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freedom man that's what it's all about welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday April 19th 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central we have a great show lined up for you here tonight tonight I'm going to be discussing the difference between evolution as conceived by Darwinism and the adherence to Darwinism versus how evolution was taught as a force within creation by just about every ancient wisdom tradition throughout the history of humanity I'm also going to be touching on the concept of epigenetics on tonight's show so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I have a few quick event announcements I want to get into and then I want to give the callin number to the show I'm gonna be on alchemy radio on Monday April 21st 2014 from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time you could check that out at alchemy radio dot podomatic com once again alchemy radio dot podomatic comm this Monday April 21st 10 p.m. to midnight Eastern I'll also be going on critical mass radio with Kate of Gaia always great to be on Kate's show I'll be going on her show on Wednesday April 23rd from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time and you could check that out at critical mass radio cote UK i'll be I think it's confirmed I'm not exactly 100 percent certain but it's it was fairly well confirmed that I'll be going on fringe radio on 6:30 a.m. that's Katie KK out of Salt Lake City Utah this coming Friday April 25th from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern Time so a rare early show there for me this coming Friday one of the big events coming up that I have is the streetwise spirituality seminar an all-day seminar in st. 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Louis if you are capable of going to it and you are actually going to use the tickets that's what the trivia little contest tonight is going to be for so we'll we'll be doing that a little bit later in the show ladies and gentlemen you're not going to want to miss next week's broadcast of what on earth is happening because for the first time next week my very special guest right here on what on earth is happening is going to be the legendary Jordan Maxwell and I'm really excited to be able to make that announcement that is going to be my guest for next Saturday night April 26th right here on what on earth is happening Jordan is uh someone who I consider a personal mentor with his information and we are going to be talking about his view on non-human intelligence and its possible interactions with our species we're going to be getting Jordans take on human origins and in general the future of humanity so really excited to be able to bring Jordan onto the show next week also we're going to be talking about the unfortunate situation that Jordan has been going through of late people have actually co-opted his name and have been harassing him and trying to attempt them to stop putting out the information that he's been putting out for many years so he'll be able to come forward and talk about that situation a little bit next week so those are the event announcements I have I want to give the calling number for today's show the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening is 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us 800 three one 390 443 okay let's uh let's see I also wanted to mention that there is a support donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel you've gained value from the information I have shared throughout the course of this radio show feel free to make a voluntary donation by clicking that button on the left hand side of the website so I want to direct everyone to ten to the water on earth is happening dot-com radio show page where as always during the live broadcasts I put underneath the player on the radio show page that's the radio show tab of the website images for tonight's show they are listed as numerical links and if you click on them it brings up a small slideshow that you could follow along with the slides that I've prepared for the concepts and ideas I'll be discussing on tonight's show so the main topic for tonight is going to be how does scientism see the process of evolutionary development versus how have many different mystery traditions and mystery schools over time seen this same process and how do these things compare and how do they contrast how are they alike and how are these concepts as discussed by these two schools of thought drastically different from each other so on the radio show page and with the podcast and again this will be podcast number 152 image number one was simply the poster the flyer for my street wise spirituality lecture in seminar in st. Louis that's there you could feel free to share that on any website or social media or print it up for whoever you might know who might be able to attend image number two is this very simple chart that I have built regarding two forces that are at work in our lives at all times and places these are the two forces that are essentially at work in the universe all around us at all times one is the force that moves us forward one is the force that holds us back we'll pick that up on the other side of the break we'll be right back and my website what on earth is happening dot-com the topic for tonight's show is how the ancient mystery schools saw the force of evolution and how they how their worldview regarding this force was different than the way scientism sees the evolutionary force at work in the world specifically through the theories of Charles Darwin and how that's been applied in our modern world particularly through what is known as social Darwinism so slide number two I made a very simple chart or you know just a graph of these two forces and what they involve and on the left hand side you'll see that in the green coloring I've put the force of evolution there and directed arrows moving from left to right the same direction that we you know write text in here in the Western world and you know that's supposed to represent that it's moving forward it's moving from something that is lesser to something that is greater it's moving from someplace that is less advanced to a place that's more advanced and it's moving in a forward progression so that's really what evolution is all about it's about forward movement the word itself comes from the term to unfurl or to unfold to roll out is literally what the word means it means to roll out okay so evolution is an expansive force in creation and you know just as a brief aside I just want to say I'm covering this topic because it seems that the universe wants me to really talk about this because of synchronicities that have happened to me in my life over the past several weeks everything keeps coming back to people's view of what real evolution is in in my life when I'm speaking to people and it seems that one of the major things that are holding back people's worldview in life and holding them in a state of mind control and unconsciousness is their completely erroneous notion of what evolution is based on their religious acceptance of the Darwinian theory of evolution proposed and propagated by scientism and when you see how rigid what how absolutely rigidly they are attached to this belief system and it is only a belief system because it is only a theory and has never been 100% factually proven scientifically as I said last week on the show macro biological macro biological Darwinian theory has never been borne out in the fossil record it is still only a theoretical approach to how biological organisms propagate themselves in diffuse into the future and preserve their their genes and advance their genes and while I would say that I tend to agree with some of the concepts contained in Darwinistic theory like adaptation natural selection things like that I don't subscribe to macro biological Darwinian evolutionary theory that propagates the notion that a species becomes a completely different species and then there's a bunch of transitional fossil species in the fossil record the reason I don't subscribe to that is because the main thing that would espouse and support that theory would be evidence in the fossil record there would be many transitional species found in the fossil record for all kinds of species and the evidence just doesn't support that claim especially for human beings most of all for human beings there is not one bone in the so-called hominid ancestors of humanity that is present in any human skeleton that has ever been uncovered on the face of the earth okay so there's many more why I feel it doesn't hold as much water as people think that it doesn't put as much faith in it as other people do which we will get into in the future but the reason I'm bringing this up is because the topics that I'm going to go into in the future on this show coming in future weeks are going to be very dependent on a view of evolution it is going to be about what is better what is worse what really propagates progress what really holds back progress these are really the forces that we're talking about as have been taught by again ancient philosophical traditions ancient wisdom traditions what we really have to see these two forces on this slide as evolution and involution I'm speaking of are the one force that helps us to move forward and then the other force is simply what holds us back and is working against our unfolding okay and against our expanding all right it's that which shuts us down this involution Airy force so let's look at some of the differences between these two forces and how they work against each other the evolutionary force again is the force of forward progression and creation within the universe it is that which is moving things according to the will of creation okay it is moving things in an orderly progression forward in betterment in greater levels of order and complexity conversely the involution Airy force is that which is working to create stagnation it is where it is a degenerating force it breaks things down it doesn't order things it breaks them down okay and it separates and it divides the evolutionary force is sin tropic now many people will never have heard that term it is the opposite of entropy centra P is what scientists have postulated as meaning the ordering force in creation it is that which is the opposite of entropy some scientists refer to this as negative entropy because they didn't have a real opposite for entropy with an entropy again is the chaotic force or the force that creates disorder in a system or breaks things down and we see that you just leave something to the default conditions and how it it is already and things become more and more disorderly I mean you don't you don't do anything within a house within a living space for months or years it becomes absolutely you know there is just total breakdown of order things become dirty things become dusty there's just things become chaotic disordered eventually all matter works toward that tendency the tendency to break down the the entropic tendency entropy is always at work in the universe is a force that is 100 percent continuously operating through time and as time moves forward entropy keeps you know exerting itself and breaking things down further but there is this other force that is actually counter balancing entropy it's called centra P so that's the evolutionary force it is thus entropic force within creation that means that it is the ordering force it is the thing that creates higher levels of order and it does this through will again this is how the occult schools see these two forces it isn't just something that just magically happens it occurs through the will of intelligence that exists within the universe it's not something that is working like clockwork the involution Airy force is something that just works like clockwork okay that works without an intelligent organizing principle behind it it's just there by its nature okay that works against this evolutionary force to provide some pressure or some kind of feedback or something to just give it something to push against okay so and again that's that law of compensation and that law of rhythm that we've talked about when we went over you know the principles that underlie natural