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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday April 5th 2014 the show is live right here on Republic broadcasting every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm going to be continuing to discuss the possible origins of psychopathy on the show tonight and what we're really going to be doing is going to the phones to get people's opinions on the possible origins of where psychopathy came from within humanity I'm really interested in hearing from people because it's a very interesting dynamic you know when you get into people's mind and you ask him about what caused this where did this come from where do you think this came into being from it tells you a lot about where the human mindset is that so I'd like to try to put my finger on that pulse tonight and in doing so let me give the call-in number right off the bat you can call in throughout the show to give me your take on what the possible origin of psychopathy the condition of a human being a subset of human beings having the in ability lacking the actual capacity to feel emotions in the physiology to feel the repercussions of what they do through their behaviors to another living being so the call-in number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the call-in number 800 3-1 394 43 so I have a couple of quick event announcements and I I want to let people know I'll be doing three radio appearances this week the first will be on alchemy radio with Stevie Gibbons that is a Monday April 7 2014 that's from 10:00 a.m. to noon Eastern Time the website to listen in live on that show is alchemy radio dotnet I will be on cancel the cabal with Stephen Roberts this is part of people's internet radio you could check that out at people's internet radio com I'll be on that show on Wednesday April 9th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday April 9th 7 to 9 cancelled the Cabal people's internet radio calm and of course I'll be on down the rabbit hole with Popeye great show on the truth frequency Network truth frequency radio calm you can also check out Popeyes site federal Jack calm I'll be on down the rabbit hole with papaya federal Jack calm on Friday April 11th from 10:00 p.m. to midnight at Eastern Time the truth freedom prosperity screening and discussion night will be taking place on the third Thursday of every month at the Guerin Recreation Center that's it 1600 Jackson Street in Philadelphia that is taking place Thursday April 17th at 7 o'clock p.m. Thursday April 17th 7 o'clock p.m. this month we're going to be showing the documentary film IM fish head I am fish head is a documentary about psychopathy about the condition of psychopathy about what it actually is how prevalent it is in society and most of all how human beings allow this condition to continue unchecked because one many of them don't know anything about it you too they won't stand up for their rights and actually do something about it and take right action when it comes to standing up against Psychopaths especially the ones that are controlling our society so that's the event announcements I have for tonight also there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you've gained value from the information up on that site and through the radio show and podcast feel free to make a voluntary donation through the donate button on the left-hand side of the page images for today's show again I always usually prepare slides for the show today I only have one it's a light day as regarding images that are posted because again I'm not really going to introduce a whole lot of new material I'm going to basically review some things that we've already talked about regarding psychopathy and again I really want to hear people's take on the origins of this condition it's I feel that's very important because it's a question that is very rarely ever asked how many people are even looking at the causal factor or the origin of this condition where did it come from what put it here with us you know did it develop over time is it something that's natural you know is it something that is highly unnatural and something did this put us in this condition deliberately or possibly inadvertently by accident you know it you never hear people talking about that because to acknowledge that psychopathy even exists and to understand it you then have to go to that implication where did it come from that's the that's a lot of the reason why a lot of people don't even want to acknowledge it exists I still get emails I told people this last week I tell people this one I'm interviewed on other shows I still get emails from people trying to convince me that Psychopaths don't exist at all that there's no such thing as this condition that it's an invented condition you know and and psychiatrists want to make this up so that they could put people on drugs on psychotropic drugs and I realize yet do a lot of psychologists in psycho psychiatrists want to do that absolutely there's no question in my mind that there's a lot of invented mental conditions so that they could put people on expensive drugs psychopathy is not one of them ladies and gentlemen and the reason I know that is because I worked with a lot of psychopaths in my past if you're around people like this and you know definitively that they have this condition after understanding a description of it I don't need anybody trying to convince me that this isn't real okay I know it definitively from firsthand experience out around these individuals all right and I'm telling you it isn't just that they became that way over time many of them are just are like that and this is a really great book to read on this whole topic is the sociopath next door by dr. Martha stout maybe I'll post a link to it in the in the podcast by the way this is podcast number 154 what on earth is happening a little bit of a milestone the 150th episode tonight but to go back to what led me into this is up again there's not going to be a whole lot of brand-new material for in-depth study and new material as far as that's concerned tonight I really want to get your take on the origins of psychopathy and there is one image that goes along with the show tonight it's up on the radio show page or posted with the podcast again this is podcast 150 and it's essentially all of the different possibilities for the origins of psychopathy what I'd like to hear is if anybody has any additional possibilities so we'll go to your calls throughout the show you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before we go to the phones I just also want to briefly mention we are in the middle of the season of the year known as the season of sacrifice I broke it down last week on this show and lo and behold during the week we had a mass shooting in the middle of the season I think actually toward the beginning of the season of sacrifice clearly a false flag clearly another justification for gun control and the further shutdown of an already closed society and I just wanted to mention I mean you look at some of the numerology involved the last for Fort Hood shooting nine killed and they they rounded it out real nicely this time for more killed for a total of 13 between the two you know they love their little number jabs and and and you know little games that they play as far as numbers are concerned don't they but it just expect more things like this as this forty day time period unfolds and I wouldn't be you know letting down your guard just yet because usually around April 20th they have some big things you know in the works April 19th and 20th and then around May 1st is another big time of the year to watch for blood rituals so just uh you know just talking about it last week and then it happens right right there very shortly thereafter so the the the phones are open for anything anybody wants to talk about actually I prefer to hear about what you think the possible origins of psychopathy are but that we're not limited to that if you want to call in and ask questions about anything I've covered it's it's fair game so the calling number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again 800 three one 390 443 to join us on what on earth is happening let's go right to the phones Bob from Cincinnati my friend you are live on what on earth is happening well you were too kind thank you mark mark congratulations on a hundred and fifty episodes this is a great milestone and it was such a pleasure to see you and Barb and the other all Bob did we lose you there we did Oh Bob call right back in producer I'll put you back through all right call back in Bob great to hear from Bob from Cincinnati it looks like he had some phone problems there hopefully we can get him back on let's go to Raphael in Indiana Raphael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi Mark nice to speak to you finally just want to say thanks for everything you've been doing and keep up the great work thank you I have a question sure okay I'm kind of like being kind of torn and trying to figure out what I'm actually trying to I guess distinguish between a founding fathers because you know it seems like it took us out of old the old order and brought us into like the New World Order and that's what I'm getting confused as far as like you know what their real purpose was because some of the founding fathers were freemasons but yet some of them you know try to separate from the old world order so that's you know get your insight on that yeah I've talked about this briefly before I think there were different factions of the quote founding fathers in this country and some of them were indeed what I would consider light freemasons and were working toward true freedom and were really trying to separate from the crown and trying to start a life here that was unfettered by the psychopathic rule of the old world however they didn't go far enough in their understanding of what true freedom entails many of them didn't apply that to everyone and that came through and they're allowing to of setting up of institutions such as African American slavery in this country that we you know from slaves being brought over from Africa specifically the Ivory Coast and to allow that to continue unchecked as an institution here in America for you know the well over the first hundred years after its founding and it's just really an unacceptable it was an unacceptable state of affairs it's halfway understanding can't accomplish any modicum of real freedom you know we need to go all the way in our understanding and that's not to say that a lot of the founding fathers didn't have a good understanding of what real freedom is I mean you really look at Thomas Paine he was probably the most enlightened among them and that's why I believe he is highly de-emphasized in the study of the origins of America today because the people in positions of power and who are writing history now they don't want people to look into Thomas Paine they don't want people to understand he was an anarchist he was against all forms of any kind of false religion that holds you back from truth from hold you back from an understanding of morality and natural law so I think while specifically a lot of the the founders that were in the northern states had a better understanding if you look at the Declaration of Independence and how it even was voted upon the southern states blocked it because Thomas Jefferson who yes was a slave owner in you know the state of Virginia he had already made a verbal contract with the slaves that were living on his land to release them from their their bonds and you know regardless of what this the South was going to do so he deplored the practice to begin with but it was an institutional way of life in the south and many people just you know that's how they were raised so he took it up and then obviously was ready to set it down and set it aside and said no this if we want to be free we can't do this to other beings so he had a decent understanding and was prepared to do what was necessary to cease that practice but if you look at the the southern state representatives during the Continental Congress they refused and went and they looked at the anti-slavery laws in declaration of an anti-slavery clauses I should say in the Declaration of Independence and they all were all prepared