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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday June 14 2014 this show comes at you live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm going to continuing I'm going to be continuing to unpack my cosmic abandonment presentation here live on the air and I'll probably be doing this for the next several weeks this presentation is about the connection of the between the interference theory of human origins ok connected with non-human entities or beings connected with the current human condition to attempt to try to answer that all-important question of why are we in the situation that we find ourselves in as a species so that's coming up in the first two hours of the broadcast this evening in this in the third hour I'll be taking your calls about whatever topics you want to talk about if you want to continue to talk about this cosmic abandonment thesis of mind if you want to talk about the general topic of non-human interference with the human natural developmental process or if you want to talk about anything else it's all fair game no taboo topics as always here on what on earth is happening the calling number to join us I'll give that right at the top of the show so if you want to get in the queue for calls you could do that the calling number is 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us live on the air on what on earth is happening 800 three one three nine four four three a couple of quick event announcements before we get started on next actually this Thursday coming up Thursday June 19th so five days from tonight the truth freedom prosperity group hosts its monthly free documentary screening and discussion evening here in Philadelphia June 19 2014 we'll be getting started at 7 o'clock p.m. going until about 10 o'clock approximately maybe a little bit earlier than that it's held at the Guarin Recreation Center in South Philadelphia the Guarin rec center is at 16th and Jackson Street 1600 Jackson Street in Philadelphia the film for this month is thrive what on earth will it take so I thought this was a great film we showed it before it goes very deeply into the problems and the nature of the problems that humanity is facing as a species it posts it proposes some solutions as well I think foster gamble did a good job overall with the film and that's why we're showing it again - you know what is pretty much in this location now pretty much a new audience and the Guarani recreation center again is at the corner of 16th and Jackson there's a free parking lot there off the street parking for free almost unheard of in South Philadelphia the parking lot entrance is on Wolfe Street between 15th and 16th and the meeting room is in the main building it's the last door on the right after you enter the main building and this free documentary screening and discussion evening takes place as always on the third Thursday of every month so we show a different documentary on the third Thursday of every month it's always free to attend there is a cost associated with the rental of the rec center so if you can give any free voluntary donations if you're in a position to do so we do appreciate that it helps pay for the room and also feel free to bring your own food and drinks if you're going to come to the free documentary screening and discussion evening so that's my first event announcement hopefully some people will come out and we always have a good time at these events I will be speaking live in Manchester Connecticut on October 4th of this year October 4th 2014 I'll be giving a seminar entitled demystifying the occult the topic again it's called demystifying the occult and I'm going to be getting into a lot of occult symbolism both for the negative and the positive how it is used for subversive reasons to subvert the mind and put hold the mind in thrall and used for mind control purposes and I'm going to get into the positive aspects of occult symbolism as well more likely than not deeply breaking down some Tarot symbolism in this seminar again it's Saturday October 14th at the Manchester Historical Society a beautiful building in Manchester Connecticut 175 Pine Street Manchester Connecticut this event is hosted by art Capozzi and his brother Chris Capozzi the same gentleman who hosted the natural law seminar that I gave in Connecticut in 2013 so really looking forward to being in Connecticut again this October I will have more details and I will also have an event flyer hopefully within the next week I wanted to try to get it done this week different events that I had to tend to made that not possible but I'm going to try to put my attention fully toward this event and create the event flyer this week and hopefully get that out on the website this week and be able to get that up on the images for the show next week here on what on earth is happening there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening dot-com website on the left-hand side of the page as you go to the home page you'll see underneath the podcast section it will say donate to what on earth is happening if you felt feel that you have gained value by the information that you have seen and heard on my website you could show your support by making a monetary donation it helps out with expenses that I have person in my life and if you feel you know like that's something that you would be interested in doing voluntarily there is a button there to do that and you could make a donation via PayPal Bitcoin or by check or money order via mail so with that having been said I want to direct everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show page that's on the radio show tab as you go to the main website or you can go right to it what on earth is happening calm slash radio if you're not already listening they're right underneath the player for the broadcast the live player there will be a section called images for tonight's show and as always on this radio show you could follow along with the concepts and ideas that I'll be presenting again I'll be giving essentially what amounts to a presentation or a lecture in the first couple hours and then we'll be going to your calls and questions in our number-3 but there are two sections of slides called cosmic abandonment slides part 1 & 2 you'll see numerical links and you could follow along and as always I will try to be observant and make sure that I tell people the slide number than I am moving to last week we ended up on slide number 22 I'm going to start this week on slide number 22 and then move forward from there so also just to mention underneath those two sections of images there is a section there that says all cosmic abandonment slides you can download them in a zip archive which is just shy of about 15 megabytes if you'd rather unpack them on your computer and double click them to look at them from there we'll start this presentation on the other side of the break we'll be right back the cool side don't dare speak so while the tween us [Music] oh ah welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our BN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so let's get started with our presentation for this evening this is a continuation of cosmic abandonment and the subtitle of the cosmic abandonment presentation is an explanatory synthesis regarding human origins psychopathy slavery and the current psychological and social conditions of humanity that's a mouthful for sure and it's an attempt to explain just that why are we in the current psychological and social conditions that we find ourselves in last week we went through the first 22 slides of the show I'm going to rehash a little bit on slide number 22 and then move on slide number 22 shows what I called a picture of the current human psychological condition a an angry child who has been abandoned by his parents in a state of recklessness in a state of seeming helplessness in a state of resentment bitterness you know not knowing who they are not really knowing where they came from not really understanding how they find themselves in the condition that they find themselves in not understanding how to get out of that condition and the question that I posed was why are what is the underlying causal factors or reasons that so many people are continue to remain so unconscious that they refuse to live in harmony with the laws of morality what I call natural law why do we want to still exercise coercion and support coercion against other people why do we fail to recognize the presence of the existence of the vast amounts of evil that are that exists in our midst that the total control system that we are living and why do so many people refuse to acknowledge it for what it really is a system of evil and enslavement and slavery and violence you know they want to justify and make euphemisms for it and justifications for why it needs to continue to exist why will most of us willfully participate in such evil for things like a paycheck for just promises that will be somehow taken care of either directly or indirectly will participate in this evil directly by actually doing it or indirectly by supporting it and supporting those who actually implement this evil system that we are all trapped within right now well the reasons the underlying causal factors people would more likely than not say ignorance is the root cause but I don't list ignorant as a root factor okay it is a huge factor and if I could stamp out ignorance I would do it in a heartbeat and that's what this show is really ultimately about telling people we're here to learn and grow and understand the causal factors that create our conditions and as long as we remain ignorant of those causal factors we can't change those conditions but willful ignorance I would say is part of the symptom it's not the root of why people are in that mindset and see what we're trying to do is go down to the ultimate root causation in other words we know there's so many ignorant people willfully ignorant who don't want to know but why is that why don't they want to know so we have to dig deeper and go down to the deeper underlying psychological condition that lies beneath willful ignorance well and then we find well why don't people want to be knowledgeable well because knowledge carries with it personal responsibility and the people who want to remain ignorant are actually in fear of taking on personal responsibility because they're in a childlike mindset and they want to remain in that childlike mindset they don't have a vested interest in truly maturing or growing up and taking on personal responsibility to change things that are wrong with our conditions that are wrong with our world they just want to absolve themselves of that personal responsibility and say oh that's someone else's responsibility not mine but that's not the bottom-line level well then why are they in that condition what put them in a condition of I don't want any personal responsibility in my life that doesn't just happen conditions have to be created that make someone feel like that that puts them into that mindset well what did that and ultimately we find that people who are in if we dig deeper into the human psychological condition and look for the causal factor of why people don't want personal responsibility we find always the people who want to shirk personal responsibility are always in some form or another in a condition of self-loathing self-loathing self-hatred they don't love themselves okay they're in a position where they don't feel any true self esteem or true self-respect that's why they don't want personal responsibility and that's why they continue to choose willfully to remain ignorant and not to take knowledge into themselves okay so is that the bottom