so we'll pick this up this breakdown up on the other side of the break stay with us everyone welcome back everyone you're listening to warm on earth is happening under host mark passio before the break we were talking about the difference between the two universal forces that are really always at work in our lives as discussed and propagated by ancient wisdom traditions throughout human history they were referred to in occult schools as the force of evolution versus the force of involution again involution is a term not many people may have heard about or seen unless they have looked into a cult schools of philosophy but we were discussing what evolution does and it is the ordering force within creation because it is driven by intelligence it is driven by holistic intelligence it is driven by will and it is something that creates greater levels of complexity and diversity conversely involution is the stagnation force it is the force which wants the whole back worth fort forward movement forward progress creation and is it wants to degenerate things now degeneration right in the word you have the word genera genera okay that's comes from the latin verb genera which means to make or to create so to degenerate means to do the opposite of to create it's to destroy or to break down as such involution is the entropic force the force that goes against ordering it creates chaos and it creates disorder within any given system it is always looking to create lex less complexity by breaking down things down into they're more simple constituent forms and until there is absolute uniformity within the system and this is where I would say science agrees these points that we've made so far modern science would agree that that's what these two forces basically do if the even what they wouldn't call it involution they would simply refer to it as an for but up to this point we have agreement between the worlds of spirituality or occult schools of thought if you will and modern-day science now where I'm going to get into a big dichotomy that the whole notion of Darwinistic evolutionary theory completely leaves out is in these next three categories and then we'll conclude this chart by looking at you know what is the end goal what is the end result so I would say that and again as taught by you know a myriad of mystery tradition schools of thought evolution actually contains within it the advancement of consciousness it is always creating more consciousness because it is creating more complexity and order that's what consciousness is all about okay consciousness is the ability to recognize something that has taken place the ability to become aware the ability to see patterns of what's taking place not only within oneself but in the environment in which the self is operating okay and then as a result of that consciousness you have the ability to then use the will to create more order and and create more complex forms and more diversity and the process continues to unfold and again that's ultimately what we're is completely left out of the Darwinistic notion of evolution because it leaves out freewill it leaves consciousness at the door okay consciousness doesn't even enter into the equation when it comes to people thinking about this from a scientific perspective okay it's just about matter and genes propagating okay like clockwork like at this newtonian worldview clockwork mechanism mechanistic view of reality of nature of science okay consciousness doesn't play a role in that so this is where it completely diverges from science the scientific definition of evolution okay and as a result of more consciousness when you are able to see patterns when you're able to recognize the differences between things and then choose by will that which is going to advance you forward okay that which is going to create more order more complexity more diversity more advancement of consciousness what you are going to then understand more about and then choose between and then develop more of is moral behavior so there is more morality morality more morality as the evolutionary force progresses or in other words as we are becoming more and more evolved that by definition means that we are becoming more and more moral as a people so without true morality without consciousness and morality I would say and all of the ancient traditions that attempted to teach wisdom to human beings taught and concurred that that force of evolution would have to contain within it morality and consciousness or it wasn't evolution at all it was nothing of the kind it was exactly the opposite it was involution it was stagnation and it was degeneration so again this is where Darwin and the theories and the people who have adopted his theories and have propped up his theories as religious dogma will never touch will never go near and you hear people kicking around the term evolution evolution you know and they're really not understanding what true evolution is all about what they're doing is they're ascribing the Darwinian worldview of evolution to the actual force that is at work in nature and by leaving morality out of the equation they think that just if something physically survives and propagates its genes that that means that it's evolving that is not what real evolution is okay or if you want to call it simply evolution as taught by ancient wisdom traditions that is not how they saw nor is it how I see the Neri force at work in our lives at all whatsoever so when we have these qualities and we're developing them and they're coming from more order they're coming from more complexity they're coming from forward progress in creation that being consciousness and morality the the result that goes to work in our lives as a species that has the capacity for holistic intelligence what we receive as a result of that is more freedom now what will more freedom produce in our lives it will again play right back into that system like a feedback loop we have more freedom we have more ability to create more order there's more we're going to be able to create new things there's gonna be more complexity and diversity and cult in the culture amongst the species therefore consciousness the ability to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to those patterns is going to increase and as such we're going to be able to more clearly see the difference between right and wrong and then choose the right over the wrong and increase morality and then keep increasing freedom as a result you can see you could see this is a snowballing effect or is you know it is a feedback loop that feeds back into itself ok conversely the force of involution does exactly the opposite it is always breaking consciousness down through fear because that's what it does it breaks things down it is the entropic force which ultimately creates nothing but chaos and it creates less complexity ok and it breaks things down into their constituent elements ok and when we're applying this in the sense of consciousness what that means is it's always instilling greater amounts of fear so therefore there is less consciousness there is less ability to recognize patterns and meaning and therefore people are not going to be able to distinguish things because they're not going to be really thinking clearly ok and again these things that I've put in brackets here okay to make this very clear these are the forces once again that were the qualities I should say regarding these two forces that are left out by a scientism by the Darwinian view of evolution and or involution and/or entropy if you want to call involution entropy and these apply to beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence I want to make that absolutely abundantly clear should have put that on the slide but again I just wanted to make this a simple chart without you know too much clutter okay the things that are in the brackets apply to intelligent beings they don't apply to the beings with less complexity and more uniformity that's why they don't apply to single celled organisms okay single celled organisms goal is to evolve eventually into point where they develop more complexity more diversity and evolved to larger beings okay therefore they would have the capacity for more consciousness see that's where we cross the line between biological evolutionary progression okay these four that are not bracketed at the top of the list these four qualities that are not bracketed into the realm of true holistic intelligence or again you don't want to say it's definitely holistic intelligence but it is the capacity for holistic intelligence because human I wouldn't apply that term to humanity humanity is not a holistically intelligent species not yet where some of us are trying to work our way toward that end goal to become a truly holistically intelligent being okay and then propagate that to all other beings in our cult in our society and make it a truly holistically intelligent society but that's not what we are right now by any stretch of anybody's imagination if you if you think that I think you're extraordinarily naive human being okay we have the capacity though for that holistic intelligence we'll pick this up on the other side of the break stay with us everyone to listening to what on earth is happening okay folks were back in listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking about evolution versus involution these ancient these Universal competing forces that the mystery schools of the ancient world broke down and helped to try to help humanity to understand that these forces were always at work in our lives and that they they governed the free will decisions regarding how we choose to behave and what we get as a result okay when we think about evolution in scientism terms in Darwinistic terms it leaves consciousness at the door it doesn't even consider morality as having to do with evolutionary progression of a species like us that is gifted with the capacity for holistic intelligence it looks at things in a clockwise mechanistic mechanical robotic dead lifeless sense which is an ancient as far as I'm concerned and I don't mean ancient and meaning like you know spanning Aeons of time back I mean as outdated fossilized and completely no longer viable view of a scientific paradigm this is a Newtonian paradigm that has long since been really completely disproven and blown out of the water by modern scientific thought and you know m'm is that these new modalities of science really don't reach the public's eyes and ears certainly not with any level of intensity or level of import you know that that they need to be reaching people so when a new science emerges in the modern world it usually takes somewhere between 15 and 20 years for people in the to even really hear about its findings and that gap is now widening it's not shortening as science you know moves forward and progresses and starts to learn new things about how the world really operates more and more people are trapped in old world views and old notions that have long since been disproven and you know that gap is now probably closer to 25 30 maybe even 40 years amazingly even in the information era so to go back to this chart that we were breaking down this is image number two on the wall on earth is happening calm radio show page or with the podcast the three fields here that we're looking at that completely diverged when it comes to seeing evolution in the occult sense versus seeing evolution in the modern day scientists ence is consciousness morality and freedom does the evolutionary force have to do with these qualities of human beings of human behavior and I would suggest that they absolutely have to do with those qualities 100% definitely the more consciousness the more morality the more freedom the more we are moving forward that's what it means to evolve and progress okay and that's what advances human beings survival or the survival of intelligent species or again species with the capacity for true intelligence okay so the involution Airy force conversely when there is less consciousness that is you know unconsciousness at work not being able to see the patterns being rooted in fear and then not being able to really tell the difference between things to distinguish to discern okay which is what real higher-order thinking is about it is about discernment and