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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark pass bill [Music] all right folks I apologize for that brief technical issue we are live today today is Sunday January 20th 2013 this is the first what on earth is happening radio show of the year had some technical difficulties of beginning the show today but we are live so I apologize for that once again thanks to Doug Owen from Oracle broadcasting for helping me sort that out I appreciate it Doug all right so I'm your host mark passio welcome to what on earth is happening dot-com the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time that's 4 to 6 p.m. central my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com we have a great show planned for you here today we are going to be interviewing for the first hour the illuminated one Curtis Davis one of the speakers at the free your mind to conference coming up here in April and we we had a fundraiser last weekend this past weekend for the free your mind to conference on American freedom radio it went pretty well we ended up raising about three thousand dollars for it I want to thank very much wholeheartedly thank Freeman and freighter X for being the guest hosts of that radio marathon on American freedom radio and it was successful as I said it'll help bring in several speakers for the free your mind to event and Curtis Davis the illuminated one was scheduled to be part of that radio marathon unfortunately circumstances that came up for him in his personal life made it impossible for him to join us during that time so I figured let's bring him onto the show today talk about before your mind to conference a little bit talk about a little bit of a preview of what Curtis is going to be getting into and sure whatever else is on Curtis is mine today so we'll be bringing him up in just a few moments I do have a couple of quick event announcements I want to let everyone know about the free your mind to conference of course coming up April 25th 26th and 27th a conference on consciousness mind control in the occult held that the arc street meeting house in the historic district of Philadelphia 3:20 Arch Street the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day 24 speakers over three days featuring Allen Steinfeld alfred weber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr dream freighter x freeman fly fruit spring meyer yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren more a mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonia Barrett advance ticket prices on sale now the Thursday conference $30 the Thursday meet-and-greet with the speakers plus a concert featuring the divine hand ensemble classical Orchestra $20 the Friday conference $40 the Saturday conference $40 the All Conference special all three days plus the speaker meet-and-greet and concert $120 get your tickets today an advance ticket sale is better than a donation check out the speaker and ticket information on the conference website at WWF re your mind conference calm free your mind conference calm we will have another fundraiser for the free your mind to conference it's going to be coming up in the city of Philadelphia on Wednesday February 20th this is fundraiser number three we did the first fundraiser back in September when I did my Matrix trilogy decoded presentation the second fundraiser was the American freedom radio Money bomb marathon for free or mine - and the third fundraiser is going to be coming up Wednesday February 20th at underground arts that's at 1200 callow Hill streets in Philadelphia the doors will be opening at 7 o'clock p.m. and it's going to be an all musical fundraiser we're going to have bands from Philadelphia and the surrounding area coming in and playing to support the free your mind to conference so we have one band booked so far we'll be booking couple other bands as special guests so far we have the maniac agenda great band from the Philadelphia and South Jersey area gonna be coming in and playing for the for your mind to fundraiser number three Wednesday February 20th and underground arts I think the door price is going to be set at either fifteen or twenty dollars we're going to have three or four musical acts on the bill so I will be posting the poster to the what on earth is happening and the for your mind for your mind conference websites in the very near future probably sometime this week the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evening as always takes place on the last Thursday of the month and it is held at a scene food market and cafe which is on 719 South fourth Street in Philadelphia this will be taking place Thursday January 31st from 6:30 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. start time and the documentary that we're going to be screening for this month at a scene market is called inside North Korea and the description for the film is if you want to see the globalists model for the United States in the near future this is the film to see a rare glimpse into the totalitarian regime that currently rules the people of North Korea filmed with hidden cameras understand that this is our future and the future of the world if the sleeping citizenry of America doesn't wake up soon the documentary film called inside North Korea to be screened at a scene market in cafe as part of the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion nights on the last Thursday of the month coming up at the end of this month Thursday January 31st 6:30 p.m. at a scene food market for more information please check out truth freedom prosperity dot org that's truth freedom prosperity o RG um I appeared this Thursday January 17th on a cult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati and I did a show on fillet mentality of Thelema and Aleister Crowley this is now the show is now up on the news section of what on earth is happening it's also in the latest news items on the left-hand column right now so be sure to check it out I prepared a slideshow with it there are images related to it posted under posted right underneath the show player there is also related documents a whole series of works by Aleister Crowley posted there and I also posted his Thoth tarot deck to go along with the show so that's all right on the news section of what on earth is happening and I want to thank Bob from Cincinnati once again for providing the platform to do a great show on Aleister Crowley and thelema the ad-free chip in for what on earth is happening currently stands at nine hundred dollars we only need to raise 100 more by the end of the month we have ten days left to do that to keep the show ad free through the February March April period so if you haven't made a donation to that cause if you feel inclined to do so there is a chip in button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening com website we only need $100 more to keep the show commercial free for the two hours it's on the air by the end of this month there's also a general support donation button on the what on earth is happening website donations can be made via PayPal Bitcoin or postal mail via check or money order so if you value the information that you've heard on this podcast so far please feel free to make any size donation any size donation is welcomed and appreciated very much so let's see if we could bring Curtis Davis on the air again I apologize for the difficulties that we had during the beginning of the show let me read Curtis his bio first and then we'll try to bring him in okay Curtis Davis also known as the illuminated one is the founder of ton T om the occult Network you can find that at WWE occult network.com he is also the founder and host of occult science radio you can locate occult science radio and listening to the great podcast that Curtis has done so far at WWE talk radio calm / illuminated - one illuminated - one not the number one spell it out oh and E ok BlogTalkRadio calm Curtis has interviewed many of the biggest names in the esoteric genre such as John Anthony West Robert Bauval dr. Carmen voltar LAN Milo Duquette and many others born and raised in Brooklyn New York Curtis began his study of the occult sciences at the age of 18 after having experienced Christianity and Islam his search for something more first led him to study silva mind-control and the works of dr. Nathaniel Brandon Curtis his studies then took him further into the works of dr. Connie's wig and Aleister Crowley as well as the kinetic sciences he then decided to share this knowledge with the world via occult science radio which he launched in April of 2008 in the age of digital content Curtis then wanted to make this knowledge of the occult science take this knowledge of the occult sciences to the next level and so he founded the occult network Curtis Davis currently resides in New York City all right let me see if I could bring Curtis into the call [Music] [Music] Curtis are you with us if I am okay I apologize for the technical difficulties that I was having at the beginning of the show but they are ironed out now so ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening the illuminated one Curtis Davis Curtis welcome glad to be here my friend you know I listen to this show faithfully every Sunday and I come away of always all the more smarter my friend and it's a real honor you know and a privilege to be on you well I appreciate you being here and taking all the time to be here with us today so I want you uh why don't we begin by having you just give other listeners a little bit of background information about yourself what led you to some of the information that you now share with people and tell them about your websites and projects that you have on the horizon excellent well uh pretty much like you said you know in the intro of Marc you know I started my occult studies around the age around 1718 and much like yourself you know at a young age when I looked around me and I saw the crazy things that were going on in the world you know I asked myself what on earth is happening you know there's got to be you know more to this than what my young eyes are seeing and so I began really looking into the occult studies and I also began studying a union psychology which led me to really study um you know vast portions of our psychology dr. Nathaniel Branden dr. Connors Vigo dr. Jeremiah Abrams and in addition to reading Aleister Crowley and you know he really really fascinated me and then as I began to delve more into a union psychology and dr. and Nathaniel Branden along with what I was learning about Aleister Crowley and the occult I began to mix the two and the main thing that jumped out at me and I found that was very empowering and liberating was that Oh with regard to one's mind that in order for one to make changes in one's world it had to start from within you know are not without and I was really know also I was also reading a little bit of Neville Goddard back then and one of the things that I encountered in his writings was that where there's a difference between you know resisting evil and renouncing evil you know when you resist evil you give it your attention and therefore it keeps perpetuating in your reality when you renounce of what people may classify as evil you turn away from that and turn to what you want by your imagination via visualization and when you concentrate on that then that's when your reality will change and then when I went back it basically I'll turn the light on inside of me and so you know with my young eyes at the time I said you mean to tell me that I'm not the victim of others that I can create my own reality and once I became aware of that that's when things begin to change no so that's why when I look at this conference and the name of the conference free your mind you know one of the things that I'm going to be talking about is basically how to really free one's mind how to change your inner world in