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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday June 28th 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. East Coast time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing the cosmic abandonment presentation what I would call my sort of thesis regarding the connection between interference theory of human origins and the current psychological and social conditions that humanity continues to endure so that's coming up on tonight's broadcast in the third hour of the show I'll be taking your calls so let me give the call-in number right here at the top of the show for those who might want to get in the call or queue the call-in number to join us on what on earth is happening is 803 one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us 831 three ninety four forty three I want to apologize last week the show wasn't able to go live the network had some technical difficulties I was standing by with a partial show if they had it resolved early but they ended up fixing things at about a little bit before 1:00 a.m. East Coast time so there wasn't really any point to going on the air just for the last few minutes so you know it happens every once in awhile not a big deal I just wanted people to know there was nothing wrong with me it was just some technical glitches that needed to be worked out and they have obviously so we're here live tonight so I do have one big event announcement my next all day seminar will be coming up in Manchester Connecticut on October 4th Saturday October 4th 2014 I will be giving a lie live all-day seminar called demystifying the occult this will be taking place Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. an all-day seminar the doors will open at 9:00 I believe Arthur Capozzi is also going to be being be giving another preliminary presentation he and his brother Chris said my last seminar up in Connecticut when I presented my natural law seminar and Arthur is the main organizer for this seminar as well and he will be giving a preliminary presentation shortly after 9:00 a.m. after the doors open then we'll all do a morning session we'll have a lunch break I'll do an afternoon session and then we'll have a extended question-and-answer session as well so it's going to be a information-packed day this will be taking place at the Manchester his History Center it's the home of the Manchester Historical Society that's at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut here's a brief description of the seminar mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is ocultism different from mysticism or what many people have called mystical practices how can the secret language of symbolism communicate I'm sorry what can the secret language of symbolism communicate and how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives these are the topics I'm going to explore and again probably in the second session of the seminar I'm going to use the Tarot as sort of a case study in occult symbolism and we'll be exploring the Major Arcana of the Tarot advanced tickets for this all-day seminar a $25 donation you'll be able to get a hold of art Capozzi I will have his contact information in the in this week I actually have the flyer completed it's a first draft of the flyer I have not been able to get it to art yet of for approval so when he approves it I'll be running it on the website and of course here on the radio show so the at the door tickets only a thirty dollar donation for tickets in person at the door so demystifying the occult all-day seminar Saturday October 4th 2014 I hope a lot of people can make it if you're in or going to be in the Connecticut area or it really anywhere on the north east coast of the United States try to make it out to this seminar it will be very informative and you'll meet a lot of like-minded individuals so that's my main event announcement I want to let people know there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening calm website if you feel you've gained value from the information that I have presented here on this radio show and shared on my website you could feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my my continued work there is a button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening calm page to do just that so I want to direct everyone's attention to the radio show page of the wall on earth is happening calm site or as always when I do a live show if there are images associated with the show they are posted there in numerical linked format like a slideshow presentation underneath the live player for the broadcast so you could follow along with the topics and ideas that I present here on the show with slides so this is an extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation which I gave originally back in December of 2013 and I'm giving it in an extended format here on the show and I've already did a couple of weeks in relation to this presentation and we ended up on slide number 34 is where we left off we were essentially talking about all of the ancient traditions and the ancient cultures that talked about non-human entity's involvement with the human species and they describe them in many many different ways they had many different ways to describe in their own language what they were witnessing and again these people were witnessing technologies that they didn't understand they were witnessing beings that they didn't understand and could not relate to that were so far in advance of intellect to them that they you know looked at them as supernatural entities and we talked about all the different cultures that discussed these beings in their written histories and and their accounts from the Sumerians the Acadians the Babylonians are the people of the ancient Middle East biblical lands the people of the Indus Valley traditions the these stories were in the Vedas they were in the other ancient Indus Valley tradition books like the srimad-bhagavatam in the mahabharata other rama Yanis they were talked about by the african tribes such as the zulu and the Doga of the the Dogon people the Norse poetry like the Eddas talked about them even into the meso american regions and into South America you know you have the Mayan Popol Vuh you have the people of the Inca tradition and they all talked about gods that had come from the sky God gods that had come from outer space and many of these different languages you didn't have a you had different words to describe sky from the deep sky when they were saying God's from the sky in there in all of their languages they always meant the deep sky which really translates in modern language as outer space from beyond Earth orbit that's where they had in all of these accounts talked about that these beings came from and they called the many different things they refer to them as supernatural entities because they thought that they were literally gods and whenever I talk about the word gods here please realize it's lowercase okay we're not talking about the God of creation here we're talking about beings that are referred to as gods but gods with a small G most certainly so they also referred to these beings as giants because of their large stature in size compared to a normal human being they called them watchers in many different accounts you know these beings who literally watched over humanity and were in many ways keepers of human beings because really that's what they were were to be honest about it they were our keepers they were our creators and our enslavers as we're going to get to in this story that I call the story of the ancient human past [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening there on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing with the cosmic abandonment presentation in its extended format we are on slide number 34 and we're talking about how essentially these ancient human beings were trying to communicate in their own language what they were witnessing that they didn't understand and so they had many different names for these beings who had come to our planet in the ancient past they called them gods supernatural entities Giants watchers okay and as this slide says the Sumerians called them Anunnaki and that word in their language literally means those who came to the earth from the heavens but not heavens as in just the sky as in deep space from from literally offworld and they arrived on our planet in our ancient past and there's many different dates that researchers have speculated and alternative historians and alternative archeologists have talked about going back hundreds of thousands of years probably the most agreed-upon timeframe is somewhere between four hundred thousand years ago to about two hundred and fifty thousand years ago I would probably favor the latter I'm sorry I would probably favor the former date they're about four hundred thousand years ago and this this extended story that I'm going to be telling this generalized story about human origins and and the events that took place in our ancient past is put together from different sumerian and akkadian accounts and what we're really talking about here is precursors to the biblical tradition that went into much greater depth and detail regarding the accounts of what they had witnessed and then in the biblical texts these accounts get watered down a lot of detail is left out and you know you don't get the you don't get the real underlying gist of the story about what happened that's very fragmented by that point so that's why I'm essentially going to use some of the Sumerian accounts as the reference material to tell the outline story all right and then we'll go into detail later and we'll look at actual parts of these accounts and we'll look at detailed aspects of other accounts the indus valley traditions the Norse myths etc you know even Greek mythology and we'll go into detail regarding this but again this presentation is intended to be a general outline and starter material to get people to understand the general idea of what happened and then to kind of whet their appetite to do further research on their own and I'll be talking about other researchers as we go along that you could you know read into their work or watch their videos or DVDs etc so let's continue with this generalized account these beings came here for resources and again it's often debated what the resources they came here for were a lot of researchers say it was gold and the gold has some kind of properties that we still don't really understand why they wanted it some people have speculated that it could somehow help to repair their dying atmosphere and it was going to reflect a certain amount of their star's sunlight into space I don't know whether that's true or not okay I tend to not really think that it was just about trying to put gold into their atmosphere but some researchers have speculated that I think gold has properties that again human beings don't really understand what it is it's some sort of an eternal substance it would seem that you know really no matter what you do to it it can't be destroyed you know it it could lay at the bottom of an ocean for hundreds of thousands of years never tarnish never degrade it's not it's pretty much unlike almost any other substance on the earth in that regard so I do think that they came here for gold