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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday July 19 2014 this show is live right here on RB n every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we are going to continue of course the cosmic abandonment presentation in its extended format I'm going to be talking about the connection between the interference theory of human origins as I term it to the current human social and psychological condition that's what we'll be getting into as we have been for the past several weeks and we will be probably for the next several weeks on what on earth is happening I will be taking your calls in our number-3 tonight so for anyone who's interested in getting into the call queue I'll give the call-in number here at the top of the show the calling number to join us on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the call-in number to join us in our number 3 800 3 1 394 43 I have just one quick event announcement I'm going to be giving a big all-day seminar called demystifying the occult on Saturday October 4th 2014 an all-day seminar from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut the zip code is zero six zero four zero here's the description of the seminar mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is occultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives these are the themes and topics I'll be exploring in this all-day seminar in Connecticut this October and I will be getting into in the second half of the seminar some of the symbolism of the Major Arcana of the Tarot as a case study of occult symbolism advanced tickets for this all-day seminar only a $25 donation to order advance tickets you can sent a check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi that's CA poz zi @ 500 Munro Turnpike Suite 142 in Monroe Connecticut mo n ro e Monroe Connecticut zero six four six eight at the door tickets a thirty dollar cash donation if you choose to get your tickets at the door on the day of the event once again Saturday October 4th 2014 all day seminar demystifying the occult in Manchester Connecticut hope to see you there so that's the only event announcement I have for today I'll jump right into the material I want to direct everyone's attention as always to the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show page where during the live broadcast there are always images for tonight's show listed in numerical format you can click on the numbers to bring up that slide during the presentation and I'll try to do my best to always make sure that as I move on to a new slide I tell you the image number so you know what number slide to click on to bring up the slide that I'm talking about in a little slideshow format on the website when the show is not live of course these images are always posted with the podcast tonight's show will be podcast number 163 ok so last week we ended on slide number six I believe or if we had moved slightly further from there I'm not exactly positive i but I believe it was slide 86 that's where I'm gonna pick up from tonight so we were talking about the megalithic sites throughout the world and how human technology could not actually duplicate much of the ancient Stoneworks the megalithic building that has been these structures that have been built in pretty much just about every culture on the earth and on every continent and these sites are often upwards of over 10 or 12,000 years old and in some cases even older than that and they are built in a way that modern humans would not even think of building or choose to build and again in most of the cases we could not duplicate the building structure the building technique with modern technology that we have available at our disposal today slide number 86 we were talking about saqsaywaman in Peru and it's a temple complex with some of the stones there reaching weights of almost 200 tons you could see a huge megalithic block and the image in slide number 86 there to the right of that child and you could see the completely unique architectural building style that was done with these stones almost as if they are somehow morphed or melted into position where they're not cut as blocks but they are just have a very irregular shape and are so tightly fitting that you could not insert a human hair in between these stones they fit so perfectly together in all dimensions and it's just something that we would be very hard-pressed to duplicate today and when people when archaeologists and anthropologists are asked well why did they choose such a building style they say to make it earthquake proof and I really don't personally buy that as an argument that maybe one of the side effects or side benefits of building with this style but I think it was they built this way because the technology that they were using actually afforded them to basically take the stones and just make them fit up against each other in irregular shapes like this because I feel that they were using some kind of molecular technology to actually melt stone okay to actually make it supple and be able to be formed literally like clay almost and so they didn't do cutting with it with this type of a technique as far as I'm concerned these stones don't even look like they're machined in many cases as you see machining techniques on other sites which we're going to look at a example of clear machining when we get to slide number 90 a puma punku-- in belit bolivia but to go back to socks a woman you know we were talking about more famous sites like the Great Pyramids of Giza of the Giza Plateau in Egypt just outside of Cairo where you know some of the largest stones in the foundation are upwards of 400 tons and in the structure you have some stones that are 50 ton blocks like the stones that are above the King's Chamber you know whereas most of the stones are probably around you know 2 to 4 tons and in the Great Pyramid you have ones that are 50 tons in the structure and you have ones at the very level foundation that weigh in at around 400 tons we will pick up this discussion on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio tonight we're talking about cosmic abandonment a presentation that I gave back in December of 2013 talking about the connection between the interference theory of human origins or in other words the origin of humanity as directed by non-human entities that came to this planet thousands of years ago in connection with the current human condition socially psychologically spiritually and we're talking about how a lot of the structures that have been discovered from the ancient past really can't be duplicated by modern technology and you know we looked at last week some of the more prominent of these megalithic structures like the Great Pyramids of Giza the Stonehenge monument in southern England Machu Picchu in Peru and we were talking about Sacsayhuaman in Peru outside of Machu Picchu where some of these stones look look as if they are somehow molded into place like clay it's it's really amazing I've never been there myself but it's someplace I would hope to visit at some point to you know just look at this amazing construction if we move on to site to slide number 87 we'll see an unfinished block well it may be a finished block but not it's an unused block essentially this is just outside of the bow back site in Lebanon and we'll be talking about Baalbek and a couple more slides but this block doesn't look like it was ever put into place it was probably being quarried or removed and it was abandoned here for some reason maybe because it had maybe some type of a structural defect but you could clearly see a machining line on the front end of the image on the just in front of the gentleman who's standing on this monstrous block the ways a it's estimated to weigh over 2,000 tons now 2,000 tons that's 2,000 times 2,000 pounds that's 4 million pounds that this block is estimated to weigh I mean first of all who would even think of cutting out a 4 million pound block okay why would it have to be a single stone because it there's something regarding the kind of technology that they are using that has resonance with large amounts of stone that is intact and not broken into smaller amounts of stone they wanted to use megalithic stones for a particular reason regarding resonance and energy and I can't tell you what that exactly is but it just makes so much more sense why would they go through the immense trouble of keeping a single stone intact and moving it across distance to place it into place and when we look at Baalbek we'll see that there are stones at Baalbek that are almost this large I mean some of the stones at Baalbek are estimated to be over 1,200 tons or 1,400 tons you know it's absolutely unbelievable it's an amazing place and they say it was built by the Romans you know the Romans the the Roman Empire moved blocks this large we couldn't do it with our largest cranes today you know you know just to erect a temple to their God one of their one of their you know Olympian gods so it's just it none of the classical explanations by modern archaeologists and anthropologists really hold any water because they never really explained not only how they did this but why you know why would you see everywhere else they didn't build with techniques such as this why at these particular locations because they didn't do it they didn't do this they used what was already there and built a temple on top of it which you can clearly see has completely different architectural construction techniques that is not in this megalithic style they were using what's already there and building on top of it so you know because uh this is the site that was given to them by their gods that they worshipped as gods in the ancient past and in more distant ancient past and then they just use those to venerate those gods and build right on top of it you know so the next slide slide number 88 is of the Osirian temple in Egypt and this temple is erected to the solar deity Osiris one of the creator gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon of gods and again you can see in this image and you'll you'll what once you start to study this topic you'll see this kind of theme play out over and over and over again when you study some of these ancient construction megalithic construction sites and building techniques you'll see a layering effect always where the largest stones not just because of weight purposes but because they're the oldest thing that's there they're at the lowest geological area okay they're at the oldest level of building okay are the heaviest and largest stones built in the megalithic style and then on top of that at a much later date newer stones are placed and they're always much smaller okay much more numerous because they're smaller okay and they're always built with less precision more space between them often with mortaring techniques of some kind instead of the mortar 'less construction that you see in the megalithic sites the ancient megalithic sites and I would suggest this is because there are not only different building techniques there are different builders they are not the same builders as these older arket sexual sites so here we clearly see it in the Osirian temple you could see the largest blocks at the at the base of this structure at the very bottom and in this place that is now essentially an aquifer of some kind or like there's water flooded into this temple some of these blocks weighed upwards of 60 tons in some cases or estimated to be approximately 60 ton megalithic blocks there is also at this particular