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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] I have come here to chew bubblegum and end slavery and I'm all out of bubblegum welcome one and all you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course republic broadcasting org and it is great to be here live on the airwaves once again it's been a long time I haven't done a live radio show since January 20th of 2013 and my last pre-recorded podcast was way back on August 31st of 2013 so it's been quite a while I want to thank a few people for making this possible the first and foremost is Bob Tuscan for assisting me to get on the the Republic Broadcasting Network and recommending my name I want to thank johnstad Miller Michael powers and the whole crew at rbn for doing a great job and continuing to do what they do best and that's put quality radio on the airwaves so I want to welcome all the new listeners who may not be familiar with me or my work and I want to give you a little bit of background information about what I do and how I conduct the show usually so the first thing to keep in mind is that this is not show number one of what on earth is happening this is just show number one of what on earth is happening in its new incarnation here on Republic Broadcasting this show has been going on for years and it is a tapestry of information that really needs to be understood in its fullness as a whole so for new listeners I highly recommend that you go to my website at what on earth is happening calm and go back to podcast number one on the podcasts page of my website and listen to the shows forward in order without skipping around that's how you'll get the most value out of this show that's how you'll get the the biggest picture will emerge in your mind and your worldview it is possible for it to change as a result of listening to that those broadcasts in order without skipping around from number one so that's uh how I want to open up the show and explain to people that's how you're going to get the most value from this podcast and I'll periodically remind people of that so I want to make a few announcements about like what I've been doing because again for people who have been just familiar with my broadcasts I haven't been broadcasting in a while I've been doing some other work of course I had the natural law seminar back in the summer and that went really well my last podcast that I did back in August was about the the homework assignments that we gave for that natural law seminar here in Philadelphia that I gave to the students we collected a whole bunch of information and data about what people are thinking in their mind we asked them questions philosophical questions questions about what they perceive to be going on in the world and I covered that in the last podcast 144 on my website and that's that was back in in this summer now since then I've been doing a lot of live presenting so after that I did another natural law seminar but it was an all-day one-day seminar that was tailored it was shortened and tailored to be recorded and then put online and that was done in New Haven Connecticut back on October 19th and art Capozzi and Chris Capozzi put that together and I want to thank those gentlemen for doing a great job hosting that event and Richard Grove and the entire tragedy and hope team from tragedy and hope com recorded that broadcast recorded that seminar and they did a phenomenal job recording and editing it and that has been posted to the web a few months about a little over a month back and that is on my videos section of my website I consider that one-day seminar the probably the most important and crucial work that I have ever put out into the world and for people who are not familiar with my work I highly recommend to go to my website to go to the videos page it's the first three videos under the videos page and I highly recommend watching that seminar in its entirety I'm very happy with the way it all turned out happy with the way that I put it together and delivered it and I think it's been very impactful and a lot of other websites have picked up on that site picked up on that video and shared it on their site as well so really happy with the way that came out once again thanks to art Capozzi and his brother Chris and Richard grove and the whole tragedy and hope team for making that possible I also spoke back in December December 12th in Philadelphia I delivered a presentation called cosmic abandonment that was a really I guess you could describe it as this was an advanced class this was for people who already understand the details of the control system and how mind control works topics that we talk about here constantly on this show and it was for people who already grasp all of those things and want to go further in their understanding about why this is the case and why the human condition is the way it is we're going to be talking about that moving forward on the on this show and the future what on earth is happening broadcasts but this a presentation cosmic abandonment was also recorded it is on the videos section of my website and I want to thank Chris Augustine from the Philadelphia UFO meetup group here in Philly for making that possible and hosting me as part of that event back in December of 2013 On January 11th of this year just over a month ago I presented at the second annual Tesla memorial conference that was hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation I a great group of people that I work with who are committed to making free energy manifesting in our world and a furthering the the science and the philosophy of Nikola Tesla and you could check them out at Tesla Science Foundation or great group they hosted a Tesla memorial conference on the memorial of Tesla's death at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City I delivered a presentation there that was called free energy from suppression to manifestation question mark and I explained to the free energy movement in that at that conference that if we're gonna make free energy manifest if it's going to manifest free energy technology is going to manifest in a way that is truly beneficial for Humanity that that is unfortunately impossible to achieve while human slavery remains the condition slavery must be ended first before free energy can manifest that's what this presentation that I delivered at the Tesla Science Foundation's latest conference was all about you can check out that video also that's a short one that's only about maybe half an hour or so long that's up on my website at what on earth is happening as well in the videos section I want to send thanks out to Ivan Iola jr. from Phoenix Arizona he is the head of the the organizer of the freer mine Arizona group and he's been hosting this weekend a to a free two-day viewing event it's a free screening of my natural law seminar actually earlier today he hosted part one and two in Phoenix and tomorrow Sunday February 23rd he's going to be hosting part three of my natural law seminar presentation that's going to be taking place 1:15 p.m. at the Cesar Chavez Public Library in Phoenix out in Arizona that's it 36:35 West baseline road Phoenix Arizona we'll be right back after this break folks don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] all right so we are back you're listening - what on earth is happening and I'm mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I was talking about some projects that I've been working on since the last time I was broadcasting and I was thanking some people that were involved in those projects and for making them happen and I want to talk about some upcoming shows that I'm gonna be interviewed on I'll be interviewed on starborn support this is going to be happening on Sunday February 23rd that's tomorrow evening from 8 o'clock p.m. Eastern to 10 p.m. Eastern you could find starborn supports website at blogtalkradio.com/ropeadoperadio this is going to be part two of a two-part interview and I'll be posting the first part probably later on this evening or tomorrow during the day to my website you could check out that at wolf spirit radio calm next week's show here on what on earth is happening again this is a gonna be a weekly show here on Republic broadcasting from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Central Time and Eastern Time it's 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern so next week on the show I'm going to bring on a very special guest Jay Parker Jay is a satanic ritual abuse survivor and we're going to come on and just talk about everything that's going on in today's world and get Jays take on you know some solutions as well so Jay Parker coming up next week on what on earth is happening I will be giving a live seminar on all day seminar on Saturday March 22nd 2014 in Asheville North Carolina the topic is going to be new age BS also you could check out my previous New Age BS presentations on my videos page of what on earth is happening calm this one is going to be called New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited with even more New Age deceptions exposed for people that know me they know I'm no new ager I talk about what I call streetwise spirituality this is the new term that I want to coined for what I do I come up here and I talk about street wise spirituality not seeing the world through rose-colored glasses but telling it like it is unapologetically even if feathers have to be ruffled and some people get offended so it's not a new-age approach by any stretch of the imagination and people will get the feel for might act as you know this broadcast continues and other broadcasts continue so this is going to be taking place Saturday March 22nd 2014 at the Lexington Avenue brewery 39 North Lexington Avenue in Asheville North Carolina I as you know explaining to the new age community there's this seminar what it's really about is asking them are they really awake are they really awake and aware or are they just in a spiritual trap that's designed to make them think that they're truly awakened aware okay and again this is about streetwise spirituality and it's about exposing the New Age movement as a religion that's been deliberately created and designed to prevent humanity from developing a deep understanding of natural law and this is the only understanding that can really help us to break out of our current condition of slavery and become truly free we'll be talking about natural law a little bit later I'm going to expose a lot of subtle New Age deceptions in this seminar and you know these are teachings that have really been disguised as spiritual teachings they're so-called teachings but really they're deceptions and they're very subtly put forward by the new-age community I'm going to expose 15 New Age deceptions in this seminar and then I'm gonna offer corrections that I'm going to convey in which I'm going to convey deeper spiritual truths to balance each of these new-age deceptions so if you've been lured into what I call the feel-good spirituality of the New Age movement this is going to be a presentation if you're in the Asheville area you're not going to want to miss you need to see this to understand how you're being deceived by the new-age community by the New Age movement I should say so once again Lexington Avenue brewery in Asheville North Carolina Saturday March 22nd the doors open at 9:00 a.m. advance tickets are only seven dollars very reasonably priced by the host Carolyn who I want to very much thank for putting this all together you can also call eight to eight seven eight two zero eight four zero four tickets advance tickets are $7 once again that number is eight to eight seven eight two zero eight four zero or you can email I walk with purpose at gmail.com once again that email address for advanced tickets ativans ticket request to this seminar in Asheville North Carolina I walk with purpose at gmail.com at the door prices for people who don't get their tickets in advance will only be ten dollars just a three dollar markup so very very reasonably priced seminar I hope people can a lot of people can make it out so those are my announcements I have want one other quick thing to announce today is the fifth day of a 10-day juice fast that I am doing with my partner barb we're both doing a 10-day juice fast nothing but freshly juiced raw organic juice from fruits and vegetables for 10 days to clean the system to detox and reboot the the gastrointestinal system and the digestive system so while on the first couple of days of this juice fast which again Barb and I are doing together for 10 days I made a decision it was going so well and