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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday August 30th 2014 this show is live every Saturday from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you tonight as always we're going to be continuing to cover the extended cosmic abandonment presentation that I've been covering for the last many weeks here on what on earth is happening cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the interconnections between the interference theory of human origins as I like to call it and the current human condition so tonight we'll be continuing that presentation on the air I'll be taking calls in the third hour of the show as I've been doing for the past several weeks the call-in number to join us I'll give right here at the top of the first hour if you want to call in and get in the caller queue once again I'll be taking calls in our number three of the show tonight the calling number to join us on the air is toll-free 800 three one three nine four four three once again the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 three one 390 443 I do have a couple of quick event announcements before we get started with the material for this evening I will be giving a live all-day seminar on Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. called demystifying the occult this will be taking place at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut 0 6 zero four zero there is free parking at the Manchester History Center for those of you who will be coming from out of town for this event a read a brief description of this one time only live all-day seminar mark pashia the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is occultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives these topics and more I will explore in this all-day seminar demystifying the occult in the second half of the seminar I'll be breaking down some of the esoteric symbolism in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck as a case study in occult symbolism also in this seminar I just thought I'd mention I'll be going into some NRO symbolism as well that's kind of like a little added bonus I'll be looking into some of the occult symbolism of the National Reconnaissance Office which is a division of the Department of Naval Intelligence here in the United States advance tickets for this all-day seminar only $25 $25 donation can be sent by check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi that's Arthur Capozzi CA poz Zi the last name is spelled at 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 in Monroe Connecticut zero six four six eight at the door tickets for the seminar only a thirty dollar cash donation if you prefer to get your tickets live the day of the event at the door okay so that's the first event announcement secondly I'd like to tell everyone once again there will be a free your mind conference coming up in 2015 I am no longer the main event organizer as I was for the first two for your mind conferences I've told people that I've stepped down from that capacity as the event organizer I've handed that off to others who are helped with the event previously and they are currently planning for your mind 3 in 2015 I don't have a venue right now I don't have a confirmed set of dates I've been told that it is more likely than not going to stay in late April that could change but right now it looks like that's going to be around the time period but I don't have any more specifics all I know is that it is confirmed that there will be a freer mine 3 conference in 2015 more likely than not at the end of April again don't hold me to that that could change but if you want to check out more details that will be forthcoming there are already about 10 speakers that have given their word to confirm that they will be taking part in for your mind 3 so you could check out more information on this great upcoming conference next year at WWE your mind conference calm one other quick announcement there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you've received value from the information that I've shared here on the water on earth is happening radio show and on my website through my podcasts and my videos you could feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so like that I can continue it into the future and with a lot of those donations what I'll be doing is actually hopefully by sometime next year I don't have an exact date on this either but sometime in 2015 I am hoping to release a book entitled what on earth is happening so every little bit any donation that you can help out with does help and it will help to toward those goals so with that having been said oh I do want to mention one other thing real quickly before we begin the information for tonight I do have a personal commitment next Saturday night September 6th so I will not be broadcasting next Saturday September 6th live I'll be having the network host a play a rebroadcast of the show next week I will be returning to the air live on Saturday September 13th two weeks from today so I just wanted to mention that right here at the top of the show I want to point everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening comm website where as always when I do live shows there are images posted underneath the player on the radio show page if you click the radio show tab if you're not already there listening to the show from there underneath the player there's images for tonight's show image one and two one there are numerical links you can click on it'll bring it up in a kind of like a a presentation format or like a slideshow format I should say now image one was the demystifying the occult seminar poster of course demystifying the occult I should have mentioned is hosted by pattern recognition time that's Arthur Kaposi's organization and that's image number one image two was just the graphic from the freer mind conference website so we'll be getting into the material for tonight right after this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting stay with us [Music] you know today destroys the night-night divide today tried to run welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I was telling everyone before the break that underneath the player four on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm you can follow along with the images for the the presentation for this evening you'll see under images for tonight's show cosmic abandonment slides part one and two their numerical links you can click on the image as I say which slide I'm moving to and I'll follow along with the concepts and ideas presented in these slides so we left off last week on slide number 113 I'm going to be starting today with image number 114 which is listed in cosmic abandonment slides part two what we were talking about last week is an understandable framework a psychological framework through which we can better grasp the behavior of group dynamics people who behave in certain group dynamics collectivists is really what we're talking about here we're talking about people who basically form themselves into groups because they're ultimately lacking a sense of true individuality or true self development what you might call soul development these are people who really are childlike because they have never really truly mentally emotionally psychologically and spiritually grown into adulthood as an individual and they are in total identification with group dynamics and these are the people who are essentially destroying our world destroying humanity destroying the earth destroying our ability to live and coexist peacefully on this planet at all and it is because of the underlying psychological dynamics which we identified that are going on in them unaddressed because they won't do the inner work upon themselves as individuals which cannot be done by anybody else it can only be done by the individual and since they're so hopelessly identified with the group dynamic these people are caught in a cycle where this these underlying psychological dynamics are killing them or crushing them crushing their spirit and yet because of the group dynamic that they're trapped in there never identifying those causal factors psychologically and confronting them and addressing them identifying them and then working to heal them so we looked at the dynamics of willful ignorance the fear of owning one's own personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action once the difference is clearly understood and the reason for those dynamics of ignorance and the abdication or the claimed abdication of personal responsibility is due to an underlying sense of self-loathing due to a sack of a lack of self-respect inside the individual a non developed sense of self respect and then underneath that there are parental abandonment issues which are the causal factors going on ultimately these people are childlike in their psychological development because for the very reason that in their own past they were essentially left at the doorstep so to speak psychologically mentally emotionally spiritually by their own parents and as we were talking about last week this dynamic plays out not only on an individual scale on the level of the individual it plays out on a cosmic scale it plays out on a global scale at the level of the speed CAES okay we are a species that has undergone cosmic abandonment by our quote unquote parents again the whole cosmic abandonment presentation is about the beings that came here on our very ancient past and ultimately created humanity and were largely responsible for our entrance into this psychological State okay so we were left in a cosmic sense as a species by our cosmic parents we were abandoned and what we're looking at now is what kind of effect did this have on people such that they cling mercilessly to this group dynamic of collectivism and this you know these types of group behaviors that we're talking about that we're trying to explain why people fall into this be a group dynamic thinking so last week we looked or we began looking at some of these groups and I said that I'm gonna be basically complaining about them if you will or pointing out how these you know insane dynamics work within these groups in a very bitter way I'm not happy about it these are the people who are enslaving humanity ladies and gentlemen I don't have to be happy about it okay I'm going to speak about it with vitriol okay vitriol is acidic bitter criticism biting speech venomous speech okay and are these are in many cases what I'm saying ad hominem attacks sure but that doesn't mean they're not true ad hominem attacks can be true it's not just you know trying to launch an ad hominem attack to take away from from truth that someone is speaking as a logical fallacy but that doesn't mean that a logic that an ad hominem attack cannot be launched it isn't also true so you know you're gonna hear me saying things that might offend people and make people upset as I've said from day one go ahead and get his offended as you like the things on true nonetheless so last week we talked about who I call the worshipers of scientism who these are often atheists who believe that they don't have a belief system okay they're that delusional that they actually have a belief that they don't have a belief system that's how rigidly left-brain that they are that they could actually do mental gymnastics and try to work things out logically like that okay you know these are people who are absolute religionists when it comes to science when it comes to government-funded science they think that is the arbiter of truth in in the world in nature and that whatever government-funded science says is just unequivocally true you know it