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freedom man that's what it's all about welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday April 12th 2014 this show comes out you live right here on Republic Broadcasting every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here today we are going to be breaching the topic of the possibility of non-human intelligence interacting with our planet and with our species both in the ancient world and the ancient past and in the modern world so this is previously uncharted waters for what on earth is happening but we have to begin to breach this topic and as I said I'm going to introduce it gently not give everybody everything at once because there's a lot of psychological resistance to even looking at this topic and that's what we're going to start talking about here today why is there so much psychological resistance about this topic so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening let me give the call and number right at the top of the show because I'll be taking calls maybe hopefully about halfway through the show and through to the end of the show any questions that you might have if you want to chime in on this particular topic I'd love to hear from you the call a number to join us 800 3 1 394 43 once again the calling number 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 I 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there will be a for your mind 3 conference in 2015 in April of 2015 it will be in the Philadelphia area a venue is being worked on as we speak it is probably not going to be in Philadelphia proper right in the city it's more likely than not next you're going to be in the suburban area around Philadelphia but we'll have more details as things get confirmed but a new organizational team it's going to be kept in in the original spirit of the first two conferences and I will more likely to not be speaking at the third for your mind conference as well so it is on for 2015 as we originally intended to kind of make this conference in every other year event because doing it every year with a huge conference like this to me it makes it not as special you know and it gives something it gives people something to really look forward to when you space it out a little bit so hopefully the event organizers going forward will keep it as in every other year event in the odd years because it's odd 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radio broadcast is ba w ba G dot and non net org that's a non-0 org once again ba w ba G dot and non net org I'll be on PI radio on Friday April 18th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time and again when these uh interviews are completed I will as I usually do post them to the water on earth is happening comm news section the news tab of the web site this coming Thursday April 17th right here in Philadelphia Barb and I will be co-hosting the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion night it's been on hiatus since November of 2013 we finally got a new venue an actual actually a better venue than where we were previously at this is going to be taking place at the Guarin Recreation Center at 1600 Jackson Street that's the corner of 16th and Jackson in South Philadelphia this meetup will take place the third Thursday of every month and the first one at the new venue is Thursday April 17th at 7 o'clock p.m. the documentary will be screening this thursday is IM fishhead and there's a documentary about psychopathy the filmmakers studied psychopathy in our society and showed that people who are in positions of power are much much much more likely to be Psychopaths because Psychopaths gravitate to positions of power in our society they are much more likely to be Psychopaths in positions of power and influence then you know at any other place in society so I am fishhead really explores not only what psychopathy is what a psychopath really is but it explores how we as normally functioning people who are not psychopathic in our nature allow these Psychopaths to rule us allow these Psychopaths to maintain the power and influence that they have and essentially rule over society so that's what the film is going to be about it should lead to an interesting discussion I have a new live seminar to announce that I'm going to be conducting I told people a little bit about this last week but I have confirmed it this week and it is now announced on the website in at the top of the news section I will be speaking live on Saturday May 31st in st. Louis Missouri with an all-day seminar it is called streetwise spirituality and the subtitle for this seminar is what does it truly mean to be awake what do we mean by the term awake and what does it really mean to be awake as compared and contrasted with the new-age definition of what it means to be awake we're going to tell people what it really means to be awake in this seminar so I'll give you some more details on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting stay with us welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting so as I was saying before the break I will be speaking in st. Louis Missouri on Saturday May 31st 2014 the title of this all-day seminar is entitled streetwise spirituality what does it truly mean to be awake this will be taking place at the Arden Mead Center the Arden Mead Center is at 17 Selma Avenue in st. Louis Missouri six three one one nine the doors will open at 9 o'clock a.m. I will begin the morning session at approximately 9:30 a.m. I'll go for about three hours and then we'll take a lunch break at 12:30 p.m. for about an hour and a half the afternoon session for this seminar will start at 2 o'clock p.m. and go to about 5:00 p.m. and it will be followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience the advance tickets for this seminar streetwyze spirituality in st. Louis Missouri are twenty dollars a donation of $20 you can call the number three one four four eight eight four four five four to purchase tickets or you can email the following email address Rae mum at gmail.com I'll spell that it's RA Y M you mM e at gmail.com so you can call that number or email that email address to purchase tickets for this seminar at the door tickets only five dollars more twenty five dollar donation at the door so really excited to be speaking in st. 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Louis the street wise spirituality poster that's again also posted on my at the top of my news section feel free to share it I will probably also be making a Facebook event page for that event and sharing it out with all the people who are friends with me on Facebook image number two let's jump right into the topic for tonight and again the topic is we've been looking at the possibility of psychopathy having a origin that is that was put here that wasn't was not something that naturally quote evolved or just happened in any kind of a natural way or even because of certain circumstances that were present here on earth we were entertaining the possibility that psychopathy was something that was done to the human species that it was created in us somehow by another intelligence an intelligence that is not human for all intents and purposes okay so what we're gonna the topic we're going to start to breach here is non-human intelligence in general and people you know might say oh what's this going to become a show about UFOs no not if I couldn't have anything to say about it it is us you know UFOs will be something that we can touch on when it when it comes to this topic but really what I'm looking at is the possibility that we have had interaction in the ancient past with beings that are not human and that that interaction may be continuing up till the current day now when you say something like that there's so much stigma that goes along with this notion there's immediate psychological reaction that goes along with it because of how much ridicule is generally attached to even the the discussion of the possibility that we are not alone here on earth and its really asinine it's childish it's immature it's unscientific it's the sign of a closed mind you know the the ridicule that goes along with this topic you know it was said that the mark of true intelligence is being able to entertain a notion without either accepting it or rejecting it and sadly many people in our culture can't do that you know and that's a statement really about where we've gone as far as our mindset is concerned how far gone humanity really is that if you can't breach a topic and talk about it without you know immediately it being dismissed or immediately it being praised and heralded as the second coming you know one or though or the other of those two extreme reactions in mind you know to me that tells me something is really wrong okay it's as far as the mindset the psychological mindset of humanity is concerned in general so when we're talking about the possibility that the human condition and the sub conditions that are contained therein like psychopathy like the existence of psychopathy in the human genome um quite possibly may have had an origin that is not human okay that is born in some other form of intelligent species or intelligent beings to breach that topic again I want to do this in a controlled fashion I want to do this in a way that gets people thinking about some of the really deep causal and psychological questions and factors involved in this topic okay not just saying oh everything is attributable to non-human intelligent beings okay and again I don't like the term alien I don't really like the term extraterrestrial as much because of a lot of the connotations that go along with it I prefer the term non-human intelligence period you know non-human intelligent beings me or beings that have the capacity for intelligence you know such as such as us you know cuz could we really claim that we're intelligent as a species I don't I think that would be a lofty claim there are intelligent individuals on earth most certainly but as a species have we really reached holistic intelligence I don't think I could even make that statement so I consider humanity as species with the capacity for intelligence as I would consider some of these non-human intelligent beings or species or entities that I'm going to be you know getting into talking about on future shows now again the other thing to keep in mind here is no one is saying that they have the absolute truth when it comes to this matter I'm not claiming that never did okay I'm saying that we're going to start talking about possibilities that is that are going to involve some conjecture and that are going to involve incomplete picture of things an incomplete picture of things a fragmentary account or relating of the events of our ancient past and it's like a jigsaw puzzle that's how you have to look at this you have to look at it as a jigsaw puzzle that somebody opened up the box and threw it in your face in a dark room that's really what we're dealing with here okay now the pieces are scattered all over the floor in the dark room okay maybe you bring a couple of into the room you know with their phone flashlights or something to that effect and we're going to start looking for those pieces and then we're going to gather them we're going to bring them to the table together and we're going to see if we could see the emergent picture I want to see if we could see that jigsaw puzzle picture emerge on the table as we bring the pieces of the you know a puzzle that our that has been completely disjointed and you