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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central time today is Sunday December 30th 2012 this is the last show of the year hope everyone had a good Christmas I hope everyone's new year is happy and healthy and we have a great show lined up for you here today on what on earth is happening really it's going to be a call-in show we're gonna take your calls throughout the show I do have a couple of concepts that I want to go over as a pretty much reviews but I want people's calls on where they see things headed in the next year and in the years to come where they see the human future had headed and in their own personal experience do they see Humanity waking up and understanding the control system that they're embedded in and doing something to help to free themselves or they see things rapidly progressively growing even worse and the human family headed into even deeper bondage as the years move on so you can call in and just give your take on that really anything that you want to talk about is fair game for today I would like to get some calls on people that took my homework challenge from last week that I asked people to do a little social experiment in words in showing how words are so obfuscated in our culture and the definitions of words are not clear in individuals minds whatsoever I did this experiment with a few people with a small group of people and I'll give my results on the air and if anyone else wants to give their share their results we can take a look at how people are doing as far as their general understanding so the calling number for the show let me give it out here at the top of the hour is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening is eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's toll-free I have a few event announcements as always the free your mind to conference rapidly heading toward us only about four months out now coming up April 25th 26th and 27th here in the city of Philadelphia a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult for your mind returns to Philadelphia in 2013 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from all across the country who will shed light on our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house in the historic section of Philadelphia the historic district this is at 3:20 Arch Street doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day of the conference the featured speakers Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien Curtis Davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Marais mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben Sonya Barrett and last week I announced and I'll mention it again this week we just added Fritz spring Myer he's confirmed I'm working on getting his photo and bio up on the site and I will be adding his name to the conference poster as well I'll probably be taking care of that during this upcoming week the advanced ticket prices for the conference for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet-and-greet and concert featuring the divine hand ensemble $20 the Friday conference $40 the Saturday conference $40 for all three days plus the speaker meet-and-greet $120 for more speaker BIOS and ticket information please visit the conference website at WWF reader mine conference calm that's the free your mind to conference coming up April 25th through 27th here in Philadelphia the free your mind to money bomb radio marathon we're going to be hosting a money bomb radio marathon a 12 hour radio marathon to raise some funds for bringing in the out-of-town speakers for the free your mind to conference this will be taking place on American freedom radio at American freedom radio calm on Sunday January 13th 2013 January 13th that's coming up in a couple of weeks and it will be taking place from noon to midnight Central Standard Time so that's 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern Time so we'll be telling people how they can make donations to the to the conference and how to get tickets advance ticket sales are as good if not better than a donation so if you can get your tickets now now is the time to do it we have to get the funds out to the speakers so that they can make their travel arrangements no later than during the month of February so please if you want to make a donation to the cause or if you want to get your tickets now is the time to do it we may even be setting up a Bitcoin address for the for your mind to donations Bitcoin is a new electronic currency I've been getting into it and understanding it more and more and I'm gonna start using it to accept donations as well both for the free your mind conference and what on earth is happening so check out check that out look into Bitcoin it's very interesting it's a new digital currency that can help us to transition away from the you know horrific and immoral Federal Reserve System another event announcement event announcement the Y Tesla matters conference is going to be held by the Tesla Science Foundation on January 5th 6th and 7th in New York City The New Yorker Hotel 481 a Street New York New York this is a Tesla Memorial conference and Tesla Spirit Awards benefit conference okay marking the 70th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's death which took place on January 7th 1943 again at The New Yorker Hotel January 5th 6th and 7th I will be speaking at the white Tesla matters conference I'll be speaking on Sunday January 6th and I'm gonna be giving a talk about Tesla's technology and how it relates to a an abundance paradigm versus the current scarcity paradigm that we have now when it comes to energy and what that is doing to human consciousness so that's gonna be my talk at the white Tesla matter matters conference coming up on January 5th through 7th in New York City for more information on this great conference check out Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g all right a couple of other other quick things the ad-free chip in for what on earth is happening to 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activist group I work with here in Philadelphia actually just held the East Coast Bitcoin summit you can watch all of that at Mike's alvey's world.com Mike savvy and truth freedom prosperity actually hosted a conference all about Bitcoin how it works how to get involved with it and that is actually up on Mike's alvie's world website so check that out if you get a chance I watched it and it was very enlightening and interesting so I opened up a Bitcoin wallet and again I think it's a good alternative in a form of an electronic currency of the type of fiat currency that we have right now promoted by the Federal Reserve System and basically keeping us in debt slavery so the last event announcement are not really an event announcement is there is also a general support donation button on the water on earth is happening website this is separate than the the effort for the chip in effort for keeping what on earth is happening radio show commercial free so those donation buttons are right on the left-hand column of what on earth is happening and if you are in a position to do so if you feel that there is value being given through this radio show and the work that I do if you want to make a donation any amount is welcome and very much appreciated so with that having been said let's jump into our discussion for today I'm only really going to review a few things and then we'll go to the phones I've been really hammering on self-defense though inherent right to self-defense and when I talk with people and when I really tried to put my finger on the pulse of where people's mind is at when it comes to this topic I have to say that they're completely lost they're completely destroyed and they have no idea what rights are what rights are not they have no definition of what rights are at all they don't know what wrong actions are okay harmful actions wrongdoing they cannot clearly define what a wrong is and therefore they cannot clearly define what a right is and this is the problem with humanity this is why we're in the cage that we are in and people can't even see that they're in there living in a prison that the society you're already living in is a prison society they can't see that they can't accept that they won't accept it their their mind their ego refuses to allow them to see the truth about the world that they're slaves within it and now it doesn't have to be like that again that's not I'm not promoting a negative worldview I'm not saying that this is our lot in life and it can't be changed I'm saying this is how we've made the world we have done this to ourselves because we will not live in a moral capacity we will not understand what rights are we refuse as a whole okay as a society in general more people refuse to accept and live by what right is and will continue to engage in and support wrong actions harmful actions and condone harmful actions when other people are taking them as well and they do this constantly and will tell you no I don't do that because they don't know truly what a harmful action is they can't get to the definition because they have obfuscated understanding of words and when words are obfuscated your definition is lacking you can't make an accurate definition and what is a definition what is definition definition is clarity when we talk about the word definition okay from all of the possible things you are explaining what something actually is you're define knighting definite not infinite definite okay you are making something clear to understand better that which it is when you have a higher definition you have higher clarity that's why people want higher definition TVs so they can be brainwashed better through higher clarity okay now but seriously when we talk about definition a higher resolution a higher resolution monitor means that there is more clarity higher definition more clarity the resolution is better okay that's what we're talking about when we talk about definitions and I went over this last week that the the meaning of words is so obfuscated in people's minds that you can't even begin a philosophical discussion with them because they're operating on a completely different connotative meaning of what they think a word actually means versus what it's real definition is and you'll get people that even will insist there is no such thing as an actual definition of words people will actually say so one person's definition is as valid as another person's and it's all a matter of opinion these are solipsistic the dangerous poisoned worldview ideology that we covered in very early sections of the show right on on day one I talked about solipsistic worked dangerous ideology that there is no actual truth that nothing can be defined nothing can be you know pinned down to what it actually is how it actually occurred you know that it definitely exists this whole New Age crap that there is no such thing as truth you can never actually really