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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today is Saturday May 10 2014 we have a great show lined up for you here tonight the show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central tonight on what on earth is happening I'm going to begin exploring the interference theory of human origins and asking some questions about it and perhaps getting some some opinions from the listeners the audience members on this theory so this you know I it's my it's my word for it because people have called it intervention theory I prefer the term interference instead of intervention and I'll explain why a little bit later on but the calling number to join us I'll give give it right at the top of the show for people who want to get in the queue to ask questions make comments or perhaps win tickets to my streetwise spirituality seminar we still have three free tickets that were donated by Joe from Kansas City and still looking for four winners of our trivia contest that I've been hosting to give these three free tickets to the seminar away so you could win that this evening the calling number 803 one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 three one three ninety four forty three I have a couple of quick event announcements before we get started with the topic for tonight the monthly truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evening that takes place here in Philadelphia on the third Thursday of every month we'll be taking place on Thursday May 15th 2014 that's this coming Thursday so this will be happening at the Guarin recreation center at 1600 Jackson Street Inn in Philadelphia Pennsylvania at 7 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time Thursday May 15th the event is always free to attend if you are able we also accept voluntary donations to help pay for the room because it is there is a small donation to pay for the Guarin recreation center there's also free parking at the Recreation Center for those who are thinking about attending it's free off street parking the entrance of the lot is on Wolfe Street between 15th and 16th streets and after entering the main doors of the recreation center the meeting room where we're screening the documentary is the last room on the right down the hall feel free to bring your own food and drinks the film for Thursday May 15th is innocence betrayed this is one that we showed last year but it's so highly important for people to understand we're going to show this again hopefully with a new audience and an expanded audience I'll read a brief description of this powerful documentary 170 million civilians have been murdered by their own government in the 20th century alone 170 million men women and children who were defenseless to protect themselves 170 million victims of gun control innocence betrayed is a very powerful documentary produced by Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership it explains how governments have historically deprived people of firearms and soon afterward engaged in mass exterminations of their populations innocents betrayed shows what happens when government alone has all power and how licensing and registration were key elements to disarming their populations leaving them vulnerable to methodical slaughter this film exposes facts that the mainstream media has ignored and concealed deliberately for decades innocence betrayed is a documentary that will open eyes destroy myths change minds and save lives that's the film we're gonna be screening on Thursday May 15th come on out if you're in the Philadelphia area it'll be a very enlightening experience and a fun time so I will be speaking at the Arden Meade Center in st. 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Louis Missouri if you're in the area or if you can make it out to the area come on out it will be definitely a intensive and enlightening experience tonight on the show I'll be continuing to give away hopefully I can give away three individual tickets to streetwise spirituality that were donated for giveaway by Joe from Kansas City so far we haven't we've only had luck in giving one ticket away but I still have three extra ones that are still up for grabs so let me give the question right here at the top of the show the question that I want an answer to is name the four major Sabbath's or High Holidays of the occult calendar and the season respectively that each one of those holidays is associated with the four major Sabbats or holidays of the occult calendar and the US and their associated seasons that is the question and if you're able to attend the st. Louis seminar if you want to call in again the call-in number eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three if you answer that question correctly you can win a ticket to the street wise spirituality seminar that's coming up on Saturday May 31st and st. Louis Missouri so I want to direct everybody's attention to the what on earth is happening calm radio show page underneath the player as always there are images for tonight's show with slides that are going to deal with the concepts and ideas that I'll be talking about we'll jump right into the topic on the other side of this break stay with us everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was letting everybody know that there are associated images for tonight's show as always during the live broadcast they are underneath the player on the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show page just click the radio show tab on the homepage of the site that'll take you to the radio show page and right under the player you'll see images for tonight's show with along with some numerical links if you click any of those links they will it will bring up a little slideshow with slides that I'm going to be talking about on the show tonight as always these slides are always archived with the podcast of the radio show in the podcast archive on my website so image number one up there was the poster for the street wise spirituality seminar I always put any live engagements that I'm going to be involved in in these images sections if you section if you are so inclined to share it you could share it on social media sites or with any friends that might happen to live in the st. Louis area so image number two I just want to say before we get started I planned on having a little bit more intensive of a slideshow but for today's show but unfortunately everyday life interfered with that this week you know and I think this is something I should just mention as a brief aside a lot of people think that you know I have I put all of my time into doing this I put as much time as I am able to put into doing this work you know and if everybody did that I think we'd be making a lot of headway in progress but I'm mortal and human just like anybody else is out there I have to deal with the everyday daily events of life I have to clothe and feed myself I have to keep up with entropy around the house you know I have to prepare meals etc Agathe trash and unfortunately this week I ran into a couple of issues with technology that I had to get solved and luckily uh you know there were some very kind people that helped and volunteered their time that to help me with some of that I had a printer break down on me this week and I also had a pretty bad plumbing issue go on in the house that I had to deal with so again I only put a small investment of time into the slides for tonight but the topic is what's ultimately important not just the imagery and I think the imagery does speak volumes but I want to say thanks to both Michael falsetto and Jay Parker for helping me out this week with the problems that I was having so regarding the investment of time as I was saying I put in what I can do and that ends up being a whole lot of time but that doesn't mean that all the other events of life aren't going on I think you know I think a lot of people think I am 100 percent at the disposal of the quote great work and it's not necessarily true we all have things that we have to deal with that take us away from in you know investing the time that we want to invest in this work and I think a lot of people just don't do it they ignore it altogether and they just get absorbed in that I try to strike a balance at least and put as much time in as I can with the great work and then there has to be some you know left over time for what I need to do in my life you know personally individually again this appeal is more about asking people to get involved in this work because as the old saying goes many hands make light work many hands make for light work if we have more people involved in trying to raise consciousness and trying to put the truth out there then that work will go smoother and it won't be such a heavy burden on the small amount of people who are doing this at the current time and investing a lot of time in their life and carrying a whole lot of that burden upon their shoulders and I have you know constantly been saying from day one we need a whole lot more people doing this type of work and when you do it you'll see what an investment it is it isn't just you know you switch on you know the microphone or hit the record button and then just you know it's all off the top of your head you have to prepare shows you have to think about things linearly you have to you know structure things logically so that when they come through over the air people understand them you know and then I put imagery to the information as well because that helps reinforce it and solidify in people's mind so just wanted to put that out there that it's not every single day that I have to put 100% of my time involved in this and people do have to understand that and they also have to understand I'm not always seated at the computer ready to engage with them or you know answer questions or you know any aspect of this because there are other aspects of life also taking place and I'm not telling people to completely ignore those aspects I'm saying the things that we may want to do individually egoic Lee in our own lives may have to be sacrificed and you may have to take a little bit less time for that so you can invest some time in speaking the truth and putting it out there to other people who need to see and hear and understand it that's really what the great work is all about and if even I would say maybe a tenth to a quarter of the human population got involved in it we'd make tremendous headway but we're nowhere near that kind of a number not even close not yet so um let's just review briefly what I was talking about last week which was the two polarizing dialectics and this is beginning with slide number two on the water on earth is happening calm radio show or the images with the podcast I was talking about theories regarding human origins really creation you know Universal creation and the origins of human beings in general and there are two main polarizing paradigms as I called them last week that share a whole lot in common they are the left brained imbalanced Darwinian quote unquote evolution paradigm and the reason whenever I refer to Darwinism I'm always going to put the term evolution in quotes all the time because for people who you know think that whenever I say evolution I mean Darwinian evolution it's unit dimensional thinking it's the kind of people who think a symbol only ever means one thing it can never mean anything different in a different context or circumstance when I use the term evolution by itself I'm not talking about Darwinian evolution if I mean if I'm talking about Darwinian evolution I will specifically refer to it as the Darwinian evolutionary paradigm and I'll wrap evolution in quotes because I don't see Darwin's theory of evolution as actual real evolution I see it as biological progression and the survival of