being able to make a delineation between things that are truly different from each other and we need to do that when it comes to behavior when it comes to right versus wrong behavior which we've talked about endlessly here on this show when we do that there will be more freedom if we choose the right over the wrong conversely if we are allowing involution to take its course and we're not evolving our consciousness we are not progressing in morality that will result in less freedom okay this is the law of freedom at work through natural law as morality increases freedom increases and as morality declines freedom declines ultimately you know and where this branches back into I guess you could call it an agreement of scientism is that the evolutionary force is what advances survival and the involution Airy force or the entropic force is what advances extinction or prevents survival but what I want to bring up here is just survival the ultimate goal of evolution see is a physical survival the ultimate goal of evolution I agree that survival is one of the goals of evolution but it is survival in a more advanced form okay not just biological survival in completely entropic and disorderly and chaotic and conditions that promote more and more suffering and really if you're just biologically surviving in conditions like that is that true evolution is that true progress is that forward progress I would certainly state no it is not forward progress it is anything but so when you get rooted in the whole its nothing about propagating genes thing okay which is what I am hearing more and more about what people think evolutionary evolution is it's only about propagating our genes it's only about propagating DNA it's about natural selection so that the genes can be propagated into the future in the future time well that's not necessarily what evolution really means ladies and gentlemen it doesn't just mean biological survival something can be biologically surviving and degenerating simultaneously the true meaning of evolution is forward progress you are progressing from the sin to the complex you are progressing from the uniform tonight the diverse you are progressing from less consciousness to more consciousness you are progressing from less morality to more morality you are progressing from less understanding to more understanding you're progressing from animalistic behavior to truly civilized human behavior you're progressing from less freedom to more freedom you're progressing from less willpower to more willpower and I can go on and on there is a distinguishment there is a delineation there is one thing that is not as good and one thing that is better it is about forward progress from the bed to the good literally and there's so many people who are trapped in this Darwinistic worldview when it comes to what this force means that it only means the propagation of biological material you know anything can do that that doesn't necessarily mean it's more evolved just because it survived doesn't mean it's evolved once again can't you imagine the condition where something survives and degenerates and or and or stagnates even though it's continuing to survive what's the point of survival if you're not really making forward progress in consciousness if you're not making forward progress in morality I would certainly say you're not truly evolving then if that's the case and this is how the ancient wisdom schools taught evolution to their you know acolytes and adherence they were trying to explain there yes there's biological evolution that's at work but only up to a point then when something develops the capacity for true intelligence and being able to choose and having developing true freewill you're not just a creature of biological instinct you're more than that you've developed the capacity for holistic thought both logical thought reasoned thought mathematical and scientific thought as well as intuitive thought creative thought compassionate thought nurturing thoughts okay there there there both of these forms come together to create intelligence that's why people in the modern world and in scientism unfortunately only equate mostly intelligence with intellect in the modern day you know that's they have intelligence quotient and it's all about verbal and math skills well then where's the compassion where's the creativity that has nothing to do with holistic intelligence that's intellect quotient an IQ test that's what it should be called it shouldn't be called an intelligence quotient it should be called an intellect quotient then it would be highly more accurate you know what you're leaving out the right brain hemisphere you're leaving out the the feminine component to the consciousness you're leaving out the right brain qualities you're leaving out creativity you're leaving out compassion you're leaving out nurturing you're leaving out intuition you're leaving out common sense you're leaving out morality okay so that's where the word generate to create comes from the creative side of the mind that's why you have to put that together with the intellect to create intelligence Intelli is intellect and jens's creativity that's why it's called intelligence ladies and gentlemen it's right there in the word so we'll pick this up and move forward with a discussion about genetics versus epigenetics when we come back after this quick break we'll be right back welcome back everyone who listens you what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm into the second hour of tonight's broadcast let me give the callin number once again callin number to join us you could talk about anything you want ask any questions you want to ask and we're I'm also gonna start the trivia questions and I'll read that the first question right after I give the call and number the calling number is 831 three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us 831 three ninety four forty three we're going to have a trivia contest the prize is four tickets to the st. 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Louis Missouri on May 31st called streetwise spirituality for tickets these four tickets were purchased and donated for giveaway on tonight's show by Joe from Kansas City so Joe from Kansas City thank you so much for that very generous donation of that very generous act to give tickets away to four lucky individuals and we'll make you work for it not too hard the questions won't be exceedingly difficult but if you've been listening to what on earth is happening or you know just have taken in some general knowledge about the occult and wisdom tradition teachings throughout the world it should be a piece of cake I'll read the first trivia question when I take calls if you want to answer please only answer the trivia question I'll ask you if you are going to attempt to answer it but I want the people to answer it who are capable of attending we're not trying to give tickets away and then they go to waste we want people to attend the actual seminar so if you're not planning on attending if you can't travel to st. Louis or if you're not in the st. Louis area around May 31st of this year please don't answer the trivia question okay I want to make that abundantly clear so we'll take some calls after I wrap up with a couple more slides I don't have too many more slides but I just want to breach the next topic which is genetics versus and this ties hand-in-hand with evolution versus involution and there's a reason I'm bringing this up and hopefully in future weeks this will make a whole lot of sense why I did this at this time I know people are really hungry to hear more information on human interaction with non-human intelligence and I am going to get very deeply into that on future shows this topic however is going to play essentially into that information and knowledge okay because what I'm really going to be talking about and postulating and looking at evidence for by you know many researchers who have uncovered evidence throughout time by ancient scriptural texts that have been left down meticulously preserved and handed down from generation to generation by our ancestors to tell us stories about what happened in in our ancient past I'm going to be telling a overall enactment okay a general series of events that happened in the ancient past dealing with the hijacking of our species dealing with the genetic modification of our species dealing with the willful and deliberate interjection in the natural evolutionary course of development that our species was undergoing and then D railing it from that evolutionary progression by other intelligent beings that are not human and again there's a lot of ancient accounts that discuss this and there's a lot of evidence for it in the in the ancient world and in the modern world as well the problem is people have a particular worldview that they're attached to and therefore they don't want to look at the evidence they don't want to look at any evidence they want to say I have a religion and this told me all about where we came from and therefore evidence be damned or they want to say I follow science I'm a worshipper at the altar of scientism the priests and the white lab coats didn't tell me anything about that you know you know I never heard anything about that from my anthropology professor and you're not going to either you know because there are paradigm protectors there are people out there trying to protect a paradigm all religionists are every religion wants to protect its paradigm they're not interested in truth truth is the last thing anybody who's an adherent of religion once they don't want truth they want reinforcement for their religion they don't want to look at where the evidence leads they don't want to adjust their worldview accordingly based on new evidence being brought to light you know they just want to say this is what I believe because this is what makes me comfortable this is what I'm most comfortable hearing even if the truth is highly disturbing the people who really are seeking truth will go there and they will take it in and they won't accept it blindly they'll look at the evidence they'll filter it they'll decide does that make sense does that fit or is that contradictive and does it not fit that's what the process of truth discovery is all about it's about going where the evidence leads looking at what's actually there not just believing in something and unfortunately modern science has become just another religion that's why I call it scientism and not real science because these people are just protecting a worldview they're not going where evidence leads they're not looking at what's there often what happens in anthropology and archeology if actual real world physical evidence contradicts the long-standing stories of these traditions you know what happens to it it gets buried not literally buried back in the ground but it gets buried in a basement in some University Museum you know or some historical museum somewhere never to be seen again you know put in a box marked as an anomaly a couple of researchers had had their eyes on it though this doesn't fit in with our paradigm we have no way of no mechanism for explaining this anomaly and therefore can't show that to the public no way you know the public gets different ideas about the story that actually happened here in the world in our world that the we say happened in the ancient past there goes my tenure can't have that my paycheck would dry up you know I might have only one Lexus in the garage instead of three you know how dare we go where the truth leads where the evidence leads not possible this is the ego that currently controls science ladies and gentlemen they're not conducting real science never have been never have been it's a religion just like any other you know that this you know calls to mind this whole argument between you know when it comes to evolution okay is it macro biological Darwinian evolution or is it creation that God just make it all happen you know never thinking that there's some third position or a fourth or a fifth or sixth you know it's just these two dichotomies these these polarities warring with each other that do nothing but but ultimately create more strength from the paradigm protectors just to keep more and more people off the path of truth that's all it's really about