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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday August 23rd 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing our extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation that I originally gave here in Philadelphia late last year in 2013 cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the connection between the interference theory of human origins as I like to call it and the current human condition both mental psychological emotional and spiritual condition that humanity currently exists in I will be taking your calls in our number three of tonight's show the calling number to join us I'll give this out at the very beginning of the show here tonight for people who may want to get into the call or queue the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the call-in number 800 3-1 394 43 I have a couple of quick event announcements before we get started with the material for tonight's show I will be giving an all-day seminar in Manchester Connecticut called demystifying the occult this will be taking place on Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut 0 6 0 4 0 there is free parking available at the Manchester History Center for those of you who may be coming from of town to this event I'll read a brief description of this seminar mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is occultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives that and so much more will be discussed at this seminar actually in the second half of the seminar I will be breaking down some of the esoteric symbolism in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck as a case study of occult symbolism so that's coming up once again Saturday October 4th 2014 all day seminar demystifying the occult Manchester Connecticut advance tickets for this event only a twenty five dollar donation you can send a check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi the last name is ca poz zi Arthur Capozzi at 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 in Monroe Connecticut zero six four six eight at the door tickets for the seminar only a thirty dollar cash donation I am going to announce here for the first time today that there will be a free your mind three conference coming up in 2015 the new website went live a few days ago went live I believe earlier this past week and it looks really great I am no longer the main organizer for this conference I have stepped down from that capacity and there is a new organizational team that is running this conference I am basically staying on as simply an advisor and I'm going to be one of the speakers for next year's event but I did to come out early and since the new website went up I wanted to alert people's attention to that you could check that out at free your mind conference calm the venue and date for 2015 is being worked on it is not has not been publicly announced I believe they have solidified plans for the for the event and the venue but it is not publicly announced yet on the website so I'm not going to announce that on the show until it's publicly announced by the main organizers so I wish JG vibes and Bob Tuscan who are two of the main organizers for next year's event all the best and they're in their continuing efforts to take the reins of this great event and I'm sure they're gonna be moving it into the future in a way that is going to make it bigger and better than ever and I'm really looking forward to being one of the speakers at the for your mind conference in 2015 coming up probably in the first half of next year so with that having been said I want to let everyone know there is a donation button on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you've received value from the information that has been shared both on this radio show and on my website through my videos you could feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue in the future you could do that by clicking on the donate button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website I want to direct everyone's attention up to the what on earth is happening comm site to the radio show page as always while I'm doing the show live there are usually images associated with the show for that that particular night and you can click on the numerical links that are on the radio show page if you're listening via podcast you can click on the links in the podcast section of the site of course and that will bring up a slideshow through which you can follow the images that I'm referring to when I go the presentation for this evening so the first of two images on the page on the radio show page images for tonight's show the first image of course was the poster for the demystifying the occult seminar for October 4th the second image was essentially the homepage of the for your mind conference website of the new website people can check that out at free your mind conference calm once again last week we left off talking about essentially that the old world order quote-unquote was slavery and the new world order is also slavery and in that regard really not much has changed in probably tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years in human history and what we were getting ready to explore was what is the psychological dynamic that holds that slavery in place that prevents people from breaking out of their self-imposed chains what makes people believe that slavery is necessary what makes people believe that slavery through government which by it's just a euphemism for the same thing you know if there is authority vested in one person or if there's authority vested in thousands of people it still amounts to slavery it is what is tantamount to slavery over other people what makes people believe that that is necessary what makes people believe that that must continue that that must go on indefinitely we're going to talk about that today on what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen we'll pick it up from right there on the other side of this break stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm well we're going to get into tonight in the extended cosmic abandonment presentation which I've been going over for the past many weeks on this show and will for the next few weeks at least we're going to talk about what really is the psychological are the psychological underlying factors that are going on in the human mind that continue the slavery system that humanity is trapped within and what really puts that there what are the things that are deep inside the human psyche going on that makes people continue to feel that slavery is necessary whether they consciously are aware that that's what they are advocating or not it doesn't make a difference if they're consciously aware of that you know people will advocate for government for control for slavery for coercion for all kinds of different reasons and ultimately it's all the same core motivating psychological factors deep down inside often running as programs that are running in the subconscious mind that are driving that desire and we ended up on slide number 110 on in the slides for this presentation last week which was essentially juxtaposing the old variant of slavery - the new variant of slavery and showing essentially how they're exactly the same thing only a different name you know in a different amount of people the quote unquote Authority the illusion of authority is just distributed among more people in the new slavery that's all so in we're moving on to slide number 111 for tonight's broadcast and into the future slides so what the question that I posed in slide number 111 is in light of our quote-unquote troubled human past and that's probably the understatement of the millennium okay to say that we have a troubled human past is you know absolutely really making light of it it's it's it's an absolute brutally traumatized human past really is what it really is because trauma is what ultimately leads to the content the continuation of this condition you know and the psychological factors that make people want it to continue so I mean our past is not just troubled it's absolutely violently traumatic I'm talking about humanity as a whole as a species in light of our troubled human past and the origins of modern cultural institutions which is what we spent the greater bulk of the last few shows going over and just let me just pause there for a moment I know in the middle of this question but I just want to say I think that you could tell when you're really over a target that the quote-unquote powers that rule this world should not do not want you talking about when you know they start really trying to do something to detract from your message or to make people not be able to reach your information during that time as I said my website was under you know denial of service attacks etc and it all happened really during the point when I was trying to talk about and communicate and get across the idea of where the modern cultural institutions of money religion and government came from the origins seeing people want to say why why do you think it's so important on staying origins we went over all these reasons why it's so important if you don't know your your past you're gonna make the same mistakes over and over again you're not gonna understand where you came from and therefore you don't understand the direction that you're even heading in you have no frame of reference people who are trying to control other people always want to cut them off from their origins cults want to cut people off from their family members and wider level worldwide cults want to cut people off from the understanding of the past it's one of the main ways that they get into the human psyche and control people because we have no frame of reference to understand past events past traumas okay past you know struggles that we had to go through and learn lessons from and overcome they don't want people understanding any of those things so this show has come under probably the greatest amount of flack because it's been over the target okay and that is the origins of institutions the origins where did these things that have so much power influence and control in the world come from what were their origins they don't want you to even consider that they don't want you to even ever have the notion in your mind to ask the question where did that come from how did that get started what put that here on earth with us that something controllers don't want anybody asking ever so it's just a very interesting to note that that's when probably the most resistance that has ever encountered myself for this radio program came about I find it interesting anyway in light of the troubled human past and the origins of the modern cultural institutions do we now possess a psychological framework through which to better understand the behavior of certain groups of human beings and I would argue yes we do this cosmic abandonment extended presentation up to this point has allowed us to understand the events that have taken place in our world and what that's going to help us to further understand is how the mindset that is in place in the vast vast amount of people of our society got that way how did that get put in place it didn't just come out of nowhere what is the origin of people wanting to remain willfully ignorant what's the origin of them not wanting to exercise personal free will and responsibility you know what is the origin of them wanting to follow other people's orders what is the origin of them not wanting to think for themselves where do all of these psychological factors come from they don't just magically pop up out of nowhere and see many people are under the false idea that somehow they do that that's just human nature and it is not