temple I don't think you could see it too clearly in this image maybe if you bring the the brightness or contrast up and I'm not even sure if it's taken at this angle where you can see it there is some sort of an etching that is burnt at an atomic level into the one of the blocks and it is a sacred geometrical pattern known as the Flower of Life again it would suggest that there's some type of resonance or underlying energetics that have to do with these blocks and the reason they were constructed out of single pieces of often very hard stones like granite to somehow provide some sort of an energetic resonance field okay so the Flower of Life is actually laser etched I don't even want to say laser it may be some other type of technology but it's burned into the atomic structure of the rock at the Osirian temple and it's not painted or burnt with any kind of a chemical mechanism it doesn't seem it's actually at an atomic level you you know if you go into the the rock it's it's burnt even into a depth within the rock okay so it's an interesting phenomenon to look at this particular temple but going back to my point about the different layers of construction you could see on top you have much smaller stones that are built on top of the older construction at a second level and clearly they weren't made with the same level of precision and are often you know not still standing and they have been affected by time and weathering and earthquakes etc and then on top of those you even see a manure layer of construction where there's much smaller stones fitted into place often by mortar you know construction technique okay so you'll see this over and over again actually as you look into this field of ancient megalithic architecture we'll pick this topic up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today tried to run to the other and we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio tonight we're continuing the extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation it's all about the connection between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition we're looking at megalithic sites and how in many cases we can't duplicate the technology of the ancient past even today with all of the modern technological advancements that humans have achieved we were on slide number 88 talking about the Osirian temple and the Flower of Life a sacred geometrical pattern that is quote-unquote laser etched into the atomic structure of the rock at that temple and we were talking about the layering effect that you often see when studying the megalithic construction sites that you'll see the largest megalithic and oldest megalithic construction techniques that are mortar 'less at the bottom often built on top of by another culture that came along after the original civilization that had built the original site had been long gone and built on top of it with smaller construction that was less stable and sometimes used mortar but more likely than not still use the mortar list construction technique but clearly not as advanced and not capable of moving such large stones into place and then usually on top of that by you know thousands of years later a later civilization comes along and builds on top of that with a much less refined technique usually using mortar to hold the stones together so you'll see this repeated over and over endlessly as you kind of study this entire field let's move on to slide number 89 and this is the temple of Jupiter as they call it in from the Roman Empire times but before that it was known as Baalbek that's B alb ek and Baalbek is of course was a site that was built to the god bail bail was an ancient Canaanite deity an ancient Phoenician Canaan deity and you know this site is of course in Lebanon in the Middle East and the again the largest stones here are upwards of 1,400 tons just absolutely unbelievably massive blocks okay and archeologists would have us to believe that the Roman Empire put those blocks into place with the technology that they had available to them at the time for no other reason than to make a flood wall barrier okay it's absolute absurdity okay completely absurd to think that the Romans okay would have had technologies that we we would not be able to place these stones with this kind of precision today no way and yet they would expect us to believe that the ancient Roman Empire was able to do this okay and again for no other reason they're ostensibly zijn is it was a slurry wall of some kind you know it was there to hold back floodwaters and you know I mean some of the explanations get more and more absurd and ridiculous as archaeologists tried to stretch their hypotheses to give an explanation to people who are demanding an explanation for how could this be how could this even be here when we can't do this today and again you're going to see the technique once again repeated over and over you can clearly see three levels of construction here you have the large super massive megalithic construction of the very ancient world followed by a smaller level of megalithic construction and then finally you have you know stones built on top of that that are much smaller and you'll see this layering over and over and over again as I said as you study this entire phenomenon so this is Baalbek again largest stone here estimated to weigh over 1,400 tons moving on to slide number 90 and this is the last example that I'll give per but perhaps one of the most unique and least well-known and most amazing ancient megalithic sites and I would say this is the site that has the absolute clearest example of machining and I'm only giving one image here to illustrate the machining technique because I thought this was a good one but I'm telling you there are so many more amazing sites when you type the site into any search engine that you want to look it up on on the internet look up puma punku-- that's pu ma pu & k u pu ma p u NK u puma punku okay this is in Bolivia and this site okay has probably the clearest example of ancient machining in out of any megalithic site in the world these stones are so clearly and obviously machined that a five-year-old a 2 year old could probably tell that these stones were machined and yet archaeologists and anthropologists insist no these stones are cut with ancient copper tools you know Neolithic style era tools okay you know Bronze Age and Neolithic and Bronze Age style tools I mean it's it's it's so ridiculous it's laughable and yet they would have people believe this you know that you're gonna cut stones that are six times the hardness of the tools you're working with yeah you'll get you'll make a lot of progress that way I guarantee you and but yet this is what this is what classical archaeology expects people to accept as an explanation just because they can't abandon the linear theory of progression of civilizations that they have ascribed to that they have completely bought into and you know wholesale accepted as the explanation for how modern civilizations have come to be and have formed over time you know because looking at a site like this you clearly have to accept that there was ancient technology and that means that there was electricity that there was metallurgy that there was a knowledge of physics that there was a knowledge of engineering and it didn't evolve in a linear progression we had access to this or at least someone had access to this at in the very distant past and then it disappeared somehow and they don't want us asking those questions of well who had this technology how was it brought here did it evolve or was it brought here by someone else who were those people what were they like why were they here you know they don't want us asking what what happened because they don't want us to know the real story of the ancient human past because that's empowering knowledge about how the current state of humanity came to be the way that it is which is what this presentation is all about and once you understand the how and the why of how it came to be the way that it is that puts you in an empowered position to do something about the way that it is because knowledge is never disempowering it's always empowering now if you look up some of these first of all this shot is just an absolutely amazing example of clear machining in the ancient past these stones are clearly not carved to anyone who looks at that and says those stones are carved and not machined I feel sorry for you I'm not even going to attempt to somehow scientifically refute that contention that these are carved stones and not machined stones if you can just look at that with common sense okay just with your own eyes and not be able to tell those stones are machined I feel sorry for you as a human being and you could say that's an ad hominem attack that's some kind of a logical see you know because I'm saying that you know I just feel sorry for anybody they can't see the truth about that just by looking at it with their eyes I don't really care what you want to claim how you want to claim I'm wording it or putting a spin on it okay it's called general common sense as an adult human being which most people aren't I realize that most people aren't adult human beings regardless of their biological age they're psychologically a child okay but all I have to say is anybody that would tell me that this is carved architecture or not machined architecture I would just look at them and say you know feel sorry for you know the psychological condition that you're in that's what I would do and I would even try to argue with them okay now first of all not only this image is so clear that it's machining that like I said you could ask a three-year-old in nursery school and no they would be able to tell you of course that's not something that's carved that's something that's cut okay but there if you look up puma punku on the internet and just get some images even if you just go to something like Google Images or something like that and just look for images of the site you'll see there are blocks with drilling holes in them that literally have clear examples of drill mark of drill holes done with large drill bore type technology drilled through it and yet archaeologists would still try to blow smoke up people's rear ends and tell them this was somehow done with some type of a punch tool or some type of a carving tool we'll pick this up right there we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening on your host mark passio we're continuing with the cosmic abandonment presentation we were on slide number 90 which is an image of Pumapunku in bolivia and we were talking about how this site is a clear example of machining technology used in the ancient world some of the slabs that you see at the centre of this image are upwards of 130 tons or estimated to be around 130 tons I highly recommend people read more about puma punku and check out some of the clear examples of machining and drilling of the stones they're clearly like you know machined dremeled drilled stones it's just absolutely amazing all out there right out in the open you know hidden in plain sight so to speak and you know of course once again let me just reiterate this has all been debunked to death the so-called experts and the so-called skeptics and debunkers you know we'll talk about these people later on in this presentation it's been debunked endlessly you know and given the most utterly ridiculous explanations all to have to avoid talking about the very real and clear implications of non human involvement with our species because these people just have a religion that they don't want