that's all protecting these two paradigms of Darwinian macro biological evolution versus you know God did it all you know suddenly spontaneously spontaneous creation you know we don't want to think that it evolution could just be a continuous force beginning from you know time immemorial forever forgetting having no beginning forget a beginning you know and just progressing continuously and simultaneously working against it as a counter force a counter balancing force that occultists have termed involution and what it's all about is consciousness and consciousness can have abs and flows consciousness can have peaks and valleys - it's wave of propagation we can become more conscious at one time and then less conscious at another depending on what happens depending on what ideas were propagated depending on what may have happened us in relationship to other species depending on what natural events may have occurred on the planet that were how we happen to be living on all of these factors play into things you know we don't want to look at it holistically like that we want to say real simple oh no it's just a mechanized force or God did it all see how childish and yoonah dimensional that is I personally think it is but you know a lot of people are just rigidly attached to their belief systems and that's all I'm here to do I'm trying to put something out there to get people to see something in a little bit different of a perspective and maybe that perspective might make a whole lot more sense than anything that they've been clinging to and believing in all these years maybe it just might so let me give the first trivia question and then people could you know start actually well we'll do that right on the other side of this break since there's the intro music all right right at the top of this segment let me give the first trivia question for the night and the correct the first call or the calls in that wants to attend the st. Louis seminar and can actually attend the seminar that gives the correct answer to this question will win a free ticket to my May 31st seminar in st. Louis Missouri the question is name the titles of the first three degrees of Freemasonry I want the titles of the Blue Lodge degrees of masonry that's the first trivia question fairly simple we'll start the mise Ian get a little bit harder as things go on not too much but that's the first question for the night if you want to try to win tickets call one number to join us 800 three one three ninety four forty three let's go right to the phones in this segment let's hear from Dylan in Washington Dylan you're live on what on earth is happening and the first question I want to ask you is are you going to attempt to answer the trivia question and win a ticket to the st. Louis seminar I will not I okay far away not a problem what do you have for us here tonight well I got two things and your evolution involution slide here pop something into my head I majored in chemistry in college yes and I wouldn't necessarily call myself a chemist because I believe I got taught a bunch of crap but you mentioned that modern science seems to have have both this entropic and sin tropics yes and it seems to fall out of the way when we get into this Darwinian evolution thing and I just remembered my science classes there was just this huge push and I didn't take a lot of physics because this is more in physics than it is in chemistry right that there's only entropy yes everything is getting more and more disordered and there's nothing we can do about it and the fact that we're all alive is totally incomprehensible yeah and nothing could be further from the truth because there there certainly is an ordering force within creation it's called consciousness it's called will it's called true care you know it it involves everything that we are capable of if we put those gifts to use if we put those gifts of creation to use we can become a centric force within creation through our consciousness definitely and and I just wanted to point out that this Darwinian like mechanistic degradation to rubble right really seems to persist in the other sciences as well yes absolutely yeah I agree that's a really great point you know they're only teaching one side of this and saying that's all that exists you know and this other forces and even out there yeah that's why it took so long for scientists to even name this force to postulate a name at the ordering force and it's been called centra P or extra P some other scientists refer to it as extra P I like central the the force of centra P thus entropic force personally but I just call it the ordering force that's all it's the force that has intelligence as its underlying ordering principle that's how I look at it so yeah really great point did you want to say anything else yes the second thing I wanted to bring up was so a week well you haven't gotten too far into epigenetics yet right what maybe you don't want to answer this quite yet and do it a little bit later it's okay go right ahead like personal looking at yourself and dealing with yourself at the genetics what are like specific techniques for giving over like your own body prison because I mean these beliefs put yourself in the prison of your own body sure because they'll don't curtail certain behaviors they'll curtail actions that you could be taking you know if you have a hold a certain belief that's going to ultimately affect your behavior and you know that that could have to do with diet that could have to do with exercise that can have to do with activism it could have to do with a whole range of things going on your life you know and it could hold you back from doing so much techniques well of course employing all of the three modes of thought both concentration Conte meditation and contemplation simultaneously I mean not at the same time but using them all in your life to create balance to create holistic balance in the brain hemispheres you know engaging in scientific thought reading about science you know studying you know all kinds of different scientific disciplines also then getting into studying natural law you know studying about morality you know really understanding that difference looking into consciousness looking into emotional qualities you name the field of endeavor but it has to be balanced that has to be a balanced approach so my real answer that question is anything that is conducive to balance you you want to become a generalist you want to but you also want to be able to develop laser-like focus - okay you want to engage the right brain hemispheres hemispherical modalities of compassion intuition creativity art can help do that music can help do that but you also want to you know be versed in mathematics and be versed in other physical sciences you know to ground yourself and that's left brain thought so anything that promotes holistic thought processes is one of the things that can really help us to get over anything happening in the bodily sense or in the the gene code sense I would also say there's specific other specific techniques like EFT acupuncture and acupressure I mean there's things dealing with actual energy work in the body - what you can do I don't specifically specialize in those but I know a bit about them and one of the things I am going to do when it comes to this is just explain to people how the mechanism of epigenetics works and put people on to a specific researcher that I think his name is dr. Bruce Lipton and he I studying his work specifically wisdom of your cells and biology of belief people can really understand how we are not slaves to our genetic code and the reason I'm bringing this up at the beginning of what I'm going to be getting into is because the material I will be getting into is so heavy and dense okay that I don't want to tell that information to people without preparing a framework to say we're not bound by this this is something we can ultimately get past and progress past even though it's this bad I'm not here to fear monger people I'm not here to paint a picture that it's completely hopeless okay I'm not also trying to you know blow smoke up somebody's rear end and tell them it's all just gonna magically work itself out either I'm trying to present a balanced perspective to understand yes has something been done to us probably at a genetic level that is going to be very difficult to overcome yes but can it ultimately be overcome if we employ our knowledge and willpower and our care to it absolutely yes it can be overcome nothing is beyond our reach when we step into the the truth and we employ our consciousness to better ourselves we can progress even beyond that which has already been done to humanity and quite a bit of negativity has been done to us as many people are are aware when I get into some of this heavy dark material regarding non-human intelligence some people are not going to want to accept that some people are going to say that's too horrific to even contemplate how bad the situation really then must be but I'm not telling people that to you know completely shut them down and that's you know what some people will try to accuse people who do that although there there's some how agents they're trying to tell us this is all beyond hope and it's other beings that just did this to us so what chance do we have no I'm trying to from the very beginning tell you even if it is that bad even if that is the situation it is still overcome a ball we still can transcend it because there is a mechanism within us that goes way beyond physicality that goes beyond just physical genes and that is the force of consciousness word so uh if you have anything else or is that it I can keep going it like you got more color than the other thing all right I'll let you stay and ask one more thing on the other side of this break and then we'll get to some other calls the cold side we don't dare speak wall between us it'll rip soul we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong we were talking to Dylan just before the break Dylan I'll let you wrap up with your last question or a point and then I'll go to some other calls okay yeah I just wanted to go onto meditation the first time I heard you was over at peace revolution podcast when you did a new a GPS yes podcast and you made the mention that of yoga and meditation in particular are used but when used correctly to get both brain hemispheres back into balance that's right now I I've been exposed to many methods of Metta meditation throughout my life and that was the first time I had heard that and when you said it was pretty clear like Oh dah that's that's why we're supposed to be doing this and I wanted to know what when I say specific techniques do you use any specific meditation techniques specifically for balancing brain hemispheres I do small amounts of what you might call general Transcendental Meditation for five to ten minutes if that daily and that's it I don't use it for extended periods of time because I feel that that will take you over into right brain imbalance I've had many times on the show about a tale that a researcher and a a spiritual teacher dick Sutphin are told about his friend who was excessively meditating and it literally became impossible for him to focus and do his job you know and I think he was his relationships were suffering he went to his doctor and his doctor did a brain scan to try to figure out if we lose anything actual physically wrong with the brain and while there was no you know signs of tumor or cancer or anything like that he said he said that the brain looked like he had been abusing drugs and he asked him like what drugs are you taking and he said I'm not taking drugs and you know your brain is showing that you're doing something similar to like I don't know like you know taking uh you know excessive amounts of cannabis on a daily basis or using you know opiates on a daily Isis or something like that you know really abusively and he he said well I do meditate about eight hours a day or you know or something ridiculous number like you know like whenever he's not at work he's meditating it with all of his spare time and it was just like you know well that's it you know that's what was leading him into that kind of brain imbalance so it is there for if you are a predominantly left brain individual you want to use