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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic broadcasting org today is Saturday July 26th 2014 we have a great show lined up for you here tonight the show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time tonight on what on earth is happening we'll be continuing our ongoing series the extended version of my cosmic abandonment presentation cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the connection of the interference theory of human origins as I personally call it to the current human condition it explores those connections in depth and we'll be continuing with cosmic abandonment tonight on what on earth is happening I will be taking your calls in the third hour of the show tonight so for people who want to get into the calling queue the call-in number to join us is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number I will be taking calls in the third hour of the show tonight the calling number to join us 800 three one 394 43 I have one event announcement on the big seminar coming up in Connecticut that I'll be giving called demystifying the occult will take place on Saturday October 4th 2014 it's an all-day live seminar in Manchester Connecticut it will be starting at 9 a.m. and going through the 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donation you could send a personal check or money order made payable to Arthur Capozzi that's Arthur Capozzi CA poz Zi at 500 Munro Turnpike suite 142 Monroe Connecticut 0 6 4 6 8 once again check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 in Monroe Connecticut 0 6 4 6 8 also tickets will be available at the door for a thirty dollar cash donation so that's demystifying the occult coming up on Saturday October 4th if you're in the Connecticut area we would love to see you there it's gonna be a great day of do cultic hidden information and enlightening people as to what they need to know regarding the occult aspects of the control system that is all around them so that's the only event announcement I have I do want to mention that there is a donation button on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you have received value from the information that has been shared on the what on earth is happening radio show and website please do feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that it can continue into the future so with that having been said I want to direct everyone's attention as always to the what on earth is happening comm radio show page that's on the radio show tab of the website underneath the player where you can listen to the live show from every Saturday evening I will usually put images for tonight's show and of course there are many images that go along with the cosmic abandonment presentation so you'll see all the slides listed there in numeric format the one image for the show tonight is of course the poster for the demystifying the occult presentation and then underneath that you'll see cosmic abandonment slides part one and two we wrapped up with the slides for part one will be moving into slides for part two this evening actually we went through up to slide number 93 last week and I'll be picking it up from slide 94 and continuing from there this evening one thing I do want to mention about the slides for tonight's show and tonight's show is podcast number 164 for those who may be listening later the slides for part 2 I broke them up into two sections because there's a hundred and eighty-four slides to this presentation and the way the the linking system that I'm using works the the slide show I should say that that that brings up the images in a slideshow format on the website works if you put too many images into one of them it kind of jumbles the numbers together so I was trying to avoid that it's kind of just a limitation of the slideshow format that I use so I broke it into two parts and you will notice that if you click like let's say image number 93 which is the first image of the presentation part number two it will say that it's slide number one because it's the first slide of the second part so that may be confusing for people to follow along like that unless you're just basically listening to what I'm talking about and then moving forward when I say that I'm moving forward to another slide if you can keep up like that that's fine if not I highly recommend people to just download the zip archive underneath the images and you can unpack that on your own computer unzip it and you'll have all of the images there with their correct numerical sequence intact and you could open them up in whatever image viewer you prefer so I think that's enough for that with that having been said I'll jump into the material for tonight we were on slide number 94 last week which is the last slide in a little subsection of this presentation called Lloyd pies twelve ways that humans are not primates and we went over most of these last week we went over the the first twelve essentially and we were looking at the last two at the end of last week's show and that's a good place to to go into a break I guess we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right coach we're back - what on earth has happened here on rbn on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm continuing with the cosmic abandonment extended presentation this evening we were on slide number 94 the last slide of Lloyd pies 12 ways that human beings are not primates we went through ten of these twelve and last week we ended on the last two which was I'm going to kind of be grouping these two together and kind of explaining how this these two parts work and are probably the best evidence for the interference theory of human origins the fact that there are over 4,000 genetic disorders in the human genome and you don't see that in let alone primates any other species on the planet we seem to have more things that are wrong with our DNA than just about any other species on the earth and you know people could argue that that somehow has something to do with the environment that we have created but it's really always pretty much been this way since human beings have existed you know you could say Oh epigenetics has something to do with that and epigenetics absolutely does have to do with turning on the propensity for a gene to activate and you know is essentially display certain characteristics or tendencies or traits but what we're talking about here is really something that is deeply embedded in humanity that really you don't see in other species on this planet we have more disorders at the genetic level than any other creature on this entire planet and to me that's not the mark of how nature operates you look around and you see order everywhere else except in humanity you see beings capable of living in homeostasis and balance with their environment you see beings that are adapted the planet they could live outdoors on this planet in just about any kind of atmosphere or weather okay human beings are the only being aside from the other beings that we genetically modified genetically manipulated or hybridized or essentially you know bred over the generation upon generation to create certain a certain subspecies now in the largest example of course the dog which was originally a wolf all of the modern domesticated dogs today came from the wolf species and then we just domesticated the wolf and bred it down and bred it down you know through different hybridizing and you know different breeding and keeping it in a domesticated state eventually turned it into the the dog that we see today you know that species wasn't really intended to exist by nature and probably would not have evolved naturally by nature had men not domesticated it that way so that's what I would call an example of not direct of course genetic manipulation but that is an example of essentially what you would call modifying a gene through domestication and what you would probably call hybridization in genetics you're basically looking to breed certain characteristic traits and you know not allowing others to move forward in the gene pool so we did this with other animals like the dog and the cat and they would not be naturally adapted to living on the surface of the planet just on their own just like we are not naturally adapted to living on the surface of the planet just on our own because that's the same process was essentially done to us only probably in a much more direct way through deliberate technological genetic manipulation and splicing gene splicing and that's what leads us into this last point in Lloyd Pie's outline of twelve ways human beings are not primates that the human chromosome is reduced from the amount total amount of chromosomes is reduced from 46 from 48 all primates essentially have 48 chromosomes whereas human beings only have 46 and the reason for this most likely is because we are a hybridized species and the beings that created us took some of their genomic material some of their DNA spliced it in with a creature that had previously existed on this planet as we told in the ancient recounting the summary of the ancient recounting z' of many different cultures on the face of the earth through their ancient scriptures talking about the beings that essentially did different genetic experimentation to humanity and lived among us and essentially kept us as their slaves when we were looking over that story that was a part in it that talked about when human beings were incapable of reproducing on their own these beings essentially gave us more of their genes and spliced it with the creature that they had that they had already made and that made a total of 46 chromosomes whereas the being that they started with originally had 48 before they began all of the genetic manipulation and tampering that they that they actually carried out now people will say well is there any evidence to support this theory scientifically and the answer is yes there actually is and this also goes a long way when you understand how this was done it goes a long way toward helping humanity to understand why there are all of these genetic anomalies in our species particularly things that have very much resisted explanation on the part of modern science and really on the part of anybody because they don't want to wrestle with the implications of why such a thing like for example primary psychopathy would exist in our species when you look at how seemingly unbelievable a conditioned primary psychopathy is that there are people who are born with an inability to experience human emotion in the physiology at all at all and you know I always whenever I talk about this I always go back to the fact that there are so many people who are in complete denial of this condition they insist that it does not exist they are in 100% absolute cognitive dissonance denial that this condition is existent among humanity and we are having to deal with the implications and the consequences of that there is such a thing as primary psychopathy within the human species and people don't want to wrestle with that implication so they would rather rather just wave their hand and say oh it doesn't exist it's not something I ever have to concern myself with it's not