it's is going so well I feel really great I feel really clear I feel really energetic I've decided that I'm going to extend my juice fast for 30 days I know this can sound somewhat extreme to some people but what this is going to do is give my system a chance to reboot for people who don't know I have type I have diabetes I have type what is known as 1.5 type 1.5 diabetes it's the rarest kind it's neither type 1 which is childhood diabetes childhood onset juvenile diabetes as they call it nor is it type 2 which is adult onset of diabetes it is an in-between type they call it a latent juvenile diabetes or they call it a adult onset of juvenile diabetes so this is termed type 1.5 or adult onset juvenile diabetes this came on when I was in my early 30s I'm now 39 years old and I'm tired of living with diabetes I don't enjoy it I don't enjoy having to stick myself to test my blood I don't enjoy having to take insulin shots every now and again when my blood sugar goes high I'm going to try to defeat it for good and doing some research into juice fasting it is possible to completely cure diabetes while people will tell you that that's impossible you can do it through a reboot of the gastrointestinal system and a digestive system through a juice fast lasting 30 days now I'm taking precautions with this I'm doing a lot of research when I do this I'm getting only the top quality fruits and vegetables to do this and again the juice fast is just freshly squeezed or freshly juiced I juice from an auger juicer a single auger juicer organic fruits and vegetables you can also drink of course water and herbal teas only on the fast so wish me luck hopefully I'll be able to announce at the conclusion of it that it was successful and maybe months after the conclusion of this 30 all these people you will now and then when I read ease is gone completely and for me stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio so I was going through some announcements I want to give the call-in number for tonight's show the callin number is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number 800 three one three ninety four forty three you can call in and get in the queue now I'm going to try to take some calls in the third hour of today's broadcast so what I want to the plan for today's show is I want to explain to people what I've been doing for people who are new to the show and give a very brief review in the second hour I want to cover some new material or reasonably new material people may have heard me talk about it before in presentations and on other shows but I want to really talk about what underlies the human condition the psychological dynamics that are going on inside of people that are really contributing to what we're experiencing here on earth in the form of slavery so that's gonna be coming up in our number two and today's topic is going to be abandonment issue issues psychological parental abandonment issues so for people who aren't aware of how I add visual imagery to the show to the live broadcast what I do is I make slides that accompany each show it's like a presentation that you would see someone give live like in a presentation room and I post the slides on my website on the radio show page so if you go - what on earth is happening calm and you click on the radio show tab of that website underneath the player for the live broadcast you will have a section called images for tonight's show that will be there when I am live okay and you can click on the images the numbers of the images that I'm talking on to follow along with the slides as I am referencing them and referring to them this will add a lot of visual imagery to the topics and the concepts that I talk about okay and it will help to solidify those and hammer them home that's why I add that imagery as part of the live broadcast the imagery is then copied to the podcast page when I archive the show on my website in the podcast section okay so you can also get what all past presentation images or slide images that go along with each podcast on the website on the podcast page so with that having been said those are all the announcements and instructions that I really have I want to jump into the show for tonight so let's go to slide number one that is on the water on earth is happening comm radio show page of course this is the title of the show and it's the title card or the title image image for the water on earth is happening website when I conceived of doing of speaking out and doing a radio show way back when I first started public speaking I came up with the name water on earth is happening for what I do because I wanted to try to explain to people what's going on here on this planet you'll notice that the name of the show and the name of my website does not have a question mark it's not at me asking the question what on earth is happening this is my attempt to convey my understanding of what is taking place on this planet to other people and the big difference about what I do that's I feel sets this show apart from what other radio show hosts do is I don't focus all of my time talking about the symptoms talking about the expressions or the manifestations of the illness that we are experiencing here as humanity that we call the human condition okay we could describe the prison for ever and ever and ever that we are in what really needs to be done in order to free ourselves from our self-imposed slavery is to understand the causal factors that have led to this condition until you understand the causal factors it is an impossibility to create any lasting real change in a positive way in the actual world in the manifested reality that cannot be done until you truly identify the causal psychological factors the causal psychological dynamics that are taking place within the human mind that are creating the conditions in the physical world so we're going to talk a lot about that today and I'll clarify this the the reason that I talked about these factors as we go on with this broadcast the second slide shows that this is a tapestry I have a little picture of a person's mind or the head of a human being and they are it's comprised of puzzle pieces that's what we're really looking at here we're looking at a huge jigsaw puzzle to try to get the big picture it's very difficult you're not going to get the big picture just listening to me today okay I couldn't possibly give you the big picture of everything that's going on in the world okay in a three-hour broadcast it's not going to happen you're gonna have to do extensive research extensive study extensive reading and what my podcast is all about what my former radio broadcasts are all about is trying to give people in the right direction give people a tapestry of information that's what what on earth is happening is it's a tapestry of information and it is intended to be taken in to other people the people the listeners and the Watchers of this information are the viewers of it are meant to it's meant to be taken in really in its entirety as a whole not in part that's why I don't recommend going onto YouTube and just watching random YouTube videos that people have put up there by me or even that I've put up there on my own channel I would recommend the podcast above all else going back to number one and listening in order okay so that's the best way that the whole picture is going to be seen and understood by the listener is if you take my podcast in its entirety from the start in order without skipping around I know that's an arduous task I know what I'm asking when I ask people to do that I know how much time I'm asking you to devote to that task okay but that is the spiritual currency time and attention that's how we get enlightenment by spending our time and attention wisely that's how we come online to an accurate understanding of what's taking place both within us and around us that's what consciousness is you have to pay for that okay you have to put something out to get that in read that higher consciousness in return and that is the spiritual currencies of time and attention and I do know that I am asking for those things and I do know that that's going to be an investment to put into that task that work of listening and taking the time and paying attention okay so if you are willing to take that time and attention you will get the maximum value from this show and from this broadcast and you will again this is going to be later information what we're talking about here I'm not starting from scratch and starting from the beginning this isn't show number one folks this is show number 145 that's the show tonight show 145 okay so there's a whole lot of prerequisite information and knowledge out there on my podcasts I recommend people go listen to them and catch up okay so again what I do differently moving to slide number three here on the the the images for tonight's show I get down to the causal factors and ask the all-important all empowering question the most important and empowering and significant question that can ever leave a human beings mouth and that is the question why why is it this way see a lot of people know that a police state is here a lot of people know we're living in a prison system we're living in a worldwide huge spiritual prison people know this okay there are many people aren't some people are still in denial about it I'd say really most of humanity is but the people who listen to a network network like this they know we're in a lot of trouble they know a prison is closing in all around us and has largely already been built but one of the things many other shows don't do is they don't ask the question what were the causal factors that led to this condition how was this done how was this made and created what is going on inside the mind of people that ultimately led to this condition being possible to be manifested so why is the question I'll be asking the question why more than any other question you'll count the count try to count the number of times we even bring it up in tonight's broadcast okay so that's what I feel sets this show apart it's trying to get down to the root causal factors what that's called is making a diagnosis of the problem without a diagnosis you are not in an empowered position to effect a solution to solve the problem you cannot do that unless you already made an accurate diagnosis and what the word diagnosis means and you'll hear me breaking down the meaning of words and I'll do this in slides and I'll do this on the air throughout the show diagnosis comes from the Greek language it comes from ancient Greek the the prefix in Greek dia dia transliterated into English in Greek it would be Delta iota Alpha this prefix means through or by way of or by method of and the the Greek now gnosis gnosis means knowledge so diagnosis diagnosis in English means by way of knowledge we'll pick it up from there on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back the cool side it's a while between us so we keep the there's nothing wrong if slavery can't go on folks we have to end it and that's what this show is all about when people ask me what is what on earth is happening about ladies and gentlemen I just tell them anymore this radio show my website everything I do is about ending slavery that's all it's about you know and my website is about slavery and how to end it it's about the ongoing condition of human slavery and how we can end it and we must end it we must end it because it is wrong and it should not continue so before the break I was talking about really how you understand how to get out of a condition you don't want to be in when you're ill when you're sick you have to make a diagnosis first you have to understand what's causing the problem you can't treat the symptoms that's why this show is called what on earth is happening but it's not going to be about current events in the sense that I'm not gonna sit here and break down individual news stories and current events that's not what I do other people do that they're great at doing that and you can get that elsewhere what I do is I talk about the underlying psychological causal factors that have led to the current condition and how we can ultimately resolve those factors by doing internal work to heal ourselves to heal our psyches and then in doing so we will change the current condition so that's what making a diagnosis is all about and it means by way of knowledge only through knowledge can that be done now there's things that hold us back from that knowledge these are mind control techniques okay we've talked about them extensively on past shows and ultimately what they all are is a form of religion and I should qualify that