it to hold that state of centeredness that's what it literally means to take it to take or to bring or to carry to the middle that's what the word meditation actually means so it's for people who are predominantly in that left brain modality chronically to balance that and bring it to centeredness and if it's used properly and there's there's no proper specific form of meditation I mean there's there's walking meditations you could meditate you know of while riding a bus or a taxi cab or it doesn't make a difference where you're at you could meditate while walking okay there are different forms of meditation you can get on a exercise bike and meditate you know it's not it's not all the same exact practice or technique so there's many different forms of it I personally like just a simple calm you know sitting in one place quietly and doing a form of transcendental meditation but it's there's many different styles of it and you could choose one that is appropriate for for yourself and what you feel most comfortable with and then just practice it that's all you have a wreck admitted source of where to look at more information about it off the top of my head I mean I would say look into Sutton's work I like all of his work in general I think he puts a pretty balanced approach for when it comes to that but let me let me think about that and if you want to email me on my contacts page I'll try to find some source material I probably have some books that I can put you onto - okay and can you spell that name for me real quick SUT pH en Sutphin great great thanks so much for the call all right yes let's hear from let me read the trivia question again the first question for a free ticket to the st. Louis seminar on May 31st is named the titles of the first three degrees of Freemasonry the titles of the first three degrees so the Blue Lodge degrees I want the titles of those degrees let's hear from Phil in Oregon Phil you're live on what on earth is happening welcome okay sorry about that Phil looks like he dropped from the caller list let's go to Connor Connor is calling from Japan Connor welcomed what on earth is happening hey Mark how you doing doing well I'm assuming you're not going to try to answer the trivia question since you're in Japan no no I I wish I you know I wish I knew the answer and I wish I could go no worries so what do you have for us okay so I got a few things here I'll eventually get to your topic your current topic but I want to talk about the season of sacrifice just for a moment sure that we are still in yes yes and there's a couple things that happened recently there's one in Japan and one in South Korea okay amethy okay April 15th I have a headline here it says government this is the Japanese government government complete call of 112,000 chicken after bird flu outbreak so they so I don't know it's related but they watered 112 thousand chickens on April 15 mass animal put down there yeah yeah and his there and there's April 16th in South Korea maybe you've heard about this one South Korean ship sinks hundreds feared dead in ferry boat disaster and these are over around 200 high school students that are feared back yeah you know I did hear about this one and I thought about it for a while whether that might be you know an event of this nature or just a mechanical failure of some type that's a tough one to call but that you know I did hear a little bit about that I don't know too much about the the surrounding circumstances but it's something to ponder for sure yeah yeah I know I think tomorrow is a date we really should watch they seem to love April 20th you know it's right in the middle of the this season of time we talked about it's Hitler's birthday you know it's oh yeah it's the anniversary of many of these other events that they've done these sacrifice rituals so and it's also Easter Sunday this year which would kind of make it all the more special you know symbolic of the rising of the Christ energy so tomorrow is definitely a day the people should be vigilant okay all right and then also I really like your bumper music I think we're kind of kindred spirits on in that aspect you play do and audience oi I want to throw out a few recommendations to listeners there some some obscure music people might not have heard but from maybe artists that they've actually heard of but they haven't heard these songs for example there's a band Montrose when Sammy Hagar was the lead singer and he has a song called paper money and it's about the Federal Reserve System and I get that from this 7ds I think interesting yeah it's called the song is paper money I think the album might be called paper money too but the song is called paper money by Montrose the singers Sammy Hagar the CEO the foreigner foreigner has a good song called at war with the world is basically about libertarianism and that's from I think the late 70s nice good band they're there you know there's so many of the this message there's so much of this message incorporated into music incorporated into art it's how a lot of people choose to put it out there to others because they are in that receptive modality when they're listening to music certainly and you know of course the opposite works as well you know a lot of dark occultists or interjecting you know their message and their review when the music as well so it works both ways but the great suggestions do you have anything else well yeah a couple more or there's an obscure band called the Ashbury I think it's a sh bu are lies the Ashbury okay there you can find them on YouTube I think their whole album is actually on YouTube the name of the album is endless skies and they have some really good to this kind of like American blues ashrak kind of really chunky you know hard rock and they have a couple tunes there's one called vengeance and the other is hard fight okay and it has a little bit of a little bit of a spiritual bent on it I guess you would say about as much as like Lord of the Rings might have kind of like a spiritual bent on it you know kind of like fighting evil I think it's not overtly Christian or anything like that but it definitely it you know it has a method behind it the spiritual major awesome I'm definitely going to check these out Connor thanks so much for your call we're coming up to another break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us and republic broadcasting i'm your host mark passio we're gonna continue taking some calls and then I'll wrap up with the last couple of slides probably in the next hour but I want to read the trivia question for the prize for the correct answer is a free ticket to the st. Louis Missouri all-day seminar that I'll be conducting called streetwise spirituality on Saturday May 31st of this year you know if we don't give all the tickets away tonight we could probably pick this up next week and continue with the the trivia questions so let's go back to the phones let's hear from Raphael in Indiana Raphael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Raphael are you there oh there he is sorry about that I had a mute not a problem are you going to attempt to answer the trivia question for the ticket for the st. Louis seminar uh no unfortunately I'm not a problem what do you have for us tonight um always a pleasure to speak to you mark just wanted to mention the aunt is kinda like would you touch upon earlier today you broke down the word intelligence and in past podcast words such as soldier soul die or government culture just words that have different meanings but you know in talking to people they they'll just be in lockdown because they'll tell you oh that's just English had only worked in English and they have that new mentality that oh is it doesn't work that's odd it's only worked in the English language right there's many different puns that work out in many different languages that are that also apply to different languages throughout the earth French is another huge one that green language works in there's many different green language puns in french-language but i to my knowledge English is the one that has the language that has the most of these these are cults synchronicities that are embedded and encoded within English and it just mean just like Jordan Maxwell expounds on the federal system and the banking system as far as like the banks and the bench at the birth certificate and like when you go to the judge they don't the judge that you can't talk to the judge because he he considers you dead your corpse more and it's amazing you know but people shut down because he either nonetheless brain or right brain you know old Ali's always talked about in but you know these occultists call people they refer to people as the dead that's their name for the general population that is unconscious they actually that's what all the dark occultists that I ever worked with when I was involved in the Church of Satan and other affiliates satanic organizations they never just called them the masses or you know the heard that their name for people was that the dead that's what they called the average human being the dead it wasn't the the non initiate were the uninitiated or the profane or the unwashed no they called them the dead when I was in the dark occult just amazing I mean just through your podcasts are so full of information that everything you give us but so many people wouldn't even give through half of them because once you touch on one of theirs as you talked about their barriers of self-realization they would stop because it's like oh he's touching my real religion he's touching my what I belong to and it's ah you know just everything you talk about it's just it's amazing because just it just expands on everything that you've talked about that that stops people from moving forward yeah it's it's all this identification process this is me and that's not me and as soon as somebody you know touches one of those identities and says hey are you sure that's you is this something you're so certain about that it always must be that way or is this something that you've taken on as a piece of program that you don't even really know where it came from you don't know its origin you don't know why you really think that way that was taught to you that's a learned thing that was taught to you you know and you just accepted it and made it part of your identity and many people can't you know just see through that that's simple you know identification process they can't see through it and if anything tries to put a chink in that armor they're right there saying oh no I can't have any of this you know their programming kicks into high gear at that point that's a great point and just you know like I have heard in a prior podcast and it's kind of funny but it's a sick joke it's you know when the guy asked what's worse ignorance or apathy and he was I don't know and I don't care no unfortunately that's where a lot of the people when in this world are at and it's up to the people who are conscious and are responsible and are knowledgeable to really help to assist to change those people by putting the truth out there at all times and places so really great points Raphael and I thank you for your call let's hear from Swami in Illinois you are live on what on earth is happening welcome namaste mark good to hear from you again Swami shivananda Giri welcome to the show great to hear from you hey I bet that's the reason I joined in tonight to get this ticket I'm only like a couple hours from st. Louis all right there you go go for it tell us the titles of the first three degrees of Freemasonry first is the entered apprentice correct then the fellow craft correct you and master Mason you two got it Swami shivananda Giri ladies and gentlemen speaker from the free your mind to conference is the first winner of a free ticket to the street wise spirituality seminar in st. Louis Missouri congratulations Swami and what else are you have for us this evening well in regard to your caller who was asking about meditation I have know a thing or two about that sure and enough if he would be interested in guidance from a world recognized certified master of meditation I would be most happy to assist he can check out my website at meditative living dot info my email address is on there what we do is we teach you to focus your attention into the