know you can never actually really get down to the 100% definitive truth of something it's New Age garbage put out there to try to obfuscate meaning and when you can obfuscate meaning you can get people to believe whatever you want that's why we have people that don't understand the meaning of the words that they're speaking you can't even have a conversation with someone who can't grab what your how you're using a word they won't even let you get to the point of defining attempting to define what the word as we're using it means they have their own internal dictionary definition in their twisted brain matter and they are insistent that that's what it means because the meaning that is wrong that is the obfuscated meaning has been hammered into their mind through a process of repetition over and over and over and over what I want to do here today is it to just start the discussion is to suggest that what I think we need is we need to be repeaters ourself we need to keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again I joke around with with friends and with you know other activists in the area that I call myself mr. broken record that's what I refer to myself as because I just keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again endlessly repetitively because there is nothing new to say there is nothing new Under the Sun as the old occult saying goes there is nothing new this the truth has always been here with us for eternity it will always be here it can never be destroyed that's why that's the last tagline on my website always love fear as illusion all beings are free truth can never be destroyed it is an impossibility truth is inherent to creation it is that which is it cannot be destroyed only an ignorant and ignorant mind set okay and an ignorant population can refuse to look at the truth but it's always there they're just ignoring it and that's what people who have completely obfuscated definitions of words are doing they're ignoring the truth and they refuse to their ego is so calcified it refuses to allow them to see the reality that they're already embedded in whether they want to accept it or not the ego just wants say no just keep believing what you believe don't look at what the truth is don't look at what's actually there it's all about beliefs it's all about opinions it's all about likes and dislikes okay and forget about what the real meaning here is to forget about what the real definition is keep believing your erroneous connotative meaning that's been put there through mind control repetition what the people who do know real meanings of words need to do need to do in Mass is to keep repeating the right the correct definition of words over and over again for people and keep repeating simple axioms that are true over and over and over and over again we need to be endless repeaters of the truth endlessly putting it out there see when you have a repeater when you connect a wireless repeater for example a piece of technology it keeps extending it it gets out to a wider and wider range that's what repetition does is it a form of mind control yes it is a form of mind control it is probably the most effective form of mind control that exists in the world that's why we need to start using the same techniques to combat that the form of mind control that takes people away from the truth the same methodology can be used to take people toward the truth keep repeating the same thing if it's true over and over and over and over again we are already free inherently we are sovereign beings there is no such thing as Authority it doesn't matter whether you believe it is or how many people believe that it is that's the truth keep repeating it over and over and over and over again you already have inherently the right to defend yourself with force if you are attacked with violence or if you are under the threat of violence keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again that right exists in nature it is yours it is your property you cannot be alienated from that right period whether you want to or not you P no one can voluntarily choose to be a slave and advocate slavery and condone slavery being conducted to against others that's not a right keep repeating that over and over and over and over and over again that's the ad vacations of violence which no one has a right to do to say I think you can continue just continue to harm that person to take their rights and make them your slave and stand by and do nothing and watch it happen that's not a right no one has that right it does that right doesn't exist in nature you're committing a wrong just by advocating it keep repeating it over and over and over eventually it will stick into the mind it will go into the subconscious mind the truth cannot be unheard that's why it's so important to continue to speak it continue to speak it endlessly endlessly that's what this is all about willpower you've heard the phrase history is going to reward the ones with the loudest voice it's true the universe is going to reward the people who use the will to speak their message endlessly repetitively and it it's gonna come out on the side of whether the person is operating within right or wrong it doesn't matter the universe isn't even gonna make that distinction that's why evil is winning right now because they keep putting their message out there forcefully and repeating it over and over and over again as an act of their will the universe is going to ultimately reward that and I know people will hate me for saying that the universe is gonna reward evil yes it is it is it's not going to make a distinction it's about a quantum event a quantum amount whoever is the majority it's going to be rewarded that's why the world is the way it is because more people want it this way then don't believe it or not that's another thing people can't stand me for saying how could you say that mark because it's true the world wouldn't be the way it is we wouldn't have the slavery that we do if more people can don't didn't condone it more people condone wrongdoing theft acts of theft acts of slavery acts of violence then don't that's why the world is full of violence and slavery if less people condone that we wouldn't have a world based on that but we do because more people live that way and condone living that way and is that harsh absolutely it also happens to be true no one wants to hear that because they don't want to hear we're doing this to ourselves they want to hear this is something that is being done to us somehow and we're all victims in it we're not we're the ones doing it to ourselves I said before I'm not an apologist for humanity does mind control exist yes it does ultimately is that an excuse for what we continue to choose no it is not it is not an excuse it is it is a manipulative effort it is an influence upon the conscious and subconscious mind but that doesn't mean that that's what we must continue to choose you know you could call it mind influence more than mind control direct mind control is something very hard to put somebody under that exists to hard core hard-wired mind control like trauma-based mind control but when we're talking about manipulation techniques method methodologies of manipulation we're not talking about hardwired mind control we're talking about mind influencing mind manipulation and everybody has a will everyone has free will and if you choose you can see the truth you can step out of the darkness and into the light and you could choose to see that which is but the problem is people are comfortable where they're at as a whole as a society and they're just choosing to remain ignorant because it's comfortable in that place of ignorance it's very comfortable there it doesn't involve work where we're at right now to stay ignorant okay that just is the default condition right now and you can just do nothing if you want to stay that way learning the truth requires effort you have to read you have to study you have to give up things make sacrifices meaning give up the things you are currently attached to do different actions than what you're doing now let go of other actions that you're doing now that are harmful or are condoning harm people don't want to do that they want to have their cake and eat it too I want to continue to do this action and yet I want a different result well guess what it doesn't work that way sorry but that's not how the universe you're currently living in operates hate to break the bad news to you you know that's like saying I want a poor I want to pour scalding hot water on my hands and I don't want them to be burned well good luck enjoy to enjoy what you get and that's what we're saying collectively as a species that's how retarded we are we are retarded meaning we have been slowed down our progress in consciousness has been retarded means slowed blocked held back stopped forwarded from forward progress that's what retardation is and that's what we are we are currently a species of retarded people we have been retarded held back because we've been held back from truth and who's ultimately holding us back we are because we won't give up the attachments the egoic attachments we want to have our way we want to say theft is OK that's and it's not going to affect me the continuance of theft and the condoning of theft isn't going to keep me in a cage we want to believe that we think that we can believe that and therefore it becomes true so what I wanted to do here is talk about just as a review at the end of the year harmful actions and what earth really is what earth has become not what it is eternally now it needs to be it doesn't need to be like this does not have to be like this it the the way that the planet is now is not an eternal requirement it can be changed anytime we want to step out of the ego anytime that we want to give up our ways that are attached to theft okay and stop supporting violence and stop supporting wrongdoing wrongful action which is all violent and all forms of theft okay and learn the one spiritual law the one law of all creation there is only one law all moral law all spiritual law all natural law they're all the same thing it comes down to one law all right so let's do a brief review and then I want to go to the phones and see if people did how to have any results about the little experiment that we were going to do regarding the word anarchy I'll explain that before we go to the phones but if you're taking a look at the slides that are posted with the on the radio show page and will also be posted with the podcast you'll see that slide number one was the free your mind to conference poster slide number two was a poster for the free your mind to Money bomb radio marathon coming up on American Freedom radio on January 13th slide three was the white Tesla matters conference and slide four is the slide that I posted with last week's show on anarchy okay and I'll go back to that as we go to the phones let me skip ahead to slide number five which is a review of harmful actions