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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday December 16th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time we have a good show lined up for you here today we're going to continuing be continuing to talk about our inherent human right to defend ourself from violence something that is so pertinent and poignant in particularly today's times with what is is going on and has been going on with a continued effort to encroach upon that right and to take it away from American citizens and actually people all over the world the event that just took place in Connecticut everybody has been talking about usually I do not talk about just current event issues but I'm going to make an exception for the show today because it's amazingly synchronistic that this event would take place during the time that I have been hammering on the topic of self-defense the Second Amendment the inherent right to own a weapon and to use it in the defense of one's self when violence is being conducted against you we're going to continue to talk about that here today on what on earth is happening before we get into the topic I also want to give out the calling number because I want to take calls on this topic I want to continue to ask the question that I've been asking for the last couple of weeks here on the show and that is were the actions of the founding fathers of this country and the others who waged the revolution war against the British Empire to begin the foundations of America where those acts acts of love or acts of hate and why do you think so so I'll give the calling number right here at the top of the show the calling number to join us toll-free is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five the topic is the inherent right to defend oneself from violence the grabs at taking away that right that are being made as a result of such orchestrated events such as these school shootings that we've seen over the last decade or more and gun control in general but I really want to get people's take on whether they think that the people who waged the revolutionary war against the British Empire to basically found this country were they engaged in acts of hate or was that an act of love and why do you think so so your calls coming up a little bit later on the show today I have a several event announcements there's a whole lot going on this is going to be the last show before the fabled Mayan calendar nd that everybody is you know making all kinds of predictions about I said at the beginning of the year coming into the Year 2012 that the the thing that I see this time period as this prophesied time period as is simply a window of opportunity that the message of truth and freedom is either going to be accepted and integrated into the human mind and heart or it will be rejected that is what this and then wrecked cosmic retribution will need to fall upon humanity and I look at this whole time period when all of the truth is being unveiled and being revealed and spoken to the the people of Earth that this is simply a window of opportunity for them to either accept or reject the message of truth and that's what I've always seen this time period as since I became aware of all the prophecies associated with it I don't see it as necessary cataclysmic time nor do I necessarily see it as some time of sudden awakening that it is put forward by a lot of new-age channels and New Age devotees I look at it simply as an opportunity that the ugliness of the the truth about what's really going on in our world will be put out there so that people cannot claim ignorance of it I'm sorry that so people cannot claim nations of it I should say and they will either accept it and then act upon that information and change things for the better or they will stay in ignorance in willful ignorance and then they will reap the negative consequences of such willful ignorance that's what I've always seen quote/unquote 2012 as so I fully expect to be here next Sunday I don't think anything catastrophic where cataclysmic is going to occur between now and then so with that having been said let's talk about some events that are going to be happening over the next couple of weeks into the future the free your mind to conference of course the the huge event coming up here in 2013 we're all still going to be here I've I've said before there's no way we're going away because we have way too much work left to do so much work is left unfinished you know so plan on being around in 2013 and plan on being at the freer mind to conference here in Philadelphia a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania April 25th through 27th 2013 the location is the arch street meeting house at 3:20 Arch Street here in Philadelphia the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day the featured speakers for the freer mind to confer Allen Steinfeld Alfred Weber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr dream freighter x freeman fly yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren more a mano Davina Mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett incredible lineup of speakers we may have a surprise announcement of another speaker that is going to be added to the for your mind conference we will be able to report that to you within the next week or two the advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet-and-greet with the speakers including a vegetarian meal and a concert afterwards featuring the divine hand ensemble Orchestra centered around the theremin instrument played by mano Davina this is a phenomenal event on Thursday evening only $20 to attend that and the concert concert featuring the divine hand will actually be a separate ticket $10 at the door and you don't need a conference ticket if you just want to attend that so anyone in the Philadelphia area can come out on out to the concert at the end of the night on Thursday and see the divine hand play at the Arch Street meeting house the Friday conference only $40 the Saturday conference $40 all three days the whole package including the speaker meet-and-greet with a meal and a concert afterward $120 for speaker and ticket information visit the conference website at free your mind conference calm okay another conference coming up in New York City I will actually be speaking at this event the Tesla Science Foundation presents why Tesla matters taking place in the The New Yorker Hotel the New York or hotel the the place of Tesla's death at 480 1/8 Avenue in New York City January 5th 6th and 7th of 2013 this event is going to mark the 70th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's death he died on January 7th 1943 at The New Yorker Hotel I will be speaking at this event on January 6th I believe that is on a Saturday if I'm not mistaken I'm incorrect that is on a Sunday so I will be speaking on Jan you Sunday January 6th at the Y Tesla matters conference at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City so if you're in the New York area come on out it'll be a great conference over three days tons of speakers lined up for more information on the Y Tesla matters conference the 70th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's death visit WWF Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g the for your mind to conference is going to be hosting a money bomb event we're going to be having a money bomb radio marathon to raise money for the free your mind to conference this is going to be taking place on January 13th that is Sunday January 13th from noon to midnight on American freedom radio American freedom radio is hosting the event it is going to be hosted by Freeman and freighter X Freeman and freighter X will be bringing two speakers of the freer mine conference will be bringing other conference speakers on to American freedom radio for the entire day on Sunday January 13 2013 from noon to midnight a 12 hour Money bomb radio marathon to raise money for the free your mind to event so I probably will be doing my show on Sunday and and maybe incorporating that into the money bomb marathon that's going to be taking place on American freedom radio so I'll probably be simulcasting the show and those two hours will also be broadcast on American freedom radio so join us on American freedom radio Sunday January 13 2013 from noon to midnight for the freer mind to Money bomb Radio marathon okay let's see what other events we have I will be interviewed as the featured activist at the next truth freedom prosperity live event TFP live it's called this is hosted by the main organizer of truth freedom prosperity mic Salvi and this is going to be on the fabled end date of the Mayan calendar Friday night December 21st 2012 at underground arts 1200 callow Hill Street in Philadelphia the event starts at 8 o'clock p.m. it's going to feature the the guys from the panic our na po and Steve Miller Miller they're going to be doing a live broadcast live radio broadcast of the panic our show starting at 8 o'clock then there's going to be a couple of comics a act and then I will be interviewed as the featured activist for the event truth freedom prosperity live TFP live always features great stand-up comics musical artists and local activists from the truth freedom prosperity activist group here in Philadelphia so for more information on that event check out truth freedom prosperity org and also check out TFP live.com TFP live.com the free monthly documentary screening and discussion night hosted by truth freedom prosperity will be taking place as it always does on the last Thursday of every month at a seen food market and cafe so this month it will be happening on Thursday December 22nd 27th two days after Christmas 6:30 p.m. sharp start time as seen market is at 719 South fourth Street that's the corner of 4th and Monroe streets in Philadelphia the film for Thursday December 27th will be innocence betrayed innocence betrayed this is a documentary which demonstrates how gun control has been historically used to disarm citizens and make them helpless before governments commit genocide mass exterminations of the human population and this is a movie like this helps us to develop a long view of history by showing us what has always happened the inevitable pattern that takes place we're going to talk about this a little bit today whenever there's a mass genocide you can bet you can bet it was preceded by a mass disarming of the population in that region because people who have been disarmed cannot fight back against a tyrannical government and that is why we have gone rights that's why we have any right to own a weapon and defend ourselves it's not a right that's granted by government it's a right that's always attempted to be taken away by government it's an inherent right we need no permission to defend ourselves we have that right at all times and all places and people need to get that through their thick skulls because there's people who are so completely retarded when it comes to and and that's that word is not a slight against anybody that suffers from some debilitating condition it means that they're slow on the uptake that's what it means it means slowness retardation slow they don't get it it takes them a long time to understand and to get something therefore they have been retarded they have been slowed down and that's what