know separated because of deliberate obfuscation in many cases and just because of the destruction of knowledge in many cases in the ancient past so let's start to take a look on the other side of this break of why is there so much psychological resistance to this topic in general because you could tell us a lot about ourselves and pick that up on the other side stay with us you know today destroys a knife night divine today tried to run to the other side welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth may very well be happening maybe I should register that domain name what do you think we're talking about the possibility of the ongoing interaction with non-human intelligence with our species and we're asking the question here at the very beginning why is there so much psychological resistance to even consider this possibility why is there so much psychological resistance to the consideration of the possibility of the interaction of non-human intelligence with our species where does that come from in the human psyche and I have some ideas about where that comes from that I'd like to share with the listening audience and again this is slide number two that we're on here the first place that this psychological resistance comes from is probably a place that most people would you know come to the conclusion of on their on their own if they just look at the human condition for even a brief amount of time and that is the fear of the unknown and notice I did not say human nature there okay we're not talking about human nature we're talking about the human condition alright two completely different ideas and what people think of as human nature is largely a poisoned worldview and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual nature of a human being we talked about that on past shows that you know this skewed and poisoned worldview really set p-sets most people thinking down one specific course that can't ever lead to the truth because they buy into a completely psychopathic worldview of what should even be occurring here on this planet you know in their idea of quote human nature what we're talking about here is the psychological condition that our species currently exists in and the psychological condition that we exist in is fear largely okay and we fear what we don't immediately understand see what the conscious mind does is it scans the environment for unknowns it scans the environment that says let me see what's out there do I understand what all of this is do I don't you know know what I'm seeing do I understand what I'm hearing etc it takes an info through the senses it process it and it says do I know about this and if I don't and an unknown comes up then I have to be on guard because that unknown may threaten me threaten my survival etc so then a shield goes up and you know we go into fight or flight mode this fear of the unknown which is largely unhealthy for our species okay really what we should do is confront things with an open mind and a sense of curiosity as opposed to having an immediate fear-based instinctual animalistic midbrain and lower brain reaction to things is put those immediate instinctual reactions on hold for a moment and logically think things through most people can't do that right now because of the condition that they're in the condition of fear so fear of the unknown puts us in the worst place to possibly try to understand anything you're if you're in a fear-based mindset blood rushes away from the brain okay you're not getting richly oxygenated blood in the brain you're not going to do very good thinking in that state of mind okay the blood rushes away from the neocortical brain which is where a higher-order thought takes place logic intuition etc creativity breaking down and solving problems alright so fear puts us in that state where we're incapable of recognizing the unknowns we're incapable of taking in the data that we're surrounded by and analyzing it and coming to an accurate conclusion about it if you're going to try to do that in fear good luck you're not going to get very far so another way you're not going to get very far is if you take on this idea that if it makes me some how fearful or uncomfortable I refused to look at it and that's why next to this slide see on the left-hand side of this slide I have this young woman opening a door with some you know mysterious or foreboding light coming out of it you know representing that's the unknown you know that's the place that we're loathe to go the place that we're loath to look at because of how uncomfortable it makes us or possibly how disturbing it may be and on the right hand side of the image there's a great meme there that says you cannot change what you refuse to confront and if the human condition that we're in that we want to change you know that we want to set back to balance as a result of the possibility of interaction with non-human intelligence and we refuse to confront that out of fear good luck changing it you know you're not again you're not going to get very far because to solve any problem you have to have an understanding of the causal factors of the problem that's what a diagnosis is about going down to the causal factors not treating the symptoms going down underneath to the causal factors through knowledge and that's what diagnosis means it comes from Greek roots diya is a prefix a preposition I'm sorry in Greek in ancient Greek that means through or by way of and then the word gnosis in Greek transliterated in english GN OS is is knowledge diagnosis literally means by way of knowledge or through knowledge you're going to come to an understanding of the problem so if you don't want to even confront an issue and look at it to even assemble the components of that information the grammar that you need to analyze logically and filter and you know come to an accurate understanding of you're not going to get anywhere when it comes to solving a problem so if ridicule is the immediate response you know I mean good luck if blind acceptance is the immediate response you're going to be in just as disempowered of a position to look at that information and come to an accurate understanding of it neither one of these is where takes place neither one of these reactive places is where true learning occurs true learning occurs when we have some skepticism and some open-mindedness that's where we need to be at that balance point where we'll take information in without immediately accepting it or rejecting it and then analyzing it and looking at it critically so that's what we're going to attempt to do on this show going forward in the treatment of this topic imagine that treating the topic of non-human intelligence extraterrestrial beings the UFO phenomenon etc the the story of the ancient past and possible human origins with an air of intelligence and caution and open-mindedness you know where we're real learning is actually possible from that place you know very few people even attempt to do it from that level of balance so moving forward with this question why are so many people so psychologically resistant to this topic in general the second reason is that many people are in the condition of a completely runaway ego I call this runaway ego calcification and I'm presenting this topic on slide number three here I've called this in the past the arbiter of truth syndrome where people are so in the mindset that it is up to them to decide what is true that ultimately what they're really doing ladies and gentlemen is playing God you know that's what this mindset really is the ego has become so out of control that it is about it is really playing God it's saying what I'm comfortable with I'm going to state that is true doesn't make a difference what the evidence shows I'm not going to actually apply any methodological observation and research and you know the testing you know the data or anything like that no no no I'm just going to say it this is my opinion and it doesn't make a difference whether it's actually real or not I'm going to decide what's true and real for myself because that's what I'm comfortable with now if you don't think that is the epitome of hubris and the epitome of the out-of-control ego mindset I don't know what is you know I can't think of anything else that is the epitome of wanting to be God you know saying I am the arbiter of truth I'm God because I get to determine what's real I get to determine what's true imagine this and here we have a celebrity from Hollywood Tom Cruise making the statement this quote from Cruz here on this slide individuals have to decide what is true and real for them imagine this I mean you know that's what I don't know if that's what he's getting from Scientology or whatever but I'm telling you that's a diseased point of view really really tom for real human beings get to decide what's true and real for them really truth is an independent of us it isn't there for us to observe and come and bring our senses into alignment with into resonance with know that is that isn't what the human task is to do to bring our perception into alignment with truth no no according to Tom Cruise ladies and gentlemen we get to decide what's real and true for us don't you know I mean this is pure mental illness ladies and gentlemen we'll pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so we were on slide number three in the images and we were talking about this idea of people wanting to be the arbiter of truth not looking at truth is something that is objective and independent of their perception just the way things are that which is you know this totally demystified understanding of what truth means okay that which is that the way things actually are you know and people want to insist that no it's all about just what's true for me you know and I just want to clarify this for a moment ladies and gentlemen when I talk about the arbiter of truth syndrome here I mean when it comes to objective events that have taken place you know I'm not talking about any level of subjective perception at all in other words like one person may have a severe phobia of insects and another person may look at insects and have absolutely no you know averse adverse reaction to seeing them you know maybe two people are standing in a kitchen and an insect wanders in from you know the backyard or whatever and one of them looks at it goes oh my god that's the most sickening Eve you know evil looking horrendous you know creepy thing I've ever seen and my immediate visceral reaction is want to want it to die okay and the other person says oh this is just a you know another one of the creatures that we share this planet with and I don't really see them as anything that's you know so bad and you know let me just get him out of the kitchen and take him out back into the yard you know these are subjective ways of seeing the same thing it doesn't change the objective fact that the insect wandered in from the backyard and was in the kitchen when these two people were standing there that's what I'm talking about as truth that's not up to us to decide what's real or true when it comes to that okay that actually occurred it happened it's it's not like somebody could be standing there and say well I I'm determining that this dinner you know that the bug was never there you know I mean that's what we're talking about here the level of sickness when it comes to people and their quote interpretation of events you know it's like when it comes to something like 9/11 you know it doesn't make a difference how much evidence is brought forward that the official