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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Saturday July 12th 2014 we have a great show lined up for you here today this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central and tonight on what on earth is happening we're going to be getting into more on the theory of interference with humanity that took place in our ancient past as a result of interference by non-human entities I call this cosmic abandonment and I'll be continuing the cosmic abandonment presentation breaking it down in depth and talking about the connection between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition that will be coming up on tonight's show I will be taking calls in the third hour of the show tonight haven't been doing calls over the last couple of shows been really focusing on the presentation material I figure it's time to take some calls for the last hour of the show tonight so if you want to join us in the last hour the call-in number to join us is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us in the third hour you can get in the call queue early if you wish 800 three one 390 443 a couple of quick event announcements before we begin the material for tonight I will be giving an all-day seminar in Manchester Connecticut on Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. it's a live one of a kind all-day seminar and it's called demystifying the occult this is presented by pattern recognition time and art Capozzi and art will be giving a small preliminary presentation at the beginning of the day the doors will open around 9:00 a.m. we'll probably get started in by no later than 9:30 maybe even a little bit earlier and we'll be I'll be doing a morning session will be taking a break for lunch and afternoon session will be taking a break for dinner and then hopefully we'll have time for an extended question-and-answer session in the evening session this will be taking place at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut zero six zero four zero free parking is available at the Manchester History Center for those coming in from out of town here's the brief description mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is a cultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives this and much more will be discussed in this all-day seminar in the last part of the seminar I will also be breaking down a lot of the symbolism of the Major Arcana of the Tarot so this is a presentation you won't want to miss if you're anywhere near Manchester Connecticut or if you want to come in from out of town that's great to advance tickets are only a twenty five dollar donation you could send a personal check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 Monroe Connecticut zero six four six eight or you can purchase tickets at the door for a thirty dollar cash donation once again demystifying the occult a live all-day seminar Saturday October 4 2014 9 o'clock a.m. start time really looking forward to it also another brief event announcement truth freedom prosperity will host its free documentary scrim documentary film screening and discussion evening as always on the third Thursday of every month at 7 o'clock p.m. at the Guerin Recreation Center at 16th and Jackson streets in Philadelphia this will be taking place this coming Thursday July 7 the documentary film for this Thursday evening is state of mind the psychology of control a really really great documentary on mind control and social engineering here's the brief description are we controlled to what extent and by whom what does it mean for humanity's future state of mind digs deeply into the sources to reveal that much of what we believe to be truth has been deception deliberately implanted into our consciousness to erect tyranny state of mind examines the science that has evolved over generations to keep us firmly in place and maintain the status quo so that dictators power brokers and corporate puppeteers may profit from our ignorance from the anvil of compulsory schooling to media and entertainment we are kept in perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions state of mind delves into the abyss to bring light to the manipulation and reveal the true agendas at work from the ancient roots of the control of human behavior to its maturity in the mind control experiments of intelligence agencies State of Mind reveals a plan for the future that drives home the dreadful price of our ignorance will we choose our own paths or have one selected for us state of mind unveils the answers that may decide whether humankind will fulfill its destiny or be forever enslaved this is a really powerful documentary film that we have shown before as part of the free documentary screening and discussion evenings that we host but again we're rerunning some of the films that we thought were especially good and that people who are new to this group really need to see again in people who are even veteran members of the group need to take these films and show them the other people in their you know Friendship Circle and and their in their families so that this information can really say sink in so once again Thursday July 17th at the Guarin Recreation Center 1600 Jackson Street there is free parking free fenced in parking on premises to bring your own food and drink and it's free to attend there is a small donation that we have to give to the that the group has to give to the Guarin Center in order to to rent the room so if you can give a small monetary donation it is appreciated but not required come on out on this Thursday at the Guarin Center and you know it'll be an educational evening so those are the two brief event announcements that I had I also want to mention that as always there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you've gained value from the information that I've presented and shared on this radio show and podcast and on my website through my videos you could feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that it can continue so with that having been said let's get into the topic for this evening which once again is cosmic abandonment and the cosmic abandonment presentation that I've been going over for many weeks so if you're new to this particular material you might want to go back and listen to it from the beginning where I started covering this information but I as always I always recommend the people go back to podcast number one and start from there because this information of course is a very huge tapestry that has prerequisite knowledge that is part of it and if you don't understand the stuff that's built upon early on in the podcast this information is going to not really make much sense to you because it has prerequisite knowledge that you need to understand first that's why I always recommend people to approach the what on earth is happening radio series and podcasts in a linear progression starting from number one and moving forward at your own pace those podcasts of course are archived that the water on earth is happening calm website in the podcast section so I want to direct everybody's attention to the water on earth is happening calm radio page the radio show page as always underneath the player there are images for tonight's show you could see that image 1 & 2 were the Flyers one for the Connecticut seminar that I'm doing in October and one for the free documentary screening night in Philadelphia this Thursday this coming Thursday after that you'll see cosmic abandonment slides part 1 & 2 we've been going through these for the last few weeks and we will continue to go through these for the next several last week I left off at image number 53 and we were talking about essentially that it was a crime punishable by death to depict the beings that came here in our ancient past and genetically manipulated us according to their true forms [Music] you know today disguise the night 95 today tried to run try to hide to the other side welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm as I was saying before the break we were going through the cosmic abandonment presentation and we got I guess about halfway through the first part of the slides and we're gonna pick it up from slide number 53 this evening and we were talking about we ended up talking about last week how the quote-unquote gods these beings that came here and genetically manipulated our species and as always whenever I use that term gods I'm putting it in double quotes please do not think that I'm likening these beings to any type of gods or true supernatural entities that you know should be revered in any way these were nothing of the kind and I as I've said already I think that they are simply flesh and being flesh-and-blood beings just like us that think that they were gods and you know tried to act that role because of their advanced technology and you know wanting to be basically worshipped by what they considered to be a lesser species that they had made the term is simply you know applicable to how the ancient people would have seen these beings because of their advanced technologies and an ability to control them and it should not be seen as any kind of you know veneration that I'm attributing to these beings I'm wrapping it in double quotes enter there's a lowercase G please make note of that as we were saying last week these beings would have been completely would have completely forbidden anyone to show their image in how they actually looked and this is because after the interbreeding happened between these beings and their creation the early mark one variant of humanity I guess you could say they no longer were directly administrating things here on the earth they were allowing the beings that had resulted as a result of the interbreeding to be their administrators these were these were known or referred to in the ancient world as the demigods or the men of renown the Giants the Nephilim the biblical texts call them so these would have been at literal alien-human hybrids that resulted in the breeding between the original beings the original non-human beings that came here that the Sumerians referred to as the Anunnaki those who from the heavens came to the earth and their own creation the early human beings so these beings were kind of the intercessors between humanity and the quote-unquote gods who essentially ran this planet from offworld from probably some type of waste stations or space stations as we would refer to them as so that's where the notion of God's being in the sky came from you know and their administrators their priests class remaining here on the earth and this was done again we talked about this last week because these other these Nephilim beings or Giants were referred to as the fallen because of their fallen genetic status as a result of the inbreeding with thee as the gods saw it much lower level primitive human beings so they were considered to have a fallen genome a fallen variant of their DNA and therefore they could not be taken back to their home world with them in the heavens therefore they were considered fallen ones or fallen angels you might call them okay but they were certainly beings who were fallen from their original home in space so again they wanted to depict they wanted to take advantage of this blending between themselves and human beings which would have obscured some of their actual genetic and physical characteristics and traits in the way of differences and the offspring between them and human beings probably would have looked like certainly a cross between them and as they continue to breed with human beings that difference would have gotten less and less and they would have looked more like human beings and been able to integrate more easily into human society without being overtly challenged because they were clearly different looking than humans and when human beings see people who are completely different looking from them attempting to rule over them there would probably be a much more higher probability to have physical rebellion against that type of slavery but if they integrated the demigod species into them with the idea of the divine right to