statement by saying they are formed mind control techniques are all forms of false religion okay there is such a thing as true religion I'll get to what that really is okay but now when you touch on the subject of religion a lot of people are going to get offended a lot of people are going to get upset yeah and here I'm going to attempt to upset everybody right here okay because a lot of people who are still listening to me and listening to the show and listening to networks like Republic Broadcasting and others they still have religions they still have a religion that they're clinging on to and trying to make that religion into the truth a false religion that they're trying to make into the truth or a religion that only goes halfway or partway okay and I tell people all the time what we have to do is stop making these partially correct religions or partially false religions or whatever you want to call them okay we have to try to make make these religions these belief systems that we cling to okay we have to stop trying to make them into the truth and we need to make truth into our religion because that's the only true religion that there is the quest for the truth actually identifying what is what is taking place what is going on and being honest about that truly being honest about that and then telling other people about it that's the only religion that it really exists that's the only thing that can really reunite us with our divine essence reunite us with where we want to go where we say we want to go reunite us with true freedom and that's what religion in the in the positive etymological derivation okay religion comes from the word relig ra in Latin which means to reunite with okay something that has been separated from it means to be reunited with that's what the positive connotation or aspect of the word the meaning of the word religion means but religion in Latin the word relic Garre in Latin where religion comes from in English also means something else it means to tie back to hold back or to thwart from forward progress so there are major religions that are holding us back from where we say we want to go as a species and many people are clinging to these and not even realizing that they're holding us back from where we want to go so in slide four I asked people do you have a religion okay this is important in coming to this show especially if you're new to it to identify if you have a religion and here's the five world religions okay there's five overarching major world religions then many people will not even think of as religion the first is politics okay believing in politics believing that people need leaders that people need government that people need to be controlled that there needs to be political parties that we need to vote etc all of these things okay our belief systems that form the religion known as politics political structures beliefs belief in government whatever you want to call it that's a religion that's one of the big overarching worldwide religions called authority the belief in the religion called Authority which does not exist which is an illusion and it is a product of a diseased mind as we will talk about much later I will talk about very much later on I should say okay not much later in time but we'll talk about it a lot later on as we you know go through the broadcast so a second world religion is scientism not science not true science but scientism this religion that has grown up about modern science that it is the only vehicle that can propagate truth and there is no other mechanism for understanding truth except the modern-day scientific methodologies and scientific paradigm okay and that has often nothing to do with real science it is a belief system as much as any other religion okay what I call scientism the cultural religions comprise and I would say these religions that I've just described the political policies the political structures authority government and then scientism are the left brained religions these are religions which work through the left brain then you have the right brain religions you have cultural religion okay this is what is are thought of as the world religions Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism Shinto you know you name whatever other cultural religion is out there okay and that's what I mean by cultural religions the I group these all together and just call this cultural religion okay that's a right brained form of religion then there is the New Age movement another right-brain religion okay so you have two religions for the left brain you have two religions for the right brain all right and the New Age movement is something I've vehemently and viciously attacked as a mind control technique and a religion repeatedly throughout the one on earth is happening audio series and again I'll continue continue to do that and break down the subtle deceptions of that religion as time moves on again I'll be speaking March 22nd in Asheville North Carolina all day on that topic so we have two left brain religions two right brain religions and then we have the one over arching religion that is the most powerful religion of the entire earth that unifies all of the other religions together and solidifies them in people's mind and it is what all the other religions are ultimately working toward and working to keep propped up as the global Universal world false religion and that is the monetary system that is money as a concept in general we've talked about money being an illusion on past shows you can check that out in the podcast section and I'll of course be discussing that much in the future as well okay those are the religions if anybody is attached to one of those religions and has even been offended by me just coming out and saying that those are mind control techniques and are holding humanity back from where humanity says it wants to go which is to a place of freedom and order in society okay then you yourself are under mind control all right and I don't care whether that offends you or it doesn't or offend you or not get as offended as you like okay one of my tag lines for the show is get as offended as you like I'm not here to make friends with you I'm not here to be your friend I'm not here for you to like me I'm not here to babysit you I'm not here to tell you everything is going to be okay I'm here to tell you the cold hard truth the a fact reality about what has been going on on this planet and is going on right now whether you like to hear it or not that's what I am charged to do that is my work and I am going to do it and I'm not going to apologize about doing it I'm not an apologist through humanity and I'm not going to apologize for offending anybody when I call these things religions and mind control techniques mind-control tactics that are holding us back as a species I mean it because that is what they are we'll pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] have to escape the devil's grip of mind control we have to get out of the head cage and that is the underlying fundamental problem that we face as a species ladies and gentlemen welcome back to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm it's really great to be here this is the debut show on the Republic rod casting Network the show will air every Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to 12 a.m. Central time and before in the last hour we were talking about religion acting as a form of mind control that holds us back false religion the five overarching world religions the two left brain religions of government and scientism the two right brain religions of cultural religion and the New Age movement and then the one universal religion that holds them all together and propagates all those forms of mind control out into the world the monetary system money fake money so if if you're coming at trying to understand the world from within one of these boxes for consciousness one of these cages these mental cages you're not going to get very far okay so in slide number five on the what on earth is happening calm radio show page and on the podcast this is show number 145 I explained that if that is your approach you're not going to get very far and therefore you know you already have something that's holding you back from truth in place that you have to work on so I put a huge you know no sign through all of these things just showing visually that these are the things that hold us back from where we say we want to go and if we want to get to a place of true freedom we're going to have to understand that all of these things are deceptions that we have bought into see that's part of the problem people have a hard time because they're so trapped in the ego admitting that they're wrong admitting that they've bought into a lie that they've bought into something that is that is an illusion that is fake and that is ultimately holding them back so I ask the question do you have a religion and is it holding you back from where you say you want to go without you even realizing it moving on to slide six I'm attempting to explain here this dynamic of correspondence this is one of the natural laws that underlies all of creation that underlies universal laws in the universe that as the microcosm the very small things organize themselves so the very large thing will be organized that that those small things comprise so this is the concept of as below so above and as above so below okay this is the concept of Correspondence the principle of Correspondence it is called what I'm explaining here that as there are a whole lot of people still trapped in the dynamic of mind control and the belief in illusion and that's what this slide on number six shows it shows a person with their head as someone who is caged who is behind bars their head itself their mind is is in a prison okay until that dynamic changes and we are able to break out of all the multi-faceted forms of mind control that affect humanity do not expect the outward the so-called outward reality to change so slide number seven says this cannot change so it's really a two-fold slide six and seven until the dynamic of being in mind control changes and we get out of it the external reality of the earth being a huge prison the earth being an entire worldwide police they can not change not only will it not change it can not change it is an impossibility for it to change to anything better and different from that unless we get out of those forms of mind control that are holding us back and that's again what my whole show has been about what all my work is about on what on earth is happening calm and in on all the past podcasts again so I suggest you go back and listen from the number one forward so um slide number eight explains this dynamic okay the dynamic of how we are ultimately creating co-creating our reality how all of the people of the world through what they are thinking through what they are feeling and through the behaviors that they put forward into the world how we are together in the aggregate co-creating the shared experience on earth okay this is an inescapable conclusion once you understand that it must follow a natural law of Correspondence that as all of the individuals are doing on the earth so you're going to get a society that looks like what those individuals have made and created all right so our reality is built according to this model that I'm putting forward in this slide on slide number eight the bottom I'm gonna work from the bottom up okay so we're building a structure and it's a four part structure there's four tiers to this structure we're starting off with a foundation and then we're building three levels on top of that foundation the foundation is the available information that we can take into ourselves the potential knowledge that we can gather process and understand and then act upon all the individuals on earth can do that okay we can gather information okay we gather potential knowledge we take it in we aggregate it and then take it in we're gathering it taking it into ourselves processing it through the mind through the brain we're then coming to an either an understanding and an accurate understanding of it or not an accurate understanding of said information and then we're going to act okay so the bottom level is known as knowledge and I put in parentheses under on that that block okay that that tier of this 4-part structure underneath it it's knowledge or lack thereof so it's knowledge or ignorance either we are aggregating that information taking it into ourselves and then processing it or not doing that okay if we do that we can arrive at knowledge if we don't do that we're remaining in ignorance