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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday December 23rd 2012 we have a great show lined up for you here today this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central today on what on earth is happening we're going to be continuing to talk about the inherent natural right of self defense against violence something that is been coming under increasing attack in the media because of the tragic school shooting that just occurred in Connecticut and we cannot allow emotional mind control to be used against us as a technique of manipulation because when such tragic events occur automatically we're in reactive mode and we're not thinking clearly about what is one of our rights that usurpers want to get us to surrender to them so that they can gain more control over us and that's what this is actually all about whether it's an orchestrated event or whether it's something that just happened the dominators always are there to take advantage of the situation and to try to turn it into their favor that's what the dialectic is all about never let a good crisis go to waste as they say and that's what they're playing off of that emotion this is a technique of manipulation that I have referred to as heart control we hear a lot about mind control but not heart control which is playing off the emotions and that's exactly what that's about so we're going to be continuing to talk about this on the show today I have a few event announcements before we get into that topic first of course the free your mind to conference coming up here in the city of Philadelphia April 25th 20 sixth and 27th here in Philadelphia and just an incredible lineup of speakers that we have planned for this year at the free your mind to conference a conference on consciousness mind control in the occults the location is the beautiful art Street meeting house here in Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street the doors open 8 o'clock a.m. each day and the featured speakers include Allen Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr. dream freighter ex Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Moray myself mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett and ladies and gentlemen I can now confirm we've received verbal confirmation just added to the free your mind to a list of speakers Fritz spring Myer I don't have his bio up on the website yet that'll be coming in the next few days but for its spring Meyer has verbally confirmed to be part of the free your mind to conference it is great to have them on board just adding to the tremendous lineup of speakers advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet and greet featuring a vegetarian meal and afterwards a conference featuring the divine hand ensemble $20 for the Friday conference $40 for the Saturday conference $40 for all three days plus the speaker meet-and-greet and concert $120 for speaker and ticket information please visit the conference website free your mind conference calm hand-in-hand with the freedom mind conference we are planning a money bomb radio marathon fundraiser and this is going to be held on son January 13 2013 on American Freedom radio.com hosted by Freeman and Frater x2 speakers from the conference and they'll be interviewing various speakers from the conference as guests on the radio marathon this is going to be taking place Sunday January 13th from noon to midnight Central Time that's I inaccurately reported that last week I said it was Eastern Time it's noon to midnight Central Time that's 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern Time ok and uh that this has been posted on both the what on earth is happening comm news section and the free your mind conference webpage and you can also take a look at the poster by clicking image number 2 underneath the radio show player on the what on earth is happening comm radio show page or with this podcast so the free remind - conference Money bomb radio marathon Sunday January 13th noon to midnight central time on American freedom radio hosted by Freeman and Frey directs don't miss it use this opportunity to learn more about the upcoming conference and to help the effort of bringing in all of these out-of-town speakers by making a donation to the freer mind to event I will be speaking at the Y Tesla matters conference this is a Tesla memorial conference taking place on January 5th 6th and 7th 2013 at The New Yorker Hotel 481 8th Street New York New York I'll be speaking on Sunday January 6th and this is going to be a great conference about Tesla's legacy it is being held on the anniversary of his death Tesla passed On January 7th 1943 so I'll be speaking Sunday January 6th for more information on this great conference hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation please visit Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g the free monthly documentary screening and discussion night hosted by truth freedom prosperity we'll take place this Thursday December 27th here in Philadelphia at a scene food market and cafe at 7:19 South fourth Street the free documentary screening is hosted by TF P always take place on the last Thursday of every month at a scene food market this month's film for December 27th will be innocence betrayed a documentary by Claire wolf which demonstrates how gun control has been historically used to disarm citizens and make them helpless before governments commit genocide dramatically covers major genocides in the Soviet Union Germany Uganda Rwanda China Turkey and other countries it shows how gun control in the United States has been used to victimize minority groups and erode civil liberties I could not agree more and that this is very synchronistic that I chose this film on December 13th the night before the tragic shooting in Connecticut so very synchronistic timing happening there because I've been hammering on this whole topic of the inherent right to defend oneself against violence which more people need to understand as an inherent natural right and just amazing that an event like this would pop up into the world just as I'm covering these such topics synchronistic to be sure okay I was interviewed as the featured activist at the last truth freedom prosperity live event TFP live hosted by Mike savvy and true freedom prosperity this happened on the big Mayan calendar end date of December 21st 2012 a couple of days ago on Friday and you know while the entire event was a non-event we reached a lot of not the TFP live event the Mayan calendar nd which you know I fully expected that that day itself would not really bring anything cataclysmic or catastrophic to the world like I said the whole 2012 prophecy in general I've always seen as a window of opportunity to elevate consciousness and get ourselves out of this situation of slavery that we exist in here on earth or to reject truth and go into an even worse place than we're already at it's a window of opportunity it is a it is a choice point in time that doesn't exist on one day but it's a period of time okay so while nothing occurred worldwide on the famed Mayan calendar end date we did get a lot of good information out to people that came out to TFP live so I'll be putting the video of the interview up on my website shortly but in the meantime if you go to TFP live.com you can see that on that website as part of the mics alvie's world website TFP live is a subsection within there but you could reach the TFP live section of mike's alvie's world by just visiting TFP live.com and the first video that's posted there right now is a video of the past TFP live that just took place this friday where I was interviewed you'll have to skip ahead at least an hour or so to get to my interview but it is it is in there so think Mike said that he was going to be making a clip diversion with just my interview so I'll be posting that to the website when he gets that over to me the ad-free chip in for the what on earth is happening radio show to keep the show commercial free during the two hours that it is on the air currently stands at $700 thank you so much to everyone who is donated to this effort you guys have been doing a great job continue the good work and we need to raise only 300 more by January 31st to keep the show ad free through February March and April also on the website you'll see a general support donation button if people have found the work that I've been doing value and feel that they want to make a voluntary contribution to help me continue this work please feel free to click on the general support donation button and make a contribution okay that having been said let's get into the topic here today what I want to do at the top of the show is give the calling number for the show because I want to have people in the queue because I'm gonna be taking calls during the second hour so the call-in number for the show is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five the toll-free number to join us we are talking about we are continuing to talk about the inherent right of self-defense and how this has a long history especially in the United States this is something that the founders of the United States wanted people to deeply understand and they wanted them never to lose sight of it they wanted them to grasp this concept fully to grasp the understanding of this inherent right fully and last week you know I said we were going to review some of the things about natural law like force versus violence and the Second Amendment I didn't really get into that to the extent that I wanted to because I kind of went off on a tangent about all of the people who are calling for gun grabs at this time in a completely emotionally driven mind state in which they're not really thinking clearly and they're just listening to the suggestions of the state that is always going to propose the the solution quote-unquote to any problem any given problem or set of problems that leads to the greater amount of control over the populace for the state of course but there's a language barrier in place and another thing we have to really keep sight of is when we're talking about our inherent rights we can't get caught in semantics and start splitting hairs we need to just speak very plainly and clearly about right versus wrong that's all this is ultimately about ladies and gentlemen and anybody that's claiming that they have a right to disarm somebody and make them a helpless victim is wrong period the end that's all you really need to understand about gun rights or gun control that gun control