rule over the humans because of their superior bloodline and their connection to the gods of old then a more covert methodology of control could be erected in which the human beings would wilfully go along with it you know because they looked at this is some kind of a divine you know appointing from these gods that they didn't see you know in their short lifetimes in many cases and those who did ever see them thought that they were immortal because of their extremely long lifespans we talked about this a couple of weeks back so again we're talking about their countenances their actual images would have been forbidden and punishable by death to be recorded and communicated to other people this of course plays into the advantage of the controllers because they could essentially be seen as anything you know as actual supernatural entities you know that were literally of magical origin or divine origin instead of actual flesh-and-blood creatures which they were so the early humans essentially came up with a pretty clever way of depicting these beings without actually drawing them how they actually looked and what they did was they again ascribe different motifs when they were drawing them they gave them fish scales or very large accoutrements on the head that made their heads look very enlarged but it was done in the way of headdresses or they depicted them as winged creatures or creatures with a lot of feathers like birds so you saw them depicted as fish creatures bird creatures and probably very often as serpent beings okay because of the look of their skin which we talked about last week as well and which I said that the reason that they depicted this of this feathery like skin or scaly skin like a fish or a serpent is because more likely than not their skin may have looked like our elbows or knees all over their body it was something that had a lot of ridges and looked more like something like we might see on a surface of a snake or a lizard and you know this is where this idea that these were reptilian beings or serpent beings came out of because of the look of their skin so if we look at the depictions right here on slide number 53 we'll see again an Assyrian God Sargon depicted as a fish God and again these beings came from the sea in many cases not only the sky but the sea because their crafts were often witnessed coming not only from deep space but from literally under the sea their crafts could travel under the ocean and I've said at the end of last week's show that I believe that they had bases underwater and probably still do possibly to this day so you'll also notice that in all of these different traditions even though they come from different traditions Akkadian Sumerian Babylonian etc largely the same parent culture they depict the same basic actions taking place here a God depicted as a winged creature or a fish creature or a bird creature okay carrying a conical shape object and then he has some sort of a bag or a box that he is carrying with him we'll pick it up from this slide on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're continuing with the cosmic abandonment presentation talking about how the ancient peoples depicted the gods because their direct countenances were forbidden to be depicted and that was something that was punishable by death in the ancient world on slide 53 we saw how the ancients depicted some of them depicting them as beings that could fly through the air hence bird-like entities or beings with wings or entities that could traverse the seas easily and therefore depicted as fish people also you had the the feathers and the scales of the fish playing a direct reference to the type of skin that these beings were said to have had in in these images they're all depicted regardless of the culture that is portraying them as holding the pinecone and this represented a high level of knowledge understanding how things in the physical world and the spiritual dimensions worked as well and the pinecone to this day is still a high level of spiritual representative of a high level of spiritual knowledge even though those who really use it don't really have that level of enlightenment they think that they do and they tell other people that they do but you know they're not the real enlightened ones they're they you know would refer to them selves as such but nothing could be further from the truth it's more of just a symbol of holding power you know and holding power over others that's really what that symbol has come to be representative of the symbol of authority and hence you see it on a lot of you know ancient temples and certainly on the Vatican today there's actually an entire court that is erected to pay homage to the pinecone which is representative of the pineal gland or the third eye as the ancients referred to the pineal gland so in slide number 54 we could see some other depictions of these beings by our ancient human ancestors and here you have another Assyrian drawing on the left here of a king and quote-unquote a god a king priest / intermediary between the gods and human beings again depicted as a half man half bird creature capable of flight you know with certain energetic weapons and of course with feathers in the middle you have the Babylonian goddess Anana again holding some type of a technology in her hands and depicted with owls which is another symbol of the quote-unquote gods or the elite you know the illuminated ones as that they call themselves a symbol of ancient knowledge a symbol of a bird of prey again a predatory bird-like creature capable of flight that can see its prey at night from an overhead position where the prey cannot see it in darkness she's also standing on lion cubs this is always a symbol of knowledge of high-level knowledge you see this in the ancient Eastern traditions particularly the Chinese tradition the the temple dogs are always holding the cub underneath the paw it's representative of high-level spiritual knowledge or wisdom again a depiction that the ancients would have ascribed to these beings because they thought that they were like gods because of their high level of Technology and they constantly played up this angle that they were our God's because they physically created our species which did not exist previously and they provided for our species and you know they administrated our species on a day to day basis again it's just a term or a label I don't want anybody thinking that I somehow ascribe the characteristics of God to these beings because nothing could be farther from the truth I want to continuously r.e.m ffice eyes that so that people don't get that because again just as just a brief aside here there's this dynamic that goes on in human beings where they hear what they want to hear they don't hear what I'm actually saying they hear what they want to hear so they hear me say the word gods as being a word attributed to these beings and then they say mark passio is telling us that these are our gods I said no such thing I said this is how they were looked at by these ancient people who didn't know any better in many cases and who were under their ruthless and brutal oppression from the time that we were created I've said over and over again I don't really think that these beings were the gods of anything except a sewer that they themselves created okay and there's there's nothing close to similar about the true god of creation to these beings that I'm referring to nothing could be more completely dissimilar than comparing these two entities the god of creation the force of creation the underlying force of intelligence inherent to everything and these demented in many cases completely imbalanced beings that thought that wanted to play God okay I don't know how much more clear I can make that but if people still want to you know run with the notion and hear things that they want to hear then fine so be it okay I don't know how much more clear I can make that but going back to the point of their depictions by the ancient humans again you often saw them you see this here this motif repeated again with them literally being portrayed as chimera type beings as a blending between humans and animals hence you have literal literal blending here in the last two imagery of the goddess in Anna who was actually a physical being depicted in the ancient world and in the in the text who interacted with human beings and you know and of course there is a symbolic side to this as well where it is representative of a goddess tradition you know representing wisdom and care and nurturing etc and you know the feminine aspects of the human the human characteristics which we've gone into in the past but you know regarding these actual entities these actual beings that came here and created us you could see how now the humans were depicting them as across species between birds or fish and human beings hence in this middle image which is I believe Babylonian or Sumerian and the of that the middle image is Sumerian and the image on the right I believe is Babylonian you have a blending an actual morphing between a bird like being in the middle image with Anana and then she has the the claws the talons of the birds on her feet of the bird the owl on her feet and then on the image on the right hand side this is uh I believe it's not sure of the entity but I think it's Dagon I could be incorrect about that which is a Babylonian water God depicted as a fish again we're going to see this theme repeated with the large headdress okay and we'll get into that on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us more to come you still have I'm sorry I thought I heard music coming in on the on the headphones so sorry about that folks a little technical glitch there might have been some interference coming in through my headphones we'll continue to the next slide so let's move on to slide number 55 where we see these beings depicted as serpents okay and here in the Egyptian tradition in their their stone carvings you see the the Pharaoh Tutankhamen there on the left and Akhenaten on the right and these fur onic demigods were depicted as snakes as serpents literally the headdress is like the head of a cobra and you see the Cobra or you know the serpent up on top of the headdress at the position of the third eye okay and you can see the nonhuman looking eyes a continuously repeated motif in the Egyptian tradition and in Egyptian symbology as well so these beings were again depicted as snake-like beings or serpent-like beings again probably because of the way their skin actually appeared but it was also a reference to higher level knowledge okay and you again and not so much on the left there with Tutankhamun but on the right with Akhenaten you see the extremely elongated headdress covering what would appear to be an extremely elongated skull which we're going to talk about in a few moments and then in the middle coming out of that skull right over the third eye area would have been the serpent the Cobra coming out of the middle of the headdress okay so here we see them depicted as serpent beings and this is a the cult of the serpent is completely revered throughout the ancient world and it stretches back as far as the earliest human civilizations that we even have history records accounting for going back to or and pre Sumerian culture all the way into the Indus Valley traditions and the the Middle Eastern traditions as well of course culminating in Egypt and then of course after Egypt was eventually diminished of the Egyptian power culture was eventually diminished it was absorbed into the Roman Empire so this serpent cult is it goes down through the generations from the earliest human beings right into the present day where we still see constant allusions and references to snake-like beings and serpent type symbolism [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pass you got cut off a little bit before the last break I apologize I'm having a little bit of difficulty hearing the break music coming in through my headphones hopefully we'll get that worked out not a big deal we were on slide number 56 I was beginning to talk about some of the archaeological artifacts that have