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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic broadcasting org today is Saturday March 8th 2014 this show comes out you live right here on Republic Broadcasting every Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight central we have a great show planned for you here today I'm gonna be getting into some of the route psychological factors that create the human condition that's what we're gonna be talking about here on the show today the call-in number for the show eight hundred three one three nine four four three I'll be taking calls hopefully throughout the show once again the calling number 800 three one three nine four four three I want to thank my special guest from last week Jay Parker did a phenomenal interview did a phenomenal show with me last week if you haven't heard that one that's one you don't want to miss you want to go back into the archives and I'll check that one out both at rbn and at my own website what on earth is happening calm want to make a quick event announcement I will be speaking live in Asheville North Carolina a couple weeks from tonight Saturday March 22nd it'll be taking place this event at the Lexington Avenue brewery at 39 North Lexington Avenue in Asheville North Carolina and the name of the event is called New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited with even more new-age deceptions exposed I'm gonna really be getting into the subtle deceptions of the feel-good spirituality called the New Age movement so if you're in the Asheville area you definitely want to come on out and check out this one-day seminar it's gonna really be an all-day seminar so Saturday March 22nd 2014 and the doors will open at 9 o'clock a.m. I'll be starting to speak shortly thereafter advance tickets are only $7 a $7 donation in advance to get advanced tickets you can call eight two eight seven eight two zero eight four zero once again to get advanced tickets for seven dollars eight two eight seven eight two zero eight four zero or you can email I walk with purpose at gmail.com once again that email address for advanced tickets I walk with purpose at gmail.com at the door tickets only three dollars more for a ten dollar donation you can get in at the door so that's my one event announcement I don't have any additional radio interviews booked for this week because I'll be basically getting my presentation prepared for Asheville over the next couple of weeks I am on day number 19 of a 30 day juice fast on a quest to cure my type 1 point 5 diabetes I don't know if it'll be successful we will see at the conclusion of it so far my blood sugar levels have really been perfect throughout the fast so it's really going well I feel great I feel energized I feel very clear minded and the juice fast is going better than I even expected so I'm on day 19 I have 11 days to go I'm almost 2/3 of the way through so that's really all the event announcements it there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening calm website on the left hand side if you feel that this show the information that I bring forward has been of value to you or help assistance to you in your own awakening process feel free to make a voluntary donation on the website what on earth is happening calm so let's jump right into the material for today I have a whole lot of material to go through today and hopefully we'll be taking some calls as well I want to direct everybody to the images for today's show these are images that I basically make like Prez tation slides and i refer to them throughout the show so you can find the images that I refer to on the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show page go to what on earth is happening calm you can click the radio show tab or you can click the button at the top left hand corner of the site that says what on earth is happening radio show that will take you to the radio show listen page and underneath the live player the player for the live broadcast there will be a line that says images for tonight's show there you'll see some some numeric links you can click on those to open up a slideshow and you can follow along with the images that I am referring to for essentially visual stimulation to go along with the concepts and ideas that I'm talking about here tonight so let's get started image number one of course was simply the poster for my new-age BS revisited presentation coming up in Ashville so that's image number one image number two what I'm gonna be getting into here tonight is why is the human condition the way that it is and you hear so many people talking about the symptoms see I said on podcast number one way back years ago and even on the first broadcast here on rbn that what was gonna make this show different is that I was going to discuss causal factors causal factors in mind in the human psyche this is a show about psychology ultimately yes it's a show about mind control it's a show about the occult it's a show about the laws of nature that we are bound by and that we have to understand if we don't want to live in disharmony with them with those laws and then create self-inflicted suffering for ourselves alright but above all else this show is about human psychology it's about getting at the root causal psychological factors that underlie behavior we're not going to change the externally manifested reality that we live in unless we change the behaviors that we are enacting as a species and we're not going to change those behave years unless we understand the root cause all factors in the human psyche that drive our behaviors and then we can get underneath them you know we can grasp hold of those behaviors we can consciously understand what's going on in the subconscious mind bring that material up work with it heal it okay and then we are exercising self-control as a result and taking full responsibility for our own behavior and we're not just running on programming so that's what this show is all about and I think that's what sets it aside from just about every other show on the airwaves today so image number two I've posted here some small images of what you could call as the current human condition people living in denial and a very small group of people being awake to what's going on it's been this way for millennia okay you know and we you may as people who are awake or partially awake feel like that guy in the center of this image on the right hand side of this image with his head in his hands with all asleep hypnotized people all around him okay I understand that I feel like that on a daily basis believe me with what I know about the world and with what I know about the mind trust me I feel like that constantly but you can't let it get you down you can't dwell on it you have to do the work see this show is about getting more people actively involved in doing the work of becoming a healer of becoming a vehicle for truth so that people can understand what's going on and get a handle on it okay so the question that I posed here in this first slide for tonight is why why there's that all-important question getting down to the causal route factors why are most people so unconscious that they continue to remain asleep that they continue to refuse to live in harmony with natural law to fail to recognize the rampant presence of evil in their midst and too often willfully participate in that evil we pick this up on the other side of this first break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking today about what are the roots psychological factors that underlie the human condition of slavery because that is the human condition okay so why do most people refuse to live in harmony with the laws of common sense with natural law with moral law why do they fail in most cases to recognize the rampant presence of evil in our midst why do they often willfully participate in such evil either directly or indirectly these are the questions we need answers to these are the questions we have to explore we don't need you just know that that's going on we need to get at the root cause or factors of it so does mind control explain it all as i postulate in slide number three you could find these images at what on earth is happening calm slash radio can we just chalk it all up to mind control to manipulation by a controlling or ruling class or is there more to it than that is there something that's deeply going on inside of the mass of humanity okay the asleep or unconscious hordes of humanity do we have to look at what's going on there but can we just chalk it up and say oh no it's just some clever manipulators at the top who are pulling all the strings and they're just real good at manipulation well I think there's much more to it than that I've of course covered mind-control for years and of course mind control is going on of course mental manipulation is going on but that doesn't explain it all there's there's more subtle factors that are going on deep in the human subconscious mind then we have to understand and know are there and know how to deal with so the next slide I've included this in many of my presentations and this is image number four now for the presentation tonight I call this the tree of all evil okay and it's if you really understand this little symbolic model that I've come up with for how evil becomes manifested in our world and perpetuates the human condition of slavery you it'll it'll go a long way this will help you go a long way to understanding what's really going on in the mind so if you look at the manifestation of evil in other words the expression of it through human behavior as being having willful ignorance as its main predecessor all right only people who are truly ignorant can behave in an evil way okay can actually support slavery condone it and then enact it and make it manifest in our world you have to be a willfully ignorant person in some form or fashion in order to do that you really have to be willfully ignorant to see it happening and not want to not care not want to do anything about it not want to become involved that level of willful ignorance people would say well that isn't that the root cause isn't that the root causal condition that we're fighting against no it's not that is a manifestation itself so I put that at the very top of this tree you can look at that as those are the high level high level leaves the twigs very small twigs of the tree okay maybe where the fruit grows from all right the ends of the of the tree of its twigs and its leaves the end very ends of its branches all right that's the thing that eventually bears fruit bears the fruit that we call evil in the world there's something that goes beneath that willful level of ignorance that that cognitive dissonance that's psychological denial and if we liken this model to a tree it would be the larger branches on the tree okay that come out of the trunk of the tree and this is the psychological dynamic of the fear of owning responsibility in life so the fear of owning one's own personal responsibility to choose rightful action over wrongful actions see people don't want to choose that for themselves they think that they can abdicate that personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action and they can hand that off to someone else and they can say well you make the decisions about what's right and wrong you make the decisions about how I should behave I don't want that responsibility okay I just want to follow orders I just want to do it untold I just want to obey this is the psychology of obedience and people may think well well then hey that must be the root factor right that must be the thing that really you know creates that willful ignorance and it does it contributes to it but there's something that creates that