what I called natural law transgressions I've written it here in parentheses transgressions against natural law okay and you know I'm not gonna split hairs about and get into semantics about the word natural or the phrase natural law people can go back and understand four by listening to the podcasts that I did on this topic what I am talking about when I use the term natural law and people need to stop being baby spoon-fed the meaning of terms as I'm using them first of all if you come in and you're listening to a show late in the game this is episode number 137 in this podcast series and on this radio show bad idea to start here obviously okay you need to go back to number one start from there and proceed in order because this show this podcast this series of information is a tapestry and it is not meant to be taken out of order it is very specifically tailored in a linear progression to build information upon prerequisite information that means you can't study chapter 8 until you've studied chapter 1 that chapter 1 is a prerequisite for chapter 8 well shows number 100 and shows number 1 through 136 our prerequisites for show number 137 that's how it works we're building on top of a foundation that we've already established and that's why as we move forward it's going to see more and more confusing to people who won't listen from show number one okay so I want to emphasize that and I want to continue to emphasize that that this is a progression that is built for those who are largely trapped in the sick worldview okay of statism and authoritarianism and it is meant for people who are largely in the left brain that's why it is organized in a logical sequence a linear progression to take people who are of that bent through the information in a logical stepwise progression that's how people come out of the mind control okay so with that having been said this is a form of a review of stuff that we did on natural law and again I call it spiritual law the word neck tear in Egyptian or Commission ancient Egyptian okay means spirit that's what net tear the word natural net tear all comes from the word spirit in commission so we're talking about spiritual law and again the term natural law has just simply been used to mean that which everything is governed by the natural world it doesn't mean your erroneous notion of the natural order as defined by Darwin and other eugenicist s-- okay that's not what we're talking about the natural order has nothing to do with natural law the fake natural order that of you know the most vicious rules the roost that has nothing to do with reality at all because that isn't how it works anyway in reality and it has absolutely nothing to do with natural law the term I'm using which means the inherent non man-made binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of all behavior in the cosmos that's what I mean by cosmic spiritual law or the term quote natural law unquote so when we look at the transgressions against natural law we see there is no form of wrongdoing that cat that is not a form of theft every single wrongdoing that exists that man is capable of taking every single solitary harmful action that any human being on earth and who are else is capable of taking is a form of theft just do this as a mental exercise sit meditate upon this don't meditate upon it contemplate upon a better choice of words contemplate this okay sit there and contemplate think of a wrongdoing think of a wrongful action think of an action that causes harm to another being every single solitary form of action that a human being is capable of taking that is harmful that is a wrongdoing that is a transgression against cosmic spiritual law is a form of theft every single one you you murder that's taking someone's life that life was not your property it did not belong to you therefore you stole it that's a form of theft you take a physical object from somebody that doesn't belong to you let's take a look at gun confiscation that's not your gun that's not your property you have no right to it it's someone else's you try to take it from them you engaged in theft wrongful action transgression against spiritual law taxation you're taking someone's labor the the fruit of their labor regardless of what it happens to be whether it's physical goods money a car or some form of currency you are taking something which you did not earn it's not there you have no rightful claim to it you're telling them you're my slave basically I'm gonna take what you have that's all it is I don't care what you're gonna do with it how altruistic or humanitarian this is the claimed purpose of you taking it is it's still a form of theft it's still theft period all taxation property taxes either some things your property or it's someone else's property I don't see how people can't clearly understand that because their mind is stuck in Orwellian doublethink they think a equals B and B equals C you know they can't understand the concept of a is a B is B C is C they don't get that simple objective reality does not compute with them because they just believe whatever the state says that's all it is there's brainwashed statist authoritarian estate they're an arc honest that's that's my new term for forget the term statist I mean don't forget it understand what it is and means but I'm supplementing that term you know authoritarian Astaire status I like the term arc honest to me that explains it more fully you support the archons the masters the rulers those who think they're an authority those who think they own other people imagine a scumbag psychopath who thinks they own another living being they you own me really you own anybody really you do for real well the time is coming when there's gonna be more people who are willing to stand up and prove that you don't own anybody the time is coming we're getting closer we're not there yet but we're getting closer and that is gonna be the real New Age you you want to talk about a new age movement that's gonna be the real new age that we're gonna move into when enough people say no and mean it and back it up with teeth that's gonna be the new age now again I can talk about a quote where an idea that somebody else had and I don't have to subscribe to the way they lived or think that they were some kind of great person so I'm gonna do a show and I might even do shows here on Crowley's ideas and some of his philosophy and I might do a show on Thelema which grew out of Crowley's philosophies but one thing I happen to agree with on Aleister Crowley is the concept that he meant by the Aeon of Horus the Rising Sun the true will being born into creation and what that's going to look like in the world and people think it's gonna be some wonderful peaceful thing and it's not it's not it's gonna be the time when enough people decide to say no to living under slavery and you think the Masters and the ones that they have under their command are just gonna back down folks they're just gonna say oh sorry about that we were wrong let us make it up to you that's not how it's gonna go at all when the Aeon of Horus dawns it's gonna be really really ugly I don't believe in these new this new-age nonsense of some cosmic spiritual enlightenment that's gonna hit people like a big set Tory lightning bolt all at once that's not there's no evidence for that at all at all what there's evidence for is that the will to power is growing stronger and stronger and yet there's an undercurrent of a will to freedom that's also growing stronger and stronger and that irresistible force and immovable object are going to collide at some future point that's what I see the future holding are personally to give you my take at the beginning of a new year that's how I see this going and I don't see it being a pretty thing I see it being a bloody birth of something new and wonderful but bloody nonetheless because you got to understand the golems the trolls that these scumbag Psychopaths have created the trolls that the slime they're not even human these status they're Psychopaths themselves they only care about themselves that's all they care about money is their God to a large extent they care about nothing they have no compassion for other living beings they condone violence and theft that's it whether they can see that that's what they do or not is irrelevant they're still doing it they're still taking the action they're still supporting violence and enough people eventually are going to rise and say no I will not continue to live like this see I tell people I'm not humanity's servant I'm not a slave to humanity I'm not their servant but see is is a waiter in a restaurant a slave no they are a servant though that's the form of servant I am I'm not a servant in the form that humanity's my master and I'm serving them I am a bringer of information of truth to people it is up to them whether they take it the whether they take the plate from me and then serve themselves you can bring them the food you can't make them eat it and think about it it's called a waiter and that's what I am I'm a waiter welcome to mr. broken record the waiter show that's what this is I say the same thing over and over again and all I'm doing is waiting for the other people to catch up when they finally understand and think about it it means you're waking a waiter a servant so in that sense I am a servant of humanity but I'm not I'm not that they're not my employees when you go to a restaurant you know your employees are the restaurant establishment owner therefore my employer is the truth and in this place called Earth I'm a waiter I'm a servant I bring the truth to people I serve that force that's it so that's what I'm here to do as far as attachment to the outcome of what the people are choosing on the menu whether they're accepting what's being brought to them or not that's not up to me that's their Karma and people think I am so emotionally invested in this just because I put some passion into my voice and I get angry that people are daring to infringe upon my rights and other free beings rights well I should get angry and so should you it's called righteous anger that doesn't mean I have emotional attachment to what humanity as a whole is choosing don't get it confused don't get it twisted that's other people's Karma not mine I've already made my choice and cast my dice okay the die has been cast for me I've chosen the right side I've already chosen the winning side whether anybody recognize that how to recognize that or understands that or not the truth can never be destroyed it doesn't make a difference if humanity is going to be destroyed truth will still exist this is why the psychopaths hate themselves so much they hate the fact that they are living in a universe where truth can never be destroyed doesn't make a difference just like it said in that Twilight Zone episode I'm just a reminder to you that you can never destroy truth that's what the librarian in the episode of The Twilight Zone called the obsolete man says to the authoritarian dictator