biological material regardless of what in the form of genetics regardless of what is happening epigenetically or in consciousness and therefore when genetic material survives but consciousness isn't growing that's no form of evolution at all I would call that the degradation of a species I would call it devolution de-evolving you're not really evolving if consciousness is not evolving and growing more complex and larger in its scope and more able to perceive truth and more able to align behavior with morality if that's not happening there's no evolution taking place ladies and gentlemen and Darwinism doesn't really take that those aspects those dynamics into account certainly not to any great extent and that's why I wrap it in quotes I do not subscribe to this left brain imbalance worldview of the Darwinian quote unquote evolutionary paradigm I see it as a very left brain scientism based worldview and I think it has led to an enormous amount of harm in our world that really needs to be addressed and corrected so we'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone Elysee to what honor here on the public broadcaster under host mark Casio my website birth is happening calm before the break I was talking about the two completely imbalanced paradigms regarding the theory of human origins and what they share in common so Darwinian evolution which suggests that you know biological material is evolving over time and in vast tracts of time and ultimately Gene's dictate what happens in the realm of human thought and behavior and we're ultimately some sort of a victim of genes because all of it is going on is this biological material is trying to preserve itself and survive and we're just involved in that process and you know freewill doesn't really enter into the picture this is very actually similar people think it's of the opposite of creationism I call these like David Icke refers to them as opposed Saenz I love the term because it so very clearly depicts how similar these paradigms really are in what they output in the way of the worldview because people think you know Oh creationism you know a biblical worldview it's so drastically different than Darwinism but really it essentially does all the same things as far as what it does to the human consciousness as you know as as far as consciousness is concerned it shuts down consciousness in the same way it keeps the slavery system going because it completely dismisses free well you know this says God's in charge of every event in creation it's all predetermined just like genes predetermined things in the Darwinian paradigm it totally dismisses consciousness and its ability to create change you know why would if God is all-powerful and he's controlling everything well what role does consciousness play in anything then what role does freewill play in anything and not all religionists you know think like that but many do and a lot of New Agers think like that as well they they take this attitude that free will is an illusion complete illusion there's no such thing you know this uh cosmic force is just controlling everything making everything happen you know people are like puppets on strings you know that's why I put the that image in the next slide which we'll get to in a moment but you know the right brain and balance creationism paradigm I would just say religionists the paradigm really religion religious creationism is a better way of looking at it it's not just biblical or Christian paradigm it's all religion you know I like wonder what a lot of these people think in their minds you know the world was suddenly brought into existence with a snap of a finger by God 6,000 years ago and then some what a hand came down from the sky and placed people already formed on the earth you know place people from the realm of you know God into the world already formed on the earth or do they just magically appeared you know I mean both of these paradigms are really actually childish if you really sit and think about them you know one says there's no purpose for anything to exist except the continuation of matter and the other one says God did everything and consciousness and freewill don't really play into this equation what they both do and this is why the system loves both of these existing the control system the dark occultist they love that both of these paradigms are propped up and that these are the two competing polarizing paradigms they love it because what what is happening in the minds of people is all their thinking as a result of buying into one or this one or the other of these two totally imbalance worldviews whether it's the left brain worldview imbalance or the right brain worldview imbalance is you are powerless to change anything you are powerless to actually create change in your life in the world that's what this the what both of these paradigms reinforced in the mind in the worldview because they completely dismiss free will they completely dismiss consciousness they completely dismiss our ability through consciousness to create real world change and they externalize all of our power in the Darwinian quote unquote evolution paradigm we are at the mercy of genes and in the religion inspired religionist creation paradigm we are at the mercy of God so human beings don't have any control over their destiny in either of these paradigms by what we think by how we think feel and act that you could throw all out the window the aspects of consciousness throw them right in the garbage can according to both of these paradigms and what that reinforces once again is this enormous Lee entrenched paradigm that people are clinging on to that the human condition as it is right now in the present moment is impossible to change that it somehow must be that way and this is a lie it's a lie ladies and gentlemen it is a falsity if you if you yourself think that way you have bought into a falsity this the human condition can be changed it is a matter of summoning enough will on the part of the individual people of the earth to change it but it can be changed can and will are two different things and if you don't understand that yet you know I mean just go back into the the archives you know of this show I've been talking about this since day one I've been talking about this totally imbalanced worldview when we talked about randomness and purposelessness versus total determinism and how these were symptoms of brain imbalance almost from day one maybe the second or third show is on that but if you you know aren't familiar with this concept you need to go back in the archives and listen from show number one which is what I recommend for everybody who might be a new list to this radio series you need to go back to show number one in the podcast archive on my website and listen forward at your own pace at your own progression from number one without skipping around I mean if if you've joined the game to just today okay or even recently you're missing a whole lot of material and the material we're getting into now requires prerequisite knowledge about consciousness about worldview about the occult etc okay about mind control about natural law that this is the material that is all in the in the archive section and again I recommend listening to it in order at your own pace without skipping around that's how the tapestry is woven it's a very stepwise linear progression so moving on to the next slide slide number three I asked at the end of the show last week is there an alternative to these two imbalance yet prevailing paradigms regarding human origins and creation in general does a a balanced alternative exist or does just any alternative exists even if it's extreme even if it's sounds extreme is there some other alternative if both of these worldviews create the same thing and they're not really any different they're basically the same you know and they both put human beings in the same position which is into slavery do we have an alternative worldview that we can look into we don't have to accept it right off the bat we need to explore it we need to be open-minded regarding it we need to look at it and ask the question does this make sense does this explain the current human condition better then the other two imbalanced paradigms these this is the question we really ultimately want to ask ourselves when we look into the theory I'm going to postulate and that many others have postulated I'm not the first and I won't be the last I just might have a slightly different take on it or I might structure my argument regarding this theory or this worldview slightly differently than some others have I would like to think that I'm going to present in a pretty logical progression as I do with most of my other material but you know some people will still insist though he's an agent because he's talking about the possibility of non-human intelligence interacting with our planet you know as if that's such a strange and crazy and out there thing with all the life that is more likely than not teeming in the universe and the amount of planets that have already been discovered you know what people still in 2014 don't want to entertain the notion that intelligent life of non-human origin has already visited this planet and has been continuing to do so so you know again I think that the way I'm going to tell this story or postulate this worldview is going to be a lot more involved and and balanced than the way some others put it out there but again I can't just hold my tongue on this anymore because with what I've researched and come to pretty much put the puzzle pieces together again it's fragmentary and no one has all of the pieces I would be remiss and I would be doing people a disservice if I didn't start talking about this possibility so we'll look at we'll start looking at that on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] the cold [Music] we don't dare speak so while between us there in Saudi we keep rated there that there's nothing wrong Cole decides a catalog welcome back everyone we listen to what on earth has happened I'm the host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening calm very appropriate bumper music yes I cook this code of silence regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial or non-human interference in our origins cannot be maintained and does need to be spoken even if people only consider it with an open mind as a possibility because what we have now is a dualistic paradigm regarding where we came from that ultimately puts our mind in Chains so that the condition of humanity stays in a state of slavery that's what we have right now so I asked the question last week is there an alternative to Darwinian evolutionary theory quote-unquote evolutionary theory and religious creationism and my term for this alternative is interference Theory you may have heard it as the ancient astronauts theory you may have heard it as interventionism I believe when Jordan Maxwell was on the show a couple of weeks back that's the term he used to describe it I believe that's also the term that researchers like Lloyd Pye have used to describe this concept I don't prefer really either term I I like to call the interference theory of human origins the interference theory of human origins and there's a reason for that I mean if you just think about the term intervention I mean that could have you know positive overtones or connotations to it you know an intervention when when it comes to talking to someone about things that they're doing bad toward themselves you know has a very positive overtone it's like oh I'm intervening on your behalf I'm trying to help you out you know and I don't think this was anything if I don't think this was anything in the way of trying to help us whatsoever if if anything it was the exact opposite it stunted us it stunted our growth it stunted our development