but I don't think it's for just mundane purposes for what they were doing with the gold maybe they used it in that ancillary capacity as well but I think they were that this that gold the so called intrinsic value of gold which it does not have to human beings in a non technological society okay now in today's world it has intrinsic value in computing applications and technological applications of course gold as a precious metal is certainly used in computing technology but to a people who are just you know living you know in a non technological culture on the land gold is not going to be anything of with intrinsic value and the people who say it just has intrinsic value inherently are undermined control when it comes to money these are believers that in the religion of money and think that you could either eat shelter yourself or clothe yourself with gold because that's what intrinsic value means okay if you can't eat it if you can't shelter yourself with it if you can't defend yourself with it in some capacity it doesn't have any intrinsic value okay for survival purposes on the earth so that these beings knew that there was more than meets the eye literally when it came to gold and I do think that they were here for that and because the accounts specifically talked about the mining expeditions that they put human beings to work in and you know they wouldn't have done that they won't have gone through such enormous trouble to vine smelt and refine gold if it didn't have some kind of intrinsic value to them and I don't think it was just for monetary reasons I don't think they used any money I don't think they had a monetary system I think this had some kind of a property when you ingested it or when you performed some kind of chemical operations upon it that enhanced intelligence enhanced creativity enhanced health etc and we can get into all of that we could talk about monoatomic gold etc we could talk about the usage of the Pharaohs in Egypt of regarding gold specifically monoatomic powder gold but that'll be for another discussion but I want to continue with this general outline their mission was led the mission of these beings to come here for resources and procure these resources to bring back to their world was led by two brothers now again the names aren't as important these are the names that are used in the sumerian tradition but i don't even even specifically like to look personally necessarily look at these as just single beings when you talk about these beings i almost look at it as factions of these whole beings of the this group of beings okay so one brother was named n ki and one was named Enlil according to the Sumerian texts and they were royalty from where they came from because the planet where they came from had a tradition of kingship and a hierarchy of rulership they were the sons of the king of their homeworld which his name was Anu Anu when I go forward talking about this topic in a lot of ways I look at n ki as a faction of these beings there's the n ki faction of the extraterrestrials or non-human entities if you will the Anunnaki and then there's the Enlil faction okay there are beings that had aligned themselves with a specific kind of worldview when it came to the earth and what they were doing here okay so and you understand what I mean by that as we go deeper into the story but from now let's simply look at them as two brothers they were royalty where they came from and they were the sons of the king so you could look at them as princes moving on to slide number 35 and continuing this account they came to the earth approximately four hundred thousand years ago and they started to procure these resources that they came here for namely gold now if anybody knows anything at all about old mining it's incredibly intense work okay you have to go deep into the bowels of the earth it's treacherous conditions it's difficult work all right very very dangerous as well we'll continue this on the other side stay with us the cold we don't dare speak it's wall between us [Music] welcome back everyone been listening to what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting let's continue with our general outline of the story of the ancient human past and how the interference theory of human origins fits in with this story and really is responsible for the creation of the current human condition as we will get to so these beings came here about 400,000 years ago and they put a lot of their own people to work in gold mines the primary place for the excavations was was in the gold rich veins in southeastern Africa and this is a region of the world which they personally referred to as the ab soo a b zu or in some translations a BS you depending on how you're going to transliterate it out of the Sumerian so AB sue literally in Sumerian means that the deep a very deep place and that would certainly describe mines okay and you know people want to insist that this meant spiritual deep or you know the realm of the subconscious or you know some kind of abyss or dark deep you know black place and you could debate about the intricacies of how that word is going to be translated in its context but if you actually read the accounts and the story of what happened I think it's pretty obvious that the absolute meant minds literally deep the bowels of the earth underneath the ground literally okay so that's the way that I'm going to translate it and talk about it as we move forward and again we can get into specifics on this later but after realizing that you know after coming here on this mission that they did not have literally not they did not have enough manual laborers to do this work all right you know if you traveled somehow in interstellar distances whether even if it's not interstellar even if it's from another area outside of your the planetary system maybe even in the same solar system in a you know extended orbit as many people will speculate that their planet was if you're coming here and you're traveling in craft or even if you're using some kind of very highly advanced technology regarding you know space to essentially travel from one planetary system to another you're going to have to take a lot of resources with you you're going to have to take a lot of people with you if you're going to conduct a mining expedition it's no small task you're gonna have to set up workshops bases on the planet where you're going okay you might even want to do the the smelting and refining where you're at instead of bringing the raw material with you so essentially they didn't have enough people and they recognized that it was going to be very difficult to bring the amount of people that they needed to this planet to do what they wanted to do so the the leaders ultimately came up with a plan and again we understand a little bit about the dynamic of their leadership so-called and lo is the chief leader he was the mission commander you could say and Enki is his second-in-command okay you could say that's his primary commander on this mission even though any key is really like kind of like the older brother of the two all right and their half-brothers as is put forward in the story and how it works is they there's specific succession rights to the throne that has to do with the how the the father essentially married it has to do with maternal lines okay so essentially Enlil is going to inherit the throne when onnu passes okay so he's really in position for leadership and Enki is really you know kind of like what you might call the wiser of the two brothers he's the one who you know what most people would go to for leadership counseling advice etc and and they'll really kind of always sort of resented him for that and didn't really want to trust in his judgment and wanted to kind of do things his own way and to prove kind of that he's in the better position for leadership because when he does go back to his home planet especially if this away mission you could call it as successful and it provides what his people need he's going to go and assume the role of leadership where they come from so that having been said the older of these two half-brothers and ki comes up with a plan he's essentially advocating that they don't have enough people but there are enough native species on this planet that are still developing yet they show a lot of promise when it comes to being able to manipulate things as far as you know with their hands they could walk upright on on two legs so thereby there are bipedal species and we would refer to these beings as hominoids okay beings that were ape-like in their appearance and were essentially bipedal and probably covered with with fur and you know living in the wild living in harmony with nature with natural systems and essentially on their own evolutionary progression okay their own course of evolutionary progression and n ki recognizes this and he says well these beings that are here have the ability to manipulate objects they you know have hands okay they walk upright on two legs they're not as intelligent as we would need them to be to do the manual labor that we need done but we could essentially modify them we are master geneticists we've come to the level of technological development that we understand how to do gene splicing and recombinations and we can make chimera species we could splice DNA from one being into another and you know come up with different characteristics of our choosing and you know you might say that these beings were at a level be it more advanced than the technology that we're even at today certainly okay so his plan was we're going to make a hybrid species all right we're going to genetically modify this existing hominid species that is indigenous to this planet where they had come which is earth and we're going to use the modified species that we create to do the work that we need done we're going to put them to work in the mines as kind of like channel okay you know like we would use cattle - or mules or horses you know here as humans do today to do different types of laborious tasks for them okay a beasts of burden you might call it right they are going to make a hybrid species and use them as a beasts of burden okay so first of all just even looking at this on its face it's immoral obviously I mean for anybody who you know just looks at this from a perspective of they don't care about the natural evolutionary development of the species they don't care about their freedom they don't care about what course nature has intended for them no we're just going to do what we want and you know modify them to suit our purposes so right right off the bat it's immoral and you know you hear a lot of apologists for this N key faction of beings or this being n key because of how he viewed his creation and right off the bat I just want to say I don't see any good side to these beings at all okay they everything they did was immoral on its face okay there is no good guy when it comes to this what just because n key later looked at the humans that he had made the pathetic creatures that he had created that were a slave species to his people and looked at them with pity and thought that they were so horrible that maybe he could start to teach them and bring them up out of their total ignorance and barbarity you know that somehow that makes him the good guy for taking pity on us like that when he was the one