the lack of knowledge okay above that we go up to another level of the creative process of how we're creating the shared reality we all experience together in the aggregate how humanity does this we we take in that knowledge and then we do something with it we're processing it we're processing that information okay if we've taken it in we move to this step number two so decision-making processes are being made based upon the available information that we've taken in the processes these decision-making processes take place in the human mind they take place in our mind depending on how we're we're taking in that information and then you know filtering it and the the decisions that we make based upon that filtration process okay is going to be chosen it's gonna be different and it's gonna be chosen by each individual individual based on how well they've taken in the available information so if a person has knowledge they've taken in information they're going to be able to work with it and then arrive at an understanding of it if that knowledge is present and they they're willing to take it into themselves after they arrive at an understanding okay and again I put understanding or lack thereof that's if we've done these filtration processes with that information and we come to an understanding and then we do something with it and I'll pick that up on the other side of this break and we'll be right back don't go anywhere Oh [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the last segment we were talking about how we in the aggregate as a species co-create the shared reality that we all experience so we were talking about this being a four step process or you could look at it as a three step process within a result a generated result so step number one was gathering available information and taking it into yourself and either arriving at knowledge or not and then that was a going through decision-making processes that take place within the mind to arrive at an accurate understanding of what it means what the knowledge you've just taken in means the pattern okay the meaning and those processes of course are our filtration process it's it's a system of processing that needs to be done okay by working with that knowledge working with that available information then when we come either to an understanding of it what an accurate understanding of it or an inaccurate understanding of it we're basing our behavior upon that understanding so that's what's the third level that's being built on top of that understanding or lack thereof okay remember each one of these these steps or block building blocks has its negation its opposite so okay it's the lack of uh knowledge is ignorance the lack of understanding is confusion all right it's not understanding what's going on and then behavior results were then taking action based on our understanding or our state of confusion and each individual's behavior invariably logically is going to be based upon the quality of their decision making processes that they made that they took in the previous step and in turn those decision-making processes are based upon the quality of the available information that they've taken into themselves or have not okay so then we're the human behavior component of the of this creation process is going to be either wise or it is going to be unwise we are going to display wisdom or folly as a result and then something is going to happen in the external world as a result of all of the behaviors that take place that humanity and acts into the world we're going to get a result a generated result where I condition will that condition be good will it be bad will it be orderly will it be chaotic okay that's going to be dependent on did we take in the available information did we process it and come to an accurate understanding of it and then did we act wisely upon that understanding okay so it's about a three step process and then the manifested reality or the generated result the quality of the shared condition that we all experience that manifests in the world in any society on earth or in the on the whole planet is going to be based upon the aggregate quality of the behavioral output of the people of that given Society it's an inescapable inescapable and purely logical conclusion the conditions that manifest in a society are a result of the behavior of the people of that society as above so below that's the law of Correspondence that's how we create our reality in the aggregate we don't create it in the end as an individual okay I don't create the total conditions okay this is what the New Agers want to sell people oh we're making up the world in our minds it's all how we into the individual thinks they're real creating our reality individually no it doesn't work like that the laws of attraction do not work like that in the aggregate as a whole the whole society the whole species is creating the shared conditions together by their combined behavioral output now how do the controller's of our reality control what happens the outcome they're currently in control of the outcome people many people don't want to believe that they are but I'm telling you they are accurately and and like a person riding on a horse with the reins in their hand steering the outcome they are in control of that outcome because they're doing one thing see if you are of mindset to control try to control reality you wouldn't try you're not gonna control the present moment okay the present moment is what has already manifested okay so to control it you have to try to control a future moment to control the present you have to control what we would call the past you had to have already been in control in the past by directing and steering things then you're going to come into control at a future moment okay so the manifested reality is what is it's what is happening you're not controlling anything from that level okay you can currently be in control you're not gonna seize control in the instant at that level of manifestation okay I hope people grasp what I'm saying there underneath that you could try to control it from the behavioral point of view direct control over human behavior meaning you're going to have to go to each person and physically control them but this is called the process of overt control okay in your face seem physical control techniques and tactics when when people see that they rebel against it because they don't want to live their life as a slave so they're gonna naturally rebelled against trying to control reality from the from the level of human behavior itself physically you wouldn't do it from there well the next level down you could try to control it from the mind and people's decision-making processes but that would mean you're really doing it based on kind of like what I'm trying to do today put change people's mind by talking to them and getting them to reverse their decision-making processes by taking on new information into themselves it's a difficult way to control things or to change things okay because you're only affecting it from that second level and if people have already taken in certain information as people will readily recognize who who know what I'm talking about when you try to help other people to change and to understand that they have been wrong about something that will knowledge that they've already taken in actually acts as a deficit okay it acts as a countermeasure to change because that person already has taken in knowledge that is to the contrary of what you're trying to explain and they're attached to it now again it's not true knowledge it's what they think of as knowledge it's what I have called negative knowledge it's really a falsity that someone believes in and is attached to and clinging on to and since they believe it's real it's like trying to fill put information in the form of like if we use an allegory of trying to fill up a cup that's already full to the brim you have you can't you have to take matter in the form of liquid out of that cup before you can put anything new into it and this unfortunately makes it very difficult to affect or steer or change things from the level of someone's decision-making processes only where reality has changed from or in the instance of a controller is controlled from is at the base level of available information so if we put out new available information and make that widely and openly available to people they could then begin the processing of that information and that may change their behavior which then may change the outcome the manifested reality well what if you didn't put out certain information this is how the control system works they're cutting people off from the availability of certain information or just putting nonsensical information that has nothing to do with really crucial and critical information that people do need to take in to understand what's going on they're putting this nonsense out there and they're dissuading people from looking into the real information that they need to understand and this information technically is still available it is out there it is available it's not that it's unavailable okay we're living in what I call an ignorant society or an ignorant society the information I'm talking about they could lead to knowledge this available information is present but people are willfully ignoring it they're being their will finding ignoring it because they've fallen prey to many mind-control techniques because they're stunted in their emotional and psychological development we're going to talk about that later and because they've been dissuaded through media and through the powers that be not to look into certain areas certain vistas of information so with your of the mindset to try to control people in control reality you're always going to control it from that level that baseline level of what information is available and has been put out there to people we'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the last segment we were talking about how reality is both built how it is created in the aggregate and how it is controlled by the controller's of this world through the availability of information that is put out there and then it's also done through dissuading people from taking in that information not even just hiding it or you know withholding it so one of the things that I talk about continuously on this radio show and on my former podcast is the occult okay and people may be shocked to hear that that's what I really get into and discuss in depth but and and that word frightens many people directly it's a mind control technique in and of itself to obfuscate the real meaning of words so when people hear the word occult many people immediately think bad evil voodoo witchcraft etc all kinds of imagery conjure you know is conjured in their mind and that in itself is a mind-control technique now I am NOT trying to tell you that there isn't a dark side to the occult because there most certainly is and I was directly involved with that side of it in my past okay you can get that background on a form of podcasts and other radio interviews that I've done on my website but what is the occult itself when what is it for real really not the not the colloquially derived meaning that people think it means okay in in everyday speech but what is the occult when I am saying the occult what do I mean by this what is the actual definition of the occult as I am using it okay so first let's look at the meaning of the word the word occult is derived from the latin adjective occult us Oh cultists in Latin means hidden okay and this word hidden or occultus in Latin from the latin verb occult are a occult are a means to hide to conceal or to keep secret okay that's all it means now these words o cultists and occult re and latin are actually derived in turn from the latin noun oculus oculus in latin means i so related to the vision hard to see hidden from sight is what a cult really means ocular would mean related to vision and then occult means hidden from the eye hidden from sight okay concealed veiled not easily seen alright now what it really is is hidden knowledge it's knowledge that has been hidden from humanity or again not necessarily even hidden but Humanity is dissuaded from ever looking into it and the technique of mind control works by telling people don't ever look into that that's all bad it's all evil nothing good can happen if from you looking into it and that's how they keep people in ignorance of what's really going on both within them and around them occult knowledge is knowledge about two very important areas of inquiry or bodies of knowledge which we're going to get into in a moment