we're going to go into some extreme detail on this and later shows but I'm just introducing this concept tonight to put the general idea out there into the people's minds and state it in a way that you know people can consider it without going all the way to the end oh it's just you know aliens and there's no hope all right we have to look at this from a reasonable and logical perspective and ask the questions is it possible if it was possible and and possibly did occur then does that explain things right now and then what are our options if this is indeed our troubled past to say the least - as an understatement you know is that if we did have this kind of traumatic birth or childhood however you want to look at it and our parents are celestial or cosmic parents if that turns out to be the case did treat us or make us as slaves okay and then abandon us what does that say about who we actually are if anything do we have a choice in what comes next you know is there anything we can do about the situation because that's where people disagree with with this not because they don't think it's possible but because they don't want to think about the implications see that's that's why people don't want to even look at this theory they're uncomfortable with the possibility of the implications of this occurring and so since the implications are so traumatic and possibly dire they say well that can't be that I don't want to live in that world it's just like the cognitive dissonance it's that when you you get when you talk to people about 9/11 being an inside job as a polarizing event - you know wage war in other countries and take freedoms here and at home in America again a friend of mine told me that his sister told him that if it were if it can't the people who did 9/11 came out in the open and admitted it and showed exactly how and why they did it she would still perfect choose willfully choose not to accept that as the truth and willfully believed in in something that she knows to be a lie which is the official story even if that worked to get the case and of course says well of course that can't be the case because I don't want to live in that world you see when people put this notion out there that the people who are trying to tell people it may be even worse than you had previously assumed are quote-unquote agents that we're working for the bad guys because we're trying to get to the bottom of what really happened here in the ancient past you know as absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with trying to make people feel hopeless the truth will never create hopelessness the truth can only create empowerment would you rather not know the truth even if the truth is dark and foreboding or would you rather know it and if you know it aren't you in a better empowered position to do something about the situation if that is in fact the truth I'm not telling anybody they have to accept it or believe it I'm saying just like 9/11 you know if you already say I refuse to even look at that as a possibility because I don't want to live in that world well who are you you're the arbiter of truth then you're the arbiter of truth you get to decide what's real or not real see to me there's no bigger way of making the claim that you're God than that I'm not saying I want it to be any particular way I'm not saying that I'm going to accept it being whatever way I feel comfortable with who would I be to say that how much hubris would I have to be in to make a claim like that to say something to the effect of because I'm more comfortable with this possibility existing then that has to be the truth or because I'm not comfortable with an alternative possibility existing that that can't possibly be true who would I be to make that statement what I would be claiming is that I am the arbiter of truth or hence God you know I could just make up what's true based on my comfort level it's not just cognitive dissonance I mean this is almost a euphemism the psychological condition of cognitive dissonance has almost become like a euphemism because really what we're talking about goes beyond psychological illness I mean it's somebody making the claim that they control reality that they control what is true or not I'm not approaching this from a perspective that it's true or not true I'm saying let's go where the evidence leads let's take an honest look and then you have other camps of people out there saying well it doesn't it's not important we don't need to know our origins I mean imagine that you don't need to know where you came from it's the number one way almost the number one method of how people are controlled is that they are cut off from the origins of where they came from they are cut off from their past and the past of their ancestors you know if you can't see where you came from and how you got to where you are how are you going to understand where you're headed you're not you're going to be navigating blind there's not gonna be any compass for direction it is absolutely critical that we look into our origins because that will is going to inform us about our current condition it's not necessarily going to permanently tell us who we are okay if you don't want to look at an exploration of origins like that number one okay because if you think if it turns out we were made as a slave species that doesn't mean that that's a permanent condition because the real force of evolution as we talked about in occult terms the force which moves consciousness forward against the opposing force of involution of entropy okay is still at work and that means we there's no such thing as the way things are permanently except for natural law that is a boundary condition of the universe the laws of nature the way things are aside from that nothing is set in stone we can evolve our consciousness by our free will to choose to learn to choose to grow in our understanding that's a choice right now it's not something that is just running on all autopilot an automated process yeah there's a part of evolutionary progression that is automation I would say that's the biological component the physical component and we'll talk about that momentarily but there's so much more to true evolutionary progression than just the biological component we'll pick it up there on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone our number two of tonight's broadcast of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm tonight on the show we're talking about the interference theory of human origins as an alternative to the too imbalanced yet prevailing world views or paradigms of where we came from which is of course Darwinian quote unquote evolution not actual evolution but Darwin's left brain imbalanced theory that has been taken up by the religion of scientism and religious creationism that God just suddenly made it all happen in a flash and both of these paradigms as we talked about earlier leave free will and consciousness at the door or on the back burner they externalize all power they say that we're not we're alternately at the mercy of either genes or God and they leave people with this feeling that the human condition cannot be changed whatsoever and that's why they are so promoted by the control system they want you to believe that nothing can be done to change or improve the human condition well there is an alternative theory that postulates how human beings came to be the way that they are today not saying who we permanently are and again this is what I was talking about before the break if you want to think that you know there is a permanent way things must be and something is making it be like that permanently forever that's actually an illness you're actually mentally ill that is actually a complete 100 percent extreme form of either either left or right brain imbalance and nobody has ever really described it as such - people that's why many people don't even understand they say oh we evolved like that and so that without we're permanently like that you know this whole notion of you know you hear this postulated in things like well we we have been doing this we have been eating meat for this long we have been living this way for this long we have been being dominated by people who look at themselves as God and but who are actually psychopathic dark occultists for this long well who cares how long something that is immoral has been going on for that doesn't make it right it could be going on for eons and eons of time and it's not gonna make one damn bit of difference when it comes to whether it's moral or immoral so the people who you know postulate this notion that because it's been going on for a certain amount of time and at that time is a real long amount of time that somehow that puts into their mind this notion that it should continue on that that should that say that that's okay for it to just continue being that way the fact that something has been going on for an enormous amount of time says nothing regarding its its morality and it says nothing regard regarding whether it's true or not okay so you know people have been believing in these two paradigms for a whole a really long time that doesn't make it that doesn't make a difference how long or deeply they're entrenched you know that doesn't say anything about whether they are true or not certainly doesn't say anything about whether they're going to be good for Humanity you know if we accept them and take them in to our makeup because if we take something into our makeup that's untrue and then we act on it of course we're going to get chaotic results only when we take truth in understand it and then do something that is balanced with it are we going to get orderly results so again even though the theory I'm going to lay out here may be very dark and foreboding that doesn't make it untrue and nor does it mean that understanding it won't be an empowering thing if it does turn out to be the case so let's look at this alternative to these two entrenched paradigms I call it interference Theory again because I don't like the term intervention intervention again has a positive connotation as far as I'm concerned it's as if you're intervening on someone's behalf and interference paints the connotation that you're getting in the way you're blocking something you're preventing something from happening you are interfering with something that was already underway and you got involved and you stood in the way of it which again I don't know how well this came out on the slide but this image is actually like a road and on that road you see the bricks in the background and there's a shadow looming and then there's someone that you can't make out standing in the background you know and we're standing in that person's shadow and he's this this person or this figure is blocking the way blocking the way forward that's the way I look at the interference Theory you know idle you know it I deliberately chose an image that was kind of shadowy because again this is a shadowy circumstances it's just shadowy topic to go down we don't really have a complete picture of it we need more people who are going to take it seriously and research it we need research that has been deliberately suppressed and put into hiding to be taken out of hiding and shown to the people if we're going to make any headway in understanding this let's look at some of the main points and I think I'm gonna go to some callers and see if we could get some winners of the street wise spirituality tickets in the next segment but let's look at some points in this segment of what I mean when I say interference theory of human origins and how this takes into account natural evolutionary progression or what I would call real evolution real evolutionary progress in consciousness and does it actually incorporate elements it in court this the incorporates elements of both