line though and this is kind of where we ended up last week and the answer of course is no that's not the bottom line that's not the base psychological condition that is driving the dynamic that we see in place in humanity well what then this condition of self-loathing in most people why are people self-loathing children psychologically what put that psychological condition in place from a very early age in most people why didn't we learn from a very early age to develop true self-respect why didn't we learn the importance of our true individual self-worth from an early age and the answer to that question as painful as it may be if you really do the psychological homework and study the psychological dynamic that's at work in the human condition is most people on this planet are dealing with and suffering from parental abandonment issues they are suffering from issues of their parents not being there for them in some capacity it does not again I can't stress this enough have to mean that the parent was not physically there it could mean that the parent was not physically there was absent physically but that does not have to be true a parent can be present physically and the child can still suffer from abandonment issues parentally because the parent was not available emotionally psychologically mentally supportively in in a empathic capacity in a nurturing capacity grooming the child spiritually okay providing for the child's mental well-being psychological well-being and spiritual well-being physical needs creature comforts base needs are only one aspect of things okay so even if a parent provided all of those things food shelter clothing clean water clean clothes decent schooling etc okay that's only one aspect of a child's personal development as a being and if the parent is not there for other aspects of the child's development there are still nested psychological abandonment issues and of course you have parents then there aren't physically present they literally have been the child in a physical sense and aren't there you know marital issues come up parents separate sometimes people just you know engage in the sex act and have children and don't want to support the children you know because they're not a responsible human being they're a child themselves and they're giving birth to other children so at the root cause of this humanity is wrestling with parental abandonment issues that are nested at a subconscious psychological level we'll pick this up on the other side of the break we'll be right back [Music] [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com so parental abandonment issues most people would not think of that as a root cause of the human condition that we find ourselves in and what my thesis that I call cosmic abandonment is all about is what if it's not abandonment issues just operating at a personal scale level what if as a species we are suffering collectively from parental abandonment issues as an entire race of beings what if we had bad cosmic parents and parents is even it's just you know not even a good way of looking at it but it you know a very immature species that had just brought been brought into being could look at their keepers their masters their enslavers as parents you know you got to look at it as totally abusive domineering control freak parents okay not parents in a traditional sense in a nurturing sense not what parents should really be doing okay so moving the slide number 23 when I was giving this presentation you know to a meetup group that discusses issues of UFOs alien beings possible interactions with humanity of non-human intelligences my question that I posed to them was well what could the human condition psychologically okay and the underlying root causes of why we're in the deplorable condition that we are spiritually and socially how could that possibly have anything to do with beings from elsewhere how could that have anything to do with the possibility of us being visited and continuing to interact with beings from places other than the earth well and regardless of what the nature of these beings happen to be whether we're talking about them as physical beings from other places in the the galaxy that we live in whether we're talking them about them as interdimensional beings or spiritual beings of some type setting aside what people feel the nature of non-human entities maybe and hey it could be all of those things all right I'm not knocking any one particular hypothesis or theory here I'm saying let's set aside the question of what their nature is for a moment and let's talk about the possibilities of how they may have interacted with us in the past and there are accounts in many ancient records that we were the progeny of these beings that we were created by these beings and also that they interbred with us in many ways that they gave us our institutions that they gave us our quote-unquote laws that they gave us our systems of government and religion and money and this is what I want to explore throughout this presentation over the next many weeks you know what could this you know the questions here on slide 24 how did these beings interact with us what does this have to do with how we exist right now the current condition in which we find ourselves so slide 25 I start to pose some of these questions like you know why do so many ancient accounts why are there so many ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet ancient accounts that go back right into human antiquity thousands of years old in many cases some of the oldest writings ever found are about interactions with what they called supernatural entities gods or beings from the sky as they refer to them and they're so similar they're not drastically different in the events that they describe you know it's not like it's just a wild imagining and fictional stories told that are all just random it they're very consistent and coherent as well when we look into these ancient texts it doesn't make a difference what corner of the world what geographical region what culture that they came out of or even the time period that they come from they tell very similar accounts of interactions with humanity of otherworldly beings that were not human and you know they describe very similar events in great detail and yet modern academia modern archaeology modern anthropology modern scientific you know thinking on this says that this is all just fantasy and myth it's all just fabrication it's all just imagination it's all just mythology and to me that stretching that stretches the limits of credulity when you talk about cultures that ostensibly didn't have any interaction with each other because we're told that we didn't have a worldwide global technological civilization that could have shared data quickly and across the oceans you know and then we're also given this linear progression theory of human evolutionary development as societies well then where do these myths come from if they're in the oldest they're already formed in the oldest cultures where they come from what is their basis if they're not some forms of historical accounts and once again I've made this very clear in past shows I don't feel like and all of these ancient writings are just all historical accounts some of them are allegories some of them are you know fictional narratives and they're talking about spiritual things of spiritual significance and moral lessons and they're put in allegorical ways for us to decode and understand some of them are symbolic but not all of them and it takes discernment and judgment to understand is this allegorical or is this a an actual historical account and are these people in the time period in which they are living and in the culture in which they are living trying to do their best the very best that they can to describe very bizarre otherworldly situations that they did not know how to put into words and they just did their best in in their language and in their writing style to describe what they were seeing so another question are human beings actually as are as is described in a lot of these ancient accounts the progeny of a nonhuman species or grouping of species that came to earth millennia ago not only thousands of years ago that's not even doesn't even stretch it far back enough not even tens of thousands of years ago many of these ancient accounts say that we've been interacting with these beings and that they have been here for hundreds of thousands of years hundreds of thousands of years so could that possibly be true and most people will immediately reject that and say oh no that can't possibly be and I asked people why why couldn't that be just because you're not comfortable with it because you've bought into another story about human origins yet your mind is totally closed off to it even existing as a possibility and how sure are we about these other so-called theories Darwinian theory of macro biological evolutionary development many people buy into it like a religion without any question they just accept that explanation from the entrenched powers in the scientism sphere I think we need to look a lot deeper than just the answers were being given by entrenched institutionalized so-called science because there's a whole nother story out there that these people who call themselves scientists are protecting because they don't want the implications dealt with or wrestled with by humanity and the social upheaval that may result as a result of people trying to come to grips with and wrestle with those implications that come from a very detached study of the ancient past and the historical accounts that we find in many ancient scriptures and documents you know these people have a very attached perspective and a paradigm that they're trying to protect because they have tenure and there's a lot of money invested in what they've already put out and they're already the leading authorities quote-unquote on the topic and they have tons of money wrapped up in museums and they have tons of money wrapped up in government grant money and archaeological funds and studies and digs etc and the other part of it is prestige they want to be the people that told the story about the human past and human origins truth be damned you know my name is down with some sort of a discovery it's all ego that's involved ego is involved in so-called science money is involved this these are themes I was bringing up last week and it's so important to consider this we'll pick it up from there on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio continuing with our presentation cosmic abandonment for this evening we were on slide number 25 looking at some questions that are going to be explored as I unpack this presentation you know we're talking about well you know why are there so many ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet and interaction with the you know with our species what why you know why do we hear in a lot of these ancient accounts that it is possible that were the progeny of these beings that they made us you know many researchers and from the the translation and interpretation a lot of these ancient accounts suggest that we were made as a hybrid species for a purpose which was to do work for them to ease a burden that they took on because they had a mission in coming here for resources that were needed that they needed to procure and they didn't have enough manpower to get that done as I'm going to talk about as I go forward in the presentation and so they made a slave species they actually created what they called a worker race and that's what humanity was and people will hear that and they'll be horrified how could you possibly even entertain the notion like that what that we've always been slaves at once