order to affect your outer world because one of the things you know to fight or to try to change the outer world before you change your inner world is very futile that's exactly right and people have to really grasp that at a deep fundamental level that the external reality that we're experiencing is actually a consequence of what we are holding in our mind it's a consequence of our deeply seeded belief systems and our attachments to those belief systems and if we want to create external change in the world around us that starts with creating change in what we think and believe that's where the change actually begin then it progresses through our emotional makeup and ultimately into our behaviors and the the amalgamation of all of all of that internal for all those internal processes in the totality of the population is what ultimately creates that change at a grand scale at a mass level precisely precisely so now one of the things that I plan on well the main thing that I plan on illuminating at the conference is basically you know because when I look at what's going on around us you know I know you and I wear what as you would say oh we're the new media and when I look at of things that are being thrown around like the Illuminati and al-qaeda you know and things of that nature those are all just fair tactics being used by the mainstream media to keep people in a state of powerlessness helplessness and when that's that when those feelings and emotions of powerlessness and helplessness become embedded in one psyche then that's what would be that's will continue in your reality so it's basically something to keep people really scared all the time and they want people to believe that you have no control over your reality as long as you believe that there's an Illuminati out there you know there's a hidden hand out there that's controlling things and there's keeping you helpless then or you will feel that well you can do nothing about it you know so basically you know that's what you and I and many other great speakers are here to do with regard to this conference to let people know that the Illuminati is not controlling your reality not al-qaeda you know or not or the bilderbergs that you are in control of your reality and the only way that these things are going to these evil empires you know if you will for lack of a better way of putting it the only way that they're going to be all brought down is if we empower ourselves right know and the inside out that's an exact it isn't to say that they don't have influence in the world through the current power structure that exists they certainly hold sway of influence but what you're saying is we do not need to give in and do their bidding if if we understand the difference between right and wrong we can exert our free will to choose the right over the wrong regardless of what we feel the immediate consequences may be to our checkbook or our our bank account or anything else for that matter it's about stepping out of the mindset of I need to choose to do what's best for me in this given moment and into the mindset of I need to do what's right at every moment regardless of what the consequences may be you know that's what's gonna improve the overall situation of our reality on a mass scale on you know ASIS on a societal scale so um this is an impact ms egde of empowerment it's it's about telling people while these people may hold certain influence based on where a lot of people's mindset is at right now it doesn't need to be that way it can change it can be changed if we make a decision to change the way that we think and the behaviors that we're going to take as a result of the beliefs that we hold in our mind so it's a message of empowerment that's absolutely correct mark you know because like I said I listened to your show or every Sunday faithfully and you know being in New York City and I see what's you know going on in the world around us and how they're imposing all kinds of laws on they are the populace and people are just going along with it and I ask myself why and then the answer came rapidly that people have that feeling of powerlessness of helplessness you know and when I look at but you know law enforcement oh yeah you really already know on several shows about them law enforcement the military you know many of those people unfortunately are brainwashed you know they think that they are doing the bidding of a Kabal if you will that is just not realizing that the people that are giving them their orders as you are said so beautifully on your own symbol of your shows that oh well you guys are our goons you know you're our dogs you do whatever we tell you to do and I really would like it is my dream if this conference can be broadcast to every home you know military personnel and you know law enforcement personnel every each and every one of them can hear this and really wake up to see what's going on then perhaps they wouldn't be so quick to do the bidding of those who really don't give a damn about the populace and it just you know using the ignorant populace as the pawns in their game that's exactly right and uh you know we did a great show on this on a cult science radio several months back it was on you know the enforcers of the the dark new world order system and how they're basically going against natural law at every turn and doing things that they really don't have any rights do and how they really need to understand that they're being used being used completely that the people who are using them really don't care about them or anyone else they only care about advancing their own selfish agenda that that show that we did I felt it was a really powerful hard-hitting information and you know some people will say that you know I went into places that were kind of harsh toward these enforced quote-unquote enforcers but I think it was it stated the truth and in no uncertain terms and I wonder how that was received by people who listened to your your radio show do you have any uh have you ever gotten any feedback about that oh absolutely yeah you know I mean when we uh when we had that show and I recall it quite vividly as a matter of fact that has to be one of our highest-rated shows and to this very day you know my listeners are asking me is Mark coming back and I said that we're gonna be bringing him on quite soon you know very soon you know within next week or so but you know cause so many things you said in that interview mark is what a lot of people are thinking but once again are afraid to say right because when you have a feeling of hopelessness of powerlessness you know and you're afraid that you know I well I don't want to say or do certain things because I don't want to lose my job you know I have a family thank you or you know to support well that's the main thing that the controllers you know really play on that you know you you're giving the illusion of freedom but of freedom within limits okay I mean and if as I heard you say so many times on your show and I totally agree when if people really take the time to really consider what freedom really is then they would look at the society that we're living in and realized that we're not really free you know that we are the we are being used by those who are our cultists you know and one of the tricks and you know this as well as I do and one of the tricks them one of the main fix that had been played on the masses is to tell the masses that the study of the occult is something to be avoided ya know it's a bad thing you know I mean this is devil worship you know and walk to the light you know you know if you want to be a good human being then go to church and study Jesus so go to the mosque and study Islam or not realize these people aren't realizing that you know there's nothing wrong with the Bible the Bible is one of the greatest if not the greatest occult book ever written where people have gone wrong is their misinterpretation of the Bible a literal interpretation exactly you know I mean people have been brainwashed into believing that oh the Bible is literal and and historical and people like you and I you know I we did we endeavor to let people know that know the Bible is neither liberal nor historical it's metaphorical and had an allegorical you know the Bible teaches you who you are you know and the powers of the mind the powers of the occult so what the controllers want to do and they've been doing for a very long time is miss educating people as to what the how the Bible is to be interpreted and that's why the church has become so strong in our society on people's fear and mis-education that's exactly right and you know one of the things one of the quotes that you put forward I believe in your bio for the for your mind to conference was it that after you learned the truth about what the occult really was and how it was all about self-examination and self-knowledge that you couldn't go back to the world of what you called organized distorted doctrine I love that phrase that you've coined because that's really what organized world religions are they're they're something that is there to hold us back it's it's in the etymological definition of the word religion from the Latin relig re to hold back or to tie back to thwart from forward progress that's what the distorted literalist doctrines of organized world religions are doing instead of encouraging people to go deeper within themselves and find the true spark of the divine that lies you know at the heart of every individual and to explore the self at a much deeper level and that is indeed what the occult studies are all about it's about hidden knowledge and ultimately it's about knowledge deep knowledge of self and how to go within and understand that we are part of the totality of the all and that everything is ultimately a a manifested part of the underlying Unified Field of reality and more over than that to bring forward that hidden aspect of reality so that we can understand the laws that ultimately govern the consequences of what we are using in other words how we create reality that's what the occult is ultimately all about it is the understanding of the self and the laws of nature so it's it's it's a synthesis of the the underlying information that deals with the self in connection to the all or the the mind of God if you will that's what occultism is all about the studies of the hidden laws of nature and the self and that is exactly what the controllers do not want us understanding because if we understand that we can't be controlled by them that's exactly right you know because once you teach people that their power is outside of them you know that they're their power is some guy in the sky or some bad guy in the ground then you already have you already have disempowered them because then once you know as above so below once you have people believing that even their spiritual power is outside of them then naturally what are they going to do they're going to look at man and various governments and this agency and that agency as having power over them and even the Bible tells you that once you begin to empower yourself and realize who you are that no weapon formed against you shall prosper so now as we begin to evolve as people begin to get this information that you myself and so many others are really trying to bring to the masses especially those are great speakers that are all going to be at the conference then these people the controllers they'll start shaking in their boots because now people are really coming into the true knowledge you know that there's no external God in the sky or no external demon in the ground that everything and everyone is within is within you know that what you're looking at right now is a reality that you create so now when we look at our reality and if we see that we are being controlled by outside forces or what we perceive to be outside forces it's because somewhere in our inner world in our