to walk out of the ratification of the Declaration and mass and say we're not going to get behind this we're not going to sign it and it's gonna die in committee right here unless you take these clauses out and eventually Franklin and Adams you know persuaded Jefferson and said we have to fight one battle at a time let's go for independence first and you know we'll we'll you know fight this battle you know when we come to it but if we don't get their support the support from the rich states and the south now we're not gonna have any new new country to you know try to set up some kind of system of freedom in I I feel that that this was the dichotomy that was going on people understood freedom at many different levels and they weren't fully enlightened so I don't take the approach that oh they were all just working toward the crown that try to set up some new slave colony here many of them really wanted true freedom but didn't have a perfect understanding of what it meant to be enlightened or what freedom really meant truly so that's my take on on the founders it's it's something that can't be explained in a simple way it's a complex interaction between a whole lot of human beings just like what's taking place today in this country not everybody it is has an all the way understanding it's the same dynamic and it's perfect as you said a lot of people are in that child alone were they a lot of a lot of people I talked to they think that you know they'll call and say all of the founding fathers and a lot of them were Christians and this and that and they based Ahsan Khan trying you know Christianity and and it's actually the you know totally the opposite they wanted to get rid of you know separate from the old church and old religion so to speak and just start anew you know but I think they all had different I think they all had different philosophical and religious beliefs there were Christians among the founding fathers there were esoteric Christians among the founding fathers there were deists among the founding fathers there were a theists among them there there were also you know people who certain of them had an esoteric understanding of mystery traditions like Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism so it's not a simple dynamic that's one thing it's a complicated dynamic that was taking place there stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] as a cold [Music] that we don't dare speak while between us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio Oh Bob from Cincinnati I was looking forward to hearing his call but unfortunately he had some phone problems it was great seeing Bob out in Asheville North Carolina came out actually introduced me as part of my new age bs revisited presentation so Bob keep trying to call back in we'll see if we can get you back on the line let's uh I want to thank Raphael in Indiana for his great question regarding you know the nature of the founding fathers what they were really attempting to do and you know ultimately failed and I'd have to admit that it's not to say that a new incarnation of the dynamic spirit that was the original driving force behind this country is impossible to revive but because they did not really effectively morally educate the entirety of the population and really communicate those values such in depth to people you know this country has fallen into tyranny within 200 less than 200 year period really probably within less than a hundred years actually so you know it's a complicated dynamic like I said and you have to study it from many angles and realize that there were many different agendas at work it is not one thing going on where they're agents of the crown operating here absolutely I personally think Alexander Hamilton was one of them were there really good men who were involved in Freemasonry who were working toward the uplift and betterment of this country and its people yes believe that as well that's absolutely the case so it's not just one thing going on there and people who look at it from a unit dimensional perspective all they were Masons and so they were bad don't understand what was happening in in this country at that time period in history and nor certainly do nor certainly do they understand anything about what real Freemasonry is if they try to just group anybody that studies it or you know tries to convey its teachings as as all bad so let's go to another caller let's go to Melinda in Equador Melinda you're live on what on earth is happening welcome thank you I wanted to say thank you marks for for who you are and for sharing some great wisdom to humanity in regards to the real truth and a truth based on your direct experience instead of something you learn from somebody else in an educational institution or a website it's one of the key elements in changing the world is being aware of direct experience and the knowing instead of a belief system right so a little nervous on the radio every show but I have direct experience with some of the elements that are functioning that are affecting this planet in a negative way and you're speaking about psychopathy and what I'm become aware of is that there's a force that is trying to destroy humanity and I believe that their reptilian in nature and that they're trying to take over humanity and destroy it through division and also through false education so I wanted to hear your comments on that and and that's pretty much it I think I'm gonna be getting into the possibility of interventionist of aspect of human origins okay and what that means is that the traditional story that we get from archaeologists and anthropologists and biologists and you know people who propagate the Darwinian worldview may not be the whole story there may be something else that has been going on here in the ancient past and really led to the condition that humanity finds itself in now and that's why I'm so focused on this the answer to this question of what is the possible origins of the condition of psychopathy because if you look at the rest of nature you know it doesn't really fit in it's something that is an anomaly it's you don't see it in really other species you don't see this level of imbalance in the natural world which is why to me if you look at the one slide for tonight's show on the water on earth is happening calm radio page or with the podcast for today possibility number one that it is just natural and nature caused this condition nature caused psychopathy and as a result led to the current human condition of us being ruled by Psychopaths doesn't really hold much water a lot of people will look at this and they'll say this is the most plausible condition possibility this is the one that Occam's razor applies to that it's the simplest that it's just the naturally occurring phenomenon that it's just a set of characteristics that somehow developed over time within a you know percentage of humanity and this was just some sort of an adaptation that human beings underwent you know maybe environmental conditions drove it etc to me that makes the least amount of sense when you really look at it in its totality and when you are you know try to come to an understanding of what led to this condition you have to look in all the possible places you have to say well if it wasn't a naturally occurring phenomenon or some people may think it was you know is this just something that was foisted upon us that was done to us directly and then you have a bunch of possibilities well that could mean it's just this is the way God wanted it you know if you even believe in God you know do what a creator of the universe be so twisted himself herself itself to say I'm gonna create this horrific condition here and just leave it here with this species just because what he doesn't like us it doesn't like us it just wanted to torment us for some strange unknown purpose you know that that's where God gets this the force of creation gets its jollies from well to me that doesn't make any sense either I think those two possibilities one and two make very little bit of sense in my worldview and again that's what this will really I think a discussion of this will will show people like what is your worldview do you believe nature does things like this do you believe God does things like this do you believe we do things like this or do you believe possibly that some other form of intelligence does things like this and it's not human nature to do something like this you know possibility three from last week was we did this to ourselves we arrived at some technological civilization in our ancient past and you know we thought we were the kings of the universe and we started tinkering with our own genetic code and inadvertently created this condition in the process I'm not ruling that out I'm saying that's also a possibility I'm not saying that's you know couldn't be one of the things one of the things that led to this condition perhaps it is but to me the thing that makes the most sense is that this is something that was done to us to us as part of our origins as part of the conditions that led to our creation as a species and I don't mean our creation as a species by the God of creation and that opens a whole big can of worms that puts people in a fear-based minds that mindset often because we're talking about the unknown and then many people will say well we're going to talk about the current human condition being the result of something that a nonhuman intelligence did to the human species that's a disempowering thing to put out there for people well the truth is never disempowering if that were the truth I'm not saying it absolutely is I'm saying if it were the truth I think it's a possibility but if it were the truth what would you not want to know that and be in a position of knowledge knowledge is always going to create empowerment only ignorance creates this empowerment so people I hear people who will say I won't even entertain that notion because it's somehow disempowering and fear-based because if people think they're up against something that's not them it's a different species altogether then they shut down completely and they don't want to get involved because they think there's nothing they can do about it and I tell people can you please point to me the place where I ever said ever ever ever there is nothing we can do about our condition because you will never find it you'll never find that in any record of anything I've ever stated the only thing I've said that there's nothing we can can do anything about is the existence of natural law because those are the boundary conditions of the 3d universe they're the boundary conditions of the creation itself and those laws are in place and there is nothing we can do about that except understand that they're in place understand how they work and then choose whether to live in harmony with them or not so we'll go back to the phones on the other side of this break plenty of callers in queue bring whatever questions you have if you want to give your take on the origins of psychopathy that's also welcome we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you listen to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening dot-com so let's uh continue to go to the phone lines Fred in Georgia you're live on what on earth is happening calm on what on earth is happening welcome okay thanks mark how you doing I'm doing well good I am calling you because I have feet on the ground in the trenches with causality known experience with psychopathy okay go right ahead if you ever heard of something called reactive attachment disorder no okay reactive attachment disorder is very common when you adopt kids from Eastern European countries and it's because they grew up in orphanages there's a movie that you should find and seek out that we'll explain it to you I think in pictures more than my words to tell you it's called the border the OE R okay okay and what happens essentially way the fur forget before going to I would like if you can it hurts you mentioned it a couple of times to do a show on the original Christianity yeah I've essentially done that show already with a Bob from Cincinnati on a cult Empire I we did an entire show on a cult empire on the Rosicrucian tradition which is esoteric Christianity that goes back to the gnostic tradition