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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Saturday February 2nd 2013 it is midwinter today is Candlemas or in bulk this is what on earth is happening episode number 139 number 139 and the big announcement to come right in with it at the top of the podcast today is that I will no longer be broadcasting live on Oracle broadcasting on the Oracle broadcasting radio network and today on the show I'm going to be getting into some of the some of the reasons that I have made the decision to separate from the Oracle network and to go on my own with a non live podcast and I'll be getting into the reasons that I've made that decision a little bit later on this show today so I want to let people know a couple of things last week the show was on replay on Oracle broadcasting because I actually had a case of laryngitis I was not actually sick I had talked my voice out from actually trying to explain some things to some people that I had been around over the last couple of days preceding last Sunday and in getting into conversations with them I just blew my voice out so that's the reason I wasn't on the show last week live it took a couple of days for my voice to recover and it wasn't so much that I was really getting into any kind of heated debates or arguments with these people they weren't exactly um rejecting the information that I was talking about with them but it was a environment that was kind of noisy and so I was trying to talk over noise and when that happens I tend to strain my voice so that's the reason I wasn't on live last week but with the new podcast format I'll be able I'll have a lot more flexibility in what I want to do on the show so some weeks I'll be doing shows that are longer than two hours maybe we have a topic that really needs extensive in-depth discussion and really expanding upon the information and so podcasts that week maybe longer some weeks I may do something that's really quick and it may only be 45 minutes to an hour and it's going to be on an irregular schedule as well the podcast it may not some weeks I may come out with three or four and some months I may do two podcasts in a month or even one this is going to allow for greater flexibility and I think it's going to really ultimately let me have a greater modicum of control over the entire show and the quality of the content so that being said before I get into my reasons for leaving Oracle and how I'm gonna progress going forward I want to read a couple of event announcements as I always do the freer mind to conference of course coming up April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 it's going to be the biggest conference of its kind anywhere on the East Coast for sure and we're really looking forward to it a lot of excitement about it advance ticket sales now coming in it's the best way you can support us we are going to have to put out speaker expenses over the next couple of weeks so if you can get your ticket sales in now now is the time to do it advance ticket sales right now much better than a donation even to the conference cause advanced ticket sales for the free your mind to conference will be on sale only until April 1st April 1st after that no more advanced ticket sales we will only be selling tickets at the door from that point forward so free your mind to a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult right here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania April 25th through 27th 2013 the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house in the historic district of Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street the doors will open at 8 o'clock 8 a.m. each day the featured speakers Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr dream freighter x freeman fly fritz spring mayer yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren more a mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonia Barrett advance tickets for the whole conference only $120 you can get more speaker and ticket information at our conference website WWF re or mine conference comm since we're on the topic of the for your mind to event I want to take this opportunity to play an audio commercial that we made that's been running on a couple of different networks for the free your mind to event this is something that now is possible since I'm doing my own podcast that's not on a radio network an internet radio network that doesn't allow for just playing some audio just right in with the my voice so I'll be able to do this now and I'm also maybe looking to even expand capabilities like this by maybe getting a nice multi-channel mixer in here which I currently don't have I'm simply running through a microphone plug directly into my computer but at some point I would like to get a multi-channel mixer and an even better condenser microphone to have a little bit better control of the quality of the sound so with that having been said let's run the free your mind to audio commercial and this was done by my partner barb she did a great job on this and it's been running on many different internet radio networks so here it is the official free your mind to audio commercial free your mind to a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult April 25th through 27th in Philadelphia Pennsylvania world renowned whistleblowers gathered together to shed light on our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions three days 24 speakers your mind set free free your mind to April 25th through 27th in Philadelphia Pennsylvania [Music] for speaker and ticket information visit free your mind conference dot-com [Music] okay what a great job barb did on that commercial and very proud to have it out there running to promote the free your mind to conference so also having to do with the conference we're going to be hosting a fundraiser this will be the third official fundraiser for the free your mind to event the first one was held back in September at Liberty's pub the second one was the radio bomb marathon that we did on American freedom radio in January this one is coming up February 20th that's Wednesday February 20th 2013 at underground arts 1200 callow Hill Street in Philadelphia this is the free your mind to conference fundraiser number three and it is going to feature all musical acts bands will be playing at underground arts the headlining band is the maniac agenda and we're going to be booking two other great bands that are still to be announced I believe that we do have confirmations on those acts I simply have to receive their their names and get them onto the flyer but I have a preliminary flyer posted to the conference website and in the news section of what on earth is happening so it will be $15 to attend the event that will go to the organizational fund to offset costs associated with speaker travel and lodging expenses $15 at the door the doors will open at 7 o'clock p.m. and will be starting in with the bands probably around 8 or 8:30 so this is the freer mind to conference fundraiser number three at underground arts 1200 callow Hill Street Wednesday evening February 20th 2013 okay other event announcements I was on the jack blood show on no agenda radio on Friday February first Jack interviewed me for an hour it went really well had a good time going on the show with Jack blood and this interview will be posted to my news section of what on earth is happening calm very shortly so look for that coming in the next day or two all right so that's all the event announcements I have for right now let's get into the reasons that I decided to leave Oracle and strike out on my own with a non live podcast one of the first reasons is that I feel that the overall quality of the network has just been sort of deteriorating over the past many months I think Oracle was a much better network in the past and to be honest when I listen to the network and I have been doing a lot of listening to the quality of the information coming out of Oracle broadcasting over the last several months but really a lot over the last two or three months it just III just can't even really believe some of the things that I hear about what people think is actually going on and you know particularly some of the conjecture regarding who is actually behind what's going on in our world and I'm not even going to dignify you know some of the outright disinformation or non comprehension on the part of some and again this is not a reflection on everybody at that network but some of the hosts and some of the people putting out information over the network now also I just feel that the quality of listenership when you look at if you just follow people going into chat rooms and just take a look at what people are saying regarding any given show it's it makes me want to stay away from radio networks altogether because it's just what people I mean I just have to come out and say it people are just so appallingly ignorant it's just there is so much dross and chaff out there you know a people's minds are just they're burnt they really are burnt these people are operating with burnt brains I mean that's the that's the only way I can say I can't be nice about it and I just want to just distance myself as much as possible from all of this and that's about as honest as I can be about it because the level of ignorance that people have come to they really do deserve what they have and they really do deserve what's coming the problem I have with it all is that there is a smaller segment of people who don't deserve what's coming they don't deserve to go through the kind of suffering that we're gonna witness in our lifetimes because they do understand freedom and they do understand the causal factors that are taking place and that's the reason I continue to put out information I'm not giving up by any stretch of the imagination I'm transitioning to a different level of focus and to do something that is a little bit more targeted and it's just out there for people who want it and hopefully people will appreciate that and if they do that's great and another thing I'm going to talk about is a little bit later in the show is people who really aren't doing that much you know I want to get back into taking action which is gonna be a theme for today's show and doing it in a way that you are making some sort of an impact and not just pointing fingers at other people and being an armchair quarterback so the the shockingly appallingly ignorant at this late stage in the game is one of the reasons I want to just separate myself from everything else you know and just do my own thing not be associated even in anyone's mind through you know logical fallacies like guilt by association I just want