who is looking down at him at like you know it with such contempt because he's a librarian dares to have books that can convey knowledge of truth he tells him I'm justi'm constant reminder to you that you can never destroy truth and that's all this is about serving truth and what people do with it is their karma that's their business so I don't have an emotional attachment to the outcome of this prison because that's the the other part I want to get to after we finished with the harmful actions okay and understanding every harmful action is a form of theft what earth in the current form is now and again it's not what it is eternally or what it has to be it is not made to be like this for eternity it's what we have turned it into perhaps would be a better way of putting it okay so do the mental exercise every form of wrongdoing is a form of theft whether you're stealing life freedom or property think about it that's why life liberty and property is what the Declaration of Independence was supposed to really be protecting and talking about standing up for instead they changed life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which is something that is a lot more ambiguous and people get into well what makes you happy and that's different than what makes me happy but property that should have been kept in there because that's about ownership ownership rights and there is such a thing that people think that there's no kind of no form of property you need to get your head out from up your rear end and understand there is property that's what this whole thing is about folks the whole thing is about property what property is what you have a right to own and what you don't have a right to take that's what this whole spiritual construct called the earth is all about property rights you own your life your freedom your rights and the physical things that you happen to be using your property and there is such a thing it's not a construct it exists in nature property is not a mental human construct it exists in nature it exists in nature because it's based upon rights and this is what people got to get through the thick skull that the calcified ego that is just like it's like an 8-inch bone inside the brain you know it's just hardened into just stone instead of there being any real active gray matter there literally that's how that's what people thats why people are Blockheads they're blocked they've been made into retards retarded is that harsh yes it is it's extraordinarily harsh I'm not talking about people with specific you know genetic or degenerative conditions I'm talking about people who otherwise are in good health but their brain is burnt of their own design of their own choosing they have a burnt brain and again I'm not this isn't gonna get any more pleasant folks I'm not here to be your friend I'm not your friend I'm not here to be your friend it's not a popularity contest I'm not interested in being liked I don't care whether you like me I'm here to serve truth that's it I'm gonna be increasingly vitriolic more vitriol I talked about that before that's an alchemical concept visit ah interior ah tear a rectification column Lapidus that means visit the interior of the earth and through rectification through making it upright again you will discover the hidden stone purification making it upright rectify it it means go within yourself go within that calcified ego break it down vitriol acid I'm not about pleasant speech in case you couldn't tell from day one we need to be more vitriolic stop being apologetic for speaking the truth two morons two idiots you need to pour the acid upon them vitriolic speech imbued with righteous anger that's the approach I think is going to be most effective forget placating their ego this is New Age folks placating people's ego baby spoon feeding them something that is true that they don't want to see and in the meantime advocating violence and the abuse and usurpation of other people's rights and you're gonna baby spoon feed them with nice speech where does that gotten us in the last 40 50 60 70 years nowhere into a deeper cage that's where it's gotten us folks into a deeper cage stop using the baby spoon stop being nice to people who have the kft you need to tell them idiot you're an advocate of theft try to understand it I know your brain is totally burnt but think about it you're advocating something that isn't yours being taken this person's what they make doesn't belong to anybody else it's theirs it's their right to keep it they can voluntarily give it to somebody but once force somebody to give something to somebody else that's called theft and it's backed by violence stop advocating theft and violence stop condoning it if you look here's what it comes down to if you support government in any form no matter how little you're an advocate of theft because you're an advocate of authority government presumes to tell people we may take this amount from people that they make I don't care how small it is again I saw this thing on Facebook about slavery is often defined as one hundred percent of someone's labor and property being owned by someone else someone having a right to take somehow being magically imbued with a right quote-unquote to take 100 percent of somebody else's the product of their labor and then it posed the question at what percentage is it not slavery is it not slavery at 90 percent of taking some the product of someone else's labor or property let's say you leave them with 10 and you take 90 is that not slavery anymore how about 50% will we not call it slavery then what about it 20% I'm just going to take 20% you didn't keep 80 but I'm taking 20 of what you earned or made is that not slavery anymore because it's only 20% what about 10 percent making a demand on someone else's property and telling them you're gonna commit violence to them if you don't give it hand it over because I say I'm right with what I'm gonna do with it therefore I have the right to do as I please with it and confiscate it from you by violence at 10% is it not slavery what about 1% does that suddenly magically make it not slavery anymore you gotta understand property rights property rights either you have the right to have property or you're a slave either you have a right to keep property or you're a slave and that's what we're living in we're living in feudalism slavery that's the all forms of government are all forms of government are feudalism slavery that's it that's all it is there is no such thing as an amount of government that will be good this magic number we're gonna reach this magic ratio of control and freedom yeah that's that that's that's gonna be constitutional republic over here on this imaginary uh you know political spectrum and that's just the right mixture of slavery and freedom please get out of your own head get out of the head cage because that's where you're at that's what you're in you're in the head cage deep in it too because the ego doesn't want to let it go and you want to continue to advocate and condone theft and that's all comes down to folks every form of wrongdoing is theft there's no wrong anybody here can claw up with a form of wrongdoing and I will explain to you how it's theft all you need to do is think it through and you will understand anything that you have no right to do is a form of taking something from someone else that's it and that's all you're here to learn so life is property rights or property freedom is property and I put this down on slide number five really study it that's a very very powerful message what is up there on slide five print it out look at it study it give it to other people ask them what they think about it you have to understand that you have to stand under these this principle the principle that is put forward here is above you it's above me it's above all of us it is natural law by definition we stand under it whether we accept that or acknowledge it or under store or recognize that or not we are understanding natural law meaning we cannot stand above it literally not figurative speech I'm talking literally you can't that's why this is above you in a cosmic sense as far as it binds you it binds your actions it is the only thing you are a slave to and can never be from if you won't even use that term I don't even look at it as it enslaves us binding and enslaving are two different things in this sense binding means holding together this is what actually makes us integral integrity holding together bound together slavery is coercion this isn't the universe's form of coercion it's the universe's form of making sure we are intact that we this is what actually keeps people safe the understanding of natural law the understanding of what wrongs are so that you understand what rights are and then you live within those parameters set by the cosmic law and that is the the gateway the pathway to true freedom the problem is we think we're above that we think we can somehow stand above natural law and somehow we're going to prosper well attempting to do that is what puts us into Chains that's the very thing that level of calcification of ego and insistence that you have rights that you don't and insistence that you're going to conduct theft and advocate other people conducting theft is what puts us into bondage and people need to understand that's the dynamic that is the dynamic we need to grasp so what is the earth what is this place you know what have we turned the earth into is a better way of looking at it it doesn't have to be like this that's that's a phrase that really needs to be understood and spoken more people the current condition does not have to be like this if you think it's eternally like this and it was always this way it is this way now and it always must be this way you that's poisoned worldview you don't understand we're making it like this continuously we're the ones creating it there is no other being that is creating the reality that we are experiencing except us that's it we are doing it the Creator puts natural law into effect imbues us with freewill and there we go off to the races creating what we want and we can create anything think about it infinite possibilities to create and what is humanity choosing let's make a prison great job we right back after this quick two minutes station break stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I was just about to get into what we've created for ourselves here on the earth what we've turned the earth into in its current form in its current incarnation and I've listed this on slide number six for today's show earth in its current form is a prison for thieves a prison for thieves you want to know what kind of prison planet this is this is the prison for thieves it's a cosmic prison and it's where thieves go to work out an understanding that it's not okay to be a thief since every form of wrongdoing that could possibly be conducted against another being is a form of theft there's a reason people are enslaved here there is a reason that