the indoctrination system is all about in the in Western civilization really all throughout the world that's what it's all about it's too slow people's mental faculties and make them retarded or slow so that they cannot understand inherent rights that they already possess and don't need to ask anybody permission for to exercise so we're going to get into this deeply in a few moments but this film innocence betrayed is about how genocide has been committed by tyrannical governments in variably following gun control being put into place in that particular region of the world and it helps people to again gain that long historical viewpoint of understanding the pattern that takes place over and over and over again you know the old saying those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it they are doomed to repeat that mistakes of the past because they ignored the pattern they ignored the events that took place didn't want to see it didn't want to learn from it they wanted to stay in their ignorance and their retardation their slowness you know that's what we have to gain from the insight that this film has to put forward that long view of history and this film does a great job in breaking that down and explaining it to people who are otherwise really slow on the uptake okay so that's why I'm we're screening it this month as part of the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evening so come on out to that again you could always check that out and join the meetup group for any announcements of future events for truth freedom prosperity that website once again is true freedom prosperity org my matrix presentation the matrix trilogy decoded has been put online as of last week at what on earth is happening calm you can go into the news section to check it out it's still on the most recent news articles it's also in the video section at the bottom and it is also on my youtube channel at youtube.com slash what on earth 93 what on earth the number 93 93 so I've been getting a lot of great comments back on the Matrix trilogy decoded presentation that I gave as part of the first fundraiser for the free your mind to conference if people find this information of great value I ask if you are in a position to do so make a donation to the free your mind conference this was part of a fundraiser effort you know I put this presentation together to attempt to raise some money for all of the transportation and lodging costs that have to be put up front and the building rental costs that have to be put up front for the for your mind to event this isn't done for free yes the name of it is free your mind but there's tons of activity and you know putting out of financial effort that needs to be made that mean needs to be done in order to host a conference like this people think that this just happens for free somehow magically people step forward and volunteer you know oh oh oh I see you're doing something good for Humanity so let me let all these people on a plane for free you know it doesn't work that way you know train conductors aren't coming out in train company saying oh I'll let them on the train and come into Philadelphia for free just because we think you're doing something good for people that's not how it works folks there's tons and tons and tons of fees associated with putting something like this on to make something like this happen and bring all these people together you know yeah we would like to be able to host it completely for free but if people aren't volunteering the building space for free if they're not volunteering the transportation for free tons of money has to be put out to make something like this happen so we need to recoup it we need to recoup that in donations or in ticket sales so if you feel the work that has been done as part of the effort for the whole free your mind to conference and the fundraiser effort that we just put on the featured this presentation the Matrix trilogy decoded if you're in a position to do so please make a donation for the free your mind to event and you could do that by just getting in touch with me and I'll let you know market what on earth is happening calm or mark at free your mind conference calm and I'll let you know how you can go about making a donation to the for your mind to cause any small amount any bit is appreciated you can make a donation as small as you want or as large as you want so if people found that Matrix trilogy decoded presentation valuable to them and they gained a lot of insight from it please make a donation to the free your mind to conference alright I was interviewed on the h2o radio show hosted by Franco uard and boat tracks on Monday December 10 2012 that interview is now up in the news section of the what on earth is happening calm website we got in to carnism on that a little bit we talked about natural law we got into diet and nutrition and fasting we talked about willpower and of course we highlighted the free your mind conference as part of the interview so that is up on what on earth is happening dot-com news section right now check it out the chip in campaign to keep the water on Earth is happening radio show ad free currently stands at six hundred dollars we need to raise 1000 by January 31st in order to keep the show ad free through the February March April three month time period so keep the generous donations coming in for that effort you can click on the button on what on earth is happening calm on the homepage to find out how to make a donation to the ad free chip in effort people will also see that I added a general donation button to the what on earth is happening calm website again if people find the information valuable and want to help support the general effort of what I'm doing feel free to make a donation to what on earth is happening by clicking the donation button and then emailing me and I'll tell you how to go about making a donation - what on earth is happening a general support donation again any little bit is welcomed and it is very much appreciated and it helps a lot to help me be able to continue the work that I do alright so that's all the event announcements that I have for today let's get into the topic we have been talking about on the show over the last couple of weeks psychopathy and we got into all of the different characteristics of a psychopathic personality we talked about the very very important distinction between primary psychopathy and secondary psychopathy primary Psychopaths are born the way they are it is a disorder in the human genome along with many other genetic disorders that exist in the human genome again we were going to get into in future shows why the human genome has so many disorders inherently within it and you don't see things like that in other species on this planet we probably have more genetic anomalies in our genome than almost any other species on this planet and there's a reason for that and it's a controversial reason and we'll get into that on future shows I happen to think that psychopathy is one of those disorders that has expressed in the human genome because of the underlying reasons that all of these different genetic disorders exist or have expressed okay I think psychopathy is one of them and it's a very difficult thing for people to accept because when you're wrestling with the question of when when you it's hard enough to come to the acceptance that psychopathy exists in our world that there is something as deranged and crazy as the inability to feel emotions for any human being that you only care about yourself your needs being met and you could care less about any suffering that happens to any other living being it's it's difficult enough to come to terms with that that that this condition does exist it's even harder to come to terms with the question of why does it exist what put this here with humanity this condition why does it exist at all and again we're gonna begin to shift slowly over into that question I don't want to take calls on that question today okay we're talking about gun control we're talking about the inherent right to keep and bear arms we're keep talking about the inherent right to defend oneself against violence and you know we can comment on this Newtown school shooting and then the subsequent gun grabs that are inevitably going to follow an event like that because that's what the whole thing is geared to do you know pin it on the lone nut' gunman and then justify gun control and gun grabs because oh you don't want to see this happen to more children do you you know it's always a play on human emotion and those who are under the most emotional mind control who think with the emotions instead of understanding the reasons that gun ownership is so vitally important for the preservation of freedom they'll just buy into the whole drama of it and say oh yeah guns need to be taken away from people and again this is because they've been so dumbed down and so indoctrinated that they have been actually turned into people who are literally retarded completely slow in their understanding of an issue as important as this which the founders of this country made so abundantly clear there is no place for a missive interpretation you literally have to be completely dumb not to understand or be to interpret their words their words were so clear so precise they were so frugal about their words that they did not want to obfuscate the issue at all they were so abundantly clear that it's impossible to miss translate their words unless you have been put through the wringer of indoctrination and obfuscation through the media and the so-called educational system here in America one hope that I have when it comes to all of this is that America has the highest gun ownership rate per capita in the world by far than any other country on the earth Yemen is a very very distant second and that gives me hope that's one of the only things I take any hope in when I look at a gun ownership map of the world and I'll probably I didn't get a chance to post that maybe I will post that in the image section for today's show again you could always check out the images for today's show on the radio show page of what on earth is happening while the show is live after the show is archived I put that up with the podcast with each respective podcast the images go with each podcast on the podcasts page of what on earth is happening calm so the images for today were just basically a repeat of last week's images I of course put the free your mind to poster the white Tesla matters event and then I had the characteristics of psychopaths relisted you could check those out I won't go into them again we reviewed that last week and then there was the chart of what forces versus what violence's the force versus violence dichotomy which people really need to understand I will review that this week and then the Second Amendment worded as it appears in the US Constitution and then also worded in a way that we might word if we were writing it today in modern colloquial English with which I think makes it even more understandable and unambiguous people need to understand that the Second Amendment was written with very specific intentions and it there is no room to interpret it at all it is very clear and abundantly specific and for people to think oh there's tons of room to interpret this you're wrong simply wrong there