creationism and what I would call biological evolution because I'm not telling people that there isn't a process in nature that deals with biological evolution nor am I telling people that there isn't processes in nature that deal with the creative force creative intelligence that underlies everything or if you want to call it God that's fine I think the truth of course lies somewhere in between and is a mixture but not in the way that either of the entrenched paradigms have put forward so the first point or tenet of this theory if you will is that there is a natural evolutionary progression operating and it works first I call this natural evolutionary progression NEP for short okay so any P or a the natural evolutionary process not Darwinian evolution okay not this theory that it's all just about biological survival about the survival of genes and the propagation of genes okay that happens of course that is going on but only up to a point you see that's not the be-all and end-all of this process that I'm calling natural evolutionary progression because this is about evolution not only in the biological domain but in the epigenetic domain or the domain of consciousness so point number one natural evolutionary progression works first in the physical or / biological / genetic domain and eventually proceeds to the epigenetic domain or the domain of consciousness okay the domain of mind which again that's why mind control is so important in controlling what we are going to do whether we are going to evolve ourselves or whether we're going to remain stagnant understanding how mind control works is such an important part of getting out of the epigenetic manipulation of humanity the manipulation of the mind all right so there's two processes at work in nature there's there is physical biological or genetic evolution okay and yeah there are new forms being generated over vast vast swathes of time but that's not the be-all and end-all that's not the whole purpose for that process ultimately it is to evolve consciousness we'll put this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio continuing on on slide number 4 interference Theory of human origins I was a basically putting forward a few main points the second of these four main points I want to go through is this process of natural evolutionary progression is an automated process up to a point and it's directed by creation itself the underlying intelligence that orders everything that underlies all matter God if you will up to a point and that point is until it enters the epigenetic domain now what do I mean by entering the epigenetic domain here in this sentence I mean when biological progress has advanced to the point where now the being is capable of holistic intelligence which human beings are and have been so when it enters the epigenetic domain whereupon the free will of the beings who have developed the capacity for holistic intelligence then becomes involved all right so the process is an automated process directed by creation until it enters the epigenetic domain whereupon the free will becomes involved and again free will is a capacity for beings who have developed the capacity for holistic intelligence that's why animals don't have free will at the same level than a human being has free will animals are creatures of instinct they are largely controlled by instinctual responses this does not have to be true for a human being it can be true when a human being has not done any work upon themselves to evolve their consciousness then you're going to be like an animal you're going to live as a dote as an animal lives in the field you're gonna be at the beck and call of every little biological instinct okay it's called absolutely living for the the base survival needs only okay living inside the pure instinctual response that's not really a human being that's descriptive of what an animal does so we are more than just another animal again the concept that we are just another animal for people who out there who still believe in that nonsense that is Satanism that is one of the actual big tenets of Satanism that man is no different than any other animal man is most certainly very different than all other animals 100% absolutely true we are not that's just the same and just another animal that is a complete fallacy and that's a fallacy that Darwinian scientism has you know really done a lot of damage to the human growth and development as a result of so many people buying into that absolute crap so once free will becomes involved that it becomes involved at the point where the natural evolutionary progression this force that's operating in nature what you might call the ordering force okay thus entropic force that works against entropy has gotten biological evolution up to a point where then it goes epigenetic it goes into the realm of mind and then creation lets up at that point that's why we're not being pushed forward by quote-unquote God by creation by you know we have to align ourselves with this with that force in order to step into its flow it's still there but it's not it's not willfully pushing us because that would be control God doesn't control the the entirety of the creation controls it up to a point it orders it up to a point then there is free will given when the being has the capacity for holistic Intel at that point the creation doesn't say you must do anything then it says you have free will do you align yourself with the natural law or do you refuse to align yourself with the natural law then there are consequences for both of those things that's it you you align yourself with moral law you get one set of results it's called evolutionary progression and consciousness and you can create whatever you want as long as it's still in harmony with natural law you want to live in opposition to natural law till the laws of morality well then a different result is handed to you by creation by natural law consequences and that's called slavery and which is where humanity is at stagnation of our evolutionary progression slavery held in Chains not able to move forward not able to evolve it's a choice it is not being done to us and and I will vehemently vehemently oppose that notion till my dying day it is a choice and it all begins and ends with a choice we have the choice whether to evolve our consciousness or not it is absolutely within our capability we have the capacity for holistic intelligence so after this point where upon freewill is operating then the amount of aggregate consciousness a species develops through free will is largely responsible for the future progression stagnation or regression of that species I'll say that again after the point where free will becomes involved in this natural evolutionary progression ok the amount of consciousness that the whole species has been able to develop through their free will meaning through what what are you going to pay attention to are you going to learn are you going to grow ok are you gonna try to understand what's true are you going to understand the boundary conditions of creation called natural law do you want to learn about morality do you want to learn about yourself self-knowledge the knowledge of the universe the knowledge of natural law the knowledge of the spiritual laws of creation once the either that species develops through their free will that aggregate consciousness I mean conscious it's called common sense common sense reality all right either we develop that common sense or we don't and that's what that will to do that or the lack of will not to do that is what's going to determine whether we are going to progress as a species whether we're going to stagnate as a species or whether we're going to regress as a species and go deeper into bondage now those first three points were my view of how this progression works how this actual natural evolutionary progression or what you might call occult evolution works the unseen force of evolution that isn't work in our lives not Darwinian evolution the fourth point brings up the crux of interventive interference theory on almost made a Freudian slip there and said intervention theory it's been called intervention theory I call it interference Theory this natural evolutionary progression this process could be interfered with on the part of other forms of consciousness who have already entered the freewill stage of that process they have already come to the point where they are at the capacity for holistic intelligence and therefore they have developed free will they are driving their own either evolutionary progress or evolutionary stagnation and they could get involved through understanding technology and understanding physical laws of nature in the development of another species that is absolutely very possible for that to happen that way and you know people have to entertain that as a possibility with an open mind to understand that there absolutely could be other life forms and they don't and again to talk about their nature they could be of all different natures they could be in in the same biological domain as us the 3d universe where they you know may have developed some kind of technology to travel from one world to another they maybe exist in other frequencies of existence like a dimension of some type their nature could be many different things and we'll pick that up exploring that right there and other side of this break stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today tried to run high to the other side welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pasión so in the last segment I was talking about the four major points of this theory that I was laying out known as interference theory of human origins the first tenant were point was that natural evolutionary progression works in both the physical or genetic domain and then eventually proceeds to the epigenetic domain the domain of consciousness the second point was that the process is an automated one in the first step or in other words it's directed by creation in the biological or genetic domain until it enters the epigenetic domain the domain of consciousness at that point freewill becomes involved in the beings that have the capacity for holistic intelligence and then they are partially directing their evolutionary development after that happens the amount of consciousness that that species develops in the aggregate through therefore their usage of their free will is what is largely responsible for the future progression of that species however that natural process that I am calling an EP or natural evolutionary progression could be interfered with by another form of life another form of consciousness who has already gotten to that stage that epigenetic stage where they're directing their free will progression and I was saying it's very possible you know what I excel or acknowledge or even entertain the notion at all that this is possible is because they just don't want it to be true that has absolutely nothing to do with whether it's true or not that's arbiter of truth syndrome as I call it so I think I'll leave that right there and I'll leave the last slide for a little bit later on in the show because I want to get to some calls and I want to see if anybody is gonna win this some of these tickets for the st. Louis seminar so let's go to the phones let's hear from mark in Ohio mark you're live on what on earth is happening in the first question all I ask you is are you going to try to win one of the tickets to the st. Louis seminar yes mark all right great go right ahead that question was for the listening audience once again to name the four major Sabbats or the High Holidays okay not the lower Sabbats or the lesser Sabbats the major Sabbats of the occult calendar and their associated seasons so go right ahead mark okay that would be in bulk I would be associated with winter