worldview and decided we're not going to do the bidding of the primary psychopathic animals that are here running things and that's wishful thinking in many ways because are there enough people to counteract the psychopathy the primary psychopathy I would say not even close folks and if you think there is I would also say you're pretty delusional and you're probably on a very new age you know bent in life and you you think that things are much much much more promising or positive than what they really are I tend to look at things as a realist and not try to put my hopes and projections on what's really happening but instead of actually look at what actually is happening what actually is occurring hence the name of the show what on earth is happening not one on earth I want to be happening deal with the reality the truth as it is and then make a decision what are you going to do about it so so one of the things that people have termed Psychopaths is an interspecies predator and it's it's somewhat accurate but in many ways I won't even use the term interspecies predator I would simply refer to them as a different species that's preying on humanity okay they lacked the actual qualities that allow for human beings as a body of people to live in social harmony as long as these people are running things there will never be peace there will never be social harmony in humanity this is the problem and the problem is that we continue to let them rule that we won't say no to them the problem is that there's a whole other subspecies of you a subsection it pardon me a subsection of humanity that is doing the bidding of the primary psychopathic animal that is ruling over the body of humanity they're saying yes animal psychopath I'll do your bidding for you what do you have for me you have a nice paycheck for me oh great I can get my widescreen television I can get my my house out in the suburbs with a three-car Garage and Alexis great I'll destroy my own people in their future for you for this other species just I just need a big enough number in my bank account let's go let's start the work unfortunately that's the animalistic nature that most human beings display they don't care they don't care they're so jaded and they've become so lowered in consciousness through all the food they take in through all the the poisonous media that they watch the poison worldview that they've taken into themselves the horrible things that they are willing to listen to come out of other idiots mouths that has nothing to do with reality trivia inane banter sports nonsense you know entertainment that has nothing to do with allegory or or morals and there's a few things out there that do you know try to put the moral tale in with the entertainment it's a it's a desperate attempt to get people to comprehend allegory to be entertained by something and then oh whoa I see what he was saying there it works on so few people it's not enough that's not doing enough folks it works on too few I'm not knocking allegorical fiction I personally love it but the bulk of humanity is not getting the message they don't understand something like Dexter they don't grasp what's being said they don't understand something like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or Harry Potter or you know The Walking Dead another show that's a highly allegorical because they're the can dead themselves how are they going to comprehend what's really being said in an allegory you need a certain amount of brain development you need a certain amount of psychological development to even grasp what an allegory is let alone what it's saying to you so an interspecies predator is how many people have viewed the psychopath I again almost look at them as an extra species predator they're outside of the the real humanity they're not really truly human there's something else altogether that looks human but is not the condition of psychopathy is at the root of the problems in which we find ourselves and very few people are even talking about it IRA I talked about a quote on last couple of radio shows that I was on that there are more people in the world adults living in the world that would rather believe in Santa Claus that would rather condition their mind to continue to believe in Santa Claus okay then there are people who are willing to turn their attention and deal with the reality of psychopathy particularly primary psychopathy and there's a reason for that and not not only just to recognize that it exists but to recognize that it actually that the the primary psychopaths are who is actually ruling humanity as our masters more people would rather believe in Santa Claus than address that truth the main reason for that is they would have to wrestle with the uncomfortable implication of why does this condition exist in the first place and again I said we'll get into that not for today's show however I want to go back to a couple more things regarding the psychopath and then I want to pose a question and open up the phone lines psychopathy is not human nature as some people would lead people to believe this is just not how people are don't be misled into that don't be misled by the opposite the New Age movement doesn't want people to look into this or focus on it to learn more about it they don't want you to understand this is who's ruling you because there are responsible largely for putting a lot of a New Age material into existence this cult of Psych psychopaths so you know it's very dangerous to ignore this you ignore it at your own peril and at the peril of your own family your own freedom the peril of your own freedom and the freedom of your own family and loved ones but the opposite to think that this is human nature is also just as dangerous and poisonous again tiny tiny portion of humanity has this in them as a genetic psychological condition because the midbrain is AI is basically operating without a driver that's how you can look at the analogy it's there but the driver is missing the software code to actually activate that midbrain is not working properly you can look at it as not there at all or maybe infected with a virus however you want to look at it to make you understand the concept you know is is fine okay so psychopathy is not just a psychological disorder this is the other