to accept that we could have been involved with in any capacity with intelligences that are beyond our understanding okay and that's all it is it's called fear plain and simple period all right these people will invent things that are completely absurd to just try to take the focus of people's attention away from that general hypothesis to not ever even consider it and it's part of this whole scientism ideology that human beings are the apex of all life that there's nothing beyond us that there's no higher power that there's no civilization that could possibly be beyond us that no one has ever been here except us you know we're the be-all and end-all of everything the idea that man is God that you know we have done everything that that is here you know that we need to look no further you know for any explanation as to what has ever occurred on this planet except human beings themselves and you know I understand not everything is done by extraterrestrial beings or creatures and every single thing that is a anomalous we shouldn't immediately jump to that hypothesis to try to explain it I'm not saying that either okay some people do that but when we're talking about technologies like this that we really can't duplicate today in many cases rule would be very hard-pressed to duplicate even with our level of technology today certainly some which we would not be able to like belbek or the great pyramids etc or saqsaywaman you you have to start looking toward an alternative explanation or hypothesis to try to explain what are we actually witnessing here and how did it come about if human beings did not do it okay but some people will just never ever ever ask those questions or never even attempt to even look at that as an explanation because of the fear involved with the implication okay of it possibly being non-human in origin I just want to say in this section there is a gentleman I highly highly recommend and when I made the presentation I didn't really include him in the researcher section but I'm actually gonna maybe go back and try to link to some of his work with some of the former podcasts especially the one that I did last week on the elongated skulls but he's done really brilliant work on a lot of the megalithic architecture as well and his name is Brian Forester okay so I really highly recommend that people check out Brian foresters work and you could check out YouTube videos I'll try to link some of them with this podcast and like I said I may go back and link some other researchers work the topics that I from when I started the the cosmic abandonment presentation as a podcast series on what on earth is happening radio show so I really not been putting too much work into doing extra linking of videos and books and things like that on the podcast series but I am gonna go back and fill that in at some point it just really have been so busy with some other projects that I've been working on and you know I really haven't had time to get to that but I'm going to do that as I promised previously to link a lot of researchers material with this so I wanted to come together as kind of a cohesive thing where it's all there and you can go and click on it and do the research but if you follow the presentation and you you know type in these names and into any search engine of your choice you know it's an it's a never-ending field of research I mean you could you could be there researching any one of these topics for years okay so just wanted to mention Brian foresters work because I think it really resonates with me and it really helped to fill in a lot of of the blanks so to speak in this puzzle so I really highly recommend him so let's move on to another one of my favorite researchers and that's Lloyd Pye if we move to image number 91 again this whole section that I call the the story of our present okay is attempting to explain a lot of the anomalies that we see that classical science has not really fully explained how certain things came about so you know we were talking about ancient structures and artifacts we're and now we're going to get into some flaws in Darwinian theory and human genetic defects okay that we see that are present in the current human genome and also this is going to tie into the origin of primary psychopathy or at least I'm tying you into the origin of primary psychopathy I'm not saying Lloyd Pye did that but he did postulate the idea that a lot of the genetic manipulation that was talked about in the ancient texts that we've already briefly covered will cover in even more detail later on kind of may explain a lot of the genetic anomalies and defects that we see in the human genome today and I agree with that hypothesis and I've postulated that perhaps it is also responsible for the presence of the complete lack of empathy that we find in less than 1% of the human population in what is known as primary psychopathy we'll get to that as we move through the section but essentially this central section here in this part - which is the story of the of the present again attempting to explain anomalies about the human condition through looking at the ancient world okay this central section here is all about Lloyd PI's work and I'll probably spend the larger part of the duration of today's lecture component talking about Lloyd Pye and his work so slide number 91 through 94 the slides are entitled laud PI's 12 ways humans are not primates he put this forward I believe it was in his video series everything you know is wrong could have possibly been hominids or hominoids as well I'm not sure which video it was but I will also link some of the videos that Lloyd Pye has out there on YouTube because a lot of people are not familiar with this researcher and it's a real sad thing that more people are not I even go I'll tell you just a real brief anecdotal story I even attend some UFO discussion groups in the Philadelphia area and often times when I even go to some of these groups people are not familiar with Lloyd Pye in his work and I say this is one of the central researchers in this entire field of connection to non-human intelligence that people really need to become familiar with and really deeply look into all of his work not just some of it all of it okay not only the material on the Starchild skull which is very fascinating and and very supportive of this entire theory okay but you really have to look at his work on our genetic manipulation because that's the the real focus of his work of the intent of these beings that were here with us and what they actually did to the human species okay and how you know this punches tons of holes in Darwinian theory and you know exposes it really as the religion that it is okay just like creationism you know we've gone through this whole dialectic between creationism and Darwinian quote unquote evolutionary theory before on on past shows and again I subscribe to neither one of those worldviews because they're both imbalanced worldviews that are essentially based in belief not the actual real evidence okay so and we'll and we'll talk about that because that could sound like a real wild claim to some people that there's no evidence for Darwinian evolution okay but most people don't understand this is essentially postulated like a religion in the scientific world all right there's no actual evidence in the fossil record for species transitioning into other species as Darwin said there would have to be for his theory to really hold up and hold any water and yet these transitional species they're their fossils have never been discovered we'll pick this part up on the other side of the break stay with us folks [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the second hour of tonight's broadcast you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're going through the cosmic abandonment presentation in an extended format we were on slide number 91 and beginning to go into the section regarding the researcher Lloyd pies explanation about ways that human beings are actually not primates as Darwinian theory postulates and as most people believe that we are and as we move through these I'll give a couple of images off to the side of this list to illustrate what Lloyd is talking about and again you really have to go and see his online lectures if you look up the if you look up his name in YouTube you'll definitely come across most of them the three main ones are an evening with Lloyd Pye everything you know is wrong and hominid hominids or hominoids if you look up those three videos you're going to get the bulk of the important material of Lloyd PI's work of course he's done a ton of brilliant research regarding the what is known as the Starchild skull a an anomalous skull that was discovered in Mexico in the early part of the 1900s that came into Lloyd PI's possession and he did some genetic testing of it and testing of the bone proving that clearly it is something that is real and that is is not something that is fully human fully human it has some human genetics in it but it also has some non-human genetic suggesting that it is some type of a hybrid being so that's what Lloyd is mostly known for is the Starchild skull but really his even more important contribution to the ufology field in general I would say the human origins field is his information about the ancient human past and how human beings came to be in the situation that they are in now so let's look at this section called Lloyd PI's 12 ways humans are not primates number one human bones are much thinner and lighter than primate bones so right here in this image on the left you see a comparative to comparisons between human bones and primate bones you see a finger bone of a primate on the very very left hand side of the image in the inset image with the two bones being held on the person's hands on their fingers and then you see a human finger bone which is so much thinner and absolutely less dense than a primate bone you see a femur bone which is a the major part of the leg the upper leg or thigh bone okay on the right hand side of this image and you could just see drastically the difference between the density of the bone okay a human beings leg bone is just much more Hollow and has less density of bone it's much lighter that the overall construction of the bone is just weaker and in many ways many people would say that is a inferior design to the original primate and if evolution is supposed to improve on design it would seem like it didn't do a very good job in this and so some people will say well that increases speed you know and yeah that's one that's one thing but really um you know strength and overall durability is so weakened and that becomes a being that is actually much frailer and less strong a much weaker than a primate that's why you would not want to get into one on one hand and scuffle with any kind of a primate because more likely than not you will lose big okay they cannot they're so strong they can actually tear you limb from limb literally tear you apart and I'm not saying that figuratively I mean literally rip your limbs apart that because that's how strong their musculature is and their bones and then the connective tissue and the ligaments and you know between those bones just it's unbelievable strength that they possess so you know people look at them as just you know in many cases herbivores and creatures that just you know can't aren't very dangerous when in fact primates are some of the most dangerous animals when it comes to if you've gotten a confrontation with them as a human being so the bones are not even in the same class and we will