doesn't make a difference that the government funds the results that they want to see and then mercilessly puts down results that are somehow the antithesis of what they want put out there to the public you know that they don't if they don't want the public to know about it it doesn't get any funding it doesn't get any grant money but yet these rigid skeptics these scientific thinkers would dare to say that's real science and somehow that's going to produce logical orderly true results okay has nothing to do with science whatsoever not in the slightest bit so on slide number 113 I was you know basically saying I'm gonna give to each of these people kind of like a tagline or like a soundbite to them you know that you could just kind of identify with them and you know kind of like gives you the the fundamental picture of where they're thinking is that the rigid skeptic is saying I'm skeptical about everything unless the government or government funded scientists say it's true then I'm a true believer you know because that's the origin of their belief system you know they don't even on there so in the left brain and they so accept the notion that only science is is the arbiter of truth that they can't even understand how much of a religion they are trapped in as a result of thinking in this kind of totally imbalanced left-brain way so we'll pick this up looking at these groupthink dynamics on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing the extended cosmic abandonment presentation as we have for the past many weeks on this program and we are on slide number 114 I'm continuing to talk about different groupthink psychological dynamics and groups who identify with continuing to willfully be ignorant continuing to willfully attempt to abandon their own personal responsibility the claim of the abdication of personal responsibility to truly on your own know the difference between right and wrong and it's all a childlike dynamic and the next group I'd like to talk about that does this is are people who are the worshipers of religion I mean because look we've already gone off on a tirade against quote-unquote scientists people who are rigidly skeptical and left brain and think that you know there is no higher power than man and you know only that which comes out of science could ever be true quote-unquote science it's not real science it's government-funded science that basically puts out the results that Big Daddy wants people to know about and then suppresses everything else so let's go to the other side of the equation the the blind believers the ones who have bought into cultural religion I'd simply call them religionists or you know as a little moniker these are children pun intended you know it's these are people who are like childish group you know collectivist mindset people okay they're children they they also haven't grown up psychologically mentally and spiritually I call them children of the quote gods and when I say quote gods I mean these are children of these ancient beings who came here and created all the world religions they created all cultural religions ultimately again we talked about this in the section called the story of the past again this section is called the story of the present we're applying what we learned in the story of the past in this extended presentation format to help us to understand why do people think the way that they think in the modern world you know so when we understand that these are children of the gods stories of the gods dynamics of the gods religions that they invented that the the quote-unquote gods the anunnaki the Nephilim etc invented for Humanity to keep them in line and to create a social stratification hierarchical Society that would make humanity fall in line that would it would not only divide them make them easier to control and conquer it would help them to fall in line and essentially enslave themselves so that they would be much more easily ruled and much more easily controlled compartmental II and hierarchically all right it's it's it's a a strategy that has been used over and over and over and over again and you could do it with you know politics you could do it with money you could do it with religion they do it with all of these things and people are still not psychologically sophisticated to understand the tactic that is being used against them and has been being used against them since the dawn of humanity so these are people who really don't want to think for themselves they want to believe in what they've been taught believe and what they've been told not really truly understand the difference between right and wrong because let me tell you something most religionists do not most religionists do not understand natural law they do not understand the true objective difference between moral rights and moral wrong you know and just by the fact that so many people who believe in religion also believe in government right there that have chose you they don't understand the difference between right and wrong because government is of course based on coercion based on the claim of ownership of other people based on the claim that the group of so called lawmaker ultimately God that owned other people that are that are their masters and they have some kind of a moral right to issue commands while they're their subjects or the people under their quote jurisdiction have some kind of a moral obligation to obey their commands that they call laws because they wrote them down whether they have anything in common with the laws of morality or not you know and all these religionists actually believe in this thing called government right there that proves proves outright definitively proves that they do not know the difference between right and wrong behavior because they're supporting coercion and slavery by their book very belief in government you know so that I mean that's all you really need to know about religionists you know you need to ask them one question do you believe in the validity of government period and if the answer is yes you immediately know they don't know the difference between right and wrong right they're they're they're religionists taught them ultimately nothing about morality because there are children who want to believe in something to believe that there's something out there watching out for their better interests you know that loves them and cares about them that all they have to do is somehow prostrate themselves before that force and somehow it's gonna magically take care of them and absolve them of all the responsibility to learn and grow for themselves now because that might require effort reading personal work inward introspection of the self we can't do any of those things god forbid you know that might involve work can't have that it's all about just a belief system you know it's all about what you believe you believe this and then suddenly you're saved it's the biggest crock of garbage that has ever been peddled to humanity and it was peddled by humanity's Creator quote-unquote these sick twisted beings that ultimately came here and made a slave race that's who peddled us this garbage called religion and all these people these children still believe in it a bunch of children is all they ever have been are now and ever will be for as long as they continue to have these beliefs they don't want to know truth truth is is a dirty word to these people just like it's a dirty word to most scientists you know all the left-brain atheists they're just as utterly retarded children as these people are so let's throw the insults the ad hominem attacks around equally okay no you know we won't spare anybody okay we'll distribute all of the vitriol equally amongst the both the left brain and balanced and the right brain imbalanced okay cuz these are the people who are continuing slavery so they both richly deserve it just as much as the other group and again you have to understand folks it's not just all about just you know lashing out okay and I could make it sound like that and dress it up a little bit like that for effect but the point here is these are sick people these are mentally ill people these people are just as mentally ill as those left brain scientism worshippers okay they're just this childish they're just as in need of help ultimately these people need help because they're not well they're spiritually sick this is a spiritual illness just like the scientism worshipers have okay they're it's just a different form of brain imbalance ultimately it means that the soul is sick within these people because they don't even understand what real spirituality means what it really means to be a spiritual moral being means to not believe in anything it means to know the truth about morality not to accept some Dogma based on some you know somebody's arbitrarily chosen guidelines that may or may not have anything to do with real morality with with moral law you know has nothing to do with believing a thing and these people are stuck in this childish notion all I have to do is believe and accept believe and accept that's the right brain imbalance just like the skeptic says I'm not gonna believe in and accept anything these people say I'm gonna believe and accept everything my religion says you can't you see how it's the same kind of imbalance except toward a different extreme neither one of them says I'm going to go wherever the truth leads that's what science ostensibly claims but does it actually do that in practice no it goes wherever the money goes see and ultimately that's what religion does too because let's let's face it folks both of these things are ruled by the monetary system if we're being honest with ourselves and most people are not most people aren't absolute liars to the self constantly on a 24-hour basis you know they don't want to admit how much money control science and money controls religion you know they want to think somehow we're all affected by that my little group here is unaffected by that dynamic all the other religions may be affected by that but hey not my religion not my science not my field you know it's the one that's pure and uncontaminated all the other ones are impure and totally contaminated by that dynamic of greed and envy and jealousy and power you know but not mine totally pure - child's mentality folks we'll pick this up on the other side of the break don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] we go [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing with the extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation we're talking about different groupthink dynamics that are driven by willful ignorance the attempted abdication of people's personal responsibility due to their own self-loathing and set lack of self respect due to underlying abandonment issues whether they be physical emotional spiritual okay and you're talking about religion here ultimately okay it's all about religion it's all about false belief systems that drive people's wrong thinking doesn't make a difference whether it's the cultural religious kind whether people accept science quote unquote as I call it scientism as a religion whether they've you know accepted the New Age movement as their religion or if they believe in the ultimate religion the monetary system money you know as something that's real you know the ultimate religion it's all religion religions the thing that's enslaving the world folks if you can't see that you're completely blind you haven't woken up yet at all at all zero if you don't understand that religion is the problem religion is the thing that blocks truth from being received by the individual that's what it ultimately does and that's why it comes from the Latin relig re which means to tie back