something I have to try to understand or look into or try to think about where it came from it's just something I can completely ignore and somehow the consequences the repercussions of its existence will magically vanish if I think that way it's absolutely childish delusional thought and anybody who still thinks that there is no such thing as psychopathy particularly primary psychopathy with the unimaginable in-your-face evidence on a day to day basis that there are people who are walking around on this planet who are like mindless automatons without the ability to think without the ability to feel okay and those are just the secondary Psychopaths and they're taking their orders from the real other species the primary psychopaths will pick this up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to walk on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're continuing with the cosmic abandonment extended presentation we were on slide number 94 talking about the last two points of Lloyd Pie's ways humans are not primates and we're talking about the four thousand plus genetic disorders that exist in the human genome not you know of which there are more disorders than any other species on the face of the earth the fact that primates have 48 chromosomes in their chromosomal in their genomic makeup and human beings only have 46 we were talking about more scientific evidence this slide by the way is um showing that there are exactly zero bones in the human skeletal structure that exists in any primate skeletal structure there has never been found any transitional species with any primate bones making up a actual human skeleton and Darwin himself would have cautioned people against taking his own theory and running with it blindly because he said for it to be borne out that there would have to be transitional species found in the fossil record and there have never has never even been one found this is what is known as the so-called missing link okay so the missing link has never been discovered this so-called ancestor linking ancient primates to human beings and their own there never will be discovered this missing link because it does not exist you know and people still blindly fall into this theory because it's upheld by all modern science that's backed by government grant money and funded because that's what the notion that they want to put out there to people because they do not want them to know the truth now harder scientific evidence because people will say well evidence of absence of evidence is not evidence of absence okay so since we don't have these transitional species oh it doesn't necessarily mean that Darwin's theory is completely incorrect well we can look at slope moving on the slide number 95 now we can look at what I think is one of the best examples of the scientific evidence confirming were hugely strengthening the theory of what I call interference theory that we are a hybridized species that we are a genetically manipulated race and it's the second in the human sequencing of human chromosomes that was done by the human genome project this was started a couple of decades ago I believe and it was wrapped up I think in the late 1990s if I'm not mistaken I could be wrong about the date when it was finished when it was completed but first of all it found that there was a lot less DNA in the human chromosomal genome than we originally anticipated we thought we were going to be much much much more complex in our genome was gonna you know have so many more chromosomes in it it ended up being a lot more simplistic than scientists thought it was going to be and the actual sequencing project finished finished I believe it was years early on the order of years compared to how long they projected it would take so the second human chromosome put up a lot of questions in scientists mind because it appears to be a fused chromosome a genetically fuse chromosome okay I'll and I'll explain this in a moment when we look at the slide what I have to explain what you're looking at here these are basically genetic markings of chromosomes scientists basically mark where there's certain genetic material and where you know there's absence of it and that makes up the entire the entire how could I put this it's up just like a model of what the whole chromosomal material is represented by in this in this line with these light and dark colored lines going through the the vertical bar so if you were looking at let's just take the first four on the left hand side of the image you'll see they're marked by letters at the bottom the first chromosomal line there it says H 1 that means human chromosome 1 and then next to that this is uh there's a C that's a chimpanzee chimpanzee chromosome 1 you could just take the 1 and you know basically move it to that the the the sequence of these four on the on the left hand side of the image then there's four in the middle okay you have human than the eight it says H 2 that's human chromosome number 2 represented by the second blue line and then there's C and C because it's a double chromosome okay the second chromosome is actually broken in basically two parts or they're representing its makeup by this broken chromosome or it's actually made up of two separate pieces okay the G stands for gorilla and the O for orangutan so we're looking at three primates and looking at how similar or different their chromosomal material is to the human chromosome and you'll notice that all three of these primates have this segmented second cromoz okay you see the green one is the chimpanzee it's in two parts the the purple one is the gorilla that's in two parts and the red one is the orangutan and that's in two parts the only one that is in one piece on the second one is h2 which stands for human chromosome number two then we see the similarity once again when we move to chromosome number three now people have often said the genetic makeup of a human being is 98% similar to the genetic makeup of a chimpanzee is this true yes it is but in the difference in that two percent you're talking about all of the different characteristics in that coding all of the different characteristics that make a human being different from a chimpanzee so think about how much that is speech art culture creativity etc all of all these things language skills mathematics you know everything that makes a human being human all the faculties of the higher brain of a human being of the neocortical brain you know plus all the other things the deeper complexity of emotion not to say that chimpanzees don't have complex emotions they most certainly do but all of the ways that human being is even more advanced than a primate come through in that two percent or less of genetic material so when we're talking about this kind of a difference in genetic material in a chromosome being this single seemingly fused chromosome compared with the separated chromosomes of in the second chromosome sequence for our primates or our primate cousins if you will we're talking about an actual tremendous amount of genetic material it's not insignificant it's not a small amount by any stretch of the imagination and when scientists look at this they say this is the best example for supporting Darwinian evolution because our chromosome evolved from the primate and it turned into something different you know and they postulate this notion that you know this happened over a seemingly short period of time some scientists have speculated it was as little as 20,000 years of time that this dramatic change took place some say it was 40,000 years some go up to about 80 to a hundred thousand years and these are extremely short time spans when it comes to how even according to the theory of evolution that you know genetic change is supposed to occur and then people will postulate well it was driven by environmental factors and some type of you know maybe a cataclysm occurred or some type of environmental pressures happened even with that the type of adaptation that would take place would not modify an entire chromosome to this level not this kind of genetic change it is an absolutely insane amount of genetic material that would have to change and we'll pick this point up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio continuing with the cosmic abandonment extended presentation we were looking at slide number 95 a depiction of a comparison of the first three human chromosomes - primary - primate chromosomes namely chimpanzee gorillas and orangutans chromosomes and we were looking at human chromosome number two and I was talking about how this is one of the main pieces of evidence in the support of the interference theory of human origins and Lloyd Pye has talked a lot about this aspect of the possibility that we were genetically hybridized in that what these beings may have done is simply look for a chromosome that was compatible with the kind of slicing of splicing that they wished to do and what they would have probably been looking for is a double chromosome which would have made it a lot easier to splice it because they could do the splicing at the telomere which is the end of the chromosome and indeed that's what we see when we look at the human chromosome number two it seems to be merged with or it's pattern looks like a merged chromosome at the telomere if we were to look at the for example chimpanzee chromosome okay more likely than not that's what these beings did they picked a chromosome that would have been simple to perform after they had mapped the genome of the of the being that they were working with they would have probably picked a chromosome that would have simply suited their purpose and been something that would have been simple to fuse to create the traits or characteristics that they were looking for and human chromosome number two is the second chromosome of course in the in the gene sequence in the chromosomal sequence and it looks like they skipped over number one because that just wasn't suitable or compatible with what they were looking to do again more likely than not they were looking for one of these dual chromosomes and they found that in the second chromosome and so they decided to do the splicing there and PI also makes a lot of good points in his research that they were not you know working with the most advanced technologies that you could possibly imagine they weren't doing this splicing at the atomic level which is where you would have to do it at to avoid any bit errors in the gene sequence okay so they were doing genetic cutting and splicing very similar to how modern geneticists and humanity do it they cut with a chemical agent they actually put the genes into a chemical agent and it breaks them apart and then they could do the type of splicing that they want with another agent and you know this um this is a very inexact science it's something that you can't really predict the outcome you have to simply let the the thing that you're making express itself in a sort of a culture and perhaps that's really what's going on in humanity you know perhaps this is the big petri dish and the culture is expressing itself and there these beings may be finding out what they've gotten as a result of the type of splicing that they've done I would imagine that