Earth is currently a prison doesn't have to be can be a paradise if we choose we can use our free will to make that happen not enough of us want that why is the earth a bad place why are there so many bad people because more people want it to be that way than not get over it folks get as angry about me saying that as you want we do it to ourselves we have made this condition we yes we as in collectively humanity comprised of all the eyes of humanity all the individuals when you put all of that together that forms a big we there is a finite amount of people living on the planet Earth and I'm calling referring to all of those individuals as we meaning every being that is a human being living on the planet the collective we quote-unquote we have done this to ourselves because Mura want to live a the aggression ideology they want to live in a way where they're still conducting violence against other people or condoning dylon violence against other people committing and condoning violence so human beings are confined to the earth you here one of the things I do agree with with some of these strange new agey concepts is that the earth is quarantined absolutely true you're not going anywhere anywhere they say death is no cure for ignorant believe it know it you're not getting out of here till you get the lesson so you understand the law and again this has nothing to do with me folks nothing whatsoever it's not because I say it's this way I understand this that's all and I am in that sense I am absolutely not special I am NOT any more privileged I have no magical powers than anyone else lacks okay there is nothing that inherently makes me different that I can grasp this and somehow it is magically eludes other people I am NOT different in that capacity I just happen to understand it I happen to have a grasp of the non-aggression principle and the one spiritual single spiritual law that's it and the one law all natural law can be some down into one phrase two words two words nine letters nine letters with an apostrophe don't steal that's it that's it understand what your property rights are understand what they're not don't take that which doesn't belong to you the end the end I don't know I don't know if anyone has actually really condensed it down that succinctly that that's what natural law is that's what the whole earth right now and this current incarnation is about it's a prison for thieves all people who want to continue to be a thief who want to continue to steal who want to continue to advocate theft and you're all here to come to an understanding with creation with natural law understanding meaning you're going to continue to be held bound you know in this prison chained here by your own freewill choosing nothing else is holding us in this prison nothing else is continuing to make this be a prison except our own erroneous use of free will that's it we don't know how to consciously create and therefore through our ignorance we're creating unconsciously we will continue to exist imprisoned on the prison planet called the earth the theft prison the thieve prison okay until we stop committing theft and stop condoning other people from committing theft stop condoning that action stop committing it ourselves and stop condoning that other people be allowed to be thieves with impunity that's it it doesn't really get any simpler than that folks that's about as simple as I can boil it down in in in simple English language terms if you can't grasp it there's something wrong with your brain it's because you you can't ask for a simpler definition what is natural law don't steal that's it understand what's yours understand what's not yours stop taking things that aren't yours that's natural law that's it and because we won't live by that law we're in a cage that's why we're in jail we're in a cage we're in a prison collectively because we want to continue to be thieves and not understand that we're taking that which doesn't belong to us and we we want to continue to condone that act that's it so concurrent to this understanding last week we talked about one of the biggest groups of thieves in the world all governments all governments no matter what kind of government it is no matter where it's at on the face of the earth no matter what culture has brought it into existence no matter what time period of history every single government that has ever existed on the face of the earth external government let's call it okay because there is real government called internal government meaning that you control your own thoughts emotions and actions and that's real every illusory form of externalize government the claim of authority on other people every single person who is doing that or advocating it as a thief and their slave it is the ideology of slavery it is one of the two religions of slavery government and money the two religions of slavery fake money again you got to understand there's a real version and there's a fake version just like there's a real government which is internal there's a fake version which is external the real one eye is spiritual enlightenment the fake one eye is all forms of what we call currencies we talked about this group the arcanists the ones who accept that there is such a thing as masters and slaves all people who acknowledge government condone its existence can don't condone its continuity our arcanists we talked about what the word anarchy really means last week and I put that in slide number four the word anarchy comes from two greek words a prefix and a noun the prefix an in greek it's spelled alpha new okay means when you tack it on to the beginning of a word without or the absence of not present in other words lacking not present absent okay without not having this however you want to word it or look at it that's what an A or an means so an at the beginning of an are key means without or not presence or the absence of and then the second part a are chy are key comes from the Greek word the noun in Greek are con AR CH o n transliterated into English in Greek this would be spelled alpha Rho Chi Omicron new are con okay so what is an Archon in the Greek language it means a master as in one who owns and keeps slaves or a ruler as in a king who has subjects that must obey his whims that must obey his authority he owns other people he is the owner of other people that's all an Archon is if you believe in government you are an arc honest that means you believe certain people are masters other people are slaves certain people have rights that other people don't have and certain people have a moral obligation to obey the whims and commands of those who are their masters and that's what all government is if you're being honest with yourself if you want to be a liar if you want to be a person who is ignorant and who wants to ignore reality of what it really is go and tell yourself that's not what government is it'll never make it true you can go and believe whatever you want about what you think government is but what it is is a claim of authority on other people's lives that's it it's the simplest way of putting what government is and how it's perpetuated is right in the word caverna Luverne ra or goober negau burn ra in latin means to control men's mentis and yes that is the second part of the word etymologically what you understand that or acknowledge it or not yes it is it means to control the mind men's mentis means mind so government literally is to control the mind and that's how they get people to believe this nonsense that doesn't exist that's an illusion in a diseased human psyche by controlling their mind by influencing and manipulating the mind so all anarchy means is the absence of masters no masters or you tell people well there's no masters here there's no masters and rulers there's no masters and slaves we don't have masters and slaves relationships here okay that doesn't exist here and what would people say well you know you have a free society then you have freedom you have equality under under natural law everybody has equal rights nobody has rights that other people don't don't have that's called freedom people living according to the non-aggression principle natural law but no people think this means chaos it can never happen we can never have this condition that's crazy you could never have a state you can never have a condition on earth when there where there are no rulers and masters where there is no Authority they actually believe this nonsense they actually believe their own nonsense that that could never exist that this is the natural spiritual condition of humanity everywhere no matter where intelligent life exists in the cosmos this is the natural state anarchy no masters no rulers the only thing the entire cosmos is ruled by is natural law that's it you are ruled ultimately by the all if you want to call that God go ahead I don't that does it it's meaningless to me that that term people get all hung up on it whether you want to acknowledge that that's the creative force the underlying unified field aspect of creative intelligence that is inherent to the universe however you want to word it it doesn't matter to me that's your business this is an intelligent creative field that we are living in it is the authority that's it that means the totality of everything has put natural law into effect along with free will natural law is the deterministic component to the universe free well as the chaotic component to the universe that's it that which really cannot be controlled because we always have the ability to make a choice at any given time so you have the randomness component called freewill in conjunction with the deterministic component called natural law and that's what we create through do we guide our freewill in conjunction with the law of that ultimately governs and binds us and determines what the experience we get as a result of our behavior is so you could say well then freewill becomes an illusion if you want to look at it like that does that mean you're a slave that you're ultimately you know somehow in a big cage called the universe I don't look at the universe like that this law exists because it is the balanced principle that is put here for our betterment and our spiritual uplift that's what it's here for it's not here to torture us natural law is here to care for us it's the only Authority we need to bend the knee to to live according to the non-aggression principle stop putting your ego over over other people's rights stop believing that you can condone theft and somehow that's ok that's called justification you're trying to create a right that doesn't exist by saying it's ok for violence to be conducted here no it's never okay for violence to be conducted don't get that confused with the defensive use of force understand the non-aggression principle goes hand-in-hand with the self-defense principle if you're being accosted with violence you have an inherent right already to respond with defensive use of force that's it it's so simple it's stupid