that is held by very few people in the world and unfortunately because it's only held by a few people they have been using that knowledge as a power differential to keep other people in the dark by way of their knowledge and other people's ignorance so I've put this down on slide number 10 in the form of a an image of a pyramidal structure okay with you know the wide base representing the ignorant masses of humanity and the very peak of that four-sided pyramid representing the people who are in the know the knowledge that is held by the very few to keep people in control under their control so let's look at on the next slide slide number 11 what knowledge are we talking about when I say occultism or a cult the occult is hidden knowledge what do I mean what knowledge does occultism comprise and what knowledge does it hide from others so occultism comprises and hides two main bodies of knowledge the first is called the miner body of knowledge okay or the Minor Arcana Arcana is a latin word that just means knowledge okay the miner body of knowledge this is sometimes called the lesser Arcana as well and I've put minor and lesser in quotation marks in double quotes here because you should not look at them as less than something else that's not what it's referring to okay there's the term Minor Arcana or lesser Arcana it doesn't mean it's less important or it's a you know of less significance it means that it is the the knowledge of the small world the small things that's what they mean by minor or lesser not as large as okay talking about the small components of something all right it's the knowledge about the microcosmic world or the inner world of the individual this is about the psyche the human psyche the knowledge of the self the knowledge of the human psyche and how that the human mind operates our deep-seated motivations and fears etc all of the knowledge of the human mind it is deep ancient psychology that's what we have to understand about the first body of knowledge that the occult is actually about that's and I'm not telling you this is my I want to make this clear this is not my opinion or my thoughts on what the occult is it's what it actually is I'm telling you not from book knowledge from hearing about it from talking to people about it from reading about it I'm telling you from firsthand experience of being involved with the occult and schools of occultism that this is the body the first body of knowledge these are the two bodies of knowledge that comprise occultism the first of which is the microcosmic knowledge the knowledge of the self and the human psyche and how it operates the second body of knowledge in occultism is known as the major or greater Arcana again the major or greater knowledge the this is again not more important than or more significant than the minor or lesser Arcana should not be seen that way okay this is the macrocosmic knowledge the knowledge of the very large things the outer world in other words I put out or in quotes even because of course the outer world is determined by the inner world again the conditions of the mind generate the conditions of the world all right so the world or the knowledge of the macrocosm that's the second Arcana the second body of knowledge that occultism is is actually a bell this is the knowledge of natural law you're gonna hear a lot about this term the universal moral laws that govern the consequences of behavior of intelligent beings that's what I'm talking about when I say natural law this is the first part of the greater Arcana and then the second part of it is the physical sciences what we would call modern science what we would call not necessarily modern science but we were what we would call science the physical sciences the science is about the interaction of matter in the physical three-dimensional realm okay the physical sciences comprise that macrocosmic knowledge as well and much of that is hidden from public consumption to control people as well we're not getting real science we're getting scientism from the controlled paradigm of science that is directed by the control system and the monetary system so slide number 12 I talked about why is this knowledge the knowledge of the the self and the human psyche combined with the knowledge of the way natural law or in other words spiritual law and the physical laws of the 3d world the world of matter the material realm work why would that knowledge be occult it why would anyone want to hold that seemingly very very important knowledge back from other people well the answer is such knowledge has been deliberately hidden in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold that knowledge and those who are ignorant of it so what better way to keep people in ignorance of that knowledge by giving it a scary term and saying you should never look at that and that's where most people are at when it comes to the occult they have not even begun studying any of it because they think it's all bad and no one should ever take it into themselves and understand what it is all about and therefore the very tactics and techniques of the dark side of the occult are being waged against them in their ignorance to keep them in a prison that's how it works that's how arc occultism works because people won't look at that these bodies of knowledge and understand them so the major part of this that I have talked about extensively and will continue to talk about is natural law now let me tell you what natural law is not and I'm on slide number 13 now it's called got natural law meaning do you have a grasp of it do you really deeply understand it have you taken it in and integrated it into yourself an understanding of natural law alright what it's not is it's not what people call the natural quote order which has nothing to do with order okay all right this is a Darwinian paradigm of survival of the fittest and dog-eat-dog this is what people have erroneously termed the quote natural and I and I should say it's not natural it's an artificially imposed worldview okay that has nothing to do with nature and it's not order okay it actually can't lead to order the worldview of macro biological Darwinian survival of the fittest and of the most ruthless and of the animal with the sharpest teeth and biggest claws and most most ruthless disposition comes out on top and rules the roost okay that can only lead to chaos it cannot ever lead to aura so the quote-unquote Darwinian natural order is actually the artificially imposed system of chaos that we are living in alright so I'll explain what natural law is on the other side of this break we'll be right back don't go anywhere folks soonerlater gotta go dude you gotta cut you now very appropriate music for coming back into this break when I'm about to get into what natural law really is and this is kind of a review for new listeners to what on earth is happening of course I'm sorry it's a review for you know it's a old information that I put out there to the to the old listeners for this is this little review that I'm doing here is of course for new listeners to the show that give them a feel and a flavor for what this radio show is really all about so I was talking about what natural law is not it is not the Darwinian paradigm that people call the natural order that is not natural and it's not order it's it's an artificially imposed system of chaos by trying to apply the an animalistic Kingdom to the human world okay so natural law is something completely different than that and it is also completely different from what many political writers and theorists have termed natural law it is not John Locke's theory of natural law it is not any body out other political writers or anybody trying to equate a system of man's law to what they call natural law not talking about that this is a this is these are laws of nature that are in place that are put into place by the creator of the universe having absolutely nothing to do with the belief of man ok these are laws which can only be discovered it has nothing to do with a belief system it has nothing to do with a construct that is invented in the mind of a man and then written down ok these are laws that exist independently of man's perception of them like gravity like electromagnetism they are physical they determine they are deterministic laws which actually determined what happens in the physical domain based upon behavior that is chosen through freewill and that's how the dynamic of freewill plays with natural law okay it plays off against it so what is natural law this is my working definition for natural law natural law as I am referring to the term again not what other writers have referred to it not what other people think of it as what how I use this umbrella term natural law in my work the work that I put out there when I say that term this is what I mean by it natural law is the body of universal non man-made binding and immutable laws which act as the governing dynamics for the consequences of human behavior so Universal means everywhere present no matter where you go in the universe at all times and places non man-made just what it says not made by humanity not made by humankind ok put into effect by the creator of the universe whatever you happen to look at that force or being as that's not my business that's your business ok and they are binding meaning they have an effect whether you understand them or not like that they're in effect or not just like gravity ok and they're immutable they can't be changed by anything man does they're in effect certain things man does can shield them for temporarily from their cons consequences but hey as Johnny just said you can run on for a long time but sooner or later God will cut you down ok you're not gonna shield yourself from these effects forever just like we can temporarily mitigate the effects of gravity through flight through understanding you know thrust and lift and you know having you know fuel and a piece of technology and you know temporarily negating the effects of gravity due to flight but you're not gonna stay up there forever ok so it's the same thing when it comes to people trying to break natural law there are mutable laws that are always affect whether they can be bent or temporarily you know quote broken they're not really broken okay so they're immutable they cannot be changed and they act as the governing dynamics for the consequences of human behavior meaning based on our freewill decisions of whether we make moral or immoral decisions the universe gives us certain results and then we have to live with those results that's what natural law ultimately is what does it mean moving on to slide number fourteen and again these slides these images that I'm talking about can be seen at what on earth is happening dot-com / radio what on earth is happening calm / radio that's the radio show page 4 for this show on my website underneath the player you'll see images for today's show while the show is broadcast live if you're not listening to it live then this is show number 145 in the podcast section what does it mean to understand natural law slide number 14 understanding natural law means truly having and possessing conscience conscience is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between morally right behavior and morally wrong behavior that's what conscience is okay so it's knowledge it's common sense knowledge common knowledge the actual difference the definitive difference between morally right behavior and morally wrong behavior that is what constitutes conscience and understanding natural law means that you definitively have conscience because you definitively know the difference between right and wrong behavior what does it mean moving on to slide number 15 to act in accordance with natural law acting in accordance with natural law means exercising conscience taking action based upon that knowledge that you have taken into yourself and understood okay or in other words exercising conscience means willfully choosing morally right behavior / morally wrong behavior once that difference has been clearly understood by the person who has taken in the knowledge of conscience okay that's what it means to exercise conscience to willfully choose the right over the wrong now we get the result you'll notice that this is about knowledge understanding and wisdom that's what I just described in the last three slides what is natural law the knowledge of it what does it mean to understand it and what does it mean to act in accordance with it in other words act wisely knowledge understanding and wisdom just like I described on the other slide this is actually the Trivium process for people who