or to hold back or what's it trying to hold you back from truth it's exactly what all religion is trying to hold people back from whether it's the cultural form the scientist scientist mik form the the new-age form or the monetary form or hey oh oh we forgot one huh we're gonna get into this next how about the government form of religion that's one of the biggest religions in the world the religion of authority I'd say it's probably the second biggest religion on earth next to money you know let's not leave anybody out here anybody who has a belief system that holds people back from truth and holds this species from basically moving forward in consciousness and ascending out of slavery let's we need to include them all in here they're all the problem every one of those people is the problem okay and it's all because of these reasons they want to remain willfully ignorant so they can claim to abdicate their personal responsibility to know the difference between right from wrong and willfully of their own accord and their own free will choose the right over the wrong and this is because ultimately they hate themselves because they have never really done any personal work or introspection upon themselves truly in any kind of a deep meaningful way and ultimately the reason that they hate themselves like that is because they feel personally abandoned in some way shape or form once again it does not have to be that abandonment issues I'm talking about do not have to be physical ones it doesn't mean your mother or your father left you when you were young physically walked out on you it means we're all suffering from some form of abandonment whether it is on a personal level on a mental level on a psychological level on an emotional level on a spiritual level or on a cosmic level the species of humanity is suffering it on a cosmic level but and that resonates within us over time you know this is why we're a species who doesn't want to think for ourselves we've we depended on the quote-unquote gods for so long you know telling us what reality was telling us how we should be what we should do how should we should behave we should believe in for thousands upon thousands of years as a species what do you think that does to people what do you think that does to an entire species of beings passing down that dynamic generation after generation after generation after generation oh it produces a really great outcome as you can see what we've got right now religion is ultimately the problem folks and that's really what we're talking about here if the truth be told every single one of these groups these group think dynamics I'm talking about is a form of religion okay so let's move to slide number 115 and what's the tagline for the cultural religious followers you know the people who get on their knees and bow down to a God thinking that God somehow wants their obedience you know menudo learn the real god of creation wants you to learn and understand natural law moral law the difference between right and wrong because that's what will most readily accelerate your own development in consciousness so that you can take the reins of your own personal development from that point and move forward to wherever it is you want to move to wherever it is you want to go next it's there for your maximum growth and development natural law are not prison conditions or not prison boundary conditions they are there for the support of learning of growth of development of consciousness so what's the tagline for the children of the gods their tagline is we believe what we're told to believe that's so much easier than developing critical thinking skills the tagline of all religion it's all about belief that means I don't really have to do any work to discover truth okay truth be damned this is all about a belief system I could just believe what I'm told to believe by the people who passed this religion down to me and then thinking goes out the window not even ever needed never even need to develop those skills okay truth who cares about that you know I have my belief systems that were given to me and it's done and and if you're honest with yourself that's what religion is folks that's exactly what religion is and again the people who have religion in their lives are going to get offended by that you know I get emails from people telling me I don't I claim that I say that there is a God of creation and they're insisting they're trying to tell me what I think in my own mind what I think what I accept what I know what I believe and they say you don't accept God well that's your opinion because I don't accept the God you believe in see that's what a religionist does it says you have to accept the God I believe in I accept I'm not telling you you can't have your notion of what God is as a matter of fact I tell people as long as you believe there's a higher power that is setting the laws of morality in motion in in order in effect in the universe you could think of God as whatever you want to think of it as who cares it's none of my business what you think of as God but when you start saying everybody has to believe in and accept the God I believe in and accept then then I have a problem because unfortunately that is almost always small and petty and all too human like for my tastes anyway you know it's it's the always the other way around with man inventing his gods instead of God really you know bringing humanity and into the universe which again I don't really think that was done by the God of creation I think that was done you know through the force of creation ultimately by beings that had already existed within the creation who became imbalanced themselves and then created a mirror image of themselves in many ways which is why it said that we are made in the image and likeness of the Gods you know it's like like father and mother like child you know uh as above so below the principle of correspondences at work in this dynamic just like it is in any other and we're doing many of the same things that our cosmic parents did so let's move on and look at the next group dynamic that we want to talk about here and this is government or what I call belief in slavery support of slavery okay people who believe in government are supporters of slavery if we stop euphemized you know saying I think government there is legitimacy or validity - it is a euphemism euphemism means a word that you use to describe something to make it sound better than what it really is that's what a euphemism is okay you can look up the term euphemism all right it's just saying it's calling something by a different name to not make it sound so bad as it really is so when people say I believe in government what they're really saying is I support slavery let me just say that again unequivocally and this is not my opinion this is 100% eternal truth if you understand what government is when somebody says I believe in government I think government is legitimate I think government should continue to exist what they are 100% definitively saying whether they are aware of it or understand the truth of this or not is that they believe in slavery and that they support slavery and that they think slavery should continue to exist and is somehow legitimate we'll pick this up on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] don't speak between us cold of the wall welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we're continuing with the extended variant of the cosmic abandonment presentation that I originally gave back in December of 2013 here in Philadelphia we've been covering this material for the past many weeks on the show and will continue to do so we're talking about different groupthink dynamics can we understand the behavior the choices of different groups of people who are totally trapped in groupthink and religious thought like the belief in money the belief in government the belief in cultural religion the belief in scientism the belief in the New Age movement etc by having a handle on the psychological framework that ultimately underlies evil that underlies what makes evil possible and what makes it possible for people to continue to condone and support evil in their own thought processes and their own behavior we identified those factors as willful ignorance stemming from the fear of taking full ownership of one's personal responsibility stemming from issues of self-loathing due to set due to the continued lack of self respect within people and then that ultimately stemming from what I would call the causal fact at all deep-seated psychological parental abandonment issues going on in the childlike mindset of this person who has experienced all this and I think there is no better example to highlight and illustrate the childishness of this mindset then the belief in government and I mean the abandoned child mentality there's no better when you understand the belief in government as the belief that is made possible by a child who has been abandoned that is crying out and looking for government to fulfill the role of the missing parents okay it it goes off like a bomb in your head when you really understand it okay if you can really psychologically grasp this dynamic you'll be so much better and more enlightened for it okay when I've explained this to some people they've said it made so much sense to them that it was like an epiphany like a grand Epiphany like awakening in their mind that yes this is what government actually is in people's minds it is the the proxy of a missing parent that is being filled in psychologically by the person who is the believer in this entity that we call government so let's just start looking at this from different political perspectives I understand the left-right political perspective is an illusion it's all the same thing it's all slavery as we've said many many times on the show I get that that our listeners should get that by now okay but if you just look at why people break down into largely two groups okay and you have people on the left wing side the Democrat you know the the political left so to speak and then you have people on the political right the conservative the you know whatever party we're looking at it from the perspective of the dual two-party illusion which is at work everywhere throughout basically the world that props up this false left-right paradigm political system in the whole Western world essentially okay there's always two there's always two major parties that come to prominence and then war against each other well there's a reason there's not more than two there's a reason it always ultimately comes to largely two parties that's because there's only two parents a mother figure and a father figure so each party is ultimately playing the proxy role psychologically of the parent the missing parent in the relationship between the parent and the child so we can illustrate this when we look at the people in the group think dynamic of belief in government what's who I call not only just believers in government but supporters of slavery as I illustrate here in the first slide in this section in slide number 116 so we're going to look at the left winger okay of the two party political false left-right paradigm system we'll look at the left winger also called the liberal or the Democrat or the neoliberal however you want to break it down it doesn't matter these are just words you know it's just you know all describing the same basic dynamic going on at work in the mind regardless of the name you call it what does this type of person that is totally trapped in this kind of group think once what are their motivations what do they want government to be so you have to ask to understand the psychological dynamic going on inside a person's mind