responsible for putting us into that condition to begin with you know that doesn't make him good you know and you could say okay people change and they can repent of their old ways and the deed was already done you know so I can understand that aspect of it but you know don't paint him as you know holier than thou as some people do you know when it comes to I guess when it comes to looking at they're all the alternative the Enloe faction or you know Enlil as a being he does seem good next to him but I'm trying to put put this back to square one and say from the very beginning how these being beings came here and and behaved wasn't more on its face and it shouldn't be looked at it as any in any other way really for people who understand natural law so I'm going to summarize the essential plan that he laid out in the next slide [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listen to me what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were on slide number 36 and I was about to go through a summary of this plan that this one brother and key had come up with so the plan is summarized in this following exchange between an N key and his brother and lil n key says the beings that we need are already present they already exist they live in the Absa and walk erect on two legs my son ninka zeda has tested their DNA and it is similar to ours we can combine our DNA with theirs to create primitive workers who are intelligent enough to understand our commands and handle our tools they will do the mining for us and relief will come to our people so again you hear in his tone total unconcerned for what he's about to do it's just not even a second thought this is what we need this will bring relief to our people what's the difference what will happen you know in the aftermath if we create these beings okay it's playing God plain and simple and his brother replies and lo replies slavery was abolished long ago on our planet tools are our slaves not other beings you are suggesting creating a new species which did not previously exist such creative power belongs to God alone God with a capital G okay the meaning the creator of the universe so Enlil here is the one who is speak trying to speak sense to his brother and I would suggest this isn't just because he wants to be the one in the leadership position and make and calling the shots he literally is averse to this idea he has an avulsion to it because he recognizes that it's playing God okay and I'm not saying that that makes him such a great guy either just because he understands the truth about this plan and was opposed to it from the beginning because he did terrible things in the future so like I said I don't have any kind of tremendous respect for any of these beings and what they did what they did was an abomination against all of creation and you know we're dealing with the aftermath of it but moving on to slide number 37 this exchanged this dialogue between these two brothers continues on and he says back to Enlil he says they won't be our slaves they'll be our helpers Oh see he's rationalizing it already they're not going to be slaves they're just helpers we will not be creating a new species we'll just be taking one that already exists and giving them more ability by making them more in our image see we're just modifying them where we're giving them more more better traits better characteristics we're gonna make them a little bit more like us because were so wonderful don't you know you know I mean it's unbelievable where this guy's head was at now continuing he says this can be achieved with only slight changes to their DNA only slight changes slight modifications were going to make right his brother replies this is not to my liking and it is forbidden by our mission plan our purpose was to obtain gold not to play God so he's trying to tell and key from the beginning one were playing God and that's not morally right and two first of all our actual mission plan that we were sent here with to do specific tasks this isn't in the mission plan this is forbidden but by mission plan to mess with the other species living here so the Anunnaki on earth you know couldn't come to an agreement regarding whether to go ahead with this plan or not and so they sent the matter back to their home planet to be voted upon and it was put before a council of elders on their homeworld and they voted on it and they decided that they liked n Keys plan to make a hybrid species and use it as a beast of burden and so they voted for that and they told them go ahead with whatever genetic laboratories you need to set up will send the resources and get to work on creating this hybrid species so that you could do the work you need to do and get out of there all right moving on to slide number 38 so they started beginning to and again I'm sorry on slide 36 and 37 you see these depictions of these gods as the Sumerians Acadians Babylonians rendered them in some of their reliefs and their their clay clay tablet depictions and in their drawings so on the left-hand side you have a depiction of Enki he was always depicted as the god of the waters and on the right hand side I believe you have in the Akkadian and Babylonian tradition of God known as Sargon who was a king but many people think that that imagery was taken after the Enlil being from much older times and that Enloe looked very similar to him and that's the imagery that a lot of future human or hybrid kings cultivated they tried to look as much like the gods as possible and this is a theme that we'll see repeated later on just briefly moving back to slide 35 I just wanted to briefly talk about the image there you see again any key standing on this like kind of a mount with a tree growing out of it and there's other Anunnaki beings always depicted with these conical caps okay and you'll see another being in the mind he has like sort of a pic in his hand and you know there's fumes rising up out of out of that deep pit and that was the Absa this is a depiction of the realm that they called the abbe su which is a mine and an ki was always depicted as god of the waters okay whenever you see flowing flowing water trail with fish around it that's n ki okay he was considered the lord of the earth and the waters and this is very important going forward because the control system is based on water it's based on Admiralty law it's based on the law of the Seas okay these gods are venerated as coming from the sea and we'll talk about why that may be because I think that they may still have bases on this planet that are under the sea that's why they're not anywhere where human beings are at if there are any of them remaining here again I talked about in this presentation to a great extent the vast majority of them are gone and you know the evidence that they're gone is that you don't see them around you know we don't see them present in our society they're obviously very hidden if any of them are still here and I believe the ones that are really still covertly controlling things from behind the scenes are have bases deep deep deep in the earth and deep underneath the sea and we'll get to that we'll speculate about that later and again like I said this whole section of this broadcast of and the the last couple of radio shows that I've done the future many shows that I will do are going to contain speculation like I said I've joked that we should call the show you know for the time being what on earth may may very well have happened on earth okay so speculations going to be part of what we do to maintain an open mind and to look at the possibilities here alright so but this relief clearly shows what they talked about as the abbe su on slide 35 here and you know you see these beings basically conducting some sort of a ceremony near one of the openings to these minds so moving forward again now we're we're on slide 38 they began going to work to try to create these genetic hybrids these a chimera species if you will crossbreed between themselves and the indigenous hominid creatures that were already living here on the earth and certainly living in the on the continent of Africa and in the ancient Middle Eastern region probably living all over the planet but again certainly there were concentrations of them in southern Africa so whenever you you see clay vessels when they depict clay vessels and there's pottery okay and there's waters being poured and there's you know kilns being fired etc they're not making pottery in these depictions these are the sumerians representations of their genetic laboratories and we'll get back to that on the other side of the brain [Music] welcome back everyone listen to what on earth is happening in the second hour of tonight's broadcast giving my extended version of my cosmic abandonment presentation which will be continuing to go over over the next several weeks it's all about the connection between interference theory of human origins as I call it to the current human condition and we were on slide number 38 these slides can be found with the podcast this will be podcast number 160 or you can find them if you're listening live on the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show tab so on slide 38 essentially talking about how these beings went through many different attempts to hybridize the existing hominid species with their own genetic material and a lot of these attempts resulted in absolute monstrosity x' and chimera cross species genetic hybrids that were just absolute you know abominations you know they were things that should not be and these beings were not as quote-unquote advanced as some people might like to think or give them credit as being one advanced beings would not do something like this to begin with truly advanced beings in consciousness they these this is the result of what happens when a species becomes technologically advanced develops technological prowess and has a lot of intellect but is divorced from the Sacred Feminine intuitive creative compassionate aspect of their their themselves and therefore essentially is you know constantly existing in that modality of service to self and that clearly in their discussions that's all that they were learned about many of them okay not all okay but many of them kind of like we are today because as they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so continuing with this generalized account after many failed attempts the Anunnaki successfully created a hybrid species by fertilizing the ovum of an earth female with a sperm from an Anunnaki male and inserting the fertilized egg into the womb of one of the Anunnaki females so this was literally an example of artificial insemination okay using the egg of a female and the sperm of one of the Anunnaki males so when they put this into the womb of a female Anunnaki there was a live birth it was a male hybrid and they called this being aa to MU ad a mu Adamu and again you'll see the biblical similarity to the word Adam okay the first man but what Adamu meant in the Sumerian language the beings that were recounting this this these histories is one who is like the Earth's clay or the Earth's ground the Earth's you know the one who is like the earth literally the Earth's substance so it's a child of the earth in other words all right that's what Adam meant and they set about creating a hybrid female a female because what their goal