they would be horrified and probably were horrified by what they got you know which is why they tried to essentially wipe us out as an abomination with the the cataclysm or deluge which we talked about previously but we're kind of like the bastard child that no one wants you know they did this for a purpose for their purpose slave labor and then you know wanted to toss it away because they recognized well you know by anybody's standards that this work is a is an abomination you know I mean people who look at what humanity has become and think the God of creation did this I mean they have a very low opinion of the god of creation as far as I'm concerned you know if people think we came from the God of creation now I'm not saying we don't have an aspect of that within us I have talked about the spark of the Divine in the past I think we are all part of the Divine ultimately we have a divine essence I'm talking about what has expressed here on this planet so you have to look past what I'm what I'm a preferred to as the human essence or the soul okay and look at the behavior of human beings look at the minds of human beings look at what we have done to ourselves what we have done to the planet the systems that we have built the control that we have put into into place amongst ourselves the slavery that we still exist in you know and again yeah at one level that was done to us by the type of genetic manipulation we're talking about here in this series but at another level we continue to do it to ourselves we have the ability to epigenetically change ourselves through consciousness by what we take into ourselves by what we put into our body by what we will listen to what by what we will accept we don't have to accept the programming people go along with it because it's more comfortable than creating change they fear the unknown and slavery is what they've always had had in the past so that's known you know they would prefer the known slavery to the unknown freedom unfortunately it's a sad commentary on the human species I said from day one I'm not an apologist for humanity we continue to do this to ourselves nobody should look at this any part of this presentation as in a victim mentality mindset it doesn't make a difference how much genetic manipulation was done in humanity it doesn't make a different what these beings did to us at some level because in the moment in the now we can decide to change it by not going along with this control system that has been built up around us you can recognize it and say no that's called free will choice which is always in our arsenal whenever we want to actually use it and exercise it it's there but most people say oh no that's too uncomfortable that could get me in trouble that could create an uncomfortable situation that could you know hurt the comfort level that I already am enjoying you know give me my trough and my blanket and my cart and you know I'll take the safe slavery god forbid I should have to lift a finger and do anything that might push me into an unknown territory to have possibly dangerous freedom where I don't know what's going to happen next you know most people just absolutely would push that away I'll take the dangerous freedom I'll take the unknown you know I'll take the discomfort if it means I'm not somebody slave I don't see how anybody could even think there's a choice in that personally it's just like I said it's just a sad commentary and I think these being just really saw what the condition they had left this in hadn't become and they just wanted no part of it they just wanted to dump us they wanted to dump us in the cosmic trash can like a parent a drugged-out parent who doesn't want their child might dump it a newborn baby in a trash can literally that's what they essentially did to us by leaving us here in the condition that this species was left in and you know it all goes to the point of you know just the the level of not caring these people did not care about what they were doing ultimately that's why again I'm not an apologist for this faction that people want to turn into some kind of God that they're putting up on a pedestal namely the being known as Enki and faction of beings that wanted to help humanity you know this is the being that wanted to start this project you know from the beginning to do this to a species that he had no right to do this to how can anybody see that as a good guy there are no good guys in this none zero I don't care what mystery schools he set up you want to talk about the order of the snake you want to talk about the ancient original mystery school traditions okay a nice intention a nice um you know gesture whatever but don't make it like this guy did no wrong because he saw how horrific Lee crippled of a being he put into existence and then took some pity on him and wanted to get give it knowledge you know that doesn't make him some wondrous wonderful being you know I I just think it's very important to say because some people take this polarized Dyke dichotomy approach to well since n Lowe was the bad guy who wanted to wipe humanity out and he must have been our Savior nothing could be further from the truth you know so looking forward at this genetic manipulation what I want to do is postulate the notion could this be the origin of primary psychopathy because we have no good answers about where that condition came from [Music] what on earth is happening here on our BN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we're continuing with the cosmic abandonment extended presentation this evening we were talking about human chromosome number two being a good example or a good piece of evidence as to the possibility of humanity being a hybridized species that was created as a result of genetic splicing or hybridization and you know scientists think that this is a great example of evolutionary theory and I couldn't disagree more because the swathes of time that they talk about this kind of genetic change occurring in flies in the face of traditional Darwinian evolutionary theory if this much genetic change were really to be taking place through slow genetic change over evolutionary time more likely than not it would take a minimum of millions of years probably in the order of tens of millions of years and Darwin advocates Darwinian advocates would have us believe that this kind of drastic genetic change in our genome took place in only less than a hundred thousand years the most prominent of these theories speculating that it took place in less than 40,000 years which would be like the blink of an eye the blink of an eye you know in comparison to how long this type of genetic change would you normally take and creationists also want to claim this you know as this is evidence that God did this to us that God created us the way that we are because you know the this kind of genetic change doesn't happen in nature that quickly well somehow God must have been responsible for doing it and he made us the way that we are and a lot of creationists say the human chromosome number two is a good example of the the work of God and in a way I agree with them more than I do with the Darwinist it is a work of the gods I wouldn't say it's a work of the god of creation but a work of the gods the beings that are attributed as being gods in the Old Testament stories yeah absolutely I would say it's their handiwork the Elohim the Nephilim the Anunnaki whatever you want to call them but please let's refrain from saying that the god of creation does sloppy work like this okay I think the god of creation has a little bit better genetic manipulation skills and math skills than all that you know not to make it comical or you know a target of jest but I mean really this is what you know creationists think is the handiwork of God I mean you know that doesn't really say much for their idea of God as far as I'm concerned and you know this brings me to the next point I was starting to get at that we talked about psychopathy you know and moving on to image number 96 in the presentation I had done whole shows on the characteristics of psychopaths in the past I'll just briefly review them here on this slide total absence of conscience and empathy they can't feel period they don't feel motion in the body strongly immoral aggressive callous and cunning these are very intellectual beings smart from an intellectual perspective they don't have true intelligence because they don't really have an intuitive creative nurturing compassionate mind that aspect of them is amputated it's not there and they were born like this and we're talking about primary Psychopaths here please understand the difference between primary and secondary psychopathy as well when we're talking about this topic primary Psychopaths are born like this they have in the genome okay there is a defect in their bloodline expressing in them as individuals the inability to feel emotion in the body it is something that expresses at a genetic level it is not something that is learned behavior they are like this from birth okay secondary psychopathy is different than what we're talking about in primary Psychopaths secondary Psychopaths are experiencing a numbing of the full range of human emotions by constantly being in a left-brain state and the environmental and social conditions that they have been living in are conducive to that further numbing so they mimic their personality mimics over a long period of time chronically being in this spiritually depressed state it mimics that conditions of primary psychopathy so you have one that is the real thing so to speak and you have one that is a condition that mimics all the symptoms of the real thing all the characteristics of the real thing but secondary psychopathy is reversible primary psychopathy is not and there are people who want to debate this and insist everyone is capable of change everyone is is savable and I explain it like this it's the equivalent of atrophy versus amputation this is how you have to look at the difference between primary and cyclin sac they're so sociopaths or Psychopaths okay the primary psychopath has an amputated characteristic or capability it's not there and it's not coming back that's like if somebody cut off both of your hands and counter eyes them so you wouldn't bleed out okay prevent it infection and you had two stumps where there used to be fingers okay and someone said without the use of your feet or mouth please type something on this keyboard with your fingers which you don't have well you want you're not going to manipulate that keyboard with fingers you don't have because you don't have them they're gone that's primary psychopathy when it comes to emotions when it comes to the parts of the midbrain that generate the neuro peptides that make emotion possible in the physiology secondary psychopathy is like atrophy if you laid in a bed because you were in a coma for a year your muscles would atrophy and if you were suddenly awoken out of that coma you wouldn't be able to get out and just start exercising and lifting weights because you're probably more likely than not your muscles will be so atrophied you would have a hard time you know even walking let alone getting up and doing some weight lifting could you redevelop that