been discovered that depict or where humans attempted to depict some of these beings perhaps in a way more similar to how they may have actually appeared to them in some sort of a crude fashion these images on slide 56 are from the Umayyad culture ub i ad you Bai D I'm sorry the Umayyad culture was actually a pre-sumerian and it stemmed back it went back I I think to at least probably over 8,000 years ago I would say maybe 8500 years ago or or more and it's probably one of the oldest Middle Eastern civilizations on the entire planet you're talking about the city that was really one of the basis for these beings the ube Ede area would have been known in to the Sumerians and to the Anunnaki as the city of era do era do was one of these beings bases their actual main cities so in the modern day we would play this would be around the southern or maybe the south-central southeastern portion of the country known as Iraq right near the Tigris and Euphrates River in what was known in the ancient world as Mesopotamia which means the land between rivers so you can see the motif here again of decidedly non human like looking entities with extremely elongated skulls and large slanted eyes okay and some of them holding what looks to be young ones or a child of some kind some speculate that this may have been what was known as the mother of humanity one of the female beings from which the human species was was actually derived so you know we talked about the the genetic manipulation of humanity and how you know it paralleled the biblical story of Adam and Eve and one of the female creatures that was essentially manipulated to bring forth humanity was that being known as nimah that formed the original female primitive worker of the early mark one type humans which was the Adam ooh and teaming species so this nimah creature that was one of the original Anunnaki or non-human entities may be being depicted here in these archaeological figurines so some of the other figures that we see coming forth from the same area of the world are depicted in slide number 57 juxtaposing them with some of these ubi ed figures and they clearly look both non-human and having some sort of protective gear around them that looks like very similar to what we might call an astronauts gear okay a spacesuit if you will and this is of course been looked at very closely by people who take up the ancient aliens hypothesis and I think there is certainly something to it I don't really think that these beings would have just these ancient peoples would have just depicted this out of their imaginations I think that they were trying to bring to life through art something that they saw in their everyday world and that they didn't understand and that you know they wanted to essentially capture in whatever form that they could and in this case it was through clay sculpture so one of the other ways that we have evidence to support the actual physical existence of these beings is literal archaeological fossil or bone evidence okay you see in slide number 58 and then moving forward a huge amount of imagery of skulls that are anomalous and there's a lot of speculation and a lot of conjecture and a lot of debate about these skulls because people will insist that these are cradle boarded and we'll talk about what that is in a moment but I just wanted to put a good smattering of them in the presentation so I collected them from a bunch of different websites and a bunch of different pictures from museums and archaeological digs where they have been found and you could see them these images go from slide number 58 through slide number see if I can get to the end of it 68 okay so 58 through 68 that's 11 slides okay so you could see a lot of different variations when you look at them you'll see slide 61 is certainly an anomalous one where the eye sockets are much different the the parietal plates are quite different this was a an entire intact skeleton of a child you'll see and people could take their time looking through them I'm just going to basically talk about this phenomenon of elongated skulls you could see some of them have hair still attached to them so there's been some you know genetic testing done with some of these and they many of them come back with a very mixed genetic result showing that there is some human DNA in them but there's also some anomalous DNA and again this would fit in with the theory that there are that these were a hybrid species that they had human DNA in them because they were a byproduct of human and alien beings that essentially put forward the Nephilim or these giants as their progeny and you know you could just look at the differences in jaw sizes okay from a normal human being and where the jaw muscles would have connected to the head completely different and larger than a human and not only that the skull casings are large again larger in cubic volume than normal human beings when if you were to do some type of cranial deformation which we're going to talk about you wouldn't see differences in cubic volume of the cubic centimeter of the volume of the brain you would just see a deformation in the actual skull casing in the material of the skull and that would keep these the basic volume of the skull intact and a human being it would not make a larger skull by volume so if you look at something like image number 66 this skull is at least like has a 30% higher skull capacity the actual brain case capacity than a human being that's not possible with cradle boarding no matter how extreme the cradle boarding is done you see one of the largest examples two of the largest examples on slide 67 and 68 again peruse these at your own leisure and you know download them you could download the zip file you'll have all of the images again this is going to be podcast number 162 so you could find the images with that podcast if you're not listening live and you know I mean in Peru this is one of the largest skulls in the museums down there in 667 and it has a lot of the hair still on it and a lot of these are were depicted as or were actually found with red hair or like a dark rich auburn reddish deep reddish hair which is very interesting since most of the people from the areas that these skulls are found don't have red hair they're the the people who have descended from that those geographical regions so if you go to image 68 here's a depiction of a human skull alongside one of these skulls to highlight the clear differences you know clearly a larger jaw clearly a larger area where the jaw muscles attached to the head a huge sloping forehead and your you'll notice that there's only one piranha plate and it may be difficult to see on this image but we'll look at it from a different angle and some of the upcoming slides that's one of the clear things with these you could really see that depicted on image number 65 where there's only one per ayatul plate human beings have two parietal plates almost all human beings have two parietal please we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen and we'll talk about cradle boarding and parietal plates we'll be right back [Music] [Music] is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were talking about the findings of elongated skulls in many different parts of the world and how this archaeological evidence is pretty much completely suppressed and ignored by mainstream archeology and anthropology because they can't explain it and a lot of pseudo scientific conjecture comes back that this is cradle boarding and all I can say is anybody that thinks that this is an example of cradle boarding doesn't understand the phenomenon of cradle boarding and we could just briefly in image 68 look at the difference between a regular human skull and one of these what I would call Nephilim skulls or simply an non-human or human-alien hybrid skull the the bone composition in many of these skulls is different not only that but there's a larger brain capacity often by 30% or upwards okay and that can't happen with cradle boarding also there's usually one parietal plate now there's four plates that are basically in the human skull you have the frontal plate which is the forehead okay and then you have the two parietal plates which which is the side of the heads which join up through seems you know at probably around the middle of the head going upward okay and then they join at the at the top and back of the skull and then you have the very back plate of the skull which is called the occipital plate so those four plates basically make up the seams of the human skull on these skulls you don't see two parietal plates which human beings have you see one parietal plate completely fused together with no seam and you can see this on many of the slides if we just go back briefly you could see that there's only one per ayatul plate on slide 58 on slide 59 on slide 60 on slide 62 on slide 64 on slide 65 on slide 66 67 is difficult to tell because of the hair and on slide 6801 parietal plate where as a human being has two parietal plates okay and you could see that very clearly when we get you'll be able to see that very clearly the one we get to image number 70 in particular but let me just go back to this phenomenon of cradle boarding we're on slide number 69 here it's a type of skull binding that leads to cranial deformation the deformation of the skull and cradle boarding can indeed account for some elongated skull findings I'm not saying that all elongated skulls are not cradle boarded skulls some are but many of these skulls that I'm talking about appear to be genuinely anomalous and having just one parietal plate and often possessing a heart-shaped dome in the rear of the skull that cannot be achieved through cradle boarding these types of phenomenon are often completely ignored when anthropologists and archeologists try to ascribe this entire phenomenon to cradle boarding okay so cradle boarding cannot explain at all it can't explain some anomalous elongated skulls but not the ones that I'm talking about here in these slides on slide number 70 it should all become pretty clear to people when you see the difference between a normal human skull a cradle board at skull and when and then a couple of different variations of these truly anomalous hybrid what I'm gonna call hybrid skulls okay image number a on slide 17 is the depiction of a normal human skull when looked at from the top with the forehead placed down okay so the back of the head is at the top you see the occipital plates at the rear at the top of the image okay and then you see the two parietal plates joining with the occipital plates and having a seam straight down the middle of the top of the head okay and then they both join with the frontal plate the forehead bone okay that's a normal human skull and the normal normal human suture arrangement the sutures are the the seams between the plates okay that's what they're called image number letter B on this slide slide 70 is a cradle boarded human skull and there we see it's essentially compressing the back of the head deforming the skull okay not drastically changing the volume of the head if it were tapered toward the top and pressed backward you would see a tapering effect as you see with the child on image number 69 and you see clearly there is still two parietal plates okay and the occipital plates are basically really smashed flattened okay but they still join up with the two parietal plates which then join with the frontal plate at the lower portion of the image it's in the same basic orientation as image a seen as you know a little bit slightly from directly overhead slightly less than directly overhead image C is one of these anomalous skulls and image D image C clearly a more adult variation of this skull or one one of these beings who was clearly fully grown I guess image D more likely than not would probably be a younger variant of one of these beings but you see there are no separation no suturing in between there aren't there if there isn't two parietal plates it's one parietal plate that goes all the way around and joins with the frontal plate so this is something that is not just a random defect in a small amount of humanity