in a later slide look at how there aren't a bone zin the human skeleton that are shared with any primate that has ever been discovered zero there's no same bone no transition where there is a half human half primate with any of the same bones at all ever ever discovered and no archaeologists or anthropologists will even debate that okay and if anybody has any archaeologists or anthropologists that would even debate that then they should bring the evidence forward and show it there is ZERO bones that have ever been discovered that are shared between a human and a primate no transitional species not even one bone in a transitional skeleton ever unearthed and you know what they're probably never will be because as we're going to show through this presentation and you know through Lloyd PI's work I feel clearly shows human beings aren't primates and we didn't come from this so-called common ancestor and then turn into a new species there may be genetic material from the primate in the type of species that we are and I feel that it is mixed with yet another type of DNA that came from elsewhere to Korea who we are so I think we are a hybrid of a primate and another species hence a completely different species with no shared bones okay no real true a common ancestry because it's a disconnect from that earlier lineage I'm not saying that perhaps over vast vast vast swathes of time primates may turn into more advanced forms of a primate being and eventually evolved to become something more than what they are now but I don't think that's what happened in the case of human beings personally okay so let's move on to the next point in this 12 point of the ways that human beings are not primates has put forward by Lloyd Pye the muscles of a human being are five to ten times weaker of course if you have bones and connective tissues and ligaments and joints and cartilage etc that are all essentially much less dense and weaker than in a human being the muscles are also going to be weaker because that's what's connecting to those bones the musculature is going to be a reflection of the what type of bones really they're going over and you know of course human beings can work their musculature and build it up as well to become somewhat stronger but it's never you're never going to arrive at the inherent innate strength of a primate okay so we're all weaker than primates essentially a five to ten times weaker as he's saying in in many cases our human skin is not well adapted to direct sunlight and you know I'll go beyond this and say human beings aren't well adapted to planet earth period not only to direct sunlight to are the type of star that our planet orbits but we're not suited to the entire outdoor aspects of nature okay which is why we developed clothing and sheltering and domiciles houses etc and other technologies to keep us sheltered from the elements whereas many other out most do not need to do that they can survive in the wild they can survive out in the open so he's saying that our skin is not well adapted to direct sunlight we burn easily whereas primates do not will continue this list on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] the cold [Music] - what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're making our way once again through the cosmic abandonment presentation and we were on slide number 91 Lloyd pies twelve ways human beings are not primates and we were on the third part of these twelve points that human skin is not well adapted to direct sunlight and I made the point that really the human being really isn't well adapted to Planet Earth period okay whereas primates most certainly are and can live out in the wild fairly easily let's move on to the next point human beings have up to ten times as much adipose tissue or body fat essentially than primates primates are much leaner than human beings and do not they don't have a mechanism in them that activates a lot of fat storage as human beings do this would indicate that our body chemistry and metabolisms are so drastically different that that you know there's not really much in common there at all so we have 10 times as much fat storage fatty tissue storage as primates do point number five human beings have drastically less body hair one of the most easily observable physical aspects when we look at these two species and the patterns of hair the hair patterns are reversed in human beings as they are in primates for an sample in the human male hair will grow on the chest the front part of the human male in many cases it will grow on the back not nearly as thick or dense as on the front of a human male but a primate is reversed the hair is very very dense throughout the entire primary particularly on their back and then in many cases the chest is bare or largely devoid of hair so overall human beings have drastically less body hair much less dense patterns of body hair and the hair patterns are reversed in almost all the cases with a human being versus a primate point number six the head hair and nails must be trimmed ok so hair and nails on a primate really don't ever grow longer and longer and longer as the the being lives this would suggest that's a completely different genetic mechanism at work in the primate than in the human being you know there's examples of people don't trim their nails they could you know become literally over a foot long or more in some cases and hair of course will grow and grow and grow as well you know not indefinitely but you know up to a point and whereas primates don't don't need that kind of trimming done there their hair will just not grow any longer it's like basically the coat on a dog ok so that's point number 6 point 7 the skulls and brains are completely different I'm gonna take a little bit of time on this point to go to slide number 92 we're all the same text points bullet points are listed but this the image was changed here in the presentation to be a representation of a three different hominoid type creatures we have like the australopithecines and then we move up to a later hominoid that is allegedly an ancestor of human beings and then we go to modern Homo sapiens on the right and pi in his presentations constantly shows people that while when you line the skulls up like this it becomes like a a sight factor you know it looks good and it looks like it makes sense and you know oh I could see it's theirs they're similar and then they you know it's changing from one form to another of course this is a technique that's used by Darwinian evolution evolutionists to postulate and put forward their theory that you know we came from or descended from in some way the common ape or how man hominoid ancestor okay but what PI is actually saying is that there's very little similarity between these skulls okay there's a huge jump to go from an australopithecine skull to for example a you know a Neanderthal skull and or or later a hominoid skull and then there's just as big of a jump to go to from something like that up to a modern human being and you could see the the ridges around the eyes you know the the brow ridges and the sloping forehead there there is no for I'm sorry the sloping skull that just goes right back to the cranial case okay and the the plates of the brain casing the skull casing so there's these these complete lack of a forehead you see the protruding teeth you know that the teeth the jaw comes out and away from the skull so much more pronounced in the hominids than in a human being you see that you know the face is set back well back from the teeth and it's underneath this huge the eye sockets underneath these huge brow ridges that aren't present on a modern human being the jaw is completely different in there's really not much of a chin on the primates where there's a pronounced chin on a human skull okay the eye sockets are different you know the brain case itself is completely different a different shape obviously a much different size if you really look at all the different aspects of it there's no really not many similarities they may look visually along certain lines similar but when you actually compare them they're very drastically different and that's what he's saying here in this point that the skulls and brain are completely different most mostly we're talking about also size of the brain when you compare the size of a modern human brain to the so-called ancestors of humanity their brain was much smaller so that's what this slide basically is alluding to here that the people who try to support the hypothesis of Darwinian evolution often arrange skulls like this to basically make it visually look like it's plausible that one species evolved into another but the main thing to keep in mind here connects with slide number 94 which we'll get to in a moment that there has never been one single bone shared found in a transitional species or skeleton that has been unearthed from the fossil record between any of these earlier hominid creatures and a modern human being not one and this is what Darwin himself when putting forward his own theory told people that would have to be discovered and born out in the fossil record for the theory to hold any weight that there would have to be transitional species with shared elements shared bones and not one has ever been discovered and this would suggest that for this theory to be true all of that change would have had to happen in practically an overnight sense or while we find intact skeletons of some of these species somehow we just can't locate the skeletons of these transitional species and I understand the difficulties in the fossilization of bones and how rare fossils actually are but if an entire species were to be formed from an earlier one we would have found transitional species in the fossil record by now we'll pick this up from right there when we come back ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] to blot on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting we were talking about the 12 ways as listed by Lloyd Pye in some of his presentations that human beings are not primates and we were on point number I believe it was seven that the skulls and brains are completely different and we looked at this technique that archaeologists and anthropologists used to get people to buy into the evolutionary paradigm that the Darwinian evolutionary quote-unquote evolutionary paradigm I have to remember always to wrap that in double quotes because it is nothing of the kind it isn't real evolutionary progression according to natural law it is scientism ideology essentially in the ideology that evolution is nothing but the progression of genetic material the survival of genetic material which has nothing to do with real which has a very small part to play in real evolution but it is not what real evolution is actually about which we got into on past shows I won't reiterate that today if you want my take on what real evolutionary progression in nature is about then you could go go pull up those past shows that we did on that topic but um this is a technique that is often used by Darwinists as like a religion like literally they are the followers of this theory religiously because that's what this is it's a religion make no mistake about it okay just like it's no different than creationism it's just on the opposite side of the extremity you know creationism postulates god created everything and made everything the way that it is and Darwinists say no you know was all just random mutations in nature and it has nothing there's no intelligence that underlies it the intervention theory or as I call it