capability absolutely you could over time but you're gonna need therapy it's the same thing with the secondary psychopath so that's how you have to look at it it's a difference between amputation and atrophy with amputation the ability is gone for good with atrophy it is diminished but it is capable of being restored over time so continuing with this list of the characteristics of psychopaths they're very adept at manipulating others they're good manipulators they learn to be very early because they know they're different than other people so they learn how to fake things and manipulate other people because if they're exposed you know people aren't going to put up with them for very long that's why they want to remain hidden at all times and places they are willing to engage in criminal conduct to get their way they have a deceptive ability to appear outwardly benevolent and they feign norm the normal range of human emotion they have a complete absence of guilt or remorse for the harm they caused to others they can't feel at all so of course guilt and remorse are isn't gonna be felt they're not feeling any other emotions they have no ability to feel normal human emotions guilt and remorse for when you do something wrong our normal human emotions they don't feel them they deny their behavior they rationalize their behavior they transfer the blame of their behavior to others they have total contempt toward other people's feelings because again they don't care they pathologically lie they refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of their own actions and they believe they'll never be brought to justice for the way they behave we'll pick this up right there stay with us [Music] and back everyone there listening to what on earth has happened really smart passenger my website what on earth is happening calm we were wrapping up talking about the characteristics of primary Psychopaths on image number 96 of the extended cosmic abandonment presentation that I've been giving over the last several weeks and will continue probably over the next few now tying this back into the interference theory of human origins people look at these characteristics and like I said half of them remain in denial that they even exist because they can't imagine that monsters like this could exist among the general population and be born like that they can't even comprehend that this is a genetic condition similar to any other genetic condition that somebody could be born with like Huntington's disease for example it's it's no different than that you know it's it's it's just carried in certain families and it expresses through certain conditions you know and people don't want to understand that this is real to this day again I still get emails with people telling me it's it's all an invention of the psychiatric industry you know and they don't want to understand that this is a real condition I'm not saying there aren't a lot of invented mental disorders for the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industry to clean up on you know by selling their medication so-called services but this is not one of them and it's a very naive mind that will not look into the world recognize what's happening and say psychopathy doesn't exist I mean again I don't need to justify what I'm saying as far as how what these people are like you could call it an ad hominem attack on the naive because I'm saying you're a naive child if that's what you think that that if you think psychopathy doesn't exist and it isn't ad hominem attack I'm admitting that but it's also the truth it is the truth that the person who thinks that way hat is in a very naive psychological condition that is similar to a naive child so you know just because something is an ad hominem attack doesn't mean mean that it's not true either you know it's when you're trying to dissuade someone from actually getting at the truth and you launch an ad hominem attack against them or you're trying to dissuade somebody else from looking at the truth and you launch an ad hominem attack that it becomes a disinformation tactic okay I could say something about somebody that I don't like because they're naive and they may very well really actually be naive and childish this is what people have to understand not all ad hominem attacks means that what you're saying isn't the case so just keep that in mind going back to this and I stressed this for a reason okay because people have to really try to understand where we're at as a species you have to understand what we're really up against we're not only up against these vicious monsters okay that have absolutely no care for what they do to anybody okay they have absolutely brainwashed their prey to the extent where their prey doesn't believe that the the people who are hunting them exist this is a absolute important aspect and commentary on the human condition which is why I continuously re-emphasize this for people who are students of the work I put out there you have to understand what you're dealing with when you talk to people especially these New Agers whose head is totally drifting off in the clouds and they think the world is a wonderful place and they think there's no problems and they think it's all a wonderful spiritual adventure and there's you know nothing evil going on here there is no such thing that's a judgment you know I mean I I just I I think I've said enough when it comes to you know my take on the New Age community and how childish they are and how naive they are you know but again I think nothing realises it more or paints a clearer picture about where are certain people's minds are at in a state of total right brain imbalance when it comes to the denial of the existence of psychopathy so tying this back in with intervention theory people don't want to look at the origin of psychopathy you know when they're not in denial about that it exists very few of them ever postulate an actual reason for its existence well what put this condition here with humanity you know this isn't something that's created by bad diet this isn't something that's just created by you know you know some kind of rough rough breaks in life this is something that somebody who's born in a totally comfortable environment could exist in because it's in them at birth so why becomes the question you know you could propose all kinds of reasons are these just some type of animalistic souls incarnated into the human make up into the human body of the human species I'm not saying that's impossible for you know perhaps is this something God is doing to us God's making beings that have absolutely no empathy come into existence on this planet for what purpose to create chaos to make people's lives miserable to bring total suffering into the world to torment us to enslave us is that something the god of creation would just do now I don't really buy into that whole theory that God put this condition here with us for why why why would God do something like that why would the creator of the universe have nothing better to do than look at the earth and say you know what that planet needs a bunch of psychopaths they can't feel all that that that'll that'll liven things up it'll spark things up there don't you think you know this is what people think the god of creation does just play plays with things randomly like like it's a child like that forces a child it created all the galaxies it created the entire known universe but it just has its board so it creates Psychopaths on on tiny little planets on the outside arm of spiral galaxies just just that to amuse itself you know then there's you know the other theory that well hey maybe human beings had a high level of technology and civilization at one point and they started tinkering with their own genome and in that you know led to tons of degeneration within the species and civilization declined and people lost knowledge and and I have to open my mind is that a possibility sure but to me it makes infinitely more sense that something else is operating here you know I mean you could say oh in our hubris we did this in the ancient past I think there would have been some record of the fact that we would have done this and you could say oh well knowledge gets lost that gets burnt it gets you know lost in cataclysms yeah that's that's true to a certain extent as well so I can't totally close my mind to the possibility but the thing that we do have evidence of is the visitation of these other beings through the ancient records that were left by ancient peoples telling us about them and telling us that they did genetic halation to humanity so you know am i going to go with the total speculative evidence or theory or am i going to go with the one that is backed up by a lot of written Scripture and accounts that unfortunately the general scientific community and archaeological and anthropological communities want to insist is just myth and legend because they don't want to accept at the implement the implications of these tales the cool let me give the Colwyn number I'll give it again in the next segment as well I'll be taking your calls in the next hour of the show the callin number to join us 831 390 443 once again 803 one three nine four four three so we're talking about the possibility that primary psychopathy the genetic kind may have been created as a result of the genetic manipulation and tampering that was done to the human species in the ancient past after all these beings did not have a extraordinarily high level of technology when it came to genetics and genetic manipulation they were pretty much a little bit more advanced than where we're at now in this science but they certainly weren't doing anything like moving individual atoms around or if they did have that technology they weren't using it in this case because they didn't really care much about the precision of what they were creating because it's not like they were doing something to their own genetic makeup they were making a slave laborer they were making a Bing to be basically be used as a workhorse that's it you know as a beast of burden so they didn't look at it as extraordinarily important that they do the most precise possible genetic splicing or rearranging that they could possibly do you know didn't have to be that exact you know according to their standards so when they were doing this kind of genetic manipulation and splicing they could very well through doing it at a chemical level have created all kinds of genetic anomalies in our species thinking well it's good enough for what we need it for and if some of these disorders come about and express oh oh well and probably over thousands of years time they realized just how bad it was and that led many of them to say this is an abomination what we've done and we need to end it we need and the whole so-called experiment hence leading to things like the cataclysmic deluge of in the past and you know the survival of small pockets of humanity and then finally you know eventually replenishing the planet with our numbers but to me the nonhuman or extraterrestrial hypothesis when it comes to the creation of primary psychopathy because of problems that they created in the human genome is actually the most likely because I