is people control it's not about guns it's about control and if you take away someone's right to defend themselves you're leaving them as a helpless victim that really has no option to do anything except lay down and beg for mercy guns are an equalizing force in society and again I am someone who advocates 100% fully the non-aggression principle I'm telling people violence is the entire problem of the world that there should not be violence that anybody who's conducting violence is in the moral wrong and should be dealt with that's what I've been telling people you know we don't have a right ever to use violence so I don't know where people come off with the idea that somehow gun ownership is connected with violence that's a state of mind that exists in each individual it has nothing to do with the ownership of a gun people will acquire a gun for many different purposes those who really understand what guns are for the their primary usage as opposed to their ancillary usages which I did talk a bit on last week the primary usage of gun of any gun is for defense of freedom when tyranny is encroaching that's the primary use of a gun to keep your freedom and the ancillary or supportive usages of guns or yes for protection on the street when walking in open territory against maybe just the average citizen psychopath okay not the government Psychopaths and then the other secondary reason is for defense within your home against the average citizen psychopaths but that doesn't mean that those are the primary usages again those are ancillary usages the primary usage of any arms is for the defense of your freedom when a psychopath calling themselves a group of psychopaths calling themselves government are coming to take your freedom away when they have no right to do so that's what guns are for and people say well what do you need a battle rifle in your house for why because the government has them that's the answer plain and simply the answer of why anybody needs battle rifles is because the government has battle rifles okay if you don't understand that you're a naive fool that if they have better weaponry than you there's going to be tyranny and they do that's why there's tyranny now and to give up more defensive use defensive capability through giving up guns is just plain stupid and it means you don't understand your rights you don't understand the primary usages of guns and you certainly don't understand the principle of self-defense when violence is being conducted against you I tell people I am 100% for peace I am peace filled I am filled with the spirit of peace because I live my life in the non-aggression principle of being I do not ingress against other people's free will I am NOT a Dominator I don't tell people what they can and cannot do so long as they are not hurting me or anyone else once you initiate force coercive force that's violence initiation of coercive force that's called violence no one has that right I am for non-violence does that mean I am a pacifist absolutely not I think pacifism is a totally loathsome ideology that is also morally wrong now how could I just make the statement I'm totally for peace and consider that I am filled with the spirit of peace and yet I consider the ideology of pacifism loathsome and morally wrong well very simply pacifism is different than non-violence pacifism is different than the non-aggression principle combined hand-in-hand with the self-defense principle pacifism is the ideology is an a right brained imbalanced ideology chronic right brain imbalance is where the ideology of pacifism comes from and notice I do not call it a philosophy because it is not the love of wisdom a pacifist doesn't have any wisdom a pacifist is self-loathing because they will sit and take violence when it is being done to them and not respond with defensive use of force even if they tell the person you have no right to do this you can give them that chance to back off you don't have this right I don't wish this to be happening to me you're hurting me stop I'll even go so far as to say try that first sure but if they don't stop and you sit there and continue to take abuse ultimately at some level of consciousness that means you hate yourself quite simply quite plainly you have to have self-loathing within you to continue to act that way you have to believe somehow that that person has the right to continue what they are doing and I find that morally wrong I think that's not a right to sit there and not defend the self even if it is just the lowercase s self because by doing a disservice to that lowercase s self by letting people usurp your natural rights in this world do violence against the body when you don't wish it being done you're ultimately doing disservice to the higher self the true self the soul and the spirit if you will and I don't see anything right in that this is why we need to understand both the non-aggression principle and the principle or the inherent right that exists in nature to defend oneself against violence so we talked about the Second Amendment and how the people who founded this country and attempted attempted to put this understanding into the populace we're very unambiguous about it people think oh there's all these interpretations and reading into quote-unquote reading into the Second Amendment there is no reading into the Second Amendment ladies and gentlemen if you think there's reading into it you don't know what you're talking about there is no interpretation of it now not to say that this is somehow God's Word or anything like that it's not the law of nature it's not natural law it's not cosmic spiritual law it's common sense is what it is pure and simple and instead of trying to read into it and interpret it I have you know put forward the radically crazy notion that maybe we should just go to the words of the people who actually wrote it wouldn't that be something if you want to know what they meant why not ask the people who wrote it why not look at their writings and they were totally completely unambiguous about what they meant by it see it's a mind control tactic to tell people what's open to interpretation no it's not open to interpretation you're wrong you're not you're wrong and stupid if that's what you think the second amendment is not open to interpretation very specific clear clear unambiguous concepts were laid down in that that the founders of this country intended and we're not ambiguous about in the slightest bit and their words will tell you how they were not ambiguous about it the problem is there's a language barrier here's where the the complications of human language come into play because they spoke a little bit differently in their colloquial form of language meaning that the the way that they spoke language on a day-to-day basis everyday colloquial usage of language and they wrote the same way people tend to write how they speak colloquially therefore there's this language barrier and people say well it was English then it's English now that is true but colloquial English is not the same today as it was in the late 1700s the herein lies the problem they they add different sentence structure and grammatical constructs in general they they used words in a different structure than we use them today yes they have the same words because it's the same English language but again the colloquial usage and the way that they wrote is slightly different than the way we speak and write today and therefore because of this divide in language from colonial English and early American English up through modern English we believe that erroneously believed many many people today that there is somehow a way that the Second Amendment can be interpreted through modern language and through misunderstand endings of their form of colloquial English and therefore somehow it can be interpreted completely different than as the founders intended the actual writers of the second amendment as well intended it so I made this slide a few Weeke weeks back to help people understand the difference how the second amendment appears in the Constitution as it was written by James Madison and George Mason it said quote a well-regulated militia comma being necessary to the security of a free State comma the right of the people to keep and bear arms comma shall not be infringed period and because of the sentence structure and the usages of commas in there in the way that it is is stated people feel that that's somehow open to interpretation I've tried to explain to people that we might write this amendment slightly different in modern colloquial English if we were to write it today we might say quote since a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State comma the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed period and quote it becomes much less ambiguous if we write it in modern colloquial English people can make the connection because of the way it's written that the well-regulated militia that is being talked about is indeed the people because if it wasn't why would you say then the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed see these two these two phrases cannot be separated from each other and taken out of context they're together so then you have to understand well then what is meant by the militia what did the founders the writers of the second amendment actually mean by the militia and people think that that they can read their own interpretation into this I swear if I here another moron saying that the word militia meant colonial militias back around the time that the Constitution was written the they're imbeciles they're complete morons that's not what the word militia meant it doesn't didn't mean that then and it doesn't mean that today and they think because the state militia in whatever state happened to have been dissolved the official state militia was dissolved in the past that means the militia doesn't exist anymore and again they're wrong they have no long view of history they don't understand anything that the founders of this country were trying to him to embed into people's mind and they warned them over and over and over don't let these ideas be lost understand them well and we didn't heed their words and that's why you have a bunch of socialist educated idiots out there today who actually believe the crap that they're taught in the indoctrination system called public schooling that there's somehow interpretation that can be applied to the Second Amendment when there is no such thing the word militia was very very very clearly defined by Wow magically the people who wrote