and the original christian tradition in the in the middle east in the turn of the first century but it's essentially the same tradition one is just the western esoteric variant of that tradition but are you specifically referring in Gnosticism or the Essene tradition well I think that's probably kind of what I'm referring to because I want to find the original and yeah if it's through the podcast I'm only up tonight 59 I would say every real mystery tradition school of thought is teaching that tradition regardless of where its origin is what time period of the world if you want to talk about real Christianity it predates the the birth of Christ in biblical terms that that tradition was was still being taught thousands of years before Christ was ever born as Jesus you know whether you believe in that as a historical personage or not where do you think it's a national theological allegory is not the point the point is that that tradition the actual gnosis the knowledge of natural law and the knowledge of the way to actually be in the world is the original Christian tradition regardless of what other name you want to call it true esoteric Kabbalah is that tradition true esoteric Freemasonry is that tradition true esoteric Rosicrucianism is that tradition the Tarot tradition of the ancient world is that tradition they were all teaching the same essential elements regarding life regarding the nature of consciousness and regarding natural law and they were there were they were just different systems of correspondences and symbols and you know word systems T of just teaching people through parable through allegory etc they were just different ways of expressing the same overarching concepts that this traditions been around since time immemorial it's been here for as long as humanity has been here that knowledge really can never be erased and can never be destroyed it can only be you basically darkened over you know you could cover it up for a time you know like you could cover somebody's body with a thick blanket or cloth and you know prevent them from seeing what's on the other side of that veil but you what's on the other side is always going to be there you know and it's just a matter of time until we remove the things that have veiled our site and we'll be able to see and understand that those teachings for what they really are and understand they've always been here so really if you if you want to get down to it I've really already talked about this in past shows if you want to go back to the shows on Kabbalah or Freemasonry or you know the show that I did with Bob from Cincinnati on his show a cult empire on Rosicrucianism they all touched on what I consider to be the true original esoteric tradition it's all one tradition really if you ask me and and I'm comforted when you say that because yes that is definitely what I'm listening to all this stuff so I'll go on to the next request to have for you and I'm going to a mic she can't get Jay back on to talk more about how to help people with SCI company because the kids that come from these Russian orphanages I think are yes and what you're talking about there fred is secondary psychopathy because they're not Psychopaths necessarily from birth this is happening because of the conditions that they're in at a very young age and that's it there's a big difference we have to delineate that difference certainly between primary and secondary psychopathy so those individuals I do believe can be helped now without any question without any doubt in my mind secondary psychopathy is reversible with a lot of work with a lot of attention with a lot of care it is reversible primary psychopathy on the other hand is a totally different story and I should have placed in my slide ladies and gentlemen this is a kind of an oversight on my part but I'm assuming that people know what I mean when I'm talking about the origins of psychopathy I mean the origins of primary psychopathy or what's been called genetic psychopathy or psychopathy from birth as a condition as a condition in the human genome that is a defect in the human genome I'm not talking about psychopathy that is generated or brought on by traumatic conditions whether early on in life or later in life so that I should qualify that and perhaps even change the slide and say the possible origins of primary psychopathy in humanity the the form that Fred here is talking about ladies and gentlemen is secondary psychopathy is is taken on through traumatic circumstance in life and then the emotions get numbed out of the individual and this can happen at a young age so um I absolutely think that's a great idea I think Jay has a Jay Parker you're speaking of has a lot of great techniques for that I've talked about some techniques that can help to balance the mind ultimately you really have to have a lot of people in a caring environment working on that individual that's really what it's gonna take one person's not gonna do it one just kind of knowledge or techniques not going to do it it's gonna take a multi-faceted approach from multiple individuals who deeply care and that's what we're really up against ladies and gentlemen we're up against that that's our work that that work that that fred here is talking about to help reverse the condition of a secondary psychopath in early life that's really our work all the people out there who are still asleep you know they're in this condition of not caring and it mimics secondary psychopathy and they don't care and they don't have knowledge and it's it's our work we have to come together as people who are knowledgeable as people who do know what's going on as people who do care and make that be something that is an infectious energy that propagates to to these people we can't do it one by one on one it doesn't work that way you've heard the adage that like you have to hear something seven different times from seven times from at least seven different people for it to even become part of your worldview that you will even entertain that you will even consider as a possibility let alone understanding and looking into it for yourself and then going you know to acquire knowledge about it and understand that it may be true this is our the great work this is the work that I keep talking about that really is ours to do we have to come together and team up on people you know forget about one person trying to convince one other person you're not gonna get very far that way just like one person working on one psychopath they're not going to get very far it's gonna be very arduous painstaking work that's gonna take all the life energy out of that person believe me we need to team up on people we need to bring people information in numbers all at the same time when they hear it from multiple different people then they're gonna start saying hey there's something to this they hear from one person it makes that very easy to dismiss that's how the mind works unfortunately that's how we consider the source for a ver ass for veracity or truthfulness of information unfortunately we say what's my initial impressive impression of this person oh it's not it's not that I totally trust them well then what they're saying can't be true you know we'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay tuned [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] freedom man that's what it's all about welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening into the second hour of the show this evening Fred in Georgia you had a one that wrap up your comments and insights and we'll move on to some other calls so you could finish up go right ahead first off let me tell you that your information I think it's helping me help my son because he is the secondary side company I think by the virtue of being reactive attachment disorder and natural law is a good rule to be able to explain them sure and also the the causal factor of that condition you're probably well aware is that parental abandonment issue that lies underneath you know it is and I think based on what I've heard from you it's the destruction of the feminine pillar of care like it is the lack of empathy yeah right and it's interesting because I don't know if this hasn't need anything to do with that but he was tested for IQ and he's at 98% right his intelligence I'm sorry it's intellect he had no problem with the intellect right right his intellect is very high and and he's a sick sweet kid but he complete his activity and they were talking about secondary and primary psychopathy have you ever seen the movie the Green Lantern I did yes that that is entirely about care the generative principle the green energy the heart energy and they liken it to will because the will is driven by true care you know so that's what that's the force they call that in that movie great movie actually it is do you remember the primary villain wants to make everyone else ugly right right and you know I propose to you perhaps the dark occultist being Psychopaths themselves want to propagate to count of course if you look at the general trends in society to parents working no close attachment it really generates this kind of comedy its atomization it's it's a basically driving a wedge between everybody in society creating a world who's that where the value system is about dog-eat-dog you know and atomizing people so that they never really come together in a focused way in a caring way you know that that's what they're all their rituals are about the cremation of care ritual is about the destruction of that feminine force that energy of care you know because they know care is what generates our entire reality what we care enough to put our attention on and then I put our willpower behind is what gets manifested that's the that's the law of creation that's the law of attraction the real one you know so very very powerful insights I'm glad you really understand what they're really trying to do Fred because many people never come to that understanding and they are trying to propagate this disease absolutely they want people to be like them and we have to fight that and and you fight that by caring enough and I wish you all the best with your son and I want to thank you for your call and I think it can be done it you you're obviously going to have to work on it very very in a very focused way with a lot of other people I would my best advice in a situation like that I'm not gonna just tell you exactly how to do it because there's so many different approaches but my best advice is don't try to take all that onto your own shoulders by yourself work with other people with this individual that you're talking about that you're trying to build up out of that condition the more people who understand the condition and are helping you to do it with willpower I think the better success rate that you the better success you're going to have with with that endeavor so all my best to you Bob from Cincinnati back in the queue Bob welcome back to what on earth is happening sorry you got cut off last time oh thank thank you mark and and I'm so glad I got back through I missed the last portion of the show I'll have to go back and check it out but thank you once again for your voice from all of us out here on a hundred and fifty episodes it is a it is such an honor to speak to you again on your relaunch show here on Republic Broadcasting what on earth has happened definitely and Bob it was great hanging out with you in North Carolina we had a really great time after the New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited seminar that I gave there in Asheville we all hung out had a nice meal talked and told about midnight that that evening and just really all got together and had a great time and share a lot of great ideas so it was a great great to see you there and your wife was there as well and it was just an all-around great time thank you yes it was and I've recently put up a few shows some commentaries I've posted your natural law real law of attraction in New Haven Connecticut Yale lecture as for parts for a cult Empire but I did a little intro and I spoke about how it was such a pleasure and how I had to elbow three or four people just to get near you at that after-party mark entered mark entertained us entertained our questions it was a one-on-one session over a couple of brews