this is something that is not really found in human skulls this is definitely another species from us or some kind of a species that shares human characteristics human traits perhaps human DNA human genetics but it also has something else and a larger brain is one of the things that it certainly would have possessed because there is way more brain capacity within the capacity of that that brain case in that skull than in a normal human skull like I said in many of the cases it was a 30% or larger difference so you're talking about not insignificant difference in the brain volume so this is one of the main features that cannot be explained by cradle boarding and archaeologists and anthropologists simply ignored this these skulls are taken out of any public display they're not talked about they're often relegated to complete obscurity in the basements or locked rooms of an three of anthropological museums or in universities because archaeologists and anthropologists don't want to try to attempt to explain what the this is about they have no answers for it it doesn't fit into their paradigm of science okay it doesn't fit in to their linear storyline of history that they want to get people to believe in and buy into and they have no formal explanation for it and without really looking into a lot of these ancient stories of involvement with non-human beings on this planet in our ancient past I don't think they're going to be able to explain it and they don't want to touch that with a 20 foot pole because of the implications that it brings forward so having seen the actual Ark you logical evidence of these skulls that exists in all over the world I mean they're found from the Near East to the Indus Valley to North America to South America to Central America okay all over the world essentially and no matter where they're found they're repressed they're you know dug up and reburied essentially I don't mean in the ground but they're reburied in the vaults of archaeological and anthropological museums institutions and universities we'll pick up some of these implications on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] and [Music] [Music] and [Music] welcome back of the morning I'm the host more passive my website what on earth is happening calm in light of some of these findings of elongated skulls that we were talking about in the last segment we can go back and take a look at some of the depictions by our early human beings of the quote-unquote gods that they shared the earth with thousands of years ago and image number 71 again we go back to this Babylonian image of one of the fish gods in their culture and you see the long gated head over and over again you see the theme of the elongated head often covered by a huge headdress of some kind in image number 72 a sumerian relief of what was presumably the god Enki okay and there he is seated on a throne of some kind again on a huge elongated headdress a conical shaped headdress as well an Assyrian or Akkadian image in the next slide of a winged God image number 73 again once again with that elongated headdress on covering what would presumably be an extremely elongated skull that these beings actually had as the hybrids or demigod creatures that were the go-betweens between humans and the original quote-unquote gods the Egyptian culture had these types of headdresses as well in image number 74 I believe that is Nefertiti the wife of Akhenaten if I'm not mistaken and that is again depicting a huge elongated headdress you know of these beings that were considered gods or intercessors between the gods and human beings in the Egyptian culture again you see the reliefs of the ancient Egyptians depicting Akhenaten and his family as these beings with extremely elongated skulls and almond-shaped type eyes as well as their children having these types of skulls whenever you see humans they're average humans of their culture depicted they don't have these types of elongated skulls they're depicted as normal okay but you have these hugely elongated skulls in the beings of the Pharaohs and his family you know depicted here with of course the attend the solar disk reaching down with the arcs of life you know presumably representing the extremely long lifespan that some of these beings had hence they are gifted with life which is what the ankh represents that's image 75 moving the image 76 another depicted depiction of the original founder of the city of era do or Enkidu as it has been known in the Sumerian culture and you know there's an key the you know the god of humanity the creator of humanity and there's the elongated headdress once again always depicted with the hugely elongated headdress once again what's under the headdress why would they be wearing hugely elongated headdresses for what you know if they're they didn't have huge skull casings you know what would they be depicted for repeatedly and perhaps this was to cover you know it was made into his type of a ceremonial headdress so it would cover the actual differences in the look between these beings and the average humans so that humans would just think hey they're lower face looks like ours does but you know this is maybe just a huge headdress and it's ceremonial you know but was it really covering their hugely elongated skulls because they didn't really look anything like us I would you know I would probably choose Occam's razor on that and say yes they were actually covering up the actual skull of these beings and they weren't just ceremonial because they wanted to look as human as possible which gave them more tactical advantage to rule over the human beings because if they if the humans recognized them as completely different from them over time you know as they came to integrate themselves into human society and rule through the agreement of the humans you know there would be no outward rebellion against something that is clearly non-human hence they chose to conceal themselves in this way and forbid their true countenance from being portrayed and again that was a crime punishable by death another Egyptian image in slide number 78 another variation on Akhenaten's image again with the almond-shaped eyes and the extremely elongated headdress Egyptian royal women in Estella on slide number 79 again depicted you know not wearing a headdress now here you have again where you have more blending into what may have been an actual depiction of how these beings looked and you'll see the the body types as well very slim very elongated arms very you know you'll see Akhenaten often depicted like this as well with the poor truths you know protruding belly that the almond-shaped eyes the huge ears the huge elongated head the head slanted back with that sloping forehead like we see on the on the elongated skulls I mean you just put that skull right underneath this image on slide number 79 it's a direct fit I mean I don't know how anybody could see the two things and not think that they're identical you know clearly the Egyptians were depicting here doing something that was probably completely forbidden and depicting a couple of these quote royal beings as they actually looked all right and you could then look at slide number 80 and just you know look at the complete similarity there this is a bust of I believe this is a bust of Nefertiti Akhenaten's wife and you could see here depicted without the headdress no ceremonial headdress on just depicting the skull as probably it actually looked again with that huge sloping forehead and the huge brain case and then for comparison I put in slide 81 one of these actual uncovered skulls these found skulls after thousands of years with that bust in the Egyptian Museum of Nefertiti and you know once again if people can't see the similarity I don't really know what to tell them and again this isn't cradle boarding I mean that the idea that this is cradle boarding just is is hogwash period and it's been shot down with clear scientific evidence that cradle boarding cannot produce this type of an anomaly in the human skull time and time again and yet people want to just cry out cradle boarding it's like swamp gas you know with UFOs oh it's swamp gas ball lightning you know I mean it's just ridiculous as an explanation it's a complete logical fallacy illogical explanation that does not fit and does not hold any water and it's been proven to be such as being physically impossible no tapering of the skull one parietal plate on the real skulls whereas cradle boarding always has two parietal plates that are then you know joined by this the very deformed occipital plates this is not an example of cradle boarding in period no matter who wants to say that it is and there will be people who are diehards will just insist because they can't envision any alternative what it has to be that we don't read we don't reason from the actual evidence and look at where the evidence leads we reason by what are we comfortable accepting you know and since we are not comfortable accepting any other alternative possibility then well then it can't possibly be any of those things it can't possibly be that and since cradle boarding is that the only thing I'm comfortable with well then that's a that's an explanation I'm willing to put out there and and ignore all others again it's it's child's reasoning and it's it's fearful reasoning it's total fear filled attempt at reasoning it's not reason at all it's a fear filled justification you know that's all it is looking for an excuse to see things the way you want to see them we'll pick this story up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] Oh welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Basia we're continuing to go through the cosmic abandonment presentation in its extended format this is all about the connection of the interference theory of human origins to the current human condition and in the section that we're in we are basically asking the question in light of extraterrestrial involvement with human origins what are some of the seemingly hard to explain or inexplicable aspects of our modern culture that can actually be explained more readily now that we understand what happened in the ancient past and you know we talked about that the whole origin of our culture comes from the early interactions with these non-human entities and the systems that they gave to us and we're going to be getting into more that in a little while how they gave us religion how they gave us the monetary system how they gave us the concept of authority or government or the divine right to rule so that we could be more easily controlled and they could set up some humans or demigods that hybrid alien-human hybrids that they had created through interbreeding with their creation the heat the early human beings so that they could basically put some of them in a position of so-called power - as administrators or intercessors or intermediaries between themselves and us and that's where these all these um you know institutions really came from you know we took we briefly discussed and we'll get into it a little bit more the genetic defects of our species how we have over 4,000 genetic anomalies in our genome and tons of different genetic conditions that derive from that not least of which is primary psychopathy now you know we could get into the ancient technologies that were witnessed by these beings and the structures that many of them left behind that we still can't duplicate today by any technology that we have available to us if we move on to slide number 82 we see that the ancients often depicted some of the technologies that they witnessed and again these are given ridiculous explanations by conventional archaeologists and anthropologists and insists that they show nothing special or it's just some religious icon iconography just some religious symbolism by primitive people you know the Egyptians here on the left-hand side of this image at two different places I believe one is at dandera and one is at Abydos depicting technologies that the quote-unquote gods had had used and implemented and then the Sumerians in their cylinder seals very small Scrolls that would be rolled out onto clay where