again why isn't it possible I mean do we have all the knowledge about what really occurred in the ancient human past is that not possible that that could be the case that that could have happened and again most people will say it's not possible because I don't want to imagine that world doesn't make a difference whether it might be true or not doesn't make a difference whether thousands of ancient peoples try to tell us about it try to write it down and preserve it historically see people have in their mind what they're comfortable dealing with is what's true and this is kind of where I start the real in-depth discussion here you know it is this all about what we're just comfortable with or is it about going all the way to what's true regardless of how uncomfortable and unpleasant that truth may be how downright ugly it may be so if we do some more questions in slide number 27 now that we could explore if we wrestle with those implications and try to come to grips with them is well if we had really really bad screwed up creators and I'm talking about creators with a small see the a lot of these ancient accounts called them gods I personally hate the term you know because then it paints in people's mind this picture of God capital G creator of the universe underlying intelligence and that underlies all of matter everything in in creation and that's a horrible comparison to make because these beings are nothing even close to the creator of the universe in any way in any way shape or form and you know when we use if we do use that term we have to make sure we're putting it with a lowercase G gods with a lowercase G to delineate and differentiate from God the creator of the universe that force that creative energy that underlying intelligence I hate the term gods even I mean I I prefer to call them the farmers you know the illegitimate masters the illegitimate slave owners how about that for an accurate term the powers that should not exist at all that unfortunately have been in charge and have been in control of this species in this planet since time immemorial since we've existed as a species so another question is what effect did the whole situation of humanity's early quote-unquote upbringing have on the collective human psyche and then there's many accounts that these beings up and left when they were finished using us for whatever purposes they had for us they took off they didn't want to stick around here this isn't their world they went back to where they came from most of them largely I'm not dismissing the possibility that there could very well still be some of them here or maybe their progeny their answer that you know that there are you know lineages that procreated and interbred with humanity they're those bloodlines certainly could still be here with humanity I would suggest that they are but I'm talking about as a whole the original beings that came here from these ancient accounts more likely than not in the very vast majority of them took off and went back to where they came from and since they were living as our masters our gods are quote-unquote parents with humanity for millennia what did that sudden abandonment what kind of an effect did that have on humanity you know that's like living with a parent your whole life and then suddenly them being gone out of nowhere not even giving you a reason why they left what kind of a number will that do on child psychologically spiritually how significant are these events of cosmic abandonment quote-unquote the disappearance of these beings how significant art is that kind of an event to the understanding of the current psychological condition in which Humanity currently exists as I said I feel that our current condition is that of a bratty spoiled in many ways child who doesn't want to grow up because it hasn't developed the real self-respect because essentially it was used and thrown away when it was finished being used and we still have then imprinted on us throughout time from our early childhood as a species another question what does humanity really need to understand within itself in order to rectify these deeply seeded psychological traumas that have occurred in our early childhood you know that it accumulated over vast stretches of time in our in what I call you know admittedly a rudimentary term here our troubled childhood which again is putting it mildly it doesn't do it justice like a lot of the terms don't do it justice I don't want to really call these beings gods they're not our gods or not my gods you know they're not the gods of anything you know not as far as I'm concerned you know the the ancient peoples might have called them that because that's how they interacted with them but they're certainly not gods nothing of the sort you know other researchers have called them different things someone like William Bramley like I said he called them custodians which suggests caretakers I don't like that term either that suggests that these beings were so caring of us you know that they were really nurturing and tried to support us custodians suggest that you're doing something to protect and care for something not that it's not what the ancient evidence shows it shows that there may be a very small amount of them that looked at us like that but it was probably insignificant when it came to the vast numbers of how these beings interacted with us no other people have called them supernatural entities Giants you know I just refer to them as the farmers that's my name for them that's the one out of all the names I could possibly come up with that's the only one I could think of you know I like to term archons because it suggests illegitimate rulers illegitimate masters you know people who try to take total control and ownership of other people and look at themselves as a slave owner you know how about that the runners of the big plantation called Earth you know that's a great name for them I just call them the farmers personally because they're just running a big farm here let's move on to slide number 28 this is the part one like I said last week this some presentation is really given in three parts the story of our past the story of our present the story of our possible future so part one is the story of our past where I'm going to give a generalized account of a breakdown of the ancient story of human origins that are told by many different cultures and we will begin that will begin this section the story of our past on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroys a night 95 today tried to run welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcast I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com were into the second hour of the broadcast for this evening I'm going through my cosmic abandonment thesis where I am talking about the connection of the interference theory of human origins to the current human psychological social spiritual condition that we are experiencing on earth right now and I'm on slide number 28 if you're following along with these slides they can be found at the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show or with this podcast this will be podcast number 159 so we were on slide 28 and we're beginning the section called the story of our past and this is where I'm going to basically begin breaking down a rudimentary admittedly general outline of what happened to humanity in our very very very early stages of our existence and our development as a species so before we do that I just want to cover a couple of things if we look at slide number 29m beginning this presentation with this quote in mind as we move forward and again this has everything to do with how people may or may not be open to the reception of this particular kind of information as weighty and heavy as this information is as dark and disturbing as it is this is a gentleman by the name of Travis Walton and for people who aren't familiar with him I highly suggest you become familiar with this gentleman and his story I've met Travis on a couple of different occasions and he is an absolutely beautiful human being as far as I'm concerned I have tremendous respect for him as an individual he carries himself with an air of quiet an air of respect for himself and for others around him I've spoken with him at a conference I've been on a discussion panel with him it was a pleasure to do so and I've read his book and I just think that he's put out a lot of great information for people and he's told the truth and been attacked and ridiculed for it and again it all comes down to how do you make a decision about who you will believe if there is fragmentary evidence and you know not 100% proof you know personally I use my intuitive capacities when it comes to that and and I bet I also look at things from a logical perspective and say is this possible is this likely I look at the person you know what do they have to gain or lose as a result of bringing this information forward and then there's that unknown that X Factor and you kind of get a sense for that when you look into a person's eyes particularly in person and all I can say about Travis Walton is for people who aren't familiar with a story as strange spectacular and unlikely as the story may sound or seem I believe him period you know I'm not afraid to say I believe somebody without proof of something that doesn't make me a total true believer of everything that's floating around out there weighing the the evidence weighing the possibilities having met someone in person having been around them having spoken with them having gotten an intuitive feel for what they're about I can say that I completely believe that what he is telling is the truth as he feels he experienced it and again he's an abduction experiencer who was taken on board a nonhuman vehicle craft of some type and he was actually physically worked on while on the craft because what happened was he got too close to the craft and it looks like energy from the craft arced to his body and in doing so he was probably going to die and instead of just allowing him that died this particular group of beings decided to take him on board their craft and heal him with their methods of healing for some reason maybe because he was here to do something and it wasn't his time to leave this world or this life you know maybe he still has a lot of work to do and to come forward and speak on which I feel he's going to continue to do but in his book fire in the sky it's a book named of the same name as the movie that was made about his experience which while he was gone while he was on board this craft he was actually out of human time for about five or six days I think it was five days and people were looking for him and they blamed his worker his his co-workers because he was a logger in the Pacific Northwest and they blamed his co-workers for his disappearance his sudden disappearance and wanted to bring them up on murder charges because they thought that they killed him and dumped his body someplace these people might have found themselves in you know in court on murder charges for a crime they didn't commit and he finally turned back up a few days later naked and on a desert deserted Road outside of the town where he lived in Arizona and just you know in a completely deplorable mental condition as a result of what he had gone through this otherworldly experience that he had gone through so he wrote a book about his experience I think he wrote a couple of books I have the one I think it's his second book that I actually own and in that one he talks about the aftermath of the experience not so much the experience itself he talks about how when he told came out with telling the experience how he was received how people interacted with him you know how people treated