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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday September 13th 2014 this show as always is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have another good show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be continuing of course to cover the extended cosmic abandonment presentation cosmic abandonment is an extended audio series that deals with the connection between the interference theory of human origins as I like to call it with the current human condition and tonight on the show we're going to be talking about how we can look at the group dynamics of certain different groups of individuals in the world who are what you might say part of the problem who you might say are part of the problem and why they continue to remain in that kind of state of inactive consciousness and looking into the ancient reasons that humanity was plunged into a state of unconsciousness and you know how that explains so much about why people behave the way that they do in the times that we are living in so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I will be taking calls in our number three of the show tonight so if you want to call in and discuss anything that we've covered thus far or ask any questions or make any comments I will be taking calls in the third hour the call in number to join us if you would like to get in the caller queue is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number I'll be taking calls in our number three the calling number to join us 800 three one 390 443 I do have a couple of event announcements before we jump into the topic that we're going to be talking about this evening I was interviewed on the show truth warrior hosted by David Whitehead on the truth frequency radio network on Monday September 8th 2014 last week we covered that one of the main topics was the interference theory of human origins we talked a little bit about the origins of government and religion and money the the social institutions essentially the control humankind and keep us in slavery we talked about the belief in authority about order followers and how they come to be you know in that state of consciousness and we talked about taking you know caring enough to take right action to create to start influencing people and creating positive change in this world so that interview is up on the what on earth is happening com website in the news section and it's listed in the latest news on the left-hand side of the site I will be conducting an all-day seminar live one-time-only all-day seminar called demystifying the occult this is presented by pattern recognition time this will be taking place Saturday October 4th 2014 in Manchester Connecticut will be starting at 9:00 a.m. there will be an introductory presentation by Arthur Capozzi and then you know the the seminar will be continuing until 8:00 8:00 p.m. that evening so it's a full day of jam-packed with esoteric information on what the occult exactly is why should people know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and what are the ways in which they use that knowledge how is a cultism different from mysticism or mystical practices what can we learn from the secret language of symbolism and how is symbolism being used to influence us in our everyday lives these and many more topics and issues will be covered in this all-day seminar I also will be breaking down the esoteric symbolism of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Dec in the second part of this seminar so this is coming up once again Saturday October 4th 2014 in Manchester Connecticut at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut zero six zero four zero there is free parking available at the Manchester History Center the advance tickets for this seminar are only a twenty five dollar donation you can send a check or money order made payable to Arthur Capozzi that's CA p o Zi Zi Capozzi at five hundred Monroe Turnpike suite 142 Monroe Connecticut zero six four six eight at the door tickets on the day of the event are only a thirty dollar cash donation I will be presenting another all-day seminar in Kansas City Missouri this is the first time I'm actually publicly announcing this I basically confirmed this and set up the travel arrangements so we are definitely a go for Kansas City Missouri on November 22nd 2014 a very highly synchronistic date there I'll be speaking on the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination November 22nd the seminar will be entitled streetwise spirituality revisited with a subtitle of true awakening verses New Age nonsense so that the full title of this seminar is going to be streetwise spirituality revisited true awakening versus New Age nonsense so the the main a body of information that I'll be presenting will be done on November 22nd and then there's going to be a second event I don't know if it'll be hosted in the same venue I actually don't have the venue information yet that's still being confirmed but it is going to happen November 22nd and 23rd so the on the 23rd will be convene it will just be me and the crowd for an extended question-and-answer session so it'll be like two events the seminar will be on the first night of the of this two-day seminar and then there'll be an extended question-and-answer session so I could really get into fielding people's questions about this material on the second evening November 23rd that'll be Sunday November 23rd so actually this is a two-day event I will have more exact details coming up on the water on earth is happening dot-com website and on this radio show very very shortly as soon as I have that information it will be posted to the website and it will be announced on this show so look for that coming up I'll be in Kansas City Missouri once again November 22nd and 23rd 2014 really looking forward to meeting everybody out in Kansas City so one other quick event announcement of the free your mind three conference is set for early 2015 I don't have any more details on that one either unfortunately as of yet but more details will be forthcoming regarding the freer mind three conference if you want to check out information on that conference you can go to free your mind conference calm the organizers are working really hard to make this an unforgettable event coming up in 2015 with Top Cow caliber whistleblowers from all over the country that are going to get into the occult mind control and human consciousness so for your mind is an event people absolutely will not want to miss coming up in the early next year ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on rbn we'll be right back after these words [Applause] Oh [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting before the break I had a few event announcements I just have a couple of more quick things before we jump into the material for tonight there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you've received valuable value from the information that has been shared on both the water on earth is happening comm website and radio show you can feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that it can continue into the future and that having been said I want to direct everyone's attention to the website on the radio show tab of course if you're listening there live underneath the player for the broadcast for tonight you'll see images for tonight's show all right folks I apologize for that interruption it appears that my my own internet connection went offline there for a while and I apologize for that it looks like my service provider has been having issues today it's not the first time that it went down it went down earlier today and then came back up but it looks like there may be some intermittent issues there so I apologize for that interruption I'll just jump back in where I left off I was about to tell people about the images for tonight's show they're listed under the player and you'll see the cosmic abandonment slides in two parts we've already covered part one of these slides we were well into part two we were talking about again the kinds of group dynamics that we observe in the world and we were asking the question that if we look at the the events that happened in the ancient past that were directed and influenced by non-human entities that had interaction with humanity and really were responsible for the origins of humanity as so many ancient texts talk about in light of that information in light of that ancient knowledge could we do we can we put together a better psychological framework through which to understand groupthink dynamics and groupthink behavior that we observe in the modern world so many different kinds of groups you know all the different kinds of status whether they're leftist rightist or you know men arkose religionists rigid skeptics and scientism followers scientism worshippers you know people who join with the state through mainstream media you know indoctrination and propaganda new age religion astir and you know we left off kind of talking about these uh hopelessly naive type childish type of people who buy into the new a mumbo-jumbo and then and the new age variant of spirituality which doesn't have anything to do with real spirituality at all and they kind of want to ignore the negative things that are taking place in their reality and think that they could ignore reality and somehow prosper you know and somehow change it for the better through through ignorance and you know they think if they ignore the abuses that are going on in the world somehow you know will magically be able to create something new and better and all those abuses will go away on their own and you know last week I you kind of ended the show trying to explain to people it just simply doesn't work that way the dynamic of consciousness and the laws of the universe just do not work that way without confronting the problem and working through it we're never going to heal it you know you can't ignore it and have it go away on its own it just doesn't work so you know the the next slide that we were going to move to in this presentation was slide number 126 so last week we ended on 125 so I'm going to move to slide 126 this evening and talk about another group dynamic that we see all too much of in the world today and these are the people who claim that they are very knowledgeable regarding what's going on in the world and yet they are inactive they are not actually truly motivated to do anything to create change in the world and we'll pick up from there on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise the night 95 today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about the kind of people who claim to be knowledgeable about the dynamic that is taking place in our world and yet their act actually completely inactive they aren't really doing anything to try to change that dynamic they'll just claim to be knowledgeable about it and say oh I know what's going on and yet you know they're not really doing anything to try to end slavery they're not certainly not doing anything to try to reach other people to reach their minds with information you know to gain their attention and put out information that is structured you know so that people can understand it readily you know and they don't want to do the great work you know they want to complain about how other people are doing to explain things you know they want to they want