human nature this is a lie this is one of the biggest lies the biggest falsehoods that is fed to humanity that were just like this because that's our nature we're just that's our programming a nature created us that way some hell no wrong incorrect absolutely incorrect that is a condition that has to be forged that has to be influenced to become that way it doesn't just happen it isn't just our nature see this is one of the whole biggest problems of human thinking that we're just bad from the get-go we're just somehow it's we're just somehow trash or something like that out of our very essence this is how if some religionists think the doctrine of original sin it's how some Darwinists think you know that we're just bad genetics we're just bad gene pool you know it's how you genesis often think and if it's the way that the general public thinks they fall right into the same lines of thinking as the quote-unquote elites the quote-unquote powers that shouldn't be you know and they don't think that they're falling into a trap by thinking that way you have people that just think people are just the way they are they're born that way somehow and they can never actually change you know they don't understand what happened in the past to make our species this way it was conditions that did this it was factors in the environment it was factors in things that took place in events that played out in our world that we experience that we underwent and that created tremendous trauma in the collective human psyche we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn we're talking about the underlying psychological factors that humanity has been in for thousands of years that continue people desiring the state of slavery that they're living under subconsciously without even really understanding what it is they're continuing to bring about in their lives why don't people want to really know truth I'm talking about in mass numbers what holds people back from wanting to understand deep psychological factors - why do they want to remain willfully ignorant you know people will look at that oh that's that's the bottom line cause right is just ignorance well it's not just ignorance there's something that makes someone want to remain ignorant you know that's not just something that people are like there's a reason for that so what I'm saying is we have to go past just looking at people don't want to know they're willfully ignorant and we have to ask the question why why are they willfully ignorant so on this slide a slide number 111 I introduced this concept of what I call the tree of evil the tree of all evil it's a psychological framework for looking at the current human condition and understand understanding why are we in this condition so if you apply this metaphor try to understand this as a metaphor a tree grows from its roots and then the trunk is firmly embedded you know in the ground from the roots and then from the trunk you have the main branches coming out from it then you have the smaller branches and twigs and then you have the leaves and then finally that tree bears fruit particularly you know if it's a fruit bearing tree fruit comes from the tree and then seeds sprout from that fruit and they drop to the ground and it's thought the process starts all over again it continues it perpetuates itself it's a cyclical process so we have to look at the psychological factors that have continued slavery on this world in a metaphor like this which you know like I said I call it the tree of evil because it's an easy way of explaining it okay you look at what most people will see is the bottom line the very base bottom of this dynamic they'll say it's their people's willful ignorance they don't want to know the truth and I'm trying to explain that's not the bottom line that's the very thing before you get to the fruit which is evil which is coercion which is control which is slavery okay willful ignorance has to come before the bearing of that bad fruit okay of course but it's not the bottom line reason you go deeper than willful ignorance and you get down to like the the branches the smaller branches of the tree and you realize that there's a reason people don't want to know again that just doesn't happen people aren't born in the world not wanting to know anything okay something had to happen to make someone like that so if you really get to the underlying factor regarding why people don't want to know it's fear fear is what's always driving ignorance again if you just look at the natural law chart the chart of natural law expressions that I put forward the very force that you're working with to create ignorant which is the beginning of the negative side of the natural law expressions okay is fear fear is the force that shuts consciousness down it's the force that counteracts the force of love which is openness to truth which is the flowering of consciousness which is wanting to accept truth into one's life okay so fear is the force that counteracts that positive expression and it sets all the negative forces all the negative expressions at work into our lives but you have to be in fear in order to do that and what are people in fear of people who don't want to know are in fear of something why wouldn't somebody want to know what's going on in the world well with knowledge comes responsibility when you're in a position of knowledge you are empowered to act in the right way when you're not in a position of knowledge when you're in a position of ignorance you don't have the empowerment to actually act within right so these people want to falsely claim I'm not saying it can actually be done in reality it's always a false claim please be clear of that when you're hearing what I'm saying here when I say the people don't want personal responsibility that's not something that actually can occur in nature you're always personally responsible for your behaviors okay people fear owning their personal responsibility they are in fear of that ownership they don't want it to be present of course it can never not be present it's not possible for that not to be present it's it's part of your nature it's part of it's something that you're just birthed with having the responsibility for your behaviors but people think that they could somehow magically give that away because they're afraid that ultimately they're responsible for that which they do so in that fear of personal responsibility and owning that that birthright they want to remain as ignorant as possible - it's almost like it's a play it's it's a game that they're playing you know it's trying to claim that something that you cannot actually do in nature and I'm not telling you there aren't really ignorant people out there who don't really know anything that about what's going on in the world and that's because of their own doing that's their own choosing but that doesn't make them not responsible as a matter of fact that makes them all the more responsible for all the negative things that are going on because they remain willfully ignorant of of it and therefore they don't seek to change any of it it's all because of fear fear of owning one's personal responsibility to act in a moral capacity and again that personal responsibility can never really be abdicated you can make the claim that you're doing that but actually in reality you cannot actually give your personal responsibility to judge the difference between right and wrong away to any other living being that is yours it is always yours you cannot give it away you cannot separate it from yourself it is part of you so is the fear of taking full ownership of one's personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action the bottom line psychological factor of why people are in the condition that they're in I would claim that it is not because you have to ask yourself what factor puts that fear in place why would someone become fearful of being an actual psychological spiritual adult why would they not want to be a psychological and spiritual adult why would they not want to grow up out of their infancy mentally emotionally spiritually there has to be a reason for that see the state of spiritual adulthood means you own your responsibility you know that you're responsible for your behavior you know you're responsible for the choices you make and the actions you subsequently take so where does that fear come from and psychologically if we dig deeper into the root factors we're getting closer to the root cause the root cause but we're not there yet we're out what I would call the base of the tree the trunk of the tree the part that is somewhat above ground you know but then it goes under the ground and then the the roots are there underneath the surface that you really that's really the hardest part to see without doing some digging in the dirt okay the trunk of the tree which is almost at the base level is people ultimately hate themselves self-loathing is a gigantic part of the collective human condition people hear me say that and they get very angry they get very offended no no it isn't so how could you say that humanity hates itself folks we don't have developed self-love for ourselves we hate ourselves deep down inside people largely hate themselves and there's a reason they hate themselves this has a reason okay see it's all gonna be psychological conditions until you get down to an event until you get down to an event that was the triggering cause and we're gonna get to that we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] the cool side we don't dare speak between us there's a code of silence okay cool welcome back everyone and listening - what on earth is happening here on our BN on there host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about the underlying psychological framework that is the continuing factors in the current human condition and we were talking about self loathing how people are a self-loathing species how humanity is essentially a self-loathing species people really deep down inside don't like themselves they don't have a personal relationship with themselves they have not done the inner work upon themselves to understand why they behave the way that they behave and this is because of the lack of self respect that they have for themselves you know they have never really turned inward lis turned their vision inwardly that's what respect means to look again from the Latin spec tari which means to look at re means again to look at again to look at the self again that's what self respect is it means you are reading your inner motivations your reevaluating your behavior your reevaluating the underlying motivations that are deep inside of yourself that drive your behavior or at least have driven your behavior up to that point and then you're saying have I been acting within the bounds of right is this how I should be behaving what does this say about me and the kind of person that I am do I have any right to continue to act this way do I have any right to continue to support the things I have supported just complicit ly tacitly by not doing anything about it or by vocally advocating for it if it's based in coercion or violence you know so many people are complicit in the slavery system just because of their erroneous beliefs and vocalizing them you know somehow justifying other people's bad behavior and somehow making an excuse for it and thinking that it can be turned into a right somehow it's all due to self loathing people more I keep telling people the condition is the way that it is because more people want it that way than not if more people didn't want it that way than not it wouldn't be that way wouldn't make a difference how much money was offered to someone it wouldn't make a difference how much power was offered to someone it wouldn't make a difference