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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today is Saturday May 24th 2014 we're live here every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time and tonight on what on earth is happening your calls you the listeners are going to make the show because I'm going to be taking your calls throughout the entire show this evening any questions any comments any speculations any concerns any predictions anything you want to talk about all topics are fair game there are no taboo topics here on what on earth is happening if you have any questions about anything that I've covered in the past that you want clarification on I particularly like to hear from you on that I get so many questions via email it might be even possible we could take a couple of email questions from you know a lot of the questions that build up in my inbox are on a daily basis because I do get a ton of email and don't always have the time to answer a lot of it because it's such a high volume of mail comes in constantly but now is your chance to ask anything you want of me right here live on the airwaves so let me give the calling number for people to start getting in the queue the number to join us here on what on earth is happening this evening eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us with your questions comments speculations concerns predictions anything you want to talk about 800 three one three nine four four three it should be a pretty interesting show this evening I know when I do a call-in show it usually is and next weekend I will not be on the air of course because I will be live in st. Louis Missouri giving my one-time-only all-day seminar entitled streetwise spirituality streetwise spirituality what does it truly mean to be awake the subtitle of that seminar it's gonna be a one-time-only all-day seminar Saturday May 31st 2014 at the arden mead center the arden mead center is at 17 Selma Avenue in st. 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Louis next week it'll be the first time I've ever been there and what a great way to check out the city and its people by you know giving a live one-time-only seminar there on what does it really mean to be awake not this new-age variant of bit what being awake means but truly being streetwise conscious you know really knowing what's going on in this world really understanding the balance that must be struck between employing the non-aggression principle in one's life and understanding the self-defense principle that's really what it does mean to be enlightened it really is what it means to be a balanced individual to have both the Sacred Feminine principle and the masculine principle at work within your consciousness and I want to say thanks to Joe from Kansas City for providing four tickets for for a giveaway on the show here over the past couple of weeks and I want to once again congratulate our four winners Swami shivananda Giri mark from Ohio Jason from Illinois and patty from Illinois who won the trivia contest to win the four give away tickets really looking forward to you know seeing all of them in st. Louis next Saturday so I just want to let people know there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening website if you're in a position where you can give a little bit of assistance you can click on the support donation button if you have found value in the information that I've provided here on the water on earth is happening radio show and on my website what on earth is happening calm there is a support donation button on the website on the left hand side you can click that to make a voluntary donation in a number of ways so with that having been said let's see if there are is anybody holding on the line yet I don't think so not yet let's give it a little bit let's give it a little bit of time but we will get to some callers in hopefully the next segment so in any event I want to let people know we are going to be continuing with our discussion of the possibility of humanity being not only visited by non-human intelligence but the ancient stories in the ancient past that deal with the interactions of non-human intelligent beings with our species and we're going to be breaking down that information and looking at source material coming up in in coming weeks here on what on earth is happening I want to let people know that we are going to be going extensively into that research basically I've taken a little bit of time off of off from putting a whole lot of in from a whole lot of work into preparing slides and information for the radio show because of course I've been doing a lot of work on the st. Louis seminar and trying to get that prepared and together but after the seminar is wrapped up I will be going back to you know a lot of work preparing information for this radio show and will be breaking a lot of new information forward as the week's go on so just letting people know what has been going on with that you know one of the things I personally want to talk about and lead into is what I see going on in the world is just so much more attachment and fear to the comfortable enslavement and the comfortable ideologies that we have been fed like I said a couple of weeks ago and last week also on the show people holding on to worldviews is a huge part of what's going on is a huge part of what's holding humanity back in our evolutionary development when people hold on to these outmoded worldviews that don't serve who we are particularly about things like human nature particularly about things like what our origins are and people say well it's not that important where we came from it's not that important what our origins are over the last several months it has been become so much viscerally clear to me that this is something that really has to be dredged up and dealt with and talked about and put out there for people's consideration because if we don't understand that how we think about ourselves and our worth okay has everything to do with the perpetuation of this control system and the paradigm that goes along with it and we don't really aren't really understanding that the wider picture at work here stay with us everyone we're going to be getting to your calls on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back wheels [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting so before the break I was just briefly talking about worldview and how it really sets the tone for everything that's going on if we can't imagine that anything could possibly be different than how it is right now because we have accepted a world view of the complete dismissal of free will due to either a left brain scientism based paradigm of so-called quote unquote evolution of the Darwinian model that says we're basically at the mercy of genes and that's our lot in life whatever hand you got dealt there you know there's nothing that's beyond that and you know therefore the human condition if it's just inferior in that regard somehow can't be changed you know we just are the way that we are eternally consciousness is left at the door you know we're at the mercy of our genes and you know dismiss the ability to create change through consciousness and freewill and you know the same worldview seemingly you know an opposite but it's really the same thing the right brain imbalance the religionist worldview you know that god controls every single event in creation and therefore you know also throw freewill out the door and both of these paradigms essentially share a deeply entrenched belief that the human condition how it is which is slavery cannot be changed and so many people are stuck there so many people believe that the situation we are in can not be changed and I'm telling you it can be changed the question is will we summon the will to change it that's what it all ultimately comes down to and that has to be done through care that has to be done with intelligence and then our willpower has to be actively applied through courage so let's hit the phones we have several people waiting on the line let's hear from John in Seattle John you're live on what on earth is happening well what do you have for us this evening hi mark I just want to say thanks so much for everything that you're doing and let's just absolutely love your show thank you everyone yeah I would like to ask you a question I don't heard you discuss this in the materials that I have listened to on you through your podcast yeah bye okay I'd like to talk about what's called the life cycle of the soul or the transmigration of souls okay the concept is a hermetic concept of ascending through the planets and having to pass through the guardian of Saturn have you heard of this before or I've heard something similar to this you know a lot of times you'll hear about this in mystical writings like there are guardians that guard the the afterlife domain some some traditions have called this the Bardo realm and depending on what you did in life you know you know different events may play out and you may encounter different entities or beings I personally don't speculate too much on any aspects of quote-unquote afterlife dimensions because I'm firmly attempting to get people to focus and what our work is to do in the here-and-now I think if there you focus on that you don't have to worry about anything that comes after because you'll have been doing what you really were charged to do here in this realm in this domain and if you do what's right here I feel like you have nothing ultimately to worry about regardless of what happens to us and when we pass out of this this realm this domain of physicality of the flesh you know in the 3d world so that's why I really don't spend too much time on that a lot of people have asked me my take on what happens when we die and I just say well we'll find out when we cross that threshold when we go into that other dimension all right personally I'm going to approach that with absolutely no fear because I know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing in this dimension right so um I mean III know that I didn't really kind of talk about that particular aspect uh but do you want to say anything more about that in that Hermetic tradition er were you just basically trying to get it what I think about what may happen in the afterlife yeah it's pretty much I was just wanted to know your opinion about it because you know I'm I'm still learning about these things not really I came across this I was introduced to this topic by uh Antonacci and his work and and so I was something that I've had you know been chewing on for quite a while and just wanted to know what your take on it might be well one thing I can say is that I don't want to necessarily speculate too much on exactly what may happen when we die but I do think that consciousness is eternal I don't think that you know there's just endless blackness and darkness and the cessation of consciousness I think that um you know we're all aspects of the totality of the consciousness of everything of the all if you want to call that the mind of God or God itself that's that's fine with me I don't have a problem with looking at it like that but I I just think that there is no such thing as unconsciousness or permanent death you know that's like an illusory state that we believe in in an existential way I tell people if you want to get rid of that kind of existential angst commune with dimethyltryptamine you know or ayahuasca or you know a powerful other powerful you know entheogenic substance and I think that will Olay some of those fears because it will show you how really spectacular and amazing the other realms of consciousness can be and people will say well that's all just connected to the brain and the electrochemical interactions within the brain but I don't think those molecules of that are very simple basic indole molecules and a lot of that in a lot of those compounds I don't think that there are complex enough to create an experience that rich and and filled with spiritual experience I think that is there and those compounds are just like kind of in an antenna receiver to let you pick up on that on that channel so to speak I think consciousness is just essentially what everything is and I don't think that ever dies and goes away I think it's always there I think