him and it's a great breakdown of the dynamic of the psychological dynamic of human beings and how they treat other people who they don't agree with concur with understand the story that they're trying to explain of what happened to them you know how we just jumped to conclusions and then and then act accordingly you know we don't want to really hear all the ins and outs of it and way the situation in our mind we already base it upon our preconceived notions of what is and what is not and that's what this quote is about and I feel it's so powerful it's one of the most important quotes I've put in any of my presentations in his book fire in the sky Travis Walton said quote I have come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people's perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want and do not want to be true ok now you really have to think about what he's saying here I'll read it again he says I've come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people's perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want and do not want to be true they're not looking at things as either this is true or it is not true and I need to adjust my perception accordingly no it's the exact opposite I have my perceptions of what I feel are true what I am comfortable with accepting and anything that does not cannot be filtered through that screening mesh needs to just be rejected out of hand entirely it needs to go because I'm going to determine what is true and what is not true based on what I want to be true or what I don't want to be true and let me tell you what that's called folks Travis Walton doesn't say this in his book but I'm gonna tell you what that's called that's called claiming to be God when you're in that mindset I get to make up what's reality we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio continuing with our presentation cosmic abandonment for this evening we were on slide number 29 that was the quote by Travis Walton that sets the stage for the whole presentation slide number 30 another quote with a very important message by the spiritualist Anthony de Mello de Mello said that quote it is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for truth in which it alone finds liberation and delight the first reaction of human beings to truth is one of hostility and fear very powerful but very sad statement regarding the current human condition very true statement regarding the current human condition the human heart is actually crying out for truth it wants to know deep down inside we want to know the truth fear holds us back from it because it's ugly it's not pretty it's not a pretty picture it's not a pretty situation you know we've been dragged through the mud downtrodden kept down enslaved there's nothing pretty about that but unless we acknowledge that we're not going to be able to move on unless you acknowledge where you're at you're not gonna be able to pick up the pieces and say hey this is what happened now what am I gonna do about it and most people they don't want to know they don't want to make a diagnosis of the current condition of the problems we're up against because that puts them in fear looking at that negative dynamic so he's saying truth is the only thing we can really find liberation and delight in and yet our first reaction to it is hostility and fear we want to lash out against those who are trying to tell us the truth and the image I put along with this quote is very interesting and telling as well you know an iceberg showing only the very tip of the iceberg is above the surface and seen the very bulk of that mass or that body is below the surface is unseen it lurks beneath the waters the whole truth is often hidden from view and that's what this is all about when you study moving on to slide number 31 now when you study this type of a topic you are looking into the occult this information is occult information and once again that word here that people are no stranger to that word on what on earth is happening but for those who may be new to the show or this type of information and I don't recommend just listening to this show if you're new to it if you are new to it you shouldn't be listening out of order go back to podcast number one and listen in order from podcast number one all the way through because this presentation has prerequisite knowledge certainly my natural law seminar is 100% prerequisite knowledge to understanding even the information that's contained in this presentation but the word occult just to reiterate it it does not mean evil bad you know nasty you know it's not a word that alludes to any specific practices okay it is a word that simply means hidden it is derived from the latin adjective occultists meaning hidden and that word ocultist comes from the latin verb occult ra which means to hide to conceal or to keep secret both of those words in turn come from the latin noun oculus OCU lus oculus means eye so this is all related to the vision related to what is seen and what is unseen largely what is largely unseen in other words what ocultism or occult knowledge is is that which is hidden from human view hidden from human sight often deliberately there's a reason that the occult the knowledge of hidden topics hidden studies are deliberately kept back from humanity and moving on to slide 32 the reason for that is the knowledge of the occult has been hidden in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold that knowledge and those who remain ignorant of that knowledge because what the occult contains is knowledge about the self knowledge about how the human psyche operates knowledge about how our mind works knowledge about how our body works knowledge about how energy systems work knowledge about how the earth works knowledge about how the universe works knowledge about how the laws of morality work knowledge about knowledge about how the dynamic of human freedom or slavery works and if you're in possession of all that knowledge and how all that stuff works and you have another group of people that know not one damn thing about how any of that stuff works you know how much of how easy it is to keep those people under your thumb to keep them down to keep them enslaved to keep them doing your bidding it's a piece of cake child's play literally pun intended it's like just toying with a child and that's what the owners of this planet have been doing with the abandoned children of this planet for thousands and thousands and thousands of years toying with them it's a big joke to them it's nothing like I said it's a piece of cake it's child's play to do what they're doing they could do it with one hand tied behind their back proverbially so to speak because as long as people remain ignorant how are they ever going to challenge them how are they ever gonna understand their true self worth their true value and rise up and say no and make that no stick because you're backing it with teeth and you're not gonna allow yourself to be enslaved and you're not gonna let this condition of coercion and violence go on unchallenged that's what the occult is and because people still lack that hidden knowledge they can easily still be controlled and until people grow up and start to understand that the occult is not something that is bad or evil yeah there's not a bad aspect to it dark occultism means you're hiding that knowledge from people but there's a positive application of that knowledge if you understand how the human psyche works could you use it to uplift other people could you use it to uplift humanity of course you could you know so that's what this is ultimately all about it's about taking that knowledge and bringing it to other people shining a light on what's going on in the world helping people to understand how they work how their psyche works helping people to understand how the laws of nature work I call that do cultic of this hidden information which is why I like to look at myself not as even an occultist even if you tack on the word light to that I prefer look at myself as a do cultist of hidden knowledge attempting to level the playing field moving on the slide 33 if we look at all the various different traditions and texts that talked about this knowledge of the ancient human past and how we had interactions with non-human entities and how we were created by non-human entities and how they lived among us and gave us our institutional systems of every single kind for control purposes not to advance us not to help us to live in harmony with each other to make it easier for them to control us okay all of these different traditions from every single corner of the globe is essentially telling a similar story or they're telling a different aspect of the story from a different perspective you can go into the Babylonian creation of tales the anima elihss of Babylon okay you could go into the Akkadian text a sister culture to the Babylonian and Sumerian the Sumerian cylinder seals very important information when it comes to human origins the Kunia form tablets of the Sumerians edged in painstakingly in clay the biblical texts the book of Genesis the Book of Enoch a so-called apocryphal biblical text we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are going through the cosmic abandonment presentation that I originally gave back in December of 2013 I'm unpacking it in detail and we were on slide number 33 which shows a conglomeration of different ancient texts that talk about the interactions that he ain't human beings had with what these ancient humans referred to as gods beings that had to do with our creation and early development and who set the early institutional systems that became the systems that we still work with today globally I would just call them control systems because I as I was saying before the vast break they didn't give us these systems to nurture us protect us or have us interact with each other wisely and justly they gave us these systems to keep us out of their hair so that we could be more easily controlled by them they could use us for their purposes and then do what they needed to do and get out of here with his little hassle as possible you know you could look at I was talking about the different kinds of text from the Babylonian and Sumerian text the Akkadian texts Assyrian texts again these were like sister cultures to the Sumerian culture which seemingly as you know even modern anthropologists will tell us seem to have come out of nowhere almost fully formed with a writing system a system of you know aqueducts and plumbing and water transfer and building techniques writing methods seemingly fully formed well if that's the first culture where did all that come from and you know you see some examples of their clay tablets in Canaan form tablets in in this image here and then some fragmentary biblical texts in the middle of the image you know you have creation epics like the Epic of Gilgamesh from the Sumerian culture the Babylonian culture you have the biblical texts out of the Middle East of course that are a watered-down variation of these ancient stories from the Sumerians particularly things like the book of Genesis the Book of Ezekiel and others the apocryphal works which are were left out of the main Canon of the Bible specifically because they contain so much detail about these accounts like the Book of Enoch you know just like the naga hamadi texts the gnostic gospels as they are called or left out of the Canon when the biblical canon was formed during things like the Council of Nicaea and afterward because you know they wanted to set a specific a specific set of constraints in belief that they could control and steer and they don't want anybody thinking outside of those that paradigm or outside of