story cannot be can not have gone down the way that the government claims it did these people are convinced this is what I'm going to believe in and it and truth be damned it doesn't make a difference you know what what I say is the way it actually happened is the way it actually happened I'm not going to look at any evidence why because that might make me uncomfortable and therefore it's invalid because I have to feel good you know it's magical thinking is what it really is and anybody who thinks that that's how reality works I mean they're not only an infant they're mentally ill literally they not only have a child infant mentality but they're really really really sick so let's move on to slide number three so you know these are the first two reasons that people want to not even look at possibilities they fear the unknown that which they don't currently understand and they have a runaway ego that I like to call the arbiter of truth syndrome that where they're going to determine what's real based on their likes preferences and whims okay what makes them feel good or bad I mean imagine that but here's the real deep reason you know okay the real deep reason you'll have people say oh what's he talking about this for you know why is he getting into this topic this is tinfoil hat stuff or this has all been debunked and we shouldn't even be looking into this area you want to know the real reason here it is right here on slide number for psychological denial due to subconsciously nested unresolved past trauma in the human collective subconscious that's the real reason people don't want to look this topic ladies and gentlemen and we've been talking about this issue okay we've been talking about people psychologically having the mindset of a traumatized abandoned child which is where this material is ultimately leading what set that condition in motion what put that condition in place here on earth is the ancient events of our past or very well could be so people are in this state of absolute psychological denial or what's called cognitive dissonance seeing things as they are in the world with their own very own eyes with their very own senses and yet psychologically denying the existence of what is and like I say in the past you need to respect existence or expect resistance from the universe you want to talk about why there's resistance from the universe when it comes to human beings condition and why the universe isn't really coming to our aid and helping us to get out of this condition because we will not respect what is we will not respect and accept truth into our minds and into our hearts and then act upon it when we do that there's no power that can stand against us we're standing in the ultimate power that that governs the entire universe when we're in that mode of being in union with truth but when we refuse to accept truth and we refuse to look at what is and we exist in this state of psychological denial akin to wanting to be God by claiming worthy arbiters of truth good luck getting any assistance from the universe respect that which is or expect resistance so the real underlying psychological condition that is present in humanity that is keeping people from even wanting to look at this or ridiculing it right off the bat without ever having done one inkling of research one one not even picking up a book and reading up a quarter of it tenth of it nothing nothing just my completely unresearched and ill read and ill-formed opinion is as valid as valid as your decade's worth of research and knowledge imagine that statement this is where people in our society are at that's what they think is a valid point of view to hold it's the epitome of hubris and ignorant ignorin s-- to ignore what is actually there you know and that's the human condition that's not human nature that's the human condition that we can change and need to change and should change here exactly what I'm saying right there we need to change it and we should change it because that condition is from a moral standpoint completely invalid it is an immoral point of view because you're saying I'm going to willfully deny truth and the only thing that can ever come out of that is immoral behavior and ultimately chaotic conditions and what it leads to is slavery which is where we're at for having been in that mindset for so long but don't get it twisted and don't get it confused that's not human nature folks that's what we had the condition we have come into through what has happened to us and what we have allowed to continue because we haven't taken any action to reverse that trend so here's the second big question for tonight which we'll get into deeper in the second hour if there is evidence to suggest and I would suggest there most certainly is evidence to suggest that there are and have been non-human intelligences interacting with humanity not only in the present day but far into our past probably for as long we have existed on this planet why the question needs to be asked what are the underlying reasons that all of the governments in the world would take up the same position most of the government's in the world you can't get them to agree on anything every single government in the world has taken the same position that they are not going to disclose the truth regarding this interaction that has been taking place you know the slide number five here shows this UFO flap that happened back in the 1950s over Washington DC where these fleets of craft buzzed the US Capitol and that is the US Capitol that is a real photograph and those aren't planes okay and this happened multiple times not just once and it got tons of press coverage back then and still people just completely you know say well we don't know what it was but you know whatever we're not going to look into it any further there's nothing to see here folks you know crafts that don't obey the laws of physics as we know them that don't observe any of the flight characteristics of any known conventional terrestrial aircraft you know buzzing the most heavily air defended space in the world but there's nothing to see there okay we'll pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be back welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com I do want to tell people before we continue with the show for tonight that the video from the Asheville North Carolina seminar that I recently conducted the New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited the video is about halfway finished being edited and I'm through the morning session I'm through editing the morning session going to be working on editing the afternoon session in the coming week so I don't want to make any absolute promises but hopefully within a week or two at the very most I'll get that up on my site my youtube channel so people can check that seminar that was very successful in Asheville North Carolina last month all right so let's pick up on slide number five where we left off in the last hour again these images are at the water on earth is happening calm radio show page what on earth is happening calm / radio or just click the radio show tab on on the site also all as always the images are posted with the podcast for the show okay so the question we were asking is why would every single government in the world faced with the possibility of non-human intelligences interacting with humanity since time immemorial why would every single solitary one of them on the face of the earth once to continue to suppress the truth regarding this ongoing interaction what motive would the governments of the world have to continue to suppress the disclosure of the truth about extraterrestrial non-human intelligences and again when we're talking about non-human intelligence let me just make this clear before we even move forward through this show or any coming shows I am NOT going to get in any kind of a debate about the nature of these beings okay if you want to look at them as simple 3d organic you know beings that happen to live on another planet in this galaxy or another galaxy fine if you want to look at them as extra dimensional beings that live in a higher dimension or frequency of reality fine if you want to look at them as demonic entities that are you know sent here to torment us by you know some evil god or evil supernatural being I really don't care if that's how you want to look at this looking at however you want the point here is that there are intelligences that are not human interacting with this planet and its people period okay now regardless of what their nature is people may have different takes on that ultimately when I break down what I feel the interaction has been between these beings and us it all comes down to the same thing folks we need to step into our power and step into the power of truth and use the lost word which is know and it doesn't make a difference what their nature is at that point when we decide to do that and decide that we're not going to have anymore of slavery that's when it will end and not a moment until and won't make a difference what their nature is at that point because once again then we'll be stepping into our sovereignty then we'll be stepping into the power of truth and the universe will not stand against that regardless of what might happen in the physical domain okay so try to answer this question how many people have ever even really sat down and just considered that question you see so many even UFO researchers they spend so much time on the nuts and bolts of the phenomenon you know trying to prove the existence you know the existence doesn't need to be proved than me because I'm an experiencer you know I've witnessed this these craft that can't be explained so you know I don't need somebody trying to convince me of their existence or the possible origins of them are the possible nature of them to me that's not as important as have they been here what have they been doing here what is their relationship to human beings you know what why do they want to interact with us why are they continuing the presence possibly okay and we can get into all of that conjecture and you know even get your your take on it the listeners take on it as well when we go to calls but many researchers you know shy away from this question of saying why what are the actual underlying reasons why no government on the face of the earth wants to come forward and talk about that these beings exist and they have been interacting with this planet well I'm gonna propose three overarching reasons why the embargo on truth has continued and is continuing now and the first of course is the continuity of control alright this is image number six now how do you continue controlling seven billion people in a state of slavery how do you keep seven billion people enslaved a small group of people how do they do that how do you accomplish that well obviously you don't do it by sheer force by sheer violence you know you do it largely through getting them to consent you do it largely through controlling their mind their perception of reality and how do you control that the ultimate form of controlling perception is suppressing what people believe is possible suppressing the human imagination you want to really talk about the highest form of mind control it's getting people into a limited view of who they are their imagination can't break outside of that box they're locked into an ego identity I am my job I am what I do I am my famil family elationship I am the relationship between me and my friends cetera you know I am my profession I am my religion you're not any of