psyche we believe ourselves to be powerless to be helpless and that something outside of us is stronger than us can conquer us so once we really get that into the minds of the people then there won't ever be a 911 bombing there won't be any more Wars you know then you know we will begin to see the changes here on earth that you and I dream of seeing every day and I just want to say a quick happy birthday to our beautiful friend Oh Anthony Michael Costello happy birthday absolutely it is Michael falsettos birthday today and ladies and gentlemen let me tell you this is the driving force behind the free your mind to event and without Michael none of this would be happening everybody owes him a debt of gratitude for stepping forward in the capacity that he has to help to co-host the for your mind events and you know it's its unsung heroes like that that we we owe debts of gratitude to on a day-to-day basis and it's his birthday today so absolutely happy birthday Michael falsetto so let me give the caller number for the show Curtis in case anyone has any questions for you the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening we have Curtis for another half an hour is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again the calling number if you have any questions for Curtis Davis the illuminated one from the occult Network eight six six eight four one one zero six five call in with your questions Curtis it really is all about self respect you know it's about what humanity feels that it's worthy of you know you you ask so many people well you know can humanity truly be free and live without rulers without government that is about violence controlling them and so many people just have such a low opinion of humanity and themselves that they no human beings are too evil they're too bad this is our nature you know and that it has to always be like that a relationship of masters and slaves I mean I can't even imagine that this is how most people think but you know I came on the air and I tell people it's true more people unfortunately think like that than not because if more people didn't think like that the world wouldn't be the way that it is today that we wouldn't have these power structures running our lives basically and you know threatening us with violence if we you know don't do as we as they say we must do so how give me your take on how you feel self-respect uh plays into that whole dynamic do you concur with that and do you see it that way oh yes indeed you know because Oh with self-respect when you have a high level of self-respect then that's gonna radiate out into the rear into your your environment you know because then you're gonna have a great you gonna have just as much respect for for the people and things around you right and you know when you have people thinking that well you know I'm helpless you know I can't do anything about what's going on around me I'm just a victim of it okay whatever laws they pass in Washington DC I just have to go along with it and the main thing here that has really gotten our society into the mess that it's that it's in now is that people unfortunately began to adhere to man's laws instead of universal law you know and in my mind you know when you talk about the fall in the Bible no it's not uh it's not God or casting Satan out of some mythical you know a fictional heaven to me I interpret the fall as when man began to follow the laws of man instead of following a universal law yes absolutely I couldn't agree more I think that's a great take on what the fall is ultimately all about the fall into ego is when man started believing that that he was the maker of the law capital L you know and he wanted to subvert the the laws of creation with his own law you know that that was the beginning of the fall into a you know the prison society that we're living in right now today yes indeed I mean because when we look at our society I mean we look at let's take this on the good old US of A here now the good old US of A would have you believe I mean in god we trust' you know I mean and they know the good old US of A supposedly lives by the Ten Commandments and you know when I look in our society today and what law enforcement is doing we're living in the society now where basically if two people get into a skirmish on the street you know the law enforcement or personnel will take these people to jail but yet and still we're also led that same system if you don't adhere to it or if you buck against it and believe me I had a guest on my show her name is a seventeen Jackson yes former IRS agent she did it she could attest to this courageous woman oh yes oh yes and but this is the same society that if you don't go along with its laws it will hit it will not hesitate to commit acts of violence against you you know so now when we talk about freeing our mind you know one of the first things we have to do is get in the goal within ourselves and get to those feelings of helplessness of powerlessness and bring them to the forefront you know the first thing that we all have to do collectively is admit that we have been miss educated you know we have been bamboozled we have been the hoodwinked and we need to talk us that's one of the reasons why you see all of this media coming out now the iPhones you know the three million channels on cable TV and all of this stuff that's being thrown at us on the Internet is to keep people constantly looking outward because when you keep people looking externally that keeps them away from themselves and going within and the controllers know this that if people turn from the external and go to the internal and begin to develop themselves from the inside out then what they're looking at now is going to crumble you know so basically when I look at all that's being done in society today with these are you know these mass shootings you know it's basically to keep people looking exploding outward you know so now in order to truly free our minds and I've learned a lot about how to do this from reading the works of dr. Nathaniel Branden and of and reading a great book romancing the shadow by dr. Connie's white dr. Brandon has what and I'm going to share this at the conference I can I can't wait for that conference is our he utilizes something it is in his own writings called the sentence completion technique and this is a technique where people take pen and paper and they basically um do a series of sentence stems you know to really illuminate what's inside of them and then when you begin to bring to the forefront okay what was the origin of the current feeling of helplessness or powerlessness that I'm feeling now that has been constantly reflected back to me in my external world and once you get to the root of that and you can always change it through visualization and imagination and then when you get to the root of your helplessness of your powerlessness you know of your hurt and your anger then you begin to change and then your outer world begins to change so now people have been going about it the wrong way you know when they don't like something that the government is doing the first thing I want to do is march on Washington or protests or Occupy Wall Street or occupy this place that place but when you try to change things externally you're gonna fail every time right okay if you want to I tell people all the time okay if are the Illuminati if there's such bad people you want to bring them down yes then you're not going to bring them down with tanks and battleships and and it and aircraft carriers the way that you're going to quote-unquote bring the Illuminati down is to empower yourself right and and that that is a reflection of the principle of cause and effect you're talking about going past the effects that we see in the external reality that we experienced going deeper than that layer of effect and getting down to the root to the causal factor the the the realm of causality because those causal factors are what generate the effects and it's like a projector and a screen you could look at the screen as the effect but the projector is the generator it's the causal factor that is putting that image on the screen if you don't like what you're seeing on the screen you have to go back to the projector and change the projection from there from the source and that source is what's going on within ourselves that's correct you know I mean let's look at what's been going on recently in our society we had the situation in Connecticut you know we had the situation in Colorado where you know hit the mainstream media wants people to believe that these were people who went off the deep end and picked up firearms and slaughtered many people but and I'm gonna and I have no problem saying this out loud and in public for as long as I've been doing this market you've been doing this a long time too you know let's go back to the scare tactics that the oppressor is used once again as we always talked about to keep people looking outward in my estimation and I believe that when we hear about these shootings where somebody picks up a rifle and goes into some mall or some school and kills several people that these are all things that are orchestrated by the oppressors you know once again and you know what's their objective once again to keep people fearful and once you keep people fearful you know then that just magnifies they're there they're already having feelings of powerlessness and helplessness and so when you have people fearful now what's going to happen now this is a reason to bring in their or nonsensical laws and if you look at many of the laws in this country yes they have no basis in reality and they are very nonsensical so now Obama just passed um laws where they're going to be are possibly confiscating people's guns on making it difficult for people to purchase firearms but now what's really going on here let's look at this deeper okay you want to disarm the masses okay in order to make it easier for the dogs you know the goons as I call them to really smack the masses around more than all what they're already doing because if you have an unarmed or population and a heavily armed military and paramilitary unit okay who do you thinks gonna win that fight exactly you know so now if you have people who are unable to defend themselves okay cuz I mean I mean I'm in New York City and I mean let's not kid ourselves we have a lot of people out there who are behind that badge and that gun who do not utilize it to help people you know I've seen in many instances where the police have abused their authority so basically what they're doing now this is just a another ploy to keep people fearful keep them powerless and make them easier to manipulate because now we're living in a society now where people are really going where people are really being incarcerated for nonsense yeah you know I mean I I'm here in New York City now we have the the police running around arresting people for merely smoking a joint Curtis I I just took a look at a little mini pamphlet that law enforcement in this area sends around to different locations I got it through a friend and it was a you know mug shots of people who have you know been incarcerated recently you know and basically over 75 to 80 percent of those people were put in jail for nonviolent offenses okay non crimes essentially where they did not harm anybody else just arrested for the possession of substance and/or other things that had absolutely nothing to do with at the actual hurting of another human being and that's what the the jail cells in this country are full of that they're full of people who have actually done no harm to another living human being and their freedom has been taken away nonetheless and there are so many people who think this is acceptable and that's okay and and all they're doing is condoning the theft of the freedom of other people just like I said last week on the air that this whole place earth has