to critique everybody else see you know you know what a critic is folks a real an actual critic of somebody else's work who says who tries to pick apart you know other people's work instead of doing their own you know you could define a critic as someone who is so bad at X fill in the blank okay that they essentially make their life's work to complain or nitpick about someone who is actually doing X fill-in-the-blank and that's the same thing as the the blank that was filled in in the earlier part of that equation that's what a critic actually is you know if you really think about it that's what it is a movie critic is someone who has no talent in making movies or does so badly at doing something like you know using creative energy to make movies and tell stories that what they have become is somebody who does nothing but nitpick and complain about the way other people make movies you know an art critic is the same thing they couldn't cut it as an artist themselves so all they have to do is critique what other people do are actually doing in the realm of art you know a literary critic it's the same thing there are terrible writers who couldn't make it as you know someone in literature so they ended up just critiquing someone else somebody else's work and making that their life's work they're ultimately truly bitter human beings bitter people who don't really actively engage in anything in the world they're Watchers you could say there are people who just watch life like it's some movie on a screen you know and it's anything but that and they want to they want to complain about how other people are doing the actual work that they're doing but yet they're doing nothing so I mean I'll give you a few examples and again I call these people the armchair quarterbacks you know and the the image on slide 126 I think brilliantly portrays this little statue there with a fat guy with a beer in his hand in one hand and a remote control on the other hand on a reclining on a recliner in his living room with a football down you know on the floor watching the game on television and complaining about how you know you know somebody complaining about how somebody is is playing the game yet has you know never been able to actually get on the playing field himself so you know that's what that's what this is ultimately all about it's about people who want to sit by who want to watch and who want to complain about people who are actually doing something you know i i've recently coined the term the semi aware armchair quarterbacks because it isn't that they're they're not knowledgeable about anything they're semi aware in other words they have some of the knowledge about what's going on they have you know bits and pieces of the puzzle here and there but ultimately they're not truly fully aware they're not really fully enlightened so you know that's a little you know uh anagram if you spell it out semi aware armchair quarterback essay a cue the semi aware armchair quarterbacks are sacks SI aqs okay and you could just use your imagination as to what I think they're sacks of you know but you know all all humor joking aside these people really aren't helping the dynamic of the world at all you know all they're really doing is trying to detract from somebody else's work or try to make themselves feel better because they'll delve into the minutiae of somebody else's work and say oh hey this little tiny aspect you didn't get right or oh you you put this huge article up here and you spelled a word wrong or you you you know you use incorrect grammar here in in the 32nd paragraph of this you know of this essay here you know and it's it's utterly missing the point these people utterly missed the point they're not on the playing field you know they're not actually out there trying to create real world real life change because that's too hard work for them to do you know they're just lazy people who want to complain or want to nitpick somebody else's work you know it goes to this old adage to know and not to do is not to know so are they really truly knowledgeable and that's why I put knowledgeable in quotes on this slide they claim they're making the claim that they're knowledgeable but when knowledge isn't backed by right action what it is really a telltale sign of is that the person doesn't really have any depth of knowledge they have periphery knowledge that's why I call them the semi aware armchair quarterbacks they don't have real deep awareness okay because if they had real deep awareness they would be on the battleground they would be on the playing field they would be exposing evil in the world they would be out there publicly not hiding behind a keyboard as a keyboard commando not making a youtube video with some with some you know text overlays not even using their own voice or something like that you know if you knew the real evil the real extent that evil is active in this world and has this world in its grip and you really wanted to change that dynamic you would already be on the field doing this work if you really knew that's why I say the people who aren't doing that do they really truly deeply know the answer has to be no because I'm telling you folks if you knew this level of psychopathy that owns this world and if you knew the people that that I've been in the presence of and I'm telling you it like I've said myself I've never categorized it as high-level dark occultism it was what I admittedly called the girl-scout level of the dark occult okay compared to where it goes compared to the level that this hierarchy of evil goes to okay and just at that level it shook me so to the core that I knew I had to get involved in this spiritual war on the side of good by exposing it and turning the light on it shining a light on it and making people aware of what's out there and you know whenever I get people emailing or complaining or writing in a forum or whatever or sending me an email about I didn't do this right or I don't like the way you cover this or I don't like your delivery here or this and that doesn't make a difference what they're complaining about the person you know sends me their name through their email address or I could leavin look up their email address or whatever okay well you you put their name into a search engine and invariably it doesn't matter what search engine you you happen to like or use you put their name in there and most of the time these people's full name will be on you know the email header okay and invariably you know the kind of results you get absolute zero nada goose egg nothing there is none of their work out there shared with the public they have no website they have no book they have no audio series okay they have no documentary no video no allegory that they've put out no artwork zero the people who complain the loudest about other people's work don't have work of their own that they've shared with the world that they've shared with humanity they're claiming to have knowledge they're claiming to be so knowledgeable about the dynamic that goes on enough to say you don't have this aspect right you don't have this component right you need to do this you need to point this out you need to research this or that well where's their work that's my question and invariably whenever you look up these people there is nothing out there there's zero out there with their name on it they have shared nothing they have put nothing out there for other people to take in at all at all what that tells me is two things it tells me one they're not so knowledgeable as they would claim because if they were knowledgeable okay they'd feel the urge to share what they know with others that's what drove the whole what on earth is happening series that's what drives all my presentations I've been filled with such information to a point where it has to go someplace it's flowed in and now the energy has to flow back out into creation into the universe into other people and so I have felt a desire to share it you know that's what being really in touch with the creative force is you know being really in touch with knowledge and wisdom is you've taken it in and then it has to go somewhere it has to flow out you know but with these people who are the chronic complainers about everybody else's work they've shared nothing themselves which tells me they don't really know anything we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on rbn stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we were talking about people who claim to be knowledgeable yet really don't publicly share their information they don't want to put themselves out there for other people and open themselves up to critique you know they don't want to do the work that it takes to logically structure information so that other people can readily absorb it and understand it you know slides don't make themselves presentations don't make themselves audio series don't make themselves there's a lot of organizational work that goes into it there's a lot of creative work that goes into it you have to learn about the organization of information and how to present the information in a clear and concise way so that other people can grasp it you know and that's hard work that's not something that you just you know suddenly do or that it suddenly comes together on its own you know and most people don't want to get involved in teaching they don't want to they don't want to become a teacher for other people you know they barely want to learn themselves and these are people who basically they've learned a little bit and it's that old adage you know a little learning can be a dangerous thing you know because they haven't really gone into the deep waters of knowledge and wisdom and when you go into those deep water as you recognize that once you have become knowledgeable you have a personal responsibility to share what you know with others that's what real wisdom is about and these people don't have any real wisdom because they're not really interested in sharing anything they just want to absorb more they want to take more in take more in take more in and don't get me wrong folks I'm not even saying I was out of place like that in my life I've talked about it and shared it publicly many times okay I was at a point where I was just taken in more and take anymore never was the kind of person that would you know bother to spend the energy to write to somebody you know that even if I liked a whole bunch of their work and I disagreed with one little aspect of it and try to convince them and you know you're wrong about this and don't cover it this way and you need to change this or that about your presentation or your presentation style I never did that I just accepted it and said you know what didn't feel right to me or what I you know had information contradicting it that I you know felt it to be not correct I just left it you know and that's it but I was still at a point where all I was doing was taking things in and not putting much back out until I met a woman in the state of Virginia who basically told me what makes you think you have a right to do that and it hit me like a ton of bricks it hit me like somebody hitting me in the face that statement you know it was like well I don't know you know she's like what are you doing with all this knowledge that you are carrying around with you in that head of yours and I said well not really much other than taking more in and the the answer came