like this the question that has to be asked is as a believer in government or a quote-unquote supporter of slavery what do they want the controlling dynamic the government to be what is it that they want from government what are they always asking for government to do what does a left-winger in politics want government to be what do they wanted to do they wanted to tax everybody more so that it can redistribute wealth so that it can provide for things for people to act as a caretaker for people to do things that people should ultimately be doing for themselves to essentially be something that the people can be dependent on so they don't want independence they want the people to be dependent on the government they want the government to be the people's caretaker they want it to provide services for people for it to be the thing that ultimately takes care of people in in every aspect of their lives from cradle to grave that is what the political left-wing or Democrat liberal neo Libya honest with ourselves this is the role they want government to fulfill in society so they're asking for it to be essentially the caretaker of the people the caretaker of society the one that nurtures and cares for the people like a mother like a nurturer an archetype of mother figure that's what this political party or persuasion ultimately once government to be and the services it wants it to provide so these are the people who are have motherly abandonment issues or what I simply label you know a little bit scathingly in slide number 117 mommy issues these are people who are dealing with mommy issues the people who are more toward the left wing Democrat liberal persuasion are ultimately psychologically dealing with motherly abandonment issues deep down inside and what they want government to be is the role of the missing parent in this form of the archetype a mother figure because they wanted to be the caretaker and nurturer of society who ultimately provides for society's needs they don't want people to be adults in dependent on this other nurturing entity that somehow is beneficent and wants to provide for people wants to care for them don't you know that's what government wants it isn't there to control us mommy's not there to control us mommy's there to care for us and give us everything we need whenever we need it don't you know that we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm and in the last section we were talking about the believers in government the supporters of slavery as I call them to stop euphemized the term government as people who are ultimately playing out deep-seated psychological parental abandonment issues through their creation of a proxy see this is what is done psychologically when something is deeply missing and the person doesn't have it in their lives they'll they'll create a proxy for it external to the self you know to look toward this external power to be that thing that they're missing in their own self in their own lives you know so that they maybe they may have been lacking in some form doesn't even have to be physically the the parental figure of the mother the nurturer the caretaker in some form in their lives and therefore they want government to fulfill that role they want an external power to come in and act as a proxy and take on that dynamic in their lives and so this is what the political left always does they want government to be the caretaker of the people from cradle to grave these are the people with motherly abandonment issues once again does not have to be physical absence of the mother it could be emotional abandonment mental abandonment spiritual abandonment not actually caring for the inward needs of the child and ultimately they want government to be this nurturing mother that cares and basically takes care of that of the the society from cradle to grave these are the people with mommy issues as I call it in refer to it in slide number 117 now moving on to slide number 118 in this presentation as I've said before I'm not going to attack one half without attacking the other you know well I'm an equal-opportunity offender okay we'll get to everybody will offend everybody's religion in due time okay so let's talk about the opposite side the other believers in slavery I mean government you know the supporters of slavery you know the Republican Party the right-wingers the conservative types the neo cons if you will in in you know their neoconservative form well what do these people often want government to be you know when you say well to a right-wing uh you know right more a right-wing political supporter what do you think the role of government should be you know they have very different roles that they want government to fulfill in society do they want it to tax people more and more and more no they don't want it usually to do that you know they they want it to fulfil completely different roles they don't want it to redistribute wealth they don't want it to take care of everybody from cradle to grave what they usually want it to do is to be the protector so you have the nurturer the caretaker you know the one that provides in the in the sense of it's actually going to actually bring to people the things that they need to provide for their needs you know in this sense they want it to be the protector you know the one that can provide in a different way for the needs of the child Society in this case in their mind is the child government is not the mother figure government is the strong protecting father figure to the conservative to the political right-winger to the Republican you know they want they think that its role should be to keep people safe as if that's not the right of people on their own already naturally inherently to keep themselves safe and as if that is not somehow their own personal responsibility to provide for that no they want government to do that for us so we need a strong police force we need a strong army we need strong military we need a strong government that's the only thing that's gonna keep us safe from outsiders and all the people that want to get us from the bad guys from the boogie men yeah we need a strong father figure that archetype Oh fog father figure who maybe wasn't around to keep them safe or maybe didn't provide for that role you know maybe it didn't keep them safe from all the bad ideas infecting their mind I would say most certainly didn't do that whoever their real physical father was in this incarnation certainly couldn't have done that for them to grow up that way you know but that's the role that they want government to play it's not the nurturer it's the protector it's not the archetype or mother figure it's the archetype or father figure so you know it's the same thing except the different extreme again since there's two parents one of these groups psychologically identifies with the mud the the the archetypal mother figure that's the role that government's going to play through proxy and the other political extreme on the political so-called political spectrum it's going government's going to fulfill the opposite role in proxy the archetype will father figure so moving to slide 119 what do these people have they have fatherly abandonment issues daddy issues these are people with daddy issues daddy wasn't there for them in some way to protect to act as the protector well now we can make government fulfill that role it can police the whole world and keep everyone safe from cradle to grave like the archetype of father figure that's missing in their lives you know it makes so such perfect sense don't you know you know that'll lead to true freedom so you know these are the people who are suffering daddy issues and don't even know it in many cases don't get me wrong folks I mean these people will deny this until the day that they die you know you could bring this to their attention show them everything show them all the signs of it and they'd still tell you you don't know what you're talking about you're wrong because in their minds they actually believe that they think for themselves they actually believe that they don't have these psychological issues going on deep within their psyche nested deep down inside of them at a subconscious level they would tell you that's not there and I'm telling you it doesn't make a difference whether they know that that's there or not their belief system in what they say they believe gives it away that tells you what's going on inside of them immediately they don't need to admit it they don't need to understand it they don't need to speak it out there in the open it's inside of them whether they know it or not you know they just don't have enough knowledge of human psychology to even understand what's going on inside of them that's why I tell people like this I could and I understand how much this offends somebody I get it I get it somebody with more advanced knowledge of human psychology can tell someone else more about them than they know about themselves and that frightens people and I love sets people and it makes people very angry and mad especially when what you're really trying to do is help them because they don't think they need help they're that sick a mentally ill person like that doesn't believe they need psychological help when somebody really knows a whole lot about human psychology and what's going on and another person based on what they support based on what they say they believe you know I know more about what's going on inside of these people than they know about themselves and I'm willing to come out and state that and may that claim because because it's true they've never looked into human psychology one bit in their life they've never looked in a mirror inwardly we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn we're continuing with the extended cosmic abandonment presentation we're talking about the psychological dynamics and underlie the thinking that goes on in different group dynamics in the human species and we've been talking about believers in government you know whether they be of the left-wing or right-wing persuasion they always want more of it they always want it to somehow act as the parental figure in society because they have this poison worldview that people somehow can't take care of themselves or that our society would be completely chaotic should the people of this world not actually remain slaves and actually take charge over their own lives what they are are supporters of slavery whether they understand that or not where anyone else does that's the truth of the matter and they all have psychological abandonment issues underneath the surface nested in the subconscious mind the left wingers the political liberals the Democrats have mommy issues going on under the surface while the right-wingers the Republicans that conserve so-called conservatives have fatherly abandonment issues daddy issues going on under the surface but you know we've left a major group out of this the men are kists don't you know there is such a thing yeah there's such a thing as believing in only a little bit of slavery yeah you can believe in that you know you know the Libertarians the constitutionalists the men are Kissin you know I used to be I used to go really light on these people and not really anymore you know because enough information has been put out there about what government really is through coercion and violence and if you say that you believe that there should be rulers only a little bit you're still a supporter of slavery whether whether you want to admit that to yourself or not doesn't really make a difference you know so I'm though I no longer worry about whether I offend these people let's just throw them right in there with everybody else that you know can get as