how much someone was threatened none of those factors would play into the equation when you're standing truly in right none of those things make a difference and people want to make excuses over and over and over and over and over for other people's wrong behaviors and wrong thinking it's all because they ultimately hate themselves a people who didn't hate themselves couldn't continue their enslavement not possible folks just think about that statement for a moment really think on it really let it sink in could a people that actually loved themselves continue to allow their own enslavement especially if it were in their power to end it and don't tell me that it's not within our power to end this enslavement because it absolutely most certainly is people are too ignorant lay and cowardly to get off their rear ends and just do that that's all it comes down to and no everybody wants to be an apologist for this species and there's a reason they're like that they did have not developed self-love they are in a state of self-loathing due to a lack of their own self-respect collectively on a mass scale and that comes from a lack of self respect individually according to law of Correspondence that which is above is like to that which is below well a species that self-loathing means that the individuals that comprise that species are self-loathing until we develop true self-respect we're never going to get out of that condition of self-loathing and therefore we're never going to own our personal responsibility to use our free will to choose between the objective difference between right wrong behavior and choose willfully the right over the wrong and until that happens the external conditions can not change not only will they stay the same it is an absolute utter impossibility for them to change so get over it what we're really talking about here is what has to happen is people have to develop enough self-love to come out of their ignorance that's what the great work is folks to work with another individual until they do that the great work is no less than just that to work with another individual to help them to turn their sight inwardly to look upon themselves again to develop self-respect to come out of the condition of self-loathing and to want to own their personal responsibility and come into adulthood spiritual adulthood of knowing the difference between right and wrong behavior dispelling willful ignorance and willfully then using the world power to choose the right over the wrong and nobody said it was gonna be easy folks I never said that this process would be easy it's the hardest work there is to do that's why so few people do it that's why so few people want to do it when you tell them what the work is and what they're actually attacking to change it's not about we're going to shut down this Bank or something like that or we're going to go over here and bring some food over to these people you know or we're going to go over here we're gonna vote for a different political party this is all this is all other cake compared to the deep work that really needs to be done in the human psychology in the human heart and then most of all in the guts in in in the human will Center courage has to be developed persistence has to be developed willpower has to be developed or driven by the heart driven by care people don't want to do that work they look at that and they say you're out of your mind that's the the most difficult thing there is to do is change a human being from a person who is an undeveloped soul to a person who is spiritually developed I want no part of that work no part of it that's what most people say and then they turn around they're their eyes go glassy they turn around and they run in the other direction and what I'm telling you is what our work is to do is to make those people face themselves that's the great work of the alchemists of this world and that is done by the power of the voice if you haven't figured that out yet you're probably still asleep just letting people be the way they are and not being an influence for them to change for the better through first of all you're not only your words but your behavior first and foremost through your behavior in the world setting the example and then constantly reinforcing that with your words being a hypocrite isn't going to make much deaf you have to live it first and then constantly speak it now if we look at a one level deeper people will say well isn't at the end of it no there's one like I said these are all psychological factors and conditions so far there's an event that you have to get to and see this is why they don't want anybody looking at this presentation this is why they don't want anybody looking at the origins of culture cultural and human institutions no you know that's letting the genie out of the bottle we can't have that if we want to maintain slavery on this world and you know you'll see people coming out continuously attacking this entire thesis you can call it a theory if you want but there's tons of evidence to back it up I'd like to refer to it as a thesis myself you know because it's an explanatory I like to call an explanatory synthesis even more than than a thesis because it's a coming together of all these different factors and showing how they interrelate with each other showing how they've created the current condition that we're in how they it perpetuates the current condition an explanatory synthesis seeking to explain why we're at where we are at there's one more level to go folks to get to the root of the tree of evil and we'll start picking that up in the next section ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the second hour of tonight's what on earth is happening broadcast I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're continuing our extended cosmic abandonment presentation that we've been going through for the past many weeks here on the show and we're talking about the causal factors of evil and the events that led to those factors being embedded in the human psyche nested deep down in the human subconscious and attempting to explain why these factors continue to stay rooted there and drive the human condition of the desire for continued slavery on this planet and yes I said people desire it they desire it more than just about anything else deep down inside of themselves psychologically and if they didn't it wouldn't and couldn't be that way if they didn't want it that way it could not continue to be that way that is a law of the universe folks get is upset about that as you want bang your fists against the table crying your milk over it doesn't make a difference doesn't make one bit of difference you know people get really upset when you say that but it's true that's what you have to understand about how the laws of attraction work if humanity would not would not continue to desire their own slavery their slavery could not continue because if they wanted to be out of slavery bad enough they would understand the law that is in place in the universe that governs freedom or slavery if they wanted to be free bad enough they would turn their attention to those laws in nature and they would come out of their ignorance and into the knowledge of how those laws operate but they don't want the Associated responsibility that goes along with that freedom and therefore they crave their chains like a baby craves its bottle okay and like I said it's all because ultimately deep down inside were a species who is stuck in a childlike state of self-loathing and I say childlike state because if we look at these conditions that we've already talked about in this show so far willful ignorance the fear of owning personal responsibility self-loathing due to a lack of self respect these are all hallmarks of a particular kind of individual in this world there are hallmarks of a child who has never psychologically really begun to grow up into adulthood an undeveloped being that has not come into knowledge that has not come into personal responsibility that has not come into a true truly developed mindset of a radical relationship with themself and deep self respect they haven't worked on any of those things in themselves that's the hallmark of a child and moreover it's the hallmark of a child who wants to remain a child who doesn't want to come out of childhood and into adulthood and that's exactly what humanity is humanity's being called out of its childhood and into cosmic adulthood and most of humanity wants no part of it oh you want me to say I'm responsible for myself truly absolutely not I'm a child somebody else is responsible for me I'm not responsible for my own behavior I'm not responsible for my own actions how can you dare claim such a thing I don't know a thing I'm willfully ignorant you know somebody else is responsible I just follow other people's orders this is just my job this is just what I do this is just my nature it's not a choice there's no responsibility associated with it yeah okay sure keep telling yourself that folks keep telling yourself that and keep letting other people believe it see that's the thing you may understand what the truth is but you look at the other person who is ignorant who next to you who's is ignorant as a brick and you say that's not my responsibility to teach them that's not my responsibility to say something to them that's not my responsibility to rock the boat or to create an uncomfortable condition here Absolut Bowl it absolutely 100% is your responsibility if you know to say something and therein lies the problem those who know don't want to take actual real world action to influence other people to change they want to just say oh I know and I'm fine no you're not you're bound by other people's ignorance and until you get up off your lazy rear end and start to influence those people you're going to be continuously bound and enslaved by their ignorance this is what people in the my freedom movement don't understand there is no such thing as my freedom until all are out none are out and that's what people also don't want to hear they think you're gonna magically be some Island to freedom unto yourself it doesn't work that way folks you may be out spiritually you may be out mentally but you're going to be in Chains physically as long as others around you are ignorant and until we raise the collective mass consciousness of humanity out of the state of Collective self-loathing we are not going to be able to change that condition that's what the great work is to do so when we look at these factors if I could just impress this upon people if you look at these psychological factors that have led to this condition you are looking at psychological factors indicative of a child's mindset any by any psychologists would be able to look at that and tell you that it's so clear it's like you know bright writing on the wall it's like a bright light going off for anybody who's done any modicum of study of human psychology now the question is what makes a child hate themselves if humanity as a species is like a child who hates themselves and therefore has no true self-respect and doesn't want its responsibilities to come into its adulthood it doesn't want to know about itself it doesn't want to know about its condition it doesn't want to learn it doesn't want to grow it wants to stay where it's at it wants somebody else to take care of it it wants to get out the easy way it wants to make justifications for its poor behavior all the hallmarks of a frightened self-loathing child and that's exactly what humanity is on a mass scale our species is a frightened self-loathing child well then the question becomes psychologically what creates a frightened self-loathing child really only one thing creates a frightened self-loathing child that's bad parenting you could