back what makes you think you have a right to do that as if it was like I was abusing what I had been given literally and it made her her statement resonated with me and again she didn't say it in all that nice of a way it was more like a kick in the rear end like get to work you know you've become somebody who can be a teacher now get to work because that's what your responsibility is and you know like I said it hit me like a lightning bolt and it was responsible for me starting to put information out there and now that's what I'm trying to do I'm just trying to pass that lightning bolt along with that energy you know because there's so many people out there who are pretty knowledgeable and you know what they're doing Zippo nada zero you know you here's how you can gauge really I feel and again people will say oh this is too harsh or you know it's not an accurate assessment or gauge of what somebody's doing I personally feel that it is to put put your name into Google or into any search engine you like okay start page you know if you don't like Google or Bing I don't care what search engine you use wrap it in double quotes put your first and last name inside of double quotes so it searches for that phrase into a search engine and hit returned and see what comes back and you'll know whether you're putting information out there for other people to absorb okay that's all it really takes in the modern world to know who's putting information out there publicly alright and you know if if no valuable information comes back that can really transform the world and help to end the ignorance of humanity and thus to end human slavery then that person who's the name who's wrapped in double quotes there is not engaged in the great work sorry to inform you of that or to burst your bubble okay that's the gauge in the modern-day you know so you know people want to want to debate that they want to disagree with that but I'm just here to try to tell you like I said I'm not here to win popularity contests I'm here to tell people the harsh truth of the reality of the matter okay and the reason people don't want to get involved in that fight is because they haven't developed the courage or the skillset to actually get on that battlefield and actually wage that war they want to sit on the sidelines and think somehow they're watching is going to contribute to the outcome it's it's it's part of this whole New Age nonsense too that we are here to be observers we're not here to be observers folks we're here to be active participants in this spiritual warfare that's going on here on this planet and hopefully to tip the scales toward the victory of good over evil you know but you know people will constantly debate that and and think that you know what you're saying is too too harsh mark you know you're too harsh on other people I'm just trying to tell people like it really is so I I again in these little sections these little ad hominem attacks that I'm going through all these different group dynamics of the people who are really holding humanity through their inaction through their either their action or their inaction you know in in the cases of people who are dominators and people who are involved in the system and are supporting slavery and supporting government etc you know and are actively involved in the control system dynamic through their actions they're supporting slavery and then you have people in the New Age movement in religion the armchair quarterbacks through through their inaction there's enslaving humanity so I give people a little you know vitriolic quote you know of what they're really saying to the world without actually saying it and after each section when I go through the person involved or the group involved in these groupthink dynamics I applied this little vitriolic freeze to what they're really about you know and slide number 127 has this phrase regarding the semi aware armchair quarterbacks ok the sacs and here's their here's their their little saying they say I know all about what's going on in the world can't you see how well I'm putting all that knowledge to use as I sit in my armchair and drink my beer and change the channel on my remote control can't you see how how wonderfully I'm putting all the knowledge I've taken into my mind to use in the world to actually change the dynamic here on earth yeah it's doing so much good let me tell you you know I mean I don't know how I could really possibly be more vitriolic about this I mean if you can't hear the total acidity and bitterness and sarcasm etc in my voice I don't know what to tell anybody you know it's so clear to me how I feel about people who act like this they're children I mean it all comes back to that tree of evil folks the people who are engaged in those dynamics ok who aren't really doing the work upon themselves and even if they have done a limited amount of work upon themselves aren't putting information out there for others to influence others because they don't really understand how the great work works ok they're children they haven't grown up they're part of the dynamic that's keeping humanity enslaved ok underneath willful ignorance the fear of owning personal responsibility underneath that self-loathing due to lack of self-respect because of some kind of parental abandonment issues these people don't truly love themselves they don't think that they're good enough they don't think that they're worthy they don't want to work upon themselves enough to actively engage in the spiritual dynamic that we have truly come here to engage in which is to affect the minds of other people once we understand the truth ourselves to help them to understand the truth so we can all end slavery on this planet ok and that's what these people ultimately want no part in doing because they're too worried about nitpicking somebody else's work it's the attitude of a little child ok that's all it really is that's all we're talking about here people who have not grown up mentally emotionally and spiritually as I've said that's what this section is ultimately about ok so let's move on to I would say this is the last group I'm gonna really launched a acidic vitriolic attack against and ultimately I would say that this group is the number one responsible group that is creating the slavery dynamic on earth that they're the people if one group of people you had to point the finger at you had to point blame at ok and there's another thing New Agers don't want you ever say they want to eradicate that word from the English vocabulary there's no such thing as blame to a New Ager ok nobody is ultimately responsible for what's going on not really you know we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting we're into the second hour of the show for this evening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm we've been talking about the different group dynamics that keep humanity enslaved you know we've talked about religionists we talked about rigid skeptics the people who worship at the altar of scientism of government-funded science we've talked about people who believe in the legitimacy of slavery because they believe in the legitimacy of the state you know believers in government you know regardless of what they're a political flavor are conservative liberal men are kissed as if there is such a thing we've talked about people who take part in the farce that is mainstream media we've talked about the very naive childlike mentality of the New Age movement community we've talked about the knowledgeable yet inactive people that I refer to as the semi aware armchair quarterbacks who critique everybody else's work yet put none of their own out into the world for people to learn from and now we're moving into what I would call the dynamic that truly creates slavery at the highest level and if there is one group of individuals that bears the brunt of the moral culpability meaning the moral responsibility or blame for what is happening on the earth right now to our species meaning the enslavement of humanity the continued and perpetual enslavement of humanity it is the group of people known as the order followers those who act without first verifying that the action that they are going to take with their own body is in harmony with natural law or is actually a right in other words as opposed to a wrong behavior that they should not enacting toward another being and this group the order followers is who I call the least mature these are the least developed beings on earth they are the people who have not matured mentally emotionally psychologically and most of all they have they are the least matured spiritually out of any other people and any other groups of people on the earth the order followers the people who will listen to somebody else's orders again without first determining for themselves on their own through knowledge whether the behavior they are about to take is a right or a wrong and yet they will just do the behavior for whatever justifications they will come up with in their mind are the actual most responsible people for the enslavement of humanity and the continuation of that enslavement so you know I should just really say the continuation of that enslavement really that's what their the dynamic they're taking part in because even if you want to say humanity was made as a slave species okay through no fault of our own did we come into that that condition what keeps us in that condition is people who are willing to follow orders and again it I want to make it clear here it does not matter the justification doesn't make a difference why you thought it was okay to perform an action that was actually or wrong see this is where the rest of humanity who aren't order followers and who see the problem in order following still have to come to grips with what's really going on in this group of people the problem here is that people want to make excuses for the order followers this is what we are all too predisposed to do it seems okay we want to say well why did they follow that order why did they feel that it was necessary for them to perform that action what were they thinking what kind of wrong thinking process was going on in their brain what kind of illogical thought processes was happening and I'm not saying don't look at those things that's very important to understand psychologically those dynamics okay to understand what people in these completely wrong ways of thinking have going on in their minds how they're the wheels are turning inside their cobweb brain okay it's important to understand the ways that they're thinking I'm not saying don't look at that dynamic however what I'm trying to get people to grasp and this is one of the hardest things to get people to understand is that those things ultimately do not matter when it comes down to the result that natural law processes bring to humanity in the aggregate okay I know that's a mouthful but really try to understand and follow what I'm saying here okay it's highly important as a matter of fact it's so important I am definitely going to make an entire presentation about nothing else but order followers at some point in in the future more likely than not I'll just you know as a brief aside briefly talk about this I'm probably going to beginning to step away from some of the approaches that I've been doing for a while first of all because some of times they you know they just get long in the tooth and you