the images were inscribed in them in in verse and then they would press an image down into clay and then they were baked and hardened and you know would preserve you know as a written or a pictographic account you know what the ancients had ascribed into those seals so I'll start on the right hand side actually you see the Sumerian showing their fish God you know and their God with the elongated headdress perhaps that is one of the priests clasp demigods on the right interceding on behalf of human beings to the gods depicted as the fish creatures with their Tree of Life the DNA the expanded DNA tree so to speak okay always depicted as the the genetic experimentations always were depicted as a tree like that like we depict it as a ladder like spiral they depicted it as a tree that was symmetrical on both sides and that represented the base pairs okay of the DNA strand and you see the flying the winged disc above them which was representative of their place of origin which they called on which meant the heavens and this is one of the boats which they traverse the heavens with you know and then you see some of their beings in the boat of the heavens you know in the upper portion of that image on the left-hand side you see some of the technology depicted at dandera Egypt in the upper portion some type of electrical gathering or perhaps some type of a capacitance machine that is storing energy depicted by the Serpent and on the bottom you have representations of different crafts from the ancient world at Abydos and there's a whole lot of debate about this that these were two different royal cartouches interposed on top of each other one of them left up there and then when the new kingship rain came in they decided for some reason not to take down the plating of the old cartouche the old facade and instead just carved right on top of it it's probably the most ridiculous explanation that I've ever heard given for anything that has ever come out of ancient Egypt and there's some doozies like that the pyramids are tombs and this one even tops that by a long shot because at the holiest place the holiest center of the entire Egyptian mystery tradition religion Abydos what they would have considered the Holy of Holies in the Commission tradition there is zero chance not one percent not 0.5% not point one percent not point zero one percent there is zero chance that the ancient builders would have done work that shoddy sloppy and careless to leave a facade in place with an old cartouche and just say let's put the ax template right over top of it and just chisel it out you know forget it would not have ever been done isn't done anywhere else but we're we're to believe this is done in this one place okay like weird like it's graffiti or something you know they decided to come in here is it oh the old kings cartouche is here we have to put the new one over top of it you know but you wouldn't you wouldn't try to fill that in first or you wouldn't try to take down that old facade and then put something new up there and then carve into it no it was done right over top of it and they say this just magically made these depictions looking like different technological craft it's such a stretch to try to explain something that they clearly don't want it to attempt to explain which is why is there depictions of seemingly modern type technologies at a two thousand three hundred year old site or older possibly then I mean I'm maybe even getting that to reason it might be 2300 BC possibly I'm not sure of the date but it's certainly thousands of years old and you know they want to they expect people to just believe that the ancient builders at the holiest place of Egypt at Abydos would have just carved overtop of something and left the old thing in place it just it's it's an absurdity and it would not have been done period okay so I don't buy that explanation I I don't I think it's a shoddy and a shameless attempt to just come forward with whatever ridiculous explanation the public will buy you know what I liken it to I liken it to the Doug and Dave hypothesis of the crop formation phenomenon you know two old drunk guys are stumbling out of an English pub with some bored bored and some twine made all of the crop circles in Europe you know that that happened there the hundreds that happen there you know and that explains the entire phenomenon no matter how complex they were no matter what country they were in no matter how many came down on the same day these guys sunk you know somehow were there and did them all you know and the US media puts out puts out this ridiculous story and then all interest in the crop formation phenomenon dries up overnight because that's how easy people will buy a completely half-hearted explanation if it comes from quote-unquote official channels official sources you know all the news said it and if it's on TV it's got to be the truth you know why were the newscasters lie to us yeah okay and you know this is this is the same thing we see oh these are just some random carvings from some part of some arcane obscure religious ceremonial rituals that these primitive beings had in mind it's all symbolic it's all allegorical there's nothing real to it there's nothing there move along don't worry about what happened in your ancient past now you're not slave race is created by beings that you can't even comprehend nothing to see here we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today tried to run track rangiku do the other welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're going through some anomalous things in the cosmic abandonment presentation that modern humans are still at a loss to explain like how structures that we still cannot duplicate with modern technological advances could come to be placed in such perfect precision alignment with such tremendous building precision to a point where some of the blocks you cannot literally put a human hair in between them they are fitted so closely together as if the stone were melted into place you have the type of construction like we see at the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau that still cannot be read it to this day I mean there are people who have claimed that they could do it and not with the precision that these things are laid to at the heights at which they reach you know like five hundred and thirty feet and you're talking about the apex is something like one one quarter of an inch in alignment with a base you know it's such insane precision we couldn't do that with modern cranes we couldn't do that with modern cutting tools and yet these ancients allegedly only armed with with bronze tools yeah bronze cutting tools bronze saws bronze hammers etc cut through some of the hardest granite stones in the world to make these blocks granite and lamb and limestone blocks we you know materials which are often six times as hard as the tools that they allegedly had at their disposal I mean you go to places in Egypt you see clear signs of machining you know clear signs of absolute machining technology and they want to say oh no that's not machining no they they just they carved it as a motif to look like some huge saw or machine was cutting it some huge circular a cutting tool yeah you know I mean it's like people who will just spit right in your face and say I didn't do that you know that's literally what it's like and they expect somehow to be respected or not have people lo them for talking down at people like that expecting them that the buy into the nonsense that they're trying to sell I mean they literally think people really are that naive you know some of the blocks in the structure of the a of the Pyramids of Giza like the Great Pyramid are in excess of 50 tons you know and they're raised to like a height of several hundred feet what technology existed back then we could probably barely do that with cranes that we have today the foundation stones of the Great Pyramid upon which it sits some of them are estimated to be 400 tons and they weren't quarried there they came from like miles and miles and miles away no explanation to how they could have transported things that heavy we would have difficult time doing that over that type of terrain today and we could go on and on about the pyramid alone I mean it's my intention isn't here to make this whole thing about the great pyramids and they're absolutely remarkable construction you know you could do ten shows a hundred shows on that so I just want to just just mention that as one example and I'm gonna give many I mean you look at Stonehenge on the southern English Plains in England and some of the stones there are in excess of 50 tons and they were mined from like Wales you know which is probably over a hundred miles from where they they sit or more probably more probably more than that and we're to expect were to be you know expected that you know the ancients with copper tools in you know Neolithic times and I'm sorry lacking copper tools at that time you know somehow rolled these over you know completely treacherous rolling hill type terrain blocks that were 50 tons bringing them from a hundred miles to erect them for seemingly just religious purposes you know on this southern English plane in the middle of nowhere the these buildings had to do with energetic purposes ladies and gentlemen it had to do with technologies that were not built by humans this is nepheline technology or even possibly Anunnaki technology but certainly at least demigod technology now you go into all these cultures like the Incas of Peru you know where Machu Picchu was at it depicted here in slide 85 and you know they had they were rich in gold you know when a lot of the Spaniards that came over here at the behest of the royalty of Europe and conquered these peoples you know ask them where'd you get all this gold they always said the same thing the gold was the gods possession and they were keeping it for the gods what for when the gods returned you know and we'll get into this whole dynamic of gold I want to spend some time on that because you know there's so many unanswered questions when it comes to gold it's a topic I've been really looking heavily into in recent weeks myself in my own research looking into monatomic sand things like that and or Me's and we'll get into all of that but you know these people were out in the open saying the we didn't mind this gold we the gods did this where we mined it for the gods they wondered if they found of some kind of a precious intrinsic quality to intrinsic value to it not us we were just keeping it for them and and the gods instituted that gold as money to be used in methods of exchange and arbitration between their early slaves that's where the whole system of money came from people you know nobody wants to talk about that they want to say Oh money just came out it came up in the Middle Ages and in the in the Crusades yeah because it was just all about you know metal metal you know metalsmiths that basically turned their vaults into gold reserve banks for people that didn't want to carry it and then oh you know they they then started lending out paper slips as uh you know as credit slips so that people wouldn't have to carry all that gold around and then found that they had more always had more on deposit you know could lend out lend out more slips you know and rake in you know rake in money because people would never take their gold out simultaneously you know unless there was some kind of a run on on their bank and that instituted the modern-day institution of fractional reserve lending yeah well maybe that may be so but that doesn't know that doesn't explain where the entire concept of it the intrinsic value of money in gold came from or where people started even using gold or why they started using gold what was this perceived intrinsic value again we're going to get to all of those questions I want to go back to you know some of these absolutely amazing places that you know there's no good explanation for why these places were built or how they were built you know Machu Picchu is up thousands of feet on the side of a mountain and these stones didn't come from there they weren't quarried