with Mark Pass yes that's right I wouldn't have passed I wouldn't have passed that up for dinner with the the top of the food chain mark at the at their New York finery but but but thank you for taking my call it was such a wonderful time Freeman fly was there yes came up from South Carolina even and Jamie they were both there I mean it was it was just awesome afterward because again you could relax with the formalities of a formal presentation and just relate to people as an individual and as friends you know as people who are all trying to do get the same thing accomplished so that was probably my favorite part of the whole evening and the whole week and like I was saying before we I feel that there were teachers who were there there were people who are teaching this information not just coming and hearing about it and learning about it themselves they're at the point where they're getting ready to transition to start teaching this information and that's what gave me a lot of hope at the Asheville seminar I think it was really great and rejuvenating you know for me to see that amongst the people who attended and as I told people last week I did recover the audio the audio sounds good it wasn't audio recorded at the computer on the stage but it was recorded through a microphone through the air but it was good quality a good quality recorder obviously and I am working on the video as we speak so that should be forthcoming within hopefully a couple of weeks at the most my video editing skills are not the sharpest or the fastest but I I play you know charge my way through it and I'll get a decent video out there within a reasonable amount of time so look for that at least within the next month yes our good new friend Steve from Florida saved the day yes he did and what a great person he's gonna be a teacher of this information he already really is I mean what a great guy you know you could just tell by talking to him how genuine he was and that's the same dynamic I got from everybody there they're there they're not only hungry for this information they're hungry to start presenting it to other people that's what we need more of absolutely yes more more voices out there just doing whatever they can posting a blog on one of the blogspot or wordpress.com going on to the radio shows like my blog talk of course is my venue but there's talks you everybody guys get out there get your voices out there speak natural law as you know it it is worthwhile mark any determination on these psychopaths what what's driving the the psycho psychopath well like I was saying they they want everybody to be as miserable as they are you know there's a great Carlos Castaneda quote regardless of what anyone thinks of Caston you know because he put out allegories as kind of like you know real life stories but I personally really like his work and I think it's the the underlying philosophical messages in the work that are important not what the actual condition was this is where people always get hung up you know what you know was he really there what this guy was a real guy is he making it up folks he's putting the philosophical understanding into an allegorical work of fiction and there's nothing wrong with doing that okay you could get all on his case because he may have passed it off as an actual series of events but you know whatever does the work stand on its own for the value of trying to teach people and I feel that it does and he talks about the predator mindset the Don Juan character talks about maybe I'll try to find that during one of the breaks and read it to people because it's all about the the condition of psychopathy and how these controllers try to propagate it Bob great to hear from you thanks so much for calling we'll see only the other side of this break we'll be right back folks [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio I want to actually give people another couple of real quick brief announcements I'm gonna be in st. Louis Missouri it's shaping up to be a pretty good event it's gonna be taking place at the end of May I think it's the last day of May May 31st so I'll keep that date in mind I'm gonna announce some definite details on it within the next week so look for that to go up on my website and I'll be talking about here next week as well when I get more fully confirmed details but the date is set for May 31st in st. Louis Missouri so that's going to be the next seminar that I'm giving also just wanna I put the word out there in an interview this week that's on my news section of my my website what on earth is happening calm but I figured I'd announce it here officially tonight for the first time that there is going to be a what on earth is happening book it's actively in the works right now and I'm working with an editor to make that happen so there will be probably more than one volume at some point but at least the first volume I'm hoping that between myself and the editor I'm working with we can collaborate on this project and get it done within maybe a year's time so within the next year there's going to probably be a book out called what on earth is happening and hopefully it will be the first in a series so people have been really hammering on me to put this information out there in written form and with the gentleman that I'm working with hopefully we could make that happen within a short order of time I'm really excited about the whole project and I think it's gonna be really great when we do finally publish this in in physical book form so for hardcore readers out there and for people who prefer the written form format the written media you know this book is gonna be uh it's gonna hit huge when it finally hits and you know it'll make a great gift for people to who you might want to wake up to what's really going on so uh you know just thought I'd throw that out here for the first time and you know I'm now I'm sure lots of people will hound me by email ones it's gonna be actually out and and and done it'll be finished when it's finished that's the answer and but just wanted to let people know it is in the works so that's really great news and it's big news because the spoken word is my preferred format not so much the written word but I do realize the importance of putting something like that out there and we're gonna make it happen so let's let's go back to the phone so let's talk to oh let's talk to Alex in New Hampshire Alex you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark thank you for taking my call absolutely I have two brief questions so the first question is so these these people with this occultic knowledge they understand natural law and they understand how it works right and if that's if that's the case why would they try to do such great evil to humanity knowing that they're going to get a spiritual kick in the butt okay I have answered this question before on previous what on earth is happening podcast but it is very important okay the answer is they are not the ones doing the evil ultimately the ones who are really controlling the dynamic are issuing the orders to other individuals to carry them out by following their orders the order followers are the ones who are doing this with their behavior with their actions to the people of humanity they are the ones who actually accomplish the task so that is the answer how do they think that they are going to escape from the brunt of the karmic consequences of natural law because they're not the ones actually performing the actions order followers are namely the police and the military the people who are going to take upon their life force upon their soul the deepest karmic consequence when it comes to natural law consequences are the people who actually do the violent actions that they have no right to perform against other individuals and those individuals throughout history have been the dupes the pawns the dogs of these individuals who do understand how this works and that is how they are insulating themselves from those consequences because they're not the ones doing them all they're doing is moving their lips they're writing things down on paper writing things down on paper typing at a keyboard moving their lips what are they actually physically doing has anybody been a hardcore assaulted by David Rockefeller or you know jacob de Rothschild recently they they will that any m4 rifles at anybody's head late of late well I don't I don't see that happening and I'm not making excuses for their level of evil please don't see it as such I'm just answering if they understand how natural law operates how are they insulating themselves against the negative effects of it what by continuing to propagate evil it's because they're not actually taking the actions other people take the actions and then the cut the content quences get brought down upon those individuals for the most part it's not to say that there aren't going to be any consequences for the kind of false ideas that they've propagated there are consequences for them they've chosen those less severe consequences because I've told people this before ladies and gentlemen listen very carefully to what I'm about to say okay if I had to choose if someone let's say the creator of the universe somehow manifested itself and said you must choose and you have no choice in the matter you must choose between these two eventualities you will go into the body or into the place of one of the psychopathic world controllers who has actually tried to wield influence in this world and convince other people to do their bidding okay or you must go into the body or into the place of one of the people who followed their orders and actually committed those wrongdoings without asking the question is this something that I should be doing because it's morally right and I have a right to do it in a heartbeat I take the situation where I would go into the body or in the place of the world controller in a heartbeat without even thinking about it for a first second because the karmic the brunt of the karmic consequence is always going to be the strongest the deepest the darkest for the individual who carries out the action and no one wants to hear that spoken no one you want to talk about V one of the most painful things there ever is to hear it's what I just laid out right there folks though well it's why they call it a police state they don't call it a bank or state folks they don't call it a politician state nor is it called a lawyer state or a judge state okay or a corporation state it's called a police state a totalitarian closed society for a reason it's called that because those are the people who ultimately make it happen who ultimately create that it actuality playing out in life experience without those people taking those actions that actuality cannot form cannot manifest in reality get it through your heads ladies and gentlemen that's how the laws of karmic consequence work and that's these controllers know it and they've done a masterful job of getting other people to do their dirty work for them and they continue to do it they continue to just absolutely lick the rear end of these lunatics Psychopaths and say yes master can I have another can I have another beating heap some more abuse on me call me your dog they love it they can't get enough of it we'll be right back [Music] [Music] you know the day destroys the night night divided today tried to run [Music] welcome back every young this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we were talking to Alex in New Hampshire before the break he asked the question about you know if the controller's of this world understand natural law and know that it's in effect why did they try to break it and disobey it and my answer was they really don't they get people to do that dirty work for them and just as a one addendum to what I said before the break I just want to tell us make this statement on the air in no uncertain terms very equivocal II the most evil people in this world are not the people who issue the commands the most evil people in this world are those who follow them order followers are the depths of evil ladies and gentlemen get as offended as you like scream and bang on the walls cry in your milk I don't care what you think of that statement it's the truth I'm not here to blow smoke up your rear end I'm not here