those things your pure consciousness having an experience in the physical domain to learn and grow oh what a heretical idea that is you know but you know everybody has these limited roles that they willingly put themselves in because they have this attachment to this ego identity the ego role that they're playing out in three dimensional realm in life so when people get attached to that identity they start to take on a very limited perception of what is possible because they believe this and this goes hand in hand with the worldview we're gonna get into talking about that goes into the Darwinian worldview which is a huge part of looking at the psychological dynamic when it comes to this topic huge part okay when you take on this worldview that you are a limited being what you're really doing is you're saying to yourself it has always been this way it is this way now and there therefore it always must be this way nothing can change see that's really what the whole scientism and Darwinian worldview is about human nature is about the survival of the fittest that is about survival only we're instinctual creatures that can never break that programming that's there in nature and somehow that's right and it should be like that yeah you know that's called more mental illness that isn't just a Darwinian paradigm that's social Darwinism that's Satanism it's the tenant one of the main four tenets of Satanism and most people are in a satanic mindset don't even know what it is have no idea what the tenets of Satanism really are don't even know that they by believing this nonsense being the way things perpetually must be that this whole social Darwinist ik worldview that they have ascribed to the ideology of Satanism and I'm not telling you that I think that's what it is I'm telling you that's what it is I should know I was a priest in Satanism for 10 years of my life so you'd think I know a bitter - about about the ideology they espouse wouldn't you we'll pick this up on the other side folks don't go anywhere the cool science that we don't hear speak it's a wall between us bar go on truth cannot go on ladies and gentlemen it is time to break the code of silence you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking about the possibility of non-human intelligence interacting with humanity since time immemorial on this planet why people are so psychologically resistant to even wanting to discuss that and why the government's all throughout the world have basically put forward an embargo on even looking into that as a possibility and you know shedding tons of ridicule on that on people who want to look into that possibility and explore the evidence for that and the main reason they do that is because they want to perpetuate slavery you know as the farmers of this planet or at least the farmhands you might say they don't want the animals breaking free of their pens then the the way that you keep that from happening is you've got to keep them in a box in the mind you know you have to control what they think you know or at least dissuade them from thinking outside of the box because the ultimate form of mind control ladies and gentlemen is the extermination of the human imagination and I've put a little graphic to that effect on slide number 7 you want to know what the deepest form of mind control that exists is it is the limitation of what people believe is possible and if you put them in that head cage you have them on your strings like a puppet and then you just give the command dance puppet dance Gollum you know and it's a piece of cake like nothing child's play and that all happens because we have abandoned one of the greatest gifts that we've been given as intelligent creatures or creatures that should be intelligent the imagination the ability to visualize the way things you want things to be the way you want things to be and then make that happen by an act of your will to visualize something different than what is and to understand it doesn't have to be like this it being like this is a choice people it is a choice that is continuously renewed in every moment by the people who are doing it see that's what you don't want to wrestle with because that means the responsibility to change gets firmly placed upon your shoulders okay no one else no one's currently doing this to us we're doing it to ourselves yeah things may have been done to us in our ancient past as a species but that doesn't mean we're not doing this to ourselves right now in the here and now okay and that is perpetuated by the idea that things are not possible to change again this goes back to what I was talking about in the New Age BS material for people who are familiar with that material and for those who are not you could watch the videos on my website in the video section I talked about in there this the the difference in truly knowing the difference of what cannot be changed versus what can be changed and the human condition can be changed you know what it's just a lot of hard work is gonna have to be applied effort knowledge is going to be required care is going to be required courage is going to be required effort is going to be required time is gonna be required attention is gonna be required god forbid man now we can't have any of those things expended you know well we got to sit there with a bowl of GMO popcorn and you know watch whatever craps on cable tonight you know that's what we aspire as human beings in the modern day to do you know not learn about ourselves our origins what's been going on here on this planet the immorality of it and how it needs to change and go away this current human condition and it can but see you know why ladies and gentlemen there is a world of difference between can and will oh there's that little word will how many people are willing this change to take place see it's all about the willpower and aligning our will with the creations will with the will of creation itself with the underlying ordering intelligence that underlies all creation you know getting your egoic will out of the way not worrying so much about what you want what do i won how do I want it too what do I want to be true am I am i comfortable with this being true or not who gives a damn whether you're comfortable with it you think the universe cares whether you're comfortable with what is you little you but wait a minute hold on let's rearrange the entire truth of the entire universe because little you doesn't like it being that way doesn't want it to be that way you know absolutely tough isn't it yeah and no one wants to say it like that to somebody that there are an absolute child in the mind thinking like that no it's not about us discovering what's true and confronting it and dealing with it and accept think it for what it is no it's about what we're comfortable with I mean please man you know I don't know how it could get any more childish and in basilic absolutely imbecilic and yet this is where the majority of human beings are at make no mistake they folks look one thing I'm not is naive okay whatever else people want to say about me go out right ahead and say it don't call me naive ever I have my finger firmly on the pulse of where the psychology of this species is that better than almost anyone alive okay when it comes to the understanding of the current human condition now I'm not saying that to to toot my horn or to you know be playing ego games I'm saying it because it's the truth because this is all I've studied for the past 20 years of my life non-stop every day and you can know a thing or two when you study that relentlessly about the human condition yeah things can be known folks so you know to go back to this idea that the ultimate form of mind control is when you put somebody's imagination in a cage that's it you got to wear it you want them right there that's it and that's our people there is that the current human condition yes it is whose responsibility is it to change that ours it's our responsibility to do the great work by relentlessly hammering on these people to get them to change their worldview because the world is not going to change until that worldview changes if you think it's gonna change by rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic good luck to you hope you got a lifejacket on cuz get get ready for what's coming which is sinking into icy waters if that's what you think the world view must change before external manifested conditions can change get over it that's how reality works folks so you want to believe in this utter bullcrap Darwinian paradigm that it's just fine for human beings to behave like animals like beasts in the field because that's all we are see that's identity if that's the identity we're taking on for ourselves are we nothing more than any other animal any beast in the field is that what you think of a human being is that what you think of yourself you see that's what it really reveals what you think of you you know because maybe many people are just like those animals in the field they've done no work on themselves they are beasts in their condition not in their nature in their condition we'll be right back don't go anywhere welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so in the last segment I was talking about the ultimate form of mind control being the destruction of the human imagination and this is how governments ultimately you know through the scientism paradigm and the promotion of the Darwinian worldview as well get people to limit their view of themselves their worldview and what they believe is possible and what they believe can and cannot be changed and the human condition can be changed but again there's a huge world of difference between can and will and that's what this is all about the great work of changing the human condition is about willpower and anybody who's telling you that it's not as lying to you lying to you so let's move forward and take a look at the second overarching reason that the embargo on the truth regarding the existence and interaction with human beings by non-human intelligences continues and this is on slide number eight now and it is the continuity of the dominance of the oil based monetary system and again of course you know the oil cartels maintain this through the perpetuation of the fossil fuel fraud that somehow we need to be reliant on oil and we couldn't convert all of our energy needs to sustainable free clean energy sources and there is such a thing many many at very advanced scientists engineers inventors researchers have all come to the same conclusions regarding this and every one of them suppress or killed you know you have Nick the works of Nikola Tesla you know Thomas Henry Moray pons and Fleischmann Eugene mallove Stanley Meyer and you know the list could go on and on of all the suppressed technological innovations throughout the centuries they're all to keep the world on a totally unsustainable energy paradigm that also has the rate of the planet that we need to sustain our life in tow with it great plan folks well I mean it's so brilliant there's so much wisdom in it I can't even begin to tell you how wise it is and on this slide you know there's people who will take offense and I tell them as always get as offended as you want if you don't think this is what the military is for this no this isn't what you think any military people who may be listening or any people who know military people if this isn't what you think you are the tool for you're a tool okay and I mean that in the absolute Street lingo sense of the word a tool okay that is just being used