thing that we have to learn it is not just a psychological disorder it is also a learned behavior primary psychopathy is a psychological disorder that is inherent in the human genome but secondary psychopathy is a learned behavior you can actually acquire it over time by taking in the worldview of the primary psychopath it is a communicable disease as such it is it is able to be transferred from the diseased psyche of one person over some time to create disease or pathology in the site in the psyche of another individual and that's what a communicable disease is yeah it's not an airborne symptom it's an energy borne symptom it is an ether borne disease it's not an airborne disease it's ether born the psychopaths are putting their worldview out into the field of energy around us and we're latching on to it and taking it onboard our selves and it's infecting our psyche so they'll tell you Oh psychopathy cannot be caught yes it can be caught it just happens over a long period of time by taking in a diseased worldview as your own so it is a communicable disease again the Psychopaths ability to remain hidden rests with their ability to feign a normal range of human emotions and that's what allows them to stay well hidden in the places that they operate once enough light is cast in their direction exposing them and their agenda less peep more people okay become wise to their ways to their methods of manipulation and eventually when that's done a psychopath scatters and their influence becomes negligible in society to perpetuate their control psychopaths are always skilled they're very adept at manipulating other people into thinking that they need to they need them that they need to continue to do what they're doing in that particular society otherwise the society would somehow collapse into mayhem and chaos so part of their whole MO is they need to convince you that they're necessary that their ways are necessary that their worldview is necessary and that society as a whole could never survive without them that's part of their main manipulation tactic that somehow they perform some vital and necessary service for Humanity and if they were ever to be exposed and routed out and society would be without them that total chaos would result and they're playing on that primal fear of chaos nested deep within the human psyche to get people to stand down not expose them and not ultimately deal with them in whatever way they need to deal with them to mitigate their influence okay one of the ways that they continue to reinforce this untrue notion okay is fear and dependency fear and dependency that's what they want to continuously re-emphasize they want you to always be afraid of something always be afraid of something that's how they can continue to manipulate if you're afraid their tactic of controlled opposition or I'm sorry of hegelian dialectic is also going to work because this is how they work through chaos through the fear of chaos okay and they're going to create chaotic situations in in our midst once they get people to have a fearful reaction to it you know this chaotic event happens and the people have you know a fearful reaction has been invoked on the part of the general population then the psychopath steps in they want to propose as the Savior they offer their totally self-serving solution that advances their agenda that they already have planned for the very problems which they themselves initiated okay they have one overall objective they need to make others as similar to themselves as possible so they need people to take on their worldview if people don't take on their worldview their influence is completely stifled in society because there's so few of them they need the huge hoard of secondary Psychopaths to be willing to take on their worldview to do their bidding or to simply accept reality as their vision of it dictates is you know they're they have a vision of reality that they want people to accept is the way things are and and for other people who just don't care which is a form of becoming secondarily psychopathic to just say well that's the way it is nothing nothing you can do about it and to stand down never attempt any change to affect any change in the world so many people are in this condition let me tell you something so many people in my family are in this condition and probably many listeners as well they don't care that the world is the way that it is they don't care that there's injustice they don't care that there are rights being violated constantly around every corner they look at their world view is that's other people's problem doesn't affect me and they're wrong they're just as wrong as the psychopath is wrong that they're never going to be brought to justice they're just as wrong see this can their rule can only continue when we're only focused on our own gain on ourselves that's it when we worship money greed selfishness okay only remain an ignorance in ignorance I'm sorry even amongst the incredible amounts of information that exists in our world we don't want to really learn about morality we don't want to really learn about what rights are and what they're not what we have a right to do what we do not have a right to do we don't want to extend the non-aggression principle to others around us you know we don't want to take that into our own understanding and then extend it to all others and we don't even even want to understand that we have a right to defend ourselves against the psychopath physically if necessary humanity wants to remain in all of this ignorant and selfishness and self-centeredness and think we can somehow prosper and get out of the control that we're under and it doesn't work that way Psychopaths can only be contained when people refuse to start refusing to taking on their worldview and being like them in any way we have to stop basically exuding the same characteristics of the psychopath at a lower level until we can get above where they're operating from from a place of consciousness nothing's going to happen and if enough people can't do that I would make the very uncomfortable statement that the people who can do that the small group of people who can do that then it becomes their responsibility to physically act to move humanity forward regardless of what that may mean