the interference theory postulates that it's kind of like a mixture between the two there was a natural evolutionary progression but then something of intelligence hijacked it from that path and turned it into something that it was not really intended to be and that's what this entire theory is all about okay that's what I call interference theory of human origins that we were developing naturally at some point in our ancient past perhaps in harmony with this planet and perhaps living on this planet in a way that was well adapted to it and then something else came along as all the ancient scriptures tell us happened we were basically involved with some other form of intelligence that essentially took us out of that natural state of progression and molded us to their liking through genetic manipulation okay through a hybridization process and hence that's why you see a lot of these anomalous skulls that are half human and half something else that science cannot yet identify so you know just going back to the point that putting the skulls together in a progression like this is part of Darwinists technique to try to try to get people to think that the theory is reasonable and it's all figured out you know and we just know that it is this way because it links this in their mind saying well that sounds reasonable but when you really look closer there's so many anomalous different there's so many differences between these skulls that they are so hard pressed to explain them that all the differences and where those came from and why there are no transitional species transitional fossils between those states you know so it's just a very clever technique that they use which looks reasonable to people glancing at it cursorily but they don't do any further research of course you know they just accept it on face value so that's his seventh point and we'll move on to the next one which also we can move to slide number 90 to explore that a little bit further in depth this point is so point number eight and it's that human beings have drastically different locomotion than primates and this is largely because of the design of the foot overall and pie goes into this pretty extensively and I think it's some of the best evidence that human beings are based on a completely different design than the primates and it is a not as efficient of a design when it comes to operating normally on this planet it is actually a disadvantage what we call you know so-called positive differences or quote unquote upgrades to the human form over the primate form are actually disadvantages not advantages which you would expect evolution to if Darwin Darwinian evolutionary theory were correct you would expect it to produce a better design not a more flawed one well there's probably no better example of this than the design of the human foot structure the foot bones a primates foot essentially is designed directly over its center of mass and when it comes down it comes down almost flat with a perfect weight distribution human beings come down on the heel and then put the weight toward the the side of the foot okay and it goes around the arch the weight distribution goes around the arch and then has to curve drastically to then come back on to the ball of the foot and then it then goes forward across the the big toe which we largely use for balance okay and for walking all right so this is a completely inefficient design that has to curve the weight distribution of the being around the ball of the foot when walking and what that also does is it puts a lot more tour on the bones the muscles the joints the cartilage etc which is why so many people develop like knee problems especially in their later years so this is a absolute regressed design from a primate which comes down with a very even distribution of weight from the heel moving forward through the center line of the foot and then off of all the toes essentially in a very even pattern even progression of weight distribution so the the human foot is probably what you can consider a backwards design or a regression from the primate foot and I would suggest that is more likely because of the infusion of non-human DNA that we received perhaps the method of locomotion or the way that these beings walk is advantageous to them in the environment where they come from and they had a foot that was maybe you know more drastically different than than the human and primate foot but this is a mixture or a blend between the two and in that it creates something that is obviously much less efficient than the primate foot and the primate method of locomotion again I'm just explaining this you know in a cursory way here in this presentation but if you watch PI's videos he goes into it pretty in-depth and has a lot more slides when it comes to this again this presentation you have to understand was part of a two-hour prime I had to give all of this in two hours I'm extending it here over multiple radio shows okay I had at the at the venue that I did this at did this presentation had originally two hours to go through all this material the entire presentation I had to blast through it at like light speed and just you know hit people with this and then move on you know very very quickly without lengthy explanation because you know it was you know cram as much information about how human beings origins is not what we're told and how it was related with non-human entities that didn't really about us wanted to control us basically created us as slaves to do their labor and then basically left us in this condition okay and do that in two hours in a way that is convincing for people okay without having really done much research on their own on this topic you know and and make it something that leaves them wanting to do more research that's the challenge of a presentation like this people will always complain they'll find something to complain about he got this little part wrong he didn't talk about this aspect which I feel is the most important aspect to cover he left this out that proves he's an agent you know I mean it's just you know people's line of thinking is so ridiculous when it comes to you know what they feel is important and I always tell them the same thing if you feel something else is more important by all means make your own presentation and please deliver it put it out on YouTube you know you could do that in the comfort of your own home there's presentation software you can have that converted right to a video put your voice right over that okay and record it screen do a screencast and put it out on YouTube with your voice over it you know don't try to pick holes in somebody else's work if you think your your research is better and it clearly explains a different dynamic or aspects of aspect of this whole phenomenon that we're experiencing by all means put it out there yourself you know and you know where their work is nowhere you never see these people putting out work of their own we'll pick this up on the other side we'll be right back [Music] Oh welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're going through the cosmic abandonment presentation we were talking about Lloyd pies explanation of the twelve ways human beings are not primates I'm going to be getting to your calls in hopefully the next segment I'll wrap up this last segment of this hour by continuing the presentation but if you have any thing that you want to discuss anything that you want to contribute to this conversation on human origins or any other topic for that matter never any taboo topics here the call-in number to join us next segment next hour will be 800 three one three nine four four three once again calls coming up in the next hour the call-in number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three so we were talking about you know the different ways human beings are not primates and we were on point bullet point number eight which was drastically different locomotion we had covered that and the design of the human foot as compared with the hominid foot I highly recommend Lloyd pies videos for more in-depth discussion of that and his books as well point number nine human beings are of course capable of speech whereas primates are not this is a huge difference in our makeup and in our overall capabilities the human throat is completely redesigned with much greater levels of complexity and being able to make the fine-tuned small mouth noises that you know basically are the building blocks of speech whereas the throat of a primate simply does not have that kind of design and it doesn't have those fine-tuned capabilities so that is something that would clearly be a a progression in the human being as compared to the primate and again I would suggest that that is due to the way that we were engineered because they needed us to be able to communicate not only with them but with each other so when they did the genetic manipulation that they did things like you know perfectly balanced locomotion may not have been a huge issue but being able to take direction and be able to communicate with each other to coordinate the direction that they were being given would have been placed very high on the priority list okay so this this certainly fits in with a adaptation or an advantage that would have been programmed into us and therefore supports the interference theory hypothesis point number ten there is no sign in human beings of the typical estrus cycles that are found in primates and many other animals the estrus cycle is essentially what we commonly know as being in heat a heat cycle okay so a time period of you know elevated sexual energy okay so human beings generally do not have anything like that certainly not anything to the extent that you know exists in primates where they're in heat for a time during often you know the menstrual cycle and females and then it subsides after that passes so the in the concept of the heat cycle is not found in human beings that's point number ten point number eleven and absolutely these last two points are so critical okay this to me really proves is that the scientific evidence when people decide to take this entire body of research seriously and start to look into it for themselves in a way that is you know casting off to the side the typical derision and ridicule that this field of research has been associated with and start looking at this from a mature perspective these are the points that are really going to show us where we came from and why we're in the situation that we're in as an entire species socially and spiritually and the human genome has within it over 4,000 genetic disorders that's not the case for any other animal living on this planet we have more genetic defects in our DNA than any other creature living on the earth now why would that be why would it be that just somehow the so-called most advanced creature living on the planet that God gave us dominion over don't you know okay as many religious people believe but somehow we were built with more genetic defects than any other animal on the planet kind of strange and anomalous don't you think I mean why would the creator of the universe if he was our Creator make us with so many built-in flaws oh is it because we have to be reminded that we're not perfect like quote-unquote he is you know in this patriarchal view of God that so many major world religions have oh just like the Old Testament God you know which were growing we're going to get into that whole concept of the Old Testament God okay you know somehow you know he had to constantly remind us that you're inferior to me now I