it just changes forms and I think we will find out what form it will change into when we do you know pass out of this body and out of this 3d realm into another realm but I don't think it ends that's basically my take on it and you know I'll stop short of saying anything specific that I think occurs in the afterlife realm because again I'm not there yet neither or any of us you know we may have been there in the past and come back here who knows I think that reincarnation is certainly possible but like I said I think we'll find out what lies on the other side that that threshold of that doorway when we pass over it and again I I feel like if we're doing the work that we are supposed to be doing here which is working to end slavery working to end that it should be changed and is wrong in this world where we're at right here and now I think none of us will have anything to worry about personally right I totally agree so I hope that answers your question I want to thank you for your question there great insight as well Thanks all right well thank you so much you got it John take good care and let's hear from I believe this is one of our ticket winners patty in Illinois you're live on what on earth is happening welcome crime market is Patty from Illinois and I am going to be seeing you next week I'm so excited cool I'm doing anyhow for us this evening well I have a question I have a couple of questions and they're kind of intertwined but I'll try to keep it focused okay I we're actually coming up to another break here patty just hold on through the break and I'll bring you back on to ask those questions on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network don't go anywhere [Music] you know the day destroys the night night divided today tried to run track welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm tonight on the show all open lines anything you want to talk about your questions your comments your concerns your speculations your predictions for all three hours here tonight on what on earth is happening the calling number to join us is 800 three one 390 443 once again the calling number to join us here this evening on what on earth is happening 800 three one three nine four four three we were talking to Patty in Illinois patty are you still with us yes I'm still here okay go right ahead and I wanted to ask you a little bit about natural law free will and the role that animals play in all of this I've heard previous podcast when you've talked about you know animals and whether or not you know for instance and you mentioned in one podcast the documentary Earthlings yes which I have seen I own that DVD and it is incredibly hard to watch and that was one of the major things that helped me decide that I no longer wanted to partake in that industry so I I do consume a vegan diet but how how do we animal play a role with with their own kind of ability to have free will and and how humans interact with them why I would say that animals don't have free will to the extent that human beings do I would say they have a modicum of free will but they haven't crossed into what I would call the epigenetic domain or the domain of consciousness they're still essentially beings that are running on instinct largely and therefore they don't have the capacity to truly understand the objective difference between right and wrong behavior so they're largely operating on instinctual they're instinctual animal nature we have that instinctual animal nature but we also have we've also been gifted with a mind that is capable and has advanced you know in its development to the complexity where it is has the capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong modalities of behavior and that's what makes us bound by natural law when you when you step into that realm of the capacity for knowledge then you are also taking on the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with it that's why I tell people you cannot look at the animal kingdom and say well animals do this to other animals so therefore it must be okay for human beings to do this to animals or for human beings to do this to other human beings and that's an absolutely flawed illogical fallacious argument it's a logically fallacious argument we are held to a higher standard than the animal kingdom's because we don't just have the instinctual response mechanisms than animals do we also have the higher thought functions that human beings have been gifted with as a result of our developmental natural evolutionary progression the development of our species in consciousness so because we've crossed into that epigenetic domain where we have the capacity for holistic intelligence that makes us bound by the laws of morality so that's where I would say the human beings and animals different you cannot apply natural law as I'm talking about it to the animal kingdom and say well hey that Lions going to have a lot of karmic debt coming down upon it because it took down that gazelle on the plane on you know on the plains of Africa and and devoured it with its pride you know no it doesn't natural law doesn't work that way for the animal kingdom you know if a human being went out and just hunted another human being and cannibalized it yeah there's going to be a lot of karmic consequence because of that because we are held to a higher account because of our level of complexity in mind so I hope that really explains my take on when it how natural law fits in with the human species as opposed to the the animal kingdom we are more than just the right or just a and any other animal but one thing I do want to say regarding your first comment on you know not choosing to consume animals or animal products for food I am in the process of going full vegan I'm I'd say I'm about 98% there my last holdout as I'll still have a piece of pizza every now and again but I've found a good vegan pizza place in Philadelphia where I'm have been ordering from so I've been moving toward going full vegan to eliminate the suffering that goes along with you know of the a no other animal products as well as just the meat industry as well so yeah you know that's something that I'm you know been transitioning to and I'm almost completely there not 100% yet but it's it's getting there so yeah I find that no you talked about unions have the comma involved with if we kill another human but you know if we're necessarily killing in it another animal that that we don't necessarily need would that be a karmic backlash I mean I definitely think that it is you know I think that that level of suffering that is being brought into the world needlessly and you know people will still debate and argue well we need this animal product in our diet it's it's pretty much been conclusively proven we don't really need meat or animal products and in the human diet it is very very possible to live especially in the modern world with the way food production and flow happens in the world to live without any animal products in the diet so you know well I've been using coconut oil instead of butter I've been using I've been making non-dairy ice cream I got a homemade ice cream maker and I make great non-dairy ice creams with fresh produce and you know coconut milk as a base or almond milk as a base and I've been buying almond based cheese and shredding that over pizza or making a grilled cheese sandwich with that quote-unquote cheese you know there there's there's a lot of good and easy substitutes when it comes to how we can supplement our diet with non animal-based products that are just plant-based so I think that the argument that you know consuming animals and you know animal by-products in the ways that we do is as being necessary doesn't hold much water for me and you know it's a it's a controversial stand because people are so attached to it like I said carnism is a religion eating meat is a religion literally it's something that we're so attached to we you know it's a it's a programmed behavior that we don't even think about because it's been so ingrained in us from the moment we we've been born essentially well I agree wholeheartedly and and the more I've gotten into the vegan diet I've been a vegan for over five years now and you know I I'm getting more attracted to just eating very simplicity simplicity I'm like they're just sweet meals one thread at a time and I've heard people talk about how their ability to connect with different realms is strengthened when they have a very clean diet sure and that goes hand-in-hand with the law of assimilation the law of assimilation as it is called in different occult schools of thought that you're going to have to break things down and so so much less energy is going to have to go into that process because it is less complexified the more complexified the form of energy you're putting into your body the more your body has to go to work breaking it down so it takes a larger amount of energy to assimilate it and you're going to not have that energy available to other to other tasks and other areas of operation that you want to be working on whether in yourself or in the in your daily life so the law of assimilation would definitely you know go jibe with that that you know if you want to that energy available for other things you don't want it to be going to work and the breaking down of of things like meat products and other things that are going to be hard to assimilate yeah and I think that's one of the reasons why you know we're so easily controlled is because our energy is being taken away from us through many different avenues but diet I think it's the biggest one sure and I think about the work consuming all the negative energy that goes into the slaughter of those animals the fear that they're living in the way that they're caged you know the way that they're kept in basically completely inhumane conditions and then they're slaughtered and we're taking in all that fear-based energy you know into our into our own bodies and you know it's this other thing you know people don't even look at it from just a simple you know in terms of 3d physical energy wanted to make just a whole lot more sense to get your energy directly from plants which is where these animals get their energy from to grow then you're eating them but really what's Tara she knew is what they took into their body so you're taking it secondhand and then that make that makes more plants have to be grown you know and harvest it anyway when if you just went right to this real source which is the plant you're gonna get it firsthand and you know you're going to absorb it more readily through the law of assimilation and the other aspect of this is really wherever all the energy is coming from ladies and gentlemen in case you haven't figured it out yet is the Sun that's where really we get all of our energy through our food so you know what's directly more directly connected to the Sun those animals or those plants I think it's real simple to figure out we'll pick this up on the other side Patti if you have any other questions you could stay with us and ask another one but we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking with Patti from Illinois I'll get right back to her in a moment I just wanted to say we were talking about veganism and just essentially transitioning to a non animal-based diet and I want to say a lot of the the mistakes that I think people make when they try to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle is one they do it too quickly and I don't think this is something that you should just go cold turkey oh and I've said this before on my shows I think this is one of the things that makes people fail at doing this they try to just completely get off meat immediately and get off dairy immediately you have to slowly transition off of it I feel you do you don't want to make really quick sudden abrupt changes to the chemistry of the body okay the body is a complex mechanism with a lot of chemical interactions taking place within it and anything you do immediately right away 100% cold turkey is going to be a shock to the whole system so I think that's one of the first big mistakes a lot of people make when they transition to a vegetarian lifestyle is they try to do it too fast or all at once called Turkey and that's definitely the wrong way to go about doing it the other thing