to make you feel good about the truth the truth is ugly I'm not here to win a popularity contest or have you like me it's not why I do this believe me if I just wanted to be like I'd be telling people what they wanted to hear all day long the most evil people in this world are people who follow other people's orders I don't care if those orders are high-minded with the best of intentions and even possibly in alignment with morality it wouldn't even matter if they were eating those if the orders were in alignment with morality to just blindly follow is still an evil act because you are giving up the gift of the creator free will free will to choose for yourself right action over wrong action once you clearly understand the difference there is no conscience in following any order any order no matter how well mentioned conscience does not exist within that being because conscience is the knowledge of the definitive difference between objective moral behavior and objective immoral behavior the objective difference between those two modalities of behavior and as long as somebody is following orders they're not exercising their conscience by definition by definition I hope that definitively answers my stance on that and it's good this is good because to clarify things like that that's why I like to do these question-and-answer shows we really need to do more of them so people get a clarified understanding of the teachings that I've been putting out on these topics and my take on you know on what they have to ask okay I'd like to do it more I really do have to move to newer material though because I'm trying to build up to a new thesis and I'm slowly unfurling that and unpacking it but this show is kind of like a build-up to that and I like taking questions like that so I believe Alex you had a second question now I'll let you come back and finish your second question yes thank you very much for the clarification sir um the the second question is have you ever heard of a guy named Graham Hancock sure I was wondering what you thought about his work on the roots of humanity and ayahuasca I like gran Graham Hancock's work I think his work with the lost civilization in particular that three-part series that he did years ago was was brilliant it was phenomenal I like his work that he's done with entheogenic compounds in the book I believe it was supernatural I think his work is is very good I don't think that you know he gets into some of the areas that someone like myself gets into when it comes to the dark occult not many people do because a lot of them don't have that first-hand knowledge and you know they don't want to get into the speculation so in that sense he doesn't cover the the darkness aspect of what's going on I would say to the extent of some other researchers but nonetheless I I feel his work is pretty solid and I think people's worldview begin to expand and open up if they took a look at his information about lost civilizations so I highly recommend his work and of people who he worked with like Robert Bauval for for that particular information and I think he's uh he's coming on line to really understand how deeply controlled this society isn't absolutely speaking out against it which I commend him for so I have no problem with Graham's work and I think a lot of people should check it out okay very good thank you very much for taking my call tonight sure you got it Alex alright let's go to another caller let's hear from Milton in Minnesota Milton you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I think that there's a hesitancy to recognize when you talk about the Kaposi the real evil geniuses behind this a lot of people don't want to recognize Colonel Tom Parker laid out the original plan and even that's been common you know on our BN we have pianist Angola one of the hosts on RBS during that time period had been living with Turtles on fire and had dated ELQ because she had dated Elvis Presley and was intimate knowledge of the secret societies for the Freemasons who are behind all of this you see now the CIA was involved but not to the extent as much of the Jesuits so Jesuit priests were all behind this along with what's the name of that one association that they call it oh yeah the luminaries they were gonna look there's such a interlocking connection of orders of interconnected societies that have all been working toward the same agenda it's it it's just it's a hodgepodge it's it's again it's a hierarchy a hierarchy that's built upon order following built upon doing things that you are asked without question because you will receive favors in return protecting your your brothers in the network you know your compatriots within the network and it's it's a it's a spider's web of interconnectivity that's what we have to understand that it's no one particular group it is a group of psychopathic entities that have all come together that they've all said we can't accomplish this dark work on our own we have to come together and say we're gonna work together toward this end goal toward this end game you know and that's what they do they're very effective at putting their minds together they call it in the dark occult a mastermind literally this is their name for this construct okay what we see when we consider the term mastermind people think one person and they're the big planner and everybody else follows them that's not what a mastermind is in the dark occult world a mastermind is a group of individuals that are focused intently on the same work they come together they form one large mind okay all focused on that end goal that endgame and they will let nothing deter them from their path their unified in how they think in the methodologies they're going to use to accomplish that goal they're they're unified in their dark form of care it isn't empathic care but it's it's focused intent it's saying I care about getting this done so much this is what I want more than anything else more than anything else in life and that's a form of care I call it dark care because it's not really empathic care it's not emotion based care it's just I care so much about getting this done I'm gonna make it my my ultimate goal and I'm gonna focus all my energy on it no matter what it takes so they have that as well so they have the intellect they have care in the form of dark care and they have the will to act and they're unified on those fronts so the universe is going to respect entities like that even if they're dark and evil because if they're unified and their thoughts emotions and actions are working on the same page toward the same goal on a focused effort then the universe is going to grant them what they want even if it's something that's bad for other people and people can't comprehend that they they get angry at me for saying that how could you say the universe is going to give them what they want easy because they're unified and we're not the universe respects unity consciousness even if that unity consciousness happens to be dark unity consciousness it's going to respect unity over divisive nough sand that's why they're on the same page they're working as a tight-knit unit for the same goals we're all over the place the site of freedom and good and order is all over the place scattered to the four winds on the year of the earth can't get together over the basics which is natural law that needs to come first everything else is ancillary to that everything else is icing on the cake until you understand the laws of morality you understand nothing we'll put this up on the other side folks don't go anywhere [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I want to thank Milton from Minnesota for his call previously yeah he brought up Colonel Tom Parker you know the former handler of Elvis Presley and kind of reminded me of the interview I did a while back with with Bob from Cincinnati on his show occult empire on alchemy and we talked about the killing of the King ritual I actually recently went back and checked out a YouTube video that somebody made with some imagery from that interview and isolated that particular section where we talked about the killing of the King ritual a lot of people don't know what this ritual is it's a blood sacrifice ritual they bring it out every now and again whenever there's an influential person most of the time and influential male in society who has a some kind of a synchro mystic resonance with the King and what the King represents his sovereignty and what the King represents his natural law again the last slide from my natural law seminar was Lex Rex meaning the law is king natural law is king its enthroned it's God's law on the throne of heaven that's the macrocosmic force at the top of the macrocosmic tree of life of the the second tree of the Tarot if you lay out the tarot cards according to the Kabbalistic tree the the Major Arcana is split into two two half halves of 11 cards each and then you take the first and last card which represents the soul and the micro and the macro cosmic world so the microcosm and the macrocosm they would be the dot cards on that Tree of Life and if you lay out the numbered cards you know one to ten and then eleven to twenty on the two respective trees of life in this system of correspondences you have the the magician which is the mastered self at the top of the microcosmic tree and you have natural law or the justice card the king which represents God at the top of the macrocosmic tree God's law you know God's law rules the universe and man rules himself if he is the magician if he is the sovereign you know he then he's in the image and likeness of the creator he's not the creator of the universe but he's in His image and likeness one who is like the creator because he's a creator of his own experience in a way that reflects wisdom you know it's not claiming to be God it's not what's being said there it's saying that we reflect the values and the intelligence and the wisdom of the creator when we rule ourselves in a wise fashion instead of trying to rule someone else we're allowing ourselves to be ruled by psychopathic lunatics so maybe I'll post that video with the podcast I think it's a really you know can clarify about not only blood rituals that we may see during the season of sacrifice but very powerful imagery regarding you know how these Psychopaths work to try to kill a symbol you know they're either killing the goddess in some kind of blood ritual you know like Columbine High School Virginia Tech school shooting the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster you name it constantly events named after the goddess you know that are ultimately blood sacrifice rituals and then they have this killing of the King ritual where if somebody's really wields a lot of influence and is also coming online to taking a moral position they like to take them out especially if they have any resonance with the king like the King Elvis Presley the King of Pop Michael Jackson who was starting to speak out against the lunatics in power you know John F Kennedy who had Camelot that's a resonant resonator for King Arthur you know and they you know took him out Martin Luther King etc and I touch on this symbolism you know the name symbolism in the you know interview that I did with Bob but I think I will post that video with this podcast just for people to check it out and you could go and check out the full podcast in the news section or at a cult empire also I think I want to read on the other side of this next break coming up I did find this excerpt from I believe it's the book the active site of infinity by Carlos Castaneda where he explains the mindset of the psychopath he calls it the predator and he gives his take Don Juan at least gives his take in in this allegory where did the predator mindset come from and how does it control humanity so a great excerpt I'll read it when I have time in the next segment but let's go back to the phones and take some more calls David from Ontario you're live on what on earth is happening welcome David hey are you doing mark doing well yeah I had a I put a couple of post couple things on the the chat wing anyways one of them was the idea that I might heard from my father about human beings had actually gotten this time consciousness level and sophistication and technology perhaps even greater yet