that is correct uh Beltane which we just passed through it will be associated with spring that's correct I guess I'm pronouncing this right lamaze would be associated with summer yes and Samhain would be associated with autumn or oh that is correct and there you have you've won one of the tickets for the st. Louis seminar now listen when you go off the air I want you to stay on the line and my producer is gonna take your information so I could tell you who to get in touch with so you can get that that ticket reserved okay so but I'll just repeat the answer it was Beltane we could have also accepted for Beltane of all purchase knock or I would have even taken Mayday that is the spring season the middle midpoint of spring Lamas or midsummer which is the midpoint of the summer season soin or hallow mass or Halloween for the fall or autumn season and then in bulk or Candlemas for the winter season so mark you have won one free ticket to the streetwise spirituality in st. Louis and like I said just hang on after you're off the air and my producer will take your information for me but do you have anything else for us congratulations and do you have anything else yeah yeah thanks you know about tonight's topic I just like to like make an observation about the sort of the what I would consider the active other an active proof of this interference would be the you know the rampant use of antidepressants you know you know I've directly affecting you know the the pineal gland which you know which is not to balance the brain sure the mind you know and especially you know the the giving of these to our to our children this is a particular sore point with me actually I was I attended the the Asheville your Asheville seminar and spoke with you about this and I know that that would be the part of the shadow I think in the in the background here this which I would consider to be a malevolent interference as opposed to weight but Noble and intervention you know I mean it's not only physical and working on the biological processes of course it interferes in the epigenetic domain as well because it is directing the emotions in the way of numbing them out and that is having an effect on the overall aggregate quality of consciousness in our species there's so many people hooked on these I mean for years and years and years I mean they've been on them and you know just look at it as there's no possibility or chance that they could get off of them I mean members of my family have been taking these things for up upwards of almost 20 years now you know spacely since they've even been in there more experimental stages and not quite as popular as they are now but they're looking to get more and more children on these things to it's definitely one of the manipulators methodologies we talked about it on in the past on this show SSRIs SNRIs I call them the demon drugs you know because they're people who are the cons of the form of consciousness it's putting people in as demonic and the people who are propagating these things are demonic yeah and you know as far as the children as far as children go I mean what better way to you know keep this going in the future you know I you know yeah the ultimate goal of this is just to have people continue never to want to look at themselves you know I won't I won't say the person's name but a family member of mine basically tried to wean off of antidepressants and then when this person felt emotions again they were like oh my god this is so far into me I don't want to feel like this but they were feeling natural emotional response ranges that is nor are normal for human beings to feel and it was so alien and foreign to them they're like I want to go back to the way I was where I was numb and you know leveled out all the time and never never had high emotional uplifting experiences or got really angry or really sad or really depressed depressed it's like they actually began to prefer because they got so used to it the actual numbing out of the true emotional response range that's so sad because what they've essentially given up is what it really means to be a human being to feel right you know as far as as far as children go which actually it's this is my daughter I'm speaking of Hawaii I'm divorced so I don't have the actual control over this situation so you know to me it's just a natural growing process that they go through these you know they go through anxiety like you know teenage years for instance you know and and they're they're being told that oh no you have anxiety disorder so here here here take this this this will help so you know they get this then they get this leveling that they talk about you know and they think oh this is it this and they tell them oh you won't be on these forever but I'll be damned if that's not what happens absolutely and it's a vicious cycle to break because you know once the will is compromised you know that's that's what we're relying on to help motivate our behavior motivate our actions once these things that interfere with the whole process of will then it's going to be very difficult to to wean yourself off of them or to want to go back to feeling a full normal emotional response range so very difficult to break you if you're going to break the cycle with any draw but mainly antidepressants you really have to look up a proper wean and I would say do it under guidance by somebody who really knows what they're doing and knows what they're talking about when it comes to these substances and knows how to draw up a proper wean because you can't just go cold turkey with these it can be more dangerous than the actual effect of the soap this so-called medication the drug itself yeah great great points and I want to say congratulations again on a winning ticket one free ticket to the st. Louis seminar streetwise spirituality hang on the line and my producer is gonna take your information off the air okay thanks so much grant you alright so let me give another question because uh mark just won that ticket so uh here's the next question to win a one free ticket to the st. Louis seminar I'll be hosting on May 31st called streetwise spirituality and again if you're gonna call in to try to answer this question please only call in if you can attend we don't want to give these tickets to people who won't be able to use them okay because then you'll be keeping it out of the hands of somebody who actually can go and and attend and get a lot out of this seminar so please if you're gonna call in and answer the question be sure that you are going to attend the seminar okay here's the third the question for the third ticket give me the Hebrew language names of the four worlds of Kabbalah of the Kabbalistic tradition in ascending order from lowest to highest I'll repeat the question on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm great we gave a ticket to the st. Louis seminar streetwise spirituality away in the last segment I'm happy that that happened and that Marc from Ohio was a winner number two in our little contest here let me read once again the third question for a single ticket to the st. Louis seminar give the Hebrew language names of the four worlds of the Kabbalistic tradition the four worlds of Kabbalah now again to clarify this I'm not looking for the names of Sethi wrote on the sefirot ik tree I want the names of the four worlds of Kabbalah in ascending order from lowest to highest okay from a set in ascending order from lowest first to the highest world okay and I want the Hebrew language names so that's the question for if you have the answer that you can win a free ticket to the streetwise spirituality seminar in st. Louis on May 31st let's um let's go to the phones again let's see who else do we have holding we have Jason and Illinois Jason you're live on what on earth is happening do you want to take a crack at winning a free ticket to the st. Louis seminar yes I am okay great name the four worlds of the Kabbalistic tradition in ascending order from lowest to highest go ahead okay the lowest would be aasaiya that is correct and then Yetzirah yes then Berea yes and absolute that's correct slightly off on the pronunciations but I'm not going to you know you know hold it to that you know level of specificity the I would I would say if I were to give the pronunciations as closely as I know them to be its hacia yet zero Bria and OTT salute but I couldn't even be slightly off in those but in general yes you are correct that is those are the four worlds of Kabbalah in ascending order from lowest to highest so you've won a free ticket to the st. Louis seminar on May 31st congratulations or Jason and again I'll let you get to your point but just after the after your call hang on and my producer will get your information from you okay so I can get the ticket information to you all right so what do you have for us this evening well I have a question will an observation basically like the secret societies that are interested in occult knowledge and like in the Mormons the LDS they all seem to be like obsessed with finding Giants and like ancient because this kind of fits into your whole intervention or your whole theory about like ancient astronauts or whatever they seem to be interested in finding like these bones and nine-foot Giants and stuff like that particularly like Joseph Smith I don't you ever heard that but is it the Kinderhook plates in Illinois I have not heard like that I know I do know that certain um you know Mormon traditions have extraterrestrial hypotheses and you know deal with that topic but specifically what you're referring to there no not tell me about it okay well the Kinderhook plates that's actually like 20 miles from where I live basically and they think was 1843 some people were digging in a farm and a mound Indian Mound and they found these brass plates which were buried next to a giant supposedly the whole thing was a hoax and this guy stepped forward and it was in the newspapers at the time this guy stepped forward and said these plates were forgeries and they were trying to trick Joseph Smith but he was a freemason he was inducted into the Illinois lodge he created a lodge and Nabu when they were here I just wonder if there's any action i mean if they'd if he was like keeping this knowledge alive in the Mormon religion I was wondering if that's why they're interested in you know my take on the whole thing regarding religion is I think a lot of the high level darker cultists who are behind exoteric religions do know the truth about human origins and are deliberately withholding that so that they can maintain their positions of power over other people in a yeah yeah so that's absolutely I don't know enough about the Mormon tradition particularly to um you know comment on those specifics but in general I would tell you that my take is high level religionists are really the priest class that are running the show here on the earth you know they are a dark occultus and the dark occult has given us our exoteric religions to keep us in line well I like their temple ordinances are all based on Masonic rituals the symbols they have on their their sacred underwear all their have like the sonic definitely enacted connected with masonry no doubt and more likely than not dark masonry not the true esoteric tradition of and they're involved in genealogy to try to treat I'm sure they're blood lines like what like that to go back to you know lineages that had more of the gods DNA or the gods ancestry many of the people who are in positions of power and are psychopathic and are you know obsessed with bloodline are also very deeply into tracing their their lineages back to the point where they believe that their bloodlines mingled with the blood of the gods you know and that also leads to racist ideologies not only does it lead to eugenics ideologies racist ideologies it leads