I want to say is and and just highlight this in all capital letters with a thousand exclamation points if you're going to attempt to eat vegetarian or vegan not to juice is the biggest mistake that you can possibly make in this lifestyle absolutely the the biggest mistake that you can possibly make if you are going to try to eat vegetarian or transition over to a vegan lifestyle you absolutely must own a juicer and use it just about every single day of your life period and you know if you you don't want to understand that then I don't know what to tell you but because juicing is the most important thing that you could possibly be doing for your health as far as I'm concerned that in addition to purifying your water you got a purify water and you got to get on two good juices I mean right now I'm drinking a big glass right here of carrot kale spinach cucumber I mean you drink that juice every day I'm telling you people will say where where does your protein come from on a vegetarian or vegan diet right there right there and I guarantee you I'm getting more than you just ate in that steak probably okay spinach carrots kale I mean you name it any leafy greens are gonna be getting protein definitely in in spinach definitely in carrots also there's protein kale you're gonna get more probably more calcium than drinking any kind of milk vitamin A and C vitamin K of course in any leafy greens usually there's there's tons of phosphorus which is great for the brain you know potassium iron you know it has all the phytonutrients you need right there in that green juice you know and here's the secret folks if you're gonna juice okay greens put a carrot through with the greens that's how you get the maximum green juicing out of those green leafy vegetables you get an auger juicer if you don't have the money to buy an auger juice as a matter of fact forget that I used to say a auger juicers are really expensive they're not anymore you can get an auger juicer for under $100 now a good one too about ninety nine dollars will get you a decent augered vertical auger juicer single auger okay which will make you a high quality juice from just about any kind of produce that you could possibly think of all right and you know you put the greens in there and then you know send a carrot through and trust me you're going to have a great yield when you do it with that method but I'm just saying not to juice on a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is the biggest mistake that you can possibly make on that that type of it that type of eating in that lifestyle not to juice is the number one mistake and whenever I've asked people have said I've tried to go vegetarian and it didn't work out for me you know I asked them were you juicing the whole time you you tried to go vegetarian no is the answer is always the same invariably every time 100% I've never heard anybody that said I tried to go vegetarian it didn't work out for me and the whole time I was making this effort I was juicing anybody who tries it with juicing usually succeeds they try it and they weren't juicing they have a hard time with it not two juices the biggest mistake in this transition and I can't underscore that enough so uh Patti I let Len a little bit to what we were talking about before but if you have anything else to add go right ahead um actually I agree with you 100% you have to get the nutrition in and when you're getting off the meat products or any of the animal products you know the people the reason why people crave those is because they're mix of chemicals and you're right there is there is epinephrine in the meat and the animal that has been slaughtered because of that fear that they experience and when people eat that they're getting a shot of epinephrine basically and that's where they feel like they're getting energy from from protein products in the form of animal products because it's a false energy you get energy from glucose and the best source of glucose is the glucose we get in plant products fruits and vegetables so yeah a great way to concentrate that nutrition yep and there's no way you could eat as much as you pour in a glass of juice if I tried to eat the amount of kale or spinach that went into making this I'd be there for half the day literally you know but I could take a whole glass of that green juice with some carrot in there for a bit of sweetness and and some beta carotene and other good protein and I mean it's delicious number one and you're nourishing all the trillions of cells in the body in the process so people have to get on to juicing I mean I just I hammer that on everybody I talk to that's trying to improve their diet juicing is the number one way to do it as far as I'm concerned yeah that and I really like smoothies as well sure I make a lot of green smoothies with you know spinach and bananas and things like that get get a get a good high powered blender if you could afford it a Vitamix is a great device i personally own one they're a little on the expensive side but it's an investment in your health you know it beats paying high price the allopathic medical bills you know exactly yeah and people will experience some detoxification as they change and you're right if they if they give up animal products too quickly they will detoxify and that will feel like being sick but in reality it's their body just you know purging and after they put the good stuff in so that's to be expected to some extent totally I don't I totally agree with that as well just one quick little follow-up question about what we were talking about with regards to diet and you know it comes down to the fact maybe it's connected a little bit to where you're going with your current discussion of you know our human origins but you know I look at humans inability to connect with other life-forms and that's where that disconnect is why we feel so easily I guess it's so easy for us to some extent they just kill animals for food we're in reality I think in our to nature we wouldn't really want to do that and it does that have anything to do with our true origins or what we would yeah I can speculate i i will speculate that i feel that it does because i think that we are largely living in a completely disconnected state from what we were originally intended to be because of the type of manipulation that has taken place with our species and our genetic you know material through our genome so i think that we are living in that cutoff way and part of it is because of what happened to us in the ancient past which we're going to be getting into talking to talking about in coming weeks I think that can be transcended though I don't think it's eternally like that or has to be like that see this is where the danger in talking about material like I'm gonna be getting into comes in and this is where you even get people that say oh if he's talking about this are that he's an agent for the bad guys because he's trying to paint an impossible to overcome scenario and and make people feel hopeless and that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to do exposing what went on here and in our ancient past it's a it's important to know about because in any diagnosis if you want to get well you have to know what's wrong that's why they have to know the negative things that have happened in the human past regarding our origins then we can look at the situation for what it is and say okay well now that we do have the knowledge that empowers us because it lets us know what's truly been going on and what's wrong now what can we do about it is it hopeless and the answer is no when we look at this field we see it isn't hopeless there's something at work called epigenetics that's consciousness that's freewill choice we're in control of that ultimately when it comes down to it and that means we do have power to create change Patti great insights and I thank you so much for the call we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm tonight on the show open lines anything you want to call in to discuss any questions that you want to ask about my work anything that I've covered up to this point any comments that you might have speculations concerns predictions anything you want to talk about any topic is fair game and there are no taboo topics as always here on what on earth is happening the calling number to join us 800 3-1 394 43 once again the calling number to join us here tonight 800 three one three nine four four three okay let's hear from Phillip in North Carolina Phillip you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Thank You mr. Massey oh thank you for taking my call how are you sure I'm doing well tonight I am giving you a call for the first time this is my first time calling in I am relatively new to your work of believes the beginning of March was about well the first time I had clicked on a what on earth is happening YouTube video and I even attended the seminar in Asheville have a little great I've been kind of shy and your information because I have I had yet to hear up until about a day ago when I listened to an interview that you did on September the 12 2012 on down the rabbit hole with Popeye in regards to September the 11th and directed-energy weapon right you made a couple of references in that video that I really haven't heard in the material that I've had the time to be able to absorb so my question is have you had an opportunity read dr. Judy woods book where do the towers go and if you maybe explain and there was even a part in that interview where you mentioned that part of the ritual came from a higher place or the note you maybe elaborate your point of view on that yeah I talked about um you know the ritualistic aspects of 9/11 I also talked about the impossibility of it being a mechanical collapse due to you know fires and bending or melting steel etc you know as the official story goes the pancake collapse theory I talked about that pretty extensively and ran through the physics equations that are required to understand to even prove just in essential Newtonian dynamics which any junior year for a sophomore year or high school level physics class can you know offer you know just knowledge that is a prerequisite in any kind of a physics 101 high school level class can prove can show people that it's the official story is actually impossible according to the laws of physics so I went over that on the show in a past podcast you could check that out on the podcast section and of course I talked about the occult overtones and the occult symbolic aspects of this ritual because it indeed was a trauma-based mind control ritual and it was a highly symbolic ritual regarding the destruction of consciousness a huge injection of fear and trauma into the mass consciousness of the people of Earth and of course um you know there there are other even darker occult elements to this if you really ask me my take on what this ritual was about again in the work that I did covering the ritualistic aspects of this I consider this what is known as a grand rite of manifestation this is a high level occult mad dark working a dark occult magical working that is what I refer to as chaos sorcery and it is what is referred to in dark occultism as a manifestation right it's something that is there to cause such extreme havoc and chaos in other people's lives that essentially since you are going to steer that chaos and you're going to steer that trauma you're gonna end up manifesting what you want to manifest as a result of your management of the chaos hence I call it chaos sorcery it's not what some people have termed Chaos magic different takes on what that is but I call it chaos sorcery because to delineate between the usage of energy and a positive connotation which you might term magic or the use of influence in a positive connotation I define magic as the art of influencing the will in a influencing change to occur in accordance with the will but the will of creation being that will you're not influencing things according to your own selfish desires or your lower will you're trying to create change in accordance with what the universe is trying to create which is the advancement of consciousness the advancement of freedom the advancement of morality and I call this chaos sorcery because sorcery is the manipulation of consciousness or manipulating things to