the Second Amendment imagine that that you need to go no further than the people who actually wrote it George Mason James Madison and they would be all too happy to tell you and did tell you and did leave it to posterity in their writings what was the militia when I quoted I had a quote and it's also up this week on the image section image number five by James Madison co-author of the Second Amendment what is the militia it is the whole people which is why the phrase that follows since a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State comma the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed it's because the militia is all of the people that's simply what it is it is all people capable of brandishing arms that's it of using arms for their self-defense that is who the militia is and if you think that it's not you're wrong that's it you're incorrect that is what it actually is it is not some sub entity of government it is not some paramilitary group it is the people that's it you are the militia if you can pick up a weapon aim at fire it you're the militia surprise most people don't know that because they've been lied to and misled and told it this is something that existed two hundred and some-odd years ago and it doesn't exist today wrong you're incorrect that's a lie that's a deliberate obfuscation or quite frankly just a lie George Mason the one of the people who wrote the Second Amendment said what is the militia it is the whole people to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them ladies and gentlemen I want to know if anyone can call in and and propose how you could be more unambiguous please make a suggestion to me because I can't see how it could possibly be less ambiguous there's no statement that is less ambiguous than that that's about as unambiguous as it gets you cannot confuse that meaning with that statement what is the militia it is the whole people and if you take arms away from the people you're going to end up with an enslaved populace and if you want to see from a long historical point of view how that process has traditionally come about and only in really modern examples I mean you can go back even farther into the ancient world and see any time that a tyranny was coming in they tried to take away whatever arms were available to the people of that day this has been going on for thousands of years the same tactic you want to impress people and make them your slaves well they can't have weapons to defend themselves against your aggression your violence it only makes common sense which is unfortunately what morons who've been indoctrinated don't have because their state worshipers they are the worshipers of violence they don't understand the state is violence that it's not free will it's violence it's the initiation of coercive force against free will that's what government is there's only two kind of people you either believe in the non-aggression principle and a truly free society in which there are no rulers and there are no master slave relationships or you are what I now call I don't even like the term status I want to call the people who believe in the violence ideology it's not a principle it's not a philosophy it's an ideology those who believe in the right to violence okay the violence ideology the erroneous violence ideology okay I want to start calling them Arcanist s-- because that's what they really are there's anarchists and there's Arcanist s-- and i think that really explains the dichotomy even better than saying status because most people don't even grasp what that is and I understand while you're using an even less used word an arc honest what what what the hell is that most people will say but see it makes that distinction in the the etymological root of the language of the word the word Archon is where we get the word anarchie Archon arkhan means ruler master master over a slave a ruler over a subject that's what Archon means in Greek I mean you don't even take my word for it go get a Greek dictionary go look up Greek translations online type in the word Archon a r CH o n it means master or ruler meaning one who has slaves or subjects and an anarchist is one that inherently rejects a master/slave relationship it does not mean chaos anybody that thinks that you don't know the meaning of the word you've been conditioned through mind control tactics of repetition and obfuscation repeating the same thing the repeating the same lie over and over again anarchy means chaos Anarchy means chaos no it does not that's just the rep the repetitive lie that you've been fed since the day you were born to get you to accept a totally contradictory definition of a term when that word absolutely has nothing to do with chaos Anarchy does not equal chaos Anarchy equals the absence of masters or rulers the word anarchy comes from Greek the prefix a or an in Greek means the absence of or the negation of and again don't take my word look it up if you tack on a or an in front of a word in Greek it therefore makes it it's negative or it's opposite or meaning the absence of in other words this thing not being present the second part of the word Anarchy comes from the Greek word Archon which I just told you meant master or ruler so if you put them together an Archon anarchie means the state of their being the absence of mass there is no master/slave relationship because there is no master there is no ruler it doesn't mean no rules there are always rules present in nature natural law the cosmic spiritual laws of creation that govern the consequences of behavior are always in place and can never be escaped you can never be free of that law you are a subject to that because you are in the universe you are a subject of moral law that is the only master that there is we have chaos because we're breaking that law which is about morality and not committing violence against others not usurping other's rights that's why we have chaos if we had true anarchy no one would believe in the inherent right of a master to own a slave or a subject they would reject that outright because they would understand all anarchy is is the condition where there are no masters present now if you write on a piece of paper and you do a sociological experiment with somebody who's not very aware and hasn't studied language and hasn't studied history and isn't truly awake you know break down on a piece of paper no masters no rulers do this actually do this don't just listen to me say it when the show is over go and take a piece of paper find a person who's asleep I'm sure there's you know that's an easy thing to do regardless of where you're at there's tons of them around ok write down on a piece of paper no masters comma no rulers and ask the person flip that piece of paper over and write the first word that comes to your mind word association first word that pops in your head that comes to mind when you read this phrase can only be one word and I will almost guarantee you 99.999% of people there might be one statistical anomaly here or there but I guarantee you almost 100% of people are going to write down the word freedom almost 100% and you just handed them a piece of paper with the definition of the word Anarchy on it that is the definition of the word Anarchy no masters no rulers and they'll tell you that it means freedom very quickly they'll write it down I will guarantee it you want to know why I can guarantee and I've done it many times and invariably not one person I've ever done it with has written down any other word except freedom on the back of that paper 100% of the time I've ever done this experiment with human beings they have written down the word freedom on the back of that piece of paper and what they don't understand is they just wrote down the word freedom as being equivalent to the word Anarchy but but but here's the but this is how you know they're under mind control you give them a piece of paper with the word Anarchy written on it and again I'll give you a statistical average probably I would say 99.5 percent are going to write down the word chaos and again I've done this and I have gotten occasionally a different response when you write down Anarchy and you say you can only respond with one word that's the key no phrase is no sentences don't try to write a definition down it's a word association game Anarchy and then give me the word that first pops into your head and 99.5 percent are gonna write down the word chaos guaranteed again do it I'd like to hear people how about this here's a great here's a great social experiment how about next week we open up the phone lines for everybody who has done this social experiment and you give me your results you report your results on the air and tell me about the people's reactions when you tried to educate them about what the word really means because they have been conditioned and brainwashed into thinking that the state of no rulers and no masters called anarchy means chaos because that's exactly what archons want you to think it means a master or a ruler wants his subjects to think there would be chaos if he wasn't ruling them anymore that's why they put this word obfuscation into the mindset of the people and conveyed to convince them to believe that's anarchy look at that bad behavior that's anarchy no that's called violence violence is not anarchy violence is when there is this erroneous belief of authority and therefore you have rulership over somebody which is the coercion of their free will which is the definition of violence so I propose we start using the term arcanists which has much less ambiguity than the term statist because then you have to get into the whole concept of are you you know does the person even understand that the state is violence but that's the definition of what statism is and most of them don't understand that maybe we can get them to a better understanding of just the claim of rulership over them as a subject and a slave if we use start using the term archons Archon are you an arc honest or an anarchist there's no in-between either you believe that we have inherent either you know that we have inherent sovereignty that we are not the subjects or slaves of any other man woman or group of men and women or you advocate the violence ideology at some degree or another there is no in-between folks there's no real gradations of government either you're an anarchist or you are a narc honest either you know that we're already inherently free and sovereign and you don't and you advocate the non-aggression principle of non-violence or you are a narc honest that advocates