to do something that I have a little bit tighter control over that is more focused that will be out there just for the people who want it because they'll have to come to my site to get it and I'm really taking a step back from interaction okay I to be honest I really want to be honest about this and before we even get into more about that let me just go back to Oracle for a moment and say that I want to thank Doug Owen from Oracle who is one of the owners of the network and who has always extended a hand of hospitality and friendship toward me and any time I had any technical issues or problems he was always right there willing to help out and always did a great job as you know a host of that network so thanks to Doug and I wish him the best in his future endeavors and I wish him well of course so this has certainly nothing to do with how I was treated by the network again I think the quality of the information coming out of that network has gone into a decline and could be stepped back up to say the least but that's not the only reason for me stepping away from Oracle the other reason is again I want to do things on am in a more irregular fashion again I may do some shows that are six hours long and go super in-depth on a topic on an esoteric topic and I may do a show that's a half an hour where I just rant for a little bit and I want I want to have control over the time that I put this out you know when I do it you know I may want to say something on a Wednesday evening and I can't do that on it on a network you know I may want to put something out right away on the website and I have to wait until some a Sunday to go on the air live and then and then I only have two exact hours to get the message out so again this is going to be a more irregular approach of course as a podcast will be so with that having been said I think you know I've said enough about my reasons for leaving Oracle and I really want to talk about the the donations now that came in from people who were chipping in for keeping the show commercial free now of course a podcast is going to be commercial free but I'm no longer with a network and that was the intended purpose for people sending me some of those some of the those donations so here's how I want to handle the ad free chippin which did meet its goal for the last three month for the three month period okay people who donated between November and January of 2013 from November 2012 to January 2013 I of course since separating from Oracle and one of the reason otherone of the reasons is I just felt like I did not want to use those resources on on something that I didn't I didn't fully feel that it would be the best use for those resources I in all honesty could not do it in good conscience okay and you know that may sound harsh maybe just you know some people but I feel like if the quality of the network isn't where I feel it should be and people will say well you know you're bringing the quality of the network up with your information again I don't even really want to have this information associated with some of the other information that I hear going out on other networks and which is why I'm just saying I'm I'm speaking for myself I'm doing this on my own it's my own thing from here on out again the information isn't mine that belongs to everyone but the the format is my own particular format for information and again doing an on live podcast just affords me that a little bit greater level of fine-tuning and control over what I'm putting out there and the overall way that it is being put out there that being said will this podcast not reach as many people more likely than not that's true it won't reach as many people as I was reaching on the Oracle Broadcasting Network perhaps it may it depends on how many people want information like this you know how many people are waking up how many other people turn them on to it and again another thing I want to say is this podcast will be sort of open source you can look at it as if any networks want to pick up any of these podcasts in total or in part they're welcome to do so and run them on their network I don't there's no copyright on this information you know I just share it freely and do what you want now I don't want my words being taken out of context and edited it up okay and you know put in you know a different context that would give people the impression I'm saying things that I'm not you know so I don't think I don't want people to chop up my words and put them in nonlinear ways that make it sound like I'm saying something that I'm not so as long as people keep the podcast intact I don't care if you want to run one hour one week one day one hour the next day do what you will with it it could be picked up and rebroadcast by anybody that feels that this information is valuable and worth sharing so that being said let me go back to the ad-free chip and since I did not turn the money over to Oracle broadcasting that was raised during the ad free chip and I want to let people know how the ad free chip and money that was donated over the last three months will be handled and I'm going to give people the opportunity that if they they are upset that I am leaving Oracle and will not be on that network anymore and I'm striking out with a podcast on my own that they can get a refund so if you don't want that money to be used for any other purpose you can write to me if you donated between November 2012 and January 13 to the ad free shippin not the overall what on earth is happening donation that's a separate fund the ad free chip in effort if you donated between November 2012 and January 2013 you can write to me for a refund the email address is on the website on the contact page of what on earth is happening calm that's the first option the second option is if you would like to specifically ask that the monies that you donated be redirected to a certain cause then I will do that so you can write to me and say I'd like my money to be redirected to for example the free your mind to conference and if you don't want me to just decide the best usage for it I'll put it toward the free your mind to event you could write to me and say I want it to be used to make the what on earth is happening podcast better maybe put some of that money toward a new multi-channel mixer or a new quality a car to your cardioid condenser microphone something of that nature so you you can write to me for a refund or you can write to me to let you know how you would like the donation to be redirected the third thing is if I don't hear from you at all just you know if you don't write to me at all about the donation that you made in the last three months then I'll take that as that you are trusting me to redirect the funds into what I feel is the most appropriate usage for them so three options there for people who donated to the ad-free chip-in since that money was not going to Oracle at the end of that period because again in good conscience I do not feel it was the best usage for that money and again some people will be upset with that and that's fine they could simply write to me and I'll issue them a full refund of whatever they donated if they are okay with that and want to specifically request how them money be redirected you could choose the free or mind to conference or even the Tesla Science Foundation or the water on earth is happening podcast or anything else for that matter if you would like me to redirect the money if it's a decent cause or charity if I don't hear from you I'll take it as you trust me to redirect that into whatever I feel is the most appropriate usage for those funds and more likely or not it will be split over the free or mind to conference or the what on earth is happening podcast improvement effort okay so that having been said let's look at some changes that I also made to the what on earth is happening calm website over the last week of course since I'm not doing the radio show live there is no radio show page anymore on the water on earth is happening calm website there's also no chatroom and this goes hand-in-hand with how I'm simply pulling back from interaction with the public I feel that the public in general and again people who do understand should not take offense by this statement who do have a real inkling of what's going on in the world the public is so unfathomably ignorant and the people who come some of the people who come in the chatroom are such I mean the only way to even say this is they're animals they're not even human beings they're animals the racism is rampant in a lot of these people's mindset they totally fall for the divide-and-conquer ideology the divide and conquer manipulate Ori tactic the method of control they're totally caught up in the dialectic and they're just they're degenerated animals they're not even humans as far as I'm concerned and yet you do have some people who also come in and really understand and want to have a legitimate discussion but in all honesty it's just like the effort for even making a chatroom like that now not that I hand coded it myself but to even go onto the site sign up for an account set up the chat room you know find a plug-in for my site and post it it's not even worth it for the kind of content that goes through that forum that that medium it's not worth it it's just it's a it's a mudslinging fest usually in there and 90% of the people who go in there have absolutely no clue what is going on on the earth at all and the the things that they say and you know again people who they blame they really really have their head so far up their ass that they may never get it out you know to be just completely honest and wicked about it because that is it's just just the truth their owners are so let are laughing at them so hard that I'm telling you these people are probably responsible for the largest proportions of sales of adult diapers throughout the world than anyone else because that's how much the the real owners of the people of this world are laughing that they're just absolutely wetting themselves absolutely and just looking at what they say and just you know where they have been able to work their minds into the place that the manipulators of this world have been able to work the minds of some of the idiots of this world into all they can do is laugh their asses off to a point where they're wetting themselves so I mean that's all III I don't even have any other words to say what I think of what I have seen going on in different chats including my own over the last few months and people will say oh you know you're falling into the whole thing oh these are just shells these are hired people to go in and say this stuff what's the difference there's still people who actually are