create change in accordance with the lower will to get what you want out of it hence they call this a grand rite of manifestation and this is something that obviously requires many many people coming together to work together on of course it required a conspiracy conspiracy simply means those who have come together in like spirit that's all it means we get the word respire you know meaning to breathe from the Latin spiro spero are a-okay which means to breathe in Latin okay it's where the word spirit is derived spiritists spiritus in Latin comes from that verb spiro spero re meaning to breathe to have the spirit within you is to have the breath of life within you okay and when we put put this together with the Latin prefix con con spear are a means to breathe together so conspiracy means those who are acting in like spirits that's all it means you know people make this grand idea of what a conspiracy is all you know all it means is a few people of similar mindset came together to accomplish something together that's all it ever has meant so of course this was a conspiracy because you know people in the military-industrial complex people in the high-level banking and finance world you know people in you know blackops aspects of government people in intelligence agencies of course they all had to come together to make to make this SIOP work and to fool enough people for a short enough amount of time or a long enough amount of time to get their agenda across you know in other countries and in this country which is draconian takeover of people's rights and you know constantly you know whittling away at at people's rights a day by day month by month year by year so but I definitely think that directed-energy weapons might have played a role you know I think this may have been what better time to bring out some type of a new technology and show it to the rest of the world you know and not only that you're doing it on your own people it paints this it puts this fear it strikes fear into your so-called opponents you know the administrators of the farms next door you know called nation-states you know let's let's strike some fear into them and say look what we're willing to do to our own people to justify going in and taking resources from another country and you know putting more draconian measures you know laws into effect you know here at home we're willing to do this to our own people what do you think will do to you that's why I think you know ultimately this what this was all about so what better way to to do that than to bring out a new piece of weaponry that you're showing on the grand scale to the other the leaders of the other countries that you don't want to get in your way okay you're saying hey here's what we have at our disposal we're willing to against our on our own people imagine what we'll do to you so that's kind of my take away I'm late I'll let you ask another one on the other side of the break stay with us and we'll be right back after this quick break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] [Applause] as a cold we don't dare speak while between us there are in Seoul [Music] welcome back everyone even listening to what on earth is happening here honor the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website Waller on earth is happening dot-com we were talking with Philip in North Carolina who was asking a couple of questions about the possibility of directed-energy weapons being used on 9/11 2001 Philip are you still on the line with us yes sir I'm still here I wanted to ask you if you yourself had a chance to read dr. Ginni woods book where did the towers go I have not read the book I have watched her presentations I think I saw the new Hiroshima and another presentation she gave at a conference but I have not actually read the book where the towers go presently my reason I ask that is because in order for someone to ask themselves the question what on earth is happening I think something has to happen to that person well I hear talking you now I am absorbing your information as our others just like everybody in that conference and I still had a reason for asking themselves what on earth is happening and for me the most important thing that's happened in my lifetime possibly ever would be 9/11 right so when I tried to direct people to the object objective truth about life I can't think of a fair way of showing them the truth and by giving them that book sure I thought I think that's a great plan of attack personally because 9/11 was one of the most transformative events in our times and you know like the saying goes I believe Michael to sorry on coined this one he said did 9/11 wake you up did it shake you up or did it wake you up that's the two effects that it had that it put you into deeper fear or to show you what was really going on in the world and for you it sounds like it woke you up and it showed you what was really going on in the world and you know just how a dire of a situation this is when you know things like this could be going on right under our noses and still people are caught unawares and still don't really understand the ins and outs of it and I think that's why we have to keep pressing forward with this as a main issue this is one of the staple core issues of our time as far as I'm concerned as well I think you're right on point with that and I don't think we should let this go it's not something that's in the past you know it's something that is things are actively constantly being conducted because of allegedly what happened on 9/11 and if that's all based on a lie why do we have all these other things that are going on that are you know so draconian and so you know stamping on all of our other freedoms as a result so I definitely think that that's something that the pressure should be kept up on and I think you're right on point with that absolutely it would actually keep one picture from her book in my telephone when I start to talk to someone I show them the picture of WTC 7 and you can clearly see looking north with WTC 1 and 2 missing WTC 7 this is still there it didn't go away until 5:20 in that afternoon and yet we have 210 floor buildings that have disappeared before that time we objectively know that because we can see it through that picture into a number of pictures so just looking at that and seeing it shows the person and what they thought was impossible is in fact possible because it happened and then you combine that with two other things you know you show them the actual footage of building seven coming down straight into its own footprint with very minimal damage to the building people say oh there were fires yeah not fires that could take a whole 47 story steel and concur reinforced of office building to the ground into its own footprint like it like we witnessed and then show them the BBC footage of Jane Standley standing up in front of the New York skyline live in a live picture being broadcast to BBC telling people that the building had already collapsed when in fact it's standing in the skyline behind her because they got their scripts a little bit out of time sequential order and she announced that you know at about 5:00 p.m. when the building was still standing there and wasn't didn't collapse for another 20 minutes well I think we're even more impressive fact is that there are still 1116 people that they have not found a toy hello sir you got it over 1100 people that help disappeared he had seven building that for the most part turned to dust you have 1400 cars that were toasted so what vaporizes material like that what vaporizes matter like that it's something oil caused disintegration the integration of that matter was was was caused to come apart therefore it disintegrated literally you had a weapon a some type of a wave weapon or scalar weapon of some kind that obviously can take apart matter literally you know and I mean people just have to ask themself the question what's so even far-fetched about this how many decades or even centuries ahead of average technology that is released to the general public is military-industrial complex research and technology you know I mean all the money that they have at their disposal you know all the scientists and researchers they have at their disposal of course it's it's it's at least a hundred years ahead maybe more oh absolutely if you just find me a pilot that will tell you that a 767 can fly six hundred miles an hour at sea level you can't buy one because it's an impossibility sure and then it would reach resonance frequency that would shake apart it would it would come apart at the seams literally absolutely an aluminum certainly cannot pierce through two feet worth of steel and yes you have a category three hurricane for four days we've added right toward New York for the 24 hours surrounding 911 it basically stay offshore it got a little bit bigger and then headed the opposite direction in all it all smacks of some kind of scalar you know non Hertzian wave technology in effect there during that time frame no question about it you know I think the only way we're ever really going to know the truth or at least get closer to it is the constantly put pressure and I mean not just on you know public I'm not talking about public of quote-unquote officials I'm talking about just get put this information up into the face of everybody that we know we have to we have to you know bring this to the attention of our friends co-workers family members neighbors you name it I mean you just have to talk about this stuff with people to bring it into the general consciousness until more people want answers answers aren't going to come more people have to demand answers they have to come forward and talk about this without fear unapologetically saying hey this is a legitimate question it's not there's nothing wacky or strange and asking these questions this is talking about basic laws of physics and mechanics that cannot suspend themselves like this you know and that's what the official story asks you to to believe it's the official story is that conspiracy theory and the religion folks I mean that's asking people to believe that laws of physics can suddenly suspend themselves you know that's that's absolutely requires much more faith and belief than believing that there may have been some unknown technology at work that was used by the military industrial complex to stage this grand event so that they could go in and war on other countries and take whatever research resources they want from them I mean that to me makes a whole infinite infinitely lot more sense than you know nineteen so-called radical islamists with box cutters made NORAD's stand down and you know basically flew to planes in in buildings and collapsed three in the process into their own footprint they look great points thanks so much for the call we'll pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting tonight on the show open lines anything you want to talk about your questions on anything I've ever covered your comments your concerns your speculations no taboo topics there never are here on what on earth is happening the call-in number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three okay let's go back to the phone lines we have Elaine in California Elaine welcome - what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening hi there mark my question to you is with regard to world leaders yes who's really calling the shots do you think they are or do you think they're getting some kind of an intervention from another intelligence perhaps offworld and then kind of as a caveat to that question do you think that some of these people that appear before the television screens ie the world leaders even some news people do you think they could be putting clones out there I wouldn't totally dismiss the idea as you know completely off the wall because certainly genetic manipulation and genetic technology is what really lies at the core of what's been going on on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years as we're going to be getting into it is very possible that humanity was some sort of a genetically modified or manipulated or hybridized race of beings as a species and we're not existing in the form that nature originally intended us to exist in so when I talk of that I'm gonna be making a case that the