violence and the erroneous notion of the authority in man and some some subset of humanity's right to rule and the vast bulk of humanity having some sort of a moral obligation to obey their commands that's Archon ISM otherwise known as statism there's really no in-between all it is is shades of violence you could call it that but you're still advocating violence and that's for men are kists constitutionalists and otherwise if you advocate government you advocate violence because they're equivalent government is violence it's the claim of authority and other people being your subject under your jurisdiction you're their master you can dictate arbitrary commands called laws and other people have a moral obligation to obey it and if you think that you're wrong you are wrong you are advocating wrong Nest's wrongdoing that's why you're incorrect see this when you're incorrect it leads to violence it leads to wrongdoing that's why it's important to understand the difference between right and wrong and the difference between truth and falsehood because when we believe in falsehoods like Authority invariably wrong is going to be done because we've accepted that into our worldview that's why we have to be right or correct we have to know the truth not believe in anything know the truth again for people who happen to come at this even from a religious perspective and I gave a quote from Jesus about last week from the New Testament the book of Matthew how he didn't come to bring peace he came to stir things up here because this world needs stirring up and to turn people against each other actually those who were for the truth and those who were for the violence ideology and again that doesn't mean that I accept Jesus as this historical figure I understand Ostrow theology you know people write and say oh you do understand you know Jesus was a you know a fiction it doesn't matter folks I get the philosophy of the words that's what's important you want to split hairs about whether somebody existed or not and that's what you want to make your whole you know energy spent toward go ahead I think that's useless if there's wisdom in something then I'm going to follow it I'm gonna put my energy behind that I follow where the truth leads that's the only thing I follow I'm not a follower except of the truth I don't follow anything that goes on in this world I follow the truth which exists inherently and independently of anything that's going on in this world the truth is simply that which is it doesn't change things that take place in this world this is the place of all change but that doesn't mean we can't understand truth and put it into practice in our lives it means it's not inherent to physical circumstances or conditions here it exists completely independently it exists inherently in and of itself regardless of what happens to be to in place so that's the force I follow the force of truth which leads to the expansion of consciousness which is love that's why truth comes first in the equation truth love freedom the true great work the threefold great work the three-in-one truth has to come first because your actions have to be based on correctness rightness you have to understand what natural law is and get it right and then base your actions on that then you're acting in harmony with truth then that is the expression of love to actually do that work is the expression of love that put it into action that's doing the will capital W and then the expression or the result will be freedom true freedom capital F it's a progression you can't take it out of order just like you can't take the Trivium out of order you can't take the great work steps out of order truth love freedom love doesn't come first truth comes first the acceptance of truth is the expression of love and then the manifestation is freedom so going back to the concept that either you're an anarchist or a Arcanist either you accept the non-aggression principle and sovereignty or you believe in master slave relationships and violence to keep it that way there is no in-between get out of the head cage folks of thinking that there are gradations when it comes to this there's not it's all one way the truth is all one way it's extremity people will say mark you're an extremist yes I'm an extremist because the truth is extreme you need to get out of all of the mind control if you're still believing any amount of government you're under mind control you're still in the head cage to a degree you may be in less of it if you believe in menarche or you know constitutional republic then people who advocate you know socialism or communism or fascism or other forms of oppressive government regimes but you're still in the head cage you're still under mind control go all the way folks this is why I keep repeating the the phrase of wisdom given by the Buddha said I forgot Siddhartha Gautama and again whether you believe this is a physical historical being or not that's not relevant here again I get what asteroid theology is I talked about it enough on my show I think I understand it pretty extensively actually we're not splitting hairs we're talking about the the wisdom the idea here the philosophy he said there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way for those who are already on the path don't make the mistake of stopping and setting up your tent halfway up the mountain go all the way to the peak all the way to the summit you'll get a better view from up there trust me don't trust me just do it actually just go all the way you'll see the truth as it really is the world as it really is from that peak that summit so again all of these statist s-- these are conness these ones who want to advocate the continuation of master/slave relationships basically they are advocating slavery if you advocate for the continuance of government you are an advocate of human slavery this is what people don't understand and they want to say that's an extreme point of view it is absolutely an extreme point of view it's a point of view from having gone all away in consciousness not looking at it from a distorted lens of mind control go all the way to get out of the mind control and you will understand all government is inherently illegitimate because it is based in violence is there a right to conduct violence no there is not so all forms of government are inherently illegitimate when it comes to moral law the right to rule does not exist in nature the moral obligation to obey a ruler and their arbitrary dictates does not exist in nature no one has that moral obligation you have only a moral obligation to follow the moral law to follow conscience common sense of what is right because it does not cause harm to another and what is wrong because it does cause harm to another that's what you have a moral obligation to obey and again that means that those are the rules natural law is the rules cosmic spiritual law they're always the rules they're always in place anarchy is not the absence of rules anarchy is the absence of rulers understand the distinction it means there are no masters and no slaves here we don't have that state that's why we have slavery because we don't have anarchy externally again we can flip it over and look at the internal world within a person that's where there needs to be rulership that's where you need to be the Archon within not externally without trying to rule someone else you need to rule the kingdom of the self the kingdom of one that's what you need to rule we need seven billion monarchies mon one arkon ruler mon archon from greek groups meaning one ruler well if there's one ruler internally you are ruling your own house you are ruling your own kingdom that exists within you you are ruling your consciousness you are ruling your thoughts your emotions your actions it's called self control the only form of control that is real one ruler that's the kind of Archon I want to see self archons not archons who are trying to control others that's external Archon Archon ISM okay internal being the internal Archon means you are a self ruler you govern the self which is the only form of governing of control that is real self control meaning you control your thoughts your emotions and actions such that you live in the non-aggression principle do not commit initiatory violence initiatory force against others without the right to do so you never have the right to initiate force against others do you have a right to defend to use violence once to use force once violence has been conducted against you yes you do that's retaliatory defensive retaliatory you are responding to something that has already been conducted against you see when again when someone tries to take someone's right to walk on accosted on the street and to keep their property hey I have my wallet in my pocket that's my property whatever is in there is my property I'm walking down the street my body is my property I have the inherent right to keep that property safe and protected and not have it be accosted and put under threat and jeopardy by another person who is going to initiate violence against my will if I respond to that act of violence when someone comes up holds a weapon up to me and says give me your wallet and I respond to it by taking the gun out of my other pocket and putting a bullet through their head I did not just commit any violence folks that's what you have to understand defensive force was used but that is not violence I pick this up on the other side of the station break we'll be right back you're listening - what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay we're back this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the inherent right to defend oneself against violence and how that should never be even attempted to be taken away from anybody here on the show today I ended the last part of the show by talking about if you respond to violence with force that's an inherent right you don't have to make that choice you can make a different choice you could sit there and take it you could ask the person to stop but we have to understand that the right is still there to respond with force if that's what we choose to do because the person has no right to continue to commit that act and the one who doesn't wish it to continue because they're being harmed by it has a right to put that act down by whatever amount of force is necessary to put it down up to an including deadly force so I had a couple of quotes by Samuel Adams that I read last week and I want to repeat one of them and break it down a little bit more and then we're gonna go to