say oh well the conditions all around you but if adults are making that condition all around for the child it's all bad parenting it's bad adults around them the influence of adults around them is a negative influence because it's program and ultimately what we're witnessing through this psychological condition is a child that has actually been abandoned what that's what we're really looking at when we look at the root causes psychological factor that lays under all of those other factors it comes down to a child that has been left to be that way it's been abandoned and therefore it has fallen into that state of self-loathing as a result we'll pick this up on the other side of the break stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking about the root causes psychological factor that has ultimately led to all the other causal factors that has led to the human condition of slavery and the root factor ladies and gentlemen is parental abandonment issues and again when I say parental abandonment issues it does not have to mean physical abandonment and I don't mean every child is abandoned I'm saying humanity on a grand scale on a cosmic scale has been abandoned by our quote-unquote creators has been abandoned by the ones who came here in the ancient human past made us what we are and then essentially decided we don't want any part of this anymore we have our own issues to attend to we came here to use them for what we needed them for and now we're gone and you could make the argument some of them stayed here among us or the progeny of those beings stayed here among us interbred with us you know eventually blended in with our gene pool disappeared from physical sight but some of their characteristics DNA you know perhaps stayed and integrated and played an influence in human affairs for for millennia but ultimately what we were was a child that was born onto a set of parents that didn't want The Associated responsibility of parenting and I would not make that a blanket statement I would say most of them did not but some attempted to actually be a good quote-unquote parent to humanity but ultimately they failed at that job and they left humanity in a self-loathing condition because when I look at what happens when an undeveloped child's mind perceives that its parent does not want any part of it what happens almost invariably that child turns to a state of self-loathing their mindset turns to a state of self-loathing almost invariably it's what drives so many adolescents angst an improper behavior from the kind of self-loathing that leads to addiction you know to just acting out in a completely unchallenged without any associated personal responsibility whatsoever continuing to live in an ignorant way not putting any emphasis on self-improvement not putting any emphasis on wanting to know or to grow to learn you know and that's what so many people are like in society because of bad physical parenting one-on-one you know at a lower level I'm talking about now at a cosmic level our whole species underwent an abandonment like that when the beings that came here created us and then just left left us here in a state that as we talked about in the story of the past was barbaric and essentially we were being ruled over by their progeny the hybrid race that had they had interbred that they went when they interbred with us that they had created what you might call the demigods or what people referred to as the fallen ones the Nephilim you know this story is told in so many allegories I mean we're going to get into that in a future show I'll do a whole show just on allegories that talk about this ancient story and it just veiled the veiled allegory and it's just the retelling of this ancient story I just re-watched one I saw in the theaters originally but I just re-watched it last night and it was just I feel a brilliant retelling of this story it was the movie Noah if you just watched that movie with fresh eyes after understanding the story of cosmic abandonment it'll make perfect sense to you because in that movie the Bing that is referred to as the Creator quote-unquote is the zenki is the and as he was known in the Sumerian tales and legends that is the N key being or the N key faction of these beings these extraterrestrials were extra dimensionals or whatever you want to refer to them as and then the other group of Watchers who helped you know drive humanity toward a more barbaric technological civilization and help the the the descendants of Cain rule with an iron fist was the Enloe faction you know that the that's what you're witnessing the creator is n key in that allegory you know it's not the god of creation that's what they want to try to tell you that it is even the gold plays a role in it and they I believe they call it Zohar in them in the movie you know it's it's just unbelievable how thinly veiled some of these allegories even are and people still can't see it you know told you right in the movie these other beings came they interfered with our development the creator basically cast them down as a result well what do you think that interference was it was changing our genetic code it was in breeding with this species even after they had modified the genetic code they they became the fallen ones at that point the Nephilim which comes from the hebrew 'no fall which means to fall and then some of them wanted to basically make man you know have dominion over the earth you know through their technology and through their their habits and their worldview and that was who they called the descendants of Cain and then some of that that negative and evil faction of of beings helped that ruthless faction of beings helped those humans do that and taught them those ways and then some of the quote-unquote creators progeny his group who or his faction and Keyes faction if you will it was the set of beings that helped the the descendants of Seth Noah who was just Ziusudra in the Sumerian epic you know people don't even look at that like theirs it's the exact same story only told in much more rich detail you go to the sumerian and akkadian mythos and you have the tale of Ziusudra who is the biblical Noah it's the same being it's the same story only it's three thousand years before that time or more maybe four well religionists won't explain that because their religion is the right one it doesn't have any origin it doesn't come from anywhere it's just the inspired Word of God and that's the end of things you know so much easier to believe that then actually look into what may have actually occurred here in the ancient past that a lot of these scriptures were trying to tell us about and then also understand there's another aspect of it that is allegory Oracle it's a combination it's a mixture it's all of those things it's not one-dimensional it's you know dimensional but you can't tell that to a religiously minded person because they have their belief their faith and that's it evidence be damned looking for the actual truth be damned it's about what I believe has nothing to do with with with facts or knowledge it's just my belief I like how people say I don't believe this story of cosmic abandonment well who cares I could care less what you believe so good luck with that and good luck to you and enjoy the rest of your journey in life and whatever you're gonna do I could care less whether you believe it or not it's either true or it's not there's either either evidence to support it or it's not it's either what happened or it isn't does it require anybody's belief it's called look into it for yourself before you make that judgment pick this up stay with us [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking about cosmic abandonment parental abandonment issues nested deep within the human psyche collectively leading to the condition of self-loathing the fear of owning personal responsibility and coming into true adulthood as a species leading to willful ignorance and finally fruiting in following orders coercing others doing violence unto others not respecting others natural rights and ultimately slavery these are the roots of the human condition whether we want to admit it or not if we're being honest with ourselves and when I say abandonment it doesn't have to be physical like I said it could be psychological abandonment it could be spiritual abandonment it could be emotional abandonment it's a parent not doing what is required for the further development of the child which is their responsibility as that child's mentor you know and when the events in our ancient past happen us left us in this complete deep psychological condition of self-loathing we essentially wanted to do everything that we could to project outward our need for someone to come and be our parent that's why we developed the desire for all of these institutions so called protection you know so-called serving the people taking care of the people we want somebody to do that for us some external entity this magical entity we're going to create when all these abilities that none of us actually really has all these rights that we don't really have you know we're going to imbue it with that this magical force this magical thing this body of other people you know that has special rights they're gonna be the all-knowing they're going to be the all-powerful they're going to be the ones that are gonna be our parents they're gonna be the ones that are going to give to us what we need they're gonna show us the way etc and so forth all because that parental figure was lacking and we could never really come out of our own infancy on our own through our own personal strength through our own interconnection to the true self to the higher power in the universe the true creator not the fake quote-unquote gods so-called gods that claim to be our gods our creators I'm talking about the real creator of the universe the real force of underlying intelligence and goodness in creation no we didn't want to try to make that connection and through our own willpower climb up out of that state of self-loathing we want to project outward we want to project outwardly and say somebody else has to take care of us even if we have to create that being for ourselves and that's what man has done through religion through the state through money through government etc always trying to create its God its parent to take care of it to take care of humanity for it instead of us developing the will to care for ourselves anything with that that might require knowledge that might require effort that might require kindness that might require generosity that might require willpower I can't have any of those things we want somebody else to do it for us that's why we always want to crush we want to crush through religion we want to crush through the state to joke it's a big laughing joke that's on us and you know who's playing it on us we are nobody else is doing it to us we're doing it to ourselves that's the real irony that's the real laughing joke of the whole situation so the question that I posed at the beginning of this show on slide 111 which we have not moved from and that's fine like I said this will take as long as it takes to get through I have plenty of time you know we'll take as many shows as we have to to work our way through this material in an extended way and break it down in light of our troubled past and the origins of all of our modern institutions can we now form a psychological framework through which to better understand the behavior of certain groups of human beings generalizing now we're going to look at some types of people groups of human beings general types and we're going to ask the question does this fit this psychological profile of an abandoned child that doesn't really want to grow up of self loathing people who don't want to own their