by someone else to accomplish their agenda their goal their task that they just don't want to get their hands sailed with but they're ok wait where you getting dirty to do it and being in a moral order follower in order to do it to go and pillage resources and not in other countries and you know strong-arm the people there to get that done that's all you're just an attack dog and that's what they're all too happy to call you their dogs so these people call you so what they call you their dogs their pets their animals that's my that's my little dog that I keep in the house and then I I I put them on a chain and I unleash him when I want to attack somebody yeah and they give you a dog tags and you're too stupid to see the connection you're too retarded to see the can action I mean really it's like it's like it's like a two-year-old it's what these people are and like two-year-olds whose mommy and daddy never paid attention to them so let me go and join up here's my new surrogate family called the the military cult you know I'm gonna go join up and go rape the earth you know and and then strong-arm a bunch of people I never met to while I'm at it yeah that's gonna make me feel like a real man whatever it's a bunch of clowns is what it is a bunch of clowns these people are retarded children who never grew up and don't want to grow up you know letting people who hate them and call them they call you they're animals people do I need to say any more than that they call you dumb stupid animals I'm not telling you that from book knowledge or from reading a quote I'm telling you that from their lips to my ears okay in the room with them calling you their pets it's unbelievable and these people still can't see it they decorate you with the regalia of an animal giving you a dog tag and you'd wear it as a symbol of pride absolute utter fools utter fools and you know what we're doing to the earth is is just that that's the icing on the cake I mean and all the other species of animals that live here you know responsible for the extinction of more other life-forms than you know than any other species has ever accomplished because this whole paradigm of the oil monopolies of the oil cartels of this unsustainable paradigm is about taking whatever we want were the takers that's the r-complex the reptile mode I'm going to take and hoard you know and and then put myself in a position where nobody can ever break that monopoly and they can't even see they're a drug addict there are drug addict there imperialists the people who are helping them do this are imperialists creating these false flag events for more justification because the people are tired of these wars they need to create these justifications to go into these other regions and continue to wage their blood sacrifice is called wars it's a it's a self imposed noose around the neck all by a bunch of mental midgets who are trapped in the arc complex of the brain and addicted to adrenaline you know and think it has to be this way because they have no imagination and I'll be damned if I'm going to be ruled by people like that not without a fight not without consequence there will be consequence trust it know it know it like you know your name not going to go quietly into the night not this one not this one and I know there's a lot of people who join me in that sentiment a lot a whole lot and at times coming because we're not what we're not doing the great work in enough absolute force we don't have the force of numbers that we need to accomplish the work to do this in mind which is why I keep trying to impress upon people the imperative of the time that we are act you need to speak this to these people I was saying the other night when I went on Popeye show on truth frequency the other last night on down the rabbit hole I want to start a campaign that is about reaching the military and the police because ultimately if we don't reach these people there's going to be absolute bloodbath on the earth that's what's coming ok we have to reach their mindset to change it that's what the great work is folks if you haven't figured that out yet you're not paying attention you're not paying attention if that's if you don't understand that so I want to do something called cut off the causers maybe somebody can come up with an even better name but you know just just kicking it around kicking around the idea and discussing with some people we need to set and people think of this is is what I'm about to say the equivalent of guilting someone guess there's a reason that guilt exists there is a reason that the emotion of guilt exists it is to be felt just like anger there's a reason for to exist and it is to be felt when something is going wrong that is on that is something that is unjust iniquities are taking place around us inequities are taking place around us injustice is taking place all around us that's what anger is therefore to be felt in the physiology so that you will get up off your rear end and get motivated to do something to change that condition well guilt is there for a reason - its to make people understand that what they're doing is immoral and believe me I felt my fare more than my fair share of it in my life and that emotion helped me to come out of the dark satanic mindset that I was once in that these police and military are still in so we I want to set some a couple of dates like one day we start you know and we it's a campaign we're gonna relentlessly hammer on the minds of military and police personnel with information their families have to do it their friends have to do it anybody you know that is connected with these institutions anybody you know that's in banking government finance military police etc so any control based institution welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I want to go just finish going over this idea for sort of a concentrated campaign of sorts to start hammering the truth of natural law into people and get them to understand that what they're doing is wrong and needs to stop you know this is what people don't want to hear they don't want to hear they want to hear Oh tell me what I should be doing no I'm gonna tell you what you should stop doing that's the solution the solution lies in the negative pathway this is what the New Age nonsense troglodytes you know don't want you to understand you know all the people who have bought the new New Age kool-aid you know they want they want you to think oh it's all about building something new no it's called stop doing what you're doing that's immoral and then the world will change it won't be enslaved anymore no one wants to hear that though they want to hear some crazy over-the-top complicated solution involving you know doing all kinds of new things well you know what that's not the way that the world is going to change we don't need anything new we need to stop doing what we're currently doing that we have no right to continue to do that's the solution there's the solution ladies and gentlemen and no one wants to hear that you want to know why it firmly places the responsibility on their shoulders you're the one who's causing it by your behavior and they don't want to hear that they don't want to hear it now because it's always somebody else it's always pointing the finger you know so I want to do some kind of a campaign like where we tell the actual causes of the problem meaning the people who are working in the control based institutions that they're the people who are causing slavery on this planet over a sustained campaign of like six months to a year and then at the end of that through the whole time we're giving them ultimatums ultimatums um as your wife I'm leaving you if you don't change and stop doing this job within six months to a year I'm out and I'm going to drag you through the courts and take you for half of everything use their system against them I'm gonna I'm going to sue for full custody of the children so you never see your children again because I think you're a psychopathic lunatic that children shouldn't be around you know that's how hardcore we need to get we need to start making these people 100% do what they're doing with no support from us the idea of supporting these people needs to be withdrawn withdrawn is that guilting them yes it is is that right yes it is yes it is somebody would have every right to withdraw all interactions with another human being disown them as their family member how about if a mother said to their child who's in the military I'm not proud of you you're a disgrace you're a dog of some psychopathic lunatic a so-called elitist the thinks of themselves as god of this world and you're there order following pet and I don't wanna yeah you're not my son how about that you're disowned and anything I'm not leaving you a thing when I'm when I'm gone not a thing you're cut off you're cut out cut out of my will of everything want to call you son how about that you know see we need to put pressure this is what no one wants to hear pressure is required to create change you're not you're not just gonna happen willfully something - these people are not just gonna say oh my god I was wrong the whole time somebody's gonna have to make them see it and no one wants to hear that you want to know why it has nothing to do with New Age garbage that's why they don't want to hear that because it's a full expression of the masculine force of truth and the so-called Christians out there don't even get me started these fake Christians and they think they are they have anything in common with the words and the message of Christ in the New Testament who said he came here to bring a sword of action between people a sword that would cleave people and create division because there would be those who stand in truth on one side and those who stand in satanic deception on the other side and these fake Christians have the nerve to say oh it's all just about belief you know you just need to accept the this astro theological image as your Lord and Savior it's not about right action Nathan you haven't even read their own scriptures they're there but they're another bunch of clowns these religionists which brings us to the next section to wrap up this this overarching question of why would government's want to cover this all up about interaction with non-human entities throughout human history well that brings us to the ultimate folks and um you're going to see a progression that I was leading to here okay just to wrap up that campaign I was talking about you know at that at that point we need you know at the the the one year or six month point maybe then we say work cut work you off we're not going to continue to support you we don't want to be your family member we don't want you in our lives you know if mothers sisters brothers fathers daughters did that maybe we'd start to make some progress on these people because just sweet talking to them and handing them a DVD that you know they're never gonna watch isn't when is it gonna get it done folks it's not gonna get it done it's not the way to do the great work okay if you think that's all it's gonna take you're sickeningly naive and you don't understand the level of absolute satanic illusion and ego calcification that we are up against and what it is going to take to break that mindset you don't get it yet you got to understand it's going to take a level of extremity that most human beings are not yet prepared for and now is the time to start talking about these strategies and methodologies and to start formulating them and doing them the third reason that this overarching