there they were brought there why and how did they get them up to these levels some of them in excess of 40 tons then you have right near Machu Picchu in Peru you have in slide number 86 this is the city of sucks I suck cyclamen socks a human is like this huge temple complex you see there are child staying to one of the walls to show the size of the walls of this complex I'm sorry I think think socks a long whore Mon is in Bolivia if I'm not mistaken I could be wrong I might be wrong about that it's either in Bolivia or Peru I know it's in South America somewhere but this these walls some of the blocks in this wall weigh in excess of 200 tons 200 ton block and you can just look at the construction this is now right here what we're looking at here in slide 86 at socks a woman is nepheline construction this is demigod construction and it is Peru I'm if I'm not mistaken okay I'm thinking of which we're going to get to I'm thinking of puma punku which is in Bolivia which is one of the last slides about in this section about ancient construction but saqsaywaman is in Peru and it's near Machu Picchu and it has blocks in it that are irregularly shaped made with such precision construction that you could not go up to one of these stones with a butter knife and insert a butter knife between a credit card couldn't be put between them okay you could not insert a chisel a you know very thin chisel in between these stones that's how precisely together they are fit in this a totally irregular construction this is Nephilim architecture we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone we're in the third and final hour of the show for this evening as promised I'm going to be taking your calls this hour the call-in number to join us toll-free 800 three one three nine four four three once again to join us here on what on earth is happening you could ask questions you can make comments you could talk about anything that we've already covered you could get into the topic that we are covering right now which is ancient human origins interference Theory how that connects with the current human condition the calling number eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three let's go to the phones we have waiting on the line Ivan from Phoenix Ivan welcome back again - what on earth is happening great to hear from you how are you doing all right Martha you really yes I can okay how are you doing doing well alright you see as always I have a bunch of stuff but I'm just gonna try and keep it to the top it goes tonight synchronistically over the past week or so I've been watching and listening to some other programs and shows and they've also touched on like Zecharia Sitchin's work and i manake and stuff like that and a question was brought up that pretty much put things in perspective I raised the question that I don't think anyone's really brought up if supposedly God was our Creator and we were made by this annoying militant perfect being why is it that women have a painful cramping menstrual cycle messy kind of monthly thing you know that sounds like something that some scientific or technically advanced beings would tamper with but not know how to you know perfect right that's that's one aspect another that we could also look at aside from just the mental cycle itself is the process of birthing why is it so painful why seemingly does a human baby take so much more effort for a woman to give birth to than other animals you know other animals don't have that much difficulty in the birthing process nor do we have to I mean or do other animals have to care for their young for such a long period after birth as a human being I don't think there's any animal that the the childhood period of the the animal toll can actually be on its own and take care of itself on its own is you know as long as a human being childhood you know so these are complete anomalies when it comes to human beings that don't exist really in any other animals on the pond are on our planet so you know it calls the question are these all kinds of genetic codes or characteristics or traits that were deliberately programmed into the human genome by these beings right right I just came from watching that dawn of the Planet of the 8th oh yeah I had heard that you know there was some pretty decent themes in this movie it's something I plan on seeing I haven't seen yet but you can go right ahead and you know give us your take on it oh yeah like I always say I think I'm you're like media consultant I'm always talking about movies on the earth know that that's where yeah cause these these movies often do have power powerful powerful allegorical underpinnings if we can be conscious enough to to recognize them as such and not just see them as you know of a science fiction movie or a cool you know action flick you know there's often really powerful allegorical themes that underlie them so yeah I could definitely see you as the media consultant to the water on Earth is happening show you know yeah definitely I've been noticing it in a lot of different TV shows and movies and programs that yeah over the last three years my consciousness has brought in so much that I can pick up all these little hints and allegories that normally would go unnoticed and yeah this new Planet of the Apes film had at least three or four topics or themes or parts in it that stood out for me that were very subtle in a way if you're if you're not looking for them or aware of them you just see it right in the story and not pay any attention to it but gun control is addressed in there the eye I know I gotta use professor or family on here but you always have the jerk whether it's an ape or a human right it only takes one person to mess everything up and then the few people to follow and in doing the wrong thing tell me a little bit more when you say gun control theme in what context is that at the risk of spoilers I mean you know well well basically the guns are manufactured by humans so humans have power but once it get get their hands on Naha and apes have powers these so that kind of shows you know well why are we in the situation we are right now because governments have more of the guns worldwide whereas here in the US the civilians have gun right things aren't going exactly as that's what I would like it to be so so that's hinted at the movie Eagle has the gun and pretty much call the shots and you know so many people don't understand that dynamic Ivan it's a shame how many people don't understand what the Second Amendment was for you know they don't grasp the importance that if you cannot defend your physical vehicle your physical body that carries your consciousness you know it isn't about being violent it isn't about you know allegedly drawing to you what you don't want which is some kind of a violent confrontation you know it's about knowing how to stand within your rights and if weapons exist and weapons do exist unfortunately okay hey if we were in a world where weapons didn't exist we won't even have to discuss this but since they have been made and they exist here okay and some people have them okay until you completely do away with them all which again I don't even think can be done or should be done because and I'll get to this this is actually an interesting side point you know I I went back and listened to the show that I did on the recent interview or semi recent interview I did on the Kate of Gaia show and listening to some of the people who were a completely anti-gun on that show and I realized that a lot of the people who think like that are so far off the mark when it comes to understanding real spirituality and I listened to the job that I did on that and I was fairly well impressed with how I presented the case for self-defense on that show if people haven't heard you can go listening to them in the news archives but so many people in other countries in particular are so ignorant of what a gun ownership rights are really about as defense against a tyrannical state and I've you know done shows on the Second Amendment and how important it is not that I'm any constitutionalist by any stretch of the imagination you know I'm an anarchist completely and don't believe in any form of government but the Second Amendment some reason for being put in place is admirable when it comes to why the founding fathers did that and it was clearly as a way to have the people have a distributed mechanism for defending their rights against the government that became too powerful and that's where the word militia which is the only entity that is said in the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights to be necessary it's the only part of the entire dynamic of the people and the government that is said to be actually required and necessary they don't say the president is nice sorry in the Constitution they don't say the Supreme Court is necessary they don't say the Congress is necessary they say that the militia is necessary the only entity in the entire document that is labeled necessary in the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights and they say for a reason it's necessary it is a well-regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free State meaning if you want freedom to continue to manifest the militia has to be present once you give up that right you're in instead a state of enslavement and what is the militia it comes from the Latin militia imbolg armed which I've explained on this show a few times that it means military strength present everywhere throughout the people is what that actually means the phrase mullet tiem vogue Arum in Latin which is where militia comes from means military strength present everywhere [Music] [Music] welcome back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host mark pashia we're taking your calls in this hour the calling number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three we're talking to Ivan from Phoenix right now who brought up some of the themes in the recent a Planet of the Apes movie I intend to go check it out for its allegorical content I really like the first one and I'm sure that this one will be no exception I was talking about some gun control concepts brought up in it but for probably a positive purpose that you know if these Apes has some kind of a developing or burgeoning species were not able to hold guns they would easily be defeated and conquered by people who wanted to keep them down and keep them back and keep them suppressed and if they had the guns and they and the Apes did not then they would not be able to basically defend themselves and that brought me to the concept of the Second Amendment and the militia the role of the militia that is the only thing that is spoken about in the Constitution that is necessary and it comes from the term again people have to go back to the meaning and original origin of words and understand militia came from a Latin phrase miletti involve our room which meant the full force of military strength but present in a way that is distributed throughout the whole population therefore at any time if any entity whether internal or external to the country were posing a threat to freedom the people would be able to rise up with arms that were Co measure it in strength to a military force and put down that threat that is literally what the militia was designed and intended to be for and it is not a governmental agency the founders repeatedly told people in their own writings and in public speaking engagements that the militia was the entire people hence the phrase melodium volgar imbolg arm meaning the common people were present throughout literally the origin of the word in Latin means that it is present or distributed everywhere throughout okay so that's what that term actually meant so uh Ivan great to hear that that was actually rolled in there and in what you consider it to be a positive spin on gun ownership then yeah yeah in a way yeah okay because there's a lot more that happens in there but um what other seems did you think were allegorical that it brought up well this one this one I don't want to give away much of the plot but I did notice this in another in a TV show