non-human entities that perhaps did this to us and then some of them some of those entities interbred with us as their creation and created yet another offspring another offshoot species so you could say that these purebred nonhumans came here wanted to use us as a resource okay hybridize us with some of their own genetic material and then in interbreeding with us they created this other offshoot that you you know it's the ancient peoples describe these beings as gods they came from the sky or another dimension or wherever they came from they didn't know where they came from okay so they looked at them as supernatural beings or supernatural entities and they considered that they were for all intents and purposes because of their advanced technology gods that they had magic you know we look at we look at an advanced technology and you know as arthur c clarke once said any sufficiently advanced technology becomes indistinguishable from magic at some point and that's how our ancestors looked at these beings that they were supernatural entities or gods of some kind you know gods with a small gene not meaning the god of the universe the god of creation the creator of everything meaning you know supernatural beings that seemingly could do supernatural tasks or perform supernatural feats of course they were just exercising these feats through advanced technology now when they interbred with their creation with the hybridized species that they made then they created what you might call a race of demigods or semi gods because they had the gods DNA in them and they bred with a regular human being as well so it was a hybrid creation between the gods and the human beings that they had created now these demigods I feel is what they used is an administration class or you could say an intercessory class as intercessors that went between the gods and the human beings okay so that was the priests class the original priests class or you could look at them as the original Kings the original government okay the people who were the intercessors on behalf of the gods for Humanity so in other words when humanity had a grape or concern about what was going on down on the planet well these administrator this administrator class that was the the interbred the interbreeding between the gods and the humans they they basically administrated the the dispute the quarrel the situation this was the original priests class it was the original again administrative class or governmental class you know they settled disputes they ruled the people essentially and you know because these beings were kept very primitive they weren't you know allowed to basically know about their the high technology of the gods or really how it operated you know you had some of them that had that perhaps perform some type of duties to upkeep some of the technology that was brought down here onto the earth so some of them had to know a little bit of it and that was kept very secretive because of the consequences for you know basically giving that out or revealing that you know that was being shared with any of the humans but the this other class of beings these demigods they were the ones who ultimately had a whole lot of knowledge because they were you know largely the same as the gods not exactly you wouldn't call them purebred but they had more of the gods bloodline in them more of their genetics in them and obviously more of their capabilities so this is who the original again governmental rulers the kings of the ancient world the priests class of the ancient world and then eventually as they bred with humans and evident as they continued on their own bloodlines they became what I would call the dark occultists the generational dark occult class that has essentially ruled the world ever since so I'm not necessarily saying that they're totally caught that these other beings are still totally calling the shots here but certainly their progeny is their progeny is who came into power and maybe when these pure more pure bred beings left here if they completely did I'm not saying that has to be the case I'm open-minded to suggesting that we're speculating that perhaps there still is interaction with some of these original quote-unquote gods these uh you know I don't know I want to find a new name for them uh I'd like to name farmers personally because to me that paints a negative enough connotation and it describes exactly what they are to me you know I don't like the word custodians as somebody like William Bramley used the word gods it's it's too close even we could spec we could say gods with the small G or every time we use the word but it still paints too much of a closeness in a connotation to the God of creation which I don't even want to liken these beings to because they're nothing like that so you know I would just say the the the archons that's a good the rulers that's a great term for them that's what a lot of other research have called them I like that word also because of its context a ruler over another being a master over a slave is what they basically were so these archons the original archons I'm not saying that they all had to go but I'm saying most of them are obviously not here with us anymore they look certainly looked quite different than a human being I think their progeny eventually interbred with our the human bloodlines and then you know they they be just became the administrative class which you could call the the government the priests class the priests kings of the ancient world and they basically they're their bloodline has ruled from the shadows ever since and I would say that that those occult lineages are still the bloodlines that are in control of the world today as the administer the dark occult network of secret societies and dark occult traditions that are scattered throughout the world in a in a loosely knit network but in definitely an overlapping and integrated network that works through hierarchy and compartmentalization to accomplish its agendas I don't know if that answers your question clearly enough but that's kind of my overall take on who's ultimately calling the shots and I wouldn't be it wouldn't be out of the realm to speculate that perhaps they could still be in communication with some of these other original R conic entities but I'm not saying that's definitely the case I think that they are the progeny of those entities very good very good well now I can understand why it's going to be a real difficult situation to get people who are really steeped in their religions to ever ponder the possibility that we were genetically tampered with because it goes against what their their their Bible say basically but it actually doesn't that's the thing the thing is they're just not really they're reading it with a more literalist bent they're reading it with a more you know religionist interpretation as opposed to reading it from somewhat of a historical interpretation and allegorical a mixture it's it's all of those things but if you actually go into the biblical text it's there it's in a watered-down form you know you go into some of the Sumerian texts and the sumerian creation epics and it's or even into some of what you would call the apocryphal books of the Bible books that were deliberately left out because of this type of content it's all there in greater detail but it's there in Genesis it's there in a you know the early books of the Old Testament we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening so before the break we were talking to Elaine in California and she made some good points on you know that there's a lot of work to undo a lot of the religious indoctrination that has gone on and how people are just totally attached to seeing it one way they won't look at it from any different perspective than what their religion has conditioned them to believe and it has nothing to do with pursuing truth in their mind you know all it has to do with is this is what my religion says this is telling me don't look into this other alternative information because it conflicts with my religion they can't see that that's a control system for the mind it's a control system for consciousness and they won't look at anything from an alternative point of view when in fact if they just looked at the details in some of these stories in the sumerian and akkadian and Assyrian cultures you know you would see this story that is told in the Old Testament richly spring to life in a detailed form and then you would understand what's being told in the the Old Testament and is is unfortunately lacking the detail in the in the biblical texts whereas the detail is filled in in some of these other texts and then the biblical texts make perfect historical sense in light of those other texts but because they're told anything that's not canon a scripture you know hence doesn't have the King James stamp of approval on it there can't be any truth in that you know and it's just that it again it's a child's mindset it's it's such a shame how religion has people's where a religion has people's minds it's it's just truly unbelievable and you know that keeps going back to that the theme of this show and my work keeps going back to breaking down the religions whether you believe in the cultural religions meaning the so called world of Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism etc okay or you believe in science as a religion that no truth can if the established scientific community doesn't say it works this way then there is no truth in it you know that's it okay that's called scientism science as a religion government as a religion the belief in authority is a religion the New Age movement as I've talked about endlessly is a religion there I call it the religion of standing down and not taking any action you know we're gonna change reality on thought and emotion alone no actions gonna be required though you're not gonna actually have to do anything no courage is going to be involved you're never gonna have to there nothing will ever be confrontational will meditate the world into a state of bliss permanent bliss don't you know okay you know it's all complete child-like mentality and all it is is believing my religion is right you know but nobody ever wants to look at truth when it all comes down to oh and then of course we have the big religion let's not leave that one out money you know the ultimate religion you could call it the ultimate god of this world you know that's the most deeply entrenched religion out of all the others the other ones have have no hold on the human mind like that one does you know that's the strongest one of all you know so all those religions have to go you want to be free every religion I just mentioned there has to go Plus every other one every religion you can name needs to go and the things that act as a religion meaning hold us back from truth though that which holds us back from truth so all cultural religion all government all notions of authority all scientism real science I don't have a problem with but I'm talking about scientism and the New Age religion you could just group that in with all the other religions that's the catch-all incase you don't fit into any of the other cultural religious mind control will wrap you up in that trap real good you know and then money you know until those religions are destroyed humanity will never be free get over it ladies and gentlemen true that's the truth till those religions are are abandoned you're going to be in a state of chains in a state of bondage period and until people understand that natural law is the solution that natural law is the answer okay that it's about what we need to stop doing that is causing harm to other beings when we stop causing that harm we will be free that's how the law of morality that's how the law of freedom works as morality increases and we stop doing harm to other beings we become freer as morality decreases and we continue to do harm to other beings you're going to be more and more enslaved if you don't want to understand eyes that and understand that that's eternal truth because it is the law of creation nothing will change here when people get that through their thick skulls then you'll start seeing some change occur in the world and it's not that way because I say it's that way once again it has nothing to do with me I'm nobody