that box so of course information detailed information about human origins or how humanity interacted with the quote-unquote gods that has to go all mention of in reincarnation has to go all mention of the Kingdom of Heaven being an internal state within you a form of consciousness you know that is how we become quote cry stood or unquote anointed that has to go it all has to be about external ization of power looking for a form of medium interaction looking for a form of you know putting a priest as an intercessor between you and the divine force you know that's what religion had to be all about otherwise how can you control people you certainly don't want them to know about their true origins you know then they'll be asking a whole lot of questions that are very untidy and that have a lot of implications that we don't want to talk about so you know you look at other cultures as well like the in discolours of the Indus Valley where India is now and you know places like you know Tibet Nepal etc the the Vedic scriptures some of the oldest known writings in humanity you know the Veda just Vedas just means knowledge that's what the word means I believe it comes from Sanskrit and you know a lot of the information about these beings is also contained in the Vedic texts their interactions with ancient humans you have that story of battles taking place between the gods in things like the Mahabharata and thus ramadi a Gavit um from the indus valley traditions the ramayana extensively details a lot of interactions between these quote-unquote gods and ancient humans other cultures as well like you know the meso American cultures the Maya Popol Vuh talked about the that's the Maya creation epic that talks about gods creating humanity for their own purposes and how they tried to get them to venery and revere them to venerate and revere them you know you have all of the ancient Norse legends and myths the ancient poetry of the the Norse people called the Eddas epic poems about the interactions of the gods and human beings the Greek traditions you know talking about the old gods the Titans then the newer God's the Olympians we can go on and on and on African traditions the Dogon tribes tribal stories and histories about interactions with beings like from other worlds particularly serious the Syria the Syrian star system the Zulu tribes of Africa and their histories preserved by more modern caretakers such as credo moot wha a shaman of his his Zulu tradition you know interactions with beings from other star systems as well who they called the cheetah ornery you know possibly from the tower Ian star system or possibly Orion you know it's all there if we take it at face value and say were these people going through the enormity of difficulty that it would be to try to preserve in writing the knowledge that they possessed and had witnessed or are they just trying to write fanciful fictional stories that they want to tell their children at bedtime to me that doesn't make any sense whatsoever an ancient people who had to go through such trouble to maintain and preserve text they could have printing presses and papyrus and Reed's and primitive inks and clay tablets that they etch to painstakingly and tiny cylinder seals that they carved into painstakingly in detail in Reverse and then rolled them into clay and waited for them to harden now to go through all of that just just for some imaginative story that you want to tell your children or you tell your tribe to entertain them I personally don't think so I mean it to me that that's not that's not applying Occam's razor as far as I'm concerned you know if we're going to talk about what explanation seems the simplest and probably makes the most sense I think they were telling people about events that they had witnessed and undergone and there are a rich part of their culture and their tradition in their way of life and they wanted to painstakingly preserve that for future generations so that can understand what had happened and understand why the the human species was in the current condition that it was in so maybe they could do something about it once they had that knowledge that's what I think that these ancient peoples were trying to do personally so let's begin getting into the general outline of this story and once again I'm not going to unpack this in great detail until after I tell this whole story or thesis that's what the purpose of this presentation was to let me give an outline okay then we can go into some of the texts and break down things and talk about things in detail and even bring more conjecture into it about maybe the nature of these beings what they were doing here okay what they may still be doing or wanting from us but let's give a what I would call a basic rudimentary outline of the story as it is told from many of these different traditions we could put it together as you know a tapestry alright so in slide number 34 I begin telling what I call the story of the ancient past and again you could research this through a myriad of other researchers erich von daniken zecharia sitchin William Bramley Michael tel injure David Icke Michael - sorry on and the list can go on and on and on okay many researchers have gone into this story and broken it down and got into many different perspectives of it but it all comes down to an ancient non-human race coming here and interacting with this planet for reasons of their own and will begin telling that tale on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] the cool that we don't dare speak Wow between us [Music] Aaron so if Kol decides to walk welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening before I continue with our presentation cosmic abandonment I want to re give people the call in number to join us because in the next segment I will start taking your calls questions concerns anything you want to bring up or talk about no taboo topics ever here on this show the calling number to join us 800 3-1 394 43 once again the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 so hopefully there'll be plenty of people in queue and as always I think you know we have great callers here I always say that on what on earth is happening has the best callers and talk radio and it's always a pleasure to hear from people and the insights that they bring to the table and the questions that they ask are usually very point on on point ok so let's continue with the presentation for this segment we were talking about the general story of what happened to humanity in the ancient past is that beings that were non-human that were not from Earth okay that have been described in a myriad of different ways they were called gods as I talked about before they were called supernatural entities they were called Giants or Watchers in some of these texts they were called in the Sumerian texts which are some of the oldest texts that talk about this information and the most detailed they were taught they were called the Annunaki a n u NN a ki okay and that term in Sumerian acts means those who came to the earth from the heavens those who came to the earth from the sky from the heavens it really actually I shouldn't even say sky that's wrong because they had a different word for sky which meant the sky the atmospheric sky above the ground and the heavens which meant cosmic sky ok that's what they were talking about here when they talked about you know those who came to the earth from the heavens the sky beyond the sky in other words space literally they meant interstellar space the word that they used when it met were in this in this word Anunnaki when it meet meant those who came to the earth from the heavens meant what they were really saying is those who came to the earth from interstellar space if we are very accurate about the language ok so now first of all if they're talking about beings that arrived on earth from interstellar space in the distant past they actually made a word to mean that concept it's like if we were to say extraterrestrial beings from interstellar space if we were to say astronauts from elsewhere ok they had a word for that in their language and it the word for it was Anunnaki ok it doesn't mean a race of necessarily a single race of people means though the ones who came to the earth from the sky beyond the sky the cosmic sky the interstellar sky that's literally what that term means in the Sumerian language so the Sumerians tell in their ancient scriptures that the there was a mission that these beings were on they didn't come here for no reason they weren't just exploring and we're just out exploring the galaxy or looking for new places that colonize or inhabit or anything like that they came here on a resource gathering mission they were here to procure resources from the earth that they required for survival on their planet and there's a lot of the differences and debates different researchers have talked about what they may have been here for there's a general consensus and the theory most put out there is by the researcher Zecharia Sitchin who talks about that they were here for gold that gold is a very sought-after resource throughout the galaxy because of its properties and its properties that still remain largely unknown to humanity I talked about later in this very presentation there's no actual intrinsic value in gold people talk about it as having intrinsic value well that's a perceived value intrinsic doesn't mean perceived value okay intrinsic means what can you actually do with it in nature in reality and we'll get to this later but it's kind of important even bringing up this now because you know when we think about why they may have come here maybe they knew that gold had some properties that we don't know about still to this day why is it so highly prized why was it sought-after by them you know the theory is that oh somehow that it's reflective nature was used to repair their atmosphere or to block sunlight to reflect sunlight out into there into space from their Sun because their protective layer of ozone or other gases in the high atmosphere we're failing or we're growing thin I don't know if I accept that explanation I'm not closed off to it and saying it couldn't be possible but I don't know if that that's what would drive them to come to this planet to mine the amount of gold that their claim to have mined well we look further into these counts so they had a mission to secure resources and many researchers say that it was gold and well I'll just say in this outline that it was for purposes that are not fully understood by us in the modern day again I don't want to make a lot of these points things to argue about or to nitpick about we can talk about the possibilities another time we're trying to paint a general picture an overarching generalized picture here at the beginning to form a tapestry and we could follow the the points the finer points of the tapestry after all right let's put the pieces together first the fragmentary pieces of this puzzle so this mission for resources was led by in these accounts as it is told to brothers and again I'm going to use going forward in this generalized thesis the Sumerian epic alright their accounts because I think they're the most detailed and so these names aren't that important you know you can look at their names in the meso american tradition the creator of twins who not poo and cheb lanka all right if I'm hopefully pronouncing those right but these were their names in the meso American or Mayan traditions the names aren't as critical to have to focus on we're talking about but possibly doesn't even represent individuals see I don't I'm not so attached that these were single individuals these could have been like factions or family lineages of these beings you