the phones Samuel Adams of course is who I quoted for this year's for your mind to conference I'm sorry next year technically you know it's going to be 2012 and about a week week in two days this year flew by it does really seem that time is accelerating but the quote that I put as the tagline for the free your mind conference next year was by Samuel Adams and he said that the natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man but only to have the law of nature or his rule so this expresses anarchy perfectly there's no superior power over man on the earth a subset of man does not constitute a superior power some supernatural entity that has hold sway over over man and that man has some sort of obligation to obey the natural Liberty of man is not to be under the will or legislative authority of man but only to have the law of nature for his rule again no rulers no masters but it doesn't mean no rules it means you will still have the law of nature for your rule you will still be ruled by that force and it's that those boundary conditions called the laws of nature cosmic spiritual law which ultimately governs the conduct of our behavior the consequences of our behavior is there as boundary conditions in the universe they it exists we are bound by it as long as we are in the universe this is what this is the ultimate lesson that needs to be learned if we're ever going to have a chance at real freedom and people will say well it's not real freedom if you can't break that without consequence wrong wrong it is real freedom because you no one has the freedom inherently to conduct violence against someone else and that's really all natural law the parameters of natural law are saying you don't have a right to commit violence you don't have a right to commit wrongdoing you only have rights to enact that which is one of your rights that's why it's called a right you have a right to do that which is right not to do that which is wrong otherwise it would be called a wrong you don't have wrongs wrongs are done to you or by you you have rights which means there are actions that are under your control that you can do that don't cause harm and that's called a right and this is what people need to understand quite simply the distinction the objective difference definitive and objective meaning it's not open to interpretation it's not open to a like' or dislike' or a whim or a preference it exists inherently in nature a right exists inherently in nature a right exists inherently in nature by definition it is an action that does not cause harm to another being period that's it if you are coming with coercive force that's causing harm that's usurping rights and you have no right to do it Samuel Adams another quote I want to break down is he said quote the liberties of our country the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at All Hazards again the right to defend freedom it is our duty to defend them against all attacks we have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors they purchased them for us with toil and danger an expense of treasure and blood it will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation enlightened as it is if we should suffer them to be rested from us by violence without a struggle by violence without a struggle or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men manipulation trickery that's what artifice means and that's what we're allowing to happen through emotional mind control heart control as I call it whipping people's emotions up into a frenzy as a result of a chaotic event and then jumping in and taking advantage of that situation by telling them the only way you can solve this problem and be safe is to give up your rights and that's what Adams here is calling being cheated out of our rights by the artifices of designing men and it will bring a mark of everlasting infamy upon this generation should we allow that to occur the founders of this country did their best to make sure that wouldn't occur by telling people about their inherent right for self defense and putting it down in a document that would hopefully get people's attention to look at what they meant by it study it deeper and understand it in a deeper way and unfortunately again you have idiots out there idiots out there I'm not gonna be nice about it if you don't understand that the right to own keep and bear and use arms of any kind is your inherent natural right to defend yourself you're an idiot I don't need to be nice about it I don't want to be nice about it there's no there's there you shouldn't be nice about this to people how about that how about we go that far and say anybody who thinks that shouldn't be treated nicely you don't deserve to be treated look nicely because you are advocating violence you are advocating that someone else may come and take away my right to defend myself and again yes I'm angry about it if you're a new-age idiot who thinks that you're should never be a time to get angry about anything please turn the show off and go listen to some guru a chanting or meditating in some ashram somewhere and go wait for the the modern-day Nazis and the modern-day communists to come and take your weapons away from you or just take your rights if you don't have weapons but if that's your definition of what you should do then I say your self-loathing you ultimately hate yourself at some level that's why this is all taking place anyway folks let's just get right down to it and be honest about it the reason all of this problem that humanity is going through right now is humanity doesn't have enough self-love ultimately people hate themselves we have so much self-loathing and people say oh no that's not @ people are too much in ego yeah well being rooted in the ego is self-loathing ultimately if you don't understand the true self if you haven't expanded your awareness to understand the true self you ultimately hate yourself you can't possibly love yourself because that expanded awareness is true self love and true self respect it's taking another look at who you really are as opposed to who you think you are been told that you are from the day you popped out of the womb the people who will sit and take punishment and abuse and not do anything in the physical domain ultimately our self loathing individuals who will not stand up for their rights and you know what historically that's what most people are because the state constantly teaches people you're less then you're less then there's all this stuff that's greater than you you're so less than this you're so less than that you're less than us we have a right to control you you have the moral obligation to obey us you're little you're powerless you're small they keep hammering and reinforcing these notions when the reality is we are everything we are ultimately all-powerful when we stand up stand in truth stand in righteousness say no to violence say no to evil and exercise our rights then nothing can stop us the full force of the universe is behind us is at our back be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid as Jack blood says those forces inherent in the universe will have our back if we are bold and stand in truth and stand in right and this is what Samuel Adams was trying to impress upon people our inherent rights are worth defending in the physical domain with physical force if necessary when violence is being done and if we should suffer them to be rested from us to be taken away from us by violence without a struggle that is a mark of everlasting infamy this was a person who was actually enlightened he understood the spiritual is not different than the physical is not separate that's where the dualism comes from in thinking that spirituality is somehow operating on some different plane or domain than the physical this is the spiritual domain ladies and gentlemen you're in the spiritual domain this is a holographic construct in case you haven't figured that out or you're not up to speed on modern quantum physics they have proven it not not put forward a theory or a notion it is proven experimentally in carefully controlled conditions that there is no solidity to physical matter your existing in a spiritual quantum hologram that is a unified field of energy that reacts to the consciousness that we are actually generating that is expressing through us and then moving out into the field of energy and expressing as the physical events that take place around us in our society that's true it's not a theory so a lot of the founders of this country were simply theists they believed in a spiritual reality but they didn't place any importance they weren't they didn't place the spiritual in a superiority to the physical nor did they put northern were they materialists they didn't place materialism in superiority to the spiritual they understood that there needed to be these two seemingly opposite or seemingly polar polarized domains were in fact one in the same and they brought them together that's why they understood to allow your rights to be usurped and taken at the point of the threat of physical violence or the conducting of physical violence is really an insult to the soul it's an insult to the spirit because what happens here is the expression of spirit of the spiritual domain quote unquote if you will again these domains are not separate they are one in the same he understood the difference between force and violence force as we've defined it the capacity to do work or cause physical change violence is the immoral usage or the abuse of physical power and it is when it is used to coerce or compel someone to do something they don't wish to be done or to do to be done to them or to do so violence is the initiation of coercive action you're taking freewill away it's theft again all forms of wrong are ultimately theft you are taking something that doesn't belong to you someone else's rights to act as they will so long as they are harming no one else violence is always in opposition to morality always in opposition to natural law it involves the violation of other others rights all the time and no one ever possesses a right to conduct violence but if violence is conducted without right as it always is without right inherently there exists a right to defend oneself against that action we always have a right to respond to violence with defensive use-of-force always that is always present it is inherent in nature and it can never be taken away by man force is always an action that exists in harmony with natural law because you're not violating the rights of others you're responding