willing to do that who don't care about what the world is who don't care about what's going on around them it'll take money to go in and try to create opposition inside a chat room of that's trying to explain something that's really taken place what's the difference whether that person's paid to do it or not or is just a complete clown idiot that actually believes the nonsense that they spew you know to me there's no real difference between those two things it's still the same end result somebody's still doing that action so is it disheartening I think that it is because it just shows you how destroyed people are they're they're so mentally and spiritually destroyed and degenerated it's just unfathomable to me that this is still where we are in the age of of total information we are in an age where information is that everyone's fingertips and they actually act like degenerated animals you know it's it's it's so sad that and they don't even understand they're the ones who are keeping the prison going they're ignorant is actually keeping the prison going they they don't care that they're slaves they love it they love being slaves they love it they can't get enough of it they can't get enough lies they can't get enough disinformation they can't get enough slavery they love their there the word troll is very appropriate it because it's this degenerated loathsome you know retarded creature that is just so they're just such a golem husk you know that's what their owners their owners just call them the dead and the golems that's what they they refer to these things as I don't even want to call them people they're things okay and you know people say man I mean you're so harsh it's so such you know vicious criticism yes it is it's it's wicked bitter criticism it's called vitriol vitriol vit are IOL vitriol now as in vitriolic and I was briefly letting people know a couple of weeks ago that vitriol is actually an anagram in the alchemical tradition vit are IOL vitriol means in the alchemical teachings a visit aa interior or a tear a rectify can though in the ends occult Amla p.m. so visit ah the V in teary aura I Terry T Terry the are wrecked for rectification I envy ends l Oh Colton and I'm sorry Oh Oh Colton and L Lapidus so visit ah interior a tear a rut - Doan viens occult Amla peetam the translation of this out of the original Latin from the alchemical tradition is visit the interior of the earth and through rectification you will find the hidden stone or by way of making this up right again rectifying rectification you will find the hidden stone you will uncover the hidden stone visit the interior of the earth and through rectification you will discover the hidden stone from the alchemical tradition and this means that you need to start looking at yourself you need to look inwardly to understand what's really controlling things what's really going on in the world is a direct result is an outward manifestation of what's taking place within each individual and the only way to really understand the the causal factors of our experience in the external reality we have to go within and there we will find that generative force because it is ultimately coming from us now I did a show with Bob from Cincinnati on alchemy I don't know if we got into vitriol I may have gotten into this a little Anna Grammatik saying on that show I'm not I can't quite recall whether I did or not but if you want to listen to more about the alchemical traditional I suggest going back in the news section and checking that out maybe I'll do a show in the future on alchemy right here on what on earth is happening but in the English language derived from the Latin vitriol 'im is and that meant an acid like a a very strong acid like hydrochloric acid or something like that I believe is what that meant in in Latin but the English word that is derived from the Latin vitriol 'm is vitriol and it means vicious or bitter criticism acidic biting speech okay very acidic speech so I use vitriol all the time I don't apologize for my use of vitriol acidic speech is there to wear down the I and show people the lie is something that hat that should not be respected at all and anybody who backs it up anybody who reinforces it if this isn't you know this whole New Age garbage this New Age deception of we have to put it in sweet pleasing tones okay and if you get angry about anything oh it invalidates the argument this is such nonsense it's such nonsense and we just really need to understand that the veracity of information has nothing to do with how it is delivered and look I just want to even just give a example that probably will not be received very positively by many people and I I don't care whether it is or not see it's your karma whether you will take information that is true and do something with it that has nothing to do with who said it to you their karma is that they have said it and that it was accurate and it was true and they passed it along they don't need to put it in some pleasing tone that resonates with your emotional state of mind that that resonates with how you like something to sound because liars are all too willing to tell you a lie and make it sound so beautiful and wonderful and put it in sweet pleasing tones this is what the media does the mainstream media does all the time they wrap everything in oh such Pleasant speech we're gonna talk with this nice cadence and we're gonna tell you a whole bunch of lies but we'll make it sound wonderful and attractive to you you know look the example that I think immediately comes to mind to me is Alex Jones appearance on Piers Morgan a few weeks back a couple weeks ago people got so upset oh he got angry and yelled and you know even mocked peers and he comes off as looking like an idiot everything Alex said on the show was accurate he was telling people the truth about what's really happening if you don't like the way he said it that doesn't invalidate or negate what he said and guess what you should stop making excuses for anybody who does think that way therein lies the problem the problem is that people will listen to a lie if it's presented so beautifully and I wouldn't suggest falling for that going you know do to do that I wouldn't say well since that's what they are responsive to go and do that be is nice and pleasing and pleasant to them as possible wrong they need to be snapped out of that mindset itself to be recognized that's mind control it's more than mind control it's more insidious than mind control it's what I've called heart control it's emotional mind control they're playing upon how a tone makes you feel how a person's voice makes you feel I'm not here to make you feel good I'm here to tell you the truth the truth doesn't have to make you feel good to be true I don't need to present it in sweet pleasing tones so that you feel good once again folks this all comes down to the two kinds of people in the world that are really ultimately causing the problem and no it's not the dark occultists no it's not the globalists no it's not the super financial elite okay it is that the two real groups of people besides the police and military or the order followers who are actually following the bidding the orders of the sick psychopathic occult priest class that is really running the show or at least barking out the orders the two groups of people who are really making this situation continue are the the the the 100% appallingly ignore the people who it doesn't matter how much information is out there they don't want to hear it they don't want to know about it they can't be bothered okay willful ignorance of truth and the other group is what I call the semi aware armchair quarterbacks so we can let's see let's even have an little acronym for them okay the appallingly ignorant they're the AI they're not the artificially intelligent they're not artificial intelligence they have no intelligence they're the appallingly ignorant they're the AI you want to know what AI what form of AI is destroying the world there it is the appallingly ignorant then let's give another little acronym for the semi aware armchair quarterbacks well will hyphenate semi aware semi aware armchair quarterbacks the sacks and what are they sacs of use your imagination okay I'm sure you can come up with something but they're the sacks so the AI and the sacks are the ones who are really causing the overall problem and the the continuance of human slavery because these are either people that can't be bothered to look at truth or they're people who you know they've gotten a little bit of the picture but then what they want to do is point fingers they want to point fingers about how other people aren't doing a good enough job or that I would have covered it like this or I would have got angry and and you know used any harsh inflection and my voice here yeah but here's the key word here people you would have you didn't do it you're saying you would have but what's happened in actuality see the actual action that you took was mill was null was big goose egg zero null and void okay and this is the problem that everybody wants to talk about what somebody else is doing or not doing but when it comes to them actually doing something please we can't be bothered with that I can't actually get on the field of battle I have to sit here on the sidelines and be an armchair quarterback and these are the people who are actually really keeping the world in the total state of ignorance and slavery that it does exist in and that's why I say that you know a big portion of the podcast today is going to be vitriolic am I making attacks yes I'm making attacks are they personal attacks well I would say they're semi personal yes okay because I'm directing them in general at a type of person I'm not gonna single out any one individual person but I'm going to say the people who are ignorant and who and the other group that is semi aware who just wants to sit around and say and comment on what other people are doing my entire question or series of questions to them are the following here's what I ask people and and you know I've actually sent out this series of questions to several individuals this over the past couple of weeks not just one not just two several who wrote to me to suggest that I do things differently or that I you know they don't like the way I'm doing this or that or they are nitpicking about this particular aspect of what I said or you know this piece of information that they don't find these is exactly accurate and what I what I write back to people like that first of all you can go and look every time every single time you get somebody who's a complainer you will go and look you can take their name their email address you put it into a