refusal to take ownership to take full ownership of one's personal responsibility over their own actions for their own actions there is something that lies beneath that psychologically so in other words we're asking the question really here why repeatedly why so why is someone willfully ignorant and willing to carry out evil what and the answer then comes back they really don't want personal responsibility to choose rightful actions over wrongful actions for themselves they think that they could somehow abdicate that and hand that off to someone else so then the question becomes why do they want to do that so we have to go deeper to look for another causal factor until we get down to the prime root causal factor for these conditions so why don't people want to own their own personal responsibility why don't they want to be a true adult ok we're really talking about remaining a child it all into it into physical adulthood ok we have a whole lot of absolute grown children walking around in society people who have grown up physically but they have not grown up mentally they have not grown up emotionally they have not grown up psyche psychologically and they most certainly haven't grown up spiritually okay so the question then becomes why why does someone not want to grow up why does someone not want to own their own personal responsibility to choose for themselves right over wrong and the answer to that is there's another underlying psychological condition that precedes that condition and that's called self-loathing the psychological condition of deep down inside maybe not at a conscious level at a subconscious level not really liking yourself and in fact possibly going so far as to hate yourself and this is something that people get very very upset about when you talk about they don't want to hear this sin they don't want to hear it spoken out and out of loud they don't want to hear it spoken out in the open just like this because people go what you're saying mark is that most people here on earth hate themselves yes that's exactly what I'm saying exactly and most people won't just come out and say it just like that right to you we are self-loathing species we are a species who ultimately doesn't have true self worth and true self respect how could we we would be a free people if we had true self respect and truly valued ourselves and our own lives and our own rights and our own freedom we wouldn't be certainly be in this condition I'm not talking about certain individuals do have true self respect but I'm talking about society as a whole in the aggregate again generalization generalizations are valid in most cases okay so on the not making a total blanket statement here and say everybody is in a state of psychological self-loathing but are most people on earth yes most people are in this psychological condition called self-loathing because they never really developed true so I'm gonna have a break we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn stay with us everyone [Applause] [Music] listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I was talking about what I call the tree of all evil trying to get down to the root psychological condition that drives the human condition of slavery we talked about willful ignorance stemming from the fear of owning one's personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action in turn stemming from issues of self-loathing of not really deeply forming a good and positive relationship with oneself you know we haven't really developed as a species true self-respect we still think that somewhere deep down inside we think that we deserve what's happening you know we think that we're not really worthy these feelings of unworthiness okay of not being good enough of really let's call it what it is self hatred only a self hating people could possibly put up with slavery okay it isn't because we cannot change this condition that it somehow magically must be this way we're doing this to ourselves at some level because we won't change our behavior order followers do this order followers without order followers okay slavery could not be maintained I'm talking about even ball-and-chain slavery physical ball-and-chain shackle slavery you look at slavery during the Civil War period physical slavery during the Civil War period of American history that was maintained by what you called house slaves and other people who worked on plantations to actually keep that situation in place they could have done that on their own plantation owners could have done that on their own well today you have military and police who act as the house slaves of the modern era you know there are the enforcers they're the people who are the order followers for the psychopathic ruling class quote/unquote you know those who see themselves as our rulers as our masters and they follow their bidding they follow their orders it's as simple as that and anybody who doesn't understand that that's the case you're asleep you know you don't understand what's going on okay because without those people following those orders they couldn't get a thing done they're a bunch of old men who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag okay so they need enforcers to do their dirty work for them because they're too cowardly and weak to actually physically get that done on their own and if people knew that they were physically being held in in hostage under duress okay they would rebel they would physically rebel but they've convinced people that there's somehow freedom in this world through you know the voting process and through the process called government when it's just the state of violence you know it's just a system of violence that it's enforced by violent order followers that's all it is now it's all whatever has been that's all government ever will be whether you understand that or not doesn't make a difference it's true it doesn't make a difference what you happen to think now that's the actual fact of the matter so without people being self-loathing they would not do those behaviors so what I'm saying here is are all cops self-loathing people yes blanket statement every single one bar none 100% without one exception every cop is a self-loathing human being is every single soldier in the world who's following the bidding of the psychopathic ruling class so-called elitists a self-loathing individual yes every single last one bar none bar none because to do those jobs deep in the subconscious mind you must hate yourself the end that's the way that it is doesn't make a difference whether you disagree doesn't make a difference whether you don't understand that's what's going on in the mind that's what's going on in their mind whether they understand it or not it follows invariably unwaveringly logically you cannot support a condition of slavery for yourself and your own species unless somewhere deep down inside yourself you hate yourself and I know whoever wants to argue with it argue till you're blue in the face I'm not here to even have it debate about that I'm telling you that's how it is not because I say so because I have recognized it as such understanding enough about psychology understanding enough about the subconscious mind that that is what's going on in them whether they know it or not and yes blanket statement all see the ego doesn't like that word the ego doesn't like every all without exception it hates that rebels against that the ego can't stand a blanket statement well guess what folks some blanket statements are true many of them are not but some are there are certain things that are always true that are always a certain way and I'm telling you this is one of them people who support a system of slavery are self-loathing beings that's it you cannot love yourself you cannot have deep true self-respect if you are an order follower it is not possible there are contradictory in nature those two psychological states are contradictory in nature in their but in their very essence and we need to understand this clear as day and state it that way unapologetically order followers are self-loathing your followers are self-loathing beings always have been and when you become a person who's no longer in the state of self-loathing and has developed true self respect you won't do the job of following someone else's orders that's the truth as painful as that may be that is eternal truth so get over it if you don't agree or if you don't think that's how it really is because I'm not here trying to convince you I'm telling you openly that's how it is and this is the problem this is the problem if you want to be free you have to develop your own self respect and then help other people to develop self respect for themselves and that's the most difficult work there is to do in the world think about it to help someone else to influence another human being to be to start to love themselves that was who could think of something that's more difficult to do than that some people would say it can't be done how could you do that no you can't make someone do it but you can be an influence for them you could be a role model for them you could help them in that process you can show them how they've been hating themselves and treating themselves horribly and supporting their own horrible treatment through their own wrong thinking through their own misguided mind controlled forms of thought and in doing so you could help them to start reversing that self-loathing behavior and get on the path to true self-respect which is the only thing that can ever cure self-loathing believe me I know folks I was in this state I was in it deep for for at least ten years of my life or more so it can be overcome it is not a hopeless situation but C is self-loathing the bottom of the rabbit hole is that as deep as it really goes or is there something beyond that psychologically is there a deeper psychological condition or factor at work that creates self-loathing in a human being and the answer is yes there is and while I would put self loathing as the trunk of the tree of evil that's the trunk that's the part we really we can see that's holding up the rest of the evil structure okay the structure of refusal to own personal responsibility and step into true adulthood the refusal to look at that which is to stay in willful ignorance psychological denial cognitive dissonance this structure these psychological structures are upheld by that self-loathing which is the root I'm sorry which is the trunk of the tree of evil but what are the roots of that tree what are the things from what from where the tree actually grows from that are is underneath the ground that is even more difficult to see than even that somebody may not really have true self-respect many people can see that but how many people can answer the question why do people hate themselves so much what are the roots of the tree of evil I'll answer that question on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcaster stay with us welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com before the break I was just going to get to what lies at the root the root psychological cause of all evil in this world and it's something that many people will not have even considered and when I tell people what it is they'll be like that can't be what it is but yes it is see something underlies willful ignorance and the fear of owning personal responsibility and even self-loathing due to a lack of self respect in one's life and that root causal factor is psychological parental abandonment issues once again the root causal factor of the human condition and something that I'm gonna be talking a whole lot about here on what on earth is happening and especially in future shows and in future presentations psychological parental abandonment