was is to make beings that could procreate on their own and that they wouldn't have to use their own species to carry these beings to term so they created a female hybrid so that the their new workers and again this worker species was known as the the whole species that they're named for was lu lu lu lu and in the Sumerian language that means primitive worker you know people will say you know where did the Sumerian culture come from seems like it's the first culture first written language etc well more likely than not it came from these beings they set it up you know and the human beings that inherited it inherited it from them that's why it's a fully formed culture appearing seemingly out of nowhere on the face of the earth so you know that's why many of their words and their language is coming from the way that these being spoke more likely than not so they called this female hybrid the female version of their hybrid species qiyamat and this was supposedly veneration or you know a respect toward an ancient planet from our solar system that was partially destroyed in a celestial collision with their planet millions of years before and it had formed the earth and the moon as well that's as their cosmology goes so they took the new prototype workers to a place called Eden and Eden is in the Middle East in what we would call Iraq what we call Iraq now and they were to be bred there in mass numbers and they were going to breed them there in the wilderness of Eden again you see the biblical similarity all right we have the male hybrid species slave worker that's being created and they called him Adam ooh very similar to Adam the biblical first man and then they put their new prototype genetically crossbred workers in a wilderness known as an untouched wilderness area okay free of their bases free of their technology that they called Eden d IM very similar to the biblical Garden or untouched wilderness area known as Eden II D en okay same phonetics involved it's the changing of a vowel and that's this is no coincidence because this stories of the biblical from the biblical texts are a recounting with much less detail okay with a whole lot of details stripped and taken out of these Sumerian accounts so they were going to breed them there in mass numbers by letting them procreate but the breeding program didn't work out as expected because when they genetically made these first two you know models I guess you could say these are these mark prototype workers B females were unable to bear children when they were inseminate 'add the male's of this worker species and of course we're talking about early mark one humanity you could call it okay you could call this the prototype one for the human slave species moving on to slide number 39 the while these beings were doing all these genetic experiments and uh you know experimentation by the way on slide 38 I just want to mention you see this yeah up on the upper right hand corner before we move on to the next slide the image there it's showing you Anunnaki beings uh shirring in one of these chimera species these this genetic abomination before n key again and Kiva water God seated on the throne as the royalty and his his genetic laboratory workers are bringing him one of the species that they had just created you know on some kind of a leash controlling him you know and guiding him in with a noose you know a leash around the neck and obviously this was one of the species that clearly did not work out and was a total you know abomination thing that should not be type of a chimera and they again these accounts talked about many of these going through they talk about all the different ways that they were defective the kind of genetic defects that they had okay being born without limbs being born you know without organs that were vital to life etc so we'll pick this up on the other side of the break as we are telling the ancient story of human origins here on what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] [Music] you know today disguise the night night divided today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone let's continue with slide number 39 in the cosmic abandonment extended presentation the while this genetic work was being conducted as these ancient accounts tell the tale the workers in the mines that were were populated by the offworld beings were there their patience was running very thin they were running out of patience and they were on the brink of mutiny against their own species because they had been put to work in treacherous conditions for long extended periods of time on a alien planet that they didn't want to be on that were the conditions were hostile to them you know and that they were put in you know basically brutal working conditions that they were not used to and they wanted relief from those conditions and meanwhile they're telling them well you have to continue to do this work and mine until we have this problem under wraps that we could get these beings into full production okay so we could pop out enough of them where they could relieve you of your duties and and he came up with another part of the plan he wanted to have his son who was the main geneticist his name was ninka Zita sequenced the entire genome of the new Lulu worker species of the atom ooh the male variant and the teamö the female variant to determine exactly what was wrong with their genetics as to why they couldn't procreate so again you could look at this as a tweaking of the genetic coding or the genetic hybridization that needed to be done because as they existed in their current form as they had made them initially they would not be able to procreate procreate on their own so they needed some other gene spliced in with their genome from the Anunnaki in order to be able to procreate on their own so the DNA of the two hybrid species was completely sequenced their genome and it was compared with the genome of the Anunnaki they discovered that the hybrids had 22 pairs a total of 22 pairs of chromosomes but they lacked two chromosomes necessary to be able to procreate on their own so what they did is they took a pair of chromosomes from themselves one pair of chromosomes from the Anunnaki and spliced it into the chromosome from Adam you and Timothy Lulu worker species the mark one human species and that created a total of one new pair of chromosomes for a total of 23 pairs and we'll see that there is evidence for this splicing in the actual human genome if we look at the human chromosomes we can see where the splicing took place and we'll look at that later moving on to slide number 40 this genetic manipulation is also described in the biblical accounts I'm sorry it's described in the following a Sumerian account Ning zeda caused a deep sleep to descend upon an key nimma atom ooh and Tiamat nimma is another geneticist of these beings that are is stepping into the actual experiment and going to provide DNA he extracted DNA and again this is referring to Ning has either the the male master geneticist of these beings he extracted DNA from the rib of Enki and inserted it into the rib of Adam ooh he then extracted DNA from the rib of nimah and inserted it into the rib of Tiamat now again there's crossover with biblical tale the biblical tale of Eve coming from the rib of Adam people have speculated that perhaps they used the marrow from the rib for a genetic sample maybe because of certain types of cells that are more undifferentiated I'm not really sure however the literally in these texts they specifically say that it was extracted from the rib so maybe that's where the biblical accounts came from maybe it was just convenient for them to take an extraction from the rib as opposed to any other part of the body or any organ so he then awakened the four of them of these beings and keen in MA Adamo and Tiamat and said to any key to chromosomes have been added to their DNA they are now capable of procreating on their own so a pair of chromosomes was added for a total of 23 pairs which we have now and from that point on they were capable of reproducing without you know having to have any artificial insemination done on the part of the Annunaki the new hybrids were returned to the orders of the Eden where they became aware of their nakedness and their ability to procreate now AG once again this is the story of Adam and Eve in the garden where they become aware that they are they don't have clothes which Israeli nakedness is is an allegory it's about that they are inadequate in in comparison to the Anunnaki they don't have their abilities they don't have their knowledge they don't have their understanding okay and their ability to procreate okay and again this could be about the knowledge of genetics okay maybe the forbidden fruit is not just some people have suggested its knowledge of sexual procreation maybe that's not what he was forbidding them to understand the god of the Eden okay again this isn't the God of creation that's being talked about in the Old Testament books and once again you could just just see that right off the bat in the name the name is elohim given in the biblical text referring to quote-unquote God while Elohim isn't even a singular word you know if the if the ancient Hebraic people who wrote the Bible were supposedly monotheistic okay why would they have that why would they set the name for God as a plural word Elohim is like adding an S to an English word to make it plural in Hebrew you know so it's the word L means God okay and then oh he means plural is that and it's also a feminine plural okay which again most people or most religions look at it as as God is some kind of a male patriarchal deity when in fact the actual word for God in the Bible Elohim is feminine plural in Hebrew and no one even attempts to explain that no one seems to attempt to even explain that because they weren't talking about the god of creation when they're talking about Elohim they're talking about the gods literally these beings that were referred to as gods or supernatural beings or Giants so they were you know that this story about their nakedness and the the forbidden fruit you know it's about their ability to procreate but more than being just about sexual knowledge I think it's about genetic knowledge that's what was forbidden unto them you know they couldn't understand they were forbidden from understanding any knowledge about their true origins how they were more created their creation so tioman made aprons of leaves for them to wear so that they could be distinguished from the other animals and I guess by other animals they meant the other hominids that were still walking in that region is what I expect that to mean so again this is the story of Eve making clothing for for herself and Adam in the biblical account in Genesis it's it's told just in more elaborate detail more specifics in these ancient Sumerian texts so let's move on to slide number 41 now and we'll pick that up on the other side because there's the break music ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening under host mark pass here my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing with the story of the ancient origins of humanity it's what I call interference theory because our natural evolutionary progression was interfered with by beings that had no right to do such a thing and we were talking about how they