know there could have been a quote and key faction and an quote Enlil faction of these beings the the the story has put forward in the Sumerian epic tales of creation were that these were brothers they were royalty they were royal brothers and ones one brother's name was zenki and one brother's name was Enlil okay nki and then the other brother was Enlil and lo was actually like the commander he was the one who was the mission commander and the second-in-command was n key his brother they were sons of a king on their homeworld their their homeworld had royalty through bloodlines that was propagated through success and rites of bloodline possibly where we got that concept in on earth the the royalty dynamic the Divine Right of Kings the succeeding of royal lineages through blood okay not by your merits not by your talents your capabilities but by blood alone so the mission was led by two brothers and Keon and lone they were sons of a king on the their homeworld these beings homeworld and that Kings name was on new and I'm gonna leave it right there for this week unless there aren't that many calls then I'll pick back up into the material but we'll go to your calls on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening we're into our number three of this evenings broadcast I'm gonna open up the phone lines and go to your calls any topic is fair game we've been talking about the possibility of extraterrestrial or non-human interference with human development possibly even these beings being our makers and having created us for their purposes for some unknown agenda dark and disturbing though it may be there's lots of evidence to support that in the ancient past and our ancestors trying to tell us trying to send a message down through time to tell us about our origins so that we could do something to change it to change the existing human condition of slavery so let's go to the phones and see what people have to say tonight all right Brandon in Boston you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey thanks mark you had great great Joseph I wanted to bring up the facts also I just don't know and so the North whatever chair and bail reading on chair are talking they wolf which is relation you know any you have this line of Cain and there you have the two fighting brothers and in the liya to became his Grendel's associate is a sixth generation from Cain right and he's also an honor to serve grass and and he also does it say oh he has the ancient work of giants he is a Mason and Smith and yet he has the giant and the hatred of men and more enemies it's with Cain the outlaw and murderer you associated over traditions of the north is clear such references as Genesis concerning to looking and craftsmanship and brass and iron when the iron age will fuse with the tradition will find in Grendel's lair work of trolls of oldest or both of superhuman size and supernatural power in the work of the giganteus and relic of the flood and so this is contained I mean Yura is a hopeless but you know for those who really seek and and granted like you know not too many people have access to the oxford boggling library which is you know closed off a certain people they don't read those hospital books are talking right you really included it and a lot of his/her so-called fantasy and apparent word if you trace it in the etymology in the philology of the word you can really find out these lineages as you're talking about their association to not just cold you say but just iron you know these people be giant it's a good iron it interferes well he was absolutely pointing people in the direction to study our ancient past and the things that he talks about in his fiction are I would suggest the people not necessarily fiction but allegorical and trying to explain to people what's been going on in our world for millennia and you know his all of his work is just it's you know not even just his fictional work I mean if you just look at his his non fictional writings his letters and you know some of the philosophy that are contained therein I mean this guy was brilliant really understood what was going on in the world and you know I just think that people cannot underestimate his work and really should look into it and discover the profound message that's contained in it he fully understood what was really going on here and feel that he probably felt that humanity wasn't ready for the direct truth so he encoded a lot of his knowledge that he came by into his fictional material and put it out as allegories so that people could more readily absorb it I mean that's my take on Tocantins work so oh thanks for that I mean that's that's really great now what was that contained anything then that was his you know that's why I mentioned this because this is actually nice fiction right this is actually his scholarly work trying to actually create a link between Grendel of Beowulf okay big giant older comes in and kills everybody suffered a wolf and because he's the offspring of Cain and how you actually have this lineage like it was very important as you say it wasn't like us just picking up a pen and marina sure no it was you know the painstaking process and what and what of his writings is this or were you were you reading from a referring interface but yeah this is his recent translation available his translation Tolkien's translation Beowulf very interesting you have to chucking it out beautiful and there's a lot and Christopher Tolkien does his son does a really great commentary on it and in here has there is the line for to booking and the Giants and that's where you know you have the energy sure you know anything you know the flowers you just the word reveals at all sure and the whole idea that you know the pursuit of the Ring of Power is literally about the pursuit of power and lost and greed and control you know all the things that basically are soul destroying forces and you know how that has to be carried to its oblivion if we're going to burn that out of the world destroy it but through a purification process by the the the average everyday person who the you know was represented by the hobbit you know that every day in dividual who you know has to take on that that spiritual battle upon their shoulders and Burton you know basically take on that burden even though they don't want it it's such brilliant spiritual allegory encoded in like you know really imaginative works of fiction I mean I can't imagine anybody not loving the works of Tolkien and you know even the movie adaptations that have come out based on his books it's just it's something that as far as I'm concerned is prerequisite viewing reading exploring when it comes to the whole spiritual journey and spiritual battle that's going on here on the earth for anybody that's into it in any way at all you know you have to look into this guy's work so Brandon really thanks for that I'm gonna check out that translation as well that sounds really interesting alright and it yeah all right great heart thanks so much all right great call let's let's take another call here in this segment let's hear from Rafael in Indiana Rafael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Marc how are you tonight he's doing well how are you good I just had a couple comments you know a lot of people like to say that money is the root of all evil and I say it's ignorance and fears that there is a root of Perpetual evil basically yeah I would I would definitely say that if you want to eradicate something you know ignorant is what really has to be eradicated especially self ignorant self knowledge is what is needed I would also say that all forms of money are ultimately control systems and based in something that is illusory and doesn't really have true intrinsic value but you know and that's ultimately going to breed more ignorance of self so you know while I would say you know money may not be the root of all evil and I would say fear and ignorance definitely are the root of evil I would say money plays a big role in being the enabler for evil in this world for certain I call it a religion I call it the ultimate religion it's that it's become the god of this world beyond a religion it's become the people that it's become the force to people prop as a as a you know an idol to literally worship in the world and as long as I tell people as long as a piece of paper or even a representation of value is your God bondage is the place you're going into and staying there so we'll pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we were talking just before the last break with Rafael from Indiana was talking about money as in in his view is at the root of all evil but it is ignorance and fear that ultimately are even deeper causal factors for evil and I brought up the fact that you know if we base what we find value in in illusion which most people do in monetary systems that that is in itself a form of ignorance of self and it's a form of fear it's certainly not getting to the level of consciousness that we need to get to to see ourselves in a state of oneness unity and treat each other as a brother and sister members of a of a human family you know the the Brotherhood and sisterhood of man so you know that's my take on on that Raphael did you have anything else that you wanted to add Oh actually Marga had another comment and she want to get your take on it um you mentioned disclosure you know one I think you mentioned one time don't comment basically and you know if that word I haven't so to speak do you think it would even want to release one of the release one of the reigns of religion so to speak because you know everybody needs to basically come to a sense of suffering before you realize that you know or what state of condition you're living in yeah I mean it could be a psychological tactic that they might use to bring forward disclosure over some stepwise progression so that it takes people into a sort of a state of trauma to release from their former religion but it guaranteed will all be done to push people into the new religion of the state you know and namely that they can protect us from whatever lies out there in the universe that may not have our best interests in mind you know so that's what we have to be on guard for certainly I've talked from day one when it came to this dynamic and I included it in my presentation don't count on disclosure which I'm still trying to get a hold of hopefully I can locate that maybe I'll post it on my site in the near future I'm gonna see if I can get a hold of that from pat market ilio but you know you we have to be on the lookout for a cosmic false flag you know how easy would it be with the level of technology that exists today right for a covert government agency that wants to seize power okay in conjunction with dark occultists in conjunction with the military-industrial complex how simple would it be for them to project images in the the night sky or even the daylight sky okay and then explode some ordinances on the ground say these craft that are hostile non-human entities did this and say well we need to have you know global martial law because we need to now you know protect the entire planet from some kind of an invasion and that can all easily be staged you know so with the level of technology that exists today that's absolutely a possibility and if people don't wise up about the tactic of problem reaction solution or false flags in other words you know we're as a people as a species very vulnerable to a technique like that you know because and to this day these tactics still work that's why they keep using them they keep using techniques that work as long as it keeps working on the consciousness of the people or I should say the unconsciousness of the people