own personal responsibility of willful ignorance or even a blind faith that they do know something but really they're not following the truth they're just following their institution that they propped up as mommy or daddy and so I'm gonna go I'm there's going to be in this section and you know I won't finish this probably this week we'll probably continue this next week but there is going to be a lot of vitriol thrown about caustic bitter speech vitriol the ITR IOL vitriol look it up it means caustic bitter speech biting speech venomous speech and some people don't want to hear this well whatever then - now you know they want to think with their emotions I can't say anything vicious that isn't true right no that's not possible I can't launch an ad hominem attack on somebody else because it's true because these people don't deserve any real respect they develop it for themselves you can't give respect to somebody else ultimately you have to have it develop it inside for yourself first before you can give it and these people are not only can't give respect to another person they themselves are really unworthy of respect themselves because they act the way that they act every one of these people is a child blanket statement the people who fit into this psychological profile the group's I'm going to talk about are all undeveloped beings they're all childlike beings that have never really spiritually grown up and the reason for that is because they all externalize their power to another entity and in many cases it's completely imagined entity so let's start with the worshipers of scientism the super super left-brained individuals out there what I would call the rigid skeptics the rigidly skeptical and in many cases this is just a belief I want to say something about pure skeptics rigid skeptics I have healthy skepticism the skepticism is very important and I would never discourage it I'm not talking about normal healthy skepticism asking questions wanting to get answers going to where the truth leads that's real skepticism that means you're not believing anything I don't believe anything people keep asking me what's your belief what's your beliefs what's your beliefs I don't have any beliefs I don't have a religious belief system I don't need one the only system that I pursue is truth which leads to knowledge and then belief is not required I said at the beginning of this podcast there's only one belief that has ever required the belief that the truth exists and you can know it and you can come to know it because no creator would put an unsolvable puzzle before humanity and then torment them with it endlessly about what our purposes are reason for being with the nature of reality how good and evil are at work in the world how natural law works it's all knowable it's all knowable if you don't accept that those things are knowable you are a believer you're a believer that the universe was essentially created to endlessly torture people by never put having anything that can be known and that's called solipsistic skeptics really are they don't believe there's any such thing as truth ultimately when they're pressed when you get down to it with these people they are SOL abscissa the word truth is a dirty word to them it's the devil to them you know the war very word truth is the devil to them because they want to be in a position of continuous relativity with everything else they want to see everything as shades of gray and that means they're never actually truly responsible that's what a Sol obsessed they want haziness and fuzziness in everything they want everything to be able to be disproven not to be true because they don't want the Associated responsibility that comes with definitive knowledge that's ultimately the out that they are seeking we'll explore this more on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio I'm gonna be taking your calls next hour so I'll give the call-in number once again to join us here on what on earth is happening the calling number is 803 one three ninety four forty three once again toll-free 800 three one three nine four four three two wrap up in this last section for this hour I was on slide number 112 talking about rigid skeptics I'm talking about unhealthy skepticism the belief that anything that falls outside of the non mainstream idea of science is somehow not true that there's only one source for truth and that is mainstream scientific research and anything that science quote-unquote science won't touch is not true cannot be true you know I call this and many other researchers like David Icke of course calls this scientism - I think it's a good word - coined for this because it is a belief system it is not real science a real scientist that true scientist goes wherever the truth leads and then publishes that result worshippers of at the altar of scientism don't go wherever the truth leads they go wherever the money leads wherever the person who's promising to continue to fund them allows them to go you know I call them the paradigm protectors you know they're the gatekeepers of the established scientific paradigm that's still based in ancient outmoded and proven false Newtonian notions of how everything in nature works including the human body and mind you know who absolutely left-brained imbeciles like Stephen Hawking you know think and people actually like worship this guy and read his writings and think he's so wonderful when he says free will is dead philosophy is dead people are basically automaton flesh robots or how about this guy on the image 112 a phil class akka total shill for the government you know who founded UFO researchers for basically his entire life you know didn't do any of the research himself didn't look at any of the evidence just ramp it d bunker you know debunkers fall into this category they never actually look at the evidence or address the evidence you know they just want to they just want to attack someone else and it came out later that this guy was on the CIA payroll for almost the entire time that he was putting debunking forward against the UFO community the UFO research community now that begs a question why would the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States have a vested interest in trying to detract attention away from the validity of the UFO phenomenon by hiring shows like this proven he was on the payroll of the CIA to do what he was doing so then that begs the question why why would the CIA not want anybody researching the possibility of extraterrestrial interaction with humanity oh there's a very good and valid reason because they know all about the extra-terrestrial interaction with humanity already and they want that covered up and locked down tight so nobody can really understand the truth of it because it has all to do with our origins as a people and the origins of our civilization and the origins of the institutions of slavery and they don't want anybody to understand the underlying reasons that those institutions are in place you know I mean it's just absolutely unbelievable the things that people will do for money against their species like this absolute piece of garbage who is now dead and in hell if there is such a place but you know what the hell that he lived in through his whole life was his own sick mind which is hell enough you know and moving to the next slide 1:13 I'd like to put a tag line if I'm gonna launch an ad hominem attack against these different groups of people who I think are perfect slaves they're perfect examples of what a good slave behaves like you know I'm gonna give them all a little tagline a little saying that goes along with them so here's what fill class and all the other rigid skeptics the left brain imbalance worshippers of scientism their tagline with what what they're they're you know talk bubble next to their imbalanced head would say is I'm skeptical about everything unless the government or a government funded scientists say it's true then I'm a true believer because that's all there is today folks there's you think real science is being done you're absolutely joking and kidding yourself I'm not saying everything that comes out of the scientists science scientist you know paradigm or the whole field of science the world of science is to be completely and utterly dish trusted I'm not saying none of it is real none of it is true what I'm saying we're not really pursuing as a people real science anymore as a culture as a species we are pursuing what I call government-funded science which means whatever the government doesn't want discovered it pulls the funding for whatever it doesn't want put into manifestation it pulls the funding for then how are these peeps I until they gonna pull it out of their own pocket are they gonna hold fundraisers know all the science quote-unquote that's being done is all done with stolen tax dollars that is allotted for certain grant monies you know that these science begged the government on a yearly basis for that's that's half of what they do half of what they do isn't even the research it's writing the grants it's begging the government for the money to do the research that they want to do and telling them why it has they feel it should be done and then what the results going to be they're telling them in advance what we're going to do this for what the results going to be is that real science you somehow know the result in advance and then you're gonna go and beg the person for the money to do this so that they get the results that they want out of it and if they don't they pull the funding that's how science works today folks if you don't understand that that's how it works you're a naive clueless person that is how science works I'd like to get a call from scientists scientists out there call me you tell me it doesn't work that way and I'll tell you you're full of crap okay cuz I that's exactly how it works exactly how it works now I know one will call into dispute that you know and if you do you're lying you're absolutely lying because you want to believe you're not part of that and you're somehow part of true science you're joking with yourself you're lying to yourself and you're playing the joke on you whether you understand that or not so let's move on to another group to just lay some vicious vitriol out to because these people deserve this and you could call it as left-brained as you want you could say whatever you want about it the bottom line is I'm going to say what other people won't say okay because they're loath to say because of who sensibilities they might offend I'm not here to be liked or to win a popularity contest I'm here to tell the bitter truth the next group of people on slide number depicted on slide number 114 who are cosmic children okay and again just going back to the rigid skeptics whose daddy to them you know who's the parent or the parent is the actual institution of science itself you know that tells me what's real I don't have to go anywhere I don't have to look at anything that exists outside the walls established by the scientific community no no that tells me everything I need to know and it's all it's all known and safe in that bubble and anything that conflicts with that well we just ignore it we throw it out we discount it right off the bat without looking into it is that the mark of an adult is that an adult mindset no it's a child's mindset who's scared of what they might find they don't want to overturn the applecart you know they don't want to rock the boat you know no because then what happens all the other children start to hurl us assaults verbal assaults n' and and viciousness toward them you know the other children join in the chorus they join in the chorus of attacking that person for being different you know they don't have an ounce of courage these are all cowards