search engine that's one of the first things I do let me see what this person is actually about let me see what they've done and you know what you find every time not not just some of the time all of the time 100% of the time it's almost impossible to find anything about them online there is no record you can't type their name even in double quotes like to find the phrase on in an internet search engine you type it inside double quotes okay and it'll bring back pages that it has to have those two words together so like first and last name if you type mark passio without the double quotes wrapping it you'll get a lot more results than you will if you type mark passio inside double quotes because those two things those two phrases those two words I'm sorry I have to appear exactly together as a phrase so you'll know that those pages contain something about me if you type it in in double quotes into an internet search engine well you do this with other people's first and last names and you get nothing nothing these complainers these nitpickers they want to sit and complain and they've done nothing so I write to them and I say I would like you I'm I'm very happy to answer your question okay about what you nitpick about but I would like you to tell me the address of your monstrous web site that's packed with so much information total gems of wisdom and it can totally help to liberate humanity it's getting to the very crux of the issue to the heart of the matter and the taking in of this information that you have so freely and of your own accord put out there for Humanity is capable of liberating humanity if it is deeply understood where's your track record where is your testimony where is your site okay or even barring that you have a site how about radio interviews or podcasts that you've done with other hosts or that you've put together yourself okay even if you don't have your own site where is your radio show do you have a radio show on blog talk radio or talk show networker you know someplace or even a blog on blogspot or something okay where is the testimony of all the information that you're putting forward for other people to pick up on so that it can help them change their lives and again people can say well I'm doing that in my own life well guess what if you're not using the availability of information that can get the information out to as many people as possible you're still not really putting the information out there if you don't have a website a podcast a book going on other radio shows some form of media that is preservable that can be put out there or given to other people easily handed to them you know you could put a podcast on a disk hand it to somebody you could put it on a thumb drive or on a hard drive okay where is this for other people what have you actually put into the world giving freely of your time and your resources to explain things like the non-aggression principles the principles of self-ownership natural law true freedom what it really is mind control and how it operates you know where is all that data that you're putting out there that so it's so drastically different from mine and I'm so wrong or it gets the parts totally right that I get wrong or that other researchers get wrong see I don't care who it is doesn't have to be me that you're attacking you know whether you're attacking David Icke or whether you're attacking Alex Jones or whether you're attacking lesser known people you know it doesn't matter who it is Deepak Chopra way bigger known what Wayne Dyer William Cooper I don't know Terence Mckenna Jordan Maxwell Michael - sorry on you know it doesn't matter Stuart Wilde I don't know Graham Hancock Robert Bauval it doesn't make a difference who it is anybody out there that's putting information out at least they're doing something they're they're putting information out into the world that they feel is appropriate and and can help people I don't care whether you even think that there's they somehow have an ulterior motive here's the point the point is what are you doing what are you doing what you're doing is you're writing to somebody to nitpick about something instead of actually doing some that is effective in helping people to understand that we're enslaved I mean you look at the actual situation folks there's slavery operating on the earth you're in it you're ensconced in it it is affecting you you are not separate from it and what you want to do is go and attack one of the other people who are being kept in this same same state of slavery they have us all in a cage and you want to go and attack the other prisoners instead of actually work toward real liberation and this is why I need to separate myself and take a step back and refocus my efforts not redouble them but just refocus them I need to take a step back because I have to ask myself what kind of an effect am I is what I'm doing really truly having if this is where people's mindset still is what effect is anything that anybody is putting out they're really having and my answer is not a whole lot not a whole lot their minds are still wholly owned and the owners have them where they want them it doesn't have to be like that but that's what they're choosing for some strange reason let me get back into some of the things I write to people and it's vitriolic it's bitter it's nasty I'm not telling you that I'm always a very nice person I never made the statement I was always a very nice person I could be crude to people that doesn't mean I don't understand the non-aggression principle that doesn't mean that I don't understand true freedom okay it means people can still piss me off and make me think my god we are totally and utterly doomed if this is the quality of people that's even remotely interested in any of these things we are doomed if that's the case and again I want to go later in the show I want to reiterate why I even do any of this because again from anybody who's just starting to listen or has been listening and you think I'd do this because I like people that I want to say quote unquote save people please I'm not anybody's Savior okay I don't even like people to be honest I do not really like people I want to be left alone that's my that's why really what the goal I want out of this all okay I want people to understand the non-aggression principle and the principles of self-defense I want them to understand what true freedom is I want to understand what rights are and what rights are not and I want to be left alone and I want them to leave other people alone if they want to be left alone I'm not in this for a popularity contest I don't want to be liked I don't want new friends I don't want any new friends I don't want you to like me I don't care if you like me all I want you to do is understand the information on your own go through it on your own make of what you will of it and then go do something with it and you don't need to take it from me it's not because it is me okay you can go take it from somebody else I don't care how you acquire it understand what's real stop believing in fantasy like authority and government and stop advocating for human slavery by the continuation of those belief systems that's all I care about and I'm doing this not to serve people but to serve truth I've said that repeatedly I don't even like people okay I'm being totally and completely honest about this I want to be left alone as much as possible that's what the non-aggression principle is about leaving other people alone that's the number one human right is to be left alone so I want to go back to the things I tell people in this vitriolic bitter speech it's bitter I'm bitter about even having to do this I'm bitter that this is what my life has become this is what I'm doing because there's a responsibility to do it and I'm fulfilling that responsibility that's it I know it's right I do it because it's right and don't tell me I don't I don't I can choose to be bitter about that because I want my life to be something better than what it is right now and there's nothing wrong with that I'm not wrong for wanting not to have to do this here while I'm alive here on earth don't tell me that makes me any kind of a bad person because I don't want to teach ignoramuses what I already know I don't want to do this people say well why do you keep doing it because I have a responsibility because there's ignorant people they're gonna create total chaos in the world unless somehow their mind is taken out of the absolute garbage sewage state that it is in and brought up to a higher level of awareness and consciousness do I have to light that job no I'm cleaning out the sewers folks that's my job I clean the sewers of the world along with many other people who do work like this we are drudging up all of the garbage that has accumulated in the mass psyche of humanity trying to somehow clean it out that's what we are we are garbage people we are garbage haulers you could look at it as I told people it's like being a waiter serving something to somebody and you're waiting as in you're staying there waiting for them to catch up waiting for them to take this into themselves so that they are as filled with the knowledge as as other people have become as very few other people have become and that involves waiting a long time that doesn't mean I'm their servant I happen to be a waiter like a waiter in a restaurant it's a very appropriate name in green language terms because you're handing something something to somebody that came from elsewhere okay that truth is actually putting the information on the plate then I'm taking it and saying here here it is take a look here it is here it's a it's arranged like this take it take it into yourself and I'm sitting there waiting for them to catch up to be full with the knowledge so the term waiter is very appropriate for what this job is about and I would also look at it as sanitation I work in sanitation now mentals emotional and spiritual sanitation so how many people really would think that that's something that people would so love to do no but is it necessary it's necessary is it a responsibility it's a responsibility that doesn't mean I like it or have to feel good about it I want my life to live in peace to do what I want to do with it I would like to go and learn some gardening techniques I would like to get better as an artist I do some art work I do digital graphics and manipulation of graphics and I think I have a pretty good aesthetic eye I've tried my hand at painting and I think I have some talent there but I would like to work on that more with my time and really hone artistic skills and capabilities which I think are latent within me and I don't spend that time doing that because I do work