offended as they like regarding the truth because there is no such thing as just accepting a little bit of slavery either you're free or you're enslaved and there's no in the middle you know and what these people are saying is I think there should just be a little bit of slavery I think we should only have some rulership externally by somebody else just a little bit you know what it's just a matter of finding the right mixture you know of determining just how much slavery and violence there should be you know I mean it's it's unbelievable it's sad it really is because it shows you how deep mind control really goes how subtle it is and how entrenched it is it's so entrenched people still can't recognize when they're under it you know and what I call what I say that these people are really doing psychologically is that they are they're identifying with other people's parents see they're saying wow you know Jimmy's parents don't beat Jimmy the way my parents beat me you know they I get beaten seven days a week Jimmy's parents only beat him four days a week so Jimmy's slave masters that they're a little bit nicer to Jimmy they're a little bit better at Jimmy well that's something to aspire to I'm gonna go I want to be a member of a surrogate member of of Jimmy's family and and then I'll live with Jimmy and only get beat four days a week instead of seven you know I mean it really this is what it's like folks if we're being honest with ourselves you know that's what the men are kissed once he wants his parents to abuse him less frequently than the other children's parents abuse them or he could look at another parent and say well they don't beat me they don't beat him as badly or as often as they beat me so it'd be nice to move to that you know that's all it is it's the same thing it's like a slave on a plantation looking at the planned eight plantation next door and saying boy I'd really love to live on that slavery plantation because the owners only whip their slaves every other day instead of everyday you know comparison of slavery is insanity it's all slavery what you should really want is for it all to end unequivocally all of it not some of it all of it but these people can't get to that point in their own minds somehow they're so conditioned maybe it might even be more dangerous than the conditioning of status because they actually believe somehow that government must continue in some form it may not be as godly to them as it is to the the neo-cons or the neoliberal that somehow it's going to be if it's just controlled if it's just reined in a little bit it's somehow gonna be beneficent it's gonna be benevolent well violence and slavery don't work that way folks it's the the total mistake that the founders of Hameed that they didn't just abolish it completely and not put anything in its place that's like saying I'm going to abolish this form of evil but I'm going to put this form of evil in its place will you still put evil in its place and what does evil do it wants to accrue more power and more and become bigger evil and that's all it ever does and you know that's what happened here and people can't understand it you know they can't grasp it the only way to get rid of evil is to abolish it completely and then beyond vigilance against it and not ever let it come in not ever let it get a foot in the door ever again and that can be done but it requires a whole lot of will and true intelligence and care and effort and hard work and determination and persistence you know and responsibility above all else him humanity wants no part of any of that stuff you know so what are these people what's their tagline what's this group dynamic tagline the men arcus well I say that they fear going all the way quote-unquote they're not in truth there's still an illusion you know I don't care how much nicer that illusion is then the hard core forms of evil of totalitarianism it's still a form of evil you know that they don't want to go all the way because they're they're afraid of being called an anarchist oh I'm afraid of being called somebody who doesn't believe in masters over other people wow what a crime and terrible shame that is I I'm an anarchist I don't believe in rulership of other people externally you know whoa I need to be embarrassed about that you know and that's what these people are so they call themselves men arcus you know I only believe in a little bit of the archons right to rule the Masters only believe in masters over other people I only believe in masters / slaves a tiny bit it's a joke it's a joke it's a bad one it's a bad joke you know but that's ultimately what these people are you know so I'm I know only want to have conversations with them to you know to even try to let them see hey you know you you're one of the tenth pictures you pitched your tent on the side of the mountain as you were going up to the to the absolute peak you know and you said that peak frightens me I don't know what's on the other side of it you know what's on the other side is real freedom but I I'm staying right here on the side of the mountain you know I went up two thirds of the way three quarters of the way I'm done now you know that's what these people are saying they're the tenth pictures on the spiritual journey they went 75 percent eighty percent and then he said I'm done that's that's what they are people who fear going all the way you know so let's look at another psychological dynamic that goes on within groupthink the group think hoards okay you know we're looking at different different you know sects of the the the Horde groupthink dynamic going on in humanity there's so many we can go on and on with this well let's look at the media on the other side of this break we'll pick that up after we come back ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic rod cast and we'll be right back [Music] you know the day destroys a night night divided today welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio we're continuing to go through some of these psychological groupthink dynamics that are rooted in willful ignorance the fear of owning one's personal responsibility due to self-loathing and a lack an inherent lack of self-respect ultimately stemming from parental abandonment issues of one kind or another and the next group we were about to discuss is the mainstream media the people who actually work as professional liars paid Liars to put out government propaganda you know and to be repeaters for the state as people like gerald Celente call them kind of in a funny way the prostitutes I've heard some other people refer to them as the Horace pondan's instead of correspondents the Horace pondan's and it's true I mean that's what these people are they are paid lying whores that have basically put their themselves out there for money to lie for other people and that's all they are and some of these people are actually delusional enough that they actually believed since their sick twisted way that somehow they're giving people hack your word information or telling them the truth I mean it's a it's an even bigger joke than the men arcus if you ask me you know these people absolutely have no self-respect whatsoever will do anything for a paycheck you know as it says here in this little meme you write what you're told thanks corporate news we couldn't control the people without you you know Big Daddy you know telling them here's what you do you do this I'll reward you you know just like a child you know you just do what you're told you follow orders ultimately we're seeing a pattern here really all of these people you know all support the same pattern it's a religion it's not having to think for yourself that's what religion is all about folks not actually using your own inherent Creator given ability to discern and to judge and to understand the difference between things for yourself no we can't do that because that involves work and effort and patience and persistence and willpower and care driving it ultimately we can't have that I just want somebody else to tell me what to do we're seeing this over and over I want somebody else to provide for my needs I want somebody else to be responsible for me I want somebody else to protect me what kind of people in society act like that children children who aren't mentally psychologically emotionally and spiritually grown into adults they have not arrived that maturity into adulthood you know that's what we're talking about here in all of these dynamics you see the same commonality immaturity childishness some wanting somebody else to take your responsibility for you wanting to be told by someone else what to do so you could just do it and then be rewarded for just doing it for just following orders for just going along and that's the mainstream media is no different their tagline I'm too much of a lowlife coward to tell the truth because that's all these people are there cow one in all one and all I'm too much of a lowlife coward to tell the truth says the mainstream media so-called journalists prostitute I repeat lies for a paycheck that's it that's all they do paid repeaters the next group of groupthink dynamic that constitutes a religion and another childish mentality the New Age movement the New Agers I mean I've attacked these people odd nauseam through my new-age BS presentation and my streetwise spirituality presentation and seminar I mean you know my little quote tagline for them is the hopelessly naive these are the people who are so right brained and balanced they think everything's okay in this world you know they think you just need to meditate and make yourself accept all the evil you know just stand down accept everything it's all good it's all just an experience there's children being raped and murdered it's just an experience oh somehow maybe their karmic debt from a past life warrants that treatment and so they're gonna sit back and do nothing to stop it no slavery somehow warranted it should be allowed to continue you know it's all super over-the-top feminine imbalance they don't respect or understand or acknowledge the sacred masculine part of the dynamic of awakening of enlightenment where both of those dynamics need to be in place the Sacred Feminine and the sacred masculine they don't have that developed you know this is an imbalanced child the children of religion are all imbalanced toward the right brain and these people are no different many of them don't have any social boundaries because they're so right brained you know it's just it's it a hallmark of pure immaturity and never having actually really grown up and taken on one's personal responsibility to the truth and they're no different than new-age you know they belong to the religion of standing down we'll just ignore it we'll ignore all the suffering that's going on in the world we're ignore all the coercion and the violence will never speak up against Daddy you know what this is what the New Age movement actually really is this is the child who's been abused by the father figure and has identified with its role as victim and therefore closes down goes deep within itself and never talks about the abuse that it's continuing to experience that's what the New Age movement is psychologically if you just think about what I just said there listen to it think about it ask yourself how much sense this makes you compare the New Age community to a child who has been abused relentlessly and they don't want to they feel that they are powerless to actually rise up and challenge the abuse directly with the sacred masculine dynamic and say I will not be abused anymore this will stop by any means that I need to use to make it stop okay they won't do that they're the abuse child who sits back and says I don't talk about the