issues now what does this mean this means literally what it says having been abandoned by one or both parents and not just physically being abandoned mentally emotionally psychologically spiritually it doesn't just mean that a parent is absent physically it means that they are absent or unavailable psychologically or emotionally in a child's life that they did not truly provide positive upbringing values to raise that child and instill values for truth and right within them they weren't there for that child's upbringing or raising okay they were cut off they were emotionally unavailable they were spiritually unavailable and in many cases physically unavailable physically absent not in all cases however so we need to look at the role of a parent first of all to understand why this statement is true to understand what does what does ruin as a parenting actually provide for a child what do parents actually do what is their role what are they there to provide to do for a child that they have that they birth into the world well the parents role is twofold if you break it down as simple as possible it is to provide nurturing meaning provide for the child's needs the physical needs of the child the emotional needs of the child the mental needs of the child the spiritual needs of the child it is a nurturing instinct is a nurturing role that is the first half of what parenting is about the second part of it is protection you are taking on a life that is not yet responsible for itself a mind that has to be positively imbued with values meaning positively programmed given correct information into the body computer that is the mind the human mind so the parents role this twofold role you are nurturing the child by giving them what they need providing what they need and then you are protecting them from harmful influences in the external environment or even possibly ways that they may harm themselves because they don't have enough knowledge about how to operate in the world so it is nurturing and protection that's the key to roles of parenting that we need to understand and keep in mind because it'll make so much more sense when we understand this is what's driving the human condition the people aren't growing up because they're experiencing often subtle and nested subconscious psychological trauma due to parents having failed in their roles of nurturing and protection of the child so what I tell people moving on to slide number five is is that the condition of humanity is that of an abandoned child of a very bratty abandoned child at that I have a slide here that says this is the psychological condition of humanity with a bratty maybe four or five year old boy screaming at the top of his lungs in the foreground of the picture while his parents are sitting in the back background ignoring him with his kid sister on the couch paying attention to her and they're like you know unavailable for him or not paying attention to him and I think this is the ideal and perfect visual image for what humanity has become and currently is right now a bratty psychologically abandoned child that is throwing a tantrum that is throwing a temper tantrum okay what we may not be throwing that tantrum externally but we're throwing it internally in our own mind in our own psyche and our own psychological makeup this is our condition see we have to understand that when something traumatic occurs we don't often are not even often consciously aware of it later in life see that's because the mind is split we are a very schismatic type of being we have a schism that is built-in within us and this is the difference between the conscious and the subconscious minds the conscious mind is the aware part of the mind and to understand this we can look at this simple model that I've built on slide number six moving on to slide six discussing the conscious versus subconscious mind this simple model explains that the conscious mind is the aware part of the personality I describe it as the awake or the aware mind and it forms about 15% some psychologists and physiologists may say even less than that you know some people place this around 12% as low as 12% I'd say it's probably around 15% of the personality 15% of the whole makeup of the beam and the conscious minds function is to process information that's coming at it that's arriving in to the human psyche through environmental sensory input coming at it from the environment and the conscious mind is scanning it's always scanning the environment and saying do I recognize that do I know what that is if I come across an unknown I have to identify it or try to identify it so it's trying to identify patterns trying to identify meaning it's trying to identify purpose it's trying to identify any threats that may be present in the environment as well that's what the conscious mind does it's our active component are awake component now you could look at things like critical thinking that's done in the conscious mind in the active awake and aware part of the personality when we're breaking down information to try to make sense of it and understand what it means critical thinking that's done by the conscious mind planning strategy and strategizing that's also done by the conscious mind our short-term memory things that just happened that those are all we are all dealing with those memories through the conscious mind the aware part of ourselves our judgment and decision-making processes okay based on the information we have taken in to break down that information and come to an understanding of it and then make a judgment or a decision regarding it that's done by the conscious mind our willpower is part of the conscious mind our drive and I don't mean the subconscious motivations I'm talking about when we're actively making a decision to do a thing that's in this in the conscious part of the mind the conscious awareness and then of course morality is processed through and works through the conscious mind of the individual conscience the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong action is processed and filtered through the conscious part of our personality the conscious mind but if the conscious mind only makes up about 15 percent of our total awareness well what makes up the other percent of our psyche the other percent of our whole personality well that's the subconscious mind and it's just what it means it's exactly what it means the the prefix sub means beneath beneath the conscious awareness at a level that is hidden because it is under and something else it is veiled you could say it's buried deep down in the dark recesses and we'll look at what the qualities of the subconscious mind are on the other side of this break the mystery - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] and and welcome back everyone to the second hour of what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break we were talking about the difference between the conscious mind versus the subconscious mind we were getting ready to talk about the subconscious mind and what it is and what its function is so it means literally underneath of the conscious mind okay so this is what I would call the asleep part of the personality or the unaware part of ourselves it's where programming operates from things that we do unconsciously things that we do robotic ly alright and some people would say very unfortunately it comprises about 85% of the total makeup of the human being the subconscious mind psychologically things like automated bodily functions you know we don't think about breathing or digestion we just do it well that's ultimately run by the subconscious part of the psyche instinct fight-or-flight modes of response alright instinctual and survival responses controlled by the subconscious are habits again programming is all within the subconscious part of the mind our long-term memory things that happen to us a long time ago that we recall and remember stored in the subconscious and our initial emotional responses to things that we see in here very very important very ruled by programming believe it or not the initial emotional responses to what we see in here all ruled by subconscious programming so what does the subconscious mind actually do what is it what does it do what's its function well the main function of the subconscious mind is to protect the conscious mind from the re-experiencing of past traumatic experiences and see this is a very unique function to the human animal we can relive within our mind in the visualization process in our imagination which is a very powerful force and a force that really can assist us in so many ways but it can also be a detriment the imagination there's a dark side to it there's a negative side to it our imagination and visualization capabilities of our minds can often allow us to re-envision a horrible event that we may have once gone through physically emotionally psychologically okay and we don't want to be in that state again we don't want to relive a past trauma because we're gonna feel the mind is so powerful that when we relive a past trauma mentally psychologically emotionally right we actually generate the neuro peptides that make us feel a physical response in the body this is called stress that's why if you think about a negative event happening and try to relive it your body will tense up you'll be actually undergoing physical stress which is really not good for the physical body it makes blood flow away from the torso and away from the brain higher thought is impeded digestive function is impeded moving the nutrients to places that they need to go in the body is impeded so you don't want to be in stress all the time you want to be as stress-free as possible you want to be aware of what's going on but staying in constant stress would certainly take its toll on your body so but the imagination makes it possible for us to relive past traumas at a conscious level and therefore a reappearance physical stress which is bad for the physiology so as a protective mechanism the subconscious mind acts to nest these former traumatic experiences it holds them in a state where we're not aware of them in the unconscious or subconscious part of the mind and so we can't keep bringing them up to the surface and reliving them now people will say well isn't that a good thing well yes for the reasons I've just described but no for more subtle reasons it's not a good thing it's something that in the short-term helps us not experience relive past traumas and create the physiological responses to those traumas in the body again but long-term it's a bad thing that the mind works like this okay because by not dealing with those past traumas and by this part of the mind just basically putting them to the backburner digging a hole and putting them in the hole and throwing dirt on top of them we're not really truly healing that traumatic experience we're only ignoring it we're only pushing it away or nesting it down deeper into a hidden area of ourselves what I would call the shadow side the shadow self that's what the subconscious is and by doing that we're never really truly working with that trauma to heal it fully and therefore we are still a traumatized individual although at a subconscious level and the conscious mind isn't even deeply aware at an awake level and awake and aware level that the being the personality the essence of who we are is actually still experiencing and undergoing trauma deep down inside that's why this part of the mind it can be very insidious if we don't learn how to work with it and make it an asset to ourselves by going into shadow material bringing the trauma up forward to the conscious level of awareness confronting it working with it healing it very very very painful and difficult work to do but most of us loathe