you're cowards rigid skeptics and people who are deep in the left brain mode of scientist immured you don't have one drop of real courage within you at all at all plenty of other groups to launch a vitriolic attacks on next week folks so we'll continue that your calls on the other side [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the third hour of tonight's broadcast you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm as promised for the third hour we're gonna be taking your calls no taboo topics over here on what on earth is happening you could call in and talk about anything you want to bring up if you want to ask any questions that's fair game is well if you want to talk about the cosmic abandonment presentation or any of the concepts brought up of course that's what we've been talking about over the last several weeks all of that is fair game so let's go to the phone lines and let's hear from Robin in Missouri Rob and you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark hey brother yeah how you doing so yeah hey good show as usual so what yeah yeah what I was looking forward to talking with you tonight was concerning weather modification and you know what is going on in this country at the moment so I want to ask you what what is the weather currently like there in Philadelphia how is your summer been it has been seasonably cool we've had a very mild very non humid summer that is not really very typical of this region of the country for sure you know it's kind of like a nice change as far as I'm concerned I don't like the intense heat but it's definitely out of the usual for certain yeah yeah that's it's not a big surprise me at all I'm living in northeastern Missouri and I would describe the situation just like in Philadelphia we are usually accustomed to really hot summers really humid but this year it's been a remarkably cool summer very humid but still it's just very cool and it's just fun very unnatural and this is most certainly been the trend in this country the moment so there's obviously something going on right now climatically that is very unnatural sure then using different weather modification techniques scale or scaler modification to lower slowly over time the Jetstream air and they've been pushing that I feel artificially they've been pushing that south for the last couple of decades so we may be seeing the effects of that you know in the real world now you know with much colder winters and much milder summers mm-hmm yeah and this is a topic that not a lot of people are talking about in regards to a lot of the conspiracies going on right now but California is the the drought that's going on in there right now is pretty darn catastrophic and people are not paying attention to it but California in the southwest right now in the United States are going there was such a bad drought right now and all the rain and finally being a lot of rain in the past couple weeks in northeastern Missouri so it's like literally all the rain from the southwest is being siphoned and put towards the central and eastern United States so you have this huge dichotomy going on right now yeah we've had a lot of rain here over the last week a lot of been very overcast and cloudy days as well yeah you know I think part of this is a food you know affecting the food growing centers of the United States particularly California is going to have a devastating impact on food supplies and prices in the end up in the coming years so I think that's part of the agenda to further weaken the United States and you have to maintain an open and skeptical mind regarding their ability to actually physically manipulate the weather that they're at their command through covert technologies and we know that these things exist they're out there the extent to which they're there have been using them remains to be seen but we very well could be seeing the effects of weather modification already and earlier with you but there's one other part of the equation that I think we have to add to this as well okay and you're right in saying that California is one of the biggest crop producers of the United States so if they get hit hard entire states get how hard you know so if people cannot grow enough food to sustain themselves the United States they are gonna depend on the government in the Han coming years which is a huge part of it absolutely also part of it also is if you destroy California it's one of the biggest honeybee population centers the states do so what they're trying to do is not only destroy the crop but they're trying to destroy the honeybee population pollinators which are ultimately required for yeah they're growing in Trenton strengthening of crops and food supplies absolutely yeah and you know once pollinators go you know the the entire food chain human food chain essentially follows shortly after yes people understand that just how critically important bees are and just one more point Charlie Pond um I work for the u.s. government last year for an entire year working with native bees so I personally work from the government funded projects working on saving the bees I can personally verify that you are absolutely correct that the scientist and and the government responds these scientists are totally fake and and they can totally pull away the funding for these projects whenever the heck they want to and that is what they've been doing and they don't care and the money they are putting forth saving the bees right now is nothing more than public image so what people know that okay they do care but they are only doing it just enough do that public image but they do not care and I have to stress that absolutely Robin great points that you brought forward thanks so much for the call and you know Robin is absolutely right you think about it if government money is funding science can you rely on the accuracy of that kind of science being done and the results that it's bringing forward and looking at that and saying that's absolutely the truth that exactly you know orderly results and and specific good results that we're getting from that process when ultimately the driving force is coming from government money you know from what they want to see done with that research I would have to say that would be the best reason to be highly skeptical of those results that you're getting through that kind of quote-unquote science so once again really great points they're brought off by Rob and thanks for the call let's uh let's move forward and let's hear from James in California James you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah hi mark what an honor to speak with you you I just want to say how much I appreciate your program and it's really changed my life and thank you thanks for calling I use what you know what I'm learning I'm using with others I mean I meant bringing this message out honest all about so I'm really grateful on itself it's really changed my life well anyway I'm just really it's a privilege to talk to you and I'm gonna meet you in October at the uh yeah event oh great you're coming out to Connecticut awesome yeah just for you you know you're you're the man well the disease I have a I have a question I've been wanting you to talk about and I really would like to either explain this because I think your explanation of some occult things or so we're really been helpful but I haven't heard you speak about htb you know Blavatsky and her theory of evolution and what the following angel and is for me that's confusing because I I'm not quite you know sure like with the messages here with all that yeah that's one thing you're having I'm sorry no that's okay God you can continue oh and on top of that question just to talk about like how her writings have been used by the occult elite could be her writings are so significant yes I really should do a whole show on theosophy one day yeah maybe we could uh maybe I could put that together at some point with Bob from Cincinnati I've done some kind of occult specials you might say with Bob so it's something I might look into in the future but yeah Blavatsky x' work is actually really great and you know contribute so much to the overall understanding of the occult and how it's been used by these elitists and her work in many cases was a warning to try to warn people that there were sorcerers out there in the world that we're using these occult knowledge to their benefit at everyone else's expense I'll continue to explain that on the other side of this break folks stay with us [Music] [Music] the community side that we don't hear speak it's a while between us it'll rip so we keep it there that there's nothing wrong if a cold of a walk welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm taking your calls in the third and final hour of the show for this evening we were talking to James in California and he was asking about Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 'he's work and her view of the occult and I was explaining that she her work really does serve as a warning in many ways of how this occult knowledge can be used to the detriment of humanity if people remain willfully ignorant and other people who have a lot of willpower but don't have a lot of compassion can use that knowledge as a weapon to gain a tactical advantage over those other people who remain ignorant of it Blavatsky's work deals a lot with Vedic teachings in ancient Eastern teachings from the Indus Valley and she talks a lot about cycles you know time cycles and you know how essentially of tendencies in nature kind of tend to repeat themselves in waves and she talks about you know the root races of humanity as she sees the origins of human beings and she also her work was also really a very perverted and twisted in many ways by later occultist darka cultists who really paved the way for the third reich in nazi germany i mean if you look at you know Blavatsky's often talked about as influencing that and she absolutely did not you know that's definitely a very yuuna dimensional and immature view of her occult teachings and work and trying to paint her somehow as as the bad guy you know when she was warning about people like this like guido von lits but von list and Lance Laban fells and and you know uh sabaton Dorf and other dark occultists that came out of pre the pre nazi germany era that took her work and basically twisted into this you know racist ideology that had to do with purely genetics and blood and didn't really have to do with the knowledge that she was talking about so you know it's it's a very similar thing to how some of Crowley's work is viewed as all bad you know it's the same thing from people who don't understand what the occult really is they don't understand how it has more than one aspect to it and they don't understand how a lot of the people that they perceive as just the you know dimensional somehow bad guys really were you know explaining that there's more than one side to this and trying to make people see it in a more mature light it takes really a lifetime of study and deep reading and you know comparative studies in order to understand this and order also understand hey from some people's perspective also back then you know they had a limited view and weren't aware of some things that we're aware of now and vice versa so you have to really read a lot of older occultist writings from this multi dimensional point of view and understand that you have to take certain things that they talked about with a grain of salt because of the worldview back then and you also have to you know understand that they were coming at this from their own particular unique perspective and not every single thing that they were talking about will have been right but it also doesn't mean that one thing you hear that you disagree with and that paints