wouldn't have anything to do with the type of genetic hybridization and splicing and dumbing down and disconnection that was done with our genome to create these things all of these disorders couldn't have anything to do with that from another intelligent species that completely came in and did a number on humanity that that doesn't make any sense but but it makes sense that the god of creation would have nothing better to do than give us an inferior genome he's given us something to work out of right you know that's the challenge we'll start you completely screwed up and see if you could you know turn yourself into something that works properly over time right you know give you a chance to work on yourself to perfect yourself I mean you know the whole creationist idea again it's just as childish as the scientists that don't want to look at evidence for what really happened on this planet because of the implications and once again it's all because of fear I can't over stress this enough all the religious people all the sign so-called scientific but it's scientific people okay I don't know if that's a word but if it's not I just coined it okay the people who are worshipers at the altar of scientism just like people who are the worshipers at the altar of cultural religions of any type no matter where they're located geographically or you know what God they you know believe in it's a child's mentality it is a childlike mentality that doesn't want to look at the hard questions okay what put four thousand plus genetic defects in the human genome try to wrestle with that question and its implications so does nature just do that these are just random mutations that's what that's natural selection that's how natural selection works I thought natural selection selected the best from what was inferior you know but somehow it created 4,000 genetic disorders in our genome you know I mean that's what Darwinists would have you believe and creationists would have you believe God did this for what purpose to torment us you know or just to remind you we're not as good as he quote it quote he is it's always a male God you know it's never a force it's never some entity that is neuter or has no sex it's always male you know in all the major cultural religions you know this is the thing that I think PI's work really it hit me like a incoming freight train you know when I first started looking into his work and he explained how these beings that were doing this genetic manipulation didn't care about what they were creating they were gonna use it as a tool and then cast it off or be out of here and leave us to our own devices which is essentially what I think they did with some caveats I don't think they just took off and there was not no connection left which we'll get into but I'm going to leave the presentation there for this evening and we're going to go to the phones on the other side of the break we'll pick this up the presentation next week [Music] you know today disguise the night-night divide today tried to run to the other side welcome back everyone we're into the third hour of tonight's broadcast on this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so I'm going to leave the presentation right there we were on slide number 93 or 94 whichever way you want to look at it we're going to move on to talk about the four thousand plus genetic disorders in the human genome and how our number of chromosomes came to be the way that it is this was already hinted at in the story of the past that we went over several weeks ago about you know the story of the non-human entities that came to this planet and performed the genetic manipulation that they did but we'll get into some scientific evidence for this theory on next week's show regarding the human chromosome number two and how the genetic manipulation that was done could have not only created all these 4,000 genetic disorders but that one of them may have been primary psychopathy in the human species so that'll be coming up next week and we'll go into other areas like how religions came about how governments came about how the worship of money and gold came about all kinds of fun stuff to come about this story of interference with our natural evolutionary progression as a species as spiritual beings in the physical world having an experience here to learn and grow and how that's been hijacked in our species so for now for the remainder of the show I'm going to take your calls the call-in number to join us is eight hundred three one three nine four four three so let's go to the phones any comments on this entire topic or welcome anything that you want to add anything you want to bring to my attention any questions that you have or if you want to go off into completely other areas that's fine as well so here we go let's hear from Phil in Oregon Phil you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark you hear me yes I can oh good all right first of all mark thank you from everybody who use the damn thank you for your enunciation alone in your direct presentation style and what else loss doesn't say that in your minimal use of profanity so you can reach more people exquisite I mean you're you're brilliant dude thank you so much I mean you did you did all the hard work on yourself so you can help others and I mean thank you so much dude seriously I appreciate that I it is it is a lot of hard work and that continues even after you work on yourself really that's when the hard work begins because then you have to attempt to take information that is transformative to other people and that is what is known as the true great work so I thank you for all you know your your gratitude in that regard and I'm gonna do my best to continue that and refine it even more I'm here man I take a thousand bullets for your brother this is good stuff anyway I I remember are you talking about people saying this whole alien perspective thing is oh it's as bad as terrible there's no hope but for me when you say that stuff this is totally uplifting I mean this is empowering then it gives you such a higher perspective you can be like oh well Johnny hocked a loogie in my chocolate milk those trivial issues go out the window you know you can take these bigger issues on board without that you know brushed off your shoulders that's right and what it really comes down to when you boil it all down is would you rather know or would you rather remain ignorant even if the truth is ugly doesn't knowing you put you in a more empowered position than when you were ignorant of it you know I mean it could be difficult for newcomers it could be difficult for people that haven't yet gotten a very wide historical perspective of what's really going on here on this planet as far as the control system aspects are concerned but I you know I think again I stated as a caveat for going into this material this is like for the mature class this is like the an AP class okay it's like this you have to understand this material after you understand the control system because this explains how the control system got to be the way that it is and it helps us to understand why we're so susceptible to this control system due to our programming that is embedded in our makeup now what I want to do later on is give people something to not be depressed about but to have a little bit of dare I use the term hope okay I you know I don't want to put people on the opium drug either okay I want to give it a may a mature realistic perspective there is something that goes beyond all this genetic manipulation and that is epigenetics the realm of consciousness can trump any of the things that have been done to us and that's directed by the human will and the human heart and once you're a line you have aligned those forces and you want to use those to propagate truth and freedom and higher level consciousness and love no force in the universe can stop that that's right I totally agree I mean look at these Psychopaths they don't have the genetic potential capacity for love and empathy and they're falling apart they don't even mix their genetics with any other people that kind of like dogs in a way they don't have you know mutts are stronger you know they mix mix the blood yeah they're actually creating more problems within their own bloodlines because they they have this totally psychopathic desire to keep these traits quote unquote in the family and it's not strengthening them it's actually weakening them it's it's actually a disadvantage you know their system is slowly falling apart but it's gonna take a whole lot more focus concentration toward knowledge and willpower and true care on people's part to really you know move us forward collectively because we're just not there you know in numbers yet but there's a small growing segment to course segment of people who are really getting it they're going to take this information to other people in a more concentrated focused and distributed way as the years move on for sure right we're chatting in your chat room that area about natural law and how that ties in would be psychotic they're kind of like you know virus people wherever you call them how the need is took care of it you know they just push them off the iteself or go hunting and they disappear you know right that is that proper in natural law since they initiated the violence with all this you know the spiritual warfare on every level food air water fought is it is it where we have the right to I would say once violence is demonstrated and there's no effort on the part of the person who is conducted the violence to change their ways or perhaps in the case with primary Psychopaths there's no capacity to change that there is a natural defensive you know aspect of natural law that states that you can deal with that in a physical manner and you know I'm not telling anybody to just go identify a psychopath and and take them out of existence I'm saying that at some point humanity as a whole has to understand that we have the right to deal with the beings that would dare to take our rights away physically if if required to do that if they will not back down and allow us to exercise our natural rights and be free you know at some point your freedom has to be taken if it's attempted to be taken by someone else you have a right to physically take it back you know I don't know how much more clearer I can be about that regarding where I stand regarding that dynamic but it's certainly not the new-age idea of just let everybody who's doing evil run rampant because we think they could all be you know reformed in some way with words because it's just not true I mean from a mature perspective looking at it okay you can mitigate that to a very huge extent in consciousness but they're still going to be people who are going to act out in a violent way you know until we actually identify where psychopathy really comes from in the genome and possibly develop a way of dealing with that in the genome itself or until we become so conscious and we mitigate that to such an extent that that has actually worked out epigenetically out of the genome okay and until that is no longer in the human genome we're going to be dealing with that dynamic and I say there is always an inherent right to deal with it physically so that's my answer really great points Phil thanks so much for the call ladies and gentlemen we'll continue with your calls on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're taking your calls in this hour the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three ninety four forty three let's hear from Lynn in Washington