don't see a lot of evidence that we did this to ourselves nor do I see any evidence that the god of creation just goes around doing this to species just because it is bored or feels like it I don't I don't see the evidence of that kind of a God in existence but some people that's their worldview which to me is an infinitely darker worldview than beings from elsewhere came here and created us as a slavery's to me that's a very distinct possibility that doesn't really involve a dark world view of nature with the infinite complexity of the universe and how many species exists in any given galaxy of course there can be species that you know have developed that that kind of a level of technology but haven't really very deeply spiritually developed and therefore they might go and do this to lesser beings that they consider lesser we do it to animals you know through carnism through you know the factory farm system I mean I was you know knew about this which is horrified to see another image of you know just baby chicks being put into grinders because then the factory farm system just sees them as useless because they don't produce eggs I mean just imagine this beings on a conveyor belt going into a grinder that's what we think we're allowed to do with life and we wonder why we're an enslaved species I mean we don't have to wonder a bit about it you do things like this to other species expect enslavement as a matter of fact guaranteed and there are people who still were just totally callous about that and say oh no we have rein over these beings they're ours to do with as we see fit why because that's what the Anunnaki Master 200,000 years ago told the people I'm giving you dominion over the animals because I'm the god of this world and you you interpret the the writings in the Bible of you know thousand couple thousand year old writings recounting that story which had been lost and preserved through oral tradition and rewritten with tons of details left out as the word of the God of creation yeah that has nothing to do with beings which is brings me perfectly into the next section segue into the next section the the Old Testament and all the ancient scriptures has nothing to do with the beings that actually came here and we're manipulating humanity and were callous and selfish and ruthless and brutal and enslaving no we're talking about the real God of creation here he acts like that the god of creation is vindictive and vengeful and punishing and wants all kinds of things that human beings want and you know has jealousy and hatred yeah that that's that's a great view of the god of creation let me tell you an absolute utter I mean that the people who think that that's how the god of creation operates are sick they're sick individuals they are diseased mentally diseased individuals and go ahead and say that's an ad hominem attack and so that makes the statement untrue you know it's an ad hominem attack all right it doesn't make any doesn't make anything about what I'm saying regarding them untrue however because these religiously diseased sick people the worldview that they have that that's what the god of creation would do to humanity I mean I just leaves me speechless I just don't even know what to say about it if that's what you think of the force of creation it's it's beyond childish it's beyond naive it's it's pure mental illness that's what religious people have is pure mental illness regarding their view especially if they believe the Old Testament God has described in the Bible is what the god of creation is actually really like that's mental illness and is nothing but and it once again I don't need to just the fire qualify that statement in any way I'm just stating it is fact period and if you can't see it if you can't see that that's truth I feel sorry for you if you cannot see that that statement is truth because what these accounts were describing were the beings that came here and created humanity and enslaved us that's what the god of creation in the Old Testament is all about hateful vindictive jealous brutal ruthless scheming employing all kinds of technologies employing all kinds of warfare and pulling all kinds of intelligence and surveillance and spying and you name it pitting people against each other doing favors for summon and brutally viciously harming others turning man against his neighbor having the absolute most egotistical mind set wanting to be worshipped and and completely served hand and foot and then this isn't he beat the tip of the iceberg when you get into some of the other ancient scriptures you see all the detail about what these beings demanded from their slaves while they were going to set up a nice little resort here on earth while they were here they were going to get waited on hand and foot have their every wish fulfilled their every desire fulfilled like a big vacation putting us to do their work for them as it's still going on today the super elite progeny of these beings over countless generations still doing the same thing nothing has changed you know this is what slide number 97 depicts that the god of creation as depicted in the Old Testament is has absolutely nothing to do with the true God of creation it's a vindictive humanoid being which and it's one of these it the here's the bottom line when it comes to these ancient scriptures in the Old Testament the god of creation as it is being described as is actually the Enlil and Enki brothers the team the mission commanders that came here in the ancient past we'll pick it up right there on the other side of the break stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what more urges happening under postmark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about how drastically different the characteristics or property of the force of creation the underlying intelligence inherent in all things that is responsible for the construct in consciousness that is the whole universe how drastically different that force is then what the god of creation quote-unquote is depicted as in the Old Testament because what that God actually is is a composite figure of all of the really mission commanders the gods that came here in the ancient past created humanity and ruled over humanity ruthlessly and brutally most of all I would say it's the so called royal brothers if you even want to look at them as individual beings I kind of have said in the past I kind of consider them almost like factions of beings the Enlil faction and the Enki faction not to say that there may not have been actual beings or brothers that commanded this this mission but I personally tend to look at it more like there were quote-unquote gods beings that were seen as gods by the ancient humans and there was a grouping of them that wanted to rule over humanity absolutely ruthlessly without helping them at all just get done what they wanted to get done with them and then go back home and then there was another faction that cared a little bit after making this essential abomination of a race cared enough to say wow we really have done something here we shouldn't like this like a parent who starts to recognize you think maybe I have a responsibility to the child I just created I don't know maybe as the being that brought them into existence in the way that they exist and some of them wanted to help humanity in the form of giving them knowledge to enlighten them so that they will come out of their barbaric ways it didn't work or it hasn't worked yet you know like I said I don't think that excuses them for their horribly immoral behavior any way but some people think it does I don't I that's how I look at what we're actually seeing and reading in the Old Testament accounts are these beings and if you read the Old Testament like that it absolutely opens up new understanding to you now we're gonna actually do this on the show I'm gonna read certain accounts in the Old Testament in greater depth and what I've just touched on here in this presentation and we're gonna say substitute God in this for mission commanders or beings that came from another world and see if it makes a little bit more sense then when you understand these were advanced beings not God's working with advanced technologies being demonstrated to a primitive race that had just come out of the cradle of its infancy that had no frame of reference for what they were witnessing and again some of them fought back against them depicted here on the right hand side of the image you know the the whole story of David and Goliath more likely than not is not just allegorical out allegorical these giants existed the Nephilim the fallen ones the ones who are fallen from the original Anunnaki pure DNA and some humans challenged their authority over them that the gods quote-unquote appointed them over as the overseers over humanity the original governments the original police forces the original priests classes as we're going to get to in the next slide once again these beings gave us all of our institutionalized systems of control the concept of authority the concept of that some beings have authority over others the concept that there should be a government the concept that money should exist because this will give you some medium of exchange to exchange goods amongst yourselves the slave population will keep the slave population in line by creating social strata a stratification in their social classes how money serves that purpose very very well and people are too stupid to understand that was its only purpose this idea that it's a store of value that it's in somehow intents intrinsic value it's all always been uttered nonsense and bunk it's always been an illusion it's always been faked it's always been there to do nothing but control you know the whole obsession with gold which we're going to get to that people think that's intrinsically valuable that'll be coming up probably on next week's show sometime or maybe the week after I don't know but you know as we look at again this whole section is about the story of the present go back to the theme what this section is about when we look at the present day how can we explain all of these things out of control religion the whole concept of authority worshiping the state worshipping those who are allegedly in positions over you with authority over you where did all this mentality come from it had to come from somewhere it had to start someplace it didn't just pop up on its own that's not human nature it's the human condition because it was conditioned into that that's why it's called the human condition it got that way because of conditioning so you know on image number 97 worse you know just going over these images of the Old Testament God the vindictive jealous vengeful Old Testament God that's it can't describe any better these beings known as the Anunnaki by the Sumerians and again their progeny when they mixed with humanity the Nephilim Giants you know depicted on the right there in the story of Goliath with David fighting against them with his sling humanity the the representation of humanity challenging the authority of the so-called gods and and so-called demigods again please recognize that whenever I use the term related to these beings it has nothing to do with the god of creation