get tired of doing the same exact thing and I want to change up the approach and see if different things work you know and you can get tired doing this too and I don't want to burn out completely because I've gotten to a point where I felt like I was burning out and I I want to sustain what I'm doing and reach new people okay and have more of an impact so people may notice I've pulled back from radio interviews on other people's shows to focus on the material I'm covering here on this show and to focus on my own presentation work and traveling to other places to you know interact dynamically with people live in person and in other venues and I'm gonna kind of continue that policy and I really don't want to do more more than like one maybe two interviews a month us on other shows other you know that are not my own radio show and it's not that you know I'm trying to you know just you know not do this anymore it's it's just I want to keep it fresh and at some point you begin to tire of saying the same things over and over and over again in such you know continuous progression so I've done the whole interview circuit I guess you could say the whole round of interviews on other radio broadcasts and I fully appreciate all the people offering me to come on to their shows you know they don't have to extend that invitation to me but they have and I've accepted and done many shows I'm kind of tapering that off a little bit and keeping it as a slow you know progression where I do maybe one or two a month but the other thing that I want to Alta mately do is welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I apologize before this last break my internet connection fluctuated again and I was down for the last several seconds of that last segment hopefully things will stay up this time and we won't have any continued interruptions but once again I apologize for that so let me go back to the material regarding order followers and what I was saying about how I was going to begin to try to try some different approaches about how I try to reach people and I think one of the things that I'm gonna do instead of traveling as much to a lot of different places because it seems like what ends up ultimately happening in those instances is the transportation industries that are ultimately compliant and complicit with the state in their control mechanisms end up making a whole lot of money and I'd really this is my problem with conferences as well where you have to pay to bring all these people together and I'm not saying it doesn't have an extraordinary effect there is a compromise there somewhere but ultimately when you give a whole lot of resources and energy to these companies that are really doing nothing but being complicit in their enslavement of humanity you have to start to ask yourself is there another way of doing this and we have the digital technology to reach more people than we ever could in physically in person and I know people like to interface with people in person see them and meet them and get a feel for them but it's I think ultimately we can reach more people doing things locally and sharing it online so this is one of the things that I really want to start moving toward and focusing on you know I could do some presentations here in Philadelphia again like I was in years past and host them here and record them both you know with audio and video or even if I just did audio recording and then put my voice to my slides of the live presentation I've done that in the past like for the streetwise spirituality seminar the first one that I gave which was in I'm sorry not not sure why spirituality my new-age BS revisited presentation that I gave in Asheville I put my digital slides with full animation and motion to my voice that was recorded at that seminar I could do things things like that and then share that widely and freely online and reach a whole lot more people than just the amount of people that could come to a live physical seminar just like we reached a whole lot more people with the free your mind videos then actually attended those conferences you know two hundred and fifty people may have attended year one maybe three hundred three hundred and fifty year too but you know millions of people ultimately those videos reached in the aggregate numbers of all those presentations combined and you know how many people shared them with other people so it's it's a numbers game and I think we have to use you know every means at our disposal for reaching new people not just preaching to the choir in person and I think digital media is of course the way of doing that and you know getting that digital information into as many people's hands as possible with the intent and helping to share the intent with them that this information needs to be shared as widely and freely as possible with whoever needs to see and hear it so with that being said I am in the future planning on giving a presentation here in Philadelphia I don't have a time a date venue set just as yet but I will soon that is going to be exclusively about the dynamic of order following and order followers themselves and how they are ultimately the people who are the most responsible for the continuation of human slavery and I'm going to get into all the dynamics about why do they do these things what's going on in their psychology what are they feeling what are they what are they undergoing what happened earlier in their lives that made them behave like this well what kind of trial hood childhood traumas could they be wrestling with what kind of personal dynamics could they be wrestling with you know we'll get into all of that but then I'm going to really talk about natural law and I'm gonna talk about the way people misunderstand how natural law applies to order followers where it doesn't it doesn't it's not like a person sitting there with natural law is not like a person sitting with someone like with a clipboard with their personal history and all the the dynamics that are going on in their mind and the reasons why they might possibly take the behaviors that they're taking it doesn't work like that this is this is people who try to overly personalize laws of nature okay and they see karmic consequence as something that is more like how a person behaves where a person might look at someone else's decisions and say well could you explain to me what your motivating factors were for behaving like that okay natural law does not work like that ladies and gentlemen if you think it works like that you don't understand what natural law is at all at all and again I I make an extrapolation I make a I try to liken this to physical laws if a person who is not knowledgeable about how gravity works to pull you know a an object of a certain amount of mass toward another object of a certain amount of mass in in a case like a human body that is going over the edge of a cliff toward the center of the gravitational mass of the earth okay and therefore resulting in a bad day for a person that goes over the edge of that cliff gravity doesn't sit there and like a human being say well hey there's a two-year-old child toddler wandering over toward the edge of this 300-foot tall cliff and she just doesn't know any better this little girl you know she just doesn't really know what she's doing and if she steps off the cliff because she wonders what's on what's at the bottom of this ravine and I don't really understand that you know setting my my foot toward the edge of that ravine and you know taking a step over the edge is gonna have result in me having a very bad day this girl just simply doesn't understand how though that law of gravity that law of nature operates well gravity doesn't sit there like a human being and say but but she doesn't understand but she she can't possibly comprehend this it doesn't care it's a law that's in effect in the universe well the laws that govern behavior are no different than the laws that govern physical dynamics physical interaction of matter they're no different than that they're impersonal laws they are not personal interactions in consciousness like the interaction between one person and another person that's a personal interaction the laws of nature that deal with the consequences of behavior spiritual laws moral laws what I simply refer to as natural law does not care about the why regarding what you chose all it cares about is that you chose a specific way of behavior a specific modality of behavior was chosen well then it goes into the computer program and it says well hey if you press the a letter on the keyboard of the universe the letter A has to be displayed on the screen of the universe that's it and if this behavior was chosen this is the result that's going to be displayed in creation this is the result you're going to get back from creation period the end it doesn't make an exception it doesn't it doesn't care about why you chose that you know it's just like if you add heat into a system you you put your adding heat into it thermodynamically it doesn't care about why you added it into the system when you program code into a computer it doesn't ask you or you fully aware about why you're coding this this line of code the way you are it just accepts the input and it gives you back the output invariably we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us folks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the last few segments have been talking about order followers and how they're simultaneously the least mature and the least developed spiritually out of all the people of humanity yet they are the most morally culpable and the most personally responsible for the continuation of the dynamic of slavery here on the planet Earth of human slavery here on earth and I was saying that I'm going to make it you know a big part of my future work to really focus on the dynamic of order following and because people really do not understand how order following and natural law interact in nature you know they don't grasp this they they think that it's some kind of a personal dynamic and it looks like my connection is down once again I'm not sure if I'm coming through over-the-air or not but it looks like my connection is either breaking up seems like I'm having nothing but technical issues tonight I apologize for that again folks it looks like my internet provider is still having issues but I'll just jump right back into talking about order followers being the most morally culpable people for the continuation of human slavery and how people who even look at the dynamic of order following have to come to a higher-level understanding about how about--how order following works in conjunction with natural law that it isn't a personal force at work in the universe it's an impersonal force natural law and it does not it does not use human rationalization and justification to determine why you chose the behavior that you chose all natural law quote unquote looks at okay what I'm really saying is it's not even looking at anything it's a computer program it's it's a computer it's not a computer program it's a computer okay it's like a computer you input something into it and it is processed and then it gives you a result as an output that's all that's all natural log does so you're programming something into it by the behavior that you take and it doesn't ask why just like there's a computer asked why are you coding this particular line of code even