is no interpretation for this the founders were very clear by what they meant by all the terms involved in the sentence of the Second Amendment all abundantly over-the-top specific and we could get into you know a couple of quotes a little bit later about you know what they meant by specific terms in the Second Amendment and again this isn't just about the Second Amendment the Second Amendment does nothing folks it does nothing it's words on a piece of paper that are expressing an an idea a concept okay it doesn't grant one right or take a right away okay it's it's attempting to communicate that something should never be allowed to be done by the people that government should never be allowed to infringe upon anyone's right inherent natural law right to defend themselves against violence and that it that means whatever weaponry is at your disposal period I don't care from a stick from a pebble from some sand that you can throw in somebody's eyes up to a nuclear bomb let's let's go to that level of extremity yes people say well would you want people having to each individually carrying tactical nuclear warheads wonderful idea how about that okay so we get the the complete logical fallacies out of the way yes it doesn't matter the the extent of the weapon it's about your capacity to wield it and it's about nothing else meaning if you're put in harm's way if you're put in a situation of Jeopardy of life you have an inherent right to use your capacity for force to defend your life the end there is no internal stop nothing after it there is no interpretation needed or required and that means any amount of force necessary to put down that act of violence period I don't understand what people have such a hard time with about this it's so simple it's almost stupid how simple it is and yet see it's because people's mind goes to the fear place but what if always follows but what if somebody gets hold of this weapon and then what will they do well then if they use it in an abusive way that's violence and other people have a right to defend themselves so you come right back to the principle period guns exists if someone gets a hold of the gun and uses it for violence other people with weaponry have a right to defend themself with force period you go right back to the defense principle there's two principles that need to under be understood the non-aggression principle and the defence principle that's it these are principles they're called principles because they are based in truth and they do not take away rights they do not use surprise you are not taking away someone's right who has attacked you with violence if you respond to that violence with force let me just say that again and be abundantly clear about this you are never taking away someone else's rights if you respond to their violence with force you have that right to do that you're not taking away their right you're not responding to violence with violence that's impossible if violence has been done there already exists an inherent right to respond to it with force to put down that act okay you already have that right inherently and it cannot be taken away by man it doesn't matter what he writes down on a piece of paper it doesn't matter what other people who are willing to conduct violence will go and do the right still exists cops can try to take guns away from people all they want it doesn't make a difference you're not taking the right away somebody has a right to keep a gun for their defense and to brandish it if violence is being conducted against them and put a bullet in somebody to stop that violent act of aggression you have that right doesn't make a difference what law is passed everywhere where there's gun control laws the rights still exist in those places it doesn't matter if there was written somebody can't say you no longer have this right to do this see people have to understand the absolute nature of rights rights are not relative they can't be granted they can't be taken away they always exist and they are forever is that an extreme position you absolutely better believe is an extreme position you better know that it is it's an extremity truth is extreme it is all one way it is not black-and-white there are no shades of gray involved it's all one-way rights are absolute they either exist or they do not exist no shades of gray the right to defend oneself exists and it cannot be taken away by man the end that's it you either understand that because it is a law and you accept that you are under that law you are standing under that law it is above you because it is natural and inherent to creation you do not supersede or stand above that law either you understand it or you don't understand it now if you don't understand that it doesn't mean the right goes away it doesn't mean that nature has suddenly been changed and there's something that you think that it is because you're ignorant of what it actually is it still remains unchanged that's why it's called a law because it is inherent to creation and it is immutable meaning it is cannot be changed by anyone's whims or fancies it is it exists and it is inherent to creation it is binding at all times and places meaning there's nowhere you can go to get out of that law there's nowhere you can go to change that law as long as you're in the three-dimensional physical space-time continuum that we call our universe you are bound by that law an inherent law inherent natural law under inherent natural law you have a right to defend yourself against violence the end and this is what people who are all for gun control laws don't understand no man can write a law down that supersedes the laws of the universe and yes this is the laws of the universe it's not man's law this has nothing to do with man's law man's law cannot say in one place you don't have a right that exists somehow magically exists somewhere else so in New York you can't carry a handgun I mean imagine this they're telling people you don't have a right to inherently defend yourself from violence New Jersey you can't carry a handgun I mean this is this is Nazi gun control laws that's what it is it's Stalinist gun control laws it's Maoist gun control laws you know this is Cambodian gun control laws North Korean gun control laws and we have the beginnings of this being implemented all over America and fearful little punk boys and girls who are know-nothings have never read anything in their lives don't read books don't don't ever think about right from wrong don't ever understand morality don't understand what inherent natural law rights are give their support to the government that wants to continue to infringe upon the natural inherent right to defend oneself it's disgusting these people are disgusting they're not even it's like they're not even people there there's some there's some kind of dumb degraded retarded animal who have no idea what a right is and what a right is not they think it's all relative and decide and based upon what some psychopath in a particular area calling themselves a politician what their whims are that somehow right and wrong can magically be changed they ought to be ashamed of themselves for even thinking that way it's sickening it makes me sick it makes me angry this is another thing I want to talk about this new age bunk New Age movement wants to tell everybody you should never get angry about anything Oh anger that means you're oh you're not exercising true self-control no folks there is such a thing as righteous anger when you see things that are being done that are being conducted and orchestrated to take away your rights if you're not angry there's something wrong with you you've been degraded in some way you're not a full human you're not expressing the full range of human emotions which includes the so called negative emotions you should hate what's being done in the world today you should be angry about it anger gets you up to the place of consciousness of being able to see the difference between truth and falsehood anger is one of the levels of consciousness that takes people up above to a higher level of consciousness it can if used properly it felt when it's supposed to be felt and not suppressed can take people up to a higher level of awareness I'm not suggesting you just simply stay and stay angry and I wrestle with that because because the condition is perpetually so bad I feel myself constantly being angry many but the anger should be transmuted it should be channeled okay so you can hear the anger in my voice its anger should be there if you're paying attention if you're really paying attention to what's going on in the world folks and you're not angry there's something wrong with you so get over this complete bunk bull notion that there's never a time to experience anger that the New Age movement wants to sell you this is all to get you to lay down that's all it is it's all to get you to lay down so you won't take any action so you won't do anything and so you'll accept your slavery if you're not angry you're going to accept your slavery use the anger to spur you on to a higher level of awareness and help you to understand what you should be doing should be advocating and we need to come together and speak out forcefully against this grab that is going to be going on and is going to be pushed harder and harder as they do more of these orchestrated events these total human sacrifice rituals and if you don't think this was another one of them the footprints are all over it folks all over it the fingerprints of this being a false flag event that just happened in in Connecticut in this new town okay by this look so called lone nutter gunman if you don't understand that this is an orchestration and it's being used to justify the continual erosion of people's inherent human rights to defend themselves because they want to take away the ability to defend yourself against tyrannical government that's what guns are for the ancillary thing that weapons are for meaning the secondary usage of them ancillary secondary usage or secondary reason is self-defense on the street against other citizens or self-defense in your home against intruders into your home those are ancillary and then for people that you know believe in the violence and aggression ideology hunting which I don't think is really all right I think you're just taking animals rights as a result of doing that you're going and you know engaging in violence against other beings not human beings and somehow people think that's acceptable and should you know we continue to be engaged in in practice you know that will set off a whole nother round of controversy but you know go back and listen to the podcast I did on carnism you know if you don't think that what we're doing to at the animal kingdom is being done to us it's one of the reasons that all of this this whole prison continues to perpetuate itself called the earth the conditions that were experiencing on the earth one of the main driving causal factors is what we do to animals if you don't want to understand that you're also completely ignorant that the correspondence principle the principle of Correspondence which is one of the expressions of natural law is actually going to work when we do violence to animals and it's going to rearrange the the end of the field energy that we exist in and it's going to ensure that ultimately