like this you know I would like to have more time that you know do other forms of you know volunteering maybe with animals or something I love animals I want to spend more time with my animals but I spend time doing this work because this is the main responsibility in the world right now if we don't want to see the world collapsed a total and utter crap quite frankly which it's well on the way to doing and is already most of the way there to be quite honest and you still have people nitpicking so do these nitpickers what I write is show me your big website with all your data that you've put thousands of free hours of work into accumulating where is it where's your testimony to the world on line not written on some paperwork in your house where nobody can see it online okay where's if you don't have your own site show me the other forum that you work out of okay podcasting forums or you know being on other hope show shows host shows I say where can I pick up your latest world-changing book where can I pick up your latest world-changing documentary video you know or maybe you're you don't have a knack online so maybe you write books you get them published and you sell them throughout the world where is your big book or your series of smaller books okay I want to know where's all this data where is it all at that you're helping humanity with you have so much time the right to people and nitpick their work but where's your work at you know barring that how about profound web videos you made maybe you can tinker around with windows movie maker or iMovie or any other open-source moviemaking software okay where's your where's your web video point me to a YouTube site a YouTube channel where I can see all your videos and check them out you know where's um you're alive presentations hey you could just take your phone you know have a friend hold it and give a presentation and then post it where's that at you know where it is blah that's where it is it's nowhere nowhere a big goose egg sound the gong press the buzzer B 0 all the time not just some of the time all of the time I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen I am not lying to you 100 % boring none 100 percent of every criticism I have ever received I have asked please show me your work that you have put out there that refutes this and not one person ever writes back with a list so much as a link as a URL in the email to say this is my work I have put this out here it is check it out I would at least have respect even if you wanted to totally crush some aspect of my work and I would go and look at it and if it panned out I would even say I was wrong but you never get no you never even hear that from anybody you never even hear that from you never hear one word of response when you ask them where is your work nothing silence comes back ladies and gentlemen silence and again this is another part of why I'm going to vent on this show I'm going to express vitriolic speech and I'm going to take a step back and re-evaluate things and I'm going to refocus my efforts in a different way okay so that's what this first podcast is really ultimately all about I want to reiterate why I do what I do it's going to continue in a different form and ultimately why I feel like I need to take a step back because I'm burning myself out trying to cast pearls before swine in many cases and it's not to say I'm gonna stop and withhold information because information isn't mine to withhold it belongs to all of humanity it belongs to the universe okay the truth is no one's property and I want to play a little video that deals with that concept a little bit later play the audio from a video it's a great video that goes along with some of the topics that I've been talking about it was brought to my attention from actually from Bob from Cincinnati well I want to thank for sending me the link the video was called the implication of occulted knowledge upon humanity which I thought was even a great title for a video and perfectly encapsulates in a very brief way what's really going on on this planet in a nutshell so I'm gonna play that a little bit later and it's about how you know the truth doesn't belong to anyone no one has a monopoly on it you know I'm not gonna withhold anything or just stop doing what I'm doing but I am gonna do it in a slightly different fashion from this point forward and for the people who truly want it they'll get it they'll they'll they'll go out and take it and again I'm cutting back interaction with people people have been disappointing me over and over and over and over when I when I want to have a little bit of faith in people that maybe they're changing maybe they're getting it they always continuously disappoint me and show me my whatever amount of hope or faith I may have had in humanity is misplaced this is a totally ignorant barbaric lazy cowardly apathetic mongrel animal race and you could say oh you're slipping into a dark degenerated poisoned worldview maybe so folks I don't know in many ways how the level of ignorance I see most people at and the level of just where their mindset is at in general instead of actually doing something I sit back and think maybe these dark cultists were correct I don't know you know I almost see myself not totally agreeing with them but saying you know I can understand why they think the way that they do that's all I can understand why they think the way that they do and why they want to do what they want to do to people that doesn't mean I think it's right but I can understand it I can understand where it's coming from in their mind because that's there's a small part of me that still not necessarily thinks like that but it's capable of at least resonating and seeing why they they have such a level of total contempt for people who are existing in this state of willful ignorance because I'm done with the excuse that it's not willful ignorance it is willful ignorance ladies and gentlemen it has nothing to do with nations with not knowing because you had no ability to know people who are in a state of not knowing in this world today have chosen that state they are willfully choosing to ignore information that is all around them capable of liberating their mind capable of helping humanity out of the prison that it is currently trapped in so please do not try to convince me that this is not willful ignorance of the truth because it absolutely is so just to go back to some of these questions I asked the people I say give me your website give me your podcast that you've been on radio shows your articles that you've written about the non-aggression principle the principles of self-ownership natural law occultism true freedom you know where are those at you know where's your big where's your big life-changing book where's your big life-changing documentary video your worldview changing book and documentary video you know your series of profound web videos your YouTube channel live presentations you've made how about just point me to groups of activists meetup groups how about that that you help organize events rallies that you've been behind you know political activism even of some kind as you know you know people can debate the effectiveness of all of that but even that now even if it's just for awareness purposes educational outreaches you know that you've helped to organize you know how about conferences you've helped to personally organize and spend thousands of hours of uh none paid work unruhe mediated work to bring together truth towers or whistleblowers you know where is all of this stuff anybody that wants to write to nitpick or to complain about what I happen to be doing or not doing or other people happen to be doing or not doing you don't like the way Alex Jones just went on Piers Morgan and blew up Adam and talked over them and told people that if they give up their guns they're idiots or if they you know if the government continues to come and try to keep taking firearms from Americans that there's going to be a second hot revolution in this country well go put out your own message then go do your own work go do something else people who complain are usually doing squat so I mean that's really all I have to say about these armchair quarterbacks they're they don't really understand the nature of the situation what I want would like to do let me tell you what I would really like to do with the armchair quarterbacks if I had one wish if someone can make let me tell you something how about this let's go this far if there's a dark occultist out there that can make this happen for me somehow okay and I know they'll never agree to it so I'm wasting my words even saying this but what I would really love to be able to do is to just have them come to a ritual of dark occultist of Luciferians dark Luciferians Satanists Seton's any type of dark occult ritual but at least somewhat at a level where it's dealing with people who are in the power structure not just enthusiasts of dark occult ism or a particular dark occult ideology so similar to involvement at the level of involvement in the dark occult that I was at in the past unfortunately my connections to that are so severed I couldn't just make a phone call and say hey can you take this person in and let them witness a ritual first of all they'll probably not do that anyway but I would just love if I had the capability of just putting one of these people in the evil into the midst of the evil and the psychopathy that you would witness at such a gathering there is no way you would ever ever again waste your time writing to anybody no matter who it is trying to tell people the truth about what's really going on in the world and waste your time nitpicking on any of their other their work no matter how off you may have thought one particular thing or any number of particular things they said was because you would recognize in your own mind where you're at you'd recognize it boom like that in a heartbeat and you would know the level of evil that you're really trapped within and you wouldn't waste energy on stuff like that you would not waste energy for another second on stuff like that I mean just imagine just let me try to put this into perspective folks to vent just a little bit more imagine imagine if I were to write to someone like I'll use three people as an example because I think some of the work they put out has been the most proliferates they have so much information and dated that they have put out into the world that it's almost incomprehensible to me okay David Icke Michael - sorry on and Jordan Maxwell imagine if I and I've put quite a bit of information into the world but imagine if I were to write to them and go you know imagine if I were just to write to David