it's so simple you have to be such an idiot not to get it I mean people should be horrifically ashamed of themselves in nothing don't pat something back go oh dear there there there it's just so good terrible you know that you don't get it no hammer them tell them it's not okay for you to condone this it's not okay for you to support violence you're not right you're not in the right you don't have the right you never had the right get out of your ego get out of your head start understanding what violence is start understanding you don't have a right to it start understanding what wrongdoing is start understanding you don't have a right to it stop acting like a child stop acting like an ignoramus it's not okay it's not okay this New Age approach needs to go folks it needs to go it's junk it's junk it doesn't work people are not getting the message I'm telling you I went to the the this mind/body/spirit Expo here in Philly and there it's full of Satanists full of people who advocate the continuance of government and think it's okay they don't understand the non-aggression principle at all at all at all and they call them so spiritual they call themselves spiritual they don't get it at all because they they've been they bought a lie they've bought this junk lie that enlightenment is all about my happiness it's all about me being as elated as possible at all times of the day and never letting anything disturb my field of energy around me so I could hold the space you know what to do with that you know where you can cram it okay it's it's bunk the whole thing is just all its I call it the last cul-de-sac before the gold gold mine they're not getting spiritual gold they think it's never about getting angry about anything they think it's always about being happy at all times let me tell you something enlightenment is about your happiness folks if you believe that you believe New Age bunk religion enlightenment is about getting pissed off when you see that we've built the prison here out of all infinite possibility that we could have created it's about seeing all the dirt that exists in the world and recognizing it for what it is and being honest about it and it's a destructive process it means the truth is coming in and destroying the lie and you're seeing as the room fills up with light that there's there's feces smeared oh all over the walls okay that's what enlightenment is this New Age idea of enlightenment is junk junk and it needs to be rejected the light is not here to make you feel so elated and happy that you're like a drug you're like you're on drugs because that's what these New Agers are like they're so dis grounded they're so floating in some spiritual coma that it's it's like and it literally is they're on a drug they're had they have endorphins flooding into the brain from from constant meditation and this constant non-engagement with true reality that what is an endorphin folks it's an endogenous morphine they are on drugs that's what a right brain imbalance brain is all about you're pumping so many endogenous morphine's or endorphins into the bloodstream and in the brain that you're totally in a state of imbalance get out of this new-age bunk ideology it's not true it's not true it's another religion to get you to stand down and give up your rights and these people all believe in government and believe oh yeah we should have government yeah all advocates of violence and theft every one of them and just because you don't have the imagination to envision a world of people living without this sick institution of violence doesn't mean it is impossible that's your limitation of your imagination because it's been stifled and retarded it has been stopped from flowing that's the problem with the world is that the imagination has been retarded in people look up the definition of the verb retard the word retard is not a noun it's a verb it's an action it means to slow down to stop the forward progress up to hold back understand the real meanings of words instead of what you think it means so we did an experiment I know I've talked way more than I even wanted to I wanted to get to the phones let's go to the phones we have several callers hanging on that's all I'm gonna say that's my year-in-review okay how's that this is what people need to know and understand and stop being polite about it with people that that time is so far past so far past to be polite about this with the state of the world that it's in now that if you're still in the New Age baby spoon I'm gonna baby spoon these little candied apples you know candy carrots to the little baby if you're still in that approach I don't know what to tell you I think you are you have been retarded yourself you your spiritual understanding has been so slowed down if you think that's what we're here to do we are we need to be putting this in people's faces directly and unapologetically why because this position is the right that's why if you have the right do not be fearful to bring it forcefully to people not violently but forcefully to people forcefully full of force use your will to speak it into creation and say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and never stop saying it because it's true I want to hear if anybody did the social experiment that I gave people last week that I suggested do people have an accurate understanding of simple words or are the definitions and the meanings of words completely obfuscated in their mind now let me give you my result before we go to the phones I did this with four individuals around a table okay and I gave them a slip of paper with the word Anarchy written on it and I gave them a second slip of paper with the phrase no rulers no masters written on it and I asked them on each piece of paper just flip it over to the back and write down one single word that you equate in your mind word association you associate with this word or phrase don't think about it too much give me your snap intuitive gut response of what word jumps into your mind when you see this phrase or this word now not one person wrote down the same thing and that's what the experiment is actually all about it's to see if you know that when I gave you the slip of paper Anarky and then I gave you the slip of paper no rulers no masters I actually gave you the definition of anarchy so if you wrote down no rulers no masters or on on no rulers no masters you wrote down anarchy you would be correct simultaneously you would also be correct if on both pieces of paper you simply wrote down the word freedom because that's what both of these states are so that the two correct responses but see you could you can't write down no rulers no masters on anarchy so you would have to phrase the absence of rulers or masters in one word which would be anti-authoritarianism which is a long word but that would probably be an acceptable response for both if you wrote down under Anarchy anti-authoritarianism and if you wrote down under no rulers no masters anti-authoritarianism you'd be correct but think about it what is the state of anti-authoritarianism that means there is no no rulers and no masters there is no master and slave relationship that is this condition called freedom so the real right response here if we really want to be honest there's only one right response to write down for both pieces of paper and that would be the one word freedom that's it so that didn't happen for anything except no rulers no masters everybody writes different things for anarchy most people write down chaos one person wrote down guns one person wrote down like I guess it was something to the effect of like strife were and it was an some sort of an equivalent to chaos like uprising that that was it uprising okay so I got a couple different words for for Anarchy - I got chaos I got uprising I got guns I don't know how they you know they sort of equate the word anarchy and guns in their mind and that's okay you know if you think that's what it's going to take to get to that state maybe you know that's somewhat accurate unfortunately but almost everybody under no rulers no Verret no masters writes down the word freedom they seem to understand that intuitively enough but for the word Anarchy they can't make that equation because they've been conditioned through endless repetition to believe through the media and the mind controllers to believe that anarchy means chaos you know it does not mean mayhem there is no accurate definition of the word Anarchy that means chaos or man so let's go to the phones if anybody did this feel free to share your responses that you got and if you didn't anything that you want to talk about about the future of humanity is fair game for today's show here we go Ivan and Phoenix you are live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend hello mark can you hear me good today yes you're coming in loud and clear thank you okay good I went ahead and held on so taking my break until now so that way I can make sure you can hear me clearly okay yeah I did their social experiment yesterday here at work I had about 36 participants awesome that is awesome I I broke it down evenly that way I could have 18 on each okay so what were your results all right there so no rulers no masters I had eleven that were pretty good answers and then the remaining like seven were you know the people who had no idea you know they were found like love selfish relief school college you know let's say love isn't a bad answer for that not that's fine because I also agree that that is the state of love absolutely so thats the spirt okay all right so how many rotated him how many wrote down freedom okay i had four who actually wrote down freedom out of 18 wow that's bad we need to make it five you can make it five because one were found no slaves okay kind of went against the instructions but okay alright well i only told them basically just write down the first thing that comes to mind i instructed people to write down only one word when i did it so that meant that can find their answer on the other side but that's okay so and one person wrote down love that's that's an interesting and what I would call a correct response what else what other responses then you get for that phrase okay under no rulers and no masters these four I love together which we're a pretty interesting I got lost confusion whoa whoa hold on hold on take them one at a time lost in matters could they pick up lost Wow like a pet let's see how do you see the world view of people yep some people like a domesticated animal that's the first thing that came to their mind they didn't even associate it probably with themselves but they tells you what they really think about themselves a domesticated animal and lost all and that's that is telling and that that's I feel very very my heart just goes out to somebody who's in that mindset laughs Wow okay what other words another word will confuse you Wow thinking is law Wow and see here is the actual internal state okay that they believe you have to have an external