become it doesn't have to be like this but it has become because of what we have turned it into a prison for thieves and all the people who are being trapped into this prison are either committing theft or condoning theft the people that the police who put these people in into jail cells and the judges and the politicians they are thieves they have stolen something that doesn't belong to them those individuals freedom and all the people who support that who think that that's okay and is somehow moral when it is absolutely not are the condoning they condone theft and that's why they're in this planet which is I called it the planet which is a prison for thieves the print the prison planet is a specific kind of prison planet that notion of the prison planet like Alex Jones coin has been around for a long time but it's actually a prison for thieves that's the specific type of prison that it is I want to get your take on you know my view of that that I put out there last week and I totally agree with you on your point that police aren't doing this to protect anybody their revenue men for the new king which is called government and all they're doing is out there doing things that have absolutely they have absolutely no right to do in a large proportion of what their job is all about there's you know a small small portion that they're doing that that is taking a violent criminal and and you know making sure that they're dealt with but as far as the vast majority of what these people are doing they have absolutely no right to do it and it's putting people into this prison faster and faster at a faster rate and the people who are condoning it are part of that process your take on that oh yes I agree you know I mean once again this is a classic case mark of man attempting to raise his laws above universal laws so now when you begin to incarcerate people for trivial things what are you creating I mean we're living in a society now where extensive background checks are done and in many instances if you've been arrested even for something as a as small as being in possession of a marijuana joint okay that's going to come up on your background check and most likely what's going to happen you're not going to get the job so now what are they doing to people now they are creating a society and mind you people we are not talking about some third-world country we're talking about the United States this is going on right here in the United States so when you begin to incarcerate people in large number and or and stay and or smear their names if you will what's gonna what's the cause and effect here now you're gonna have a large populous out here that is unemployed and then once people are unemployed they cannot secure a job okay people are going to do what they have to do mark to survive and in many instances unfortunately people are going to resort to quote end quote illegal measures to make money and then if in the event you know while they're doing whatever it is they're doing to make money once again the law enforcement personnel is going to catch up with them again and then they're going to incarcerate them so now once you're incarcerated what they're doing they're taking that all of these inmates and using them for free labor forced labor that's right forced labor you know and I saw it up close and personal because I was a state correction officer in the largest prison system in the country ok the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and when I saw how they were taking these inmates and bringing them out to fix the highways clean the highways and clean the streets that's when it all became clear to me because now instead of having to pay some city worker to all fix a pothole as you know why it will just get inmates to do it and pay them Oh five cents an hour and they'll get the same amount of work done now does that sound like the works of a just government as a matter of fact absolutely not and as a matter of fact I would go so far as to say it's no different than something like Auschwitz or Sobibor Treblinka or any other forced labor camp that has existed before in totalitarian regimes we may not be exterminating these people or working them to death but we're still making them basically do this work for slave labor wages and also that takes of work out of the the circulation in the population at large so P other people are are harder pressed to find jobs and it's it's completely immoral and this is all it's a form it's a different form of slavery especially for all the people who have been put there for absolutely no offense to another human being they have not actually caused harm or broken a universal spiritual law they have simply broken this thing which is called man's law which is the arbitrary whims of politicians and the the Finance ears that ultimately own those politicians like puppets and it's completely amoral and it's no different than any other forced labor camp in history true I mean my thing is you can't legislate morality I mean when even when you look at drugs okay in my estimation and I'm quite sure many people out there will agree with me on this or whatever drugs are out there it is our right this is our body this is our mind if we want to ingest whatever drug is out there as long as we're not doing it at the expense of someone else we have a right to do with our bodies what we want right and anything anything short of that is slavery I mean you know that what like the prison system that you're talking about that is that is all about forced labor that's a form of slavery making a claim of ownership on the body of another person and telling them what they may or may not put into their own body is a claim of ownership on the person's body and that's a form of slavery and people just they can't see it as such it's amazing that they they they can't understand ownership at that level to understand that that's slavery I talk about it all the time taxation property taxes all forms of taxes it's slavery it's saying your labor belongs to me I'll take the product of your labor at whatever you know value I happen to set at my whim and your you have to pay it otherwise I'm gonna do violence to you or put you in some kind of a prison cell and that's called slavery that's the definition of slavery I challenge challenged people a couple of weeks ago or last week I forgot when it was did call in and tell me what value what number what percentage is it not slavery anymore when you're telling people you have to give this amount of the product of your labor to me for whatever reason I say it's going to be used for no matter how humanitarian or you know socially just I claim that after that you know usage is going to be and you know I'm gonna say 10% has to go to me you must tithe 10% of your the product of your labor to me is that not slavery just because it's 10% you know a hundred percent we all recognize that would be slavery but what number is it not slavery is my question exactly you know that's why I implore people you know anyone who's out there Oh who's within earshot of this broadcast April 25th 26th 27th in Philadelphia Pennsylvania you must attend this conference because the things that you that you hear myself and Mark discussing now on how they're working every day to take more and more of the citizens rights away come to that conference because you have a very powerful lineup of people there that have the answers you know this isn't a conference where you know we all just get together and have cocktails meet and greet and spew a bunch of rhetoric and everybody walks away and is still as clueless as they were when they walked in no no no my friends if you go to the though the website the free your mind conference website and you take a look a little at the lineup of speakers that are going to be present at that conference I guarantee you that anyone who attends that conference if you walk away from that conference still feeling powerless still feeling helpless you know still feeling that or you can't fight city hall you can't fight the government then you sat there for three days and you didn't listen whole worldviews are going to be changes as a result of what we're going to be doing this spring that's the goal of the for your mind to conference to shift and change entire world views in people's minds and get them out of their state of learned helplessness and empower them that's what it's ultimately all about Curtis um we have a couple of minutes left I want to give you the floor have you tell the listeners more about your website and radio show and anything else you want to share with the listening audience the floor is yours thank you my friend for those of you who are interested in hearing or my broadcast as well you know I mean mark has been a frequent visitor on there let's get ready to be on the show or several more times you know because we're brothers in the struggle if you will please you can google a cult science radio and it'll take you right there and if you really want to see what we're doing visually you know I really wanted to begin a network to really show this type of information visually as well because when I looked in that mainstream media I realized that they are not going to put out the type of information that you hear for myself and Mark and many others so for those of you who really want to get we educated if you will just visit the occult network.com we have our free content and you also have our premium content as well thank you so much for being here we're coming up to the station break at the top of the hour we'll be back with your calls stay with us [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we are back you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting radio network on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we were joined in the first hour by the illuminated one Curtis Davis and a great great interview there Curtis brought out so many poignant topics it's gonna be a pleasure to have him as part of the free your mind to conference coming up here in Philadelphia in April on April 25th through 27th so we're gonna have open lines this hour free discussion no taboo topics anything you want to talk about related to the state of the world human freedom and the topics that I've been covering over the last few weeks here on what on earth is happening so without further ado let's go right to your calls here we go I Ivan in Phoenix you're live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend Ivan are you there okay looks like we're having a problem with the call so Ivan if you're listening give us a call back and I'll try to put you through Paul you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Paul are you there going once going twice okay not sure what's going on I'm hoping this isn't a problem with the switchboard let's see Nathan in Arizona you are live on what on earth on earth is happening welcome Nathan hey oh hey we got one out of three okay yes you're live welcome uh-huh okay yeah no I was on hold of you guys and I had another call come in and just made it in time I guess haha you guys are talking some good stuff today I want to appreciate I want to show my appreciation first and you guys are doing was through your mind and I just wanted to put it out there to your listeners and you guys the right of self-determination as an international public and private law or enactment I think that individuals can use to for people to look into the book law of nations by the TEL and then with your with really you know the Matrix trilogy presentation that you put out that there actually is such a thing called the the Leon Keith matrix I don't know if you guys have heard of that but if you guys there's plenty of search results that come up and for your listeners to just maybe sorry-looking nation spelled for so I'm not like to check it out I'm mopping and I'm not close to it l I think it's just all do in key IES and I can't