I can go David your concept of how the dark occultus view the feminine the queen you know in in the symbolism as you talk about it I don't happen to personally 100% agree with that and I look at it like they're actually trying to kill the Sacred Feminine more so than it's they're worshipping that aspect of the dark feminine now I'm not saying that it isn't true okay that they have this concept of the Queen in their work most certainly and the feminine aspect of the dark side of the occult is something that is very prevalent but uh but just imagine if I were to write to him with all the work this guy has put out whether you even agree whether or not whether you like him or not that's not the point the amount of stuff he has put out into the world okay almost twenty books countless videos incalculable numbers of radio shows and interviews to a point where you can't even imagine this person has actually talked and given that much of his time talk so freely and given that much of his time to do that much work okay imagine if I were just to write to him to this one aspect of your work makes me think you so don't know what you're talking about in regards to any of this that I think it invalidates everything you've ever put out and I can't recommend your work to anybody could you imagine the hubris that I would have to even be at to even make write something like this or say something like that to somebody like that I mean you have people have to be completely out of their gourds I mean I'm just I'm dumbstruck I'm dumbfounded I don't there's I'm speechless I don't even know what to say you know people will nitpick on the tiniest of things about an aspect of the monetary system they'll nitpick on upward etymology they'll nitpick on the interpretation of a symbol you I mean if you see the emails that I get there people just want to nitpick on something instead of actually do their own work who cares whether you don't accept any of my interpretations who cares quite frankly how about that let's just say it just like that go do your own homework I told you this from day one on the podcast not to believe me take what you will and leave the rest go do your own homework come to your own conclusions and then act upon it okay I'm not interested whether you agree or disagree with me I don't care all I care about is if you understand the non-aggression principle you're willing to leave other people alone who want to be left alone and you don't advocate for the slavery of other people through things called Authority and government that are not real have never been real and are never going to be real it's a claim on somebody else's body it's a claim on somebody else's property it's a claim on somebody else's labor that's all these things ever have been and that equates to slavery they've only ever been slavery and if you're advocating advocating them you're advocating human slavery whether you understand that or not it's true that's what I care about whether people understand get the heart of it first you want a nitpick on the details you're wasting your time and everybody else's the core message is the important aspect of this understand that and teach it to other people that's the best usage of your time people say well other people write to me and they thank me for everything and they say what a wonderful great job I'm doing and I I don't even look at emails like like that as so wonderful and great they don't make me feel that great I mean I'm glad people appreciate what I'm doing but you want to know the emails that make me feel good somebody sends me a link with what they're doing that's an email I feel good about getting okay you know and I'll go and look at stuff like that because you're actually taking some action you're actually doing something there's more people in the world since you got involved in doing what you're doing putting this information out into the world so I feel good about those I don't feel as good about when people say mark you're doing such a great job you thank you so much for this information as I do when people say to me I took an example from what you did and I did this or you know even if they say I don't agree with what you did here and I did this instead I'd feel better about that because at least they're doing something instead of doing nothing the armchair quarterbacking is gonna do nothing to change our situation folks get involved get on the field choose a side and get on the field of battle because this is a war and if you don't understand that you don't understand what's going on you're in the middle of a spiritual war and if you're doing nothing to put information out into the world to change other people's mindset and worldview you are not helping you're actually helping the other side you're helping the dark side if you say you want true freedom and you say you don't want tyranny if you're not getting involved in actually putting something out there and doing something on the battlefield then you're actually helping the other side as far as I'm concerned because that's what they want in action and I'm telling you the people who are really running this show right now the people who are who are the owners who are who are the slave masters these darker cultists are are laughing themselves into a stupor they are laughing so hard that they have people in the mindset that all they'll do is attack each other divide and conquer and people could say well you're doing the same thing right now no I'm not ladies and gentlemen I am pointing it out to explain to people how stupid it is and I'm not gonna spend more time on this topic okay I'm going to future shows are gonna be dealing with more information and information dense material so I this is the podcast where I'm trying to explain to people this is what we need to get out of doing I'm explaining these are the people who are doing this these armchair quarterbacks and people who think everybody's a shill because they said one thing they don't agree with oh he said he didn't talk about this aspect of of this and so he must be a show and trying to hold that back well it doesn't occur to somebody maybe he didn't want to focus on that aspect or maybe he doesn't even know about that aspect know that doesn't occur you're automatically an agent of the state you're automatically a show or a disinfo agent this is nonsense total nonsense thinking and I'm telling you the real owners are just they're pissing their pants they ki they they are the belly laughs that I have personally heard come out of the mouth of a cultist I want to find somebody to draw for me a scene that I witnessed at a ritual that I attended if there is any artist out there that could paint a sketch draw you know do a cartoon I don't care whatever if there's any good visual artist that can paint depict a picture of a ritual that I attended because I want somebody to try to put on paper the demented psycho psychopathic evil laugh just two and maybe I'll even do try to find some sound recording of the let of a laugh that it can even approximate the laugh of this occultist that I once heard who is laughing at a cop who was actually guarding the house while the ritual was being conducted he was actually laughing and calling this cop our pets our pets while he was gorging himself on food and smoking a cigar in this dark gray suit with this ugly tie and just II he looked like you know the father from Harry Potter you know that the Harry father's foster father not his real father you know the the Dudley's I think their name is the father Dudley I can't remember what his name is but that's what this guy who that this guy looked like or at least reminded me of and again this was way before the Harry Potter stuff ever came out in retrospect thinking about his face that is who he looked like I would just love to have this drawn I could describe the scene I could describe what the inside of the place looked like and I could describe how he was laughing at this person and where they were standing in relationship and just maybe I could even you know go find a sound file to play the the the belly laugh that I heard I don't even want to try to approximate the belly laugh because one I will probably butcher it and not get it right I'm going to go on on sound pages and just try to find a deep laugh that approximates how this psychopath was laughing at this cop and just like if I could put somebody there for an instant I just wish I could go back in time and just put somebody in that position to just show them who their owners are it's just my only wish to be honest because then your whole worldview would change in heartbeat you would see what your the level of evil and sickness that you're really up against and you won't waste one iota of energy nitpicking on the people who are actually trying to change this thing so you know when people say mark you get worked up about it you get angry you get bitter all of those things yes because what are these people doing the answer is absolutely nothing and that's the problem and you're damn right I'm gonna be bitter about that because I've given my life up I have given up my life to bring this information to people then you have other people that they hear a bit a tiny piece of information and they then they don't even bother to go to your site to look at what what kind of a body of knowledge is there and they ask the most ridiculous of questions like do you have any information about mind control no I don't have any information about mind control you heard a half-an-hour interview I did and that's the question you go right to my contact page on my website you click that you know and and that's the first question that you ask you didn't bother to even look at the site I know I don't have any information on mind control I just spent a year and a half of my life breaking it down for people a year and a half of my life to put shows together that deeply explain it and go through all of the methodologies that it's in that are involved with it but I don't know I don't have any information on mind control this is who we're dealing with people these are the people who are who people will say their hearts in the right place that they want to do the right thing they want to learn this is this is our team this is who we have on our team you know what this is this is this show is and always has been a Comedy Hour it's it's a comedy show for the dark occult laughing since saying look at what he's doing for nothing pissing themselves laughing people think we're going to be free you think we're gonna be free it's a big goddamn joke people who think that there are big goddamn joke and that's all I have to say you know on this topic what I want to go through and again that's not the