failed in evolving and of course like we're like we are right now at a point where if societies that have nuclear power we're actually to have a serious outbreak of illness or breakdown in society who the heck is going to turn and operate equipment yeah that keeps all these react we may already be in that scenario mr. Gunderson's was a physicist has been saying since because Shem has happened that we may already experiencing that it's a time warp effect and down the road will all be gone and this whole thing will reset this could take such a long time that unless you built it out of stone even then it might not exist again and look what you're going to do all the other species that didn't deserve that fate you know oh absolutely that's that's the part of like where I I become a vegetarian by way of my wife coming to understand through net I used to joke around how am i I'm a vegetarian because my wife became a vegetarian food because of Netflix and watching all the great informative documentaries are available there and any under internet anyways sure and then now through what I've learned from you I'm on one 143 now of your podcast and I'll go back and go over them there's so much information and I've experienced so many such as profound change in my life and I've been on this path and never really hadn't realized and you have allowed you've been a great way sure you've shown me a direction to not gone on to going on to more this is never going to stop for me well I appreciate that now that's what I'm here to do I'm just I'm just following my calling as it was laid out for me you know what I mean I mean I don't you know that's all that's what we're all here to do really it's just some of us are starting to remember it and do it that's all that's what I'm that's my next thing I I've got a lot of technology that I could I've always wanted to put courts and use some of my music talents that I have her do to to achieve that goal but but that's that's besides point the other thing I wanted to ask is like like corporations like I put this is not strange the corporation governments behave in a psychopathic behavior is this not the quantum the fact that people advocating or at least claiming to advocate their sovereignty you know their sovereign responsibilities exactly as above so below it as within so without you know we take on those non values within ourselves what do you think is gonna reflect in the outside seemingly outside world it's just a mirror it's just a mirror of what's inside of us that's why people don't want to hear if you want to change the world you got to change yourself you have to do things differently than you've always done them you can't just keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result doesn't work like that yeah you're absolutely right and that structure is just a reflection you know it's a reflection of people wanting to advocate that sovereignty abdicate that personal responsibility and just have someone else to take that responsibility for them it does and it can't be done you can only claim you're doing that you're still ultimately responsible for what you create what we all create we are responsible for for the law of principle correspondence as I'm I've been put to I'm reading the Cabal Ian's understanding these hermetic teachings right I want it you know but anyways corresponds is that like you know the hottest day of the the closest day that our northern hemisphere is to our Sun is June 21st right right yet the hottest days are always after sure okay and I was under I started you know with 2012 phenomena and you know all these hocus-pocus whatever I just they're not is just kind of getting out talk with you what I'm trying to say is that so I these people are talking about how the Sun I now I understand how actually the Sun actually moves through space and around the supermassive black hole and it's spinning so fast that its gravitational plane and energies or on a plane that's why all galaxies are flattened and and like pie shape later they're flattened right and they're spinning around that thing yet the most powerful razor the gamma radiation that's coming out right down that plane and we packed that plane in 2019 98 and so those energies will be arriving just as the hottest days in the summer after the Solstice I hear you great point David thanks for the call we'll continue with your calls on the other side of this break stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] freedom mat that's what it's all about [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone this is Allen number three of tonight's edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm taking your calls today the number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three once again the callin number to join us eight hundred thirty one three ninety four forty three I want to read this excerpt from a Carlos Castaneda book I believe it's the active site of infinity if I'm not mistaken where this quote comes from Don Juan the Mexican Yaqui Indian shaman tells carlos castaneda the following in this excerpt quote we have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives human beings are its prisoners the predator is our Lord and Master it has rendered us docile helpless if we want to protest it suppresses our protests if we want to act independently it demands that we don't do so I have been beating around the bush all this time insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner indeed we are held prisoner this was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico they took us over because we are food for them and they squeezed us mercilessly because we are their sustenance just as we rear chickens and chicken coops the Predators rear us in human coups human eros therefore their food is always available to them carlos castaneda replies to don juan no no this is absurd Don Juan what you're saying is something monstrous it simply cannot be true for sorcerer's or for average men or for anyone and Don Juan responds calmly why not why because why not because it infuriates you you know that's why it can't be true you haven't heard all the claims yet I want to appeal to your analytical mind think for a moment and tell me how you would explain the contradictions between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of belief or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior sorcerers believe that the Predators have given us our systems of belief and our ideas of good and evil our social mores they are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure they have given us covetousness greed and cowardice it is the Predators who make us complacent Ruta nary an egomaniacal but how can they do this Don Juan Carlos asked some how angered even further but by what Don Juan was saying do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep no they don't do it that way that's idiotic Don Juan said smiling they are infinitely more efficient and organized than that in order to keep us Oh B D n't and neek and weak the Predators engage themselves in a stupendous maneuver stupendous of course from the point of view of a fighting strategist a horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it they gave us their mind do you hear me the Predators gave us their mind which becomes our mind the Predators mind is Baroque contradictory morose filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now I know that even though you have never suffered hunger you have food anxiety which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that at any moment now its maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied it through the mind which after all is their mind the Predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them and they ensure in this manner a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear the sorcerer's of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when the predator made its appearance on earth the reason that man must have been a complete being at one point with stupendous insights feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays and then everything seems to disappear and we now have a sedated man what I am saying is that we have against us not a simple predator it is very smart and very organized it follows a methodical system to render us useless man the magical being that he is destined to be is no longer magical he is an average piece of meat there are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat trite conventional and imbecilic that's from Carlos Castaneda is the active side of infinity and while Don Juan there might be putting out a very dark worldview I would ask people to listen to what he's actually saying there that a predator that is not part of us has come from the depths of the cosmos and took over this place took over the rule of our lives and they did it by the stupendous maneuver of infecting us with their mindset with their worldview with their ideology our mind is now working as their mind we are taking up their ways we have taken up their ways they gave us he says they gave us our systems of belief they gave us our systems of belief all of our religions all of them not just some of them all of them they gave us the monetary system okay they gave us the slavery system called government and yet we propagated because we have their same mindset very very very difficult for people to hear what donjuan didn't want i'm sorry i carlos castaneda didn't want to hear it from this wise man he didn't want to hear it and why don why is and why can't it be when when carlos castaneda says this is absurd it can't be true he says why not why can't that be true because you get mad at it so you're the arbiter of truth of what happened here in the ancient past long before you were born see this is where people's mindset that won't look at possibilities that may have a card I'm not telling you you have to accept that as gospel truth but if your mind is closed to the possibility that something here happened in our ancient past that we are loath to accept and understand because of how uncomfortable it is you know we may never understand our true origins if that's our mindset we may never understand what put us in our current condition in our current mental condition first and foremost now what created all these disorders these genetic disorders and defects in the human genome human beings have for over 4,000 specific genetic disorders within the human genome no other animal planet has that many genetic defects in its genome none zero we're the only animal that's not naturally adapted to living on the surface of this planet except the other animals that we genetically modified like the domesticated dog and cat you know why would that be the case and people will say that's just natural that's how evolution worked upon us III don't think that's how evolution works period I don't I don't really accept that personally I think that's a twisted Darwinian worldview that is actually really stretching for an explanation I don't think it has Occam's razor applied whatsoever to tell you the truth not a bit not at all so you know we'll go to the phones after this next break and hopefully we could you know take more questions or maybe hear your take on this call the number to join us 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we got a rake up from our sleep if it is our soul that we want to keep very eloquent words and the only way we're going to wake up is by developing an open mind when it comes to looking at the possibilities of where the conditions that we are currently experiencing came from ladies and gentlemen you have a closed mind to that good luck because you're never going to understand the possible origins of our species and let me tell you what one of the best methods of controlling the human species is you cut them off from the knowledge of their origins you have a people who you can cut out a people you can cut off from the knowledge of their true origins are people that you're going to be able to control and enslave almost indefinitely but they haven't succeeded at this they're not going to succeed at it you know and the other thing is I feel that this um want to go back to this first possibility real quick before going to the phones this possibility that oh it's just all natural