finally got us to a point where we were able to procreate on our own by splicing in a pair of their chromosomes into our hybridized genome and we're moving on to slide number 41 now we're Enlil learns about the further genetic hybridization of these beings by giving them more of the Anunnaki genes so Enloe was furious with Enki and he was furious with the entire plan as he was from the very beginning because he didn't want to create a slave species and he says to his brother Enlil says to Enki this whole plan was not to my liking I was against the idea of playing God you told me that all we needed to do was to modify these beings slightly in order to create the workers we needed but now they have been given our genetics so that they will be able to procreate on their own and have our long lifespan because these beings lived for in many cases tens of thousands of years as the Sumerian accounts suggest and as many other accounts like the Indus Valley tradition accounts suggest tens of thousands of years that's why they were considered gods they were considered immortal because if a human lifespan was 120 years at the very maximum and probably a lot less than that because of the conditions that human beings were in during these bit the lifespan of these beings seemed like forever it seemed like they were immortal because they lived through you know you know generations upon generations of human beings and their families you know never seeing these beings die but die they do because they are not immortal and I want to be very clear on that these beings are not immortal they're not gods okay they're not supernatural entities they are flesh-and-blood entities and they you know some people yeah and that's my take on it some people insist that these are fallen angelic beings I mean I I don't come down on that side of the the fence when it comes to this research I think that these are beings that are very much like us except they have a whole lot more knowledge and you know in many ways they're not any more moral than we are you know so and again that's just my take I'm open-minded to all other takes on these beings as from being other-dimensional you know angelic / demonic I'm not saying I completely rule that out I'm just saying if I if I impressed and you want me to tell you what I think their nature is its mortal it's living in our space-time continuum with a whole lot more capabilities and a whole lot more technological prowess than we have understanding a lot more about how the laws of nature function and clearly not really understanding too much about natural law or least understanding enough about it that they don't maybe don't do things like this to their own kind anymore but they're still willing to do it to beings that they can sitter lesser quote-unquote than they are just like we do that to animals okay so again like father like son like mother like son you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree we inherit the traits that our parents passed down to us and the behaviors that they passed down to us so ninka Zita the geneticist of this group of beings said to Enlil they were given the ability to procreate on their own but they were not given the chromosome that gives us our long lifespan that was not added to their genome so he's telling them you don't have to worry about these beings being immortal like we are so that they'll gain the kind of knowledge that we have over a single lifespan over a single human life okay they're only going to live to 120 years old at the very very maximum that's that's what's encoded into their genome that the lifespan ends at that point an N key says to them what choice did we have to end our mission and failure or to do what was necessary and by giving them the ability to procreate let aren't new workers undertake the labor for us so again all he's concerned about is the completion of their mission you know some people say oh they had their back against the wall because their species survival was in jeopardy and they needed this for the protection of their planet they needed the resources here for the protection of their plant there's a million different excuses made you know it's always excuses though when people do things like this that's all what ever is is justifications so and they'll replied to them you know well then let them be expelled from the Eden to the absolu where they are needed and again this is in alignment with the biblical expulsion out of Eden God is expelling these beings out of Eden and basically saying now you go do your hard labor in the minds of AB su okay and again it's it's not just about disobeying the just God and therefore being put out of you know a paradise into a hell they were literally taking them out of a place that was Paradiso CO and untouched by technology by their technology and as the the nature nature on this planet intended it to be which was the conditions that they were being reared in and then they were taken to a horrific environment to labor endlessly sometimes unto death for these beings that you know had infinitely more knowledge about how the universe worked and who came here simply to put these beings through you know long periods of work as beasts of burden literally so there's two sides to this biblical expulsion from Eden you could look at it allegorically you could look at it literally and I think you know there is a literal side to this and then the allegorical tale of if you don't live according to natural law of the laws of the actual creator yeah you will be expelled into a Hell world of your own making you know but I don't think that's what we're really talking about here it's a way of interpreting it so moving on to slide number 42 where oh and by the way let's just briefly look at this that image on slide 41 again you see this kiln or urn of some type with a tree growing out of it and you know I neglected to really look at some of the imagery on the last couple slides let's move back to slide 39 and look at the imagery because it's very important and it it sets up the imagery on slide 41 which I want to talk about on slide 39 you see a bar relief of some Anunnaki gods of the Sumerians kings of the Sumerian and they're all pointing to a tree okay and the tree is expanded okay and there there's a winged image or symbol over the tree all right and what this depicts is the genetics laboratory it depicts the geneticists working with the life essence they called it life essence and they meant DNA they were basically sequencing the genome expanding the DNA the base pairs and that's what you're seeing here the ladder of DNA or the spiral of DNA is the tree they that's their imagery for it okay we look at it as a double helix spiral they looked at it as a tree when the base pairs were expanded okay or we're broken apart and that's what you're seeing in the middle there okay they called it the Tree of Life and then the ancient Kabbalistic tradition from where the ancient Hebraic traditions come out of you know they have a tradition regarding the Tree of Life as a system of correspondences for the the self so this is depicting these so-called gods okay performing genetic experimentation all right and their symbol is that winged disk symbol above that was the symbol for the Anunnaki by the Sumerians whenever the Sumerians were referring to these beings they often use that winged disk as their symbol so we'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth has happened when their host mark passio we're continuing with the ancient fragmented account of human origins as connected with the visitation and interference of beings from elsewhere a difficult pill for many people to swallow when it comes to the research about what led to the current human condition but absolutely vital and necessary to understand and we're going through this generalized account and I think what I'm going to do for tonight's show I know I said I was going to take calls in the third hour I think I'm gonna just keep going with this story and hopefully try to get through it and forego calls for at least this one show and we could pick up calls on next week's show I hope people aren't too disappointed about that but I think that this material is important enough that I want to try to continue to present as much of it as possible at least for this week okay so let's continue with slide number 44 we were on - I'm sorry slide number 42 so after the expulsion from Eden actually I was preparing to go back to 41 before the break so 41 shows again this tree the image on 41 you see and key seated there on his throne overseeing the operation and one of his geneticists again is putting waters into this fount in which the tree is planted and this represents the vessels that they use to do genetic experimentation what we might call test tubes today so the thing he's pouring in there is genetic material the tree represents DNA it's the tree of life hence the codes that make up all of life in and code for different behaviors and characteristics and traits so now that i've briefly outlined some of the symbolism you'll you'll see it all over when you look at these beings when you look at the traditions that talked about these beings and tried to preserve accountings of the histories that they had seen and undergone in these ancient cultures the the tree of life as a genetic symbol is constantly recurrent so let's move on to slide number 42 of the this new hybridized species of workers that they had made when they started putting them to work in the mines in the Absa proved very difficult to control they seem to be too intelligent and wanted to be free okay they didn't like being enslaved I would suggest most species don't like being enslaved it seems humanity it currently is the exception to that rule it seems we enjoy our enslavement all too much but you know perhaps covert enslavement is really enjoyed by us but you know overt enslavement we kind of recognize at least and this was over enslavement as depicted here on this you know itching I believe this is a like a bob relief that is then has like a robbing done of it or maybe just a drawn translation of that but essentially this bar relief or stelae here is depicting the Anunnaki and their new slave species and how they were controlling them and putting them to work in the mines you know you could see that the they're clothed they're larger than other beings they have human beings on leashes they're stepping on a human being who isn't complying and the other beings the beings are naked the other human beings naked are being ushered into one of the entrances of the abbé sewer the minds it was all there it's all depicted and people will still deny this was going on and these weren't just kings of their people who are putting their own people into the end of the mines you know they're always depicted as giants physical giants not just Giants metaphorically you know that oh these are great men of stature you know of social stature no they were depicting them as larger than other beings and some of these beings the there they're said that they are upwards of 30 feet tall some of the original purebred Anunnaki okay and some of them you know you hear accountings of some hybrids of them being you know nine ten twelve feet tall but the one thing or another happened to result in this condition and I personally am I'll tell you what what dynamic I