abuse that comes from Daddy I just accept it I accept I can't do anything about it and I take it and I go within I make a little world for myself inside my abuse like partitioning off you know a section of the personality or the brain of the mind and I'm just going to stay in this little partition and pretend that all that abuse isn't really going on or that it doesn't matter do you think about it that's exactly the dynamic that the New Age movement propagates that's exactly what they're doing it's an abused child that never wants to stand up against its abuser because it has identified with the victim role and believes somewhere down in the subconscious mind it always must be that way and I have to accept it so they're silent on all the coercion and the violence of this world you know we don't talk about their tagline on image number 124 I'm sorry 125 we don't talk about the abuse that mommy and daddy put us through you know if you ignore it it goes away on its own don't you know that you ignore all the negative that's what the New Age is telling you to do you know don't look at that don't look at what's really going on in the world oh yeah even if you see something bad it's just an experience you just have to ignore it let it go don't try to correct anything don't try to teach anybody the difference between right and wrong all those are all just relative you know how it's saying that something's right or wrong that's a judgement yeah you're damn right it's a judgment yeah it's it's called discernment and judgment which have to be used to understand the difference between things that are good for our evolution and development and things that are not good for our evolution and development it's called being an adult it's called part of what being an adult is is understanding the difference between those things the New Age movement doesn't want any part of that they want to be that little abused child that sits there and doesn't talk about the abuse you ignore it it goes away on its own yeah how's that working out for you ladies and gentlemen your calls on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm as promised I'm going to take your calls for the duration of the show as long as of course there are enough callers to take if we somehow run out of calls to take then I'll go back to presenting but looks like we usually fill up the phone lines and tonight shouldn't be any different so let's let me give the calling number for people who want to call in the callin number is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again toll-free 800 three one 394 43 no taboo topics there never are on what on earth is happening call and talk about anything you want ask any questions about anything that I've covered up to this point concerns speculations comments anything is fair game so let's go to the phones and let's hear from Josh in Virginia Josh you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark thanks for taking my call I just like to touch on the topic of cremation of care yes I think it's done almost daily by people even in the Liberty movement who when they speak the words what and I do yep like you say it's victimization and it's it's self-defeating and what you're doing is saying that you are powerless and you were hopeless and the truth of the matter is if you would just listen to the inner spark the divine nature of oneself you would know the truth and if you were had the courage to take actions that align with that and there would be no you know things would evolve as they should that's when I think it's I think it's a shame that people have become so you know under this mind-control because it is true from birth we are taught to live a certain way in a certain system that denies what we truly believe for ourselves and if we could only get in tune with that energy and we might be able to live in a prosperous bountiful world that is unlimited and the whole neuroses are the psychological abuse that humanity like you've been talking about in the cosmic abandonment series has taken I mean it's almost insurmountable and we are a long ways from evolving to our true potential which could be limitless absolutely and that is the true gift that we are given and to deny that it hurts I mean I woke up crying the other morning I mean just at the state of the world I mean no and it's hard it's hard to even deal with the the depth that humanity has fallen to you know Josh these are really words of wisdom very profound what you're saying because our potential is so great we are not powerless you know we can make it change happen we can affect things in this world you know through our free will and what you're saying really resonates with me and I find to be very very true you know if I I say to people all the time if people really knew who and what we were up against there is no way they would not take any action you know I constantly get I'm gonna talk about the kind of people you're somewhat referring to you know that don't really take any action or even maybe say that they know what's going on in the world and you know then you ask them well what are you doing and they say well hey what can I do if they really knew who the people were that I'm talking about that are really manipulating the world you know if they really knew what was really going on for real truly in their own mind in their own experience they would be doing as much as someone like myself if not more because there's no way you would sit back and not take any action I constantly constantly every day just about get an email from somebody that says to me you should talk about this you should cover this this is what I think is more important than anything you're talking about you should be talking about it you should be aware of it you should be telling people about it and I say to people if you really think that's important what are you doing to get that message out there you know I'm going to talk about the things I feel are the most important for people to understand if you think something else is more important than that and you have knowledge of it by all means please go and put that out there to the world in the way that is the most distributed and free so that most people can hear about it I get people who who email me and say I know more about this this this and that than you do well that's wonderful I never claimed to be an expert on everything I never claimed to have knowledge about every single aspect or facet of what is taking place in the world I consider myself a generalist that has a little bit of knowledge about try to have a little bit of knowledge about as much fields of interest as possible so that I can understand how they are interrelated and how they are all affecting each other you know I tell people I ask people well if this is what you've studied right and this is what you know a lot about and you think everybody needs to know more and more about it I type the person's name into a search engine or I ask them themselves in their email that they send to BI I write and I'll say could you please send me your site that you've talked about this knowledge and this information where have you covered it instead of saying something to me in this long-winded email that I have ten thousand of that I'm never probably never gonna get to read the whole thing okay when I look for information I don't do it in my email box okay I want a link where it's archived where I can go and I can get in-depth knowledge on it okay you do that there's there's a methodology of doing this in the modern world it's called the Internet maybe people have heard about it out there you know and you putting knowledge up on boards and websites or maybe you write a book okay you know books are still out there too people are still writing those you know and I ask people will where is all your knowledge about this what are you doing to share it and you know what always comes back it's the same thing every time it's a shame because I'm expecting something different still I'm expecting somebody to come back and say oh I'm sorry I forgot to attach my website address in the first correspondence with you I forgot to tell you about my book here's the link on Amazon or on Barnes & Noble or whatever okay it never happens it's always the same thing with the people who want to tell you what you should be covering it's the same thing every time it's a big goose egg it's a big not nothing zero you know they never put themselves out there because it has everything to do Josh with what you one-word you mentioned that this is all ultimately about courage right courage courage to put your own name out on the line mark passio is my given name my given birth name I don't use any aliases okay I have put my address out there in in the presentation that I've done in the past I don't care who knows what I'm doing or saying I'm not going to run I'm not going somewhere else I'm staying right here and I'm gonna speak the truth and people write to me about other things they say how can I get spiritual protection what candles do I have to burn mark should I buy certain kinds of in senses should I have certain statuettes or certain symbols around me know where spiritual protection comes from is standing in the truth in your own courage that's the shield of protection it's not going to come from anywhere else and I hope people begin to understand that I really it's my wish for people to begin to understand that no Josh I want to thank you for the call really profound insights there and something for people to think about deeply so thank you ladies and gentlemen stay with us more of your calls on the other side we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls in this hour the toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 let's go to another caller let's hear from Bubba in Colorado you're live on what on earth is happening you could erode our introduction that's incredible we want to do more and it's all over the Internet like you said thousands of links 10,000 like Google and Yahoo search type in their team letters b ub b a SC o UT r eb and you'll see it on twitter link it in that YouTube covers it as a matter of fact that comment you made about that new it's right there on the top of our Twitter page it's linked to YouTube we've taken over all these YouTube site we did it and you'll see that our emblem the vulture it's everywhere once you set of a scout Reb it's everywhere it's all over the Internet 10,000 links all right well let me stop you from what kind of information do you cover oh it's called the destruction of Soviet ization of America what are you really discussing sure the midis decide for you that's Soviet ization it's called the stabilization it's good it's definitely happening in in this country for certain no no question about it I look at it as a combination of corporate fascism and what as you refer to as Soviet ization you know social socialism and creeping communism etc definitely well we got this to the Joint Chiefs of Staff we're on their document in public view and people are denying seeing it it's called Germans cornered it's been there three and a half years DoD live milk you'll see Bubba Scout Reb and it's right there what we're saying link to twitter.com board / Bubba Scout rep with why because they've altered Twitter to where you go to the one with tweets and reply we're getting everyone around the world knows about this and America is stupid the comments we're getting even from the people who don't speak any Chinese and there's Indonesians around the world and of course Europeans because they're all english-speaking so why aren't you fixing this we can't we give the number of Chairman Dempsey's office they know who we are US Army War College approves us