to an action which has already violated your rights therefore to put that action down through physical force you're not violating the other person's right to remain unharmed they've just forfeited it by taking the violent action so let's just look at a simple example of theft someone on the street we're walking an open territory turns to me with an with a gun or a knife and says give me your property doesn't matter what it is give me your shoes your shirt your coat your wallet your handbag it doesn't make a difference if it happens to be a female walking down the street with her purse okay the person who is initiating this violent action has no right to do it no one has any right to do that that's their property they're using it and you don't have any right to it you have no claim of ownership on that and yet you're telling them either give it to me or I'm threatening you with physical force with physical violence I'm sorry I'm threatening you with violence I'm gonna conduct violence if you don't do what I say that's coercion of the will coercive action and threat has been initiated that is violence that person has just in doing that behavior forfeited their inherent right to remain unharmed they have a right to remain unharmed but not when they're conducting violence then someone else's inherent right to self-defense Trump's their inherent right to remain unharmed the person who's on the receiving end of the violence has an inherent right to put the violence down so that they may remain unharmed so if let's say for example the woman who's been accosted and the person who's demanded their purse okay she takes out a pistol shoots the person right in the head and they're dead it's hard for people to understand but that was a right action she possessed the right to do it and she acted did it kill someone yes it did did she have the right to kill that person yes she did and again this is so antithetical to the brainwashing of the New Age movement that they want to convince you there's never a time that you can ever rightly exercise force because they this is a controlled opposition movement ladies and gentlemen the New Age movement to try to get people to stand down and not stand in truth and stand and right and defend their rights that's what it is that's why it's out there so prevalently and they'll never talk about this they'll never talk about it because they're frauds that's why frauds who want to believe that the world is all peaceful and harmonious and ascending to a higher level of consciousness yeah in unimaginably molasses low rate maybe because some people are waking up to the real truth not the New Age that's out there that somehow you don't have a right to defend yourself against violence just because or that you don't have a right to defend yourself against violence just because it's calling itself government your master but then they'll never talk about that no we need to understand that when violence is conducted against us we have a right to defend ourselves with force up to and including the deadly use of force when a government comes to take your rights through violence you have an inherent right to defend your freedom against that aggression against that aggression of violence with deadly force if required I want to point people to a video that was made by Larkin rose after this horrific shooting in Connecticut and I don't want to take anything away from the suffering of these family members it is real it should be respected all everything I'm talking about yeah you know if we really understood this stuff like this could be averted actually if we really understand this right there in basically victim disarmament zones you're making a victim powerless you're turning everybody into a powerless victim and these lunatic Psychopaths on psychotropics and SSRI drugs they know this just because they don't have emotions doesn't mean they don't have any logical capabilities believe me their logic is probably more enhanced because their emotions are so numbed out their thinking only with the left side of the brain so they're doing calculations like a robot like a computer and saying well this this zone has absolutely no guns in it better my chances of putting more holes in people before I get put down that's exactly the way these lunatics psychopaths are thinking their emotions are totally suppressed and wrapped up by the SSRI demon drugs that they're taken they don't care but they know where to go to conduct the the the biggest kill zone before they get stopped yeah they know they know exactly how to do that because that's exactly what gun control does but I want to tell people I'll post that the podcast the video check out Larkin Rose's new video on YouTube type in gun control is gun violence by Larkin rose and he makes the perfect point when somebody is enacting gun control they are enacting violence they are coming to someone's property if someone doesn't want to give up their property their weapon okay because of some arbitrary dictate passed by a tyrannical government they don't want to give up their battle rifle if a gun control law against a battle rifle is passed and they're saying no you have no right to take this from me I'm standing within my right to own this and defend myself with it if necessary when tyrants come for my freedom and they're telling them we're gonna send people with guns to your property to take your property or to put you in a cage if you resist us gun control is by definition gun violence all the people who were think that they're doing such wonderful good work by advocating gun control are advocating more violence in the world things that people don't have a right to do and all the idiot police that actually believe they have a right to do this to any person are going out and conducting violence because they've been told they're allowed to do it oh you're allowed to conduct this violence you can usurp other people's rights you have rights that other people don't have you can go and take people's property and rights away from them the nerve the unmitigated gall that you actually believe your own finally before we go to the phones I want to read one more quote by Samuel Adams he said it is the greatest absurdity to suppose it in the power of one or any number of men at entering into society to renounce their essential natural rights or the means of preserving those rights ok when the grand end of civil government from the very nature of its in institution is for the support protection and defense of those very rights I happen to sort of disagree with them on that I don't believe that the institution of government is for that purpose I think it's for control but he says the principle of which as is before observed are life liberty and property if men through fear fraud or mistake should in terms renounce or give up an essential natural right the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such a renunciation let me try to explain you know in fewer words or in less confusing terms again the the colloquial English used at the time is much different than the way we speak today so I'll try to clarify what he is saying is it is an absurdity to think that if someone says I'm going to give up a natural right that that is somehow valid that is never valid it is automatically invalidated by common sense is what he is saying no one can say can claim I'm giving up this right you can only make the claim in words but you can't actually do it in nature in reality you are stuck with your rights folks just like you're stuck with natural law you're also stuck with your rights you have a right because it's inherent to the actual universe you live in and once again ladies and gentlemen please call in write to me let me know if you have a method of getting out of this physical universe by all means please enlighten us ok if you know the way to leave the physical universe where laws of nature are no longer apply I would love to hear about it but until you do this is where you're at so be here now and deal with the situation at hand natural law exists inherent to it is right and wrong therefore you always have your rights and you can never renunciation to someone else you can make the claim that you're doing but in point of fact natural reality you are not doing that that's what he's basically saying so he says if men through fear fraud or mistake should in terms over time that means renounce or give up their essential natural rights the eternal laws of reason vacate that renunciation they mean that means it invalidates it completely it invalidates that person's renunciation of their rights and he concludes it by saying the right of freedom being the gift of God Almighty it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave let me just read that last sentence again the right of freedom being the gift of God Almighty it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave you do not have the right to choose slavery because slavery is based on violence and when you advocate violence when you are saying I feel it is okay for violence to continue that is not one of your rights you do not have a right to be the advocate of violence you are harming other people by advocating that their freedom be usurped and that their rights be taken away from them in the very act of advocating that violence the master/slave relationship so all statism no one has a right to advocate for government it doesn't exist in nature so you know in this way is Adams even contradicting something that he said earlier in the statement yes because he said that the grand end of civil government from the nature of its institution is for the support protection and defense of those rights and I believe he believed that but when you really get down to it when you're instituting a government you're saying here's where rights exist for these group of people that don't exist for the totality of people and that's not a right you're trying to create something that doesn't exist in nature you're trying to make a right which is called justification so while Adams was very enlightened I don't think he was fully enlightened again until we're fully enlightened we're going to continue to be conquered until we are fully enlightened as to our rights and fully enlightened to the non-aggression principle we are going to be conquered we are going to be enslaved and ultimately who's doing it we are by our ignorance through our lack of understanding of moral right and wrong definitively and objectively and through our lack of understanding of our inherent rights we are going to enslave ourselves so