violence is done to humanity which it is being done to us every single day until we understand we can't do that to our animal brothers and sisters and expect it not to be done to us we're not gonna make any progress but again I'm not here to that's not the topic of discussion here today I'm talking about what gun rights are in inherently exist for the right to own and brandish a weapon against an attacker is an inherent right and an ancillary usage or an ancillary reason for owning guns is hunting home defense and self-defense when walking in open territory those are ancillary usages of weaponry in general the primary usage of weaponry is to defend your freedom from the encroachments of tyrannical government and get that through your thick skulls out there people that's the primary usage of weaponry to stop encroachments against your inherent freedom against your inherent rights as an individual by government regardless of what form that takes and you can look up tons of examples of what form it takes meaning how government goes and encroaches upon people's rights and ultimately wages genocide against them once they get them disarmed time and time and time and time again you know whether the dictators name is whole pot or Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler or Genghis Khan or Julius Caesar guaranteed they're gonna go and try to disarm the people that they want to conquer and they're gonna tell them you can't have weapons we can have them but you can't have them the people who conduct the violence are going to tell people who aren't being violent you can't have weapons you can't have guns we can have them were the authorities we're allowed but you're not and this is just no clearer example can be made of the acceptance of human slavery that's that's all it is you could color it up you could dress it up you could tie a nice bowtie on it make it look pretty but all it is no matter how you gift wrap it is the acceptance that someone else is your ruler and you are their slave that's what the acceptance of all gun control laws are and it's deplorable totally deplorable the nerve that other people actually accept I'm a slave meaning themselves they accept in their own mind that they're a slave to someone else and someone else is their authority that may command them what they can do what kind of weapon they may own I mean it's just such a foreign idea to me it's so unimaginable let me tell you something I never thought that way when I was the darkest occult Satanist you know that you could have imagined I still didn't think that way that's where I don't even know where this is coming from you know it's so unfathomable to me that I can't even grasp what kind of degradation mind state you need to be and believe me I was in the past in a degradation mind state in my worldview I'll be the first to admit it openly when I was involved in the dark occult but I never had that mind state never I mean I don't I have no idea where that comes from I guess it's because my mind state was inherently more you know in earlier in my life was just more imbalanced toward the left brain hemisphere the left brain when it goes chronically dominant the in personality becomes daunt more Dominator you know wanting to dominate other people so I never took the slave mentality I went into the left hand path of imbalance but never the right hand path of imbalance where I was okay with other people ruling me telling me what I can and can't do as long as I'm harming no one else and telling me that they're my authority and therefore I'm their slave to be ruled over that they have some kind of moral right to rule over me and I have some kind of moral right to obey their whims and commands I mean I I don't I have that's so alien and foreign to me I can't even conceive of where that comes from the only place that I can tell you that that comes from is self-loathing folks you have to hate yourself to think that way you have to absolutely hate who you are to think that way you have to be totally ruled by the emotions never understand that there's a time to defend oneself from violence and you have to be willing to say go ahead and do whatever violence you will to me I lift the finger to defend myself which is called a total coward that's what someone like that is a total coward and if you're a total coward that means you hate yourself because you couldn't love yourself if you're a coward you would never stand up for yourself and defend yourself if you're a coward you would just lay down and let people run roughshod all over you do whatever they want to you it has to come if you just think about it just from a psychological standpoint that level of that mind state has to come it must come from self-loathing being present within the individual psyche it has to come from a place of self-hatred if you truly love yourself you understand what freedom is you love those who you value in your life your friends family spouse children etc you're gonna be willing to stand up and defend yourself viciously if necessary if you're attacked and this is what people are daring to come out and say needs to be forcefully taken away from people really you're gonna take away my inherent right to defend myself against violence I don't think so not while I draw breath what gives you the right where does that right come from in your diseased mind not in this lifetime here the anger and know it comes from a righteous place if that turns you off then shut the radio off right now don't listen to it if it turns you off if you're some meek timid coward that is never going to stand up for your rights and defend yourself against violence then none of us want your help were needed okay we could go to the quote of Samuel Adams you know a brilliant philosopher who truly understood the inherent right to self-defense one of the founders of this country one of the people who because of his courage helped to foment the American Revolution which if it didn't occur believe me things would be a hundred times worse you want to look at where things are headed folks I'll tell you where things are headed go watch a documentary about North Korea that's where things are headed that's the human future a state exists right now that is arguably a hundred times worse than Nazi Germany ever was you want to take a look at that regime go look at it and know that's coming to America if we don't turn our mindset around and understand what real freedom is that's going to come to this country sooner than anybody realizes you know when samuel adams was talking to people about needing to set aside their own personal desires to come together and fight for the common cause of human freedom in the american revolution he was trying to explain to people that you can't love your life more than you love freedom if you love your life more than you love your freedom you're ultimately a coward if you love your job keeping your job more than you love freedom you're a coward if you love comfort comfort in your slavery more than you love freedom then you're a coward and i mean it's like we don't even barely have anyone today that really understands this to this level or can put it in such eloquent ways it's it's like something has been lost from humanity you know I'll read this quote from Adams you know and he's the person who I quoted for the free your mind to event that's you know last year I quoted from Jefferson and put that at the bottom the footer of the page and you know on the program for the for your mind to event about that Thomas Jefferson said I swear upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man you know a quote about mind control he understood you have to control the mind to control the body you have to control the mind to take away people's inherent freedom get them willing to give it up this year I quoted Samuel Adams about natural law the natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man but only to have the law of nature for his rule that's it natural law that's all there is he was he understood there is no such thing as the authority of man there's no such thing as the rule of man of man being an authority on earth that true freedom is only to have the law of nature for one's rule natural law the founders understood this Adams understood natural law perhaps better than anyone I mean maybe with the acceptance of Thomas Paine who I feel had a grasp on it to a very very high level here's a quote by Adams he said if you love wealth greater than Liberty the tranquility of servitude more than the animating contest for freedom then go forth from us in peace we seek not your counsel nor your arms crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you may your chain set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you are our countryman if you're not willing to defend your freedom with force if necessary you're a coward and the people who really and freedom don't want or need your support or help that's what he was saying to them when they were responding for a call to arms to fight against invading attackers against America they wanted to take their inherent rights away they were saying well oh if we lose the crown might take my business away imagine that's what they were concerned about instead of the freedom for themselves and future generations so we're going to open up the phone lines and our two we're going to take a quick two-minute break we'll be right back they're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] all right folks were back you're listening - what on earth is happening you're on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com [Music] we're talking about the Samuel Adams quote about loving wealth greater than freedom and this is something that unfortunately has spread like a plague in modern America you know we didn't take the founders words to heart we you know continue to love wealth more than Liberty it's it's a disgrace it's that this has become people's God you know money is people's God and if we don't come out of that mind state soon we're we're going to be the subjects of that God called money and that God called money wants to put everybody into chains and Adams was explaining this to people he was helping people to understand if you are putting a value on money and making and elevating that to a greater value than something like freedom truth and freedom you're going to that level of cowardice an inversion of values is going to put you into your chains literally he understood that that's how natural law worked see but there I want to read another quote that I think is very powerful from Samuel Adams and this is a quote about willingly giving over a couple of quotes actually about willingly giving over rights to other people so he said quote no people will tamely surrender their liberties nor can be easily subdued when knowledge is due used and virtue is preserved on the contrary when the people are universally ignorant and debauched in their manners they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders so he was saying when morality and the lack of understanding of one's rights is on the decline you'll be conquered from within you won't even need to be conquered from without people in their ignorance will just give up their freedom and that's what is happening in the United States he prophesied it right there himself in that quote he said it doesn't