cover-up continues and the main reason it continues is the continued acceptance to get people to continue to accept traditional traditional religious and scientist dogma through the suppression of the truth about human origins about how we came to be the people that we are on this planet and how we came into the current human condition and there's two overarching paradigms or dogmatic worldviews that postulates to tell us how we came into this condition and why we are the people that we are and that is the scientism dogmatic worldview of Darwinism and let me tell you something Darwin was probably the single individual who did the most to harm the entire human species one human being who did the most amount of damage on the human mind in the history of the species was Charles Darwin because what he got people to accept as a religion with no actual scientific proof yes with no actual proof in the fossil record where he himself said it would need to be discovered with many transitional species and not a one has ever been found linking ancient hominids to human to modern humans not one and if you think it has been go find me the proof you will not be able to do it no one will because there is not one shared bone in a hominid skeleton that is shared with a human being skeleton and there is not one transitional species that has ever been discovered with the shared bone between those two species 0 and any anthropologist or biologists will admit that fact if they're telling you the truth and not lying to you and people want to take Darwinian macro biological evolutionary theory as gospel truth as if it has somehow been 100% proven as law in the universe I feel sorry for anybody who's in that mindset because it is a complete scientism left-brain worldview prison and it's just as ridiculous as the creationist worldview the earth is only six thousand years old the Creator put us all here to test us you know and the literalist interpretation the biblical worldview their religion propagates there's your right brain form of his balance we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us you know today disguise the night 95 today tried to run try to hide do the welcome back ladies and gentlemen third and final hour of what on earth is happening for this evening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I want to wrap up some of the points that I was making about the reasons that all the governments of the earth have universally decided to continue the embargo on the truth regarding the interaction with human beings by non-human intelligences regardless of what their nature may be and we made three basic points that the first reason is to continue control if you think about that what is the role what institution fulfills that role government okay they're the ones who are actually performing the actual control the physical control of human beings the second was the continuity of the fake monetary system that is ultimately backed by oil and the oil cartels so now we have the monetary systems the protection of that paradigm as the second reason and the third reason was the perpetuation of religious dogma and religious belief systems whether it is traditional right brained cultural religious belief systems New Age belief systems or scientism left-brain belief systems it's all religion no matter how you want to break it down or look at it it's just whether it's a left brain imbalanced form of religion or a right brain imbalanced form of religion but ultimately they do that through the suppression of our true origins why why does that ultimately keep the paradigm of slavery in place well it keeps this idea that this is how it should be in place in the minds of people and that's the death of the imagination well if it should be like this and if it's okay and if it's right for it to continue what do I need to do to why should I try to change anything I can't change anything that's just the perpetual quote natural order of the way things are absolute bunk nonsense there's nothing natural about what's happening on this planet and it most certainly doesn't in any way resemble order it is the 100% artificially imposed mind control based system of chaos and slavery and disorder if you think this is the natural order you are mentally sick literally I'm sana I'm not even saying this like as some kind of a ad hominem attack I'm telling you literally the fact of the matter is that you have a damaged neocortical brain if you got a brain scan it would verify it anybody who has that kind of a worldview is still in a state where one of the brain hemispheres is so chronically imbalanced that it has destabilized the entire neocortical of structure of the brain and the electrochemical activity that has taken place in the neocortical brain is screwed up and a brain scan would show it ladies and gentlemen there would be physical tangible scientific evidence that there's mental illness present in you if that's your worldview if you think that's the natural order you're mentally ill literally again it's not an ad hominem attack I'm trying to explain literally that is the evidence of a broken brain if that worldview is present the brain is broken so ultimately we've gone forward in ascending order of power when it comes to maintenance of this control and slavery system governments actually at the bottom remember when I talked about back on a former podcast the unholy trinity the three basic forms of mind control that keep everything in a state of slavery government is the child it's the thing that came last it's the thing that was born out of the other two the monetary system is what is the mother to that child it's what run the government it's what makes the government do what it does people thinking that I have to do this for money I have to have a job this is part of my identity this is part of what I do but ultimately it's religion that's running the show folks and it always has been and if you don't understand that if you think religion has waned you don't know anything about the first thing about what's really going on on this world religion is still as firmly entrenched and in charge of this planet as it ever has been ever has been it is all about religion and how it needs to be ended all forms of it all false religions there's only one true religion truth itself that's it that's the only thing that's capable of reuniting you with your divine essence which we have all fallen from truth is the only force that can do that no religion on the face of the earth certainly not government authority certainly not the monetary system nor the New Age movement or any of the cultural religions has the power to do that sorry to burst your bubble religionists but get over it and religion is protecting that more than anything else religion and science shake hand on hands on this because neither one of them will even go near the third alternative which is interventionism the interventionist theory of how the human condition came to be the way it is they won't look at that no they want to protect their little paradigms of Darwinism and the poisoned worldview of original sin etc it's all the same thing it's saying humans are just like this see you can't people can't understand these are the same ideologies there's enough nothing really different it's just in the approach there's a doctor there's a scientist and a white lab coat tell you that human beings are are bad from from their you know from their genes you know or does religions tell you that God you know made us with original sin we were just made with original sin because we went against God's wishes in the garden and take this literalist interpretation of the Bible it's all points to the same overarching worldview humans are just fundamentally bad and flawed by their nature and it always has been this way and it always must be this way therefore don't even bother to try to create any change in the world now it has nothing to do with how people think because their behaviors are driven by how they think and how somebody thinks is changeable you're not a programmed robot that must behave a certain way you have free will this is what both of these paradigms dismiss it's the scientism paradigm of Darwinism macro biological Darwinian theory and social Darwinism postulates essentially there's no such thing as free will everything's just controlled by genes and then the religious paradigm well God's keeping it like this because we disobeyed him and therefore widget just has to be this way it's all nonsense it's all bunk something did happen to us and do something to us but it does not have to perpetually be that way human beings are capable of change human beings are capable of evolving human beings are capable of changing how they think and behave by an act of will by an act of will this is what is dismissed by both of these paradigms free will to make change okar and it is possible will we do it that's a whole different story and the reason they keep these paradigms in place is because one of the most effective ways to control a whole population this is the last slide for tonight slide 11 one of the most effective ways to control an entire population is to cut people off from the knowledge of their true origins because our true origins tell us about where we came from and they inform us of who we are now why we are the Bing now that we have become doesn't mean we have to perpetually be that doesn't mean that's just how it is and that's it just tough it can't be changed no it doesn't mean that but it does tell us about who we are right now in the moment and how we got to be that person that's a course heading we learn about where we've been in the course that we're currently on and when we have that information in hand then we're in an empowered position to change that course your calls on the other side of the break stay with us welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'm going to go to the phones and take your calls on this topic let's go to Patty in Illinois patty you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark absolutely thanks so much for calling will you have for us tonight I have been listening to your podcast since the beginning and I'm actually on number of like 35 and you're talking about imagination and it made me think of one of the podcasts I just listened to on better living through alchemy where you have like a I think I'm something about the key to life and death and it was imagination and and apparently is the only thing that can actually create what the ancient alchemists referred to as the Philosopher's Stone the state of consciousness by which we could create real positive change for the human species that cannot be done without the imagination it is the key to that formula exactly and for myself I have been finding that to be incredibly empowering I am I work as a college professor I teach students going into the medical field and and I see the limitations of these students that are getting brainwashed by allopathic medicine with with with the Rockefeller protocols and that the bar don't you know that the body is just a mechanized robotic machine and nutrition has nothing to do with any of it it's all about just the interactions of molecules that's all you know there it's all there just purpose purposeless you know it has nothing to do with energy certainly has nothing to do with the food we take in you know that's all absolutely based on you know ancient Newtonian paradigm and worldview you know brought into the human body now we're going to apply Newtonian dynamics of physical objects to the human