Lynn you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark first of all I would like to echo the other caller on thoroughly enjoying your presentation and I'm trying to get very enlightening and very confirming the other thing is I would like you to spell Brian foresters name as I recall he's got an interesting spelling of his last name I think it is fo r es ter Forrester I'm not a hundred percent positive but I think that's what it is let me just see if I could bring it up and confirm that sound correct yes I'm sorry that is not correct it's f OE r s t er Brien Foerster f OE r st er I thought it had an unusual blast or spelling and a lot of people were gonna look him up it might be wise to give out the proper spelling of your name yeah if you look up Brian Forrester and elongated skulls you'll find the correct gentleman or Brian Forrest or an Nephilim architecture you'll find the you'll find the correct Brien Foerster on YouTube if you just type Brian Forrester and ancient architecture in YouTube something like that you you will come to his videos I had the good fortune years ago back in late 90s of going to a presentation of Lloyd Pye wow that's awesome it was awesome I I really didn't even know what I was getting myself into when I went to this meeting and he just blew me away something that has got me puzzled however in the question that I want to ask sure where we're talking about the difference between humans and primates and the chromosomes and all this but we're also talking about 85% of the population of the world has got the r8 factor in their blood right which is a rhesus chromosome right if I'm correct there are 15% of the entire population in the on the planet that don't have that correct can you explain that yeah my take on the whole Rh factor positive or negative you know whether we have the rhesus factor in our genome is that I think if it's present we probably have more of the genetics that were present in the original human beings or you know the original beings regardless of what you want to call them that we're naturally evolving on this planet I think that is the the hominid aspect to us but then you know that factor I think being removed in a small percent of the population is part of the nonhuman essence now I'm not trying to say that people have Rh negative blood or non-human I'm saying that this other presence that came here and interbred with us didn't have that in their blood and what happened was over time you know they introduced their genetics into our bloodlines and some of that those what I want you might call a recessive trait the absence of that trait you know propagated in certain bloodlines and that's why most bloodlines that are of quote-unquote royal origin or you know blue blood or you know you could say the ruling bloodlines okay largely have this Rh negative aspect and you know people have made a lot about this have you know talked about this quite extensively I tend to not think that just this one factor is the most important thing to look at when it comes to this but it does play into it a little bit so I'm glad that you basically brought it up and mentioned it I think it's essentially a sign of the Rh positive aspect I feel a means that we have a little bit more of a connection to the original lineage of what was developing on this planet then an infusion of what you might call Nephilim DNA or where Anunnaki DNA or just simply nani whatever you want to call them regardless of the culture that talked about them and gave it gave them a name of the non-human entities that came here in the ancient past so may I interrupt sure I have known for a long time that I'm alright negative and I'm certainly not royal right no absolutely not so what I'm saying is that these bloodlines interbred with all of humanity it's like they didn't just purely keep their blood constantly in their in their lineage obviously it leaked over into the rest of the population and now like you said probably over 15% of humanity has that that factor within their their blood so it's not something that um has anything to do with the level of consciousness that that a person is going to be at or can reach we have integrated it into our whole genetic pool so to speak well a little bit of research I've been able to find on this as I was looking at up is there is a whole bunch of people with the Rh negative that seem to have a lot of interactions with an alien presence beyond us yes I've had all kinds of experiences that if I sat and told somebody they wouldn't believe oh you're absolutely right there when it comes to that there is a absolute correlation and connection between the interaction of people of human beings with non-human entities and the Rh negative factor in human blood without any doubt in my mind there is an saluté correlation there because the the the percentages of people that have had abduction related experiences or even very strange encounters of some type with non-human entities and and the the percent of them that have the Rh negative factor is just compared to how much of the whole percentage of the human population have it is absolutely off the charts so there's certainly a correlation there and I'm glad you mentioned that as well then I would like to know if there's more information on that aspect of it that I can look up well I would say maybe um you know get involved with a UFO research group in your area I know that this is a topic that comes up on occasion at the Philadelphia UFO meetup group that's headed up by Chris Augustine you might want to check out his website it's aliens the truth com that's a resource I can throw out there just right off the top of my head for you to check out I'm not sure if he has any articles up on the site about that but perhaps maybe you can get in touch with him and ask him if he has any other information on that because I know it's one of the topics that he personally looks into and talks about often at the meetups and that was alien aliens the truth com just a shout out there for Chris and Chris was the host of my cosmic abandonment presentation he runs the philadelphia UFO meetup group so he kind of gave me the opportunity to present this information you know in a formal setting for the first time well I appreciate your your information I really do that's very helpful to me absolutely thanks so much and thanks for the great insights on the call here ok so let's see let me see how much time we have left in this segment okay uh let's uh let's go to Scott in Portland Scott you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark and Amy yes great yeah a couple of things that I'll try to make it quick but I have some oh by the way I'm a big fan yourself thank you sir however I do disagree with you with the thing oh that's that's okay no no one has to agree with it all it's all about you know putting the topics out there for a discussion putting them out on the table you stay on the line through the break and I'll let you get to your point on the other side okay ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back [Music] taking the polls on this hour toll-free number to join us [Music] ninety-four [Music] okay I believe we were talking at you Scott important break music's playing [Music] perhaps take care of that was supposed to duck back out when I start apparently it is not business we may just have to let it be right out [Applause] [Music] looks like the automation looks like the automation on the network can fail there there we go they took care of it okay sorry about that little glitch there folks we were talking to Scott in Portland just before the break hit us Scott are you still on the line with us so we make it off no worries metal right I didn't get to your point yes great clean ISM and the idea I'm talking about that all the forms well let me back up a second I'm long been concerned with assumptions people make and have inherited and they become unexamined assumptions sure and what yeah and one of these is the idea that there are the forms in the mind of God of the facts and there's somewhere in the mind of God a fox a bird a worm and all those things will regenerate themselves and proof and I think it's long been part of the problem that's been the war on nature as I said sure background and session them the core Christian I grade the first time I think I smoked marijuana and there past that time that I realized some things were really wrong and most of it has to do with what I would call the right hand not telling the left hand what it's doing compartmentalization sure yeah especially with people who are in authority and the justify their authority and a lot of this used to be justified by this idea that you can't really ruin anything and we're definitely not a spinning rockin outer space where infinite possibilities can happen that's regimen what you're describing here is an attachment in people's minds to the idea of permanence like it's always been this way it is this way now and it's always going to continue to be this way I find that you see this embedded in the most brainwashed and controlled people and you see this embedded deeply in people who believe that the control system is absolutely impenetrable and eternal they're resigned to the idea that government must always exist controllers must always exist this is somehow embedded in the fabric of nature itself these people believe they're so convinced that the current system is eternal then and what it really comes down to is these people believe that this system is God they think that it's God we're that it's God doing this yes and I know this because my family are people that I grew up with that considered themselves to be elite and what I would call the kind of people that Alex Jones does all day attacking and I'm going to discern them to say that the situation is a lot more complicated and in my opinion has to do with thousands of years of people believing eyes and maybe the outright lies but the whole angle is looking at things in a conspiratorial point of view I think has its advantages because people do advocate these lies day in and day out just for their own benefit that's right an evolutionists most certainly one of them that was played off by some of the elites like the Galton's families and the you Genesis and social engineers of the day and propagated out to the masses to get them to buy into the whole supremacy of matter hypothesis and the whole genes control your destiny so the the lot that you're dealt with in life is the lot that you're stuck with and it's certainly not true because we know differently through the science of epigenetics and the understanding that consciousness and the way that we inform ourselves and our body through what we put into it information wise and nutrition wise can actually change the receptors that activate genes or don't activate certain genes we're in ultimately in control of that because we can reprogram ourselves and that's the good news when it comes to all this like I said no matter how much genetic programming or manipulation has been done it can never Trump the power of consciousness the power of consciousness is always going to be able to trump that yes we will expect and no matter how hard you try to get rid of your freewill you're gonna suffer the pain of how it hurts when I don't know there's a certain pain and punishment that comes along with people who pretend they don't have any free will and I don't see them because we thought of the fact that makes everything we know is basically beautiful and enhanced properties of infinity diversity built in which is nature and these