the whole psychopathy you know interspecies predation it's a natural development this is like some people think some morons I should say think that this is this is the epitome of humanity this is the apex of evolutionary development and these are the alpha humans that don't have the ability to feel I actually hear this I see I've read this in forums with people discussing psychopathy people praising this condition this sickness this illness of the mind praising it as if it's something that's great then should be aspired to like a psychopath in training it's really a secondary psychopath looking up to his owners to his masters you know I mean it really is the mindset of the perfect slave if you really want to get down to brass tacks and call it what it is you know it's it goes hand in hand this whole worldview goes hand in hand with this notion that since it's been like this it always has to be this way must be that way can't be any other way I mean I just feel sorry for anybody that has that worldview it's it's it's amazing how many people are stuck there - unbelievable how many people are trapped in that mental condition and that's what it means to have the Predators mind and that means you're gonna be locked in the cage called the slavery condition on the earth for a long long long time as long as that's the mindset expect resistance from creation and don't expect freedom do not expect it you pay lip service to that all you want okay and say yeah I want to be free I want there to be freedom I want there to be justice well good luck when that's your mindset your mindset is actually propagating the exact reverse of that and you know people are a long way off from really understanding how this works you know that the mind is ultimately creating the reality we experience if you want things to be different the mind must change I mean that's from day one what I've been saying on this podcast on this radio show until you go in and change the way you think about what you believe to be true don't expect external conditions to change magically it must be changed from the level of mind before it has changed at the level of manifestation so as long as your mindset is exactly what Carlos Castaneda is explaining they're told by the character Don Juan about how the Predators mindset has been taken on by humanity expect to live in a cage for eternity until that changes so let's go to the phones amber in Vancouver you're live on what on earth is happening welcome amber okay she dropped let's try Derrick in Pennsylvania you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark hi Derek he Dylan D all his mind and that's where it begins right that's what we learned your natural osomon or this past summer so we're going with that before I get to customs I copy that I just want to say it's fabulous news and I wish you all the all the success with that new book that's going to be awesome sure it may take a little while but we'll get there and it's it's gonna be it's gonna be out there at some point so just want to announce it because the first thing of putting it into manifestation is you set that intention and speak it speak it out into the universe so it will be done it's not it's something for all our fans and all those people that love truth and I love your work and want to spread the word and look forward to it's awesome yeah well you know after the the last passage you read it sound it sounds like it's an infection or a virus one way to look at it I actually yeah prior prior to you reading that I I was debating myself that you know could it sounds like it could be number three as an experiment gone bad I I am open-minded to that possibility certainly yeah I mean think about it what are we doing with technology now unwisely whole lot of stuff you know like what the previous caller talked about about our nuclear technology you know we're not even considering breakdowns in these places that have this form of energy and then who's who's running these reactors look at what's going on in foo machine Fukushima still to this day it's what it's worse than it was on day one I mean you know what this is doing to the oceans what this is doing to the environment what this is doing to people and animals I mean we built these systems we built these systems no one else did this to us we put this into effect without thinking about the possible you know repercussions and your responsibility to think you totally you know in saying we're just it's unintended consequences that uh you don't look we I guess because we wanted we wanted to murder Tesla's ideas you know and and take his name out of history so people can't understand that there's abundant energy flowing all around us and it's just a matter of understanding how to tap that natural flow of energy in nature and not have to create these explosive forms of energy which are they're totally wasteful anyway they're not they're not efficient ways of harnessing energy regardless of what anybody thinks you know nature is is a conservation engine when it comes to energy and that's what Tesla was attempting to explain to people and through his work and we don't want to listen no cuz we know better because Tesla was trying to implement that technology for free for the betterment of all people of the earth so the the industrialist engineers and Finance ears of his day couldn't allow that playing field to be leveled no cuz they have to stay in total control you know we can't have anything that's gonna benefit everybody here what will that do in the third world nations especially where we have to really you know lock them down on eugenics programs you know god forbid right the other the other thought I had on number four was maybe it was created as some type of like what if entertainment project and the reason why I say that is because the thought you know as a kid they you know young kid who loved movies I remember watching Clash of the Titans and the gods would just stand around in a circle with like a you know little game piece or little kind of platform and just the new you know make like little maneuvers of whatever the I guess you could say the figure was right so I mean that's that's how I could see that being a possibility as Derek you may not be all that wildly off with that speculation you know then you think because it may very well be something just like that you know in those movies they're allegories you know they're you can't just look at those as fiction the makers of those movies were trying to say something about what may have really been taking place here in the ancient past and beings that consider themselves Titans or gods and demigods and did have interactions with humanity in the ancient world and lived here among us I'm gonna be and I was getting into this in the intro shows for sure and just to say that to support what you just said you know if people think Greek mythology is just kind of like a story but I mean there's numerous accounts of how certain gods interacted with I guess you could say the Flinx or the humans and created I guess maybe MIT I don't know maybe a new species or a whole new race or a whole new breed of some type of organism well keep entertaining those possibilities Derek and you'll go a long way and then start getting some reading materials on it I'm gonna be suggesting a lot of reading materials on this with these very possibilities in the coming weeks so stay tuned to the show thanks so much for the call we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] if the cold welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc Pascal my website what on earth is happening calm let's continue with your calls in this hour Gary in Pittsburgh you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello Gary are you there hello Gary yes you're live welcome Gary from Pittsburgh I'm the guy with the DVDs it was done in Nashville oh yeah how you doing I wish I could hang out for a while but we had a great time and I've brought a couple of I guess newcomers we've got a whole stack of your documentaries right here next to me right now we're going to be showing them that as we move forward doing our truth freedom prosperity documentary film screenings on a monthly basis so I want to thank you for all of those great great yeah I got a start I think I have your email I got it I got a new when I was looking at when we were talking last week we were at another event last week so I didn't get a chance to call on the way back we were listening to your show and you were talking about the season of sacrifice yes I reviewed that last week on the show right and when and when the shooting happened when was the for good shooting Tuesday or something I think so the first yeah yeah the first thing I thought about and I you know I keep waiting for something that used to happen here I never realized that 3:22 was March 22nd yeah yeah that's right out of the spring equinox which is uh you know the beginning of this quote season of sacrifice it's a highly symbolic time of the year for them because they're you know they're all about the dark Sun and the Sun you know is the ultimate source of energy and you know they're there saw a solar cult it's a dark solar cult ultimately the dark light means knowledge being used to control instead of to enlighten and uplift so that's why they take their symbolism after the Sun but it is specifically a dark solar cult symbolism all make sense you know I've learned so much from you I've learned so much in the past ten years you know I can you know waking people up has become a part you know like you say most people aren't ready for the truth I mean it's if it doesn't make them feel good they don't want to hear it you know it's it's very disturbing I mean I've become obsessed with bonus I tried to quit doing this for a while and I couldn't sleep so it is a great work waking people up and once you're doing the great work though you won't stop because you recognize that's all there is to do that's the only work there is here to do that's what we came here to do we're gonna wake these people up it's just a matter of how long is it going to take and how uncomfortable is it going to be along the way you know how how rigidly in their calcified mine state are they really embedded but more and more people are starting to chip away at that stone more and more people are starting to come forward and speak the truth on apologetically to others and start to do that great work and it's it's happening the question is is is it enough is it in time you know time will tell I can't answer that question I can't tell you I know that definitively but I know more people are coming on to the great work and they're starting to do it they're starting to say I won't resist anymore I'm gonna do the will of creation this is what I came here to do I came here as a spiritual warrior to end slavery on this planet and I'm gonna do that work no matter what it takes you know until it's done and what we get more people in that mindset we have more spiritual warriors reactivating on their mission the mission that they came here to accomplish you know you I know that you're one of them and the more people that continue to speak the truth other people we're gonna have more spiritual warriors coming online and nothing's going to be able to stand up against that force once it becomes like a tidal wave nothing natural law seminar and I've been giving them out sweet I don't I don't start with that because it's a little too deep for most people with some light like the GMOs or whatever you know it's one thing to wake people off them and get them to start looking at the truth they I think it's easier to fool somebody than to convince them they've been fooled and absolutely I start showing them the truth it's a it still amazes me how people run in fear you know it's like once you see the truth how can you pretend like you didn't see it you know that's all they've ever known they've only known the illusion the illusion is the safe cage you know they have their trough there they have their their little box that they live in there they have their mobile box that they go to their slave job there that that illusion is very comfortable it's a very setup nest you know and people are comfortable nesting because it's it doesn't involve the unknown you know it's it's known slavery the