if it's an absolute jumbled garbage of nonsense that a compiler wouldn't even recognize and you would just get absolutely bad output on the screen no it does not care you can write all the bad code you want in a computer program is the computer is going to allow you to do it just like it will allow you to write flawless code into it okay it's there to accept the input that's what natural law the dynamic of natural law is there to do it's there to accept the input of your behavior and then depending on what input what you input it's going to give you a particular consequence or output period and there's nothing personal about it this is actually a gift of the creator of the universe called free will we are free to input into the big computer called the universe whatever we wish and to get back the result from the universe depending on what we input work encoded into it programmed into it period and this is what people do not understand about the dynamic of order following they think that the universe God creation whatever you want to call it okay sits there like a person with you know a file on someone and says well you know Thomas here as a wife and four children and he has to make a certain amount of money to support these people and so he's going to take his job as a good little obedient order follower of the state and suppress and oppress anybody that the state that his superiors in the state tells him to go out and suppress or oppress and so therefore I'm going to take into account you know that he did this because he felt he had to put what he was backed into a corner this was the only way he felt he could make money you know and this is the only way he could support his family natural law doesn't do that folks ever it says is this the dynamic of behavior that this being chose to put into creation well then BOOM here's more of that dynamic that's it if the and if this is contributing to slavery overall in the aggregate well then that's what you're going to get back as a result period doesn't care it's not it's not like a person that sits there and tries to figure out can you explain to me why you did what you did and then maybe I'll have some leniency on you it doesn't care and you know what this is one of the things that I get the most flak the most resistance from people on this is what because the ego doesn't want it to work that way in nature this is the force of the ego the ego once there to be some justifications for why people follow their orders it wants to be some reason why we can excuse these people wants to be some reason why the morality the laws that govern morality in the universe are not absolute it's trying to look for the relativistic out and there is no such thing it doesn't exist in nature okay all right had another drop out there I'm just gonna continue where I left off so um again this is just like any other physical law trying to explain how these laws of consciousness work they're just as unwavering and they're just as absolute anywhere in creation and this is what the ego doesn't want to be true what people ultimately want is for that not to be the case they want to be the arbiters of truth and they want to say that somehow creation looks at the justifications and the reasoning that was going on in your mind however flawed that so-called reasoning may be the flawed justifications that are running through the minds of people for why they chose certain behaviors okay so I have to do more work really clearly exposing this dynamic and that's going to be the the focus of my upcoming work stay with us folks we'll be right back [Music] and we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm a lot of technical problems tonight that's ok folks we will applaud through it if we have to you know willpower will prevail and no matter what happens they're not going to stop me from getting this information out there you know whether it's just a technical glitch or whether it may be some kind of a deliberate effort regardless of what the case may be I'll trod on ok and what will plow through it if we have to but the information is getting out there one way or another so going back to this covering this dynamic of order followers if you look at what an order follower really is ok and this is again I've put a lot of images here together over the next many slides from slide number 128 through slide number 137 so it's just multiple images of different order followers in their regalia in their cult uniforms because let's face it that's what really we're talking about or cult members okay we're talking about people who are psychologically infantile completely spiritually immature beings that really haven't developed any critical thinking skills for themselves they may think they do it from an intellectual point of view but in reality they don't really know how to undergo to go through the process of truth discovery within their own minds to actually go through that process of taking in information processing it weeding out the logical inconsistencies and the inconsistencies that are violations of natural law against other beings and then choosing behaviors that are actually within compliance with the laws that govern right and wrong behavior so they don't really do that what they do is they listen to someone else what they were told and they say yes I will perform that behavior I will perform that action and that's all they do so there there's no processing stage okay there's really no input of information they're not processing that data they're not weeding out logical inconsistencies they don't go through that process of truth discovery at all they believe and accept that someone else has authority over them and then they actually then simply move from taking the order from receiving the order that someone else communicated to them through words directly to behavior directly to action regardless of whether they've processed that command and decided whether it is in harmony with morality or not that's what the definition of we're following is is not going through that processing stage and determining for yourself based on the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior whether the command you were just given is right or wrong and I've gone farther than this and said to people I don't care whether you're given a quote-unquote moral order if if somebody like orders you help those homeless people over there and you go and do it just because someone in a perceived position of authority commanded you to do it not because you recognize that it was the right behavior to take it's still an immoral behavior it's still I don't care whether the result is good folks if the result is good the actual following of the order was still immoral because what did you do in the following of that order you abdicated your personal responsibility that no one else can take from you that you can give to no one else you attempted to abdicate a gift of creation that you cannot actually abdicate to another being called your free will decision-making process to determine for yourself whether that action was right or wrong and then take it based on that knowledge not because someone else told you to take it in the performance of the following of any order whether it is quote a moral order or quote an immoral order does not make a difference whether the person what the intention of the order giver was even I'll even go so far as to say the intention of not only the intention of the order follower doesn't matter the intention of the order giver doesn't matter this is that were the New Age community and the religious community have it completely backwards and completely wrong because what they want to say is the most important part of this dynamic and this interaction is the intention and what I've been trying to explain to people from day one on this radio show in this podcast is the intention of a behavior does not matter at all at all all that matters is did you take the behavior or did you not take this particular behavior if the end result was something that harms another being and you took it that's all that matters that's it and that's called a wrongdoing and there's going to be consequences for that behavior the end it works flawlessly 100% of the time all the time that way and the problem here is folks the ego has a problem with those absolutes it doesn't want to think that there's any such thing as absolutism anywhere in the universe it wants to think everything is hazy everything is fuzzy everything shades of gray everything is relative and I'm here to tell you that's not how the universe functions okay and I'm not asking you to believe me it's not that way because I say it's that way it's not my opinion that it's that way laws of nature have nothing to do what I pray I personally feel about anything Maya my likes my preferences for years and years and years I had to admit that I was wrong about how things worked until I really learned the way it does work you know because that's what the ego is it's that force that sits between you and truth that sits between you and universal law that says it can't be this way I don't want it to be this way I'm uncomfortable with it being this way oh it I can't accept it it's that way well who cares what you think is the way that it operates either works that way or it doesn't work that way it's not in a matter of opinion like gravity's not a matter of opinion mathematics isn't a matter of opinion hey all Common Core mathematics might be a matter of opinion I'm sorry you know in Common Core they state it may be valid that 4 times 3 equals 11 or the 2 plus 2 equals 5 it's just a matter of reasoning about how you got to that answer and we'll accept the wrong answer as being valid you know this is the kind of completely illogical lunacy that goes on in the indoctrination of schoolchildren in the modern day through this ridiculous thing called Common Core you know and it's the same way that the human just justification process works in the human ego you know it says we're I'm just gonna reason and try to work out why it was okay for me to perform this immoral evil behavior and somehow that'll make it okay that'll convert it into a right and too many people want to give these people license and they want to give them clearance and they want to give them some kind of acceptance for why they chose the behavior that they chose as if I was just following my orders as some kind of a valid excuse as if I was 4 I was a being led by I was I was a member of the cult I was brainwashed Oh would you let off a member of a cult who went off and started murdering people and you just say oh he was completely brainwashed he was a member of a cult he thought that he was doing the right thing because the cult leader told him it was acceptable with with that fly you know now of course it wouldn't you say did you perform this immoral behavior then you need to be held responsible for it just because people wear a uniform and somehow that they undergo whatever political or uh you know military rituals and they're wearing some special uniform with some occult regalia symbols on it that somehow makes them excuse for the immoral behavior that they undertook or because they were listening to the perceived authority figure whether he's called the Pharaoh or the king or the or the you know the Fuhrer you know know or the dictator what's the difference who told you why it was okay for you to do that thing that