take a majority to prevail but an irate tireless minority keen on setting brush fires in the minds of men I'm gonna maybe I did not make slides with these quotes for today but maybe I'll add them to the podcast so you could look for that in the podcast I'll definitely make a couple of these quotes that I'm going to read today as slides and add them as images and you know keeping hand in hand with this Samuel Adams also was quoted as saying that a general dissolution of principles will more surely overthrow the liberty of America than the whole force of the common enemy when now listen to this here this is so powerful and important when while the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued but once they lose their virtue then they will be ready to surrender their Liberty to the first external or internal invader he understood that a dissolution a dissolving of principles and virtue is what's going to ultimately conquer America it's I'm not sure who it isn't might be Samuel Adams it might be another maybe it was Thomas Jefferson he said that the Constitution was written for a holy virtuous people and for no other meaning that if the people aren't virtue it doesn't make a difference what the so-called law of the land is they're not going to be living under natural law and therefore they're gonna be conquered by tyrants they're gonna willingly give themselves over to tyranny because they don't have any inherent virtue and their value systems are degraded and what they value in their life is not what they should be valuing if they're going to have any chance of protecting freedom so before we go to the phones I have one more quote this is one of the framers of the Constitution who actually co-authored the Second Amendment to the US Constitution his name was George Mason and he said see what we we read last week the the Second Amendment in turn you know interpreted some of the words that trying to get people to the understanding of the true meaning of some of the words that are used in the Second Amendment and in getting down to some of the meanings of words that people have lost their understanding of the meaning of and the word militia was one of those words people have this completely erroneous notion of what the term militia in the second amendment means they think it means something that it does not mean okay and this quote by George Mason helps to completely remove the ambiguity of what that word is he said what is the militia quote what is the militia it is the whole people to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them that's a quote by one of the co-authors of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution what is the militia it is the whole people let me just repeat that again the person who wrote the Second Amendment here's the quote by him what is the militia it is the whole people what part of that is an ambiguous what part of that is open to miss construing or misinterpretation I'd like someone to explain that to me but people don't think that's what the militia means and then he goes on to say to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them how could you be more clear and non ambiguous I don't think it can be done and yet people still think that this statement should be interpreted in some other form or fashion and that any amount of gun control is somehow acceptable because they actually believe other people have a right that doesn't exist you have a right really as an individual to take away someone else's ability to defend themself from violence well if you don't have that right no one has that right that right does not exist for anyone and therefore it can't be granted to another person it can't be granted to another group of people that you're calling government and somehow saying you're going to magically imbue with a right that doesn't exist it cannot be done you can claim you're going to do it and other imbecile moron retarded people can actually believe that you somehow magically develop that right they can accept your claim your erroneous claim that doesn't exist in nature but that will never make it true let's just be very clear on that that will never make it true it will never make that a right no one has that right that right does not exist in nature so with that quote let's go to the phones and see what people have to say again the toll-free number to join us on what on earth is happening is eight six six eight four one one zero six five again to join us the topic is the inherent right to defend oneself against violence the insane fascist / communist grabs that are going on and try to beat attempting to be justified by people to take away people's inherent right to defend themselves to take away people's guns and we're also asking the question today do you think what the founders what the American revolutionaries did all right not just the founders but the people who waged the American Revolution what they did was an act of love or an act of hate and why you think so so here we go let's go to the phones Ivan in fact you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Ivan Ivan I'm having a real hard time Ivan I'm having a real hard time hearing you there's a lot of background noise I know you usually call in from your place of employment and there's some background noise sometimes but it's kind of over the top today so I'm gonna put you on hold you want to try to make a reconnection if you can get into a quieter place I'll put you to the top of the line alright Richard in Washington you are live on what on earth is happening welcome yes mark I hope we can have a short dialogue because I believe in everything of the concepts you're saying but I'm thinking that as a practitioner of the Trivium and a quadrant are wrong connotation what we have and I will defend is freedom to my death is we have the right to make a choice and and the real word is choice we have a choice ok you only have a right if you have some find a foundational perspective and that's what quote unquote the Constitution gave us it gave us rights based on that Constitution but that's the next distinction natural law was a philosophy of man the law of nature is something that we can believe in as as the Trivium and the quadrivium so you know those those distinctions are really important a pacifist can make a choice not to use violence and not defend it I would make a distinction that the the that natural law is inherent there is a philosophy or an understanding based upon natural law which is philosophical but natural law is in is inherent it has to do with inherent rights and whether an action is a right because it does not cause harm or whether an action is not a right because it does cause harm so I would say it's not in itself a philosophy of man but the understanding of it is a philosophy that's the only distinction I would make but I agree with what you've said there well that's exactly why I want to make that distinction because if you use the term natural law that is a John Locke's philosophy as well as other philosophers but the law of nature is a physical objective reality of the Trivium and the quadrivium that because you can get people confused by the fact that you're not talking about gravity you're talking about a concept that is is oriented around the egocentric perspective well I I I call it natural law as many other philosophers throughout time and have understood these principles call it you could rearrange the term and call it the law of nature I'm not trying to split hairs on the term if John Locke called a specific philosophy natural law that doesn't mean it's the same thing I'm talking about when I talk about natural law I think I've been very specific about what the term that I'm using meaning natural law means that it is about only a green you find it very adequately but but but that's it you're defining the laws of nature in the Constitution it says the god of nature yeah and nature's God right and these are the laws of nature come that's right they are rights correct but as you caught with Adams Adams referred to natural law because he was a follower of John Locke they agreed to the same philosophy but that same philosophy is not a law of nature and and we can we can point that out by by what Thomas Paine because you and I both agree that he was one of the most outstanding of the founding fathers name if you Ramon I'll remind you that I was the person that asked you to re think the founding fathers but in in Thomas Paine's time he said it is a duty of a patriot to protect his country from his government so I think because I believe now the times have changed I think it's the duty of a patriot to protect himself from all governments yes because we have evolved yep oh sure and it this is something that I I totally agree the founders did not have a total enough understanding of natural law true natural law they had somewhat developed understanding of it but they did not go far enough which is why again I keep bringing up the quote by the Buddha that on the path to truth you can only make two mistakes not starting and not going all the way the founders started the path to truth but they did not ultimately go all the way it up to us today to understand we need to go all the way and understand all government no matter what it is is inherently illegitimate because it is all based on the violence ideology and it is based on taking away choice from people and ultimately that is the equivalent of making them slaves exactly and the second quote by Thomas Paine and this will get to the heart of the question you ask it is my religion to do good ok I believe that religion was instituted starting with the Caesars the downfalls of the Caesars and and then picked up by the holy roman empire because they want a continuation of subjection is the religion is being used to subjugate us and because of that we use that as a mistaken and fraudulent foundation to give definition to words and those words unless you use that religious framework don't have the same connotation excellent point I definitely agree and and that's why I'm so specific about using the term laws of nature right and if that then explains your questioners perhaps in less ambiguity in that term than just natural law see what one of the things I've been trying to do instead of even using the term natural law is take it to a different level in the the phrase the phrasing of the concept and call it the underlying spiritual laws of creation then it's very difficult to misconstrue what we're talking about and that this goes to the true meaning of the word natural the etymological meaning of the word natural comes from its derivation as an Egyptian word net tare net tare meant spirits so when we're talking about natural nut tear all it means spiritual so natural laws are the spiritual laws that ultimately govern the conduct of human behavior exactly and that's why it's so important if we're talking about spiritual concepts or philosophical concepts as humans or we're talking about things we have to deal with in nature the laws of nature and then to ask your question is that love or hate it's new that's a human concept the the choice I would defend my right to have choice because I believe that's what I have as a multicellular organism but the concepts of love and hate only exist if two or three people get together and we choose to agree