I think it's a powerful quote that deserved being gone over again re-emphasized what I want to do until the end of the show is start going to the phones and getting people's take on everything that we've covered up to this point in the section where I've been talking about the inherent right to use force to defend oneself from violence and your comments are completely open on that topic that's what I want to talk about I want that topic to be discussed when we go to the phones next week I want people during the week you have a homework assignment for what on earth is happening okay if you choose to accept it of course it's voluntary and you'll not be penalized for not doing your homework but if you choose to do this homework assignment here it is take two slips of paper on one right down the term the phrase no masters no rulers all in big capital letters no masters no rulers okay write it down very clearly in print big capital letters print it out if you want and tell people who you feel are not very enlightened about so you don't get skewed results because if let's face it if people are enlightened they're gonna get the right answer but you know use the average population maybe go in the center of your town as people walk by or even better yet how about a college location a college or a university all that would be great we'd get such great answers there wasn't we the the indoctrinated brainwashed the youth of this country hand them the piece of paper and tell them give them a pen on the back write the first word single word that comes to your mind let them do that take the paper back and you don't even have to do it with the same person you can then go to another person just give them the other slip of paper okay so maybe they don't put two two two and two together so to speak just get their gut reaction in a controlled way you know in a controlled circumstance like a you know a laboratory control so to speak okay hand them a second paper with the word Anarchy on it written in all big capital letters printed not handwritten try to print the words if you can or you know write them print handwritten but in print style so they're very clear and easy to see and understand and you don't have to explain anything and then tell them first word one word has to be put on the back first word that comes into your mind that's how word association goes so you're getting their gut intuitive reaction to the word and you'll see that I'm I was correct about what the results you will get and next week I want to take calls on this social experiment okay and we'll see what your results were you can give me total numbers we can calculate a percentage maybe at the end of the show so that'll come up we'll do that next week on what on earth is happening let's go to the phones for now and get people's take on the section which is a solution I so we'll be continuing to cover solutions this is a solution ladies and gentlemen this understanding will go a great way toward putting the solution into effect in the world okay the the solution to getting out of human slavery and I consider this understanding one of the great solutions deeply understanding your inherent right to defend yourself against violence with physical force is a solution in and of itself so anything that's been covered on this solution section or anything new that anyone anyone wants to add is up for grabs in this call segment let's go to the phones Ivan from Phoenix you're live on what on earth is happening welcome there's a little bit of background noise if you could just speak a little bit louder into the phone I think we'll be ok ok which is essentially the same thing I mean you know true freedom is independence it's it's a splitting of orders but I would accept it as basically the same meaning so they all they all responded by saying that no masters no rulers meant freedom okay what about payoffs ok that's very interesting because yes no one would have the right to rule over others so all would be equal under natural law ok so great answers that came back from those people on that term what about the term chaos have you done that yet I'm sorry not the word Kass the word Anarchy which of course many people want to write chaos you know what I meant though but yeah give us a call back next week and continue with that social experiment and lettuce and with the results were and we'll we'll analyze the results on the air you have anything else you're really breaking up on me now and I'm sorry to say that the last part was really garbled I could kind of hear you when you were talking about the social experiment on paper but the last part of it kind of went downhill from there because of the background noise so I'm gonna let you go and if you can call in a better location before the show ends I'll put you right through so but call me back next week if you can get into a somewhat quiet area and let me know the result of that experiment there we go let's take another call here on what on earth is happening caller from the five for one area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah how are you oh great yeah well uh so I'm doing your experiment right now I've got these two pieces of papers card here and I'm actually having a really hard time because I actually know the difference between the two sure and try as I might I can still look at the Anarchy card and and think that the two are totally opposed you know one is completely chaotic and destructive of course that's my social conditioning talking I'm sure it's amazing how long if someone says the same thing to us that we will gravitate toward just accepting that that's what it means and believe it with you know absolutely no truth to back that up and no understanding of where that word actually came from how it was derived in the English language from its etymological roots and when people will say well you can't term you can't define a word based on its etymology you absolutely can that's what the makers the originators of the word use those etymological roots to put the word together because they had a very specific and non ambiguous meaning in mind for the word which is why they derived it or made it from derive means to make from the ancient languages that it comes from it absolutely is where the meaning of the word comes from and it is a very accurate way to pinpoint a definition or an original intent meaning of a word versus the completely obfuscated connotation that people believe it means today so we have to be clear about the definition of a word versus the connotation that the word has come to represent erroneously in modern colloquial colloquial English yeah I'm thinking about the word Anarchy right now I'm trying to source back as far as I can go to where I would think where I'm thinking my conditioning would come from and I'm thinking something along the lines of being 8 years old watching CNN and right being the basically the end of the Cold War farce on TV and you know I some kind of association with some kind of communism or your red flare you're exactly definitely is gonna turn you off to this B's association through imagery is what solidifies words that the context or the connotation of words in our mind so whenever the word anarchy is used by the media they're always going to show scenes of violence and unrest and tell you that this is the equivalent because that's what their masters want associated in people's minds they want when you hear with your ears the vibratory of essence the vibe the vibration that the word Anarchy makes in the mind they want the imagery come up just like it's being pulled from a computer drive when you press a key on a keyboard you're opening a file they want all the imagery that they have associated with this obfuscation mind control technique with that word to come into your mind rather than the actual definitive meaning where the definition of the word which is no masters no rulers it worked on me no problem and I and I claim to know better too well I'll tell you what if you want to continue that experiment do so and call me back next week and I'll try to remember that you came in from the 541 area code and I'll put you through so if you want to do that with more people you know get a few results and like I said we'll analyze the results on the air and this will kind of give us an idea of where humanity is really at in understanding you know just through the power of words I've said from day one the work the world is controlled through words if we don't understand the words we are speaking we are going to go deeper and deeper into bondage because that's how it works through obfuscation if we think verbally if our thinking structure so to speak is based upon our words our word structure and we are ascribing definitions of meaning based upon words if they can change those definitions to suit their agenda and to suit their goals we are totally controlled and that is what the manipulators of language have done so L thank you so much for the call and if you want to do so continue that experiment and give me a call back next week and let me know your results okay thank you message you got it you take care bye-bye bye-bye great excellent call all right let's go to another caller caller from the six six one area code you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hello caller oh there yes I mark it's Bob from Cincinnati Bob my friend great to hear from you how have you been doing oh I'm doing well how about you at barb mark good we're hanging in there excellent mark am i coming in okay yes you are perfectly the great work is defined by you tonight truth love freedom you are reaching a crescendo of the what on earth has happened in cosmology after two and a half years of starting this radio show you have taken us to a giant step in consciousness by defining truth and sovereignty tonight as corollary to each other powerful my friend thank you Bob III want to make a slide with like you know the the archetypal image of the tree of knowledge you know the tree of life on it and you know incorporate this in a meaningful way you know like say something to the to the effect maybe I'll add it to this podcast or something or maybe next week freedom is the fruit of the tree of love whose roots are truth so if you picture that in your mind the roots of the tree are truth itself and from there it grows to the tree which is the expression of consciousness and love and then the fruit that is born of that tree of love is freedom that's how we have to envision that you know allegorically through symbolism you know symbolically I think