I was watching a few weeks ago this is a show and while 24 comes on on Mondays and about two three weeks ago something happened on on 24 that kind of relates to what happens in this film okay and it's it feels a concept that I had in my head the weekend that that aired on 24 synchronistically enough and this is the idea or the the observation I made and this covers a whole bunch of areas and connects a lot of dots I've kind of come to the conclusion that the reason evil is so dominant right now is because it knows that good or the goodness in people it's become its enabler there's been too much forgiveness too much kindness right too much giving second third chances tolerance for eating that's that's what we have developed as so-called good people we have developed tolerance for the presence of evil which there should never be any right and that goes along with the New Age movement uh you know not focusing on the negative and all this stuff so you will know they can get away with that's right now what I noticed and the observation that I made is it I described it like the good people or goodness needs to start tightening its belt it has to come to the point where you messed up once that's it okay the next time done no second chance doing that's it whatever needs to be done it needs to be eliminated that's it and that's what I'm noticing in some of these shows that the person does something they kill whatever you know two three people something happens on TV show whatever they don't you know the hero doesn't take them the cord and serve the justice system and wait for not enough boom they just take them out and and in a way the way the way this world is right now I see no problem with that for that the law that's like natural law right there it's like you know do you got that person standing in front of a boulder thinking you know I can stop this Boulder and the boulder is gonna be like well this poor person I'm no natural law it's gonna run it over right you mentioned with gravity in your in your seminar with that little girl gravity's not gonna be like oh no that's the problem right now right and wrong people are letting too much wrong go you know I knew on challenge yeah no this is right this is wrong you did you did wrong that's it it needs to be stopped and that will start curving evil and start getting you know giving that side like wait a minute good is starting to really stand up for so maybe we need to back off and then you start coming back into balance if that makes any kind of sense sure absolutely and that's gonna take a lot of courage for people to step into that role with the level of tyrannical government that exists in this country and throughout the world unfortunately you know it's not that's no tall that's no small task that's no small order you know that's gonna take a radical restructuring of the way people think and it's gonna take an enormous amount of courage and willpower to summon that that will to do that and I you know I I don't know whether it's there right now I don't know if it is there at this point I'm not saying we couldn't get to that point of summoning that kind of courage and willpower but it's going to take a radical radically different way of thinking about the difference between right and wrong and you know right in moral relativism it's sad you know yeah in a way you touched on this the last episode when you mentioned psychopathy right a psychopath yeah said something about you don't do you don't reside in that area of psychopathy but you can access it when turn it on that's correct I'm gonna do that I'm gonna do a show or a small mini presentation at one point called or I don't know if it'll be called this but it'll have this can theme contained within it having the psychopath not bowing down to the psychopath not being owned by the Psychopaths not being ruled by the psychopath but owning the psychopath yourself having that within your toolbox within your capability to bring out and bring forward and use if required and necessary under certain circumstances and then put back into the toolbox when no longer required you know I think the fact that most people cannot conceive of the mindset of a psychopath and cannot access the psychopathic characteristics or tendency within themselves to actually have that as part of their own psychological tool set is a problem and most people will hear that and think oh you know that's a weird thing to say it's like not being able to put yourself in the mindset of a psychopath is what allows a psychopath to do what they're doing unchallenged and unchecked because people can't even conceive of it we need to be able to envision the mind of a psychopath I would go one step further I would say good people actually need to have a certain small subset of psychopathic capability within them to turn on when emotions aren't called for or required to do a certain task to defend oneself or defend one's family or defend one's rights from an oncoming attack and to use that that turning off of emotion to ones benefit and again this theme is very well addressed in the equilibrium movie again it's a movie I highly recommend people to see for its allegorical themes and this is one of the things that the the leader of the resistance attempts to explain to the main character in that film it's a great scene but I think you know again I said last week I think it goes a little too far when it comes to a negative of view of human nature whereas my view of human nature is simply that it was created as something that is programmable through information and it is neither good inherently angelic nor inherently demonic or bad so um right hold on you know next breakout I'll let you continue this on the on the other side and then I'll take some more calls but Ivan great points that you bring thanks so much ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] it's a cool we don't hair speak while between us [Music] them so [Music] welcome back I've been born in listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls for the remainder of the show call a number to join us 831 394 43 we're still talking to Ivan in Phoenix Ivan we were talking about you know psychopathy as something that has to remain in measure within a person to be able to defend oneself against evil forces I you know I don't think that means becoming the psychopath but it means using the ability to turn off emotion as a tool set in one psychological Arsenal so that you could deal with a threat that doesn't care about what it's doing to you so great point that you brought up there and what else did you have for us well just to round off that comment sure that just takes it back to what you were always been you know talking about Sacred Feminine and the sacred masculine traps just the the you know enactment of the sacred masculine it's not you know be getting all crazy and and abusive and violence it's using whatever necessary force to achieve whatever defense or or correct any wrong that's being done so you can't do that with you know flowers and you know kisses sometimes you just you know sometimes you gotta do the opposite and fire wood fire yes and sometimes you can do it through consciousness and talking and changing people's minds but when that is refused and you know that you're dealing with a psychopathic personality that is dangerous at that point it may have to go into the physical domain and we have to understand we always maintain that right to physically defend ourselves when our rights are coming under attack by someone who will not stand down so a great point and that is about the sacred masculine and exercising that right within us to defend our selves and our rights so and you talk to mind that goes from Isis to eros that's right from the point where you can learn by the truth or you can learn by the school of hard knocks so to speak okay we will quit so we can get other callers enjoy I just had three quick things check out the movie Pleasantville okay do that on recently it's an old film from like 1997 and very good with the allegory it's almost had me in tears just just obsessed with consciousness awakening change how black and white world someone brings a new ideas concepts and everything becomes color was changed it's very interesting very well done and then that's Pleasantville and in theatres there's a movie a documentary out right now called America imagine a world without her you need to really have your Trivium in place to see this one because it really messes with your head so you know Caine America as all pretty and everything I mean they use some truth showing the bad things that have happened in history but then they try and come about and justify it and make everything look pretty and you're kind of left well maybe it isn't that bad and you got a kind of no no no way I need to you know keep truths and logic and primary information because it's very very good propaganda but yet it's good it's a good documentaries based on the book by Dinesh D'Souza the guy who did that Obama 2016 Obama's America well and then real quick wrapping things up I received two emails and now I'm kind of like you're trickling through me marks because what you did for me I'm doing for others I received an email from someone thanking me and all this kind of stuff and that they enjoy when I'm on calling to your show and they have a blog post and everything so this gentleman I think his name is uh Joe Bellucci and then I receive another email and I think I sent you the link to this this individuals got out of Florida he created a website called are you fuel for evil.com I've seen this like yes what we were talking about right oh absolutely how people support the system that's enslaving Yeah right you know all right yeah I've seen the side on it it's a good job he's doing a good job with that yeah anyway so that was it then great Ivan thanks so much always great to hear from you and always great insights that you bring up when you come on to the show so thanks so much and just as an aside to Ivan's call regarding uh allegories in film I'd like to recommend snowpiercer that's a recent one that I've just seen that was all about the control system and how the people basically are afraid to step outside of it because of what might be required to do just that and it's a really pretty powerful film about you know hierarchy and control and you know people being in their place and revolution very interesting allegorical themes in it I think people should definitely check it out let's go to some other callers let's hear from Robert in Missouri Robert you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark I've talked to you a couple times uh right when you were coming on the network I talked to you and you were all with John stat biller oh you know psychopathy there's so much of it in these Abrahamic faiths you know the two main branches of Islam cabbalistic Talmudic judaism and especially in Roman Catholicism but even evangelical Protestantism we see these people in Gaza being massacred right now by these Israelis you know these rabbis they dehumanize these Palestinians right and this is this tactic that I see constantly repeating itself that the people that want to do evil they first have to dehumanize those that they want to do evil against didn't you see this play out in the Talmud especially with you know the overturning of the ten commandments themselves by the people that brought us to ten commandments by their little zatia like thou shalt not steal right well what it really means is we can't steal from each other's Jews but the rest of humanity they're not human so we can steal all we want from them but not kill or murder I think you see they say I think you see this line of reasoning in just about every extremist form of religion as people see themselves as part of one group and separate from everybody else it's an easy jump to make a rationalization that everybody else that is not us is there to be controlled by us because we're better than them or you know we're somehow in a privileged position it doesn't even make a difference what group it is it could be again any extremist religious group any political party you know