doing that work and that's why we become self-loathing because these traumas that we have experienced are defining who we are to ourselves for the reason that we never are working with them to heal them we're just pushing them away and allowing the subconscious to do this quote-unquote protective mechanism to push these traumas deeper down inside of ourselves so is parental abandonment a trauma well you damn better well believe that it is you better know that it is it's one of the worst traumatic experiences that can ever happen to any individual let alone a child it's it's hard on us enough when a parent may abandon us not want to talk to us anymore or die when we're older when we're adults but imagine how a child takes those things imagine that level of trauma and many people that I'm talking to out there little--it listenership will have experienced this as a child and what I'm suggesting is that most people in some form or fashion have experienced parental abandonment as a child whether it be physical or not because there's many more forms of parental abandonment other than a parent being physically absent we have to keep that in mind again they could be emotionally absent spiritually absent not providing any true nurturing at a spiritual level at a level of values to us whether they're physically present or not and this trauma has been largely undealt with an unconfirmed unworked with by the vast vast majority of human beings and I would suggest this is why humanity as a whole is a self-loathing species why we don't have true self-respect why we continue to refuse to own our own personal responsibility and why we remain in willful ignorance to the difference between right and wrong I'm gonna pick this up on the other side of the break and then we're going to go to your calls in this hour you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone listen - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm if you're following along with the images for tonight's show you could find them on what on earth is happening dot-com / radio on the radio lish listen page of my website right underneath the player I'm moving on to slide number 7 now and gonna talk a little bit about something I've talked about on past shows something that is known as in psychology as the abuse victim cycle and this is something that we also need to understand and how it works in conjunction in many cases with the subconscious mind in order to keep people on a treadmill when it comes to not healing trauma you'll notice that if you look at this graph that I made here in slide number seven it's almost largely red these are the danger areas that we don't want to be in and there's only one place right in the center right in the middle that is green that is you know where you would be healed from and I'll explain this in a moment see we're really talking about the root cause of factor psychologically for the human condition of slavery being a traumatic experience in childhood and you know we're gonna look at this from the microscopic perspective the microcosmic perspective I'm sorry I should say the microcosmic perspective is actual physical parental abandonment issues and again that the parents the biological parents of a child you know not being there in whatever capacity whether physically emotionally mentally spiritually you name it that is still what I would call the microcosmic manifestation of this trauma there is a macrocosmic manifestation of this trauma that I call cosmic abandonment and we're gonna save that for another show another time I'll be building up to that for people that may want to skip ahead or have already skipped ahead by watching the abandonment presentation that I gave because I had an opportunity to give a presentation as part of a meetup group here in the Philadelphia area right here in Philadelphia actually a couple of months ago I do have a video on my website called cosmic abandonment but it's kind of like skipping ahead at this point I'm trying to lay out at least the microcosmic variation on this theme and help people to understand how this is going on in an everyday sense with many many many people on the earth and that's why we're continuing to support condone and enact slavery on this planet so if we understand that abandonment issues parental abandonment issues in general are traumatic experiences and of course they are we have to understand the abuse victim cycle and here's how it works a traumatic abuse of some type occurs or chronic abuse occurs and in a chronic means it's ongoing it's an ongoing state of abuse that is occurring in an individual's life two things usually happen psychologically within the person's mind who is experiencing the trauma and this is whether they're witnessing the trauma or whether they're directly being affected by the trauma okay this works for direct experiencers and those who are witnessing the trauma take place okay so these two emotional psychological reactions are the negative pathways it's what you would call the things that the reactions that perpetuate the cycle and what we want to do is get out of the cycle we don't want the cycle to perpetuate the abuse victim cycle we want to break it that's the only way we're really going to develop true freedom here on this planet is by breaking the abuse victim cycle so the first thing that could happen is the experiencer in whatever capacity whether they directly experienced or witnessed this trauma will identify with the abuser the one who did the traumatic thing to the other person okay and though I identify with them because they'll say well I'd rather be the one who's on the giving end of this hurt of this harm than be on the receiving end it's a lot better the B to be the person who's beating on somebody than to get beat that may be one way one perspective that they look at this traumatic experience from okay so then what they'll what will happen is that all the negative emotions that they've acquired through the experience of this trauma they will turn inward toward themselves if they identify with I'm sorry I'm sorry they will turn outward against others not in word it pardon me they will turn their negative emotions outward toward others when they identify with the abuser the one who's doing the abuse because they'll say again I'd rather be on the dishing out and then on the receiving end and then the experiencer the one who either was on the receiving end or witnessed the abuse becomes the abuser later in life because they have not dealt with the trauma in a positive way in a way that can actually bring it forward and heal it so they go out and then they experience they abuse other people and therefore they perpetuate the cycle because then someone else is being abused and then they may do the same thing to others and they may go through the same split that I've just explained half of the experiencer identifying with the abuser their emotions turn outward they become like the abuser and then they abuse others and they can also abuse themselves when they are the one who is doing the abuse because you can become an abuser and a victim simultaneously if you're doing the abuse to yourself okay so you have to keep in mind that's also possible to abuse yourself while you identify with the abuser and become the abuser in this abuse victim cycle the other psychological dynamic that could play is that the experiencer weather again direct experience or indirect through witnessing the trauma will identify with the victim the one who was abused in this chronic traumatic circumstance and their emotions will instead turn inward against themselves and they will become the victim because their rationale is well it was really morally wrong for this person to do this to this other person I would rather be on the receiving end of it therefore I'm not actively harming somebody else okay and therefore I'd rather take abuse from others rather than dish out abuse to others so then since they're identifying with the victim and their emotions are turning inward they become the victim later in life and they allow themselves to be walked all over and then they are victimized by other people and the cycle perpetuates itself and not only are they victimized by other people in many cases they victimize themself themselves abuse themselves and stay in a in a victim mind state and this is all because they have not gone into the subconscious mind into the basement of those traumatic experiences brought them up to the level of conscious awareness into the conscious mind and dealt with them in a holistic healing way they are loathe to do that work because that work is painful because it does involve a certain amount of the reliving of that trauma and there are other methods that you can use to bring it forward to the conscious level I know my guest from last week J Parker is a big fan of emotional freedom technique or EFT and that helps to bring this forward in a physical capacity too and it also helps to heal in a very physical way believe it or not through tapping because you are alleviating stressor points in the body it's a form of acupuncture EFT a gentler formula will pick this up on the other side of the break and we'll be going to your calls in this hour don't go anywhere folks are listening to what on earth is happening we gotta wake up from your sleep if it's your soul that you want to keep great song there by spirit Caravan we're not gonna stop until we wake this world up that's what we're going to do to drive forward with knowledge care and willpower until this world is awake no matter what it takes to do that that's what the great work is ladies and gentlemen before the break we were talking about the abuse victim cycle and how the vast majority of what it creates are people going right back into the cycle because they either identify with the abuser and then they become an abuser or they identify with the evict with the victim and then they become the victim there's a narrow pathway the middle path that one can take to become healed and that heal healing modality happens through applied knowledge care and willpower and you know what it doesn't have to just be internally from the individual the individual can get help from someone else who is more knowledgeable than themselves from someone else who cares and who has the will to work with them and help them so it's not like that all has to be inborn the person has to want help they have to want to be healed somewhere along the line whenever somebody who isn't in any kind of a cycle that is holding them back whether it be abuse victimization being an abuser you know or addiction of any kind they have avenues that they can go to they don't have to just suddenly magically get this information themselves in many cases they're not strong enough to do that it has to be brought to them this is what interventions are all about I'm suggesting humanity needs an intervention and it needs to be directed by the people who are consciously aware of what's going on and we need to tell these people hey you're not well out in the open unapologetically it's not okay what you're doing you're not mentally well you're not spiritually well you do need healing it doesn't matter whether they want to hear it or not the problem is most people refuse to do that because they're afraid of the reaction on the other side you go up to a drug addict and who's your friend and you say hey you're really screwing yourself up man I don't want to see you do this to yourself you know what's the initial reaction you don't know about me you don't know what I need or what's good for me you're telling me I'm messing myself up that's the initial cognitive dissonance they're in denial that they're screwed up well that's where most of humanity is when it comes to the truth they're