these people aren't going to alter their their attack plan or their their game book why would they have to it continues to work so it's something we should definitely keep in mind so you know I feel I should mention that you know and Mark I love your presentation on the matrix it is just amazing and and the way movies eligor could speak to us Tom recently I saw at the theaters i captain america and i thought that was a pretty allegorical movie Oh blatant I wasn't it so it was so blatant I mean that was so up in in your face that was one of the most blatant allegories in fiction that I've ever seen the Winter Soldier yeah I'd highly recommend people checking that out check that out I think it was a great allegory about how the military-industrial complex is taking over staging events trying to put cold people in fear you know and this was a you know Captain America that main hero character and they're speaking out saying this isn't protection you're holding a gun to the head of the world and telling them you're you know that they need you to protect them you know and and he was saying that's fear that's all based in fear so very very allegorical almost blatantly in your face it almost ceases to be allegory and they're just coming out and telling you out in the open like a lecture format practically you know just wrapping that up in you know some dramatic Hollywood action with some special effects but I think overall the movie was great you know III highly recommend people check it out you know to get the allegorical message that was contained in it for sure you know and what's pretty ironic is it's from dizzy that's what's even worse well I mean there there's there's good and bad in Hollywood and all in all movie studios and you know it's not just all dark sir sorcerers working in the entertainment industry there are people who are putting out positive allegories with good messages I thought the new x-men movie which I recently went out and saw because I'll go out and check out good allegorical fictional movies to see the messages that they contain from time to time and I thought this was a great film very positive very uplifting message about choice and how we can alter the future and how things aren't necessarily completely set in stone because it's about our decisions and our choices how something that can look completely inevitable can still be changed if we apply enough willpower to change it that's what that whole movie was about you know I definitely recommend people check that out I'm a big fan of Marvel and the x-men always have have been since I was young you know I liked Marvel I always liked the growing up that was my preferred quote you know platform for comic books for superheroes and I still enjoy it and I think that you know the writers in that movie were really making a profound statement allegorically so as long as people don't just go in and see it as a fiction I'm just gonna have fun and watch some fictional blow them up stuff and some special effects and you know blow you know to some money and to two hours of my life as long as they say hey I'm gonna check this movie out to see the message what are they trying to say to me and you you try to read into the message and see the allegorical content I think it's great you know when people don't do that and they just try to take it as a as fictional entertainment then they're missing the entire point and why bother you know but if it's seen as the allegory that it is I think it could be very powerful and there's two other mark that I came across real quick serhat trailers I haven't seen the movies yet but one of them was the edge of tomorrow with uh Tom Cruise and and one of the tag lines on the trailer was live die repeat and they're reminding me of your interview which you had with Laura Eisenhower which she meant and there was the exact same words and music and basically lives I repeat until you learned a lesson of life yeah I don't think any of us are really getting out of this reality unless we do decide to transform our mind state into something that is flowing instead of rigid and learn the lessons that this construct of the physical world has to teach us and to bring to us we're not going anywhere as long as that rigidity is still in place once we once we become flowing and open up our mind to other possibilities and recognize that which is and accept it and you know adjust our perceptions accordingly I think the sky is the limit literally and we could go anywhere from here and learn and grow in ways and in vistas that we would in in viewpoints that we can scarcely imagine at this stage of our development so Raphael phenomenal points I really appreciate your call on your insights ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be back after these words [Music] you know today disguise' night-night divide today try welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host mark passio we're taking your calls until the end of the show the not number to join us 831 390 443 let's hear from Joe in Los Angeles Joe you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey great show great topic I love this cosmic abandoned stuff it's that it makes more sense than anything I've learned my whole life and it's so truthful I problem I did that yeah listen I think we all appreciate you mark to two quick comments on that I uh observations that I noticed this week the first one was the two cops that were shot in Las Vegas I I'm I don't condone the you know the gun but you know the violence yeah you know to kill someone and all this you know randomly sure but I have to I have to look at it as profiling because when you're profiling a person of color or you're profiling somebody looking for the truth on the internet like to the NSA it's it causes like I believe the law of attraction for somebody to come back or something to come back and do it to you because that's what you're putting out I see that is now these these the dogs the military and the cops they're like marked men and women but so P normal people that are trying to figure out the truth might start to profile them you know and I it sounds kind of far-fetched but it just feels like reverse profiling the same kind of thing yeah I mean it just seems like a such a desperate effort or attempt and it just seems like such a bad strategy to go about like you know we need to make more inroads in waking people up and reaching people's consciousness so it doesn't have to come to any kind of gun battle you know that's what we're trying to avert I said from day one that all of my work is trying to avert any any of this having to come to violent confrontation you know and you know as Kennedy said those who make peaceful revolutions impossible make violent revolutions inevitable but I don't think we need to just start randomly picking people off like what they were doing or claiming that they were trying to do it's it's just something that is very it's a very immature approach to go about doing something like that like this you know where we really need to be trying to reach the people who are doing the control from a level of understanding and speaking to them and bringing information forward more and more in greater and greater numbers you know I'm not saying it there isn't a time to protect yourself and there isn't you know a need to basically keep your ability to physically defend your rights in your life because you know that is certainly something that has to be done but a random thing like that is not productive whatsoever and you know I don't condone anything like that it's just it's just a shame that this is how much the system drives people to act irrationally and it could be a tactic to uh you know also who knows I mean the the levels of mind control and the technologies for mind control that exists out there we don't know we can't jump to any conclusions about what that event was because it very well could have been something that was staged in order to to demonize you know people in the truth and freedom movement you never know so I don't know enough about the actual situation from a first-hand perspective or a secondhand perspective even reading about it to to claim anything you've probably read in into it more than I have but that's my general take on that whole dynamic and it's really it's a sad situation because you know all of it is is really needless you know all the violence that we're seeing on both sides you know I don't want to see more violence have to break out like I say I have almost all of my eggs in the basket of changing consciousness do I have some in the basket of if it goes to a hot revolution yes I do but that's not where I put my the fullness of my energy it is largely put into trying to change consciousness and then if that dynamic fails because we can't get enough people to do the great work will I physically defend myself if I have to absolutely and what I support something that you know how if it if our rights were being actively taken away in a hot you know tyranny situation to actually wage physical battle back against it I would support something like that if it comes to that I don't think we're at that point where it's going hot yet but you know as they say it goes like a frog in a slowly boiling pot that's slowly being turned up we can't let it get to that point either so you know it's a it's a delicate balancing act that has to be walked and I I don't think it's time to just randomly try to attack people in that way if that was you know an actual decision made on their part and the this was something that was you know what what it appeared to be on at face value I can't even claim that it was that we might be looking at a false flag there through through some kind of mind control tactics who knows I once again I don't know enough about the situation to claim that it's either way it looks like it's an event that took place at face value but again I I don't know enough about the situation and the only thing I could say is I certainly don't condone that kind of methodology yeah I mean you're you're 100% right every single thing you said I mean it's true they immediately started to demonize them they started you know of course showing that they went to some you know so-called some conspiracy sites and followed Alex Jones and they posted videos and they went to the Bundy thing and they were kicked out of the club on anything because they were too extreme so they immediately started the media started to paint a bad picture of them and you're right you have to have like about 15 to 20 different takes on every single incident which brings me to the next point called the Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria is is Isis they gotta be they got to be joking right it's already blatant isn't it I mean it's right out in the open you know that that's not quite as blatant as Operation Iraqi liberation that was my favorite of all time operation Oh Iraqi eye liberation L o il oil I mean they were so blatant with that one that so many people call on to that one that they actually had to change the name and call it operation Iraqi Iraqi Freedom which then morphed into Operation Enduring Freedom but I mean to start naming your operation Oil acronym wise is pretty blatant this one arguably is as blatant as that to name this group Isis you know after the goddess you know of course you know it's all about taking down or destroying the goddess you know yeah and the two S's you got the SS you got the is and I asked to me drive you taro looks like the fish book a 15 and the 15 that's the devil card I mean there's you know the specimens just thought out and it's great to you know guys like you and you know the men and women of your movement that are teaching us these things because now