reason I even do this I don't even do this because I think humanities magically gonna be free I do this because I'm speaking the truth and I serve truth that's the force I serve I do not serve human beings I don't even like human beings okay I think human beings are devolved golems the most the the the vast majority of them on this planet there are some very good beings on this planet who are truly working to help other people understand to help get the truth out there to people to serve truth okay there are some people who really understand true freedom I consider them my brothers and sisters in this war but most people are degenerated animals and they deserve what happens to them the problem the moral issue that I have is that they're dragging other people into that total cesspool of suffering with them if they could do it it's very unfortunate that we're all one and we're all connected very unfortunate because if we could somehow separate from that dross from that chaff that isn't even really true humanity I don't know what it is it's again it's some degenerated animalistic gollum then it would be great because they could have what's coming to them and we could have what we really truly should have which is true freedom and a world that is governed by the principles of non-aggression and actually then turn our lives over to doing what we really want to be doing instead of doing this which is saying the same thing over and over again over and over again to a bunch of ignorant asses who don't even want to understand or know and that's not what I consider good quality of life quite frankly you know and you say well that's selfish yeah it is there's nothing wrong with me wanting my life to do what I want with it instead of having to say the same thing over and over again to people who really don't want to understand it I'm doing this because I am NOT gonna let truth be lost in the world and this is why other people are really doing it they have a responsibility to truth which is a responsibility that is higher than a responsibility to any other human being including one's self lowercase s my responsibility to myself does not supersede my responsibility to the truth and which is why I'm gonna keep talking don't think I'm going away but I am pulling back my contact with other people I will be putting things out I'll be putting new videos out soon I'm gonna be putting out the lecture that I gave at mufon Pennsylvania at the MUFON PA conference Tim Smith I want to thank him for doing a phenomenal job on the videos that he just produced first of all he did the matrix presentation the Matrix trilogy decoded presentation video which he did a great job on that he did a phenomenal job on the MUFON presentation that I gave right now that is had been offered as an exclusive video on the free your mind fundraiser so I'm going to hold that video for about another month or so and maybe I'll post it on the first day of spring that would be a nice new addition to the work on my website on my video page and on my youtube channel at the beginning of spring I think I'll do that I also have the video I did at the Y Tesla matters conference also produced by Tim Smith did a phenomenal job on that as well I'll probably post those together when spring begins let's let's look at that as a tentative date for those to hit the water on Earth is happening website so new material will be going up this will be an irregular podcast format okay so don't look for it every the same time every week you'll have to just check the website every now and again and new episodes you know will be going up again I may do another podcast tomorrow I may do not I may do two podcast this week I may not do a podcast this coming week I may you know do one next weekend I may I may do six in a month I may do one or two in a month it's gonna be on my schedule when when the urge strikes me and again it's going to take on a little bit more of a targeted and focused format so that's all the venting and the vitriol that I want to get out there for today and again it isn't to necessarily just to go on an attack or a rant it's to point this out that this is a bad use of energy it's not I don't recommend it as a good use of people's energy go do something that's truly productive put this information out there for other people that's the reason why things aren't changing fast enough you're spending time nitpicking on stuff instead of putting information out there for people I don't even care if you don't have it all right you can go and edit it later you can go and say later after I put this out I read it I no longer think this I can go back and say hey information in podcast whatever number whatever I didn't have this right please accept my apologies that I put out beta information and here's my change here's my revision you could always do that you know I feel like I waited too long to even start talking I've said this before in the past I I sat on this knowledge for a while doing nothing until someone shook me out of that with vitriol with harsh words not with saying it's okay that you're doing that and not really speaking and you know all of this and you're doing nothing no they said hey what makes you think you can do that what makes you think you have a right and that you don't carry your responsibility to put this out there for other people that's how they said it to me and I thank them for saying that to me like that Pat from Virginia who I may not have I probably would have eventually you know woken up into action but it may not have been for another couple of years if that person didn't just say that to me in a vitriolic way so I think that's great and she might not even think it was a vitriolic way whatever you know I would say it wasn't at least pleasing to make me think that to stay comfortable in thinking I was doing the right thing because I wasn't silence is not the right thing and anybody that's an armchair quarterback who's staying silent you're not helping you're hurting the war effort the spiritual war that's going on so that's really all I want to say on that topic I want to Lee I want to end the show today by with two things and people will people will probably think the first thing that I'm going to say is leave leaving on a negative note I'll leave on a more positive note by playing the video that I had suggested for people that was recommended to me from Bob from Cincinnati the first thing I want to say is people will ask me do you have any hope for Humanity do you have any hope for our situation the answer to that is largely no I don't have much hope but it's not 100 percent gone there is a tiny tiny bit and it's there for one reason and really one reason only and it's not because I think humanity is intelligent truly intelligent or operating on any kind of holistic intelligence it's not because I think that they care you know because they have developed a lot of care and what and desire to know it's not because I think that there have so much courage and they're getting ready to stand up for their rights it's not because I think that they know what rights really are it's not because I think that they want to do the right thing I don't have for any of those reasons I don't have hope because people are you know have such a strong developed will and they're so ready to get involved and do something and make things happen I have hope for none of those reasons as a matter of fact those things I recognize that humanity is apathetic they're ignorant they're lazy they're cowardly and in a very very huge proportion there are more people who are non-activated who are not not intelligent who are apathetic who are not actually taking any real action that could help help for the better then are the the proportion is staggering okay you know I would say if we have if if 1/10 of 1% of people are aware and active I would say that would be an encouraging sign I don't think we're anywhere even close to that who really understand and are really doing something about it who understand the call the true causal factors and then are actually trying to help other people to understand those true causal factors that are rooted in natural law I would say it's far less than 1/10 of 1% of the whole human population far less than that maybe maybe point zero five percent maybe I'm being exceedingly generous I think so you know with that having been said then people will say well why do you have any hope at all and the the graphics that I'm gonna post with the podcast I'm only gonna post four of them today I will also post a related video the video and I'll post the related audio file of the free your mind commercial the audio commercial if anyone wants to pick that up and run it on any network or show absolutely feel free to do so it will be posted with this podcast the the video will be posted as well that I'm going to play to take us out today and the four images the first two were related to the free remind conference the free remind conference poster was image number one the conference fun or poster was image number two at least it's a preliminary poster we're gonna add the other bands logos to it and put out a finalized version in the next couple days the third image is explaining the alchemical acronym of vitriol and the fourth image is the reason that I have any hope at all it's a chart that shows the gun ownership rate in the world worldwide gun ownership per 100 people average firearm ownership per 100 people and if you look at the chart America stands alone and to me it's one of the most beautiful visions and hopeful visions that I've seen in years in years and let me tell you something folks the only reason that the world is already not a 100 percent locked down totalitarian society similar to or worse than Nazi Germany Hitler's Germany mouths China Sol ins Russia or any other wicked totalitarian regime that has ever existed in the world the only reason that the world has not gotten to that place yet is because America has not yet been declawed and defined by becoming disarmed and as long as I draw breath I'm going to continue to fight to preserve and actually enhance the level of firearms ownership that exists in the United States and people will say how could you consider yourself a spiritual teacher when you're teaching people that firearms are good because I understand not only the non-aggression principle I understand the second pillar that goes hand-in-hand in the synthesis of principles the Sacred Feminine encapsulate the non-aggression principles do not do harm to others do not infringe upon their inherent natural rights but the second pillar of principles is the self-defense principle which means if someone is incurring making incursions upon your natural