to you know looking for the traits that are that they feel are in their their bloodlines that continue the psychopath psychopathy that runs in the family you know so there's so much connected with with blood with genetics with DNA that has to do with these ruling classes that I definitely there there is involvement and and you know overlap when it comes to religion in this I would say that religionists are doing that just like people in royal families just like people in high-level positions of political power genetics plays a huge role in it and there's a reason for that and it's because these people believe that they're tracing a lot of their power and lineage to the time when the the gods quote-unquote were living and breeding amongst humanity yeah I think that's probably why Joseph Smith was killed because he was trying it's because he wasn't this wasn't a secret he was like talking about this stuff publicly and that might have been one of the reasons why he was killed because he had I mean these ancient origin theories very very possible but great points Jason and uh congratulations again on winning the the third ticket to the st. Louis seminar thanks I'm looking forward to it you got it and hang on the line my producer is gonna take your information okay okay great okay thank you all right I'm happy about that we have two winners this evening maybe we can give all three of these away again these tickets are courtesy of Joe from Kansas City who graciously donated them he bought four tickets and then gave them away and you know told me I could you know maybe do a giveaway on the air so that's just what I'm doing and we've given away three of the four we have one ticket left to give away let me give another question since uh our existing questions were answered correctly all right this should be a relatively easy one for people name the three steps of the Trivium in order and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order okay so that's the total question name the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects subjects I should say not steps the three subjects of the quadrivium in order now they have to be in order otherwise you know it's not a correct answer the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium now for the Trivium I will accept either the classical Trivium steps or the modern variant of the Trivium steps i will actually also accept the computer analogy Trivium method steps if people want to give that one okay if you want to show your knowledge you could say all of them but as long as we get one that's correct in order I'll accept that okay so the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order and there is an order to both so that's the question let's see if we could get a winner for the fourth ticket let's hear from Raphael in Indiana Raphael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome are you going to try to win a ticket to the st. Louis seminar unfortunately not Marc sorry no worries what do you have for us this evening I just want to say thank you for everything you do I appreciate everything you do and I understand and I realize how hard it is to do what you do on a daily basis and every Saturday night what you present us and I want to thank you for that I appreciate that so much thank you and just commenting on kind of like what you've been talking about in your presentations or as the two dialectics views and you know just how people are buying bound to one side or killers by it in I'll let you hang on and I'll let you pick up right there on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] [Applause] we uh [Music] welcome back everyone in listening to what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into the third hour of the show this evening we were talking to Rafael from Indiana just before the last break Rafael are you still with us [Applause] Rafael if you're there you can continue where you left off in you hear me Marc there you are yes okay oh sorry I just had a comment and also question um you were talking about there polarizations I like this dialectics and just commenting on you know I came from a Catholic background and I I'm surrounded by people like that and from your presentations everything you give us like as far as like the the occurrences in the World Trade Center the Columbine you know seasons of sacrifices the Columbia the goddess Virginia Tech the killing of the King the architecture of the streets the green language all that stuff is like you know everything it's just like in plain sight right there but but yet those people will reject it but yet they'll still believe in and wait for the revelation of the beast it was certain aspects which is like totally asinine but you know everything just it's totally contradicting what are the bees the bees Society is right before them it's right out and right open before them yeah but but but they they believe in that word for word literally but they will not believe all that all your presentations everything you you've presented to us that in right front of your eyes that's the power of religion my friend it's it's sad but true I mean religion is a strong mind controlling force and when people have made up their mind that they're not going to look at evidence and they're just they're gonna believe a system because that's easier than thinking and reasoning things out and seeing the patterns that are right in front of your face you know well you know good luck I mean that that's mental bondage of the first order and all that's going to get you as more and more slavery more and more bondage learn more chains and I I always ask people like that do you think God wants slavery you think God wants you to be in mental bondage do you think God wants you to be in physical bondage that's gonna result uh that's gonna result from you remaining and mental bondage or would God want you to think and grow and evolve and understand the natural world as that force created it and how it operates so then you can align yourself with the will of creation and then move forward that's all this is about God wants evolution for everybody you know I mean I mean how can anybody hate the term evolution okay the concept put forward by Darwinism that doesn't have anything to do with real evolution okay find you know reject that I personally reject that that notion of Darwinian theory but that doesn't mean that evolution isn't a process in nature that's happening and being is being directed by creation you know I asked Christians you know or other religions you think God doesn't want you to evolve you think God doesn't want humanity to and evolve in consciousness in understanding to align its will with the will that underlies everything that is all about the progression of intelligence of true holistic intelligence toward more morality and therefore more freedom of course that's what the will of creation is all about you know I mean it makes common sense that very simplistic common sense to me but you know there are people who refuse to see it that way and instead they want to read things literally from a fragmented you know series of works that were published by man put out there by man in order to control people thousands of years ago but that's their that's their free will to do that you know and and I was going over um reviewing your natural law presentation and you had a quote you said basically until until you take into the light you'll never discover darkness and I mean going through finishing a Bruce Lee book and one of his cool it says those who are unaware they're working in darkness will never seek the light yeah there it is I mean you know when people are like call it negative knowledge but it's the same thing he's saying when you are so in ignorance the darkness that you actually have bought into a notion that is untrue and then you're attached to it you're not only at the level of where you have no knowledge that would be zero right where you don't have any knowledge but you're not buying into a system that's completely false in addition to not having any knowledge that would be a good place to start that's like the blank slate in place you know it would be great if we can get people to that place but instead what religion does is it fills people with a whole bunch of nonsense so that they're not even at ground level at zero level let alone that started making the climb up to higher consciousness to truth they're in the pit of that they haven't even arrived that any knowledge and they have all this false so-called knowledge belief systems that they're clinging to that bear no resemblance to truth whatsoever and that's what Lee is saying in that statement you know it's the false appearance of knowledge you know I call it negative knowledge and that's that's not even being aware that you're dwelling in darkness and that's what the purpose of religion is to keep people rooted in that in that belief system where they're in negative knowledge don't even know that they're in that condition and they stay attached to it very very powerful force operating in our midst and Mark I had a question as far as I I came across that video as far as it talked about some of our jobs create pre Egypt priests and Egypt's findings and and I started thinking on that and thinking of like the correlation of the UGA's and the ages and also you you touched on that a little briefly on your world trade center correlations as far as us every can users dream right and and just trying to figure out how what are your thoughts and how does that relate and actually kind of remind me put me back into your presentation of matrix yes when he brought up the architect and it's like a reboot so to speak yeah that's a great question how I see the quote-unquote world ages or the ages of consciousness is they are wave cycle tendencies they're not set in stone as many researchers have you know think that they are I like personally the concept that these are tendencies that can be overcome if the will is applied so in other words it's like the tide right well if what when would be the best time that try to take your boat out to sea when the tide is coming in hard or when the tide is moving out to sea well if you can do it either time it's possible if you use enough will and energy but it would probably be who view to say well if the tide is moving out at this particular time maybe I should take the boat out now because it's moving out not coming in hard you know that's how I look at the wave cycles of consciousness there may be a tendency in nature where involution Airy forces are really pressing against the evolutionary force harder than at other times because they ebb and flow okay and it doesn't mean that even in a dark period which I would consider that we are certainly in now what many people have called this age the Kali Yuga that the age of darkness the age of the destroyer okay and I would agree with that I do think we are in what the you know ancient Indus Valley traditions are referred to as the Kali Yuga that doesn't mean that we can't transcend that and it has to all go into darkness it just means there is a tendency of involution Airy forces working against us at this time period and if we want to get the boat out to sea or if we want to rise up the ladder in consciousness it's going to take a lot more energy right now to do it because of the tendency that's how I look at the quote ages in consciousness I don't look at them as anything that are set in stone I look at them as energies that people have recognized these cycles in the past and written about them but it doesn't mean that it's set in stone and it has to have a particular outcome it just means that there are forces at work in those particular ages you know just like well hey during the day there's more light out so if you're gonna work outside you know it might be a good