personally fall onto believing in a moment but let me just explain these two scenarios people think that these beings were too difficult to control either because the Anunnaki had messed up in their genetic hybridization experiment and given them a little bit too much of their own DNA and therefore that created some innate intelligence in them and they were able to see what was happening instead of just being blind order followers blind task followers okay some other researchers believe that they retained in the mixture in the admixture that they were working with to hybridize these beings when they were doing the genetic splicing and experimentation that they retain too much of the native earth DNA the native earth being hominid DNA remained in the hybrid species now I think that is the case it isn't the infusion of Anunnaki DNA it's our native earth DNA that was remaining in us because that was the unpolluted DNA that was still on a natural course of evolving in harmony with this planet and I believe that these beings left too much of that in the human hybrid admixture of genetic material that they were working with and that's what allowed these beings to see that they were being enslaved and you know rebelled against it and I think that's why they want to epigenetically constantly try to wean this essence out of us through all the different pollutants that they put into the atmosphere into the water into the food they don't want this natural force arising in our genetic material okay because I think the beings that were here originally wanted to be free they were developing in in harmony with nature and they would have developed into something majestic and absolutely beautiful if they were left to their own devices and left according to their natural progression as nature always does you know if it's left on diluted and unpolluted and that like I said at some point the will also has to take over and we have a choice whether we want to progress in line with the will of creation and move forward in consciousness that's always a choice but I think there is an innate quality in the earth hominid beings that was powerful and special and that's what was too much of that was left in this admixture when they were creating these beings according to my belief and my research okay so what they did is they eventually did other modifications to the Earthlings DNA to make more easily controllable this further genetic modification resulted in large portions of disconnected and non-coding DNA in the human genome so I feel that the original marked one species of humanity that we're talking about that had even received this slight upgrade to allow them to be able to procreate was still of advanced intelligence and still had a lot of their DNA working okay what we now call junk DNA what science modern science laughingly calls junk DNA okay I feel that was still coding in the mark one variant of humanity or what the Anunnaki referred to as the Lulu species Lu Lu meaning primitive workers in their language the these the this large amount of DNA that science calls junk DNA isn't junk at all it's simply non-coding okay so it's somehow been disconnected from doing what it was originally intended to do and we have no idea what capabilities that codes for we have no idea what kind of innate intelligence that codes for you know this process of further degrading humanity [Applause] the cool side [Music] we don't dare speak so while between us [Music] so we keep rated there but there's nothing wrong [Music] welcome visitors what on earth is happening going to the third and final hour of tonight's broadcast continuing with the cosmic abandonment presentation in its in its extended format here tonight we're on slide number 42 talking about once the these other beings recognize that the hybrid race that they created as a so-called primitive worker was too difficult to control they did another genetic modification upon them to disconnect large portions of their DNA and this was kind of like a almost like a death knell for humanity because you know we were physically fighting back against these beings while they were in our presence and didn't want to go along with their enslavement of us and when they did this further modification it disconnected large portions of formerly coding DNA and it also resulted in thousands and thousands of genetic defects in our genome the human genome contains at least four thousand genetic defects that aren't seen in other species on earth more than just about any other species on earth I think more than any other species on earth I believe and I feel that primary psychopathy is one of these defects okay I think when they did this further dumbing down you might call it this disconnecting of genetic material that should code for certain types of innate intelligence they created not only a lot of the physical defects that humanity experiences in the form of certain genetic illnesses you could look at the types of cancers that we that we get the types of central nervous system diseases things like Alzheimer's things like diabetes autoimmune diseases you know Parkinson's disease Huntington's disease different types of genetic mental retardation conditions and physical retardation conditions but even not just taking into account the physical genetic defects that result in physical disease conditions that humanity undergoes you could look at the mental health diseases that humanity endures and the first one that we need to take a look at his primary psychopathy which we've talked about extensively here on this radio show in past shows so again people don't ever want to discuss where did primary psychopathy come from because again it it really only gives you about three choices while either God did it the creator of the universe gave humanity a small portion of the total amount of human beings on this planet primary psychopathy so that they could torment the rest of the species it just God likes to make things like this in you know the beings that he creates just to endlessly torment them so that they have to live on a on a planet with interspecies predators preying upon their own kind I don't think the God of creation does that personally I mean no God of creation that I consider worth his salt so to speak is going to do things like that but there are there are idiots out there that think that that's what God produces that's what nature that's what creation that's what the universe that's what the underlying force of intelligence and everything produces it produces completely screwed-up stuff okay to me that's a total poisoned absolutely ridiculous worldview that you know is is just it tells me already the condition that you are in as far as I'm concerned if people think that that that's what God does that that the the the being that creates everything and creates you know proportion and harmony and flow and order okay and things working the way that they should be working in balance in nature if you think it creates things like primary psychopathy I feel sorry for you I mean you know to me nature doesn't do those things I'm not saying that's just because I want to look on the bright side of things do you see God creating this type of distortion in nature I don't I mean my worldview doesn't look at that God just does things like that or whatever force of creation you want to talk about just done and it doesn't happen just randomly nature if you want to even look at it as some sort of a random process doesn't create things like that and once again people will say well this is some sort of an advantageous condition psychopathy no it isn't it's a degradation it's a degrading it's it's turning into it's turning a human being into an animal that's what psychopathy is it's taking the qualities out of the human being that make it a human and turning it into an absolute animal beast living amongst in the field like other animals and that's not what a human being is that's a degradation of a human being that's something infinitely less than what a human being actually is you know the other options are while humanity did this to ourselves somehow we genetically modified we genetically modified ourselves somehow or if we didn't do it then some other intelligent being did it and that's what I'm suggesting here is that's why psych primary psychopathy exists because another species tampered to such an extent with our genome for reasons of their own that they created a slew of defects in the code that nature originally provided for us that created all these different genetic conditions these genetic degradation Xand defects in our genome including primary psychopathy and again that's part of what we're going to explore throughout this presentation so let's move on to slide number 43 the biblical accounts describe this further degradation of early human beings and this is from Genesis chapter 11 quote the whole earth was of one language and one speech and the children of men said let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven and the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the children of men had built and the Lord said Behold the people are one and they all have one language and this is what they begin to do nothing which they can imagine will be impossible for them to do soon let us go down and confound their language that they may not understand each other speech and from that time forward the Lord scattered them upon the face of the whole earth and they stopped building the city okay so let's take this one step at a time in breaking this down the whole earth was of one language and one speech well what does that mean it means that there were pockets of people throughout the world that knew what was going on or maybe even the majority of people knew what was going on hey this slavery was out in the open it was was not covert it was over it wasn't done through mind control it was done through physical control by these beings and their technology which they had brought to this planet which was unlike anything these ancient humans had ever seen no they were new species that they hadn't seen anything they had no frame of reference to understand what was happening to them but they were able to at least see that they weren't free that they were being controlled by being controlled by these beings like cattle out in the open so they were of one speech they were all on the same page is what that means they didn't want this to continue we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] and [Music] and my and [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were on slide number 43 and I was breaking down some of the account in the biblical story of Genesis chapter 11 that describes the further degradation of early human beings that we already talked about kind of in detail from the Sumerian accounts and when it says that the whole earth was of one language and speech it means that that human beings were united on the same page regarding their enslavement and how they were opposed to it and when they said let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven under the heavens that could mean many things some researchers suggest that they were actually building technology that was similar to the Anunnaki steck Knology and this was some sort of a launching site for you know craft that could get into earth orbit if they were you know we're