to our terminology they don't they aren't laws of nature they're totally misleading concepts that get us away from the true thinking of what do we have to deal with in nature and that's why I've always recommended the parable of the tribes by Andrew smuggler if you read that that concept and that the second title is the problem of power and social evolution you'll find that sometimes we get confused and distracted because we don't distinguish between what we as humans egocentric lis called philosophy and what we as humans as multicellular real organisms have to deal with in nature you're talking about the difference between the map and the actual territory the actual landscape and that this gets into areas of you know definitions of words and semantics well I think people are clear enough about what I'm talking about the expression of love which I've talked about before as really something that helps consciousness to expand into flower verses the expression of fear which is the counter acting force to that force that wants to unfold consciousness and make it expand and grow so in that context is what I'm asking people not in the context of what do you love what do you not like preferences or choices in that sense I'm talking about is this an act that has helped people to grow and move forward evolutionarily in consciousness or was it an act that should not have been taken because it you know makes that process that natural unfolding of consciousness move backwards or stagnate so again I you know I could clarify that a bit but I am putting that out there not in the terms of whims or likes or general preferences but in the true sense of those of those terms I would say that love is a force in nature is that force which actually helps consciousness to expand and grow whereas fear and then ultimately anything based upon that such as hatred will help to shut down that process so that's the connotation that I'm asking it in and I think most of the people who are within the sound of my voice and hearing what I'm generally talking about will not you know split hairs or go into a semantical argument but I agree it is important to clarify that because many people will not you know understand exactly what we're trying to get at when we're using terms like that so that's a valid point so thank you for that well that's why it's so important that we use the correct term of choice versus rights no organism has the right or a right all we have is choice all organisms have a choice now that choice can be to defend yourself but like I said the pacifist choice is not to use violence in any situation so you always have to make that distinction between philosophy and natural law of nature and that's a good point we could maybe talk about on a future show pacifism and I could get into all the reasons that I do not think it is a good idea and why I think that it is something that actually goes against the laws of nature to remain completely non forceful in a situation where your rights are being usurped and violence is being done unto you or those around you I do not think that that falls into harmony with right under natural law or under the laws of nature under cosmic spiritual laws of creation so maybe that's a good topic for a future show Richard and what in Washington thank you for the call great points that you've brought up let's go to Russ in Minnesota you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yes I know that Richard is quite a fan of this nuclear fellow anyway yeah and Richard you know Richard thinks that his idea of a great launch is tackling a buffalo and eating its intestines I'm making light here and about trying to be hypercritical but sure well did you have anything to contribute to the discussion on gun control in general the inherent human right to defend oneself or perhaps you want to chime in on the question of what do you look at the actions of the American revolutionaries as where their actions the proper ones that ultimately helped consciousness to move forward and or were they should they not have taken those actions and should they have not responded to the violence that that was being done on to them with force as they chose to do I think they made the right decision okay I do - what why do you think so well pretty I mean I think that you know when we wouldn't Richard turns to talk about nature versus you know in he says we don't really have rights and you know well yeah rights or something you know that we create that humans do this but it's a human creation you know and it's like saying that you know a guy can't just come up to me and and take my money out of my wallet you know I don't I don't agree that it is a human creation again I think a right is something that is inherent to creation because laws that govern creation Douce that govern our choices see our choices are governed this is what we have to understand we have freewill to make choices but not without consequence there are always going to be consequences for the actions that we take based on choices that we've made and those laws that govern that are fixed they're not mutable they're not changing they're not open to our interpretation or whims or dislikes or preferences or likes okay they are fixed laws that are inherent in creation that are always going to give us a specific type of result a specific energy and we're creating as a result of those choices in harmony with natural law or in opposition to it with these laws of creation okay these spiritual laws of creation those laws have within them okay the inherent concepts of right and wrong the inherent distinction energetically of what is going to result if this action is being taken because it is not moral or whether this other action here what it's going to create because it is in alignment with morality meaning did the action result in harm or did it not result in harm now when you talk about the actions of the founders people can look at them and say well their actions resulted in harm I'm not the founders I shouldn't use that term the revolutionaries the American revolutionaries and I'm being specific let's say the people who actually brandished weapons they brandished firearms they shot firearms and they killed other people who were coming over here to this land from England and other places in Europe to continue to oppress them at the the hands at the request of the British crown okay so the revolutionaries you could say well were they causing harm to the physical bodies of other people yes but what was the reason that that was that that that they chose to make that action well that's because first harm was being conducted to them they were being stolen from their rights were being stolen their physical safety was being stolen in many cases they were being put away for non crimes when they had not done anything except disobey the orders of the crown and their freedom was then being stolen so all of these things are acts of violence ultimately all transgressions against the laws of nature are acts of violence and they all involve theft of some kind whether you're taking someone's property without right to do so whether you're taking someone's safety and you have no right to do so when you have when you're taking someone's life or freedom or rights it's all theft so the people who were here that from the at the behest of the crown the way they were taking people's rights they were taking people's property they were taking people's freedom they had none of those rights to do that and yet they were conducted in those acts of violence and aggression well that made us you know that makes you able under natural law to engage in a behavior that you ordinarily would not be able to do without negative repercussions or Consequences namely use force against that person's body the reason you then have the right to do that is because prior to that act you were already being you were already having violence conducted against you therefore that right already existed but see the only way way you have the right to engage it in other words you have the you reserve the right to use force but you then have a right to take force to actually use that force only if violence is being done unto you first when that's being done which was being done they then had the choice do I want to engage my right of this potential to use force and put it into actual physical manifestation or do I just want to continue to take this and let it go on accosted in the physical domain and this is what I'm trying to say I think when people make the choice of pacifism and there is violence continuing to being being conducted on a constant basis and their people's rights are continuing to be eroded and they're being put further and further into chains and slavery I feel that it is a wrong to continue to remain a pacifist you know if someone hits you in the jaw one time you know and then walks away you know I'm not saying you have a right five or ten years later to go and put bullet in that person okay you know the act has to be ongoing and continuous for you to respond with force but what I'm saying is is if someone kept coming to you every single day and hitting you in the jaw and you're just gonna sit there and take it that's not a right I'm sorry that is a wrong you are now operating within wrong in that one instance when there was no pattern and it was just a wild random act perhaps you have a choice and you can say well I can choose to respond to this with force or I could let it go but if it keeps happening if there's a continuous train of usurpations and abuse as was the reason for the the Declaration of Independence being signed in the separation from the crown to begin with okay if there is a continuous train of usurpations and abuses being conducted and you still sit there and do nothing you are within the wrong you are not operating within the parameters of natural law at that point so the the the the ideology of pacifism I do not look at as a philosophy I look at it as an ideology that is not based in a deep understanding of the laws of nature of cosmic spiritual law at all it is based in an ideology that is ultimately based in some form of self-loathing that you will continue to take abuse and never respond with your right to defend yourself with force that is what the New Age movement wants to convince people is the right path to take in life and that is what religion is also in a big way trying to convince people through ridiculous notions such as turning the other cheek which I do not in any way feel that the teacher in the Middle East who is referred to as Jesus Yeshua yahushua whatever you want to refer to him as ever told people to do i feel that was added in to the bible that is one of those things that was added to the bible as a result of dominators in a given area wanting to control the minds of people and again that's even we're not getting into the whole Astro theology of religion even if you do accept there was a teacher or set of teachers that were teaching true deep cosmic principles about the laws of nature in the in the location of the Middle East in general around the time of the first century AD again I don't think that was part of that teacher or teachers philosophy I believe that that was added in post that era to the Bible to get people to stand down and never engage their natural law right to defend themselves