recognize that that's what it is okay the threefold methodology for truth discovery all right so then we get the result this is the fourth stage okay or it's just a manifested result that we get as a result of how well did we employ those other three stages of creation all right so what is the result this is slide number 16 now what is the result we get when we live in accordance with natural law and then on the next slide we'll talk about what do we get when we live in opposition to natural law when we live in accordance with natural law when human beings live in accordance with natural law and they are therefore moral beings they have taken the knowledge of conscience into themselves understood it and acted upon it and chosen willfully the right action over the wrong action so their moral beings when they do that which mean that's what living in accordance with natural law is human beings become and remain free and their society exists in a state of order that's what generates freedom and order which is what we say we want but we're not getting because we don't understand natural law okay we don't understand the laws of morality so that's what human beings get when they act in accordance with natural law they become and remain free and their society exists in a state of order conversely in slide number 17 I explained that when human beings live in opposition to natural law and therefore they are amoral beings they are not choosing the right over the wrong okay certainly not willfully they might accidentally do that in their ignorance but most of the time they're choosing the wrong action over the right so therefore there are moral beings that's what living in opposition in natural law means when we live in opposition to natural law we become and remain enslaved and our society exists in the state of chaos which surprise surprise that's where we're at now that's the current human condition enslaved and in a state of chaos you know that the systems of control that we have in place don't prevent chaos they are chaos ladies and gentlemen they are enslavement and chaos they don't prevent them as people erroneously believe in their mind controlled state the next slide explains what I slide number 18 explains what I call the one true divide in humanity between statist sand anarchists all the other things that seemingly separate humanity race religion class income you know a style of dress culture you name it age okay all of these things you know they're they're their illusions there are things that are just there as a divide and conquer strategy by the you know controllers to keep people warring with each other and fighting it amongst each other but there is one non illusory difference and separation and divide that really does in reality exists between human beings and this is the dynamic of whether you believe in authority or not and that's what a statist is someone who believes in authority and therefore supports slavery supports human slavery a statist is a person not just that believes in government but that supports human slavery because that's what government is that's what the concept of power is conversely an anarchist someone who doesn't believe in the rightful rule of some people over other people opposes the dynamic of human slavery so I'll pick up with this distinction on the other side of the break and then we can go to your calls in the next hour you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to modern earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com it's great to be here on the network this is the debut show on the network but it's show number 145 on my entire radio career I guess you could say I'm doing a brief review for new listeners to the show of some the generals of material that I've covered in the past what I'm going to do is cover a few more slides these slides are actually at my website what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page it's actually what on earth is happening calm slash radio and it's underneath the player images for tonight's show of course these images will also be posted with the podcast I'm gonna finish up a few more slides and then go to the phones the call-in number for tonight's show is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the call-in number 800 three one 394 43 call in no topic is taboo ask anything you like about my work or anything else you want to bring up so I'm just gonna finish a few more slides I've planned on 33 slides for this evening but I'm only going to try to run through slides up to slide number 22 and I'll leave slides 23 through 33 for another show probably the show two weeks from now because next week I will have a very special guest satanic ritual abuse survivor mr. Jay Parker will be my guest next week so let's pick up where we left off at slide number 18 the one true divide there's this concept that there's only one really one real true divide that separates humanity into two distinct types of individuals the criterion for this divide is whether or not an individual believes in the concept of authority the erroneous concept of authority and therefore believes that there is legitimacy to slavery because that's what the belief and authority is if you believe that some people are authorities over other individuals then you are a support of slavery and I don't care if that offends you or how much it offends you that is the truth that is the eternal truth and it doesn't make a difference whether you don't want to hear it that is what you believe in you believe in slavery if you believe in authority the end that is how it actually is that's not my opinion that's how it really is okay so many people won't come out there and just say something like that they'll want to dance around it or you know try to you know dance around somebody's delicate sensibilities when it comes to that because they don't want to lose listeners or whatever once again I'm not here to be popular I'm not here to be your friend I'm here to tell the hard truth about what's going on on this planet that is what my spiritual mission is to accomplish here and I am doing it unapologetically so if you're offended get as offended as you like okay next slide well just one more note on this slide I put these two memes over here one representing a status one representing an anarchist the status is a policeman you know who essentially contains every single one of them doing that job continues to support the idea of slavery and authority okay and believe that they are an authority over others the this meme says that statism is the brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap imprison harass steal from and kill people so that we can be protected from people who kidnap harass steal from and kill people it's so brilliant I mean can't you just tell how well it's worked out folks having a standing army live among us in the form of a police force throughout this country a militarized police force it's so great and getting better all the time let me tell you this idea has just produced nothing but majestic order goodness and freedom everywhere we turn has not okay and then the the meme that I put up there for an anarchist while searching for images a good image for an anarchist you know I didn't want to be totally conceit 'full and I just put myself up there and me and some of my friends who were you know really know the truth that there's no such thing as authority you know I could have put myself I could have put somebody like lark and rose up there or you know any other a number of people who truly do not understand that authority is an illusion produced by a diseased mind but I found this meme online I think I found it on Facebook and it said I'm an anarchist but most of my followers are statuses and it has a picture of Christ on the image now again I don't want people writing to me telling me about Astro theology because I know all about it I can write books on Astro theology I get it I understand it I know what religion is I know how religion is Astro theology and disguise and that's I'm not putting it up here to tell you to believe in the historicity and the actual figure of Jesus okay I'm saying that the message is what is important and what Jesus was was an anarchist whether anybody really understands it or not even the archetype will figure if you don't want to believe in it as an actual historical being okay the teachings of of that being that are propagated and put down in the New Testament are anarchist at their heart it's about having only one authority and that is the authority of the law of God period the moral law that is put forward by the creator of the universe that is the only authority I bend the knee to okay that is the only authority that I respect and live according to and obey that's it the authority of man is an illusion it does not exist in the real world okay in nature does not exist so this is a great I found this to be a great meme very poignant and what it really is is the person on the left there a support slavery and the person on the right there opposes slavery that's what we really need to call this forget even the term status than anarchist there are only really supporters of slavery and opposers of slavery that's it there are the only two kinds of people on this planet and I for one oppose slavery in all of its forms all of its forms and that doesn't mean just shackle and chained slavery that is overt and can be seen that means mental slavery mental bondage financial bondage and slavery debt slavery okay the the eye that authority is legitimate and so we have to have government that's slavery all right so I'm explaining this in the next four slides and I'll wrap it up there okay the old world order was a form of slavery that worked according to the concept of a vesting authority in one person in one being he was the king or the priest or a combination of the two a priest king of some sort this old world order system reigned in the ancient world and it was a system that is based entirely in violence the belief in authority vested in one is based entirely in violence and is built upon the erroneous which means false okay and dogmatic belief system which is a religion that one person is the master who possesses the moral quote right to issue commands to other people and all others are his subjects or slaves who have the moral obligation to obey his commands that is what the Old World Order was here on earth authority vested in one being and ruling over everybody by divine right okay now what I try to explain to people is we need to stop even euphemized okay stop you from izing and even calling this authority calling this government calling this rulership this is slavery as I've put their own slide number 20 okay that's the real term for it let's start calling it what it really is unapologetically and openly to other people regardless of what they think of us for saying it this was slavery now what has changed as my question has this changed dramatically or are we still in the old world order one slide 21 I explained what people termed the New World Order and I put new in quotes and order in quotes just like I did on the last two slides I actually had order in double quotes okay it's not where it's chaos slavery is chaos folks there's nothing orderly about it there's nothing good orderly peaceful you know leading to freedom it's slavery is chaos because it creates disorder disharmony you know enslavement the lack of freedom all right it's chaos has nothing to do with order that's what they call it's their order it's the sick psychopathic control freaks brand of order that thinks they're a master of other beings of other people the New World Order or that I depict here on slide 21 is exactly the same the quote new it's nothing new about it it's old it's the same system with a new name and it's not no order it's chaos this is the concept of authority vested in few people we've just divested that authority into a few people and we've created a government it has all the same divinely appointed rights as the king of the old world but we just euphemized it and call it government we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening coming at you tonight with some hard-hitting streetwise spirituality as I like to call it I'm going to wrap up with a last two slides we were talking about the difference between the old world order the system of slavery of the old world and how that contrasts or compares with the new world order and again I put new in quotes and order in quotes there's nothing new about this system of enslavement and it certainly doesn't lead to anything that is orderly okay this is the concept the new world order is the concept