master to keep from happening confusion is actually the result of internal no rulers non rulership when there's internal anarchy that's a bad thing you need internal monarchy controlling the self see and they equated the state of no rules and no masters with confusion externally in society there would be confusion everywhere if we didn't have rulers and masters imagine that this is where people's mind is at at least this was the majority these four people put things down light lightness what were the other to prevent crime of course you need you need a master for there to be good behavior so you need a master for there to be non-violence absolutely didn't you know oh these people are sick sick the last one what again they put to words but yeah no brain so I guess brainless if you brainless oh my god folks just I mean do you see this is a great example do you see where some people are at can you see where most people are at I would say I mean this is brainless you are brainless if you believe that you're not a slave wow-wow is all I can say you know folks another thing that people get very angry at me for saying in person often too is if I ever were reunited with some of the darker cultists that I work with in my past I absolutely would not in any way want to do anything violent to them I would absolutely not want to even speak harshly to them I would go up to them I would offer a hand of I would extend a hand of good greeting and friendship and I would say well done sir I never would have believed it was possible that is how I would greet my former occultist cohorts you know whatever you want to call it compare its associates however you want to look at it but that is what I would do I would just say where you have brought human consciousness or unconsciousness as the case may be I never would have believed that it was possible and I would shake their hand and I would say magnificent magnificent job you know just incredible incredible as far as just being standing back in all at the work that they've accomplished horrific though it may be it is awe-inspiring and I would say I would simply say you have my respect as an opponent if you will in in in you know this construct but I would not I don't hate them I do not hate these people at all now who you can say I harbor resentment and ill-will toward and who I don't think anything good at all should ever happen to is someone who thinks like that someone who thinks like that is a damaged animal a damaged animal and if I were there I would tell them that to their face and if anybody gave me a response like that I'd tell them to to their face that they are broken and what broken means is that you've been turned into a domesticated animal that's what the term broken to break an animal means to domesticate them and make them accepting of their slavery and that person is broken you could tell them I said so if you want you don't have to but that's what I would tell them if I was there and trust me I'd tell them to their face do you want to put them on I'll tell them to their face okay I'll give them my address if they have anything to say about it so what responses that you get for anarchy well well finishing off this no rulers and no masters I only had two that gave the word anarchy and there was one of them which he brought a smile to my face when he said it because he knew really got he already knew government and the government of terrible and this and people think that Ivan there's obviously there's obviously an al-qaeda operative there I mean you know come on somebody who doesn't think don't slave you know put him away I mean that's a days person in society so ok what so what else did people write down for Anarchy alright so now for Anarchy I lump these five together and they're your regular response I had two that said chaos of one that said mayhem of course I'm a him of course one that rebel or repelled okay that's not made one that's that's better than some okay that one fit criminals Wow now the exact opposite of the meaning people who are advocating the non-aggression principle and not committing crime not committing violence not committing theft and they are calling them criminal that that's what they are in their mind because that's how effective the mind control technique of the obfuscation of the definitions of words is ladies and gentlemen if you can manipulate language listen to this very carefully if you can manipulate language you can manipulate thinking if you can manipulate language you can manipulate thinking this is why these people cannot think for themselves because they do not have they do not hold in their own mind the accurate meanings of words they have no definition no clarity the world is made of words ideas are made of words if you don't understand the words you are speaking you are creating unconsciously and you could be led and manipulated into believing anything anybody wants you to believe or accept Ivan very illuminating very illuminating ok great I got more attention oh yeah well this one is more mainstream media Turner because when I said Anarchy or and gave them the paper with Anarchy right away two of them put down the word Sun s ons so they were thinking of the TV show sons of anarchy yeah that's the word that they can equate with it is Sons of Anarchy as in a TV show as if that has anything to do with the concept of Anarchy unbeli we are living in a golem that you talk about zombies the zombie apocalypse is upon us ladies and gentlemen it's not coming it's here you're living among them ok these are golem creatures they have been made they have been molded like clay and just infused with some form of animation that vaguely imitates true life these are golems these are creatures these are zombies that's what they are Ivan thank you only one person and I would shake that gentleman's hand if I were you and I would go and talk to him you know I would become friends with that person he knows he or she was it was an old man or woman I was a male yes already knew the ice dancer he would put because of someone that we speak period right okay so he was already somewhat awakened brilliant brilliant shake his hand for me tell him I said wonderful so right great man Ivan thanks man you put a smile on my face as horrible as some of that is that's what enlightenment is about that's what something that is truly enlightening does it shows you what's there that's all it does it's uh what you say on the show you can see it in the real world it's not just you talking on the show saying oh this is this now when you go out here and talk to people and bring these questions up you're like you know there's like wow mark wasn't kidding he's right this is well people think Ivan thanks man I thank you for doing that you know and again you've really brought it out there for people that allow them to see where other people's mindset is that this is where the world is right now so talking about your little submarine here in the last hour hour and a half as we were talking about you made me think of this documentary it's little new agey but the title had the problem and the solution in the title is that Tom Shadyac documentary I am familiar I don't believe I have seen this one I have to check it out oh okay yeah yeah it's a little new agey but yet the the the title is what got me because the problem is who is the maker I'm Chad yak oh come Chad yeah he's a big Hollywood director the one who did a liar liar and CEO of the Jim Carrey movies now then he had some accident and life-changing experience and he started you know looking going into the direction sort of think whether I did see this at some point in the past but I'll check it out again I am okay great well I brought it up because what you were talking about is is answered right there you know the problem is I am what's the problem I am because people let being having word we just that's right or what the solution pack solution is I am different because when you start taking action and doing things differently that that changes things that came to mind when you were talking that's awesome yep let's go back into the negative real quick here I work at the post office and sorting with these machines that are loud and it's disrupt our shows all the time but I came across a magazine cover from the Smithsonian magazine and on the cover it says born to be bad and it's about the of the new science of morality and that cover picture is a little baby with horns playing with a pitchfork like it's a rattle so that's when you find some morality born to be bad baby this is what being put out there babies with heart a pitchfork unbelievable trying to skew people into thinking that's what human nature actually is there were somehow born right on or born evil and that's not what human nature is at all we may be people yep and when they born into horrible conditions but even that's no excuse for condoning violence and theft you know the truth is always there everybody knows what wrongdoing is because they've been on the receiving end of it and they know what it feels like and therefore you know that it's wrong to do that to others and that's all it really comes down to we have to stop making excuses for people Ivan phenomenal all as always my friend you have a great new year all right you too mark and I look forward to seeing you in April but I'm sure we'll talk plenty of times before then after you take care of my friend all right great let's go to another caller caller from the 9:05 area code you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hello yes what's your name Lucas from Canada Ontario welcome it I think and I asked two people this social experiment okay and I label from they both know about the New World Order in the control system that's around us and the first individual that I asked about the first word that came to mind when you say no rulers yes said freedom okay and the second one and re-live chaos right so still in that internal state of contradiction because he does not know the true meaning of the word anarchy so oh did you did you reveal the meaning of the word through the etymology to him oh yeah this response he said that's like basically the contrary of what everyone in society things like sure on top yeah because that's a minor control technique through the obfuscation of the real definition of a word and did he accept that that's what the word anarchy really does mean no rulers no mess okay yeah it shows you this contradiction exists even in people that are already aware that they're living in a control system because they don't understand how powerful the obfuscation of definitions are that how powerful that is as a mind-control technique and the second individual that I decided to ask was will in Toronto in Toronto Ontario he's like a pretty like I guess respected alternative media journalist or a whistleblower I guess you can I guess you can call him and I asked him first what is what what's the first word that comes to mind with no masters and he said any group dynamic