talking about thousands of years duration here we're not talking about this happen over a period of weeks alright these beings some of these beings after they came out and if they started procreating on their own they the Anunnaki could not contain them to certain areas you know it was it was literally this is why the elite so-called quote-unquote are obsessed with controlling population as the population grows that these you know the bings you're trying to control become difficult more and more difficult to control because you're only so many and if their population grows out of hand you know you're gonna have to reel that in in order to keep them under control so over thousands of years these beings were developing technology on their own and in many ways you know they were before this genetic further genetic degradation happened they were becoming perhaps as intelligent as the Anunnaki you know and they had built cities and they had built civilizations and you know they had technology at that point and essentially these beings were saying this has to go they can't continue do this because we're not going to maintain our control over them and we're not going to have the resources that we need okay and they said we have to do something about this so perhaps they reeled many of them in wiped a lot of them out white wiped a lot of their cities out and the beings that they wanted to keep using for their purposes they did this genetic manipulation - and that's the story of the Tower of Babel and how God essentially you know said let us go down again so that this has never explained by anybody in official capacity and religion why would God okay who wants to who sang the people are of one they have one language and they're they're you know building something that is like what what we're capable capable of building nothing which they can imagine which will be impossible for them to do soon okay they'll be able to do anything so let us go down and confuse their language okay well who's us and what is their language no I'm going to confound their language first of all if God is saying that why doesn't he say I will go down no let us go down and go down in other words go down to the earth from our craft in orbit let us do that the gods quote unquote small G it's not the god of creation saying why would the god of creation have to go down from up he would just appear he would just be there he would just do it period if he's on an omnipotent being these aren't omnipotent beings they're not God as in the god of creation let us go down and confuse their language that they may not understand each other speech and that's not I don't think that that's literal like we're going to give them a bunch of different languages so they can't understand what each other are saying it's saying I'm going to go down and confuse the language that they are made of the DNA language the coat the genetic code that they are made of that comprises their characteristics their traits you know their capabilities so that they may not understand each other speech so that there'll be two dumbed down and stupid to even recognize what's going on around them and get on the same page like they are now and from that time forward the Lord scattered them upon the face of the earth and they stopped the building the city in other words they stopped evolving and their slavery was basically put into hardcore effect because of these this dumbing down of the genetic you know material that ancient humanity underwent and I would say that this probably happened somewhere around 200,000 years ago maybe a little bit less than that you know and again you're talking about such large swathes of time it's difficult to know I think these beings have been here at least a half a billion years probably for between 500 and 400 thousand years ago and they probably made us shortly after their arrival to the planet and this modification was probably done between 100 and 200 thousand years ago if I'm just giving some general estimates because again these are fragmentary accounts and I don't think we could know for absolute certainty or pinpoint an exact date so a lot of it is speculation and a lot of it is fragmented but I'm just giving general estimates so let's move on to slide number 44 the Anunnaki continued their efforts to control their new slave species and put them to work in the most efficient ways possible they greatly differed on the best ways to do this so a deeper divide formed between the commanding brothers and again this is what I personally call the Enki and Enlil factions it wasn't just the individual brothers calling all the shots it was big it was the factions who aligned themselves with these beings so you know when we're talking about nqn low we could even just look at them as factions of these Anunnaki beings if for lack of a better term to call them fact factions of the farmers okay who decided on different ways to go about doing their farming and keep the human herd under control okay so the end little faction okay where if you want to look at it as a single being fine Enlil who hated the plan from its inception preferred to rule the humans with an iron fist which he felt would successfully end the mission as soon as possible allowing him to return to the anunnaki homeworld and assumed the throne so he played the position of a god all right he didn't want to interact with them as equals or as you know beings on the same footing at all he you know said I'm your God I'm one of your creators all right youyou are gonna listen to me or it's going to be you know the the the whip and chained for you didn't want to put up with any dissent he was a totalitarian when it came to the slave species because he hated them from the very beginning he hated the whole plan so he said let's just we made them that's an abomination in its own right we then further degraded them that's an additional abomination all of this isn't more immoral all of this was forbidden by our original Mission Plan specifications I didn't want to be involved in any of this so what I'm gonna do is try to get this done as efficiently and as quickly as possible rule them with an iron fist and Enloe also wanted to destroy humanity after he was done using them now again this is where this idea in current Humanity of him as the total bad guy comes from but again he painted his brother as the devil to his own faction of people you know and Enki was considered the devil and the serpent which we'll get into so we're coming up to another break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] in [Music] I'll go back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's continue with the cosmic abandonment slide show we were on slide number 44 and I was explaining how the different faction of these beings that came here in the ancient past had different approaches for controlling humanity in the early days of their involvement with them the Enlil faction led by Enlil himself who hated the whole plan of hybridizing and other species to create a worker race and looked at that as slavery and didn't want his brother to go ahead with it but was overruled by the homeworld council wanted the rule these beings with an iron fist as their God as their literal creator so that he could get the mission done as quickly and effectively as possible and get out of there and go home and receive the accolades for a job done well and and you know successfully accomplished and then take up you know the throne on his homeworld because he was the prince who was getting going to inherit the anunnaki throne when his father Anu had finished his reign so an key his brother his half-brother on the other hand looked at the human beings as his own creation like a father might look at his children his method of control was indirect okay and again I still call it a method of control there are people who say oh no he just wanted the humans to be free I don't look at it like that personally okay and a lot of people will say oh well you know you're just down on all of them and you know you think all these extraterrestrials are bad people or bad beings it's not that's not necessarily the case what I'm saying is that these beings were there to serve their own interests and to perform a mission and ultimately when it comes down to it they were gonna do whatever was required for them to do to control humanity to get that done so here you're seeing a couple of different depictions of how these beings operated with their slave species on the Left it's a depiction of how an lo may have interacted with the humans you know like a God seated on his throne and ruling with an iron fist and commanding them you know you see some of them coming out of the mines again these entrances to these mines that were deep underground I mean again it's it's all there in depictions it's all there in ancient accounts and yeah I mean you just look at how littered with with mines ancient Africa was and I mean just it's unbelievable what would these ancient people have needed with mining and smelting gold you know there would have been no purpose for it even before the humanity allegedly invented any monetary systems which we didn't do again as we'll see they gave us monetary systems you know there would be no reason to mine for gold you know it's an unimaginably painstaking process and ancient peoples that weren't a technological civilization would have had no need for that we look at end keys method okay he his method of control was indirect he he gave to the worker species different systems of belief including religions governments and monetary systems in order to get them to comply willingly by allowing some of the humans to believe the notion that they were in control or that they were in a position of leadership or responsibility for the others so this way you would set up a hierarchical chain of command you know we I created a religion you're I'm the god you're my intercessor my intermediary I should say and then you're going to interact with these human beings on my behalf as priests this is the this is the new way we do things this is a religion and you have some power now so you're not a slave you know I'm divinely as your God and creator appointing you in this position and you're going to interact with those who are below you and human beings love that because some of them could be quote unquote free and they could give the orders now see they're just all in a rush to just exchange positions with their enslavers and nothing is different once again same things same story we're in the same situation today people think it's all about just taking out the the so-called Illuminati the so-called elite you know why because there aren't thousands of people that would be willing to trade places with them and are so immoral that they would do the same things that they were doing in a heartbeat it isn't about changing the way all of us think it isn't about taking down corrupt and immoral institutions that don't serve us no no we need to leave those systems in place and somehow we're magically going to be free yeah okay mmhmm yeah you keep believing that you can keep your hand and a pot of boiling water and not get burned or nothing's gonna happen to it I can keep my hand directly over this fire for as long as I feel like it and it'll be fine you know that's that same thing it's just as ridiculous as saying