of authority vested in few I'm picking up on slide 21 here this system is also based entirely in violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief that a certain group of people are masters who possess the moral right to issue commands those people are called governments okay their commands are that they issue are called laws while all others are their subjects who have the moral obligation to obey the commands issued by their masters that is what government is that's not my opinion of what government is that's what it actually is if we're being honest with ourselves which most people I recognize or not they lie to themselves from the minute they wake up until the minute they fall asleep okay but if we're being honest with ourselves that's what all forms of government are and have ever been all right and what we really have to do is stop you from izing this new world order or stop you from izing it and calling it government stop you from izing and calling it one-world government it's called slavery it's called the enslavement of humanity that's what it's called if we're being honest with ourselves as I like to do whenever I can and as I've written it there on slide number 22 part of the problem here is most people won't just come out and say it that way they don't have the courage to say it that way they don't have the intestinal fortitude to say it that way I'm telling you the old world order was slavery and so is the new world order it's a system of slavery and if you believe in government you support that system of slavery because that's all government ever has been is now and ever will be and if you're offended by that statement get is offended as you like that's my spiel for tonight that is my review of information that I have covered in the past and is the serves as the basis for what I do here on what on earth is happening in two weeks I will pick up on slide 23 moving forward with the concept of why is this the current human condition why are we trapped in slavery what is going on in the psychology of human beings that keeps this dynamic in place the way it is and we're going to deeply explore what I call the tree of all evil the psychological framework that has led to the current human condition and I'll just leave it at that as a teaser let's go to the phones Ivan in Phoenix you're live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend hey Doug mark I didn't have you on the agenda it's a pleasure to hear from you men you're the first caller on the new incarnation of the show so what do you have for us here tonight well thanks for mentioning the screening of your seminar that I'm holding this weekend would have been good to have that announced earlier as always you know in our conversations we always talk about the people who say they are in the know and then the actual people that come out and do things so even though I sent out flyers and facebook notifications and announced in on several meetup groups that had about 500 members the turnout is always kind of depressing on just under 10 people showing up to these things so but then again that that goes to show why things are the way they are and why things don't change that's absolutely right I mean it really all is about taking action getting involved partnering not necessarily becoming part of a group but partnering with other people and sharing ideas and then getting out there and actually taking real world action to spread the philosophy of freedom to other people to help them to understand what's really going on to help them to understand how bad things are actually right now and what we can do to get our own minds freed up and then start helping other people to free up their minds to make this a better place to make this world better so then it's gonna be worth living in for people who come after us so um that while Ivan while that saddens me you know I'm not gonna tell you i'm you know i'm you know horribly surprised by that i mean you know when we do the documentary screenings here in philadelphia on topics related to human freedom and consciousness and mind control etc we get about that number may be slightly more you know maybe 12 to 15 sometimes show up but the numbers are the same here it seems like people just don't want to come out to gather for knowledge you know you can get a hundred you can get a thousand people to come out to to party and just drink beer and you know eat what you bring a bunch of food out you know people just come out of the woodwork you know you barely have to announce it but tell them to come out and prove their mind understand about what's really going on in the world understand the causal factors of the conditions we're experiencing oh what i don't have time for that that's too much work that's you're asking me to think now ivan i mean come on you know asking someone else to think and take an interest and care about what's taking place in their world you know that's a big investment right there you're asking for you know the real spiritual currencies here of time and attention and most of all you're asking for people to care you know yeah and people think things are gonna change without that type of an investment and without truly deeply caring about this and it's it's it's sad but true and like i said while that does somewhat saddened me you know i wouldn't let it get you down i would keep going and doing what you're doing i'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing I'm never giving up I'm never saying die you know but yeah I look at shaking the tree and seeing what actually falls out what the ones that come out you know and last week I had a meet up get together at the movies and watch the new film the lego movie I saw that about two weeks ago and I thought about this yeah told me a little bit about it because I've heard good things about it I haven't seen it what all right yeah I saw it just you know with my girlfriend she likes you know some of the car animated stuff so I went there to see it I'm just there and within the first five minutes my you know ears are perking up but my eyes are like wow allegories and the metaphors that are being dropped left and right in this cartoon it would parallel the matrix basically so i was in all i was like wow and it's pretty much everything you cover and all and all the stuff that actual free thinkers and truth seekers or people that are in the know will pick up on it now the thing that that part with my mind was when I held the meetup again only had about three or four RSVPs from the meetup groups but yet the auditorium was full of you know what's your regular movie-going audience and my you know I was wondering how many of these people actually pick up on the metaphors or the allegories that are being dropped in there everything from the villain is called a zit in business right there's telling you the president the leaders of governments are the corporation's the businesses that won over people's heads they had you know surveillance cameras all over the place I'm watching you that was right there over people's heads they had the president here you know he's on a commercial talking this that and blurs in a line will put you defeat and keeps talking and then take star the movie says hey wait a minute did he just say and they cut to a commercial of a silly TV show called where are my pants and then the guy laughing he starts laughing laughing and then he comes back wait what was I thinking doesn't matter the right they're showing people the more things are up for your face but here's entertainment to distract you all these little things you know we're scattered all over the place in this film and I was like wow how many people pick up on these things it sounds like really it sounds like a really great allegory especially for children while I would agree with you definitely a lot of allegorical films go over people's heads and they're not bringing them to a conscious level to understand what the maker intended to say as a moral lesson but don't underestimate the power of allegory to reach a person's subconscious mind and to get in there and plan a seat at the subconscious level we're gonna be talking a lot about the subconscious mind in a couple of weeks on the show so Ivan I want to thank you so much for the calm and have to check out that movie myself and we'll be right back folks stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] no you deceive me now he is asleep [Music] know that you have cuz there's magic in listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the calling number to join us for the last couple of segments of the show is 831 three nine four four three once again the calling number 803 one three ninety four forty three let's go to Dan in Los Angeles dan what do you have for us tonight aren't I had a question and then a comment if that's okay all right uh and my question goes right along with what you've been talking about with moral relativism and I learned the word nation's from your natural law seminar yes and I'm really glad I learned that word comparing that to ignorant and the distinction between those two and my question is kind of more on the philosophical side which I've been kind of wrestling with in my meditations for this moral relativism ignorance and admissions and my question is is if someone or a group of people is mentioned when it comes to knowledge and information or you know this huge one of good versus bad right and wrong and we or can one be blamed or held responsible for being mentioned and when I what I've come to understand please correct me with your description of Nicias is completely absent minded to the point of the zero knowledge ordinate or gnosis of knowing something I would like to I would like to correct that perception of the word nations that's actually not what the word nations means maybe I should clarify this for both you and the listening audience nations means that the information that you are currently not knowledgeable of is not present in the sense that you are not able to understand it so let's say that how to build a nuclear reactor there is such information in the world okay most people are ignorant of it but they're not gnashing of it because it can be known how to do that it can be discovered the knowledge exists people can come to know how to do that because we are doing it the knowledge of that does exist let's say a cataclysm swept over the earth and every single nuclear not only did every single nuclear reactor was destroyed and was not able to be ever put back together it was could they were completely annihilated but every single book and piece of information on the face of the earth having to do with the building of a nuclear reactor or even the premise on on how they work were also destroyed the pockets of survivors could then be said to be nests of how to be how to build a nuclear reactor they're not ignorant of it because the knowledge is gone it's not present in their environment so when I say that our society is not Nash and Nash and coming from the Latin nests quiere the Latin verb nests quiere means to not know because knowledge is not present okay ignorance comes from the Latin verb ignore RA which means that you don't know because you are deliberately turning willfully turning aside your attention from knowledge that is present so ignoring someone in a room means you're aware of their presence you're just refusing to acknowledge it that's what ignorance is so these people would not be these survivors of said Holocaust would not be ignorant of how to build a nuclear reactor they would be national agenda stroyed okay when we're talking about the knowledge of right and wrong is it destroyed and gone from the earth no it's here it's all around us it's it's we're drowning in it as a matter of fact we are drowning in knowledge about the difference between right and wrong we are drowning in knowledge about real spirituality we are drowning in knowledge about what's going on in our world all around us and taking us into police state measures and the destruction of human freedom when people don't know any of these things they're not nation this knowledge is here like I say in the natural law presentation we're living in post-apocalyptic times people say post apocalypse the apocalypse hasn't happened yes it has because what the apocalypse means is the unveiling of hidden knowledge apocalypse doesn't mean Cataclysm or destruction that's a colloquially understood interpretation or a colloquial you know derived connotation of the word apocalypse apocalypse comes from Greek oppo meaning off of or away from and collectin meaning to hide or to conceal so to go away from from veiling or concealing