we can look at the media to see what they're saying the mainstream media and then we can go and search on our own with our own reliable sources to see what we really believe is and and you'll see that the events that are playing out and right in front of our eyes in an entirely new light with a different perspective that helps you to understand the kind of people that are working behind the scenes were cost rating these events and how you know numbers mean so much to them ritual means so much to them yes symbols only aims oh yeah and it was the date the date that this all started because I was waiting for it right of the 13th right it was awful and it was I believe what's called a honey moon which it can happens every several hundred years or 50 years or sure like full moon yeah and and very unique positioning of the moon very unique you know perspective as seen from Earth especially in the northern hemisphere the moon was spectacular yes for anybody that got a chance to see it out in the open I mean it was just awesome I mean III was in a car late last night driving when the moon was at Zenith and it was just unbelievable you know they're ready and um you know that they wait for things like this they wait for events like this to trot out their events because they they believe that there's power contained in there that has influence and makes agendas and and energies flow in the way that they want to that they want them to go it's very ritualistic it's very based in belief systems having to do with the planets and the stars and numbers and dates you know if you don't understand that these people have to understand these are a cultic religious belief systems and these people are very into it it doesn't make a difference whether you believe or accept that that's real they believe in it they're acting upon their belief systems you're not required to believe what they believe the the fact that they believe and it drives their behavior this is their religion people have to understand we're working with we are dealing with religious sects that are operating out in the world that have tremendous influence and power that's what the dark occult networks are all about it's called the old religion ladies and gentlemen and it's still very much at work in the new world Joe thanks so much for the call absolutely great points that you brought up ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're into the last segment for this edition tonight we are talking to listeners and taking your calls your questions your concerns anything that you want to talk about anything is fair game never any taboo topics here on this show so let's continue with that for the last segment let's hear from Shane in North Carolina Shane you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Joe man good to be talking to you man I uh definitely been enjoying your work for a while and enjoying lots of various people's work for the past few years actually you know just one of the many people out there just waking up and you know read what I can but also get a ton of stuff like off YouTube and whatnot but sure I think that's a neat yeah it's an easy way to dismiss a lot of things you know there's this saying on YouTube but there's definitely a wealth of things out there from yeah absolutely but yeah man uh just loving your work and I stumbled across stuff I think one of the first times I've heard you on rbn was like maybe two months ago and you had probably even remember it cuz I don't remember the specific topic but man you were so like pumped up I was just like damn yeah I can get into those moods occasionally I tried but somewhat reserved I mean you should hear me you should hear me in a person sometimes off air you think that was legendary I was actually just like man I am listening this I'm just like intense live radio right now in since it was late night you know you have to feel like you're even part of even more part of a moment sure you know because it's just uh more low-key yeah I was up listening to some of your callers - and it shot a few things down on my pad and uh some guy talking about their recent shooting and I mean they're just like happening like crazy now right yeah oh they're dirty trying to bring this forward faster and faster so they could roll out the gun confiscation agenda that's where this is ultimately leading because they want the guns of American citizens so that they can take this country from the inside and the citizenry will have no ability to protect themselves that's where this is ultimately heading oh absolutely and it's so obvious right now I mean it's just it's just absolutely ridiculous you know you know I'm to the point with a lot of these small flags where the you know used to be the first time some you know I heard something happening I will be poking around investigating and finding what I could like I still have time is this is so much discussion going on sure no so so I mean I'm kind of focusing more of my energy on you know just ways to be positive we're getting into gardening and things like that I mean once you know the negative stuff it's not like you should dwell on it or just make that the main focus I mean it's important to wake Pete other people up to it who aren't aware of it yet but I agree you don't want to constantly focus on that all day long or it will eat you up you know you do want to focus on the positive things you know that's why I say I don't really want to be doing this and just exposing the darkness constantly and constantly having to repeat the same information over and over again it wears on you over time you know I wanted to vote my time with some creative endeavors I want to enjoy myself from time to time I wanted to live my life like anybody else does and that's what I think we are here ultimately to do and we don't have to be involved in this kind of a level of extremity you know an evil it's not necessary you know you know we can learn these lessons on our own at our own pace what you know while living our lives and you know people insist that this level of evil that were in is somehow necessary and nothing could be further from the truth it's a big New Age deception you know but I agree with you you know you don't want to stay dwelling on that constantly because it can definitely eat you away inside knowing it is one thing dwelling on it continuously is something else entirely which I don't recommend you know I don't recommend ignoring that the negative side either of course which is what too many of the New Agers out there do you have to know about it once you know about it and then you could suggest solutions to the negative and that's what this whole show has been about you know we talked about all the methods of mind control in the past we went through grassroots solutions and now we're looking into origins of this condition and you know how that could be so important into understanding how we got to this point so absolutely I definitely encourage people to maintain balance in their lives when it comes to that it's a lesson I have to follow and Riaan try to reinforce within myself because I could fall into some negative patterns who couldn't when the world is in the situation that it's in you know yeah one of the UM one of the guys you just talked with recently with with you guys are talking like Tolkien I'm gonna go write yes yeah um there was this cat came on Alex Jones couple days ago and he was accused some kind of guy who had um first access to you know anything related to his archives and whatnot and Tolkien supposedly did some kind of speech that was recorded it was a rare unknown recording that was recently discovered yes where he was basically talking about his book saying yeah basically my you know my books are allegorical this is R it's really great people should definitely check this out I can't remember the individuals name though but yeah Tolkien spoke about this at some society that he was a member of he was like some kind of a guest of honor or something and he was pretty much out there in the open telling people yeah these are spiritual allegories you know that contain ancient knowledge about you know what went on here in the past and is still going on here in the present and that's all I basically did is I put my own unique twist and my fictional perspective on this and embellished it but it's it's essentially knowledge about the human story you know apparently there so apparently there's some you know just recent admissions of that thing that came out actually did I mention a couple other things or you you're also talking about some kind of blue bean sort of disclosure hoaxes and what Mary you're kind of speculating of course and one other but you know I definitely see that as a very very viable possibility and in likelihood yeah at some point who knows think about it when the terrorism false flags get old which they pretty much have and they don't have that to resort to because enough people wake up to that and then the school shooting and other random shooting false flags we're out you know where do they go from there I mean you can go to the words of you know former Nazi Verner von braun who came into the United States as part of Operation Paperclip the funneling of all Nazi scientists that had done war crimes in Nazi Germany and brought over here with total impunity for their crimes because they agreed to work for the United States intelligence agencies you know and he told people that what was coming next was false flags involving asteroid impacts and explosions of you know small asteroid or bodies and then ultimately it was going to go to a hoaxed alien invasions at some point which would be the ultimate false flag well something is an absolute possibility and I've said for a long time people need to keep their eyes out for that and when if and when it does happen you know the question needs to be asked what kind of society would travel interstellar dense distances to blow up some tiny humans civilizations are parts of civilization on on the ground on another planet for what you know so it you have to ask yourself well things like that make sense and even just put that out into the consciousness of people so that they are aware of that in in advance before they ever even try it no in actually speaking of that with one thing I like about you is that I get the impression from you and it's the same way I like to be which is you know I try to know the truth I think I know the truth and I also am smart enough to realize that I don't know everything and I'm just you know looking for it seriously and honestly and I like that about you and I can tell that know that about you you know you're definitely trying to just put all your own personal things aside and get to the bottom that's right it's not about me you know I'm just a medium for this information to try to dissipate it out there in a little bit of a wider way so more people can get turned on to it and nobody has all the answers nobody has every piece of the puzzle it's all about us all bringing our perspective to the table assembling all that information and then maybe when we bring all of those individual unique pieces of the puzzle to the table all of us can see the big picture that is laid out before us as a result yeah well you know the disclosure thing or the another disclose the thing with the that scenario you talked about it is if you follow biblical things definitely talked about in Revelation yes basically the flag guy op Shane thank you so much for the call great perspective that's all the time we have for this edition folks remember there's only two mistakes that one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening everyone we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Applause] [Music]