remember the guys first name but it has to do with economics and supposedly it was implemented into into what we've got going on today so there really is kind of a matrix going on here and as far as what I've read and it's just a really interesting subject and I would love it if people would check out the right of self-determination the law of nations and the Leon Keith matrix I just want to put those guys out there into the air absolutely thank you for that thank you you're not take care all right let's try to go back to 905 area code I believe this is Ivan and Phoenix welcome hi mark yes ari is this Ivan I'm sorry no this is our Ron in Canada oh I'm sorry okay you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark I've been listening to this the program because before the break-in is it's awesome radio I could listen to this for eight hours I wish I didn't have to listen or call me to a radio show to actually have these kind of conversations with people I hear you what about going back to the earlier part of what the guess was speaking about those about finding your inner self and this is a solutions based so I'd just like to offer some of the things that I did just in case people aren't you know aware of how to go about this because it's been a few years of doing this for me I think the first thing you got to do get rid of all the stupid distractions in your life that are out there to make people mindless right for me it was like getting rid of things like sports sports betting television partying you know useless hanging out and and then the other thing that you should do too is just humble yourself you need to learn to humble yourself and realize that you're just one little thing in this great universe and I think you take a lot of lessons from nature like stop and watch a spider we will web you stand there for five minutes it's the most amazing thing because you're learning patience you're learning village how hard they work to make this beautiful thing you know nature puts all these lessons out for us the other things you can do to empower yourself like to change your diet like he's spoken about and this sort of thing I need to be getting into actually finding wild edibles study some of that stuff and gradually you're empowering yourself because you're becoming more self-sufficient that's right Absalon and it's it's all about stepping into the the flow of creation and and making a connection with the natural world again as opposed to wrapped up in the artificial world which is the matrix that exists all around us that is there to control us Nature has given us all the things to give us lessons out there which is your animals and and your plants to survive off of and these sorts of things the other thing is to like you realize what you're doing in your own life with your own behavior and and some of the worst things that I find out there that people get caught up in is gossip and rumors I absolutely hate that stuff and you know I was certainly not perfect with that but once you avoid gossip and rumors there's certain energies that I feel that gets spun when you do that right and it just creates you create animosity amongst people and this and that and if you avoid that stay away from that guess what you're not making any enemies it's very much a divide and conquer strategy to get people to highlight their differences and the ways that they you know see each other as separate and that's that's ultimately what all that is out there exactly I mean you aren't there to see what may have happened in a situation between a couple people so therefore it's not for you to judge you are not the judge so don't judge people if you don't like something about what somebody's doing or something you know pisses you off about them avoid them and and that's what he was talking about with eagle and instead of like taking it head-on and fighting it you know get it away from you right and go towards go towards the light yeah I mean that I definitely see as a solution is non-compliance the problem is is if not enough people do that and if you know these are oppressors want to keep coming with their tyranny at some point someone's going to ultimately have to stand up to them and that's why maintaining the the right to inherent self-defense is so important that we never give up that right or let it be usurped from us slowly over a period of time but I agree actually what when you talk about that Martin I live in Canada our balls are being cut off already oh right right yeah it's only never too many many countries don't already know nobody in this country from coast-to-coast is allowed to carry a weapon at all and they did this so-called like I'm ex-military and many years ago and I know about all about the weapons and you know an assault weapon can be a brick they want a monopoly on force they want a monopoly on the use of force they want to tell you only government has a right to use force the general population never has a right to use force in defense of themselves their Liberty their property and that's not true that's a lie it doesn't matter how many laws are ever passed that say that that's so the people need to reject it and live otherwise and will be willing to defend themselves as someone else comes up and says you don't have this right yes I do you didn't give grant this right this right exists inherently in nature and you're not taking it away let me tell you what happened you mentioned Sobibor and Treblinka well then you're gonna end up on a train going I'll tell you what in this country it's gonna happen differently they picked the wrong place to try to take the firearms away from the people that's all I heard oh I certainly hope so because you know what I love Americans you have a beautiful country and I just hate your government but your government's part of the world government which also governs so I mean even a dismally thing our government already sent one aircraft over it's just one aircraft but you know it says that okay we're into that Molly thing - we want the friggin gold - right so we'll send you an aircraft it'll haul - yeah no - get in there - to your people to kill and all that but anyway I don't want to keep you from other colors and stay too long I mean that's about all I had to say for today no problem I thank you very much for the call great points you take care okay look you got a great call yeah I definitely agree with that caller put forward I want to add to it a little bit that on the the gun confiscation thing that they're trying to put forward in this country you know and Obama's saying that he wants to put executive orders through and the Congress not not rising up like it should and saying you know that this is gonna I mean well I really believe what they're trying to do is to foment a civil war in this country and in all honesty I think they're going to get it I think you know there's enough people here in this country that aren't going to lay down they're not going to hand in their firearms no matter what the law says and the sentiment on the street that I have been privy to I won't you know go into any details or names obviously but the people I have been talking to on the street just in this vicinity alone where I live let me tell you something I think they grossly miscalculated this chess move is all I have to say because the firearms are owners who I know are ready for a move like this to say the least and if they try this it's gonna be a very bad miscalculation from where I see it the perspective I see it at and the American people who own firearms are not going quietly into the night that's I mean that's all I have to say I mean you could extrapolate what you will from there but good luck getting the guns away from American citizenry good luck because I wouldn't want to try to be on that effort on the side of that effort the people who were on the side of that effort are taking a bigger chance than I ever would that and that's all I have to say on that so let's go to another caller here we go another 9:05 area code I believe this is up in Canada you're live on what on earth is happening welcome or did I just go to the same caller yes you're live okay Lucas welcome ma'am hey I want to just clarify your stance on okay well first I'm going to go into money I realize that money is the emotional control like you said it graduates a poppy it's um it's basically the mother aspect or the care emotional aspect for us right that the tapes takes our care and focuses it into something that's artificial and artificially created that's not doesn't exist in nature so that it actually takes our care and attention away from things that we really should be focusing it upon absolutely so what I've been trying to look for some solutions and trying to introduce them into my community and stuff like that and the thing that comes up about community currencies the years stance on a community currency would that be going far enough or would you say complete well I think it's a stepping stone it's a stepping stone to get away from the totally controlled fiat currencies that are you know that the interest rates are set by central banks and the amount of money in circulation or are is set by them and these are immoral people these amoral controllers you know are using this as a boom and bust cycle for basically seizing all liquid assets within a society that's really how fractional reserve banking ultimately works as a stepping stone to neo feudalism in a nutshell but I think a community currency would be a stepping stone to getting away from that a barter system would be a stepping stone to getting further away from it and I think ultimately what they call a gift economy or simply a gift economy is ultimately a higher level of consciousness that's where we need to ultimately get to realization that there's only people and needs they all we all share the same basic needs for survival and if we understand that we are one and we are one human family and that other someone else's suffering is our suffering it's there it's one in the same if one suffers all suffer that's ultimately the highest expression of the teachings of the mystery traditions and you know people who are you know not who think what I'm saying is communism don't understand what I'm saying I'm totally against communism because that's rule of resources by the state this to do with a higher level of consciousness being the ultimate goal of understanding that there's no separation between us and others at a fund of my fundamental Unified Field level of awareness of consciousness and that we share the same basic needs and we have the same desires for freedom for being left alone for being able to express ourselves to be able to do what we want so long as we're not hurting anyone else and ultimately I think resources need to flow freely between people at that level of consciousness simply because they recognize themselves as the same family you know you wouldn't charge people in your family to share resources that you have amongst yourself and your immediate family the higher consciousness is simply all about extending that understanding of togetherness and oneness out to a global level and a universal level galactic and then ultimately to a universal level you say that to people and they can't many people cannot really understand that State of Mind because they're not adding they're still in the me me me my freedom aspect of consciousness even when it comes to people who understand the control system but still don't think that money could ever be gotten rid of and think of it as some kind of a great you know invention that it acts as a medium of exchange let me explain something currency is not current okay current in an electrical system the flow of energy it is the limiter of energy money limits access to energy in a system as such it is the resistor in the in the circuit it is the resistance in the circuit that's what money access this is what