their command staff it's all on the Internet thousands of link you can dial seven zero three six nine seven nine one two one 24/7 and all you have to say we want both Gao treflan for Colorado well I certainly agree you know there's a there's a lot of things that people could be doing to get information you know that's what it's ultimately about you know it's about taking real world action developing the courage to take real world action to put information out there for other people so that they can become educated and get out of the mind control that they're basically under to accept this tyranny that's growing in this country and every other so every little bit that somebody can do contributes to the effort and that's all people have to do is get involved get on the playing field put information out there you know hopefully it's good information and it gets people to wake up and see what's going on and you know then that information travels and it becomes more distributed so if anybody's out there doing something for themselves and putting the information out there for themselves I'm all for that so I want to thank you for the call and let's move on to another caller let's hear from Ryan in Indiana Ryan you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you Mark I had just bought myself a sensory deprivation tank very interesting I am somewhat familiar with them I've never actually participated in you know stepping inside of one and experiencing it I know what they're for have you used it and if so what's been your experience yeah Mike was total totally losing really the realization of physical self and I was in a state of all I could describe it as as complete love just surrounded by love and when I got out I felt like I was being reborn when I went in the float pink I went in on crutches I had to bring my ankle only 3/4 and for the next few days after the float session I walked on my foot as if I had never sprained it hmm interesting and it's a saltwater tank yes 800 pound to at moonsault and 11 inches of water interesting so kind of almost puts you because of the deprivation of the 5 senses it almost puts you right into a state of meditation upon laying in it definitely yes and basically what what on my research it many people achieve alpha or theta brainwave states from which those brainwave states are only found supposedly in children and in people have meditated for years and I wanted to know if that had anything to do with pineal gland activation EEG coherent or higher self realization I think it very well could and you know I think meditation is one way to foster that should it be used in a balanced way to balance the brain and not take it into super right brain imbalance but to bring it to the middle to that state of what you just talked about global EG coherence which is coherence across the two hemispheres of the brain through the corpus callosum and development of both brain hemispheres simultaneously so I think this certainly can be a methodology that is used to do that and to keep it there I think all of us could probably benefit from stepping outside of all of the the deluge of electromagnetic frequencies and sensory over-indulgence that we're hit with sensory bombardment 24 hours a day in our culture here in the West so I definitely think it's something that people should consider it the of course not everyone has the resources to get a sensory deprivation tank but you could do it in your own way by simply quieting the thoughts and you know practicing a simple form of meditation that is completely free and available openly to everyone you know it's something that I've talked about in the past on the show and it's one of the three modalities of thought along with concentration and contemplation which also should be practiced in concert with the meditative form of of human thought so people don't think of these as forms of thought in many cases but they indeed are you know being able to to stop the mind to stop the chatter of the mind can often be very important to to achieving balance with within the mind and the brain and it's something that I definitely think people should look into in their own way in a way that is available and comfortable to them because you know there's many different ways and methods of doing it so I'm glad to hear that this method worked out for you and you know hopefully you know you'll continue to use it to maintain that balance mm-hmm one last thing can you describe to me in any way your understanding we use in green speech or your comprehension of Latin the word meditation and the word hypnosis sure meditation simply means to bring to the middle to take to the middle okay so what you're doing is if there is a form of left brain imbalance of chronic left rein imbalance you're balancing that out by bringing the state of coherence to the middle of the brain to the equal union between the left and right brain hemispheres I'll continue that on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] the cooler side that we don't dare speak [Applause] there's a wall between us it'll rip so we can't bring it there like there's nothing wrong there's a cold of sides a cackle wall welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls in this hour we're talking to Ryan in Indiana he wanted me to break down meditation and hypnosis as words etymologically or in green language and I was saying that meditation actually derives from Latin Medi and I mean it means ultimately to bring to the middle Medi in Latin is the middle or the center and what you're trying to do through meditation is if there is a left brain imbalance to bring that imbalance to the middle which is a state of coherence and union between the left and right brain hemispheres instead of a chronic left brain and balance one of the things you have to be careful of is not to go too far into right brained imbalance by the overuse of it because like anything it has a proper use and then it can be AB used if not used in a way to promote and maintain balance the word hypnosis comes from Greek roots hypo in Greek means under ok and then gnosis is knowledge so this is one one way of looking at it is to be under Neath of knowledge okay so it's something that is knowledge that is underneath something like meaning the subconscious so you're you're going into you know you're being put into some sort of a suppressed state of consciousness and you're underneath the waking of knowledge were active consciousness another way of looking at hypnosis is suppression of a certain kind of spirit or a certain kind of feeling so or influence so people can look at like you know let's say the desire to smoke tobacco products or something like that as that's the influence of something the desire for something and what you would do through hypnosis is to suppress that influence so it could be the suppression of the influence of something and that could mean a positive suppression of influence or a negative one where you're trying to suppress real knowledge from coming up from underneath the surface and keep somebody down that's a negative form of hypnosis which you can look at something like television as so I would not see hypnosis as a unit dimensional phenomenon or uni-dimensional practice it's something that again it's like a cult knowledge it means knowledge that's beneath the surface you know if you understand how to access or put somebody into those states of consciousness it depends on the wielder the person who's using that influence their state of consciousness that is going to determine the outcome whether for good or for ill so that's my take on hypnosis and my breakdown of the words and I hope that answers your question let let's move on and let's hear from will in Florida will your live on what on earth is happening welcome 12 March thanks for taking my call I suppose say thanks for using your your personal time to amass and share this information it was an extreme effort it's ongoing you know it's something that doesn't stop so you know that's another thing people have to understand when you do this work it's not like oh it's just done one day and you're there you know it's ongoing so I I I thank you that you appreciate that that time and effort that I put in and I you know I want to thank anybody else that's out there that's doing that great work yeah very much so I have two questions on two ask the different topics of that's right go right ahead well with regards to the Anunnaki if they were the ones that are pulling our strings you know they they interfere without evolution do you think they would really just abandon us like that or do you think they're still pulling our strings via the political spectrum I have mixed thoughts on that I think for the most part they did want to leave this place because for many different reasons it wasn't a hospitable environment for them that they didn't enjoy being really physically here on this planet according to certain accounts I think that they would much rather have been on their world rather than here on an away mission doing something that they didn't really want to do but they felt needed to be done but at the same time all of the time that they spent here you know they were treated differently than they would have been treated on their planet like I said met you know for many weeks they were being treated as gods here so they got kind of got used to that and they liked that dynamic while they may have been in an in an inhospitable place physically the the dynamic that they experienced with their quote offspring was like being worshipped as a god so they got used to that I think that it is quite possible that they certain contingencies of them remained behind in a covert fashion and when I say covert I mean it doesn't necessarily mean that you know that they had to even remain outside of this planet and you know be watching over it or something like that many of these beings integrated with humanity through inbreeding through actual physical inbreeding with our species and then over time I think their knowledge and experience just got you know became occult acknowledged you know and that they actually blend it in with us over time I think many of their bloodlines may still be here amongst us living as a human being but not you're not able to see the external characteristics or traits in a physical difference they look like fully human that's also very possible I think it could be a mixture of both of these things as well I mean I'm not saying it's any one particular thing going on I think that it very well could be that you know these beings may be monitoring our progress and seeing how their quote experiments or their quote young are doing from time to time that could also be possible so do I think they just up and left and had nothing to do with us no but does this still constitute an abandonment situation yes it does because it isn't like they really taught us truly the difference between right from wrong because hey did they really know it themselves by their actions by what they did you know all of these are questions that need to be pondered and asked then again I don't really come down any with any hardline position one way or the other as to the extent to the that the original beings are still here with us or not it could very well go either way so I know that's not really a hard line dancer or a committed answer but that that's kind of where my thought on that is it's not it's not taking a hard stance either way yeah I don't think we have a possibility of knowing that answer so that's good they can get really right now well hey maybe if something that they initiate some kind of overt contact we might know that answer you know in a big way subtly but that's highly unlikely that