in denial about it they think they're not doing harm by their ignorance when every day they're doing more and more harm not only to themselves but to everyone around them and until enough people buck up and get in their face and tell them it's not okay to stay ignorant that way and keep bringing them information whether they want to hear it or not not violently but forcefully meaning keep putting it in their face until I mean until the point where they say I will not talk to you at all anymore I want absolutely nothing to do with you that's the point where I say I'm gonna that's the point where I'll say okay I'll stop you've now told me I absolutely don't want to talk to you anymore but until someone that to me in which case I completely cut them off from my life from interaction with me at all if you don't want to hear about this you don't interact with me period if I think you're ignorant of it I'm gonna speak it I'm gonna bring it to your attention doesn't matter what your state of readiness to hear it is and if you tell me absolutely don't want to hear it then there will be no interaction from me that's it hardcore hardcore and the problem is the problem is not that approach ladies and gentlemen if you think that's the problem you are wrong you are part of the problem if you think that approach is the problem the problem is the exact opposite approach where people will not speak this information to others that's the problem because they're too timid they're too afraid ultimately because they're cowards and they're still in a state of stealth self-loathing when you're out of a state of self-loathing you don't give a damn what anybody else thinks of what you're saying as long as you know it's the truth and as long as you know that integrated into the personality that information will help and will do no harm and I do know that and therefore I'm gonna speak it I'm gonna speak it and the problem is we don't have enough people with that kind of courage and persistence and we'll know they're still cowardly and lazy they don't understand what the real great work is so I'm gonna just wrap this part up and I'm gonna pause there I'm gonna take some calls in this hour and then in the next segment I'll next hour I'll get into a little bit more about parental abandonment issues and if there's time this week I'm gonna do an actual psychological case study live on the air of a famous individual someone who I formerly respected and then developed a great amount of disdain for but then kind of was able to somewhat let go of that disdain when I reckon nice he was suffering from deep childhood traumatic parental abandonment issues it'll be very interesting to break down this dynamic on the air of a famous individual now I won't tell you who that is you'll have to continue to listen to find out but I just want to finish saying about the abuse victim cycle the way out of it is very narrow most people never break that cycle it's one of the most powerful things forms of programming to break out of because most people make the mistake of either choosing to identify with the abuser or with the victim and again to gain the knowledge of what it takes to break this cycle but to gain the knowledge of the psyche and how the subconscious mind is ruling this trauma you don't have to do all of that yourself you can receive help from other concerned people around you if they have that knowledge on how to do it on what to what to look for and what areas to explore and go into in the psyche see you have to often talk your way through it get at these route psychological causal issues that are on dealt with and that's a painful thing and again I was talking before the break you could supplement that with different healing techniques meditation is one of them properly used okay concentration is another concentrate of techniques visualization techniques EFT emotional freedom technique all of these modalities can be combined and used in different ways to create a healing methodology for someone who's experiencing traumatic circumstances in their life often nested subconscious trauma that has never been dealt with that shadow material has never been dredged up alright so that's what it takes to get out of the abuse victim cycle applied knowledge applied care and applied willpower continuously until that trauma is dealt with and healed until it is brought out of the netherworld the recesses of the subconscious mind and worked with at the level of the conscious aware mind very very very difficult work to do not blowing smoke up anybody's rear end not telling you that that is easy to do it is not easy to do for me dealing with my own parental abandonment issues which I will also talk about after I break down a case study of this famous individual I'm going to talk about because I want to lay it all out on the table and talk about what I experienced as a child okay we have to get all all that dirty laundry out in the open you know it has to become personal I'm not one for keeping it unperson 'el or dis personal all right I'm gonna talk about my own parental abandonment issues okay and how long it took me to deal with them and in many ways I'm still dealing with them but I'm working with that I work with that shadow material I don't ignore it I bring it to the level of conscious awareness and deal with it and work with it until it is healed and it does not subconsciously program me anymore many people again are very loath to do that work because it is not pleasant it is not pleasant work but unless we do it we don't maintain mental sanity and therefore we become insane see sanity cleanliness of the mind Sanitation of the mind that's why we call it being sane being clean in the mind having dealt with all that subconscious crud you wouldn't think of eating off the dirty plate over and over again we're not cleaning our minds I'm going to go to some calls in this last segment and then we'll pick this up in our number three stay with us silence we don't speak Wow between us so everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting let's go to the phones for this segment and see what the caller's have to say about this topic or anything else you want to bring up for that matter lain in California you're live on what on earth is happening welcome well thank you very much mark I listen to your opening question and I and I thought I had a possible thought answer maybe that might just fit into the conversation and after hearing you know your your talk on this of course it does tails off into many different shots but I just want to say that I can relate to what you're talking about and the bottom line that you know the sword has to face the fire and I was reminded of a couple scriptures in one in the Old Testament one of the New Testament birth telling us the same thing and that was because they loved not the truth that I will give them up to a reprobate mind that they will believe their own lies and when I when I check that out in the Webster's 1828 dictionary the word reprobate meant rejected abandoned depraved unprincipled wicked morally depraved unworthy unacceptable and I personally have always wondered I'm tying something else and that the thought into this whole pot here I'll never forget something that Michael to Syrian said and I'll throw this in as a caveat he said in one of his talks that it's not hate or violence or even anger that are the root causes of the evil on this planet he said no none of those it's false love and until we as individuals can face that fire and have a desire to know the truth yes we've I can experience I've experienced the parental abandonment that you've mentioned and most of us have but there's something in the core of an a person it is it must be there the desire to know the truth even if you don't even have the questions to even look up an app that's we've got to have to fire and if you have that if my forces will come to your assistance and they will lead you on your journey that's exactly right Elaine I want to thank you for that comment and those insights because it's exactly true you know if we don't develop the desire to want to know what's going on not only just in our world but within ourselves this is about what's going on inside of ourselves you have a right to know that that deep nested subconscious psychological information about yourself how could you possibly love yourself if you don't understand your shadow side you know it you brought up a scriptural quote about you know turning away from truth and what will happen you know you know you it harkens back to like in the book of Hosea where it says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and I would say we're destroyed for lack of self knowledge for knowledge about how we work and knowledge about what's going on deep down inside of ourselves at places we don't see it a conscious level but another scripture what from the apocryphal scriptures that aren't included in the official Canon of the Bible you know you look at the scriptures from the NAG Hammadi library I believe it's the Gospel of Thomas and the Gnostics Gnostic Gospels where the the Christ figure in the Gnostic Gospels is saying if you bring forth from yourself that which is inside of you that which you bring forth will be your salvation and if you do not bring forth that which is inside of you that which you have refused to bring forth will be your destruction I mean very very profound words and it speaks to this very dynamic if we don't bring forward that which is inside of ourselves at the subconscious level deal with it work with it confront it heal it if it's traumatic it needs to be confronted and healed we're going to keep creating at an unconscious level and keep experiencing completely chaotic results that we're getting because we're not working at a conscious level with that shadow material so very very very profound insights there and I want to thank you for your call let's go take another call let's move on to Scott in Oregon you're alive on what on earth is happening welcome Scott are you still there hello Scott if you're there go ahead you're live on what on earth is happening God dropped okay no problem alright so let's move on to another caller then let's try David in Canada David you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how are you doing well what do you have for tonight I must I must say that this comment dealing with the net topic related issue thing a proposition but my my background is very similar to yours Catholic however I was raised by a man who's very knowledgeable much like yourself delve read thousands of books 15,000 books at least the whole library lost delved into occult mysteries everything and and unfortunately for myself I was raised by his person he divulged some of this information to me through my life however until I got to your podcast and the information that you're divulging and how you developed it a lot of this information was not really I had not collated it correctly now getting to this point of what you're going on here in terms of the tree basically the tree of ascension to evil and evil ideas he posed us he died in 2010 and he posed this riddle to me and he basically said in a spiritual context what what is it that human beings do what do we do what do we all do it's the one thing you all do we all do it and cut to the chase I didn't have an answer and he answered and he said David we we are we do this one thing we we emote we're emoting machines biological moding machines and ever since that point I contemplated this idea and how it affects myself and I understand these like I've got to podcast 60 I'm like feverishly going through your material because it has affected me it has brought so many concepts into a light it's open if they the the the art stone has been removed