them as the bad guy or the agent or the devil etc you know it takes a very mature perspective and understanding to understand a lot of occult writings from in kind of way and that's why so many people don't really get the occult and don't really look into it in a deeper way because they want an easy answer there as it is with all of these occult writings there is no easy answer you have to read deeply into it you have to take what resonates with truth and natural law and move forward with that and if other things don't really um you know resonate with truth and you know leave them at the door and move on you know and most people can't do that it's it's like an all-or-nothing for them they disagree with one thing somebody says then somehow they were they were the devil they were deemed demonic mind and a bad influence these people were looking for the truth from their own perspective as well and let me tell you something many of them did way way more than anybody is doing today with the amount of writing that they put down and preserve for future generations you know that's the one thing I keep saying to people I know this is kind of a long-winded response but I hope it's kind of the the gist of this is getting through the main thing is put the work out there yourself you know if there's something I get emails all time from people you know hey mark cover this talk about this this is what I think is important well I think that's wonderful you think it's important go and talk about it yourself especially if you have knowledge on it if you have knowledge on it that's what you should be talking about make that your speciality make that your forte and go out there and put that out to people I'm not here to take requests from people for what they want me to talk about I'm here to talk about what I feel is important but since James brought this up I think it is a very important topic and I did something I would like to cover theosophy is something I haven't explored in depth as a specific occult school of thought on its own it's something I probably should look into doing and so at some point in the near future maybe after my Connecticut seminar so James really great question I hope that I answered it for you and let's move on and hear from Raphael in Indiana Raphael you are live on what on earth is happening welcome back to the show well hi Mark thanks for taking my call have some mom just one thanks for taking her time on this current presentation and covering all encompassing aspects that relate to cosmic abandonment it's pretty amazing and pretty young gulping yeah I I kind of kind of took a preview of what the next sliders who's going to be and one of them is um I think it's supporters of slavery yes and uh today on our way home from my the grocery store I turn on the radio and I heard a snippet of something that's going on and the incident would first and end up basically there was actually supporters on the side of the police officer yeah and it kind of exactly when you talk about today or somebody guns down a citizen in basically cold blood and there's people out supporting this what wouldn't they support I mean you know hey not they supported the people supported Nazi Germany they supported the Gestapo they supported the SA the store mob Thailand they supported the SS the Schutzstaffel well one they support what what form of slavery wouldn't people support is my question it's not what form would they support it's what wouldn't they support like I said they love it they love it they can't get enough of it because you know what there is deep-seated racial motivation underneath a lot of this I mean you hear reports the KKK is coming out and supporting the police just because the person they shot was an african-american individual you know it's like this is how sick people are they'll so they don't understand it's a state versus you issue has nothing to do with race it has nothing to do with beliefs it has nothing to do with anything except people who believe that they are your authority and God versus you that's what this issue is about and they can't see it they're so blind because of all of their other divide and conquer strategies that have been played against them and those programs that are running in their mind and their ego identification and their ego attachment and their little petty role in life as my my race my color my religion my creed my plate you know of geographic region of the country my nationality etc and so forth and they can't understand as a result of all that dividing they're absolutely being ruled they're being completely enslaved and they can't see it and they would even support their enslavers that are eventually going to be their murderers you know that's how naive these fools are an essential link I don't know if you get a chance to look at it but oh this past week and I saw it was a article and I was a posting I guess somebody pulls it off basically it's a social media post that when a st. Louis police officer commented on his facebook and basically he his quote was basically the protester should have been put down like rabid dog the first night you know if people don't think that let them try is all I have to say to that and they'll find out what will happen we'll pick it up right from there folks stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to water on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're taking your calls in the final hour of the show we were speaking in the last segment to Raphael in Indiana Raphael you were talking about slaves who love their own enslavement you want to wrap up with that topic yeah I actually I just I found it actually kind of disturbing actually comical same time work you know you have these supporters supporting their own enslavement you know caller last week and mention the same thing it's like they they love their own change and they don't even know it yep it's exactly true and they keep supporting violence that is done to the people by the state because somehow they are find dis pleasurable or displeasing some aspect of somebody else's life you know so therefore we're going to advocate for violence to be done unto them you know when even if they're within their rights by the state you know you see this going on in so many different ways in society you know from one racist group attacking somebody else who's been attacked by the state just because you know that person is a different race than them - you see things like this going on interpersonally in people's lives like you know a a divorcing couple you know the the the the father might report on something you know that he does that he isn't because he's going through a divorce and he might report the the the mother of the child to the state for some reason because he wants to get custody you know petty things like this go on and people bring the state into their lives they love it they love the presence of mommy and daddy in their lives because they're too childish too immature to resolve their differences for themselves in a way that is you know operating within the bounds of natural law and right behavior and therefore they want mommy to come in and solve the the conflict or daddy to come in and solve the conflict and that's the state is all too happy to acquiesce to those demands and come in and take control because that's all it's ultimately about and essentially these people are they're saying Master I beg you to come and keep me on the plantation that's all they're saying they then they love it they love it because they're children who have never grown up never taken responsibility for their own lives and want to be kept under control that's what they want you know so I think you're right on point but by seeing this dynamic Raphael the the only question becomes is what are we individually going to do about this it's and we have to bring this message to these people's ears and help them to understand that bringing the state in any instance is not the right thing to do it's actually the thing that all that could possibly do is lead to more enslavement and more destruction you know and it's going to all come to a head eventually I mean I'm you know I'm not looking forward to even seeing what's gonna happen if this when this cop goes to trial what happens if he's let off scot-free which is bound to happen because I'm telling you that's what they want they want to see some kind of massive up you know uprising or civil unrest so that they can declare martial law but at some point what are people what are people are their backs are gonna be against the wall what are we gonna let happen we're gonna let cops start turning into the Gestapo with the right to just shoot people at random because they feel like it because they were disobeyed that's what they're basically telling you that in the open don't disobey a cop or we will kill you that's what they're coming basically out in the open they're trying to externalize that and come forward and say we're gonna use deadly force if we're disobeyed you know and that has nothing to do with the rule of law at all at all that has that's called tyranny and at some point if it is the start does start becoming like that there's only one option and that is physical resistance you know and people don't want to hear that they want to think there's never a time for that there is a time for that and that time is rapidly approaching it's rapidly approaching unfortunately I don't want to see it come to that but you know at some point when the people's backs are up against the wall to a certain extent there's not going to be any other recourse you know and I really loathe to see the day when it when that begins because when it begins it's gonna be very difficult for anybody to turn it off so you know let's hope it doesn't come to that let's hope we can get it done through the mind which is the way it really has to be done for it to be a true lasting peaceful revolution you know it has to be done in the realm of psychology it has to be done in the realm of the human mind and the human heart when we get it done that way then it'll be lasting and not one shot has to be fired you know so Raphael thank you so much for the call all right let's hear from David in Ontario David you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi Marc hi everyone I just don't know what exactly I'm do so many things I'd like to talk to you about but basically I guess the one thing you mentioned you're right on part in the last point but you've mentioned them with regards to to like how science restricts new ideas that minds people's minds goes here in the last point like the minds of the scientists actually restrict fundamentally fundamental change in their perceptions right and it's very difficult I know that's my father went through us he was a geologist in Ontario so he worked for the government so he was a he believed in the socialist state yet through the government that I'm not saying that I advocate that anymore I used to I don't anymore but when you come up with a theory that contravenes people's perceptions if it isn't for somebody it comes along and says you know if he was kind of lucky because his professor actually in 1975 said well SUSE actually had he got this right so and he furthered that thesis and has gone out is how the show how this idea works but it's that's not the norm like you were saying it's not the norm not the way science is done really no but usually they got rigidly cling on to the existing worldview or paradigm and refused to let it go regardless of what evidence is shown to the contrary because they already have investment in the existing paradigm even if it's false they have physical investment they have mental investment they have investment as far as their prestige is concerned their social statuses concern