something like that so any key people want to prop this being or this faction of beings up as somehow the enlighteners of humanity like illuminators and you know and it is true he started what you might call mystery school traditions he started attempting to teach humanity in their ways and give them different you know traditions and give them different some technologies you know you see him here giving humanity something that seems to be some sort of a energy device or technology you know he put positioned himself as the benevolent ruler and this is just that all this is a situation of good cop bad cop you know so one one sighs looks like he's the good guy in one side looks like oh that's that all the bad alternative you don't want him so you might as well get on board what this guy is doing you know that's all it was it's it's again and key putting these systems of control covert control into place in the form of religion government and money the same things we're battling against today these institutions that allowed the these ancient beings that came from elsewhere to control this planet effectively and run it like an efficient farm without having to exercise total covert context who did not want to be enslaved and doing it this way ensured if you're controlling the mind that's epigenetically controlling the underlying DNA that you don't want cropping back up they were afraid of this innate human DNA that had capabilities probably that had capabilities that would have even outstripped theirs if allowed to its own devices and they don't want that they don't want that occurring so they have to put all these mind-control systems into place and these are the beings who invented the monetary system and let me just make that absolutely abundantly clear human beings did not use money before these Anunnaki factions gave them this system of belief called money so that they could interoperate with each other for goods and services as slaves on the land okay they were the one these Anunnaki beings are the ones who actually invented the original monetary systems that humanity put into use and people never even talked about the real origins of money you know they want to talk about oh it's just some invention that was come up with during the Crusades you know and and the Templars became the first international bankers you know it's or Goldsmith's you know that put gold on deposit because that's what people were using as money well yeah they were using gold as money people never ask well where did that practice come from okay you could talk about the origins of paper money and banks and fractional reserve lending until you're blue in the face where did the use of gold from money originally stem from it was already in full swing at the time of the Sumerian civilization so where did they get it from it's because these beings valued gold so much because of their any reasons for wanting it they're there in the reasons for wanting it and their perceived their intrinsic value what they ascribe to gold as intrinsic value for reasons we don't even really fully understand and can only speculate about so the Anunnaki beings they valued gold intrinsically and then they passed that value down to the human beings that they allowed to use a certain amount of that gold that was smelted and refined and pressed as coinage for their purposes as a system of interaction and then that creates a social strata you know that this is what they were trying to do they were trying to create social strata and hierarchy among these beings so that they would be easier to control and some of them would see themselves as I'm a leader of these other people [Music] you know today destroys the night-night divide today tried to run try to hide to the welcome back everyone listen to what is happening here on Republican broadcasters mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm this is the last segment for this evenings broadcast were going through the cosmic abandonment presentation we were on slide number 45 we're a new abomination in this story is about to unfold eventually over time the beings that came here these Anunnaki as the Sumerians called the meaning those who came to the Earth from the wider cosmos from the heavens began to take human females as sexual partners okay so some of them actually directly interbred with human females and offspring were born that were yet another hybrid species with more of these visitors these a nanaki's DNA in them so some researchers referred to these new this new species that was a second hybrid species that was literally created from actual sexual reproduction between Anunnaki males and human females as demigods because they weren't full Anunnaki beings they were not full quote-unquote gods nor were they fully human they were another cross species hybridization created you know by interbreeding between the Anunnaki and their slave species so this interbreeding is described in the book of Genesis in the Bible chapter 6 quote and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful so they took wives of any of them which they chose and the Lord said again this is now one of the commanding factions or the you know the commanders and law and Anki more likely than not it is an key speaking in this regard my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is also mortal again this is another reference that we're not talking about an immortal being or an actual God he is also mortal meaning I'm mortal and so is man even though my lifespan is much much much longer than mankind's lifespan going back to the quote is he says my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is also mortal yet his days shall be no more than 120 years again this is that limiting of the human lifespan that was encoded into the human hybrid genetics because they didn't want them to have their extended lifespan by giving them the gene that controlled that lifespan continuing with the quote there were giants in the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and bared children with them the same in other words their offspring became the mighty men of old the men of renown and they are referring here to what is called the Nephilim in English it's an e ph i l I M that's transliterated from the Hebrew which I believe is none Pere Yoda LOM ed Yoda mem ok Nephilim in Hebrew and that comes from that word Nephilim comes from the hebrew word 'no fall the fall or none pare la med literally means to fall or to send okay so this is where some people get this notion that these were beings who were fallen angels they had fallen from another dimension they had fallen from grace etc but it literally means to descend to come down from okay and these were beings that they had come down from the original genetic purity of the Anunnaki and through this interbreeding process had become a hybrid and not a purebred but had become a cross between Anunnaki and human and hence they were fallen from were seen as fallen from their original genetic purity by probably both the gods and the humans and therefore they were called demigods or Giants you know because they weren't as large as the Anunnaki and nor were they as small as the humans so you know the whole point here is is it doesn't necessarily have to mean that these were supernatural entities or fallen angels I understand people's interpretation of it as such especially when they come from a purely biblical perspective lacking the insight of some of these older texts but and hey if that's somebody's take of their nature you know fine whatever I mean I'm not again I'm not here to debate the whole nature of what these beings are the bottom line is there are enslavers and controllers you want to be free you have to stop following along with their agendas period you have to understand natural law and live a moral life and stop cooperating with them and be prepared to physically defend yourself if necessary to defend your freedom and your rights that's what it altom Utley comes down to regardless of who's controlling us or what their nature is I don't care if their nature is another human being I don't care if it's a flesh-and-blood being from elsewhere I don't care if it's an interdimensional or if it's demonic it doesn't make a difference what their nature is their methodologies are the same and us waking up to that methodology works the same way and stop going stopping going along with their agenda works the same way so you know people can have their beliefs about what their nature is and that fits in with one religion or another I personally could care less all right I'm trying to tell the general overarching story of what happened here so that we can understand our origins and what we're gonna have to do to overcome this condition all right that's the most important part of it so that's my take on the Nephilim and I think that these beings were left here I do think that they did did not leave with the original Anunnaki okay because this was another abomination another thing that wasn't supposed to happen and there there it would have been so frowned upon on their homeworld they didn't even want it known that this had happened these beings were not allowed to go back home with them and again that's another reason why they were called fallen because they couldn't go back up they couldn't ascend offworld and go back with the original Anunnaki when they when the vast majority of them took off and again I don't want to say all of them left because there's a very strong possibility that there were some of them that remained to oversee what was happening on this planet and that was much later on because there was other events that took place after this which we're going to get to so let's just for now move on to slide number 46 and we can get into some of those other details later while interbreeding with the new slave species was forbidden by the Mission Plan the Anunnaki used this interbreeding and the byproduct of these Nephilim or demigod beings to their advantage by placing these demigod offspring into positions of royalty and authority on earth so they had set up some of these governmental structures and religion like structures but now they can put these people in there as their middlemen because now they really didn't look like human beings this would allow the system of covert control to work even effectively because these beings look more like the gods they could take a step back not have to control these beings directly they're setting up these systems of mind control and obedience and worship to these beings these demigod beings as gods okay and saying they're the inner they're the divinely appointed intermediaries between the humans and the other gods okay and these bings essentially were just worshipped as gods as the the the kings of the earth the kings of their religion and their rule was unquestioned and unchallenged and that allowed them to put these beings to work them to put all the humans to work as efficiently as possible for the Anunnaki farmers that were controlling the whole operation we're going to pick up from there next week folks a whole lot more oh coltd material to come on the story of ancient human origins that's all the time we have for this week remember there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening we'll see right here next week [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]