I'm one person who has happened to discover that this is what is true I'm not the first I won't be the last I have no magical powers that allowed me to make that discovery you know I'm not special more special than anybody else because I've come to that understanding of truth okay it's not my belief system and people have a hard time with that they don't want to understand this isn't about a belief it's not about a belief or a religion it's about coming into harmony bringing your own perceptions and consciousness into harmony with that which is and that's all it's about so you know I'm not saying that what I just laid out there is true because I said it it's true eternally because it's what is I happen to discover that that's how it is and again I'm not special because I've discovered that many other people have in the past and millions of others after me will also do the same okay so I mean religion the whole point comes back to that religion is such a powerful force at work in the world holding us back from where we we want to go and everybody has one it seems or most people do so there are some people who are out all the way from religion from the mind control of religion but not many most people in one form or another still have deep attachment to religion and that's why they're in mental bondage and that's why they're creating the conditions through their mental bondage that create physical bondage in the world and until they stop thinking like that don't expect the physical bondage to go away or to magically transmute itself or change because it doesn't work like that it does not work like that so oh I'm reminded of what Carl Jung said mental illness in any society I'm paraphrasing it but mental illness in any society is due to a lack of legitimate suffering where it's necessary for that suffering to happen but I think unfortunately we are choosing it with there again we don't love ourselves enough to want not to choose that suffering if you can follow that line of logic so in order not to choose suffering and to choose the way that doesn't involve all that suffering you really have to care about yourself you have to love yourself and say I'm worth more than this I don't have to go through all that suffering I'm better than that I can learn what's true and then align my behavior to it and then I won't have to go through all that suffering but no not humanity because we hate ourselves at our core we are self-loathing people at our core and until that illness is healed expect more of the same we have to become into true self love you can't really love anybody else unless you truly love yourself and if you want more suffering for yourself of course you're not gonna care about what other people are in suffering you're not gonna give a damn about that you know you don't care whether you're in suffering let alone other people I mean what why would we expect anything to be different in this world instead of it being full of suffering and slavery you know because we don't even care enough about ourself not to want to go down that painful path you know so Elaine great points that you've brought up here have definitely give people something to really think about deeply so thank you so much for the call thank you let's hear from Justin in New York Justin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yo what's up yeah what's up mr. Marcus Justin I don't know how are you good to hear from you hey great oh no I just figured you know being you have the all the questions going on tonight I figured I had one for you sure Oh me I basically had this friend I think as you know that's but not trying to debunk you for a while and yeah she doesn't work whoa don't you know watched any of your work until just recently he watches the cosmic web and in the video right and it's amazing let me just stop you right there he hasn't watched any of my work and he started with cosmic abandonment great that makes a whole lot of sense doesn't it sure this is pretty amusing also told me he's only concerned with the chromosome tone which is what my question is about before I get to that you actually said - because I explained to him how even let's just say mark is completely wrong on this topic that's like taking a hubcap of a car and saying the car's not useful because the hubcap isn't there right yet he also said though that he wouldn't even care if that theory is true but he's very adamant about proving you're wrong on chromosome 2 just just so you know I'm not saying it absolutely has to be 100% true but I'll tell you what it makes a whole lot of sense when you take it into consideration with all the other research that has to do with our origins we'll pick this up on the other side Justin stay with us aw you could ask another one on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know the day destroys the night night divides a day tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone we're into the third hour of this edition of what on earth is happening this evening tonight an all call-in show your calls make the show the call-in number to join us 831 394 43 once again 803 one three nine four four three we were before the last break talking with Justin from New York Justin are you still on the line with us yeah my dear brother okay go ahead you can continue okay yeah I'm sorry Justin you dropped out there for a moment or your call was kind of getting a lot of interference can you just say that part again yeah basically the same dude had messaged me would you mind if I read to you working bro just respond sure okay he says at one hour 19 minutes into the presentation he says you talk for a minute and clearly say are slicing the promise one would have taken at least 10 million years no no no placing it would take 10 million years I said that in a natural evolutionary progression meaning in long-term evolutionary progression would take that long in other words if uh if the amount of time that Darwinists say is required for evolutionary progression is to be followed that timeframe is to be followed we would expect to see that much genetic change happen over a multi million year period where in reality the actual amount of time that that genetic change took place in was less than 40,000 years oh ok so he didn't even really get what he said ok yeah yeah a lot of people do do that Justin I noticed that a lot of people really don't listen to what's being said and go back over it again and hear the words I'm speaking they hear what they want to hear in the words and they don't really hear what I'm saying you know and it's that's why it's important to do things like this to clarify things that and that's why this is great because people can ask questions and get clarification on points like that so that they understand the material a little a little bit better you also have to understand when I'm giving a live presentation like that I'm very regimented as far as time goes we only have the room for a certain amount of time you know there may be other speakers on the agenda etc so you really have to keep to a timeframe and often that you know makes you have to rush in in your presentation style so you know if there's all day seminars where it's just me I can kind of take my time and unfurl things kind of slowly but in an event like that it definitely was I was very much restricted to hours and it had to be done in a two hour time frame and that's all I had so you know just try doing a topic that big in two hours or even approaching it in a way that makes sense you know it's a very challenging thing I think I did a fairly decent job for the amount of time I had but again you kind of have to talk fast I did make even a couple of mistakes in there with some names that I you know should have probably even noted in in the notes to make corrections but I think people will get the general you know just and do the research on their own and you know find the consistencies in it and find where there was a couple of hours in there as well you know I'm not perfect I make mistakes when I give presentations too but I try to do my best when I'm up there in the time that I'm allotted but this is a great point to make that you know this is why I like to do shows like this from time to time where I give people the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on top topics such as this so I'll let you continue no actually I've been watching videos and stuff like this too is my opinion that was the best of all the ones I've watched that's kind of our BIOS definitely not a place to start you know if I had to pick if I had to tell people to look at so in deciding my material I certainly wouldn't tell them to start there as I always say go back to my podcast and listen forward from number one forward because that's where you're going to get the full tapestry of the information and it's going to be you know basically rolled out over a slow stepwise progression and the tapestry will eventually come into place as you listen to more and more in order at your own pace that's the best way anybody can approach my material much better than watching my YouTube presentations or just you know hearing you know YouTube videos here and there out of out of order you know disjointed so I it's my best recommendation to people who are new to my material you know of course I've been I'm probably a party of 66 or 65 or something like that but yeah I'm doing it myself great-granny what yeah like I just saw just a wrap-up of whatever but yeah just just to show the mentality of this guy - it's the fact that he's more concerned about debunking one little thing than the implications of if it is true but like I said to him I was like let's just say you're right let's say he's healing about this thing right I'm also right about the whole thing or whole year right about Kolkata right thank you what did he said like he's just like that doesn't really I don't really care yes that doesn't matter that he's a slave in in a world of slavery it's all about proving one point of some other guy who's trying to end slavery wrong yeah yeah that makes a whole lot of sense man I mean that no I mean can't does that make any sense as to why we're still in slavery because I think it makes perfect sense about why we're still in slavery if you ask me but you know hey I could be the weird one man maybe what we should be doing to get out of slavery is just bicker over little details amongst each other over my new show amongst each other constantly attack each other on things that you know are small details in the in the big huge picture but not get the picture but just fight over the details let's pick out this corner of the this little piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the corner of the puzzle forget the ten thousand other parts we're going to argue over this one out of the ten thousand parts the the nine hundred and the 9999 other parts don't matter you know we don't care about what the whole picture looks like I'm gonna fight over this one piece and you know forget about trying to actually put the whole picture together and recognize that what it's telling you is that you're enslaved and that you need to take action to not be enslaved anymore now we're not gonna worry about that let's go and attack some of the other slaves what a what great use of energy that is I'll tell you you know makes a whole lot of sense to me I don't know maybe I'm just a weird one people pass tests in school you don't have to get a hundred to pass if you get 95 you still pass and you did well some reason in this case events in town I don't know so of course Seeger did always Justin as it all comes back to that religion thing this is a person who would probably tell you he doesn't have a religion he might be an atheist or whatever whatever regardless but the whole point is he has a religion he is attached to not wanting to look at this as a possibility because of the implications of what it has the implications that it spells out for our society and us our species as a whole and that is a religion staying attached to something and not wanting to look at it even if it is true that's religious thought anyway you want to paint it that's the same way an extremist religionist thinks the same exact method of thought I'm going to look at it this way anything that can't conflicts with how my current worldview