money their lifestyle all of it all of it tenure you know in all Piper's factors I in yeah I uh I read a book a while back and I hold you in in the same respect as I hold some of these authors I read a book by David Icke he called and the truth shall set you free and he said phenomenal book everybody should read this book definitely it led it is like one it's like what we've said about if this is a tapestry and you've explained it as mystery over these a hundred and sixty something podcasts I'd listen to the mall and I've come you know so anyways and David Icke he can't he came to he basically contradicted something that I was like Paul I burnt this how can you contradict Darwin you know and so I looked into bibliography because that's what she do right and yet in there hey there's got this guy he looked at auntie Taylor in the minds of men Darwin in the New World Order and I read his books I had to go to the University of Toronto he's a professor there he wrote this book and I went there to pick it up in the 90s and I read that and and you really can't I can't follow I can't believe the way I can understand how social Darwinist has come out from this idea because I do not believe that Darwin has the author of this book in T Taylor says that he cannot support Darwin would not support his own thesis based upon not having found in the geological the archaeological evidence is not there to support it nor that I think Darwin have supported the twisting of his ideology into social Darwinism the way that it was done by the elites of his day namely the GALT and family and others you know you have to understand that they took his thesis and they ran with in a way that was they were going to apply that to their genetics and their right to rule over the rest of humanity that was the reason they took that theory and tried to turn it into a body of law that everybody would believe in unquestioningly you know that was their primary motivation for doing that because they wanted a scientific basis for their quote unquote superiority and their quote unquote right to rule over the rest of humanity exactly I want to ask you a question in regards to a couple of words my daughter is a university student and she taking literature so she's very intelligent very eloquent in her her words and and as you say and as I understand now that word smith's and and sorcery it's all done with words it's not like something ethereal think it's actually this is how it's done right words and that she said on Friday and they were talking like talk about I talk about all things that I find interesting and this is the subject I find interesting and it all also business fantasy I can't say how much you put things into perspective in your podcast for me but she said that she looks at intelligence as a verb and I agree with her it should be looked at as a bird because if you're not using it and you don't have it that's sorry you don't you really what is language if it's not put into effect and applied in the world for the right reasons exactly then what is it it's just words we have to convert it into action in order to be able to use it to apply it in our lives David gray call thank you so much for the call ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio last segment of the show for this evening let's go back to the phone lines and hear from Nathan in Arizona Nathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey mark Pesce oh this is Nathan hey how you doing great I've got a surprise for you tonight okay this is the single most important thing I've learned in my entire life and it's a game changer and I'm assuming that you don't know about this because if you did you would be talking about it okay go ahead talking about is is a spiritual discipline about controlling the male reproductive cycle and females have a reproductive cycle everybody knows about this it's the minstrel cycle but nobody's talking about is the male reproductive cycle time between ejaculation now what you want to do is increase that time and there's the mainstream science media and other people like to talk about how it's if you don't ejaculate every day you'll have prostate cancer another problem I think that's misinformation if you can master this discipline and it takes years of crap you will have many benefits including courage self-respect self-confidence you'll be a dominant alpha male you'll be physically stronger your voice will be louder and lower you don't need sex anymore and you're not obsessed with it all the time women will no longer have a power over you you'll be smarter you'll be more motivated it'll be easier to spread the truth you'll be more attractive to females you'll be better at sex you'll last longer you'll be better at tantric sex which is sex without ejaculation you'll develop the balls to stay no too weak people literally develop the balls to say no you'll be an unstoppable force if you can master this so what I'm talking about is stops masturbating stops having sex and ejaculate and that's inevitable it's going to happen if you're in a relationship so what you need to do is delay delay it wait a few weeks and it's all about self-control this is the ultimate way to develop self-control you know this corna pornography is incompatible with this technique so you have to throw that off and where else it'll totally screw up your discipline so mark have you ever heard about that I have actually heard this technique I know that some of this comes from older Gnostic teachings and some of it comes from tantric teachings and you know I can't speak to necessarily that this is going to be the thing that's going to be the most effective way to you know increase your willpower and you know your drive to actually learn the truth and then live the truth in your life I'm not saying it would do harm to that but you you seem to think it's the number one thing that somebody can practice I mean well I'll tell you what before I learned this I was one of the self haters that you're talking about earlier in the show and this happened to come out of that that self-loathing mindset yeah it like a total 100% 180-degree switch is like a turning point in my life once I figured this out and if y'all don't believe me do your own research there's not a lot of information out there one website is reddit.com slash are slash no fat that's in OSAP and these people is a community of people who have seen this truth but they only see half the picture they all they all agree that masturbation is bad but they seem to think that it Jack you having sex with an actual woman that's that's wrong it's the ejaculation we want to increase the amount of time between calculations this can't this comes out of the notion that the male seed carries creative energy with it and therefore to save that is to store that creative energy in that creative potential and power within the individual you know my take on it is kind of like it's more of a more physical thing whereas you know I think that ultimately deep down inside it's all about the the mental and spiritual material that we have to work with that's the real ultimate generative potential within us again I'm not debunking this or Sai because I have only cursorily looked into this but I am go I do tend to look into it a bit more because I've learned a few different sources and you know I think it's something that uh you know there could be benefit to yes there's a definite I can tell you from experience and you need if you don't believe me you need to try it on you know and that's the research that you need to do is it's very very tough discipline and especially it's harder for men who are non single and you have to access the sex but you know I have a girl for now and I've been working on this and I'm averaging about one week or two weeks are you familiar at all with the teachings of the occultist or spiritualist named Samuel on the or no I I've only encountered knowledge about this in very small amounts and I remember seeing a tradition writing about it but it's hard to dig up knowledge about this I can point you in one direction from where I've originally heard about this years ago it was studying some of the writings and teachings of again the occultist samuel on V or now again take all occultism with a grain of salt take it every researcher or writer with a grain of salt you have to take what you resonates with truth and bring that out and then leave the rest at the door of as I said earlier but he kind of puts forward and teaches a specific branch of older gnostic esoteric gnostic tradition and he's really gone deep into like bringing forward a lot of the esoteric symbolism of the Tarot out as well and he talked about this you know the saving of seed and you know the the benefits of it and everything like that so at somebody I would say if you want to look into some esoteric research on this it's probably the only source and occultism I've come across I know again some gnostic sects practice this as well and it seems to be coming on in some of the alternative health and mental benefits community as well so it's starting to definitely look into and I want to thank you for bringing it to our attention okay thanks a lot yeah you got it I encourage everybody to try this out especially if you have women problems and if that's the thing that's keeping you from from doing the great work is that that's a distraction this will solve your problem very into it thanks a lot more money good work I thank you sure you got it you take good care all right i'll final caller of the evening let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan you could take us out welcome back to what on earth is happening hey Mark thanks for having me on go back into the regular slot here at the end to wrap it up yeah it's a tradition right I guess so yeah so that means I gotta speak quickly and I had quite a bit to talk about real quick about the Ferguson stuff yeah and Missouri what I've noticed right off the bat was the suppression of the sake of masculine we see all the adults and even the children with their hands up Manon don't shoot so right off the bat getting that subconscious mind going into submission submission hands up in the air that's the thing that stood up for me right away and then movies real quick I know I mentioned to barb I had sent you guys a message or going to see Lucy in tears that when I finally did see that I didn't go into the theater to see it I downloaded it and I thought it was great the quality that I got of the video wasn't so awesome but the movie was very good and I'll probably check it out when it comes out on blu-ray and you know what watch it and you know get the full effect of it then but I thought the all the themes in it were very profound definitely it is yes and then another one that came out last weekend was the giver I'm gonna go see that that one I saw the previews of and it looked so good I do intend to see that in theaters because that just looked like about it was the importance it emphasized the importance of knowledge how knowledge was only being kept by like one man and how everybody else's mine had fallen into a complete sameness and you know how knowledge would be the key to taking them out of that and and liberating their minds so I definitely think that there were some really powerful themes in that movie and I do intend to check that one out I think that's a very positive allegory from just the previews that I've seen yes and it's funny that knowledge is what's mentioned also at the tea and Lucy also yes absolutely Ivan thanks so much for taking us out this evening ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening just remember there are only two mistakes that you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening everyone we'll see you right here next week [Music] you