with force if required and if set off if a perpetual train of abuses and usurpations against their rights were being conducted your response to that I mean in the Bible it's really sometimes difficult to figure out exactly who said what I mean I just read a verse the other day where it says God did not send his son to judge and then a few chapters later it says either says it was for judgment that I have come to this world right you know so yeah I mean the Bible's full of I think was written by a lot of different people and whatever one guy itself but on one day he would say and another guy would say something else and you need a tribute quotes to Jesus that probably we never made I think a lot of the conversations that Jesus has with his his followers you know like if you've read like the Socratic dialogues you've got Socrates talking with the MCUs and all these other fellows I think that's just Plato to put giving his views through Socrates who is just a fictional character interesting and I think Jesus I think Jesus said in the same way he's been being you sort of as a per neg protection elf piece right in a literary work yes it's it's quite possible and you know if you have anything else go right ahead I have a quote that I want to read about Jesus's idea about peace in the world about maintaining peace and what you know attributed to him is about that I find I think is one of the most encouraging and one of the most profound statements that is made in the Bible philosophically so do you have anything else for us Ross well if I could just hold that and listen I'd appreciate that oh absolutely thanks so much for the call great points and you know here's a quote that I do take the heart that was written in the Bible in Matthew chapter 10 Jesus is quoting quoted as saying do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth I did not come to bring peace but a sword for I have come to turn a man against his father a daughter against her mother a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man's enemies will be the members of his own household anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me whoever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it now I look at that as a totally beautiful spiritual allegorical statement that is talking about very similar to the same things that what Samuel Adams was talking about in his quote from I believe 17 74 or 75 that I read earlier on the show he's saying that the truth is not about peace Jesus always you know referred to himself as the truth this is the voice of truth and he's saying he didn't come to bring peace truth is here to stir things up it's here to create conflict he came to bring a sword because so many people have begun accepting that which is not true as the way things are you know accepting illusion and fantasy as truth and he came to turn people of their own family against each other those who would be willing to see the truth and go wherever it leads and those who would just stay in their ignorant continue to engage the illusion and that's going to create dichotomy it's going to create conflict especially in families see if you want to just maintain peace you're not on the side of the truth the truth is an uncomfortable process to go through to recognize the reality of the world it shouldn't make you comfortable it shouldn't make things tranquil it's a stirring up process it's here to stir the pot it is here to rock the boat that's what the truth is about you shouldn't be comfortable in the illusion and in coming out of it it's a a process involving turmoil and tumult it's it's a mulcher assess and he's saying if you love your family more than you love me meaning truth then you're not worthy of the truth you're you should have all of the negative things that are going to result as as a result of your willful refusal of truth to happen to you that's what that's what's being said here it's just like you know if you love wealth you love your business because you have a business you don't want to fight against tyranny you'd rather be able to keep your little pittance that you make in your business than have real freedom you know you're not worthy of freedom then which is what Adams is basically saying to these cowards that he was speaking to and Jesus is saying if you're unworthy to go and follow the truth wherever it leads take up your cross regardless of how uncomfortable it is going to be to engage truth and spread it to others if you're not willing to do that you're not worthy of the truth the way the truth and the light the way the truth and the life and he's saying whoever finds his life will lose it powerful statement in meaning if you love your life more than you love truth and freedom your ultimate ly gonna lose your life because what's your life worth you're it's not you're saying your life is worth more to you than truth and freedom so you would defend your life meaning you would stay in your shell stay in your shackles you would stay in your bindings as long as you might you wouldn't have to take a chance to endanger your life see that's what he means by those who finds his life who it also means those who loves their life loves if you love your life more than you love truth and again this is a connotation of the word love it means if you're willing to preserve just your life because you won't get your hands dirty in the fight for truth and freedom because you won't speak out out of fear because you will you're willing to stay in your shackles of safety and so-called security rather than come out onto the battlefield for truth and freedom then you're not worthy of your life you'll ultimately lose your life you're gonna lose everything that makes life worth living and he says whoever loses their life for my sake for the sake of the truth will find it they'll have true power they'll have true life their life will be imbued with meaning and purpose if you lose your life meaning you're willing to lay down your life for the truth you don't care more about your life than you do about truth and freedom just like many of the revolutionaries who fought the Revolutionary War did and they lost their lives physically literally in this engagement for truth and freedom I don't know if we're at that level of courage as a people I somehow and have a very negative stance when I look out the window when I walk down the street and I see these dumbed down golems that have been made into a retarded form of life they have been slowed down to a point where the mental processes are just not engaged enough to even understand what freedom is let alone to have the willpower to be engaged enough to fight and protect it but I do think there's that small irate that tiny irate minority that Samuel Adams talks about that may be able to put a dent in this and make a difference you know I still think it's possible as for the masses I think they are so hopelessly irreversibly dumbed down that I don't put too much faith in anything that they could do in the way of creating real change here but in that irate tireless minority if we really go even further go all the way and engage the will maybe we can make something powerful and positive happen let's go back to the phones Jane from Baltimore you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah mark I don't question your intentions your sincerity but I do have a problem with your idealized interpretation of the American War of Independence which really was a civil war and not a popular revolution and it was under to mystical II undertaken on the basis of securing support from other empires including the Empire of Spain the kingdom of France the Dutch Republic under the house of orange and Frederick the Great of Prussia both for against the British have explained those explained those reasons it is because the revolutionaries would not have had the ability on their own to be back a full invasion by the British of course they went to other ruling elites in England and made deals with them to get the support that they needed otherwise they would have been crushed you know they went to other ruling elites to fight against the crown by promising certain things to get the the resources reserves an actual physical men that they would need to command in order to to have any fighting chance you know III don't think that that means that their their intentions were necessarily bad I think it's they did what they felt had to be done in order to have any fighting chance whatsoever without coming in and being crushed with a swift stroke you know in the nearest invasion they were in the middle of a World War and and to credit the cleverness and the brilliance of colonial diplomats like Franklin and John Jay were able to exploit and take advantage of this World War in order to get these other empires to gang up on the British and especially French money French troops and the French Navy which was pretty much completely responsible for the victory at Yorktown by bottling up the British so I mean this is strategically critical and this is the classical strategy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend of course they engaged in that I don't again I don't think that inherently makes them evil in any way or means that they themselves had any like motives to enslave the the American population well I think they were appropriately cold-blooded and cynical about it and that's how we should be when it comes to the Chinese Communists the Russian gangsters the Muslim Brotherhood what what about and other forces that exist out in the world what about the forces of communism and totalitarianism and fascism that our work right here in the United States would I say we may find ourselves in the position of having to play them off against each other and we shouldn't have any illusions that somehow or other we're going to be able to adhere to some high-minded perfect principle it's going to be ruthless and it's going to be dirty now I and the problem you're pointing to is in the midst of all this blood and filth and betrayal and intrigue and subversion how do you maintain any integrity how do you maintain the honesty of your intentions this is the other thing either this is a revolution is ultimately failure all revolution if you let it get to the point where you need to do that is going to involve coming down a notch to go forward a notch so to speak so what were the failures of the American Revolution clearly they failed to abolish slavery right but you guys aren't out to be a disaster well there's a heavy first thing is in the signing of the Declaration of Independence they couldn't even get that through without making capitulations to the South to strike out the anti black slavery clauses that were included in the original dress that's one of the first things that was a failure that started I think that that moral failure paved the way for all of this coming back an encroachment of tyranny that's one thing another here it is also the alter the question of the Native Americans and the limits of the frontier that they bring this land to begin with that it was already inhabited by people we didn't just Co inhabit it we came in and conquered it that's another thing that is that can't be ignored of course I worked the Indians weren't the Indians really losers in the Revel let me put it it's like not all the but worth the charge that were aligned with