any ethnicity or national identity it happens through all different avenues and you know this is separatist thinking overall and it's the thinking that's gotten us into the mess that we're in and yes very often what happens is psych people in a psychopathic state or a psychopathic personality will gravitate toward institutions like this and toward the highest levels of the institutions because through belief systems they could do the greatest amount of damage that's how they can worm their way into society in through an institutional body to do the greatest amount of damage which is what they're really looking to do these are people that are just bent on destruction and bent on putting other people under their thumb or putting other people down or making other people as miserable inside as them because they're incapable of feeling and so you see this time and again and all different cultures and all different religious traditions this is how Psychopaths operate in the world that's what they do they find areas to be able to wet put wedges in between people and essentially control them from those positions those institutionalized positions that people who don't want to think flocked to invariably because this person's going to tell me how it really is this person's going to tell me you know how I should live this person's going to give me a set of laws or a set of you know guidelines to conduct my life by but never never do these people want to actually understand natural law and get outside of groupthink you know and say it's my responsibility to truly understand the difference between right and wrong behavior not because it was told to me by some set of commands not because this person and their institutional body says that this is how it is but because I know the actual difference between right and wrong in my own mind and in my own heart you know god forbid anything but that you know we can't have that because that requires real thinking you know that requires true personal responsibility and that's the last thing the people of this world won you know yeah and what's what's really fascinating is like with Islam you've got the house of faith and you've got the everybody else where and it's even codified in the tax so where it says to slay unbelievers wherever you find them and then so forth then you get into Roman Catholicism where they use the word heretic and then they burn heretics infidelity heretics the you know you know the profane you see in in even mystery tradition teachings where you have the profane you know we are the elect and they are the profane you know it degenerated into that even in so-called you know enlightened teachings and in many respects you know it's the same separatist mentality that we see time and time again throughout the ages people can't seem to understand we are actually one family in the same circumstance in the same position we're all in this together you know and that's the level of consciousness that we need to get to if we're going to get out of this mess so Robert great point that you bring up we'll pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] and [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone finally segment of what on earth is happening for this evening show the call-in number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again toll-free 800 three one three ninety four forty three I want to thank robber from Missouri for his great insights in the last segment and let's move on to Curtis from Florida Curtis you are live on what on earth is happening welcome well thank you Mark videos explaining your spiritual idea I respect you and I like everything I saw I remember you had one episode on there about how evil is always feeling either killing and stealing a lion or raping and stealing snacks or stealing someone's property and stealing but the evil is pretty much the same action yes really and then wouldn't ask you if you say you're an anarchist I'm not being a jerk I'm sincerely asking so I don't know asking that you taste whether there's been government not but whether there should be private property where do we get the right to draw a fence on God's green earth and say this Grand Canyon nigger now I believe a private property but only reciprocally like Henry George I get a 40 acres a mule only if you get 40 acres and us not oxen like you should enough to buy your left kidney or your air your son your reign or your LaPlante land is from God we each his own an equal share on your 18th birthday that's my belief so as an as an anarchist are you a rover anarchist like you can go anywhere or you a private property anarchist and can you make that argument yes well I bought I definitely believe in private property I I think that property is I defined property in my natural law seminar talking about what is ownership is having rightful meaning you did not harm someone to acquire that thing it is maintaining the usage of that thing so you are actually using it in other words that you somebody can't claim all this property and they're not actually putting it to use or using it something is your property if you're actually using it you if and if you try to claim more than you can use that's an illegitimate claim on property so you know there's so many people today that claim all of this land and stuff and things is their property it's like when they couldn't possibly be using all of that and really what they're doing is keeping it from other people it's like corporations claiming that all this water all the water that exists in a whole country is their property or all the salt that exists in the whole country is their property that's not a legitimate claim to property property means it's it's like I always go back to the line from the Lord's Prayer about give us this day our daily bread it doesn't say give us for the rest of eternity all the bread that we could ever eat and then some more you know it's saying what you can use will in the immediate sense that's what property is about the again I go to the objects around me why is this hard drive my property I'm using it I access data on it every single day that's the reason it's my property and I'm in rightful possession of it and the third part of property rightful property or rightful ownership is that we are responsible for it so it's something that I have to be able to maintain responsibility for like my body like the things that I own in my home like my home itself or my car or whatever or you know the the weaponry I may own I maintain responsibility for what happens with that stuff so those are the three defining hallmarks of true property its rightful possession its maintained maintenance of usage in a way that is legitimate not in a way that keeps back needs from other people and it is a claiming and owning full responsibility for that thing so that's the way I see a lawful property under natural law there is such a thing as property however it's not like all private property should go away that would be that would be something that would be a forced non natural thing people think property is not something that is natural and in every way property is actually something that exists in nature in the natural world because I have a need for something and I am putting something to use so if I have a need for the storage of information for the propagation of information such as a hard drive or a computer that is my rightful property I am using it and nobody can claim that they can take just come and take that thing for me because perhaps they want that thing well if they can acquire another one and get one and have one for themselves that would be rightfully their property because they would be putting their information on it it's the same when it comes to land it's the same when it comes to anything that we can put a claim on of ownership while we are using it in the physical body and again there's no such thing as eternal ownership I get that people want to turn this into a semantical argument about that you're gonna die one day so how could you ever really own anything I tell people it's about stewardship while you are in the physical vehicle I am living on the land that I'm living on now it's my property because I'm living on it the reason is because I'm here you know the whole concept of I got there first it's not an imaginary thing that's a legitimate thing somebody's there you don't have a right to just put them off of that land and again that's why there's so much karmic debt on the very country that we're even living in because there were already people living on this land and we put them off of it when when when our ancestors came here I shouldn't even say we when our ancestors came here and I think those those karmic stains or debts are actually coming down into the modern day as a result of what this country has become you know or through what this country has become so the my overall answer to your question is yes there is such a thing as legitimate property I do cover it in a little bit of depth in my natural law seminar I recommend watching that in its entirety and it look to those three aspects of property again rightful ownership not having harmed someone to acquire it the maintenance of the actual usage of that thing for what you need not for keeping people back from what they need as a result of holding it and the maintenance of personal responsibility over that thing or that piece of land or or whatever we're talking about as being owned so those are my definitions for private property well mark I like I got it maintenance usage and responsibility yeah we gained without hurting out of this problem is there's so many people in a country any country except maybe like Saudi Arabia it's mostly desert or Australia there's so many people that there should be in my opinion there should be a square in other words a squaring system to a kitty or a pool each personal in the 18th birthday in my opinion deserves an equal share of air rain Sun land and their left kidney and you shouldn't have to bid on these things you shouldn't have to be the most intelligent you know you have to be an auctioneer to have freedom of speech well should have to be well charismatic personality deaf freedom of association and you shouldn't want that money to have land God made land yes and therefore any ownership in it is extremely attend you exclaim and it's not like you've gotta read and turned it into a flute or you got a conch shell inserted with trumpet when so it went so few people own so much land and claim everybody else doesn't have the right to own any of it because we're saying we already own all of it that's the situation we really have now we're one percent of human beings own ninety-five percent of the land on the earth that's like aristocracy it's an evil evil system art that I think that I can agree with that I don't believe in that's not legitimate claim to property legitimate claim to property is I have this area that I use I put to use for my own needs and requirements for daily living and that's legitimate ownership of property and nobody should be denied that because other people claim that they own at all you know I agree with that I agree mark but I like you I don't want to be so corrected but it's the thing you have to use it's a fire 20 acres I mean what would have to go on every acre every day but what I am saying is reciprocity there ought to be a way that each person just let's just say me was on average 40 acres to me well let's just use that kinda dirty an electric on authority in our verbage if you work 41 acres you should pay and it's about 30 million acres you should see I believe it a kitty and I caught a sign square the nights where I met excluders a natural heritage that excluders super quotient late friend interest now Curtis we're gonna have to pick this up on the on at another time because unfortunately we're out of time for this edition ladies and gentlemen hope you've enjoyed tonight's show that's all the time we have for tonight we'll see you right here next week and remember there's only two mistakes one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way take good care [Music] [Applause] [Music]