and light is flowing in you something I believe that paraphrasing I'm saying correctly in terms of a Masonic tradition in any case so they keep going back to you go to the parents will abandon issues and if we were born as an open slate or fairly relatively blank slate and this concept of being a most in milking beings then at that very outset of our lives and our experiences within this this this world that we perceived through our senses through through the methods that the Trivium lays out and whether we realize it or not these are concepts are very it's all new to me as well and but I understand the principles and I do believe that we the truth is that this is how we're affected and and we don't understand understand these modalities understandings a perception of our psyche then we are truly lost and and it is until we come to this concept these understandings that we start to dig ourselves out from the hole we we start to climb Jacob's Ladder that's exactly right you elevate herself you know and that's what this is ultimately all about this is about confronting ourselves people always want to point the finger outward about the problems in the world but so many people are still actively supporting this control system we have to turn the finger finger inward and say how am i a part of this and what can I do to right pull back my involvement from that from those dynamics so that I can truly live like a free being that does not support this control system or this slavery for one moment any longer it's a very difficult process but we have to all look at ourselves in the eye in our inner self in our inner eye and go through that process our for ourselves to say how can I pull my involvement back more and more and more each day until I'm not contributing to it whatsoever right I agree it is an insight like I mean did you not like I felt this when I was a you know adolescent that and I felt this all my life but and you express this is like you are expressing it is that this is change in this world is not possible any other way other than on the individual way and that's on the individual by the individual that's right it happens through understanding the mind because the mind is what is ultimately manifesting our reality freedom man that's what it's all about you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today we're talking about the route psychological causal factors of the human condition called slavery and if we're going to end that condition become truly free beings we have to understand what's going on deep down in the subconscious mind in our own subconscious psychological makeup I propose the model called the tree of evil and our number one the tree of all evil as I call it willful ignorance is the leaves and small twigs of that tree that bear the fruit ultimately of violence chaos destruction slavery you name it everything that we consider bad but underneath that willful ignorance there's this childish notion of wanting to remain irresponsible never really truly growing up psychologically emotionally spiritually the fear of owning one's personal responsibility underneath that self-loathing issues due to a lack of true self-respect feelings of unworthiness that are inborn through traumatic circumstances and traumatic experiences that we underwent earlier in life and finally those then those feelings of self-loathing themselves are underlay by psychological parental abandonment issues whether they be physical where the parent is actually not there was not there for the child or whether they are mental emotional psychological and spiritual abandonment shoes by parents toward children that gets that trauma often gets buried into the subconscious mind it's on dealt with the subconscious mind is performing this role of protecting the conscious mind from the reliving of trauma through visualization and imagination so when that trauma gets nested it's not often dealt with and healed and we're carrying around these abandonment issues that are affecting our behavior without even knowing it at a conscious level so I'm going to offer a proof of this and I would say this is a proof it's not just a conjecture or a theory it's a physical proof of what is going on in this world and what underlies it are parental abandonment issues because what happens when we have parental abandonment issues is we attempt to substitute or create what's known in psychology as a proxy a proxy is something that isn't actually that thing that we're going to fill in for the real thing okay so let's say people want to stop smoking so they might substitute a fake cigarette as a proxy for a real cigarette and just so that they have something in their hand something they could do with their hands this is actually a technique to quit smoking some people may substitute a lollipop or some people may suck on lifesavers or something like that there it's a substitute it's a proxy for doing something with the mouth and with the hands okay and in doing that you're putting something in place that isn't the real thing but your ass waging the desire for the real thing by doing that by putting that proxy in place psychologically so in our world because people are walking around with unresolved parental abandonment issues and they want a mother or a father to be present to have been present or to be present now when they are absent when they are in fact absent and again whether that means physical absence or emotional psychological absence okay it it it doesn't make a difference what kind of absence we're talking about a parent could be physically there and still not really be providing what a child requires okay so what people will often do who carry around this trauma unresolved is they will attempt to substitute a proxy in place of the missing parents or the role the missing role that the parent would normally be fulfilling but is not fulfilling and that that vacuum is going unfulfilled in their life so now they're gonna try to substitute something in place of it and this is done through government in our world it's done through the political spectrum of government alright so I asked I posed this question on slide number eight now these images once again are on the what on earth is happening calm radio show page what on earth is happening calm slash radio okay and they're right underneath the player unless you're listening with the podcast in which case this is podcast number 147 and you can get the images there so I posed on quite on slide number eight for this show or podcast do you ever wonder why there are only really two major political parties yeah we have some other minor parties but they're they get no attention they get no media coverage the government hypes up the two major parties this is more than just a dialectical approach like a Hegelian dialectic approach to get people to choose sides and then polarize them there's something deeper psychologically going on here than just a dialectical approach and the reason that there's only ever two major political parties it doesn't really matter what country were talking about almost every country this same scheme this technique whatever you want to call it as practice then this met of manipulation this is because there's only two parental figures there's a a biological mother and a biological father I'm moving on to slide number nine here that's the answer to that question the reason there's only two major political parties is there's only two biological parental figures in any given individual's life every individual was the byproduct of a man and a woman that's how birth is given I mean unless of course you were you know given birth through surrogate birth of some kind or you know through an artificial insemination but that sperm still came from a man and that egg still came from a woman okay there are the archetypal parental figures doesn't make a difference what the living conditions of a person is in their life they may have no no parents they may be adopted they may have one parent one parent may have died you know they may have two mothers and if they're being raised by a lesbian couple they it may have two fathers if they're being raised by a homosexual gay male couple okay so doesn't make a difference what those conditions are everyone is the byproduct of a man and a woman biologically okay therefore there are the archetypal figures of parental figures and again we define the role of parenting in the first part of this podcast as providing nurturing and protection and by and large those roles are grouped by parents not completely both parents can provide both of those roles again this is not a blanket statement this is a blending okay it's a mixture of the two but again the the majority at least archetype early in the mind in the psyche we largely identify the nurturing role as being the mother's primary role and protection being her secondary role as a parent and primarily the father being the protector the primer as the primary role and having the nurturing aspect of the male father figure being the secondary role largely again not a blanket statement please do not take that as such men can be nurturers women can be protectors okay however as a generalization the male provides the protection role and supplements it with the nurturing role and the woman provides the nurturing role and may supplement it with the protecting role okay now if we look at the political spectrum and I'm using the I'm going to use the political spectrum or the political duality here in America as our model we'll see that each party each major party acts as a proxy for each parental figure we'll put that up on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio so before the break I was about to get into a political model for psychological abandonment for parental abandonment I should say these parental abandonment issues manifest in our replacing the parental figure with a proxy called government whereby government then becomes the parental figure and it tells us everything that we need to be doing and it provides for us and it nurtures us and it cares for us and it protects us okay and that's what people are giving up their sovereignty to because they want to remain in this state of no personal responsibility to know and choose right behavior of a wrong behavior in a state of willful ignorance and ultimately they're not dealing with nested subconscious psychological parental abandonment issues that are that have gone unresolved and therefore what they're doing is they're trying to substitute the missing parent with government and here's how it works each political party plays the role of a parental figure and what the person who supports that party is doing is they're saying this is my new mommy where this is my new daddy because they're not present in my life in whatever capacity whether physically mentally psychologically emotionally spiritually etc okay and therefore I'm going to substitute them using this proxy called government and now it's the new mommy where it's the new daddy the nanny state or the daddy state you know the Big Brother state okay so I'll use the political parties here in America as the example the Democratic Party the left-wing the liberal or neoliberal type okay and again yes I'm generalizing here I'm talking about personality types you know in general the psychology and the personality of these types of individuals it is a generalization but it's a generalization that holds true okay I call these all these people's supporters of slavery like if we stop you for maizing what these people really are and just calling them people who believe in government and think governments legitimate and where voters or whatever you want to call them okay if you believe in government you're a supporter of slavery the end ok you may not