works like like works like that and there's always going to be someone who ends up on the top yeah he's creating hell along with many other people doesn't realize it but that's that mindset is the generator of hell you could let them know I said that to that very mindset is what generates a prison that's where we're at enjoy that's what I would sell somebody like that your mindset and because more people like you have that same mindset that's why we're living in a cage thanks that's what I would do unbelieva the second one when I asked about anarchy he also had said he said no such thing can exist you might as well be talking about dragons fairies and unicorns it's a nice theory you know what it all exists I'm gonna tell you one of those it's going to exist when there's no more people like that person in the world then it will exist chew on that let him chew on that that's exactly when it will exist and that's that state is going to exist it's going to happen nothing can hold it back from happening do you want to know why and you could tell him I said this because that's God's will that's what God's will is is the true anarchy come into being in the physical domain as a matter of fact it already is in existence and it was put there by the Creator the the thing is it's the will that it's the will of creation that humanity goes back to living in that natural state and this little peon actually believes him and other idiots like him can thwart the will of God he believes that he believes his ego is stronger than all of creation combined he's gonna find out how wrong he is he may live he may live to find out how wrong he is I'd like you to tell him that I said that that I told him that because somebody like this you're never going to convince them or get them to see the truth they just need to hear you will be here to see how wrong you are your consciousness will exist to find out the depth of your wrongfulness the depth of your transgression against right and the depth of your illusion your consciousness will be here to find that out you will know it whether it's in this this lifetime this reality this incarnation or another you will be experiencing the truth that your ego is not more powerful than the will of creation so good luck with that man I mean again that's he's a perfect slave you know let me tell you what he is the occultists the dark occultus I work with have a name for him they have a name for him like I told people they call people the dead you know that's their name for the general on a totally asleep member of the population just as in general they call the population the dead okay they have a specific name for somebody like that who is so totally wrapped up in the aggression ideology and that it must always be like that and that there must always be masters and slaves and that anarchy is impossible to achieve okay they have a name for him because that is the end result of the the perfection of their mind-control techniques and the name for him that that Satanists dark Luciferians dark occultists call that individual is the new man that's their name for him they have a special term they called this individual the new man it is their creation they have made something that that the Creator didn't make they made it as the gods of this planet they made this ball of sewage that they fashioned into a golem okay and imbue it with thoughts that are in its own and tell it what is and what isn't and it accepts like a computer program this golem creature this complete ball of sewage that they have they've molded like clay and that's what he is he's the new man according to the dark occult that's a term understand that that's essentially what it is you can do research on it to them other people have brought this out I've directly you know enacted with people who have used that term as as Satanists telling people we are making the new man he is being made as we speak in society that is what they call him he is their new man because they made him for all intents and purposes that's what the powers of a god small G are you can make someone in your image and likeness and they've made him in their image and likeness at a much much lower and less powerful level but his mindset isn't is the baby fide version the little miniaturized version of their mindset and they made him and they call him their new man and that's what he is sad tell him sure please do and I ask them well you might if I expand on this a little bit weren't sure okay I asked him what is the reasons why you feel Anarchy would not work and he said basically how would everyone get along when there is no one you know basically telling people what to do because he has that woody mega structure he built no imagination as to how human beings could accomplish anything no masters have to tell us everything that we need to do in life yeah yep you want to know the real reason that's the reason he told you but let me tell you this and you can tell him this or let him listen to this show okay the real reason he does not believe quote-unquote or accept that this could be here's the real psychological under underpinning underlying reason the real reason is because he hates himself that's the real reason he looks at himself at as a slave and in his own subconscious he feels slavery is all he's worthy of and therefore so must everyone else live in that condition ultimately self-loathing is the reason why anyone that way he hates himself and you can tell him I said so or let him listen to this show okay and just want to touch one other point here I was I got into a bit of an argument or a debate with someone who is a facilitator in one of the occupied Shona movements okay and I got into an argument with in the boat he was trying to advocate more more gun registration like more more than restrictions because most people are leftist and you know they have socialist leanings that and think that the state should be in control of everything and you know it's a very hairy field of endeavor when you're dealing with the occupiers you know some of them get it very few and far in between most of them are very ignorant and lack knowledge and have-nots don't really have a long view of history it's a shame they they really not studied in history very much at all and they don't understand what historically happens when guns are confiscated in any given vicinity you're creating victim disarmament and then a government can run roughshod all over the people and it happens over and over and over and over again and there's thousands of historical accounts for it and yet these people just turn a blind eye because they want to believe they can do what they want it was actually when I posted the video of and it sends betrayed right now you comment sir and he probably water you probably didn't even watch it how are you gonna even debate that this happened to the Armenians to the Russians to the German people how are you been even to bathe this in Rwanda in Cambodia in Chile everywhere where gun control has ever been passed if it has been followed by a genocide historically everyone and that these people are still gonna argue that the world is some way magically that they think it is when it is not that way here's a couple Charlie versus a child a child who has no long view of history he's stupid you know that's all I'm sorry I I don't have patience for this that's all I tell while you're dumb your unread you're dumb your unread you're an unread person you have no long view of history you don't read enough books go read more books that's what I tell people like that I don't even waste my breath arguing with them they're a dumb person a dumb person is not capable of creating any change he thinks he's gonna go and change the world as a part of the Occupy movement he doesn't understand something like that retarded slowed down because he doesn't read enough I mean some of the justifications that he was trying to use were some some points that uh you actually talked about in some of your previous shows so first I said if anyone has no one has the right to disarm someone's last means of defense you know for self-protection right because that's an inherent birthright right and he says you you mix up you you confuse instincts with right no what he doesn't understand is what property is and he is an advocate of theft of property he believes also that certain people have special rights and I tell people please explain to me how anyone gets a right that I don't have if this person over here can carry and wield that weapon and own it how can I not and no one could explain this mechanism to me maybe someone will enlighten me in the future how can a right be born into existence that said that someone else doesn't have either every single individual has the right or no one has it and they're all the same there's no special rights for special individuals every single person has the same exact rights and he doesn't get that he doesn't understand that because he's an advocate of theft that's all he is a simple advocate of theft he's condoning violence and he doesn't get it that gun control is gun violence it's people coming with guns saying give me your guns you know that he's a pacifist another sickening deplorable ideology that if anybody is a pal I don't even want to hear from pacifists I mean if you that again this is more self-loathing if you hate yourself so much that you would say I'd rather be killed than defend myself with force even know what you are you're not a human being you're some kind of a degraded animal I mean imagine this this this ideology the sick twisted ideology of self-loathing called pacifism you have to be joking joking you're gonna sit there and take violence conducted you we're gonna try to curl up into a ball you're gonna run away like a little boy please grow up and grow a pair you know I mean if that's all I would say to him you know he doesn't care about himself or his rights or anybody else's rights he there's no self-love it's all self-loathing self-loathing well thank you thanks for the call great points that you brought up I'm going to UM take one more caller before we end the show here we go I think this is Jay Parker in Philadelphia Jay you can take us out yeah great show mark and Happy New Year and are we looking forward to the Marathon on American freedom radio on the 13th of January definitely I know you'll be like were three in mind conference that's right Jay we'll do that we're not going to uh send out some really interesting points and get people to start blinking this all comes down to the Baker control of information through the school systems and we're looking absent as long as you proclaim people with the big lie then then you get what we've got that's right Jay thanks so much for the call great way to take us out on this edition of what on earth is happening that's all the time we have this week folks remember there's only two mistakes you can ever make on the path to truth not starting not going all the way we'll see here next week happy new year