time to do it in instead of waiting until you know the Sun is on the other side of the earth and you know uh you know you have darkness outdoors if you're gonna work outside you could still do it but it's gonna be a lot harder in that one cycle in that in that cycle of darkness so we can still change it but more will is going to be need need to be summoned and this is what I think people don't understand they've bought into this notion that it's unchangeable that it can't be changed or that it's set in stone that isn't true and people have to get that notion out of their head and recognize it's a function of will we'll pick it up on the other side of the break stay with us everyone [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening so I want to go back to the last image in the slide show for tonight image number five and I want to wrap up talking about the interference theory of human origins before we move on to some other callers because I want to make sure I get to this material tonight and if you want to call in to try to win a free ticket to my st. Louis seminar in st. Louis Missouri on May 31st the calling number to join us is 831 390 443 once again 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 we've already given to set two tickets out on the air tonight and we have one left the question the trivia question for the to win the ticket is named the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order so image number five I put a little rudimentary timeline here that extends indefinitely in both directions because like this is a never-ending process basically and you know we need to basically look at this as just a very simple model you know you don't want to take this at you know 100% face value it's basically painting a generalized picture of how this process works so please keep that in mind and I call this flow that is existing in creation the natural evolutionary progression or what I have called again we looked at this on past shows the force of entropy the force that orders against entropy entropy being the chaotic force the force which breaks things down centra P is the force which orders things it's the ordering force or I've simply called it the will of creation the will of creation is to order things the will of creation is to unfold and to evolve consciousness it is to expand awareness it isn't to shut it down that's the entropic force or the force of involution that is always working against the sin tropic force or what i've called here the natural evolutionary progression or ordering force within creation this and for short I call it any P okay any P the natural evolutionary progression to distinguish it from Darwinian quote unquote biological only evolution this is a force an evolutionary progression force that has consciousness taken into consideration within as its goal the goal of it is to expand consciousness and awareness so that the being can then take over its own evolutionary progress in the form of free will by it by expanding and furthering its own consciousness so that it is free to to choose what it wants to do for itself okay so look at this line as the left side of the line is the ancient past okay and you have this ordering force ordering things into greater levels of complexity and form so the natural evolutionary progression is at work in a species in the physical / biological / genetic domain this is where it's bringing together particles it's bringing together atoms subatomic particles you know molecules coming together you know working up two collections of cells and then the simple organisms and then the more complex organisms this is what we may you know have heard of and generally understand as evolution in Darwinian terms or in scientism terms but what I'm trying to say here is that that moves forward up to a point where you have the capacity for holistic intelligence and then at that point creation doesn't 100% completely stop doing at it immediately okay that's why I've overlapped these two things these two forces or these two aspects of the same force this sin tropic or ordering force it doesn't just immediately stop it may move into that other domain the epigenetic domain for a while but at some point the being is free on its own to move forward or to not move forward to another in other words work upon itself to advance its consciousness or refuse to do that work and therefore its consciousness stagnates and therefore it's evolutionary progression stagnates so you have this biological component working over Aeons of time and then at some point the epigenetic aspect enters into the picture at that point you're starting to develop the capacity for holistic intelligence and at some point the full capacity for holistic intelligence is there and therefore that being has evolved to the point where free will has fully been gifted to it by creation through this force through this ordering force this is what actual evolution is as compared with Darwinian evolution or what I'm describing here is evolution in occult terms as has been taught throughout the history of humanity in the esoteric mystery traditions of consciousness okay so this natural evolutionary progression then goes into effect in the epigenetic domain or in other words in the realm of mind in consciousness and it works through freewill so again I hope people understand this very simple rudimentary model I don't know how I can make it any simpler you know I tried to just keep graphics to a minimum and just try to you know paint a picture in people's minds by the words I'm using and hopefully the message will be received it will be understood so you have the biological physical genetic aspect of this force operating and then when it orders a species up to a point where it now has the capacity for holistic intelligence that force which is an automated one that force on the left hand side the physical biological genetic that's an automated process it then starts to back off once the being has been evolved up to a point where freewill has been imbued into the being okay which is humanity we are and have been at that point for some time we are not a creature of pure instinct just controlled by genetic material if people believe that they believe old dead scientism that has completely been disproven probably for well over a hundred years but I would say certainly in the last 50 the problem is that that new information often takes a very very long time to reach the mass of people in the public domain and it's constantly being thwarted from reaching the people by bed and this information being put out by the so-called mainstream media by the paradigm protectors as I like to call them now you have this red line with the dot on it in the middle of this green these set of green arrows and I refer to this as the point of the possibility where interference happened with this natural process this natural evolutionary progression by another form of consciousness you have to look at this line as specific to one species or one form of consciousness and at some point in the past there could have been an interference done by another form of consciousness which was not human if we're looking at this green line to be the natural evolutionary progression of what we refer to ourselves as humanity human beings this point of interference was done by some form of consciousness that was non-human and we'll pick it up from there on the other side stay with us everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to water on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were on slide number five of the images for tonight's show you could find those at what on earth is happening dot-com on the radio show page or along with this podcast I was talking about a possibility of in our ancient past of the natural evolutionary progression of the human species or perhaps what we once were you know the in the condition that we once were in had been interfered with deliberately by another form of consciousness and again regardless of what you think the nature of that other consciousness may be we're looking at the possibility that something that was not human interfered with the progression of natural evolution in our species and when such interference like that happens whether it is genetic again we're going to lay out a lot of the evidence for the possibility of genetic modification or hybridization having been done to the human species direct tampering with our genetic code and then you have epigenetic manipulation it's not just genetic it's epigenetic that means it's you're manipulating the mind you're also manipulating the environment in which the being is living in because that has an effect on the conditions that develop in our in our mind and our behaviors and our whole species so whether the interference is genetic meaning it's done directly to the physiology or it's epigenetic it's done in the realm of mind or even in the environment this force immediately begins to act as the entropic were involution Airy force which counteracts the evolutionary force which counteracts what I am calling NEP natural evolutionary progression and again that's what evolution always has to be keep that in mind it's progression it's not just the survival of biological material you could have a survival of a biological material and still have regression in consciousness of a species so we have to keep in mind when this interference occurred it immediately began to counter the natural evolutionary progression and it acted as an entropic force a force of chaos a force of disorder a force of holding us back okay and we're going to lay out the case for this possibility in future shows we'll get into reading ancient accounts of non-human interaction with our planet the gods creating humanity quote-unquote gods keep in mind I'm saying gods with a small G has nothing to do with the real god of creation and again regardless of what you want to think the nature of these beings may have been some people tend to look at them as demonic or you know fallen fallen angelic consciousness some look at them as extra dimensional some form of higher dimensional existence there from another frequency of existence you know another brain you know if to use a modern scientific term you know some other dimensional aspect of existence that we don't actually perceive in this realm or dimension or whether you want to look at them as physical biological entities from elsewhere you know just in a more nuts and bolts type of way you know they're just traveling possibly with so far unknown technology that is unknown to us and is being deliberately kept hidden in secret because of its possibilities what how it could possibly train form the human condition level the playing field when it comes to forms of energy etc and free human and you know help to free humanity or at least move humanity forward regardless of what you think the nature of these beings were that perform this interference as soon as that interference occurs you have an entropic force at work blocking or standing in the pathway of the natural evolutionary development of a species and my question to people is why wouldn't this be possible you know if you just look at it at that in that way in those terms who is to say that that's not possible to occur what why are people so against that notion just even considering it I mean when I even first heard about this theory I didn't sit there and think well that can't possibly be that's not possible it can't possibly happen of course I entertained the notion and said well that may be a long shot but we have to look into the possibility is there evidence for this you know maybe records of this occurring and the answer turns out to be yes in abundance you know is there evidence in the fossil record perhaps and the answer is yes there is actually an abundance and all this evidence is