people need to understand you've been duped into thinking that it's a system a medium of exchange it has nothing to do with that it has absolutely nothing to do with that that's what the controllers that the money masters sorcerers want you to think that money is money is the resistance to the flow inside of the system that's my clarification on where I think it needs to go as far as a a new monetary system paving the way to a no monetary system it's all about no that's what we have to get to that level of this is what we have to get to stripping away all of the things that do not serve ourselves truly that serving the higher self you know and getting rid of them you know it's it's not about reforming anything it's ultimately about doing away with the things that are false that are untrue that aren't based in in nature and ultimate reality that's what it's all about it's about know the lost word which is that higher state of consciousness to which I'm referring any anything okay um I've been trying to introduce some of these ideas to a lot of people in the school and as well just generally any this means Occupy movements and all these other I wanted to just clarify my socialist I mean collectivist but that's what they are yeah midnight I wouldn't use a blanket statement there's summat within that movement that do understand but yet you are correct in general to make a generality which I'm okay with that that is true for the majority of people within a movement such as the Occupy movement I kind of stated my stance on this a little bit last week and on other shows earlier that there a movement that you know they they have good intentions but they don't have enough knowledge they need to do their homework more particularly about world history and about really the occult they that many of these people are completely ignorant of the world of the dark occult and don't understand that that's ultimately what's running things behind the scenes there are very ignorant of occultism secret society secret societies mind-control think-tank organizations and their machination and world affairs and they just really need to go back to the drawing board and do more homework and read more books quite frankly as harsh as that may sound that that is the case I I understand they have good intentions but without deep knowledge good intentions pave the way to hell as they say so yeah so you continue mean the way that I see why they're trying to justify collectivism is because of the whole man-made global warming and this is being pushed into schools in the whole Occupy movement and they got people so terrified that the world going to over and we're all gonna sorry about this right that's all going to die so therefore we need to collective I've in this groupthink where we where we do this for the greater good and we can you know basically get rid of people unwanted one better you know hurting the environment so to say or stuff you know making justifications for the greater good right right which which is what all collectivists ultimately do and again don't confuse with what I'm saying about getting rid of a monetary system and replacing it with ultimately a gift economy or resource-based economy with collectivism the rights have to be respected at all times and places above all else and you know I'm not talking about theft I'm not talking about taking from people who have earned something and and making them give it to other people that's theft that's what taxation is you know so that distinction should clearly be made so I'm glad you brought that up but yeah global warming is another big misunderstanding in science that people and and an agenda as well misunderstanding by certain scientists and agenda by others to you know continue to propagate this agenda for further control over minuscule my new aspects of people's lives and ultimately to bring him into a totalitarian collective absolutely right what would you suggest to hammering to meet people's minds like it like you just say that in the garbage science like how can I introduce these things the people without thing just why would someone not look up Climategate first of all really here's one of the best things to do really get involved and start studying solar science okay if you don't understand how deeply and fundamentally connected the cycles of the Sun are to climate here on earth you understand nothing about how this entire solar system operates that's the number one thing to look at if we're trying to we're trying to look at climate change in the course of what a small amounts of of man-made pollutants we're putting into the atmosphere that is contributing it is a contributing factor to what maybe happening with climate overall but nothing is more of a contributing factor or larger factor than that large light in the heavens that illuminates the day called the Sun you may want to look into that you may want to deeply look into that about a climate cycles just a suggestion but but I follow solar weather every day the Sun is what is responsible for life being on the earth and being able to sustain on the earth you want to look at solar cycle progressions in particular sunspot progressions things like that and you want to look at geomagnetic flux solar wind you want to look at all of the different variables go to all the different great science sites that take wonderful pictures of the Sun through advanced satellites and try to understand solar science a little bit deeper and understand how fundamentally interconnected that is to the climate that we experience here on the earth that's one of the things I would tell them to do instead of being so focused on just man-made activity and man-made pollutants and I'm not again don't confuse this with saying I'm for pollution of the environment I'm not for the production of the earth we depend on the earth you know for life as well and it should be respected and not polluted it is a living organism on which we depend for life absolutely is a we are part of that holistic dynamic of life that is the earth and but saying that the the climate change that we maybe experience at any given time is just a direct result of how many units of carbon a necessary substance for the cycle of life that human beings may be putting into the atmosphere is utter pseudoscience and nonsense and people really need to look at solar cycle progressions to understand the progressions of changing climate okay thanks yeah I saw a correlation well I think correlations are between you know having knowledge of cycles and how do you think can be predicted so the way that I look at it is we had a priest cross back that would predict eclipses we're happening yes they scare people there people shitless yes if you don't do what God's gonna say you know the sun's gonna go away I hope another cycle which they have knowledge of their own colons right because they were just they were just the astronomers of their time the rest of the people were ignorant of that science and that knowledge could be used as a weapon against the ignorant that's how occultism that's how dark ocultism let's caveat that with the word dark that's how dark ocultism operates exactly great point okay thank you very much that they all had thanks absolutely thank you so much for the call great points you brought up as well always have the best callers on here on this show I've say time and time again the points they bring up or right right on target and hit home and get to what people really need to understand so thanks thanks for the calls let's try Paul or Gilles Paul it says on the screen and yet yes you're live on what on earth is happening welcome big heart actually my name is Martin so I want to talk about a way to demystify occultism like you mentioned that earlier circle right hand one way I was thinking of and they may have been partnering on this is the idea that the logos is really the way of explaining the human condition how the knowing the words themselves is a way to know yes what's taking place like we talked about the law of attraction and the law of causality or a lot of correspondence but really they're just the words themselves causality attraction if you just know the word you understand that it's a constant in the universe that's right and like he was talking about distractions earlier and how distractions you know that's that's a the law of attraction right there that's right and boy do I have so many of them in today's modern society you know people are dead trapped in that maze of distraction and it's preventing them even myself sigh real yeah yeah it's hard not to be affected the even TV being turned on them I can't help but like turn my heads toward towards it and like you just have to have a really Stern mind just if your mind is weak you'll easily be affected by it you know now for economics I want to mention that Charles Eisenstein and it's really good source he wrote this sacred economics and he talks about gift-giving okay interesting um I really recommend that book I highlighted it give me his name one more time Charles Eisenstein okay I will talk to it and he was just talking about that's another thing so many listeners bring to my attention many things I have have not been aware of myself and I do go in and research the things that our listeners bring to my attention so thanks for that definitely is a great source as well he he's from Yale University and just as far as getting more credit or more like distinguished individuals as you know backing this these ideas up because you know these ideas are not just like from like people are distancing themselves from these ideas because you know it seems to be from a group of people that are really you know mainstream but they're prevalent everywhere it's just he just find the right sources everybody's spoken about I feel like the amount of sources who was it that wrote the book on like um he was from Stanford quote the book on skullenbones I mean as far as distinguished individuals people with the highest degrees what's her name Katherine Austin fit successful very distinguished I'm from all with her work in exposing the immorality in our current financial system and I think she does very good work as well um I got most of what I wanted to get across I'm just glad I got on the line so that other people have a chance to talk so thank you oh absolutely thanks so much for pointing out what you did and I will take a look at some of that research that you talked about by Eisenstein Thanks okay right okay let's take another caller let's go to private caller you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yes you're talking a lot about you know the best one of your slide says we will continue to be imprisoned until we stop committing and condoning theft yes and I completely agree with that I've heard you time and time again speak about the enslavement of our species and I want to know do you yourself consume and contribute to the enslavement of other species no I do not so are you a vegan I'm not a vegan I'm a vegetarian but the sources of eggs that I get for some vitamin b12 is a non slaughter source okay so no I actually wasn't even thinking about eggs you know dairy products milk and cheese those are products that would not be possible without enslavement right best of a cattles breath I don't drink dairy milk any more I make my own almond milk from an auger juicer I will I will still occasionally consume cheese so but I've definitely limited it to raw cheese's that are from pasture pasture fed cows so I was you know so I will still consume some cheese but it is probably the last animal aspect animal source aspect of my diet that part of it I will would concede may come from animals that are not treated humanely but it doesn't have that doesn't have to be like that cheese can also be taken from a non slaughter a source not slaughtering now that's okay I understand what you're saying that that the source is the main the