frontal lobe area focusing on what's commonly referred to as the third eye right between the eyebrows and you hold your attention there as best you can and you utilize a mantra which the mantra you know the word mantra means to transcend mind so so we can do battle with the intermittent and sporadic thought patterns by utilizing a mantra and this helps you to then focus and slow the mind down so it doesn't throw off these random haphazard thoughts as quick and overtime with the proper amount of practice I never heard of anybody I mean doing eight hours you're gonna be so green you're not gonna be able to function exactly but but we start people out at about 15 minutes in the morning and you just you just work at well the way it works is if you were to take a jar of water and place a handful of dirt in there and then stir it up you try to read the newspaper through it it's not going to work because the dirt is that are fearing with seeing through the water and that's what most levels mines are like all the time almost yeah yeah that's what those thought patterns do because this is just the way we are and if you sit and focus these thoughts will settle down their speed will slow and then you'll begin to recognize the gap between the thoughts and as you begin to recognize this you can then begin to peer through it and eventually you can you can move into transcendental states while being fully functional you're still aware of of your surroundings you know this is not a thing we're in in the system I teach which is purely yogic this has been going on for millennia and it's not about ignoring the physical world is about yoga which means Union unifying the spiritual with the physical so that neither blocks the other out row you have both at all times 24/7 and you're not taking on a left brain imbalance worldview of matter being superior to spirit nor a right brain imbalance worldview of spirit being superior to matter instead there is a holistic and balanced an integrated view of both of those dynamics right and and when you're when you're holding attention towards the third eye area you're holding it into the frontal lobe no so you're holding it right in the center and you are medicated Swami hold on right there we're gonna take a break we'll be right back you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us No welcome back everyone listening all on earth is happening we're into our number three for tonight's show now and in the last hour just before the break we were talking to swami shiva nan de giri he called in and he won the first free ticket in the giveaway contest here on what on earth is happening tonight to attend the street wise spirituality seminar that i'll be conducting in st. louis missouri on Saturday May 31st Swami if you're still with us before I let you go to take other callers I won't you let listeners know about your website and also your radio network you've got a little network on BlogTalkRadio called the type 1 radio ashram that's type typ II the digit 1 radio ashram a sh r a.m. and we have a lineup of shows I do a show called meditative living which is the name of my website meditative living not info and if anyone would like to interact with me regarding meditation spirituality no money changes hands I spend time with people all week every week just assisting them to integrate this practice into their lives and reach their own full potential there you go I mean there's just straightforward simple information offered freely by someone who was attempting to offer that information in the service of humanity Swami thanks so much for what you do and everybody definitely check out type 1 radio ashram as well as Swami's website meditative living dot info so hopefully the former caller will have heard that and if he did not if he gets in touch with me Swami I will certainly most certainly put him in touch with you and I'll be in touch with you tomorrow during the day regarding the tick and I'll get you in touch with Ray okay no problem thank you is Bob gonna be there oh of course oh I'll bring Norma it's very great they're like sounds great oh we really look forward to seeing you there all right it's Swami thanks so much for calling in great information we're on our BN awesome all right let's go to another call let's let's hear from mark in Ohio mark you're live on what on earth is happening welcome okay mark dropped off so let's go to MacRay in Denver mccrane Denver Denver Colorado you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark hey thanks for taking my call sure answer the next trivia question which I'll have to read first were you going to try is a good thing I would guess I would've got the last one wrong I was just the initiator princess master but do you want it do you want to give a shot for a free tip okay I want to ask you you will be able to attend if you win the ticket right what today to get on it may 31st Saturday May 31st I want to make sure because if you give the right answer and you know you win the ticket I want to make sure these tickets aren't going to go to waste so people well you know what you know I'll just go I'll go on to the question and I'll leave for somebody who can not but not a problem not a problem so what else do you have for us this evening we just think you thought your work you know everything you've taught me about natural law you know I try to express that to people all the time and I'm really my question is uh you know I've been following you for about a year I've been in kind of on the past for about three years on this one I thought and I just see like it with your recent your recent stays going into this like non-human like interaction non-human intelligence you know and and how that applies to our history and you know you kind of see it's like a speculation you know so I was just wondering if we could also throw out maybe like a pre human you know manipulation like a uh you know there's a lot of evidence pointing to you know pre hominoid you know so maybe there was a pre civilization before that bit his problem you know that was an intelligent race of beings that was living here before we came onto the planet and it's quite possible I wouldn't completely rule that out and you know that they possibly died off the the thing that I will eventually get into is that there is a lot of speculation and ancient records not even speculation which is written accounts in ancient records that these beings you know left earth left the planet literally like actually went off planet and were from elsewhere and talked about the other worlds that they were from so there's a lot of written information regarding that they were actually from somewhere other than this planet but I wouldn't rule that and I would not rule out yes let's just throw it out that that maybe it was just a pretty civilization that ended up becoming like a super civilization and they were physically bigger than us so we have this plate big daddy complex it's actually like a real thing that you know and then they can't physically do this chair anymore because the atmospheric conditions well I would not rule a hypothesis out such as that and also you know when you are when you look at some of these ancient accounts you know who is to say that there wasn't another human-like civilization like the the the hypothesis I proposed as part of what could have created psychopathy one of them was did we do it to ourselves so what if it was something similar to that in such that it was just a civilization that predated our actual species and they may have done this as we were coming up in our evolutionary progress in our evolutionary development and they did this for reasons of their own that we don't understand it's it's really possible you know and it's something that we should look into an explorer and the other as well I just want to throw that out there just yes I totally read your work man you see there's like going this direction so we should like encompass all the ideas absolutely and that's that's what this is all about this is about keeping an open mind to all of these possibilities and then doing the work and the research to put these fragmentary pieces of the puzzle together to find out what actually did occur here in the ancient past some people think that's not knowable I would suggest that if events actually have occurred and manifested a reality they are ultimately knowable the farther we get away from them and the more destroyed actual information regarding those events you know maybe it may be more difficult to come to that understanding but I think if all of us do our due diligence and we put the pieces of the puzzle that we do have come to understand onto the table for all to see I think we're going to see a clearer picture emerge at some point and that's gonna radically change our overall world view and it's gonna have the potential transformative power to change humanity as a whole you're right it's probably a combination of all these things you're right sure so yeah thank you so much absolutely thanks so much for all really great you know speculation there and it's something that should definitely be considered and looked into so let's hear from Bill in Seattle Bill you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark thank you very much for having me absolutely and I'd like to try to win free tickets to the st. Louis seminar unfortunately I'm not going to be able to attend the event I actually looked at ticket so not a problem not if I do so what do you have for us tonight well I just want to share my gratitude with you first off for taking the time to share your knowledge with all of us has actually really actually calmed me down it's connected a lot of dots and I've enjoyed listening to all your podcasts and and you know the last couple podcast you talked about the abandonment and I think that it really really struck a chord especially now as people are starting to wake up and hear the truth for the first time and and just ringing and you know it been we know it rings true with our whole be and it's just like yes there it is and then we go to our friends and family and want to share it with them and a lot of times they abandon us yeah and it's you know that's that's you know when and and I'm experiencing now you know and just trying to point out you know that the poisons that they're consuming and and you know just trying to walk the walk myself just like Gandhi says be the be the path that you want to you want to see in the world and you know I have a different perspective because you know I watched the pharmaceutical industry almost killed my wife right you know she was on 20/20 pharmaceuticals she was gray mark I was looking at her and I'm like you're dying you're dying and I live up here in Washington and we have cannabis right and I I thought you know what I'm gonna try it let's let's try the skin a bit she's gonna die happy that's what I thought we'll stay right there I'll let you pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you know today disguise the night night divide today tried to run try to hide do the other that's all we have to do we have to break on through to the heart of our fellow man and our fellow women so that we can break through that calcified rigid belief system that they've built up that is holding them back from the truth and that's going to take work that's why it's called the great work it's not a vacation it's not called the great vacation it's not called the great play time it's called the great work for a reason it's gonna take a lot of concentrated effort to get that done we were talking with a bill from Seattle bill oh you're still there I'm still here Marcus okay you go ahead and continue okay so before the break and by the way I love Jim Morrison before the break we were talking about my wife and her predicament and just so everybody knows she was diagnosed with juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis and they had a hard time really diagnosed and it just because it had it just acted atypical and and the tests that they that they did and you know what I found out that they really don't know a lot about about autoimmune disorders you know and they were like it could be this it could be that and and and so I'm like you know that that was my first question and then I started doing the research on