things have involved over millions of years to become the foxes in the birds and the porcupines and the fish and things that when you're three years old and you see the mother fish or whatever defending it you immediately feel joy as that would be a life worth living right yeah we have to we have to formulate that connection to our real roots are real ancestry I think you know that's underlying all of this manipulation and all of this some underlying programming that's been done to us there's still that connection deep down underneath to our true nature that never be completely buried and they think they can do that but ultimately really they're kidding themselves because they're they're never going to be able to bury the true human soul they're never going to be able to very true a little bit I would disagree with you a little bit that agree that the conspiratorial frame put this in is very important because people are guilty but the in sense the truth is they don't know how to control anything what they're in control of is the runaway Sorcerer's Apprentice who's making a mess out of everything and they just want to pretend they're in control of something that's impossible to control yes absolutely yes somewhat I would agree that they're not ultimately really in control because ultimately natural law is the only thing that's really in control they think they're going to trump that but it cannot be that cannot be done again that's the ultimate lesson and all of this is that it's always raining over everything else in this universe we can only be under the illusion that we can conquer the laws of nature that are ultimately put into effect by the creator of the universe that doesn't mean we don't have free will we still do we have free will to operate our lives within the boundary conditions or guidelines of morality as set by natural law and if we do that then our evolutionary progression continues forward if we don't do that it stagnates or regresses so I think you're making a very good point I don't really see too much contradiction and you know how we how we think along those lines it doesn't really seem like I guess what I'm trying to say is the alien DNA or whatever in proper sense should be considered in a world part of one universe here so whatever kind of mutations happened this well it's too much infinity for people to be considerate as something besides what we had here which is oh okay yes see I agree I agree with that it's not about purging or you know totally alienating this which is why I don't even really like the word alien and you notice I very rarely use it you know it's I call it just extraterrestrial meaning not of the earth but from another planet or another dimension or another galaxy who knows but um you know this is about integration and healing ultimately it's about reconciliation when it all comes down to it you know and realizing that we are all one and we are all on the same basic path of development great insight Scott we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us folks you as a cool we don't hear speak while between us [Music] [Music] listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting last segment of the show for this evening the time really does fly let's continue with your calls let's hear from Ryan in Nebraska Ryan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark I am on episode 10 right now okay my wife and I Anna were looking at barriers to self-realization yes and we've realized that we're really stuck you know in a lot of our you know and a lot of the barriers but one of the things you said was that it takes will yes and I I just if you could expand on that for me that would be great sure the will is the ordering force within creation it is what is known as the centric force that actually pushes evolutionary progress in consciousness forward okay unless you get in touch with that underlying force that is present not only in yourself but it is present in all of nature and everything in creation it is the will of creation it is the force that is actually the will of creation what creation is trying to will into effect and once it has a desire it wants to progress in its own understanding it wants to progress in its own complexity it wants to progress in its own knowledge of itself okay and what the human beings will lowercase W needs to align with is that greater force of will capital W when you align those things and there's no contradiction between those two seemingly different sets of will okay one you could look at as the desire of the self on a lower level the individuate itself and one you could look at as the desire of all creation okay when you actually align those two the force that is actually underlying in nature that is there and moving all of the entire universe forward actually works with you it were you can you could say it the opposite way you could say you work with it you're no longer trying to buck that force you are actually stepping into the slipstream of that force by aligning yourself to that force okay and when you do that that creates total self empowerment you're no longer actually working against yourself you're no longer acting has your own enemy in this world when you align yourself to that force understanding what it is is the first thing to understand that we are here for a purpose and that purpose is to learn and grow in consciousness when you understand that that's the first step toward starting to align your will with that higher capital W will okay that is inherent in nature and again that's desire it's part of care it's care for truth it's care for what is right it's care for development of knowledge you know if you've already started along that path that care is present so there's a certain amount of will present now you have to nurture it and work with it and be persistent see that's where you know we look at will is only something like that do you have the will to get through this do you have the will to do this it's more than even just persistence its persistence and care aligned together so there's a feminine and masculine component within that higher will that we have to develop that's really what I would consider you know true will or what has been called in you know other occult systems or other transformational systems that has been referred to as the lame-o which is the word for will in the ancient Greek language I hope that explains what I consider the true will to be yeah yeah thank you thank you so much for your work sure and like I said the more you look into this information and the more you continue to nurture the desire to move forward in your own evolutionary progress in consciousness the more of that will you will build up within yourself and the more you'll align yourself to that underlying force in nature which is what I've called the centric force or in other words the ordering force that counters the force of entropy or chaos in this world and actually orders things toward more complexity more understanding more knowledge more care more morality more growth and development in consciousness that you know the more you do that the smoother that process becomes so I you know just from what you've said here tonight that you're looking into this and you want to go further I can tell you're already on that path so keep that up and just keep moving forward all right I had one other thing I want to go right ahead seeing calm listening to stuff from 2010 it's now 2014 yes in 2010 you seemed a bit pessimistic and and you just continually are saying you know the pet we're headed down is just in we're gonna go fall deeper into the system of control as your opinion changed on that at all not drastically I don't think we're anywhere near a number to facilitate a quantum shift in our what we're creating in our reality we're not even anywhere close to that number and I again I don't say that please don't take that as just total negativity I don't say that because I'm trying to discourage anybody I'm saying that because I'm trying to be honest and answer the person's question as I see things okay I don't see things turning around I look out the door and I see 100% totally unconscious human beings everywhere all around me in massive massive droves and I'm telling you it is a numbers thing this is another thing the New Age movement has wrong okay epigenetics and consciousness works through numbers it works through amount of people it does is it the this this whole thing this whole lie about it only takes a very small number of people to push consciousness into a transformation is a lie it takes numbers of people to do that because the more people that think the opposite way there are people who are trying to counteract that dynamic of actually moving forward in consciousness and they're the reason that consciousness hasn't moved past where it's at is because too many people are unconscious and holding it back I mean it's just a clear it's an absolute physics numbers game to move a mass you need a certain amount of force to move it and that's just how it works and it works the same way in consciousness just like it does in the physical domain you know we're nowhere near that amount and I'm just being honest so can we get to that yes absolutely we can but see can possibility is there the question is do we will that to happen how many people are truly stepping into that alignment with the higher will do I see a lot of people doing that no do I see some people doing it yes absolutely I won't even bother to continue doing it if I didn't see the possibility is there can it be changed yes it can be changed still at this late hour I feel it can be changed do I feel we're well on the way to doing that not even close we have the X exert so much more willpower so much more effort so much more persistence we have to develop so much more care for truth and freedom and and completely unlearn what we're we have supposedly learned and we're holding on to and it's completely wrong information and that's what I call negative knowledge we're not even in a place of any any knowledge we're in a place where we have known we're still stuck on negative beliefs that aren't true you know we have to move so far past that dynamic that it's scarcely conceivable where we're at to where we need to get to you know and I'm just being honest and you should not take that as a discouragement you should continue to move forward in your understanding even knowing that that's my position even now you know I'm just one person and that's my position that's my opinion that's where I see it right now I have to concede could I be wrong sure but from an educated you know an educated guess perspective I have to tell you Humanity is nowhere near solving the problems that we are up against when it comes to our freedom being destroyed and if we want to solve that problem we have to learn the truth we have to step into that dynamic and we have to exercise a whole lot more will and persistence to change and I think that's only being done in a very tiny tiny fraction of human beings right now can that change in the future it absolutely can change and I think more people are coming online to it but still too slowly I would like to see it increase and speed up and expand dynamically but that's up to at self to everybody out there listening and and spreading this information to others and how effectively we're going to do that and how persistently we're going to do that so really really great questions there Ryan I want to thank you so much for the call and unfortunately ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music]