main thing they the animals that are that the cheese is coming from is are definitely not treated humanely and many of them are on factory farms absolutely yeah I know and I'm not even talking about three farms you know you're the whole thing you're about is education and I think it's this we need to educate people so I'd like to contribute to that as well even on an organic dairy farm you know where it's family-owned a lot of the time the milk is you know the cat the cows are raped and impregnated so that they will be able to lactate because you know like like your girlfriend or something crickets aren't gonna lactate if she's not pregnant so what they do is they rape the animal even if it's organic and they're pasture raised they rape it and they take their young away the theft you know here's you're focusing on theft they steal the child and they never they never see each other again the mom and the young and and then they enslave it so and on one of your podcast I listened to last night that I'm glad I heard you were talking about um if it's it so is it still theft if it's 20 percent theft I think you're talking about taxes and you implied yes it is but you know it's not fast anymore if it's only to protect so if your diet still contains 4% dairy then yeah you still are contributing to death but personally I see the enslavement of humankind is the polarity or microcosm macrocosm or effect of us enslaving those who have less power than us just as the elite in place humans those who have less power than them so I see it as totally hypocritical to be complaining about enslavement of theft enslavement or theft if you are consciously contributing to just that right yeah it's something that I would definitely need to work on in the future and I've again cut down my cheese consumption greatly over the years and again I try to get it from as organic and raw sources as possible but I understand those animals are even on smaller farms still undergo things like that again the idea of doing the idea of doing away with cheese for forever I don't think is necessary because it can be what I'm saying is that it can be done in a humane way people I lived with animals and took milk from them and and made cheeses out of that milk in a humane way in human history it's just we need to go away from these farming methods that we've seen these animals as simply resources and you know production mechanisms you know and go back to treating them as life you know instead of as commodities so I'm what I'm saying is cheese can be made properly eggs can be taken from chickens properly yeah yeah for sure like me and my friend we were gonna get a chicken and we agreed that if the Hat or or hen if she ever showed any signs of distress of her egg being taken from her we don't take it from her right but if you're getting eggs from the humane source there's their husband hands who freaked out and have like they're traumatized for like six hours clunking around looking for their for their eggs because they're not ours to take and I can guarantee you that the organic raw cheese that you're getting staffed was involved in Slavin was involved and I challenge you to find any farm that says oh we let the mother hang out with her young and she doesn't get separated and the young does get to taste her mother's milk once right it doesn't happen yeah I am bridge and I think we need to be a little bit more consistent with what we have problems with because you know it's there's no room for hypocrisy on what on earth is happening right and again I concede that that is can still still taking place and going on and I concede that I still do you know partake in the eating of cheese you partake in enslavement and you are I think you're amazing I recommend you to so many people your your website is awesome you are part of the reason I woke up but what I'm also advocating attempting to tell people they can do it differently cheese's can be made in a different process I'm telling people that yes it is a contribution again if I I think if everybody why would you contribute like I'm not going to contribute I can't you know if I can't go out and complain about it if I'm part of it right so I so it's something I haven't gone 100% all the way you're correct I concede that to you you are correct all right okay yeah but I do want to say you know thank you for everything you do but ya know it's perfect so well thank you so much for the call and you're right on point with all the points that you brought up so thank you like you know if you start to make changes in your diet or you do find some miraculous farm that you know doesn't doesn't that doesn't steal from the cows you should cheat you should let your viewers know because I'll be listening well I again there's a ways of making your own cheeses - I mean people can get into you know doing that as well I've seen a lot of recipes for raw cheese you know that you can get it get milk from cows that are treated humanely as well and do that process yourself you know so but yeah I hear what you're saying most of it it's going to be very difficult to find anything like that you got it take care of it okay yeah and this goes to the principle of correspondence that you know as we contribute to things that ultimately are in some way contributing to enslavement of life that's going to be reflected to us in proportion you know I I definitely think if more people simply began the process of going toward a diet that didn't include the suffering of animals in a larger way like stopping eating animal flesh we could maybe move the consciousness consciousness of humanity forward to a point where we could get farmers not to treat other animals like that you know you know cows for the production of milk or chickens for the production of eggs and you know use those biological processes of life which again I don't see as inherently something that mankind shouldn't be using but not in the ways that we are currently using them in the ways that we are currently procuring them so the caller makes a very valid point and I thank her for that so here we go let's take another call also a private caller you're live on what on earth is happening well hello yes your lives hello mark Who am I speaking with this is disembarks from poland the awakened one welcome hello so thank you basically I have got technical questions related to the COS that were participating I wrote a couple of miles yeah but I would ask you about for example degradation level about their phases is it myth or fact repeat one more time I didn't quite catch you said is it matter of fact something a degradation of I couldn't no graduation I mean the experience experience edge winner oh yeah yeah their faces and there is the phase 1 phase 2 phase phase 3 and phase 4 so my question is is this or miss if the phases phases of graduation are you talking about in like universities no and Church of Satan Oh Oh Church of Satan okay that's what I that's the point and I missed okay you're saying that there's uh there's different levels of like priesthood within the Church of Satan phases yeah while I was involved while I was involved I did not encounter anything like that I do not know if the the the hierarchical structure of that organization has changed since I ceased to be a member of it so I could not tell you whether that's true today when I was involved in it in the 90s it what that was not the case there was there were there were ranks as far as a priest there was a Magisters which are higher level priests and then there was of course the high priest but I did not encounter anything as far as phases of involvement go so yeah okay and the second questions is your maybe it sounds open but it's related to satanic witches and the color-coding there's no stupid questions the only stupid questions are the ones that are not asked so go right ahead yes so I am not using the confirmation I wonder what major appeals most people are involved in this organization and I spotted a few let's say color codings that girls involved well yeah okay so for example it's a combination of white and black mm-hmm red and black a jump and black and let's say it's young and black yeah yeah I definitely know what you're talking about here there is a science of color and color combining that is spoken about within dark occult orders and circles that to elicit particular reactions you could look into the science called marco tone to understand some of how this operates but also there's just resonant frequencies frequencies that resonate with certain modes of consciousness so if you want somebody to pay attention and accept simply accept if you want to want a concept to go to the subconscious so that may it may resonate there it may fester there if you will or be planted there as a seed you would want to use a lot of blue hues okay so the news you'll notice on the news the nightly news in any given area the on television they'll use blue frequencies when they're telling what stories in the news because they want to accept the worldview that they're propagating and putting forward Reds will often be used to incite action and you're doing exactly something that is left brain that needs logical thinking they'll use a lot of red in the frequency you'll see this in sports a lot too because they want to shift you in the left brain mode when you're watching a sports game the meta man energy you'll see a lot more reds used in in sporting events and things like that but even in dress this has to do this also has to do with modes of dress so yes cobblers are definitely spoken about as being important in dark occult organizations and and are used accordingly so that is true you know so I'm getting the real estate thing mm-hmm right as far as the first question about phases go again you would have to ask someone that is involved today again I was not afraid to that at least at the level of involvement that I was at okay but according to that how to behave if we have such missions that somebody's from this organization so how how should i let's say behave I think all you can do what you're saying is you think you know somebody who's involved in a satanic organization who you know personally is that what you're saying how how will should you approach that person could you Peter what you're saying is you think that you know someone who may be involved in a satanic organization and you're saying how should you behave to them is that what you're asking am i clear on the question yeah okay how to behave automatically or play stupid that you don't know of it's cooking on well it all depends on you know what you're trying to do with that person are you trying to wake them up to you know truth and reality and help them the other way something like that I would confront them directly you know that's what I wouldn't that would be my approach I mean if you're frightened or scared of the person in some way you might want to want to you know play it a little bit more slyly but if this is somebody who you know who you're concerned with and you know what they're involved in and you want to help them to get out of a cult like that because it is a cult then I would just confront them directly and you know say I'm concerned about you and you know try to point them in the direction of some good information and you know tell them that you would be available to help them I mean that to me that's the only thing I think you can do that person's gonna literally roll life and make their own decisions you could try to be an influencer if they're open to it and I would say if this is a person you do care about want to help them get out of something like that I would say definitely use a direct approach okay but I I have read master dr. Hanlon so if they are for example playing playing the diabolical feature that's a and they will deny and lie yeah that's very possible that is very possible yes because that's one of the things that they're this is these