is will be blotted out and that's exactly how that person is thinking it's religion it's a religion and I would say it right to his face it's religious thinking you know and it's not it's not saying that it complimentary you know at saying that's what's holding us back from where we say we want to go as a species that's how I mean the word religion there so just in great points man and again this gives people a lot to chew on a lot to think about regarding where other people's mindset is that and what our work is to do to change it you have anything else force that's it okay all right Justin thanks so much man great to hear from you okay let's hear from Swami shivananda giri in illinois swami welcome to the show ah so good to hear from you looking forward to seeing you and Barb in a week oh it's gonna be great can't wait pump them yep yep yep and just you know being one of the folks who dares to care and standing shoulder to shoulder with you and Jay Parker Curtis Davis freighter X Freeman you know those we know and love yes what a rare treat they have such good folks around us absolutely Swami hold it right there we'll let you continue on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm all calls this evening open lines no taboo topics we were on the line with Swami Shiva nan de Giri in Illinois Swami are you still with us oh oh you bet you I'll let you continue well I thought I wanted to say thank you so very much - Joe from Casey for making these tickets available and I want to say looking forward to meeting Patti and Jason and Mark from Ohio the other winners yes so really really looking forward now tracing back to last week I wanted to show is my hat in the ring supporting anyone who wants to get a little peek at one of the possible theories of the the truer history of humanity invest the time on YouTube in Michael cesareans Oracle's and origin absolutely all my I mean gay was the one who I had never seen it until I heard Jay talk about it and after I watched that I guess what uh what a great job somebody finally just just threaded it all together you know I don't Michael cesareans work for prolific and meticulous and it is done in a scholarly way and he's just absolutely brilliant I can't recommend that series highly enough I'm telling people if you want to you know make a serious inquiry into human origins and the events of our past as a species that 22 DVD series origins and Oracle's is absolutely essential viewing that's all I could say about yeah if you can't get a hold of that there's there's like an 11-hour version I think on on YouTube check it out it's worth the investment of your time give it the opportunity to sink in and see how much then make sure also calling back to last week want to mention one of the when you're discussing the ancient texts and things one of the Great Eastern traditions were called sutras and the thing with a sutra sutra is the Sanskrit word for thread and in a sutra you'll only get like a sentence maybe two but that is what gets passed down and then you have the masters of the traditions the gurus the Gnostics the knowers who then flash out and expand upon that Sutra and that's the way the wisdom traditions were carried out with through the oral tradition yes so which which have been with us always and that's one of the great you know people can read sutras but without without someone who really knows how to flesh all that out you're not really gonna get that much out of it you know cuz you're reading a sentence that someone who is a master of this information can then turn into a 4-hour disc or a stone one it's kind of like a boiled down or a conquest idea that's brought into its you know verbal written form in a very concentrated sense but it can be unpacked or expanded right right and and that's one of the reasons that this one he got so into the the Eastern tradition you know because I came upon someone who knows all this stuff and who is a master and and he took me on and taught me and a year swamy you know I mean I'm just a Western guy macaroni and cheese he he kids from the cornfields of Illinois you know I know did he grow up there's any kind of a saintly being or anything you know but but with study and practice in training anyone can reach their full potential that's right and all the full potentials are out there to be reached mark passio is awesomely playing the individuated unit of consciousness of marc-patty you know yes Swami is playing this one and you the listener right now are playing you the listener right now God exists within you and you you just had to forget that for a while in order to play the role of the individual unit of consciousness in the infinite plane of consciousness and once we separate from that ego attachment that we are our thoughts we are our role that we play in life we are our job we are you know bank account or whatever any of the other aspects of the self and you realize that we're an aspect of everything having an experience in the physical domain that is informing the spiritual domain that is informing right the underlying essence of what everything ultimately is so that everything can learn and grow we step back from that individuated perspective of consciousness and that's when we could expand into the essence of the all and then take on that wider sense of care that you came into this call saying agape the wider sense of cosmic Universal care universal love there is nothing but me here and I know this now and that's the whole difference the only way the archons can keep humanity down is to keep imposing this limited perspective yeah if we know the real deal their system falls apart immediately exactly because if you were enlightened to that level of awareness then you wouldn't do a job for a paycheck that involves probably harm to other people or stepping on other people's rights you know you wouldn't get involved in the paradigm protection racket as I call it you know telling lies to other people and keeping information back that the powers that shouldn't be don't want people to understand and taking a paycheck to do that to be part of the so-called mainstream media you know you you would get involved in uncovering the truth you would get involved in speaking that truth to other people you would get involved in exposing the darkness not just being afraid of it and saying oh I don't want to talk about all this negative stuff that's out there because that's gonna bring more of it no you're gonna say I'm going to expose it I'm going to show people this isn't the way we should be in the world because you know we can step back from that ego attached identified perspective and see that we're all in this together we're all essentially one consciousness experiencing experiencing it itself and as they all suffer what is possible that's it yes and then if you take the time and energy and invest in yourself to find the big s self hiding within you not jumping up and down trying to get your attention oh no that's for the stock outside with the objects of the senses the self is quietly within just waiting when you could turn around and start looking and then it will reveal everything to you it's when it's like if we turn that constant voice chatter that external chatter down we got a lower the volume on that then we'll be able to engage in that dialogue with the true self that's always there always waiting but it never kind of speaks above a whisper so to speak Swami always enlightening talking to you always very enlightening perspectives that you bring forward for us to consider so I'm really looking forward to seeing you next week in st. Louis thanks so much for the call ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to water on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com all calls tonight from listeners any questions comments concerns speculations are fair game no taboo topics that are never are on this show the call-in number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three let's go back to the phones and hear from John in Seattle John you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello yes hi John your life I uh I'm sorry I'm back on that was the first card sign I hope it's okay oh no worries great I guess I'm just hungry for more true tonight I have a question I would like to know your thoughts about Alistair Crowley and I've noticed between several different researchers that there's different opinions yes on their views about who I really was and his role yeah and our modern society saying like Freeman for instance he his material is a pretty-pretty in tiny'mon I anti Crowley yes right and I was just like that I haven't heard you really say one way or the other where you might call I'm going to give you the best location to go to to check out my views on Crowley where I as meticulously as possible give my view of the man and his work that is the show that I did with Bob from Cincinnati on a cult Empire on his show occult empire called thelema okay if you listened to that show I essentially broke down the thalamic philosophy and I talked about Crowley's work as having to be distinguished from Crowley the man or that his personal deeds okay a teacher can put out good spiritual information and then not walk the path and this was fairly the case with Crowley so and also you have to understand that Crowley wasn't himself consciously always writing his works he was channeling these works or he was writing them in extreme altered states of consciousness and they were works that were you could say coming in through him as a medium so he was a medium so mediumship is when you were allowing your body to be used to write material that may be coming from other consciousnesses that are disembodied or not your own okay this has been called automatic writing or channeling okay so you know there's people like Barbara Marciniak who do it Bashar Neale Donald Walsch there's a lot of different channels out there Crowley was one of them he practiced channeling so you have to very much make the the discernment that when you read his writings you may be reading one consciousness or another consciousness or his own his own ego driven consciousness at certain times and you have to be aware of that flow in his writing and realize hey it could jump from one state of consciousness to another not on the same page so why what I tell people is Crowley is not what you want to initiate people through a bad idea okay because it's so complex it's an enigma it's a puzzle okay and even like a lot of discerning students into the occult may have a lot of Crowley's material wrong or may you know not really understand that the material is not just straightforward then you have to look at his actions and his behavior and say hey he said this and he did this there's conflict here there's contradiction here so and you know then you have to that doesn't mean you totally call into question what he said it just means you have to say what was the actual character of the man so you somebody could be saying hey live in harmony with each other understand the difference between right and wrong live in harmony with natural law but then if you don't do that in your own life mean that you're lying about what you were saying about natural law it just means you fell from that path and you could actually walk it in your own life so what someone who is looking at your work would then have to say using discernment is well I will I will listen to what that person said but I'm certainly not going to behave like that and this is the case with Crowley it's the it really is the idea of do as I said not as I did okay it really that old adage do as I say not as I do really holds true with someone like him so I tell people read and discern his work and understand it's complex its enigmatic and there's more than one thing going on there it's not just him writing it in his everyday state of consciousness you have to be aware of that but then take the heart what resonates with truth and then you got to look at his behavior and say well he fell from that path he didn't live like he liked he said so don't certainly don't pattern your life after his Hey look at how natural law rewarded him what how did he end up he ended up penniless drug-addicted dying of lung problems because of this drug addiction and his poor health in a hovel alone with hardly anybody around