rights your life your liberty or property you do possess inherently the natural right to use defensive force to protect your life liberty and property against those incursions and no government no matter how much they want to claim they have a monopoly on the use of force they do not and do not ever possess the right to take that inherent right to self-defence away we've talked about this ad infinitum on previous shows and it will be continued to be a theme that I refuse but this is the only reason I have any hope for America ladies and gentlemen and let me tell you something I would rather that those guns be in the hands of ignorant people then not be in the hands of people at all that's how much I believe in the ownership of firearms because once you take away someone's defensive capability you own them you own them you could do what you want with them and that's why the government is making these intrusions as soon as a government even starts trying to take away the citizens protect protection against encroachment of tyranny as soon as they try to take away that capability or start making inroads on taking away that capability in any way in any form that those are the conditions that are ripe for tyranny and you can guarantee they're getting ready to go hot with that tyranny and this is what's happening in the United States today and we have people nitpicking on researchers on different researchers still talking about you know is the Federal Reserve private or how much of our tax money gets paid to them for word etymologies or meanings of symbols when they're trying to take the firearms from the citizenry of America this is happening now because they're trying to declaw and defang the last line of defense against tyranny and people will say oh we could never fight back against this government anyway even if they did go hot with tyranny you don't think so I beg to differ and I'm telling you the American military and whatever other parent military police forces they have in third world countries can't deal with that resistance you don't think that angry American resistors can get the job done and put down a tyrannical regime quickly why would suggest that you're little too brainwashed by the mass media and what you know the power that you think this government really does have I don't care what kind of advanced weaponry they have good luck that's gonna do against 80 million gun owners good luck with that wouldn't want to be on that side won't want to be on that side of that war not saying that this might not if it goes hot if the tyranny goes hot and then a revolution has to go hot to suppress the tyranny I'm not telling you there aren't going to be enormous casualties on both sides but I'm telling you I wouldn't want to be on the side of the people who try it here I wouldn't want to be on the side of the people who would dare to try it here so my you know the two words I have for them is Molan Labe try it try to come and get them and I'll just wrap it up on that that's the image that brings me hope I I look at that image every day because it's the only thing anymore that puts a smile on my face and I hope people understand what I'm saying when I say that so let's end with this great video that was brought to my attention from by Bob from Cincinnati of a cult empire thanks for for sending me the link to this Bob this is a video that really talks about some of the things that I went over today on the show and it gets into the implications of occulted knowledge something I've been talking about since day one on what on earth is happening and we'll continue to talk about on many future shows on the what on earth is happening podcast so I'll take us out with this video and it's very well done i I commend the maker of it who really put so much in so little I will also post it with the podcast so you can see the good visuals that he associated with this this breakdown of what occult knowledge really is and its impacts upon human society and ultimately the internal world of the psyche within each individual so we'll end on that and I'll see everybody here when I see you you know I'll I'll be putting out podcasts again on an irregular schedule so just check the website please help to promote for the free your mind to conference I ask people to spread those posters invite your friends on the Facebook page for the event you can find that on Facebook just type for your mind to conference and get involved just keep doing something don't just complain about other people and their work do something yourself that's the message I want to end on and we'll take you out with this video the implication of occulted knowledge upon humanity ladies and gentlemen you've been listening to what on earth is happening podcast number 139 and remember there are only two mistakes that one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you next time folks peace and blessings the following is a short video presentation for the sacred breath archives on the current collective psychology of humankind and in particular the implications of secret societies and those who hide that is those who are cult knowledge from their fellow humans first it is important to briefly explain the extreme as above so below or as within so without reality many understand the psychological and spiritual challenges we face within us as individuals will reflect themselves into so-called real external events and phenomena likewise the psychological and spiritual challenges we face as a collective people will also manifest in events and phenomena that follow similar archetype or patterns only on a much grander scale one such way this happens that many may be familiar with is through the divination arts such as astrology contrary to popular belief of the masses astrology is not the study of how heavenly bodies affect the individual the heavenly bodies act simply as a map to the archetype or cyclic or patterning of man psyche I would agree that it is absurd to say that the earth turns as it does because of the effects of some mysterious force that clocks have on earth a clock is simply a way to track and map the revolution of the earth the same applies for astrology although further explanation of this is beyond the scope of the presentation in a similar manner I believe that many ancient stories that we have incorrectly called myth are indeed the retelling of actual events that occurred in literal history they may not be 100% accurate and they may be embellished in certain details they may not also be originally associated with the peoples of whom we have received those stories from many stories have passed through many different cultures but the names and places are often changed so as to relate to the particular culture these events have archetype or themes that continue to manifest as maps and guides to the spiritual and psychological issues that we as humans have not dealt with just as it was said earlier that the individual will attract certain life challenges and situations to themselves based on their psychological and spiritual state of being in particular it would appear that the humanity's current state of apathetic detached zombie-like psychopathy is in large part because of people's both past and present who have held knowledge from the general masses of humanity this includes those who did and do so with malicious intent and those who have mistakenly done so with good intent there are those both past and present who have felt that knowledge of the spiritual and psychological inner workings of both man and the universe should be kept secret and only disclosed to a certain few who are deemed worthy I can understand the thinking behind wanting to keep certain knowledge secret so that it does not fall into the hands of those with malicious intent however the following problems arise even when intent is sincere firstly no one has the right to own truth there is no monopoly on the truth and every man has a right to it therefore to purposely withhold the truth is against the laws of nature or God secondly having another human or group of humans judging who and who isn't worthy of certain information is to go against the halacha core nature of the universe where each man must be deemed righteous by his own conscience that is his own link to the divine mind it is not for another to judge who is and isn't worthy of truth as nature itself has accounted for this in its laws Nature herself judges who is and isn't worthy of truth through means of initiation and rites of passage in the form of moral challenges for both the individual and the collective we can notice how man has attempted to replicate this through such things as the lodge system of Freemasonry and other secret societies we are already members though of the Grand Lodge of life so to speak and law and truth herself will guide us to her if we pay attention in the kinetic or ancient Egyptian spiritual system they gave the image of the weighing of the heart with the feather of truth those whose heart was not in balance with truth were devoured by a mint a creature that was part crocodile part lion and part hippopotamus the three largest man-eating animals know into the comedic people those who are not worthy of truth in accordance with their thoughts emotions and actions are devoured by their own shadow lastly on a global scale while keeping truth hidden man as a collective is like an individual who has intellectual knowledge of the truth but refuses to live accordingly they locked that true somewhere in the shadows of their being they continue to live a life of greed materialism and selflessness because they refuse to look within at the self this leads to a contradiction of being and a house divided amongst itself which as we know it cannot stand and so we get both an individual and the people rife with mental illness and in many cases psychopathy if however the truth is disclosed to all people if all have free access to information about the occult knowledge of man and the universe then they would without hindrance be able to address the self recognized rites of passage in their life and see life as one great initiation into the mysteries of the universe they would be guided to truth by truth herself and would quickly recognize the ways in which they are failing through an understanding of the laws that govern moral behavior it is therefore the moral obligation of those who come to truth however small that portion of truth they have come to is to speak and live that truth you have no obligation to convince others of anything there is no point banging your head against a brick wall but humbly present people with what you know live so that there is no contradiction in your being and let the truth do the rest you