body it makes perfect sense to me doesn't make perfect sense to you patty it is one of the mechanisms of mind control for these for these young students coming into the field and you're right it it is a very mechanistic way of looking at life we have reduced life to something that can be manipulated and something that is not a magical wonderful and you know just full of possibilities no I find it hard because I went to medical school and I left medical school because I I felt the brainwashing beginning when I was in my third year of med school and I started doing clinical rotations I didn't want to be a drug pusher I had to leave that system and and I'm teaching in the field because I am passionate about talking about the human body but I'm trying to get across to my students the truth without going against the system and you know one of the things you talked about was we have to start being forceful with this message you can't hold back anymore and so you know when one of my students asked me about chemotherapy I flat out tell them you know this is a cocktail of drugs that kill cells it killed the same immune cells that you need to fight cancer so if you think that's you know beneficial for our person was dying of cancer you know happen I have to give them the truth and let them come up with the conclusion and it's gonna take courage to do that and it may even come to a point where you might have to take a chance of putting your job on the line this is what we need more people to step up and do and you know the more people who do that the faster things are going to change Patti I want to thank you for your courage and thank you for your call great points and insights let's go to another caller let's hear from rob and Equador rob you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark hey Tim hi Rob welcome yes so down here in Ecuador I've been showing your natural law presentation over over several weeks to a group of people great bit of a statement here before a couple of I've got it seems your your method of teaching does nothing to overcome the cognitive dissonance that listeners may experience as a result of considering what you're teaching and you make no apology for that I know further I think you might it might be fair to describe your approach as going for the low-hanging fruit and I think I've heard you say words the effect of your style is your style maybe others can can do the babysitting and I and listening to various of your podcasts and so on it seems that it's almost did we lose you rob if you're still there yeah hi there he really is okay continue sorry it's a it's a VoIP connection from South America so yeah I I was just going on there maybe maybe it's even a disservice to try and wake people who what who don't want to be absolutely not I have to 100% completely disagree that is what we are here to do see the New Age movement has people convinced of this absolutely convinced that that is the correct way to go about doing things that's what's gotten us here my friend that's why we're in a situation of slavery that's the very reason because people said well doesn't make a difference to me what he thinks what she thinks what they think they're entitled to their own opinion doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether that opinion says anything to do with truth or morality and Who am I to say something to them that's the exact reason we're enslaved the exact reason think about that and okay New Age movement wants to convince people that that's the proper approach to take in this world just let it go let it be what it is don't exercise your will what happens see let me explain something and Rob I thank you for your call okay I want to explain something to folks regarding this of you and how dangerous it is okay there are two forces at work in the universe this is what see this ideology which is what it is comes forward from not understanding the truth about the occult someone who takes this approach does not understand the occult at all at all there are two forces at work in the universe there is an entropic force that breaks things down and prevents ordering and makes things further and further chaotic and when it comes to the will enslaves it in the scientific terminology this force is known as entropy in the occult terminology this force is known as involution the force of involution which means to tighten up inward to curl inside not to unfurl and to allow to unfold and flower but to ball up and suppress okay that means you're not using the will to order things that means you're not using the will to choose the difference between right and wrong and speak that to others that means you're not controlling yourself and taking control over your voice which is what ultimately orders the mind and by extension orders the universe the universe is spoken into existence and there are too few people who are ordering it therein lies the problem thank you rob for your call because you just explained to all the listeners the fundamental problem of our world that is the fundamental overarching problem of the human condition we want to allow that force of involution to go don't exert the will because that is the hardest thing to do see it all comes back to will folks free will the gift of the Creator what are we doing with it yeah what are we doing with it we gotta wake up from our sleep ladies and gentlemen and that is what I am desperately attempting to assist people with if only they will hear the message this isn't going to happen on its own this is what religion wants to tell people is that's how the way the world works we are the ones who are in control of this process we do it or it doesn't get done people have to start to understand what the great work really is and they still don't get it as I was saying before the break there are two forces in nature involution is the force the entropic force in nature that breaks everything down prevents ordering within systems and creates chaos and this has been called the satanic force in the occult world as well then there is the ordering principle this is the force of evolution it is the ordering principle in nature and when we stand in that force and align ourselves with what is with the truth with morality then that force of evolution creates for us more and more freedom that is the essential law of attraction in operation throughout the entire universe and it's what every occult school of wisdom has attempted desperately to teach the people of this planet and it's what every dark occult mystery tradition has attempted to prevent the people of Earth from understanding because that's how you keep them enslaved and it is an act of will that will order things and that will create freedom for human beings it is not a process that is in the hands of anybody else biological evolution gets us up to a certain point and then the process is taken over by that little thing called free will and as I asked before the break what are we doing with it well you could imagine that most people are just absolutely defecating on it okay put another colorful expletive in there of your choice all right so look I'm sorry for the intensity people okay but the whole point here is there is no time left we're out we're out of time folks in case you don't understand what's going on in the world you need to open your eyes look around if you can't tell the house is on fire I feel sorry for you I don't know what to tell you we need to express this imperative there's no more time to sweet talk to these people the great work is waking the dead if you're not if you don't have the willpower to do that then admit that you're not involved and get off the playing field that's it I'm not here to talk to the people who aren't going to do that work the entire point of this show and all of my work is not to talk to the dead why would I the whole point is to make new teachers who do fully understand these dynamics so that we can cause a course of resounding truth throughout the earth and when we do that we're gonna wake the dead but not until not until we understand what that great work is and we start to give our will to the will of creation to do that great work that's what doing the true will means and that's what people still don't understand in massive enough numbers let's go to Daniel in Ohio Daniel you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark can you hear me yes I can coming in loud and clear mark I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you've done I've worked my way through your podcast twice now and it's it's really just helped me see the I mean this world for what it really is you blendin honor and dr. Jim Byrne on YouTube I mean you guys have just completely turned my life around and almost inexplicable terms but uh what I was calling thank you for that compliment I consider myself in good company with those gentlemen that you just mentioned I mean I thank you so much for introducing me to lean on that is a vision of manhood podcast is good for anyone absolutely absolutely I mean just brilliant work brilliant why I can't recommend Lenin highly enough it's really good stuff I don't you say I like the way you you thanked me for what I do I helped you to wake yourself up I didn't do it for you you did it by an act of your will yes sir you did that all I did was say hey you might want to take a look at this that's all I'm just an aggregator of the grammar that's out there you know of the basic building blocks of information that people really need to take into themselves if they want to wake themselves up and you know that's what my work is here to do and it is hard work it's not easy I put so much time people don't see the amount of time that goes into this I've sacrificed a good portion of my life to do this work in any these things don't just get made you know you know nothing just happens by accent you have to sit you have to do the research you have to organize it logically you have to do the graphics you have to do the text I mean you know it's it's not something that just happens automatically every single thing on my website ladies and gentlemen I put up there myself I don't have a webmaster I don't have a webmaster I mean think I learned this the the you know communication skills and the the computer skills to do that that's what I do for making fake money you know I do tutoring and you know technical support work and building websites and stuff like that but you know thank God that background is there you know and I can do that but and people think that just happens magically on its own that's hard work ladies and gentlemen it takes a lot of time to get done that most people are paid a lot of money to do I receive no compensation for that for that work so you know except in the form of voluntary donations that people find value in it and that's fine you know if they want to contribute I won't turn down a donation I do have a donation button on the page to help assist me with the expenses of daily life and helping contribute to the household in which I live so you know uh but I I just want to thank you Daniel for the way you phrased that and you said I simply assisted in that process you did the work to wake yourself up I was an assistant in that work that's what an alchemist really is an assistant to the great work definitely and you might want to do like Lennon did you know like he he made an affirmation to the universe that you know because of the work that he's done and because of the people that he knows he has helped that he deserves he knows that he deserves for the people that