the British which I think were the majority they really lost as a consequence of the American rule I agree and again in no way am I saying the American Founding Fathers were angels in any sense nor should my words be construed to be interpreted as such okay they were not fully enlightened they did not go all the way toward the truth in understanding high levels of how natural law operates nor did they understand the fundamental Unified Field aspect of reality of oneness from a deeper spiritual perspective they were not in non-duality they were still in certain levels of dualistic mind state in their mind and in their behaviors so they weren't perfect they were as good as what we had available at that time period in human history what I'm saying is we need to go far farther than what the Founding Fathers did to create the pocket or the level of the maintaining of freedom that they were able to accomplish by no means was it perfect that in many ways it was a failure because we won't be talking about the need for a possible second revolution if it was successful we would be truly free and really you know engaged in our natural inherent rights without usurpations on those rights and that isn't what occurred so ultimately when it gets to a point where it has to be done like this you have to recognize you've already not be in doing the real great work of changing consciousness enough you didn't have enough people to get on board with that work and that effort and if you want that chance to be able to happen sometime in the distant future you're going to have to physically beat back the attack of aggression and violence that is actively being done to you because you weren't getting it done in consciousness all along the founders Accord major failure is that they did not properly put the the country I don't want to use the controls they did not properly put the force of philosophy into place in the re-education of the the public that was living here in the colonies and then in the States after the American Revolution they did not help to help those other people out of their lower mind state and consciousness and to get up to their level and to even go beyond it they did not do that enough they still took it upon themselves as well we're just gonna accomplish this physical task and things will be ok because we'll have this breathing room but they didn't exercise enough force and put enough effort into the re-education of the populace after that physical act was was completed and accomplished that I think is their major failure and that brings us to the question of sovereignty right because who really has it you children have it do minors under the age of 18 have it do women have it women were not accorded the vote until 1920 all people displaced were the slaves sovereign people know they were property were the Indian sovereign not land they negotiated treaties as nations but every one of those treaties was torn up the only people who had sovereignty in the beginning were property owners right and it took it took it took several generations basic in reality all people are sovereign there is no such thing as a being that comes into this universe that's not sovereign we all need someone who's willing to fight for their freedom only someone who's willing to fight for their freedom and kill for it and die for it is sovereign in my view I would say they're the people who are deserving the maintaining of that freedom without it without them having to understand the importance the value of it without at first being taken from them I still wouldn't say that inherently that means that they are no longer sovereign see this comes to the point and I think you've made some great points Russ I don't want to uh you know uh say that the points that you have made aren't really worthy of considering but I think we have to understand the difference between what is someone who is inherently sovereign and that sovereignty can never be really taken from them even if they claim that they're ok with being a slave and this III want to let you go because I want to read a line to people I want to read a quote to people about I'm sorry uh this isn't Russ this was Jane I'm apologizing I'm gonna mute mute you up and you can continue to listen but I want to read a quote another quote by Samuel Adams that really speaks to this point ok and it's it's one of his lesser-known quotes in that he was writing in some of his letters let me bring it up here because I think it's extremely powerful and it's a quote that I think is underrated and people really haven't been exposed to very often and here it is quote it is the greatest absurdity to suppose it in the power of one or any number of men at the entering into society to renounce their essential natural rights or the means of preserving those rights when the grand end of civil government from the very nature of its institution is for the support protection and defense of those very rights the principle of which as is being observed as is before observed are life liberty and property if men through fear fraud or mistake should in terms renounce or give up an essential natural right the eternal law of reason and the grand and of civil of society would absolutely vacate such a renunciation the right of freedom being the gift of God Almighty it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave now if you really sit and break down each individual component of that particularly in the last sentence of it if men through fear fraud or mistake through fear through fraud having things done fraudulent fraudulently to them and being put through the wringer of mind control and mistake should in terms that means over time that's an older way of saying in terms means over time should they renounce or give up their essential natural rights meaning admit you have the authority to do this to me even though it doesn't exist in nature the right to do such a thing and I'm going to accept you as an authority and I'm going to accept that I have to obey your authority meaning that I am a slave okay it says that such a renunciation of rights would be absolutely vacated by the laws of nature in other words you can claim all you want that you're a slave just like they can claim all they want that they are masters but it will never be so it will never actually be such in nature see this is where the distinction that Richard brought up earlier about what people perceive versus what actually does exist in nature has to be made very clear there is no such thing in nature as masters and slaves it will has never existed and will never exist in a diseased psyche there has been a condition created on the earth through the disease of the psyche of the experience of the relationship between a master and a slave but know that that is only an experience that as is a result of a diseased psyche in nature itself those people who were that the commander's or the masters were not really commanders or masters they're playing that role they're being perceived as such if you were a completely objective observer that could somehow exist independently of this universe and look in on it you would see these are just people having an experience that they that this side claims is a master and this side claims that they are their slaves or their subjects or servants and in reality that's not so nothing in nature makes that arrangement such these are just choices to believe in certain completely unfounded and poisoned worldviews that have no bearing and truth or fact or principle and to latch onto those diseased ideas and accept them as being true when in fact they are in no way true that that distinction has to really be understood that they're in in nature there is no such thing as a master or a slave because in nature there is no such thing as the authority of one being over another does not exist if you think that that exists in nature you are delusional d lusion 'l doesn't exist never has existed never will exist because no such right exists in nature under the laws of creation there is no such right as a right to to command as a right to be an authority as a right to conduct violence against someone else and have the right to do so the right doesn't that right doesn't exist you're always committing a wrong in engaging in that behavior so what Adams is saying here is since freedom as a gift from God and it exists inherently in creation it can never be separated from man nor is it in man's power to separate it from himself you cannot in nature in reality say I'm a slave and you're my master it cannot be done since that is against inherent laws of creation you can only make the claim but it will never make it true nobody can entirely be a slave if you're you think you can do that and accept slavery you are wrong meaning you are existing within wrong you are not in harmony with cosmic spiritual laws of creation no one can voluntarily say I am a slave and make it be so you are always free you are always sovereign you always have been sovereign you are sovereign now and you will forever be sovereign meaning there is no one above you natural law is the only thing that you stand under and cannot supersede cannot stand above that's it that's the truth of creation for all time not because I said it do I happen to understand it yes I do many other people have understand it throughout time many people after me will understand it there is nothing special about me except perhaps for the fact that I've been able to come out of the mind control to such an extent to understand natural law to the extent that I do other people are still in that retarded dumb-down mind state who can't see this clearly so let's go to another phone call here we go area code 905 you're live on what on earth is happening we only have a couple of minutes left what do you have for us hi if you have someone that's totally intent on doing violence won't listen to reason or anything yeah isn't the most loving thing you could do for them it's in the to block then from doing that violence by whatever means I would agree and that's where we're at that's the decision that we have to make are we going to continue to allow people who are conducting violence to just continue to do it unchecked and is that erupted or is that that won't that won't make safety you can't just once reasons being rejected you can't make safety by just letting the criminals carry on actually right see the way you stop it the way you do provide a level of insulation against that negative eventualities is you make sure from the time that the being is young that you amer the understanding of the laws of creation of how we create our experience into them this is why shamanic and indigenous tribal cultures do not have the rates of violence by any stretch of the imagination even per capita even by numbers of population that we do in the Western world or again throughout the world really they teach their children the laws of creation they teach their children inherent natural law rights from very young ages and they are not really permitted to refuse those or they get ostracized from the society and cast out into the jungles where it's basically a death sentence that's how they handle that problem from ever manifesting in large numbers and that's the right way to handle unfortunately we have not decided to do anything about that continued usurpations of violin