for them in a physical sense a sacrifice then has to be made if you will and this is exactly what the founders of this country decided they attempted to deal with the psychopath in the first way that is attempted that is stated that they can be dealt with escape go somewhere or leave the psychopath isolated or leave them where you're at if you if you can and you go someplace else either isolate them or isolate yourself from them and that's why pink a lot of people came over here one of the reasons now of course are their hidden agendas within because Psychopaths infiltrated that yes okay they had right from the beginning that's why they wanted to control people's worldview that oh you can't cross that ocean they want to put notions out there oh that can't be done they knew it could be all the time that knowledge was always there and hidden from the people to cross over to the quote-unquote new world they wanted to keep that knowledge from them so people would just stay in their tyranny and then when people said no I'm gonna make the effort to go over the ocean to the other continent that we know is there and I don't care what that may mean how much of a hardship that may be to you know to build up from from nothing we're gonna do it anyway because we want to get away from these Psychopaths see the problem was consciousness still wasn't high enough they still couldn't really isolate the influence of the psychopath and prevent the psychopath from coming over there and then when the British decided we're going to come over here with our psychopathic hordes called the the British Navy you know and the British Army and land troops on the shores of a people who simply wanted to be free and to be left alone those Psychopaths came over here and how did the founders decide to deal with them how did the people who wage the revolutionary war against the British decide to deal with those Psychopaths you want to know how they decided to deal with them they decided to shoot them that's it I'm sure they had many a conversation attempting to warn them about the error of their ways and ultimately the psychopath the secondary psychopaths that were the British serving the primary Psychopaths of the crown would not back down because you didn't have enough psychological influence presence you didn't have enough truly morally educated people present you didn't have enough people truly at a higher level of awareness and consciousness and so the only other option that would be available was exercised and that was to defend one's life liberty and property against incursion of violence through the use of defensive force and debate physically back their oppressors by whatever amount of force was required to do it now I'm going to open up the phones for the rest of the show and the question that I want to hear answered from people first and then we can talk about psychopathy but this is the question that's gonna be on the floor for this show the next show and probably the one effort because I'm going to continue to talk about this dynamic for the next two weeks minimum okay is did was what the the Revolutionary War [Music] fighters in America at the time of the American Revolution did was their actions were their actions acts of hate against their fellow man or were their actions acts of love for their fellow men that's and why do you think that I am NOT I'm sure people can easily extrapolate where I fall in this dynamic what what I feel it's probably no secret but I would like to know where the listenership is at with this and feel why and hear why they feel on either side of that dynamic so let's go to the phones and get your take on this here we go caller from the 6:02 area code I believe this is Ivan in Phoenix if I'm not mistaken you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark yeah it is Ivan okay Ivan let me pose the question to you directly do you feel that the actions of the fet of the founding fathers of this country and those who waged the revolutionary war against the British in you know 1775 and six do you feel that what they did were acts of hate or acts of love and why that's kind of I don't want to say a loaded question because obviously to start killing you know the British is kind of hateful you know who using violence but I underst then that yeah they wanted to be free I have a place for their kind the people that wanted to leave England to be free so that was an act of love you know to get out from under that you know tyranny so yeah was that act of love but yeah I guess it's kind of twofold that yin-yang thing you know has the good stuff we have to make the distinction between was an action were actions already being done to them that drove them to take counter action in other words of course just just killing would of course be a violation of natural law you know Mert murder meaning the initiation of killing would of course be a violation of natural law the the the revolutionaries were not murdering the British regardless of what anyone thinks that was not an they were not acts of murder they were acts of Defense who are the aggressors who are the initiators of force were the revolutionaries the initiators of force or were the British revolutionaries of force in other words all things being equal would the revolutionaries who picked up their weapons and fought the British never have initiated violence against the British if they were left alone right yeah I see what you're saying yeah you're right you're right if they would have been left to their own there's been no violence there would have been no right usages of force the violence was initiated by the British they listened to a psychopath who gave them orders got on a wooden schweden ships before there were actual bigger actual you know well-made ocean vessels like there are today with scurvy and disease and all kinds of you know poisonous deleterious conditions on a boat going across the Atlantic Ocean just to oppress people who they never met in their lives of them and we're doing the same thing the United States people who are call themselves Americans are doing the same thing here to other countries listening to the whims of the psychopath who want to remain in who wants to remain in control getting on a ship or a plane going to a foreign land and oppressing