and it is in double quotes and a small G okay I don't want anybody getting the idea in any way that I think these beings were gods I've said repeatedly they were the gods of nothing but the bottle of a trash can okay if that's what they're the god gods ah that's about all there the gods of theirs certainly not the gods of creation they're not any actual gods period but they thought they were you know that was their attitude when they were here were your creators you'll do what we say we're your makers we're your gods we support you we gave you life will take it from you if necessary 100% total controlling just like the God of the Old Testament and then of course they created the religions because they had to have intercessors and intermediaries between the human slave race and themselves they couldn't be bothered to inter inter interact with their slave species on their own no they had special demigods and humans that were the priests class you know the originators of religion controlling the rest of the herd and the herd mind with utter illusion and nonsense the same way as it is going on today so I think that's a pretty good place to leave it to leave the presentation for this week we'll pick it up there next week and I'll be taking your calls in the third hour so once again the call one number to join us 803 one 390 443 803 one three nine four four three your calls coming up in the last hour of the show tonight I'll be getting into next week the creation of religions the creations of the mystery traditions and the creation of the dark aspects of the occult as well [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're into the third hour of tonight's broadcast this hour has promised I'll be taking your calls the call-in number to join us toll-free 800 three one three nine four four three so let's go to the phones and hear what people have to say again there is never any taboo topics on this show you can call and talk about anything you like we have been discussing the cosmic abandonment presentation the interference theory of human origins but that's you know just a suggested topic you can call and ask any questions about anything I've covered you know we'll just make a general comment if you like or you know talk about anything else you'd like to talk about so let's hear from Mike in New York Mike you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I think they take my cold one always a pleasure thank you uh one thing I noticed when what I usually get to travel a lot throughout what I do and I get to meet a lot of people that could be good events I'd sometimes depending on how you look at it but you know it's when you when you go out of your way to be nice or somebody you can almost see them around you with the other people they look at you almost of this you're a foreigner or they've never seen that before you know and they they see it as like a strange thing when you actually hold the door for somebody or go go go out of your way to help somebody out when usually they people keep walking but I think that general attitude is just so ingrained and you know society is just so heared towards the negativity you know a self-serving you know fight or flight mode constantly it's so engrained into their patterns of eating sleeping you know that it's destroying the body itself of the soul in the mind and we do see that you know as time goes by from where we may have come from and always follow it yeah absolutely I mean it's a seems like it's a rote unconscious program that is running in the body of humanity and that's really what it is I mean it's not being our ninety-nine percent of our actions are not being done from the conscious level of awareness and until people shift out of this unconscious program and start doing things from a level of conscious awareness mindfulness you know not much is going to change and there's again so few of a percent of humanity or even close to that level of consciousness it's it's it's sad and again I like I said at the end of last week's show I do not say my opinion of humanity to dissuade anyone or to strike fear in anyone but we do have to be honest about where humanity is at right now in the moment in the now and that helps us to recognize our work it helps us to know what our work is what we're up against you know if you need to move a whole lot of weight from one place to another you probably want to know well how much weight is it how far of a distance are we moving it what kind of resources that we do we have at our disposal to move that and that's all I'm trying to do is show people in a realistic fashion what the work that we actually have to do is so that they get in their heads hey if we're going to accomplish this we better get to work we better start doing it instead of sitting here you know we don't need I don't need people to just sit here and hang on my word I need people what we need as a species is for people to start teaching other people what they need to know to change and to make this place a slavery free planet you know the whole idea here is not to you know just become some kind of a teacher that everybody listens to that's not what I want I don't want you to listen to me I don't want you to pay attention just to me I want you yeah do I want you to pay attention my message yes but then I want you to go out and teach other people you know I'm not looking here to have all you know millions and millions of students what I'm looking to do is to inspire millions of teachers that's what the great work really is all about that's what I'm looking to do you know so that we can all go out and teach other people and then maybe we'll put a dent in this maybe we'll make some forward progress here one thing I see in society a lot a lot of the time if you really look at people it's one thing I'm pretty good at is I can I can get a good sense of a person by meeting them and talking with them looking at them you don't love themselves and that's it's really it's subconscious its conscious that there could be a multitude of reasons why but at the at the same point that you can see it in everybody sure you know and when you base it down to that and if the greatest thing you could do is go out of your way to give somebody that really does need the kindness go out of the way whether your ways for those that will play back and again ripple fold or butterfly effect whatever you want to play that but it's it will come back and it will actually you know improve other people's lives you know what I try and do my personal my service and I try and help people you know that's my goal is every day I wake it up and say how can I help people you know if maybe not may not be able to help everybody but at the same point you know I try and strive for that I do try to spread this information out there as much as I can you know piece by piece but not overwhelmed and that's what it's all altima about you know and sometimes you know people will say well help people in some small ways sometimes the best way of helping somebody is to teach them or encourage them to try to help themselves you know it's like I'll give an anecdotal example you know I I do computer repair and sometimes I see people causing a problem that I previously fixed because their habit has not changed they're doing the same thing over and over again and at some point I'll say they'll ask me can you fix this problem you know because I support their particular computer desktop or laptop and I'll say no I cannot fix it but you know how to fix it yes by will not fix it because what you're doing is undoing something I've already done and I fixed it now two or three times and tried to make you aware of what was causing it now the fix is you have to learn how not to cause that problem if you want me to continue to support your computer as your tech guy and some people get very mad at this and some people don't want to use me as their tech guy anymore and I let them go when that happens when when somebody starts to undo work that I've done in my field of work you know for the fake form of money not the form of work in that I'm trying to make the real money with ok but what in the the field of endeavor that I engage in to make fake money - unfortunately physically be able to eat and keep food you know coming into my body on on a daily basis I do computer technical support work and you know would helping them be to just continue to fix the same problem that they themselves create over and over and over again endlessly that wouldn't really be helping them so at some point I might do that once or twice and see if I could tell them about the behavior and what they're doing that's creating it and see if they'll take my advice and change it and sometimes people do but very rarely often they keep making the same error again until I refuse to fix it and then finally they say well what do I have to do not to create the problem if only it were that easy when it comes to actually fixing this problem with humanity because really we don't have the option to just let it all go because that's gonna take the whole race down that's gonna take the whole planet down you know you can't just let off like that but we have to instill in that and still in other people the notion of the best way to help is to give knowledge to people and help them to help themselves [Music] you know the day destroys the night 95 today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone we're taking your calls during this third hour of the show tonight let's hear from Thomas in Toronto Thomas you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi there mark I've been a fan of the show for a few months now on Tara and Hermeticism anyways I comment is about about language like how we use it like if you look at the word leaves and how often people would use it in a society like say oh we believe in government we believe in religion we believe in I don't know some institution basically would you rather believe or would you rather know how many people actually can say I don't believe in science I know sign or I don't believe in religion I actually know my religion I mean given the amount of like historical background on all these things do you believe in your government or do you know that your government has your best interests at heart that's kind of what I'm trying to say exactly leaf is like its well encouraged from everywhere from marketing campaigns to Logan and but when it really comes down to it it's pretty irrelevant it either is a way or it is not that way there is either the truth to the matter where that thing is not true you know people think that the truth is so you know shades of gray but it's not it's it's all one way as I say it's it is black and white this is a big huge monumental lie that's been pumped out there to get people to think that everything is relative and relativism is the big lie you know we have to understand that truth is that which is it's what has occurred and is occurring and you either know that or you don't know it yeah because leaf-like if you don't know it it takes away your power so if you have a bunch of people and you're always telling them to believe in something right they're completely powerless because they don't know what this thing this