my own and then I'd had questions for them and then I saw them getting flustered you know the doctors and and I'm like look this is somebody that I've traded my life to be with this is this is my everything and you know what you're not taken you know the time to answer these simple questions about the interactions in the audio there long story short I decided to get her on cannabis and what I was saying before the break is you know what I I thought because I know history and no prohibition and and knew that alcohol went through a medical phase before they phase it or they ended the Prohibition era and so I thought that's what I was going to do is going to be you know a prohibition so we just went got her medical from a doctor and got some bud and we started smoking it and she started coughing and it put it into a spasm and she started flaring and I was like what the hell are we doing you know and so then I started looking deeper into it and that's when I found Rick Simpson oil oh yeah okay people need to look at this okay Rick Simpson oil and there's a movie out there called run from the Cure amazing man yeah hi I highly recommended people should definitely check it out and understand the depth to which the suppression of the cure for cancer is going because they want to keep that business going that's all cancer has become as an industry to these people and you know I highly recommend you you check out what Bill's telling you look up run from the Cure and watch this documentary about Rick Simpson and the curative power of cannabis oil because it's certainly absolutely real well at knowledge is power mark that's right there's another another one out there it's called what if cannabis cured cancer and that's free as well on YouTube yep check it out and what an repetition is the mother of all learning okay so watch it over and over and over again get these facts locked down and so when people try to you know discount it we have it we know that we have an endocannabinoid system in our body you know no why does it have such a dramatic effect on our appetite our core temperature you know sleep mood because there's a symbiotic plant with our evolutionary development without any question in my mind right and and and you know what when I saw this when I saw the effect man I and what got me was I couldn't remember last time I heard my wife laugh you know and that's because of all these pills that she was on and and the thing is is that it made her forget about her pain and the other thing is that it made her laugh and made her optimistic and we our body regenerates itself right okay and if you regenerating yourself from a place that you you're so curled up and paying and you know just fill booty all day it will understand ibly so because you can't you know you get through every day because the pain is so great you know when you can forget about that for a second and laugh right and allow your body to rebuild itself from now an optimistic place and that is what the process is what the process we've been talking about all night is it's the unfolding it is the opening up instead of being you know tightened and you know curled up on top of yourself you know it's like that flowering expression you know that's what we need when it comes to everything when it comes to the understanding of truth that opening our mind to the truth when it comes to opening our mind to alternative types of you know medical knowledge and and uh you know practices and techniques and approaches and you know another documentary I want to recommend to add to the ones you already suggested is American drug war to cannabis destiny and it's a very disturbing documentary you know if somebody watches that and doesn't feel so sick saddened and enraged after watching that documentary I would tell you that you're borderline or possibly full-blown psychopathic and there's really something missing in your psychological and emotional makeup because you know cops confiscate medical marijuana supplies and Rick Simpson oil from a eight-year-old child that is taking them to eat this cans are in check and that child dies as a result they murder well media look of mainstream media I mean not mainstream media media mainstream medicine but what was his name drew or dr. drew or whatever is on there and he's and he's discounting it 100% because you know you know they they've got those bills to pay or you know but whatever and let them you know I want to go after the truth you know I got my wife here I and and that's you know I could care less about them and and I see the fallacy of what they're doing because I know what the truth is and I mean it calms me down there's a group of people that would try to say you may not ingest a substance into your body that may actually not only that you have the right to ingest whatever you want into your own body regardless of what its power or capability is but imagine somebody telling you for you or your loved ones you're gonna have to sit and watch them die when there may be something that can actually help improve or possibly even cure that condition I mean and people think this isn't actively going on every day and and hundreds of thousands of people are dying needlessly as a result millions of people dying needlessly as a result so bill this is something that I definitely intend to talk more about on future shows really great information thanks so much for bringing this to the the listeners attention and it's something that people really need to look into more and more so I want to thank you for the call I want to read the next trivia question briefly so we could um see if we can get some more callers in to win some of these tickets for that that Joe from Kansas City so kindly donated for the Seattle seminar let's um let's give the next question out here we go the next question that if you call in and you answer correctly you can win a free ticket to the st. Louis seminar I'm conducting in on May 31st Saturday May 31st please only attempt to answer it if you're going to attend if you plan on attending the the seminar here's the question name the four major Sabbats or holidays of the occult calendar the four major Sabbath's of the occult calendar I don't want the Minor Sabbats or the lesser Sabbats I want the names of the four major Sabbats of the occult calendar and you know they've been called different things in different traditions so if you at least have one of the names correct you know for each of the four seasons that will suffice okay so the four major Sabbats of the occult calendar first person who calls him with the correct that will win a free ticket to my st. Louis seminar called streetwise spirituality on May 31st let's take another caller let's go to Patrick in Oregon Patrick you are live on what on earth is happening welcome know what Patrick hold on right there we'll get you right after this break you're listening - what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen stay with us welcome everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting we were just about to go - Patrick from Oregon before the break caught up with us Patrick are you there yep I'm here mmm okay do you want to try to take a shot at winning the ticket for the st. Louis seminar I'm sorry I can't make it no problem what do you have for us tonight okay just wanted to recommend three scholars related to what we've been talking about sure um you vote you've already mentioned dr. Bruce Lipton about epigenetics sure and I just in one sentence I want a summer summarize his findings he basically says that perceptions or our consciousness affect our proteins in our body and then the proteins affect our genes so our perceptions and our behavior and our base they are consciousness we can use that to heal ourselves I agree that is that is that basically a summary of lift and I believe he's basically saying that we are not controlled like a computer program is controlled by code through our genes and this is what I'm going to get to in the epigenetics slides that I have for toward the end of the show hopefully I'm going to get to him before the show ends he's saying that when what genes really are are a biological tendency for expression okay it's like the the and the environment is informing those tendencies so if we change the environment by changing our consciousness we can influence or even change the tendency and then what the gene codes for it will not be coding for that particular thing and we could switch that particular tendency often switch on other genes which code for different tendencies so in other words through through consciousness through how we perceive things and whether we're taking certain information in and using it and employing it okay we can actually turn off certain genetic code that 10 that codes for a certain tendency of expression and then turn on others so that something different can be manifested or is impressed okay yeah thank you for that clarification sure um and then another scholar that has worked with Bruce Lipton is dr. Luber Sheldrake oh absolutely and he has the theory of the extended mind and the Norfolk genetics field and they they're actually very complementary so when you are study when if the listeners want to look into Lippman also look into Sheldrake they're very complementary idea and they're both busily talking at if that basic simple interconnectedness and how whole systems affect us and we inform whole systems and actually connect and inform and influence everyone else around us as well there's some other in in the movie we just showed as part of our documentary screening night that we host here every month in Philly there was some researchers which I may link to or talk about in a future show I don't have it right in front of me but I am fishhead talks about this level of interconnectedness that we share in social networks and social bonds when we form these bonds and networks with people around us how we affect our three levels of separation of people are for our we affect our friends and and family members we affect those who are friends of them and those who are friends of those friends so it's three levels it's like a ripple effect that we affect directly effect through our consciousness and an hour you know perception we affect three levels three layers of separation of human beings away from ourselves which is pretty amazing and it's pretty interesting and cutting edge research so I'll probably maybe link to that as well this part yes yes and what I like about Lipton and Sheldrake is that they actually have a hard science you know they they they they're scientists but they do talk about spiritual matters right Lipton comes from you know actually both of them come from a biology background so this is like studying spirit from the physical manifestation of our body yes you know so just as a brief aside real quick I saw Rupert Sheldrake speak here near Philadelphia just outside of Philadelphia at Haverford College and he was he was on tour with his book I think he calls it over in England the science delusion but here in the United States he's selling it under the title of it's a different title it's something about like science as a religion or science as a belief system I can't quite remember yeah I think it's called free there it is science set free thank you and you know he made a lot of really great points about how science isn't going where the truth leads it's not about research or anymore it's about government grant money it's about protecting a paradigm it's about protecting tenure there's so much ego in science because it's all left brain and many of these people still are working on outdated outmoded Newtonian paradigms that have been turned over for almost a hundred years now these notions of how the mechanized Reed so-called mechanized reality works and these people are still trying these so-called scientists are still trying to you know apply this outmoded paradigm to the things like the human body not only the physical universe but the body yeah in and I love that title science that free because you know listen listening to you mark and you know watching lifting and Sheldrake and Michael Pitts Arion and David that you know David Icke I really feel set free you know in their feeling is like this this weight that like you know this because this John's mother just