believe that you may not accept that that's true but once again that's an eternal truth that you're never gonna make untrue no matter how much you don't want to accept it or do you say you don't believe it doesn't matter what you believe if you believe in government and you support government you're a supporter of slavery if we're being honest with ourselves and again I recognize most people or not they lie to themselves from cradle to grave ok so those of us who want to be honest with ourselves are going to call anybody who supports government supporters of slavery if we stop euphemized the terms okay I don't like you foam ization I like cutting not cutting through all the bull and getting down to what something really is all right and those who support government or supporters of slavery if we're being honest with ourselves all right that being said the democratic or liberal or left-wing types always want government to be the caretaker of the people they think that people don't have to grow up and be truly responsible for their own lives that somebody else should do that and that's what they want government to be they want it to fulfill the role of caretaker from cradle to grave they think that the government should act as our providers our nurturers ok those who are always on the lookout and caring for us all right and that's the role of an archetype or mother and again I'm on slide number 10 here now on the images for the show or the podcast ok so what these and yes all of these people all of them not some all blanket statement now again some blanket statements are not true some blanket statements and generalizations hold true all of these people who that think this way that this is what government should do are putting the government in the proxy okay as the archetypal mother figure because somewhere in their personality and again it does not have to be a physical abandonment issue they are suffering from motherly abandonment issues whether the mother physically abandoned them or was off-limits emotionally did not provide for their mental well-being did not give them help to provide knowledge for them and teach them the right things did not provide a true value system for them okay or did not instill in them a true sense of personal responsibility these people are still children all of these people are still children who believe in and support slavery we can only have a system of slavery if we remain psychological and spiritual infants and never truly really grow up in those capacities so these individuals are all all not some all every last one suffering from motherly abandonment issues whether they are consciously aware of it or not I'm telling you yes I know what's going on in their mind more than they know what's going on in their own mind I am making that statement yes I do know that okay these people are all suffering from mommy issues 100% now let's not leave the other side out of the equation because you know what we're going to treat them just as brutally here just as brutally honestly I should say okay we have to stop you from rising and we need to call the people on the other end of the political spectrum or political aisle just what they are two supporters of slavery so the Republicans don't get off the hook so let's move to slide 11 and look at them okay the P these are also people who believe in the legitimacy of government so they are also supporters of slavery these are the Republican members of the Republican Party the Conservatives or the neoconservatives whatever you want to call them the right-wingers okay what do they want government to fulfill the role of what do they want government to be us then what should government be what role should it play in people's lives well they want it largely to be a protector and again that's the father's role they want it to be the protector to please the world and keep people safe from cradle to grave like an archetype Oh father figure so so where as the liberal neoliberal you know a left-winger type once government to be mommy the Republican conservative right-wing type wants government to be daddy because deep down inside they have fatherly abandonment issues all of them 100% all you don't start believing in the legitimacy of government just because it is repeated just because a mind-control technique and people telling you that that's necessary deep down inside they're dealing at a subconscious level with a father that didn't pay enough attention to them with a father that wasn't emotionally available for them in some capacity or physically available for them just like the left wingers are dealing with an absent mother all of them 100% if you go into it deep enough with these people they are suffering believers in slavery supporters of slavery are dealing in some capacity whether it is conscious or subconscious or unconscious with parental abandonment issues so this is what the right-wing or the Republican or the conservative types want they want government to be the daddy they want it to be the protector again the parental role is twofold nurturer and protector largely the Democrats or liberals or left-wingers want government to be the nurturer the provider and the Republicans the Conservatives the right-wingers they want government to be the protector to fulfill the role of daddy a father okay now there is a third type that we you know don't usually talk about in dealing with the political spectrum that much but I'm not going to leave them out of this truth-telling episode here okay because if the truth be told there are also supporters of slavery regardless of they just think that they want the slave masters to beat us three days a week instead of seven we'll pick this up on the other side stay where this folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting so I was breaking down how people at different sides of the political spectrum or the political aisle substitute or a fill-in as a proxy government to fulfill the absentee role of a parental figure in their lives and they're all suffering from psychological parental abandonment issues that have not really ever been dealt with or dredged up from the subconscious level and dealt with and healed there is a third group you might call this form of abandoned child the black sheep of the family you know it's a it's a lot less prevalent and we call them men are kists it's a term that you know people have called them or they've even applied to themselves you might know them as libertarians or constitutionalists there are people who believe in only a little bit of slavery you know they only condone small amounts of slavery as if there is such a thing okay and I recognize I'm going to a lot of people by saying that and you know a lot of people may get angry and take offense at that well you know what get is offended as you like there's the tagline for the show you know go put it on some t-shirts or billboards get as offended as you like I'm not here to be your friend and tell you what you want to hear I'm here to tell you the truth men are kiss are still are Conesus meaning they believe in master/slave relationships they believe in and support the archons the masters they think there is such a thing as masters over other people and therefore they believe in slavery doesn't make a difference whether what you say you believe in that's not what you think is part of the ideology of menarche has nothing to do with what it really is and I'm telling you is it better than outright authoritarianism it's a step up but not much you know you need to go all the way you need to understand there's no such thing as any kind of a legitimate form of slavery there is no such thing as legitimate government because all government is slavery and there's no such thing as legitimized slavery get that through your skull okay the men are kists out there and like I say you want to take offense to that take all the offense you want the bottom line is what these people are are still children who are substituting nested psychological abandonment with the proxy above government so you know taking the role taking on the role of parental figure in their lives in some capacity even though they want a a minimal capacity you might say they're the estranged two teenager that doesn't want their mother and father ruling over every area of their lives you know but they still believe that they somehow have authority over their lives they want I liken it to a slave that once the the slave master only the whip them three times a week instead of seven you know they look on over at the other plantation that they say Wow on that plantation the slaves are only beaten twice a week boy that would be a great thing you know and we should have twice a week beating whippings instead of seven-day-a-week whippings you know I mean you just you really think of it in that way you hear how absurd it all sounds you know I put it on this slide slide number 12 the final slide for today that the men are kissed wants his parents to abuse him or or her less frequently than the other children's parents abuse them you know it's madness you know and what it really is is fear of truly owning personal responsibility because they have this fear of chaos which can't be feared if you're gonna be truly free the possibility for chaos always must exist we must embrace it if we want to be free you have to have the possibility of chaos in your life the end accept it know it deal with it okay what a men are kissed is is somebody who fears going all the way all the way to true freedom and total personal responsibility they may have a little bit they may have more than most they may have more than other people but they haven't gone all the way all the way and until we get these people to go all the way we're still supporters of slavery I like the joke though what's the difference between a libertarian or a min orkest and an anarchist and the joke you know punchline is about six months you know maybe so maybe a year you know but if we keep working on these people and show them that no matter what level of slavery they're supporting their still supporting slavery you know maybe they'll come around and go all the way eventually and you know take on proudly the label of anarchist you know which is really the truth that there is no authority invested in other human beings over other human beings so that's the presentation for tent tonight and I want to briefly open up discussion about or just a you know me giving some information about another psychological profile if you will or what you might call a psychological workup you know that I'm gonna do here right here online very briefly to explain how not understanding that somebody was dealing with parental abandonment issues throughout their life or perhaps not dealing with them is better to say affected their behavior and when you look at their decisions in light of that knowledge it all becomes clear perhaps in a snap of the fingers as it did with me when I understood this person I'm gonna bring up their history their past and the person I'm going to do a short psychological profiling or workup on is Steve Jobs the former CEO of Apple now deceased born as Steven Paul Jobs okay so Steve Jobs formerly from Apple he died I believe it was about a year and a half back in 2012 if I'm not mistaken and to my knowledge well before I even tell you this I want to talk about my perceptions of Steve Jobs in the past I greatly respected the man in the past when Apple was coming up and in their early days I used Apple's computers throughout the early part of their history and stuck with them through like some of the darkest times now a lot of people will immediately say oh you know they hate Apple they hate Mac's whatever it's a preference some people like Windows some like Linux some like Mac