harmed somebody else all that matters is did you do it period and that's what these children do not understand let's let's just say with these people clearly are not my opinion about who or what they are it's what they actually are these are self loathing children who don't have any true self respect whose mommy and daddy didn't pay enough attention to them when they were growing up so they have either mommy issues or daddy issues who don't want the true personal responsibility which isn't something that they can actually abdicate or give away in reality they don't want the responsibility to choose themselves through knowledge the difference between right and wrong behavior and so in that willful ignorance they want to say I'm gonna do this because somebody else somebody else commanded me to do it ladies and gentlemen your calls on the other side stay with us we'll be right back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn [Music] you know the day destroys the night 95 today tried to run try to hide do the do the yeah ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm and we're into the third hour of the broadcast for this evening we've had some technical difficulties but we're plotting our way through it as we always will and you know it's not going to deter us in any way whatsoever as promised I'm going to be taking your calls during this hour of the broadcast the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again the toll-free number to join us 1 831 390 443 and before I go to the phones in this segment I just want to wrap up this segment that I almost completed during the last segment of the show by saying I want people to look through the slides with the order followers on them and I want you to start from slide 128 and proceed through slide number 137 and I'm gonna end tonight's a presentation section on slide number 138 okay which is the quote for the order followers but I just want you to look at the end of the eyes of the people and that I've presented in these slides and just tell me if you have the discernment to recognize what I'm saying as the truth that these are people who are psychological children you can see it in their eyes when you look at it they're looking for approval they want to make mommy and daddy proud of them and mommy and daddy in this case is the state they want to be like all the other good boys and girls standing in a line straight up uniform looking perfect absolutely no individuality nothing in the eyes certainly nothing going on between the ears okay these are people who if you talk to them and engage them one-on-one think they're intelligent beings when they have not one drop of true intelligence among them all they could have intellect left intellect but that doesn't mean that they have one ounce of true intelligence or wisdom among their whole population okay and just look into their eyes in these slides and you can just see the faces of children what you're really looking at is a child emotionally you know yeah and and what I just want to end up end up looking at is why do these people want to continue to be the people who suppress the spirit of freedom freedom on earth what would motivate and drive xiety for that and the OTO answer to that question is they don't want one of personal responsibility that goes along with the personal responsibility that goes along with determining for themselves what the difference between right and wrong behavior actually is and what that dynamic is is wanting to remain in / in permanent childhood because that's what a child wants a child doesn't want that personal responsibility for themselves so these are people who have never grown up emotionally they've never grown up psychologically mentally in knowledge and they've certainly never grown up spiritually in their understanding of what's really going on here on earth so my quote for them and again that's my challenge to people just look through these slides look deeply into the the faces of the bings you see in these slides as they're looking into the camera that took the image of them and tell me if you cannot can or cannot see that what you are actually staring into is the spiritual essence of a child and an angry child at that a child who hasn't absolutely learned any lessons a child who wants to remain a child who doesn't want to grow up even though there on the verge of adolescence you know it's a child who doesn't want to listen to reason a child who doesn't want to better itself because it doesn't have any knowledge it has no knowledge within it so what my very harsh and vitriolic quote is toward the order followers of this world is quote what I'm the the words on pudding to them that they are actually speaking to the world whether they understand that this is what they're saying to the world or not is quote we are the house slaves we would rather enslave our own species ourselves included because they're taking part in the enslavement of humanity they're not separate from that you know they're being enslaved as a result of what they're doing them and their children and their children's children we'd rather enslave our entire species including ourselves rather than grow up rather than develop real courage not what we think of as courage not what we think of it that we're some kind of big bad men which they're not at all they're little punk boy children that don't have any at all one drop of real courage within them because real courage would say no I will not partake in immoral behavior real courage would say no I'm not going to allow all the immoral things that are done in the name of my so-called Brotherhood of other gang members to go on unchecked you know and I'll just keep my mouth shut and go along with whatever I'm told to do and whoever's other crimes I'm told to cover up now they don't have any real courage zero none not one ever ever courage to shoot somebody with a gun because of some crime they're committing that's not what real courage is ultimately about because you're told to do it by the state I don't care what seemingly heroic deed they're doing in the name of the state it's not real courage folks real courage is standing in truth no matter who understands it or not real courage is speaking truth no matter who is opposed to it or not regardless of how extreme other people think it is because of how flawed their thinking is real courage is being in the minority of one if you're on the side of right regardless of how many other people oppose you if they're on the side of wrong that's what real courage is and these people don't have an ounce of it among the lot of them never have okay so they'd rather enslave themselves rather than grow up develop real courage and think for themselves that's what they're saying to humanity whether they understand that at a conscious level or not it doesn't matter so really take heed in those words really take them into your consciousness and moreover it a little bit and think about it think about what I've said and share that with an order follower put it in their face you know don't be naive and shy and and gun-shy about it you know and timid this isn't the time to be timid as we're losing our freedom as a species these people need to know there's no excuse there's no justification for their criminal behavior these are thugs criminals that don't care about the difference between right and wrong one day in their lives even though they'll say they do they don't know the difference between it alright so I just wanted to say that emphatically to end this section in the next few weeks we'll cover other portions of this presentation including some very important researchers whose work people should know about I'll be providing some links and possibly some actual materials from them regarding the interference theory of human origins and then in upcoming weeks we will talk about fictional and creative allegories pertick early in Hollywood movies that deal with these dynamics of cosmic abandonment so I just wanted to you know get that out there to complete this section of the presentation even though I cut into call time a little bit so let's see we have about one minute remaining so I'll go to your calls in the next segment again I feel it was worthwhile to take up that that time in this first segment I know I have some callers holding on the line and I know you're very anxious to get your points across on the air so I just wanted to wrap up that section with explaining this last part about the the groupthink dynamics of order followers where they're coming from and what ultimately their behavior is saying to humanity [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting well I finished my presentation segment for this evening so let's go to the phones for the duration of the show let's hear from Ray in Boston ray you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show well great by the way listen big fan of listen to probably thousands of hours of your presentation at this point I appreciate that I feel like I know you but I want to get down to the brass tacks which is how do we deal with the outliers how do you feel like see my my um my thought is is that you know you're trying to change people's consciousness and it seems to me that consciousness has to change before you can really deal with people and like not everyone's gonna get on board you know what I mean so like how do you deal with people that are psychopaths how do you deal with people that are mentally ill how do you deal with people that are just not on board with you know this view of reality how do you deal with that how do you how do you how do you incorporate that into like how you know how you go about your daily life yeah a very very important question they're not not not an easy answer I wish I did have an easy answer to that is regarding primary Psychopaths and the mentally ill if the bulk of humanity were able to come out of their brainwashing and reach a higher level of consciousness and reach an understanding of truth those individuals would not have to be quote-unquote dealt with as much as we would think the morality that would be being lived within and displayed so to speak by the bulk of the population would practically negate those forces in the world and I'm not saying there wouldn't be effects that they could create but they would be so mitigated that we would not even talk about their effects it would be like a mosquito you know one mosquito compared to right now we're being all you know it's like a it's like a absolute bludgeoning by you know a deluge of beings that are completely stuck in low-level consciousness because of where we're at you know because of the level of unconsciousness that that humanity is trapped in and how we affect that is ultimately at an individual level you have to reach people that through the knowledge that they've already taken into themselves and have gone somewhat part way you can start to pull them over all the way to the the higher and deeper levels of truth and that's what things like this radio show progression are about you know and other people can start doing that they could put their own presentations together they could put their own videos together their own documentaries their own podcast series ultimately it's about creating but my ultimate answer to this question is you counteract the on the dynamic of unconsciousness through the act of creation that's what the ultimate force the counteracts