are lower-level secret societies that's what they are or not they're not very powerful in the world these are grooming grounds they're grooming grounds they're looking for psychopathic tendencies and people to groom them up to higher levels within the hierarchy absolutely and so they give them those tactics hung on basically in their fear mode yeah they give them those tactics aisle did you know deception deflection to take away interest from people who they feel they shouldn't be involved or asking those questions again I think this is their pens largely on how well you know the person most of all how much of an influence you already have in their life is going to play a big factor okay break basically okay I have one question buddy came out of my mouth Mike mm okay well III think okay you have some other callers on the line but I want to thank you for some great points okay thank you Mark I'm still listening to your podcast that's right then for therapy so far absolutely so thanks someone over the call you got it take care hey sorry okay you still have a couple other callers on the line let's go to Ross in Minnesota you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I was surprised to learn just now that you were at one time a Satanist now when you were practicing that did you the part of their view that you should have attempt to you know consciously attempt to try to do evil deeds that's an oversimplified way of putting it it's it's an ideology that is rooted in self-preservation as the highest law moral relativism social Darwinism and eugenics at its as its base fundamental tenets I take it you're relatively new listener to the show is that correct no I've heard you show probably 70 times okay yeah that's I would say that it's definitely not a broad enough picture an encapsulation of all of the work that I've put forward to get the big picture of what I'm trying to put out there for people the best way to go about it is if you go back if you go to the what on earth is happening comm website and go to the podcast page go all the way back to podcast number one and take the time to progress through the podcasts check out the information and the slides and the related documents and you'll understand the worldview a shift that I'm talking about here coming out of a worldview like that and talking about the information that I talked about today if you want to get just a brief synopsis of what Satanism truly is all about I'm gonna look on the page right now and see if I could let you know what podcast these were they were in the the 70s I believe I'm just bringing it up now you want to check out shows 70 and 71 I went into some detail particularly in show 71 on what Satanism really is and gave a whole lot of resources in the related documents links on the Podcast page of my website on Satanism I think the show number 70 and 71 the show number 70 the topics were the dark occult esoteric agenda what the dark new world order is ultimately all about you know their whole worldview and show number 71 went into specifically what the they call the old religion the religion of the dark new world order left-hand path Satanism Satyan ISM and dark luciferianism and it really broke down the tenets of those ideologies and then the podcast has a ton of documents that are related with that topic so neither 71 70 and 71 but specifically 71 I suppose you could find a hundred Satanists and get a hundred different points of view but I was just wondering when you were a Satanist and your own personal experience did you try look kinda liberally to do evil no that that was not my driving influence for getting involved in the Church of Satan and other satanic organizations it was to maintain power in my own personal la life over other individuals by manipulation and influence because that is what they teach that is one of the things that they teach how to influence the mind of other people to get what you want selfishly to get what you selfishly won it's not about serving the good of anybody it's about stepping on someone else and duping them so that you can get whatever you want to get out of them that's one of the tenets of Satanism ultimately it's self pure selfishness with no apologies and not looking at anyone as just you know your equal or someone that you share all the same rights and dignities with but it's all about just getting what you want at other people's expenses and feeling great about doing that and when that's what Western society has become we're living with satanic values or our value system is satanic that's why we're going into a cage the cosmos is putting the earth and the people in it into a big prison cell here called it the earth that's going to be ruled by a totalitarian regime that is ultimately satanic because our values we have allowed our value systems to slip into a satanic mindset that's why this is happening ultimately and when you were manipulating other people to get what you want did you feel a sense of that you were doing did you get a sense of accomplishment out of that when you were involved no not really it really didn't enhance my life for the better the universe kept throwing more and more obstacles and suffering in my path that's what happened it was like saying you know you're here to understand this for a brief time but you're not here you're not here to stay here and the longer you stay involved the longer you're gonna suffer and suffer hard and that's what led me to ultimately getting out of it I recognized that my going against cosmic universal law was bringing that experience of suffering into my life and therefore you know I eventually my conscience eventually became strong enough to say I can't be involved in this anymore and I pulled back from it and their response was go ahead little boy go ahead Punk you know do your worst you think you haven't in other words they were saying you haven't seen where this really goes to you could only imagine where this really goes to when you're not privy to you know how connected this really is up into the highest levels of you know control of society we've told you about that but you haven't been directly privy to it yourself other than the people that you've seen here from you know different organizations and different walks of life but it was like oh they were like you know go and tell people what you want to tell them and good luck trying to wake up the dead because that's what those people are that's their word for the average person on the street the dead and they said you're not going to be the one to wake up the dead and I beg to differ the work that I have already put out is helping to wake other people up and it will help other people to get themselves awake to the extent that they can help to wake the dead so again it's another miscalculation due to an overinflated ego and a sense of godliness already when there not God and they can't see every single thing that comes down the pike and they can make mistakes so because they're they're human and they're less than human actually because they're Psychopaths who are running you know the whole satanic hierarchy and they're that's something that's even less than human they just have to put human beings into a smaller level of consciousness than they're already in to get them to be manipulable manipulatable you know to their forms of mind control but once you step outside of that box you recognize humanity true humanity is of infinitely greater worth value and power than anything that they're putting forward so that they're making a gross miscalculation you know and you know my thing is I hope they stay in that hole totally overinflated ego mindset because they're going to make these grabs and attempts at you know taking more power faster which is ultimately going to serve the wake more people up I think this gun grabbed thing that they're trying to put forward is waking more people up faster than the truth movement ever could but don't you think some of these some of these pewters like this Jared Locke they're in this really really don't you think perhaps that they're into Satanism many of them may be absolutely and the main thing with them is their own psychotropics their own legally prescribed SSRIs and SNRIs which I talked about in many shows here on what on earth is happening the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and selective nor neuro epinephrine reuptake inhibitors and these are the most dangerous substances that anyone could be on because they're basically limiting the full range of human emotions that were meant to experience and ultimately turning people into automaton robots and an automaton robot is easily programmable and controllable you know they don't have a real will of their own they're waiting for someone else to tell them what to do or how they should feel or you know how they should be in society and there are perfect candidates for mind control for direct mind-control operations that involve a great Patsy you know perfect candidates people on these substances my sister and these are both on Zoloft and they're telling me that they think that I should be on it is that a drug that you're referring to here yes it is an SSRI a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and it's I call it the demon drugs II sir the best thing recommendation I can make is go back to the podcast page on what on earth is happening calm go to podcast number one and move through the podcast one at a time you will get it will form a progression of information in your mind a linear progression it is meant to be taken one at a time I can tell you began listening to the show while it was already on for many many many months okay that's it it's you know I'm not telling you not to continue to listen to these shows but I'm saying you're at the one of the top floors right now and you haven't made your way from the ground floor to the top floor you know if you try to build on you know at floor number 100 and you haven't solidly built floors one through 99 that's going to be problematic the the information on this podcast is a linear progression and deliberately designed to be as such so I recommend checking it out from the beginning you will get to the shows that I did on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and other psychotropics and an antidepressant class of medications and understand what those are and I provided a lot of research and links and things like that so that's all in the podcast archive just go to what on earth is happening calm click on podcast and all of those shows are there just go back to number one they're all up there for free you could download them to whatever device you want to play them on as well that's my recommend recommendation to you but have you ever taken any of these the SSRIs yourself no I have not I've never taken one of that class of pill in my entire life and never will there are one of the most dangerous things you could start putting into the body so I wish you luck and please do research from the podcast section of the site that it is what it is therefore to avail yourself of that information so thank you so much for the call thank you you got it take care okay so let's see we have one more caller and we're very short on time John in California you're live on what on earth is happening take us out my friend oh well my question is to the area in the North Bay near San Francisco about the Zodiac killings back in the 60s how a lot of people have based it on just one killer and I think that it was a government propaganda how it was st. annek how a lot of these military men were on Fri and how they were powered her than to kill some of the victims it's very because well we have to keep things like that in mind as we go forward to understand that these may not be isolated incidents by lone nutters and they may be very much involved in the underground as far as our satanic organizations are concerned that's all the time we have