have that he has helped for them to help him out monetarily because because is something that we unfortunately need in this crazy world and people like myself and Lennon we will role most of that back into the work that we are doing you think this doesn't require equipment it you think it doesn't require buying DVDs it doesn't require printer ink you know it doesn't require and then a fast internet can which I laughingly call my internet connection fast that's not you know nothing but it's not a real modern high-speed Internet connection this crappy DSL line that I suffer through because off FiOS hasn't come fiber optic internet hasn't come into my neighborhood yet unfortunately but yeah I mean I hear what you're saying you know what we do deserve some abundance in our life to help us to do this work because worst fewer the few people who are actually doing it absolutely absolutely people out there if you can hear me I'm gonna do the Boston Cincinnati style have some fucking passion okay you have to watch our we have to watch our language because we're going out I am and FM affiliates as well so all right no problem yes have some frickin passion okay all this stuff about you know you talk to people and if you have any kind of passion in your voice people want to not listen to you or anything like that forget that it's too late for that and we we had to take things into another level that's I just have a quick story here moving into a new house and there's a pond right behind it and I told you no parts of my family that I didn't want any fishing on it just simply because I didn't want any animals can be harmed and it's cause it's literally caused a rift in my family just because of it I would never in a million years thought that that would have happened what it has and it's causing so many problems it's amazing just because through you know through through apophysis I didn't want it an action to be done but they feel like they have the right to ingress upon that and in and be pissed about it it's so crazy Daniel thank you for sticking to your guns and employing your will and waking yourself up to the extent that you have and now getting involved in the process of helping to wake others up that's what it's all about thanks so much for the call we'll pick up with your calls on the other side stay with us welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening this is the last segment for this evening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's see if we could squeeze in a few more calls let's go to Raphael in Indiana you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi Marc oh I just wanted to mention I came across an article talked about 15 years later in the matrix still has us and just wanted to make a comment that that presentation alone you did did wonders for helping me wake up and realize exactly what you know kind of happening in this world and not to mention all your podcast but going back to what you mentioned earlier about the police and these order followers a lot of it you know as you mentioned in through your podcast there's a lot of it stems from like I scare ya they're like robots and you know it's both in it also comes down to the general public for because like of care is because they don't care because it doesn't happen to them as long as they're in little world it doesn't matter as long as they get their paycheck because you know you mentioned in your previous podcast is like the brutality and things that happened in the g20 s anybody who watches those videos it's like it's just either just amazed at what what goes on and but people don't care because it's not happening to them yeah and see that care that true care we're not talking about familial love or romantic love we're talking about true care about what's actually taking place from a moral perspective that is the force that ultimately drives the will or needs to drive the will if we're to create positive change and until we can get more and more people to develop that true sense of care what I call care with a capital C you know don't expect things to magically change on their own here care has to drive the right action through the will in order for actual positive change to become manifested in our world that's the real Law of Attraction folks not this bunk New Age variant that's being taught by all these self-help gurus who just want to make a quick buck by tell people what they want to hear they don't want to come out and tell people it's hard to create real change because you really have to deeply care you have to get out of your poisoned nonsense world view about how evil human beings are and can't ever change and you got to start working on yourself and other people you know that's what real care is all about and if we apply it with our free will there's no force of nature that can hold us back that's what the evolutionary force is ultimately all about that's what is that's what drives it care and the will and then of course understanding and knowledge you know and then we apply that and that's wisdom and that's what drives the force of evolution the ordering principle in nature it's a Raphael anything else I just wanted to come and I just can't take we know for your passion your intensity and everything you do I appreciate that thank you very much thanks so much let's hear from Ivan and Phoenix Ivan welcome my friend Ivan in Phoenix are you are you there yeah I'm here there he is I can hear you now all right good have you been well everything's good you doing well still doing a great work they're not gonna stop yeah we hope you've never stopped I've listened to some of your last few shows here the last week and I even message barb that you sounded pretty intense and she messaged back that she can hear you upstairs that you were very loud some of your shows no there's no question I'm feeling an energetic shift in intensity it's like the universe is saying to the spiritual warriors on this planet right now step up your game boys and girls because you're on the verge of something now is not the time to let it let it M okay now is the time to move forward and press forward we need to keep up the pressure keep up the pressure that is what this whole time period right now is about I can feel every bone in my body and that's what that intensity is reflecting yeah yeah I agree with you let me see I have so many ideas and still short amount of time let me try and focus real quick you brought up the word order that's something that I was thinking about about a month ago the word order we don't think about that word too much but every we want a world of order but yes every day we go about placing orders right we're on line 15 with order for what we want we go to a restaurant in our school place or any place and we submit an order for what we want and yet we're doing that all the time because we want you know mommy or daddy government to vote or pass this or do that so we're always ordering things that we don't realize that we're ordering when we place votes or pray or go to some church or for somebody to arrest us or constantly put submitting orders and then your about getting something in return for the placement of that order Yeah right in many cases it doesn't resemble order at all in many cases it's absolute chaos right because we're people who are subconsciously ordering what they don't want right exactly and then going back to your topic of your show tonight it's just real quickly the movie Noah oh you're that and it's pretty interesting how a lot of the religious people's aren't don't really like that smell right you know so connection with like God or anything but I think what they don't like is that they show this is a spoiler for people who haven't seen it but you know it's been out several weeks they should have seen it right now but they show supposed to be like the angels they're light and they get cursed and we get turned into rocks no it is B well they show other earthly or unearthly beings with Noah and they're interacting like that's going on and I'm like hello you know they call them the Watchers in the movie I went to see it I highly recommend this movie people should definitely go and see it and you'll understand why a big furor is being raised by the community because they want the one of the movie to tell the literalist interpretation of the biblical story when in fact what this movie is actually about is the interaction with ancient human beings of non-human entities that came to this planet and had factions among them that interacted with human beings in different ways some of them wanted to uplift human beings and some of them wanted them vehemently viciously control human beings and you know the the faction that is the the Creator in this movie is the one that warns human beings about a coming calamity on the earth and that you know the human life was going to be wiped out and I'll help certain contingency of human beings to survive that Cataclysm so it's definitely a story about the ancient past and I I kind of really liked up kind of the message of the movie was that human beings are ultimately in control of how we move forward you know it's not up to the the all-powerful fate of some creator it is it is about what what we think about ourselves are we worthy of moving forward and evolving you know it's a it's a self an idea of self when it comes to our worldview you know are we worthy of something more than this are we worthy of something more than then slavery and chaos and destruction and strife you know and this is part of the problem so many people don't think that we are because they're still in the state of self-loathing they're still in that state of self-loathing brought on by these traumatic you know conditions and in that psychological state of abandonment that leads to self loathing and then that leads to them not want to take personal responsibility to change things the all of these underlying themes were present in the movie and it left I left I think the movie left on a pretty up a powerful empowering note that you know the the main character ultimately had to see that there was worth in humanity and it was worthy to go forward and continue and evolve and become something more than it previously was so I highly recommend I I definitely thought it was pleasantly surprising to me it contained so much more than what I was even expecting and then synchronize eclis you know every time I call you there's some synchronicity happening I did not know what your topic this evening was gonna be and earlier today I could want an older season king bass book the mist and there was a mood right there's a movie that ties into what you were talking about this evening about extraterrestrial or unearthly beings or entities or things that exist and how humanity shrugs it off and like no that's not possible at all real quick people should see the myth it shows the three types of people the ones left brain right brain and the ones open that that can accept what impossible and how it addresses everything on different religion to the logical thinking people and how everybody is wrong in there also a great allegorical film I definitely recommend that one as well yeah great points Ivan and always a pleasure to hear from you ladies and gentlemen that's really all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening that brings us to the end of the show hope you've enjoyed listening to the show tonight remember there are only two mistakes that one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way oh and one more thing don't you ever say die