maybe I'll make a slide with that phrase on it I think it's just a great phrase indeed and Mark all stayed quickly congratulations on scoring fridge Spring Mayer and an archetypal image in the world of conspiracy / alternative research he's got horrible mark thank you Bob he's gonna be really great he's someone I'm really looking forward to hearing speak because he's been doing this longer than most of us much longer and he's brought so much to the forefront about what takes place in the occult in the worlds of the dark occult so we're really thrilled to have him we're honored to have him come and speak and participate in the free your mind to conference Bob I know you're going to be there and really looking forward to it and thanks so much for the great points you've called in with and we have to get together Bob and talk about the possibility of another appearance on a cult Empire because I'd really like to get into a fillet make falafel a sum of Crowley's writings with you we briefly talked about it before but I think now would be a perfect timing so maybe we could set that up for early next month after the holiday season is over and we can do a January a cult Empire on a Crowley and Thelema what do you think it it's set then there it is thank you again for your voice mark good night sir Bob thanks so much always a pleasure to hear from you okay well we don't have any more callers on the line right now if anyone wants to call in the toll-free number to join us we have about 15 minutes left in the show 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again toll-free the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 we're talking about the inherent right to defend oneself against violence through physical force if necessary and why it is so important to maintain that right and never have it be usurped or taken away attempted to be taken away so in the remainder of the time that we have I'll just basically go over a few things regarding the impossibility of forfeiting one's rights again I think this is so important to understand because you'll hear a lot of people say well if somebody wants to be a slave that's their right I hear this all the time that somehow people have a right to give up their rights and voluntarily be a slave and I want to make sure people understand in no uncertain terms that that is not a right then no one inherently possesses that right when someone says I accept slavery they are committing a wrongdoing under moral law it is not one of their rights to say or to advocate slavery that I'm okay with slavery that I'm okay with being a slave that I'm okay with their being slave owners and slaves that's not one of your rights see you can look at it like this let's take a look at the slavery period the horrific you know times of slavery that we had here in America and not that we don't still have slavery but we had physical you know in your face slavery okay during the Civil War period and before did anyone have a right to say this is okay this can continue if a slave tries to escape I'm gonna harm them and get them back to their master as soon as possible it was that within their rights ever it was legal you know it was a league you know it was actually legal if you didn't capture a slave if you knew that they were slave and bring them back to their master or keep them until their master came to claim them because they were looked at as property imagine that just imagine that you the law of man was saying to you if we know that you are helping a slave to be free will do violence against you they were telling people if you do right by allowing a being a human being to be a free being we will come and do violence to you of course that right doesn't exist but moreover the right to even advocate that it was right to do this to people doesn't exist and people get offended when you tell them it is his it is a historically known fact that many slaves did not want their freedom we're okay with the situation they didn't want to go and be free and and live in society and make their own way especially after they were released because it meant a big shake-up in their lives and it meant you know they had to take more personal responsibility and they weren't being kept in the way that they were regardless of the violence that was used and again people can twist my words any way that they want to try to twist them that is the case many slaves were physical slaves kept during the Civil War period and before when release did not want to be free of course many many of them did and absolutely you know embrace freedom I'm not trying to tell you in all of them were like that but there were many slaves kept as slaves that were ok with the situation and wanted it to continue and again that's what we're seeing today we have Worldwide's human slavery it may be a softer form of slavery it's the threat of violence constantly being done to us but in many ways we're being held in debt slavery and our rights are usurped on a continual basis our property is constantly taken from us under threat of force threat of violence called taxation property taxes which is a oxymoron it's a complete contradiction in terms it's in a they're those terms are totally antitheses of each other and yet people believe that they can somehow exist you know in in coexistence with each other we have slaves today the dull that are ok with slavery everybody advocating for the state and advocating for the continuation of any form of taxes any form of property tax you know any form of drug laws of telling you what you can and can't put into your body every single person who advocates any of this ideology is basically saying I'm ok with slavery and I feel that it should continue because every one of those things I just mentioned our forms of slavery taxation is slavery drug laws are slavery property tax is slavery it's telling you you may not own property outright for you to keep the usage or stewardship of this land or property you're going to have to pay an extortion thing otherwise we'll come with violence and put you off of it and I can't even fathom how anybody can see it any other way that they're actually that brainwash that they can believe that there is such a thing and it's morally okay to institute a property tax regardless of what you're going to claim you're going to do with the confiscated money that was taken under threat of violence they can't make the the jump in basic human logic that that was done under threat of violence or done under direct violence it's the same idiots who can't understand how gun control is violence you're coming and saying I'm gonna take property from somebody that's used to defend yourself against violence and I'm gonna leave you victimless and if you don't obey me I'm gonna take your property anyway and put you in a cage that's violence I mean plain and simply that's violence gun control is violence taxation is violence statism is violence it's slavery what a novel idea that I'm advocating we not have slavery what a crazy idea that I'm advocating we not have violence and that we deal violence as it is something that no one has a right to conduct and put it down if we have to we can ask them we can even ask them multiple times I'm okay with using our words first I think it's abundantly clear that many people are using their words and telling people I'm not okay with violence and slavery meaning you're giving them a chance to stop you're saying stop doing this I've been telling people from day one I don't advocate violence I don't have a cait slavery I want people to stop conducting these practices if you don't stop conducting these practices against me or other people who recognize them as violence I feel ever person who recognizes it as violence has a right to defend themselves and defend their rights and defend their property against these usurpations and against these violent actions with force with deadly force and that's the reason the that right exists in nature and it's the reason that gun ownership exists and should be continued to to exist and be defended and you know that's the answer you people should give when they're asked what do you need a battle rifle in your home for what do you need a semi-auto in your home for to defend my freedom against tyranny that's what I need it for because the government has it and they're tyrants and slave masters that's what they claim to be whether they say that openly or not that's what they are against people who claim authority over me when I have harmed none that's what I need a battle rifle for that's what you need a battle rifle for whether you understand it or not and again it's slave think to not even understand that you know I want to start using that term all the people who advocate for the violence of the state its slave think you know you know we have Orwellian doublethink and Newspeak but let's call it what it really is slave think is that harsh is that a harsh thing to say yeah it's harsh is it true yes it's true to say I'm not interested in being non-caustic caustic means it's dissolving it's breaking something down it's acidic it's vitriolic there's another term in alchemy vitriol which if you really break it down in the Latin it means visit the interior of the earth and by purification you will find the hidden stone or rectification by up writing and purifying the phrase vitriol vitriol means vicious speech caustic acidic speech I'm very vitriolic and I have no intentions of changing that I hear people say I'm patient and have a laid-back approach I'm surprised to hear that I feel the emotion in my voice when I talk about topics like this I expect that many people feel them as well I guess because I don't outright start screaming or yelling I will raise my voice occasionally but I guess because I don't you know raise my voice to the level of someone like Alex Jones or someone like that people tend to think I have a more laid-back approach but you know to to wrap this all up folks speaking of Alex Jones one of the best things I ever heard on that show is a gentleman who called in with a response to the question why do you need yeah he had 50 semi-autos owned them and they call that an arsenal okay and they went when when he came under threat of the state he they said why do you need 50 battle rifles in your home and he gave the greatest answer I've ever heard folks he said to hand out 49 and I'll leave on that note that's all the time we have on this edition of what on earth is happening thanks so much for listening and remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week [Music] you [Music]