this negative dynamic is see I had to create artwork and arrange things in my way maybe I didn't create every single aspect of it I pulled things from here and there to make slides in and make my presentation dynamics and aesthetics the way that they are but that's an act of creation making the poster reaching out to people you know the just the the style that you speak in you no putting that out there recording it you know if it's media creation ultimately create it's a form of art you know but regardless of what you want to call it you know you're you're reaching other people's consciousness through a form of media okay and you could do this in person from your lips to their ears but you can only reach so many people that way if you that through the dynamic interaction that we have with others through this medium called the Internet we can reach consciousness that is far removed from us that we never would meet in real life how many people's lives have I possibly affected that I've never met never met and will never meet in my natural lifetime or theirs yet we have a bond and a connection like you said you feel like you know me we do know each other all the people who care about truth ultimately know each other that's the real true family that's operating here on earth that we're trying to take other people into the fold of this family you know the it's the real humanity the awakened human spirit of people who care for truth and care for the difference between right and wrong and want to be on the side of right not in an appearance not because they think they are but because they really definitively know they are through knowledge that is objective and is unwavering and unchanging you know the the laws of nature that the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong that's that constitutes that the people who know that constitute of family they constitute a dynamic interacting group of individuals who are working to change consciousness on earth they're doing the great work they are they are the true workers that are performing the great work here on earth to end slavery so that's how we have to do it through creating media we create we put it and put it out there in any way that you have the talent to do it write a book write a story write a fictional allegory write a screenplay paint a painting make music that deals with these themes make a podcast make a documentary it doesn't matter how you do it create something out there for others in a way that they can understand it period that's ultimately the answer again house each individual does that that's their own you know contribution to the work but you know that's what we ultimately have to have to work toward is you know using our creative abilities to put the truth out there to others and again it doesn't make a difference who's ready to hear it or not admittedly some people are very unconscious and not ready to hear the truth doesn't make a difference plant the seed in their consciousness by unwaveringly and unapologetically speaking the truth in their presence a seed of truth that is spoken aloud cannot be unheard and maybe it will sprout later down the line we do not know that you know but if you don't speak it out there to them you can't say that you actually put that seed out there possibly for for growth and development later on so great question right I hope I've partially answered that and I admit it's a tough thing to do but we have to get on that playing field and get to work doing it let's hear from CJ in Los Angeles California CJ you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I'm sorry CJ in Iowa yeah I'm from Iowa sorry it looked like on the screen it looked like LA but it was IA my apologies no problem hey thanks a lot for all the great work you're doing thank you that's all the kind of the New Age bullshit that I've been kind of going through its really great to finally stumble upon this information so it's mine expanding is I can't thank you enough I appreciate that greatly my question is concerning your resources because when I started getting kinda into meditation and some of the New Age stuff that was going along with it I came across Rahm da yes and how does Rob Das and well his guru is Maharaja how does well Rob docile yeah with Timothy Leary he how does Ron das fit in the whole picture well I've looked at a lot of ROM dasa's work and I wouldn't necessarily just throw him and group him in with like New Age gurus I do like some of the work that he's put out there regarding transcendental meditation and calming the mind and being able to really listen to the voice of truth by getting your own mental chatter and mental noise out of the way so some of the things that he's discussed regarding meditation I take as valuable I'll continue telling you my thoughts on Ram Dass after this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] we go welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn we're taking your calls for the duration of the show CJ was asking me before the break what I thought of Ramdas work and I was saying that regarding the information he covers about Transcendental Meditation I find it useful and I kind of pretty much will take some of the information that people like this put forward regarding spiritual practices in the realm of quieting the mind getting in touch with the inner self exploring the world of deeper consciousness within and take that but then if they don't really go farther in their understanding of what's going on in the world you know I'll take that part that I feel does do good and does resonate and does you know help people to advance spiritually through that practice and then you know leave the rest so to speak it's like we don't have to agree with every single thing or every aspect of somebody's work to feel that they're putting out something that makes a valuable contribution so I think his work on meditation is very valuable I've never told people that meditation isn't something that should be practiced or engaged in it is very transformative if it's used correctly if it's used properly and in a state of balance to balance the mind but not take us too far in a state of right brain imbalance with that having been said someone who really doesn't understand the occult aspects of what is going on in the world often takes a more right-brain imbalanced bent to spirituality and again that's where it becomes something that you have to be careful with because again in my streetwise spirituality seminar out of all the things that I could have chosen the number one factor of what it means to truly be an awake being what was my number one factor for what being awake really means a being who is truly awake in this world understands the occult they know what occult information actually is what it contains how it is used who who uses it the reasons they use it for okay and they are working with that knowledge and they are trying to expand that knowledge to more people to more people's minds so it levels the playing field and it it stops hiding this critical knowledge of ourselves and the laws of nature that we so desperately need to understand deeply if we're going to change this planet for the better if we're going to change our species for the better okay so the number one factor in my opinion that makes a person awake is that they understand the occult and that's something that you will not hear from any other researcher that is talking about consciousness that is talking about spirituality that is talking about what it means to be awake I've never heard one other bit person say that as a true factor of what it means to be a spiritually enlightened human being that you understand what the occult really is so essentially my seminar coming up in Connecticut next month early next month October 4th in Manchester Connecticut it completely expands and unpacks that very first factor that I talked about in streetwise spirituality well if the very first factor in what it means to be awake truly is to know about the occult all of these people who claim that they're enlightened gurus and enlightened teachers of humanity that are involved in any other aspect of consciousness or awakening or you know however you want to word it whatever you want to call it how many of them have deep occult knowledge how many of them are really involved in the exposing of occult knowledge to the masses of people in the world how many of them really know about the dark side of the occult and how that's controlling the world right now and and how that knowledge can be used in a very disempowering way if people are ignorant of its techniques of that knowledge and how these techniques can be employed I'd say the vast majority of these so-called spiritual teachers have no clue about the occult you go to a New Age Expo you go to a spiritual Expo not one person there that I've ever really run into deeply knows about the occult certainly not the dark aspects of it certainly knows nothing about Satanism and dark luciferianism at work in the world you know zero zero so that's this is an extended answer to this question about what I feel about certain quote you know spiritual gurus or whatever who I would say I I will take the information from them that they have correct and that they work with in in a good way and then I will also look at the overall well-roundedness of their information and say well do they have the whole picture and sadly the answer usually comes back they have part of the picture but they haven't gone all the way there one of the people that I call and I don't want to make it such a vitriolic thing they're people who haven't gone all the way there they're part layers or half wires you know it's just that it's just a name to call it it's a label admittedly it's a label okay not trying to beat up on them or say that they're all their information is worthless you have to take their information and see in terms of the big wider picture and in many cases a lot of these researchers and teachers don't have the whole picture but the aspects that they do cover in many cases they do a good job with those so I can kind of consider ROM Dawson in one of those in in that kind of category I hope that answers your question let's hear from Derek in Cal in Colorado Derek you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show it it's Eric not they're characterized I'm all over the place tonight technical issues you know issues with my my um you know production value tonight but hey the information is still there Erica sorry about that you're live on the show what do you have for us this evening hey thanks you know I thought I called in with uh with an idea of what I wanted to talk about but what you have just been talking about is actually basically the specialty subject of the study of my life so and you have played a huge role in this and basically which you were but you were just saying that there's a tremendous amount of useful valuable information in you know the current spiritual and religious circles out there I have a master's degree in religious studies from Naropa I lived in the Buddhist monastery for two years with a lot of people who were constantly talking about liberation and about becoming free from conditioning and I will corroborate your opinion at least in mostly traveling Buddhist circles there is no knowledge of the occult no there is no I mean it was just dramatic I mean how focused these people were on ending