to unveil something and to reveal it for what it really is is what the apocalypse is there's tons of researchers and tons of people speaking the truth and revealing what's going on and you know expressing to people the hidden things that have been hidden from our sight and and talking about the mountain out in the open we're living in post apocalypse the apocalypse has happened and you know what people have said to the truth and to the all that knowledge and information I don't want it I want to ignore it I don't care if it's present I refuse to look at it I refuse to take it and that's where most people are at not all but that's where most people are at they're in ignorance deliberately refusing to look at truth they're not in essence the people of Earth cannot be said to be in essence this knowledge is here it is present it is available at their fingertips and it is actually everywhere around them they want to ignore it deliberately and we're going to talk about why they want to do that in two weeks we might talk about it a little next week too but I'll get into it in a big way in two weeks okay thank you for that and I also I just wanted to UM see my comment which oh so right along with this whole New Age religion which is something I've done a lot of research in the last five to seven years and one thing that I wanted to bring up as also may be a potential suggestion for your research and annex and exposing something critical and the new ages this complete and little bee worship of these Indian spiritual gurus that are literally you know in an all-encompassing of that word gathering hundreds of thousands of people around the world worshiping these these people that shut themselves up as and I'm literally quoting you unquote like avatars run deities and Carnac and I I live in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is I can really honestly say one of the mecca of this whole new age and and you know dieting of all types and yoga and and not that there's you know only bad things going on like that there's tons of good things through but I live in one of the the heartlands of it and I just can't see it because I see it all the time this is guru worship and I have seen in front of my eyes it's a cult of magic being performed on these people walking around with big eyes you know all Glary and then and zombied out and they come to these centers they come to these hotels and hundreds of by the boatloads of people coming there getting blessed by them completely getting put in a trance who knows what is going on tons of a cult magic I mean you know all about dark occult ISM going on with this stuff and I mean these people being so quick you know and this is just another form of mind control that is being perpetuated on the masses and people who don't want their own personal responsibility they don't want to own it are so quick to give their sovereignty away to someone else and say this is my guru here's who I'm going to go to for knowledge I'm not gonna I'm not gonna seek it out on my own this is what I've told people from day one I'm not your guru I'm not your leader I'm not interested in being any of those things you have to be your own leader you have to be your own spiritual guru you have to be your own priest you have to forge your own connection with the divine force within you you have to forge your own connection with the will of the universe that's not my work to do for you that's your work to do for you and anybody that's telling you different is lying to you or they're trying to deceive you and control you which is what many of these so-called gurus are doing you know what Dan I'm going to thank you for your call I'm just gonna wrap up on this and then we'll probably take another call but um there is a big thread throughout the new-age community the New Age movement as well with these gurus that you're speaking of that they stress there is no need for knowledge everything can just be acquired and known by going to them or just meditating and looking inside the self you know it's uh that the whole concept here is we don't need books nothing needs to be derived from from books or sharing of information online or anything like that our reading very very very dangerous premise and a very dangerous road to go down if you continue to take their calls in the last segment ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on republic broadcasting i'm your host mark passio we'll be right back [Music] you welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this is the last segment of the debut show here on the Public Broadcasting Network great to be on the network I hope we'll have some new listeners and some listeners that will maybe people who are brand new to my work will go to my podcast section and pick up and start the journey from the very beginning and you know move forward from there so the call-in number eight hundred thirty one three nine four four three let's continue to take some more calls array in Oregon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome can you hear me yes okay very good well thank you um I'm enjoying what you're having to say very much after many years of my own study on these things and along these lines I didn't go seeking this stuff it's just where I guess truth has taken me but I feel like I'm finally starting to get a handhold on some of this stuff and it and it sounds like you ringing some bells for me so I'm appreciating that very much a couple things I know she had a preponderance of Ronnie James deal on on Europe music there do you think you have nutella's I I love a guy what can I say I'm really sad to see that he's gone and not with us anymore I consider him a sage in that whole genre so no I really I like him a lot too of you listened to like more recent Chris Cornell or Maynard James Keenan not not so much I mostly in the old school stuff like that you know as a preference well the other thing that that I've heard you say I heard you talk about and I was just looking around on your website that's the first time I've heard you so this is you you are news to me I will go to your podcast and start looking at those but I heard you say a couple things a cult science was one of them and another one philosophy of freedom are you familiar with Rudolf Steiner of course absolutely big-time Rosicrucian wrote some of the best works and in that whole area of occult science so I highly recommend his work as I do max Heindel and other Rosicrucian authors I've discussed that pretty extensively on some of my other radio interviews and also uh you know what went into Freemasonry quite extensively on my former podcast so you can get into a lot of different occult schools of thought by going forth and listening to to those old podcasts I get into Kabbalah a lot on it as well Tarot I break down the Major Arcana of the Tarot in some of my old podcasts so all of that is there to be to be found all up on my website and in my old podcasts fantastic yeah I I really think I've I mean talked about he might be the most prolific man if you count all his lectures and whatnot maybe ever to have lived to get into Steiner as wow what a opening a door that never end and he was trying to tell us what was really going on here and how to how to get out of it he was one of the many people you know the this isn't anything new you know I'm building upon others work as well they saying if I see farther it is because I am standing upon the shoulders of giants certainly applies here there is nothing new Under the Sun it's all been said it's all been put out there before I just have a slightly you know a unique way of aggregating at all and putting it together out there for people so that they can see it in a tapestry that that's what I feel my niche is when it comes to this information so yeah I'll check out the work I'm sure you'll be a very surprised and happy with what you find there and a good luck with it all and if you have any questions don't hesitate to call in thank you very much you got it thanks so much we actually have a second ray in Oregon amazing to raise in Oregon oh let's go to the other ray in Oregon hey Mark this is Rico just came from Oregon from a cave junction right well I was congratulate you on your maiden voyage you have your unique I wonder if your audience realizes how unique your message is no one else is on the Internet is saying what you're saying and you're doing it the the resonance of truth in your voice your knowledge it has a devastating effect upon conditioned Minds and I think John made a hell of a good decision in putting you on I just hope that the audience listens to you without reacting because they will react to you of course yeah oh that's going to happen and I expect that and all I can ask people to do is listen with an open mind and heart and then research on their own you know it's the it's the notion here that the sign of true intelligence is to be able to entertain a notion in the mind without either immediately accepting it or rejecting it and Ray before you continue I just want to say the listening audience if people are not familiar with who this gentleman is you should become familiar with his work if your work is still online ray if you want to give out any web website that you have your work up on I feel please feel free to do so because Ray was one of the people who actually influenced my awakening in a big way and helped me to go all the way in my understanding of truth and natural law Ray has been talking about natural law for many many many years I got into his work back in the early 2000s and when he had a website with many of his podcasts up online I still have all of them right I've listened all of them your work is phenomenal I want to thank you for what you have done and continue to do and I'll open the floor for you to continue and if you want to give out any websites where your work is currently present and available to people feel free to go right ahead and do so well you know Paul the old adage still hold it takes one to know one and and that's that's what's going on between you and i we're resonating with with one another my website by the way for listeners i've been a longtime caller to republic and john has me on the show several times but people don't get me my website is arc enterprises dot-com I have more than a hundred YouTube videos that the one can listen to I'm controversial because I make the statement that I am a Christ but I also make the statement that all men are Christ but they suffer from amnesia while I don't and it is that very powerful we're all Christ in our potential absolutely that's true that's absolute see we must we must trance traverse the the deceptions the illusion the satanic conditioning that is our mindset at the present time while we live on this earth we are controlled in our mind by those who the leadership of organizations and they will not relinquish that control so it's an individual journey for people you cannot get it by joining organizations and it's the Traverse from the illusion to truth what truth is dual it's non-dualistic it is what is completely and and when one resonates with that they are in the Christ state of consciousness and they are immune to all of the dualistic attacks that the the intellect will wage against one for the sake of power that's how the government operates that's our religions operate they cannot stand a ban or a woman who lives in truth so they they attack they demean they they liable they create all kinds of fantasies which are libelous in nature in order to discredit the individual I've accepted that as being a fact of life I've been doing this for 18 years and I'm presently if people go to my site they will they will look into a couple of recent articles that I've written and the last one is the to the governor of the state of Oregon and I'm asking to clean up his state of the corruption I have him over the barrel in all other public officials they have control of the media but they cannot control the truth that's right and and that is the power of one who lives simply and lives in a state of no harm that's it was by little by God's law natural law that's right the non-aggression principle that's absolutely correct right and when we stand in that truth that's when we're expressing our full potential and that's when we step into our power and nothing can stop us when we do that right get in touch with me I want to bring you on at some future point for a whole show thanks so much you're quite welcome ladies and gentlemen it's all the time we have for this edition I'll see you right here next week on Republic Broadcasting you've been listening to what on earth is happening you [Music]