just glossed over or its debunked immediately it's thrown out because it doesn't fit into the nice neat little package that anthropologists and archaeologists want people to believe in you know so it goes into the university basements and it's it's stored in closed boxes for decades and decades and decades because we can't put it in our little paradigm as the paradigm protectors you know we want to maintain our tenure and we want to maintain our role our status as the experts who wrote all the textbooks on the topics you know we can't have anything to the contrary getting out there even if it's true even if there's evidence to support it well we can't explain that readily in the existing paradigm model well out it doesn't fit into the Darwinian model out it goes religion to say it doesn't fit into the creationist model out it goes that's not seeking truth that's you playing God you're acting as the arbiter of truth instead of saying let me look at all the evidence let me put bring it all to the table and look at it and then order it and then make sense of it then filter it and then see what comes out in the wash you know no we don't want to do things like that as a human species you know in general we want to say if it fits in the existing model I accept them believe in then anything that doesn't fit in it has to go anything that possibly contradicts my existing model throw it out that's how most science is done today and Pete there are people out there they don't want to believe that because science is their religion you know it's just another religion scientism so I've essentially covered what I really want to wanted to cover for today let's see if we can and and again we're going to lay out a case for this with evidence in future shows we're going to read ancient accounts and try to see them in their bigger context than their bigger picture you know not just as the fanciful imaginations of primitive people who had nothing better to do but Sawtelle crazy science fiction stories you know perhaps what they were doing painstakingly was attempting to preserve their history in the language that they spoke and wrote and as well as they could put it down for posterity you know people don't want to think about it like that because again it's a disturbing story we were made as a slave species that's a disturbing story you think I want that to be true I don't want that to be true but if it is true I'm not the arbiter of that I'm not the one who has to say I believe that or not either I there's evidence for and I'm going to align my perceptions to what's actually there or it's not that way but to me that model this model of humanity's natural course being interfered with by some other consciousness to me makes the most sense once all the evidence is taken into account and it explains so much about why the human condition is the way that it is and why we're up against the forces that we are up against today whereas none of the other models explain that none of these other paradigms that you know conflict with each other but are actually oppo seems the Darwinian paradigm and the creationist paradigm explain any of those things zero they actually explain none of them while the interference theory at least when I take it into account to me explains all of those seeming seemingly inexplicable dynamics that are within the human experience that up to this point you know haven't actually really been readily explained - at least not my satisfaction so we'll go back to the phones on the other side of this break and we'll see if we can't get a final winner in our contest for a ticket giveaway for the st. Louis seminar I'll be giving on May 31st stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone last segments for this evening for this edition of what on earth is happening and let's all go to the phones and see if we can't get a final winner in our ticket giveaway for tonight let's hear from Patty in Illinois that's a hop skip and a jump from Missouri patty you're live on what on earth is happening do you want to take a crack at the trivia question to try to win a free ticket yeah all right great the question was named the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order okay the three of the Trivium first one is that I'm sorry no that is not one of the Trivium staff but thank you so much for trying but what else did you have for us this evening I was just gonna try to answer those three I wasn't sure if you wanted them and the way they were presented or if it was the old school grammar yeah I said well I said that I would accept the ancient way that the Trivium was presented the modern method that it was presented or the computer allegory way that it was presented so all right no worries um you have any questions or comments well I have you on the line well no I'm just really interested in what you're talking about right now um I'm a biologist and so looking at human form and the anatomy of the human being is something that is always kind of interested me just how we're so much different from even our closest so-called relatives on the on the evolutionary scale by Darwin but um I'm interested in what your what you have in upcoming shows I was always thinking somewhat of this interference being something that has helped us along the path but seeing how it might actually keep us stagnant is something I'm looking forward to hearing about yeah and you're absolutely right you bring up some great points while there are a lot of similarities and genetics to our closest relatives the amount of differences is staggering and this is something that you don't hear a lot from evolutionary biologists and people who you know prop up the Darwinian theory you know that amount of difference in the genetics is something that really I feel cannot really be bridged and one of the things that Darwin himself continuously told people is that you know there would have to be a lot of transitional fossils found in the fossil record to show clearly the progression that's never actually been done scientists call this anthropologists and archaeologists refer to this lack of evidence as the quote missing link and they always say it's going to be bridged it's going to be found the gap is going to be closed and it never has been there is exactly zero bones of any of any hominid present in the modern human skeleton they do not exist and there have been exactly zero transitional fossils bones in the fossil record found that bridge the hominid spitted so-called ancestors with modern Homo sapiens sapiens never has been actually uncovered within the fossil record it's it's something that has been postulated and put out there as a theory but people have actually never discovered the actual evidence and yet this is believed in as some sort of a you know gospel truth which is I think making a big jump now and again this is what we want to do in future shows is talk about you know things like this and bring this evidence forward and talk about things like you know the second human chromosome you know which is an anomaly and which you Darwinists you know say is the best example of you know biological evolution and a lot of creationists say that's the best example of creationism you know I look at it as that's the best example of intervention or interference Theory so we'll be getting into all of these things and many more and you know talking about what we can actually do about it even if it is the the worst case scenario and I'm also open to the possibility that there have been some species that have been quote-unquote on our side or quote-unquote trying to bring some form of balance to it I kind of have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth regarding that regarding where a lot of the New Age movement thinks that that is because I don't think it's nearly anything like they think it is like it's the cavalry coming to rescue us or anything they want us to do our work for ourselves so we don't have to you know pull us up by the bootstraps and somehow become responsible for us like you know a parent taking on another child you know so we'll look at all of those possibilities so really great great points that you brought up there so thank you for the call Patti so let's uh let's go to another caller and see if we can't give these tickets away before the end of the show let's hear from Derrick in Pennsylvania Derrick you're live on what on earth is happening welcome and you want to take a crack at winning the free ticket to the st. Louis seminar all right Derrick has uh has hung up so let's move on let's hear from Brandon in Boston Brandon you're live on what on earth is happening and if you so choose you can take a crack at winning the free ticket to the st. Louis seminar do you want to give it a shot sure I'm just a real quick comment first I think that the intervention thing could have been also a catastrophic event very very distinct possibility absolutely that also needs to be looked at cataclysm theory is something that definitely could put on scene it doesn't have to be another form of consciousness either it can be a natural event that interfere and come in between you know the natural evolutionary progression of a species and you know it's future evolution so absolutely cataclysmic events definitely should be looked into and I'll also be recommending some authors to that to that topic as a matter of fact I think next week what I'm going to do is just lay out a bunch of different authors and researchers for people to just look into all of this stuff right off the bat just put out a bunch of different research and you know we'll pick up specific research from that point forward but I think next week's show that's what I'm just going to do is lay out a whole bunch of different researchers for people to go off on their own and do some research on the room so and of course that Julian James in a breakdown of singing ah sure sure the question once again was named the three steps of the Trivium in order and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order go right ahead and you'll take different you know the first the three in order grammar logic that is correct okay on the four subjects of the quadrivium in order yeah I would call this more of the classical interpretation of the order okay and it would be arrested tick music I'm a tree astronomy I'm gone I'm going to have to call a incorrect on that um you named all of them but not in the correct order unfortunately so really really great great attempt but just the quadrivium was out of order so I'll let you get to your question or comment then no it's just my theory on that is that if you look back at like say play oh I have you know in the Classical period of the quadrivium people who taught the quadrivium meanness knowledge that was Bob suppose music was primary music comes first and last in common is you want to see a really good movie on intervention and how this could have happened yes may be happening now is a 2001 oh absolutely Stanley Kubrick he was privy to a lot more than he let on and I think it event eventually ended up getting in getting him in some trouble by our dark occult friends at least I think so Kubrick obviously had insider knowledge and had been involved with some dark occultists for sure I think Eyes Wide Shut is absolute proof of that in what he was trying to tell the American public about who was really running the show in this country and really throughout the world but 2001 a Space Odyssey is absolutely about the intervention or interference that occurred in the human species for certain ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have we'll have to give it away that final ticket next week but thanks so much for listening and remember there are only two mistakes that one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see right here next week [Music] [Music] you