known condition is slavery and that's what people are comfortable with and this goes hand in hand with this mindset that since it's always been like that it must always be like this you know that's why people say oh what can I do to change it or it can't be changed that's just how it's always been nonsense our utter total nonsense this can be changed immediately if people wanted it if we wanted it bad enough if we wanted it as much as we want air to breathe as much as we need food you know if we wanted it that bad we could change this condition practically overnight because all it takes is to change the mine and stop supporting this nonsense you know what we do that it's game over and they know it the people who are still trying to protect their paradigm know it and they know it's on a very very fragile edge getting ready to crumble it's gonna take the one or two hits to RIT and it's gonna reach resonant frequency and it's gonna all shatter like like you know the resonant frequency of crystal or a piece of glass and when it comes down there's gonna be no stopping it it's gonna be so rapid that the changes we're gonna witness in our society are gonna be unheralded and and it's gonna be because of people who are putting the word out like yourself and many others that that's the why that dynamic is going to eventually happen and reach critical a critical mass point I'm not telling you there's not a long long way to go to get there because there is from where the human mind is that now we need a lot more people to telling this information to others I can't stress that enough that's what the great work is it's not you knowing it it's you helping others to know it that's the great work that we are charged with amen well thanks a lot for all your work want one more church break we used to have a storefront where we gave DVDs away we were right beside a laundromat we had we had a big-screen TV in the picture window with speakers out front people could sit down while they were laying for their laundry well anyway this guy come in and he was he was talking about 9/11 and you know he was like demeaning me and you know calling me a conspiracy theorist and all that you know just let me have five minutes your time and I pull up on the computer building seven fallen because of course he never saw it because they showed it once on a day of the event never again on the mainstream media what was his reaction he started backing out of the store like I had pulled a gun on him yeah you know what he said to me now this guy was a foot doctor he had we don't dummy he said to me I wouldn't believe that even if it was true yep and that's the state of mental illness called cognitive dissonance that's mental illness see there's a person right who ostensibly is a sane human being that has a job that's respected and looked up to right probably has a family probably has children and he's completely mentally ill literally think about what I just said they're deeply that's a mentally ill human being he's witnessing something that actually occurred that was caught on film with his own eyes realizing that can't be explained unless it was a controlled demolition of some kind okay regardless of how you think it was done it was done deliberately on that day okay and it wasn't the result of planes hitting that building obviously okay and he is saying to you I would refuse to accept that our government orchestrated that condition even if it were 100 percent prove that it was true and this is the mindset that I'm talking about the mindset of I'm the arbiter of truth based on what's comfortable for me as long as somebody's in that can do you want to know what it really equates to it actually equates to them claiming that they are God what he is claiming indirectly is that he is the creator of the universe because what he's claiming to be is the one who makes truth the way that it is he's claiming to be God okay that's how sick that mindset is that you're saying I am the arbiter of truth truth is determined by what I say it is imagined to be in that position imagine that is your level of unconsciousness that you're gonna say because I'm uncomfortable with what really may have happened I'm going to declare it did not occur that way unbelievable a level of mental illness people like that really shouldn't be walking around on the street but unfortunately they are and we're the ones who have to help them Gary great call thanks so much we'll continue with your calls in the last segment don't go anywhere [Music] and [Music] welcome back folks this is the last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening where does the time fly I mean that is uh that whole show went like in the blink of an eye but uh really having a good time talking to our callers so let's keep it up and let's continue with your calls let's go to fill in Boston you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Phil oh yes Phil your life go right ahead I am how to get into what the other guy every day sure they don't even know if the days of the week oh that's a good one that's a nice gentle introduction you know you even know that days of the week are named after you know planetary bodies you know yeah and it's all Astro theology absolutely and I just keep going with it then I go in and I started noticing the symbol symbols everywhere around me sure this police station I walk by and I notice just is 10 lines like the past on the Tree of Life and there's a square with a circle and at the top in a square roots or was it at the bottom and right where that would be with the windows it was like it was like a symbol stressed like it was polarized though it was all over the police station oh they're constantly embedding tons of dark symbolism dark occultic symbolism around police and military institutions and and you know places of operation I mean you know all you have to do not sure if you're familiar with my presentation from the freer mind one conference back in 2011 it was called the occult mockery of police and military personnel if you haven't checked that one out it's definitely one you're gonna want to check out regarding this topic and to any of the other listeners just go on my videos section or on my YouTube channel and check that one out because the these individuals are continuously being mocked and ridiculed by the occultists who are in control there are they're using these symbols not only to mock them but to place them around the place them around their places of business and work so that they can have a negative energetic impact on their consciousness their mind and it also conveys the message to them that they're being actively mocked at a subconscious level not at a conscious level to explain it to them in a conscious way but it reinforces that negative energy at the level of the subconscious mind through symbolism through art types and you know vibratory energies that are conveyed and in form and in color and shape and you know the the sigils that are all around that institution it's amazing it's an amazing study and you can go really deep into that study and you know understand things like the hypercube and the trapezoid constant parts of police and military symbolism again the inverted pentagram used constantly the checkerboard floor of the house I definitely recommend that video but yeah they're certainly employing that symbolism and it's a way to wake people up to show it to the men bring it up to the conscious level definitely yeah they're like you can see it in their eyes they're all police it's little adrenaline junkies to the point where it seems like their brain that you know they're actually brain damaged it's a very very brain damaging chemical adrenaline that's there for the flight fight response while we're in fight mode ok or flight mode whether we want to fight or run away blood is pumping the heart pumps real fast that generates the adrenal response the adrenaline response and blood flows away from the torso in the brain to the extremities where they are where the the the force is going to be needed for fighting with the upper extremities or for running away with the lower extremities that's the state called stress when that happens your internal organs go into a state of shutdown and if it happens chronically enough that's what causes disease and in the internal organs in the torso and the brain is also lacking richly oxygenated blood which ultimately over a long term period causes literal physical brain damage specifically in an ear cortical section of the brain and in the limbic brain the midbrain all the blood in all the same places that's right and that's why adrenaline keys are especially when it comes to adrenaline junkies that are triggered by violence are some of the most brain-damaged people aren't walking on the face of the earth people who worship war people who worship violence people who worship you know total control systems you know authoritarianism these are some of the most brain-damaged people on the earth on the whole earth literally I'm not saying this figuratively folks very literally damaged brain that the electrochemical mechanisms in the neuro synapses of the brain are severely shut down a brain scan would absolutely reveal this in many ways of a pet or SPECT scan were done of the neocortex of the brain 100% so a person can gee yeah absolutely I mean when they keep when you keep people in these forms of brain hemispherical and balance what you're doing is promoting more and more unconsciousness and and as they stay in that level of imbalanced it's a piece of cake to manipulate and control them their worldview is broken when they're in that state of brain imbalance only a balance a balanced worldview is only going to come into view within the human psyche when the brain is still on its way to being healed and balanced the physiology of the brain has everything to do with the way that we think definitely so we have to and that's the whole point here why aren't we taught about the brain why don't we learn about the human brain from from great grade you know first grade on forward in kindergarten or whatever you know preschool we should be starting to be taught about our own brains and this is knowledge that is completely absent from all school systems everywhere just about and yet it's probably the most valuable information about how we work we're not taught about how we work no no owners operating manual for the human self you know yep they don't even make you say you know give yourself any external eyes all that power you got it and and then you're just ripe pickings for the state you know as an order follower Phil I want to thank you great call very thought-provoking and keep up the great work yourself keep putting it out there for people though they will listen keep doing it let's go on to Fred in California Fred you're live on what on earth is happening welcome thank you for what you're doing you're a very brave person I think anybody that is a talk show host discussing this type of stuff especially like an RPN and other talk shows are the frontline troops to try and make this a better world or like in my case my children and my grandchildren my condition I've been in extreme pain since 87 and bedridden and I'm in pass-out pain and I read when the towers dropped I started reading history because I wanted to find out what was going on right good will you wake yourself up there yeah that'll do it you know but I found out that I had all this time to read and learn where other people are trying to keep their financial noses above water and you don't have time to do it and again that's the big part of the trap get people involved in all sorts of other modalities that take their time and that's the spiritual currency unless you're willing to invest at least a decent portion of that currency there's not going to be any return on that investment in the form of wisdom that's the return on that investment unfortunately that's how it works you know there's no easy answer when it comes to that knowledge is the pathway out of this and in order to acquire that you have to devote time and attention great call Fred thanks so much for bringing up that point very important that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to the truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week [Music] [Applause] [Music] you