corporation or entity has as their interest that's right and see if you base action upon incorrect perception there's always going to be disempowerment which is what why it's so important to align perception to the reality of what's really there and why we need discovering methodologies like the trivia Trivium and quadrivium etc in order to do that in order to actually undergo that process of weeding out inconsistencies and bringing our perceptions into alignment with reality that's why it's so important I would even go as far as saying that like beliefs is just it should be removed from the English language because it's used like so many places where actual knowledge can be found and we're encouraged like daily to believe and would point I'll do you one better Thomas I mean you you think about this when you try to present evidence to people for something that actually is does exist has evidence to back it up and can be essentially proven okay you often encounter this resistance in the form of well that's your belief you know everybody thinks that it's just a matter of belief with everybody and there's no actual way that something is you know when you talk about that society is enslaved people go well that's the way you see it no no no it is not it actually is that way it has nothing to do with my belief system and has nothing to do with my perceptions either we are living in an enslavement system where we are not and the reality of the matter is is that we are living as enslaved beings on this planet it has nothing to do with I'll even say that what really actually gets to people's life like I'd say everybody everybody loves like if you try to information in the very near less brain fashion automatically people they put up the stonewall they lock closed 30 years but if you seem like the like was it Lord of the race you know he had a huge advantage in having access to the oxford archive and furthering isn't just about like fictional character the boat journey of the soul through the physical world yes so many people watch it because they didn't call it just entertainment but it's taking long because nothing in mind says oh this could be changing my belief when it is and they can't even kept it because it so it will actually listen entertainment and and hence that's why allegories are actually a powerful medium of expression to change people's thoughts and why there are very good allegories out there it's not all what people call quote unquote predictive programming does that exists and is that going on yes absolutely there are things that are guiding people's minds and behaviors in a dark way when it comes to Hollywood and entertainment but then there are very creative artists and storytellers who are trying to tell very powerful allegorical spiritual stories to help awaken what in humanity is up to this point lay dormant that is the human will and the human imagination and creativity yeah behind that because in the same way that you see a person with building because you said hand shot first or something but I personally I want to write a novel wait not non fictional fiction novel because any allegory what and it works at a subconscious level could be like oh right because again their perception is oh this is just one person's opinion you know it's all matter of belief but allegory a fiction can work its way into the subconscious mind fairly effectively you know leaf is nothing yes less than nothing in that they're carrying their belief I think I'm gonna call you doubting Thomas because you do not believe what do you think people go oh it's a good thing to question to question everything you know that that's what really we need more people doing so Tom Tom Thomas I want to thank you for your great insights a really great call thanks so much for your contribution all right thank all right you take care let's hear from Ryan in Nebraska Ryan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey there mark I was just thinking about you know you're talking about n key and Enlil and I was thinking a lot about there's a lot of you know new AG type people out there now doing channeling of like a shark Eric yes some other people and one question is is there anyone out there who is here to help us that's a great question I actually asked that question to Jordan Maxwell when I interviewed him on the show several weeks back and he came out with a resounding emphatic and immediate know which kind of surprised me I thought you know maybe you know he had thought maybe there was all kinds of different consciousnesses in creation and some of them were looking out for us I mean I think about this all the time and I don't think even if there are beings out there who disagree with this current system that we're living under that they're really going to do too much to step in and rescue us from ourselves I'll explain that on the other side so they will stay on the line with me and I'll continue this on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls in the final hour we were talking to Ryan in Nebraska before the last break he asked if there was if what was my take or opinion or thoughts on the conjecture that there may be some positive extraterrestrial beings that may want to help humanity overcome the current situation that we are in regarding slavery and my take on this is slightly different than somebody like Jordan Maxwell who thinks there absolutely no help no assistance and they're not looking out for us at all I look at it like even if there are beneficent entities in the cosmos that do want peace and order and harmony and higher consciousness and truth and freedom they're not necessarily going to just swoop in here and do the work that we need to do for us and then you know they're there lifting up our weight and then they're going to be responsible for that weight you know they're gonna lift it up and we're not going to be able to do it like it's like I think general encouragement or nurturing is probably their way rather than doing the work for you because then nothing is learned or really accomplished on your part and those muscles that have been act never actually come to working order again and they stay atrophied and then they have a being to support on their hands and I don't think that's what they want that having been said while this may be kind of similar to a idea like the prime directive and Star Trek okay and you know just very interestingly I was watching an episode of next generation that the Star Trek The Next Generation series I think it was season two it was called penpal where a being from another planet is asking for help because their planets going to be destroyed by geological upheavals and they have this big debate over should they go and save this race you know what if it was an oppressive government that was enslaving the people what do they be so sure that they should render assistance then and they had a big discussion about this so I find it very synchronistic that you would even bring this up shortly after I had watched this episode recently and not all you know my take on this is isn't there is this not a special instance however because other beings did this to us see it isn't just something that naturally happened there was already interference so I'm thinking if there are beings like that they probably would want to take that into account as well that other beings that were more technologically advanced than us already came in here and did this damage I think what they're hoping is that they can they can basically stem off having to come in here and jump in and and quote-unquote save us I think they're only going to step in is we endanger the physical survival of the actual planet because the planet is so special in this area of space that they're not going to allow us to actually destroy the planet they're more concerned about the actual infrastructure of the planet and its ability to support and sustain life than they are about a species becoming extinct like humanity going extinct and you could say that's kind of selfish you know possibly but I guess from their perspective one species shouldn't jeopardize the ability of all other species and a planet that is capable of supporting the life of the development of all other species and species that could come after us so you know you have to look at it from that kind of higher level perspective so I don't know if that answers your question I would say I would give it a cautious yes there are beings that want to help but they probably have some sort of a code in their civilization that says well we can't get involved up to a point because that would be pulling these other beings up by their bootstraps and then we're going to be responsible for their spiritual stagnation in doing so that's kind of my deviated right do you find any significance and the pyramids in Egypt pointing to Orion belts yeah there's the theory I think put forth by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock that the pyramids are a mirror on the ground of the belt stars of Orion in the sky and that's very quite quite possible that these are some sort of astronomical alignment markers and who would do that other than things that really came from the stars you know we're trying to mimic constellations on the ground possibly or beings that really had such knowledge of the stars and constellations that they put them on the earth in the configuration they did as astronomical markers for the procession of equinoxes and other celestial phenomena so yeah there's definite significance in that configuration I do think it correlates I don't think it's just an accident or a random speculation I do think that there is a connection between the pyramids and the Orion constellation for sure all right great well I'm gonna let you go I just wanted to say that I found you by your decoding the matrix I am waiting I'm waiting for you to do Cloud Atlas now and that would be a good one that was a great great film Ryan thanks so much for the call yeah take care you too all right let's move on to another caller let's hear from Robert in California Robert you're live on what on earth is happening welcome doing well all your podcasts over the last couple of years starting with number one green is I really appreciate your work well that's the way to do it it's a stepwise progression done in a pretty logical ordering fashion and if you do it that way I think that's where people get the most benefit out of it I would hope that you know new listeners would take my advice and go back to podcast number one and work their way forward because that's where that tapestry is going to come together for them yeah I just want to make a comment a couple questions about your boss you know a couple of installments sure because I what do you think about the word civilization because it gets thrown around a lot and I think it's just a real case of we're being off you skated because really what it boils down to is slavery I mean that's the common denominator I mean you go back to ancient Sumeria I mean just whenever you have civilization you have slavery and you have the absence of freedom yeah I mean this is human farming around like oh this particular civilization or coffee and doilies and and it's refinement