people that they never met for resources and control it's a disgrace it's a total loathsome disgrace that these people should not even be called human beings they are so vile and I hold them in total contempt that's how vile these people are the nerve of them to think what they're doing is somehow their right you have nerve is all I have to say to those people and I'm talking about the military of the United States you have nerve thinking that what you're doing is somehow a right on your part when all you're doing is serving psychopathic interests just like the British we're serving the interests of the psycho psychopaths of the crown of the King okay coming over here to oppress people and then you want to say that when they fight back physically against you you're gonna call them insurgents you're gonna call them terrorists well that's just like saying that the founding fathers were terrorists which was what is what these psychopathic police training manuals and training seminars want to try to condition and brainwash police into thinking that the founding fathers of this country were terrorists from wanting their freedom being a terrorist for not wanting to be a slave really you're a terrorist for not wanting to be a slave and for saying that if a psychopath keeps coming at me and refusing to acknowledge that I am a free human being and trying to make me be their slave that I have no right to physically defend themselves and kill that person if necessary they're out of their minds that is a human right ladies and gentlemen and the revolutionaries exercised it they said enough is enough and they exercised that right and they did what was required they took the secondary Psychopaths out just like we did in World War two we had to do it again unfortunately and I don't look at that as something it was a manipulation yes you can look at all the ways world war ii was manipulated but to simply stand back and allow the product of that manipulation called the nazis to just take over the world would have been a massive wrongdoing on the part of the people and they did have that we did have to go in there and wage war on these Psychopaths and in a lot of ways now were the new psychopaths were the new psychopaths america wait we're the new nazis waging war on the other countries of the world to try to take their resources and control their people and this is what the imbeciles calling themselves soldiers who have never looked at the truth because they've never worked with themselves they've never done any psychic cleansing in their lives and god forbid if they've ever really opened up a book in their life okay don't want to look at the truth of because they don't want to understand that they're the bad guys because they're secondarily psychopathic and they've been trained to be they've been conditioned to be we talked about that on the show we talked about the techniques of cults the techniques of cults used against the military and the police these are occult techniques that have existed for thousands and thousands of years and are being used to great effectiveness in putting the police in and military into secondarily psychopathic conditions whether they were genetic or a primary psychopaths or not so you know there has to come a time when we understand we always maintain the right to use defensive force against people who will not stop coming against our rights we have a right to exercise what is the right actions which are rights people don't have a right to stop us from exercising rights anymore than they have a right to do something to us that is not a right that is causing harm and and and is actually a wrong they have no right to initiate that force what you need to look at is who is initiating the force to know who's in the wrong and then the right always exists for a retaliatory response in the physical you don't have to engage that response but does the right exist absolutely yes it does if you are walking in open territory and you are accosted you have a right to defend yourself with physical force by whatever means you have at your disposal to do it a gun a knife a club fists feet anything doesn't matter a broken bottle a stone a stick whatever you have at your disposal that's your inherent natural law right okay and these Psychopaths want to convince you you don't have that right to respond to violence with defensive force they want to convince you you don't have that right that that's the that they have to act as an intermediary you need to go to the priest class called the police that's just like a priest as an intermediary claims being an intermediary and intermediary between you and God the nerve of that claim a police officer claims to be the intermediary between you and those who had caused you physical harm that's and saying you don't have the right to use defensive force you have to go through us the nerve the absolute the absolute unmitigated gall of a person who believes they have rights that someone else does not the right to prevent someone else from using one of their rights to defend their physical body imagine and for those who say I'm getting too three-dimensional and you know I'm talking too much about physicality here okay they need to understand there's no distinguishing between the physical and the spiritual this is another big lie okay the manifestations that happen on the physical plane are salt of what is taking place in the spiritual domain so for all it effects it's just a cause-and-effect relationship and they are one in the same this is the whole problem with religion and science religion places the spiritual in a higher context as as a super superior to the physical and sign tries to place the the physical in a superior position to the spiritual and both are incorrect they don't have a holistic integrated view that the spiritual domain and physical domain are essentially one in the in the same through the relationship that they share which is what all of the great mystery tradition teachings of millennia have been trying to get humanity to understand so this is a huge problem in the whole worldview of people they're convinced that they don't have rights that they do and taking up arms when someone is an oppression is one of our rights as a matter of fact the founders really attempted to