him caring about him that's how that's how he went out of this world okay natural law probably caught up with him in this domain in this realm so that's kind of my take on Crowley I really liked his material I like it some of his writings not all of them I don't agree with all of it and I think you have to really discern between the the writings in the the spiritual domain that he channeled versus the consciousness of him the man and his behavior in the 3d world which there's a lot of contradictions there so it requires discernment and it's certainly not a place you want to start if you're starting to look into spirituality or if you're starting to look into a cult ISM Crowley is a place you want to end up at not start right yep I hope that answers our question sure did bring a lot John thank you all right let's saw see we could squeeze another couple callers in let's talk to David in Massachusetts David you're live on what on earth is happening welcome David are you with us yeah ma this is about the third time I've listened to your show me there is I'm sorry go ahead am I correct in assuming or understanding that you you do believe in the invisible world well the whole show is about the occult the occult means the hidden or the unseen you know so that's all the word occult means that which is hidden from sight which is difficult to see which requires deep introspective spiritual vision in order to see and comprehend and understand how it works yeah you know you know you know what a lot of these atheists and not Lisa material people would only believe in the material you know materialist materialists everything yep time time sometimes I'll say just to the market I ask them if they have ever heard of the boy that was born blind and the boy that was born blind he lived a long life and he lived he lived to a ripe old age and nobody could ever ever convince him that the visible world was real Wow yep oh yeah which I could not perceive you know he didn't have vision for that world so he couldn't be convinced of it and we need to develop inner vision and then we will see the world of the occult we will see it as it actually really is it's been there the whole time you know it's our perception that needs to be adjusted so we can see what's really going on in this world yeah great yeah the invisible world is uh there's you know mark it's actually it's the real world the invisible world is actually illusion but hey if I have time Marquis you might appreciate you might appreciate this story yeah I'm you know I'm sure your audience well I think people the audience but mark I don't know I have it Harvard Square about that I think was a Monday night or something about two weeks ago or something when the young when the the organized Satanists we're going to celebrate the black satanic math that's a group known as The Satanic temple and they were going to basically organize a mock satanic ceremony known as the Black Mass that they were going to have at on Harvard's campus I think they got so much negative backlash as a result of wanting to have that you know psycho dramatic ritual performed there that they had to call it off am I correct that it was called off uh yeah um it was called off and a lot of people assumed it was happened at the last minute that mr. Magnum access to Karloff but it wasn't it was the fakeness themselves there's a doctor doctor but here's what's interesting mark and I I think you know oh yeah you don't feel great mark I know go ahead Oh rocky you may build a familiar with by Johan burgers epic poem poem Faust yes yeah something that's awful even all I know y'all be perfect with that with that poem well now we are coming up to the break hold on there David I'll let you pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] the cool side that we don't dare speak [Music] while between us little rim soul [Music] there's nothing wrong this coal decides to walk last segment for this edition of warmer earth is happening coming at you we were on the line with David from Massachusetts I'll let him finish up his point and we'll take a couple of other callers David are you still with us I'm still with your mock yeah thank you for holding me over my heart but what I'm gonna tell you I couldn't make this stuff up anyways I went on to st. Paul's in Harvard Square and the same clause in the Roman Catholic community and everything the answers of a satanic mass was a benediction service and it was presided over by father Michael player and auxiliary bishop opportunity and they they exposed the Blessed Sacrament on on the altar and we recited the divine praises and so on and so forth but anyways lo and behold the president of Harvard University came over when she plopped her every year that exactly right beside me I was sitting right up on the front row I always sit on the front row of any any event if I can because especially at the c-23 and anyways her name is dr. Faust her first name is drew Faust so she's known as dr. Faust make this stuff up problem microglia at the end of his homily he turned to dr. Faust and he said idiot restless dr. Faust I want you to know that the Cambridge Catholic community joins you dr. Faust there's one community he would know what the hell he's really saying little bit of a synchro mysticism happening there I think yeah anyways I wanna I want up to dr. Faust at the end of the service and I'm I I asked ever heard of st. Faustina that's that's the bit you know about the Divine Mercy cult mark the image of the Divine Mercy in the chaplet of the Divine Mercy are you familiar with that I'm not oh okay that's check check check that oh yeah but anyways I asked her it's a big cult in the Catholic Church now the st. Faustina she was a Polish nun MA and I cook John Paul the second promoted it and everything she said she's a saint now her name was Helen Maria Kowalska and everything and then she became a nun known as host inna in everything but I I asked dr. functor she was familiar with posting the same folks Dina and dr. folks said that she was for my surprise so the nice and one well doctor phone faces are you a Roman Catholic I thought you might be since she was familiar with st. Faustina and and she says she said no that she wasn't a Roman Catholic and everything like well what did you just come over here to out of a sense of community unity and everything and she says yes and and I and so on but it was just unbelievable when father Michaels layer turn tilted dr. Faust Cambridge Catholic community joins with you dr. house is one yeah isn't that strange huh and so I'm saying I what great allegory overall about what's going on in this world though people trading you know worldly pet their souls for worldly power yeah I almost wonder Mike I was almost wondering it's like the the local Illuminati over there in Cambridge if they will actually like exercising the Hegelian dialectics or something just manipulating the just manipulating the public that they're so good at doing and everything but I don't I don't necessarily want to read something in read into it something that isn't really there or something but how did you phrase about what's the term you used that it said it might be somewhat going on the center of mass is emits kind of like a little wink from the universe like a little you know a synchronicity taking place but could be could be somewhat meaningful under the sink room mysticism it's a very interesting study where things come through in in popular works of art and fiction that tell us about what's really going on in the world kind of overly symbolically perhaps without even the deliberate intent of the creator of the piece of art or the movie or something like that actually consciously being aware of it it's just coming through in the creative process should do a whole show on at one time it would be a really interesting show I've touched on it in past shows however okay Michael very quickly yes uh what is the name of that New York State panic organization that was the Satanic temple I'm not sure if they're based in New York I thought maybe they were out farther west I'm not positive where they're based but it was called the Satanic temple that tried to organize that a Harvard event they're the same group that was trying to place a Baphomet statue at a courthouse because of the ten commandments being placed there previously and they wanted they wanted their religion to be recognized as well I mean I'm all for freedom of all forms of religion religious expression and I'm not looking to shut anybody speech down I I you know I have no problem with anybody coming out and saying what their beliefs are but I think you know if they're talking about anything that is doing away with other people's rights or freedom then I think that should be you know spoken out against and and everybody's voice should be allowed to be heard I'm for the airing of all voices even if those I disagree with you know people have a right to speak period and be heard but I think the voice of truth has to speak we have to speak allow that to speak through us and if we do that then you know we'll be empowering ourselves and putting ourselves in a better position to have freedom grow instead of being curtailed constantly in our lives so I want to thank you for the call David and let's see if we could hear from a couple other callers before we round out this show let's hear from Rafael in Indy Raffaele you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark I just wanted to thank you for everything you do and you know thank you giving out all the information you give us out there and you know thank you now I realize how many idiots I'm surrounded by and bonded by their beliefs and actions and it's our job to make them up yes that's exactly it you know now we just see what our work is to do so thank you for that and it's not something that we want to do but unfortunately something we have to do because of their beliefs and their actions we're bonded by them that's why in this material material world that's right and I just wanted to comment real quick I know you mentioned previous call about synchro mysticism yes and uh you know just want to urge every caller to start back at number one and go back and to listen to all your shows because there's so much value in all the information that you give and you know when you begin to pass the truth synchronistic patterns unfold you know in my personal life things have happened and things have begun got Nicole I guess connect the dots you know like when you talked about I think and with Kevin and his show how that issue you have with the door lock and you unlocked it with the compass you know and then when you were I think you were supposed to meet you were running late for a show and then you you're barbers weren't making you late for whatever reason and then the the notes that you had with the interviewer his notes were kind of like when you were mad with somebody it's kind of related to the same exact scenario that you dealt with before right and it's just pretty amazing one you know always constantly speaking to us through symbols and allegories and events of our daily lives it's just it's up to us to recognize the patterns and see meaning in it because there is meaning and purpose in all of it and it's just we're so all over the place and scattered and paying attention to other things that we often miss those really important clues and missed that important message because we're so focused on the minutiae of everyday life yeah I mean it is it is mind boggling the other thing that you do come across you know and information you hand out I mean you know today actually I was listening to I'm up to 106 and you made a comment you know keep an eye on me first for you know uh any events and sure enough on me May first and that evening is when he announced I was at the killing of Osama bin Laden oh sure yep oh that was definitely a May Day event ritual for certain of all purchase not they brought that whole nonsense story out to the public they love doing things like that on May 1st you know advertising their victories like you know mission accomplished in in Iraq you know that was done on May the 1st also ladies and gentlemen unfortunately that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see right here in two weeks thanks for listening everyone good night [Music] you