and all yeah I don't see that as what civilization is I don't think it has to be enslavement either again I see technology as something that is a tool and can be used for good or ill what we have done with all the technologies that we've developed and what we have done with the intellectual advancement that goes along with a more advanced quote-unquote civilization is create more and more enslavement as such as nothing of the kind it's not civilized it's the exact opposite of a civil civilized society meaning civil treating each other in a civil fashion in a way that is non aggressive in a way that is nonviolent you know we need a non-violent civilization that's we have not developed yeah you know so can that be done I believe it can can we employ technology for non-violent purposes can we use technology to serve humanity and lighten the physical burdens that we unfortunately do need to continue to really go through to just manipulate matter in in our environment so that we can sustain ourselves in some sort of a sustainable way you know you know I'm not an advocate of Luddite ism of going back to a time when there was no technology you know I'm not a Luddite I'm not somebody who thinks all technology is evil you have a lot of people who are very fearful of technology in any capacity and think it all needs to go that's not my take never has been I think we can use technology and empowering ways if we have the consciousness to recognize what we have been using it for is all the wrong reasons and we need to just turn that around and say we need to put it to use for the right reasons then we could have a truly civilized society based on non-violence and I don't think we need to give up the technological some of the technological comforts you know that that we've come to enjoy yeah it's almost like a projection saying oh look at this technology it's so evil it's doing all this bad things there's no the people who are manipulating the text right people hurting it if you look just just like gum you know yeah people want to blame guns you know it's not the gun it's the that's a tool it's an inanimate object until it's picked up by a consciousness and wielded it's the same thing with technology you know ya know if you look at the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt you know they moved in and they had chariots and you know that battle better metalwork and so they had bronze weapons and was like they just ruled over everyone 18th dynasty and just conquered Egypt you know they that was the beginning of the end of the whole you know Egyptian and Kamisha the earlier commission cultures that had a level of you know sophistication when it came to some spiritual understanding through the mystery traditions of old but when the Hyksos came in that all really went downhill from that point for sure craziness we're still living with Robert thanks so much for the call we go [Music] welcome back every day's you're listening to what on earth is happening last segment of the show for this evenings broadcast we're taking your calls anything you want to talk about no taboo topics there never are here on what on earth is happening let's hear from Mike in Kentucky Mike you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah we've got a big 60 mile long swath of lightning that's headed our way north of i-64 in Kentucky so well you know I'm on a regular phone hopefully it won't get took out by the lightning that's coming at us but is there a listing of these ancient scriptures at your siding I've got a couple of questions here and and I was one of them I was hoping to get to is you had like yes I listed many of them back earlier in this presentation if you go back then but I mean like this like the online is there a a like an outline like I've seen other people do they'll do like an outline of the bullet point yeah it was thinking about doing that and posting them I will probably do that in a future podcast where I will actually put all of these texts together and actually link them but I'll probably do that in the section where I cover some of this in more detail and actually read from some of these texts as well that's coming up in a future show and you just say anxious scriptures and don't cite much other than saying Sumerian wrecks or something it's hard to look it up well you cannot really go and download any of the text that I listed you know if you want to download for example the Ramayana's they're all available the stream model they're all of the spellings are actually on the slides if you go back to slide number a where do I find the blood they're on my website in the podcast section so go to what on earth is happening comm and click on the podcast page and then you'll see them listed with the podcast where I covered the cosmic abandonment presentation as numerical links and it is slide number 33 in part one of the cosmic abandonment slides or you could download this slides as a zip file the link is given there under each podcast each recent podcast you unpack that zip file on your computer and it would be image number 33 and you could type any of those into Google or any other search engine that you prefer and you would definitely be able to download any of those I agree with you what I heard a couple of weeks ago I think you were talking about I have been a rebroadcast on a bunch of the archaeology that does not make sense now the Egyptians I think they're parody of the Milky Way was the Nile you know the river was the scene I think is the Milky Way alongside the pyramid so where's that religion that they had drove their society oh there was a big pop in the phone I don't know am I still on yeah I can still hear it okay anyway the there's even recent stuff that they just put it out there and then I guess they're expecting people not to realize that it throws a whole wrench in the works like this idea that they found these coins underneath the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem that date to a regime of Roman whatever you call it Roman Caesars that are well past the destruction of the temple so the idea that this Wailing Wall is the last remnant of the temple and you know they're going up there and praying to this wall it wasn't even part of the temple and of course so I mean that throws the whole ranch and a lot of lot of belief systems there but I've talked about the concept that the whole Temple of Solomon is the whole idea of that is allegorical in and of itself it's about rebuilding the human soul and the human brain and the human creative capacity and the holistic human being and it's meant to be taken allegorically and the entire Temple of Solomon if it was ever a physical place is long gone from the earth and you know it really only is a an allegorical story about rebuilding the human consciousness from its fallen condition other ystem archaeological evidence that the original Temple of Solomon was on Golgotha where the crucifixion took place and and and there's some archaeology that points that way so the Wailing Wall is even on the wrong Hill that it's basically done to further religious control and get people to take something that is meant to be taken allegorically and to have them take it physically to basically steer them off track from the real understanding several heavens and earth in the Bible I mean you what heavens and earth are you talking about when you're talking about heavens and ours because the Inner Temple to this day juice is referred to as the heavens and earth because that's where heaven and earth you know with the physical man going in there and with the spiritual creator or most high but anyway that central tension what would work what I was going to say on these belief systems a lot of times that go earlier this previous color was talking about the word belief right and eliminating word belief from our vocabulary well I mean what's the difference between that and a working theory and I Intuit that's what you're you're dealing you know you have a perspective on several things and you establish a working theory and of course theology the word theology is built out of that same theory has evidence that you could back it up with that's the whole point of the scientific methodology formulating a theory hypothesizing and speculating is one thing but then actually going and making observations and testing the hypothesis is what brings it into the category of science as opposed to just the religious belief so there is a there is a qualitative difference between those two modes of thought speculating and theorizing or one thing but you're you're holding off on saying I believe this to be absolutely the way that it is until I compound and find more evidence that leads me into the direction to have to say I this because there's so much evidence that points in that direction that really that you know more likely than not is the case is true is what happened so why that's why you were to use quantitatively and if we look at some of the basically astronomical improbabilities of where we are at geologically and I want to suppose that evolutionary scale was and if you study you know things like orbital dynamics that NASA's calculated and they vary things like the impact theory of the origin of the moon and how long ago that had to be Anand and worse you know some cosmic pool player did a perfect pool shot to glance this object to the size of Mars off the earth and now we are cloak enough to recognize the ridiculous the ridiculousness of a hybrid eclipse so that in seven minutes the rotation of the earth actually because of its circumference around the equator can allow it to pop between an annular total and an annular in seven minutes and because the for that to be cosmic accident is the astronomical chance like I absolutely agree well it's all martyrs if this is all hallmarks of intelligence on the scale of time in a just a couple hundred thousand years we may not see that anymore because the moon is receding away from us and so unless the Sun gets smaller which is not we won't see that anymore so you know that that's been calculated but I have to think that some of the adaptation is the word I prefer of our human intelligence and stuff it's been modified by some huge environmental things that have happened in in probably scales of four to ten thousand years and you know the Great Chicago Fire it's kind of blotted out that there were many other fires that evening and it points towards some kind of methane snowball comet fragments or something they hit all over the Upper Midwest and caused huge fires and there were many more deaths outside of Chicago than there was in Chicago this whole thing about a cow knocking over land this complete myth and they don't want us to know about how much methane is raining down on this planet environmental factors can probably have played a very very earth have probably played a larger role in the current human condition than will ever even know right thanks so much for your call that's all the time we have for this show unfortunately ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes that one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening to this edition of what on earth is happening we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music]