kind of weighs you down right and and you take it you know people take it for granted but then there's these people that you know in you to mark you know open people's eyes and you can you see it's like it's like enlightenment I mean who knowledge you know that's you know that's all this is about this is about understanding something that is within our capability to understand it's not super mystical or you know unattainable that's not what enlightenment is and enlightenment is about knowing what's going on that's all just knowing what's going on around us knowing what has already occurred you know through our studies of the past and through that knowledge transforming ourselves to do that very task set us free and the human condition of slavery you know we're not there yet we have a long way to go certainly but you know I'm glad that you say that this is at least motivating you and influencing you to keep going forward that's what I do this for and you know we have to do that we have to continue to do that with everybody around us like the last caller was talking about how hard it is to get through to people I understand that absolutely that doesn't mean you give up that's where that turning the other cheek notion really does come into play your family and friends may have immediately rejected what you're saying and even ridicule you for it you keep bringing it to them that's what that's what turning the other cheek is about not forgiving you know immoral behavior endlessly it's about saying well you didn't want to hear the truth now I'm gonna keep coming back to you with it and I'm gonna keep bringing it to you because I understand this is what you need it may not be what you want to hear but it's what you need to hear you know and if we all do that work we're going to see radical transformation in our world for the positive yeah and one last caller I want to recommend that maybe listeners haven't heard of is Graham Hancock absolute and especially his his more latest work he's also written works about alternative views of history and things like that yes I his more recent work called Supernatural it's about the what's called the ancient teachers of mankind and it's based on a theory that perhaps forty thousand years ago that humans had ingested some kind of plant psychoactive plant that allowed them to communicate with other other dimensional beings and that it could be that the so called UFOs that see now are actually the same introduced interdimensional beings that we were seeing way back then I know we let out at all because the the nature of these beings is something I do not profess to know with any certainty could it be an extra demand extra dimensional nature absolutely it's very well one of the possibilities for sure just a quick side note is that Sheldrake and grant odd Hancock was both banned on the TEDx talk I heard about that yes yeah yeah which that area limiting that you know they're trying to protect the paradigm there the currently introns are dime amazing people who profess to say these are about revolutionary ideas and world-changing ideas and then on the point of meditation you talked about earlier yes and then Swami was talking about working on the third eye and people can look up information on the net for detoxing the pineal gland and there's there's certain supplements and things that you can take to repentance and like a certain diets you can follow one simple thing is is what's called GAD SC 80 which is just sugar caffeine alcohol tobacco if you really want to practice meditation seriously take those four things out of your your your lifestyle you know at least for a while while you're trying to meditation that's too much refined sugar or caffeine alcohol and tobacco and I'll add one to take the fluoride out of your drinking water get a reverse osmosis system filter your drinking water because that's the one thing that doesn't even more than anything else is fluoride great points Patrick thanks so much for the call we'll pick this up on the other side - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com last segment of the show tonight before we go to some more callers I want to just briefly break down this concept of epigenetics in slide number three you'll see I just put the title here genetics versus epigenetics and put on the left hand side a picture of the DNA spiral you know the double helix ladder molecule and then a fully enlightened individual or representation of a fully enlightened individual on the right-hand side and this is what it really comes down to which what do you really believe that we are do you really believe that we are just a big huge pile of interconnected molecules and cells and that's it and they're just working in a clock clockwork mechanized dead purposeless you know motion they're just to animate us so that we propagate more of those animated molecules that's it that's all that's all that's the purpose of everything in the universe that's what evolution is or are we a living holistic dynamic connected form of consciousness and energy that is living with purpose and that purpose is to learn and to grow and to expand and to unfold to reach higher levels of complexity to reach higher levels of diversity to reach higher levels of consciousness and morality and freedom and we'll you know well given that choice I'll take that that image on the right any day of the week over some random collection of atoms strung together in a double helix that's what I would say we are about ok so this thing that we are just our genes and all the purpose of evolution is is to propagate DNA is again it's a very Newtonian and Darwinian based paradigm that actually has really completely been disproven by modern cutting-edge science in the modern world again that information is very slow to reach people because of how advanced some of it is and how much how deeply entrenched the current currently entrenched paradigm you know is and has hold over the minds of people and also how it works with money when when money comes into the picture again government grants tenure you know a technology etc you know having to keep those systems propped up so on the next slide slide number four I just put the etymological root of the word epigenetics where it comes from I think people can probably work this out for themselves just seeing the word but epigenetics is derived from the Greek prefix epoch we're putting that in front of the word genetics epi epi epi means beyond further than or past not past in a time sense but having gone past something having gone beyond okay so that's what it means beyond further than or past something else and then the Latin verb which is where the word gene comes from it comes from the the Latin verb genera genera means to make or to create and again the genes are our constituent elements the building blocks of what make us up they're not what we actually are who we are they are building blocks that make up who we are and code for certain characteristics and traits and behaviors but that is not set in stone genes are not something that it's just this way it always works this way and it always will work this way it's just something that's something that people think regarding this again this outmoded Newtonian worldview about how genes work all right epigenetics literally means that which is beyond the genes or that which goes beyond our genes well is there something that goes beyond genes is there something that is past genes is there something that is further than just these molecular structures called our gene yes there is it's called consciousness consciousness goes beyond genes okay our ability to perceive our ability to recognize patterns our ability to will ourselves to change to go beyond the current condition that we are experiencing right now so we are not controlled by genes I'm moving to slide 5 now to wrap this up we're not controlled by genes like a computer program is controlled by code this is a fallacy propagated by both Newtonian and Darwinian based scientism for almost more than two centuries okay certainly since Darwinism came in in the mid-1800s without any question but what genes are there are only a biological tendency for expression they're not something that locks in what we are what we are like how we behave this is a complete misunderstanding of genetics and this is so important this is such an important important foundational framework for the material I'm about to build on top of this okay so really try to understand what genes are only a biological tendency to express something in the physical manifestation changing our state of consciousness can influence or even change completely this potential tendency for expression that is encoded into our genes when we change our consciousness we can then actually change our code it can be rewritten the genetic code can actually literally be rewritten because we're switching off certain genetic tendencies and we could switch on other codes so you know a different manifested reality can then be created as a result of a shift in consciousness consciousness ultimately lies beyond the genes and it is what is controlling the genes not the other way around genes do not control behavior and consciousness so we're not this code that we say that we are as our DNA her DNA makes up our physical body and it codes for certain things but it can be changed it is not something that is completely unchanging from the minute we're born to the minute we die we are the writers of that code okay we're the influencers of that code I would say we're the co-authors of that code you know there are other forces that created that code the force of creation itself has something to do with it and I would say dark forces also have epigenetically and directly genetically manipulated that code in our lifetimes not in our physical lifetime but I mean in the lifetimes of human human species but we are the co-authors of that code we always have the ability to ultimately influence or completely change the expression that we're from the information that is informing our genes and I can't highly recommend enough the work of bruce lipton to understand this as the former caller said also Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock are also good resources when it comes to understanding certain aspects of epigenetics especially Rupert Sheldrake so I'll wrap up there and let's see if we have time to squeeze in at least one more call let's go to Ivan from Phoenix before we wrap up the show Ivan you wrapped up the last show so here you go again regular correct now there you go my friend I want to answer the question can you make it to uh st. Louis I am gonna try and make it to st. Louis but I don't think I have the answer to this one so I'll let somebody else try it out later no worries what do you have for us you take us out my friend oh okay well then synchronistically as always every time in synchronicity with us you were on mumbles show earlier this week and I brought a manatee ha yeah now I looked at the pictures you had here for this week's show and something resonated with a manly P ha audio that I listened to maybe two nights ago at work I asked forwarded through it and I found it and it was one of his talks here about Armageddon war and in peace so I fast order to a part that kind of resonated with this and we're at right now even with the epigenetics that you're talking about the epigenetics is I would guess the Minor Arcana through what an EP Hall we're talking about here in this quote which is I guess major arcana and this is what I wrote down okay you are not the victim we are not the victims of history we are not the victims of the earth imperfection we are the victims of our own mistakes it is not heaven that brings down a nation it is the works of humanity misunderstood works corrupted works that will bring down the greatest nation the world could produce it is all in the last analysis a problem of man's own development of integrity so that that for some reason stood out with what you were talking about earlier tonight absolutely brilliant what a great teacher Melanie Hall is and I'm glad things are resonating with you Ivan in a synchronistic sense that's what this is all about ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path of truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week