enshrine it in the founding documents of this country saying that you have a right and duty to abolish oppressive government saying that the only thing that they felt was necessary they used the word necessary one time in the Constitution a well-regulated militia necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed necessary because they knew firearms were for the defense of freedom against encroaching tyranny and that was their proper use firearms are not for hunting firearms are not even for just simple home protection or protection of for your physical body as you walk among society that they are ancillary or secondary mechanism secondary purposes for the defense of use through weapons of weapons the primary use is so that you have the ability to defend yourself from encroaching tyranny of government and the founders understood that and attempting to enshrine the right to use physical force in the founding documents of this country was not acts of hate or acts of terrorism regardless of what any distorted logic may get people to believe they were acts of love they were acts of higher consciousness understanding that freedom is a gift of the Creator and needs to be defended at all times and places regardless of how it needs to be defended so I think I'm gonna make it very clear where I stood for people where I stand on this issue the founders of this country didn't kill didn't murder anybody they killed people yes they didn't murder anybody the British were the murderers and you know let's not get tied up in where people are from in the world people from the UK may be listening right now I'm not talking about you right now the people who did those acts were murderers who came over here and attempted to oppress the people on these shores were not killers they were murderers there's a difference between killing and murdering murdering you initiated the the force when you had no right to so it was violence murder is a result of violence killing can be either a result of violence if it is murder or if it is not murder if it is defensive use of force then it is not murder it is simply killing someone who would not back down coming at you with violence so a not the distinction is this simple I'm walking on the street I happen to be carrying a concealed firearm someone comes up to me with another firearm and says give me all of your property give me all your valuables your money your whatever jewelry you may have on you your wallet etc and I like those shoes while you're at it take those off in their mind - I take out my firearm and put a hole in them right through the chest done there they're dead I murdered no one ladies and gentlemen as a result of doing that if you don't understand that you're under mind control that was a defensive killing because the other person come at came at me with violence and the intent to murder if I did not if my will was not if I did not agree to the usurpation of my will to his will and therein lies the act of coercion that I have a natural law right to defend myself against and this is what we're up against in the psychopathic condition of humanity and the psychopaths want to try to condition us and brainwash us into believing that we may never fight back we may never actually physically take our freedom they want to think it can never be done like that well let me give you a pointer here let me give you a little piece of advice that's the only way that it ever has been done it's never been done any other way do you see human consciousness rising to the point before it needs to be done in that way such that humanity will just suddenly wake up and say no my god what are we doing were so wrong did the British do that were there enough people to convince them of the wrongness of their actions that the Nazis do that did any other oppressive regime did the Russians under Stalin under Lenin etc do that that the people today living in the United States are the people today living in the United States under the regimes that we're living under today calling themselves presidencies ultimately directed by high-level globalist think tanks the UN and other organizations directing the globalist agenda are do you see the people rising up in consciousness to say no to this agenda do you see massive amounts of military refusing to follow their orders in these illegal wars of aggression do you see massive amounts of police refusing their orders to continue to impress to continue to usurp the natural inherent rights of other people no you don't say it I don't see it I would love to see the evidence of it I would love people to come forward and bring this evidence forward to me and show me where this is happening at but I see no evidence of that happening that's why we have to really understand the reason that we have the ability to use defensive force if it was never there to be used we wouldn't even have the capability of doing it we have to understand that that's a sacred obligation and it needs to put into effect when there's not going to be any other way to preserve human freedom now that's as controversial as it gets and I don't really care who's listening I don't care who's listening no more than if I was in the Revolutionary War I would have cared that the crown was listening let me tell you something the people who put their signature on the Declaration of Independence knew that they were signing their death warrant in that very act they knew that they were either gonna fight and win their freedom or they were gonna fight and die and that's where we need to get to ladies and gentlemen we need to get to that deep of an understanding of human freedom that it doesn't matter who's going to get it or who's not going to get it we're gonna be willing to act take that for however you want to take it that's the truth ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have on this edition of what on earth is happening next week we'll continue with this we'll continue talking about psychopathy and taking your calls on this very important question that goes hand-in-hand with an understanding of psychopathy and how to deal with it you've been listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network see you right here next we silent fashion it alone gotta keep my cool make them think I made up stop [Music]