they're gonna do anything to just reveal themselves to us because I don't think many of them really want humanity to fully understand the depths of their involvement with us that's just my take okay okay so you had another question yeah this one's an overly debated topic so considering the harm done and do what you well principle mm-hmm I don't think I've ever heard your stance on abortion and yeah and through my knowledge I've been on my stance is kind of slowly changing so just curious I've talked about it I think briefly but never went into depth I do consider it against natural law and I don't condone abortion I do think it is a wrongdoing okay that's what I figured yep awesome all right thank you you got it great thanks for the call will from Florida let's hear from Chris in Arizona Chris you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to show hey Mark yeah thanks good luck to your gun sure you're okay yes I can yeah time to listen to us for a couple weeks and for the most part I could say pretty much agree with the lottery and say if not most of it my journeys been free interesting coming out of fundamentalism fundamentalist Christianity for the last 10 years being raised as a no you know kind of a mixed home Protestant Catholic all that kind of stuff taking it real serious and then transitioning from that and seeing different layers of the onion so to speak peel back over the years and uh well one of the things that has always fascinated me that has always been real difficult to swallow with the whole Genesis account specifically Genesis 3 the whole fallen falling this is humanity alright and when you run in the nuts just you but definitely your work and a lot of others who talked about how um that that whole dynamic can be seen from a completely different perspective really not a theological one at all but more of a anthropological one or even though ancient daily and all that kind of stuff it really really took me uh you know by surprise but then it's more I listen to you the more I read about it it's my own research so more plausible it became so that's one say thanks for all the stuff you do I appreciate it I think you're really a well-balanced I think you're you're on to something alright I'm gonna thank you for maintaining an open mind despite you know basically the belief system that you grew up in and I'm not even going to say there isn't some core truth to all religion I've talked about that in the past when I've talked about religion and Astro theology and the underlying you know core principles of morality that are integrated into these religions but often covered up you know in the process of belief we'll put this up on the other side stay with us folks [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to water on earth is happening this is the last segment of the show for this episode we were talking to Chris in Arizona who was saying that he started seeing some of the biblical teachings that he had been accustomed to during you know his uh his um religious teachings in a different perspective as a result of you know looking at the story of Genesis and examining different research from different people who were looking at this from perhaps a completely different perspective on that it could have been non-human entities that were dealing with humanity and you know not the quote the quote god of creation being told about in these these accounts and I was saying that I just think that that's you know speaks volumes to his open-mindedness and willing to go to where the evidence and the truth leads instead of just buying dogmatically into a set of faith-based teachings and I'm not trying to say all religion should just be totally and completely thrown out because there are core truths that lie at the heart of some religious teachings that are about morality and are about treating each other with respect and decency and you know it's not to say you know just abandon all of it and just live as beasts of the field I've never said that from day one on this show it has always been about seeing the core truth that lies at the heart of different traditions but leaving all the rest of the faith-based trappings that are just there to get people to conform and follow and go along and believe what they're told you know so Chris I just wanted to say I have respect for your open-mindedness and willingness to to go there and do some research for yourself did you have anything else for us yeah yeah I did I one person 40 thanks thanks mark or should the questions that I had for you is that I've heard you speak multiple times about the the archons the the God lowercase G engineers were able to recall yes but I've also heard you differentiate when you talk about the the Creator God right Apple T and it seems to me that that you have an idea that whatever that entity is that entity is good absolutely and I know without any question my mind at least you know you could say that maybe my faith or my belief or you know what I feel at the core of my being but absolutely I think that that force if you will a being intelligence whatever you want to refer to it as is here for is is experiencing itself through all of the multi-faceted life forms that are exist within creation and is learning and growing itself and is here is actually providing the laws that the nurturing laws of creation for the betterment of the beings in this universe not as any kind of a mechanism of control or slavery which is what the dark occult thinks of that force that's why they're in rebellion against it you know they think it's all there - as a controlling agent in this world view of if we can't do anything we want including hurt other people without consequence then that's got to be some kind of a force that's trying to control us they want to be able to do whatever they want no matter how ruthless were evil without consequence which is the overturning of natural moral law in creation which is wanting to be God so you know I absolutely agree with what you said I do feel that that force not only exists but it is something that is good that's great yeah and my world to ask was where did you is that just tacit knowledge you kind of just intuited or was there something along your wife journey that happened to you that gave you that idea or yes I suffered and enough in my ignorance and ego as a former Satanist suffering I'm suffering snapped me out of that egg intense suffering which is what I tell everybody they asked me how I got on to the path of truth compared to the path of illusion and ego that I was going down the answer is enormous suffering did that for me which is why in many cases that kind of enormous suffering can be a gift you know and in my case it was I just heard the message that the universe was saying at some point and decided I'm gonna go to where the truth leads and my life has turned around in quality and gotten better and better ever since check out my podcast a lot of that some of those personal anecdotes are in there if you go back to podcast one and listen forward you'll get the big picture of what I'm talking about if you do do it if you go through the information that way not just snippets here and there or videos here and there from YouTube the heart of the information lies in the podcast I'd encourage you to check those out yeah I'll definitely do that one more thing if this have to be perfect time is always of the essence with me I got I got three kids they got a ten the five a three-year-old understand so it was difficult but I did want to ask you about that number one do you have any kids a number two is there anything that you would be doing as a father in this day and age differently if you knew that maybe I may be way too big as a question but as a dad what can you do for your kids if there's one thing you could say above all else I do not have any children and I've essentially made the decision not to because of the quality of this world and how you know it seems to be deteriorating by the day but you know my advice for parents or potential parents is teacher children all about natural law that's the number one thing that you can do to a child is to from the time that they are born start beginning to talk to them about morality and natural law the non-aggression principle combined with the self-defense principle in a balanced way and if you do that I think that's what real parenting is ultimately all those lessons real adulthood is about those lessons and then you can't give any better gift to the next generation and to teach that very essence of morality to our young that's my advice man that best incredibly so that I use word that's almost prophetic because one of the reasons why I've listened to you for so long and haven't decided to turn the channel so to speak was because of what you talked about a natural wall because when I heard you talking about that and look to use some of your slides those are the things I've been just intuitively telling my son especially if he's 10 right and he's the oldest and louder than you know daughter he's 5 for years as far as consequences go we've talked so many times without consequences and it seems like that for some reason it's something not a lot of people really seem to hammer on and so you you you never admit I just really appreciate how you elucidate that so clearly how there is the consequence for our actions but so much of the New Age stuff out there that basically says what you want and right no no strange as it's originally about the laws of morality learning them yourself teaching them to others that's what the great work is that's what we're here to learn and understand and live and put to put into practice in our lives Chris I want to thank you for the call and for going to where the truth leads yourself so that's what it's all about my friend take care alright well do one more caller let's all go with tradition and let's wrap up with Ivan from Phoenix Ivan happy birthday hey Marc I don't even know what to say you've had quite a few very good callers tonight they brought up concepts ideas and you know explaining what you're putting out in such a good way that I'm like well I guess I don't need to call in people who that are picking up on this which is good well hey I decided to bring you in I went outside of the call queue a little bit other callers please forgive me for that but it is Ivan's birthday today so I figured that you know we'd put them on the air and let him take the show out which has been a tradition over the past few weeks but what do you have for us today my friend well I had quite a few things but I got all sidetracked listening to these callers today they brought up really excellent excellent things I'm talking Ivan isn't it true though seriously this show has the best callers out of any radio show in the world period I mean I can't even believe it myself it's amazing the quality of callers that call into the show blows my mind yeah I'd agree with that because you listen to other shows even other shows host they're kind of in the affects realm all the time nine times out of ten effects effects effects realm whereas the callers to this show nine times out of ten are in the causality so it makes bringing in calls that matter and not just beating around the bush kind of stuff you know that's exactly correct yep and Ivan I I'm sorry then the the break music has caught us we're coming up to the end of the show but I just wanted to say happy birthday my friend and thanks for for calling in you know making it on the show and bringing up that great point ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes that one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here in two weeks from today thanks for listening good night everyone [Music] [Music]