you know so I preferred the Mac platform when I was starting to use computers I liked the graphical user interface as preference to any other alternatives and you know many people know that I still use the Mac OS although I don't buy Apple's products anymore I build what I build my own computer and then I run Mac OS on it it's called making a hackintosh hackintosh in people call it so that's what I use as my main system today because I like the Mac OS but I don't like Apple as a company and I'd have no desire to give any money to them now Apple that I knew was a vastly different company than they are today when I first got involved buying Apple products in their earlier days of computing you could call this company 24 hours a day and a human being would pick up the phone I'm not kidding either now most people would think that's you know insane they can't even imagine that today ok no voice systems robotic voice systems no you know press this number to go to this department a human being would pick up the phone and say how may I help you sir what department can I route you to who can I put you in touch with to solve whatever issue a problem you're having today ok and then their technical support department would stay on the phone with you if your product was supported ok meaning it didn't have to even be under warranty I used to call Apple for products that were not even under warranty anymore but if it was on there supported products list back in the day they would sit on the phone and solve the problem with you and stand that technician would be knowledgeable they were from this country they weren't you know outsourced to another country they were hiring people from here and that person would sit on the phone with you and care about the problem until they fixed it and if they didn't fix it I remember back in the day Apple would send a support technician if the product was still under warranty to your house if it was a hardware issue that couldn't be solved I remember somebody coming over I had defective RAM that I had purchased from Apple and they came on site and put a new RAM chip in an old computer that I had on site that's unheard of today this is the kind of company Apple used to be particularly in their darker years when they were hurting and floundering okay now when Jobs came back to the company people don't know he was kicked out of his own company that he started with Steve Wozniak when in the early 80s when Apple was and this is just some background to his psychology when when when Apple was up coming and they had a an Apple team and a Mac team okay he would try to pick these two teams off against each other to drive people to work harder to best the other team and in so doing he created a lot of bad blood inside the company whose trading internal schisms in the company to try to create loyalty to the Mac team and get them to work harder to innovate movin that better new product and I'll pick that up on the other side of the break stay with us [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today trying to run welcome back again this is the last segment of what on earth is happening for this evening show I want to pick up where I left off talking about how Steve Jobs was thrown out of Apple back in the mid 80s he was kicked off the board of directors eventually they did kind of a hostile takeover on his share of stock and he was eventually thrown another company but I want to make a correction he died in late 2011 believe was October of 2011 so I said he died in 2012 it's been longer than that he's been gone for about two and a half years now so without having been said he was creating an internal schism inside his own company by pitting teams against each other and you know extremely rewarding one team and then viciously denouncing another team if the one team you know drove a better form of innovation and the Board of Directors looked at that is that wasn't providing a conducive working environment for many of the people that were working there and they were kind of being put down and stuff like that so they eventually looked at him as unstable and kicked them out of his own company that he gave birth to well this really set him off obviously because well he started his own company next it never really made it although the under the technological underpinnings of their operating system paved the way for Apple's modern operating system that they're using today but without going into too much detail there when jobs when jobs as software was was kind of like I guess you could say an external when Apple purchased next for their operating system jobs came back into the company and he immediately seized the reins of power and you knew he was viciously going to hold on to that power in the company till he became the CEO again you know he was made Acting CEO and then finally became the permanent CEO up until his death he was not going to let anybody take his baby from him again and that brings me to this dynamic okay he always saw Apple as his baby his creation now it was and from him and now he was gonna ruthlessly hold on to it but there's more to this dynamic than that because Jobs was always a control freak really from day one and people look at him and think oh he's he's the freedom guy and Steve not Steve Jobs of Bill Gates is the guy who's all about control and he's the genesis and he's the one who went once and maintain control at Microsoft well Jobs always had this ideology of wanting to be a monopoly man he wanted to rule it it's just he wasn't as successful at doing that as gates people think of him is so altruistic and the fact of the matter is he really had the same mindset as Bill Gates largely now I think politically he was a bit different on the different political side of the spectrum from from gates and I would not certainly not call him a eugenicist as I would Bill Gates but Jobs was definitely all about control certainly when it came to his company and certainly when it came to what he was going to allow the consumers of his products to access so everybody knew that Apple was all about controlling their hardware because they're a hardware company and you know they always maintained limited access to hardware and use proprietary components and that's because again their industrial design drives their business model and their hardware is their business model not software well now in the later part of jobs is a reign as CEO of Apple before his death he became not only a control freak when it came to the hardware but he also locked down the new systems the software systems that Apple was building into their products namely iOS in the phone in the iPhone first the iPhone and then in the iPad and iPod and this system is locked down tighter than a drum I'm not going to get into all the details but what I mean it is locked down I mean if you even compare it to other mobile platforms it is so tightly controlled and not only is the the hardware and software tightly controlled but the model of programming is so tightly controlled and selling the apps is so tightly controlled Jobs came up with the strategy of selling only through the app store and then taking a percent cut of all apps that developers sell through the App Store and there is no alternative that has to be done through the app store there is no other method of installation on at least a non jailbroken iOS device you know factory iOS device as it is shipped from the factory so um this I ideology of total control over every aspect of the product of the creation that he was putting out there okay stems from his own psychological abandonment issues and I never understood this I always thought of him as a control freak in the later years when he came back to power at Apple but I never understood why he was doing it there's that word again that causal factor why was he behaving in this way and none of it made any sense to me until his biography came out in 2011 and it came out that he had been adopted from almost from birth very very very very early on in life Steve Jobs was adopted his birth parents gave him up for adoption because of dynamics that were going on within their family at them as soon as they gave birth to him so he was given up for adoption by his parents abandoned by his parents you could say not really even for valid reasons it was because his parents family didn't approve of his mother and father's relationship they had the means of caring for the child who gave him up anyway I would say it's not even a valid reason family pressure brought this to bear okay so jobs carried this psychological trauma with him throughout his entire adulthood unresolved and as a result he could never fully give his child in the form of his created technology to other people because he was given up so he never really wanted to fully give people open access to that technology now this is how psychological trauma it works through proxy it never made sense to me why he was such a control freak when it came to both hardware and software and it was largely hardware at first then it became the whole package later I didn't grasp it I always looking for reasons like why does he behave like this I want to like the guy you know I like I like at least his software you know Apple always had you know good industrial design and I didn't necessarily want to stick with them Hardware wise I thought their hardware was not you know not necessarily top of top notch but it was good enough and it ran their hardware ran their software well the software is why I liked Apple I liked Mac OS that's why most people built brand loyalty to this company at any time in the past I don't consider myself a fanatic it was just an enthusiast and I appreciated their operating system very much so with that being said now that I understood his parental abandonment issues through his adoption early in life it fully made sense to me why he could never fully give people the his creations because psychologically he did not want to do the same thing with his surrogate children in the form of his creations that he contributed to making that his real live birth parents did to him jobs never reconciled this with his birth parents he died never having any sort of an audience or meeting with them I believe his birth father wanted to meet with him before Jobs died from pancreatic cancer in 2011 and Jobs would not even grant a meeting to him so you could see that's house nested psychological traumatic abandonment issues work through the subconscious mind and how they manifest through behaviors and I would say to you absolutely this is exactly why Steve Jobs behavior why he became such a control freak in' and that directed the course that his company Apple took later on in his life and now they are continuing in that addition Apple is not relented or led up or reversed their course unfortunately they've become worse than Microsoft in many ways if you ask me and it's sad because this company didn't use to be like that for four former loyalists or enthusiasts whatever you want to call people who stuck with them in the early days of the company many of us will be able to offer testimony that this company was not always the way that they are now many people love them now and think they're so great because of how many iOS devices they sell and oh they drove innovation in the mobile platform I see Apple as a company that's gone extraordinarily downhill since their early times and it's largely because of the nested subconscious psychological abandonment issues of their former CEO Steve Jobs so I was glad I was able to break that down we'll take some calls on the other on the next show that's all the time we have for this one ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week on what on earth is happening thanks for listening you [Music]