suffering and I was looking around and actually you know your teaching has been absolutely a lightning bolt in my life of integrating both of these sides but I'm not only not a vehicle but not of you know what we know about like how the economy is structures here creates upbringing you know how people are just following you know wildly delusional visions of how humans are living on earth yes and they absolutely avoided it if you brought it up it was very much hammered down and that's not what we're about here that's not you know right though look can we try to focus in on what this dynamic really is that you're bringing up here because I think this is very powerful what you're stating and explaining to people it's something that I have personally witnessed you've clearly witnessed it what can we really say about what this dynamic is what is ultimately being emphasized what are they ultimately trying to tell people we don't really need to focus on can you get to the heart of it um you know I have to sort of feed back to you the answer you've already given to this and I think even Buddhism I mean I think these things go back to the very beginning of protecting centralized hierarchical controlling power through controlling what you know controlling human behavior getting people to march in line and and pay their taxes and pay their their tithe to the church and and to get people basically to abide in a framework of obedience the service controller I totally I totally agree with what you're saying there the essence that I wanted to just hit upon real quick before this next break catches us okay is what is ultimately being suppressed here Erik is knowledge knowledge of the actual events that are going on hidden knowledge and how beings of lower consciousness who wish to control our species are using that knowledge to control us that's what these religious gurus in many cases do not want people to look at and the question would have to be asked if they are truly for the liberation of our species is why would they not want people to look into those vistas of knowledge we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] the cool side that we don't dare speak [Applause] it's a while between us it'll rip so we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong welcome back everyone final segment of what on earth is happening for tonight we were taking your calls I want to thank Eric in Colorado for his great insights that he brought up in his call regarding occulted knowledge and its de-emphasis in you know religious and new-age for traditions and let's see if we can squeeze in a couple more callers before the end of the show let's let's hear from Thomas in Toronto Thomas you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show oh I'm sorry Thomas looks like he dropped off the call I apologize for that let's saw if you want to try to call back in I'll take I'll put you to the head of the queue let's hear from Kevin in Illinois Kevin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi Marc I just wanted to start off by saying like many others how much I appreciate your willingness to put out the truth to everyone thank you I actually wrote down those even save it and re answered the questions with all the other previous colors so I'm just going to give an informal here and obviously I experienced when I first was in new sure um so it was actually like I was looking longer presentation on YouTube and I I think it was when your tub of the masculine am in line and I experienced something I only described as like I ever heard of ego death I lost my sense of self inner Wow interesting I said wow that's very interesting that you know that particular piece of information had such a profound effect upon you yeah I mean I was also thinking about like other works you can incorporate and when I was listening though that I was evoke government and I remember looking outside the window and I just found nature nothing else I found out people trying to like govern me I saw more government like looking her back and I realized it was all in my head the government every day that's hard to control you through looking I'm thinking that are you thinking that they have thority and that triggered this is just trained of thoughts and it eventually but after like a minute or so led to me thinking a dating this knows actually really terrifying but I'm glad I had the experience because I think it's kind of like your worldview began to crumble in that moment about what you thought reality was actually about I mean am I correct on my off about that no that's exactly it it changes completely before it's like before experienced ego does I didn't even any by any of those houses really intact was it is but I was completely after like a minute in pain and I think we all have different moments where it's almost like a bolt of lightning hits us it's like where we could almost put our finger on where we really started to grasp things you know for some it's like that the realization that what we are here to do is learn and grow in awareness and consciousness and truth for some it's like that real understanding that what's being done to our species is to try to control and enslave us that's what it was for me you know and then I immediately continued to try to search and learn more about the truth of what's really going on when I realized that this was about the enslavement of our race the enslavement of our species and I mean permanent enslavement that shot my consciousness you know like a rocket ship you know almost out of my body out of my out of the confines of where it was it was an amazing thing to no to definitively no such a negative thing you know that that negative realization was like the greatest gift that could ever have been possibly given to me because my life changed so much practically in that moment you know and you know it's it's a different trigger for different people but ultimately I think there's something that always just speaks to the center of us that the spark of consciousness within us that you know says I've been slumbering and then it somehow ignites that that spark and it becomes a flame and then there's no turning back there's no turning back from that point you can't put that fire out you cannot close that box you cannot go back to sleep you cannot unhear or unlearn what you've already learned so Kevin I want to thank you for sharing that personal anecdote about you know you're your own quote-unquote bolt of lightning that happened in your life and I'm glad I could play a role in that and that's what it's all about folks it's about influencing others in the way that you just heard and I get people emailing me every day telling me that I was part of that process and I couldn't be more thankful that I was able to help people in that way and this is all I'm asking other people to step up and do help the one come forward and help us do this work help the people who are already putting the truth out there by contributing to that chorus of voices we need help we can't do this by ourselves we're not powerful enough to change the consciousness of this planet on our own in the numbers and the limited numbers that we're doing the great work in we need help we're asking for help come over and become a teacher learn so much that you know this material well enough that you can teach it that's ultimately what I'm asking people to be a part of so Kevin I thank you for that call really a powerful powerful information they're powerful personal anecdote I can't thank you enough let's uh let's hear from jonathan in kentucky jonathan you are live on what on earth is happening well that's a very odd mark I got the last end of the call today or tonight I should say as I did an episode 166 I was the veteran they're called in if you remember yes I do I have listened to what you were speaking of and can i express what what I feel not much what I think I'm sure they're important so of not only your work and people call and thank you callers and myself included we need to have people call and take us from your work off and I'm sorry Thomas you I'm sorry Oh Jonathan you you were breaking up there a little bit can you repeat that last segment that you started getting into I said we need to have all the callers need to be having people calling us thanking us for all work instead of all of us calling and taking one individual sure that's exactly really powerful that I could have expressed it better myself you know get on the battlefield start taking part in this transformative change effort and then you don't you don't need to go and give out accolades to other people I mean I'm very very very appreciative of all my mentors that helped me awaken and come to the truth about what's going on in this world in this life and I couldn't express more gratitude to them but it's like I'm not gonna make that my focus I said I looked at everything that was going on I looked at what I had come to know and I said now what can I do to contribute to other people becoming aware of this how am I gonna communicate this in my own personal way in my own personal style I'm not just gonna leave it up to others I'm gonna get involved in that process that's what I'm asking people ultimately to do that's stepping into true courage that's real wisdom because you're putting that knowledge into real-world action and that's what converts it into true wisdom so absolutely powerful Jonathan what else you have for us you spoke a spark and I was kind of thinking within myself that the purpose or maybe the reason we're here is you think the warrior spirit could be that spark and that we incarnate here on this planet because if it doesn't stop in this dimension it could be reverberating into the universe through nothing very dark I think they are here to rubble we are here to grow that spark people like look at it like oh we already have a soul maybe what we're here to do is truly develop a soul you know to work upon the soul to make it grow to make it expand to make it take in different experiences and truly learn and grow from those experiences you know that's what soul development is all about and that's altima what I feel we are here to do to learn and to grow in consciousness and to work upon that soul matter you know so absolutely you know that that is that is the the essence of why we are on this planet to begin with you know and this is like a huge school it's a school in spirituality it's a school in natural law it's a school in consequences of behavior it's a school of truth you know to learn learn through the the actual hands-on hard-knock experience of doing things wrong and then learning from those mistakes the catch is the trick is we have to learn from the mistakes not ignore them not try to pretend that they didn't happen we're not trying to sanitize everything so that mistakes can't happen that the suffering that takes place could be one of the biggest gifts of all if our minds are open to understand from that suffering what it was that we did wrong and then to correct those behaviors so thanks so much for the call Jonathan thanks for all the callers the best callers in talk radio are right here on this program ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this week remember there's only two mistakes you can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week thanks for listening everyone good night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]